You Think It’s Bad, But It Gets Worse

August 13, 2023 | Scott Mazza

You Think It’s Bad, But It Gets Worse

Sometimes, you hear a story so wild that you heave a sigh of relief when it’s over. But then WAIT…it gets worse! Well, these Redditors have lived and seen such stories, and we’ve brought you the best of the worst.

1. Close To Home

A couple years ago, some guys who worked at a mechanic shop in my town were joyriding in a customer's BMW around midnight. They launched themselves off of a roundabout going about 130 mph. They hit the big oak tree in my front yard. The two front wheels ripped off the car, shot across my yard, and through my front concrete block wall.

The driver was ripped from his seatbelt and ejected into the road. The car landed about 60 feet away—outside of my bedroom. The passenger was gone at the scene, still strapped in.

The driver was mildly alive but flatlined pretty quickly thereafter. I saw it all and it scarred me for life. But it still got worse.

My landlord wouldn’t let me break my lease and refused to fix the hole in the wall because he was too “traumatized”. I ended up having to pay him to get out of my lease. After watching two young guys die in front of my house.

2. Since ‘Nam

When I was seven, my mom bought me a rat at Petco. I’d had a few rats as pets before and I really liked them. Three days after we bought it, it was acting kinda tired and just stood in the corner of its like a genius, I picked it up and it bit me. It really latched on. My mom had to pry it off my hand and then the rat kicked the bucket that night. But that was just the beginning.

About a week later I got a fever and what my parents thought was the flu. I got to stay home from school and watch TV, it was awesome. But after a few days, my symptoms didn't go away and I started to get this weird rash with little puss bubbles in the center of red circles. Three days in I went from feverish but fine to unable to move without ridiculous amounts of pain and my joints giving out in the span of an hour. I had to go to the hospital and stay there for two days.

Everyone thought I had meningitis, but the tests came back negative. My mom then told the doctors about the bite (we hadn't thought of it before because everyone was telling us it was meningitis). The doctors were really worried because rat bite fever eventually spreads from the joints to the organs and slowly kills you, so they gave me massive (like 3 times a normal adult dose) of penicillin. Big mistake.

That was when I learned I was allergic to penicillin!

When they figured out I had rat bite fever, the doctor walked into my room and said, "Well, I haven't seen this since 'Nam!" They were trucking in med students from across the state to look at me and scrape my pustules...It was the worst.

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3. The Big Bad Pig

When I was growing up, we had a bunch of sheep and a very large (~700 lb) pig for years. They always hung out in a pen together and cohabitated just fine. As the pig got old, he got pretty senile and aggressive. One day, he picked a fight with the alpha sheep and sat on him until he was no more.

Then it gets worse. After the sheep lay there, gone for a few hours, the pig started eating it. He just dug in and started eating the sheep’s side and guts. It was like a nightmare...and then it gets way worse.

We have no idea how, but the next time we check on the pig, he is wearing the fleece of the sheep that he’d just eaten. He somehow got a huge slab of its wool up on his back and he wore it as a trophy for about a day before my mom used a rake to get it off of him (because it was really freaking the kids out). That’s when we realized he was too dangerous to live with. We didn't want to dig a hole big enough to fit him in it so we shipped him off to a spam factory.

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4. Runaway Sitter

One family vacation, my parents hired a babysitter from the hotel service to watch my little brother. He was one at the time and was pretty much just going to sleep while we went out for dinner with their friends. We got back to the hotel room to find my brother, alone, absolutely beside himself, having cried himself hoarse and torn his clothes.

Turns out the babysitter was pregnant, broke into the room’s safe and took everything there, and ran off with her boyfriend, leaving my poor brother alone for hours.

Flash forward to our trip home. We had parked our car at the airport. After we landed my dad went to quickly get the car and drive around to pick us up. He was gone for what felt like an eternity. He finally returned…on foot. Our car was gone.

So then it gets worse. We took a taxi home. My aunt, who had been house-sitting, left a note in the kitchen: “Don’t go outside"!

Our dog was out there—and it looked like he'd been gone for a while.

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5. The Day That Would Never End

It was my first week at white collar work. I find a parking spot where there's no 'NO PARKING' signs. But since there’s a huge truck parked on the same road, I leave the car and go to work. Two hours in, I realize I forgot my old school bag inside the car. I notify the supervisor I'm getting out to go get it. The car is two blocks away.

"Sure, but if something happens call me so I know not to expect you," he says.

"Um, okay", I reply.  “The car's just two blocks away, I'm going there to get the bag and coming back."

So I leave. Only to find my car's back window smashed to pieces and my bag gone. Inside were art supplies worth about €50, but most importantly sketches and notes for the next three issues of my self-published comic book. It was a month of work and research, storyboards, and dialogues, all gone. I was absolutely heartbroken.

I dial the emergency number to report the incident, when I notice something on the front window:

A €80 parking ticket. I look at the time it was written: 10 minutes before I arrived. I ask the locals why I’ve been given a ticket and they say parking is forbidden. "But there's no sign saying so!" "Yes, there is, right there." He points to a NO PARKING sign...on a pole that was crushed to the ground where the parked truck once was.

"By the way, the guys who broke your car window did it twenty minutes ago."

"And you didn't tell the guys writing me the ticket? They wrote it ten minutes ago!"

The answer I get basically says: not my problem even though I wouldn't be inconvenienced. So I think to myself “I better call the authorities NOW, they might find the culprits". I make the call and they tell me I should wait—they’ll be there in ten minutes.

So, I call my work supervisor, but he doesn’t answer. I call again, twice, thrice, four times. Then the line's busy and then he ignores me again. Just as I start considering running back to the office to speak to my supervisor in person, the officers show up. So I stop because I have to report what was taken and the description I got from the local dude who saw them.

The officers then leave, and tell me they'll notify me if they find something. (It’s been two years, they never did.)

I return to work, devastated. My insurance policy sucks and I have to pay for the broken glass myself because of technicalities. I've just lost three months of my life's work on the profession I want but can't fully support me financially yet. I also lost fifty euros worth of art supplies in the bag and I get to pay eighty euros for a traffic ticket I got unfairly.

