Troubling Facts About Heather Locklear, TV’s Golden Girl Gone Wild

November 16, 2023 | A.V. Land

Troubling Facts About Heather Locklear, TV’s Golden Girl Gone Wild

This big-haired blonde epitomized the 80s and reigned over prime time during the 90s. Too bad a long string of less-than-prime decisions sent her career and life careening catastrophically off the rails.

1. She Wasn’t Always A Train Wreck

At her peak, the press had anointed Heather Locklear “,” “Most Fascinating,” “Most Lovable,” and proud owner of the “Most Influential Female Body”—and her many fans would certainly agree.

No one could have predicted that her future held several scandals, 20+ trips to rehab, and some shocking run-ins with Johnny Law—but that’s exactly what happened.Actress Heather Locklear attends the MGM Pictures Los Angeles premiere - 2003Kevin Winter, Getty Images

2. She Is An Authentic California Girl

Heather’s early life could have been the inspiration for a Tom Petty song. Born on September 25, 1961, and raised in a middle-class suburb in the San Fernando Valley, Heather was a good girl who loved her mamma and papa, who, as a former Marine, taught his children the importance of academics, God, and country.

Kids will be kids, though, and by the time she was six, trouble started brewing.

Heather Locklear. - Photo taken at the 45th Emmy Awards - 93Alan Light, CC BY 2.0 ,Wikimedia Commons

3. She Was A Smooth Talker

The ability to talk oneself out of a sticky situation is a good one to have—and Heather started practicing early. According to her unauthorized biography, six-year-old Heather avoided a corporal punishment by using her charm to convince her parents to not only refrain on this occasion but to never get this type of punishment again.

If only the same tactics would have worked during her many run-ins with law enforcement.

HEATHER LOCKLEAR at the Cannes Film Festival where she's promoting L'Oreal. - 1999Featureflash Photo Agency, Shutterstock

4. She Didn’t Peak In High School

As hard as it is to believe, Heather claimed she “was nothing” in high school. She wasn’t smart or popular, and she didn’t make the cheerleading squad—gasp! She had acne and braces, and her peers often teased her for being flat-chested. Despite this, she ended up dating a boy for several years, only to break up and then reunite on prom night.

Strangely enough, that wasn’t the last time the two star-crossed lovers would rekindle the romance…but more on that later.Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing white jacket is looking at side - from City Killer (1984)Sunrise, City Killer (1984)


5. She Was A Nepo Baby

As soon as she left high school, this ugly duckling turned into a swan while at UCLA—where, coincidentally, her father was dean of admissions. At 5’5” tall, Heather’s newfound supermodel dreams fell apart before they could begin—at least until her father got her a gig modeling for the university’s BearWear clothing catalog.

Guess who made the cover? Too bad the rest of her career wouldn’t always flow this smoothly.

Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing pink jacket is looking surprised - from City Killer (1984)Sunrise, City Killer (1984)

6. She Discovered The Curse Of Early Success

Many starry-eyed folks dream of making the jump from modeling to acting but few succeed—especially so early on in their career. At the age of 20, Heather landed her first meaty role on Dynasty, a glitzy 80s prime-time soap opera about an insanely rich Denver oil family.

She definitely had the look and charisma that the show’s producers wanted--but the acting chops? Um, not so much…

Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing purple dress and looking at side - from Dynasty (1981)20th Television, Dynasty (1981)

7. She Was In Way Over Her Head

Heather Locklear was suddenly thrust into the big leagues when she got the gig on Dynasty—and the consequences were devastating. She was so nervous that she had trouble following stage directions and saying her lines at the same time. During one humiliating incident, Heather was having trouble with a dramatic pause. Producer Elaine Rich finally exclaimed, “Oh my God! Have her learn to count to three!”

Rich also sent Heather to a vocal coach to “lower that screech a couple of octaves”. Yikes!

Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing red rope and looking at front - from Dynasty (1981)20th Television, Dynasty (1981)

8. She Was Hot, Hot, Hot

The 80s were all about success and excess, and Heather was enjoying both. She was working on two hit shows at the same time—Dynasty and TJ Hookerwhich starred William Shatner. The former Starfleet Captain himself called Heather “the ultimate pinup”.

