The Weirdest Kid In School

March 20, 2023 | Laura Bergen

The Weirdest Kid In School

Everyone goes through an awkward stage, but some people take it to the extreme. From "Batman" to "Scratch and Sniff", the weird kids on this list take the cake. Do these Reddit stories remind you of the strange kid in your school?

1. Eye See You

There was a kid a couple years older than me in elementary school named Joey. He developed a strange quirk after a terrifying accident. Joey had a glass eye due to the fact that Joey ran with scissors. Yes, this kid was actually running with scissors, tripped, fell, and poked his eyeball out. Anyway, sometimes Joey would take his fake eyeball out and put it in his mouth without letting anyone notice, and then walk up to you and open his mouth to reveal an eyeball on his tongue. That was pretty weird. But it was funny when he did it to teachers.


2. The Maze Master

There was a kid that made mazes all the time. He was a complete loner. I felt bad for him, so every day for the morning snack time, I would sit at the same bench with him and do the mazes he would make. He never spoke except for a few words. I would sit, he would hand me a new maze. I would complete it and hand it back. Sometimes, he would have several, other times just one or two. I think I may have been the only girl that actually paid attention to him. I hope he went on to do good things.

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3. Usain Bolting Down The Halls

The weirdest was probably the awkward Asian kid in the grade below us who would go absolutely sprinting through the halls between classes. We never knew if he was just terrified of being late or just really excited to get to class. It was even better because our school had some major construction in our last two years, so the remaining halls would have massive logjams and this lanky kid would come barreling through, trying to squeeze into any hole he could find at top speed. It looked kinda fun, actually.

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4. 007

There was this guy during high school who would dress like James Bond every single day. He would dress formally and wear a trench coat during the winter. Also, instead of a backpack, he brought all his work in a briefcase. His hair was all slicked back like Draco Malfoy and he would have the most snobby look on his face. This guy never talked to anybody and always looked like he was on some sort of mission.

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5. Music Man

This guy only went to my school for like one year, but he was one of the strangest people. It was when I was in middle school. I went to a very small school—like 60 or so kids in my graduating class—and he showed up out of nowhere one year. Socially, the kid was clueless, but he was some kind of piano savant. He couldn't read music, but he could just whip out these crazy ragtime piano routines. He also had a belt-holstered bottle of hand sanitizer for every time he had to touch a door handle or every time that my friends and I would high five him for being so awesome when tearing it up in band class. He was one of the most polite guys I've ever met.

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6. Flight Path

There was a special needs kid at my high school that would spread his arms out and fly around the hallways with all the appropriate airplane noises, sometimes even combat noises. Also, when he wasn't flying, he would sneak around the hallways and re-enact episodes of cartoon shows, playing all parts. It was actually really impressive because once everyone caught on, you could request a specific episode of a specific show and he would re-enact the whole thing. I remember him being REALLY accurate with dialogue. I always wanted to pretend to have my own airplane and dogfight him, but never did.

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7. Gassy Girl

There was a girl in my high school that would chronically pass gas. What's worse is that every time she did it (every two minutes?), she'd stop whatever she was doing and would nearly break her neck to sniff it. All while wafting it into her own face. Occasionally, she would shart herself and generally wouldn't go to the bathroom to clean up unless a teacher forced her to. And the weirdest part of it all? She was hot. My adolescent junk was so confused over this girl.

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8. Ketchup’s Companion

Mustard Boy. I’ll never forget him. He would cover his lunch tray in mustard. Chicken nuggets? Mustard. Mexican pizza? Mustard. Breakfast for lunch? Mustard. It didn’t matter what it was, he would drench it in mustard. He wasn’t doing it to just make a mess of his lunch tray, he always finished his mustard food. What a guy.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolFlickr, Marco Verch Professional Photographer

9. Salty

A weird kid in my class got salt in his eye from a pretzel. The next day he came in with sunglasses on and claimed that he had to wear them because of what happened the day before. They were clearly Mcdonald's sunglasses. They had the logo on the side and everything. The same kid tried to fight a girl because her hand went on his side of the desk.

