June 12, 2023 | J. Hunter

These Savage Social Media Comebacks Put People In Their Place

The possibilities of the Internet are endless and social media has evolved from connecting with people you know to connecting with anything at all. Birds of a feather flock together, and this is true when it comes to congregating on the Internet. But as wholesome as that seems, the freedom of the Internet also means anyone can join the flock, even if they're set on ruffling feathers. Sometimes people stretch the truth, show off, or just say something that’s not true! That's exactly what these social media users did before getting shut down big time. These comebacks may burn so badly, the users might just be tempted to delete their whole online existence.

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1. I Know The Way

The fact that you can write just about anything online means that some people try to seem cultured and deep by posting proverbs to "inspire" everyone else. A quick reality check will reveal the quote to be completely irrelevant.

Such as this African proverb. Elders do have one up one youths with extra years of knowledge and experiencing life. Except, the youth have taken this and optimized it with today’s technology. Why buy a road map you have to take time to decipher when you can just put where you want to go into Google Maps?

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

2. The Authority To Burn

Everyone knows that parties get lit when there’s a lot of people. But before you send out your mass text or post on social media, make sure you don’t tag the authorities. You’re basically just telling on yourself and ruining the fun for everyone. In this case, the party’s undoing was also what put it right smack on the map.

The department added fuel to their burn by saying that they wouldn’t have to work very hard that night, looking at the little engagement the original tweet got, which showed that no one ever really planned on going anyway.


Social Media Clapbacks Experience

3. In A Garbage Far, Far Away

Tired of men? Shoot ‘em into space! It’d probably be standing room only on whatever space shuttle they end up boarding. Who knows how the world will change besides being a little calmer than usual? But like with anything, not everyone supports this space mission entirely.

That is unless, all the world’s garbage people should go with them. This person shot down the idea with a galactical burn that earns a standing ovation from us.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

4. Free Trial

The first is the worst and second is the best! And this goes with siblings. The oldest sibling gets the privilege of being what they call the "trial child". Parenting doesn’t come with a manual after all, so it was basically a "see what works" kind of method when it came to raising kids.

After figuring it out as they go, they knew what they could expect and were ready to do it better. This oldest sibling was put in their place after a not so subtle self-brag with the facts of life. Ouch.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

5. Only The Dirtiest

There are conversations of all kinds happening on the Internet, with some being more adult-friendly than others. This woman was looking for someone to whisper something a little saucy in her ear.

Marcus was that someone and did as he was asked, but it’s probably not exactly what she wanted. He spoke the truth, though. Her feet are truly dirty and should not be anywhere other than firmly on the ground to keep things clean!

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

6. Big Brain Problems

Oh, how we wish we could somehow go back in time and watch this savage courtroom exchange happen in real time. We’re not doctors, so no comment on the autopsy or the jar of brains. Still, this real doctor had the court in stitches with the cold, hard truth and nothing less.

We have to give it to the attorney for trying every avenue to win their case. Unfortunately, the doctor shut that street down with the absolute confirmation that the patient was indeed no longer alive.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

7. Let A Sister Know

When it comes to new relationships, it’s easy to get jealous. But always look at the whole situation before going from 0-100 on just one hunch. Just like this lady’s response to an innocent text. She didn’t take the time to realize that the "threat" was actually her boyfriend’s sister.

This speedy conclusion ended in a head-on collision with reality. And the sister knew just what to hit her with—the girlfriend’s not as important as she thought, and needed to be put in her place.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

8. A Doggone Moment

The bigger the roast, the stronger the bond, and that’s why showing affection through insults can be really fun. There’s a line, however, between fun teasing and being just plain rude.

It’s a golden rule of the Internet to never insult someone else’s dog. This person clapped back hard after their friend suggested that they didn’t love their dog enough.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

9. You’re The Problem

People are allowed to feel what they want about feminism, and this guy obviously has a pretty negative view of wanting equality for all genders. But what he didn’t realize he was saying with his opinion was actually a self-own. Those are rare.

Hopefully this blunt reality check got him to realize that he was the problem in every interaction. He was the only constant every time. Maybe he was why the feminists he met weren’t very happy, and they didn’t like him for a reason.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

10. Author’s Intent

We’d be sure to search our name on every social media platform all the time if we’ve ever had the chance to publish our own book. It’s a search to discover what real people thought of our writing and whether they loved it or hated it. But be very careful what you wish for when you go looking for that kind of recognition...

