October 26, 2023 | Scott Mazza

We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together

Breaking up is hard to do—and even harder when the ex doesn’t want to let go. These Redditors shared tales of exes who are vengeful, delusional, and just plain mean. Read on if you dare; these stories might just make you feel like it’s better to be single.

1. An Alarming Revenge

A buddy of mine was living in America at the time while his fiancée of a few years was back in England. When he went back to visit, he was in for a rude awakening. He found that she was sleeping with his best friend and had basically kicked him out of their house.

To get revenge, he bought 100 alarm clocks that he could set the day as well as the hour and minutes. When he went to collect his things one afternoon, while the ex was away, he hid them all over the house. And by all over the house, I mean in the vents, in the insulation of the attic right above her bedroom, everywhere!

The kicker? He set most of them to go off on big days in their lives like their anniversary and birthdays.

Never Getting Back Together

2. That’s Just Mean

My girlfriend and I had had a fight so I went to my sister’s to cool off. I didn't bring my dogs because my sister had cats and my dogs were not good with small animals. BIG MISTAKE.

My ex gave away my dog on Craigslist so I couldn't find her. Oh, but that wasn't all. She also claimed my other dog ran away. I was working with a doctor to get them listed as emotional support animals so I could get an apartment with them.

I never found either. It's been over ten years and I still check the Humane Society for them both.

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3. Road Rage

Five years ago, I broke it off with a "fine" young lady after just a six-month relationship. However, a week later, I came to find out that it was not exactly over for her and she had been keeping an eye on me. Keep in mind, she lived on the complete opposite side of a major city too, so some dedication was needed.

I was forced to confront her after she called me, freaking out about who I was hanging out with because I wasn't home at night. This was more than unsettling—but it was about to get even creepier. I saw her in front of my house at about two in the morning.

After a very heated argument that involved a physical altercation, I demanded that she leave me alone and never come back. So she got in her car and peeled out into the distance. That relief was very short-lived, however.

As soon as I thought she was gone, she turned around and floored it, going 60ish in a quiet neighborhood. She swerved to run me over and I had to dive out of the way to avoid the car. She slammed into my neighbor's car so hard that it spun out into the middle of the street, and all I could hear was her crazy screaming.

Her middle console caught on fire and I had to pull her out of the car. Shortly after, all the neighbors were awake and the place was swarming with emergency vehicles. This is burned into my memory.

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4. Didn’t Lead To A New Relationship

She created a profile for me on some gay dating site saying something like, "Hi, I'm 22 and looking for my first time with a man, I want to try everything". It had pictures of me and everything. I got a lot of emails but it still took a while to figure out where they were coming from. The worst thing was that I couldn't get it taken down.

I had to abandon that email address.

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5. Abandonment

I was in a six-year relationship where we’d just bought a house together, gotten engaged, and were looking at establishing a family. Then bad luck struck and I was facing a very hard, difficult period.

My mother was in a lot of trouble, hitting rock bottom badly, and getting herself in a terrible situation on all levels of life: financially, housing, health, you name it.

Trying to be a decent son, I pretty much paused my own life to step in and help her out the best I could. But it was heavy to lift such a thing. The house was in desperate need of renovation and massive clean-ups, and she had health bills through the roof. I damaged my own career in the process even.

All that time my ex stayed suspiciously silent! In all our years together, we’d never had tough or very challenging situations, but for this, she not only just froze me out, but after six months, she just broke up with me. No communication beforehand.

She blew bridges with everyone, not just me, and literally ran off to the other side of the world, starting a new life in her late 30s. As a nice surprise, the house we bought together was in her name. Though we were talking about marriage, kids, and settling down, she sold the house just months after acquiring it, leaving me homeless!

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6. Brought The Whole Family

One of my coworkers dated a local girl while on assignment (we were sent from London to Portugal for six months) back in 2008. Anyway, when it was time to head back to London, he asked her to come with him, gave her money for flights, etc.

Come moving day, she arrived at his apartment with her mother, her sister, AND her boyfriend. When he obviously freaked out and broke up with her, her response was truly deranged.