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10. Too Sexy For Your Shirt

The weirdest girl in my school was Gabbie, and everyone knew it. She thought she was beautiful, and don't get me wrong, I'm glad she thought she was beautiful, because her opinion is the only one that matters. The thing is, she thought she was very, very hot. We were in fifth grade and Gabbie was having trouble finding a boyfriend, which she couldn't understand, with her lazy eye and extremely frizzy hair. She would always go into the boys bathroom to get a "closer look", she chased boys, and she frequently ripped her clothes off and spun her shirt around her head declaring that she was, "too sexy for all the boys at this school". She was a complete weird-o.

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11. Extra Baggage

There was this kid in middle school who would carry all his stuff around in a wheeled piece of luggage. Looking at this kid, you could easily cast him as the stereotypical nerd in any movie. Some of the more mean spirited (read: jerks) I went to school with would naturally get the idea to kick the luggage as this kid rolled it through the hall. He would write them detention slips. Not official school ones but ones that his parents made for him, telling them to report to detention at his house after school. I felt bad for the bad treatment and even tried to get them to lay off a few times but that doesn't change the fact that I found it super weird.

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12. Dinner Time

An exchange student from a Southeast Asian country was at our university for a semester and as part of the program, all exchange students were paired with a local student to show them around. Well, one day I was watching out for this guy, and I got a call from one of the roommates at the apartment where the Asian kid was staying. He said I needed to get over there immediately and sort the Asian kid out. I got over to the apartment and saw that the Asian kid had caught a duck in the city park, broke its neck, and brought it back to the apartment to cook—and he succeeded. Needless to say, there was a conversation about why this was an unacceptable thing to do.

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13. The Joker

Not high school, but still fitting. I am in the Navy, and a few years ago while I was in the Kingdom of Bahrain at the on-base REC center, I saw this guy with an exact copy of Jack Nicholson's Joker suit in Batman. Not once, but almost every time I saw him for like a month until that ship's crew went back stateside. I used to call him the Joker. Apparently, this guy had tailored six suits of the same type (you could get a cashmere suit in Bahrain for less than 100 bucks) along with different costumes and replica clothing from different Sci-Fi movies and shows.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolFlickr, istolethetv

14. Williams’ Whiskers

Oh, my god. Felipe was our weird kid. He was Portuguese and played the piano beautifully, but the things he did in theater class…oh, man! We were discussing Tennessee Williams. The conversation went like this: Felipe: "But Mr. K, wasn't Tennessee Williams gay?" Mr K: "Yes, he was". Felipe: "But...but...he had a mustache". Mr K: "Uh...yes?"? Felipe: "Gay men can't grow facial hair!!"

My friends and I would often walk into class to see Felipe just rolling around on the floor, flopping like a fish. When asked what he was doing, he would respond only in Portuguese.

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15. To The Rescue

We had a kid who really thought he was Superman. He would always wear a cape and pretended to fly to all his classes. When he saw a cute girl, he would stop "flying" to make sure she was not in any sort of trouble. If you asked him what he did the night before, his answer was always "fighting crime and saving the world". Most everyone got used to him and would send him on missions. Teachers got annoyed because he would sense trouble and just go blasting out of the classroom. Looking back now, that kid wasn’t weird, he was awesome.

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16. One Direction

There was a kid in my high school who literally wore the exact same clothes for at least half the year—I only noticed about half way through the year, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn he wore it longer. He'd walk a straight line to wherever he was going and would just walk right into anyone or anything in his way. He also had hair down to his shoulders but it was even all the way around his head including right in front of his face. I don't know how he saw through it. It didn't help that he was a big guy. Every time our school had a lockdown procedure—which isessentially a fire drill but for a more violent scenario—I was always expecting it to be because of this guy.

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17. Bizarre Bandana Kid

Well, this is from college. There's this kid known as the "Red Bandana Kid" at my college. He walks around everywhere in the same red bandana with a four-day-old beard. I had class with him one time, and he spent the entire semester in the front row with his body turned completely around for the whole class looking at all the people behind him. It was a lecture of around 200-300 people. He has since advanced from this to screaming "Yeehaw!" as he gets off buses, and flipping people off through the window for the duration of the ride. He apparently also loves hummus. He screams that too, but he screams it in a guttural tone as "HOO-MUSS".

