These Must Be The Worst Birthdays Ever

October 4, 2021 | Violet Newbury

These Must Be The Worst Birthdays Ever

It’s your birthday. The day comes around every year. Presents, cake, celebrations. What’s not to look forward to, right?  Wrong! That highly anticipated day sometimes takes a turn for the worst and becomes the biggest letdown of the year—or even your life. Keep reading to hear some of the worst birthdays people have had. Maybe now, yours won’t seem so bad after all.

1. It’s A Gamble

I was turning nine years old. I had saved up all my money, wanting to buy myself a nice birthday present. My mother told me to give her my money so that she could keep it safe. After what she did, that was the last time I ever trusted her. My birthday was on a Saturday, but my mom went and gambled my money away on Friday, while I was at school. I woke up on Saturday to no birthday presents and my money was gone.

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2. A Midsummer Night’s Sleepover

It was my 13th birthday. I was able to convince my parents to have a big sleepover and I invited a few guys but they had to sleep together in the basement. My crush and three other girls were the only ones that came, but I was still hyped. We watched a bunch of movies, played video games, and ate tons of junk food.

After my parents went to bed, things started to get weird. My crush started to get really flirty and handsy with my best friend at the time (who was aware of my feelings.) The other two girls were encouraging it, and turned it into a truth or dare game. My best friend ended up getting multiple hickeys, and of course, I was absolutely heartbroken and bitter.

Not only that, but I was trying to get my crush to sleep downstairs because I was terrified my parents were going to catch us. My crush and best friend end up spooning and falling asleep in MY bed. I was so upset I ended up going to sleep on the couch in the living room and just cried by myself. Morning rolls around and my parents find us all and wake me up seriously scolding me.

They woke up everyone, sat us down, and lectured us. When they finished, they called everyone's parents, telling them how we broke the rules, and asked them to come pick up their children immediately. I had to sit and watch as each of my friends were picked up and my mom profusely apologizing about what happened. None of the other parents cared except for my best friend’s mom, who was completely livid and grounded her.

My parents also had to cancel the pool we had booked for that day. Thankfully they felt I was going through enough not to ground me, and they didn’t blame me for what had happened. I spent the entire day of my actual birthday just sobbing and getting text messages from everyone about how my parents reacted and how much of a buzzkill I was.

And want to know the brutal cherry on top? I also received an embarrassing phone call from my best friend’s mom asking how she got those "bruises" on her neck. Worst summer ever!

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3. Laser Tag Losers

I was playing laser tag with my cousins. One cousin pushed me into a corner and blasted me for an entire round. During the next round, my other cousin bashed my face with the laser. They played the remaining rounds without me since I was preoccupied with having my bleeding face tended to. I told my parents beforehand I didn’t want to invite them since they were jerks, but my parents had insisted.

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4. Dashed Expectations

I had invited probably around 20 people over, mostly good friends, plus a couple of co-workers. Everyone said they were definitely coming and sounded excited. I bought a ton of drinks and food, had activities planned, and decorated my house really nicely. The party was supposed to start at 7 pm.  When 6:30 came around, I texted a few people to see what time they might show up. No one responded.

Seven o’clock passed, 7:30 came, and still no one and there were no responses. Eight, nine, still nothing. I'm kinda hurt, and started drinking by myself, and hopped on the Playstation. The next thing I know, I'm trashed. I stood up to go to the bathroom, and suddenly I found myself waking up to a scene from a horror movie. I was on the floor of my living room, covered in vomit and blood.

I must have passed out and hit my head on the coffee table. It seemed as if I had cut it pretty severely. I had to crawl to the bathroom still heaving and bleeding. I was leaving a trail of blood and gore behind me. I passed out again and spent pretty much the rest of the next day there. The place looked like a crime scene. Not good.

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5. Party Planning Pickle

My best friend decided to have her 21st on my birthday when her actual birthday was half a month later. We’d spoken about what we were planning on doing and I said I wanted to have a sit-down dinner at a nice restaurant on my birthday and keep it low-key. She said she was having a big party. I didn’t think much more of it. I got the invite in the mail and saw the date of said party.

