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People Share Stories Of Life's Brutally Unfair Moments

Life can be pretty unfair sometimes, but most people don't have it as bad as these folks, who banded together on Reddit to share the most unfair experiences of their lives. Some of these are tragic and life-changing events, and others are looked back on with humor and growth. To put your own experiences into perspective, here are 50 stories of some of the most unfair moments of all time.

1. How to Make a Kid Cry

Growing up I had a friend whose family was the worst. I went over there for play dates a lot. One day a Korean girl who I sort of befriended and helped her with her homework (she was younger than me) followed me to my friend’s house. When we saw her come up to the house, the mom shooed her away. She said, “I don’t want Chinese people in my house.”

The girl went home crying her eyes out. I felt terrible for not following and comforting her, but I was 10 years old and didn’t know what to do. The worst part is that the mother who insulted the girl blamed ME for the incident because she was trying to save face. The Korean family told me they didn’t need me to help with her homework anymore.

I’m not sure if the girl was too shy or scared to tell the truth but I never spoke to either of the families again.

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2. Wrong Door

Early to mid-90s, Beastie Boys were my favorite band at the time, and they were on tour. My friends and I camped out all night at the local Ticketmaster and were second in line to buy tickets. By morning, the line was at least a hundred people, probably more. When the store opened, they made a decision that still makes my blood boil. They opened the other door that was near the end of the line.

So suddenly the line was reversed, and we became second to last in line! People that had arrived merely minutes before were first in line. I'd camped there for tickets before and they never opened that door any other time. I. Was. Furious.

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3. I Trusted You!

I was once at a fundraiser, where the winning prize was tickets to go see Pearl Jam in concert. At the end of the night, they call my name as the winner. WOOOOO...except when I get to the front of the room to collect my tickets, I get looks of confusion and the runaround until the event was over. Turns out, some jerk told the organizers he was me, and THEY GAVE HIM THE FRIGGIN’ TICKETS! By the time they verified that I was me, he was long gone, and I was out of luck. Best they could do was an apology and a $50 gift card to T.G.I. Friday’s.

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4. Candy is the Sweetest Drug

My first year working at the DA's office, there was a lady who was detained and charged with possession of CDS—methamphetamine. The officer was the best guy we had. Real by the book kinda guy, which put a huge target on his back from the other authorities who were....less thorough. Anyway, the arrest was made following a routine traffic stop. The defendant gave the officer permission to search her vehicle. He found a small baggy with crystal shards in it. The field test came back positive and she was detained, and her car impounded.

That was Friday after 5, so she sat behind bars until the following Monday for her initial appearance. That morning, she sat with the other inmates and sobbed throughout the proceedings before her name was called. You might be surprised, but that is really rare. 99% of the time people are pretty resigned or sometimes just annoyed after they've had time to calm down, sober up, and the reality of their situation sinks in.

So, when she gets called on by the judge, she gets really loud and is crying so hard, she kept interrupting the judge, who then threatened to remove her from court until she could control herself. Initial appearances are basically just to announce charges, set bail, and schedule the next court date, so there usually isn't cause for a defendant to say much, just state whether they understand their charges.

When asked if she understood, she starts wailing that she didn't do anything, that "it was just candy." I immediately felt my blood run cold. I contacted the lab to order a rush on the sample attached to her case. A week later, the results came back as negative for any illicit drugs. It was cinnamon hard candy that had gotten busted up in the bag in her purse. The defendant, being unable to afford bail, was in jail the whole time.

But here's where things reached new heights of awfulness: My supervisor decided the way to resolve the problem was to offer the lady a plea deal of the lesser charge for possession and manufacture of an imitation controlled substance. He reasoned that if she couldn't even afford bail, she would not be able to pay an attorney and the public defender would encourage her to take the deal, not being a thorough kind of guy.

Epilogue: I tried quietly talking several defense attorneys into representing her, but none even called her while she was behind bars. After three more days of trying to help her, I secretly went to the judge with a copy of the lab report. He ordered her immediate release without further comment. No charges were filed. And she never wound up suing everyone involved, though the defense attorneys I spoke with often threatened to do that when they wanted leverage on their other cases. I could have been fired for everything in this paragraph that I did, so it was a pretty big risk but I feel like I stopped a storm of unholy proportions and helped out someone who had fallen through the cracks in the system.

