These “Friends” Are The WORST

October 18, 2023 | Violet Newbury

These “Friends” Are The WORST

Everyone has been around someone they could not stand. Whether at home or work, the following people have suffered being in the presence of the worst of the worst:

1. Follow The Liar

I work with a girl who is a pathological liar and lazy. She would tell everyone she was going to school to be a doctor, but she couldn’t make it past one task without walking away and letting someone else finish it. She pretends to be in honors classes that I know don't exist.

She spouts nonsense opinions and tries to pass them off as facts. Talking to her for more than two minutes is enough to drive you crazy. We are banquet servers. 

Everyone splits tips, and everyone does every job, like setting up the event, serving food, making drinks and bus tables, polishing glasses and silverware, and breaking things down afterward.

One night, after everyone had gotten a break and a chance to eat leftover buffet food, we were all told to break down a 250-person wedding that was trickling out. 

We had to carry trays in front of members and guests at all times. This girl made me roll my eyes in disbelief—she did everything she could not to work and appear busy.

At least once a shift, everyone asked where she was and if anyone had seen her. She was hiding in the women's locker room on her phone, then went to take the linens back but sat in the linen closet on her phone for a half hour. 

At any rate, she was told to do something, grabbed a tray, and walked off. I decided to follow her. I follow her from the kitchen, through the banquet hall, to the bar, through the server station, and back to the kitchen—twice. 

I cut her off on the third loop to ask her where she was going, and she said she was doing something important for our boss. Since I knew better, I went and told him my observations. He handled her like a pro and told me to keep following her.

He told another girl to follow me and let her know why. Then another and another. The look of understanding that dawned on that girl’s face when she realized she had all nine servers following her for ten minutes while she did nothing was priceless.

woman holding waitress tray  with a surprised face

2. Deliciously Difficult

When I worked at Wendy's as a teenager, I had a horrible manager who would throw stuff, berate everyone, and was just an all-around jerk.

 I ran into him again at a 12-step meeting years later and found out he had just quit drinking when I was working with him. That explained a lot.

angry chef or restaurant manager yelling at the cameraKues, Shutterstock

3. The 40-Year-Old Villain

I worked with a woman in her 40s who thought she was 16. She dressed like that, behaved like that, and would set people up to try and show the boss she was the best worker. 

She would delete files from another's computers so only she would have it in case the boss asked. The good thing is the truth finally came out, and she got fired, but it was hard working with her for so long.

Office white collar worker with things collected in a box leaving the office after being firedKekyalyaynen, Shutterstock

4. The Gift That Stopped Giving

I used to work with a girl who seemed kind of shallow and not particularly bright. This was the restaurant industry, so not unexpected. She was friendly enough, so we would chat here and there. 

One day, she told me that she was going to have to break things off with a guy she'd been seeing".

Sorry to hear that," I told her, "What went wrong?" Her response made me raise an eyebrow: "He doesn't buy me presents anymore," she began, as I immediately started trying to think of ways to end this conversation and never speak to this woman again. 

She went on to explain in far too much detail, outlining stuff he had bought her previously and the kind of perfume she wanted him to buy for her.

I don't know why she thought this was relevant. At that point, I was only making polite replies as this girl was a hostess, and I didn't want to alienate her completely and get "accidentally" skipped in the seating rotation later. 

Hostess Standing in a Restaurant Welcoming CustomersNicoleta Ionescu, Shutterstock

5. Buzz-Brained Brandon

In elementary school, I reluctantly agreed to a playdate with a kid named Brandon. Brandon's dad was a washed-up rockstar but was still living like he was in his prime. Long hair, leather pants, that sort of thing. I think that might've been the reason for Brandon's oddness.

I rode the bus home with Brandon that day. We got to his house and headed straight up to his playroom. He put in some single-player Lord of the Rings game, and I watched him play for about two hours. 

Every once in a while, I interjected and asked him if we could play something else or if I could have a turn, but he declined.

Finally, we got a chance to go outside. I noticed a treehouse, so I suggested we climb up into it. He said it was infested with bees, but I could try to get the beehive out if I wanted to. I declined and figured we should move on to something else. 

Brandon told me he had go-karts. Perfect!

Except he had just had one. He said we could play a game called drive-thru. I stood next to the track while he drove the go-kart around for several laps. Eventually, he stopped by me and ordered some sticks and leaves for a meal. He made me eat them.

Two boys enjoy playing online gamesPapatoniC, Shutterstock

6. Jeepers Creepers

It was only a few months before my housemate got really creepy. He smacked me hard across the face and rear while high, then told someone he was going to wait until I broke up with a boyfriend so I would be "emotionally vulnerable" and fall into his arms. 

He said that he’d only have gone too far with a joke when he's torn through my cervix. He'd then brag about how much of a feminist he was and what an awful person I was because I wasn't a vegetarian.

Shocked girl  looking at the camera with opened eyesOllyy, Shutterstock

7. Panic At The Desk-Oh!

I had a co-worker for about a year and a half who panicked in the stupidest ways under pressure. Once, a man who was working with our office to get help with an immigration issue threatened to off the caseworker he was talking to and indicated he had the means to do it. 

The caseworker calmly left, found the woman we call Panic Lady, and asked her to call the authorities before returning to talk with the man and trying to diffuse the situation.

Instead, Panic Lady started calling all the other offices to freak out and tell them what was happening, all the while ignoring the emergency switch under her desk and not calling the authorities. 

When she called my office, we told her to hang up and call law enforcement immediately. It took her a few minutes before she finally did, and officers showed up in about a minute flat. Sure enough, the guy had a pistol. Luckily, no one was hurt by her stupidity.

