Ridiculous Tales From "That" Party

May 16, 2023 | Mae Stanley

Ridiculous Tales From "That" Party

You never know what you're going to get when you go to a party. Sometimes, it's just a good old-fashioned good time. Sometimes, weird things start happening when we let our guard down. And, when everything goes just right (or wrong), that's when a party becomes "that" party. These Redditors share the wildest instances of weird, scary, and downright confusing things that have happened to them while out having a good time.

1. Live Bold

When I was in high school, we used to throw bonfire parties out in the mountains. One night we were at a party where a fairly new girl in school, we can call her Carly. She came to the party with some of her friends. Carly was not the brightest person that I have ever met. So we are hanging around the bonfire, having some beverages, chatting it up, and listening to music.

Suddenly Carly walks a few feet away and still in the site of everyone when she suddenly drops hers pants, squats down and proceeds to take one of the biggest dumps that we have seen in our lives. She didn’t go into the woods, just did it right there by the fire. Some of us were speechless and some of us were laughing uncontrollably.

I was a little of both. She didn’t wipe either. Just pulled up her pants and rejoined the party!

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2. A Miraculous Occurrence

At a party in a studio apartment, I'm getting nervous watching a friend with a glass of red start to sway and dip while sitting on the white-sheeted bed, so I suggest we move into the kitchen area. I was too late to stop the inevitable. She totters over to the corner, loses her balance, and falls backward into a basket on the floor holding some unopened bags of potato chips.

She flings her drink over her head against the wall behind her as she lands on the bags and they burst with loud bangs. The whole party turns to look at the noise and they see a scene from a horror movie, with my friend collapsed and twitching in the basket and a spray of red liquid running down the wall behind her.

There was a decently comical amount of screaming before it became obvious no one had been injured, although the host was soon ready to carry out the deed—some of the airborne liquid landed on the bottom of the frame of a small, treasured rubbing the host had done in Europe of Joan of Arc or a similar female warrior type.

The vino started slowly seeping up the fabric of the rubbing so while the host freaks out the inebriated guests start yelling, "Es un milagro - it bleeds!" as the rubbing of Joan now appears to be menstruating.

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3. A Ruined Inheritance 

I threw a party at my parents’ house right after graduating. One of my friends passed out on my parents’ brand-new beige leather couch. Partygoers started drawing phalluses and swear words all over his face with a Sharpie. He nearly woke up and then rolled over face down so everyone gave up. It was hilarious. Then karma came for me instantly.

When he woke up, we found the marker had bled from his face onto the couch. I started freaking out. I tried every cleaning product or scrubber they had with no luck. Eventually, I went to the garage for some stronger chemicals. Carb cleaner worked wonders on the marker. It took all of it off...as well as the finish on the leather.

I realized I was done for and tossed a couple pillows over it. My mom noticed it within 10 minutes of getting home. Needless to say, my parents were mad. Thankfully, I was too old to be grounded and too poor to replace the couch. I just got to experience maximum parental disappointment, which is far worse.

They got their revenge eventually though: When I left the house, they got a nice new couch—and I got the one I'd ruined.

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4. Can’t Come Back From That

I was at a New Year’s Eve party at a family friend’s house a few years ago. My fiancé’s friend came and brought a date (we'll call him Scott) who she had only just started going out with and none of us knew very well. Scott was a decent guy and I was having a good time talking to him and introducing him to people at the party.

I left him for maybe a half-hour, and in that time he had finished off 3/4 of a bottle of lord knows what. I know the outcome wouldn't be good so I distanced myself from him for a while. Well, word starts going around that there is a guy outside throwing up...a lot. Turns out it was Scott. My fiancé and I told her friend that her date needed to be taken care of.

He got overly embarrassed and apologetic and told her he was just going to drive himself home. She tried to stop him but he pushed past her and got in his car. And then nothing happened for about an hour. Turns out, the dude passed out in his car before he could even get the keys in the ignition but locked the doors.

So my buddy and I start knocking on the windows trying to wake the kid up, but to no avail. We start gathering some tools to break into his car when all of a sudden, the engine starts and the dude peels off swerving up the street, blows through a stop sign, and drives away. We only saw him once after that.