I put the puzzle pieces together in my head and thought to myself, I don’t need this garbage in my life. I declined the invite and haven’t spoken to her since. I had some nasty texts arrive leading up to her party asking why I wasn’t going, how selfish could I be, and can’t you put someone else’s needs before your own kind of thing.

The icing on the cake was receiving texts on the day of the party, remembering that it’s my actual birthday, and calling me selfish. I never replied and cut that whole group of people off as well. I drove to my parents' for my birthday and had take-out and an early night. No ‘friends’ attended as they were all boozed up at hers. I realized my best friend was a selfish piece of self-centered trash.

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6. Peed Off Peacock

My parents held my first birthday party at a park near my hometown, set in the low hills where there are plenty of peacocks. I was running around as they kept a loose eye on me. Soon enough, I found myself in front of a peacock, and we both froze in place. I had never seen one before and I learned the hard way that peacocks don't like having their space invaded.

I slowly walked forward, and somehow got its attention as my face bumped into its beak. The peacock didn't like that.  It flew its feathers open and hopped on my head, talons out. My screams got my parents’ attention. They managed to get it off of me with paramedics on the way. I can still feel one of the scars on the back of my head to this day.

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7. Stolen Birthday Dreams

When I was 11 my family had planned a camping trip which would take place during my 12th birthday, so we had the birthday party the week before. On the day of my actual birthday, while I was away on the trip, our house was broken into and my new PlayStation was gone, along with all my games.

My father found out about the break-in the day it happened, but didn’t want to spoil the rest of the trip, so he waited until we got home to tell me about it. I had spent half the week talking about how juiced I was to break in the new games while he knew they had been taken, and that I was probably gonna be crestfallen over it. Tough day for me.

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8. Cousin Left Me Crushed

I have a cousin who was born the day after me. Last year my aunt wanted to host his 21st birthday party the day before his actual birthday (my birthday!). I was forced to spend MY 21st birthday celebrating a cousin that I've never said anything more than a simple hello to. To make matters worse,  none of my other relatives who were at the party acknowledged that that day was my actual birthday.

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9. Recent Loss

My Grandpa passed a couple of weeks prior to my 21st birthday.  It has been the biggest loss to my life so far, as he was the closest thing I had to a father figure, helping to raise me. To make things worse, I was home alone all day because my Grandma was in a different city, and my other relatives were doing their own thing.

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10. Sibling Rivalry

My sister and I were born a year and eight days apart, so growing up we would have our parties together. The worst was my tenth birthday, her ninth. About 15 of her friends came, and only one of the friends I invited showed up. I don't remember much of the party, but I still remember that feeling of disappointment and sadness.

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11. Babysitting Birthday

My 19th birthday had to be the worst.  I just moved in with a friend from out of state and his sister and her fiancé dropped their two-year-old niece with me to babysit the day before. For the record, I can’t stand kids and had never babysat before. I was stuck by myself for hours and was unable to leave because of it. The highlight was her stripping naked, escaping out the front door, and running away from me in front of the neighbors.

It was 8-10 hours of pure pain—yet the nightmare wasn't over. Then on my actual birthday, I got forced into driving to his uncle’s house because he didn’t want to ride with his sister and her fiancé. To top it off, I was still looking for a job so I was low on cash. I ended up spending a good portion of what I had left to drive the 100 miles round trip in my gas hog of a car.

I didn’t get back until almost midnight. There was no chance of doing any of my original plans which included going to the local club to hopefully meet some new people. They finally realized it was my birthday when we walked in the door. I grabbed my guitar, drove to the riverfront, and sat on the hood of my ‘68 Camino playing until around 4 am.

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12. Bad News Birthday

It was my 18th birthday and I was at college. My family came out to visit me for the weekend. My actual birthday was on Sunday, the day they had to leave. On Sunday morning, my parents sat me down and told me my dog had passed four days earlier. Then they left and I spent my actual birthday crying by myself in my room.