Shocked business woman in office talking on the phoneKaspars Grinvalds, Shutterstock

8. Adding Insult To Injury

I had a friend of a friend who complained about no one hanging out with him, so the mutual friend would feel bad and invite him along to places. His thought process is totally bizarre—he appears to think that when he is in a group, he needs to impress everyone, so he tries to adjust to the group by insulting everyone.

He thinks he's being playful, but he's really just obnoxious.

Disappointed multiracial millennial friends sitting at a caféfizkes, Shutterstock

9. Lying His Way To The Luxe Life

I had a classmate in high school who lied, cheated, and was generally dishonest at every opportunity. Whenever there were group assignments to be done, he cheated and plagiarized stuff, often straight from Wikipedia, failing the whole group. 

It didn't matter that he was pretty much always caught and given the verbal smackdown of a lifetime from several teachers.

He kept cheating and lying throughout high school, using all means available to put himself in front of others, usually in clumsy ways that would get him caught. He was one of the dumbest, or rather most absent-minded, people I'd known. 

He would do things like buy an empty Xbox 360 carton from eBay at the full price of the console, despite it being clearly labeled as an empty box in the description, and ask teachers questions like, "How can there be a risk of overpopulation when the land is growing?"

After high school, he started playing poker, making tons of money, traveling the world, and becoming more successful than anyone I knew. 

He got himself a massive apartment and a hot girlfriend and later weaseled his way into a well-paying job despite having bad grades in high school and no college education. It really boggles my mind.

Side view of elegant man looking surprised when being caught on liepathdoc, Shutterstock

10. The B Movie Boor

I used to work at a movie theater and had the displeasure of working with the stupidest, rudest woman lacking any redeeming qualities, Brianna. When she was 19 and I was 23, she insisted I was five years older and then used a calculator to check her math. 

She asked if I was Mexican because I "look Mexican" as if that was an insult,even though I'm very pale with blonde hair and green eyes.

She thought that all mythical creatures were real because how else would we know about them? She used to take my popcorn scoop from the concession stand, so I couldn't serve customers. 

One day, I found sunglasses in a theater that I wanted to keep, and she snatched them out of my hand, put them on her face, and said, “What are you going to do?”

I reminded her that we were adults, so I was going to go on with my day rather than argue with her, especially at work. My favorite Brianna story happened after I quit. My boyfriend at the time worked there, and one day, she found out we were dating. 

She went on the longest rampage of "Ew, you're dating her? Omg why? That's like if I were dating a homeless person, and everyone would be like, 'Um, why are you dating a homeless person?'"

He didn't take that well and slammed a fist on the counter, telling her not to talk about me that way. She ran to the back office crying, trying to get him in trouble, but when the manager talked to the staff and realized how it started, she got suspended.

Beautiful young woman, movie theatre employee wrapped in admission ticketsRob Byron, Shutterstock

11. Woeful Looks Can Be Deceiving

My good friend got a divorce from a seemingly perfect marriage. He and his wife were living with her parents. I had been to their house a few times and thought everyone was so happy, besides slight difficulties with the two of them getting steady work. 

He arrived at my doorstep one night and said that his ex's parents had tossed him out because he couldn't provide for her.

We found this shocking since they seemed so nice. He had barely enough time to collect his things, and to make matters worse, on his way to our home, he fell asleep on a bus and had his phone and laptop taken. My roommates and I all felt so bad for him. 

We told him he could stay at ours for as long as he needed, and we all ignored his angry ex.

One day, she broke down with my flatmate and begged him to meet her. It turned out the real reason he had been booted out was that he had taken £10K ($12,500) off her mother’s credit card, had taken and pawned nearly 100 family heirlooms, amounting to £50K ($62,000), including an antique diamond ring worth over £20K ($25,000). 

He had fabricated a job for himself and his wife. He had her "employed" doing at-home design work, where she sent her designs to a post office address and received payment into her account from the funds he took from her family. 

The laptop and phone that were "taken" from him were also pawned, and he used it as a tale of woe to gain sympathy.

When we found this out, we had to think of the best way to get him out without him clearing out our entire home. So, we rushed home from work, checked all our things, and got ready to confront him. However, he didn't come home that night. 

We got a call from him saying he tried to jump in front of a bus and end his life but was saved by a bystander. His wife went to see him and was told he had actually checked himself into an in-patient psychiatric unit. We never saw or heard from him again.

Man hiding fraud money in his pocketGatot Adri, Shutterstock

12. No Ray Of Sunshine

I worked with a guy, Ray, who was the most willfully stupid person I have ever seen. Ray and I were both government employees at the time all of this happened because only the government would keep this man employed longer than three days. 

Ray's transgressions against logic and common sense went something like this. One of the technicians in our shop was doing some work for Ray and asked him what he wanted to do about replacing a sensor on a part. 

The technician, nice guy that he was, was amenable to whatever Ray wanted him to do. In the face of this deference and politeness, Ray showed his true, horrible colors—he inexplicably proceeded to curse the poor technician out.

Ray also had a problem remembering to lock things up. This caused security to have many problems with him. His inability to lock safes properly triggered a meeting where someone from senior management came to our group and reprimanded us, even though only Ray and another idiot were responsible for the security lapses.

Not only that, but he wouldn’t shut up—ever. He had to fill every moment with speech. Even if you wore large headphones to signal that you were trying to concentrate, he would walk up and try to talk to you. 

And it gets worse—If you didn't take off the headphones immediately, he would either shake your shoulders or try to take the phones off your head. He hated me, personally, because I picked up his slack for the good of the team. 

Many nights, I would do all the tasks assigned to him because they would fail to get done otherwise. Our bosses were informed of this situation many times but couldn't do anything. Finally, Ray’s hatred of me was his undoing.

