Heartbroken People Share Their Romantic "Red Flag" Moments

October 5, 2023 | Dylan Fleury

Heartbroken People Share Their Romantic "Red Flag" Moments

Every relationship has a tipping point. For some, it's a genuine moment of happiness where they realize they have met the one. For others, it's a sudden realization that they are simply not meant to be and call it off, no hard feelings. And then there are the unfortunate ones who ignore all the signs and red flags their partner is throwing their way and end up in a horrible situation where they have no choice but to end it right then and there, sometimes for their own safety!

1. Keep It To Yourself

She wasn't a very social person and didn't get along with people, but I invited her to Thanksgiving dinner. It was a big deal for since it was the first time she was meeting my family and I was a little nervous—but I never could have imagined the disturbing dark side that she revealed that night. A one point, a little cousin of mine walked passed her and she mentioned out loud that she hates that little girl and how annoying she is IN FRONT OF THAT LITTLE GIRL'S SISTER WHO IS SITTING RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HER! She was just very rude and had no social awareness. Sorry, family comes first and even though I don't like some people I don't say it in front of everybody and be rude about it.

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2. No Trespassing

She was out of town for a week with her mother, and her last paycheck was coming in from the job she'd just gotten fired from. She asked me to go to their house and check on her cat, as well as look to see if the check had come in the mail yet. I find the cat, snap a pic, and check the mailbox. Nothing there. Alright, whatever, I guess I'll leave.

Then, her grandmother sees me from across the street—yes, she owned the house across the street from the family. She says it's cool if I go in the house, since they know me by this point. Okay, cool. I'll just see if it came recently, and her dad had picked it out of the mailbox. Nope, not in the pile in the living room. Okay. Whatever. I leave.

Two days later, I get a text about how her family is freaking out because somebody went in the house. I ask why they freak out, since I went in the house and her family knew I did. Cue freaking out and accusing me of abusing their trust to break in while they're gone. Even though I had permission…

A week passes, the whole while I'm getting constant texts about how I'm a piece of trash for not respecting their privacy, and that her dad had video of me going into the room where they kept their guns—even though I had no idea at the time they even HAD such a room. Also, claiming that I never had permission to enter. After a week of this, she FINALLY asks her grandma, who confirms my story that I've been saying the whole time.

And then she expects me to act like nothing happened. I was afraid I was going to get locked up for a false claim when I was trying to be a good boyfriend! I tried to keep going, but I quickly realized that over that week I'd lost all sense of love and trust I felt for her. So I broke it off.

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3. Can’t Tell the Difference

We moved into a house together and things were a little on the rocks, but I figured I could work a little harder and she would too. I had my doubts as she was a control freak and really only took what I said about things at face value—really saw that later on after we split. We had a huge fight about the living room paint color.

She said it was just awful and couldn't put up with it. We went round and round about it for a week or so until I finally just decided I could concede on this one, but that I got to choose the bedroom color. She described it as a cream color, but like adding too much creamer to coffee. "Disgusted" was her word for it I want to say.

Anywho, I'm standing in the paint aisle on my day off and utterly exhausted from a week of work and remodeling. I'm seriously tired and she's combing through the paint swatches. She finds the color and we get it mixed. We end up in an argument in the car as I'm opting for bed and she wants to paint. I told her it is better to do it during the day so we can open the windows and let it air out better.

It was currently raining and I didn't want watermarks. It escalated and grew until she finally just got so mad that she left. I decided to be nice and start painting the opposing window wall to at least show her I heard her thoughts. I got it all mixed up and dipped the roller. Rolled over once and it all hit me at the exact same time—I was sick of her and her controlling attitude. I was done feeling like a fool for things I didn't do wrong. I was tired of living her dream life. You know why it hit me? That paint was the exact same darn color as the wall.

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4. Bold Move

He told me he had to go to Minnesota for a couple months on business but actually bought a house there and was planning on tricking me into moving there with him. He flew me out to visit a couple weeks after he left and took me to do all the fun things. He pointed out all of the great job opportunities in the area, and the great schools for kids.

A few more weeks and I visit him again and it's the same thing, but he's lined up an interview for me at a brewery he knows I like this time, and tells me he thinks we should move there. I told him there was zero chance of me moving to Minnesota and he freaked out and told me he already bought us a house.

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5. It’s a Sign

We were doing long distance and had been having problems for a long time and had been trying to work through them—or staying together despite how overdue a break up was, whichever. Anyways, I flew home to visit him for his birthday and felt like I was going to have a panic attack the whole time I was there. We had some fun and didn’t fight a ton, but I was super tense.

Finally, I get back and it just felt like such a relief. A couple months later, he was just about to visit me and we got in a fight and he threatened to cancel his trip and not come, something he did frequently when he visited. At first, I argued against the idea but then actually considered it and realized what a weight off it was.

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6. Strange Encounter

We had been together for five years. She started dating someone else for the last five months of our relationship. I work night shift as a law enforcement officer and I only found out because I realized I left something at home when I left for work and went home to get it around midnight and this random guy was sleeping in my bed and my girlfriend was nowhere to be found—she was making a run to Walgreens.

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7. Spare Some Change

At a food festival, standing in line for like ten minutes for some French toast thing. He ordered first and got his food, but when it was my turn, I realized it was cash only, but I only had my debit card. He turned to me and basically yelled, "Wow, what are you going to do?" After being together for ten months, cohabitating, and splitting everything 50/50, even though his salary was double mine, he wasn't willing to spot me $5 for French toast, and he had to call attention to it loudly in front of the whole line.

Then we walked away from the vendor with him chomping down on his French toast and me empty-handed. It seems trivial, but if I had just stood in line with someone I love or even a good friend, I would have just covered them. It gave me the impression that he would never really have my back. I could never see him the same after that, and we broke up the next month.

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8. Close Call but No Call

Got really sick last March out of nowhere, and doctors initially thought it could've been colon cancer. I was only 23, so this obviously had me shaken to my core. They expedited everything and a week after I first went in for my symptoms. I was getting put under for them to take a closer look and get biopsies.