She nailed him in the cheek with a pen and tried to take his cat (this was a bit unclear, but she wouldn't let him close the door and tried calling to the cat, so she either wanted to take the cat or for the cat to run away).

He was obviously shaken up by this, and once he'd gotten rid of her, he went to hospital to get looked at. But the nightmare wasn't over yet. She apparently came back to the apartment and convinced the building manager to let her in. When he got back home, he had to call the authorities, as she'd basically moved her family in.

Following that debacle, she tried putting him up on charges in Portugal when she returned home.

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7. Needed The Keys

When we got married, we each had our own respective cars going into the marriage. Her car was in her name, and my car was in my name. Throughout our entire relationship and marriage neither one of us really drove the other's car. So when we got divorced, she kept her car, and I kept mine.

A year or so after the divorce was final, her car got repossessed. What I didn’t know when we got divorced was that she still had a set of car keys to my car (a Corvette). But there was something she didn't know.

Because auto theft was pretty rampant where I lived, years earlier I had a secret engine cut-off switch installed. I was somewhat surprised when a coworker told me some woman was out in the parking lot in my car trying to start it.

The authorities were called, but they didn’t take her in because several of her brothers worked as officers in our town. Thankfully I moved away from that mess a year or so later.

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8. The Credit Card

We had gotten a credit card with both our names on it. After we split up, she went to town and ran it up to the limit and never paid a dime on it. They came after me for the money.

I told them we were divorced and actually got a helpful lady at the credit card company who told me if I could send a copy of the divorce decree I would only be responsible for the amount up to that day. Perfect. The best kind of revenge.

I sent it in and my part was less than $100. I paid it, leaving my ex with about $10,000 to pay. I’m sure she never did.

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9. That Escalated Quickly

She texted me saying that she's listening to our love song and that she misses me. We chatted a bit and everything went well. I sent her some flowers and chocolates the next day through the mail. Her response was...a bit over the top.

She sent the authorities to my house the next day. According to her, I'd tried to physically harm her.

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10. At Least Mom Could Take Him

He tried to end himself. We were together for five years and engaged for three. Nothing like sitting at work on your second day when you get a phone call from the state hospital saying they have your "fiancé". We had been split up for two months because he treated me terribly, and was also just plain crazy.

I asked to be excused from work, which they were surprisingly okay with and hopped across town to find him in the locked ward. I walked in and asked what he did, as he seemed to be physically unharmed. When they told me the truth, my jaw dropped.

Apparently, he was caught by security trying to jump off a building. He said that if I didn't get back with him then there was no point in living. I told him that there was no chance I was marrying him, but I'd always be there as a support. I called his mother who lived out of state and demanded she come and collect him.

As crazy as he was, he didn't belong in a place like that hospital, with people who were so far gone. They would only release him into the care of someone else and I told him it wasn't going to be me and that was the end of it.

The last time I saw him was just a few hours before his flight. He asked for just a few hours of "normal". So we cooked dinner, talked about mundane stuff, went to volleyball together with our friends, and then at the end of our game his mom collected him. And he left.

I guess you could say the worst thing he did wasn't trying to emotionally manipulate me, it was giving me a taste of what could have been, allowing me to feel something right before he left my life.

Make no mistake, I am far better off out of the relationship, I'm borderline unrecognizable as being the same person. But that departure ruined me for a long time. Never have one last fling, it's better to end with bitterness on your tongue than deal with months of "what ifs" and "buts".

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11. Howling At The Moon

My ex was a lunatic. Probably still is. The very definition of a lunatic. He was a classic manipulator and I fell for it for a while (shame) but I wised up and dumped him. Then he started coming over, knocking on the door (ground floor so right at the sitting room window), and trying to get me to let him in and talk to him.

I got paranoid and had my blinds closed a lot. Seems like a common-or-garden type of 'please take me back please' thing, right? But after a couple of instances, I realized that it was a full moon...He'd come over every few weeks...during the full moon. It got so I could predict him turning up.

He also jumped me on my way home so I got the authorities involved. Never told them about the moon thing because I was embarrassed but I didn't know where he lived so they couldn't take him in and eventually I moved across the city to get away.