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5. High-Intensity Gathering

There was a Halloween party that went down in infamy among our crowd. We were still in high school and it was an out-of-control party. There were a few incidents but nothing serious until the father of the host caught one of our friends drinking from his personal stash. He chased the kid outside where the kid jumped a fence and vanished into the wilderness.

My friend who hosted the party went looking for him, ended up at another party where he upset the host (a mutual friend of all of us but his crowd was the jocks, we were the outcasts) and got beat up. Then everyone from both parties gathered in the street figuring out what happened when my friend's Dad came charging through the crowd.

He proceeded to lay another beating on the poor guy. So they brawl, authorities show up. We get my friend home, his Dad stays back to talk to the sheriff, and then my friend's mom, who was a bit unhinged and definitely not sober, was on fine form that night. She flipped out and started flailing at her husband with a fork.

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6. There’s No Preventing The Inevitable

As a professional photographer, I get invited to showcase my work every so often. The night before one particular showcase, I'm having a small party at my house. Some guy, an acquaintance, shows up with a pretty hot chick. After observing, he was obviously friend-zoned. So I start chatting it up and flirting with her and we get to talking.

She asked what I do, and I told her, and offered to take her upstairs to my room to show her my prints. So, she's looking through all of them, getting excited (or pretending to be), handing out compliments, getting more and more flirty, casually brushing up on me. I was primed to start making out with her and maybe more.

The friend-zoned guy sneaks up behind us and goes for a surprise rib tickle on this girl. She gasps and then throws up all over my unprotected prints. Sort of like a knee-jerk reaction. So I'm upset, she's embarrassed, and mad at her friend. They got into an argument, he left, she stayed… in my bed.

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7. Not A Grocery Store

My friend was having a birthday party at our house. A guy showed up who hadn't been invited and who she wasn't really happy to see. He was a friend of a friend who had a reputation for being really awkward and annoying. About an hour or two after he crashed it, the party started to settle down and people were sitting on the couch near the door.

We saw him making his goodbyes and heading out the door with an armload of drinks. I casually confronted him and asked where he was going with those cans. "Oh, I have to leave now, but this is what I would have consumed if I stayed here". I was too flabbergasted to respond. As I stood there speechless, he slipped out the door.

I followed it up with an email to him the next day. "Hey man, just for your own good I want you to know that you made a really big faux pas there. I don't care so much about the cost of a few cans, but you really should know better than to do what you did". His response: "Sorry man, I was just really out of it at the time.

He continued: "I knew I had to drive home so I didn't want to drink too much so I brought the stuff home".

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8. Explain That One To The Parents

I was at a friend’s birthday party and him and a group of maybe 10 kids were there. We put on Shrek and I was on a recliner watching it, meanwhile these other kids were messing around. One of them took their shirt off and said, "Who wants to join the no shirt gang"?! Everyone but me and this other kid took their shirt off.

Then, the crazy one said, "No PANTS gang"?! They took their pants off. Fast forward a bit and we had like 8 disrobed kids running around screaming.

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9. Cleaner Than He Thought

I hosted a party in high school. A girl and a guy spent a bit of time the bathroom, not a huge deal. Then I went to use the bathroom and wash my hands after. The hand towel had a white-ish, gooey, sticky substance on it. I took a closer look and it was COVERED. Like a disgusting amount, the backside of the towel was completely soaked.

I didn't know a human could produce that much. I stepped out and a buddy saw my face and began laughing. He knew exactly what I had found and laughed harder when he saw how much. He then informed me that the couple in there before accidentally broken one of the soap dispensers and used the towel to clean up the liquid soap.

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10. Blown Away By Friendship

I went to a bowling alley in grade 4 because that was the first birthday party I had been ever invited to. I was really excited because he was one of the popular kids. It came to the day that it was happening, I decided to wear a nice pink glittery shirt because glitter was really important in my life for some odd reason.

I got to the bowling alley with the gift bag and when I went to give it to him I farted really loud out of excitement. Everyone looked over at me and I immediately burst into tears. He told me it was okay and then proceeded to pass gas maybe 3 minutes after I did. That really comforted me and we had a good time.