Girlfriend knew what time the procedure was and roughly how long it would last. When I came to, I turned my phone on and was blown up from friends all over the US, and the world—so middle of the night for them—asking me what the results were and how I was doing. No text from girlfriend. About an hour later she texted me saying, "Are you serious?" and I asked what she was talking about.

She responded that someone dinged her car door at work. I didn't respond. She then asked me how the procedure went and what the results were. She knew I was upset and said she figured I'd just tell her later. With my symptoms, the doctor's told us if it was colon cancer, it would have to be pretty bad at this point, but yet she was fine with waiting an entire day to hear how I was. Luckily it wasn't cancer. I broke up with her not long after.

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9. Sharing Is Caring

She was moving to another city four hours away and tried to keep it a secret until the last minute when I overheard one of her family members talk about it. She could have just told me and worked it out.

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10. Tell Her How You Really Feel

Seven hours before I had a big test, she wanted to argue. There was no "not" arguing with her. If you stayed quiet, she kept going. If you disagreed, she kept going. If you took her side, you were lying. Two hours into the fight, I tried to ignore her and go to bed. She told me to admit we're through. Might this be a way out? I said yes.

She started questioning if I was serious so I had to lay it out, "Yes, we're done, I'm sick of this, we are done, we're over, you're moving, we're done. Now go pretend to sleep on the couch for 15 minutes before coming back in here and yelling more about how I didn't come rescue you from the couch. Yes I know you that well and I'm sick of all your BS, go sleep in your car, I don't care, we are 100% done, I'm going to sleep before you ruin my final tomorrow, WE ARE DONE!"

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11. Don’t Keep Secrets

We were apartment hunting and we agreed on trying to find a two-bedroom so that I could have an office—extra space was really important to me for various reasons. We found a great apartment that I absolutely loved but it was way over budget so we couldn't get it. But the landlord called after we turned it down and was willing to give us an amazing deal because he knew us.

Only I didn't know this because my boyfriend secretly turned down the offer and we ended up moving into a tiny and expensive one-bedroom. Turns out he liked the renovations in the small apartment and didn't think my need for space was worth giving that up, so he made the executive decision without me. Didn't tell me about it until we officially signed the lease so there was no backing out. A little hard to trust him after that.

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12. Before It’s Too Late

I was planning/saving for my very first vacation after a hard-earned promotion and he wasn’t saving anything or really caring. I realized I’d have an unenthusiastic lump tagging along on something really important to me. I knew deep down he’d sour the entire experience, so I ended it. A lot of other issues going on as well, but this made it crystal clear. I actually had a voice in my head saying, "He’ll ruin it".

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13. Putting in the Miles

When she drove four hours to meet me at the hospital where my mom was dying. We had not been together for long but she comforted me in such a way that I could never forget. I knew I loved her and I married her one year later.

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14. Drama Alert

She started telling me how she had to defend me to my friends after I had to miss watching a show with them to go into work. My friends told me that wasn't true and she spent the entire time trash talking me.

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15. Pull Your Weight

I always felt like I worked more for us, for a healthy relationship, food on the table, a nice place including cleaning it, laundry, taking care of the cat, getting groceries, insurance etc. than he did. While doing that, I was studying full time and working part-time. My grades weren't the best because of that. I was jobless for a month once in seven years, and in that month I worked two days during exam time to have some extra money for groceries—example for how much I cared about getting the ends to meet.

He was also studying and working, most of the time, but was always late for classes and work, and had issues with assignments and colleagues. I constantly worried if he was there on time. For seven and a half years, we had our ups and downs, and every year there would be a crisis and I would think, "It's gonna get better again, it's just a phase".

After seven and a half years, he manages to finish his formation and has three months free until he starts studying again. I am already paying all our common bills at the time—rent, groceries for two. He's at home, playing videogames. I am working almost full-time now. I actually have to tell him to take care of the place, as he has no obligations right now.

We therefore get in a fight where I tell him that I'm tired of paying for everything and getting nothing in return. I ask him if he could at least work part-time for these three months as a cashier or something. He didn't want to because he would be selling himself under his true value. That was it for me. I had no feelings left for him and didn't have the strength to continue sacrificing myself for us and get absolutely nothing in return. He also didn't see the breakup coming and it hit him very hard. I felt relieved and so much lighter directly afterward.

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16. You Have to Give Him Credit, But Not Hers

We went to Costco to add me to his membership. The guy helping asked if (ex wife's name) was still the secondary person for the account, and my fiancé said yes. The guy asked if he wanted to add me as an associate and he said yes. I know it's just a stupid membership, but it hurts that they've been divorced for 10+ years and she's still listed as "wife" in his bank accounts and all other accounts and memberships.

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17. Rock Solid Relationship

My current husband. We had begun casually dating. I liked him, he liked me. But, he chewed dip, drove a hoopty pick-up truck, and loved country music. Me, I smoked, drove a Honda two-door, and loved Rock and Punk music. I had mentioned one time how I loved to collect rocks from all over. I had a small collection in my house and around my garden.

One night—late—he showed up with a huge rock in the back of his truck. It was an amazing Coral rock. He said, "I got this for you because you didn't have one like this. I found it where I play horseshoes with my friends. I think I've lost two friends and a testicle loading this. But, here you go". Together we rolled it off his truck. It's now the centerpiece of our backyard. We've been married 17 years now. And yes, he got laid that night.

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18. It’s the Little Things That Count

A few weeks after we started dating I caught a really bad sickness. I was lying in bed and coughing for days. The entire time she brought me soup and a steady supply of cough drops and tissues. This might seem small but I think it set the tone of our relationship and I’ll always remember that. We have been together for three years going strong.

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19. They Don’t Change Themselves

I realized that I hadn’t physically bought my own boxers in over five years. When I asked her, she said, “of course I check, and throw out the ones that you can see-through". I then realized the same thing for many household items like toothpaste, ketchup, toilet paper, etc. She’d already made our house a home. I’m two kids deep into it now, after getting married.