I seriously felt like I'd hit rock bottom. Of course, that's when it got even worse. And then I see my supervisor, furious. He’s screaming at me and demanding where I was all this time, all these hours, HOURS! (I was gone thirty-five minutes total) without answering my phone or calling him!

I try to explain that I called him about fifty times, that my car was smashed and I had to wait for law enforcement. And that he didn't answer the phone. I showed him the call data on my phone, I showed him the signed statement the officers gave me. It was clear that they were there and needed me there to answer questions. I even showed him the parking ticket.

I might as well have talked to a wall. I was fired. But this day wasn't finished messing with me just yet.

I pack my few things, drive home, and on the way a taxi crosses a red light and crashes into me. Ambulance, hospital, broken leg, twenty stitches. At least my insurance covered it. I have to stay for at least a day there. I get an SMS at twelve in the night. My girlfriend of a three-year-old relationship finally shows signs of life. She hadn't answered my calls all day.

She dumps me out of nowhere "because she can't handle this relationship any longer." No further explanation. No answering her cell phone. No answering my messages. Midnight marks my birthday. I can't handle any more so I just doze off in the hospital bed.

I wake up three hours later because an old man mistakes my room's door for his own, invades my unlocked room, and screams at me at the top of his head to get off his bed.

By the time the nurse gets there, I can't calm down enough to get back to sleep.

I try to log into Facebook. At least some birthday wishes from my friends might do something to my collapsed ego.

But someone hacked into my account and changed the passwords.

Two years later, I still haven't taken back my Facebook account.

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6. Camping

When I lived in Indonesia as a child, the expat boy scout troop went camping on an island near Krakatau. We landed and unloaded, and quickly realized that the beach was not sandy at all, but instead made up of 1-6 inch chunks of bleached coral. Extremely painful.

Not only that, but a container ship must have dumped cargo nearby, as the whole waterline was filled with a thick layer of rubber flip-flops and doll heads. Creepy!

So we worked our way to a small grove of trees that had fewer of these coral prongs and set up camp. After getting tents set up and a nice campfire of rubber flip-flops and doll heads going, which sent up thick choking clouds of black smoke, one of the scouts shouted a single, terrifying word: "Scorpions!".

His boots that he had set down already had several scorpions in them. So we sealed up our packs as best we could.

We had a good time looking around the island. There was an old Japanese airstrip from WWII that had some artifacts. As the sun set we came back to camp, and found our food supplies getting raided by a massive column of red ants. We swept the ants away, re-sealed the food and repositioned it away from the ants and made dinner, picking out the ants that remained.

The night was so hot and muggy that seven of us slept outside instead of sharing the tents. Surprisingly, nothing bad happened! Or so I thought...

I felt sick a few days later and went to the doctor. All seven of the outside sleepers were there, rapidly getting diagnosed as having malaria. Several weeks later my fingernails were still blue from having lost my share of red blood cells!

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7. The Pirate

My friend liked to tinker with the trigger on his paintball gun. He'd always make it really sensitive and easy to pull (hair trigger?).

Anyway, one time he set it down at his side with the barrel facing up so he could pull his mask over his face. Unfortunately, as he did this, his finger grazed the trigger and caused it to go off. The unluckiest shot in the world—straight into his left eye.

They had to remove a lot of the colored portion of his eye, leaving a pretty awesome all-black left eye.

But it gets worse. While he was waiting in the emergency room with a patch over his left eye one of the nurses was kind enough to fetch him a soda with a straw and all.

As he went to take a sip he poked himself in his other eye.

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8. Honey, When Was My Last Period?

I bought a box with two pregnancy tests and both were faulty. I bought another box of the same brand at a different store. Also, faulty. I then bought a third box, from a different brand and didn't even have to wait the full three minutes for "Pregnant". At least I got my money back for the other four.

“Congratulations! You're pregnant"!

But during my first exam they tell me, "You also have a tipped uterus and the pregnancy/birth is going to be difficult."

I had to stay within five feet of a trash can at all times because at any moment projectile vomiting might ensue. I even threw up on one of my dogs. She didn't seem that upset about it, though.

When I was seven months pregnant, I was told "You are borderline for gestational diabetes. You're going to have to test four times a day." On the bright side I've gotten over my fear of needles because of all the jabbing.

Then it’s: "The baby isn't moving around as much as we'd like. We're going to induce."

They proceed to make me check into the hospital on New Year's Eve at 6 a.m. and start 2 IV lines, one with Pitocin to induce labor. I have to drag two IV poles to the bathroom whenever I have to pee. Twelve hours later, no baby but I'm still having contractions. Luckily, there is a Law & Order marathon on TV. And I’m by myself because my in-laws are in town.

24 hours go by and I'm still on a table. I ask to go home because the baby clearly doesn't want to come out despite my labor. "No, we're going to poke you with a stick and everything will go much faster." Why didn't they just start with the stick?

So they poke me with a stick, AKA break my water. And that really does speed it up. So I call my husband and tell him it's time to come sit with me. The pain is intense and a little nurse keeps yelling at me to take meds. I have now been in labor for 24 hours straight. I discovered that when your water breaks, it doesn't all just come out at once. It's sneaky. It will come out only a bit at a time. You have to change your hospital gown five or six times.

The nurse convinced me to get a shot so I could take a nap. She seems like a nice lady despite the yelling. Except, it went extremely badly. The shot made me fall off the table. I discovered that opiates are not for me.

Several hours later I woke up screaming. Apparently, the shot had worn off. The doctor comes in and says, "If you don't get an epidural, I'm going to schedule a C-section."

Reluctantly, I agreed to have the epidural. By the time the guy got there, I had been awake and in labor for 36 hours on a table. I barely understood anything he said. The epidural was attached to the wall, not to a pole, so I had to have a catheter put in. None of this is going the way I saw it on the Discovery Channel.

But then the epidural didn’t work and I demanded that they bring the guy back in so I could talk to him. I told him that I felt like I was being ripped apart. He looked at me like I've gone insane. "Epidurals won't do anything about that," he tells me. "They just stop the pain of contractions". But that's the only pain that didn't bother me!