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5. Fishy Lobster

When I was in grade school we had a final group assignment to design a community center, with my teacher promising a lobster dinner for the group that had the highest mark. I had a bit of a crush on my teacher and thought hey, lobster dinner. My group busted their backs designing the "Hijinx" after school community center, calling a long list of businesses to determine membership fees, cost of construction (we got hung up on a lot looking for price of building materials), community outreach programs and a whole lot more.

We even helped the special needs kid in our group write a jingle—and we got the highest mark. When it came time for our lobster dinner, my group stayed in the classroom during recess to enjoy the fruits of our labor. My teacher brings out our "lobster," which was a loaf of bread with googly eyes and paper lobster claws stuck in the side. It was on that day I learned the true meaning of disappointment.

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6. Showing Up Not Required

Going to family court with my dad and losing even though my mother didn't even bother to show up. They also wouldn't let me testify. Fact is, she kicked me out at 16 but kept receiving child support—court didn't want to hear it.

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7. Diagnosed

My girlfriend was the happiest kindest person ever! We had just finished our first year of university and things were great. Then tragedy struck. She was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor in the summer. She passed away a year later. The most unfair part is that her sister had passed from the same type of cancer as a child. Her family are some of the best people I’ve ever met! Heartbreaking.

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8. Better Go NBA

I couldn’t convince my parents to take me on a day trip to a university 45 minutes away that my school was offering for gifted students, but they sure drove us five hours across the state for my brother’s three-day basketball carnival.

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9. Passing on the Punishment

My mom bought my brother a Sega from a garage sale years after it was a popular gaming system. It didn’t change the love my brother had for it. My brother and I routinely took care of ourselves after school as parents were working. One day my dad came home early and was irate that my brother wasn’t home. He then proceeded to make me throw his Sega in the dumpster of our complex, and told me if I brought back in, I would be hit with the belt.

This was his idea of a punishment towards my brother. In my eight-year-old brain, I obviously don’t want to get hit and did as I was told. The look on my brothers face when he came home, and my dad told him what happened to his Sega was just heartbreaking. It still makes me sad when I think about it.

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10. Classic Evil Babysitter Stuff

My babysitter took my Gameboy and sold it for cash. But it gets worse: then my parents grounded me for losing it. Super bad month.

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11. Second Time’s the Charm

I was in intermediate school and we were out at a camp. Now I was the only scout among the 60-odd kids, so I was given the harder tasks to keep myself entertained. On the first night we were carrying these heavy wooden benches around, and my partner dropped his end of the bench. Due to the sudden drop, the bench slammed into my foot, almost completely crushing it.

It swells up to nearly twice the size, broke at least three toes, and the whole thing went purple. Despite me clearly being in tremendous pain, I was told to "suck it up" because I was a scout and should be able to handle it. I was told to shove my half-broken foot into my already too small tramping boots and keep up with everyone else for the next several days.

Some kid fell down a two-meter hill (think like 50-degree angle) on the last day and got called an ambulance. This was six years ago, and I am still fuming.

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12. Wasted Talent

I auditioned for a co-star role in a musical our high school was doing. The drama and chorus teacher told me I was getting the role. Everyone I auditioned with told me I had the best performance that night. My drama teacher pulled me aside and basically begged me to join drama the next semester. When the role sheet was put out on front of the drama room the next week, I didn’t get the role. I was put as an extra. Turned out the Vice President of the drama club decided she wanted to play that role, so she got it. She didn’t even try out.

I told the drama teacher I wasn’t going to waste days I could be working to attend rehearsals as an extra. Went and saw the show on opening day. I’m really not trying to be salty, but the girl couldn’t act or sing for the life of her. Almost four years later and I still think that’s the most unfair thing that’s happened to me.