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18. Tomato Toss

There was a kid in my high school who was known for doing crazy things. In middle school, he got in trouble for jumping off the roof of the school, among other assorted ventures. Well, during the week that Super Smash Brothers Brawl was supposed to come out he started carrying a huge black duffle bag and never told anyone what was in it. One day, he did the unthinkable. He stood on top of a table in the middle of the cafeteria, yelled "food fight", then proceeded to open the bag, which was full of tomatoes, and started throwing them everywhere. He got himself suspended ON PURPOSE so he could play Brawl for the entire week.

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19. The Piercer

I remember this so clearly. It was my freshman orientation. I noticed the kid behind me had a rather large safety pin and corkscrew, like what you open bottles with. I sat throughout the orientation wondering what he had them for. Then, at the end, I saw that he had pierced his skin with both of them. Not just a small piece but about an inch thick and it looked pretty deep. Orientation was boring but geez!

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20. Sold Your Soul

We had a "goth" kid who would buy peoples' souls every day at lunch time. He would predict a bunch of crazy scenarios and tell people that he would buy their soul for money, but also that their lives would end when he wanted them to at a later date. Most people started lining up when the kid was handing people actual $100 bills for their "souls". He ended up getting expelled. It only lasted about three weeks.

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21. Dance Break

About two years ago in high school, there were two kids in the year below who seemed to be about to start a fight. Of course, the crowds all gathered around them urged them to fight, being the mature students they are. This is where it gets interesting. One of the kids was a shy person who I had seen around the school before. He rarely spoke to anyone and generally kept to himself. Out of nowhere, he just started tap dancing, right there in front of literally three quarters of the school, for a good minute. The other kid backed down from the fight, so it worked. Kudos to him, he’s so popular now.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolFlickr, Howie Muzika

22. Not So Fresh Scents

I knew this very awkward girl who got the nickname of "Scratch and Sniff". On several occasions, multiple people, including myself, saw her reach into her pants, scratch her crotch, extract her hand, and smell it. It was revolting. In general, she also dressed like a librarian from the 80s, spoke in a weird voice that was difficult to understand, and would pass gas in class. That last one isn't that big a deal, but it would happen in complete silence, like during a test, and throw everyone off. She was just bizarre.

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23. Language Lessons

Well, I went to a girls' boarding school in Nairobi and we all had to attend church on Sundays. Weird people would come and talk to us and try to guilt us into repenting and being saved, etc. Most students would end up crying and writhing on the ground, speaking in tongues and drooling all other themselves. It was a madhouse. And this was one of the most prestigious and respected schools in the country. It was pretty strange. I had to fight the urge to run away from school every weekend, even though it would be pretty much impossible because they had us on lockdown. Parents couldn't even visit.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolWikimedia Commons, Harvey Barrison

24. Mysterious Case

This guy always carried around a briefcase, but never opened it. He sat on the briefcase during lunch, classes, etc. It was like the nuclear football, always in his hand or under his butt. He carried it onto the stage during graduation, got his diploma, and right as he was leaving the stage, he opened it up, and dumped a bunch of confetti on the principal. I guess it was the long game? No one questioned why he was carrying it on stage.

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25. Spider Girl

There was a girl in grade five that created her own language called "Shmolbi" and she'd sit in the corner and whisper to herself in it. People also used to tell her there were spiders on her hair and she'd get mad at them and scratch their faces—she purposely grew out the nails on her index, middle, and ring fingers, and filed them into sharp claws. To be fair, telling someone who is clearly not completely all there that they've got spiders in their hair is probably not going to end well for you. She ended up leaving the school in grade six.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolFreepik, freepik

26. Purse Peeper

This guy would go through girl's purses, without permission, in front of them. He did this to me once and said he was allowed to because my purse strap was on his desk. Needless to say, I called him a lot of nasty words in front of the entire class and disrupted the lesson for at least ten minutes. Luckily, the professor sided with me.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolFreepik, marymarkevich

