Regretful Pals Share Their Weird Encounters With Online Friends

July 16, 2019 | Christine Tran

Regretful Pals Share Their Weird Encounters With Online Friends

Who doesn’t have an online friend these days? As likes, comments, and chats blossom into “IRL friendship,” a new world of weird possibilities opens for two (or more) people. These Redditors shared how a hopeful encounter with an Internet pal failed to find real life in spectacular ways. Unfriend these harrowing stories about the online friends who made themselves instantly regrettable.

1.  Tragedy is Internationally Felt

Not too much regret, but I made a friend through online forums and we talked for a few weeks. Then the earthquake and tsunami in Japan happened, and he passed away falling and hitting his head on a rock while searching for survivors. I was like 12, and it was a really tough blow.

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2. Not All of Them Can Be Exciting

I was a member of an NFL football team's fan forum. One of the guys who posted regularly had the most humorous and energetic online personality of the whole group. We decided to meet up at one of the games. He was the most boring person I've ever met in real life. I left at halftime because I just could not stand his company anymore.

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3. Call Me by My Screenname

My friends and I met him playing League of Legends and it turned out that he only lived about an hour away. He insisted on being referred to by his in-game name when in person, and made a big deal of it whenever someone called him by his real name.

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4. Headfirst into Friendship

When I was 14, I had an online friend two states away who was the same age. He and his mom took a trip to see me, and the first thing we did when we saw each other was run full speed at one another. Our heads bounced off each other, and I chipped my tooth and broke his braces. I’m pretty sure his front tooth was also loose, and he had to go to the dentist to fix it.

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5. This Isn’t a Party-Line

Never actually met him, but I played Apex with a dude pretty regularly, almost every day. We finally exchanged info, and then he used to call me repeatedly in depressed fits whine about how girls don't like him. It sucks cause I wanted to help but like, he once it hit 36 calls in one day. I had to block him.

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6. Just Got One of Those Facts I Suppose

I met up with a girl I'd talked to online. I see a girl answering her description at the meeting place we arranged. I walk up and say, “Are you Jane?" There's a pause. She looks very uncomfortable. She says, "" At this point we both know it is her, but she's taken one look at me and wants out. There is another long pause. She walks away. So do I.

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7. The Six Degrees of Gamer Gangs

Good old Counterstrike days. Had a guy in my crew named Dwayne. No idea who he was other than he was a fun hang and a good player at CS. Years later, I’m at a bar with my friend, his wife, and...Dwayne, who my buddy’s wife used to date. It took us a legit hour to put two and two together. He was cool.

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8. Takes One to Know One

He catfished me. Always bragged about how he lost a bunch of weight and then looked like the before pictures he posted. Not that I personally cared, but he got A LOT of online attention from girls because of this. Also, he made fun of me for being "poor,” i.e. having a beat-up car, eating cheap food, etc. What a jerk.

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9. Not a Match Made in Heaven

I had been talking to this girl for a little bit. We decided to go on a date on the beach with her friends, which was really nice actually. She looked a little different than her pic, but whatever. When I went home, she texted me asking me to define the relationship. Being 17, I panicked and said uh, you’re my girlfriend.

I ended up going to see her and meet her family. She never came to me and it was two hours away. Her mom was great, but her dad hated me—he’s homophobic. That’s not the bad part. The bad part was two months later when I actually liked this girl, she went to be a counselor at a Christian camp and texted me to tell me God wants us to break up. So yeah.

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10. Checked Her Out and Then Checked Out

When I was in high school, I met a guy from a different high school in a local chat room. We hit it off and after a few days we agreed to meet up at the store I worked at once I finished work. Well, I guess he showed up a little early, with a friend, and came through my check stand. I thought it was him—we'd swapped photos—but I was really shy and didn't want to be wrong.

I waited for him to introduce himself, but he never did, and he and his friend paid for whatever they had and left without conversation. I was still hopeful that wasn't the guy, so I waited up for him for an hour after my shift. Of course, he never showed, because that absolutely was the guy. He must have been disappointed when he met me in the checkout line and instead of being a decent person and saying he wasn't interested, he just ghosted me.

If I could go back in time, I definitely would have said something to him at the check stand. That's my one regret.