Mr. Rogers Freedman here did just the same. He saw that his book was mentioned in a conversation and got involved as soon as he could. It probably wasn’t tears of joy when this person cried reading Freedman’s work, but it’s still kind of a win since he did read it!

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

11. Water Trick

There’s just something about artists who make whatever they create special. In a world where art is sometimes seen as a "soft" skill, it’s hard to give the credit artists deserve.

Nick Boyer took the time to watermark his photo to make sure that anyone who sees it knows he took it. However, Rick over here thought his name looked close enough to "Nick" and claimed that it was his photograph. Nice try, Rick.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

12. Out Of Focus

When it comes to finals, stress levels are high. Students try to spend as much time as they can studying a whole year’s worth of lessons to prepare for exams.

For some students, it gets to a point where the brain just can’t take any more information. A quick study break is perfect to update your social media with something overdramatic, just like this person. Their study buddy, however, shut that drama right down. Finals mean less giving up and more studying. Go forth and conquer!

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

13. Love It Or Hate It

There are some exes who can stay friends, and some that shouldn’t especially do that if the breakup was messy. People who’ve been heartbroken tend to remember the bad things a lot better than the good.

Nobody likes it when people lie to their face, and if you’re a proven liar, it doesn’t look good if you bring bad things up. It looks even worse when someone calls you out on it, and all you can say is, "go away," which is just what happened with this post.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

14. Once In A Blue Moon

Selfish people exist all over the world, and this person is definitely one of them. They think they’re right about people not being allowed to celebrate Lunar New Year if they don’t come from a country that celebrates the festival.

So someone came along with a simple and generous fix to this exclusive celebration. This person is the clear winner of this conversation with his formal, yet savage, burn. We respect that and take them up on their invitation and will happily bring all of our friends and family.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

15. Sick Job

There’s always at least one person who seems to think that they know everything and are right about whatever they say. With all of this knowledge, people like this usually think that only their thoughts and feelings ever really count.

But when you call out a literal global organization that has saved millions of lives and earned support from entire countries, Dr. Karl wasn’t going to have any of it and put this person back into their place—free from smallpox.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

16. Driving Competition

It’s always a fun treat to see what Elon Musk will say on the Internet that day. It’s not always great and mind blowing, but there are gems like this one where he delivers a solid burn from time to time. From one tech giant to another, there is obviously some "friendly" trash talk when it comes to the potential cars of the future.

A quite snide remark holds a laughable truth, and we give credit to the tech innovator for it. After all, it does follow previous moves this company has done before, so it’s a real possibility.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

17. Spelling It Out

Some people prefer to type grammatically correct and with no spelling errors, while others prefer to use abbreviations, short forms, or even just emojis to get their point across. Both people can co-exist on the Internet since everyone can figure out what they’re saying.

There’s no right or wrong way to type on social media. That’s the fun of it—you can post whatever you want, however you want. This Redditor, however, believed this to be a complete waste of time and wanted people online to agree and hopefully go viral. Sadly, they got neither and were immediately shut down. You win some, you lose some!

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

18. Photo Op

Social media has given an easier way to communicate with your crush without having them see you blush. Still, it’s pretty annoying when you have to deal with a one-sided crush. By the way this girl responded, we feel like it was never gonna happen for this guy.

She tried the obvious way to show how she felt with her obviously wrong guess of an animal very different to an elephant. She was not ready for the other person’s Photoshop magic. It wasn’t a perfect picture, but it was a clever way to get back in the game.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

19. Show Me What You Got

The Internet connects us with all sorts of people, including celebrities. Lots of people think the Internet protects us from getting what we deserve and that it’s their right to insult the celebrities they don’t particularly like online. We don’t know why, but they do.

Well, this particular Frankie Muniz hater tried to call out the former child star’s "poor" acting, even tagging him in their tweet. They didn’t think that Frankie Muniz himself would serve the cold, hard truth to remind them of where they stand.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

20. Thank You, Un-Kylie

It’s the ultimate goal for any person in the public eye to be known just by their name. It’s considered an honor to join other icons like Ellen, Prince, and Madonna. It was definitely one of Kylie Jenner’s goals, and she tried to achieve it by trademarking her name, thinking she was the only well-known Kylie. She just forgot one person.

It's definitely an age before beauty thing for Kylie Minogue. After she found out what the reality star was trying to do, she chose to sic her people on the case. So, her clapback was a classy, official, and savage one.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

21. Generational Daddy Issues

For a generation that’s lived through several recessions before the age of 30, millennials have it tough. It’s not just the unlucky, failing economy that drags them down, but sometimes older generations don’t quite understand that life is no longer the same nowadays.