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13. Is This Sixteen Candles?

I was turning seven years old and my cousin was getting married on my seventh birthday. Everyone ended up forgetting about my birthday because of his big day. I still resent that because not even my parents remembered because they were too busy with the wedding. To make matters worse, he ended up getting divorced two years later.

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14. Look Out Tony Hawk

It was my 9th birthday and all I had asked my parents for was a skateboard. Lo and behold I got it. They took me to the local skatepark and all the regulars there helped me learn how to balance, go down an incline, how to turn, etc. I built up the confidence to tackle a ramp. Not the scary-looking half pipe. I saw a cute little kickbox that I thought was just my size.

I put my board on the rim of the drop, thinking that I’m Tony Hawk. I stepped down for my quick moment of glory. Everything went so wrong, so fast. I fell down and SNAP! My dad swears he heard the sound from where my parents had the picnic blanket set up. I spiral fractured my right leg and had to have a cast from my foot up to my hip for a year. I have never been on a board with 4 wheels ever again.

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15. A Messy Milestone

My 50th. It was a midweek birthday so I sort of expected something the weekend before, but there was no mention of it. After work on my actual birthday, I came home expecting something like maybe a cake, or a card, or maybe some sort of surprise dinner out with the family. I sat around hinting that I had no plans that night and once it got to about 7:30, I realized no one was planning anything.

So, I took matters into my own hands and said let's go out to eat and everyone, my wife and three kids, all piled into my car and we went to one of those Brazilian steakhouse places that just keep bringing food to your table. We sat down, got our drinks and the waitress asked if we were celebrating anything that evening.

I said: "I am, it's my 50th birthday." My wife and kids' jaws just dropped. They realized they had totally screwed up and forgot my birthday. Nevermind that they are all constantly on Facebook and it sends reminders all day. We had an awkward rest of dinner, which I paid for of course.

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16. Off To The Races

All of my birthdays were terrible. Every year when I was a kid my dad would call and say happy birthday and told me he got me a birthday present, but it never came. My sister however always got birthday presents from our dad. Then when I turned 13 my mom and stepdad decided they'd rather go to the car races instead of being with me for my birthday and did this every year until I was around 18. I don't celebrate my birthday anymore.

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17. Windshield Of Broken Dreams

I don't remember which one it was, but my birthday is in February. We had planned a trip to the next town over to go to Chuck E. Cheese. We were heading there on the highway and came up behind a semi-truck. I was tired and had laid down to take a nap, expecting to wake up at Chuck E. Cheese. Instead, I wake up to the horrible sound of the windshield smashing. The car harshly slowed down, as my mom didn't stomp the breaks.

I immediately freaked out. The passenger side of the windshield was 100% broken. No holes, but just a crater in the glass. As it turned out the semi had a sheet of ice slide off right on top of us. He saw it happen, but never stopped. We pulled off to the side, as I was panicking and refused to stay in the car. I went home with my mom's friend, and my mom brought home a birthday cake instead. One of the worst birthdays I've ever had.

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18. Stone Cold Birthday

It was my 16th birthday. It was early morning around 3 am. I woke up with intense stomach pain. I rushed to the hospital. As it turned out, I had a kidney stone. Because I had to stay in the hospital for a bit, I also ended up missing my driver’s license test. I ended up literally having to reschedule it from my hospital bed.

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19. Stormy Weather

When I was eight, my mom saved up and booked this little local party place that I thought looked so cool. I had always wanted a party there and was so excited. I had chosen "the disco room" for my day. The morning of, my mom got a phone call telling her that the storm from the night before had caused electrical damage to the building and that the party couldn’t go ahead. I spent the morning outside telling families that the party was canceled. I was devastated.

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20. Better Late Than Never?