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11. Knights of Okay Deeds

From the UK, I was a member of a large role-playing guild playing Dark Age of Camelot. We arranged a meet up in town at a similarly named pub to our guild name and in I strolled to find an amazing bunch of people, several of whom I'm still in touch with today. The regret was that they were either then or have gone on to become massively great at something, really accomplished individuals, or have led fantastic lives.

And here's me—still browsing Reddit, while trying to figure out why my machine's started black-screening during games. It's probably the heat.

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12. Three Is a League of Its Own

I met my best friend at the time on League of Legends. After talking every day for three years, I ended up moving to a state much closer to him, so we decided to finally meet. We talked before about all the things we'd do together and how awesome it would be. I loved him so, so much. He was there for me through so much and was a wonderful friend.

He had a new girlfriend at the time of our meet-up and he brought her along with him. I had no problem with this, because I'd love to meet the woman who makes him happy. It was abundantly clear from the get-go that she wasn't a real big fan of me. I did my best to be kind, and still had tons of fun. I didn't hear from my friend much after that.

A mutual good friend of ours messaged me and when I asked about my best friend, they said that his girlfriend was telling people that I was basically an awful person, for whatever reason. Three years later and he is engaged to this woman and I'm happy for him, but I haven't spoken to him in those three years. I still miss him every day, and I wish I could be there for him on his wedding day.

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13. There’s Something Between Us

We went to a convention, and he drunkenly told me and my boyfriend that he wished we weren't together, so he could sleep with me. It was very awkward, and he's lucky my boyfriend—now husband—is a patient man.

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14. BFF Stands for “Big Freaking Fake-down”

It was my friend "Kate," who befriended this girl, "Jessica,” who allowed us to come and stay with her when we traveled to the US. Jessica was rude to me instantly and kept my friend away from me. I'd go upstairs, and she'd find a reason for them to go downstairs. She had Kate share her bedroom, and she'd lock the door for hours, and so I'd just go off and do my own thing.

We met her two (odd) friends and they both ignored me. When it was time for Kate and I to move on to another state, Jessica insisted on coming with us. The lady we stayed with in another state, "Robin," took no BS and called Jessica out on her strange behavior. Jessica proceeded to lock herself in a room and demanded Kate stay in there with her.

They were in there all day and eventually, Kate came out and said to me that there's something wrong with Jessica and she's actually scared. We (Kate and I) had plans to stay with another online friend, "Matt,” in another state and Jessica demanded we cancel because she doesn't like or trust Matt. We said no, this is our holiday and we've paid for flights, and Jessica said then she will come with us, but we can't meet up with Matt.

We said no, she cried, we left. Kate blocked her on everything. Kate's mother called us not long after saying Jessica contacted her crying, saying Kate is in danger and we abandoned Jessica, and she's so concerned for my friend's safety. As a I recall, she claimed to be concerned about Matt and basically wanted Kate's mum to tell us to stay with Jessica.

It was actually incredibly scary. Kate found out later from another girl—they all knew each other from a forum—that Jessica had been telling everyone they were in love and had even slept together. I don't know how much of that is true, but I've known Kate for 20 years now and she's never identified as anything but straight. She denied it 100%.

Jessica was just obsessed with her, and months later Kate heard Jessica was telling everyone she was saving money to come to our country to find Kate. She never did, thankfully. Other than the time spent with this girl, we had a great holiday and made some good friends.

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15. The Big Friendly Giant

Friend of six years flies over to Australia to hang with me for a month. Little did I know he was a bit taller than me. I was 5'10" tall.  He was 6'7" tall. I never knew he was this tall, he never talked about it, and when I was at the Brisbane airport waiting for him, I text him stating, “I don't know where you are,” to which he replied, “Look up.”

Towering over everyone is this blonde guy that has the arm span of the airport lobby. I cried, we laughed, and I only regret bringing him over because my ceiling almost hits his head.

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16. Befriend Google Maps Next Time

I met a friend on here, and we planned to travel together. We met in a particular city to start hitchhiking. I instantly regretted it, because he seemed like he had no clue of what was happening and that made everything a bit annoying. That feeling lasted two days. And now I miss him very much and hope we could see each other again soon!

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17. Something Is Missing…

When I was 19, I jumped on a flight to meet a friend I had known for about four or five months. We both went through family bereavements and were a shoulder to cry on for each other, via the phone or internet, and we just decided to meet for a few days in a country between us. Until then, everything had been perfect, she was the coolest girl, really smart, the kind of person you want to be around all the time.