The move date was during the no-moon bit so I could relax and pack and just go without worrying about him turning up. I kind of wish I could have seen his face when he inevitably turned up a week or so after I'd gone (full moon) and saw the flat empty. Freak. Relentless loony freak.

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12. A Semi-Clean Getaway

My ex took all of my shower stuff while I was at work. The curtain, rod, all of that stuff…and the toilet bowl scrubber. She took it all. I came home and said, “Okay, not letting her take more of my stuff that's actually important!" So I changed the locks.

I went to work that night and she called and said she needed to get into the apartment to get her things. I told her, “Not without me there, I don't want you taking my stuff”. She said she’d call the authorities, and I told her to go ahead.

Officers showed up at my work and asked what's going on. I showed them my lease with her name not on it, and they said, “Okay, we'll have her come back tomorrow, call us when she shows up”.

She came the next day and told me she was taking my bed (~$700). I told her no, she didn't pay for it, and I had my credit statement printed and ready to show the authorities. She tried arguing, telling me she was taking the bed.

The officer said, “Look, you're not taking it. If you think you deserve it, take him to court”. She tried arguing with the officer then. The officers said, “Did you not hear me right? Take him to court!"

Haven’t heard from her since.

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13. The Power of Delusion

I wasn’t super experienced with guys and had tried to dump my first boyfriend several times but it never really stuck because he’d try to wheedle his way back in and I was too passive to stick to my guns.

Finally, in college, I was going to do a semester abroad and figured this would be an ideal time to dump him and have it stick because there’d be space between us and I could meet new people and have a change of scenery. He texted and wrote while I was gone, and I responded politely yet coldly.

Eventually, I started dating a guy there and at some point, I mentioned it by text. My ex freaked out and started calling me over and over while I was in class. I had to finally turn off my phone because it kept vibrating. When I finally called him back, he basically implied that I'd cheated on him.

Then he apparently told all our mutual friends at home that I had cheated on him and dumped him from France, even though I’d dumped him two months prior to that. When I got back people were telling me I was a terrible person for what I did to him. The power of delusion I guess…

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14. Ending It Like An Adult

She applied for a restraining order against me and told several flat-out lies about me in her written and spoken statement. She told the judge I was thinking to hurt myself, stalking her by showing up to her work all the time, constantly calling her shop's landline to try to talk to her, and making threats to her in a letter. None of which was remotely true.

I submitted my location tracking history, social media records, and phone records to show that I wasn’t doing any of that. Basically, we were together for four years, and she left out of nowhere one day and didn’t say anything. After two months, we slowly started talking again for the following two months.

At this point, she still had not once explained to me what even happened, but I didn’t want to drive her away so I didn't really ask. It was going great, then out of nowhere, she texted, “I want to focus on my therapy right now” and blocked me.

So I let it sit for six weeks and then decided I couldn’t do it anymore, so I wrote her a letter asking if we could at least talk and resolve things so we could both move on.

So there were only three instances in a five-month stretch where I went to her workplace in the parking lot to drop things off, all of which I was totally transparent about with the judge: Once to drop off some important mail for her on her windshield, once to give her a birthday card, and a last time leaving her that letter.

Well, she told the judge that in that letter I threatened her, which hurt the most because one, I would never, ever do that, and two, it was so false it’s not even funny. So anyway, luckily for me, we got a good judge and her manipulation just didn’t work.

In fact, at one point the judge told my ex, “I noticed you said you still have the letter, so my question is, why didn’t you submit it to the court as evidence then?" And all my ex could do was stutter and not give a clear answer. That was basically the judge’s way of saying, “You’re trying to lie to me right now and it’s not going to work”.

All in all, the judge explained to my ex how she handled this absolutely poorly. She told her, “What seems to have really happened here is you left the relationship, didn’t communicate anything to this guy you spent four years with, and so he wrote you a letter asking for closure.

I’m sorry, but both factually and legally, that is absolutely not stalking, harassment, or DV, and truthfully, not that unreasonable of him. So I’m going to deny your request because you have provided zero basis for any of your claims, and he has done nothing at all that makes me believe he is of any danger to you in any capacity”.