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13. Party Pooped

When I was 15, we had our year 10 formal (which is kind of like Australia’s homecoming dance/prom I guess?). I wasn’t very excited for it, but I was excited for the afterparty which was going to be my first high school party. I lived 35 km from my school and had to take a bus into town every day and both my parents worked a lot, so I missed a lot of parties.

I talked about going to the afterparty for weeks, but my mother decided to ruin everything. She told me that I couldn’t go ON THE WAY to the formal because I hadn’t organized anything when she knew full well that I had. I was staying at my friend’s house that night and she had the address on the invitation. Also, she told me that on the way so I’d have no chance of organizing anything anyway.

This experience taught me to always live up to the promises I make with my kids when I have them.

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14. The Quick Circle of Life

I saw a video of an antelope or similar-looking animal; it was giving birth. The moment the baby hit the floor, it's first seconds in this world, all it saw was its mother running away from it and a freaking lion came in and grabbed it by the neck and dragged it off. Brutally unfair.

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15. My Mistake, Your Issue

When I was 19 and going to undergrad, my mom didn't turn in the right tax paperwork on time. It caused me to lose my full-ride I got for school (for having a competitive GPA and coming from an underprivileged community). Instead, financial aid would only approve me for a parent loan to make up for the cost. My parents refused to get the loan for the stupidest reason: because "If I want to get an education, I'll find a way to pay for it."

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16. Hard Water

Few days ago, in my school I saw a girl yelling at a boy (idk what was happening) when suddenly she took a water bottle and threw the water on the boy (btw, a female teacher was present there the whole time). So, the boy pushed her back lightly. Well guess who got yelled at. Reason: "He hit a girl."

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17. Fool Me Once…

When we were about 12 and 10 my brother was very irresponsible with his things, he had his new bike taken after leaving on the front lawn of the house, unlocked, because he was too lazy to bring it into the garage. Fine, his fault, his loss. So, he starts borrowing my bike all of the time and does the exact same thing and it gets taken within a matter of weeks.

My parents refused to get me a new bike or give him any guff over losing mine and I never got another bike until I was an adult who could afford to buy one. Also, since his birthday was in the summer, he got a brand-new bike (brand new everything) and mine is two weeks after Christmas, you can guess I got the used bike, used everything.

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18. Twinning (Almost)

My friend and I wrote the exact same thing on a test.

He got it marked right and mine was marked wrong.

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19. Favoritism Runs Deep

My entire childhood. My mother was not subtle (although never verbally admitted) of her favoritism towards my little sister. We were both in taekwondo. But I was also in baseball. I wanted to quit taekwondo because I had no life between the two and I was much better at baseball (and frankly was a better prospect). She told me I can quit baseball but not taekwondo. Well I didn’t care and quit anyways. So, she refused to pay for baseball. So, I never played again. My dad was unemployed at the time so he couldn't pay either. The only reason was because my sister was in it and my mom had a thing for the instructors (even before they separated, she was like that).

Got my license, wouldn’t help with car. Paid $150 for a beater. My sister? My mom gave her her car that was four years old. Remember taekwondo? Took my sister to Korea for a tournament (she had no business going, she was not good at all). Told me and my bro to eat at our friends’ houses if we wanted food. She didn't go shopping before she left. She was gone for three weeks.

But the worst moment happened on Christmas. I wanted an N64. That's it. Didn’t care to get anything else. After years of her telling us she spends the same on each of us. Got clothes and some toys. Clothes came from goodwill. My sister? New name brand clothes, jewelry, toys, CD player (I'm 36 so this was back in the 90s and early 2000s). The works. She probably spent $100 each on me and my brother. I looked up just some of the things she got my sister and it came out to over $1,000. That was just some. My sister's pile was always halfway up the Christmas tree. Massive. Mine and my brother's fit neatly under the tree. She would tell us "her stuff was just big and cheap" lol.

That's just a few things off the top of my head.

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20. Overruled

A man I knew was fighting in court for two years for a murder case of his ex-girlfriend. The description of the killer looked nothing like him, there was video that they would not pull for court. The girlfriend's daughter said it wasn't him. His lawyer in court was a public defender who said in court to the judge he didn't want the case for a shocking reason: all because the client was black. The court would not change his public defender even after this. The courts kept pushing back his dates months at a time.