So, there’s a reason why millennials are less likely to have manual skills. This article doesn’t consider other generational differences like the Saxons to the baby boomers. That’s not fair since it’s the same thing! Everybody should be treated the same.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

22. No GF Lol

Anyone can be anyone they want online. The Internet provides anonymity, and how people use it is really up to them. TheCityFree just wanted to express their feelings for their new favorite song, but didn’t think about the many possible roasts to come.

This person’s response made his comment seem less like a good thing and more of a sad thing. We don’t know if they meant what they said or they were just trying to be funny. We’ll never know the truth about the girlfriend’s existence.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


23. Poor Man’s View

You see a lot of things when you’re using public transport regularly, and seeing someone cute is one of the better sights. Without any conversation, all you have to judge them by is how they look and what they’re doing.

It can give you a little more information of what kind of person they are, but this particular bus rider thought using an iPhone 6 was a dealbreaker no matter how cute the guy was. But she was on the bus with him too…


Social Media Clapbacks Experience

24. Hearing A Similar Story

Anyone can take a picture, put whatever text they want on it, and share it online for everyone to see and share. Because of this, you can’t take everything as 100% factual.

Someone posted a funny little story supposedly about a conversation they had with their hairdresser. As it turns out, someone else knew that this story wasn’t theirs, but already a popular conversation between Robert Downey Jr. and Jimmy Kimmel. They even gave photo evidence. I mean...maybe next time pick less famous people to impersonate.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


25. Safe Driving Selfie Practices

Traffic sucks. We’ve all been there. The bumper-to-bumper life is no fun, and it’s tempting to share your misery with your friends online for some sympathy.

But everyone knows that you shouldn’t use your phone on the road! This person remembered safety first and thought they could recreate their traffic situation without anyone else knowing any better. Alas, reflective surfaces are the ultimate exposers.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


26. Didn’t Lose Much

Back before Snapchat, Instagram, and even Facebook, young people dominated the Internet on MySpace. Tom, now forever known as MySpace Tom, was the young mind that made the pioneering social media platform what it was.

Anyone who remembers MySpace also remembers its slow decline after Facebook and Twitter entered the online scene. Why people think that they can just call out successful strangers, we’ll never know, but Tom set this Twitter user in place, reminding him just how well he’s doing with an impressive dollar amount. You'll always be our friend, MySpace Tom.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


27. Sharpened Minds

Kids aren’t the brightest, and that's not their fault! Their brains are just experiencing and learning things for the first time. Part of that learning process is getting hurt, but not in such a direct way as this person was with a pencil sharpener.

It’s hard to know how a kid’s brain came up with this idea, but it seems like the pencils were a bit sharper than the kid. But that’s what the other person pointed out first, not us!

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


28. Strong Walls Of Jericho

You don’t really want to be messing with professional wrestlers, even if they’ve lost a match. Chris Jericho showed Arby’s that he still has enough fight in him to beat them with a single tweet.

Arby’s may have thought they were being clever with their snide cardboard remarks, but what they didn’t think would happen was they’d have their words used against them. Like we said, you shouldn’t mess with any professional fighter of any kind, because they come with loyal fan support too! And, you know, they're really strong.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


29. Alternative Skills

Questioning the universe can get pretty complicated, but the idea of multiple, alternate universes is even more mind-blowing. We wonder how awesome we’d be in all the other universes because, of course, we’re always awesome no matter what.

Stephen Hawking was a genius in every way, including in theoretical physics and comedy. John Oliver was not ready for such a good comeback from Hawking, especially when he was supposed to be the funny one.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


30. Bookended That Fact

Everyone loves a fun fact. When you share one, it’s like a humble brag that you’re much smarter than others. This person wanted to share their self-discovered spelling theory with the rest of their Facebook friends and quite literally asked to be proved wrong.

They got their wish, because it didn’t take too long to prove them wrong. One person decided to give a piece of advice with their answer. It was harsh, but true enough that it had to be said no matter how much it hurt.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


31. Leap In The Wrong Direction

It takes a lot to study astrophysics. Neil deGrasse Tyson has done it and still has questions about the universe. It’s almost like that’s what he does as a profession or something…

Neil’s revelation on Twitter proves that not all thoughts are created equally ingenious. Someone was sure to guide his train of thought in the right direction, that it already does have a perfect name as he already described.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


32. That Animal Lover Life 

For some reason, people are very invested in other people’s eating habits, especially when people start eating healthier or change their diets altogether.

