These Karens Got Shut DOWN

July 15, 2022 | Violet Newbury

These Karens Got Shut DOWN

Karens can be downright nasty. Perhaps they get away with their bad behavior because they don’t think anyone will call them out on it. After all, most bystanders just roll their eyes and put up with it. However, some people aren't willing to take their nonsense—sometimes, people will stand up to them and shut them down, and in public, too.  Here are some real-life stories of public call-outs that put misbehaving Karens in their place and left them shocked beyond belief.

1. Paying The Price

My job was at a high-quality boutique, so it was typical to encounter clients who behaved in an entitled way. During the Christmas season, a particularly nasty customer was giving me and my colleague a hard time. I'd already explained to him that we had a queue, and he needed to wait his turn, like everybody else. When it was his turn to pay, he insulted my manager by calling him stupid because he had to correct an error on the register. 

Little did this obnoxious man know, that payback was on its way.

There was another customer, who was considerably smaller than him, waiting in line behind him, tapped him on the shoulder and spoke loudly, "Could you please be quiet and let these guys do their work? Your attitude is bothering all of us". The rude man started threatening him, but the smaller man didn't back away. 

He countered, "If you were as hard as you think you are, you wouldn't have to behave like such a jerk. Be quiet." To thank my new favorite customer, I suddenly found a coupon for half-price.

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2. Obey Your Commander

My friend and I were catching a movie when these guys, fresh from basic training, started to disrupt the peace. They began to badmouth the film out loud, ruining the enjoyable atmosphere for everyone else. My friend advised them to quiet down. They gestured rudely but still complied. When the movie ended, we were leading the crowd, just behind the same group of rowdy men.

My friend then voiced out, "Your behavior in there was really inconsiderate", and the loudest among them brandished his ID retorting, "Well, I'm a Marine, defending your rights and liberties". My friend subtly smiled, revealing his identity as a Marine officer as he showed his own ID, stating, "I'm a Marine officer, and the privilege of wearing a uniform does not entitle you to act obnoxious".

Finally, he made them stand at attention by the theater exit and apologize to every departing audience member.

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3. These Girls Got Schooled

While in university, my buddies and I were hanging out at a table. There was this guy sitting alone behind us, dressed in a very stand-out way: popped collar, styled hair, heavy suntan, and so on. A bunch of other students were loudly mocking his style choices in our vicinity. One girl eventually stood up, approached him, and declared, "I'm sorry, but I have to assist you because you look like an utter geek." She then folded his collar back down.

The guy was stunned, and as she returned to her table, his eyes started to well up. I was deeply annoyed by the incident, and I knew I had to step in. I nonchalantly strolled over to her table and asked, "Hey there, do you know that gentleman?" She said she didn't, so I firmly chided her. I said, "So you thought it was okay to insult someone you don't know to impress your friends?

“I hope you all feel proud having laughed at his expense. Maybe the next time you could think twice before acting so thoughtlessly." After, I walked over to the lonely guy's table and invited him to join us. It turned out he was new to the university and hadn't met anyone yet.

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4.  I Broke It Down For Her

I used to be a toy section staffer at a department store. This was when the Leap Frog laptops just hit the market and boy, were they pricey! So, I was tidying up the aisles one day when I noticed this little guy really going to town on one of those laptops. There wasn't a grown-up in sight for him. I decided to gently ask him, "Do you play with your toys like that at home?" Looking a bit embarrassed, the kid replied "No", and placed the laptop back.

Feeling pretty pleased with myself, things took quite a turn when the boy's mom appeared from out of nowhere. Her next actions truly surprised me. She loudly told me I had absolutely "NO RIGHT" to speak to her son that way. Keeping my cool, I looked her in the eye and explained, “Ma’am, your son was close to breaking a $150 toy. Unfortunately, in our store, if you break it, you need to buy it. If you want to let him continue playing with it in the same way, I'll be more than willing to bill you for any damages at my checkout counter”.

She shot me a sour glare, grabbed her child, and marched off.

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5. These Lunchtime Losers Got Chewed Out

Back when I was in high school, an acquaintance of mine from math class was sitting alone in the cafeteria, minding his own business while working on his homework. He was quietly going about his business, not causing any disturbance. Unexpectedly, another guy approached him, began hurling insults, and questioned why he only hung out with girls. The barrage of homophobic slurs from this unenlightened individual was shocking.

To the surprise, or even indifference, of those in the room, the victim was openly gay. He was enduring humiliation as the bully and his friends heartily laughed. Seeing this, a friend of mine—average height and build—decided to intervene. Despite the fact that the bully towered over him and his friends outnumbered us, my friend was undeterred and I followed suit, ready to let them know they couldn't get away with it.

