Innocent Souls Get Scammed

October 27, 2023 | Nur Karageldi

Innocent Souls Get Scammed

Whether we like it or not, we all have our gullible moments sometimes. Other times, some people outsmart us to take advantage. Either way, the tricks usually don’t change, just the context around it changes—that’s why they call it “falling for the oldest trick”. These are some stories where people lose their money, their dignity, or their will to live because of a teeny tiny mistake.

1. Watch Your Back

When my father was a child, he received a brand-new watch as a birthday present. This was incredibly special to him because not many kids had wristwatches at that time, so he felt like the coolest kid around. 

One day, while walking home, a man who looked like a businessman approached him and asked if he knew the location of a specific street. My dad pointed in the right direction but explained that he was in a hurry as he needed to deliver an envelope. 

Surprisingly, the man then asked my dad for a peculiar favor—he requested assistance in finding the street. Naively, my dad agreed since the man seemed trustworthy. When they arrived in front of the building, the businessman asked my dad if he could run up the stairs and deliver the envelope on the second floor. 

The man provided a weak excuse for not doing it himself. Despite this, my dad agreed to help. The businessman added an unexpected condition—he insisted on holding my dad's watch as collateral because of its importance. 

Without thinking much, my dad handed over his watch. However, when he returned downstairs after completing the task, the man had vanished. Who would have the audacity to take a watch from a child?

A cute boy wearing watch

2. I Got Lucky

During the late 1950s, in a small Chilean village, my father enjoyed playing outside his house on his shiny new roller-skates. Recently, a group of travelling gypsies had arrived and established their encampment just outside town. 

One curious gypsy noticed my father effortlessly gliding around on his skates and asked if he could give them a try. My father, without suspecting any ill intentions, agreed and watched as the gypsy skated off into the distance. 

However, as the gypsy moved farther away, my father realized he had no intention of returning. It became evident to my father that his beloved roller-skates were now lost forever, and he felt extremely disheartened by this discovery. 

Seeking solace, my father rushed inside to his grandmother, desperate for any solution she could provide. Instead, she reprimanded him for his naivety, attributing the entire incident to his own foolishness and excessive trust. 

Crestfallen, he returned outside, settling on the front steps to cry inconsolably. After some time had passed, while my father still shed tears on the steps, the gypsy unexpectedly reappeared. 

Sporting a mischievous smile, he held a bag of milk and bread in his hands, and astonishingly, he still sported my father's roller-skates on his feet. Handing back the skates, he simply said, "Thanks, kid," before jaunting back to his campsite, groceries in tow.

red vintage roller skatesIqbal Septiana, Shutterstock

3. Parent Trap

During my teenage years, my parents would always reprimand me for leaving my bike in the yard. They would warn me that it could be stolen one day, emphasizing that we couldn't afford to simply give things away like that. 

'Living in a tranquil village in the middle of nowhere, I couldn't fathom their concern. One fateful day, after using my bike, I carelessly left it in the yard without a second thought. Two hours later, my mother erupted into a frenzy, shouting at me that my bike had disappeared.

 Naturally, I was devastated and tearfully apologized. As a consequence, I ended up being grounded for three weeks. Moving forward, four years later, as I was preparing to leave home, I assisted in clearing out the old allotment. 

To my surprise, I stumbled upon my bike securely locked up in the old shed. It turned out that my parents had intentionally kept it there... for four whole years.

bicycle in yardBo shou, Pexels

4. Fool Me Once

While attending college last year, I stopped at a store one night to purchase some drinks for the evening. As I was walking, a woman in a worn-out, green car approached me and called out, requesting my attention. 

She had a distressed expression, almost on the brink of tears, and proceeded to share a sorrowful tale. She explained that she was stranded approximately 20 minutes away from her home as her car had run out of gas, but she didn't possess enough money to make it back. 

Considering that it was close to Christmas, my naive nature led me to empty my wallet, offering her all the cash I had, approximately $8. I wished her a "Merry Christmas" and walked away, expecting gratitude in return. 

However, she didn't even utter a word of thanks. Although I found her behavior questionable, I didn't dwell on it at that time. That turned out to be a significant mistake. Fast forward to a year later, I found myself at the same store, once again purchasing drinks for the evening with some friends. 

To my surprise, the same woman in the same green car approached us. She proceeded to share the exact same story and requested a few bucks from us. Alerted by this repetition, I whispered to my friends that it seemed like a staged act, giving the woman an unimpressed look. 

As we left the store, I observed her repeating the same sad story to other individuals. Unable to contain my frustration, I shouted, "She's lying, don't listen to her!" 

The people she had approached walked away, and the woman, who purportedly had no gas, swiftly drove off, looking at me the most intense glare I had ever received.

Woman in front of a car at night wearing black dressFelix Mizioznikov, Shutterstock

5. Gameboy King Dethroned

In a quick backstory, when I graduated Kindergarten, my mom bought me my first videogame, a Gameboy. It brought me so much joy that I played it day and night. At school, there was a kid named Jason who always had his Sega Game Gear with him. 

During lunch, everyone would gather around to watch him play Sonic. However, he only allowed a select few to play, and unfortunately, I wasn't part of that cool group. I pleaded with my mom to let me bring my Gameboy to school, but she never gave in. 

A year or two later, Jason was still the lunchroom king, especially after getting a new game called Hypersonic with Knuckles! I had reached my limit. One morning, I secretly packed my Gameboy, complete with an AC adapter and clip-on magnifying screen, into my backpack. 

My mom dropped me off at school, and there I was, armed with Pokémon Red! Needless to say, everyone flocked to my table during lunchtime to watch me catch 'em all. 

Feeling triumphant as the lunchroom king for a day, I went to the public library, my usual after-school spot, and waited for my mom to pick me up. While playing at a table, a fellow nine-year-old approached me, amazed by my game. 

He asked if he could play, and though I hesitated, I reluctantly agreed. However, the moment I handed the Gameboy to him, he dashed away. I was stunned. After giving him a brief head start, I sprinted downstairs, only to find him on the other side of a highway running towards the projects. 

