Wild Parties Gone Wrong

August 30, 2023 | Nur Karageldi

Wild Parties Gone Wrong

It’s normal for parties to get a little wild: whether because someone drinks too much for their own good, some unexpected guests show up, or people end up breaking a few things. Nevertheless, there is a fine line between an unforgettably crazy party and an outright horrifying event.

1. I Went Over My Limits

I was invited to my first-ever party in the tenth grade. I was determined to make a good impression, so I decided I had to drink a lot. I knew nothing about drinking limits, so I packed a full water bottle of dry gin. 

I drank all of it within 45 minutes—and I paid the price in the worst way possible. My little 110 lb body could not handle half a liter of 40% and I projectile vomited in front of everyone.

My parents had to come pick me up and my mom yelled at the hosting kid's mom that she was a terrible mother, in front of an audience of kids and adults. I ended up projectile vomiting on the back of my mother's head on the way home in the car.

I wasn't invited to another party until Grade 12.

Group of young multi-ethnic friends with pizza and bottles of drinkNejron Photo, Shutterstock

2. Can You Do Us A Favor?

My brother was at a party once where there were more than a couple of underage drinkers present. The house they were at had a thin driveway, so all the cars were packed into a bottleneck.

The night wore on and around 1 a.m. someone decided they wanted to go home. They found the girl who owned the car at the front of the bottleneck and asked her to move her car so she could get out.

She said she couldn't because she had a breathalyzer installed in her car and it wouldn't start until someone who didn’t drink blew into it. They went around the party and tried to find anyone who hadn't been drinking but couldn't find one.

Another guy had the brilliant idea of asking the cool 20-something dude next door to do it. So, an envoy of teens heads over to the house next door and asks the dude living there if he would please blow into a breathalyzer so they could leave. 

The dude takes a minute to look the group over, and says: "You're going to give me $25 for every person at the party or I'm calling the officers".

Young People at a partyMaurício Mascaro, Pexels

3. Fighting Over A Girl

Some friends and I decided to throw a going-away party for myself, as I was moving out of the country. The party was big—we had a keg and quite a few bottles. I knew everyone there, and it was going great.

I then received a call from a friend, who requested that I grab him a couple of cups from the keg before it got emptied. No problem, I got the cups full and headed to the kitchen. 

While I was in the kitchen, an argument broke loose in the living room, which I could see from my sightlines. It was my best friend and a random guy who I had seen around a few times before.

The random guy was messed up and started asking my friend where his brother was. Of course, his brother was at the party, but in the backyard. 

My friend said something along the lines of "You've got to get through me to get to him" and that's when I saw my friend's eyes light up as the random guy pulled a dangerous tool from his pants.

Instinctively, I hit the floor and hid in a corner of the kitchen. There was no delay, he just started shooting. He unloaded the whole clip consecutively. 

Apparently, after shooting my friend twice, he turned around and began shooting into the crowd of people who had been watching.

He shot another friend of mine, plus an acquaintance of ours three times in the stomach. He survived, but just barely. I stayed in my corner, cowering and frozen. I knew I had to get out and not look at anything.

People were screaming "You ended him!" and the 100 people that were in the house were now trying to leave through every door.

I finally came out of the kitchen and fled through the living room, keeping my eyes fixated on the door. Looking back on it, I jumped over one of the guys who had been shot. It didn't register in my mind because he was just lying on the floor.

According to the news, the shooter fled to his house. The officers found him there a couple of hours later and camped out in front of his place. He came outside, holding his tool, and was shot by the police.

It later came out that the argument was over a girl, and my best friend's brother was with her. He didn't like that, so he decided to end him.

I don't go to big parties anymore.

Rest in peace, Ben.

Sad man wearing white shirt is crying and looking down.Tima Miroshnichenko, Pexels

4. Oh, My Leg!

I was hosting it; a Halloween party at my house. My roommates and I had planned it all—we put fake cobwebs everywhere, lights, music, the whole shebang! 

My roommate made some PJs, and I purchased a quality 48-pack of Kirkland brand light drinks. The garage was set up for drinking games, and we were ready to go!

The party didn't start until around 10:30 or 11:00 p.m., so we had already been drinking. I got about 12 drinks deep into that quality, gross.

It was now 11:30. A few people showed up; not everyone, but a good amount. Of course, there was the awkward hour of not having a lot of people there. Keep in mind we invited nearly fifty people.

So, half an hour into this 'party', my buddy wanted to play a game. Of course, I was down to play, so we played. I made the last shot to win the game and started jumping up and down, stomping on the concrete floor of my garage in celebration. 

Big mistake. My left knee went out from under me, towards my right leg, and I hit the floor. Immense pain. After a minute or two I tried to stand up, and my leg went out from under me again.

Of course, I was tipsy, and I hobbled up the stairs on one leg to my bed and laid down. In my immense pain, I started sort of going into shock, My girlfriend was trying to help me, but she had 10 or so jello shots, so we were all a pretty good mess.

While I was upstairs and hurt, my roommates disappeared to go to bed or whatever around 1 a.m., while my girlfriend ran around to play games and tried to make sure everyone else was okay.