While I was out of the office, he posted a sign facing my desk with an offensive slogan on it. It was clear from the slogan that I was the intended target. Our boss saw this and FINALLY got Ray off the program and into another shop.

He is still employed by the government but has been shuffled off into a role where he does nothing but paperwork. No more real engineering for him.

Stressed employee sitting at a desk holding his headMarcos Mesa Sam Wordley, Shutterstock

13. The Ultimate Showdown

There was this one guy in my dorm at university who was obsessed with Smash Brothers. No, he didn't just like it or really like it; he was obsessed. The problem was he didn't have anyone to play it with as he was pretty socially inept. 

You could tell he never bathed as he smelled faintly like cheese all the time, and he talked with annoyed grunts. At the time, I tried to be friendly to anyone I met. I met this guy in the hall one day and struck up a conversation. 

He invited me to play Smash Brothers in his room, and I thought, why not? I liked the game, so we went up to his room, and there was trash EVERYWHERE. I felt seriously terrible for his roommate.

We played the game for an hour or so, and the job was done, or so I thought. From that day on, every Saturday and Sunday at 7 AM, I would hear a knock on my door. A knock that wouldn't stop until I answered it. It was always him. 

I always gave him the same answer, "No, I can't play, I have to sleep". But every weekend, until the end of that year when I moved out of the dorms, he would wake me up without fail, even though I never took him up on his offer.

Hand knocking on doorANDRANIK HAKOBYAN, Shutterstock

14. My Priorities Were Right On Target

I worked at Target while in college and had all kinds of problems with them scheduling me outside of my approved availability. 

I told the HR woman several times that I was not going to miss classes because they could not keep my available hours straight, and she always said it wouldn’t happen again. After the third time that I skipped a scheduled shift because of this, I got a call from the backroom manager.

This is when things got tense. He ripped into me for it, and I explained to him that HE personally signed my availability sheet at the beginning of that semester and that I would not miss school for their mistake. 

He replied, "You need to get your priorities straight," to which I replied, "School is my priority," and hung up the phone. The next morning, I showed up for my shift at 4 AM and left at about 4:10.

They called me into a little office with the kid they were grooming to be a manager—who was younger than I was—and he told me that I was being fired for "no call, no show" on three different occasions. He was so nervous he was shaking. 

A few years after graduating and getting a job as a firmware engineer, I saw my old manager, again in Target, in uniform. I said, "Still here, huh? Well, at least you've got your priorities straight!"

Beautiful blonde business woman holding clipboard with blank space with angry, Shutterstock

15. Steer Away From This Guy

I worked with a guy who had a CD he would listen to of different airplanes taking off and landing over and over. He would call out which plane it was every time with excitement. 

Not only that, but he had also called me a supple young boy multiple times and stared at me intensely the first couple of times I ate a banana in the lunchroom.

One time, I even caught him wearing all my PPE when he thought I wasn't around. It was very creepy. He got fired, and on his work phone, they found loads of pictures of people’s rears that he had taken.

Young handsome businessman in suit  in light modern office with carton box collecting his stuff after being fired4 PM production, Shutterstock

16. Befriending The Ex Was A Big Mistake

My significant other has three kids with his ex, so she's still very much in his life. I tried to become friends with her, hoping it would make things easier for everyone since I was entering the family dynamic. 

What a HUGE mistake. She was really mean to her kids and my SO and would constantly talk trash about him in my presence.

She has also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder but doesn't take medication for it. I'm also pretty sure she probably has narcissistic personality disorder. 

Needless to say, I ended up backing away from that. I just remain polite and congenial towards her, but I cannot be around that woman anymore.

Woman with personality disorder on light background yellingNew Africa, Shutterstock

17. The Paintballs Finally Fell Into Place

One time, I saw on the news that a high school student had been the victim of a drive-by paintball strike. They had this kid on the news with his eye all swollen up from where he had been hit, going on about how he didn't even know why someone would do that to him. 

The anchors were going on about how horrible it was that people would treat other people that way. I felt bad for the guy.

About a year later, I was hanging out with a friend. He invited a few other guys over whom I didn’t know. They all seemed pretty chill, except for this one guy, who was just the most annoying, clingy jerk. 

All of his jokes were in poor taste, and he wanted to be everyone's best friend even though he was being completely insulting. He was pathetic, and I couldn't stand him.

Then, he mentioned getting hit in the face with a paintball one time, and it clicked. I suddenly understood why someone would nail him in the face with a paintball because I sort of wanted to. He said that story every chance he got, and it was irritating to everyone. 

Our mutual “friend” only invited him along because the guy would become extra annoying if he didn't. Even worse, this guy now thought he was my best buddy and would start randomly asking me for life advice as if I cared about anything going on with him. 

He eventually got the hint when I started being flat-out rude, but it still took a while because he was so desperate to be friends. I imagine he didn't have any, but his negative traits were so overwhelming that I couldn't find a shred of sympathy for him.

Shocked man with open mouth in blue sweater  standing over yellow, Shutterstock

18. Seeing Red

When I was in college, there was a guy who lived down the hall from me. We had seen each other around but hung out only once after he found out I wasn't gay. So, this guy started asking to hang out with me every day even though we had NOTHING in common. 

He was a big red-headed dude who tried to act ghetto all the time for some reason. He loved talking about how awesome and rare his car was (it was not), and he always tried to start altercations over the smallest stuff. 

I didn't really like hanging out with him, but living nearby at a small school, he was hard to avoid. So, one day, this guy's girl dumped him. He was really broken up about it and, against my better judgment, I told him these two girls had invited me to a party.

The girls picked us up, good times were had, and we wound up going to the girls' house. I was friends with these two, so I was not really expecting anything to happen, but this guy was on the rebound. His next move disgusted me.

