My BFF Is A Total Snake

August 1, 2023 | Violet Newbury

My BFF Is A Total Snake

We can all remember “friends forever” being plastered everywhere in our childhood. It was written on books, carved on trees, and sworn to the death among best buds. As we grew up, the naivete of youth gave way to the harsh reality of life and, sometimes, a person’s true colors. Here people share their stores of friendships that, not only didn’t stand the test of time but of friends who turned out to be total snakes. These “friends forever” should be “forever forgotten”.

1. I Gave Her The Boot

My best friend was supposed to be my maid of honor, but after what happened, I'm actually afraid of her. She flipped out on me because I had the audacity to make plans with another friend, and invite her after, instead of making plans with her first and then inviting my other friend. She pinned me to a chair and started screaming in my face. That's the day I fired her from being my maid of honor and booted her from my life. She went on to smash my car window that night.

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2. I Was Sick Of His Behavior

I had a friend who I had known for nearly 20 years from the first day of school. Then, he met his current girlfriend and slowly started neglecting his friends. This girl also seemed to change him as a person. He was becoming a lot more spiteful and depressed. The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was when I invited him to the pub for my birthday.

Less than an hour before we were due to meet up, he texted me saying he was ill and couldn't make it. I said, "That’s cool, man. If you are ill, I won't force you to come out". So, I went out and met the rest of my friends at the pub. A couple of hours later, I was greeted by a heartbreaking sight. I saw him and his girlfriend, along with some of her friends, coming out of another bar close by.

I confronted him right then and there. I was a bit tipsy, so I didn’t hold anything back. It ended with me saying I was just done trying with him and that he was not worth my time anymore. That was the last time I spoke to him.

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3. Forget This Friendship!

She was the maid of honor at my wedding. I would make plans with her to go to lunch or whatever, and she always canceled the day of. She never gave a reason. She would just say, "Oh, I forgot. I can't, some other time". I realized I was the only one putting in any effort, so I just stopped trying to do things with her.

I figured if she wanted to do something, she would get ahold of me. After my wedding, I didn’t hear from her again.

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4. The Six-Month Gap

My high school best friend got into college around six months before I did. When she did, she stopped talking to me altogether. When I finally got into college, she decided it was too shameful to hang out with someone who was six months behind her. She'd still talk and go out with other friends from high school, but I was completely ignored by her.

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5. Baby Blues

My friend had a baby. One day, we were having lunch, and she told me, "You know, I only want to hang out with other moms from now on". I didn't quite get the hint. However, she ignored all my texts and emails for a few months. It wasn’t until then that I finally realized what she was trying to tell me with her statement.

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6. A Not So Fond Farewell

My best friend for over 15 years cut me out of his life. We had grown apart a bit due to different lifestyle choices, but we always spoke at least once a week and found time to spend with each other. He was constantly talking about feeling stuck in our hometown and wanting to explore the world, but worried about paying for it.

So, I helped him get a job with my company. It was not a very exciting job, but it paid twice as much as he was making before, so I figured it would help him save up for traveling. About six months into the job, we were working together and got into an argument. We had fought a few times in our friendship and this did not seem any different than other times. I was over it by the time I went home.

Then, he missed the next 2–3 days of work and emailed our manager, saying he quit. He removed me from all of his friend lists and would not respond to phone calls, text messages, or emails. I admit I am not the easiest person to get along with at times, but after a 15-year relationship, it would have been nice to at least have had a proper goodbye.

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7. It Was All For Love

I grew up with this guy, and we did everything together. We went to camps, and church, learned to play guitar, video games, etc. We were best friends in every sense of the word. After high school, we ended up going to different colleges, and we didn't stay super close because of the distance. A few years later, I moved back to where he lived, near to where we both grew up.

I decided I wanted to get my life together and go finish my degree. So, I started school at a private college and met this girl. We fell in love. In the meantime, my friend and I had reconnected, and he invited me over to a birthday party he was throwing for one of his friends. I asked if I could bring my girlfriend, and he said that was cool.

On the way to the party, I was talking to my girlfriend about my best friend, what we had in common—the usual things. Then I looked over to her and said, "You know, I'm a bit nervous to introduce you to him". She giggled and asked, "Why would you say that"? I said, "Well, he is pretty smart, has some neat hobbies, is going to be a psychiatrist, and honestly, I would classify his looks along the lines of lady killer".

She just laughed again and said, "Well, I love YOU, so you don't have to be worried". We got to the party. She met him, we hung out and had a good time. A year later, my girlfriend and I broke up. I called my friend because that’s what you do when you get your heart stomped on. He came and got me from the college campus, helped me forget the pain with the appropriate amounts of drinks, and fulfilled his best friend duties as required.

About six months later, I was walking around campus, and saw some people playing doubles tennis on the courts outside of one of the dorms. I thought it looked like fun, so I went over. As I walked by, I kind of recognized the silhouettes of my ex and her friends. Then, there was this taller blond fellow playing with them. I also noticed that in that parking lot, there was a car that looked a lot like my best friend’s.

My heart dropped instantly. It was him—with her. It totally sucked. They were dating and eventually got married. They unfriended me and blocked me on Facebook. I messaged him at one point in time to apologize for being a little bit over-dramatic about the whole thing in an attempt to try to repair our friendship. However, all I got back was, "It's ok, I forgive you".