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11. If Halls Could Talk

A friend of mine got his vaccine shot a day before and wasn't actually supposed to drink. He was completely out of it by 10 pm and started throwing up at 11. So a friend and I (we live in the same street) decide that it would be best if we take him to my place to crash, cause the host will not let him sleep there and he isn't able to walk by himself.

We put on his shoes and start our quest of reaching the bus stop. After encountering other party people and a very annoyed authority figure whom my friend confused with a taxi and demanded to be driven home, we finally reached the bus stop and got home. I live in an apartment complex. I lay him on my couch and go to sleep myself.

At 4 am I get a call from him asking if he is at my place, where his shoes are and why he had to sleep in the hall. I'm very confused too. What possibly happened was that he woke up, didn't know where he was and wanted to go home but he didn't notice that I put his shoes beside the couch so he went out the door and started looking for them.

He went through the whole house looking. After he couldn't find them he decided to lay down and sleep. In the house corridor. After he woke up he couldn’t remember why he was in the corridor but that he was with me. So, I let him in give him his shoes and ask if he got everything to which he reaches in his pockets and pulls out a bottle of conditioner and a bottle of shampoo.

Then he grins at me saying, "Look what I found". To this day, I have absolutely no clue how or where he got them from, they weren't mine.

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12. Trust Your Intuition

In college, my friends and I decided to throw a party in some woods right off of campus in a wooded area we had partied before. We ended up having our core group of 10 or so people and maybe another 15 or 20 through the night around the bonfire and all night I couldn't shake a weird feeling of being watched and it was weirding me out to no end.

I kept mentioning it to my friends and they kept saying I was just being anxious which wasn't uncharacteristic for me. Eventually I just couldn't take it anymore and me and the only other person who felt something was off decided to head back to campus. For whatever reason I decided I didn't want to take the normal path.

We went way off the path and cut through some fields using the moon light to guide us. When I finally got back to the apartment I was just hanging out when I happened to look out the window and saw almost a dozen cruisers sitting behind some trees next to the road near the path going up to where my friends were partying.

I used the apartment phone to repeatedly try calling the only cell phone at the party but no one answered. Everyone there ended up getting charged in some manner some for providing spirits to minors since some of them were a year shy of drinking age.

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13. Some Careful Prodding

At university my neighbours who were a group of Athletics Union guys had a party with a DJ set up in their basement blasting out the obnoxious loud dance music of the time. There was this little grate on the outside of the house that went down into the basement and people were really packed in there tightly dancing (mostly guys).

Me and a friend got a long bamboo stick and were poking it through the grate trying to cause fights between the shirtless sweaty dudes in there by prodding them with it when they weren't looking. After about 10 minutes it turned into a mass brawl and the authorities turned up and shut it down.

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14. Concerning Behaviour

At one party, this guy cut his hand open. On purpose. And not like a little bit, a huge gash. Because he thought it would be funny. Anyway there was blood all over the hall and bathroom. He jokingly threatened his girlfriend (which was just his edgy sense of humor, but considering the events that had unfolded we had to take him seriously).

So then the sheriff came. And then the party obviously ended. I had to leave my friends and sit with his girlfriend in the hospital for like three or four hours. When he finally DID come out from getting stitched up, he just smiled at all of us and said "let’s go home" like it was the happy ending to a family sitcom.

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15. That Was Unexpected

I was in the marines at the time. I had never partied in high school due to strict parents, and had started partying quite often including hosting and attending random parties. This girl I think I met on tinder invited me to her birthday party. It was kind of in the downtown meets suburbs and I found out it was her mom’s place.

I didn’t know anyone else there but I made light talk with some of the other guys at the party. Everything was going well until the mom’s car keys got stolen so we all started searching the house for the keys. About 20 minutes go by with no keys and I round a corner to see the mom punch her daughter square in the mouth.

The daughter then screamed at the mom and it turned into an all-out brawl until some friends broke it up. Safe to say there would be no cake

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16. Missed The Party, But Still Made Memories

One of my friends, who was over before the party started, had a little too much and passed out in my basement before the house even got full of people. Full night goes by, and then at 4 am, the last people are trickling out. My friend’s still snoozing on the couch. He sat up like a zombie and starts yelling at my roommate saying he took his phone charger.