He tried to initiate intimacy with them and eventually settled for taking one of the girls upstairs. After Big Red and I got back to the dorm, he told me nothing happened, but he did manage to take the girl's cash from her wallet. I yelled at him and made him return it all the same day. 

I still saw him at parties but stopped hanging out with him one-on-one after that.

Thief with women wallet taking moneyAnastasiya 99, Shutterstock

19. This Dude Was A Bust

There's this guy we all knew, Dustin. One night, he showed up at a local bar and started playing blackjack. He asked if I could buy him a drink and said he would pay me back when his girlfriend arrived with his debit card. 

So, I bought us both some drinks. Meanwhile, he actually had $200 cash on him that he was supposed to use for bills/gas money and child support for his 2-year-old.

He blew it all on blackjack, then his GF arrived at the bar, and he told her to buy drinks for us. After that, he took her debit card out of her purse and withdrew another $200 from her account to spend on more blackjack. After he lost all of that, he whined and pouted to leave the bar.

Then, he was booted out off the couch he was sleeping on, so he suggested he crash at my house. Begrudgingly, I let him. He had also invited his GF and one of her friends over as well. 

After waking up to get some water later that night, I overheard him begging to sleep with his GF's friend who was right next to his GF on the couch.

Man is seating at bar and talking with a bartender.Pavel Danilyuk, Pexels

20. Operation Save Your Skin

I was in the Army with a guy who was so unpredictable and volatile that they wouldn't allow him access to the artillery when he was on the firebase in Afghanistan. When he went on missions, someone would literally meet him at the gate to hand him his firearm and pistol. 

When I met him, he was in charge of my team, and the personal lockers were in his room. I would hold onto my M9 every night, saying I was "cleaning it" so I didn't have to lock it up. 

You always assume you'll have to defend yourself against someone in a combat zone; you don't usually expect that someone to be your boss.

Luckily, everyone else on the team was really good, so we were able to keep an eye on him and make sure he was only useless instead of incredibly dangerous.

Shocked soldier in uniform with crossed, Shutterstock

21. Taking A Turn Down Nightmare Alan

I was working for a software company back in the 90s. I had talked myself into a position I was totally unqualified for. After a couple of months, I was made project manager. I had an office and a cell phone, and everything was great until Alan. 

Alan was the guy nobody liked, but he was the DB guy and the only one who really understood the software. He had poor hygiene, no social skills, and an abrasive personality. Every project had someone like that. He was just the worst of that type I had ever seen. 

Word got through the grapevine that he had an offer from another company. At that time, a guy like that could write his own ticket.

My boss became obsessed with keeping Alan—and things only got worse from there.

We needed him if we were going to hit our milestones, so he made Alan co-manager and put him in my office. That meant that my dry bar and couch had to be moved to make way for his desk. I loved that couch, but I was willing to take one for the team. 

The wall where I had hung my photos and hockey jerseys was on his side and had to go as well. Alan smelled of spoiled milk and fish. There's no other way to describe it. I couldn't close the door of my office, just to keep from being ill. 

He made a strange buzzing sound every time he used the keyboard. It was like humming, but it was a tone that wouldn't change. He couldn't work if a noise bothered him, so no more CD player.

He claimed he had food allergies that, by coincidence, included foods he didn't like. He claimed he was allergic to being in the same room with dairy products, so no more bagel and cream cheese for me. 

I couldn't meet with my team in the office anymore because there was no space, and the only way to keep on track was to make sure Alan wasn't present.

I'm not sure if Alan even went home at night. Every night, he would still be there. I would come in to find piles of dirty laundry on my floor. Smudge marks on my monitor. 

Clumped up, sticky Kleenex on the floor that I wouldn't touch without a hazmat suit. He turned a dream job into a nightmare. When layoffs hit, I was happy to be out of there.

young man  closing his nose to avoid bad smellfile404, Shutterstock

22. Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dumb

There were two people at my old workplace who were useless, but neither would admit it. The guy would spend his time messing around and not doing anything. He acted like a bro until you needed him to cover a shift. 

He would just tell you he won't because he doesn't want to. The girl was just as bad but different. Everything she said was condescending.

She looked like she was working all the time but somehow managed to do nothing at all. They spent all their time complaining about each other to whoever they were working with, while in reality, they were both equally useless. 

The worst part is these two trained me, so I barely knew certain parts of my job. One time, she dared to actually ask me, "Who trained you?" When I named her and the guy, she ignored herself and used it as another excuse to complain about the guy.

Two employees in office  having an argumentTimeImage Production, Shutterstock

23. No More Nuisance Neighbor

My neighbor across the street is terrible. Our daughters are both two years old and while I work, she stays at home. All last spring to fall, she'd wait outside for me to come home with my kids around 5 o'clock to hang out. She is the most boring, pessimistic, clueless person alive.

In the beginning, I'd try to chat with her, but she only responded with flat one-word answers. Eventually, she began to talk more, but it was all negative. There was always a problem in her life, but nothing that big. 

She'd tell me how she hated her 16-year-old stepson because he didn't participate in the family’s life, and her husband would go to his hockey games on the weekend.

That sounded pretty normal to me. Her answer to “How's it going?” always started with “I'm surviving,” followed by all her current problems. 

When I would get home from work at 5 PM, I needed to get in and start making dinner, but I couldn't because she was always there just waiting for me.

She had no idea that most young kids don't eat at 8 p.m. like hers did. She also never knew when she was in the way. One evening, my husband was home earlier than usual, and we wanted to go on a family walk while my older kid practiced riding his bike. 

When we got out, she was outside, like always.

I waved and turned up the sidewalk as we went on our walk. We made it pretty clear it was just a family thing. She responded by running to her garage, grabbing her kid's trike, and chasing us down. I really enjoy the frigid weather because she hibernates. 