Hour 40 of labor and they disconnect the Epidural of Fail. I was now all systems go for pain. But…I get to have the catheter taken out and Law & Order is still on. The doctor says if I don't have the baby soon I'm getting a C-sec. It takes 6 hours of hard pushing and the baby gets part way stuck out of me.

I decided I couldn’t do it anymore. I asked for the vacuum. Doctor says no. I still couldn't get the baby out. "Fine, we'll get the vacuum." Then the doctor announces to the whole delivery room that we don't know the gender of the baby (we opted not to know) so the nurse must now search for a GENDER NEUTRAL COLORED CAP FOR THE VACUUM. This was a ploy to stall until I pushed the baby out on my own. I attempted to kick the doctor in the face.

Finally, the nurse found a white colored cap and they pulled the baby out 46 hours and 26 minutes after I began labor. Then, they required thirty minutes of stitching up and I couldn’t hold the baby. The doctor proceeds to tell me all about the documentary she watched last night about Australopithecus. I considered stabbing her with her scissors.

They let me go home.

Five days after the baby was born she had an appointment with the pediatrician. The doctor pulled up a chair, right in front of my face, hands shaking, and told me that she was going to call the Children's Hospital and set up an appointment with a Pediatric Cardiologist and we have to get there immediately. My husband drove across town as fast as he could and deposited us at the entrance so he could park. I ripped half my stitches running up the stairs to the second floor rather than wait for the elevator.

After hours of ultrasounds, the baby has a heart murmur but requires no surgery. If I was inclined to believe in God I might have thanked him, but I was still missing several stitches. But my nightmare still wasn't over.

For two weeks, pooping was a terrifying endeavor for me for many reasons. It took hours of pep talks to myself to get me onto the toilet. They should make an Epidural for pooping after childbirth. That's when you really need one.

And then the baby vomits and we take her to the Pediatrician. She needs intestinal surgery. On the day we drove her to the hospital for a check-in, our car just stopped in the parking garage and had to be towed. It needed a new engine. I didn't even know it was possible to need an entire new engine.

The baby had to stay a week longer in the hospital than they thought she would. In 11 days I never left the room. Thankfully it had a shower. I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix almost a dozen times.

It was awful.

But then it got better.

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9. Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It was my birthday. I had a little sniffle but thought nothing of it and went to school anyway. By the time my class ended, I had the chills, cold sweats, and was feeling unbelievably nauseous.

I used to take a two-bus route home. The first one was supposed to come every 15 minutes. It was an hour late that day. At this point my limbs started to ache so badly I began to cry and I have a pretty high threshold for pain. By the time the first bus came, I was in tears from the physical pain. Everyone was staring at the convulsing girl crying. They probably thought I was insane.

When I arrived at the second bus stop, it was raining pretty hard. Since this bus only comes every hour, and the first bus made me late, I had another 45 minutes to wait.

There's no covering, as it hardly ever rains here. So I am now drenched, having intense pain in my legs and arms from the worst flu I've ever had, shaking from the pain and the cold, lying across a bus bench, crying like a mad woman. . .

And then, it began to hail. Who would've known little frozen raindrops hit so hard? I made it home, freezing and dizzy.

It was the worst birthday I ever had.

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10. Strep-Everything

When I was in high school, my family planned a trip to Paris for Spring Break. I had never been out of the United States so I was very excited to go. But then my rowing coach informed me that I cannot go on a trip but must attend two-a-day practices instead. I hated it.

Well during this "Spring Break" I got strep throat. I still practiced but it sucked. I could barely swallow so I coughed a lot when I did.

But it gets worse.

Rowing gave me blisters on my hands that were getting pretty gnarly looking. They started to hurt even more than normal so I went to the doctor. He tested the fluid that popped out of a few of them and told me that my strep throat had been transmitted to my blisters on my hands.

He said that in his 45 years as a doctor he had never seen a single case of 'Strep Hands'.

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11. Visa Mishap

My friend realized he lost his Chinese visa a few weeks before he was set to go to China on a business trip. It was the week of Thanksgiving and we were all coming over anyway for friendsgiving dinner. So we helped him tear up his place for it.

We thought it was so weird because before he moved into his new place, he was nomadic and therefore didn't have a lot of things in the first place. He had to go get another one, which cost him $4000.

The awful part was that his company refused to help him pay for it. But the worst part is, he ended up finding it a week before his flight.

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12. The Intervention

My family had an intervention for my dad because we thought he was on narcotics. He admitted he had a problem, but that it wasn't out of hand and promised he'd get clean.

Then we found out he had been using H for 4 years.

And then, while he was in rehab, his boss found out he had been stealing parts from his work and selling them for money, so he fired him. THEN we found out he hadn't paid a mortgage bill in six months and we were going to lose the house. And when he came back after a month of rehab, my parents split up.

He's been clean for a year but moved very very far away to find work and I haven't seen him for probably a year.

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13. The Adventurous Hikers

Some friends and I decided to go wilderness hiking in the great Australian bush and everything actually went pretty well for the first few days.

On the final day of our hiking trip however, the wind steadily increased from the somewhat noisy 30 knots we’d been experiencing nightly to a gale-strength 48 knots. As the wind steadily rose we made the somewhat rough and hasty descent to our car. We were running from both the weather and danger because as dangerous as you think Australian animals are, it’s way worse under gum trees in a storm. We arrived at the car as the wind crept over 50 knots and gladly began heading towards the highway, a mere 40 kms away along a clear dirt road.

We thought we'd finally made it through the worst. We were very wrong.

Pretty soon we came upon a downed eucalypt. Then another...and another. Each comically larger than the last. By the time we had moved 4 trees, the trees we were encountering across the road were too large to move or too tightly stumped in the ground. Either way, they would not budge. We called for emergency services. They informed us they would “see what they could do” but they couldn't even figure out where we were so we didn't have high hopes for a state-sponsored rescue.