Too bad her TJ Hooker uniform hid all of her famous curves. Fear not, though, the show’s producers had an, ahem, interesting remedy…

Heather Locklear arriving at a celebrity event - circa 1990Vicki L. Miller, Shutterstock

9. She Had A Pre-Kardashian Butt

To boost Heather’s figure—and the show’s ratings—producers came up with a bizarre plan. They gave her a padded bra and underwear. To her credit (or shame), Heather gave the bulky prosthetics a go for a few weeks before nixing them. This forced the show’s writers to get creative with gratuitous bikini scenes and even a turn as an undercover go-go dancer.

Screenshot of Heather Locklear with blonde hair looking sad - from Texas Justice (1995)Nancy Hardin Productions, Texas Justice (1995)


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10. She Walked So That Pamela Anderson Could Run

By the mid-80s, America’s sweetheart could pretty much take her pick of any handsome heartthrob, but after brief romances with Tom Cruise and Scott Baio, it was Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee who kickstarted her heart. When the two first met, Tommy kissed her hand and said, “Hi, nice to touch you”.

Although she didn’t know it, Heather was on the brink of kissing her squeaky-clean image goodbye.

Rock star TOMMY LEE at Featureflash Photo Agency, Shutterstock


11. She Was Very Devil-May-Care

Many folks were shocked when they learned that the angelic Heather had fallen head over heels for someone concerned parents’ organizations accused of making devil music during this era of “satanic panic”. One of Tommy’s songs was even on a list called the “Filthy 15”.

Heather quickly tried to laugh off any concerns, though, saying, “Tommy doesn’t worship the devil, he worships me”.Screenshot of Heather Locklear looking surprised - from Flying By (2009)Stu Segall Productions, Flying By (2009)

12. She Had A Very Merry Christmas

Apparently, Tommy did indeed worship Heather enough to pop the question—and he did it in complete rock cliché style. Picture it: Christmas Eve, 1985, a gleaming stretch limo is speeding along carrying the enamored pair to some glam event. Suddenly, Tommy bounces up, sticks his head out the sunroof, and calls out to Heather.

When she joined him, he gently placed a blinding 2.3-carat diamond on her finger, and with hair blowing wildly all over the place, Tommy screamed, “Will you marry me?!”Heather Locklear signing an autograph before entering limousine with rocker Tommy Lee in the background - 1990Vicki L. Miller, Shutterstock

13. Her Marriage Was Off To A Rocky Start

Often the relationships that have the highest highs also experience some pretty low, lows—just not two days after the wedding. During the couple’s Cayman Islands honeymoon, the pair reportedly got into an altercation so serious that someone called the local authorities over to break it up.

Eventually, their lives settled down, but it would be far from domestic bliss…

Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing blue dress and crying - from City Killer (1984)Sunrise, City Killer (1984)

14. Her Halo Was Becoming Tarnished

It appeared that Tommy had found the Bonnie to his Clyde, and Heather could match him drink for drink, which was a bit of a surprise considering that Heather didn’t even know how to act inebriated in her early Dynasty days. Tommy’s words from a 1986 interview sound ominous: “She’ll drink Jack Daniels like a rock trouper. She loves the stuff. We’ll slug our way through a bottle in a night”.

Tommy Lee at the Kiss and Motely Crue Tour Press - 2012Kathy Hutchins, Shutterstock

15. She Had Some Serious Competition

It’s a bit of a head-scratcher that at the age of 24, Heather Locklear decided to settle down with a 23-year-old heavy metal god who had legions of groupies pounding at his dressing room door. One could say, “the heart wants what it wants”—and therein lies the rub.

Heather heard the rumors of her husband’s on-the-road antics, but she tried to stay strong and, besides, she was dealing with something much darker than infidelity…Screenshot of Heather Locklear looking surprised at side - from Texas Justice (1995)Nancy Hardin Productions, Texas Justice (1995)

16. More Trouble In Paradise

In addition to Tommy’s enjoyment of booze and indiscretions, he had an even darker side. Heather’s unauthorized biography quotes insiders who spoke of his brutality and “the bruises he gave her”. A source described how Tommy screamed at Heather and “grabbed her by the shoulders [and] shoved her against the side of their house”.

Unfortunately, things were about to get better before they got worse.

Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing blue dress - from Flying By (2009)Stu Segall Productions, Flying By (2009)


17. She Had To Endure A Shocking Loss

Most people in the public eye have elaborate security these days, but unfortunately, in 1989 Heather Locklear did not. One day upon arriving home, she made a horrific discovery: Her Maltese toy spaniel was missing from the dog run! Heather, who was such an animal lover that she even posed for pin-up photos with her dog, started to lose her mind with worry…Screenshot of Heather Locklear covering her face and crying - from Texas Justice (1995)Nancy Hardin Productions, Texas Justice (1995)

18. Her Life Was A Nightmare

Shortly after Heather’s beloved pooch had gone missing, a neighbor made a disturbing discovery—the body of Heather’s beloved pup. Apparently, Heather had a stalker who watched her leave the house, snatched the dog, fired a couple of slugs into it, and dumped the body. To make matters worse, law enforcement was unable to find the suspect.

Sadly, this wouldn’t be Heather’s only pet who met a grisly demise.Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing white jacket is looking at side scared - from City Killer (1984)Sunrise, City Killer (1984)

19. She Didn’t Have A Fairy Tale Ending

If there are any surprises in the Heather and Tommy story, it might be that the marriage lasted a whole seven years. This wasn’t for lack of effort on Heather’s part, though. She had made Tommy attend AA and marriage counseling. She also asked Tommy to go with her to get an AIDS test because Althea Flynt, whom Tommy had once shared a needle with, had recently been diagnosed.

Someone may have given her a little push, but we’ll get to him later.

Heather Locklear, on the red carpet at the WTB Spring 2011 Fashion Show.Leon Brezer, Shutterstock

20. She Lost Her Best Friend

Divorce can get ugly for mere mortals—let alone superstar celebrities like Heather Locklear and Tommy Lee. The split reached its nadir in 1994 when Heather came home to an eerily familiar situation. Her little dog was lying there deceased. A source claims Heather screamed that Tommy’s Rottweiler had done it.

Tommy, however, denied any responsibility.

Tommy Lee at Rokbar Hollywood Launch Party - 2005Everett Collection, Shutterstock

21. Her Life Was In A Nosedive

As Heather’s marriage was ending, her career was also circling the drain. After TJ Hooker ended in 1986 and Dynasty in 1989, she was not getting many Oscar-worthy offers. She did however star in The Return of the Swamp Thing, which earned her a Worst Actress Razzie. Everyone was starting to wonder if she had lost her magic touch.Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing white jacket is looking at side - from Texas Justice (1995)Nancy Hardin Productions, Texas Justice (1995)

22. She Started To Sweat

With her acting roles drying up, Heather Locklear decided to get creative. Since the late 80s aerobics craze was in full swing and she was famous for her bangin’ bod, it made perfect sense for her to throw on a pink thong and thrust her way through a workout video.

This got her the gig as a celebrity spokesperson for a fitness chain, which really rubbed another celeb the wrong way…Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing red shirt is looking at side - from Flying By (2009)Stu Segall Productions, Flying By (2009)


23. She Was In A Fitness Feud

Ah, the 80s…Aside from some subtle shaming, it’s hard to see how anyone could take offense at Heather’s cheery ads for Bally Fitness. But Cher, another thong lover, and Bally’s spokesperson, was incensed by them. “It was my concept…I didn’t write that commercial from my life to have some blonde bimbo of 25 stick her tongue out at the end of it!”

Ouch! Heather kept quiet—and likely prayed for a real acting gig.

Cher at the Los Angeles premiere of 'The Promise in black jacketTinseltown, Shutterstock

24. She Was Good At Being Bad

It was now time for Heather Locklear to get nasty—in the best possible way. Producer Aaron Spelling, her lucky charm from TJ Hookerhad created a spin-off of Beverly Hills, 90210 called Melrose Place and he wanted Heather to play evil ad exec Amanda Woodward.

This became one of Heather’s most iconic roles, earning her spot on many best-of lists, including Rolling Stone’s “40 Greatest TV Villains of All Time”.