One of my friends sliced her foot open and bled all over the garage. Another couple we knew got into a dispute in my front yard and she had to get them to leave. The place was trashed, and my girlfriend was stuck trying to fix everything. I stayed in bed hurting.

The next day I went to urgent care, and they put me in a brace and told me to go to an orthopedic specialist. An MRI later revealed that I tore my ACL completely, as well as my MCL.

Fast forward to May, and I had surgery to repair it. Thanks to health insurance, I didn’t pay much. All in all, without insurance it would have cost me about $27K.

With insurance, it was about two grand. I’m still in physical therapy. Blood stains are still in the garage. I don't play drinking games anymore.

Friends at a Halloween party sitting at a tablePressmaster, Shutterstock

5. Dance For Me... Or Not

I went to a bachelor party at a house someone rented with a buddy. We got there late so everyone was lit by the time we got there, especially the bachelor. 

Now, he hired four dancers for the party to walk around and dance for everybody, but at one point, they took the bachelor to the middle of the room, and they were going to dance just for him.

Again, by this time the dude was gone but he managed to stumble into the chair in the middle of the room. The dancers set up this kiddie pool in front of him and a couple of them were going to wrestle each other covered in baby oil.

While they were oiling each other up in the middle of the room, one of the other girls started to grind up on the guy and dance for him. Well, she made it past one verse of "Pour Some Sugar On Me", when homie just threw up everywhere. 

I mean, it was like someone turned on a fire hose of vomit. Of course, he just drenched the poor girl who was dancing for him, which made her freak out and run away toward the kiddie pool that had the two oiled-up dancers. Covered in vomit, she slipped, took the other girls down with her, and she threw up all over them. 

At this point there are three dancers, flailing around like fish out of water, trying desperately to get out of a kiddie pool covered in baby oil and vomit slipping and falling over each other while the bachelor was passed out, covered in vomit, drooling on himself in a chair in the middle of the room.

Guys at  a bachelor party in  black suitsDmytro Voinalovych, Shutterstock

6. A Good Start, A Horrible Ending

I went to a huge party an hour and a half away from my house at some kid's 21st birthday while his parents were gone. It was at his parent's place, and they were loaded. 

Two ping pong tables set up out back for drinking games, a screened-in pool with a bubble maker on the side, fire spinners a DJ and Beauty and the Beast on TV.

Everyone locked their valuables in a room with the key held onto by the host or the host's girlfriend or someone, I don’t know.

Everyone is getting massively intoxicated, someone yells “Officers!” I'm outside in the bed of a pickup truck, not feeling very well, looking at stars with a cute boy. I say whatever, I don't see any officers. Let everyone run and get caught by them at the gate and I'll sneak out after it quiets down.

Then I start noticing a car alarm going off and I'm like “Ops”, If there aren't officers, that's going to anger the neighbors. So, I get up, look through the mass of kids that are running to their cars, and see it's my car going off.

So, I ran to the room to grab my keys out of my purse. Find my purse, grab the keys, and run back out. I'm fumbling through the mass of key chains trying to find my keys in the dark as I'm running to my car. Finally fed up, I hold them up to the streetlight to find my car keys are gone.

I start panicking, and run to my car, Thankfully it's not broken into. A bunch of girls and some guys start shouting that their stuff got taken away and everyone is furious. I run to grab my purse and find my wallet is gone. 

I cling to everything I have and run to sit on the hood of my car, daring the person who took away my keys and accidentally set off my alarm instead of unlocking it, to come back and try again.

Then some guy I didn't know, being held back by his buddies came and started screaming at me because I wouldn't go inside, and I wanted to stay in my car. I was intoxicated enough to dare him to hit me, he tried, but his friends stopped him and took him away.

I called my roommate, and asked him to drive an hour and a half to bring me my spare key, he was nice enough to do so. While I was waiting in my car, the officers showed up. 

One of them asked me what I was doing, and I said "Sitting in my car Waiting for my keys". and he just stared at me and then walked away.

I ended up angry, irritated, and driving home at five o'clock in the morning with no Batman wallet, no debit cards, no ID, and one less set of keys.

Happy friends having partyDisobeyArt, Shutterstock

7. Oops!

I was invited to a birthday party and I took a 6-pack of drinks. I found out halfway through the party that it was an anniversary party for the woman's first year of not drinking.

Everyone at the party was from AA. I was the only person standing there with a drink in my hand.

I quickly left and was too embarrassed to take the remaining drinks. For years after, I wondered whether any of those people drank the rest of my drink and fell off the wagon as a result.

embarrassed man in orange t-shirt scratching his headViDI Studio, Shutterstock

8. No More The Popular Party Host

We had a friend who liked to throw parties, but most of the people who showed up were underage, including me. I went to a few of his parties, but he lived in a dorm and the parties got bigger and bigger, so I got sketched out and stopped going.

It was a good thing too because the next one was wild—it got busted...big time. 50 underage people with two guys who were 21, the host, and another random friend. The host was charged and kicked out of the dorm and everyone, except for the of-age friend, were disciplined.

Fast forward a couple of months, and he threw another party in his new apartment. I was living in the same complex, and my roommates and I decided to go. The host had hyped it up a bit—he had a Facebook page for his parties, and it was supposed to start at 10 p.m.