Nothing about the whole "I dated and married your ex-girlfriend" or anything.

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8. Our Friendship Didn’t Survive

I was rushed to the ER for a very serious illness. My friend and I lived in different cities. I told her what was happening. She texted me the next day, and that was it. I haven't heard from her since. I had six months of horrific tests and almost died a couple of times, and she didn’t bother to ask how I was. Luckily, I have new friends now, and I am too busy trying to survive to bother focusing on anything except people who put the effort in.

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9. How Rude!

I was once short on cash but still wanted to celebrate my best friend’s birthday with her because that’s what friends are for. My boyfriend generously offered to give me some money so I would be able to enjoy myself at the bar. I had called her up excitedly to tell her I was able to come out. When I arrived, it was clear she had told the other people there why I almost didn't make it.

They were giving me grief for having a "beer allowance" from my boyfriend. I left after one drink, and she was furious because she said I was being rude. The last straw was when she told me I was being a bummer shortly after my dad passed. I stopped talking to her after that.

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10. A Critical Decision

I knew my friend and her family pretty well from when I was 15 until I was 40. We were always together. But there was always a dark side to it. Her brother-in-law used to call our relationship "the competition". We both grew up, and I ran off and got married at a young age and had a couple of kids. Unfortunately, that fell apart and I was a single mom.

My situation opened the floodgates of criticism about how I raise my kids—from someone with no kids. Her older sisters would treat me in a condescending way, and I realized she was talking trash about me to them and her other friends. When I married again, she was my matron of honor. Then her marriage split up, and she lost her mind.

Her husband had reconnected with an ex from college, and she wasn’t used to getting her heart broken. So then my husband became her new target to criticize, and that's when I just let things go.

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11. Brunch Is A Two-Way Street

Around senior year, my best friend met some dude online or on some forum. One day my other two friends and I got a call from her mom looking for her. She had told her mom she was with us at a movie, which she wasn't. We knew she was at this dude's house, but we didn't tell her mom anything. The next time we met up, we told her that we were concerned about her new relationship.

Some friends and I went to get brunch, and she got upset that we would go without her. I told her it was a two-way street, and she rarely invited us anywhere. It was always us making plans and inviting her. She formed that into us being mad at her for dating this dude when in reality, she would disappear and not tell us then we would get calls from her mom.

She was very, very good at playing the victim. She would always think if someone slightly disagreed with her, that meant they were beyond angry and hated her. She was also so very down on herself. At a certain point, we just got tired of it. The summer of senior year, before I went to college, we stopped talking, and she blocked my other two friends and me on social media.

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12. She Drained The Life Out Of Me

She was my best friend since kindergarten. She was never able to talk about anyone but herself, and eventually, the only jokes she'd make were severely self-deprecating ones. They were serious things that I could not laugh about and brought the mood down every time. She had social anxiety, so we were never able to go out and have new experiences together.

I tried very hard for so many years to keep her actively included in group activities, but she just did not cooperate, then complained when I didn't do it. All of our conversations ended up being stagnant. Once we graduated high school, I ghosted her. I felt terrible, but I felt worse when I had to look after her. It was just too draining.

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13. Daddy’s Girl Was A Ditz

My high school best friend and I weren't very much alike. She was this super bubbly and cheerful feminine girl, and I was a sarcastic pile of nerd in a vaguely human form—a geeky tomboy. We actually meshed pretty well, but from the get-go, she was the kind of person who'd turn up to parties on the wrong day because she would get mixed up.

Her parents didn't like me much because I was into “heathen” stuff like Lord of the Rings. She couldn't form an opinion if it wasn't exactly the same as her dad’s. I remember once she vehemently argued that there was no future in IT because her dad said it was a waste of time. The facts didn't matter if her dad didn't like them.

We stayed close until after school ended, and since our birthdays were only a week apart, we always had a combined party. Three weeks before my eighteenth birthday, I got tickets to a convention. I called her that day to let her know that we would have to do separate parties. I asked if she wanted to come to the convention with me. She said no, as it wasn’t her thing, which was fine. Well, it ended up blowing up in my face. 

The day my group was going, she called to ask when she could expect us around to her place for the party and ice skating. I reminded her that we were going to the convention. She lost it, got really nasty over the phone, and hung up. She called everyone else to try to convince them to ditch the convention and come to her party.

They all said no. She called my parents and tried to get them to stop me from going and told them I was on dope, which I wasn’t. We went, but the whole thing was soured by her reaction.

I don't think she ever spoke to me again herself, but I would often meet people in my social circles who then treated me like trash because of what they thought I did to her.

It took ages for people to stop thinking I was a complete and utter witch. It was the end of a six-year friendship.

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14. All That Jazz

My friend and I went to a small school where there was a homecoming coronation for everything. During senior year, she wanted to be band queen really badly, but I won. Not because I campaigned or anything, but probably because I was the band president and the only senior girl in jazz band. I also hung out with some of the younger kids because I had a younger brother who was also in jazz with me.

The title was just a vote of all the band kids. Her mom was even mad at me for winning it, even though I literally did nothing. I wasn't about to apologize for it because it wasn't my fault, and it's a really stupid reason to cut off your best friend, but she did anyway.