Cue the most intense crying session of my life, complete with those hiccup-laden gasps for air. Then, at 6 pm, my mom arrived to pick me up. Needless to say, she was far from happy.

boy playing video game in schoolPAPALAH, Shutterstock

6. No Fake ID’s For Us

During our high school days, my friend and I came up with the brilliant idea of getting fake IDs while visiting New York. As we stepped out of the subway, luck seemed to be on our side when a guy approached us offering fake IDs. 

Curiously, he led us to a nearby McDonald's and proceeded to inquire about our personal details such as our names and height. Then, he launched into an elaborate tale about heightened scrutiny from law enforcement regarding unlawful identification. 

He insisted on ensuring that we were not affiliated with the authorities, given that we were only 16 years old. To establish trust, he took me outside and asked me to pay him upfront while assuring my friend inside the McDonald's that he was handing me the money. 

We then walked a few blocks away, where he stopped at a store and claimed his associate was waiting in the back. Entering the store alone, he left me momentarily and returned with instructions. 

He informed me that he would be stationed outside the door, keeping a lookout for any potential officers. Additionally, he demanded my phone to ensure I wasn't contacting the authorities or carrying a tracking device. 

Excited and caught up in the moment, I handed over my phone without much thought. However, halfway through the store, it dawned on me that I had fallen victim to a scheme. Hastily, I dashed outside, but the guy was already nowhere to be seen. 

Finding my friend, we both realized what had transpired. We spent the entire day combing the area in search of the perpetrator. Interestingly enough, we encountered another individual who approached us with a similar proposition of fake IDs. 

Recognizing the scam, we decided to tail him, witnessing him deceive other teenagers along the way. Seizing the opportunity, we managed to intervene before one particular victim handed over their phone, successfully reuniting them with their friend. 

Unfortunately, despite our efforts, the perpetrator swiftly escaped with their money.

two boys are hiding around the corner of the buildingElena Birkina, Shutterstock

7. Gifts For Everyone!

Just before I joined a popular, widely recognized grocery store, there was an employee who got fired. Interestingly, she was the one who helped arrange my interview. Later, I discovered her clever scheme, reminiscent of Robin Hood. 

Apparently, she managed to distribute around $70k worth of gift card codes and similar items. The brilliance of her plan lay in the way she used excellent customer service to ensure that satisfied customers left glowing reviews about the company online. 

Being a customer service representative, she successfully flew under the radar until her actions were uncovered, leaving everyone surprised and regretful for not catching on earlier.

Horizontal photo businesswoman holding cardboard box with belongings and plant in hands leaving the office after being firedfizkes, Shutterstock

8. Are You Doing Everything People Say?

My friend and I were on our way to a baseball game when, as we were about to hail a taxi, we suddenly became filled with fear. Two individuals approached us and demanded, "Give us your money". 

Without hesitation, despite their size not being much different from ours, we handed over our wallets. When they also asked for our cell phones, we reluctantly surrendered them. 

We attempted to explain the situation to the officers, but they simply advised us to refuse if such an incident were to occur again. 

Apparently, according to the law, those two individuals politely requested our belongings, and being the kind-hearted individuals we are, we willingly complied.

Man in black sweater robbing man in white sweatshirtUfaBizPhoto, Shutterstock

9. Okay, Let’s Go Somewhere Else

While I was on a trip in Vietnam, a friendly young man started conversing with my friends and me while we were on the bus. Amazingly, it turned out that he actually worked at the very same hostel we were planning to stay in! 

What an incredible coincidence! However, our luck took a turn when he made a few phone calls and found out that there were no vacant rooms at that hostel. 

But he did come to our rescue by offering to take us to its sister hostel, which happened to be conveniently located just around the corner. Thankfully, there was no need to worry. Reflecting back on that situation, I can't help but feel a bit embarrassed about my own lack of skepticism!

Tourist man is wearing Vietnamese traditional hat and backpack looking at the riverMinh Mi Goi, Shutterstock

10. Too Dumb To Be True

When I was 17, I had a job at the front desk of a hotel. I tended to be trusting and quite shy. One day, a man approached the desk and asked to exchange five $20 bills for a $100 bill. Although it was an unusual request, I didn't think much of it at the time. 

I handed him the $100 bill, and he began to walk away. However, he suddenly turned back and claimed that I had only given him a $10 bill. He even showed me the ten dollars in his hand. Feeling panicked and unsure of what to do, I decided to give him another $100 bill. 

At the end of my shift, when I realized I owed the hotel $90, I couldn't help but cry. Ultimately, I made the difficult decision to stop working there.

male costumer with baggage ringing bell at hotel front deskstockfour, Shutterstock

11. From The Perspective Of A Messer

I didn't fall for the trick, but I ended up embarrassing someone else. It happened during Sunday school when I was in first grade. We were painting, and I decided to play a prank on the kid sitting next to me. 

I took the cup of water meant for cleaning brushes, pretended to take a sip, and told him it was chocolate milk. Without hesitation, he took a big gulp and immediately turned pale. He started panicking while the teacher instructed him to go get some water and asked why he drank it. 

As he ran away, he sadly admitted, "He told me to". To this day, this memory still troubles me. I worry about the possible negative consequences I might face as if it were bad karma. I've learned my lesson and no longer enjoy messing with people.

Young kids at painting classYan Krukau, Pexels

12. Drawbacks Of A Tight-Knit Community

It was my parents, not me, who took the initiative. We originated from a close-knit neighborhood in India, so when one family from our community relocated to the U.S., my parents decided to lend them a helping hand. 

They went above and beyond by purchasing a car under their own name, assisting them in obtaining driver's licenses, signing a lease for an apartment on their behalf, and even contributing to a small business venture to support their fresh start. 

This act of kindness was driven by the connection we had with their family back home and simply out of the goodness of my parents' hearts. However, things took an unexpected turn. The family abruptly shut down the business and disappeared with the funds. 

