The MOST Painful Humiliations

October 28, 2023 | Violet Newbury

The MOST Painful Humiliations

Everyone faces embarrassing moments now and then, but some are more cringeworthy than others. However, these moments aren’t always solely because of something we ourselves have done. More often than not, witnessing a faux pas is just as uncomfortable as being in the thick of it firsthand. Either way, here are some cringeworthy moments that are sure to make anyone feel red in the face.

1. I Just Had It

I had always struggled with public speaking, but during one class presentation, I just couldn't take it anymore. I stood up, looked over at the whole class, and simply couldn't make my mouth form words. So, I grabbed my backpack, and without a word walked out of the door and took myself straight to the principal's office. In the end, my teacher made me a deal that I could avoid failing the assignment by giving the speech to her alone after school. I was incredibly grateful for that.

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2. Cringey Computer Cover

When I was in college, I walked in on my roommate while he was watching racy movies in our dorm room. As soon as I walked in, I could tell he just panicked and sat there for one second until calmly turning the monitor off. He then proceeded to take his computer apart for half an hour, saying that he couldn't seem to figure out what was wrong with it. I cringed.

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3. Ballgame Belcher

I got into my car to run to the store one night. The baseball game was on the radio. Suddenly, the announcer belched mid-word as he was delivering an advertisement for some betting website. All I heard was, "Head on over to play baAAHGHGHLLL.".. It sounded like his insides tried to stage a jailhouse break followed by five seconds of intensely awkward silent air. I was crying.

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4. Epic Fail

I had a humor speech assignment in my junior year of high school. A female classmate of mine clearly went to the world wide web for her material. She showed up with a stapled packet in her hand and introduced her humor speech as, "The 10 Worst Ways to Commit Self-immolation". They were all awful with a terrible delivery. There was nothing funny about it and it just didn’t work.

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5. Don’t Toot Your Horn

On the second day of band class when I was in the fifth grade, I ripped a fat toot while our teacher was speaking. The hard plastic chair definitely amplified it to a nearly destructive level of sound. EVERYONE was looking over at me, but I guess I was just in the right mood because, I, and my best friend next to me were laughing hysterically. I remember looking up and seeing some others giggling. Even our teacher was stifling a laugh.

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6. This Girl Is On Fire

Many years ago when women would use a lot of hair spray in their hair, I had a one-night stand with a girl. It ended horribly. After we got busy, she went to light up a smoke and her ENTIRE head turned into a fireball. So there I was, completely undressed, beating this chick's head with a pillow to put the fire out. Once she was no longer Ghost Rider, she grabbed her clothes and ran to the bathroom.

She got dressed and ran out of my house crying. Years later, I found out that she was a friend of my roommate's girlfriend at the time. I found this out because she came with my roommate's girlfriend to a party at my house. The same house where she lit her skull on fire. We did not speak of it that night or any other time we crossed paths thereafter.

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7. Bloody Mary Anyone?

I was at a girl’s house in high school and we were all secretly drinking in her backyard. Then, her friend needed to use the bathroom and walked full force right into the sliding glass door. Her friend's parents were right inside that room watching TV. Her nose was bleeding so bad that she had to have her parents come to pick her up.

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8. No Fooling Pops

It was my freshman year of college and everyone was back home on holiday break. I had my two best friends from high school over to stay the night at my parents' house. We got some booze and also a bag of smoke. We hung out in the large finished basement. It had comfy couches, a full bathroom, etc., and we occasionally stepped outside for smoke breaks. Which is how we got ourselves into big trouble.

When we went outside, we accidentally locked ourselves out. We had to go around to another entrance, where we encountered my dad in the kitchen. We were all tipsy and tried to make brief, casual conversation. After a couple of minutes, my dad said, "Well you girls all seem to have the sniffles tonight!" I don't even remember what we said in response, but we made our way back to the basement ASAP. He totally knew that we had been snorting stuff. It was so very uncomfortable.