I haven't seen her for months.

Annoyed Young woman covering ears not being able to hear someone boringAsti Mak, Shutterstock

24. You’re Man’s A Mooch

My old roommate's boyfriend would hang around the house all the time and was a total jerk. He took selfies in our bathroom, wrote terrible pop songs and always wanted me to listen to them, and would always ask if he could have some of my good drinks. 

But the worst part about him? He leeches off everyone. It got to the point where his girlfriend (my actual roommate) got behind on bills because she'd pay for all his expenses first. Once I got my chance, I evicted them because I couldn't take it.

Portrait of a laughing man pointing at the camera with both handsDean Drobot, Shutterstock

25. Alien Insanity

I worked in quality control on oil and natural gas pipelines for a few years. We had a crew that was one person short for a week, so I was sent up to fill in. 

I ended up getting along well with the lead tech, mainly because he was born and raised only a few hours away from where I currently lived. About eight months later, I was looking for another job.

I called this guy out of desperation, even though I didn’t know him that well because I had exhausted all my other leads. He immediately asked if I needed a job and told me to come to the office 1,200 miles away. 

During the first week, this guy talked about nothing but the Bible and biblical connections to aliens. He would carry on a three-hour-long monologue about the Nephilim, the book of Revelations, etc. A week or two after that, I discovered that he had a severe drinking problem. 

He confided in me that he was going through a divorce because his wife is always depressed, not thankful for what she has, and has been talking to other men. He suspected that she may be part Nephilim because her son from a previous relationship was born with six toes.

I pushed through the insanity because I needed a paycheck. Then, he began telling me about his younger days, when he was up on dope charges that he has since expunged. He went into fine detail about what he and his friend would cook up. 

He developed an affinity for Claritin and energy drinks and began frequently staying up most of the night talking on the phone or messaging people on Facebook.

Then he got into the habit of listening to heavy rap, from first thing in the morning until we left work for the day. I put in a request to go home for two weeks since I hadn't been home in four months and wanted some family time. 

He freaked out and said we would probably get two or three days off for Christmas (it was the middle of September) and called me every name in the book for even asking.

A few days later, I put in my two weeks’ notice. He wanted me to stay for about a month past my notice. I told him I wasn't willing to do that. 

So, for the rest of my time there, he didn't say another word to me, although we were in each other's presence for at least fourteen hours a day. I was never so happy to leave a project.

Fired Employee in suit With Box of his stuffAndrey_Popov, Shutterstock

26. These Randos Didn’t Make The Grade

We had a school project, and we could either choose to create a group ourselves or get put into a random group. Knowing that I would probably end up working with my friends and just derp around for the entire project week, I chose to get put into a random group. 

Unfortunately for me, I got put together with two of the most annoying girls in my class.

One of them breathed like a pug, but at least she worked on the project. The other girl probably was the laziest person in my class. She was "sick" two out of the five days and she had to go to the doctor the last day we had to work on it. 

All she did to the actual assignment was to add a graph that she didn't even make herself. I found some stuff she could present on the last day, so as not to mess it up completely.

The day we had to present our work, I found out that the first girl's information was complete garbage, and the second girl hadn't even read what I had done for her until the morning we had to present it. 

I ended up answering all the questions for our project. We did pass, but we passed with the lowest grade possible.

Team of college students presents their project together in classroom near whiteboardStudio Romantic, Shutterstock

27. You Don’t Know The Math Of It

I was working as a math tutor at an elementary school teaching a small group of kids. There were two other tutors in the same room as me, and one was always getting praised for her student's test scores. 

When I asked to see the tests to see what our students were doing differently, she was not very forthcoming, and when I finally got one, I saw why.

Half of the things she marked as correct were wrong! I started listening to her lessons, and she was giving the wrong information, too. I complained to the boss, but it turned out they were best friends, so I got a new task assigned to me to make answer keys for "everyone" from then on.

I had to give out all my games, worksheets, and study guides with answer keys so "everyone" could use them. She won awards at the end of the year, and it was pretty hard to watch. It's sad because the only two tutors who knew math left, and those two old ladies are still working there!

Rear view of teacher assisting little boy to write on blackboard in the classroomwavebreakmedia, Shutterstock

28. Cat-Hater Carissa

In college, I had a group of friends, and we rented a house together. One of their friends, who I didn't know, Carissa, tagged along because she had no one else to live with. My cat was super sick, but they were cool with him living with us; he had allergies to food and the outdoors.

One day, I came home and she had a completely unexpected surprise for me—she had gotten a puppy without even telling me.

She wouldn't keep his food up, so my cat wouldn't be able to eat it. Then, one day, I came home to our house and found my cat wandering outside. She had left the windows open in the summer. There were cockroaches galore, and my cat, of course, escaped. 

This happened several times. Her solution to all of this was for me to keep him in my room.

Short haired gray cat lying in cat bedTan Danh, Pexels

29. Only One Bad Day Away…

I work with a guy who I believe is one bad day from doing something destructive. The guy is a total creep. He has zero social skills and has had multiple complaints from customers and other employees. He casually talks about blasting crowded places. 

He follows around and hits on any female that he sees. He was telling me about how one of the cashiers is always hitting on him. So, I asked her, and she told me she simply said "hi" to him with a smile.

He takes any female interaction as romantic advancement. He has a short fuse and major anger issues. He has been institutionalized before and is currently on probation for going after his girlfriend and her mom. He scares me and my coworkers, and we have complained to our boss, his boss, and HR, but they won’t get rid of him because he is a hard worker.

Even after the incident last year when he tried to run down another employee in the parking lot. It is an insane situation. This man needs professional help and to be separated from the public before he hurts someone or himself.