The last we heard, they were residing in Nebraska, approximately 1500 miles away from us. Their sudden disappearance left my parents burdened with a debt of around $55,000 to clean up the mess they left behind.

Worried middle-aged man reading unexpected news in paper document  for debt notificationAnastasija Vujic, Shutterstock

13. What’s Up With The Gameboys?

When I was 10 years old, I attended a festival where my parents were working. I became the popular kid among my peers because I had a Gameboy, even though I was actually borrowing it from my sister. 

One day, a kid I knew but wasn't really friends with approached me and asked if he could see the Gameboy. I agreed and showed him how to play, but he quickly brushed me off and claimed that he didn't need my instructions. 

Just then, my mom called me over for something, so I went to see what she needed. When I returned, I asked the kid where the Gameboy was. He gave a vague response, saying that his little sister had taken it from him, and it had accidentally broken into pieces that they couldn't find. 

I only realized I had been deceived by him a month ago.

Young kid playing on a Nintendo Gameboypatat, Shutterstock

14. Yard Sale Bargain Gone Bad

At a recent yard sale, I encountered a situation where a Hispanic individual attempted to negotiate the price of a portable massage table with me. He initially suggested reducing the price from $25 to $10. 

However, I firmly stood my ground and proposed a fixed price of $20. Eventually, he agreed and handed me $10, seemingly accompanied by a meticulously placed $1 bill to create the perception of two $10 bills. 

Keeping my composure, I accepted the money but extended my other hand, inquiring about the remaining $9. To my surprise, he responded by smiling and feigning a sudden lack of comprehension of the English language. 

After a brief standoff of stares, he eventually took back the $11, pretending that he had mistakenly understood my agreement to that amount.

Garage sale in yardNew Africa, Shutterstock

15. I Hate Subscriptions

About a year ago, there was a young person of high school age who came to my door with a story about selling magazines to collect points for a school trip. 

This individual claimed that if I purchased a magazine subscription, I could promptly go online and cancel the order, while still allowing them to earn the points they needed. 

Considering the person appeared to be well-intentioned and mentioned they were close to achieving their goal, I decided to write them a check for a magazine subscription that was rather overpriced. 

However, when I later went online to access the website, it turned out to be quite disappointing. There was no practical way to communicate with the company, and the site lacked any relevant information. 

Upon further research, it became clear that there were untrustworthy individuals driving around different towns, using vulnerable teenagers to sell fake subscriptions.

Frustrated Caucasian man in casual clothes getting bad news on modern laptopKuz Production, Shutterstock

16. It Took You More Than 15 Minutes, Lady!

When I was seven years old, I went on a trip with my nine-year-old sister from Alaska to Tennessee to spend the summer with our aunt and uncle. During our journey, we had a long layover at an airport. 

Our parents had given us $100 each for food and spending money, so we decided to have lunch at the Ruby Tuesday in the terminal. At the restaurant, we noticed a promotion with a small sign and a stopwatch. 

It stated that if it took more than 15 minutes for our food to arrive after ordering, our meal would be free. Excited about the prospect, my sister and I placed our order and started the timer. We eagerly watched the clock, even counting down the last minute as it approached.

When the time expired, the server brought our food a few minutes later. We proudly showed her the stopwatch, which now displayed a time of over 18-19 minutes. We expected our meal to be free as per the promotion. Then, things took a disappointing turn.

The server informed us that they used a timer in the kitchen, which showed our food was delivered within 15 minutes. Therefore, we still had to pay. As children, we trusted and believed the server's explanation. 

But now, more than 25 years later, I still find myself feeling a bit bitter about it. If we had been adults, we likely would have received a free meal that day.

Adorable little girl and her family eatingBlueOrange Studio, Shutterstock

17. Bus Buddies

About a month ago in NYC, I was on my way to the Port Authority to locate my bus terminal. However, I decided to find some food first. As I was searching for a place to eat, I noticed a man following me. 

He claimed to be on the same bus and engaged in small talk, suggesting a cheap spot for a quick meal, which happened to be Burger King just outside the Port Authority. 

We both headed there, and while my food was being prepared, he asked if he could borrow some money for other things. Naively, I gave him the money, and he promised to repay me on the bus. 

In that moment, as the money left my hand, I had a sinking feeling that I would never see him again.

bus stop at nightzhu difeng, Shutterstock

18. Literally The Oldest Trick In The Book

When I was around 10 years old, my family and I had an unforgettable experience at the circus. It was my first time attending, and although I now realize that circuses can be unpleasant and inhumane, back then I was mesmerized by the magnificent elephants, strong performers, and everything else that the circus had to offer. 

We eagerly settled into our seats under the big top and watched in awe as lion-tamers, daredevils on motorcycles, and dancing bears showcased their talents. It truly was an incredible and exhilarating time for me. 

After the show, we gathered around a lion's cage, fascinated by the majestic animal, when I heard a voice calling me from behind. I turned around to find an elderly man, the magician from the sideshow, with a long, gray beard. 

"Come here," he beckoned, and I approached him with curiosity. He began sharing stories about the circus during its prime years. As it turned out, he had been a worker who traveled with the show, taking care of menial tasks like driving stakes and cleaning up after the animals.

However, he eventually discovered his talent for performing tricks and illusions. Unexpectedly, he directed a long, bony finger towards me, pointing directly at my chest. Then, with a mischievous glint in his eye, he swiftly flicked my nose, employing the oldest trick in the book.

Portrait of astonished child at a circusChubykin Arkady, Shutterstock

19. Scene From A Horror Movie

Sure! Here's the rewritten text: Alright. I traveled to Detroit to purchase some equipment from an individual I connected with on Craigslist. He had the items stored in his father's garage. When I arrived, I rented a U-Haul and made my way to the house. 

The seller was waiting in his truck outside. He hopped into the U-Haul with me and mentioned that the garage was located in the back alley. We drove behind the house, and together we exited the U-Haul. 