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9. Head Banger Bang Up

I was at a Motley Crue concert in a big arena and before the show started, all the lights were on and a beach ball was being passed around. The whole crowd was watching the beach ball while people were filing into the floor section. When the ball reached the floor, a large man was walking out holding two full beers. He went to kick the ball and fell flat on his back and spilled both drinks on his face. The whole stadium was laughing.

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10. ‘Snot A Good Way To Pass The Time

I was stuck in traffic. The car next to me was going to be there for a while. I got settled in, got my tunes blazing. I looked to my right and there was this girl digging deep with her fingers into both nostrils. She looked to her left and saw me looking at her. You could tell she had just totally blanked on the cars around her. She turned deep, deep red. But that wasn't the worst part.

She slinked way down and stayed like that for the next 10 miles. There would be a moment or two where we would get a car length or so apart, but we would end up side by side again, and she would instantly turn red.

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11. Crutch Klutz

I remember a new girl came to our high school and she had a broken leg. She was on crutches, and everyone noticed that. One day everyone was in the cafeteria and she came and got in line. She slowly made her way through the line, but right before she reached the cashier, her two crutches hit some water and spread apart. She face-planted with a loud bang. It was as horrible as you imagined. I never saw her again.

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12. Know Your Audience

It was my senior year in high school and I was in health class. We had an officer come and talk about random stuff. He started going off about a kid from a local middle school that had brought a pistol to school. It was a big story in the local news at the time. He then disclosed that after the investigation, they found out that he was frequently abused by his parents, which no one was aware of. But there was one huge mistake he didn't know he made.

Little did he know that the older brother of the victim was sitting right in front of him. The whole class sat there awkwardly.

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13. Pump And Circumstance

About 10 years ago I was walking into a gas station and a middle-aged man was pumping gas. He tried to awkwardly make a comment about the t-shirt that I was wearing. I believe it was a Motorhead shirt. He asked me if I liked some band and ran out of steam with his attempt to flirt. I assumed flirting was his motive, at least.

I went in and paid. Upon exiting the store and walking to the pump I watched him half-wave goodbye as he prepared to drive away. He took off a little quick and took the gas nozzle with him. It was still attached to his tank. He ripped it all the way out of the pump. It was impressive. I thought it was better than his attempt at conversation, but felt awful for him. He was totally mortified.

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14. Too Much Drama

It all happened during a performance of the high school play. Someone backstage had their microphone on. I'll never forget the words I heard. She said, “I used a rubber on your mom last night.” Everyone in the audience, which was made up mostly of parents, heard it. It was like something from a movie. She then had to go out on stage because she had obviously missed her cue.

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15. On Shallow Ground

I have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I had just started a new job and was fresh to life in America. My boss told me that the washrooms in the hallway were for number twos. It was my second week and I was alone at work. My IBS kicked in big time and when I have an IBS issue, it's instant. I panicked. I ran to the washrooms in the hallway and absolutely dropped it like it's hot in the toilet.

I flushed and realized these weren’t regular, deep European toilets, they were extremely shallow. The excess flushing kept rising up in the bowl until it was coming out all over. It flooded the entire washroom. I had to stand on the toilet seat as the poo water was going everywhere. I calmly walked back into the office in a state of shock and panic.

I went to get the mop at the back of the office when the cleaning person arrived. Then it went from embarrassing to nightmarish. I could hear her screaming, “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD.” I had to pretend I didn't know what was wrong. She asked me if someone had used the washroom in the hallway and I was like, “Sorry. I'm new, I didn't know there were toilets in the hallway.”

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16. Road Trippin’

I was road tripping and meeting up with a friend in a small city. It was surprisingly hot there and we only brought clothes for colder weather, so I had to wear my swimsuit under my leggings. I was feeling so self-conscious about my dumb outfit, I started nervously rambling as we walked down a long hill. I stumbled on the cracked sidewalk and lost my balance.

I thought I had regained it but instead fell in the most awkward, preventable, slow motion ever sitting position, off the sidewalk and into the grass. My friend didn’t even grab me because he thought I was doing some type of interpretive dance or something. When I landed in my final position, I stuck my entire right hand into a fresh pile of dog poo and my leggings were ripped. We didn’t even laugh cause he was just too weirded out by me.