27. The Stapler

I grew up in the nineties, so at the height of the popularity of boy bands. There was this one kid who was pretty good-looking, kind of resembled Justin Timberlake, and he used to staple things to his nips. What a guy. I went to an arts high school where about half of the kids were gay, a lot of the kids were some version of goth, and the kids who wore Abercrombie clothes and hair gel and tucked in the front part of their shirt were a bit ostracized because they just didn't fit in very much there. It was a good place.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolFlickr, Glen Bledsoe

28. The Mathematician

We had a kid named David who was the stereotypical "I'm smarter than you" guy, but he wasn't really all that smart. He gave a wrong answer once in algebra, and when the teacher told him he was wrong, he called her a liar because his dad was a math professor (true), and so there was no way his answer could be incorrect. Things took a wild turn in the ensuing argument, and he put a chair leg through her computer screen.

He once pulled his pants down in the middle of class to reveal nasty grayish white briefs, then said, "Oops, thought I had shorts on underneath", and pulled them back up. He was caught reading during a math class, so the teacher took his book away. He pulled out another book and started reading that one. Teacher took it away. He pulled out a CD and started reading the liner notes, and the teacher sent him to the principal's office. After class, we found him reading a magazine in the hallway. The dude loved reading.

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29. Feeling Feline

There was a kid at my elementary school named Jason. All day every day, he would pretend to be a cat, licking his paw hands, mewling softly, meowing loudly if you asked him why he was acting as a cat too many times, etc. Things got extra weird during lunchtime. He'd always buy the school lunches—the ones that had little dented areas for you to put your various things in—and he'd never fail to buy milk and pour it in one of the little squares to lap up.

The only time I ever heard him talk was when I asked him why he dipped his pizza in ketchup, mustard, and ranch before eating it. His only response was "It's yummy". Then he meowed. Come to think of it, Jason had a lot of dedication to his role. He was kind of epic. I wonder if he's thinking about Juilliard yet. I’ll never forget him.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolFlickr, Mindaugas Danys

30. The Class Hedgehog

There's one Indian kid at my school who literally believes that he is Sonic the Hedgehog. No joke. He wears nothing but blue shirts and track pants and a pair of New Balances spray painted red. His girlfriend also shares in his delusion and dresses in pink to emulate, yes, you guessed it, Amy Rose. According to her, it's no joke.

He really does believe that he is Sonic and that events from the games and TV shows are playing out in his life, visualizing his dad as Eggman, and so forth. Probably the weirdest thing about this is that he will scatter little gold plastic rings across the school then go on a time run to see how fast he can pick them up. In the middle of class.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolFlickr, Gord Fynes

31. Slam Dunk

We had a kid who did play-by-play at all the basketball games. He set up a little table between the two benches, had a microphone, and wore a nice suit. He tried to interview players at the end of the game, etc. The problem was, he wasn't hooked up to the PA system, no one was recording him, and he was never broadcasted to the audience in the gym or over the radio/TV.

He just showed up at the games with all that stuff and set it up before the crowd came. The visiting team was none the wiser and was always game for a pre-game interview and everything. I think he did it to impress his parents—his mom was a local access "star" with some PBS-type call-in show. I believe he now lives forever alone in a basement and hoards newspapers. He’s probably a Redditor.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolWikimedia Commons, Brad Flickinger

32. Canine Quirks

There was a kid in my high school who always carried an encyclopedia he'd made of dog breeds and facts. In the cafeteria, he would approach random tables of girls, or a table at which he found a particular girl attractive, and he would ask her what her ethnicity was. My ethnicity, for instance, is Lebanese, so he would flip through his book and find me a dog that came from Lebanon or theMiddle East.

This was used as an icebreaker, I suppose, because then he would go on to tell you which celebrity look-alike you reminded him of. I was Amy Winehouse and Angelina Jolie on a few occasions. One of his catchphrases was "You sexy like Shakira" or " a chocolate strawberry". Most people just went along with it or asked him to find their dog incarnate.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolPexels

33. Denim Gentleman

There was a kid I knew since elementary school who would wear the same clothes and hairstyle all the way until after we graduated from high school. He was a big, chubby kid with a buzz cut, who, without fail, would wear denim everything every single day. He also sported one of those rolling backpacks. A lot of people were weirded out by him because he lacked a lot of social skills and just acted awkwardly around his peers.