A fight happens between my heavily intoxicated roommate and a half-asleep confused zombie man. A random straggler jumps in to try to fight off the zombie, pushes him into my video game shelf, and the shelf breaks in half, ruining two of my consoles. I thought I had been clear of damage since the party was already over.

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17. Great Balls Of Fire

It was a farewell party for an exchange student. Where I live is quite rural, so we were naturally partying at a friend’s farm. His dad was a very handy farmer and one year put together a trebuchet in one of the paddocks, it truly is an awesome thing and we launched so much stuff with it but our favourite by far was balls filled with methylated spirits lit on fire.

They would be launched and cause a small explosion. As we got to about the third ball being launched we noticed the exchange student had disappeared. Then when the ball hit the ground we saw this little sneaky Frenchman tried to catch a fireball and it blew up in his face.

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18. A Mean Trick

My friends threw me a surprise party for my 15th birthday, and since I had to wake up very early for marching band the next morning, I went to bed around 10 pm. I didn’t find out until about a month afterwards that my "best friend" at the time had strategically planned the party to be on a night when she knew I’d go to bed early because of band.

The plan was that she and my other friends would drink all my parents’ spirits that they had displayed in our basement after I was asleep. They drank every single bottle, probably about 10 bottles of different things, and they thought they got away with it until they told someone who wasn’t there and she proceeded to tell me as soon as she found out.

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19. Misinterpreting The Situation

My ex-friend, who was literally obsessed with me and cut me off because he liked me too much, ambushed me while I was vomiting in the bathroom and decided now was the best time to talk about our relationship. Then he asked to kiss me less than a minute after I vomited which I said yes because I was out of it I’ll kiss anyone when I’ve had some drinks.

Then the next day he was confused that I didn’t like him saying, "Your real feelings came out. That wasn’t just a kiss, that was different". It made me so uncomfortable. I knew I didn’t like him but he was making me second guess myself by manipulating me with his words.

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20. Seriously Spooky

We were two 11-year-old girls, I was staying over at her house in the country next to a cemetery. She told me casually that her house is haunted by several ghosts, I didn't take her too seriously. She showed me these long, deep scratches in sets of three on the furniture in her room (made by ghosts, she says). I laughed it off.

She says she can see the ghosts; one is in front of us right now. I pretend to see it, too. It's fun! After going to bed, the king-sized bed lifted up and down. The blanket was pulled into the air above me. She said a ghost that was hiding under the bed was sticking its long fingers through the mattress and into her back.

In the morning there were fresh scratch marks on her back where she couldn't reach and the same marks in the dust on the bedside table next to me. I don't joke about spooky stuff anymore.

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21. A Terrible Idea

One party entailed the unfortunate invention of a game called milk stairs. Someone stands at the bottom of the stairs and you try to poor milk in their open mouth from the top of the stairs. The carpeted stairs were soaked through with milk and definitely started to smell.

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22. An Evening Of Poor Decisions

I got invited to a party about 15 years ago. A coworker invited me and said it was just a few of us for a bonfire. It started out fine but got out of control when a bunch of uninvited guests showed up, then got tipsy and destructive. Nobody knew who these people were but they all drove up and started blasting awful music in their car stereos.

Things went from bad to worse when one of them decided to light off some fireworks on the front porch of a nearby house. That house happened to be owned by an officer who was known for being aggressive. One of the guys blew a few fingers off, lit the porch on fire, and booked it. One caught their pant leg on fire in the process.

So the house owner goes outside, sees fireworks going off, his porch is on fire, and a bunch of numbskulls stumbling all over his lawn, one of them on fire. The fire department and an ambulance shows up. One of the guys had stumbled off into the woods and it took authorities about an hour to find them.

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23. Mutual Taste

After my friend’s wedding, the bridal party and the groomsmen had a planned get-together at their apartment and decided to play a few rounds of Quiplash. I usually sneak in a few references to anime and the like since most of my friends enjoy it and I love to mess with them by dropping the occasional homage to more adult-themed shows or something of that ilk.