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17. A Case Of Mistaken Identity

I was working at a restaurant and the bar was full. I was entering some drinks into the computer that was next to a patron who was saving a seat for his friend. An old high school friend of his came up to him. They chatted a bit and talked about how nice it was to see each other. She asked if he minded if she took the seat next to him.

He apologized and told her that he was actually meeting someone. She said in a confused voice, "We were supposed to be meeting". All the blood drained from his face. He realized he thought he had been talking to someone else. They were both mortified. He began profusely apologizing and said she should at least sit down and have a margarita with him. I don't know how the conversation went after that but it was so hard to witness.

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18. Language Barfs Class

I was sitting in my 12th grade English class and all of a sudden, this kid got up. He started running towards the door. Apparently, he wasn't feeling well and was heading for the bathroom. Unfortunately, he didn't quite make it and absolutely sprayed vomit all over the door. He tried to put his hand in front of his mouth to cover it, which ended up like a thumb-over-the-hose type situation.

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19. Waterpark Peep Show

When I was about 15 years old, I was at a waterpark. I was floating through the lazy river and came around the bend to see an absolutely gorgeous young lifeguard on the side. It took all of my courage, but I  smiled and waved a little. He looked at me like I was insane. I only realized why far too late. I got a little further and found out that one of the waterfalls had pushed my bikini top down and I had smiled at him with my chest hanging out.

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20. Wheelin’ And Reelin’

When I was just a young teenager, I went for a run at the neighborhood park. I was wrapping up my third or so lap when I realized some boys, who were about my age, were hanging around the path on their bikes just ahead of me. As I approached, one of them popped a wheelie and called out, "Hey, how's your run going?" Actually, it was more like, "Hey, how's your run goi--" because as he was speaking, he proceeded to crash into the enormous metal lamp post directly in front of him.

There was an extremely loud clanging sound as he smacked his face into the post and fell off his bike and onto the concrete path. All of his friends laughed and I admit, I let out a small chuckle too, which I immediately felt pretty terrible about. They were gone by the time I had my next lap and I never noticed them at the park again.

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21. High Shine Shiner

I was installing some appliances in a customer's house with two other co-workers. I went to step into the backyard and the glass door was really clean so I walked into it. My foot hit it, then my knee, then my head, and I stumbled back. One co-worker instantly cracked out some joke and he and the other started laughing like hyenas. Even the lady whose house it was tried not to laugh, but failed pretty badly.

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22. Indecent Proposal

I was driving through the middle of Mississippi, in a very backwoodsy area. I stopped at some dirty, hole-in-the-wall gas station to fill up and use their bathroom. I was using the stall and someone came in behind me to use the urinal. We were the only two men in there. This complete stranger said to me, "You want anything?" I froze in terror. I was speechless.

He said, "Hello? You in there?" I seriously thought I was getting propositioned, straight up Deliverance style. Just then another person entered the bathroom. This guy was shocked to recognize him as his grandson. As I went to quickly escape, this guy was red as a beet and profusely apologized to me. He thought I was his grandson in the stall. Thank goodness, but I still booked it out of there real quick.

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23. Schooled

I backed out of an angled parking space into a homeless guy riding a bicycle—in front of dozens of high school kids. I was an adult when this happened. The impact knocked the poor guy off his bike, but when I got out to check on him, he was already riding away, saying he was ok. Some of the high school boys yelled, “NICE DRIVING!”

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24. Exposed

One time when I was at a swimming pool, I saw a kid with his mom. The kid was probably around 10 or 12 years old. He was changing and he had a towel covering himself. His mom was holding the towel, however, she lost her grip. The towel fell down and everyone saw the poor boy undressed. He ran away crying. I still feel bad for that kid to this day.

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25. Freaky Father-In-Law

My wife and I lived with her elderly parents, who were 73 and 69. They were both super nice and we all got along well. Her dad was a pretty serious/manly and quiet type of guy. They liked for us all to go for breakfast every Sunday. He would go and sit in the car, and that’s how we know it was time to go. One Sunday I was hungover from a party and I looked out the window.

