The Moment I Caught My Partner Cheating

June 10, 2023 | Laura Bergen

The Moment I Caught My Partner Cheating

Nobody likes to find out that they’ve been cheated on. But sometimes the way you discover you have been cheated on makes things even worse. From leaked emails to awkward encounters, these Redditors shared the shocking moments when they discovered that their partners were sneaking around. What would you have done if you were in their shoes?

1. Big Deal, Homie

My ENTIRE friend group knew about it, and I only found out after the one real homie blackmailed her into admitting it. And when she did, it was the most insincere thing ever. She told me: "It's no big deal, everyone else thinks it's okay”, and stuff like that. Suffice it to say, I got out of that relationship AND friendship group real quick.

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2. Theatrics

My date night was canceled the day of. I decided to make it a guy’s night to see the new Marvel movie at the time. As we entered the theater, I made a chilling discovery. I saw her there snuggling up with a guy. Our seats were a few rows back, and I saw them kiss a couple of times. When we all left at the end of the movie, they were exiting their aisle as we walked down the stairs.

She absolutely froze when she saw me. I blocked her on all the socials while I was in the parking lot.

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3. Internet Intel

This was too recent to relive, but here’s how it went: I got a random text on Instagram asking if I knew “Sara”. I responded by saying yes. She literally replied saying, “Congrats, your girlfriend is sleeping with my boyfriend” followed by a barrage of screenshots she had taken from her boyfriend's phone.

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4. Time To Say Goodbye

I was visiting a relative in hospice so I could not attend some stupid college party my boyfriend and his roommate organized. I told him I couldn't go and asked him if he could come over later, after visiting hours in the hospital, because I knew my relative would leave us soon and I really just needed someone to be there with me.

He said he probably wouldn't be able to, as he needed to help his roommate with party preparations, but would come over later if they finish early. The next day I saw pictures of him with his ex in his lap, kissing, uploaded the previous night by his roommate—and that’s not the stupidest part.

The roommate even knew we were dating, he was just too out of it to realize he had added me as a friend a week earlier on Facebook and I would see the pictures.

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5. To Whom It May Concern

My ex-wife and I owned a small business together. One day I noticed a strange email address on the office computer. Her first name and a different last name. I realized that the email was still logged in so I took a peek. I found two years’ worth of emails between my ex and some dude she dated before me. So I printed out every email and had it bound in a binder ready to present to my divorce lawyer.

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6. Got Ticketed

I came home from a deployment. My wife was acting really weird but I figured it was because I had been gone for a year and everything was just taking time to get reacquainted. About three days after I returned, I had a notice from my unit stating my vehicle had three tickets at another base (we were in Germany) a few hours away in the past few months. I just knew something was off.

When I went in to find out what the deal was, all three had photos attached to them for speeding through a checkpoint. All three had my wife and some other guy. She was kissing him in the third picture...he was driving my car.

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7. Name Game

His sister kept calling me "Annie" and my name is "Andy", short for Andrea. I corrected her a few times but I didn't care for her at all, so after that, I ignored her since I thought she was trying to be obnoxious. We only saw her once a week or so. Then I found out after almost a year that he was cheating...but that’s not all. I was the mistress because he had been with ANNIE for three years and they had a child together.

I still don't know if his sister was calling me Annie to laugh behind my back or to make him uncomfortable. Probably both, it must have been hilarious to her. Anyway, he used to drive my car all the time and one day I was out running errands and came out of the store to find a woman with her toddler standing by the car. I asked her if I could help her and she said, "No, I'm just trying to find out what store my boyfriend is in, this is his car".

So yeah, we both learned a lot that day. We hung out all day together comparing stories of times he was unreachable. Then we came up with a plan. We confronted him together. He walked into her apartment and sat down on the couch with a brew, before noticing I was standing there with her in the kitchen. He said nothing, just put the bottle down, and got up and left, ignoring both of us as we peppered him with questions.

This was about 13 years ago and I haven't spoken to him since. She stayed with him, she was six months pregnant the day I met her/found out about her.

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8. People Are Strange

I went on a two-week holiday and when I returned he was acting really strange. I tried to ask him what was wrong and why he was acting off. He started an argument with me, told me I was too young and insecure, asked me to leave, and said he didn't want to see me again. I left sobbing, totally confused. Nine months later, I see him walking through the city with his ex and a newborn baby…ah. Now I understand.