Anyway, what really set him apart was that he believed himself to be one of the last "gentlemen" in the world, and constantly declared himself as a jedi knight/gentlemen/knight/whatever else chivalrous you can think of. He would even declare himself a champion and "defend" the girls he had an interest in. He was also very defensive and quick to defend his "honor", so even if you made fun of him or showed any sliver of hostility, he would assume a fighting stance and demand a duel from you.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolPexels

34. Network Know-It-All

There was a kid I went to high school with who was obsessed with the television network CBS. Not any particular show on CBS, but the network itself. He bought all of his clothes (socks and underwear included) from the CBS store, started personal correspondence with all local CBS news anchors in the state, and carried around a gigantic trapper keeper with the CBS logo that was filled with all CBS schedules, news anchor bios, and show breakdowns.

Which he didn't even need because if you asked him, "What's on CBS on Tuesdays at 4:30?" he could rattle off the answer in a second. Keep in mind, this was in the late 90s, when CBS was in fourth place and watched only by old ladies. He later grew up and went to work for...CBS! He must be the happiest man in America today.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolFlickr, giveawayboy

35. Teenage T-Rex

I'm currently a sophomore in high school, and we got a freshman this year who thinks he's a dinosaur. He does his work and interacts with teachers, but if someone comes near him, he roars and flings his hands in their direction. We had a study hall, and one girl was trying to get him to talk. She was one quick hand move away from getting bitten.

Yesterday, I saw him walk into a tree branch and he stomped his feet and tried to pull the tree branch out of the tree. Also, while I'm on the topic, one of the kids in my grade was insane last year. He said he played poker with Satan every Wednesday night, that his favorite aunt was in prison, and called himself a walking contradiction, taking anything you said and making it invalid even if his statement was illogical. As of late, he's calmed down, and focused his efforts into watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which I guess is better than anything.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolFreepik, master1305

36. Liar, Liar

This kid used to pick his nose until it bled and then go home because he had a nosebleed. He would also eat the boogers. We were all surprisingly chill about that part of his personality, because he had a more disgusting habit than that. The thing we all hated most about this kid is that he would lie about the most random stuff. Like, he would deny that he got hit when playing dodge ball or caught when playing tag on the playground.

One time, my neighbor made me a little inukshuk glued to a piece of driftwood and I brought it to school to show the class. This kid picked it up in front of everyone, immediately dropped and broke it, and then denied that it was him that broke it, even though we had all literally watched him do it. He cried when we continuously called him out on it. This was at age 16.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolFreepik, freepik

37. Eccentric Sam

There was this kid in my high school,"Sam", who was really weird. He sat with all the mentally challenged kids, but no one ever knew what was wrong with him. He was 180 kilograms (400 pounds), and spoke in a really high voice. He was also in school when my older sister went ther,e so no one knows how old he is, either.

He loved Thomas the Tank Engine, and would always quote the show. He also loved Spongebob. On Halloween, he came to school in a Squidward mask he made, and also had a clarinet made out of a toilet paper roll. Every day, he sat in the cafeteria using his hands as little puppets and would make them talk to each other and bonk his own head with them. In the mornings, he held the door open for everyone, and he somehow learned my name and my favorite J-pop song, which he'd recite to me every morning. He also raised the flag but once, before he did it, he tied it around his neck and ran around school like Superman.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolPexels

38. Blue’s Clues

There was this kid in my school named "Blue". He was notorious for doing crazy things and shouting in class, and everyone loved him because he was so funny. The year after he graduated, he walked into the school, crawled up into an empty classroom's ceiling, and crawled across to the next classroom over. He was giggling the whole time and people were in the class and heard him.

The ceiling underneath him gave way and he fell down into the classroom to screams and roars of laughter. He laughed and ran out. After that, teachers received an email saying that this kid was to be reported immediately if he was seen on the premises again. I saw him many times after that, incognito, walking around the halls. The single greatest source of entertainment in my high school years was Blue. I have so many other stories about him.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolPexels

39. Pooped

There was this kid named Nathaniel. He was a strange child, always doing strange things. He smelled really bad, too. He was just so weird. Anyways, he would often tell stories about how his uncle was a fisherman, and act out the stories he would tell in the middle of the lunchroom. Nobody listened to him, he just did it.