Man pointing down with his finger with a creepy smile on his facetxking, Shutterstock

30. The Deranged Dancer

It was summer. I was off from college and tired from work, so I was taking a nap. My mom woke me up, and there was this girl I never met. Mom introduced me to her and then tapped her head while giving me a look. I took this to mean, "Remember to be nice," and I nodded.

So, this girl started talking about how she was 20 and still in high school, how she wanted to “dance in front of guys and get money like her mom,” how she was in a relationship with a guy and two girls and asked if I would be interested in joining in. 

She talked about how weird it is that birds make funny sounds and wondered what they would sound like if run over/hit with a bat/stepped on/struck by the sky zappers.

During this whole thing, I said nothing. She was doing this odd stroking with her hair and making odd faces now and then, along with an occasional laughing sound that sounded like a duck being choked. 

My mom gave us lemonade and cookies and ignored my silent pleas for help. Then she stood up and declared she should show me her moves, and she started gyrating and getting uncomfortably close to me.

Then her mom walked in, complimented her on her form, and said they had to go. Turns out my mom's tap on the head was a signal for "this girl is crazy off the wall". That was how I was introduced to the new neighbors.

Girl sitting on a couch speaking to someonePixel-Shot, Shutterstock

31. Her Constant Ragging Was Ruining Me

I had a friend whom I met through another friend. I liked her at the start because she brought out the side of me that I didn't show with my other friends. 

Then, she started bagging on me, saying that I was a rich, sheltered, private school student who could afford anything she wanted and didn't know what a real school was like.

She probably thought of it all as a joke, but I told her to stop on multiple occasions, which she didn't. I was tired of her ragging, so I minimized contact with her as much as possible. After that, I realized what an impact she made on my life, the way I acted, spoke, and thought. 

I realized that just hanging out with her made me think a whole lot more negatively. After cutting her off, I've started to improve the way I think, speak, and act.

Young  woman  has realized something and found solutionLuis Molinero, Shutterstock

32. The Office Stinker

This guy smelled rank all the time and came into work with his clothes wrinkled and gross. He was nice, though. I felt bad because everyone knew he smelled, and he was the talk of the office. We also dealt with the public, so it was interesting to see our clients' reactions. 

I don't think you realize just how bad it was—It wasn't like you had to be next to him to smell him; he could be across the office, and I would think, “Oh, Mr. Stinky must be here today”. Even if he took a vacation, his smell would often linger for days. By the time it lifted, he would be back. 

People who stayed near him were armed with air fresheners. Because he was generally nice to me, I finally decided to “man up” and talk to him about it; maybe he just really didn't know. 

On a particularly rank day, I had a quick talk with him, and he said, “Really?” He improved for a short while but went back to his old stinky ways after a few weeks. I tried.

Man closing his nose with a clip because of a bad smell at the officeElnur, Shutterstock

33. The Target Of Her Exasperation

There was a mom in our group who had set her sights on hating me. She told me that she wished everyone with cancer would "die already" after I had just attended a 7-year-old’s funeral who had just lost her battle with cancer. 

She went off on me for having one kid instead of seven, like she did. She also claimed to have been married into some big banking family and bragged how wealthy she was. In private, she was the most hateful, soulless person. Around friends, she was just loud and obnoxious.

Angry woman  shouting frustrated with rage standing over blue background looking at the, Shutterstock

34. You Got It All Wrong!

I had a boss who would tell you to work on a project but fail to instruct you on how it should be done, then berate you for doing it "wrong". It wouldn't stop there. The passive-aggressive jabs would keep coming. 

Every time you were asked to do anything, it was appended with some snide comment along the lines of how he hoped you'd get it right this time. Again, no training or guidance, just criticism, and ridicule for not doing it correctly.

He would take all the credit but none of the blame for every single thing that was done in the office. I had a co-worker who created a presentation for a client. He worked on it for nearly two weeks straight. 

His reward was hearing the boss say to the client outright, "I put all this together for you". The co-worker didn't even get to meet the client. No surprise that the co-worker found a better job elsewhere.

Angry boss  shouting to an employee covering his earsMinerva Studio, Shutterstock

35. Hacked-Up Humor Is A No Bro

I play in a co-ed, recreational ultimate frisbee game on Sunday mornings. There's a guy that shows up sometimes who speaks with nothing but innuendo. Not even innuendo, but just filthy, unequivocal garbage language, and when I say "everything," 

I literally mean everything. For example, I would say, "Nice catch, so-and-so", and he would respond, "Yeah, just like your mom caught my [juice] all over her face last night".

It's just really aggressive and out of nowhere. I really don't know how he maintains employment. I'm a guy, and don't mind some bros humor every now and then, but this guy takes it to such extremes that it's really uncomfortable and weird.

Group of people playing with frisbeeRDNE Stock project, Pexels

36. The Nefarious Nepo Baby

My current roommate is a piece of garbage. I got a job with him and became friends with him immediately. We moved in together pretty quickly. We bonded over having the same taste in video games. 

His mom is a former contractor and the owner of the business we both work for. She gave him the top position, and he made 12 dollars an hour more for doing the same job I did. That was unbearable enough—but it only got more frustrating.

Eventually, he started slacking at work and lying about everything. He would say he went to the gym or cleaned the apartment, only to just not do it. His mother works about 70 hours a week and busts her behind constantly. 

He got caught playing League of Legends during the lunch rush at work and got nothing but a tap on the wrist. This dude is a lethargic, arrogant, pretentious, lying heathen of a person and tells everyone he earned "his" possessions.

Two young guys operating  gadgets sitting  on sofa at homeIurii Stepanov, Shutterstock

37. Me, Me, Me!

For the past four years, I have had to work with a woman who I believe has borderline personality disorder. She is narcissistic to a degree I've never encountered before. She cannot go two sentences without saying, "Me, my, mine, I, myself". I'm not exaggerating. 