I was 18 years old and he was older so of course I was smitten. It stung at the time but I got over it. It’s a funny story I tell at the bar every now and then, he did me such a favor. I’d have probably gotten stuck in my hometown if I’d stayed with him. Life is so short, throw yourself at it and appreciate every feeling you get.

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9. Who’s Who

He told on himself. He randomly called me asking why I messaged his ex and I was super confused because I never did, and I told him it was a misunderstanding. I said I can reach out to her to explain it was not me. He got SUPER defensive and threatened if I reached out to her we were done.

I found it odd and reached out to her to clear my name, and she spilled saying he’s been cheating on me as well as playing her and multiple other girls all at the same time. That’s when we figured out what had really happened.

It turns out one of the girls made a fake account of me and reached out to her. I never found out who it was but this is the one time I’m glad having a stalker worked in my favor, otherwise, I would’ve never known.

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10. Holier Than Thou

We broke up and then her best friend and best friend's husband told me that night. She had been sleeping with a few different people but settled on one. They got married, had kids, then she cheated on him with me one night years later. I didn't know they were together.

They divorced, she remarried, got divorced, and now she is on husband number three. My favorite part is that she portrays herself as an amazing Christian woman that is better than everyone because she is so Christian.

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11. Keep It In The Family

My mate told me. He would have no reason to lie. He was confirming suspicions I already had. He saw them kissing passionately on a street corner near where we were living—but there was a disturbing twist. The other guy was her uncle! Not like a family friend sort of "uncle". Her father's actual brother! Needless to say, I was out of there. Immediately.

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12. Re-Acquaintance

I had one of those “catching up” phone calls with a girl I used to be good friends with. I told her all about my girlfriend during the conversation. The next day, I’m supposed to see my girlfriend and she cancels on me. No big deal. A couple of hours later, my old friend starts texting me asking me questions about my girlfriend.

She ends up telling me she’s pretty sure my girlfriend is in the back seat of a car with her and that my girl’s been all over her boyfriend's brother, and they’re all on their way to the movies now. I try calling her and texting to confront her. She calls me back and breaks up with me. The cherry on top is that my girlfriend and I work together, and the guy she’s cheating with is my manager. She ends up quitting not long after but I have to work with this guy for another year before I change jobs. What a nightmare.

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13. Not Happy About This

She basically moved him into our house. She told me it was to monitor him because he was "depressed and needed help". Apparently, he tried to off himself by swallowing a bedsheet. I didn’t know that was possible. That’s when I made a deranged realization. The whole "depressed and needs help" line was what she would use to justify her connection to any guy she was being suspicious with.

Like the one guy that she had history with, who made a move on her while we were together, and kept coming back into her life when he was "depressed", or the guy mentioned in the shredded note I found in her nightstand talking about how she wanted to run away with him and get a surprise divorce, or the guy that she had this weird fixation with role-playing Khaleesi and Khal Drogo on online chats. All depressed. All needed her help. Once it clicked, I was done.

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14. On The Socials

I had spotted a text on his phone and questioned it. So he ghosted the affair partner. After a day or two, she messaged me on social media saying, "I know this might be awkward, but I know you're [blank kid’s] mum. I'm his girlfriend, but he's stopped replying to texts and calling me. It's really not like him at all, do you know if he's okay”? The guy was still living with me and our son and acting like everything was fine while he had a whole second girlfriend who thought I was his ex.

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15. Caught On Camera

I had just gotten home for three weeks during the summer holidays. I hadn't been home or seen my wife for a few weeks so I was excited to get home. It was on a Saturday night and I could sense she was awake into the small hours on her phone. I never thought anything of it as I'd never had a reason to not trust her. At 4:30 am she got up out of bed and said she was going to pick her brother up from a party.

The lockdown had just ended so everyone was partying. We have two young kids so we didn't go out. She comes home just over an hour later and jumps into bed wearing tiny, lacy underwear, which was the opposite of what she went to bed wearing. I woke up with the kids at seven and the whole situation didn't sit right with me—so I came up with a devious plan.

I took the dash cam footage from the car and loaded it onto the computer. There it was, clear as day. Some dude who did not look like her brother at all was thankful she came to pick him up and they flirted in the car for a bit before dropping him off at his house. It was difficult to watch but when I confronted her she broke down and confessed.