It felt great to know the truth prevailed, but it still sucks to have had to go through that, and the worst part is she has permanently slandered me with some people in our social circles. The worst thing is some people do not care about the facts or evidence.

They don’t care that we literally went to court and I proved she was lying. They just blindly believe her and hate me. It feels awful but at the end of the day, I can’t control that. I’ve never been hurt more than that. I adored that girl and loved her with my whole heart, and getting over that breakup was and still is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

The hardest part is knowing how much I loved her, and she felt fine doing all those emotionally cruel things to me, because she couldn’t be a big girl and just end the relationship like an adult.

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15. Can’t Blame Reddit For This One

I broke up with him but still lived with him while I was looking for a place. I had to go out of town for a few days and told him not to go in my room at all. Famous last words. I came back home from my trip and there was ladies' underwear under the covers on my bed. I confronted him about it and he said they were his.

He showed me photos of himself in a wig and women’s clothes and says he’s transgender now and is on Tinder. He slept with another transgender woman, and told me he had an STI, but didn’t tell anyone other than me, which I found to be both horrible and weird.

Weeks later, he told me he didn’t really have an STI, and also it was my fault that he thought he was transgender and that he’s not really transgender and he was brainwashed by videos he saw on Reddit.

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16. Wasting The Court’s Time

She cheated on me and refused to sign the divorce papers, so I had to pay an attorney thousands more to show up to court. When I went to court, the judge asked, “Kids?" No. “Shared property?" No. “Bank accounts"? No significant money in them.

The judge literally then asked, "Why are you here?" I pointed at my ex. The judge sighed, signed the divorce papers, and said, "Next case". Thousands of dollars for literally two minutes of court time.

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17. No Was The Right Answer

I left my wife when she threatened me with a 6" kitchen utensil because she was stressed by our 11-year-old son's homework. Four weeks later, when I collected the last of my things from our house, she started acting really weird.

She looked upstairs and seductively said, "Do you want to come upstairs to bed?" In the 18 years we had been together she had never said anything like this before. That was a definite "No!"

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18. Taking Cheating To A Whole New Level

She tried explaining why I should have been grateful to be the husband with an unfaithful wife, unwillingly of course. That she was fine with our dynamic even though I wasn't even informed that we had that dynamic at all.

I thought she just wasn't ready to sleep with me yet and that was fine with me, I was going to be patient and respectful. Apparently, she had no problem sleeping with other men while using me as a place to stay, food for free, and as an emotional support jockey.

I felt sick while she continued trying to get the idea of her being unfaithful to be more appealing to me, saying she'd let me watch or that she would let me pick the men she could sleep with. After the breakup, she just kept insinuating that it was because I was insecure and that was why she cheated.

That was a really awkward conversation with my friends when she shared that stuff.

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19. Can’t Take A Hint

My college boyfriend. He acted like we were still dating and showed up at my parent’s house for Christmas with his parents and grandparents from out of town in tow (they stayed in a hotel but said there was no room for him in the hotel so he had to stay at my house). It made for a very awkward Christmas.

My parents felt bad for him because his parents were terrible and we let him stay for the night. I kicked off Christmas morning by breaking up with him again (the five attempts prior hadn't stuck). It was so pitiful. My family exchanged gifts with each other as he sat on the couch watching us and waiting for his family to come get him.

It took 10 tries for me to successfully break up with him. He was an expert gaslighter and manipulator. One of the less messed-up things he did in the relationship, but definitely a memorable breakup!

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20. Good Kids

She lied and called the authorities on me, stating that I threw her down the stairs. I have never been aggressive towards her and am a pacifistic person in general. The authorities came and saw she had no bruises or injuries. Her kids (21 and 14 at the time) also defended me to the authorities since they were home.

The authorities warned her about filing a false report and told me to have my phone camera on at all times around her and that I should find somewhere else to stay just in case she tries it again. She then lied to all our friends and anyone else who would listen. Luckily, when her kids were there, they would defend me and let me know.

It was one of the scariest moments of my life. It's been years since the divorce, and I still keep in touch with her kids.