This was when one of the other girls mentioned that her Leatherman had a saw blade. We laughed at first and jokingly posed beside the trees with our tiny pocket-sized saw. But eventually...we tried it, and kept trying it. We had to get out because we all had flights to catch home after the trip. In total we sawed through 4 fully grown gum trees within a time period of 2 hours and had to clip and move 16.

We hit the main highway just in time to receive SMS alerts letting us know that our flights were canceled and we'd have to catch them tomorrow. Really wished we'd known that before sawing through all those trees.

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14. Another Prom Story

Being one of the more hated kids in my school made senior prom a royal pain.

At first I couldn't find a date. Not a problem, I wasn't all that popular anyway and at least most of the girls I asked were polite enough to reject me with some civility. Eventually one of them said yes, which had me excited since she was one of the girls I liked the most.

So I bought our tickets and proceeded to plan everything out including a nice dinner and even a limo. Around this time I’d learned that the few friends that I had at that school decided they were going to go to other proms instead for various reasons. I never dug too deeply, but hey...I had a date and I was going with her group no matter what. I wish I'd known what was coming.

Time came to get ready and I had given her her ticket. I was dropped off by my parents at the restaurant and waited...and waited...and waited some more. I got a call from someone I didn't know and found out it was some guy...who she took to the prom. So basically she got a ticket from me and went with someone else.

But it gets worse.

I decided, quite stupidly, to trudge on. I ate my meal at the restaurant, took the limo that was already paid for to the location of our prom—a Natural History museum because the main areas were multi-floored and wide open.

Anyway, as the night dragged on and I was miserable. I was constantly being harassed by her date and their friends about how "stupid" I was for thinking anyone would want to waste their time with someone like me. Finally having enough, I called the limo guy, let him know not to pick me up and that I'd mail him the rest of the payment plus tip. I asked my parents to come pick me up—but then I had an idea. I decided to hatch some petty revenge.

Seeing that my date was with her little group of friends, standing near the exit, and was wearing a very expensive, very white dress…I went to the buffet table, filled a plastic cup with grape juice, and approached her once my parents arrived. When I approached her I kept the cup in my right hand, about waist level, and kept my left hand near my face as I talked and made sure to keep it animated to keep her attention there.

I can't recall the exact words but essentially it went, "Hey, I hope you're enjoying the dance. I just wanted to let you know that I'm really saddened that you stooped so low as to lie and put a nerd's hopes up just so you can dash them so you can brag to your friends. But just so you know, I may be polite but I'm not someone to cross."

While she was responding I threw the grape juice all over her white gown, dropped the cup from my hand with it right in her face, and began to walk towards the door giving her the finger. So maybe it did get slightly better at the end.

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15. Ineffable Occurrences

We were on a long road trip across the country.

On the last day of the trip, we notice what appears to be a huge dust storm in front of us. The visibility is low, but not too bad. After driving in the dust for a half hour, we realize it isn't getting better and agree to take the next exit.

It’s a mile from the exit and we drive straight into a wall of dust so thick we couldn't see a few feet in front of us. The car in front of us came to a complete stop, so I slam on my break and I crank my wheel to the left to try to get out of the way of incoming traffic. It all happened so fast...

That is when the huge SUV slammed into my tiny car. I spent the next hour or so running around in the dust storm (that stuff hurts!) trying to get insurance info. This is when I discovered that my roadside assistance had expired a few months ago. Doesn't matter, because local officers called a tow company for us. The tow guy thinks our car is totaled but he offers to give us a lift to a hotel near a hospital (because we are still four or five hours from home and my partner is hurt).

He drops us off at a Best Western, we empty the car and he takes off. I spent the next hour on the phone with the insurance company. They won't cover our car. But we had just finished paying off the loan on the car. Literally, a month or two earlier. So they’d dropped the comprehensive/collision coverage that the bank required.

I had intended to get it added again in the next billing cycle, but I'd never been in a wreck this bad before so I didn't mind letting it ride for the one billing cycle. Hubris.

By the time I get off the phone with the insurance company, we are ready to go to the hospital. We open the door…and the ground is covered in snow. The temperature dropped about 35 degrees Fahrenheit since the wreck.

We walk to the hospital in the middle of the snow storm, and then get lost trying to find the entrance. We finally get to the hospital and walk a long hallway to the emergency room. But the emergency room was packed. My partner only had back pain/whiplash so it wasn't worth waiting with all the sick people. So we decide to do it when we got home. We then have to walk back to the hotel (in the snow).

Once we get home, we walk in the door, unloaded all of our stuff...only to find our bathroom and bedroom are completely flooded for some mysterious reason.

We call the maintenance guy. He can’t figure out what was causing it.

We still don’t know what that was. But we're pretty sure it's a curse.

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16. Consecutive Losses

In 2009, my uncle (mom's brother) lost his life. In 2010, the same thing happened to my grandma (my uncle's mom). And then, in 2011, my dearest father. Then, on December 30, 2012, my mommy. It's been a horrible few years, I tell you.

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 17. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

My dog passed on. My husband walked out on me 3 months later. Then I got cancer.

Then my small business failed. Then I got threatened with eviction from my house.

I'm still waiting for a nice thing to happen.

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18. A Cold Night

This happened to me early this year.

It was around October and it was so cold I couldn't feel my hands. I also happened to be at a football game for my high school where I had to perform for the marching band.

I'm in the guard and it was very hard to spin a flag with numb hands. Then I found out it was senior night, which pretty much meant I had to stand completely still in the middle of the football field at halftime while all the marching band seniors were announced with my hands feeling like they were about to fall off.

When halftime was over, I decided to get a slice of pizza. As I waited in line all of a sudden I heard a pop. The electrical box right next to me bursts into flames.

Luckily no one got hurt but they ended the game and evacuated the school.

I thought the night was over and I could go to bed and pretend none of this ever happened.

But when I got home my parents were sitting at the counter crying. Turns out my grandmother,  who had been in the hospital, was gone. To make it better, let's add the guilt factor.