When someone chooses to give up meat and to take a stand against animal cruelty, it’s a big change. This person decided to make the big decision to live that vegetarian life and announce it on social media. It might not have lasted that long, though, seeing as someone witnessed them eating two different animals that same day.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


33. Accidentally On Purpose

Selfies are a staple of social media posts. Likes boost people’s self-esteem, and how else will we know what other people look like if they don’t post a selfie every day?

A lot of time goes into what people choose to post; it has to be just the right one at the best angle with the best filters. So, it’s hard to upload a picture "by accident" with so many things to consider before doing it! We’re not buying it, just like this commenter.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


34. Move Ogre

Shirtless, muscular male dancers? The movie Magic Mike has got all that and more. But someone thought its popularity was only because of the impressive and nice-to-look-at bodies.

Magic Mike’s $167 million success, according to this person, meant that women only like fit bodies rather than dad bods. Someone else came at him with the truth of another much successful movie with a protagonist who has a body that is more onion than Magic Mike.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


35. Cry Me A Riverdale

Riverdale, the grungy, dramatic interpretation of the classic comics about Archie and the gang, has brought co-stars KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse together as close friends off camera. Like any other good friends, they love to show their affection with responses that are not always the kindest.

There’s an obvious winner every time, and this time, it’s clear that Sprouse deserved it. KJ may have looked much different at 17 than Cole did, but that’s not the only big difference when you consider Cole’s bank account.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


36. Looks That Bae

Love it or hate it, couples are going to post all about their relationships on social media for people to keep up with them and their lovey-dovey-ness. Those without a partner may be more likely to lean toward the "hate it" attitude.

This person had had enough of all of the couple content online, and decided to post something to make it look like they’re just as happy with someone. It was a plan that obviously didn’t succeed, but they can have the win if it makes them feel better!

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


37. You’re Just The Best, Mom

A mother’s love is like no other, but sometimes that love comes with quick jabs for their children who they've worked so hard to bring up. These jabs can be anything from teasing about being a nose-picker to a messy diaper incident.

But this mom decided that this jab wouldn’t be from a memory, but from right then and there. Things do wear out faster when they get a lot of use, and if what Mom is saying is right, then ouch. However, we give credit where credit is due, and Mom deserves all of it.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


38. Does Not Spark Joy

There are times where you have to watch what you post on social media, especially when all your family and friends can see. It’s easy to misunderstand things said online and it can result in an unwanted tiff with a distant, but still opinionated, relative.

Like in this case, posting that you had nothing growing up while knowing full well that you had everything you needed and more probably means that your mom’s going to have something to say about it. And this mom did just that. She told the truth and removed what did not spark joy in her heart. Go, sassy Mom! We salute you.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


39. Flan Your Face 

If you’re going to start calling people out online, you need to be sure that there’s nothing you have posted that can be used against you, or else a reporter like Anderson Cooper will find whatever nonsense they can to show you the way out of their business.

Like a good reporter, Cooper did his research and found just what he was looking for. He used his flan tidbit and executed the perfect response to the nobody criticizing his work.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


40. In The Details 

It’s hard to know what’s going to go viral these days. It takes good content, timing, and luck. For some people, that’s too hard to do. Instead, they just take something that looks promising and make something up that they think people will share.

However, the Internet allows for quick fact checking, and this user shattered the nostalgic illusion with the energy from the classic, yet in existence way after 1979, energy drink Powerade. At a glance, this post could look legit, but someone’s always going to point out the fine details. And what would the Internet be without them?

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


41. Super Poor Lighting

With shows like Catfish, people are well aware that not everyone online is who they seem to be. And it’s so easy to pretend to be or do something on the Internet. It just takes a strategically angled photo, a strongly worded text post, or any convincing social media post.

Getting amazing seats at the Super Bowl would be a pretty impressive feat. This person tried their hand at tricking their friends online to think that they snagged the best seats in the house. There was an attempt, and it failed on the big screen.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


42. The Only Thing That Matters 

People love to show off how popular they are with their countless notifications. But when someone hides the name of the person who sent them the notification, it can look a little fishy. This person posted a screenshot to boost her relationship status.

But people who saw the tweet wondered, why show off your relationship if the name’s hidden? The notifications were obviously more important than the loving but nameless boyfriend who sent them.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


43. On The Money

There’s always a chance that something bad might happen at the bank—we’ve seen enough TV! But that chance is rare. So, when someone shouts to get down while you’re at the bank, you’d be sure to do as you’re told.