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21. Tugging Ticket

I was in my buddy’s car when he got pulled over for speeding. When I saw the officer as we drove past him, I instinctively tugged on my seatbelt to confirm it was on. When the officer wrote my buddy his ticket, he gave me one for not wearing my seatbelt—he apparently thought my tug on the belt was me putting it on. I explained everything and he didn’t believe me. I went to court over it and the judge “compromised” by cutting the fine in half. I didn’t do anything wrong and still had to pay a fine.

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22. End Alzheimer’s

My dad always took care of himself. As a kid I remember him hitting the gym almost every day, he had a healthy diet, and never drank or smoked. He worked hard to keep things like his cholesterol in check and would get a physical every year. Fast forward and he now has Alzheimer’s. It’s absolutely devastating and unfair. Here’s this guy that by all accounts did everything right and he still ended up with this horrible disease.

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23. Insurance Money Turned Paint Money

In college I moved in with my girlfriend who is now my wife. My parents were so upset about this that I was cut off from all insurance and lectured on the horrible thing I had done. When my sister moved in with her boyfriend, I expected the same thing. I was so, so wrong. My dad went and painted their bedroom so it would look nice.

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24. Boys Only

I used to work at a sushi restaurant. Lots of high school/college-aged cashiers and servers. 90% girls working there, lots of hard workers. This 19-year-old punk gets a job there. He's a jerk, usually stoned, lazy. Of course the boss chooses to train him to make sushi cause he's a boy.

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25. Thinking Backwards

I told my parents that I really liked this girl a while back. They really seemed to like her a lot so one day I showed them a picture of her. My mother said, “Your father's not going to like this.” The girl I liked wasn't white, and I didn’t see any issue with that. My father taught me growing up that the color of your skin doesn’t affect the character of a person. I sat in the kitchen for two hours arguing with my dad about interracial couples.

My father told me that the “way she grew up is different from us.” Everyone grows up differently. I grew up differently than my cousin but does that mean that we can’t be friends? My mother told me that she would never go to my wedding if I married someone who wasn't white and both of my parents agreed that they wouldn’t accept any biracial kids if I had any. It has been months since the incident, and it has really changed my perspective on them. I find it so unfair that they would think this way.

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26. You Laugh You Lose IRL

This was back in middle school. I had a teacher who hated a lot of people, but specifically me. It was mainly because I was absent for a school-sponsored event one day, she got angry and gave us an F on a test that we missed. Of course, the other people who were at the event raised heck and I was dragged into the mess.

The year after I had her, I got called into the principal's office a bunch of times because she reported me for doing a bunch of stuff that I didn't really do. One day, while I was laughing with my friends about something, she walked by and thought we were laughing at her. So she tells the principal, and I get in-school suspension for LAUGHING AT A JOKE MY FRIENDS MADE.

My friends who were with me got off without any punishment though.

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27. The Bands Are a Lie

Me and my sister both had braces and had to wear those rubber bands that fix your jaw or whatever. I wore my bands every single night, while my sister rarely wore them. When we had our dentist appointment, the dentist took a look at my teeth and then gave me a disappointed, “You haven’t been wearing your bands, have you?” I tried to tell her I always wore them, but she obviously didn’t believe me.

Then my sister got in the chair, and our dentist said, “Wow! You’ve been wearing your bands!” That was maybe 10 years ago. My teeth are still worse than my sister’s. How?

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28. Life Is a Blessing


Every time I think about how lucky I was to be born where I have freedom of speech and live in relatively little danger while some kid out there was born in some trash hole they will likely never escape from...it blows my mind. Or even the ability to learn from school, books, etc. Nature is metal and humans are still very much part of the savage circle of life.

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29. Just Drink Your Dinner

I've got lots of horror stories, but this one is the worst. I work in health insurance. One call came in because the person wanted to have a medication covered. The medication in question was so she could eat food because their esophagus would seize. It was denied. This person had to basically remain on a constant, all-liquid diet because the medication wasn't considered "medically necessary."