To my surprise, two other individuals with their faces covered by scarves approached us and forcefully took my wallet and phone. They then locked me inside the back of the U-Haul and drove away. My fear grew, thinking they might transport me to a secluded place to harm me.

 However, at one point, they abruptly stopped, instructed me to remain quiet, and left. I remained silent for a considerable time, attempting to devise a plan to escape from the back of the U-Haul. Eventually, I mustered up the courage to shout for help multiple times. 

My continuous loud cries attracted the attention of the authorities, and the first person to respond to the situation turned out to be a news reporter.

The man in mask and duct tapeBigNazik, Shutterstock

20. Let Me See What You Got

When I was young, I walked home from the store holding an ice cream cone. Suddenly, a pair of teenagers approached me and inquired about the flavor and cost of my treat. They then requested to inspect it, and foolishly, I complied. 

Little did I realize, one of them seized the opportunity and ran off with the ice cream, depriving a six-year-old of their treat.

Boy eating ice cream cone wearing white  t-shirt looking leftDmitry Lobanov, Shutterstock

21. A Piece Of Paper

Recently, I relocated to Dallas, Texas, with the kind assistance of two friends. Once we finished settling in, I decided to drop off my buddies at the bus station, so they could return to their respective homes. Adjacent to the bus station, there was an unoccupied parking lot. 

I maneuvered my car into the lot for parking, when suddenly, an individual approached my vehicle. He swiftly slipped a piece of paper through the window and mentioned a parking charge of $10. Having checked my wallet, I informed him, "I only have $20". 

Accepting the cash, he assured me that he would retrieve my change promptly. Unexpectedly, he swiftly pivoted and sprinted away. It eventually dawned on me that the slip of paper he had handed me was actually an empty luggage tag, and parking in the lot was actually free.

parking lotKaboompics .com, Pexels

22. Trying To Impress The Hooter Girl

During our high school years, my friends and I ventured to a relatively new bar located in a less reputable neighborhood. We engaged in friendly conversation with our waitress and eventually convinced her to join us for some recreational smoke after her shift. 

Unfortunately, we found ourselves lacking the necessary supplies, so we reached out to a few individuals, but none were able to assist us. With limited options, we decided to approach strangers on the street for help. 

One man offered to help, promising to retrieve the desired material from his apartment if we provided him with the money. Trusting his words, we handed over the money and waited foolishly for him to return. 

After half an hour of waiting, we reluctantly admitted to ourselves that we had been deceived. Feeling embarrassed, we were too ashamed to return to that particular bar.

Two men sitting on  stairs  outside on a street in casual clothes and hatsArtem Podrez, Pexels

23. Sad Stories Always Win

At a gas station, I encountered a man of African American descent who approached me and inquired about the location of a pawn shop. Although I confessed my lack of knowledge, I expressed curiosity regarding the items he intended to sell. 

To my surprise, he showcased a tray filled with jewelry. According to his account, he hailed from Louisiana during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and claimed to have looted these items from a shop. The credibility of his narrative was convincing. 

Among the jewelry, my attention was drawn to a necklace and a ring adorned with a prominent diamond. To further substantiate their authenticity, he even used the diamond to scratch my window. 

Eventually, I parted with $150, believing I was acquiring genuine pieces. Unfortunately, the jewelry turned out to be unlawful, and my window remains marked by the scratched surface.

Woman giving  money to someone on  a streetlzf, Shutterstock

24. Existential Crisis Moment

Throughout my years of public education, I was taught to believe that pursuing a college degree in a subject I was passionate about would open up a world of endless opportunities and wealth. But reality would end up removing the rose-colored lenses from my eyes.

The narrative was simple: stay dedicated, work diligently, and take on the burden of loans that would significantly impact my ability to accumulate wealth during the prime years of my life. However, the harsh reality eventually struck me, leaving me feeling defeated and inadequate.

woman wearing blue sweatshirt   studyingGeorge Dolgikh, Pexels

25. Name Tag

I was just hanging out with my baseball glove, and then this guy approaches me and says, "Hey! That's my glove!" as he points to mine. I assure him that it's not his, and I even show him my name written on it. 

He then responds, "I don't see it. Can I take a closer look?" He grabs the glove and confidently declares, "No, look, my name is on it," while making a vague pointing gesture. He walks away with it. For a moment, I was confused, thinking that maybe I had accidentally taken his glove.

 However, it wasn't until later that I realized he had actually taken it for good. It happened when I was seven years old.

A portrait of child with baseball gloveLopolo, Shutterstock

26. Teachers Leave Your Kids Alone!

In my high school US history class, there was a student named Chuck who had gained a reputation for being easily fooled. One day, Chuck brought a banana to class, and our teacher seized the opportunity to play a prank. 

The teacher claimed that if you listen closely after peeling a banana, you can hear it making a whirring noise caused by oxidation. Without hesitation, Chuck peeled the banana and raised it to his ear, expecting to hear the alleged sound. 

To everyone's surprise, the teacher swiftly smacked the banana into Chuck's ear, leading to a collective feeling of disappointment in the class. Once the commotion settled, the teacher pointed at a smudge of banana on Chuck's shirt, teasingly remarking, "You still have some banana there". 

Chuck looked down and, falling for another trick, ended up flicking his own nose. This brought laughter and amusement to all present.

7 year old  american boy at a  school desk  eating a bananaIxepop, Shutterstock

27. The Oldest Trick In The Book

A year ago, when I was 17, I had a desire to enter the world of stock market trading. Through a mutual online friend, I connected with someone who was of lawful age to open a brokerage account. 

After conducting thorough research, I took the plunge and invested all of my savings, a total of 3k, into a stock during the peak of the COVID pandemic. To my luck, the stock eventually experienced significant growth. 

Unfortunately, the individual I trusted with my funds took both my invested money and the resulting profits, and ultimately, they blocked me, leaving me in a difficult situation.