My coworkers and I made a game of it, and for a week, we kept track. She spreads lies and incorrect information to anyone she can corner, and if you try to correct her, she gets upset and starts yelling. 

When a group of people or her boss tells her she is wrong, she gets up and leaves the room. The worst part of this woman is that she NEEDS to have an enemy.

I worked with her for seven years while she tried to destroy other coworkers, and she got on fine with me. Then, four years ago, we both took a job transfer to the same place and now I'm somehow the enemy. 

She has keyed my car, punctured one of my tires, and constantly harassed me in the workplace. She threw out and otherwise messed with my lunches, has tried to interfere and set me up for not doing my job correctly, and I've had to prove nearly every day that I'm doing what I need to be doing. 

I've reported her to management, HR, and the union. Everyone agrees she is a problem, yet nothing is done about it.

Selfish happy woman office manager embracing herself , sitting at workplace, feeling proud and satisfiedKhosro, Shutterstock

38. Lab Boy, Bad Boy

In high school, I was given this weird kid named David as my lab partner. I hated this kid. He never talked, and when he did, he had a way of just sounding creepy. He also had steely gray eyes, which didn't help his case. 

One day during class, he looked this other kid in the eye and said he was going to bring an explosive to school and destroy him. Two weeks later, I got a summons to court to testify against him, and he had been either suspended from or expelled from school.

Angry Teenager looking at cameraVaLiza, Shutterstock

39. Singled Out

Chris was the only child on my street who was the same age as me, so we were forced into friendship. He used to invite me over to play video games. 

He would play games like James Bond Nightfire or Monkey Ball, which are multiplayer games, but he would choose to play single-player mode.

When I asked if I could have a turn, he would say, "Sorry, this level is too hard for you". He would never let me get food in his kitchen and would say things like, "My parents work hard for their money to buy us food, not YOUR food".

Little boy playing video game in the dark room alonerangizzz, Shutterstock

40. Excuse Me For Living

My old boss got upset that she had to put her stepdaughter on the family Christmas card "just because she lived". The stepdaughter had been hospitalized that year and needed an organ transplant but had the nerve to survive that. His rudeness didn't stop there, either.

This same boss was also annoyed that her father-in-law's passing coincided with a work event. It was a real inconvenience for her to deal with two things at once. She only worked about 20 hours per week and complained constantly about how much she had to work.

Angry woman boss pointing out looking at cameraDarkBird, Shutterstock

41. Video Fool

This one kid who used to be in my friend group was on the larger side and really insecure. He would pretend to be Jack Bauer and this prankster from YouTube named Vitaly. 

He would go around in public and force us to film him "messing with people" or just screaming at them in Russian.

Teenager  talking via video call or making a videoKiselev Andrey Valerevich, Shutterstock

42. Looking For Hidden Figures

My wildly paranoid employee re-reads every email she gets for the hidden meaning. She used to listen to iHeartRadio a lot. One day, mysteriously, the firewall started blocking it, so she told the entire office that I called IT, and had it turned off because I hated music.

Shocked woman reading an email on laptopfizkes, Shutterstock

43. Crazy Is As Crazy Does

You know how they say not to stick it in crazy? Well, I worked with crazy; this girl was insane. She complained all the time, had constant negativity and drama, and tried to get out of work. But who I really felt sorry for were the guys she left in her wake. 

After she and her fiancé broke up, she contacted any guy she’d ever known and got on Tinder. One single conversation and she was IN. She tried to make these guys her boyfriend before they ever met in person and said they were falling in love. 

If I had a day off, I would 100% expect to come back to the same story with a new name. She made plans to drive hours to surprise them and offered herself to them if they could hang out. Ninety-nine percent of them declined, which probably says something.

Woman holding a phone  with online Internet network service Tinder on the screenDenPhotos, Shutterstock

44. Les Deux Imbéciles

I had two jerks in French class. One guy tried to explain why the wage gap wasn't a thing. He couldn't speak French AT ALL, even though he was in a 300-level class. 

He also wouldn’t let anyone correct him, even if they were just asking for clarification on what he was actually trying to say. The other guy was JUST as bad—he thought he knew everything and kept talking about grad school nonstop.

He tried to correct our prof on something that she literally got her doctorate in and was wrong about what he was trying to correct her on. That was a rough class, and I've never had to work so hard at being civil towards someone.

Students in school sitting at desks writingBearFotos, Shutterstock

45. The New Neighbor Was A No

A new neighbor moved across the street about a year ago and they had a boy about my son's age. He rode his bike up and down the street, noticed my son, and asked if he could play. He seemed nice enough, so I agreed. 

I watched them play in the front yard because I had not met his parents yet and didn't feel comfortable letting him in my home.

They got along great, and, after a few days, he asked to play video games inside with my son. I told him I needed to meet his mother first. She was on permanent disability and sick a lot, so I went over when the new kid said she was feeling well. 

Turned out his mother smoked like a chimney and drank quite a bit. There were empty cans and ashtrays all over the living room, mattresses on the floor, and almost no other furniture. 

The washing machine was going and there wasn't a hose connected to the drain so the sudsy water would drain right onto the garage floor. But his mom was pleased to meet me and thanked me for letting her son come over so much.

Then she told me a horrific story about how her son's father was in custody because he tried to light her and her son on fire. Luckily, she and her son got away and her ex went to the slammer. I felt really bad for this mom and son and even though it seemed like the poor kid had asthma with all the smoke exposure, he was polite and listened. 

So, I allowed him to play with my son, spend the night, invite him to my son's birthday party, etc. Then, one day, he told me his father was coming home. His mom let him come back and the dad was staying there while on parole. 