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21. Good Riddance

We dated for like a year, and there just was no future for us. She ended up breaking up with me, with the main complaint that we didn’t have enough intimacy. Okay, cool.

I was a full-time student working two jobs, and her mommy paid for everything. She never had to work. I was tired, and no point in arguing for a relationship that wasn’t worth saving.

We remained friends for a while, and we had all the same friend group. It legitimately seemed okay, until she started dating this older woman. The lady was a complete mess who didn’t have a job. After that, my ex spiraled and flunked out of college.

Her mom stopped bankrolling her. Suddenly she changed and became this mean ugly person. Our friend group even dropped her. I ended up moving away for a year, and when I came back I learned from a mutual friend that she was telling everyone I hurt her. I laughed because I was so in shock.

Luckily none of our friends believed her, and they took my side. She basically disappeared from all friend functions, and I never saw her again. Good riddance.

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22. Poor Kid

We were married for close to 10 years. He demanded a paternity test on the child I was pregnant with when we separated. The child was the spitting image of him at birth. Turned out, he was the one cheating (which is why we separated) and wanted to cast doubts about my fidelity so he would seem like the victim.

He wouldn’t even look at his child because, “I didn’t want to love him in case he wasn’t mine and then I would hate him”.

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23. Leaving The Bed Was A Good Call

My college girlfriend and I were together for about two years and ended up moving in together since it was cheaper and we were always sleeping at one of our places. After four or five months of living together, she started to accuse me of cheating on her with classmates that I had group projects with.

I'm not a cheater, and there was never even a spicy message between these people, just talk about the project. I tried to break up with her. She freaked out and we tried again for about two weeks. Nothing changed, so I actually broke up with her and went to a friend's place. That's when things got dicey.

She threatened to break my stuff, destroy my computer etc. I went to grab my expensive stuff and bring it back to my parents’ house, but she started to hit me in front of my friends (thankfully they came as witnesses), cracking one of my ribs. It was nasty but I never hit her back.

The authorities were called. I didn't press charges then she slept with six dudes in a week, all in my bed, before I could line up a moving truck and move out.

I left my bed behind.

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24. Was Her Name Lucy?

This girl and I flirted constantly at work but did not hook up for the longest time. Then we would be out somewhere after hours and she would say she wanted me. Then we’d get back to my place and she would change her mind. That’s fine, except she did that several times.

Then we actually did get together, had fun, dated, but she kept coming up with things that she thought made me a loser—my car isn’t cool enough, for example. In the end, she made me feel like I was the loser, even though she initiated the whole thing. She initiated all of our hookups and she is the one who asked me out.

The whole thing sucked, so when she finally broke up with me and moved jobs I was sad, but ready to let it go. So when she called out of the blue, I was livid. I was just getting over her and she wanted to reel me back in one more time to pull the football away at the last minute.

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25. The Terrible Teens

When I was about 15 I went out with a girl, the same age, from a different school. The relationship was horrible the whole time; she was a very terrible person. I tried breaking it off multiple times, and I was always faced with the usual threats.

She used to harm herself before we got together so part of me thought she probably would try. That not being something I wanted on my conscience, I stayed with her for a while. After getting really fed up with the relationship, I broke it off for realsies, and she didn't take it too lightly.

She told pretty much her whole school that I got her pregnant, and that rumor made its way to my school, then to my family. This was crazy, we hadn't even slept together at all and everyone believed her over me! She even tried playing this out for as long as possible, even going as far as giving herself a 'baby bump'.

She was absolutely insane.

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26. Mind Games

She slept with a couple friends of mine and then slept with a guy I really don’t like. Then, whenever I visited to see my children, she would play a little game where she’d allude to having slept with someone I know. Then she’d slowly add more details and then let a name slip and go, “Oops, haha, I shouldn’t have said that”.

I just wanted to see my kids. I didn’t want to hear or even THINK about what she was doing, yet here she was saying, “So I might have met someone you apparently know…and we might have hooked up, but it’s fine, you don’t know him that well”. She was really good at playing mind games like this.