He would be throwing nets and yelling about storms the entire lunch period, but everyone was either too polite or too awkward to say anything. Anyway, Nathaniel really liked the orchestra in our school. He was invited to play in it several times but no, he just really liked the D-grade middle school orchestra. I don't know why, because it sounded like the off key squeals of a thousand mice being mauled but alas, Nathaniel loved it.

One day, Nathaniel decided to sit in on one of their practices. I guess it was a particularly long one because about two hours into the practice, Nathaniel made a mess in his pants. Now, I'm guessing that he just really liked the music because he sat there, in his own excrement for another hour or so. He then promptly went to lunch afterwards, and did the fishing routine except brown gunk was flying everywhere. But I have to give him props. He did the routine until the lunch lady dragged him from his quite literal mess of a show. I have no idea what happened to him after that day because I never saw him again.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolPexels

40. Captain Honkey Tonk

When I was in high school the weirdest kid was Nate Hunsinger. He used to wear the same brown suit to school everyday and every once in a while he'd wear a Captain Planet outfit. He'd pretend he was a car and drive around our hallways and pretend to shift and stuff. He never clipped his fingernails and showered infrequently. He had a neckbeard.

He also carried a briefcase around with country western songs he had written and would often play the harmonica. By play I mean he'd just blow into it because he couldn't actually play. Nate wasn't "special" or anything. He was in our regular classes and was a mathematical genius. He was made fun of regularly and I'm ashamed to say I did the same until about eighth grade, then I apologized along with my two best friends and we started to hang out with him.

He was a good kid and really funny. He was in a fatal car accident in December when he was ejected from his vehicle, and me and my friends were pretty much the only people from school who bothered to show up to his funeral. He changed his name to Nate Jackson after high school to get a better chance in the country music industry but it was just a pipe dream. RIP Nate. You deserved a better life.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolPexels

41. Holy Batman

Batman. He had a real name, but for privacy's sake, I'll just use the nickname that everyone called him. Batman was different. And not in a good way. He looked, and acted, like his parents were probably siblings. I grew up in a small farm town, and most people were cousins, so this wouldn't surprise anyone. Batman collected used baggies.

This seemed like a quirk. If you left your sandwich bag on the table, you knew Batman would take it. However, this landed him in hot water the day they brought the sniffer dogs in. Not all of the baggies had held sandwiches or chips, apparently! He got off, as the teachers could vouch that the cascade of baggies from the top shelf of his locker were not actually his but rather a collection he had amassed over the school year.

One year, at a pep rally, Batman took the weirdness to the next level. He came running into the gym wearing a cape, Batman mask, bat symbol drawn on his bare chest (in permanent marker, so the rumor went), underwear outside his gym shorts, and bare feet. This was not a planned part of the pep rally. Our mascot was not a bat. However, at the game, half the crowd was wearing homemade Batman masks because of it.

This was after he had the nickname. How he got the nickname, I didn't witness with my own eyes, but apparently he had built a small arsenal out of school supplies. His "gadgets" if you will. He was suspended for a day for actually using a "crossbow" on a teacher we all hated. So, yeah, the weirdest kid at my school? Batman.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolFlickr, Craig Howell

42. En Garde

There was this kid that always thought everybody was out to get him, like the entire school was his enemy. I'll admit, he did get picked on quite a bit, but he also did a lot of things that were hard not to comment on. In fifth grade, he hid behind a baseball diamond during lunch, claiming he was practicing magic spells. He did this for an entire year.

In seventh grade, he completely shaved off his eyebrows. Because he wanted to. He said they were "getting in the way". Later that same year, he did something terrifying. He locked about a quarter of the school band in a room and held them in there. With a sword he brought from home. I kid you not. As soon as he heard help was on the way, he jumped out of the back window and ran into the forest.