When we met, things started great but a day later, she confessed, "you're not what I expected." Erm, what? 19-year-old and not very confident, this knocked me sideways. "I don't know, just… you seem different.” I never hid who I was before we met, was completely open and it put a real sour taste on the rest of my time with her.

Instead of chatting nonstop and watching Jackass on TV in the hotel at night, we went quiet and straight to sleep, ate in silence. I put as much effort as I could into it, but I still never got to the bottom of how I was different. We went our separate ways, text for a few days then never spoke again.

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18. Three Is Not Company

Not quite an instant regret, but there were two people I was meeting. Maisie and Maya, for the purpose of the story. We'd discussed meeting again, planned to have sleepovers, just generally have fun. The first day we met up went really well! We all had a good time; I thought it went brilliantly. Then a few weeks later, I found out they were carrying out all the plans without me.

They still have sleepovers to this day when Maya is back from university, and I'm just left out. I don't speak to either of them anymore. It hurt.

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19. The Predator in Your Inbox

Turns out my internet friend was a registered sex offender. He was a former high school teacher who was hooking up with one of his 15-year-old students. I thought the guy seemed a bit odd, but when I saw the headline in the newspaper a lot about his strange reclusive lifestyle started making sense. We are no longer friends.

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20. Keep Your Potential Enemies Closer

Not instant regret but did make me realize things could have gone badly if this friend hadn't been a good human. I used to play Halo 2 with a guy. We were playing one day, and I made some off the wall comment about how bad traffic was due to them redoing one of our local roads, and he said his town was redoing a lot of roads too.

I think I had a friend over or coming over, and I forgot to mute my mic and said the road he lived on, asking when he had to leave/come over. Anyway, the guy from Halo was like, "Holy moly, do you live in XYZ," and I told him yeah. Turns out he lived like five miles away from me on the other side of town. We met up, I was about 11 or 12 at the time, he was like 17, and he went and bought me a burger and milkshake while we chatted.

Pretty cool dude from what I remember, but when I got home, I thought about how different that could have been if he wasn’t just some high schooler trying to make a kids’ night with a burger and shake.

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21. Not All Friends Should Be Forever and Ever and Ever

He got freakishly obsessive and possessive. We met online through a fandom. After a few years, the fandom pretty much fell apart but a handful of us stayed friends because we actually had a fair amount in common. D was very normal, the rest of the group seemed to love him, and about four years after just being online mates we met in person, it went fine.

We interacted a lot on FB and Instagram. I hit a really busy period in my life but managed to squeeze in a Christmas get-together at my place for my little group of friends, including D. After that, my online activity decreased drastically due to being busy and when I managed to get on FB, I noticed that most of the group were no longer friends with D, weird but whatever.

I checked my Messenger and saw message after message after message asking why I wasn't responding, what was I doing, could we arrange a meet up, etc. I explained I was super busy, and it was also coming up to the anniversary of my mum's death, so just give me some time and we'll see about meeting up another time.

He said "Oh yeah, I forgot about the anniversary. You can have that day, but I expect a response after.” Screw that. I blocked him, so he sent email after email after email asking me, “What is your freaking problem, what the heck do you think you're doing" etc., so I blocked his email too. After three very peaceful weeks, there was a knock on my door: it was D, and he had a six-page letter detailing why we had to be friends.

I shut the door, used an anonymous email thing to tell him that if he contacted me again or showed up at my door, I would call the police. Went on Facebook and told everyone (including the two remaining mutual friends) about it all, and could the mutuals not share anything about me/my life and actively discourage him from attempting to make contact.

The friends who had long since unfriended him started messaging me that they stopped talking to him because of how creepy he was being in private messages about me, always asking if they knew what I was doing, had I talked to them, was I seeing anyone, was I actually busy because he was convinced wasn't, etc.

In return, I told them how he'd been trying to convince me to stop being friends with them because according to him they were all sorts of horrible things and that they were incredibly jealous and hated how close he and I were, I assumed he was just butthurt because they stopped talking to him, so was just making up a bunch of nonsense about these people, who had always been perfectly nice to me.

One incredibly weird occurrence just before this all happened was me telling a mutual friend on FB that I was heading to the aquarium in London with my daughter for the day. That mutual friend was also in London that day with their daughter, so I said maybe we could grab a coffee and let the kids play in the park for a bit.

