46 Facts about Oscar Winner Emma Stone.

“Flaws are my favorite part of people, usually.” – Emma Stone

Emma Stone is arguably one of the planet’s most adorable human beings Here are some things you may not know about the Oscar-winning actress!

46. You sure are, Emma!

She lived with anxiety and panic attacks when she was a kid, and her experiences inspired her to write a book called I Am Bigger Than My Anxiety.

45. She’s not actually Emma

Her real name is Emily Jean Stone. She had to change it to “Emma” because her real name was already taken in the Screen Actors Guild.

44. Some name contenders

Before choosing “Emma,” the actress considered going by Riley Stone and Emily J. Stone.

43. All the Arizona girls

Emma Stone hails from Scottsdale, Arizona, where she began her acting career at local theatres at age 11.

42. Natural Hair

Stone is actually a natural blonde. Judd Apatow suggested the actress dye her hair red, and she’s been pretty true to that hue ever since.

41. Show me a sign!

She studied American Sign Language at school and can still use parts of it.

40. Long time thumb-sucker

Yup, Emma Stone sucked her thumb until she was 11-years-old. How cute!

39. That voice!

The reason Emma Stone has that husky voice everyone loves is because she was a colicky baby. Baby colic is when a baby cries on a regular basis for no apparent reason. Stone developed nodules on her vocal cords in her infanthood, which is what causes the hoarseness in her voice.

38. Choice of Character

When she was 12, she auditioned for the Nickelodeon show All That. She had to make up some characters for the audition, so she chose to play a cheerleader who couldn’t spell and a possessed babysitter.

37. HTML goddess

Well, maybe not, but she used to build websites for free to teach herself HTML.

36. Religious things

Stone was raised Christian.

35. Quarter ghost

Emma Stone claims that her dead grandfather (whom she has never met) keeps leaving quarters around her house.

34. With the help of PowerPoint

In order to convince her parents to allow her to pursue an acting career, Emma created a PowerPoint presentation in high school titled “Project Hollywood.” It was obviously very effective. Well played.

33. Brace yourself for this one

Nothing can be more adorable than this: Emma Stone wore braces for seven years.

32. Dog eat dog treats world

Emma Stone’s first job was baking dog treats at a dog bakery (which is not a bakery where they bake dogs, in case you were wondering).

31. The high school experience

Even though Easy A was a hugely popular high school movie, Emma Stone is unfamiliar with the high school experience. She was homeschooled starting age 12 and convinced her mum to move to Los Angeles with her at 15.

30. Piercing count

Emma got her ears pierced relatively late, when she was 21, and had five piercings done right away – two in her left and three in her right.

29. Girl power!

She’s a huge Spice Girls fan, and says they taught her about girl power. Baby Spice (Emma Bunton) is her favourite member, but she got teary when Scary Spice (Melanie Brown) sent her a surprise video message during an interview.

28. Ruff start

Emma was the voice of Ivana Tipton – London Tipton’s dog – on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. She was also the voice of a dog Mazie in the film Marmaduke.

27. If at first you don’t succeed…

In 2007, she was on a failed TV show called Drive that was cancelled after only four episodes, with the remaining two moving online. Superbad was released shortly after, and the iconic role of Jules vaulted her into stardom.

26. Backup career plan

Emma has previously stated that if she didn’t make it as an actress, she would have wanted to be a journalist. Why? According to her, “it’s the same kind of idea. You’re looking at people and breaking down why they work the way they work.”

25. She can play bass

Emma learned to play bass for the movie The Rocker.

24. Matching bird feet and Paul McCartney

Emma Stone and her mum have matching bird feet tattoos, inspired by The Beatles’ song “Blackbird” and drawn by Sir Paul McCartney himself. The actress reportedly got the tattoo after her mother beat breast cancer.

23. Well, then it must have been cool when…

She once went to Sir Paul McCartney’s house with Zombieland co-star Woody Harrelson. McCartney made them veggie burgers.