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20. Fit Right in

First Christmas at my parents' house and he embraced my mom's matching Christmas pajamas tradition. The theme was "A Very Potter Christmas". Everyone got pajamas to represent their Hogwarts house. So, he and my mom ended up in matching Hufflepuff pajamas and took loads of cute pictures together while drinking giant glasses of vino. In that moment, I knew he was a permanent part of the family.

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21. Backseat Driver

My ex totaled her car twice on a pole in an empty parking lot. Then one time coming down a ramp, I had to weave around some cars—I’m a valet driver, so I weave in and out of traffic every day—and she flipped out on me. That’s when I realized she turns into a psycho in parking lots. I can’t be with someone like that. I use parking lots all the time. That was the last straw.

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22. Opposing Views

He wanted to party and travel. I wanted marriage and babies. We broke up so we both could pursue our dreams. Fast forward ten years. I’m happily married with a house, three kids and a minivan. He’s still partying and traveling. Both of us are super happy with our choices! Kudos to all!

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23. Showing Initiative

I came home from work and everything had been moved and/or shifted. Nothing was where I had left it. I didn’t even ask and she had made my bed, folded my laundry, put my stuff away, washed my dishes, and basically just cleaned my place. We got married a year later. I know it’s not much but I was touched that someone would do that for me. People talk about love languages and I guess I learned that day that “acts of service” was mine.

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24. No Heart

She got annoyed that I was spending time with my dad when my granddad was dying in the hospital, instead of spending time with her. She also got annoyed the week after that because I was spending time with my family who I barely ever see…for Christmas.

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25. Took It Too Far

A half-gallon of milk. I got a text from my girlfriend at the time asking me to get some milk on my way home. So I stopped at a local dairy store and got a half-gallon of whole milk. She spent the next week nagging me about how I didn't get 2%. It got posted to Facebook. It got told as a "look how stupid he is anecdote" to her friends. I realized I didn't need that, and by extension her, in my life. I'm single now with zero regrets. All my female friends thought it was an overreaction. I truly feel that if the roles had been flipped I'd have been torn apart by people that thought her doing it to me was funny.

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26. Part of a Team

Realized I was subconsciously using "we" instead of "I" when talking to a third party. Decided I liked it, and we've been together for about 25 years now.

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27. A Storm Is Coming

Our relationship had been deteriorating for some time and, to make a long story short, during the beginning of our junior year in college she "broke up with me" one night after being upset that I didn't invite her to a party. The thing is, she had known for over two years at that point that there is a party at my rugby team's house literally every Saturday night and she was regularly there almost every week for the past two years without needing some sort of invitation from myself, and being that I'd passed out from drunkenness before four in the evening, I wasn't really up and at it at that time.

Regardless of any of the details, she came into my room where I was passed out and started yelling about how we were done. She grabbed my key chain and took the key that opened the backdoor to her house and left. Me being kind of fed up to begin with at this point kind of shook it off and determined that it was probably the best for both of us. The next day I went on with my life as a person who was no longer in a relationship.

Apparently, this wasn't the case for her, though, and she was expecting that I would come back and apologize and try to get her back. About 24 hours after she told me we were done, she came to my house and came upstairs to where me and a few of my teammates, including a few who were in their first two weeks of college, were just hanging out. She—visibly inebriated at this point—started yelling at me, so we went out in the hallway and I simply said that she had broken up with me the day before. She stormed downstairs and I assumed left the house and I went back to my teammates.

Moments later we heard a huge crash from downstairs, so I went downstairs and saw her throwing and turning over everything on the first floor of my house. I had zero idea how to deal with this, so I kind of just stood there in awe. There wasn't a single thing that wasn't nailed down that she hadn't thrown across the room. It was the most efficient storm of stuff throwing I've ever seen.

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28. Time Flies

I was leaving the gym and told her I would be over to her apartment in about 45 minutes after I showered. I kid you not, at the 45-minute mark she was texting me upset that I wasn't there yet. I apologized and told her I had to go to the bathroom so it's taking a little longer but I was on my way and almost there. I showed up at about the 50-minute mark. She would not open the door beyond leaving the security latch attached, and only to tell me to screw off.

So, after about five minutes of trying to reason with her to let me in and her responding that she didn't want to hang out anymore because I took too long because I was probably talking to "some girl at the gym," I decided to leave. When I got back to my apartment I figured I might as well entertain myself and play some video games. About 40 minutes later she shows up to my place banging on the door. I happily open the door thinking she changed her mind! She sees that I was clearly playing video games and enjoying a glass of wine, walks over and picks up the wine and throws it on the ground, angry that I found something to do other than stare at the wall because she didn't want to hang out with me.

She sees how in shock I am at her reaction and tries to brush up the broken glass with her bare hands. She is bleeding and crying and I’m in shock and pleading with her to stop because she is tearing her hands up. I suggest she leaves and that was the last time we were in the same room together. What a whirlwind of a relationship that on was!

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29. Clearly Not Over Her

He was still majorly in love with his ex-girlfriend. Whenever we were talking about anything he would turn it so he could talk about her. I wanted a tattoo? Oh, his ex had a tattoo, too! My sister wanted to become a kindergarten teacher? Oh, his ex is that! Literally anything you can think of he would turn so he could talk about her.

So one day, I've had it and I told him it might be best we broke up. I didn't have a lot of feelings for him anymore in the first place so it wasn't hard for me. He said I should at least try to love him—yikes. Told him I thought he was still in love with his ex. He said it was completely false and he only loved me.

Well, guess who got back together right after I broke up with him? Although I must say I was really happy to hear that because they both were quite decent people and I think the first time around timing just didn't work out for them. I'm happy they are happy now, or so I think. He blocked me everywhere after the breakup and I'm not really close with her.

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30. Bad Sense of Humor

I had a big crush on this one girl from my school, and she was definitely aware of my feelings. She seems to have felt the same way about me, as she decided one day she was going to do something to try and impress me. What did she decide to do to try and impress me, you ask? She went up to a smaller kid and started making fun of them right in front of me, then looked over at me for approval.

What she didn’t realize was that this smaller kid she had picked out for ridicule was actually my little sister. I guess she didn’t know that we were related because we have two different last names. What she did would have been bad enough if she had been making fun of any kid, but there was definitely no way I could ever view her the same again after witnessing this particular incident go down.