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27. Bad Choices

He threatened to come to my house with a group of his 'boys' and harm me. He'd send me messages saying he was watching me, he knew where I moved to, etc. I went to the authorities hoping to get a restraining order or at least someone to keep an eye out.

They couldn't provide any protection since I couldn't prove it was my ex writing the messages. They offered to call and tell him to stop, but I was afraid that would just make things worse if my ex knew I asked for help. The harassment went on for months.

Then he acted like he wanted to get back together and apologized for how he treated me. He slept with me, then ghosted me for four days after we were supposed to meet up and talk about what was going on. It was my fault for expecting too much regarding communication according to him.

What can I say? I pick winners.

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28. When Love Ends

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And that was the most messed up thing. Nine years together, two married. One day she told me she didn’t love me anymore. A week later, I found out she was seeing another guy. A couple of weeks later it had all fallen apart and she moved out.

I went from a position where a part of everything I did was for her, for the both of us to have the best life together we can, sharing everything with each other, to absolute silence. She didn't want to talk to me, see me, or have me contact any of her family. It was like she passed there and then.

I later found out she had gotten pregnant with someone else less than a year after walking out.

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29. The Cheater

She locked my dogs in a bedroom while I was out of the country for work. They were in there for at least a full day from what I gathered. She left her house keys in the door, then she emptied my bank account that I gave her access to before leaving to purchase things for our wedding.

The following Monday, she tried to call my boss to make a complaint that I had harmed her. My boss wasn't my boss any longer as I had moved to a new team while in India. Why did she do all this? Her reasons were completely deranged. According to her, she wanted to inflict the most amount of damage she could.

I was isolated from friends and family and any support. All of this was because she was cheating and wanted to run away with the other partner. She faced no lawful or social repercussions for any of it. She's a monster.

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30. The Last-Ditch Ploy

After regularly begging for me to come back (which didn't work), she kept texting me, "I have something I need to tell you" and implying that she was pregnant but not actually coming right out and saying what she "needed to tell me".

I refused to meet her alone again because I didn't trust her at all. I told her to either text me or call me and come right out and say what she had to say. She never did. She apparently wasn't pregnant so I assumed it was a last-ditch ploy to get me back.

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31. Not A Good Christmas Present

She lied and told her buddies that I would hit her, and had them come over to my house on Christmas Eve to harm me. They both ganged up on me and before I knew it, I'd lost consciousness. The dude who kicked me in the head threatened to get rid of me permanently.

If it wasn’t for my older neighbor coming out and calling for help, I would probably be a goner. This was four-and-a-half years ago and I still have physical scars on my face and I struggle with PTSD. Not sure I’ll ever be in a mental state to date anyone again.

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32. The Copycat

He went on a first date with the girl he told me not to worry about while we were still living together and sleeping in the same bed. For bonus points, he took her on the same date that I planned and took him on for our five-year anniversary just a few months before.

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33. The Thief

I was with this girl for a couple years. She had bad depression and was constantly in bed and a hermit. I rode it out for as long as I could and then I had to move on. We broke up and since we had a shared bank account, she closed the account and took all the money while I was working one day and left me without a penny.

Never get shared accounts until you're married at least!

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34. Just For Being Late

My wife filled out a form to have me involuntarily confined. I had to go to court, get tested, and do a mental assessment test just to prove I wasn’t a menace to society. Oh, but that wasn't all she did.

She also called the Humane Society, who came and took my dog. She claimed I was hurting my dog and on substances. I was none of these and the case was dropped but I still missed two days of work and my dog was in a shelter for four weeks. What was my mistake?

I came home late one night.

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35. Can’t Make Up His Mind

He was driving across the country. After I ignored his calls, he turned around (16 hours into the trip), drove back, and professed his love. Three days later, I came home from work and he announced he’d decided that he needed to go and left the next morning.

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36. Can’t Get Away

First, he checked himself into the hospital because he was having dark thoughts. Then he had his mother call me and leave me voicemails trying to get me to take him back. He went on all my social media accounts and liked all my pictures and posts from the past year so I blocked him on everything. But his obsession didn't end there.