Two weeks later and the car was sold, six weeks after that the house was sold, a year later we were divorced. It was a tough point in my life but thank god for that dashcam! It saved me from wasting more time with a woman that didn't value me as much as I valued her! I've now moved on with an absolutely fantastic woman and I have my life back—but better!

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16. Like Mother Like Daughter

I had a long day at work and went to meet my husband at a bar for one drink at closing time. He had recently put a bunch of his paintings on display there. When I arrived at the bar he was drinking in a booth with two women, one young and one old. I walked over, took a big drink from his bottle, introduced myself as his wife, and thanked them for coming to his art show.

Cue looks of shock and confusion. It turns out he was on a date with his girlfriend and was meeting her mom for the first time. In hindsight, I find it hilarious, but I can’t get the look the mom gave me out of my head. It was a perfect mixture of shock and curiosity, with a little bit of disgust. She realized before I did what was going on.

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17. Just Friends

I met a girl through work (not a co-worker), got her number, and when we first talked she said she just went through a breakup and didn’t want to jump into anything. So I played it cool. After a few weeks, we started hanging out and hooking up every day. I really liked her and our connection was great. After eight months I was like, okay, this is a thing.

I was on vacation, we were talking on the phone, and the idea of us still being “just friends” was naturally brought up by her in a teasing way, like her saying, “Come on, we’re more than that”. I told her with a smile on my face that we should talk about that when I get home. Then she went quiet. She hardly answered my texts for the rest of my trip.

She gave no explanation. She didn’t want to hang out when I got back. I was SO confused. I don’t have social media, but in my desperate confusion, I made a Facebook account in five minutes and looked her up. She had never broken up with the previous guy. She lived with him. She cheated on both of us for eight months straight.

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18. Gotcha

My ex was having a long-term affair that I knew for sure was going on but she would not own up to anything. Keyloggers, home cameras, and one GPS tracker later, I caught them in the family minivan in a parking lot red-handed. I found all the love letters next, detailing their plans to both leave their spouses and move in. He backed out of the deal and I’ve moved on after I told his wife what was going on. Lots of fun.

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19. Map It Out

The Honda app on your car's screen gives you a most recently visited place overview that connects to your Google. I went away for Basic and AIT, and at the end of basic training, when we got our phones back for an extended time, it gave me the most visited places. It was another apartment complex I didn't recognize, but Google Maps had a picture of his car there.

He had emotionally cheated before, so I kinda knew because none of our friends had mentioned living there, and he would get there at 7:00 or 8:00 pm and then leave for his classes in the morning for school without going back to our apartment two times a week. Guess he didn’t know that Google still tracks you even if you don’t use Google Maps to get there!

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20. Swipe Left

I was at work in a cubicle-type of setup. A coworker/friend sat next to me and was browsing Tinder, when she suddenly shrieked and screamed my name. But then, when I peeked into her cubicle, she was acting weird, like a deer in the headlights expression, and hiding her phone. As you might have guessed, she came across my husband’s profile, and it was very clear that it was not an old/outdated profile.

I left work immediately and drove to the middle school where he teaches to confront him. No students were in the classroom because it was a planning period, and he just denied everything. I packed up my stuff that same day and never looked back. I found out that he had been doing this ever since we were dating. We were both in grad school, and he would tell me he had a night class, but never actually went to a class.

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21. Can’t Wash This Off

We’d been married for a couple of months. I had a gut feeling that something was going on. I checked her phone when she was in the shower which I’d never done before. Yep. She was sleeping with her ex for the last few months. I said nothing, just passed her phone to her in the shower with her messages open.

Then came the begging. All her belongings were out on the footpath an hour later. I never heard from her again until I had to get the divorce papers signed. It was the hardest day but probably the best day of my life. Don’t cheat. It’s not that hard.

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22. Christmas Present

I woke up on Christmas morning and her neck was covered in hickeys that I most definitely did not leave. That was shortly followed by me logging on to Facebook, only to find that the new girl—barely more than half my age, but over 18—had posted a ton of pics of the two of them snuggling and making out and she had tagged my ex.

So all our mutual friends found out I’d been cheated on at basically the same time. Merry Christmas to me.

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23. Ticket Please

I got home from work one day and noticed my then-girlfriend had cleaned out her purse before going to work, and left a couple of small things on the bed. We would frequent the movies, so I thought nothing of it when I saw a ticket stub.