With the exception of my best friend, most usually missed those references until that night. I made a joke and got the usual chuckle from my friend - along with a suspicious look on the best man’s face. He said that he understood the reference, but didn’t think I’d be the type to know it. This resulted in an entire evening of shared references. All without ever talking.

Didn’t see him again until I finished my dissertation three months later. That night stuck out to him so much that once we finally bumped into each other again he asked me out to lunch.

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24. A Chocolatey Mess

The host kid’s parents were away. It was and immaculate house with cream walls. This random group of lads from another school gate crashed the party and started to wildly throw chocolate digestive biscuits at all the walls. They were hurling them around - must have been several packets worth. They made a dreadful mess of the decor.

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25. Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

In high school, my friend had a small party. The host's sister was apparently considered one of the hot seniors that the underclassman drooled over, and my friend was no exception. Throughout the night, he was flirting with her whenever she came down to grab a drink or something, and tried to sneak off to her room a couple of times.

It was very uncomfortable for everyone. Eventually, the host got so sick of it that she had her boyfriend pin the guy down while she tied his arms and legs together. He could still move around and participate, but it was mainly to keep him from going up to the host's sister's room. About 20 minutes later, the host's parents tell us that dinner was ready, so we went up.

The guy asked us to bring down a plate for him after we were done. We go back downstairs with his plate and he's just gone. There were a couple of rooms he could've gone into, but they were empty. The host went upstairs, where we weren't allowed, and found the guy at the door to the sister's room knocking on it with his head.

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26. A Series Of Confusing Events

A friend texted me at random with a message that said, "Party at my crib, there's a horse". He lived in a one-bedroom apartment with a loft bedroom and the entire place wasn't much larger than the size of a horse so my interest was piqued. I showed up and there was a full-sized horse standing in his living room with him, his girlfriend, another guy I didn't know.

Their 70-year-old neighbor was just standing around drinking 40s and not paying much attention to the horse. I asked about the horse and the guy whose apartment it was said, "Oh, yeah, Rob had a horse and we decided to see if it would fit in the apartment", while pointing to the guy I didn't know. After a little while Rob led his horse out but that wasn’t the end of the weirdness.

The authorities, apparently tipped off that something was amiss by a horse walking out of a small apartment in the middle of the city, decided to come check up on the place. My friend’s girlfriend, not wanting to get in trouble for drinking underage, climbed into a tiny and uncomfortable-looking crawlspace under the stairs to the loft bedroom.

The 70-year-old neighbor who was, at this point, too inebriated to talk, decided he should be the one to talk to the sheriff, so he tried to explain that there was a horse because Rob had a horse, but wasn't making a whole lot of sense. The officers ultimately said not to have any more horses in small apartments and went off on their way.

We went to tell my friend's girlfriend that all was clear, only to find out that she had fallen asleep upside down in the crawlspace under the stairs.

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27. Know Your Audience

I was at a party with my new boyfriend. It was a group of his friends and I really didn’t know anyone except for him and the host. Word got around that this ginger girl had a thing for my boyfriend and I was getting dagger eyes from her and her gaggle of hens all night. The host had a boa constrictor I was dying to meet but didn’t say anything with so many people around.

I was talking to someone and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to come face to face with the boa constrictor and the jealous girl, grinning from ear to ear.  She said, "Hey, do you like SNAKES"?? I guess she expected me to scream or something so it took the wind right out of her sails when I said, "Oh, there he is!! He’s so cute, let me see him"!

The host came over to help get the snake off of this girl and on to me. I guess that didn’t achieve the desired effect so she scuttled out of there. The snake was adorable.

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28. Documented Silliness

A friend brought a bunch of quaaludes home from Florida. We went to a rather big party that night at a friend's house. We were taking ludes and drinking, just having a great time. Eventually I fell asleep on the couch in the living room. I was out for about an hour. I woke up, went to the bathroom, grabbed a drink and sat back on the couch.

As I sat there I noticed some Polaroid pictures on the coffee table. They were of me sleeping on the couch. I had various items sticking out of my nose and ears with my friend's puppy laying across my neck. I was crying laughing as was everyone else. What really got me was no one let on for the 15 minutes it took me to find the pictures and realize what had happened.