Angry woman in gray top yellingAndrea Piacquadio, Pexels

28. Foolish and Broke

During my summer in Paris, I found myself in a rather predicament. It was around 4 am and I was quite intoxicated, making my way back to my hotel. Suddenly, a man approached me, offering some sort of substance. 

I had heard that this was a common technique used to scam unsuspecting foreigners out of their money. Unfortunately, I had completely forgotten about this warning and, in my foolishness, responded by saying, "Sure, let me go to the ATM and I'll buy some from you".

However, I was relieved to discover that I had no money left in my account. I explained the situation to the man, who seemed quite angry. But due to my intoxicated state, I didn't think much of it and simply turned around to continue on my way back to the hotel. 

Little did I know, things were about to take an interesting turn. Just a minute later, I noticed that the man was now following me, accompanied by four of his friends. They were gaining on me quickly, reaching out to grab my wallet and phone. 

However, I managed to fend them off and swiftly dashed down the road, escaping from them. So, thankfully, the situation didn't end terribly. But I have to admit, I was an absolute fool for accompanying a stranger to an ATM in a rough area of Paris, nearly falling victim to him and his companions.

Scared man biting his fingernails, wearing gray t-shirt standing in front of gray backgroundkurhan, Shutterstock

29. Rock Bottom For Real

My roommate and I were left with our last bit of money. On that same day, he got fired and I lost my client after dropping them off at the airport. With the necessity to sustain ourselves, I went to get groceries. So, what did I do? Well, I did what anyone would do. 

I decided to pick up some Coors Light. While at the store, I noticed a big cowboy foam hat and since it was reasonably priced, I thought why not get it. As I was making my way back to the apartment, I spotted a magazine that caught my interest. 

In a moment of foolishness, I managed to drop my wallet into the box that held the magazine, and I had no more opportunities to retrieve it. Then, an elderly lady passed by on her scooter. 

I cautiously placed my belongings down on the nearest magazine box and asked her if she could keep an eye on them while I quickly went to find some change. I only turned the corner for a moment, but to my surprise, she had disappeared with my things! 

It was unbelievable! Left with nothing to my name, my friend and I made the sudden decision to relocate to Aspen that very night. Lesson learned: never trust little old ladies.

Old lady in flower dress, a hat and pearls  standing on a streetAndrea Piacquadio, Pexels

30. Walk Of Shame

Once, I found myself in a taxi after encountering a person involved in nocturnal activities. We traveled to her place of residence, where she requested that I remain in the cab while she checked for any occupants at home. 

She then asked me if I would kindly compensate her at that moment. Without hesitation, I obliged and paid her. She exited the vehicle, proceeding to walk ahead along the sidewalk and eventually disappearing from sight near some townhouses. 

After waiting for a few minutes, I decided to step out. To my dismay, she had vanished, leaving me amidst an overwhelming array of houses. It was impossible for me to knock on each door, and to further complicate matters, I lacked the means to settle the fare with the taxi driver.

Helplessly, I raised my hands in defeat and apologized. The driver, expressing his disappointment through a shake of his head, departed. I was left feeling embarrassed by my foolishness.

Yellow taxi on the street at nightAleksandar Pasaric, Pexels

31. Check Out My New Release!

In the heart of London, I encountered a self-proclaimed "underground rap artist" who enthusiastically sold me his mixtape for a mere three pounds. The mixtape itself, however, turned out to be a simple CD-R with the title hastily scrawled on it using a sharpie. 

To complete the package, it was housed in a low-cost crystal case. Impressively, the artist boasted that there were 14 captivating songs contained within, urging me to support him by liking his Facebook page. 

Unfortunately, upon inspection, I discovered that the CD was disappointingly empty, and to my surprise, he did not even possess a Facebook presence.

person putting a cd in a computercottonbro studio, Pexels

32. I Won!

I was riding on the BART, which is a train, when I encountered a man with a newspaper and three small cups containing a bean. He approached people, including me, asking if we wanted to participate in a game. Intrigued, I agreed to join in. 

Little did I know, his intention was to entice me, as he claimed that correctly guessing the whereabouts of the bean would earn me $20. Surprisingly, I managed to guess correctly not just once but twice, accumulating $40 of his money. 

It was at this point that he proposed a risky challenge. He said, "Alright, this time it's for $60. If you don't guess correctly, you'll have to return my $40 and give me $20 of your own". Despite the potential gain, I decided to play it safe and decline, preferring to stop while I was ahead.

 This response caught him off guard, as it was not what he expected to hear. He became infuriated, realizing that he had carelessly handed over $40 to me and I was choosing to quit. I detected his anger through his disapproving glare and evident frustration. 

However, I maintained a calm demeanor, knowing that the crowded train and surveillance cameras provided a sense of security. Sporting a wide smile, I cheerfully remarked, "I seem to have a knack for your little game".

International Bart stationSuzette Leg Anthony, Shutterstock

33. Post-Workout Workout

In the past, my cousin and I had a regular workout routine where we constantly pushed ourselves to outdo one another. On a particular day, he proposed a challenge to see who could perform the most push-ups with claps in between each rep. 

To my surprise, I emerged victorious. Feeling proud of my accomplishment, I couldn't help but gloat. However, my cousin quickly suggested a rematch, this time involving pull-ups with claps. Filled with confidence, I naively believed I could conquer this new challenge.

 To my dismay, I attempted the exercise and ended up face-planting in defeat.

Man doing push-up with clappingESB Professional, Shutterstock

34. Full Circle Moment

Although I wasn't directly deceived, someone took my watch and I ended up having to repurchase it myself. I received a vintage Kermit the Frog watch from my grandfather, who had received it in the 80s. 

While in my college painting class, I accidentally splattered some blue paint on it. After cleaning it as best as I could, except for a bit of blue paint remaining in the seam between the glass and metal frame, I placed the watch in my bag. 

It wasn't buried deep; it was just sitting on top of my books beneath the flap, while I continued working with my headphones on. Later on, a high school class tour passed through, but I didn't pay much attention to them. 