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15. Nothing Could Save This Friendship

About half a year before my friend and I had a falling out, her boyfriend broke up with her. Her reaction was chilling. She was very upset and, for some reason, completely cut me out of her life. We had spent every day together, and at that point, we had been friends for more than seven years. I continued being the supportive friend and messaged her once in a while to see if she was doing alright, but she would ignore me.

That went on for about four months. Out of the blue, one day, she messaged me and asked to meet up for lunch. I was ecstatic because I missed her. We met up that afternoon. It was good, and she told me she was seeing a therapist. We just let the elephant in the room sit in the corner. We didn't discuss her reasons for cutting me out.

Then, at the end of the conversation, she said that she and her ex got back together. My response was, "Okay, is that really good for you"? I honestly liked the guy, but he wasn’t a very good boyfriend to her. They just weren't compatible. Eventually, he broke up with her again. His place was a few blocks from mine, so she came over and was absolutely beside herself.

I put her in my and my boyfriend’s bed and just held her to try to calm her down. It was about 11 PM, and I had classes the next day. My boyfriend slept on the couch so that she and I could be alone. After an hour or two, I got up and went to go get her some water. When I came back, I made a terrifying discovery. She was swallowing a bunch of pills she had in her bag.

I immediately put my fingers in her mouth to try to make her throw up and yelled at my boyfriend to call an ambulance. She was completely melancholic and wouldn’t tell me what she swallowed. The ambulance came, and she went to the hospital. They admitted her to a psych ward for monitoring, and when she was released, she seemed broken.

For a few months, she was like a puppy and followed me everywhere. I didn't mind and invited her to Thanksgiving and even preemptively to Christmas with my family. At the end of November, a friend of mine passed, and I was having a tough time. A week later, my friend dropped me once again. No communication, nothing. As soon as I needed a friend to support me, I got radio silence from her.

A few months later, she messaged me and said she needed to talk. I thought, “Okay, one last-ditch failed attempt”. We went to Starbucks, ordered drinks, and sat down. Her first words to me were, "You're the worst friend I've ever had. I hate you for not letting me die". I let her yell at me for about 10 minutes, and then I'd had enough.

I said, "When things in your life are going right—when you have a boyfriend, a husband, a family—you'll remember me and how bad of a friend I was for caring about you and loving you". She responded with, "You're a dumb witch". I knew I had do something to get back at her. I dumped my drink on her—which was by far the most dramatic and rude thing I had ever done—and walked out.

I blocked her and have not spoken to her ever since.

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16. Just A Phone Call Away

I've always been a terrible day-to-day friend, but I'm a great friend-in-need. Need help moving? I'm there. Car broke down? I'll help you tow it, work on it, or trade it in—whatever. Need to cry on a shoulder? I have the gift of being able to listen sympathetically without needing to offer my opinion. However, I don't call to shoot the breeze.

I don't initiate getting together for dinner just to get together. On those occasions when someone asks me to hang out, I always feel like I have to earn my keep. As a result, friends routinely drop out of my life. I haven't had a “best friend” in a long time. Even so, now and then, I'll get a call, and I always answer.

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17. Wayne’s World

We were best friends for years, more like sisters. She lived across the street, and we understood each other in a way that only another kid from a dirt-poor hick family could. She moved out of her parents’ dilapidated house at the end of high school and then met Wayne. He was seven years older, had children, and liked to party. It turned out to be a terrible relationship. 

This moron would "jokingly" choke me as a greeting. They moved in together, and I stopped coming around. She once told me how much it upset her that I, "her sister", hadn’t seen her first apartment until months after they moved in. I kept telling her to leave the dirtbag, but she didn't until she caught him cheating on her.

She threw herself into school and work. Then I found out I was pregnant. We only saw each other twice my whole pregnancy. Once my son was born, we stopped talking much. She came over once in the early months and twice more leading up to his first birthday. We’ve hardly spoken since.

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18. Caught In The Middle

My friend dated a really sweet girl for about a year. When they first got together, we had a talk. I asked him if he loved her, and he replied, "No, but I will learn to". That was a giant red flag, and I told him to just break up with her now, but he didn’t. Spring came around, and he ended it. It was rough, but I was proud of him. Then, they got back together a week later, and I was angry at him again.

When summer came, his girlfriend messaged me on Facebook that she was planning a trip for my friend and his friends to go to the other side of the state to party and see his favorite band. It was on her dime and without her. The logistics worked out, so the day after we were to get back from this mini-trip, he was flying out to spend three weeks in the UK. About a week before the trip, my bud told me that he was thinking of breaking up with her again.

I told him either to do it now and not accept the trip she paid for or at least wait until after the summer and let her down easy. He agreed. A few days before he was due back from the UK, I got a message from his girlfriend saying that even though she and my friend weren’t together anymore, she hoped that the two of us could still be friends.

I was shocked and told her I didn’t even know they had broken up. She then told me he broke up with her via email, but it’s okay, she was clingy and deserved it. I told her that wasn’t the case and went on to tell her everything. She cried a lot. We eventually made plans to meet up and talk in person. The day my friend flew in, we met up. She was feeling sick and went home early.

A couple of days later, she called me crying but couldn’t say what was wrong. When I found out, I was stunned beyond belief. She then hung up and texted me, "I'm pregnant". My anger for my friend was renewed. I later found out I was the first person she told. This was the start of the worst summer of my life. I was the sole confidant for both of them, and there were days when I would spend hours listening to one of them and then drive over to see the other one so they could vent.