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29. It’s Called Art

The party was over but a girl’s car got towed from the apartment complex so I stayed up with her until her mom came. I lock the door behind her and turn the lights out and realize that the living room walls are glowing. Now I’m still pretty faded at this point so I get my roommates to look at the walls to confirm I’m not crazy. The walls were covered in glow in the dark paint.

There was a SpongeBob picture and a giant alien on the ceiling that had a sprinkler in the groin area. There was also a wall that had hands all over and said "help me" which freaked me out a bit at first. I still have no idea where the paint came from, who did the painting, when it was painted, or how they painted the ceiling without me noticing.

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30. A Rowdy Crowd

When I was 18 and unemployed, and got invited to my friend’s 21st birthday. The party was awesome but everyone was pretty into taking a variety of substances. Knowing I had an interview for my dream career the next day I tried my hardest to stay away from everything. A few hours later I heard a scream.

A man was screaming at the top of his lungs claiming there was a dinosaur looking at him through the window. I laughed at him as he charged through the glass door and ended up going on a quest to find a fox who was howling. He was found asleep in the yard the next morning.

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31. The Dean’s Shattered Dreams

There used to be a big house party that I was invited to that was just a few miles away from college. This house was well known for its yearly midterm party, which everyone would race to after their midterms, no matter what time of day it was. In the basement of my institution, the actual dean of my school showed up.

He threw his jacket off and immediately started playing drinking games with us all. To my surprise, I learned that he was quitting his job the very next day to build a restaurant someplace else in the world far away from where our campus was. He admitted to us all that our college was a terrible place to learn and that he had never wanted to become a dean.

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32. An Overreaction 

I once ran into this girl at a party whose house I had been to for a party the week before. She starts crying and is completely devastated. She says that at her party I had become quite tipsy and turned the buttons on her stereo so the speakers broke. She asks me while she's crying if I can pay half the repair costs and shows me the receipt.

I immediately agree and we walked to an ATM. I take out $25 and hand it to her with a smile. She thanks me all the way back because it was her mother's stereo. Nothing more with that. We went back to partying and having fun the rest of the evening. The next day I find out that before I came to the party she had asked my friends for me and they had started arguing with her.

They told her to leave me alone, that it was her fault for having a party and that I would hit her if she brought it up with me. I understand that she must have been terrified when she brought up the incident with me and she must have been overjoyed when I just said that of course I would pay. Nice picture my friends had of me. I broke up with them a couple of years later.

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33. Anywhere But Here

At the hostess' request, I brought some of my board games, including my $80 copy of a limited-edition game from Norway. During the party, a boy and the hostess started trying to launch water across the room into each other's mouth. Although I thought that was really dense, I didn't care much... until they did it over my game that was set up.

They continued to just laugh and laugh, and they didn't realize anything was out of the ordinary. I was livid. Thankfully, one of my friends was pretty mortified too (as well as other people, from what I could tell), and the party broke up pretty soon after that. Looking back on it, I think it's pretty funny, but I was not having that childish behavior at the time.

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34. A Filthy Plot

I was 19 and living in Indiana at the time. One of my platonic female friends was having a party one night a few weeks after she got back from visiting her friend who was a foreign exchange student at our high school. I often hung out with that friend and another lady we were friends with. I was talking to her as they were the only people I knew there that night.

We were all having fun when the lady having the party went into the kitchen for a little bit then came back into the living room and started yelling at us that she knew we had been part of a plot (along with the second girl's boyfriend) to break into her house to clean her carpets while she was out of the country and then kicked us out.

Before anybody asks, "cleaning her carpets" isn't slang for anything. She literally thought we had this conspiracy to come into her home and shampoo the rug like things that went wall to wall on the floor in her house.

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35. Free-Range Nonsense

I went to a New Year's party at a farmhouse. This guy I know has taken something. He found a top hat and cape somewhere and was wearing them. He is having a bad time and is just spiraling into a depression and fixating on morbid things while being freaked out on his trip. So I take him outside to get him away from all the partying and noisy people in the house.

We step out on the dark porch and for a minute he seems to be getting right when suddenly about 10 cows run by the porch. His eyes go wide and he runs away. The guys in the party yell, "The cows are out", and they all start chasing the cows trying to round them up but the cows are now smarter than the inebriated people so they were not doing a good job of it.