This quick decision to obey is apparently something people learn as they get older. This little girl had her priorities as straight as she could and diffused the situation with the truth. This quick thinking got her a reward for saving the day!

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


44. Toilet Philosophy 

It’s almost an instinct to write on any surface when you have a pen in your hand. Bathroom stalls are no different and a popular choice for all kinds of graffiti—words, pictures, and phone numbers.

As thought-provoking as this quote may be, it’s still not appropriate to vandalize property that’s not yours. And that’s what the next person cleared up with their own ironic scrawled-out message. Plus, no one wants to think that deeply while they're using the toilet.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


45. Practicing Self-Love

There are some things that people want to say without anyone knowing it’s them who said it. The Internet is a great place to do that with how easy it is to be anonymous. There are even websites that are designed just for anonymity!

You always have to make sure that before you click post, share, or upload that no one can trace it back to you. It might lead to an awkward situation like this one if you don't. Recovering from trying to compliment yourself anonymously might take a while.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


46. Picking Up The Pieces

It takes some practice perfecting the art of online dating. The most crucial part of it is the opening message. It has to be just the right length with just the right tone and banter. The goal is to get an equally good response.

We think this guy probably spent a lot of time crafting up this long anecdote to pick up a date. Sadly, he didn’t think long enough. All that work for nothing but a rejection and getting called out for bad driving habits. Distracted driving is no joke!

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


47. Not Adding Up

You can get away with a lot of things on the Internet. You could pretend that you’ve won an esteemed award…that you made and gave yourself. People are always looking for an opportunity to boost their self-esteem with any kind of accomplishment…even ones that never happened.

If you’re going to make it up, at least make sure that there’s nothing that can prove you wrong. This woman tried to make it look like she had a higher IQ score than the app gave her. We all know that apps can’t lie!

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


48. Shedding Sunlight 

Did you really go to the beach if you didn’t take any pictures? Of course not! Because if you didn’t, then how will people know that you were there? It’s all about maintaining the image that you’re always living your best life.

Well, other people who don’t have the chance to actually go to the beach make the most of what’s around them and try to trick their followers anyway. This guy was so close to getting away with his fake beach. Unfortunately for him, someone in his family took a more complete photo, giving away the illusion and ruining his day.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


49. Smaller Than They Appear

People love showing off their cars. It’s their pride and joy, the apple of their eye, and the star of their social media pages.

But not everyone has the means to actually have a car to show off. What they do have are the brains for a well thought out photoshoot. It’s all about perspective, and this picture proves that it doesn’t take much to get that new car feel.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience

50. Swiftly Leave, Please

When it comes to celebrities, people assume that they have the freedom to say just about anything to them online, as if the Internet is an excuse to be plain rude or even sometimes just weird…

This Taylor Swift fan may have thought the fun reproductive facts would be seen as interesting. But no…someone was quick to let them know just how creepy their tidbit was. Taylor Swift can be or not be whatever kind of mom she wants!

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


51. Swoop And Scoop

Content creators look for any opportunity to grow their online brand by one-upping anything that’s trending. It’s all about the views, likes, and follower count, and if that means doing something "crazy," then so be it!

YouTube stars are known for drastic stunts for the views, and this one claimed he was a stowaway on an airplane. Impossible! It was, truly, impossible, as the airline was quick to let everyone know, and they had the receipts to prove what really happened.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


52. Just Like Instagramma

The similarities between relatives can be striking. If you’ve ever looked through old family photos, you might be surprised how much you look like them.

It’s possible for someone to be a spitting image of an older family member at first glance. That would’ve been true with these photos, but a closer look will show you that it’s almost too perfect. All that’s different is a pair of glasses and a black and white filter.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


53. Fits Perfectly 

Posting "fitspo" photos on Instagram is popular among fitness and health-conscious users. That’s why fitness journey pictures are pretty much the norm, but…

This woman’s picture proves that we can’t always assume what we see is true. Apparently, all it takes is throwing on a hiking outfit, going outside, and tagging a local trail. Add a little inspirational words, and boom: you look like you’re really going hiking. Sadly for her, her brother exposed her almost flawless fitness post.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


54. A Guest, Not A Pet 

Cleaning out the house leaves a lot of people with stuff that they don’t need anymore. Instead of throwing usable things into the trash, people go online to sell them to someone who can use them. Most buyers like to know and see where their items are coming from.