Within a month, both of them broke contact with me. First, my friend just stopped responding to my messages. I learned through the grapevine that he thought I was getting with his ex and I chose her over him. We never did more than hug. A few weeks after, the girl told me to stop talking to her because I reminded her too much of my "friend". I like to think I morally made the right choice by being there for them, but I really don’t know if I did.

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19. Don’t Diss My Dude

I had a friend for 11 years who was nine years old than me. Her maturity levels were way behind for someone of her age. During the years we were friends, she didn't mature in the slightest, and I don't believe she ever will. She enjoyed belittling me whenever we argued over something. Then she would put details of said arguments online and would twist them to make me look like I was 100% at fault and painted herself as the victim.

I wasn’t alone; she did that to everyone. She picked fights over such minor things and involved herself in things she shouldn't. The last straw, however, was her insulting my fiancée. Once we both blocked her, she started using a different account. Then, we began getting threats from her, which just confirmed we made the right decision in getting her out of our lives. I had wanted to leave for years, but I was too scared to go.

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20. She Was Trippin’

My wife's best friend, who was her maid of honor, tripped her during the bachelorette party, causing her to break her two front teeth a few weeks before our wedding. While my wife was bleeding in the front seat and sobbing, this woman, instead of helping her "best friend", went on a rant about how she was marrying the wrong person and that she was a horrible friend for getting married while she was still single.

When I heard the reason “why” she tripped my wife, I was furious. She did it because they were lost, and my wife called me so I could direct them to where the car was. Her friend thought it was "unbecoming" of my wife to call me instead of relying on her. She had always been a terrible friend to my wife, and it's unfortunate it took her ruining her bachelorette party for her to see how bad a friend she really was.

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21. Judgement Day

We were buddies at university, then went our separate ways due to our careers. The week before I emigrated, I traveled across the country to his hometown, and we camped out in an abandoned quarry, building shacks, making fires, drinking, and chatting it up. It was my last great time in my homeland before leaving. During that trip, I briefly met his new girlfriend.

It was just long enough for a cup of coffee before we went out. She seemed nice, and I was glad he'd found someone. Three years later, he invited me back for a guy's weekend before he was to get married. We went go-karting, paintball, drinking—all the usual stuff. It was just him and me in his little house in his village, and I asked where his wife-to-be was since they were clearly living together at that point.

He said, "Oh, she's gone to stay at her mother's for a few days". I casually replied, "That was nice of her, giving you space to let off some steam". He said, "Not really. She just doesn't like me when I'm around you". That sentence was a slap in the face that still stings a decade later. I had met the girl for 15 minutes three years prior, and she had taken an instant dislike to me.

I don't know what I did or what I had said to offend her so badly, and my friend never volunteered any further information. We still had a great weekend together, but there was always that nagging thought in my mind of “What had I done? What didn't she like? Is it me in particular or just something I represent”? I was invited to the wedding, but I didn't go. I've only spoken to him once again.

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22. Bridezilla BFF

My friend asked me to be the maid of honor at her wedding. I was thrilled to be a part of the most special day of her life and that she trusted me to help her plan it. I used every connection that I had to make sure her bridal shower and bachelorette party were all she had ever dreamed of and more. I made sure I was there for her any time of day or night when anxiety took over, when she had cold feet or when she had a problem that she just couldn't solve.

I made sure that I scraped enough money together to be able to buy a dress that, in reality, I knew I couldn't afford. You name it; I did it. At the end of the evening, when she and the groom were getting ready to leave, she walked up to me and looked me straight in the eye. What she said made my blood run cold. She told me: "You need to get all of the guests together so that all of you can show me the respect that I deserve".

I was dumbfounded. I turned on the lights in the ballroom, told guests that the bride was leaving, and left.

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23. Under Pressure

From the age of 14–15, I loved going out with my friends from school and doing guy stuff. When we were younger, it was fast food, stupid dares, and video games. When we hit 16, it was pretty much the same thing with booze and dope added to the mix. I was never a huge fan of drinking, but I could pretend I was into it to avoid being an outcast.

However, anything else was a big no. For a while, the pressure wasn't too bad, but soon enough, my "friends" were making me feel trapped and uncomfortable with their incessant pressure. The guys I once respected and even admired were now the guys I dreaded hanging out with. I never gave in to the pressure. Eventually, they laid off a bit, but there was still a clear undertone whenever they were all tripping, and I was there, that they wanted me to do it, too.

I had no other friends, and I didn't want to be an outcast at school, so I kept hanging out with them. By the time we were all 18, I had actually started to enjoy their company again when I met a girl. When I told her about their shenanigans, she told me I deserved better, and I started to believe it. I came to the realization that I didn't NEED them anymore.

I used to hang out with them because I had no better option, maybe if they were legitimately good to me, I would have kept them around, but they weren't. So, a few months later, I stopped hanging out with my old "friends". It was the best decision I ever made.

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24. There Was Something About Mary

I was friends with my former best friend, Mary, from age 11 through 40. During our childhood, Mary knew members of my family very well since we practically lived at each other's houses. We saw each other less frequently after high school but always stayed in touch. In our mid-20s were both back in our hometown for a couple of years and were able to spend more time together before moving on again.

Mary and I went our separate ways, but around age 40, we reconnected on, along with a bunch of our other friends from high school. At that time, my brother was losing his battle with cancer. I told my high school inner circle, who all knew him, that things were looking fairly bad. We had received the bad news from the doctors that the chemo wasn't helping him anymore.