As my friend got the bully's attention, he began reprimanding him, letting him know just how intolerant and cruel his actions were. In spite of the bully’s attempts to escalate the situation into a physical confrontation, my friend didn’t back down. He challenged the bully, “Do you consider yourself brave for mocking someone for being gay, as if it's an issue?

“Do you think he had a say in his orientation? What if the roles were reversed? Would you be brave enough to come out to high school bullies like you?” The bully, failing to mount a considerable response, merely shrugged, muttered 'Whatever', and led his sycophants away. The victim was so grateful for our intervention that he treated us to lunch.

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6. Shut Your Pie Hole

Back in high school, I used to work at McDonald's and I could easily relate to other young fast-food employees. One day during my shift, I noticed this cashier—akin to a deer in headlights on his first day, but managing respectfully. However, he made a mistake in his duties and naturally asked his manager for help. Instead of assisting, the manager took this as an opportunity to publicly berate him, hurling unpleasant names his way.

Once I got my order, I beckoned the manager to come over. I looked him square in the eye, and gave him my two cents: "I strongly urge you not to treat that cashier this way, ever again. Just because you're a daytime manager at McDonald's doesn't exalt you above anyone else, and it certainly doesn't authorize you to mistreat your staff, let alone humiliate them in public". After seating myself, a different manager approached, thanking me for taking a stand. He even gave me some apple pies as a token of appreciation.

It turns out, that manager had a reputation for such behavior.

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7. Fight Or Flight

I'm a laid-back fella who travels a great deal for my job. I usually take things in stride, but I remember an incident from a couple of years ago when I'd boarded a slightly delayed flight, knowing my connection at the other end would be a race against time.

I boarded the plane late and, like the last few passengers in line, had to check in my bag because the overhead bins were all full. As I moved down the aisle, another latecomer was desperately sorting through the remaining luggage to accommodate his oversized bag.

A flight attendant tried to explain there was no more space, so his bag would have to be checked in. This set him off. He launched into an angry tirade about the airline, his frequent flyer status, and so on. This outburst hit a nerve with me. Here was an overworked flight attendant being targeted for reasons beyond her control and the rest of us just wanted to get going.

In a whirl of indignation, I shouted, "Quiet down! Just stop it.". I couldn’t believe what was happening. Sharply, I suggested he check his bag like the rest of us latecomers and stop holding everybody up. I pointed out his entitled attitude was exemplary of what's wrong with today's air travel.

"Why inconvenience everyone else?", I wondered aloud. "You've disrespected this hardworking stewardess, made everyone uncomfortable with your drama, and now we're even more delayed." Losing my cool was unusual for me but enough was enough. Oddly enough, he simply looked stunned and didn’t utter a sound.

To my surprise, I heard a round of applause start from the back, gaining momentum until nearly everyone on the plane was clapping. It was a surreal moment. The man grudgingly moved to check his bag, walking what must have felt like the longest walk ever.

The rest of the flight couldn’t have been more pleasant. The flight attendant and other passengers expressed their gratitude. While that wasn’t my intention, I admit it felt good to put him in his place. As a bonus, I was treated to complimentary drinks for that flight, gifted drink vouchers by the flight attendant for my next few trips, and even a free WiFi voucher from a fellow passenger.

Sometimes, standing up for what's right can be oddly fulfilling.

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8. A Chili Reception

For about half a decade, Chili's was my workplace, and I've dealt with more rude customers than I care to remember. But one incident takes the cake. It happened around graduation season when a group of 25 made a reservation for 7:30 pm. We prepared a table for them and awaited their arrival.

Interestingly, they strolled in about an hour and a half later than promised. Naturally, by then we assumed they had backtracked on coming, so we disbanded their table and filled up the space with other patrons. When they showed up and their table wasn't ready, anger erupted. Our soft-spoken, amiable hostess informed them we thought they had changed plans due to their extended delay. That's when an incredibly demanding customer, let's call her 'Karen,' emerged.

Karen became furiously irate, insisting we should have known they were still coming. She publicly voiced her regret in choosing Chili's and berated us all for doing a terrible job. The hostess, almost weeping, assured them we'd arrange another table in a quieter section, and I'd be their server.

This specific group was well-known for their scathing intolerance, lack of tips, constant complaints, and appetite for complimentary food. Whenever I catered to a large group single-handedly, I'd commence by serving water, which gives me sufficient time to take and deliver their preferred drinks. This tactic also ensured they wouldn't be parched while they waited.

Little did I know that my thoughtful gesture would be met with accusations of rudeness and discontent. Disgracefully referring to the water as "this mess", they demanded it be removed. Despite this ungratefulness, I patiently guaranteed them their drinks of choice would be served shortly.