I figured I would look a little closer out of a fond curiosity. I had no idea what was coming. I discovered it was actually from the night before when she was "out getting dinner with one of her girlfriends". Turns out she went to see a movie (that we had plans to see that coming weekend) with her ex.

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24. Mind Games

I woke up in the middle of the night and found her with her cellphone in her hand. She was texting her ex and there was a picture of her son on the screen. I thought it was sweet so I scrolled up to see if there was more. There was not. It was a text message where they were arranging to hook up during her psychiatric visit.

I confronted her about it and she called me out for looking at her phone. So I ended up being the bad guy. All of our friends agreed. I apparently was in the wrong for looking at her phone.

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25. Out For A Drive

It was in the pre-cell phone period, she was taking some sort of college credit class at the base I was stationed at. She was like two hours late for dinner (It was my night to cook) so I was terrified she had an accident because it was bizarre. I presumed the route she'd take to the base, and drove it looking for evidence of a car crash…all the way to the building hidden on a small road up a hill and to her parked car where she was making out with some dude.

And I stayed with her so...two years, two cities and one kid later, I'm out of the military and working a miserable job. And my nightmare wasn’t over yet. Coming home from work, I'm driving down Ventura Blvd and I see her car coming towards me in the oncoming lane. Our son was in the back in his car seat, and a random dude was in the passenger seat! When she got home I played it cool, and she said she ran errands. I said with who and she said by herself, and all that’s when it fell apart, before she went apartment hunting in the same neighborhood so we could co-parent easily.

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26. Extra Credit

I hadn't checked my credit score in a few years. My husband handled the finances and I knew what cards I had and that I paid them off right away, so I wasn't super worried about it. First, I was wrong. I learned that you should always check your credit score. I check it once per week now. Second, I learned that I was the proud owner of an almost maxed-out credit card that I had no idea existed and that I had never opened.

When I asked my soon-to-be-ex-husband about it—we were in the middle of a divorce at the time—he owned up to having opened a credit card in my name since I had better credit, but he got super squirrelly and wouldn't answer or provide access to the account. He said he would cover it and just let it go. I didn't need to see it if it wasn't my problem.

Of course, that's not how it works and clearly, something was very off about it. My lawyer was able to get him to provide information on these accounts (by threatening a subpoena), and upon digging through the card history, this was the magical moment when I learned that not only had he opened an account in my name several years earlier, but all of the charges were local hotel and high-end restaurant charges.

To this day, he insists that they were all for work (he's not the type to own up to his mistakes) but given that they occurred when he was apparently traveling out of state, that's pretty clearly nonsense. I feel like it's a testament to how burned out and done I was that I wasn't even all that upset but rather just added it to the pile of reasons why I was elated to be almost done with him.

Slightly upset that I was sacrificing my career for his crazy travel schedule and he wasn't actually traveling, sure. But as for feeling let down, no, not really. I'm not even sure it was in the top ten reasons why I was glad to be out of there. Also, shoutout to my lawyer for making sure I never saw a cent of that debt or any of the other horrible financial choices that I only learned about during our divorce. I walked away with a clean slate and I know plenty of people who aren't that lucky.

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27. Locked And Loaded

He made the other girl his lock screen and forgot to change it back when we went out. He made up some story about how it was his cousin with cancer and this photo with her lifting her shirt was “the last time she was healthy”—but that wasn’t the most twisted part.

When I didn’t buy it, he called to break up with her in front of me like that would make it okay.

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28. Caught In The Act

Tale as old as time: He was sleeping with my good friend, and all their friends (my former co-workers) knew, and one finally told me everything after they had a fight. So I basically only found out because she burned other bridges. They set it up so I walked in on them in the act.

The smartest thing I ever did was immediately walk out of there before rage blacking out. My only regret is not getting a picture of their faces. In the end, it actually saved me from moving across the country with him and loaning her more money to try to fix her messed-up life. Silver linings, I guess.

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29. On The Blog

My roommate left her laptop open on her desk in our gaming room/office. She blogged a lot back in the day when it seemed like almost everyone had a daily journal/WordPress page. She kept up with it after most people had given up on blogging. Well...according to her and her blog, I was somehow involved in an open relationship with her and my boyfriend at the time.

She was writing about her experiences being in an open relationship and how cool it was to have both a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time. That was all news to me. For more context, the three of us lived together in a three-bedroom home. I agreed to let her move into our guest bedroom just until she could get back on her feet after a rough breakup since she was a mutual friend of both me and my boyfriend.