They suggested hospice care and pain management until the end, which is what we did. I emailed my circle of reconnected friends who knew him and told them the awful news. They were all supportive and wonderful—except for Mary. She used to be our resident troublemaker, but as the years passed, it seemed that she had found religion in a big way. Not necessarily in a good way, but in a BIG way.

When I sent the email to my friends to tell them that my brother didn't have much longer, Mary’s response was, "Has your brother been saved yet? There's still time for him to find Jesus before he passes". I could feel the blood boiling behind my eyes. If I could have reached through the computer monitor and gotten her by the throat, I would have. Out of all my friends who were on that email, she knew him best.

She knew what an unbelievably kind person he was. She was there when he drove us back and forth to each other's houses, the mall, and the amusement park—all without a complaint. She was there when—in addition to being an awesome big brother to me—he was also an awesome surrogate big brother to my friends. She saw all of it. Her hypocrisy was too much.

Instead of replying, I deleted her email and never spoke to her again. Over the years, she's made numerous attempts to reconnect with me, but I blocked her from everything.

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 25. Our Friendship Came Full Circle

My best friend in high school and for a few years after was this girl. I am a guy, and we were both heterosexual and moderately attractive, but we just really clicked as friends, nothing more. We hung out ALL the time. I was there when she went through idiot boyfriends, and she was there when I went through dumb chicks, etc. We even worked together at our first job.

I ended up in a relationship with this girl who I was head over heels for. She did not approve of me hanging out with my female friend, though. In fact, it was a huge issue in our relationship. Eventually, I chose my then-girlfriend. My friend tried to be okay with it, and we stopped talking. Four years passed, and I thought our friendship was a lost cause, and any apology at that point would be more for my own guilt than for her sake.

Later that year, I randomly matched with her little sister on Tinder. She told me that my friend was married and happy but never really got over me dropping our friendship and gave me her number. After lots of talking and agreeing that I was pretty stupid at the time, we went back to being good friends again.

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26. His Best Friend Was The Bottle

My ex-best friend turned out to be someone whose only friend was the bottle. In college, he drank a lot. His excuse was that it was just college, and it didn't matter. I thought he might grow out of it, so I kept supporting him and encouraging him to stay focused in school. However, after college, the drinking didn't stop. Eventually, it changed him in a terrifying way. 

He became angry and mean to all those around him when he drank. He would hit partners and scream at friends. He would wander off when in public, but I still kept him around because I wanted to help him and be there for him like he was there for me during rough times. I kept him at a distance when he was caught driving while intoxicated and blamed his partner for it.

However, after his second infraction, I cut off all contact with him, as did the rest of our friend circle.

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27. Three’s A Crowd

My friend’s girlfriend called me and asked if I would be up for a threesome. I said sure, so long as she and my friend were 100% OK with the idea. I was told that they had spoken about it in detail, so it was no problem. My friend started organizing it like it was a staff meeting at work. He even tried setting it up for 10 AM on a Tuesday.

I thought, “No way. Surely, it doesn't work like that. Just get trashed one night and see if it happens, right”? A few days later, I got another call from his girlfriend. She was freaked out by all this organizing he was doing. We talked for a while, right up until the point when she confided in me that she isn't and never was 100% consenting of the idea and that he had forced her into it.

I flipped out. This guy was supposed to be my best friend, and he nearly convinced me to become intimate with a girl who wasn’t fully committed, and he was fully aware of the fact that she wasn’t fully committed. In my eyes, that was just horrific. I haven't spoken to him since.

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28. She Overstayed Her Welcome

I let my friend stay at my place after her mom booted her out. I was absolutely disgusted by her behavior when we lived together. She never saw her kids, got trashed all the time, and slept with whoever was buying her lunch. She worked at a hotel and flipped out at her job, destroying the breakfast room. She took pictures of it and put them on Facebook.

After she got fired, she expected me and my then-boyfriend to pay for her storage and car. When I told her no and said she was being very rude and a burden, she threw a big fit and left.

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29. This Friendship Was Pooched

I had a friend who lied to a veterinarian to get him to euthanize a healthy, happy dog because she didn't want the animal anymore. She tried to get me to forge some paperwork to assist with her lies and tried to get me to accompany her to the vet. I declined to participate, but she put the dog down anyway, so I stopped taking her calls and didn't read or respond to any texts or emails while I mourned the dog.

Unfortunately, pretty soon, she was making Facebook posts about how hard it was to be "best friends" with someone who was mentally ill because you never know when their illness will cloud their judgment and render them unreliable. I watched as mutual friend after mutual friend commented and was told a completely fabricated story about how her dog had passed tragically.

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30. His Wife Drove Us All Away

I don’t talk to my best friend anymore because of his wife. We used to play poker at a friend’s house every Saturday night into the AM. He met a girl via an online dating website, and he brought her along. She was awesome, and everyone liked her. When he and his girlfriend started getting serious, he spent less time spent with his friends, which we all understood.

Two years went by with little contact or interaction. My friends and I wondered where he was because he didn’t show up to anything anymore. A month later, we all got invited to a party at their place. Out of nowhere, they announced, "Hey, we are getting married. I want you guys to stand up at my wedding"! We all went out of town and spent about $1,500 on travel, hotel, tuxes, etc. The wedding was great!