I ended up having to change my phone number because he constantly called and texted me, begging me to take him back, then when I didn't reply he insulted me and threatened me. He sent me a box with $400 worth of gifts for my birthday. Yesterday he created a fake account on Pinterest and messaged me 25 times.

He's insane.

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37. Didn’t Deserve It

I was stalked for a year and a half after leaving my awful ex. I wish people knew how isolating it can be. I lived a life of hypervigilance for a while; I'd see someone that looked like him out of the corner of my eye or smell the cologne he used to wear and it would stand the hairs up on the back of my neck.

People were also really cruel to me about it, like I deserved it and needed to vacate to a deserted island if I wanted better, or reminding me that someone has it worse. The latter is true…but is that really helping?! Our last contact was in 2010 and never again.

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38. Even The Curtains

We were together for six years. She cheated, and I caught her. She stormed off and after a few weeks asked to come back to pack up her things. She asked that I not be there. I obliged and stayed at a friend's overnight. When I got home, I couldn't believe my eyes.

She'd taken everything and fled the country. She even took the curtains and the food in the cabinets. The only things left behind were my clothes in a pile on the floor.

Never Getting Back TogetherFreepik,pvproductions

39. Just Walk Away

During the divorce, she moved out immediately and into her sister’s. Depending on the day, she’d claim I kicked her out if she wanted to play the victim. Or that she moved out and left me when she wanted to appear strong.

She climbed in bed with a mutual friend of ours who promptly told her to leave. He told me about it immediately. Our divorce wasn’t final. We were discussing reconciling until that.

A month after the reconciling attempt failed—where she tried to tell me how much she loved me and wanted me back—she found a new dude who she moved in with shortly after.

After the divorce, she told people I was emotionally hurtful. Sometimes just “hurtful” and let people assume the worst. She gave mutual friends ultimatums between being friends with her or me…almost ten years after the divorce. No, I’m not kidding.

At this point, I think I can just say “my friends” because everyone has dropped her. She’s currently suspected of faking a cancer diagnosis. The jury is out on that one. Pro tip: don’t argue with crazy people. Just move on and let the chips fall. Protect your own sanity.

Never Getting Back TogetherPexels

40. Credit Woes

My ex reopened several credit cards that we had jointly but had paid off and closed before the divorce. Somehow she opened them back in my name and charged them to the max, then moved out of state and stopped paying her car payment.

All of these things ended up getting reported to my credit years later and pretty much ruined any chance I had at decent credit for the next decade.

I've been divorced and living outside the US for eight years now and only recently found out about all these charges. I know all this can be corrected eventually but the hassle of explaining things to several credit companies and collection agencies is a major inconvenience.

Never Getting Back TogetherPexels

41. Let’s Not Be Friends

We had dinner a day after breaking up to return some of each other's stuff. I thought we could be friends, but then she told me she hoped breaking up would make me miss her so much I would come back to her (and propose to her). That hurt so bad, I haven't talked to her since and it messed me up mentally, I guess.

I can't imagine meeting someone again that I wanna be emotionally connected with.

Never Getting Back TogetherPexels

42. Clear-Cut Vengeance

This wasn’t me but a neighbor. The couple got divorced and she got the house in the settlement. Only the house and the immediate house lot, not the surrounding land; that went to her husband.

The first thing he did was sell all the lumber off the rest of the land. She went from living in a nice forest to living in a clear-cut. But he wasn't done yet!

Once the trees were gone, he sold off the topsoil, then the gravel under that. By the time he was done, her house was on a hill overlooking a barren landscape reminiscent of the lunar surface. This was years ago and the place is still hideous.

Never Getting Back TogetherPexels

43. Not Your Family

This is particularly tame but it shows the level of disrespect she held for me. I got tired of her cheating and being an absolute slob and a mooch who quit every job she could get. So I kicked her out.

However, she continued to come around and try to be with the family. A family, mind you, that only put up with her because I thought I was in love. And she'd even bring strangers to the house without ever clearing it with me first. I finally told her she is not allowed near me or my family anymore. It was a frustrating few years.