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36. There’s Always A Silver Lining

I was partying at an old fraternity house in college and in the basement there was a lone PVC water pipe that stretched from floor to ceiling. This room also happened to be the location of the heaviest pong table known to man. Late in the night after copious amounts of beverages had been consumed, some guy decided that the pong table needed to be relocated.

He proceeds to push the table up against the wall with some force effectively shattering the PVC pipe. This is the middle of winter, so ice cold water starts spraying in a 6-foot radius out of the pipe dousing nearly everyone in the room. Girls are crying about their hair and clothes and the guys are yelling at each other about finding the shut off valve.

Meanwhile, I am standing bone dry on the other side of the room and watching an impromptu wet t-shirt contest. It was a good night.

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37. Handshake Gone Wrong

I was at a party in high school at the house of a friend whose parents were loaded. She had a hot tub which a few of us noticed was being seriously under-utilized. My friend's widely despised redneck girlfriend got in first and after I got a fresh drink, I stripped down to my boxers and made my way across the enormous back deck to the flush-set hot tub.

As I stepped in, my foot slipped on the smooth fiberglass seat and my foot shot out to my side, right between redneck girl's legs. I felt my foot make an unfortunate connection as I fell into the water. I managed to keep my drink level and above water. As soon as I got my head back above water, she screamed, "MAH COOTER"!

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38. Simply Unfortunate

One spring break evening, me and my friends decided to stay in and party in our house that we were renting for the week. After reaching max level of inebriation the party began to die down. There is six of us left now (3 guys, 3 girls) and one of the girls decided to pass out on the couch. I went over to try to wake the girl up.

Instead, I was welcomed by a stench that the god of dumps would be proud of. Come to find out the girl had messed herself and had been sitting in it for about an hour or two. Because we thought that no one should have to wake up to unpleasantness all up in their derriere, the girls decided to clean her up. She woke up the next morning feeling refreshed.

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39. Impeccable Timing

My friend had an old Prince Albert scar that he shot bottle rockets out of when he was drinking. One party, he was in the kitchen and shot a bottle rocket out of his junk and it flew right through the living room. It hit my other friend right in the forehead and exploded just as he opened the front door to enter the party.

He got a cut on his forehead and was freaked out until we explained, and then he almost peed laughing.

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40. Work With What You’re Given

We were at a 21st birthday of this girl we knew, things got a little out of hand and hot dogs started getting thrown. One hit me in the head so I picked it up and proceeded to carry it to the kitchen. I opened up their refrigerator and found a full gallon of milk. I opened it up and dropped the raw hot dog into the milk jug.

I laughed so hard when I saw it drop from my hand into the opaque container. She called me a week later, super mad! She found it because it submarined into her cereal bowl. She had been using that milk for a week before that horrible day.

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41. Man’s New Best Friend

Some guy brought a live chicken to a kegger at my apartment while I was in college. We kind of lived out in the boondocks, so it wasn't that unusual to have farm animals running around, but he had this thing on a leash with a special harness and everything. The chicken was almost like a dog, really, which we all found super cool.

It followed that guy around, knew a few basic commands, and actually had a lot of personality. So we were all getting more and more inebriated playing with this animal and we somehow start dressing it up. I made a little jacket for it out of an old t-shirt, some guys affixed makeshift shoes to its feet with rubber bands, I think he even had a '70s-style chain around his neck.

Finally someone put a little fedora on him, and that's how he became our party fowl.

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42. Babysitting

My buddy and I were doing some drinking at his friend’s party, and my buddy makes an unfortunate gesture toward the host’s girlfriend, which of course causes the host to try and fight my friend. Fortunately, they were bros and he was forgiven—but his antics didn't end there. He then proceeded to knock over the table, dumping about 20 full drinks on the floor.

Then as we were dragging him home, he tried to parkour EVERYTHING, including people's vehicles on the street. He ran full speed into a pickup truck and woke up covered in blood the next morning. He also attempted to scale our 5-story dorm and ran full speed into a glass window that somehow did not break.