Candy Spelling And Aaron SpellingFeatureflash Photo Agency, Shutterstock

24. She Was Ready For Romance

Heather’s life was starting to look up. She was settling into Melrose Place, her divorce was almost final, and there was already a new guy in the picture: Bon Jovi guitarist Ritchie Sambora. Wait, what? Was it really a good idea to plunge into a relationship with another hard-drinking womanizing rock star so soon?

Heather Locklear And Richie Sambora - 1994Alan Light, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons

25. She Loves To Be In Love

Apparently Heather was more than ready because she started dating Ritchie Sambora right after her divorce—like right after. According to Heather’s unauthorized biography, it was Ritchie who convinced Heather to leave Tommy and get on with her life…for totally altruistic reasons, of course.

The pair then started dating in February 1994 and married in Paris in December 1994. Whew!

HEATHER LOCKLEAR & husband rock star RICHIE SAMBORA at the 32nd Annual American Music Awards - 2004Featureflash Photo Agency, Shutterstock

26. She’s A Daddy’s Girl

In an attempt to make it clear that her tumultuous history would not be repeating itself, Heather raved about her new beau. “Ritchie is more like my father,” she said. “He’s very gentle, very kind, loving, and mature—and very supportive. I’ve always wanted to marry my father”.

This could also be the reason Ritchie is the father of Heather’s only child, Ava Sambora.

Heather Locklear and daughter Ava Sambora - 2013Ga Fullner, Shutterstock

27. She Suddenly Skedaddled

Eleven years of marriage is an eternity in Hollywood—so Heather’s sudden act of filing for divorce grabbed headlines. A source told People magazine that the busy couple was just having a few “bumpy” months because their careers kept them apart. The truth, however, was much more heartbreaking—especially for Heather.

Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing black suit - from Fade to Black (1993)Francine LeFrak Productions, Fade to Black (1993)

28. Her Trust Was Destroyed

With endless online opportunities for infidelity, many people are left to wonder what secrets lay within their partner’s devices. Well, Heather confirmed her suspicions. Her heart must have been pounding when she opened Ritchie’s email and found a message containing provocative pictures…the name of the sender was a real kicker…

Screenshot of Heather Locklear looking at laptop and talking - from Flying By (2009)Stu Segall Productions, Flying By (2009)

29. She Was Done Dirty

This betrayal hit hard—because it came from someone in Heather’s inner circle. The person rumored to have sent the raunchy photos to Ritchie was Heather’s “friend” Denise Richards. Heather was “absolutely devastated”. She had worked with Denise’s husband Charlie Sheen on Spin City and the two couples had become close.

Evidently a little too close—as Ritchie ended up dating Denise right after his split from Heather. Sadly, the subsequent years were not kind to Heather…

Denise Richards at the Shapewear Instant Shape Launch Party - 2007Tinseltown, Shutterstock

30. She Entered Her Meltdown Era

Heather was never one to opt for alone time after a big breakup. Case in point, she hooked up with soap opera legend Jack Wagner, her Melrose Place love interest, in April 2007. This was the same month that her divorce from Ritchie was finalized. As dashing as Wagner was, unfortunately, his love could not keep her out of trouble…

Jack Wagner, Heather Locklear at the a private party - 2011Kathy Hutchins, Shutterstock

31. Her Doctor Went Above And Beyond

2008 was not a good year for Heather. In March, her doctor made two emergency calls in the space of 15 minutes begging the authorities to go check on Heather as he was certain she was going to end her life.

On one of the calls he can even be heard making a heartbreaking plea. He was recorded saying, “I want to know if someone has gone there and if she’s OK”.

Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing dress is looking at side - from Texas Justice (1995)Nancy Hardin Productions, Texas Justice (1995)

32. She Needed Damage Control

In classic Heather style, she brushed off the concerned first responders, claiming it was just a big misunderstanding. The sheriff’s department later said that they didn’t believe her doctor had any reason to lie. Sure enough, two months later, Heather checked into a rehab facility.

With a passive-aggressive press release, that was proof no good deed goes unpunished. It said: “She requested an in-depth evaluation of her medication and entered into a medical facility for proper diagnosis and treatment”. Ouch.

Screenshot of Heather Locklear laying at hospital bed - from Texas Justice (1995)Nancy Hardin Productions, Texas Justice (1995)

33. She Had A Very Different Photo Shoot

For someone who once played an officer of the law, Heather Locklear was about to get into a lot of trouble. After her four weeks in rehab, someone saw Heather driving so erratically that they called the authorities. Officers pulled her over and charged her for drinking and driving.