Of course, we didn't show up on time cause that would have been uncool and we got there around 11 p.m. after pregaming a bit. Upon arrival, we were taken aback—there was techno music and lights in the window, but when the door opened, there was no one there but the host and a keg of Shock Top.

It was just me, three friends I brought, and the lonely host. We tried to pick it up a bit by playing some drinking games, but the host was desperately texting everyone on his phone to try to get people to come and not even paying attention to the four guests he did have.

At one point a few more people knocked on the door but left when they saw it was empty. He ended up putting on Space Jam... We left about 30 mins in because we couldn't take it anymore.

DJ at a partyCesar de Miranda, Pexels

9. Friendship Group Divorce

A few years ago, my friend threw a big party at the house she shared with three guys. Everyone who lived in this house was in a relationship, and all of them had been friends since they were about 11. 

On the morning of the party, it emerged that a few days before one of the guys had done unspeakable things to his girlfriend. Everyone was trying to keep this on the down low because only three people knew. 

I was told that he couldn't come because he was ill and he stayed at home for a day or so. The entire story came out at about 2 a.m.. Everyone was screaming, there were tears everywhere, and so many punches were thrown. The guy who did it wasn't even there. 

The house was wrecked. It ended at 4 a.m. with me and a couple of other people just sitting on the steps eating the cupcakes that someone brought.

That party, and the events leading up to it, destroyed a friend group. The guy who did it maintains that it was mutual. The girl it happened to maintain he tried to take advantage of her. 

young people enjoying home partyG-Stock Studio, Shutterstock

10. Out In The Wild

This all happened during my senior year of high school. A huge party was thrown the weekend before on state land at a campsite. They ended up leaving a huge mess and burned all the cans and bottles, which made DEC and State Troopers angry.

Everyone was talking about the party in school all week so it was decided that there would be another party there on Friday night. Fast forward to the end of the week, and tons of people were all driving out to this campsite and getting tipsy.

We started a huge bonfire, and I was chugging Mountain Dew mixed with cheap Barton's drinks, anything I could get my hands on. The party commenced and everyone was having a blast.

A while later, I saw a few of my buddies drive up in a big, lifted Jeep, past the campsite entrance. We didn't think much of it and kept on partying, assuming he was just going to drift down the dirt roads a bit. 

Five minutes later, he came ripping back down the road with his passenger yelling, "Officers, scatter!" Some people hopped in their vehicles while others ran through the woods as the officers rolled up and blocked the entrance.

I was one of the people who took off on foot and I ran about a mile through the woods parallel to the road. I eventually got winded and laid down by a huge tree, covering myself as much as I could with my brown hoodie.

As it turns out, the Troopers had caught wind of the party so they had informed the DEC. They drove further up the road and waited to bust everyone. My buddy had spotted them unexpectedly, so everything turned into chaos as they tried to salvage the failed sting operation.

I was not feeling well at that point, but I distinctly recall hearing the officers find a bunch of people while searching through the woods. 

All the while I was lying there, barely covered in my brown hoodie while they searched the woods on foot with flashlights and the trooper SUV drives up and down the road using the searchlight.

A few times they hit me with the flashlight but didn't notice me somehow. They were yelling for everyone to come out, but I thought to myself, "Whatever" and I didn't move an inch.

Finally, they let up on the search after what seemed like an eternity. I started seeing some of the officers leave, butr I decide to stay put to be safe and I ended up falling asleep under the tree for a couple of hours. I drifted off and I was out cold.

Suddenly, I was awakened by the sound of something running through the woods. It took me a second to get my bearings, but I didn't move and I just listened. I could hear something quickly moving and crunching dried leaves, eventually realizing there was more than one of whatever it was.

I thought to myself, "They brought search dogs or something to sniff out anyone left." My heart began to pound loudly. Thoughts of getting in trouble and being grounded by my dad were welling up inside of me. 

I could hear whatever it was getting closer and closer and my heart pounded louder and louder, but I somehow managed not to move.

I could hear it sniffing now and thought for sure it was a dog, but I was confused why they didn't have handlers. Suddenly, one stepped directly on my head while I was lying there, and I lost it. 

I got up quickly, thinking they found me, but I could hear the animals running away. I was so confused.

I could still make out the distant embers of an ending fire and a few voices through the treeline, so I decided to head toward them. It took me a minute, but there were a few friends left at the fire who had brought a tent and were still awake, waiting for anyone who was left behind.

The officers had ticketed them but let them be. I stumbled up to the ending fire, seeing the bags and bags of empty cans. I immediately asked, "Did they have search dogs out there?" 

My friend was really confused and said the officers had been gone for hours at that point. Immediately, I realized that I had been circled by a pack of wolves or coyotes...more likely coyotes in northern NY, and one had stepped directly on my head, but I had scared it off in my panic. 

We then packed up and got out of there.

People at a party  at campsiteKikujiarm, Shutterstock

11. Why Didn’t You Look For Me?

My 21st birthday. It was completely and utterly a chaotic mess—I got locked in the toilets at a club and none of my so-called friends even missed me.

I was there for 2 hours. I ended up chatting away to a girl who tried to rescue me. She ended up getting the bouncers to break the door in. I got free just in time for the lights going up and getting chucked out!

toilet door

12. Baby Dolls

I went to a buddy’s house in high school. And it just so happened we had a health project where we had to take care of one of them baby dolls that cries.