So, yeah, I found out I was being cheated on by snooping on my roommate's blog.

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30. Word Travels Fast

My 17-year-old girlfriend was cheating on me with a 36-year-old softball coach who was married with two kids. I lived in small town USA and my mom found out from some random client. My mom’s client didn’t realize my girlfriend and I dated, they’d just heard the story and my girlfriend’s name, then decided to share. It took about two weeks for the entire county to know.

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31. Broken

It’s not cheating as much as it was attempted cheating. He flew across the country and broke into the house of a woman he was cyberstalking and obsessed with because she was ignoring and blocking him, and he wanted to profess his love and devotion to her…by breaking into her house at three in the morning and whispering in her ear in her sleep.

Both of us have restraining orders against him now.

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32. Bun In The Oven

My ex-husband, while we were still married, did a lot of sleeping around. He came to me one day and told me he was scared. This chick from his work that he slept with was trying to say she was pregnant and it was his. It was an awful conversation, but it also revealed how stupid he was. I got the date they slept together and it was like ten days prior, no way she knew she was pregnant yet and if she did, no way was it my husband's.

So, I called her. I told her she was sleeping on her sister's couch working a minimum wage job, we had a marriage and a home and two children, and if she insisted on having my husband's baby, we would get custody and raise it in a proper home. All of a sudden she wasn't pregnant, she had "made a mistake". Then I divorced him.

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33. Turn It Up

We were driving and she put on a song that was too different from her usual genre. That was all it took to get my spidey-senses tingling. I tried to act casual like I was curious what made her want to listen to this new song. It was an old song, but new to her. She didn't provide a satisfying answer and the more I pressed the more thinly veiled her excuses became until it was just, "I felt like it".

I checked her phone to confirm, and she was texting the guy from work she'd previously told me not to worry about, about 40 times a day, which was even more suspect because she had to have been intentionally ignoring his texts around me so I wouldn't notice. I didn't realize at the time how far gone she already was for him and I tried to salvage things.

But the two of them were dating within a month, though they tried to keep it low-key for a few months so everyone wouldn't figure out what a jerk she was. The dude is a fool though, she's just going to cheat on him too. I don't care what you say, you're not going to convince me a 22-year-old white girl is going to pivot from Billie Eilish to RUSH without an older man introducing her to them!

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34. Long Way Down

I was in a relationship for almost two years. She went on vacation with her friends without me. Later her friend called me—and what she told me was devastating. She said my girlfriend fell from the roof of a hotel, about four floors, and told me she most likely wouldn’t make it. I was devastated.

A few days later when her friends came back, we met—and that’s when I got the real story. They told me she was cheating with one of her friends for a few months…and when she fell, they had been hooking up on the roof of the hotel. She lived but isn't in a great condition now.

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35. Tracked

Every time she was on my laptop, she would move the screen away when I got near. So, I downloaded a keylogger/activity recorder. I logged two weeks of her talking to other guys, and having them come pick her up while I was at work. I printed it all out and gave it to her. I told her I was done. Somehow that made me the bad guy in the whole situation.

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36. Out Of The Loop

We were throwing a dinner party with a bunch of our friends. I was in the kitchen working my butt off, and overheard our friends laughing and joking about how my ex was sleeping with some girl at work. Basically, that he was so slick as to be getting away with it or whatever…so yeah. I got to break up with my ex AND I lost all my friends. I found out all my in-laws knew about this girl as well. It messed me up for a long time…the fact that literally everyone I cared about was laughing behind my back while I was walking around so happy like an idiot.

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37. Disrepair

My ex, attempting to prove she "loved me" after we'd already broken up once due to her cheating, and after working on earning my trust back, handed me her phone to show me something she had saved that pertained to us and how she feels about things. One of us accidentally hit the left directional button…scrolling to the next text of her telling another guy she loved him. I lost a girlfriend. She lost a phone.

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38. It’s Getting Hot In Here

I was supposed to stay with a friend but had a drink after work and was too tired to drive there. I drove to my house instead at 2:00 am—only to make a heartbreaking discovery. I saw him messing with some girl on the couch through the glass in the front door. When I banged on the door he started panicking…he told me “Her pants are off because she got too hot”, then later on when he admitted it finally, it was, “Well, I slept with her on the couch instead of the bed to respect you”.