I woke up on my birthday to my brother coming downstairs telling me to get up before he walked out the door. I got myself up and forgot it was my birthday for a couple of minutes. My other roommate woke up, saw me on the couch, gave me a side-eye, and got dressed for work without a word. I sat there and thought to myself, did I do something to make them angry?

Nine o’clock rolls around and my 17-year-old sister and her friend show up and wish me a happy birthday, and only then did my brother and roommate give me an, "Oh yeah, happy birthday." I didn’t receive any calls from my mom or messages from my grandparents, not a single message on social media. Nothing.

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21. Roaming Rooster

My dad was kind of eccentric and months earlier had brought home a chick for my little sister. It turned out to be a rooster, big and ornery. We had a big property and the rooster liked to roam. That afternoon after school, he was walking around and I happened to see him at the moment he was run over by a truck. I wasn’t too attached to him, but that’s not something anyone should see.

I knew my sister would be upset, so I grabbed a shovel, gathered him up, and buried him. Then, my mom came to take me out for a birthday dinner. I broke the news to my sister about the bird and she took it like a champ, but then my mom started harping on my dad for being crazy and doing stuff like bringing home roosters.

Just then the waitress came by to get our order. She was really pretty and I was 18, so I noticed. I wasn’t ready to order, however, my mom was ready to get going, so she told me to figure it out. I huffed and puffed under my breath and my mom looked up at the waitress and said, “Oh, don’t mind him. His chicken just left this earth.” I don’t know if the waitress made a face, I was unable to lift my head from embarrassment.

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22. This Birthday Stinks!

My 16th birthday was on a Sunday. My mother woke me up to go to church with her,  but she didn’t give me enough time to get ready, so I didn’t get a chance to shower. My hair was a greasy knotted mess. She proceeded to tell everyone she ran into that I hadn’t bathed. I had an event I was supposed to volunteer for right after church, followed by a small dinner with a few friends. The whole day just would have been better if I had the chance to clean myself up.

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23. Exam Burnout

One year I had a birthday on the same day as my Fundamentals of Engineering exam. It’s a huge exam that basically takes all day. Not only that but all my friends had to take it as well. It’s exhausting and draining. No one wants to do anything afterward, so there was no celebration, or party, or cake, or anything for me.

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24. Banged Up Drum

On the evening of my 6th birthday, my ears began to hurt. It was so bad that my parents had to cancel my birthday party and drive me to the hospital. We waited for five hours and when we finally saw the doctor, he didn't want to give me any medicine, so we went for nothing.  We had to drive home with me crying. In the morning, there was blood all over my pillow because my eardrum had burst. Now, I can only hear about 80% in that ear.

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25. Ex Marks The Spot

My then-husband and I were separated. I had picked up a second job waiting tables nights and he came by the restaurant the night before my birthday and said he had something for me. He wanted to put it in my truck, so I gave him the keys. I thought maybe it was just something I had left at the house. When I got in my truck at the end of my shift I couldn't believe it.

In my truck, he had left me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, a bottle of my favorite perfume and a gift card to a store that I liked. I certainly wasn't expecting any of that. I thought he must want to get back together! Boy was I wrong. A few days later he told me that he was happy living alone and did not love me anymore.

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26. A Big Box Does Equal A Big Surprise

I was part of a swim team at the time of my 16th birthday.  I was able to invite a fair number of teammates and a handful of actual friends. My biological father and stepmother at that time brought out a large box for me. As one to enjoy a good joke or prank when I opened it to find yet another box. I laughed. However, four boxes later, the joke wasn’t as funny. Then the REAL punchline came. They told me I had to move out and to use the boxes to pack up my stuff.

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27. Finally Old Enough To Drink But...

The day I was old enough to go to the bar I was really excited to have a good night out. Then it hit me. I was the oldest of all of my friends so there was not a single person of age that I wanted to drink with. I ended up walking to a local bar close to my house because I figured I was going to be out all night and driving would have been a poor choice.