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31. Driving Miss Daisy

This girl would only ride in the backseat of my car when we went places together. My car at the time was a two-door, meaning I'd have to go around and let her out every time. I thought it was funny and cute the first couple times, but one morning we were gonna go to breakfast and I asked her to ride in the front. Parking is right in front of the restaurant, so I didn't want it to look weird, like I was her Uber driver coming in to eat with her.

She refused so I said I was gonna walk. I left and went to the restaurant and sat down, got a text asking if I was serious to which I replied with a picture of my pancakes. I told her it just wasn't working out and that was that. We had only been dating for two weeks and amongst some other weird things I decided it was better not to get deeper involved.

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32. Sneaking Suspicion

I was married for 11 years and the last couple of them I had suspected he was cheating. I'm not going to bore you all with the details and skip to the tipping point. Valentine's Day of 2011 he called and said he had to work late so we wouldn't be able to go to dinner as planned. I was crushed but accepted it and stayed in with our two small sons and watched The Lion King.

The next morning we're getting ready for work and he asked me to go into his car and retrieve his iPod so he could charge it a little before leaving for the day. I went into his car and didn't immediately see it anywhere so I searched and when I reached into the pocket on the back of the passenger seat, I found a Valentine's Day card from a woman. I walked back in and just held it up and he went totally pale. He didn't even argue, just walked out the door. I moved out to my sister's house that day and filed for divorce the following week.

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33. How One Date Changed Everything

After two weeks of dating, I was about to break up with him. He took me out on a moonlit hike. He told me how passionate he was about his work and his future. He wanted me in this future and he talked marriage and family. He was so earnest and serious. There was no BS, no games. Suddenly, I could see a future with him. We’ve been married three years and have a great kid together.

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34. Light Sleeper

My ex had trouble going to sleep and would demand I lay perfectly still as soon as I got into bed. So I was afraid to shift or turn from the second I got into bed, whatever position I initially lay down in I had to stay in until she was asleep. One night I carefully moved my hip to a more comfortable position and she said in a deep and demanding voice, "Don't. Move". Went on for a couple more weeks but that was the moment I had enough.

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35. Just Friends

The guy who “didn’t like her” took her out for the millionth time. I never told her they couldn’t hang out, and sometimes I genuinely wouldn’t care when they would, but I made it very clear from the beginning that I very much disliked her hanging out with some dude who had some fantasy about being with her, and admitted his love to her several years ago, going back several boyfriends before me.

I felt like it was unfair for me, whenever a woman was in sight or I was cool with she’d hate, judge and feel the need to “protect me". We had gotten into an argument and for the hundredth time she hangs out with him directly after the argument. I wasn’t having it so I simply didn’t talk to her for the rest of the day, or the next morning. She calls me and had this giant freak out and we ultimately ended up splitting up after that talk. Ironically, we had a conversation three weeks later where she told me her friend had opened up about his love again, and attempted to date her yet again.

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36. May God Have Mercy on Your Soul

He interrupted something I was saying during a perfectly lovely date because he said he had to tell me about something serious. My reaction, naturally, was “Of course! Go ahead!” That "something serious" turned out to be a monologue about his personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I am not a religious person and I am not interested in dating anyone with different values than me, so I knew right away that I was no longer interested.

I interrupted his speech at about the 10-minute mark and let him know that we should just end things between us because we were incompatible. His whole face changed into a terrifying expression and he decided to spend the next half hour trying to save my soul from damnation. The night ended with me literally running down the street while he chased after me screaming about the power of Christ's everlasting love. We're both dudes, by the way. And we had already slept together.

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37. Caught Off Guard

I was on a business trip that had me out of state for four days. We tried to make small talk via FaceTime, but it was awkward, and the time difference didn’t help. She talked about random stuff at her job. I mentioned that I liked the coffee at my conference. Oh well, I’d see her soon. Some distance wouldn’t hurt, right?

When I got home, I had a surprise waiting for me. There on the table was a framed photo of the two of us, a mug with a bag of craft coffee, and a packet of Reese’s peanut butter cups—my favorite. Next to it was a hand-written note saying how much she missed me for the last few days. That was the tipping point for me. A few months later I bought a ring, and now we’re engaged.

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38. Moocher

I believe the statement was, "Oh I'm not worried about getting a real job. I figure you'll get a much higher paying job after your graduation, and I can just stay home with the kids!" I dumped him within a week and found someone a lot better.

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39. That Was Unexpected

She was talking about how hot her friend was and I was like, "You ever think you might just be into ladies?" and she started crying. We're still friends and honestly not the worst breakup.

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40. Live a Little

He and I had spent months planning a trip to Japan, and then right before we bought our plane tickets he said he didn't want to go because he didn't want to spend the money—he wasn't hurting for money. I realized that if I stayed with him, I was not going to get to travel like I wanted to—at least once a year—because he was so worried about spending money.

This is in no way high-end travel, think hostels and cooking our own food. I went on the trip without him. Had a blast. Came home and didn't like my job anymore, didn't like where I lived, and I had definitely soured on our relationship. I broke it off, moved a year later, met my now-fiancé, and we travel the world together.

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41. That Was Uncalled for

He pinched my stomach and said, “Getting a little chubby, aren’t we?”

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42. Three’s a Crowd

During my first marriage, I was working two full-time jobs and my unemployed wife was still managing to spend money faster than I could make it. When she suggested I might have to get a third job to keep us afloat, I was done.

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43. Going to the Chapel

I had a friend who was supposed to be the best man at my wedding but texted me the day of the rehearsal that he wasn't going to make it. But it didn't end there. Some years later he put out a FB invitation to a BBQ at a park, which turned out to be his own wedding. That was a surprise. The following day he texted me "Guess we're even missing out on each other's weddings now". I told him to lose my phone number at that point.

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44. Last Ride

Last Friday when my friend, riding in the passenger seat, wanted me to drop her off at her boyfriend’s so she could live there...While her husband was in the backseat with their child literally crying because he is genuinely scared he will be unable to provide for their baby. Like I had to give him 20 bucks for food because this chick did not care what happened...The mother did not care as she was heading off to get with her new boyfriend.