The kid went wild after this and no longer came around. One day, the dad sent him to our house to ask for our Wi-Fi password so they could watch a movie as a family.

We told the kiddo no, and the next day, he started ranting to my son about it at school. I tried explaining to my son why we said no, but it was hard to explain it to a 7-year-old. We've cut all contact with the neighbors since. 

I feel bad for the kid, but I don't want anything to do with a man who tried to off his family.

top view photo of kid near bicycleThe Lazy Artist Gallery, Pexels

46. The Office Bloodshed

A co-worker and I were standing around chatting in the back room of the library where I worked when a female co-worker came by holding up her skirt. Blood was running down the inside of her legs. 

The two of us were stunned into silence as she looked at us as she passed by, heading towards the bathroom. "I'm bleeding like a stuck pig!" She announced as she continued her journey to the bathroom.

One time, while working the front desk with this same co-worker, we saw something that looked like the bloody body of a mouse or other small rodent. She came over to look at it.

 "That's just my tampon. It must've dropped out," she said before booting it under the desk as we stood around horrified.

Man with disgusted expression on face holding his hands up looking away from, Shutterstock

47. Lying Lucy Was The Worst

A colleague’s wife had a miscarriage after three years of trying. It was very sad for all involved and, naturally, we all understood when he took some time off to be with his wife. 

This woman, Lucy, couldn't get the day off she wanted, pitched an absolute fit, and screamed, “It's only a bit of blood. It wasn't even a baby. He's just been a [jerk] because he knew I wanted the weekend off”'.

Then, I was out sick for several weeks. I was diagnosed with MS after spending two weeks in hospital. At that time, I was a caregiver for my grandfather and had to ferry him around as he was in a wheelchair. 

She saw me in the car with him and told my manager I was faking it and had nothing wrong with me because I could drive. I was summoned to come in for a talk.

She was also a compulsive liar who would hear a story and would try to one-up you. Lucy was honestly the worst human being I have had the misfortune to know.

Front view of two angry business people using computers disputing at workplaceAntonio Guillem, Shutterstock

48. Hard-To-Handle Curveballs

We had a next-door neighbor who was absolutely bizarre, but we carpooled and, therefore, were forced to interact. One day, my parents had the bright idea of trying to start a friendship between the two of us. 

So, he was invited along to a Mariners baseball game with my dad and me. Let's just say he didn't share the same love or respect for the game that we had.

Before the first pitch, he started this weird wailing and screaming, then crawled across people in the stands like he was scaling some type of unfamiliar terrain. 

My dad did his best to corral him, but he didn't want to be too physical since it wasn't his kid, and we were in public. After an inning or two of pure embarrassment, he began licking and sucking on my dad's forearm.

He was using it as his own pacifier/French kiss make-out session. This was, unfortunately, the lesser of two evils, and because it kept this nightmare in place, my dad just let it happen. 

For the next 30 minutes, I watched as this kid turned his very hairy forearms into something resembling a Doppler weather pattern of a hurricane. Some massive swirls, some smaller ones, etc. 

I really believe that he got further with my dad's arm that day than he has with a girl (or guy) in the 18 years since the event.

Memorable strangersUnsplash

49. The Moron Had Two Faces

I had to work with this guy who was actively trying to get me fired behind my back. To my face, he was acting like a nice guy, making small talk, showing me pictures of his kid, and seemingly taking an interest in my life. 

The reason he wanted me fired was because he was bitter that my father got me the job. Meanwhile, I worked just as hard as everyone else. A few months later, he was fired for taking hundreds of dollars worth of tools.

Fired male employee  reading the notice of job terminationtommaso79, Shutterstock

50. Go Home And Get A Life!

My SO's ex-best friend was the most pathetic human ever. He used to be cool, but the more he was around, the worse he got. He would often complain about how people were jerks to him because he's just such a nice guy, and they take advantage of him. 

Well, it turns out that it's totally the other way around.

He would never just ask if we wanted to hang out. It was, "I need you to come pick me up. I'm lonely, and I think I'll [hurt] myself if you don't come get me". So, my SO would go get him, and we would entertain him for a while. 

He was 30 years old, still lived with his parents, and refused to work.

He also wouldn't drive his car anywhere because he was always drinking, so we always had to get him. When it was time to take him home, he'd always be like, "Can I just stay at your house?” One time, he wouldn't leave our house for a week. 

He sat on our couch, refused to sleep in the guest room, and would yell at us if we woke him before 4:00 PM in our own living room. He ate all of our food, complained about the meals that I cooked, complained if we didn't drive him to the store for more booze, and the list goes on.

Finally, after a week of dealing with his nonsense, my SO told him that we needed to take him home because we were going to spend the day with my dad about an hour away. He invited himself! We said that wasn't really acceptable because it was a family thing. 

He goes, "I see how it is. You're just trying to get rid of me! I'm depressed, and you don't even care!" I said, "You've been here for a week, and we have completely taken care of you. It is time for you to go home. You can't come to my family outing". 

He replied, "If you were real friends, you wouldn't mind taking care of me! If you cared, you would let me live here and help me through my depression!"

He then started yelling at me for “taking” his best friend, and also at my SO for getting in a serious relationship while he needed help. He said, "I can't believe you would choose to live with your girlfriend over your best friend!" 

We were dumbfounded and told him that he shouldn't expect other people to keep their lives on hold for him and should be more appreciative of the fact that we let him crash at our place and fed him for a week.

He then told us that if he ends his life, it’s our fault. My SO told his parents how he was acting when we dropped him off, and we ended up moving away shortly after. Thank God.

Depressed man  sitting on a couch at homeAndrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Sources: Reddit

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