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45. That’s Just The Style

I accidentally tried to take a girl's hoodie. To be fair, I was quite pickled, and had lost a hoodie of the same color earlier that night. So as I'm leaving with a couple of friends at the end of the night, this girl grabs me by the arm and yells at me to take off her hoodie. I replied somewhat slowly that I must have the same hoodie as her.

At that point, she told me to stick my arms straight out, and I obliged. The sleeves of the hoodie barely made it past my elbows and it was immediately obvious to everyone around that I was indeed a buffoon.

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46. Some Real Skills

We ingested some substances and this girl and I decided to cook pasta for everyone afterward, we were alone in the kitchen cooking when she tried opening a bottle of water, I don't know how she did it, but the cap was flung from her hands, bounced on a plate on the kitchen table, and landed on its side on the kitchen counter!

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47. Flattering Yet Uncomfortable

There was one party I remember clearly. All was going great I was finally getting some one-on-one time with this guy I liked and out of nowhere comes the girl whose house the party was at, she pushed my crush away and starts kissing me. After a long big kiss, she started telling me she always had a crush on me, but it wasn’t just that.

Her boyfriend has a crush on me too and he actually is obsessed with my Instagram account. Now that was unexpected. I am not into girls and still the same to this day. Let's say everyone at the party somehow was expecting me to choose who I like in that moment right there. So I literally grabbed my guy’s hand and made a run for it.

I did apologize to the girl saying the moment is not right and we will talk. I did contact her, she actually admitted she took something that other day at the party, we became friends for some time but I made sure she knows I am into boys.

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48. The Littlest Party Crasher

I was at a friend's birthday party. I was the only one from our group who attended. Most of his guests were from a different friend group. Anyway, I was seated near an electric fan and it kept blowing my hair to my face. Well, at some point, it blew a live cockroach to my face. Thank God my hair was blocking my face.

Anyway, I slapped it away. And it landed on this dude's leg. The dude didn't feel it. He literally just walked away with a freaking cockroach chilling on his leg hair.

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47. Ready For Their Medical Degree

At one party, these guys were bonding and somehow they decided that one dude has a wart on his elbow that needed to be removed, stat. In a manner consistent with world class surgeons they numbed the area with an ice cube from the half-melted tray on the counter. The next step was to carefully and delicately use wire cutters to slice off the offending growth.

The wart came off easily with a roar from our dear de-warted patient and then a scream as he saw the absolutely ridiculous amount of blood gushing from the surgical site. They scrambled with towels and strategies. Surgeon Steve ended up slipping in the blood. Before it was over with, the kitchen looked like a horrific scene and I'm pretty sure I almost cried laughing.

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48. They Don’t Know Who They’re Messing With

I was at a sleepover a few years back, I was probably 14 or 15. Some of the girls thought it would be fun to do some prank calls on various people, and we got a kick out of it for a while. Everything was going fine, we were all having fun and laughing. Then, one of the girls rings up a lady. I’m not sure if the girl knew this woman or not.

When she answers we did the classic, "hello this is Wendy’s" or something along the lines of that. Then, get this, the lady starts NAMING EVERY GIRL AT THE SLEEPOVER. We were all freaked out and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone hang up the phone faster. It was truly terrifying.

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49. Too Young For This

I threw an after-hours birthday party for a friend. Everyone from the bar was there. Wall to wall people. I was tipsy and thought I was seeing things. A baby and I mean at least 2 months old crowd surfing. I never sobered up so fast in my life! Someone almost dropped her and held her dangling by her arm and I grabbed her and rushed her out of the crowd.

Her mom had left her in her car seat by the door and went to continue partying in the back room. At 3 am. I really don’t know how long the baby was man handled. But she just fell asleep in my arms. She was so tired. We just shut it all down. Made everyone go home. It was appalling.

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50. Three’s A Crowd

The hostess had invited a man she was having an affair with. Her husband was clueless and was out back playing grill master and was completely preoccupied. I guess she thought she was safe. At some point another man the hostess was having an affair with showed up to beat up the other other man. The hostess had a nervous breakdown.

She locked herself in the bathroom crying. Her husband kicked the two fighting guys out of the party, never knowing what they were fighting about. He thought his wife was upset because two random guys started fighting at their party.

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