He was in his car waiting. I thought I better hurry and get going, as he valued punctuality. As I waltzed over to the car, I saw his eyes dart up at me. Then, he kind of fumbled with his phone. I thought nothing of it and jumped in the back and bid him good morning. I wish I'd never witnessed this next part. There was nothing but loud moaning sounds blaring from his phone as he desperately tried to turn it off.

After about five seconds, he was finally able to shut it off. Since I was hungover, I was feeling a bit fuzzy so I was pretty dazed and confused. I felt so uncomfortable, I actually brought up the weather. As I was talking, the moaning sound effects blared out AGAIN and I had to endure a few more seconds of him desperately trying to turn it off. I had nothing to bring us out of that one. Never addressed it and we sat in silence for five minutes before my wife and her mom joined us.

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26. His Kick Gave Quite A Bang

Many years ago, I spent a summer working in the administration building of a large chemical plant. Our department went to a presentation given by a local officer about parking lot safety. He demonstrated several techniques to thwart attackers. He went to demonstrate a kick and let out a loud toot when he did. He bravely continued as if it didn’t happen and no one acknowledged it. I was barely 20 and struggled mightily to keep a straight face.

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27. The Pickup Artist

Once, at a casino, I witnessed one of those stereotypical pickup artists try to make his move on a woman who looked 20 years younger than him. The number of ways he tried convincing the girl to make out with him was insane and very cringe-inducing. Eventually, she just called him a creep or something and left. The dude had no shame and was seriously menacing, but I have to say, his dedication was objectively impressive.

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28. My Dad Was Mucking Embarrassed

I grew up in eastern Europe. Once, my dad got into a drunken bar fight. His punishment was bizarre and cruel. Officers caught him and he was "sentenced" to be mucked the next day. Mucking is an informal sort of punishment they used, where basically you're taken to a cowshed, tied up in the corner, have 6-8 shovelfuls of manure shoveled onto you, and you're left there until sundown to think about your actions.

I remember him hugging me right before he left to serve his four hours on the farm, saying that it was a good lesson for us kids not to do what he did, and he accepts the punishment. I could tell he was really shaken up, which surprised me. He looked utterly miserable and embarrassed afterward, and my mom complained about the stench for DAYS.

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29. Porta Potty Panic

I was in the army. One night, I watched a female soldier with a bad stomach problem run into a porta-potty. She was ripping her pants down while opening the door. We immediately heard the noise from her release and, at the same time, the noise from the girl that she had just sat down on top of. Both ran out of the little blue bathroom screaming and horrified.

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30. A Memorable Sunday Service

I was in church with my whole school for the annual Founders Day service. The Bishop gave the Lord's Prayer. In the split second of silence after the "Amen," someone broke wind really loudly. I tried not to laugh out loud by grabbing my nose, but then a massive nosebleed ensued. I had to walk out of the church bleeding profusely and laughing. But it wasn't over. 

I went outside and found one of the art teachers and one of the English teachers kissing. They looked quite embarrassed and freaked out at the blood-soaked, cackling 14-year-old that had discovered their romantic tryst.

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31. It Wouldn’t Leaf Me Alone

I was walking across the parking lot towards the entrance of the grocery store as a man was walking out. The sun was shining directly in my face. Suddenly, I noticed something sort of fluttering around next to my face. I assumed it was some kind of bug and started freaking out. I was frantically moving my upper body around to dodge it and trying to swat it, making what I’m sure was a rather unattractive face.

It was a leaf. The man walking towards me, who did not have the sun in his eyes and could see it was a leaf, tried to stifle his laughter as he passed.

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32. The Kitchen Just Got Hotter

My boss’s name was BJ, and he liked to go on vacation a lot, so we started referring to taking a vacation day as a “BJ”. Yes, this came back to bite us, big time. One day, we were in a morning circle meeting with about 30 people. Our Executive Director, who was a woman, started praising our head chef for a good job. He was a nice, somewhat shy guy.

Not thinking, he said, “I should get two BJs for that!” He turned bright red and we laughed for five minutes straight.