My mom went to visit her the day before (she lived a few hours away) but didn't know what day she would come back. She offered to let me come but I was too worried about missing school. So like the idiot I am, I just stayed home. I missed my last chance to see her, all because of a stupid test or two I could have made up.

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19. Exam Jitters

My sister set her phone alarm for 7 am so she could be up early to go take her first college math final. Her phone dies, making her late.

She realizes as she gets on the highway onramp that she’s forgotten her calculator.

And to top it off, she runs over a kitten as she’s backing out of the driveway the second time.

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20. Wrong Number

A former high school classmate asks for an intimate picture. I shrug and decide that it's not really a big deal. WRONG.

I accidentally sent it to my 35-year-old Christian boss. My palms started sweating and I had the urge to vomit. I watched my text say "sending..." (there was no way to cancel the picture message).

I was quickly preparing a text speech telling him not to open it and how it wasn't for him and etc. Inevitably, a "sent!" message pops up on my screen.

Then it gets worse.

Right as I went to type my apologetic message, my phone glitched and turned off. I bolted to my bedroom to plug in my charger. Of course, having the trashy phone that I had, I had to wait what felt like an hour to be able to turn back on the phone and successfully open my messages to send him an array of "PLEASE DON'T OPEN THAT!!!!" texts.

A few hours later he replied with, "Deleted the thread. Didn't open anything. Don't cry."

Everyone I tell this story to says that he definitely did open it and see it. Wah :(

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21. Hotel Stories

My wife and I run a small hotel. Here is a story from the hotel, from my wife's perspective.

Robin and Jeremy. A nice couple from Alabama. They always paid their rent on time, until we became close and then money was no longer coming in. He got hurt at work and they were toying him around as far as getting him his money. That's fine, we assumed it was coming.

Then one day, Robin gets caught shoplifting at the grocery store in town and to get out of it she tries to make everyone feel bad for her. She tells them that Jeremy has been beating her but this was not true at all. Still, they arrest him.

He then called me needing someone to bail him out. I said I will sign if you need me to, but I want no monetary involvement at all. He told me he'd just learned about Robin and that she was pregnant with his twins.

I felt bad for the guy but he owed the hotel $2000 at this point and his disability check hasn't come. I really didn't want to get involved more than I had to.

I trusted both of them. He had done nothing wrong and was incarcerated with no way out because the bail set at $15,000. I called the guy's mom for him and told her to get ahold of the bail place to see what she could do. But I told him there was nothing I could do for tonight.

Who would think that the nice pregnant southern girl whom we let into our house, let play with our baby, shared movies, music and food, would turn out to be what she is. We trusted him more than sad is that?

So Jeremy got released because Robin made up the story about him beating her…We know that for a fact.

He told us everything he found out after she was picked up for shoplifting. He found out she had called the authorities to see what to do about bail for her and they told him they had some info for him and asked where he was. He told them and when he stepped outside to talk to him they placed him under arrest for domestic charges. He had no idea what was going on.

Here's the 'and then it gets worse' part:

When he gets to the station he is questioned about Robin. Apparently, she’d told them anything she could to try to get out of the trouble she was in. Fake names, birthdays, SSNs.

Jeremy finds out that she has outstanding warrants in Alabama and had just gone to prison for identity theft. Something he had no clue she had done.

They’d grown up together but lost touch for about 10 years and just found each other again recently. He found out she has been in prison and had other children. Plus she lied to him about being pregnant with his twin babies.

When he got back here he started going through her things, something he had no reason to do before.

He found a driver's license from a girl who stayed here a while back. Robin had recently dyed her hair and we believe was planning on traveling using this girls license. He also found a pile of other people's credit cards, blank checks, everything.

Teachers Got Fired FactsShutterstock

 22. Family Hikes And Party Boats

My family went on a very dangerous hike in Lake Powell.

It was an all-day hike. We came back at dusk to two stuck-in-the-water boats. My grandpa took the lead and started leading us—all twenty of us, including 12 kids under 15 (I was 9)—on a 7-hour hike around the lake looking for help.

Middle of the night comes and goes. We found a road and followed it for a while and suddenly ended. No barrier, no fence. The asphalt just stopped. Suddenly there was no road.

My aunt and uncle were done following grandpa. They saw lights on the lake about a half mile away accompanied by party sounds and started swimming. The rest of us waited for help at the end of the road.

Finally about an hour later, lights are coming down the road. We were elated (I had passed out, but woke up to cheers). Our aunt and uncle came through! There was a guy in a small minivan who tried to give all 20 of us a ride to the nearest hotel. We all cram in.

As we were climbing into the van—all completely tired, sweaty, upset that we’re now squished up against each other—my 13-year-old cousin just blurted out, "somebody is touching me!!"

Everybody erupts in laughter for the first time all day.

The guy was careening down the road at 40 mph, and swerving between lanes because it turned out he was the least inebriated guy on the boat but he was still pretty out of it.

Luckily, we made it safely to a hotel.

But my cousin is actually still upset about the van.

Creepiest True Stories factShutterstock

23. Petty Revenge Gone Wrong

It was Hawaii, 2003...I went surfing…I got stung by a jellyfish…The pain lasted about 4-5 hours…

It was miserable, so I thought I'd get some revenge. I ate jellyfish at an Asian diner to get even…I got so, so sick. I hate jellyfish.

Bizarre Medical Practices factsWikipedia

24. Tragic Love Story

My roommate finally loses his virginity at 26 to a girl. Best day of his life, right? Well...

He gets the girl pregnant. Girl turns out to be another roommate's 18-year-old sister.

They decide they're eventually going to get married. They live together for a while and he supports them all. The girl, being 18, kinda freaks out and runs off after having the kid. Former roommate is now a de facto single dad.

It Gets WorsePexels

25. Birthday Blues

On my birthday I walked outside to find someone had jacked my car. The next day I lose my job and my girlfriend dumps me. I thought "at least it can't get any worse!"

Later that night my friend lost his life in a car accident.

Worst giftsShutterstock

26. Grinch Origin Story

I was bitten by a dog. He tore open my lip and it was just dangling there.

It was my dog. It had just been run over. Its back half was crushed. So when tried to pick him up he lashed out from the pain.