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45. Pregnant Disaster

I was pregnant with my oldest daughter and had extreme pain one day, so I came home early from work. When I get home I see two purses that I knew weren't mine sitting on the stand. I head to my room to see if my then boyfriend could explain the purses; I'm hearing noises coming from our room. I opened the door to peek in and he is having a threesome. I close the door and just go back into the living room. I was shocked.

I was supposed to be on bedrest, but I was the only one who had a job, so I was going to school and working while he got to stay home all day. I was livid, but what was scary is that I was so furious that I remained calm. I went into the living room, sat on the couch and waited for them to come out; when they finally did I asked them if they had fun? I told them they needed to get out of my apartment.

He tried to talk to me, but I told him he needed to get out. I calmly packed off of his stuff up, had a friend come over because I couldn't do heavy lifting being 7 months pregnant and dropped his stuff off at his parents' house that night. It's still shocking to me that I remained so calm being that angry.

People Who Caught Exes factsNBC News

47. You Think You've Had a Long Flight?

Just got on a flight in London headed to Vegas. Sitting next to my GF and she wants to show me something she has planned for the trip so gets out her phone. It opens to the Messages and shows a chat with a guy (I know him) saying how much she is gonna miss him and how she doesn't wanna go away with me anyway. The doors close on the plane and that was a really fun 10-11hrs...

Tipping PointShutterstock

48. All Except for One

A dude was trying to make me jealous by saying something along the lines of “I can’t be ‘just friends’ with girls, they all have crushes on me!” I stopped crushing on him out of spite right then and there.

Unsolved Mysteries FactsShutterstock

49. Turning Her Inside Out

I stopped liking my crush when I spent a little more time around her and started to realize that she was a legitimately mean person. Like, she was just really cruel in the way she treated other people. In my eyes, she went from really hot to not looking very good at all faster than you can even imagine. One of my friends ended up dating her and I just could never see anything even remotely attractive in her anytime I saw them. She became what my friends call “Ugly Hot”—as in, she’s so ugly on the inside that it affects the way people perceive her physically as well.

Stupid Rules Backfired factsGetty Images

50. A Good Old-Fashioned Game of Phone Tag

There was this woman who I thought I had been getting along with really well. One day, she gives me her number and asks me out for that weekend. Great news, right? I call her later that day and she doesn’t answer the phone or text me back. Then, she sees me a couple of days later and apologizes, explaining that she just doesn’t check her phone very much.

I confirm that we still have plans for the upcoming weekend and she says yes. When the big day finally arrives, I show up all excited to meet her for the date. She is nowhere to be found. I call her phone several times and she doesn’t answer. After a while, I eventually leave and accept the fact that I’ve been stood up.

The next day, I see her again and she apologizes profusely, stating that something had come up at the last minute and that she wasn’t able to get in touch with me in time. I give her the benefit of the doubt and we make plans again for a few days later. I call again before we’re supposed to meet up. However, this time I decide to add a bit of a twist.

I call from my other phone, which was a number she didn’t have or know. Amazingly, now she answers! I say who it is and she hangs up on me. Crush over.

Fyre Festival factsPixabay

51. It’ll Cost Him an Arm and a Leg to Get Over This

I have noticeable scars on my legs from an autoimmune disease, and I had a very big crush on a guy who had recently transferred to my college during the fall semester. We had been spending a lot of time together, until spring came around and everything changed. What happened was that on the first hot day of the year, I wore a pair of shorts and my crush saw the scars on my legs for the very first time.

When he noticed them, he reacted by literally leaping four seats back from me in disgust. All of my feelings for him were instantly gone and I never spoke to him again in my life.

Sylvia Plath FactsShutterstock

52. Table for Two, Dinner for One

Me and the guy I had a crush on for the longest time finally went out together for a dinner date one night. I ended up spending most of the time at the restaurant by myself while he stayed in the bathroom feeling like trash because, unbeknownst to me at the time, he had apparently been suffering from withdrawal problems due to oxycodone painkiller addiction.

I guess someone had brought him some or something while he was in there, because he came back all of a sudden after a long time—now feeling great. He invited me back to his place and stupid me agreed to go along, but I almost immediately regretted it and realized that my feelings for him were now gone.

Shutterstock-1042350028  angry at a waitressShutterstock

53. Beggars Can Be Choosers—But Not Without a Cost

In my case, the person was my girlfriend. She had been searching for a job for over two months. All the while, I had helped support her in every way as she endured the long and difficult process of unemployment and a job hunt. Then, when she finally received a pretty solid job offer, she turned it down because she felt that her interviewer was rude to her.

By rude, she meant that the interviewer was upset that she had shown up more than 20 minutes late for the interview. This incident and the way she handled it honestly just opened up my eyes to both her immaturity and to how little she was appreciating all that I was doing for her. I broke up with her shortly after.

Awkward Conversations to Translate factsShutterstock

54. The Bus Is Alive With the Sound of Music

Them: Hey, let me show you this song I think you'll like!

Me: (Goes and puts on headphones)

Them: (Plays entirety of song out loud on a speaker at an extremely high volume while we are on a public bus)

That was all it took for me to lose interest.

Creepiest Encounters with Stalkers FactsShutterstock

55. All Fluff and No Substance Makes Jill a Dull Girl

When you really like someone, it's very easy to dismiss the things that would be obvious red flags under any other circumstances. My worst crush of all time was a vague kind of girl, always posting ambiguous romanticized nonsense on social media like one of those Tumblr love quotes. On our first date, all she talked about was her online admirers.

At one point, she told me not to worry about them. I hadn’t been worried at all, and had no reason to even care—they all seemed pathetic and had her on a pedestal as their hero. Then I realized that she had nothing going for her in her life. She still lived with her parents, had no clear life goals, no burning passions that showed, no interesting hobbies, was failing her studies, and didn't even seem to be trying.

This realization just hit me all at once like a ton of bricks, and my feelings for her suddenly changed. It was as if a huge veil was suddenly lifted away that had been covering my eyes for the entire time I had been interested in her romantically. They say that a pretty face is enough to get a guy hooked because that's all that really matters to guys in the end.