The local authorities spent three hours looking for him, until they found him hiding in a tree, covered in his own blood. I was one of the few in that room. After two years, he came back to school. When people asked him about the whole sword thing, he would tell them he was possessed. All throughout the following years of high school, he would talk of alien revolutions. He changed his name three times in our senior year. No strange substances were ever involved.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolPexels

43. What Time Is It?

So, there's this kid at my school who wears a full office outfit EVERY day. He has a nice, formal shirt, a tie, and pants. Not jeans, but those formal pants. Everyone calls him Suit Kid. He's a little off, but nobody really bugs him. Anyway, at the school dance my friends and I see him. Like always, he's in his usual shirt and tie.

He even has a nice coat with a pocket watch. He checks this CONSTANTLY. And I mean like every 30 seconds. Fast forward to about 30 minutes into the school dance, and I happen to glance over in his direction. There he is, checking his pocket watch...but this time, after putting it away, he starts dancing like a crazy person.

He's unleashing his whole arsenal of dance moves. The thing is, he's just alone near the wall the whole dance. He's still here, alone, just dancing. I show my friends and we decide to start dancing with him. Then, I look around and nearly every kid is dancing with him. We probably made his night. He's usually ignored at school because he's severely overweight and wears a suit 24/7.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolFlickr, R Boed

44. Strange Sam

We had this dude named Sam who always kept to himself. You'd think he was just one of those polite nerd kids who wore strap sandals. He definitely wore sandals and he had a few weird moments. He was always being defiant to the teachers when they told him to stop. He chose to have his DS taken away in eleventh grade because he kept telling the teacher "no" when she told him to put it away.

One time, he bought tater tots from the à la carte line at lunch and brought it outside to eat by me and my friends. He leaned up against the fence and finished his cup of tots. Then, he did something that made my stomach turn. He put the cup down, unzipped his jacket and pulled another cup of tots out of it, smearing grease all over his windbreaker. We all stared in amazement and disgust while he ate like it wasn't weird.

Another time, he made a giant rubberband ball and attached it to the wall of the classroom. He started stretching the ball and letting it go, slamming the wall so hard. He got that taken away, too. One time, he was sick and had green boogers hanging out of his nose and would not for the life of him blow his nose. The teacher had to demand that he blow his nose. He said "Noooo".

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolFlickr, Claire Sutton

45. From Outer Space

I knew a really strange kid in elementary school. He would walk around all the time in another world and just not pay attention to us. Sometimes he'd sit at his desk and just make spaceship noises. When the teacher (a really sweet old lady) would walk up to him and ask him what was wrong, he'd just shout something and run out of the classroom. Once, he even sprayed her with a pen.

I once saw him on top of the slide pretending he was a dinosaur and he was crushing the school, just playing by himself. There was a girl that used to try and be nice to him, Suzie Perkins, but he was always just so mean to her. There's one cool thing he used to do: during the winter, he'd build these elaborate weird snowman sculptures, just hundreds of snowmen in these weird macabre poses.

I saw him once during summer break just riding a red Radio Flyer wagon down his street. He would always drag this stuffed tiger around with him, though, and have strange long conversations with it when he didn't think anyone was watching. It was sad. In retrospect, I think that he had some real family issues. Over time, he got put on some ADHD medication and I didn't see him much after that.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolPexels

46. By George

We had a kid named George who was a few years above me. Everybody knew he was weird, but most people didn't regard him much. He was the guy who would sit in the corner of a room and just stare at people until they got uncomfortable, or he chose someone else to stare at. He almost always was listening to music on his iPod, but he had those 90s style walkman headphones. He usually wore a leather jacket.

One day in his senior year, during our assembly's free announcement time, when anyone could go up and announce what they had to say), he made a speech that sent shivers down everyone's spine. He waited until the end to go up and tell us exactly how much of his time we had wasted during assemblies in his four years there, and went on a rant about how we were all wastes of space and breath, and he hated us all.

This was right after the Virginia Tech incident, so everyone was on edge. More than a few people voiced concerns that he might do the same thing at our school. Enough people that the school pulled him, his parents, and the school counselor into a meeting. Nothing happened, and everyone calmed down after that, but he was our weird kid.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolPexels

47. Snack Man

There was a weird guy at my school who was very quiet, but seemed nice on the few occasions he spoke. His only friend was another very strange but much more obnoxious kid whose hair somehow seemed to naturally point up at the back. Kid number one’s break time snacks were always strange. Instead of the usual pack of crisps or chocolate bar, he would have either a gigantic, made-for-sharing bag of Doritos, a tin of chocolates, or a whole pack of biscuits.