They prefer to buy from homes that are pet-free. It’s a great marketing point for sellers who are sure to mention it in their ad, like this person. They definitely told people it was a pet-free home, but people could see that there was clearly at least a cat guest there.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


55. Famous Tactics

Celebrity endorsement is nothing new. When people admire others, they tend to want to be like them and look for any connections to form a "closer" bond. That’s why people love to snag things that their favorite celebrities use or have used themselves.

As enticing as these items are, there are people like this car seller out there who are ready to pull a fast one by any means necessary, including lying about the celebrity status of the previous owner.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


56. Take A Step Back 

We all have moments where our brains malfunction, and we forget how to do simple things like putting on shoes. These little mistakes are pretty funny and fun to share online.

However, some mistakes look a little more suspicious and less like a silly mistake. It’s kind of hard to put shoes on your feet over your shoe and under your laces. This photo seems like it was no accident and completely intentional.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


57. What A Poser

Everyone’s on social media. By everyone, we mean even teams, your local coffee shop, and schools around town. Their social media pages are meant to show all the good things happening to impress others and give off a certain image. Some pictures are more posed than others.

Posing helps you get the exact picture you want to share with everyone, but as you can see in this posed picture, some important details were overlooked. The pen doesn’t matter because everything is just "for the gram" or in this case, for the tweet, anyways.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


58. Hitting The Nail

Gotta do it for the ‘gram—that’s how a lot of people see their lives, with the goal to get the perfect photo that’ll get as many likes as possible. Like we said before, it’s all about the fine details.

This person was sure to cover all the bases and paint their nails for the ‘gram. They were the smart ones out of this bunch, but friends gotta expose friends when things are not as they seem!

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


59. Quarter Game Crisis

Video games are a form of escapism from our chaotic world. Whenever there’s a new, highly anticipated game coming out, gamers make sure that they’re going to get their copy any which way they can.

Mom’s always there to help out, and she met her kid’s requests as best as she could. It looks like they’re gonna have to make coffee at home while they play the new game 25 times.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


60. See Where You Went Wrong 

Buying things online is easy, but it’s just as easy to get duped. That’s why when you’re considering getting something second-hand, it’s important to be sure you’re getting what’s advertised.

Brand new items do sell better, and it’s possible to get away with selling something pre-owned as brand new with a quick clean. This person, though, didn’t quite think things through with their picture. Someone was quick to point out that there was already photo evidence that they were not, in fact, brand new. Not today!

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


61. Leave No Witnesses

You can make up the most ridiculous things and post them online. That’s fine, but if you want people to believe you, you gotta make sure that no one can say differently.

If there’s someone who’s with you not doing what you’re saying you’re doing, then they gotta get in on the secret to keep up the story. If not, they can shatter your magnificent fake evening...just like this roommate did.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


62. Break-In News

One of the best parts of the Internet is that you can keep anyone updated in real time. Whether it’s how you’re feeling, it’s your birthday, or you’ve accomplished something, you can let everyone on social media know right away.

Still, social media could have waited a little while longer for this status about a break-in. We think that if we thought someone was breaking into our house, we’d grab something heavy to hit the intruder’s head first.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


63. Lion’s Share Of Exaggeration

People put a lot of consideration into what they post. Pictures need to include every important detail to make sure everyone knows that you’re "telling the truth". It’s up to the poster to fill in the blanks with their caption.

This person thought they could get away with stretching the truth just a little too much with their impressive lion’s tale. But knowing what we do about lions, this method of scaring the literal king of the jungle singlehandedly is hard to believe.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


64. Try A Little Harder

It is no exaggeration to say that they are way too many photos on the Internet to count. So, there are almost infinite options to access and choose.

If you were to try to pass someone else’s photo as your own, there are so many other choices that are not the very first result to show up on Google images that anyone can find. But either way, reverse image search is a thing, so maybe just try posting your own stuff.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


65. Good, Not Smart 

It’s a little gauche to post your good deeds online to let everyone know what you’ve done. And someone will be sure to let you know just how you look tackier and possibly more like a liar than a Good Samaritan.

Saying Christmas wasn’t about bragging about what gifts people buy for each other was true…except they did just that with this picture of a cheque with a very generous tip. If that wasn’t bad enough, it wasn’t even the right receipt copy!

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


66. Minimum Evidence

In this world, cash is king, no question about it. People want others to think they’re rich so badly that they’ll flash what cash they do have to make it look like they're wealthy. No one has to know that it’s all of their money.

See, it is a real thing! Adrian wanted to call out his supposed fake friends who were jealous of his money, but a co-worker was quick to point out exactly how much money he was earning. He knew Adrian’s wages were not enough to to post tweets like that.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


67. Goodnight Texts From JFK 

A lot of famous people are known for the things they’ve said that have resonated with people all over the world and live on years later in their memory. That is, if they remember these quotes correctly.