I was pretty confident I'd be able to find a group of people who were having fun and I'd make some new friends, but it didn't happen. Instead, I walked into the bar and it was smoky and silent, except for coughing. The six people in there stared at me when I walked in. I said hello and sat down at the bar. This lanky bartender walked over and didn't even card me.

I drank the same drink for a while and realized that everyone in the bar was much older than me. I called the bartender over and let him know I was ready to settle, mainly because I just wasn't having any fun at all. The next day my family, friends and my girlfriend gave me trouble for not spending the evening with them. I got a jacket that was too small for me and a cheap keyboard as gifts.

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28. Not So Sweet Sixteen

No one remembered my 16th birthday. At first, I thought they were planning an elaborate surprise and just really delaying it. By the time 8 pm rolled around, I said something to my mom and she looked up from her magazine surprised and said, “Oh! It’s your birthday? I didn’t even realize. Oh well.”  Before I could process that, my dad came home. He felt bad, so he took me for some Chinese food. The restaurant was empty, it was just the two of us. Remembering that day still makes me feel terrible.

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29. Cutting Ties

I was turning 29 and was supposed to go out to dinner and a movie with my mom. On the day of my birthday, she told me she didn't have the money for it. She had spent it on drugs and smokes. She asked to borrow $100 for presents and the day out, but I told her to take a hike. I was done being taken advantage of by her at this point.

I left and took myself out of a movie by myself and went to dinner with my boyfriend. I came home late and went to bed. Then, I woke up the next day to find my mother holding a knife to her wrist threatening to kill herself. She was admitted for a psych evaluation after a super long fight and me tossing the knife behind her dresser.

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30. Desperately Seeking Attention

My family took me out to dinner and everything would have been wonderful had my ex stayed home. The entire time, my ex pouted because the attention wasn't on him. He sat and moped about how his parents never said they were proud of him or how they never did special stuff for his birthday. He spent the entire night trying to make it about him and then got mad and wanted to go home when my family ignored him. He actually made me leave MY OWN birthday party early because nobody was paying attention to him.

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31. Ticket Trauma

In sixth grade, I went to a pizza and games place for my birthday. I was winning mad tickets. I had just gotten a cell phone and was walking a short distance by myself after school. I found a big pile of tickets on the ground. Since no one else was around, I picked them up. Apparently, a cute girl I had noticed earlier had just dropped them, but I hadn’t realized.

Her friend was trailing behind her and was going to grab them for her. I also didn’t see her. I found this out because my mom told me five minutes later and demanded I go give them back and apologize. I was mortified as I was a self-conscious11-year-old that definitely did not want to apologize to a cute girl for accidentally taking her tickets.

I asked my mom to go give them back. She said I had to, or we would have to leave. I refused because I was too embarrassed, and she dragged me out of the pizza place. On the way she also informed me I was grounded from my phone and had my dad give all my tickets, as well as the tickets I found to the girl. It was a bad day for an 11-year-old me.

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32. Birthday Blowout

My 11th birthday started out great. I went to Mt. Olympus in Wisconsin Dells and it was really fun. However, at lunch things took a turn. I ended up getting food poisoning. That night was the worst I've ever felt, and I honestly thought I was dying because I had never experienced that before. I was throwing up and dry heaving for an hour.

I also had sharp stomach pains and diarrhea. I didn’t get more than two hours of sleep until we had to leave and go back home. Because I was so weak from the night before, I had no control over my bowels. I ended up soiling myself twice. It was really, really bad, especially since my best friend had come with me for my birthday.

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33. Left in Stitches

The night before my 6th birthday, my sister and I were playing volleyball with blown-up balloons in our living room. I went for a long one and tripped over a box of legos that my dad had previously told us to put away. I hit my head on the corner of a wall and my forehead busted open. We went to the emergency room and I got stitched up.

The next day my parents decided to go ahead with my birthday party and we had a bunch of my friends over. At the party, the kids started making fun of me and calling me Frankenstein because of my huge forehead wound that was all stitched up. They wouldn’t let up and I started crying. I ran up to my room and wouldn’t come back out until everyone had left.