The wedding temporarily brought us all closer. Our group would set parties for annual occasions like Friendsgiving, etc. However, my buddy’s new wife became incredibly controlling. She got mad if these parties weren’t at her place, organized her way, or if people couldn’t make it on the day she set, etc. It was so bad that people didn’t want to go to them anymore.

So, everyone asked my wife and me to host the events. Even when we did, I missed my buddy more than anything.

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31. My Shame Brought Down Our Friendship

My best friend from high school and I were similar in every significant way. We had perfect compatibility, and we were each other's only source of meaningful conversations. He was a genius, got into a top university, and became successful. Meanwhile, I failed grade 12, repeated it, got into a university, but dropped out. He kept trying to keep in touch by texting, calling, and asking to meet up.

However, I always made up an excuse not to meet because of my shame. Eventually, the texting stopped, and I stopped speaking to him. Even though my position in life isn't relevant to our friendship, I can't believe that. There was a balance of stature in our friendship before. Even if he got higher grades, we both knew that we were of equal capability. That’s not the case now.

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32. Birthday Blow-Out

She and I met two guys around the same time and started dating them. We found out later that they were also close friends and thought it was hilarious. I actually ended up becoming really good friends with the guy she was dating, he was a good guy, and we still hang out. A few months later, everything with me and my boyfriend went belly up.

He essentially got a girlfriend while still seeing me, didn't tell me, and seemed to think I would have no idea. I did, and I was devastated. A couple of months after that, my friend and her guy were having problems. The day after her birthday, which was also their six-month anniversary, she decided to go out with a bunch of my friends I had introduced her to. I was working and couldn't go.

A couple of days later, I got a call from a friend I had known for years. What he said made my jaw drop. He told me that when he went to lay down because he was plastered, my friend walked in, got on top of him, and basically tried to sleep with him, only he pushed her off. He felt terrible and asked me what he should do. I called her and told her she needed to tell her boyfriend what had happened.

She started crying and promised she would, begging me to let her do it. For the next month, I had limited contact with either of them. I didn’t feel comfortable around either of them because she still hadn’t told him. My birthday came around, and my friend showed up. She decided that—in the middle of a night out with a huge group of people—was the moment to tell him what happened.

It was a disaster, and he was devastated. Meanwhile, I had to console him, calm her down, and be social with the 30 other people who had come out to celebrate with me. A few days later, they broke up, and she acted like she was the one who was wronged. Considering everything that had happened with me and the guy I had dated, I was furious.

I ultimately realized the friendship was just taking everything out of me and wasn't worth it anymore. It turned out she was also a thief, as well as a compulsive liar, who constantly complained about me. She also thought it was appropriate to tell her mother I was a bad friend for not sticking up for her cheating.

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33. Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

I had made plans around mid-December to spend New Year’s Eve with my friend, his girlfriend, his brother and his wife, and a few select other friends watching B movies and drinking. It was a tradition that sounds silly but was pretty awesome. We were all on the call together, where I told them I would make them all dinner—keeping in mind everyone’s dietary restrictions—and we would meet at his brother’s house.

On the 31st, I called my friend and asked if he could pick me up, as I had a lot of food to carry and couldn’t fit it all in my car. His response was, "Pick you up? Why would I pick you up"? I said, "To go to your house for New Year’s Eve". He replied, "Oh, didn't I tell you? I'm going snowboarding and then drinking at the resort bar. Sorry"! This happened at 3 PM on New Year’s Eve.

It was far too late to get any tickets to events, and I had spent two days making food and spending close to $400 on supplies, all for who I thought was my friend. When I called up his brother, there was no answer. I called his wife. There was no answer either. I called a different friend who I hadn’t spoken to in months and told him what had happened.

I ended up feeding that guy and his friends all the food I had cooked and partied with them. Then, the truth came out. A few days later, I saw Facebook posts of all of the original group hanging out in the basement like we were supposed to. When I confronted my friend about it, he said, "Oh, yeah, our plans were canceled shortly after you called. Sorry, bro".

When I asked him why he didn't call me back to tell me that, he said, "Oh, didn't think you'd still be interested". I didn’t speak to him again.

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34. A Life-Changing Event

Back in my single days, I worked at sea, leaving my house unattended for a couple of months at a time. My best friend’s sister and her husband needed a place to escape to, so my friend asked me if they could stay at my place. I said sure, as long as she could vouch for them, and they kept it in order. I returned home, and they picked me up from the airport, which was how I physically met them for the first time.

I got along well with both of them, but I had more in common with my friend’s sister. We began a nice friendship. Eventually, I got married, and she and her husband got their own place a few minutes down the road. We all became great friends. While she was pregnant, she found out she had a brain tumor and needed surgery and chemo. My wife and I were there to help in every way we could.

After her treatment was done and she was confirmed to be in remission, things started to change between us. She and her husband weren’t around much anymore. They didn’t really call or answer texts and started refusing offers of help. We figured they needed space, so my wife and I backed off but let them know we were there for them if they needed anything.

After about a month of radio silence, my wife reached out to her and asked if they were okay. She told them that we missed them and would love to see them sometime if they were up for it. Somehow, the conversation turned into a furious exchange, and our friends told us they didn’t want to be in our life anymore. They wanted to find new friends, move to a new state, and rework their life.