She wriggled out of the charges, blaming her driving on prescription meds. Still, this was the first of what would be many mugshots…

Screenshot of Heather Locklear looking down and sad - from Texas Justice (1995)Nancy Hardin Productions, Texas Justice (1995)

34. She Was Becoming A Menace Behind The Wheel

As the saying goes, nothing good happens after 2:00 AM. It holds true, especially if the name on your license is Heather Locklear. In April 2010 at 4:00 AM, a neighbor saw her black BMW jump the curb and plow into a no-parking sign. Heather not only disrupted the silence of her posh gated community, but she also fled the scene without reporting it to authorities.

Heather Locklear of ABC's Jim Ellwanger, Flickr

35. Her Love Life Crumbled

Could there be a correlation between Heather’s reckless behavior and her unraveling relationship with Jack Wagner? Even though Jack had proposed in August of 2011, the pair called it off in November. The final farewell came in late December, though, when someone called the authorities to Wagner’s house after an argument between the couple became physical, according to reports.

In the end, neither pressed charges but the relationship was definitely finito. Heather’s relationship with law enforcement, however, was not.

Jack Wagner, Heather Locklear at the a private party at Marriott Hotel & Spa - 2011Kathy Hutchins, Shutterstock

36. Her Family Was Freaking Out

Heather’s loved ones must have had emergency services on speed dial. Less than a year later, her sister called for help—and what they reported was chilling. They claimed that Heather had consumed a dangerous amount of pills and booze.

Sources blamed her long history with the bottle, the breakup with Jack, and the fact that she had just turned 50. Cue more mayhem after Heather ignored her family’s desperate pleas for her to enter rehab.

Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing white sweater is looking sad - from Fade to Black (1993)Francine Lefrak Productions, Fade To Black (1993)

37. She Was A Hot Mess

Did the strain of turning 50 drive Heather Locklear to start dating a younger plastic surgeon? That’s exactly what happened in 2013. But immediately after the two broke up, Heather went on a bizarre social media spree. She posted a wedding photo with her ex Tommy Lee, as well as an old photo of them kissing with the caption “Happy 30 years baby”.

Heather didn’t wind up in Tommy’s arms—but she did go running back to a surprising old flame.

Heather Locklear arrives at the Kathy Hutchins, Shutterstock

38. She Was Blinded By Love (Again)

Expert at all things rebound, after the breakup with her plastic surgeon, Heather rekindled with her high school sweetheart Chris Heisser. She introduced him to the world in 2017 via Instagram saying, “My favorite person on earth. 40 years later”. However, her new lover had a serious dark side. 

Heisser has a rap sheet that includes identity theft and over 40 counts of forgery.

Screenshot of Heather Locklear talking with male - from Texas Justice (1995)Nancy Hardin Productions, Texas Justice (1995)

39. She Was Battling Her Demons

A new year meant a new attempt at sobriety for Heather Locklear, and in 2017 at the age of 55, she returned to rehab. Everyone was hoping this would be the beginning of brighter days—but it didn’t help the optics when a few days after her first post-rehab public appearance, she drove into a ditch…

Portrait of Heather Locklear.wunderkid84, Flickr

40. The Devil Works Hard But Her PR Works Harder

Luckily for Heather, the authorities determined that she hadn’t been drinking or using substances. They also minimized many of the details, including the cause of the crash and the extent of her injuries. Heather avoided getting charged—this time. In only a few months, the boys in blue would be pounding on her door yet again.

Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing white jacket and looking at front - from Texas Justice (1995)Nancy Hardin Productions, Texas Justice (1995)

41. She Went Way Too Far

Time for another mug shot. In February 2018, Heather’s brother called emergency services during a nasty fight between Heather and her unnamed boyfriend—most likely her high school sweetheart. When law enforcement attempted to take her in, she lashed out, earning four counts of misdemeanor battery on an officer and one charge of resisting.