I checked my messages later that evening and D was incredibly upset because he'd waited at Farringdon station exit for two hours so he could come to the aquarium too, and I didn't show up. We did not get off at that station, but one that was two stops after and closer to where we were going. I haven't heard a peep in over a year, he has apparently deleted his Facebook and Instagram, and thankfully just disappeared.

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22. So You Don’t Want Jam?

After college, I went on a month-long road trip up the East Coast of the US. Started in Florida, went up to Connecticut, and then headed west to Wisconsin. I'd posted on YouTube, saying I was making this trip and looking for people to stay with along the way. One stop, I thankfully only had planned on staying there for a few hours, was in North Carolina.

It was some farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere. I knocked on the door and like five kids answered. All ages 10 to 13. No parents in sight. I thought it'd be fine, and that I'd only be there for a few hours and I wanted to take a break from driving anyhow, so I stuck around. I asked if they had anything to eat while I was there, and they lead me into the kitchen.

They'd all been pretty awkward and quiet through all this, but it seemed normal enough. They're just awkward kids, right? They pull out some bread and peanut butter. I ask if they have any silverware and that's when I realize that the five of them are semi-circle around me, fully blocking me in. I'm standing in the corner of this kitchen against their countertop and the five of them are just quiet and watching me.

One kid who hadn't said anything in the half-hour that it's been since I've arrived stepped forward with his hand shaking violently. I'd just asked for silverware, so he pulls his hand from behind his back with this MASSIVE knife. He's shaking and just says in this small scary voice "Here's...a...knife!" and I just put my hands up and backed even further into the corner "Whoa whoa whoa, what's this stuff. What's going on?"

Getting fully ready to punch a child. He immediately set the knife down on the counter and backed away. Said he was trying to make a reference to one of my old YouTube videos, where I used a huge knife to make a sandwich. Scared the heck out of me. After that, I stuck around and played some Smash Bros Melee with 'em for a while, then ducked out.

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23. More Isn’t Always Merrier

My friends and I had this online friend who lived in a bordering state that we played games with all the time. He found out we were planning a big LAN party and asked if he could take the train down and come. We all thought it'd be cool, and I agreed to let him stay with me at my mom's place. The guy was 6' tall, 400+ pounds, and I don't think showered often.

In the four days he was there, didn't take a shower. Now, I'm not trying to rag on him, he was a nice guy and fun to play with, but it just goes with the story. He ended up falling asleep on my bed at one point, which was next to the window. We lived in basically the desert and it's about 100 every day during summer. The blinds happened to be open and he literally was roasting in the sun.

The sweat had completely soaked the mattress—I so wish I was kidding—and the smell wouldn't go away no matter how much we washed or scrubbed. Sadly, had to get rid of the mattress.

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24. The World of Getting Back with Reality

I used to be a huge WoW fan and decided to meet my guild leader while in Detroit one week. Turns out she's not as hot as her voice made her sound, and it's likely her picture was from high school because she'd gained about 100lbs., had a blondish mustache growing, and very hairy feet. After meeting her I decided I should quit playing WoW and focus on school.

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25. Following Me Around Like a NeoPuppy

I once met up with a girl from Neopets of all places at a concert, and she wouldn't leave me alone for THE ENTIRE DAY.

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26. Making Friends is Ruff

I went to meet this dude and he was wearing like half a fursuit, like the costumes that furries wear. I just turned around and texted that something came up and I couldn't make it.

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27. Caught with Your Hands on the Joystick

I actually worked with this lady at the time. She was good looking and very flirtatious. Most importantly: we both played World of Warcraft at its prime. She ended up inviting me to join her server and being a lonely 20-something, I, of course, joined up. We played for a time and had a good PVP group going—her regulars.

Of course, she was still flirty with me in game and I was flirty back, all in group chat. Either way, we had some great times together slaying players in PVP. Summer comes and it’s a company BBQ, I find out she is bringing one of our PVP partners to the event. Cool! It was her husband. A cop. I’ve been virtually sexting her in the game in front of him for at least three months.

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28. Traded in For an Older Model

I had a group of online friends for a bit. I am really close with my older brother, like best buds. One day, while we were playing league, I asked my brother to join after a while. I guess because my brother was better at the game than me, they stopped inviting me to any games, so I eventually was separated from the group.

One of them came to my state for an event and asked my brother if he wanted to go. He said yeah, and then asked me. I was a bit hesitant but after my brother insisted, I went. I did have fun, but they were moments that made me remember that I am really not in that group anymore.