They said that they had been really unhappy for a long time and that we were part of that. I was devastated. In the following months, we watched their opinions, tastes, and personalities change radically from the people we knew. They made their move, totally cut us and almost everyone else who had been there for them out, and we haven’t spoken to them since.

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35. See Ya Later Cowboy

My best friend and I are both professional males over 40 years old. The summer after the launch of Pokémon Go, the game was dominating social media. I came across a meme that made fun of Tony Romo throwing Poké Ball interceptions, so I sent it to him because he was a Cowboys fan. He became mad and said I was making fun of him.

I didn't think it was a big deal, but he was really mad. I sent him some texts over the next few days, and he ignored me. I never heard from him again. Twenty years of friendship down the drain because this guy cared WAY too much about Tony Romo. Some days I think about this and become super angry, and other days, I just laugh.

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36. Back-Up Bestie

I had a friend for ten years. For years he told me that I would be a grooms-lady at his future wedding because I was his best friend, and our friendship was "very important" to him. Well, I was in for a brutal surprise. When he got married, I wasn't invited. He never even called to say he was engaged. When I finally took some time to look back at our friendship, I saw that the only time he ever really contacted me was when his relationship started to go south or when he was single.

As soon as he got dumped, he would schedule all of this stuff for us to do for the next few weeks or months. I would fall for it every time. I finally realized that I wasn't his best friend. I wasn’t even really his friend. I was just a stand-in—a backup.

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37. It Was A Crushing End

We were best friends. We would spend hours driving, talking, showing each other music, getting lunch together, and would talk/text all the time. We worked on projects together and were generally just there for each other when we needed someone to listen. Then one day, he stopped talking to me cold turkey. I agonized over why for months.

His best friend confirmed that the dude had a huge crush on me, and when he realized it wasn't going anywhere, he started dating someone else, and I got replaced. I had no idea he was just trying to get into my pants the whole time we were friends. Maybe it was selfish for me to be mad, but losing his friendship was very painful for me.

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38. Her Text Said It All

My friend bailed on plans I had already paid for without an apology or anything. She told me that she didn’t "owe me an explanation", said that she was only friends with me out of pity, and then threatened to call the authorities if I dropped her stuff off in person instead of having a friend do it. This was all done with a 15-minute text conversation.

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39. He Was A Player

My buddy always had a thing for my long-term girlfriend. He tried to make a move on her one night when she was plastered. He hid this from me until my girlfriend told me, and I confronted him. He apologized, and I got over it. However, immediately after, he started sleeping with the girlfriend of a guy who played on our ball team. He would go for drinks and laugh with the dude, then go shag his girlfriend right after.

He begged me not to tell the guy. I didn’t need friends like that anymore, so I cut him loose.

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40. I Weeded Him Out

My friend sold bud for about three years. He sat on his behind puffing away for years and didn't have to pay any bills. When his mother tossed him out, he went and lived with his grandmother. He would verbally harass her every day, while dealing out of her house and using in it. He then turned into a spiritual, homesteading, vegan dude.

He said that no one’s time is worth having a job and that we are worth so much more than that. When he posted this, I simply said, "Life is not that easy". His reaction was unhinged. He felt like I was attacking him publicly, proceeded to call me a terrible human being, and told me that he was going to block me. Then, he tried to ruin my relationship.

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41. I Finally Sounded Off And Ended It

I had been this girl's friend since high school. For YEARS I was used as a sounding board for her poor life choices. She got knocked up at 17 and decided to marry the father and not take up her parent's offer to help with the kid while she got her stuff straight. Then she had another kid with the guy. Her parents and in-laws were both terrible to her.

Her husband was cheating on her, and she started an emotional affair with her husband’s superior. Her emotional affair turned physical, and she finally divorced her husband. She moved in with her parents, who were terrible to both her and her children. For the better part of a decade, I listened to her go on and on and on about this drama and was even dragged into it as a cover.

I tried the "just be a friend and listen" route. I tried the "be proactive, call her on the stupidity" route. All she would say was, "Yeah, I know”. She said it so often, that it lost all meaning and flavor. Near the end of our friendship, I realized that for all the nonsense of hers I had listened to, she dealt with none of mine and showcased no concern for me as a person.

When I got engaged, there are no questions or interest in any of the planning for my day. I sent out invites months before my wedding with RSVP envelopes inside that were stamped for return. Over a decade of being there for her, all I got was a text the week before saying, “Oh, sorry, teehee, can't come to your wedding, a friend of mine planned a party for me that day”. I just exploded on her, and she turned it all on me. I was done.

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42. The Awakening

I came out to my best friend in high school, and I believed our friendship was going to last forever. However, she had a religious awakening a few years into college and then told me I was living in sin. She said that if I didn't stop being gay, I would be going to meet the devil. She would remind me of this every day, sending me text messages asking me if I had found the light yet.

I cut ties with her and haven't seen her in many years.

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43. Cashed Out

I moved into a house with my friend. Big mistake. Since I was a bartender, I always had cash on me and at home. I didn't like banks, so my savings account was my safe. I also kept my firearm in there as well. I generally worked nights, and he didn’t, so we had opposite schedules. Before I moved in with him, I would sometimes discover cash missing from my room.

I wasn’t living with my friend at the time, so I figured I was just misplacing it or spending it on stuff without realizing it. Since my handgun was in the safe, I gave my friend the access code, just in case I wasn't home and there was a need. However, I kept discovering money missing. So, I started a ledger. Every time I took or added money, it was written down.