Well, I got tipsy and fell asleep…and I woke up to a total shocker. My baby was torn limb from limb and hung up on the wall...I failed that project.

Crying dollAnnashou, Shutterstock

13. Fireball

I was at a party a few years ago where this one guy was outside blowing fire. He was pretty good at it; he'd been doing it for a while, and everyone thought it was cool. 

Then this other guy thought he could do it, too, but instead of spitting his drinks toward the lighter, he put the lighter in his mouth. His face disappeared in a ball of flame that could be seen a mile away.

Girls screamed, and the guy was like, "It's cool, it doesn't even hurt. I don't feel anything", to which my friend replied, "Because you just burned all your nerve endings off". 

Lucky for him, the fire department was a block away, but he destroyed his face and neck. The moral is, don't drink and be stupid.

Young intercultural friends in smart casual wear raising arms while dancing together at home partyPressmaster, Shutterstock

14. A Sad, Sad Party

My wife fixed the whole house to the theme of Frozen because my daughter loves the movie. We had goodie bags and hot dogs and cake. About 30 minutes after the party was supposed to start, the realization set in.

Nobody was coming. We had pumped up my daughte for it and when no one showed up, she kept asking, "Where are my friends?" My wife just told her they couldn't make it and the look on my little girl's face is something I'll never forget.

My wife went to the bedroom and cried. I tried to do my best to make my daughter feel better by playing games and watching Frozen. Me and the wife along with the youngest baby sang happy birthday and we picked everything up.

Now I want to leave work early so I can go home and hug my little girl.

Sad little girl in blue dress at her birthday partyMotortion Films, Shutterstock

15. Party Only For You

There was a guy who I thought of as a bearable acquaintance, someone to sit next to in my classes when I didn't have anyone else to talk to. He thought of us more along the lines of best friends.

He told me about his cousin's party, how awesome it was—pizza on the roof, tons of people, "straight out of Project X" stuff, his words. He the got the idea to have his party in a couple of weeks. 

He hyped it up for weeks, saying he bought $40 worth of streamers, a strobe light, speakers, the whole nine yards. Anyway, the day came around and I drove up to his house. I figured I was early because there weren't any other cars in the street. 

I knocked,, and instead of him answering the door, his mom answered and called down to her son: "Your friend is here!"

Confused, I was wondering why his mom would let her son have a huge party in their house. Then I went to the basement and I understood why. The ceilings in the basement were lower than average, and the streamers hanging from them were always practically in your face.

My acquaintance was down there, on the couch, waiting for my reaction to the set-up. Seeing that I wasn't completely blown away by the streamers he said, "Wait, listen to this". He turned on the strobe light, and played that awful song that goes: "All I want to do [3 shot noises]". It was the worst song I'd ever heard in my life.

He started dancing, thrusting his arms toward me. At that point, I assumed the party wasn't going to be as great as it was hyped up to be. But then the real kicker. I asked him "When are the people getting here" over the pulsating pop song and his spastic dance moves. 

He looked back with an innocent and generally inquisitive look, and said, "What other people?"

It was the worst party I've ever been to, even if it ended right there. But unfortunately, it didn't. I sat in silence on the couch for the rest of the night, and eventually pulled out his laptop and began showing me inappropriate movies.

I broke up with a short-term girlfriend a few days prior and she called me. She and I talked, but I only stayed because the girl that I was into at the time was on the phone talking to me about my ex. 

After what had to be an hour-and-a-half-long phone call, I came back to the "party" and my acquaintance said my phone call essentially ruined the night. The morning after, I spent the night because I stupidly old him that I was able to stay earlier that day. 

He pressured me to walk around his neighborhood with Nerf toys in the hope that someone would think they were real and call the officers. My dumb brain gave in, and he took me to another ex’s house in hopes that she'd see us.

Two people at a home partyLyudmila2509, Shutterstock

16. Let’s Watch Some Hockey

I was at a Christmas party hosted by my boss at her house. The dinner was lovely, and the conversation was great. After dinner, however, she thought we'd all just love to watch her husband's home movies of her son playing hockey.

I suppose it's not the worst possible party to attend, but I wanted to end my life.

Christmas or New Year eve partyfornStudio, Shutterstock

17. Where Is The Bathroom?

I was pledging a fraternity and we had a crazy party. Towards the end, there were passed-out people all over, and a few brothers and I who were still awake at 3 a.m. were trying to kick strangers out.

The last two people left were this passed-out girl and her friend sitting on our couch on the first floor. After much prodding and poking, the passed-out chick began to stir and moan, then she proceeded to sit up and mumbled: "I need to pee".

She stood up all wobbly, then suddenly took off her pants. Her friend had a shocked face, knowing what was about to happen. Brother Joe had a huge grin on his face, and I was just like, "What the heck"? The chick squatted and began to pee all over our tiles.

This was hilarious, and when she was done, her embarrassed friend grabbed her and quickly left. We were all laughing like crazy, when suddenly Joe abruptly stopped laughing and yelled to me, "Pledge! Grab a mop and clean this mess up".

So, I had to clean up a girl's pee after a party.