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34. Sliding Into Another Birthday Disaster

I had just turned 11 and hadn’t had a birthday party the year before, so my mom said I could invite three friends to a hotel and we could spend the night (with my mom in another room). The hotel had a pool that my friends and I spent most of our time at. We did this thing where I would go down the waterslide and stop halfway down, then my next friend would go down and we would wait for the other two in the middle of the slide.

We did it a whole bunch of times despite being told not to. One time two of my friends and I were stopped and waiting for the third, when I slipped and exactly at that moment, she came barreling down headfirst. Our heads collided and we both cried as we landed in the water. I literally saw stars. My friend split her lip, and while my mom was helping her, my other friend had to hold me up out of the water.

I was half conscious and if she didn’t, I would have probably drowned. To top it all off my dad was driving that night. We got lost and I was made to feel guilty for somehow making them get lost. When I got home it was our first night in a new house. It was freezing and my dad’s girlfriend took my only blanket!

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35. Double Whammy

On my 18th birthday, we had a snowstorm that destroyed our beautiful cherry tree and half of it fell onto my van. It destroyed it enough that it would cost more to fix it than it cost to buy it. None of my friends wanted to visit me to celebrate my birthday, so I felt really lonely. To top it off, I ended up having my first vertigo attack.

It was so bad that I was severely nauseous and couldn't even close my eyes, or get out of bed due to my head spinning. I wasn't able to game, keep down food or water, and ate Pepto tabs and Dramamine like candy. It took two weeks to get well enough so I could go to the E.R where they realigned my inner ear and the dizziness instantly went away.

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36. A Surreal Celebration

The night before my 8th birthday my dad woke me up crying. My mom had checked herself into a mental hospital. I was sleepy, confused, and scared as heck to see my dad crying. I tried to calm him down. On my actual birthday, we brought a cake, candles, matches, a knife, plates, etc to the hospital to celebrate with my mom.

I distinctly remember the nurse taking away the matches and knife, as well as the look on my dad’s face. He had this weird, confused, but shocked look on his face. We sang Happy Birthday, the nurse cut the cake, and then my mom showed me her room with this overconfident air, telling me everything was ok. It was just surreal.

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37. Football Fanatics

My 18th birthday was the worst. My parents took me to a Penn State Football game, even though they knew very well I don't like Penn State or football. We sat in the freezing rain for hours watching a game I didn't care about. I actually tried to see if I could get my hand so cold to the point where I would lose all feeling in it because that was more entertaining.

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38. Taxi Please!

It was my 13th birthday. We went to a cousin's house to celebrate. There were about 10 cousins and siblings.  My mother and Aunt were the only grown-ups. My elder sister had a habit of blaming my mother for all her life's problems. She interrupted my Aunt’s and mother’s conversation to launch a non-stop bout of complaining and whining that got heated. My mom usually shrugged these off, but once in a while, she would snap.

Twenty minutes later a full-blown argument that dragged two of my eldest cousins ensued. My mom angrily told me to call a cab as we were going home. When the cab came I just sat in it and waited for my siblings and mom to come. A few minutes later, I heard my name being called out. I think they were trying to make things up to me but I just shouted that the cab was here and it was time to go. I rode back home in silence. No cake, no gifts.

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39. Who Invited THEM?

So my friends were surprising me. There were three guys and five girls. We were like little kids eating snacks and drinking soda since everyone had classes the next day. We were just talking and hanging out, not realizing that we had left the door open. Out of nowhere, three officers came inside and they were plastered. They started raiding our place.

They started shouting at us, saying that they came because of a noise complaint. They started taking our pictures and hauling us to get into their vehicles while we protested. We were not even drinking, and even if we were, it wasn’t wrong. An older friend of ours tried to talk with them, even gave up his ID saying he'll collect it the next day, but they refused.

One officer was old and very hammered. One of my roommates is younger, so I was worried about her getting scared. It was a mess. We were scared, pleading to let us be. They kept shouting at us. One of the girls knew another officer,  so she called him.  He talked to the officers harassing us, and they finally left.