I was still losing money from time to time. This went on for a while. I got suspicious of him because when he went home for Christmas, the money loss stopped. The day that he got back, money was missing again. This time, however, he wrote in the ledger himself the new total after he took the money. I could obviously tell it wasn't my handwriting, and having known him for six years, I knew it was his.

The next day I went to Best Buy and bought a security camera and hid it in my laundry basket. It synced to my phone and had motion detection and night vision. The day after that, I had work, so, I left. I always shut my door, so my dog wouldn't get into my room. Twenty minutes after being at work, my phone gave me a notification saying there was a motion detected in my room.

I pulled up the app, and sure enough, it was my friend going through my room, in my safe, under my bed, and in my drawers looking for money. The day before, I had put all my cash in the bank, so he didn't find any. I confronted him about it, and he tried to blame it on one of my coworkers. I moved out that same day. He ended up taking over $1,000, and that's just a rough estimate.

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44. She Couldn’t Accept Me, So I Left

I was a trans woman. I had looked after and raised my friend’s child for 18 months while she suffered from postnatal depression. It was so bad, she wanted to take her life. Then, when her child was two, she was going to nursery school soon. My friend was worried that her child might be harassed if the other kids found out that he knew someone like me.

I hugged the child goodbye, walked out of her place, and never spoke to her again.

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45. Back-Stabbing Bud

My friend and my sister had a secret fling behind his long-term girlfriend’s back. He was absolutely my best friend in the whole entire world at the time. When his girlfriend found out he was being unfaithful, he lied and told her that I had hooked him up with my sister and that it was my fault. Meanwhile, I had nothing to do with any of it.

I ended up learning a lot about both him and my sister that I will never forget. I decided that it would be best to cut him out of my life for good. It was a terrible time for me as well as a very eye-opening experience.

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46. From Friends To Lovers

I had a friend who thought of me as her personal therapist. One night we ended up kissing. Then, one thing led to another, and we got down and dirty. I was her first. As a result, she became way too clingy to the point that I was getting scared. If I was going out and would tell her that I was out, she would call me incessantly—like 30 times in five minutes.

She would bombard my phone with messages saying some really crazy stuff. We lived hours apart and in different provinces. Even so, I always tried to be there for her, but her behavior began affecting me and my mental well-being. Therefore, unfortunately, I had to end the friendship.

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47. A Sinful Comment

My daughter had a genetic disorder and was really sick when she was born. It was shocking to everyone because we had no idea anything was wrong. As we were processing and grieving, my best friend at the time told me, "My mom and me think that she (my daughter) is a punishment from God for your past sins". She was my ex-best friend after that.

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48. It Was Either Her Or Me

I had a life-long friend who had separated from his wife. He told me that he had feelings for his ex. I said to him that if he was still having feelings for her, he probably didn't need to be married to his current wife. Well, it backfired in the most spectacular way. A month and a half later, he and his wife started working on things.

Then, he fell off a ladder, broke his arm, and discovered he needed surgery. During surgery, his wife read his texts where I mentioned that little tidbit. She told him that I was a bad influence and the only way they would stay together was for him to end our friendship, so he did. I was hurt and mad because I had always been there for him and never questioned anything.

I even kept secrets for him that would ruin his current marriage.

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49. I Barred Them From My Life

I was 23 when my baby died at six weeks old and the youngest member of my friend group. One other member was a mother at that time and had been since her late teens. Their reaction was seriously disturbing. Instead of being supportive, they harassed me to come out drinking or to go to the bar with them. Like I had just been through a breakup and needed to go out.

It started 24 hours after I buried my son, and they gave up on me in about two weeks. Nobody called or sent a text if it didn't involve partying. What was even more messed up was when I told them, "I know you guys mean well, but I don't want to leave the house right now, my child just died. I am losing my mind. You can come over or even watch TV with me".

No one came, no one called. Instead, I was considered a party pooper for declining their invitation to go out. The four girls I knew my whole life bailed on me when I needed them the most. I learned that life is too short for petty drama and people who don't really love you.


50. Attention Getter

I had a friend who initially seemed fun and exciting. We bonded over mutual interests, but after a while, it became completely exhausting. I was willing to put up with a lot, and I didn't mind because I don't really thrive on attention. However, her need for attention eventually turned into a weird, competitive thing towards me.

Whenever I received a compliment, she would start telling embarrassing stories. Anytime I said anything when we were in a group, she would start talking over me and change the subject. Then, she started doing this thing in photos where she would smush or cover part of my face. She contacted my terrible ex and started hanging out with him without telling me. Then, it got worse. 

Around the same time, she also started Snapchatting my current boyfriend with some questionable photos of herself and texting him late at night with things like, "I just think it's so special that you are so kind to my best friend". He told me about this. Although he never responded to her, it was unsettling to me that she thought it was ok to do that.

I didn't feel threatened, just hurt and appalled by her behavior. I finally realized that I couldn't maintain a friendship with someone who behaved in a way that I found completely inappropriate and unacceptable. It sucked to know that male attention—and the possibility of attention from my boyfriend—was more important to her than our friendship.

I realized I didn't want to live my life wondering what she was going to do next. Spending time with her usually left me feeling petty and used.

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Sources: Reddit

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