It was Christmas morning. We hadn't opened our presents yet.

I went to the hospital to get stitches.

Then I went to the animal hospital and watched him get put down.

Into The Woods: Terrifying ExperiencesShutterstock

27. Funerals Are The Worst

My aunt's husband was fatally shot in a convenience store stickup. Then my cousin's 4-year-old son departed this life in an apartment fire. After that, my aunt was knocked down a flight of concrete steps by someone stealing an iPhone. She had countless broken bones and a gaping head wound. The next morning, she was gone.

At the funeral, I parked my SUV in the funeral home lot, and as I was loading up photo boards, easels, and other displays after the service, my car was robbed. My purse was dumped out and my iPod touch was taken.

I messed upPexels

28. The Cherry On Top

It's Friday and I get a call at work that I need to go to the ER to meet my girlfriend and son.

By 2 am, my son is in the OR being cut open for an abdominal washout. Because he has peritonitis he needs to be transferred to his transplant center four hours away. On Sunday morning he goes with his mother in the ambulance and I drive four hours, stay for two and drive back four hours so I can go to work on Monday.

I go to work on Monday...and get fired.

Dumb PatientsShutterstock

29. Coaches

The varsity baseball coach at my school was an idiot. He sure knew a lot about baseball, but I guess he never learned how to run his personal life.

For background: at the time of this story, he was in his late 20s/very early 30s, and also a gym teacher. He was also married to the varsity softball coach, who was also a teacher.

So, my freshman year of high school, there were some rumors circulating around my high school that this guy was cheating on his wife. Scummy, but not the worst thing ever.

It gets worse: he cheated repeatedly. With STUDENTS.

Yes, that's right.

This guy was banging his own students. The story gets even better, however.

His main girl was one of his WIFE'S SOFTBALL PLAYERS. One of the best ones too. And that's not even the icing on the cake.

It turns out, after this guy and his wife got divorced, he started dating another teacher at my school! They are now married. And the dude always benched me.

Big And Small TriumphsPexels

30. Disaster Multiplied

My aunt had flown 9+ hours to attend a family member's funeral. The morning of the funeral, her husband calls to say that the house had flooded during an attempted plumbing repair.

After the funeral, her husband calls to tell her the disaster recovery company had set up fans to dry the place out.

But then one of them caught fire and burned the house down.

A man stands in front of his burning house and looks with horrorEvGavrilov, Shutterstock

31. Everything That Could Go Wrong Went Wrong

I went to Cabo for a week with my family. Halfway through the trip, a hurricane came through. We were locked in the hotel room for two days. And three times a day the staff would come through and toss a box of sandwiches at us. OK. Things happen. The weather cleared and we had a good couple of days at the end.

So when we went to the airport to return, we found out our plane was delayed. It turned out it wasn't full enough to make it worth their while, so they canceled the flight and put everyone into a different later flight that went to a different airport 90 miles from our original airport where the car was.

When we landed at the second airport and turned on our cell phones, my mother-in-law got a call from her brother. Turns out she’d lost her mother that morning. Instead of waiting another hour for a bus to drive us to the correct airport, we decided to rent a car and just get home (now a 130-mile drive). We shuttled my mother-in-law to her brother's house to be with her family and finally rolled into our house at about midnight.

Then it gets better.

We got home and our dogs were gone. We had paid the sweet little 13-year-old girl next door to watch the dogs for us (2 big labs). So I went down to her house and woke up her parents to find out what was going on. They are in tears. Apparently the day we left one of the dogs was found deceased and the daughter was traumatized and they brought the other dog over to their house.

She felt horrible and blamed herself but her parents were furious with me for putting them through all this. we move on.

And then it gets better.

The next day I get home and all the family is gathered around for grandma's funeral arrangements. My wife walked in with a huge bundle of flowers that her boss had brought her at work. We are an obnoxious family that deals with trauma by joking and playing around.

Even though they were probably from her boss to cheer her up for having such a bad week, one of the cousins says "Oooh—did your boyfriend buy you flowers today?" and we all had a chuckle. But my wife looked like she had been punched and went completely white.

And that was when it hit me.

She was having an affair. I just knew. I couldn't explain it. Four days later I found evidence confirming this. Up until that moment after the flowers I hadn't had the slightest suspicion.

I confronted her, she spent about 4 months gaslighting and telling me I was insane until I started to believe that I was insane. And then I caught her stone cold. We tried to fix it for the kids.

She made all the right noises about fixing our marriage but it turned out she never stopped the affair. Caught her again and kicked her out. Her boss laid her off because of "the economy" but it was really because she became a liability to him since he will never leave his wife.

Within three months she married someone else (not the boss) because she didn't have anywhere to go.

But still, it gets worse.

She is working for the old boss again. Good riddance.

Ungrateful People factsShutterstock

32. The Fall

Last year I climbed a tree and fell out of it from 26 ft up. I broke six bones in my body and had to use a walker to get around. It was the worst pain I'd ever felt in my life.

The guy I was seeing at the time cheated on me with an 18 yr old (he was 24, I was 25) while I was in the hospital. He then proceeded to dump me a few days later.

It Gets WorsePexels

33. The Serial Cheater

A little over two years ago, my husband of three and a half years told me he cheated on me.

But wait, there's more!

He cheated on me with 50+ people, including men, women, transgender people, young girls, a senior citizen woman, and a few people paid him for it on Craigslist. But it gets worse!

I was pregnant with our second child when he told me.

These Cheaters Are The WorstShutterstock

34. Hit And Lie

A teacher of mine had his car rammed by a construction vehicle that was just leaving. Twice.

He was then hit by another car. Whose driver claimed he never gets into accidents, while driving a car with multiple clear accident marks.

The second driver then got pulled to court and had their lawyer give the worst testimony ever. He kept contradicting himself at multiple points, even claiming hitting the other car was justified at some point.

They somehow got away with it.

HOW Did They SurvivePexels

35. Marriage Ended Before It Started

An acquaintance got married in an extravagant $80,000 ceremony and broke up on their honeymoon. They split because the groom was cheating on the bride with a string of one-night stands, while the bride was having an ongoing affair with...the best man.