The next day, I discovered that the watch was missing. A month or two later, my dad suggested that I search for the same kind of watch on eBay and buy it as a replacement, so my grandpa wouldn't be disappointed by my lost watch. 

I managed to find the exact same watch for only $15 and made the purchase. Upon its arrival, I noticed that there was still blue paint in the seams. Nevertheless, I was happy to have the original watch back.

Kermit the Frog watch on displayNed Snowman, Shutterstock

35. You Can Tell A Lot About Someone By Their Handshake

While strolling through New Orleans' lively French Quarter, I noticed a man across the street calling out to me. With an air of familiarity, he exclaimed, "Hey there, buddy! It's been a while since we last saw each other". 

This guy resembled a blend of Ving Rhames and Michael Clarke Duncan, possessing an imposing presence in his sharp suit. Initially, I assumed he might be acquainted with my parents or grandparents, who hold prominence in certain circles around town. 

Yet, I couldn't quite place him. As he approached, extending his hand, I instinctively reciprocated the gesture, realizing that he must know me from somewhere. However, as soon as our hands met, he grasped mine with an intimidating force. 

Pulling me closer and lowering his voice, he ominously demanded, "Hand over your wallet right away, or I'll shatter every bone in your hand". Feeling compelled to comply, I reluctantly surrendered my wallet. 

In that moment, he released his grip, patting me on the shoulder and exclaiming loudly, "It's fantastic to reconnect! We should definitely catch up sometime". With a serene composure, he calmly sauntered away.

Hand holding empty old walletBonNontawat, Shutterstock

36.  I’m Okay Grandma, But You Might Not Be After Hearing This

While studying at university, I faced an unexpected disturbance when my grandmother repeatedly called me during a class. Aware of the urgency, my mother quickly sent me a text message informing me about the calls. 

Realizing the importance of the situation, I expressed my apologies to the professor and sought permission to step out briefly. Fortunately, it was a small, night-time class with only about 8-10 students, and the professor understandingly granted me permission without hesitation. 

I couldn't believe what had actually happened. To my astonishment, it turned out that my grandmother had been contacted by someone who precisely imitated my voice. 

This imposter provided her with various personal details and explicitly requested that she keep the call a secret from my parents, even mentioning their names as well my brother's name. 

The stranger informed her that I had been involved in a car accident while on a road trip in Canada and desperately required money to cover the expenses for a new rental car and the damages to the previous one. 

Unfortunately, my grandmother, believing the deceitful story, ended up sending a substantial amount of money, approximately $4-5k, without the possibility of reversing the transaction.

upset senior woman on phoneRuslan Huzau, Shutterstock

37. What Did I Pay For?

Several years ago, I made the mistake of overpaying a garage door repairman. Although it wasn't intentional, he did complete the promised work and everything has been functioning well ever since. 

I can't help but feel foolish for paying such an excessive amount. During that time, I must admit I was misguided by the repairman's convincing argument that a tune-up for each garage door opener, along with spring tightening and wheel replacement for both doors, would amount to $750. 

He even convinced me it was a discounted rate. Reflecting on this experience, I still occasionally feel regret for my lapse in judgment. However, I have since avoided similar errors and have learned to be more cautious. It's all part of the learning process, after all.

Professional automatic garage door  repair service technician man working on a ladderMichael O'Keene, Shutterstock

38. Plot Twist

I have become a victim of the classic "I challenge you to touch your elbows behind your back" line. Unaware of its hidden motive, I spent a full five minutes attempting this task before uncovering why it garnered so much attention from guys. 

However, their plan backfired as I am blessed with double-jointedness and effortlessly succeeded in touching my elbows together.

Young pretty woman realized something with expression of shock at having made a mistake in white sweaterAsier Romero, Shutterstock

39. A Bad Souvenir From Vacation

During my vacation, I made the decision to disconnect from my phone. Unbeknownst to me, someone had taken my money and attempted to get in touch with me by calling my sister, who was house-sitting for my wife and me. 

The caller informed her that I would soon face a trial for an undisclosed charge unless I paid them around $900 to have the case dismissed. Alternatively, they claimed that I would be served with lawful papers the following day. 

Unfortunately, during this time, my sister tried reaching out to me multiple times, but I was unavailable due to my vacation. In an act of goodwill, I had left one of my bank cards with her so that she could purchase food and other necessities during her stay as a favor to me. 

It was under these circumstances that she ended up making the payment to the felons. This happened some time ago, before such tactics became widely recognized as fraudulent. Upon realizing the unauthorized charge while checking my online banking during my vacation, 

I naturally felt a surge of anger. What frustrates me even more is that now I seem to be on a list of individuals who have fallen prey to these situations, resulting in frequent phone calls from similar malicious entities.

anxious woman having phone conversationKarolina Grabowska, Pexels

40. Where’s My TV?

A customer who visited Best Buy shared an incident that happened to them. They came in and demanded to speak with a manager regarding a TV they had ordered. However, the customer asked for a manager named "Tammy", and we did not have anyone by that name on our team.

Additionally, we had no record of a pick-up order for this customer in our system. This raised suspicion, prompting me to ask for more information. The truth was unbelievable—it turned out that the customer had responded to a Craigslist advertisement offering an unbelievably low price for a TV. 

The seller claimed to be a manager at our store and instructed the customer to make payment by purchasing gift cards for the full amount. The customer was then asked to send pictures of the back of the gift cards to the seller. 

Following these instructions, the customer completed the payment process and was told that the TV would be ready for pick-up at our store. Unfortunately, upon arrival, it became evident that there was no TV waiting for the customer. 

Frustrated, the customer insisted on speaking to an actual manager. The manager, in turn, explained that the customer had fallen victim to a scam and had no recourse in this situation.

Aggressive customer at shop counter yellingALPA PROD, Shutterstock

41. Sketchy Landlords

I almost caught it, but my ex-girlfriend and I were searching for a new apartment as our lease was expiring. We stumbled upon a listing on Craigslist that seemed perfect for us, ticking all the boxes we had in mind. 