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39. Wrap It Up

My boyfriend and I went to go hang out together after he had finished work for the night. I picked him up and noticed he was wearing a scarf. It wasn’t at all scarf weather. It was for concealing hickeys on his neck. I wish I could go back in time and just end it with him from that moment…but….I chose to laugh it off like it wasn’t a big deal.

Then I cheated on him because I thought it would make him realize that he loved me (logical). We were so bad for each other, the true definition of toxic. That relationship taught me a lot about myself, and to this day I’m still completely mortified by who and what I became while I was in it. It makes me cringe just a little because I clearly had no self-worth back then.

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40. Check The Archives

I kept dreaming that he was cheating on me. I felt like the constant dreaming was a sign from the universe. He gave me his passwords and told me to check whatever… there was nothing. Until I opened his archives on Facebook and found that there were four other women. He didn’t even realize that he was archiving the conversations.

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41. Most Magical Place On Earth

I was at Disney, with our kids, on day two of a seven-day family trip her father had been talking up for about seven years. He and her mother told us when our kids were born, they were going to take us all to Disney when they turned seven…and seven years later, it finally happened. At that point, we'd been together for over a decade. I had a great job, a house, a bunch of kids, and the full-on, 100%, honest-to-goodness American Dream.

Life was grand…until I picked up her phone to set an alarm on night two of our family vacation of a lifetime. My blood ran cold. There were so many texts. So many. I remember actually wanting to hurt her, and having to leave the room. I immediately called the number and heard some strange dude answer with a sleepy, "...Hello darling...I'm glad to hear from you”. I wanted to end it right there. The sense of unreality that I experienced...It was immediately numbing. All I could think was, "...From this point on, everything that I have known about my life is going to change".

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42. Look At This Photograph

I had my suspicions for a couple of months but had no evidence or anything. My ex lived about 40 miles (64 km) from me, and we were 18. We dated and went to high school together for three years. She would come down to the city on weekends to spend time with me. I knew she had another group of friends in her town and a few were guys which didn't bother me.

But, I woke up in the middle of the night and messaged her on Facebook, only to notice she had been tagged in a photo with one of her friends. He was holding her up and kissing her. It was his new profile picture. I messaged the guy and calmly asked what was going on. He immediately responded and was confused. We decided to meet up for coffee the next morning when my ex was over.

The look on her face was priceless when she saw him walk in and sit beside me. She begged for our forgiveness and claimed she loved us both. It turned out it had been going on for seven months. And that every time she left my place during the weekends she was returning home to him for the week. Me and the other guy are now best friends and share a house with my fiancée and his girlfriend.

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43. You’ve Got The Wrong Guy

I met this girl who was working the late shift at a pharmacy. We flirted a few times, eventually exchanged numbers, and started sleeping together. After a few weeks, she invited me to go drinking at this crappy little bar she liked on the north side of the city. So we spend the night dancing together, drinking, and talking to people she knows.

Eventually, a guy comes up to me, saying, "Great to meet you finally! Congratulations on the engagement”! "What are you talking about”?! I replied, laughing as I choked on my drink a bit. The guy gives me a quizzical look, and says, "You're here with Corrie. It's Paul, right”!? I raised an eyebrow and pointed a thumb to my chest, stating, "Nah man, name's Kyle".

We stared at each other, watching each other realize what was playing out on this fateful night. Corrie was engaged to a guy named Paul, I was the other guy. Paul worked out of town for weeks at a time. It was actually interesting, how you literally could see the word travel around the small bar, drastically changing the vibe in the room. We left shortly after.

She brought me, the guy she was cheating on her fiancé with, to her favorite bar. She brought me to a place full of friends that at least knew her well enough to know she was engaged to a guy named Paul, not Kyle. Messed up stuff. Didn't see her again after that. According to Facebook, Paul and Corrie are currently married.

Dating Disasters And Flirting FailsPexels

44. Blue Valentine

Things had been a little shaky as I was working a lot and felt sapped when she wanted to go be social with friends so I often stayed home. I wanted to do something nice for her for Valentine's Day so I sent her friend a text asking if there was something that she may have mentioned she would like to do. As I was waiting on that text I was in another room and I saw her phone buzz with her friend's name.