But wait, it gets worse.

They pretended to stay married for 6 months after that out of shame. But it all came tumbling down in the most brutal way: He made a huge facebook rant calling her dirty names and tagging all of their friends and family. It was the most dramatic storm in a comments section known to humanity.

But wait, it gets worse.

The bride and the best man decided they wanted to have a baby. She immediately ran off with him and got knocked up.

End in divorceShutterstock

36. A Sad Birthday Gift

A friend of mine just lost her ex-husband and father of her child to a motorcycle accident.

But wait, it gets worse.

Their 15-year-old son had a birthday a few days after the accident. A gift arrived on the mail day of the birthday: His father had gotten him motorcycle lessons.

Just heartbreaking.

It Gets WorsePexels

37. Collective Heartbreak

A coworker of mine, we'll call Andy, had a brother we'll call Mike. Mike's wife lost a battle with cancer, leaving Mike and his two kids (around 5 and 7 years old).

Overcome with grief, Mike ended up offing himself, leaving behind his two kids.

But wait, it gets worse. Andy had to sue his own parents to get custody of Mike's kids due to several issues with the grandparents.

But wait, it gets worse. Andy lost his wife suddenly. This left him to take care of Mike’s two kids and his two kids around the same age.

This all happened over a three-year span.

It Gets WorsePexels

38. “Uhm, Actually, Could You Run Some Tests?”

I was on call in the operating room. Arriving at the hospital, I checked in with the doctor and patient in pre-op. At least once per year we get someone with something stuck in their rear.

The young man was there with his mom and sister, who explained that the phallic toy got stuck Friday night. But since their grandma was sick, they waited until Sunday to bring him to the hospital so he could see her.

Then, per usual, the family and patient are asked if they have any questions before we take him back. The mom says “Yeah, while he’s in there can you test him for STDs? His sister tested positive and she was operating the toy before him so we want to make sure".

Awkward Visits To The Doctor factsPixabay

39. Red-Handed

A woman I know got divorced just days after her wedding because she discovered that her new husband had an affair.

But wait, it gets worse.

She found out because apparently he cheated AT the wedding with his mistress, who also was invited.

They were caught by the father of the bride.

Wedding Red Flags factsShutterstock

40. Mistake Or Malpractice?

I had to remove my wisdom tooth in a really cheap dental clinic. The dentist must’ve had an eye problem because she removed the tooth beside my wisdom tooth. Instead of the wisdom tooth. And she did this with manual equipment so removing one tooth took almost an hour.

She realizes her mistake after removing the wrong tooth. So she then began working on my real wisdom tooth.

But as soon as she started working on it the anesthesia began to wear off.

By the end, I have to get a huge stitch on the site of the wrong removal. But this surgery happened on a Friday and the next Monday is my first day of work.

Everyone Makes Mistakes At Work, But These Are UnforgettablePexels

41. Eyesight Complications

I went to my eye doctor for my annual check-up. He said, "Huh, there's a spot there that wasn't there last year. You’ll need to go see this specialist". So I did.

The specialist said, "Yeah, this looks bad. Go to this other specialist in Miami". I went to Miami, and they said “Yeah it's a mole. Don't worry about it but call us if you notice any changes". At least it was good news...right?

A couple of years later I went back for another checkup and mentioned my eyesight got a bit worse. My eye doctor goes, "Hmm that thing got bigger...Yeah you should probably go get that thing looked at again". So, back to Miami. The specialist says "OK, well it's cancerous now, I need you in surgery next week, I have to figure out how to save your life".

A week later they do a biopsy and find out my eyesight got worse because the mole created a cataract, so they fix that too. Then the following week I go and get a radiation patch attached to my eye for three days.

But wait, it gets worse.

When I think I'm past the worst of it,  I wake up one morning and I've gone completely blind in that eye. I'm in searing pain. Another drive to Miami. When the doctor saw my results, he turned white. The tumor had EXPLODED in my eye. Tumour necrosis is the medical term. Very rare complication.

They sat me down and told me “Hey, that eye may have to go. Sorry dude".

But wait, it didn't get worse after that. Thanks to some intensive therapy I didn't lose the eye. They were even able to save my vision a few months later with reconstructive surgery.

Medical UnprofessionalsPexels

42. The Pregnant Junkie

I used to live in an apartment with three other girls, one of whom was an addict. She started off just doing coke recreationally, but soon it became a daily thing. Eventually she developed a pretty nasty addiction which went on for a few months.

During this time, she got with this other junkie dude and had unprotected intercourse with him like five times in one weekend. She was very scared she was pregnant (obviously), but all she could do was hang out and wait a few weeks. And then this happened…

One day she walked out of the bathroom looking like she'd just seen a ghost. We ask her what's up, and she says she thinks she had a miscarriage. She said it felt like she took a dump and then there was blood and skin tissue in the toilet.

But then it gets worse.

Apparently, since she thought she was pregnant, she had OD'd on powder every night the past week in an attempt to force a miscarriage. At this point, I’m stunned. How anyone could be so insane and all-around irresponsible?

But wait…it gets worse.

We kind of let the issue pass, until my crazy roommate does her coke with a more “experienced” friend who says, "Hey this isn't coke...." They test it, and it turns out she's been snorting powdered crystal and baking soda. Every day. For months.

She breaks down and gets rid of all the crystal formerly known as coke and confesses everything to her mom. Her mom makes her get checked out by a doctor. After an examination and hearing her experience, the doctor informs her that she was never pregnant, and that the “abortion” she thought she had was her own stomach lining that had been so damaged from substance use.

She's doing alright now. To her credit she stopped it all cold turkey. But after some time she started doing other stuff again (like real coke and hallucinogens). Last we talked, she told me about snorting E off her own chest through a tampon applicator during a foursome. Good stuff.

Dodged A Bullet factsShutterstock

43. Digestive Troubles

I currently live in a 3-bed, 1-bath house. My roommates were getting married and had a bunch of bridesmaids over at the time. A couple of them stayed the night after drinking.