22. More zombies

Her favourite part of filming Zombieland was destroying everything and smashing glass in a store they visit.

21. Worst nightmares

Emma’s biggest fear is not being able to lead a relatively “normal” life due to fame.

20. Family matters

Stone’s mother, Krista, is at a stay-at-home mum, and her father, Jeff, is a contractor. She also has a younger brother named Spencer.

19. Goodbye, Facebook

She deleted her Facebook after she got too addicted to FarmVille. That game was insanely addictive.

18. iCarly fan over here

Emma Stone is a big iCarly fan and even had a cameo on the show.

17. Moving the Big Apple

After living in L.A. for about six years, Emma Stone made the move to New York City in 2009.

16. Star-struck moments

Being surrounded by celebrities is not new to Emma Stone, but even the actress gets star-struck in front of some of the industry’s greats. The actress was allegedly completely incapacitated when she met Tom Hanks, Lorne Michaels and Diane Keaton – bursting into tears in front of all three.

15. Playing with Prince

Stone played tambourine with Prince on stage at a party.

14. Reality-show beginnings

Emma competed on a VH1 reality series In Search of the New Partridge Family! when she was only 15 and won the role of Laurie Partridge.   

13. European roots

Emma is of Swedish descent on her father’s side and of Pennsylvania Dutch, English, Irish and Scottish on her mother’s.

12. She broke her arms

When Emma was only seven-years-old, she broke both of her arms by falling off parallel bars in gymnastics.

11. The coolest trio ever

She’s good friends with Jennifer Lawrence, Martha MacIsaac and Sugar Lyn Beard. They go on trips together.

10. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

The pair have starred in three movies together so far: Crazy, Stupid, Love, Gangster Squad and La La Land.  They were also in talks to star in Focus, but in the end, Will Smith and Margot Robbie were cast instead.

9. Those pipes though

La La Land isn’t the first film she sang in. She sang “I Know What Boys Like” in The House Bunny and “Knock On Wood” in Easy A.

8. Webcam it

For her audition for Easy A, she recorded a webcam monologue and sent it in. She spent hours recording different versions of the same short segment before her roommate begged her to just send it in already.

7. Hardest moment in show business

She auditioned for a part on Heroes, but she lost the role to Hayden Panettiere. She says that this was her hardest Hollywood moment.

6. Words of wisdom

She says the best piece of advice she’s ever received is “stay irrepressibly true to yourself and be tenacious about finding ways to manifest the truest form of you.”

5. Speechwriter

In the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, the graduation speech given by Gwen Stacy was actually written by Emma Stone, who given her white hot career, will be giving a lot of speeches.

4. Love stays strong

She broke up with Andrew Garfield, her Amazing Spider-Man co-star and boyfriend of four years, in 2015. In 2016, Emma said that though they’re no longer together, she still loves and cares for Andrew. It’s clear that Garfield still has quite a bit of affection for Stone too based on the look of adoration he gave her during her Oscar win for Best Actress in La La Land, which won the Oscar for Best Pict- oh, sorry, that was Moonlight.

3. Puppy Love

The dog that Gwen (Emma’s character) walks in The Amazing Spider-Man was adopted by Garfield and Stone in 2013. No word on who got to keep the dog following their breakup.

Emma Stone Facts

2. Second hardest moment?

Medical staff hooked her up to an oxygen tank on the set of Easy A because while shooting one of the scenes where she jumps on the bed, she had an asthma attack.

Stone jokingly admitted. “I had a little asthma attack, without any prior knowledge that I had asthma, during the scene where we had to jump up and down for hours and hours screaming and yelling on the bed. [It] was humiliating, because it was the second day of shooting,

1. Acting inspiration

Emma Stone revealed that The Jerk, Annie Hall, Beetlejuice and Hocus Pocus inspired her to pursue an acting career. We’re glad they did, Emma. We’re glad they did.

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