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33. No Use Crying Over A Spilled Pint

I was sitting with my partner and toddler at a borderline fancy brewpub. We were sitting two tables away from a young guy who was on his phone, waiting for the server to bring his drinks. The server came with his drinks and dropped an entire pint of brew and a pint of water on his lap. He just kept calm and tried to dry himself off a bit. He called his wife to bring him another pair of pants and got new drinks.

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34. Flirting With Disaster

I was running in the park but had finished my run and was walking out. This guy who was about 10 years older than me, and had kids with him, stopped me. He tried to flirt with me, and within a one or two-minute conversation, told me he had been watching me. He asked me if I was running to try and lose weight and asked me for a phone number, but I declined.

It was basically a master course in what not to say. I wonder if it's one of those things he looks back on and cringes, because I sure do.

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35. Their Minds Were In The Gutter

It was the first day of school and I was the new kid. We were all taking turns introducing each other. We had to say our names, our hobbies and interests, and stuff like that. When my turn came, an adorable girl I now call my best friend kept giving her input after I said something. Things like, "Oh yeah! I've read/seen it too!" and so on.

So, when it was her turn, I decided to do the same. I did what she did and it was fine until she said she liked and was reading the Twilight series. She was looking at me as she was saying it. When she saw my eyebrows rise slightly and my head tilt, she blushed. Then she immediately added something bizarre: "THE CLEAN VERSION! THE CLEAN VERSION!”

I had raised my eyebrows because I was intrigued that she liked the "vampire romance" stuff, not because of anything else. It shocked me that she would be so quick to assume that I thought she was reading something inappropriate. Heck, I didn't even know there was a "clean" or a "dirty" version. I found it to be a little suspicious and I suspected that she actually may have been reading the "unclean" version, if there even was such a thing.

She blushed even more when she saw my eyebrow skyrocket at her reaction, and the teacher's look of, "excuse me, there's a dirty version?" She was understandably flustered. She finished her introduction in a hurry and sat back down. The class was dirty-minded as a whole, so I can only guess what they were thinking after that.

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36. The Festival Flirt

I was on my first official date with my partner and we were at a festival when this girl came up to us to say hi to him. She was clearly flirting with him and her friends gave me this smug look like “you have no chance with him,” which I started laughing at. The chick ignored me and asked if he was doing anything right now because she wanted to talk in private. His response shut her right down.

He was like, “Well I'm on a date with my girlfriend right now. So, no.” The look on her face still sustains me years later.

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37. Caught With A Full Load

One night during my senior year of high school, I went out with a girl who I had been dating for a bit. We ended up in the back seat and it was our first time doing anything intimate. She used a shirt I had on earlier to clean up our friskiness. We had some more fun and I got her back before curfew. I got home just as my dad was heading to bed.

He heard me come in, asked how the date went, turned the corner, looked at me, and started laughing. He said, "I see it went well enough". I had put the wrong shirt back on and had a big load of my spooge right on the front of it. It had been scrunched like tie-dye and stretched back out. He walked away shaking his head. He made jokes about it for at least a week.

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38. Gotta Love A Man In A Uniform

I used to work in a big cafeteria at a department store. We had uniforms that we changed into and out of on-site. One day I was working when a guy walked past me and greeted me by name. At first, I didn't recognize him because he was out of uniform. Then I realized who it was and loudly blurted out, "Oh Bill, I didn't recognize you with your clothes on.” Multiple customers heard it.

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39. Always Look Ahead

A few years ago, when I was single, I was walking through the city center and passed a very attractive young lady. She turned to look at me as she walked past me. As she did, she smiled, winked, and turned back around...only to walk face-first into a no parking sign. You could hear the metallic clang as her forehead hit the post all the way across the street. One quick red face, and she was gone.

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40. My Pride Got Swiped At The Mall

I work at a mall in a small town, and I was walking to get some water for my boss and myself. Just as I was passing the seating area in the center of the mall, I happened to notice a random guy on his phone. As I was passing, what I saw made me stop in my tracks. It was my face on his screen, and he was on a dating app. Right at that moment, he swiped left on ME.