It’s true that messages can get lost over time, but with the Internet, it takes less than a minute to check a quotation’s authenticity as well as who originally said it. In this case, a quick check isn’t quite necessary, unless Marilyn Monroe was really a time traveller who got herself a cell phone and learned how to text!

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


68. Bed Bugged Out

When two people are in love, they can’t help but show it. That’s why their social media feeds are full of cute couple photos for everyone to see just how happy they are together. But it can be hard getting the right picture when there’s no one else to take it when you want a non-selfie.

It’s obvious that this couple didn’t have that third person to get this sleeping photo. So, how exactly could they really be sleeping, hmm? We’re with the person who pointed out this problem. Bed bugs aren’t known for their photography skills, so this? It’s a sham.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


69. That’s Not Yours

People love to take credit for things they didn’t do. It’s so much easier than, you know, actually doing something. The Internet has made it so anyone can claim credit for something they post, and unless someone checks, they can get away with it.

What the Internet gives, it also takes away, as you can see with this person’s no-nonsense response. Rebecca wanted to take credit for this incredible drawing, but one person did their due diligence and found the real artist.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


70. Unnecessary Details

Social media is a place where people can post the best snapshots of their lives. That includes that banging selfie that everyone has to see on every platform. With so many people seeing the picture, the caption needs to be just right, whether it’s inspiring, funny, or simple.

This person wanted to share her selfie with her sad story about being teased when she was younger about the way she looked. The story’s happy ending is the second, newer selfie that proves all those people in middle school wrong. But those people in middle school know what really happened, and aren’t afraid to point out the fake story was just for more likes.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


71. Sounds Off

When it comes to music, some people pride themselves on liking anything but pop songs to seem edgy and different. This is especially true when most of the pop stars' fans are teenage girls and they’re not.

This user found it necessary to point out that they weren’t the biggest Bieber fan in their comment about liking a song by Bieber! It would’ve made perfect sense if their username said something very different…

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


72. Believe It Or Not

Jokes and lies are pretty similar. If someone needs you to explain them, then they’re probably no good in the first place. If you’re gonna do either, you’d better be good at it, or else it can lead to your downfall.

Showing off their money wasn’t enough for this person, so they had to let everyone know that they for sure had a lot more in their hand. But all the big bills were conveniently hidden behind the others. Hmm…seems too convenient.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


73. Best In The World 

Any new world record is sure to impress the world, but on social media, people like to break their own records and share their milestones with all of their followers.

If you’re going to tweak your numbers a little, then it’s going to have to be realistic. People are going to have to check that they’re not imagining such a rare accomplishment. And when they do, it’s gonna be weird, just like with this guy and his supposed "10-minute" run.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


74. Irished You Asked

The media loves to take a celebrity’s opinion and make it into a controversial story. They just want enough clicks to get it to start hopefully trending online. What they forget is that celebrities can call them out much quicker than pre-Internet times!

Celebrities have opinions and do share it with the media, but when an outlet makes such a claim, stars like Chris O’Dowd can tear their exclusive story down with the truth with just a quick retweet.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


75. Not Guilty, Your Honor 

People online love to share photos and videos of their fur babies, so everyone else can see just how adorable they are. And when it comes to fur babies and accidents, it can be hard to stay mad at them for so long because they’re just so cute!

Well, we checked the evidence for this accident, and it was clearly not the dog’s fault this time. Dogs can’t use zippers; they don’t have thumbs! Case closed.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


76. Not So Fast

Brand named and designer items can symbolize how well off a person is. This is especially true when it comes to cars from brands like Lexus, Ferrari, or Porsche.

If you’re lucky enough to own a car like that, it’s definitely something to share a photo like this to show everyone your classy brand-new ride. Except…when you take a closer look, the keys don’t match with the car. This might have worked if the logos were more similar, but next time, just make sure it matches or hide it!

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


77. Barely Even Close

Couples love to commemorate their love in many different ways. There are anniversary dinners, vacations, gifts, and smaller, more personal gestures. One popular practice is to attach a personalized lock to a bridge and then throw the key into the water to represent eternal love.

Super cute, super romantic, and practiced all over the world, right? Well, don’t be like this person and make sure that if you’re going to post a photo that's not yours, you at least know exactly what it is. This one even has a watermark on it! And it’s not even the right place.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


78. Understandably Upsetting 

Relationship problems suck, and people use social media to vent their frustrations. Their posts usually say something ominous and vague so as to avoid using any specifics, but the posters still draw attention to themselves.