Group of modern young people dancing under confettiSeventyFour, Shutterstock

18. Me And The Girls

I was about...11, 12, or so...around that puberty time. I got invited to a party, as did a bunch of my friends. Except there was one problem—none of my friends showed up to the party.

I was the only guy at an all-girls party. I was friends with most of the girls there and had grown up through elementary school with a lot of them, so it wasn't like I was a stranger, but honestly...

What do you think girls that age want to talk about? Literally hours with nothing to talk about. Then it was time to watch horror movies...I've never liked horror movies, not because they're scary, but because they're too predictable.

Being the only guy at an all-girls party is a lot like bacon-flavoured salad dressing. Sounds awesome on paper, but very bad in execution.

Teenagers at a party dancingPressmaster, Shutterstock

19. Worst Birthday Ever

When I was 13, I tentatively threw a party for my birthday, inviting a total of 10 people to spend the afternoon, playing games and such.

My parents had pretty much everything set up, games, cake, chips, and various candies including a fat bowl of M&M's.

I ate the full bowl alone while watching TV because obviously no one showed up. At least they called saying they were tired or that I lived too far for them to come.

Best birthday ever.

sad little boy on his birthday in white shirtIlona Sosnina, Shutterstock

20. That Smell

It was a Halloween party in 2009, back when Chipotle used to give you a free burrito if you "dressed like a burrito". That meant all you needed was to wrap part of your body in tinfoil.

Anyway, we were at the party—it was kind of lame, but someone decided they wanted to take a picture of everybody in their costumes in the middle of the living room from the upstairs balcony.

So, everyone gathered. My friend, we'll call him K, was having the downtown push-downs from the free Chipotle burrito he had eaten a few hours earlier. 

I was walking towards the middle of the room, and I see K and a few of my other friends leading a charge through the crowd to the nearest door, I'll never forget the look on his face—horrified, as if someone with a dangerous tool was hurting people in the room behind him. He just looks at me and says: "Run".

In this voice, he was scared for his life. This was followed by a collective groan from the entire house as the smell of his gas makes its way into their nostrils. Someone even yelled, "Did someone poop on the floor?" Everyone ran to the nearest exit to get fresh air.

Six years later, we still talk about that smell. The only gas to clear around 100 people out of a house in less than ten seconds.

Three of four people on this photo have smelled bad smellEstrada Anton, Shutterstock

21. This Party Is Over

I was driving to a party out in the country on some back roads. On the way there we see a guy sitting by the road, so we figure we are getting close. So, we stop and ask him for directions and show up to the party just fine.

About 10 minutes later, people start screaming and everyone's huddled together in the living room. The guy tried to take his own life—he lay in the middle of the road until a car came and ran over him. 

He got carried into the house with his arm twisted in a way I will never forget and blood everywhere. Still freaks me out that it could have been us that hit him.

gray car on a roadInstaWalli, Pexels

22. Let Us Go!

This happened to a friend. Slightly fuzzy on the details but just before high school graduation it was his birthday, so he invited the whole class over. He proceeds to have a very cool party with all the drinks imaginable.

The officers arrive on a noise complaint and my buddy refuses them entry as they don't have a warrant or probable cause.

So, the underagers are freaking out about the officers, but he tells them all to stay the night so the officers don’t take them to the station for drinking. If they leave, they will have to give their IDs to the officers as their probable cause to enter.

The girl proceeds to go to the back window and open it telling the officers outside: "He won't let us leave", then letting him and the rest in.

A friend proceeds to get tackled in his kitchen and taken down to the station for not letting people go, while they dislocate his shoulder trying to cuff him after pinning one of his arms underneath him.

Woman police officer sitting in a police carcottonbro studio, Pexels

23. Don’t Drink The Punch

Someone put a bunch of laxatives in the punch bowl. Not being a fan of punch, I remained safe; but I was witness to...very dark stuff... A couple of people ended up having to go to the hospital but ended up okay.

mixed punchkirill guzhvinsky, Shutterstock

24. A Watch Party

I went to a party once.

There was a group of people watching The Big Bang Theory on TV, and they invited me to watch it with them. I felt obliged to do so to be polite. This, however, came with an unpleasant side effect that I still live with...

Sometimes, when I am alone at night, I can still hear the bazingas.

They haunt me.

Tv partyBalanceFormCreative, Shutterstock

25. Not-So-Sweet Sixteen

It was my sixteenth birthday party. It was rave-themed, and my parents went all out. I hired a DJ, cleaned up the warehouse behind where they worked, made a ton of mix CDs that I would use as invitations, bought a ton of candy and sodas and caffeine junk, and even hired an officer to sit around and make sure nothing got out of hand.

I invited 60 people. Four showed up. It was so bad one of my dad's friends went to his neighborhood and rounded up all the kids he could find. They were all way younger than me, to bring to the party.

One of them had a seizure from the flashing lights and her mom had to come pick her up. The one guy that showed up, that I had a huge crush on, was so embarrassed that he faked a stomachache to leave early.

When the "party" ended at 11 pm, I just went home and cried myself to sleep. I still don't have any friends, but I feel the worst for my parents. They seemed so upset. Even though that was six years ago I haven't been to a party since.

Sad girl in silver dress crying at her birthday partyMix and Match Studio, Shutterstock

26. Guys, You Forgot Me

My bachelor party.