I would say that that statement is not fully true without one particular caveat—quality guys who are serious, self-respecting individuals will only put up with nonsense for so long before they nope right outta there if the girl doesn’t have anything else to back her good looks up with.

The Legend of Zelda FactsShutterstock

56. Around the World in 80 Minutes

There was a woman I went on a date with who I thought I was really starting to like. To give a little bit of context, this girl was a friend of a friend, and she seemed really chill and very put together. She had just recently gone through a divorce, but she seemed to be handling it really well. Initially, she impressed the heck out of me.

So, I ask her out and we make plans to go grab a coffee. When the day arrives, she shows up with her kid, who is about 8 years old. The kid basically just sits there covering his ears through the whole conversation. We start talking and the more we talk, the more I realize that she is super, SUPER insecure about everything and has almost no self-confidence.

Her husband had apparently spoiled the heck out of her. He had provided for her every physical and emotional need and, now that he was gone, she didn’t know what to do other than look for another guy who might be willing to take care of her in the same way he did. The topper was when she told me about how she was hoping to find an “old-fashioned” man—as in the kind who would pull her chairs out for her, take her out to really high-end restaurants, pay for the whole bill wherever she went, and whisk her off to foreign cities on a regular basis to stay in fancy, uber-expensive hotels.

I’d say right about that point was when my initial feeling towards her disappeared pretty abruptly. I was definitely not down to be used by someone like that, to fill some void in her life and spoil her like crazy when we had only just met. Honestly, I was pretty mad about all this in the moment, but now I look back and I just feel bad for her.

She put up with all kinds of nonsense from her husband—years of lies and cheating on her—and he still ended up leaving her in the end. But I guess that’s what happens when you outsource your sense of self to someone else.

Angry businessman gives emphatic thumbs down.Getty Images

57. An Unhappy Ending

After a failure of a date, the guy I had liked up till that point attempted to make out with me and eventually ended up climbing on top of me against my will. I was so not into it that I started telling him no and pushing him off, but he just started to fight me and kept angrily trying to persuade me to change my mind by saying “Come on, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!”

Eventually, I started shouting “No!” even louder, until he finally just gave up and let me go. He was very mad, so I just grabbed my things and left. Let’s just say there was no second date...

Toxic Partners factsShutterstock

58. A Year to Build Up, One Sentence to Dismantle

For over a year, I was heavily flirting on and off with this dude I had met at a party. We were both really attracted to each other and went on several dates, all of which were great. I really think we had a genuinely deep connection with one another. Nevertheless, we were just casually dating here and there, rather than seeing each other more seriously on a regular basis.

After our last date, I went back to his place and we started heavily making out on his bed. We were ready to start doing the deed when I asked him if he had a rubber, to which he replied, "Nah, we won’t be needing one tonight! I had an STI a few weeks ago and I just finished getting it all handled!" What proceeded was the fastest 180 I ever did in my life. I got the heck out of there as fast as I possibly could and never looked back. Sorry, but I don't mess around with diseases, bud.

Leah Remini FactsShutterstock

59. Praying for Better Judgment Next Time

I went to a fairly large college in a Bible Belt town. There was this student group on campus called Christ’s Ambassadors, whose members would all wear matching shirts on Wednesdays. They would often hand out mini-Bibles to students on campus, and tell them that they were all going to damnation. Let’s just say that this group did not quite represent my personal values.

That same year, I had a huge crush on this beautiful guy in one of my classes. Then, one Wednesday, he walked into lecture wearing one of those darn Christ’s Ambassadors shirts and my heart literally broke in half on the spot. In an interesting plot twist, though, a pretty good friend of mine ended up marrying him and he turned out to be extremely physically abusive.

Needless to say, that fact has helped to quell the remainder of my crush quite a bit as well. Thankfully, my friend has since gotten out of that marriage and is now perfectly safe and sound.

Courtney Love factsShutterstock

60. Like Father, Like Daughter?

I know this may sound a little unfair, but for me it was getting to know the girl’s family that made me lost my crush on her. To give some context, I had this insane vegan girlfriend with a mentally unstable sister. I had no idea why this sister always seemed to act so rudely towards me, and when I asked about it I was told that it was because "She didn't want me to think we were friends".

Her mom was very nice, but her dad didn’t like me because he thought some of my mannerisms were weird. Sorry for being high functioning autistic, but there isn’t really anything I can do about that. As if that wasn’t enough already, the family was also obsessed with pets. They had 13 cats, three birds, and two dogs. They also believed in ghosts and would all sleep in the same bed whenever they thought the ghosts in their house were being extra uppity.

As soon as I came to realize that they were the weird ones and not me, my feelings for the girl just started to disappear.

Really That Stupid factsShutterstock

61. From First to Worst

The girl I liked asked me out in front of a bunch of her friends who all knew that I was mega into her.

They seemed to enjoy seeing my excitement as I responded, "Heck yeah! Are you serious?" Some of the friends then started to giggle. I was suddenly so nervous that my head felt like it was about to pop off and blast up like a rocket. Then she said “HECK NO! HAHAHAHA!!” Just like that, I was crushed and I instantly started to despise this girl with a passion. All of her friends soon joined in on the fun, letting out a joint “HAHAHA!!” in unison with hers. I got over this incident eventually. Well, kind of...

Never Speak of Again factsGetty Images

62. Who Can Really Define True Greatness?

I started to lose respect for my crush when he started to constantly talk to me about how great he was and how much better he is than all the other boys around. Unsurprisingly, he turned out to be the type of person who really only cared about himself. Oh, and by the way, he was not actually that great, nor was he better than everyone else around like he made himself out to be. Just sayin’!

Lost crush factsMax Pixel

63. Who’s Dating Who?

He kept treating his dance partner better than me—would take her out for drinks to try ones she hadn't before, took her shopping with him, post photos of her online, etc—but wouldn't hold my hand in public, nothing about me on social media whatsoever—totes fine but if you go on and on about how great your dance partner is and making it seem like your girlfriend doesn't exist, it doesn't feel great—etc.