The landlords, a local couple, were unfortunately on a mission trip in Malaysia, working with sick children. They couldn't arrange a showing, but suggested we drive past the house to take a look from the outside. 

As we continued communicating with them over the next few hours, things took a turn. They became pushy, insisting that we make a decision quickly and send a $150 deposit to secure the apartment. 

My ex, who was handling the communication while I was at work, relayed these details to me. Instantly, red flags started waving. It seemed highly suspicious that they wanted money without allowing us to physically see the apartment. 

I shared my concerns with my ex, explaining that this situation was most likely a scam. However, she reassured me that it was genuine and provided me with all their information so I could send the money. 

They requested a Western Union money order to be sent to an address in Nigeria. I couldn't help but burst out laughing, explaining to her that this confirmed it was definitely not legitimate. This led to a heated argument. I went through the list of reasons why this was clearly a scam. 

Firstly, they refused to let us view the apartment before signing a lease. Secondly, they insisted on a deposit without allowing us to see the place. Thirdly, they demanded a wire transfer to Nigeria. 

And lastly, despite claiming to be on a mission in Malaysia, they wanted their money transferred to a different country. After listing these concerns, my ex fell silent.

Couple moving into new apartmentMilan Ilic Photographer, Shutterstock

42. A Photographer’s Worst Nightmare

A few years ago, I was earning extra money by editing digital photographs for models. While I did receive some unusual requests, such as one from a guy who wanted to enhance his dating site profile, most of my clients were honest and straightforward. 

This situation made me feel secure, but it also made me vulnerable to being taken advantage of. The person who ultimately scammed me presented herself as a plus-sized model and entrepreneur. She wanted me to retouch some images for her business's website. 

To this day, I have no idea what her "business" actually involved. The website seemed like a clumsy attempt to attract people to meet her at various nightclubs. Before you ask, she wasn't a shady individual. 

She simply claimed to be the "sexiest soul sister in the city" and acted as if she were a celebrity. Nonetheless, she offered me a decent amount of money for what should have been a quick project, so I accepted the job. 

Looking back, I should have been more cautious, but as I mentioned before, I was somewhat naive. Once I finished the pictures, I sent them to her for approval. She expressed satisfaction and then asked if I could edit a few more, promising to double my fee for the extra work. 

Once again, I agreed. However, when it was time to receive payment, things started to go sour. First, she claimed that she was waiting for her latest paycheck to clear. Soon after, she said she didn't have a PayPal account and suggested sending me a check by mail. 

A couple of weeks went by, and when I inquired about my payment, she responded by saying the check must have gotten lost in the mail. Finally, when I requested a money order with a tracking number, she accused me of trying to trick her into paying twice. 

Needless to say, I was frustrated, especially because her excuses didn't make sense. About a month later, the same woman contacted me again, this time requesting an animated banner. I told her I would be happy to work on it, but she would need to compensate me for the previous job. 

As before, she offered to double what she already owed me if I completed her new project first. Fortunately, I had learned my lesson, so I politely informed her that I would require upfront payment this time. 

Her response was a lengthy message, implying that I was trying to demand more money from her. She made ridiculous claims about me and threatened to sue me for using without permission

She concluded by assuring me that her lawyer would contact me soon. I can only assume that her lawyer's message got lost in the mail as well.

Professional Photographer Works in Photo Editing AppGorodenkoff, Shutterstock

43. Corporate Life Is Tricky

I accepted a position at a company that claimed to be involved in marketing. Based on the job description, I assumed it would be an office job, possibly focused on telemarketing or online advertising. However, it turned out to be a multi-level marketing company. 

To my surprise, the company misrepresented several aspects of the job. They initially informed me that I would be earning around $10 per hour plus commission and that I would be working in an office environment. They also presented themselves as a professional organization. 

It soon became apparent that they were disguising themselves as something they were not – a pyramid scheme. Instead of the promised compensation, I was only making $7.25 per hour. They initially informed me that the first week would involve training, which was fine. 

However, they then revealed that my actual responsibilities would involve going to different stores to promote specific products. I would essentially be one of those individuals you see setting up tables with products and trying to persuade people to buy them, such as pillows or body massagers. 

Initially, I believed I could handle this role. However, I soon learned that they imposed strict limitations on breaks. They instructed me to take a few five-minute breaks and combine them into one hour-long break, even if I didn't receive a full hour of total break time. 

I decided that I would adhere to the actual break times and not follow their instructions to combine them unnaturally. Additionally, they expected me to report certain hours even if I hadn't worked during that time. 

For instance, if I was scheduled to work from nine to five, I wasn't allowed to exceed those hours. On some occasions, I had to stay until nine to organize the products and write my sales summary. 

The company had the audacity to alter my recorded hours and replace them with the "correct" ones. They also wanted me to include time spent off-duty, such as attending their "meetings" at their houses. 

This was strongly encouraged, and not complying with it was looked down upon. As someone with a family, I couldn't drop everything and attend these meetings during my personal time, especially since I wasn't being compensated for them. 

At that point, I had reached my limit and decided to quit. However, the company had not paid me yet, claiming they needed to "correct" my time sheet. 

I had worked for them for over a month, but due to falling ill and passing out during an office meeting, they still asked if I intended to work that day. Absolutely not, I declared. I had had enough and was leaving. 

I made it clear that I expected my paycheck at the end of the week. They attempted to withhold my paycheck, but I immediately contacted my husband and sought his advice. He advised me to involve the authorities. 

In front of the secretary, I spoke into the phone, considering whether I should call them right away or leave and return with them. Suddenly, the secretary changed her demeanor and promptly provided me with my paycheck, although it was questionable whether it could be called a paycheck. 

It was a personal check issued by the individual heading the so-called "company". I decided to report this incident to the Better Business Bureau, who started an investigation. 

The representative couldn't share many details but assured me that they had received similar reports and identified a concerning pattern. They promised to contact me via phone or email if they required further information. 