Some specifics are important, however. This person shared her sadness about cheating in a relationship but left out the fact that she was guilty of it herself! Check yourself before you wreck yourself, or else your ex will do it for you. 

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


79. Photo Evidence

Swimming competitions are exciting. Watching people who’ve spent a lot of their time practicing to be the fastest is pretty awe-inspiring. Even making it to such a big competition is already a huge deal.

This competitor decided to share their success online with a boastful caption describing the moments before his win. Their photo was their undoing, though, because the actual winner made the truth known. It may have hurt, but it’s what happened.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


80. Maybe It’s Maybelline 

People are free to choose whether they want their selfies to be natural and made up with a filter or without. Something about going #NoFilter and #NoMakeup gives photos a little more prestige than their altered counterparts.

But if you’re going to tag it #NoMakeup #NoFilter #AllNatural, then maybe choose a photo that doesn’t look completely unnatural, like this one. For one, we don’t think people can be born with purple hair, and for two, her eye color is too green. Basically, it’s all tomfoolery.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


81. On Your Tail

Cheating is never okay. But if you’re going to cheat and don’t want to get caught, then you’d better have your story straight. However, karma is quick to catch up with cheaters, as this person realized with what they thought would keep them in the clear.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


82. No Fare

Complaining to the Internet can be pretty stress relieving and help you sort your thoughts out. But if you don’t always think things all the way through before posting, anyone following you can take your own words and burn you with them.

They were far from it and got what was coming for them, with their partner catching them in their bad, bad lie. That’s what happens when you don’t cover all your bases…and when you cheat!

This status update gives us the mood, but not the truth. It does get tiring driving friends and family all around town without any form of payment. Then again, expecting money for lifts does put them pretty close to a taxi service! That’s their whole purpose!

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


83. Coming Of Age

In all honesty, having the ability to become waterproof would be amazing once we come of age. There would be so much more free time with all the time we'd save. We wouldn’t even have to have a specific outfit of the day.

We wouldn’t need to have rubber boots just for the one really rainy day of the month, or need to remember to bring an umbrella everywhere without losing it! Yes, this originally was about the savage response to a ridiculous tweet, but it’s actually a pretty great idea. I mean, who's with me here people? Anyone? Anyone?

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


84. Tough Spot

Unfortunately, in 2020, people are still not getting that we still need more inclusivity for those with disabilities. And Daniel here obviously really doesn’t get it, and went to social media to voice his opinion. He actually believes that people with disabilities should only do things during the work day, which is just ridiculous.

Daniel also wants to dictate when they can and cannot use parking spaces allotted to them! He’s allowed to have this opinion even if it’s absolutely wrong, but this person from the disabled community wanted to remind him just why he was so wrong. They’re people. Not werewolves, Daniel.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


85. Making It Fun

Moms can be embarrassing, yes, but we don’t quite understand why this child had to tell their mom directly that she wasn’t funny. However, Mom’s got her own sass and handled it with three simple words. She wasn’t lying, and we think that’s pretty funny.

Hopefully, this whole family has the funny gene, and this conversation happened all in good fun and bonding. There’s no need to always to be so formal with family.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


86. Tell Us More

Only this woman knew what she meant with her post on Facebook about beauty. We can’t say if she meant to leave the perfect bait for her friends to come up with an unexpected response. It was almost too easy to point out!

Someone saw the opportunity and took it. And their response was served in the form of an innocent question. But no, it had no innocent intentions; only the intention to burn and sizzle with the satisfaction of being so clever. Her heart probably lost its smile after reading that.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


87. Falling In Love

When someone experiences love, they can’t help but share it with the people they know. And now on social media, you can announce it immediately and to many people all at once. That’s what this person did when a girl told them she loved him for the first time.

Hopefully, the bliss from new love can soothe the burn from this person’s comment on their post. People can’t just assume they know which girl this person’s talking about, and it does make sense that it was possibly about their mom.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


88. True Ugliness

Things can get really ugly on the Internet. And when this person posted thoughts about the ugliness in the world, they didn’t think that a friend would have such harsh words to share.

The friend saw an opportunity and took it. And they made the absolute most of it with one of their best responses they’ve ever served in their lives, then someone else just rubbed some salt in their wounds with that fitting Wikipedia link. Maybe running their hurt feelings under cold water would help with the scathing burn.

Social Media Clapbacks Experience


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