Oh, she was also banned from owning a firearm for threatening to use one on the officers. But wait, it gets worse…

Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing white dress and looking at side - from Texas Justice (1995)Nancy Hardin Productions, Texas Justice (1995)

42. She Was Dangerous

In June of 2018, Heather Locklear went off the rails yet again. One day, her parents could tell that Heather was not in a good place. When they checked on her, chaos ensued. Heather choked her mother, tackled her father, and searched for a firearm so that she could end her own life. Her frantic mother called emergency services but the situation was far from resolved…

Screenshot of Heather Locklear looking from the window - from Flying By (2009)Stu Segall Productions, Flying By (2009)

43. She Went Way Too Far

When the first responders arrived on the chaotic scene, Heather was allegedly extremely inebriated. They tried to pull her off of her parents, but she violently lashed out at an officer. Then, she struck a paramedic in the chest with her foot.

She was charged with two counts of battery and spent a night in the big house, but tragedy found her immediately after someone bailed her out…

Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing black sweater is looking at side - from City Killer (1984)Sunrise, City Killer (1984)

44. She Was At The End Of Her Rope

Some people would kiss the ground after spending a night in lockup, but Heather Locklear was in a very dark place. In what was becoming a pattern, just hours after she was bailed out, an unknown person called emergency responders to her house, yet again. This time it was for a suspected OD. Would this be her moment of clarity?

Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing white shirt is looking up - from City Killer (1984)Sunrise, City Killer (1984)

45. She Edged Away From The Brink, For Now

After coming close to ending it all, Heather realized it was time to take sobriety seriously and checked herself into rehab. She was probably also motivated to be on her best behavior for her sentencing in her battery case which took place in August 2019. The judge sentenced her to a 30-day treatment program, with one big requirement.

If she didn’t complete the program, she’d have to spend four months in the slammer.

Heather Locklear at the 9th annual Michael Douglas and friends Celebrity Golf Tournament - 2007Joe Seer, Shutterstock

46. Her Comeback Was Overdue

After all of her troubles, it seemed that at 60, Heather Locklear was finally turning over a new leaf. She had been sober for two and a half years, she was acting again, she was engaged to her on-again off-again high school sweetheart, and had a good relationship with her daughter Ava.

She even told People that she was “in a great place”—fingers crossed that this time she’d stay the course.

Heather Locklear, on the red carpet at the WTB Spring Fashion Show - 2011Leon Brezer, Shutterstock

47. She Reconnected With An Ex

We know that Heather likes to go back to her exes, but in May 2023 it was different. Heather Locklear and Ritchie Sambora joined together to support their daughter Ava as she graduated from her Master’s program at USC…with a degree in family therapy. According to a source, Ava’s interest in the topic stems from her own ups and downs.

Unfortunately, Ava would have a bit more worrying to do…

HEATHER LOCKLEAR & husband RICHIE SAMBORA - 2002Featureflash Photo Agency ,Shutterstock

48. Her Paps Hit The Jackpot

Photos and videos don’t lie, and anyone who saw images of Heather’s bizarre behavior in July 2023 feared the worst. In the photoset, a disheveled Heather is talking to herself, holding the side of a building for support, and reading out loud from a notebook. An insider weighed in on the situation for the Daily Mailand it wasn’t pretty…

Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing grey sweater is looking down - from Flying By (2009)Stu Segall Productions, Flying By (2009)

49. She Was Skewered By An Insider

The source told the Mail that Heather had likely relapsed—and the reason why was disturbing. They claimed it was because she was never punished appropriately. “Heather got off so easy with no probation or accountability,” the insider said. It “has allowed her to continue to hide out on top of her mountain estate and drink her [booze] body into a much larger unhappier figure”.

Dang! Tell us how you really feel.

Screenshot of Heather Locklear wearing blue dress is looking at side - from Texas Justice (1995)Nancy Hardin Productions, Texas Justice (1995)

50. She’s Hard To Defeat

It would be hard to recover from the world seeing you at your lowest over and over again, but in late September 2023, the paparazzi snapped pics of Heather Locklear out for a walk looking healthy and happy. Was it a scheduled pap walk to ease our minds? Perhaps the butterfly on her baseball hat is a symbolic message that she’s transformed yet again.

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, Heather Locklear is nothing if not resilient.

Heather Locklear arrives to the 'This is 40' Premiere - 2012Kathy Hutchins, Shutterstock

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