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30. True Luddite

I went on a camping trip with friends. Laptop was working, casing was a little cracked as it was like two years old and I’ve taken it to college a lot. I came home and the laptop was out of juice, so I put it on charge. Wouldn’t accept a charge whatsoever. I told my parents that it wasn’t working and said I was going to try and fix it. I’m not too tech savvy but I thought I could fix it.

I took it to the garage where all the work stuff is and took it apart. My little brother thought it’d be a good idea to come down and play football in the garage. The ball hit a heavy lamp, slammed into the laptop. It bounced off the laptop and tested me in the head which gave me a black eye and a heavy nosebleed. Blood all over the cracked/bent motherboard so my laptop was screwed.

I told my parents what’d happened, showed them the damage, and their response made my blood boil. They blamed me and told me I had to pay them back for the laptop and buy myself a new one. Even though I later found out that it was my little brother that caused the laptop to not be able to charge. He’d messed with the charging port. Then with the football he cracked and warped the motherboard because of the lamp. I wasn’t able to get him into trouble for it.

Overall my little brother has cost me and my parents about £2,000 on damages and he’s gotten away with every single thing he’s broken.

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31. Dance-Jacked

I learned a fairly complicated dance to the fifties song lollipop and I made the audition and everything and then the day of the performance my used-to-be friend ran on stage before me and TOOK MY PART even though she didn't make the audition. I didn't get to perform the dance I'd been practicing for months.

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32. Firing Down the Chain

Co-worker was written up by HR for being part of an email thread (said thread was not inappropriate, but made light of some bad behavior within the company), even though the co-worker in question had never responded to the email.

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33. Next-Level Parenting

One time I got grounded when I was 15 because my brother got busted for selling drugs when he was 18. The logic was that he was 18, so my parents couldn't punish him (although he still lived in their house) so they punished me for his actions, thinking that it would teach me a lesson in the future. 14 years later and I still don't get it.

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34. Heart Broken

My freshman year of college, I got to be extremely close with a girl who was a senior. We did everything together. At the time, I was heavily religious and so was she. We went to the same cultish church and spent almost all of our waking hours together. She was my best friend, and my duet partner when we led worship at our university’s Christian group. She was stubborn and beautiful and she loved so deeply and truly. Just an all-around wonderful, intelligent girl.

The summer after she graduated, I went through some serious personal stuff, and I ended up walking away from church and religion. Because of this, we grew apart. I still saw her and we were still friends, but the lack of proximity coupled with the loss of what had first bonded us strained things. About a year went by, and I was seeing her less and less. I missed her and our friendship. I reached out. She came over to my dorm, and we spent some time together. We made plans to go see Les Mis in theaters the next week.

We never got to go. She’d been having back pain the doctors couldn’t figure out, and that week she started having seizures and throwing up too. Because of these issues, she moved back in with her parents. When I learned the truth, my heart broke. She ended up diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. I was never able to afford the trip to be with her when she was sick. I still feel so guilty for not just figuring it out.

October will be four years since she passed, and I still miss her so much. I’m big on remembering people accurately and not pretending they were perfect just because they’re gone. She wasn’t perfect by any means, but she was closer than anyone else I’ve ever known. It was so unfair for someone like her to not only expire young, but to suffer as horribly as she did. It wasn’t fair that I wasn’t there for her when she needed me most. The world is truly dimmer without her light.

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35. My Child is a Washing Machine Repair Person

My brother and his friends prank called the police, and my parents' reaction was to have me and my friends fix the washing machine.

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36. Judging a Book by Its Cover

I got accused of dealing hard drugs to students at my new school because of the way I dressed. All I do is smoke weed and sometimes sell to friends and family. Because he had no proof he couldn't get the police involved and so he suspended me for two weeks and upon coming back he referred me to an alternative adult school even though I was 16 at the time. Wasn't allowed back into that school after that.

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37. Closing Time, Students

My friend and co-worker had been trying to get her degree. The first college closed so she was going to another one and it closed. She is $70k in debt and still has another year to get her ASSOCIATES degree. She will never pay that off...ever. She does have a lawyer fighting for her right now.

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38. Self Defense? What’s That?