The number was below the name and since I had just sent her a text, I knew they didn't match. She was using her friend’s name to cover up someone else’s number. There are very few times my blood has been that cold and feelings of dread. I called the number with my phone and it rang and rang before going to voicemail. Needless to say, it was the other guy. I confronted her about it and she said she was waiting to leave and had a bag packed in case I found out.

She had no intentions of trying to work things out so a month later she had moved out. I made a decision then that I could be broken up and miserable or that I could choose to be happy and be open to a relationship if it was available. I've since remarried and have two beautiful boys with my amazing wife. Regardless of the awfulness and horror in these stories, there is always the opportunity to be happy.

Scorched earthShutterstock

45. Sweater Weather

One night she told me not to come over because she wasn't feeling well. But then my sister wanted this hoodie back that she'd borrowed, so I thought I'd stop over with chocolate and a Slurpee. I knocked on her door. She came to the upstairs window with only a blanket wrapped around her, saying "I thought I told you not to come over”! I told her: "My sister needs her hoodie”. That’s when I heard it.

A male voice from her bedroom asked: "Who's that”?

"Ah. I see how it is”.

"I'll talk to you tomorrow", she says.

"Probably not. Have a good one”.

Caught My Partner CheatingShutterstock

46. The Scenic Route

Two weeks ago I sent a message to a mutual friend asking to borrow a router. He didn't answer, but no worries, he lives nearby. I'll just stop by and grab it. I pull up to his house and start heading down the driveway. He has a long country driveway so it's a few seconds before I see my car already there—I drive a company vehicle during the day.

My heart began to sink, but they are friends and business partners, maybe it was nothing. I got out of my van and looked up to see the other guy shirtless in his bedroom. At this point, my heart is down on my stomach and I am visibly shaking. I go in and immediately head upstairs. He is alone, now clothed. I say, "I came to borrow the router, also have you seen my wife? The car is here".

He then proceeds to give the worst improv I've ever heard: "Huh? No, she was here at some point though". Whatever, I knew she was there. I just wanted him to admit it. I go down, take the router, and head back to the van where I finally encounter my wife shirtless, trying to sneak around the side of his house. I kept the router.

Caught My Partner CheatingShutterstock

47. Frat House Rules

In college, I was dating a guy in a frat. They had this stupid, horrible “contest” for young women to become the frat's "sweetheart", or an honorary member of the frat. I entered and then found out the entire frat and all the contestants went to dinner a few days later to announce the winner—and that’s not the worst part.

My guy took another girl and didn't even tell me about the dinner. I found out via the many, many Facebook posts made by his frat brothers. I definitely dodged a freight train with that guy though. Looking back I can't believe I was ever into him!

Embarrassed momentShutterstock

48. Kids Say The Darndest Things

Ahead of Mother’s Day a few years back, I decided to put together a photobook as a present from her Instagram photos. My young son at the time decided he wanted to help as well. So off we go into the netherworld known as Instagram. So we start picking pictures and downloading them…until we get to one picture and my son says to me (very happily I may add), "Daddy, that's the guy who comes and stays with us when you are traveling for work”! And that's how I found out my ex was cheating on me for over two years!

Embarrassing Things Toddlers Have Said factsShutterstock

49. Something Stinks

I was at work in the bush in Alaska, plumbing my little heart out to try and build a good life for my girlfriend, my new puppy, and myself. I had been in camp for about ten weeks straight. I had just finished doing a tie-in to the poop lagoon's sewage treatment holding tank tower and had the untreated sewage from the village of Chefornak, Alaska all over my body.

I go back to the man camp to shower and regroup for the rest of my 14-hour shift, when I get a text. It was one of my buddies, and he was sending me pictures of my girlfriend without any clothes, letting me know she's a hussy and they are sleeping together and he's just trying to be a good friend. I got on a plane the next day to fly home and confront her.

She threatened to off herself and got admitted overnight to the hospital. I ended up staying with her because I was worried about what she might do. A month later, I'm in the bush in Alaska, plumbing my little heart out when I get more photos from the same good friend. I finished my hitch, came home, and left her on Christmas Eve. I never spoke to either of them again.

Caught My Partner CheatingPexels

50. Check-In Time

My ex called me asking for me to stop by her work. Since she worked at a hospital, I had to check in at the reception desk before I went into the floor. I told the desk nurse that I was her boyfriend and before I could say my name, she says, "Oh, you're Will". My name isn't Will. It was the guy she was cheating with…and they got married about a month later.

Tales From The Graveyard ShiftPexels

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