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40. STOMP!-ed Out

My school was doing a day trip on my birthday to see STOMP! and just because it was my birthday, I had to go. We ran into bad traffic on the return journey. My mom kept asking me when I’d be home, which was really odd as she’s usually hands off and she knew I wasn’t fussing about the big day. Due to all the traffic, I got home three hours later than expected.

When I got home, I discovered my mom and my girlfriend at the time, sitting on the stairs with a piece of cake on a napkin for me. The house was in minor disarray. As it turned out my mom planned a surprise party with a handful of friends and family. When I didn’t show,  they played a few games, ate the cake and left. I missed my surprise 16th party!

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41. Carb Consolation

It was the first birthday I was spending away from my family and I was looking forward to finally getting hammered with friends for my birthday. A week before, an ex I still kind of had feelings for reached out to me saying she was regretting our amicable split a few weeks earlier and wanted to try again. I was more than happy and we agreed to a date on my birthday.

I was hyped about it and cancelled my plans with my friends, rescheduling for the following weekend. On my birthday, I got dressed up, felt great, and was ready for my date. She stood me up. I reached out to friends but they were all busy after I’d cancelled. I ended up going home and eating a pound of pasta by myself because I felt so bad.

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42. A Dog Gone Bad Day

I went to visit my dad and his dog was sick. The dog went downhill later that day, so I stayed up all night keeping him alive. I finally went to bed around 5 am and woke up to yelling. The dog passed on about half an hour later and my dad was distraught. This dog was one of his last connections to my mom who passed a few years back. On my birthday I took the dog to get cremated and comforted my dad.

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43. Raucous Racoon

My 17th birthday has been the worst one so far. The relationship with my mother had become strained over the previous couple of years. I had my best friend over for the night, and on the way home from dinner we had a disagreement about something my mom’s boyfriend had said or done. The tension was already super high in the car, and then my mom hit a raccoon that had been scurrying across the road.

She tried to swerve out of the way but had to straighten out when oncoming traffic forced us back. My best friend, who is incredibly tender-hearted towards animals, started screaming and crying that we should go back and see if it was alive and take it to an emergency vet. My mom refused. She was highly shaken and just kept saying that it could have rabies.

She said that she had to choose between protecting us or hitting the raccoon and that she wasn’t sorry for her decision. My best friend blew up. She was completely inconsolable, and when we got home she slammed out of our house and went home, while my mother and I ended the night in a huge argument. I'll never forget that birthday or the aftermath.

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44. All I Want Is a Ticket to Macca

I have been obsessed with Paul McCartney for pretty much my entire life. My dream has always been to see him live in concert. On my 13th birthday, I was in luck!  He was coming to my city to play an outdoor concert. It would be the perfect birthday present, but no one would buy me tickets. I was determined to hear him play, so I stood in the pouring rain outside of the venue trying to listen to him.

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45. I Wasn’t Craving THAT

I had to drop off a paper to my professor at school and was going to grab myself some White Castles to eat for a birthday lunch before my dinner with family that evening. I left my paper in his mailbox, went and got my White Castle and headed home. It was a typical dreary fall day, cool with drizzling rain. The roads were damp but not bad.  On a four-lane road, a guy in an old beat-up Oldsmobile was in the right lane going 25 mph in a 35 zone.

I kept my speed at 35 to keep going around him. He saw me and cut over into my lane at the beginning of a curve. I hit the brakes hard to miss him and the rear end of my car kicked out.  I hit a concrete light pole, while he kept on driving. Thankfully it happened behind a station and the officers saw it happen. An officer was dispatched before I ever called emergency services for help.  Insurance fixed my car, but I never got to eat my White Castles.

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46. Boot Camp Blunder

I was in boot camp at the time of my 18th birthday and it just so happens that Thanksgiving fell on the same day as my birthday. All was good, no one was getting yelled at, punished, or anything bad so far. Had a wonderful dinner, turkey, stuffing, even had some eggnog! After eating we were just chilling in our barracks.