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29. Out of the Zoo and Into the Wild

Didn't regret any of them, except one. We were all 15 years old, except one kid who was 12. We went to a zoo together and he just walked away from the group without us knowing. Half our time together was wasted splitting up and searching for him because we were concerned. We finally found him, and he just told us his dad was going to pick him up and he left us because he didn't feel like it.

He should’ve just told us straight away. We would have probably understood. He was literally gone after the first 10 minutes.

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30. She’s Getting None for the Price of Two

My brother met a girl in person that he had known for four or five years online, during which time they had kind of had an online relationship. She had brought her friend with her to meet him. They were sitting around a table awkwardly making conversation, with my brother apparently quite shocked at how bad she looked in person compared to how she looked online and having absolutely no interest in her other than as friends.

The girl sent her friend a message saying, “OMG get me out of here, he’s looking at me like he wants to jump me,” but she accidentally sent it to my brother. What ensued was likely incredibly painful to be part of. My brother showed her his phone and looked at her in disgust.

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31. Older Isn’t Always Wiser

He started to make things weirdly sexual—I was 15, he was 19. He also began spreading lies about my other friends to keep me away from them, as well as pushing all his personal issues on me, while refusing to see a therapist. He also put forward that he would probably kill himself if I wasn't there for him, which made me feel horrifically trapped.

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32. A Deadly Connection

I used to play a lot of Quake and made a few friends through it. About 15 years ago, I moved to a state where one of those friends happened to live. We met up, and we got along fine, if not a bit awkward in person. He told me I could come stay with him any time, but it was kind of out of the city. We sort of lost touch, but just last year his relative contacts me out of the blue.

She tells me that my friend had often spoke of me (using my old screen name) and was recently killed by another of our old online friends that he had invited to stay with him. It ended up being ruled as self-defense. She just wanted to know what I knew about the killer to try to make sense of it, but I couldn't remember much other than his old screen name.

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33. Isn’t Deception a Sin?

We met through a gay dating site. I didn’t really make a big deal when I noticed he was totally catfishing me. His profile picture was gorgeous, in real life though, not so much. He told me he didn’t like it when I swore, but it’s not like I was dropping F-bombs in between every word. He had complaints about other things I did. I gave him the side-eye and told him I wanted to leave because there was NO way in heck I was going to hook up with him that night.

He said sure, but he then thought it was appropriate to give me a parting gift: a copy of the BIBLE of all things.

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34. Not in Good Company

Met a fellow seventh grader on Xbox, and we were pretty great friends. Even after I quit playing Xbox, we still kept in touch. He only lived two towns over, but it was right on the edge of where my parents would drive me. So after high school graduation, I finally made it out to see him for the first time. We were having fun, until I asked him, “Hey, is your girlfriend coming?”

She was a middle school girlfriend he’d had that we’d talk about a lot because I’d third wheel a lot of Xbox live parties with them, and we had a lot of inside jokes. Him and his friends winced and chuckled—kind of the awkward reaction I was aiming for—then I piece together from old memories that the other dude in his friend group used to date her too, and how they’d gloat about being Eskimo brothers, so he’d probably remember who I was from Xbox as well.

After a few more jokes, my friend leans in on me and goes, “Hey I know you’re not from around the area or nothing, but she died in a car accident a few months ago.” I immediately shut up and left. They told me they were fine with it all and we should hang out again, but when you’re making explicit jokes about someone whose obituary stated they played piano for the church and consecutive years on honor roll, you don’t really want to go back round those there parts.

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35. Your Princess is Holding Down Another Castle

The amount of desperation that girl had. Holy moly. The first issue was that she used a picture of herself when she was younger and thinner. She used to be around 120 pounds, I believe she told me. She was easily over 300 pounds and couldn't walk for long. Eventually, she took out a cane. I didn't know how to react to a 21-year-old using a cane.

Someone that is injured? Sure. Someone that spent 90% of their time watching YouTube and reading anime? Not fine. We walked, sat, walked, sat, walked sat, talked for a bit. She warned me she has anger issues and might snap at me at any random time. She would constantly look at her phone and sigh loudly. We met up basically on a date to see a movie.

When watching the movie, she would constantly burp and fart during every romantic scene. She would cheer herself on every time too. In the freaking theater. After the date was over. I didn't want to see her again but, apparently, I left a good impression. She would call me constantly, every night. Usually crying about how much she hates where she lives, how much she hates why she can't leave, etc.