Don't get me wrong...The guys who put it together were great. They put some work into it—rented a hall, got drinks, and invited a bunch of great guys.

But two of my friends grabbed me outside my bachelor party, put a hood over my head, and threw me in the trunk of the car. I figured, “Wow, I've heard of this. They must have more fun coming!”

They drove and drove, stopped a few times, drove some more, played music that was hurting my ears, drove some more, turned off the car and left, came back, and drove some more.

Finally, I had enough. I was beating on the trunk lid for about 20 minutes when they finally came back and got me out.

"I'm so sorry dude... We were going to bring you out for a minute and get you blitzed. We forgot you were back there".

They were high and got the munchies. They went on a Mcdonald's run, stopped at a friend's house, drove to a girlfriend's house, and then decided to go back to the bachelor party to see the action.

When people were asking, "Where the heck is he! We put this party on for him and he's not even here!".

That's when my idiot friends remembered that I was still locked in the trunk.

Group of men toasting with beerbbernard, Shutterstock

27. Chandelier

An old school friend and his girlfriend just moved in together. They both had birthdays around the same time, so they just had one party...

They sent out invitations and a list of wishes...

All the guests just seemed to pick the first item on that list...

They now have more than 20 chandeliers...Watching the opening gift after the gift was quite painful…

Boxes of presentsPixabay, Pexels

28. Angry Older Boys

I was 14 and my parents were out of town, so I invited a few girlfriends over to spend the night. Somehow it went around my school that I was having a keg party, and everyone was invited.

By 8:30, the house was full of several hundred older boys whom I didn't know. Hundreds of cars lined the streets, and my 14-year-old self didn't know what to do.

So instead of calling the officers, I decided to ask them politely if they would just leave. This only angered them—and everything spiraled from there.

They decided to trash my house. They slashed my brother's waterbed, pulled up palm trees and threw them in the pool, pinned my goldfish onto my mother's artwork, flooded a bathroom, and peed on the carpet.

The next day, I cleaned up as best as I could. I got a new goldfish and told my brother his waterbed mysteriously sprung a leak.

When my parents got home, I told them that there had been a tornado and all the palm trees were gone. Unfortunately, they were not stupid. They grounded me for a month. Now we laugh about it, but it was not a good party.

Young Girl Dances in the Middle of a Circle of PeopleGorodenkoff, Shutterstock

29. Redoing The Bathroom

A big fat guy fell on my friend's toilet during a rager and broke it off the base. Everything flooded in that upstairs bathroom and soaked through the light fixtures.

The next day we went to Home Depot and replaced the toilet. His parents instantly asked, "Is this toilet different" and we just played it off.... We said, “You guys are crazy, it's the same one we've always had”. It worked.

White bathroomMax Rahubovskiy, Pexels

30. Bad Prom Memories

My senior prom. All my friends agreed to forego dates so we could do it as a big group. I bought a great dress and I was excited.

Two days before prom, every single one of my friends tells me they aren't going. I ended up sitting with a group of acquaintances and moping around while trying to not have an interaction with an ex-boyfriend who ended up wearing a suit that almost matched the color of my dress. Everybody thought we were still together.

I didn't dance, I ended up staying just long enough to eat dinner and call my parents to come pick me up so I could cry in the car on the way home.

Girl and guy in blue at a promPaolaV1, Shutterstock

31. It Got Dark Pretty Quickly

On my 22nd birthday, my best friend bailed me out to go to the pub with her boyfriend because he didn't like my other friends. While in that pub, which is about five doors down from my house, he mercilessly threw her through a table as the staff screamed at him to stop.

He didn't like us because we suspected him of hurting her.

Angry man in black hoodieCraig Adderley, Pexels

32. Where Are My Friends?

Ah, yes, my 21st birthday. It was a total disaster—I spent the entire day waiting around at various bus stops with a backpack full of drinks trying to get a hold of any of my friends. Finally, I went home at like 10:30 pm and just started drinking myself to sleep.

Lonely woman at her birthday in green dressDmytro Zinkevych, Shutterstock

33. Depresso Espresso

My worst party was probably my 10th birthday party. Our family moved a few months prior, and probably two or three people showed up out of the 20 that I invited. 

We ended up playing lame Hide & Seek, and I hid for a good half hour on the top bunk between the bed and the wall behind some stuffed animals.

To be honest, I was glad no one found me. I wanted to hide from the world.

Sad boy at birthday sitting on stairs in green sweaterEvgeniiAnd, Shutterstock

34. An Awkward Party

We went to a birthday party for a kid in my son's preschool. We were the only ones in attendance. They'd recently immigrated from China and spoke little English. They had very little furniture or other items in the apartment.

The mom and grandma had prepared a wonderful and huge ethnic feast, and we sat with them at the dining table and did an impressive job of communicating with gestures, simple phrases and all the while trying to keep our young kids from being troublesome.

In addition to all that, and maybe because of the language barrier, their son had some behavioral issues.

Later, they took us up to their empty attic where the two kids rode bicycles while we stood and watched. Man, it was one of the most awkward experiences of my life, but we felt good for showing up. They were a nice family, just trying to fit in.