And he'd always finish these within the 15-minute break. One day, he threw up in the middle of the school building immediately after finishing his Doritos. In PE one day, everyone had to take it in turns attempting an, admittedly, very low high jump. Instead of jumping, he would step over the pole with one leg and then bring his other leg over, never having both feet off the ground simultaneously, and apparently being too embarrassed to take a running start.

No matter how many times the teacher told him and the class laughed, he couldn't seem to figure out how he was doing it any differently to anyone else. Another time, he tried to make some friends by going around the whole class offering biscuits from his packet. The mean, self-appointed "popular" kids took loads for themselves while feigning friendliness, before laughing when the teacher noticed and yelled at the poor kid for bringing food to class. I felt very sorry for him on this occasion. I hope he has a decent job and some friends now.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolPexels

48. Bumblebee And The Hulk

For privacy, let's call him Bumblebee. He was a typical nerd, always talking about World of Warcraft and not much else, paranoid, uncoordinated…you get the point. In middle school, he used to bend over, scratch his head to let the dandruff fall, and yell that it was snowing, much to nearby watchers' disgust. About midway through freshman year, we had indoor gym classes. That's when things took a violent turn.

The unit was basketball. Not being as athletic as some of his peers, Bumblebee struggled. He struggled so much he failed to notice a rogue projectile basketball coming towards his head. He raged, immediately accusing the nearest jock boy in his vicinity. Of course, no one threw it at him, but he was convinced that the jock had targeted him. The teacher tried to help him calm down, but Bumblebee tried attacking the jock.

Having no choice but to restrain him, the teacher had to keep Bumblebee in isolation in the nearest sports equipment storage (which was a very large well lit room mind you), even putting a table in front of the door because he kept trying to bust down the doors. The class continued for a while until Bumblebee escaped, busting the door open and flipping the table. To this day, I can't look at him without thinking about his Hulk freak-out.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolFreepik, valuavitaly

49. Artist Type

In senior year of high school, our weird kid was your typical art class outcast. He wore the same clothes the ENTIRE year, stank, and had tons of pimples. "Socially awkward" is a huge understatement. Something I am not proud of but for the sake of honesty, I picked on this kid. Yes, I feel bad now, but that was 12 years ago. I didn't think it was a big deal.

It never got worse than calling attention to the obvious: "Dude! you stink!" or "Nice shirt man… looks new". I thought it was funny, the class thought it was funny, even the teacher thought it was funny. The scary thing is how this kid would never respond. He just had the same blank stare. This went on for two or three months until the teacher pulled me aside after class and thought I should take a look at one of his drawings he turned in. My blood ran cold as I looked at the terrifying image.

Turns out this kid was really good at drawing and he drew a perfect picture of a gory scene starring him and I. I was the victim. I publicly apologized to him the next day so that everybody could hear, and that was the end of that. Cross me off the hit list!

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolPexels

50. Ladies Man

There was a guy I had a ton of classes with during my senior year of high school who was very strange. He was actually a lot of fun, but he was one of those people who goes all out to make someone as uncomfortable and awkward as possible, and you're never quite sure if he's serious or not. I think a lot of people thought he was serious.

He was very good at pogo sticking and he always power walked through the hallways at top speed. He once took my purse while he was dressed as a ninja and I chased him around the hallway while he flung rubber bands at my face. He would pretend he had a crush on me and pass me notes during all our classes that said things like, "Be my girlfriend? Check 'yes' or 'no'", or "I am in love with you. Love, your secret admirer", but you could tell he wasn't serious.

He once gave me a very long foot rub during a movie day in sociology class, and then kissed my foot when he was done. At the end of the year, he gave me a graduation present and told me I should probably open it alone. He kept asking me if I'd opened it yet, and you could tell he was worried he might've gone a little too far. It was a card of a hairy fat guy in denim hot pants and a giant box of magnum rubbers. I laughed insanely hard.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolPexels



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