Kids suspended for defending themselves or others during school fights. Went to a pretty rough middle school and high school freshman year. Kids pretending to be in gangs would just randomly attack others and if you defended yourself or defended someone else you would be in just as much trouble. Administrators would encourage witnesses to come forward and sell out anyone involved rather they instigated it or not was not considered.

Didn’t happen crazy often but there were definitely kids that got in trouble just because they refused to be victims.

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39. Paint Don’t Come Out

My older brother took alcohol and smokes when he was 17, and when the authorities questioned him he lied to their face while smelling like whiskey. My mom grounded him two weeks and started smoking with him. When I was nine, I got paint on the driveway and she grounded me for three months.

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40. New York, New York

It was in a 5th-grade social studies quiz bowl or something. I had made it to the final round or whatever. The question I was asked was, “Where does the Brooklyn bridge go?” I answered “Manhattan.” The teachers deliberated for like five minutes, but they marked me incorrect. The answer in the book said, “New York City” and they couldn’t count it unless I matched it exactly.

I’m still furious when I think about it tbh. My answer was more correct than the official answer. It makes no sense that the Brooklyn bridge leads to New York City, BROOKLYN IS ALSO PART OF NEW YORK CITY. It’s also a poorly worded question, I could have answered “where does the Brooklyn bridge go” with “Brooklyn” as well. I’m definitely not bitter.

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41. You Wouldn’t Like Him When He’s Angry

When I was younger, my brother and I both wanted to play different video games on our N64. My dad had us each make paper airplanes and whichever one flew the furthest was going to be the game we played. My airplane ended up flying further but then my brother started to cry so my dad just took both the games and snapped them in half.

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42. How YouTubers Are Born

This isn't one isolated event, just sort of an idea of how the laws of my house went. I have never had tv remote rights, ever. The only way I could ever watch what I wanted on TV was if I was the only person watching TV. My parents only really watched at night when I was out or playing video games in the basement. However, if my older sister showed up, I had to forfeit the remote, no contest. She'd simply say something along the lines of, "I'm not watching this" she'd take the remote and then that would be it.

Now, most households (to my knowledge) usually have some sort of system for this. Like, "hey, its X's turn to use the remote" But whenever I tried to take a stand, she'd freak out and throw a hissy fit like a child until she got what she wanted. And she did this from the day I was born to this year when she moved out. As a result, I completely lost interest in TV and moved to just YouTube and video games.

And the best part is my family thinks I'm weird for not liking TV like they all do.

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43. Pooch-Napped

My parents had bought a "new" house that was a dump, so it took my dad about three months to remodel it. In the meantime, (because our old house sold the day the sign went in the yard) my parents, my two brothers, and I, were living with our grandparents until the renovations were complete (one month at my mom’s parents, one month at my dad’s).

My dad’s mom was kind of a psycho when it came to animals...like...if there was a kid and a dog in the road, and she had to hit one...she wouldn’t know which to hit. I think about every animal she owned had been taken. So, our dog wound up at my grandma’s house (dad’s mom) the entire time of the remodel. When my dad was finally done, and we asked for the dog back, she refused to give him back.

She told my parents "He’s happier with me and I can give him a better life than you guys." He was about eight years old at the time. For whatever reason, my dad couldn’t put his foot down and take the dog back from her. It was really sad because she’d bring him over, and he’d refuse to leave. He’d sit in the entryway of our house and she'd drag him out the door. He ended up dying like eight months later—firmly believe it was from all the junk food and garbage she fed him, mixed with him missing us.

My brother is 35 and still bitter about that situation.

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44. Don’t Call 9-1-1

A bus driver was getting fired from my grandma's work while I was there once. His offence? He had his phone out while in the driver’s seat. The bus wasn’t moving but he was on camera making a phone call while in the driver’s seat. But that's not the whole story. He was on his phone because he had just witnessed a bad accident and was calling the police. He told the managers this and they said they didn't care; he should have stood up. That's the worst reason I've seen to fire someone.