He and I locked eyes and I just hustled faster past the seating area in defeat. I still can't believe this happened, but it did.

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41. A Pregnant Pause

When I was in the Air Force, every year we would have a large party on the base that you would bring your significant other to and have dinner, drinks, dance, etc. There were several of us from our shop that were standing in a half-circle talking when a lowly Airman coworker asked our Master Sergeant’s wife when she was due. The Master Sergeant’s wife, who was overweight, retorted, "I'm not pregnant!"

We all just stood there, dumbfounded and uncomfortable until the subject was changed. I still cringe thinking about it.

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42. A Hairy Situation

I was at a Red Wings hockey game. The damp humid air had made the concrete aisles slippery, especially the further away from the ice you were. A guy slipped and started sliding down the aisle from the top rows almost as if he were on a Slip ‘N Slide. My buddy reached out to try and grab him to keep from sliding another 10 or 20 rows.

The guy slid right past him, and my buddy got a panicked glint in his eyes as he lifted his hand toward me. When I saw what was in it, I nearly burst out laughing. He was clutching the guy’s toupee. My bud apparently grabbed at the dude, only to get a grip on his hairpiece as he slid down what must have been 30 rows. He was unharmed but he never returned to retrieve the hair. We decided to leave it on the armrest in case the guy decided to sneak back to get it.

 Hand holding a wig on a blue background.Carlos Yudica, Shutterstock

43. A Pig Prom-blem

In high school, we had some Mean Girls-style drama between me and my friends. One of them asked a boy I really liked to prom. She did this knowingly and I was really mad at her about it. But oh, I got revenge. One day we were all at her house, and I snuck around and cut up her prom dress out of spite. I thought I had gotten away with it until I got home from school the next day and my dad was waiting for me with crossed arms.

I said, "I guess this means I'm not going to prom then?" He said, "Oh no, you're going to prom, but you're going to wish you hadn't". He informed me that he had taken my own prom dress that day and hung it up in our pig barn, where it was going to stay for two weeks until prom. I was to put it on right before it was time to go. It was dreadful.

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44. Eye’ll Patch Her Up

I worked in a dental office and saw this patient twice. The first time she came in was because she broke a temporary crown after falling down the stairs. She had also cut the calve of her leg in a giant V-shape. I fixed her up and sent her on her way. The second time I saw her was for a crown seat. I asked her how her leg was healing.

Before I could finish my sentence, she lifted her leg to show me and split her leg back open on this metal bar that's installed on one of our trays. There was blood everywhere. I was so frazzled. I was untrained for this kind of situation, so I asked for help. I got up and retrieved some gauze and my co-worker had handed me an eye patch.

SHE HANDED ME AN EYE PATCH FOR A LEG WOUND. She was so embarrassed that we burst out laughing. The patient ended up being okay. She was incredibly embarrassed by the whole situation, t00. The blood soaked through her pants and her stitches were ripped. She insisted she was okay to walk out the door—and she did just that. I haven’t seen her since.

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45. This Presentation Deserves Extra Credit

I was doing an extra credit presentation about a nuclear-powered engine. I tried to draw the ship itself, with all the radiation shielding, and the crew quarters, in both side view and rearview. I thought all the technology was so neat, so I was excited. I was up at the board drawing this thing. I was trying to explain what I was drawing and the repercussions of being able to have an engine that fast.

As I was drawing and explaining, I started to hear giggles. My friend sort of got my attention, and I eventually stepped back and looked up at my drawing. Horror slowly dawned on me. I realized I had basically drawn a giant male you-kn0w-what and what could possibly pass for a very round, very angry, or very fuzzy female "part" on the other side.

I was mortified and I completely forgot everything I was hoping to discuss. I just sort of erased the pictures, squeaked out a few more points, answered some questions from the article, and went back to my seat.

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46. The Old Lady Next Door

I used to live next door to a little old lady who lived on her own. I never saw very much of her at all because she kept herself to herself, as did I. Back in the days when the yellow pages used to get delivered to your door, I noticed that it had been left propped up against her front door. Days went by and the yellow pages never moved, which meant the door hadn't been opened.