I woke up the next morning with massive bowel movements festering. Every move I made I felt like it was just gonna squeeze out. I heard both girls in the bathroom giggling and getting ready. So I panic.

I grab a roll of toilet paper and head to a remote part of the backyard. When I went out back, I left the door cracked enough for our shih tzu to sneak out. I didn't see him while I was taking care of the stomach problem. I ran back inside to grab a plastic bag and the girls had just walked into the living room.

I chatted them up, avoiding the fact that I had just taken a dump in the backyard. Finally, they left and I returned to my hole. It was half eaten and my little old dog was face down, slurping it up. Disgusting right? Just wait.

I had to clean his face off with rags and water and soap. But before I could muster all of the items up, he jumped on the back patio furniture and ran his dirty little face through everything.

Then he shook, as I walked up to him, flinging my own mess every which way. I finally cleaned him up and put him inside. I cleaned up the couch pretty quickly and it being outside furniture, I was able to blast it down with a power hose.

Not bad, right? Quick and easy? Nope!

I walked back into a monstrosity. The poor guy ate so fast, and it being poop, it obviously didn't settle well.

This isn't an exaggeration. I counted 16 different piles of dog vomit/poop throughout the house.

Most of it on the couches. I, for the next 12 hours, cleaned up my own poop turned dog vomit.

Basking in the smell of horrors for what felt like forever.

It Gets WorsePexels

44. It Started With A Dry Socket…

I had a tooth pulled and got a dry socket. When you extract your teeth there should be a blood clot in the spot they removed. A dry socket is when the blood clot gets dislodged and leaves a gaping hole that reaches the bone and nerve.

I finally recovered and had the implant surgery… I got a dry socket again.

I also found out that laughing gas and hydrocodone give me panic attacks.

Medical UnprofessionalsPexels

45. Just One Thing After The Other

I was in a rush because I woke up late. I then stubbed my toe really really badly on the table.

I had to rush to the embassy to get my passport done and I almost finished the three-hour drive to get there. That’s when I realized I forgot all the documents I needed for my passport.

But Wait, It Gets WorseShutterstock

46. Worst prom ever?

This is probably not the worst prom in human history, given that we were all alive by the end. But it was my prom, and it was awful.

(1) My girlfriend dumped me one month prior, and I was not able to find a date in time for the prom. I was a huge nerd and socially incompetent.

(2) My main friends all had girlfriends/boyfriends at a nearby school. So instead of going to our school's prom, they were all out at another school's senior prom.

(3) All the people I hate were there. The people who'd spent the past four years teasing me, insulting me, stuffing me in lockers, pelting me with milk cartons. I was alone. But luckily, they were generally preoccupied with their dates.

(3) IT'S ON A BOAT. Said boat goes out beyond the Golden Gate bridge, towards the Farallons. Cramped, and it's a bitterly cold night.

(4) THE DJ Sucks. I'm a musical individual, a radio DJ (KVHS at the time), and this guy was playing dreck. Utter dreck. Lots of country, Garth Brooks, bad hip hop. This is 1997. Closest thing to a rock song is 'Pop' by U2. It was awful for me.

(5) THE BUFFET GAVE US FOOD POISONING. So around 9 PM or so, lots of people start getting sick. It was...disgusting. Puking, pooping. And there was a very limited number of bathrooms. The bathrooms are soon the most crowded part of the prom. Luckily for myself, I ate before the prom, skipped out on getting sick myself.

(6) THE BOAT BROKE DOWN. We lost drive power but not engine power, so we had electricals, but the boat was just afloat, off the Bay area, somewhere around Marin County. Needless to say, senior prom went on for a while. Instead of getting to drive off to get lucky, we are all STUCK.


I saw a girl being consoled by her date as she alternated between weeping uncontrollably and projectile vomiting over the side of the boat.

Power was restored at around 6 am. We had to limp back to Berkeley.

So yeah, my senior prom.....was....special.

Secret Crushes Go WrongShutterstock

47. Three Diagnoses

I had a lump appear around my stomach a few years back but didn't think anything of it for a while. It started getting larger after about two weeks so I popped along to the doctors.

On the first visit I had a feel around and was told it was a “spare rib”. I didn't even know these existed outside of a Chinese restaurant but hey ho, he was a doctor and knew best.

On the second hospital visit it was still getting larger. They prodded around and I was told by a different doctor that it was a pulled muscle. To be honest I was a little skeptical at this point but accepted the answer, as the only other possibility in my mind was pretty serious. So I left it at that.

But it got worse.

I go back after another 2 weeks. Now the lump is pretty much protruding straight out from my abdomen. I finally go for a scan and go back for results a week later. The appointment is with an African doctor who, as soon as I sat down, told me with no foreplay or anything, “You have liver cancer".

Given that I was 21 at the time and only associated the big C with people over 60, this was a pretty big shock but was numb to the news for some time.

Anyway 3 years later I have had 3 recurrences, with 3 successful operations and sitting now at the moment a year and a half cancer free and healthy :)

How Are You Alive?Pexels

48. The Rube Goldberg

My roommate once had a girl over to watch a movie. They were sitting in the living room with his laptop and I could see this from outside the apartment.

I decided it would be kind of funny to burst in like Kramer. It scared the life out of both of them and scared my roommate so much that he dropped his phone into a cup of coffee.

Then in a frantic effort to save his phone, he spilled the coffee onto his laptop.

Then in an attempt to save the laptop, he accidentally opened some video of a middle-aged woman being railed by a well-endowed Black man.

Needless to say, the girl never called him back not that he would have been able to answer. We call it the Rube Goldberg of embarrassment.

It Gets WorseShutterstock

49. Fast And Furious Attempt

I was a manager at a hotel in Oakland. Once a valet parker took a guest’s Corvette out for a joy ride. He lost control of the car in a residential area and crashed into a parked car in a driveway.

The corvette and the parked car smashed through the home’s garage door and caught on fire. The home partially burned down. The valet was then caught a block away fleeing on foot with a broken leg.

But Wait, It Gets WorsePexels


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