Cute Little Asian Boy In Party Hat Blowing Candle On Birthday Cake in white t-shirtProstock-studio, Shutterstock

35. I’m Your Only Friend Now

Oddly enough, what was probably the worst party ever for another kid was entirely the opposite for me. There was a kid I sort of knew way back in middle school who was well-liked and generally a cool dude.

Probably through the wonders of the full-classroom invite, I got invited to his birthday party at a local park. I showed up and, to my amazement and horror, I was the only kid there other than him.

He was depressed about it, but as soon enough he unwrapped his presents, we got to play in the park, and I had a good time. For the first time in forever, someone was playing with me! Those few hours seemed to pass in like 15 minutes.

Which...probably means it was the worst party ever for him. Sorry, Greg, wherever you are. You're still a cool dude.

Amusingly, that was the last birthday party I ever got invited to.

man hanging up balloons to prepare for  the birthday partyBrilliant Eye, Shutterstock

36. A Lame Party

My sister's eighth birthday. She invited over 20 people to come see a movie and have lunch. After a couple of hours, we came to a horrible realization—no one was coming, and she started getting upset.

People had called to confirm the date, but my mom and I told her we must have put the wrong dates on the invites and took her home.

She never wanted birthday parties after that.

sad and lonely girl at her birthday in green sweater and party hatG-Stock Studio, Shutterstock

37. Prank Party

The host thought it would be funny to offer appetizers to new arrivals and tell them that someone brought them. He asked if we liked them.

They were disgusting but realizing that a lot of people were staring at us, one of whom probably made it, we choked out some lame compliment.

And then he told us it was dog food. And people laughed and laughed and laughed.

A group of multiracial friends has a great time at the roof nightclubastarot, Shutterstock

38. A Huge Disappointment

I was in a men's choir in college. We partied hard. We don't have music majors, so the group is laid back. More of a fraternity than a choir. We typically mix with our sister group, the girls’ choir.

We threw a toga party and invited them. They forgot to mention they had a concert that night. 50 dudes in togas alone in a basement. After their performance, three girls showed up, saw the sausage fest, and quickly left.

Group of young men having drinksvectorfusionart, Shutterstock

39. Wedding And A Funeral

I was at a wedding reception where an old man had a heart attack and didn’t survive it, right in the middle of the dance floor.

The music stopped and the lights came on. Someone performed CPR until the paramedics arrived and continued CPR for another 10 minutes or so, before taking him out on a stretcher.

What a horrible thing to have happen at your wedding. I guess it was a cool way for the man to go, though.

He was well into his 80s and went away suddenly while partying it up.

dancing at the wedding receptionDanik Prihodko, Pexels

40. Bad Timing, Worse News

The party host got a call that her grandma or some loved one, passed away. I turned off the music. Immediately, I froze in fear, sensing something was wrong in the room.

Half the people in the party look at me in contempt while the other half, myself included, were consoling her.

It was a pretty bad situation but it was probably the most unfortunate thing that has happened out of all the parties I have been to, the number of which I can count with just the fingers on my hand.

Young woman is seating on her desk and texting from phone.George Milton, Pexels

41. Bridal Shower But With No Guests

My bridal shower was depressing, but I don’t talk about it because I know how badly my sisters-in-law must have felt...

They rented a private room in a great restaurant to host the shower. When I arrived with my mother, they hurriedly explained that they weren't quite ready, and asked if the two of us could keep ourselves busy for a bit until they called my cell phone.

Over an hour and a half later, my mom was getting antsy and asked if we could come back. When we arrived, the room was decorated with balloons and streamers, the table covered with delicious appetizers, and a little pile of presents sparkled at the end. It was so sweet!

The catch? The only people there were myself, my mom, and my two soon-to-be sisters and mother-in-law. It quickly dawned on me the reason they tried to delay the party: nobody else had shown up.

They probably figured people were stuck and traffic and just needed a little more time... nope. It was just us the entire time. At least three friends that had RSVP'd "yes" ducked out at the last minute without even notifying anyone.

My heart sank, but I did my best to act extremely cheery to help minimize the discomfort I knew everyone was feeling. None of us ever talked about it since.

Young smiling African American woman opening a bridal shower presentTraci Beattie, Shutterstock

42. Our Troubles With The Birthday Boy

This was in my mid-twenties. A friend invited me and three other, close friends of hers, to come with her to one of her other friend's birthday parties.

When we arrived, everything was cool for about 45 minutes until the tipsy birthday boy realized after talking with us for about 10 minutes that he didn't know any of us.

He immediately demands presents from all of us. Only one of us had anything that they could present, a six-pack, and it is a birthday party for someone over the age of 14 the rest of us didn't bring anything as a gift.

The three of us aren't big drinkers and only one of us had a drink in the time we were there. So, he started shouting at us that we'd have to leave, or he'd fight me and the other male, but that "the chicks can stay".

At this point, everyone else is trying to calm him down but we leave anyway, because who would want to stay around at that party?

He shouted at us down the driveway for being idiots.

people at a house partywassiliy-architect, Shutterstock

43. Stop, This Is An Intervention

The host drank too much, and his wife decided to turn the party into an impromptu intervention, without consulting anyone else first.