I started to worry, so I knocked on her door a couple of times but there was no answer. I tried looking through the windows but couldn't see anything. A couple more days went by and still nothing. I was worried that she might have had a fall or needed some help or something, so I decided to call law enforcement. I thought they would be able to magically find out who she was and contact her next of kin or something.

Instead, two officers turned up with a battering ram, smashed the door down, and went inside wearing handkerchiefs over their noses. Five minutes later they came out, told me there was nobody home, and drove off. A few days later there was a knock at my door. It was the next-door neighbor. She asked me, "Do you know what happened to my front door?"

I told her that I had called law enforcement and they had smashed it in. I apologized profusely and luckily she was ok about it. At some point, I said, "I thought because you were an old lady on your own.".. She said, "I'm 52". Apparently, she had been away on business.

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47.  My Conversation Was A Bust

When I was 12, I had pretty intense social anxiety. I was in a Halloween store with my mom. I grabbed my costume and got in line to pay. Next to me was a guy, and for no reason, I started talking about the weather. I was a 12-year-old boy randomly gabbing to a grown man about the weather, and I don’t even like talking to strangers. Then, I looked over and realized it was a zombie statue and not a person at all. Luckily, no one saw any of this, so I pretended it didn’t happen.

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48. The Pranked Proposal

My wife and I were eating dinner at a nice sushi restaurant. Across the aisle, there was a young couple celebrating the man's birthday. Apparently, it was his plan to ask the girl to marry him that night. He had the ring out and started on his proposal. She, however, had already made other plans for the night. Right in the middle of it, another woman, who was dressed like a gypsy, walked up.

She sat down with them and started spouting nonsense, asking all kinds of embarrassing questions. She began eating food off their plates and was generally being obnoxious. The guy tried to keep going with the proposal. The girl was trying to wave off her friend to no avail. I think she had arranged for her friend to dress up and jump in the middle of dinner as a joke on the boyfriend, not knowing his plans.

We just sat there eating our sushi and feeling bad for the poor guy. The gypsy lady was still chattering away when we left. The guy was totally deflated, while the girl looked resigned to trying to survive the night. She must have told the gypsy lady, "Keep going no matter what I say," because she did. I felt so bad for the poor guy.

Embarrassing momentUnsplash

49. I Raised The Nurse’s Attention

I had an operation on my testicle when I was 15 years old, and I was in the children's ward because I was still underage. I woke up in the afternoon pretty out of it still. The ward was busy with lots of people walking through. I didn't realize I'd already mortified myself. Suddenly, nurse walked over. She wouldn't make eye contact with me and kind of looked away as she shut the curtain around my bed.

I looked down and noticed my gown had lifted up in my sleep because my member was erect.

Embarrassing momentShutterstock

50. This Was Bar None The Saddest Thing Ever

I worked in bars and restaurants for years and was working at a popular Irish pub in my city. Upstairs was the main bar with booths and tables, downstairs in the basement was more seating, and the kitchen, prep kitchen, and walk-in fridges were down a hallway in the back. I had to walk partially through the dining area in order to get stuff from the walk-in fridges.

There was a large work party of over 100 people booked one night and the whole basement was reserved for them. The woman who booked everything showed up early and started setting up the table decorations she brought and prepped. Meanwhile, we were busy cooking for the regular traffic upstairs, and pre-prepping some appetizer platters.

I kept walking to the fridges to get stuff for over an hour or two. Before long, I noticed something alarming. No one was showing up. Not a single person out of the hundred or so invited. That woman must have sat there with just the two servers who were supposed to cover the party for three hours. Finally, she just apologized profusely, cleaned up her stuff, and left.

The general manager felt really bad for her. I'm pretty sure he returned her deposit and everything. The staff ended up eating the appetizer platters. I’m sure she must have been super embarrassed, and honestly, it's one of those things that's burned into my brain to this day. I still feel bad for her 10 years later and hope she's doing OK.

Embarrassing momentPexels


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