All of a sudden we heard shouting coming from the female’s side (we were a co-ed division). Apparently, the female bathrooms were extremely dirty and they were having problems. So as punishment they made everyone (including the males) put on all of our gear (light coat, heavy coat, ski mask, scarf, thin and thick gloves, everything).

Then they made us work out for about one and a half hours.  To be honest, it felt more like three.  This happened about 10 minutes after dinner. Every time someone had to leave to go to the bathroom to throw up, we had to start the exercise all over again. They say you never forget your 18th. After that, I’m sure I’ll never forget mine.

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47. Moving In or Out?

Two days before my 30th birthday my boyfriend at the time broke up with me after we had just bought a house together. After everything was done in the new place, he dropped the news that he didn’t love me anymore and wanted out. Since I wasn’t able to pay for the house on my own, I needed to move out and back in with my parents.

The housewarming was supposed to be on my birthday so that we would be celebrating two things on one day. I celebrated my 30th at my parents’ house with family and close friends, but I was mourning my recent breakup and wasn’t feeling that great.  Though I was happy to have my family’s support, the whole celebration gave me mixed feelings.

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48. History Repeating

My birthday is heart-wrenching. I have had three grandparents pass on my birthday in separate years. Furthermore, last year my aunt who practically raised me was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on my birthday.  The bad news doesn’t seem to stop. This year peak COVID deaths in the United States occurred on my birthday.

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49.  Cheers Mate

Number 23. I had just moved out of my parents' place and to a new city. I had a friend from college I had become reacquainted with and he even introduced me to a really cute girl that I was becoming rather fond of. After a few months, I told my friend I was thinking of asking her out, and he told me to go for it. So, I invite them all to celebrate my birthday. We were to meet at a pub, tear up downtown, and hopefully, I would work up the courage to ask this girl out, too.

I arrived at the pub 10 minutes late, but no panicked texts, so I assumed I was okay. They weren’t there either, so I figured we were all running late. I ordered a drink and got comfortable. Another 20 minutes passed so I decided to give my friend a call. He doesn't pick up. I sent a text. No response. After about an hour, I called the girl to ask if she's coming. No one picked up. I sent a text. No response.

By now I'm on drink number three in a mostly empty pub on a Tuesday night. My only company was a gathering of old dudes and unwinding refinery workers clearly in no mood to socialize. I'm watching the basketball game despite not liking basketball at all. I tried whipping up a conversation with the bartender. He listened for a bit but excuses himself to get back to work.

After waiting for two hours, I tried calling my friend again,  desperately hoping he would pick up. Nope. I called the girl. Nothing. I accrued a $30 bar tab and was in no shape to safely drive home, so I decided to just sit it out for a bit. But I ended up feeling sadder, more lonely, looking probably a lot like the solitary drinkers occupying the stools beside me, lost in their own semi-inebriated thoughts.

I couldn't stand being in there, and after one last call after four hours of waiting for them to come to my birthday, I just walked home. It took about an hour, but the fresh air and exercise at least made me feel less mopey and downtrodden. There could always be another day, another attempt, maybe they had a really good reason, maybe an emergency, maybe something that puts things in perspective.

When I got home my friend finally texted me back saying, "Oh, hey. Yeah sorry." I don't wait for the follow-up text, I immediately call him asking him what's up. He responded by saying, "Okay so I went to go pick up that girl, and I decided I would ask her out. Dude, you gotta understand, she was into it immediately. You won't believe it, we've actually been getting it on for the last four hours nonstop!"

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50. Sorry, I’m on Vacation

My dad told me he couldn’t be there for my 16th birthday as his ‘friend’ (mistress) had booked a holiday for them. He told me this in front of my mother who was still in denial about the fact he was having an affair. When I got upset that he would miss my birthday, they both told me I was selfish and the world didn’t revolve around me. On my birthday my dad didn’t even call.

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