I have no issue with female friends or dance partners, but don't pay for dinner and drinks with them and then have your girlfriend pay for every single date night. I dropped $70 for a movie night, $40 of which were his drinks. Dude still hits me up whining about how we could've worked out, how he misses my cat, etc. I dumped him over a year ago.

Tipping Point in Relationship factsShutterstock

64. Tooning Out of This Call

I was fixed up with a guy that I never knew too well to begin with. The first time we really talked was when we spoke on the phone for three hours. He kept quoting the cartoon Naruto and said he was striving for the best in his life because "that's his nindo way". He must have said this line at least 10 times, along with many other random quotes from the show.

After a while, it was getting really annoying. So, as lightheartedly as I could, I made a rule that neither of us could quote anyone else from that show or elsewhere from this point on, and we would both have to stick to only original thoughts for the rest of the call. He literally struggled and could barely think of anything to say. It became too much for me to handle and I lost interest.

Crazy Excuses ExperienceGetty Images

65. Saving the Best for Last

Back in college, I had a really big crush on this guy from my class who was very into magic. After thinking about it for a while, I decided that the perfect way to get on his good side would be to surprise him and attend one of his magic shows. So, that very evening, I went to see him perform at a college event. I was pretty impressed with his skills—that is, until he got to the grand finale. His last trick involved him taking his pants off on stage and literally pulling a card out of his butt. There were toilet paper remnants visible. I disappeared from that theater real fast!

Mad Kings and Queens factsShutterstock

66. I Guess She Walked Right Into That One...

I had a huge crush on this one girl for a really long time when I was young, and in my eyes she could do no wrong. That is, until the day I was talking to her and she decided to start speaking badly about someone we both knew because she saw them with crutches. This person was on the crutches after having sprained their ankle falling on a trampoline.

Despite this, my crush made fun of them and even went as far as to seriously claim that they were just doing this all for attention and were not actually hurt that bad. There was no way I could let that kind of disgusting behavior slide. Seriously, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

Businessman Holding Anthropomorphic Face Against Wall.Getty Images

67. How to Muddy the Waters

Back when I was a teenager, my friends and I used to often go on dates as a group. It was a pretty common thing to do in my social circles at the time. Anyway, there was this girl who I had liked a lot for a pretty long time, so when I finally mustered up the courage to ask her out, I brought her along on one of these group dates.

As we were all walking down the street together on the way to where we were going, the girl slipped and fell in some mud. Now, the correct thing for that girl’s date to do in that situation would be to help her out and make sure she’s okay, right? Not for this immature teenager! My only thoughts as I watched it happen were how unattractive she looked with mud all over her and how I didn’t think I liked her anymore.

Not only did I fail to come to her aid in her moment of need, but I also ended up basically ignoring her for the rest of the day and just talking to my friends instead to avoid the potential second-hand embarrassment. I feel pretty mean about my behavior in hindsight, but at the time I felt it was totally justified because the mud was a massive turn off.

Green Day factsPixabay

68. Getting to Know All About You

What ended my romantic feelings towards my crush? I actually spoke to them for once! It turned out that, although they are definitely a great person, they were just not even half as interesting as I imagined them to have been in my head. It’s funny how we do that, isn’t it? We build things up in our imaginations to be just the way we want them to be, and meanwhile, we don’t even really know those things at all. In this case, it was my crush that I did this to, but it could be done to almost anything or anyone. Oh well, life goes on!

Dark Secrets factsShutterstock

69. The Best Fish in the Sea

My boyfriend would constantly insult all kinds of things he knew I liked, and would also constantly tell me how much better he felt his opinion was than mine or anyone else’s. You seriously have to ask yourself what makes a person feel the need to act like that, as if they just need everyone to know exactly how much better they feel they are than all the rest.

Definitely not boyfriend material in my book, and hopefully not in yours either. Despite what they would have you think, there are definitely way better people out there!

Toxic Partners factsShutterstock

70. When the Internet Meets Real Life

I really liked this guy and was hoping to make something happen with him. As things started to progress, my curiosity led me to start checking out his social media accounts to see what kind of stuff he had on there. I discovered that his Facebook profile had a photo album specifically designated for posting photos of hot bikini models in on a regular basis, and I found that pretty weird.

Then I started reading his bio and comments and other stuff—whatever I could find. The way he wrote online made him come across like an immature and awkward 12-year-old boy, even though we were both grown adults at the time. He even used a lot of emojis in all of his writing. Seeing this instantly snuffed out my feelings for him and I could not ever see him the same way again from this point on.

Employees should have been fired factsPixabay

71. That Is One Strange Hobby...

There was a girl in my class who I had an obvious crush on when I was in high school. I finally asked her out one day and she just ignored me. I did not stop liking her though, and still held out hope that she would change her mind eventually. About two months later, we were both sitting in English class studying Romeo and Juliet. The teacher gave us all some group work that we had to do involving acting out different parts of the play.

The scene we had to act out was the one where Romeo gets rejected by the girl he was into at the beginning of the story, Rosaline. While all of the groups were hard at work, I overheard my crush saying to her project partners that she really wanted to play Rosaline in their skit. I then heard her say to her friend "I like rejecting guys, it's so much fun!" Umm, excuse me??

I couldn’t believe my ears and I instantly lost all respect and feelings for her. What kind of a cruel psychopath do you have to be to actually enjoy hurting other people’s feelings?

Yep, they're crazy FactsShutterstock

72. Good Intentions, Bad Result

I lost my feelings for my crush when he asked me if my family had considered looking into essential oils and vitamins as a cure for my dad's stage IV cancer. I appreciate the thought and I know he meant well, but I could tell in that moment that he and I just fundamentally don’t view the world the same way and, as a result, it could just never work in the long run.

Dorothy Dandridge FactsShutterstock

73. Sounds Like True Love to Me!

The moment that I first laid eyes on the girl who would become my wife was the precise moment when every single previous crush I’ve ever had disappeared forever—even the ones I could never seem to get over up till that point.