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45. Bad Apples, Good Lesson

I got tormented by a group of kids in elementary and middle school. They threatened me in front of teachers, broke my stuff, took my work, pushed and hit me, followed me home some days even. I told the teachers, principle, and the guidance counselor even. They never did anything. One day they kept harassing me in the library during a study hour while the teacher was gone. I told them to stop touching me or I’ll break their arm. They started fake screaming and running away and told the teacher I threatened to kill them when they came back in.

I got suspended for 10 days, had to go in front of the education board to plea my case, was threatened with being sent to juvenile detention. Even when I told the board of education that these guys had been torturing me for literal years, they did nothing but ultimately dropped my case. To this day I don’t take trash from people, and I plan on teaching my kids how to whoop some rear when they inevitably have to deal with some punk who’s parents didn’t keep in line growing up.

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46. Everyone Felt That

Me saying a joke and no one hearing but one person. Then that one person repeats my joke and gets enormous laughter and praise...

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47. Least Seen Supervisor

A high-level exec in the company hired his lazy son and made his supervisor my coworker. This kid (he’s in his early 20s): sleeps at his desk, lies constantly, plays computer game all day, and hides different places throughout the plant to avoid doing work. One day my coworker had enough and told him if he hasn’t completed XYZ task by the end of the day, the lazy kid was going to be written up.

The high-level exec got wind of this and before my coworker could write up his kid, he wrote up my coworker for “poor management” because the kid wasn’t accomplishing anything. The kid got off with no accountability or consequences. I've never been so mad in my life. 

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48. Bad Sport

So at Wimbledon against Novak Djokovic, Kyle Edmund hit a ball that had bounced twice on his side, and Edmund's shot went out, and Edmund touched the net before the point would have been over. So basically Edmund won the point despite losing it three different ways. And then Edmund lied about the double bounce and didn't give Novak the point even though everyone in the stadium knew Edmund should have lost the point.

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49. Just Plain Spoiled

I hung out with a bunch of poor misfits in high school. We all wore hand-me-down clothes and qualified for free lunch at school and stuff. Lots of single-parent families and government assistance. This one girl in my group complained more than anyone else about how her family was poor. She often didn't have a lunch, and so the other kids would all chip in and either give her money or share our own lunches.

Two of the kids we hung out with were twin brothers. Their mom was raising them, plus their older brother, all on her own because their dad was incarcerated. He finally got out when we were teens, and pretty much immediately ran off and refused to pay support too. Because of the circumstances, the boys started working to support their family really young—first doing odd jobs for folks and then getting real jobs as soon as they could.

The two of them felt so sorry for this girl, they decided to surprise her for Christmas one year. They saved up for months and bought her a brand-new game system she'd wanted. Meanwhile, she gave a few of us used games and books—obviously previously played/read by her—wrapped in tinfoil instead of gift wrap, and we all shrugged that off because of course, she was poor.

A couple weeks after that Christmas, the awful truth came out. The girl's parents decided to let her throw her first small party for her friends at their house. Her dad picked us all up in their brand-new minivan, and then drove us to their brand-new house. After we arrived, we got introduced to her new puppy, and then given the home tour which included five bedrooms and a pool. Also notable was the girl's bedroom, where her new game system sat alongside two other recent systems.

I found out later that her dad was an attorney, and her mom was a medical assistant. Her parents' combined income was 3-4x what my family made in a year, much less our friends who had worked their tails off to buy her that game system.

Her idea of being "poor" was based on her parents not buying her everything she wanted immediately. The reason she never had lunch money? She saved what her folks gave her to buy herself things instead, while mooching off kids who were on free lunch. The reason she always gave us used stuff as gifts? Because she would have her parents buy a bunch of stuff "for her friends" at holidays, then keep it for herself while giving us stuff she no longer wanted instead.

I'll never forget the look on my friends' faces as they slowly realized that the person, they'd worked to support out of sympathy was actually just a spoiled brat.

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50. Splitting Dollars

My parents are divorcing. Unbeknownst to my mom, my dad led the most selfish double life. Racked up over 400k in debt, plus he took out $100k in equity on the house. Now my mom must accept half of that debt, as well as give up half of her 401k. She worked hard for 30 years and will be left penniless. It is injustice to the highest degree.

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