She even found the two hottest women at the party, who were in the middle of making out on the living room sofa, and stopped them to get them to join the intervention.

Who...who does this? If she wanted an intervention out of us, she could have said something beforehand.

Friends in elevator going to the partyastarot, Shutterstock

44. Pity Party

We went to a friend's 40th birthday last year. She's burned some bridges lately and had an ugly divorce. My husband and I didn't want to go, but we felt like it was good politics to show up. We would end up regretting that decision.

It was the same thing as always: lavishly decorated, amazing food, lots of drinks. We were tastefully late and arrived to find her alone, weeping in the kitchen.

There was no escape, even after she chastised us for being late. It was so sad, and all she wanted to talk about was that she was sure other folks would show up soon. 

Leaving was more uncomfortable than staying, but by 1 a.m. it was clear no one else was coming. We were full and tipsy and walked home in depressed silence.

Sad lonely woman is sitting at table and looking at birthday cake for her  40th birthdayGladskikh Tatiana, Shutterstock

45. Party Is On Fire

My friends threw a highlighter party in college the night before spring break senior year—we all wore white and everyone got highlighters. They also replaced their light bulbs with blacklights.

It was a great party, and I left around 2 am then went to bed. I woke up later at 3 a.m. because my friend who lived across the alley from them was calling to find out if I was alive. Turns out, the house was on fire.

Everyone was okay, but a bunch of them had to jump out of a second-story window and a few of the guys had to take time off to recover.

Friends dancing and singing at a partyKostiantyn Voitenko, Shutterstock

46. I Forgot The Most Important Thing

My all-time favorite party story: My friend threw an epic house wrecker in high school while his folks were out of town. Somehow the dining room table got smashed. He spent all day Sunday frantically trying to glue it back together, so he wouldn't get busted for having a party.

He finally got the table up and presentable, pretty much just as his parents got home. It's the perfect crime.

Then his parents went upstairs and immediately found the keg he forgot to take out of the bathtub.

Young men and women dancing at a partyJacob Lund, Shutterstock

47. Put Your TVs In The Air

It was the first party I ever went to and the worst. It was all going great until this dude, who was tipsy, made a chilling discovery—he caught his girlfriend making out with his friend, and so he threw a TV at him! Then he just went crazy and started screaming at him and his girlfriend.

Everyone stood in shock. I slowly proceeded to finish my Peps, then I got out. After I left, my friend said, "What a waste of a perfectly good TV".

A young guy emotionally watching TVMelnikov Dmitriy, Shutterstock

48. Doritos Bandit

For one unlucky tween partygoer, this was the worst party ever.

My pal had a birthday sleepover. We were in eighth or ninth grade, I think. Street Fighter II had just come out for the SNES so that was all we did.

His parents had laid out some snacks and drinks on a party table, and there was one of these huge bags of party-size Doritos there.

We were playing Street Fighter when one of the guys grabbed a chip, bit into it, and yelled "Ugh this chip is wet". He began investigating the bag and we quickly discovered that all the chips were wet—and the reason why made us all gag.

The birthday boy's five-year-old little brother had taken advantage of our Street Fighter distraction and licked all the Dorito dust from every chip and placed them back in the bag. We found him playing in his room, his face covered in the implicating dust.

Chips / NachosFauzan Fitria, Shutterstock

49. I Don’t Want You Here!

A couple of months ago, I went to my friend's party with his flatmates. About 20 minutes after we got there, the housemate started banging on a glass with a fork and one of my friends got everyone to quiet down assuming it was a speech.

The guy then said, "There are too many people here that I don't know" and he told me and most of my friends to leave.

He took us down to let us out but he couldn't unlock the front door, so we had to awkwardly stand there for 15 minutes until he found the housemate we were friends to let us all out.

People at a partyPixabay, Pexels

50. Not Our Fault, Officer!

A couple of guys much older than us, about 25, showed up. They broke stuff and stole from us I called the officers, and they lost the notes we made about them, such as appearance. Then, proceeded to pin a couple of graffiti in the house and apartment complex, on us.

We ended up with a charge of vandalism and having to clean a bunch of graffiti.

Police officers at someone's front door1000 Words, Shutterstock

51. What’s Wrong With The Weddings?

I was a date to a female friend's cousin's wedding: the father of the bride had a heart attack and didn’t survive during the reception. A horrible, horrible night.

wedding party in yardRuslan_127, Shutterstock

52. Office Parties Are The Worst

This was an office Christmas party where we were sent a stern letter saying if we dared not stay an extra hour to make up for the time we spent at the party or didn't use PTO, we would be at risk of being fired… Oh, and that's not all.

Oh yes, then the budget was cut to $50, and everyone was told to bring their food... Yay, company morale!

office new year eve party eventdotshock, Shutterstock

53. This Is A Marketing Event

I had a friend from high school invited me and three other friends over for what he described as a "party". We thought that it might be a small gamer party with some nerdy board games or something as there were only the three of us plus him and his wife.

His wife then proceeds to start an hour-and-a-half presentation about Arbon and tries to sell female beauty products to a group of males between the ages of 19 and 22. I was astounded.

This friend invited a group of males to a party to try to sell us feminine beauty products and make us consultants.

Young man wearing white shirt is looking shocked.Mikhail Nilov, Pexels

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