If anyone receives a call from a company claiming to be a marketing company and promising rapid advancements within a year, I strongly suggest avoiding it. The particular company I encountered was called Legacy, located in El Paso, TX. 

I'm uncertain if they still exist since this incident occurred just last year.

Depressed business woman crying in officeSynthEx, Shutterstock

44. A Masterplan

This is a true story. I was around 22 years old and had gotten high on a Sunday afternoon. I was walking back to my car from a head shop when a man approached me, speaking with what sounded like an African accent. 

He was asking for directions to a bank and had a coat on with large amounts of cash in his inside pockets. It looked like he had at least 20 grand, if not more, in hundred-dollar bills. He didn't seem poor or rich, just very foreign. 

He explained that he was from out of town, only in town for a few weeks to handle his brother's affairs after his passing. He had just left the lawyer's office and the money was part of his inheritance. Concerned about his safety, I advised him to put away the money and offered to drive him to a bank nearby. 

However, as we were driving, he seemed anxious and asked me to pull over. He was worried that the banks might not be trustworthy. Here's where things took a turn. Being an American, I was proud to defend the legitimacy of our country and its banks. 

He was worried that they might confiscate his money and not release it in time for him to leave. So, I started trying to convince him that the banks were indeed safe and that everything would work out fine. 

It was at this point that "guy number two" appeared on the scene. He seemed to have come out of a painting truck, with a clipboard, paint-covered clothes, and a truck full of painting supplies. He mentioned that he was repainting the parking lot lines and noticed our argument. 

Curious, he asked what was going on and ended up siding with me, trying to reassure the foreign guy about the safety of the banks. This is where I made a mistake. The foreign guy seemed to connect better with the other guy, who offered to ride with us to the bank down the street and assist me with the situation. 

It was only a three-minute drive away, and he was on his lunch break, so he had the time. Upon reaching the bank, the foreign guy became even more nervous, worrying about the ease of withdrawing large amounts of money. 

I, being a complete idiot, decided to withdraw around $1000 (my rent money) from the ATM and then drove around the lot to return it to the bank. Little did I know, the two guys were ready for this. 

They began flattering me, saying that the foreign guy would give me some cash as a thank you for helping him and even donate to my church. They showered me with compliments and made me feel like a great guy they wanted to help. 

Unbeknownst to me, they had a car waiting on the other side of the building, and it turned out there was a third guy who had followed us there. In a blink of an eye, they snatched the cash and swiftly got into the waiting car, which was facing the opposite direction. 

I was in disbelief. It all happened so quickly. I panicked and immediately told my parents, who questioned if I had a drug addiction or some other pressing need for the money, as the whole situation seemed too unbelievable. 

But it was true. Those guys were genuine con artists. Their plan was so well thought out and executed that I didn't notice anything suspicious until it was too late. It remains one of the craziest experiences of my life.

Shocked man in blue jacket standing in front of white background.Dima Valkov , Pexels

45. Technology Versus Old People

After heading to Staples to purchase a few items, my grandparents, who are not very knowledgeable about technology, decided to seek assistance from a sales representative. 

Their aim was to transfer pictures from their camera to their laptop, which seemed like a straightforward task. To their surprise, the employee at the store informed them that they would have to pay $200 for this simple procedure. 

All they needed was to remove the SD card from the camera and transfer the pictures to the desktop. The employee suggested that they should keep the pictures on the camera as well. Initially, my grandparents were considering going ahead with this costly service. 

However, I intervened during a conversation and persuaded them to approach me for any future technical support needs.

Happy cute Caucasian senior couple at storeDusan Petkovic, Shutterstock

46. Daycare Don’t Care

Though unintentional, it still counts as a setback. As a teacher, I receive my pay divided into 25 periods, resulting in a couple of weeks where it feels like I don't receive any payment. 

To manage this, I prefer to allocate a portion of my income to cover bills for a couple of months, ensuring better budgeting and avoiding impulsive purchases, like a pool, which could hinder my ability to pay bills later on. 

To secure our daughter's spot at daycare, we arranged to prepay for a month to maintain our records accurately. The daycare gladly accepted our payment, amounting to around $500 for the remaining weeks. 

Unfortunately, things took a turn when my husband received a call informing us that the daycare was permanently closing its doors that very day, necessitating his immediate retrieval of our daughter. 

We made multiple attempts over several weeks to recover the prepaid amount, even resorting to threats of lawful action. However, the daycare owner's response was merely that she was unable to refund us due to supporting her own family and lacking the necessary funds.

 Eventually, she ceased responding to our communication entirely. After considering the potential expenses and time associated with pursuing lawful action, we decided it was not feasible to continue seeking repayment.

Girl playing at daycare with toys and childrencottonbro studio, Pexels

47. Rich Friends And Alibis

My friend was quite the celebrity aficionado. He had a knack for forming connections with famous individuals. I've even accompanied him in Beverly Hills, and I can attest that they would pause and greet him. 

It appears that he is well-acquainted with various people. As the story goes, he would graciously take these celebrities out and treat them to drinks. Meanwhile, there would be another person discreetly retrieving belongings from their homes. 

Throughout the entire scenario, my friend would maintain a solid alibi, never arousing any suspicion. He has amassed a significant amount of wealth. I have no doubt that he will someday write an outstanding book.

Man is smiling and having lunch with woman at restaurant.Gary Barnes, Pexels

48. A Rose By Any Other Name

While strolling through Rome, an individual approached me and handed me a rose, claiming it was a gift. Instantly, I became suspicious of this gesture. Reluctantly, I accepted the rose, only to have the person demand money from me. 

Refusing to comply, I attempted to return the rose, but it would have been wiser to simply place it on the ground. In a nutshell, my friend spotted me engaging in a heated argument across the plaza and came to my aid. 

Despite my friend's intervention, the persistent individual continued to harass me until my friend eventually paid them off. The whole situation left me feeling remorseful.

man in red shirt holding a roseFelipe Balduino, Pexels

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