Alexander The Great FactsShutterstock

74. You Make Me Feel So Young

In my case, I was the victim of the instant change of heart, unfortunately. Back in the good old days of kindergarten, I used to often get chased around the class and kissed when caught by this one girl who I used to play with all the time. She had admitted at one point to having had a crush on me—whatever that means when you’re in kindergarten—and innocent little me thought that it was a pretty cool and interesting development.

Then one day, I had a little accident. My face got crushed into the asphalt and I ended up with scabs all over my forehead. When the girl in question saw me in this condition at school the next day, she reacted by pointing at my face as she shouted out: "Eeewww, what's that on your face? I don't have a crush on you anymore!" She was crazy. Girls were icky. I have never been happier to have a bloody face.

Strange Family Traditions FactsPixabay

75. Food Fight

What turned me off of my crush was the way that she chewed food. Sounds shallow, I know, but it was just not something that I wanted to have to hear for the rest of my life. That, and that she snacked on ketchup packets. She even kept a stash of them in her glove box. She would just tear one open after another and suck them down. Whole lotta nope!

Employees should have been fired factsPixabay

76. A Little Self-Reflection Can Go a Long Way

When I was a young lad, there was a girl who I had a huge crush on. After trying for a while, I was finally able to take her out on a date one evening. Now, this girl really liked to talk about herself—you can almost say it was one of her favorite pastimes. I am personally more of the listener type to begin with, so I did not think that this would be an issue for our potential relationship.

During one such self-praise session at our date, she said something along the lines of “I don't know why, but everyone just keeps ending up having a crush or me, some of them even end up thinking they're in love!” I immediately thought to myself “Do I seriously want to listen to nonsense like this all the time?” The voice inside my head came back at me and said something like “Bro, you don't even tolerate nonsense that's half this crazy from your family, are you really even asking that question?” And that was the end of that association!

Spartans FactsShutterstock

77. Scroll on If You Dare

I had a huge crush on this one girl in my college English class back in my younger days. She was a bit religious and I wasn’t, but she didn't talk about it too much so I didn’t mind. We used to talk all the time and we even did a few projects together. Then I found out that she was no longer dating this guy she had been with for a while, so I decided to try and pursue her myself.

However, when I looked her up on Facebook, I found a whole bunch of weird posts she had made encouraging racism and violence against certain minority groups, as well as a post about how all of the school shootings in America have been happening because we no longer allow religion to be taught in schools. It took a few more scrolls to get to the homophobic stuff that I just knew would also be there at this point. Let’s just say that these discoveries were a major turn off and disappointment.

Deepest Workplace Secrets FactsShutterstock

78. Smell Ya Later!

I lost my feelings for a guy when I caught a whiff of his breath one morning. It took me out at the knees, and definitely not in a positive way!

Childish Behavior From Adults factsShutterstock

79. Well, Look Who Decided to Show up

I had met this girl at a bar and we hit it off. We were making out and all was good. I got her number and we agreed to meet up later. I set up a date with her for a few days later and an hour before the date she canceled on me. A week later, we set up another date and she canceled that one as well just a few days before. At this point, I'm not about to waste any more time and I'm done.

Well, a couple of weeks later, she calls me and says that she is going back with her friends in a few hours to the same bar we met at and that she wants to see me. I say sure, so she asks me to text her before I leave for the bar. I text her and tell her that I'm on my way, and she says that she is too tired to go and is deciding to not go after all. I decide to say screw it and I just go by myself.

Well, guess who I saw show up at the bar a couple hours later with her friends, just having a blast! That was when I instantly lost all interest in her. I sent her a text message calling her out on her BS and informing her that she was a piece of filth. I then blocked and deleted her number. I have not been back to that bar or heard from her since. Here is the really funny bit, though.

That first night, she said that the only reason she didn’t want to go home with me was that I seemed like a ladies’ man and like I probably took lots of girls home with me constantly. The truth is that I was a virgin at the time, but I had just lost a ton of weight and I was finally comfortable with my body and approaching women as a result. I guess I just overshot my confidence this time. Oh well, live and learn!

Lawyers Share “I Rest My Case” FactsShutterstock

80. How to Mutilate Your Reputation

I saw my crush arguing with someone over the topic of female genital mutilation practices that take place in other parts of the world. I know you’re hoping he was the one on the right side of this issue. Sadly, he was not. He was trying to defend the idea that mutilating a young girl’s body against her will is perfectly justified. I mean, wow was that a fast crush-kill.

Young couple arguing at the streetGetty Images

81. Preparing for All Possible Futures

My first text conversation with my former crush was what made me lose interest in her. The conversation was full of the “I’m so random” kind of humor, but it was just a little too weird for my tastes. It went sorta like this:

Her: Heyy :)

Me: Hey, what’s up!

Her: Nothing much, I’m just eating some juicy bread with my friend!

Me: What is juicy bread?

Her: Yea, it’s this type of bread that you eat behind a dumpster during the apocalypse.

Me: I see...

Her: BUT, you have to eat it before the cowboy rides up on his unicorn.

I think I broke my teeth from clenching my jaw on that last one.

Men's Secrets factsShutterstock

82. Peeping Tom

When I was 9 or 10 years old, I had a huge crush on a boy in my class. We played violin together, and he gave me chocolate—very romantic for 9-year-olds. Then I caught him peeking into the girl's change room. I couldn’t avoid seeing him as a creep from that point on. To this day, I am still very disappointed by the incident.

Spoiled Brats FactsWikimedia Commons US Nessie

83. Man’s Best Friend Was This Girl’s Worst Nightmare

I was really into this girl from my high school until the moment she decided that she was going to have her dog put down before she left for college because she didn't believe that anybody in her family could take care of him as well as she always did. It was an English sheepdog and, somehow, this girl did not see any of the irony or absurdity in what she was doing.

Of course, it was probably hard for her to understand my attempts to explain it as I was pretty much incoherently screaming in her face the whole time. I literally did not know how else I could possibly react to something that outrageously stupid and sad. And for the record, the girl did, unfortunately, go through with this plan in the end. RIP little critter, I sure hope you’re in a better place now!

Lost crush factsPexels

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