She wanted a relationship to rescue her from there. Life would be better if she had a boyfriend and just did her own thing. The only jobs she had were at fast food places. Those didn't last long. Each one two to three months at most. She constantly smelled like fish. She dropped out of college because in her words, "I couldn't stand the stuck-up people there. They really made it unbearable."

Also, she does not like studying. After a while, she stopped contacting me. I believe that she had taken the hint and backed off. In reality she went to another guy. He can barely keep down a job, he can barely maintain himself, he drinks himself silly, and she is just happy to be away from her family. She started contacting me again begging me to save her from him and I'm like, "Uh, I have a girlfriend now. Bye."

She left me a 16-page rant through Facebook. I haven’t heard from her since.

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36. The Heartbreak Kids

Met her through a favorite band of ours. They had scheduled a free concert a few hours’ drive from us, and I made a post asking if anyone wants to go with me. She replied. There were no tickets left when we got to booking them but we continued to chat; I still thought I was straight back in the day and when we met for the first time it was very awkward, but we had our first kiss and started dating.

It was a long-distance relationship, I started discovering my sexuality and she became extremely controlling and insecure about our relationship, constantly asking if I love her, which just made me more confused and unsure about everything, so I guess she had a reason. We broke up and blocked each other at the end. It might not be an instant regret but I definitely regretted it after a while.

We were two teenagers in their first relationship and the fault was definitely on both of us. I hope she's doing well now.

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37. Well, You Did Throw the Bouquet…

She flew in town to be a bridesmaid in my wedding. And she decided to cheat on her husband with one of the groomsmen and blame me for that. Because it was my wedding, so that clearly makes it my fault that she was unfaithful.

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38. Spreading Himself Thin

I invited him over to my house and he pooped all over my toilet. It was all over the seat and a bit of it landed on the floor.

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39. The Least Dangerous Game: Man

I knew a girl who would befriend American gamers to the point where they would buy her free plane tickets that she'd end up using as a free holiday. She said she loved walking right past them at the airport while they looked for some chick who wasn't her. She never gave her real photo, so they never knew. She did it at least twice.

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40. Stay Away From My Baby

I have a weird story about a woman I met online and eventually IRL. For reference, I’m a bi girl. We started talking after I made a comment on a lesbian forum about being a single lesbian mom. I still didn’t know if I was bi or a lesbian at the time. We started messaging a lot. Hundreds of texts a day. This included sexting and trading nudes a lot too.

But she was always obsessed with my daughter. Like almost demanding pictures of her and updates on her. Eventually we arranged to meet up. When we finally see each other in person she looks shocked and asks where my daughter was. I said she was being babysat by mom so we can have a date. I could tell this threw her off a bit.

After our date, we start hooking up at my place. Even then she was still asking about her. “After this can I meet her?” “Would you let me babysit?” “Do you think she’ll start calling me mommy?” I was like chill, she’s a toddler. This combined with her being obsessed with my daughter’s stuff including stealing a pacifier, a dirty onesie, and going through the diaper pail.

I decided this lady is crazy. She ended up stalking me for a while, but I was moving back in with my mom anyway, so I managed to escape.

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41. Still Need You

Maybe not regret it. But it gave me years of depression. I met my best friend through Minecraft, never made friends in this, and I just wanted to play with someone, so I complimented this girl’s skin. We started talking. She was American, I’m Polish and my English sucked. We moved to Skype and at first, I mostly typed, but later on she started teaching me English somehow by talking with me.

She was one year older. We knew each other for almost a year, and I was staying up all night just to talk to her and her friends that she introduced to me. She was also depressed, so we talked with each other and she was the first person that truly listened to me. We had plans of visiting each other. Then, our mutual friend told me she had died by suicide.

Four years have passed by and now, at least, I can talk about it and not cry. I still miss her very much though.

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42. Leave the Swords in the Game

Met a girl I really liked on World of Warcraft, but she lived in another country. After a couple of vacations there, it turned into a relationship. Made the decision to move and start a new life there with her. After living there for four months, I slowly realized she was crazy as heck. Huge mood swings paired with a lot of aggression. Ended up getting stabbed in the side by her while I was asleep.

Needless to say, after getting out of the hospital I took the first plane back home. She's still in a psychiatric hospital.

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