Never Getting Back TogetherPexels

44. Not The Smartest Move

My ex tried to take my truck. I always kept the keys on a clip and clipped on a belt loop as I'm notorious for losing them myself. I had watched her go outside and put her purse and other stuff in the truck like somehow I couldn't see out the window. Then she started searching the house.

She couldn't find "her" keys. Her car wasn't even there; she got dropped off. I locked the truck with the remote and when she went out, I locked her out of my house and called her a ride. She went from vengeful to tears in seconds when she realized she was stuck out in the Florida heat.

Never Getting Back TogetherPexels

45. Just Being Cruel

This was my SO's ex. She threw herself down a flight of stairs and called the authorities to say he harmed her. She would hit herself and call the authorities almost weekly, so my SO installed a GPS tracker on his car to try and prove his whereabouts during the times she was accusing him of all these awful things.

The absolute worst, though, was probably when she told him he could come over Christmas morning to see their two-year-old daughter open her gifts only to call the authorities and have him taken in in front of their daughter. But that wasn't the best part.

Eventually, she was recorded admitting she was making it all up and the charges were dropped. Over five years later she did everyone a favor and took off, abandoning her children who are definitely better off without that kind of crazy as a mother.

Never Getting Back TogetherPexels

46. Trying To Get Mom Involved

I had an ex show up at my parent’s house (I was 19 and living with them), demanding we work things out. I asked her to leave and she refused. I grabbed my 11-year-old brother, put him in my car, and tried to leave. She blocked the driveway with her body, so I had to drive in the yard.

She then got angry that I left and drove to my mother’s place of employment to talk to her about it! After my mum told her to leave her work, she showed back up at my house and refused to leave again. I locked up the house and she sat on the porch swing for three hours before my stepdad arrived home from work, tossed gas money at her, and told her to get off his property.

She was crazy.

Never Getting Back TogetherPexels

47. What Did She Expect To Accomplish?

I had a buddy whose ex, upon breaking up, raced him back to his OWN house, got there first, and then proceeded to lock herself in HIS room for several days. I don't even think she talked much while there. She would just sneak out at night to use the bathroom.

My buddy's kind-hearted, Christian parents even fed her by sliding flat foods like bologna and pancakes under the door.

Never Getting Back TogetherPexels

48. Unforgivable

Backstory: we broke up because I was "spending too much time with my dad". Well, I was spending time with him because he was in the hospital with cancer. My only way of getting to him was public transport, so I had a bus pass. I'll never forgive her for what she did.

She took my bus pass, preventing me from seeing my dad since I had no money at the time; I lent it all to my mum so she could buy food. My dad passed that same night. The witch prevented me from seeing my dad on the last day he was alive. I can forgive a lot of things but I can never forgive that

Never Getting Back TogetherPexels

49. Why So Close?

She canceled the wedding after a psychotic episode. I did understand that part. After a diagnosis of bipolar type 2, we got back together until she cheated on me with a guy that had an endless supply of pharmaceuticals. It crushed me but I still missed her.

Then she and her new lover moved in together. But that wasn't the worst part. They chose to live in a house 50 meters from where I live so I could be confronted with them just about every day. Seriously, Nel? I don't blame the guy; he's too stupid to even realize how messed up it all was.

Never Getting Back TogetherFreepik, freepik

50. Resisting Temptation

I was in the process of a divorce. Not yet finalized. I was divorcing because of my ex's cheating. There is this somewhat vague, unclear rule that if I were to sleep with her during this time it could constitute as a reconciliation. In any case, my ex was still living in the apartment with me.

I got home from work and she started to seduce me. To me, this seemed pretty weird as she hadn't wanted to do anything intimate with me for months. I knew I shouldn't do this but she stripped down to nothing and got really physical. Basically, she stripped down and started trying to push me into the bedroom and pull my clothes off.

I thought for a minute, contemplating what I should do. Fortunately, I decided to walk out of the apartment. When I opened the door, one of her friends was standing right there with a camera. That's when the truth hit me like a sack of bricks.

The plan was to get me in the bedroom and then have this friend film us (without my knowledge) so that she could say we reconciled (using video evidence) and could possibly then be entitled to alimony.

Never Getting Back TogetherPexels


Sources: Reddit,

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