On serving their requested strawberry lemonade, complaints ensued about the off-taste, insistently unlike previous experiences. Assuring them that the lemonade was made according to the standard recipe each time, I offered to prepare a fresh batch.

Upon tasting the remade lemonade, they remained dissatisfied and briskly demanded a more competent server. My appeal to the manager to clarify how we make the lemonade incited more scornful comments about perceived rudeness.

As they started enjoying their meals, their indecent behavior escalated. Intentional spillages, food being thrown my way, and blatant insults became their entertainments, disturbing other customers with their outrageous noise levels. When politely cautioned to lower their volume, they defiantly turned louder, driving other customers away. Surpassing my tolerance limit, I declared them unwanted and unwelcome at the establishment.

This declaration silenced them, although briefly. However, when I asserted my authority to expel disturbing patrons, they got shocked. Their audacious request for take-away containers was met with disinterest and insistence on immediate departure.

Watching them leave, the manager and I couldn't help but grin with relief. One guest, blaming me for ruining her graduation celebration, only elicited my remark about her lack of refinement. The stragglers who pleaded with my manager for future visits were firmly denied, lest they cause further financial harm to the business.

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9. Those Nasty Girls Got Served

During my university days, there was a specially-abled guy employed at the dorm cafeteria. Despite his mental challenges, he could efficiently manage his duties. One time, while waiting in line, I found myself behind a group of girls who were quite vocal about their discomfort being served by him, even resorting to name-calling.

Feeling strongly about their behavior, I stepped in to say, "He can hear you. He's just an ordinary person working here, like anyone else. Everyone deserves respect." In response, they decided to call me a name and strolled off.

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10. It Was A Sign Of Things To Come

Back when I was at high school, we had a cafeteria worker who happened to be deaf. She was normally in charge of handling cash transactions with the students. I remember once, there was this guy who used to intentionally act like he didn't understand her, making fun of her and evading his food bill. This really got under my skin and I confronted him.

I pointed out how awful he was being and expressed how it would be a life lesson if he lost one of his senses to understand what it felt like. It wasn't a grand gesture, but my message hit home—I didn't hear him make derogatory comments about her anymore. On a lighter note, she was genuinely a kind-hearted lady who was quite thrilled when sign language was introduced as a course in our school as it enabled her to communicate with students.

The joy on her face when I initiated a sign language conversation with her for the first time was so pure, it almost brought tears to my eyes. It was evident she greatly appreciated the effort by her fellow students to include her in conversations rather than ignoring her existence.

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11. Gym Rats

So, here's the scene: two teens are bouncing around the gym, hopping from bench to bench, each machine to machine. They add a tiny bit of weight, do a few lifts, and then they're off again. They never bother to return their weights. I noticed their pattern and decided enough was enough. Being the muscular guy that I am, I stepped in. I asked them kindly to re-rack their weights.

Then I hung around to make sure they stuck to it, putting each weight back in its rightful place. Only then did I head back to finish my own workout.

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12. He Got His Just Desserts

Once, when I was enrolled in a culinary arts course, the students and I would take turns serving in different stations within our university's full-service cafeteria. One station was dedicated to desserts, which involved preparing a dish and serving it directly to the customer.

One day, while I was assisting a lady, a regular customer a man I'd already had the displeasure of dealing with, decided to push past her. He had the audacity to interrupt us and even tried to snatch the dessert I was still preparing for her. But he was not prepared for what was coming to him.

Not one to tolerate rudeness, the lady raised her voice, saying, "Hold on there, buddy. That's mine and we're not done here. It won't kill you to wait a bit. Your behavior is ridiculous!" Following her outburst, he scurried off, sulking and acting like a scolded child. The lady then turned to me, apologizing, "I'm sorry but I really can't put up with impolite people." Believe me, I couldn't have been more appreciative.

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13. His Words Hit The Spot

My dad and his seriously ill friend were out and about, needing to grab a few things at the local pharmacy. Given his friend's struggles with breathlessness, they were hoping to snag a handicap parking spot. Alas, all the spots were filled, which meant they had to park a bit of a distance away. During their walk to the pharmacy, a stout, muscle-bound man emerged from the store.

This guy headed straight for his Ford F150, prominently parked in a handicap spot, despite not having a valid sticker or any visible disability. This didn't sit right with my dad's friend; seeing this, he was livid. He shouted to the man just as he was climbing into his truck, asking him, "Excuse me? Is your handicap physical or mental"? The guy's complexion paled instantly, and he hurriedly drove off in his truck.

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14. They Were In For A Rude Awakening

I once visited a grocery shop during my lunch break. An aged lady who seemed to have a few mental and emotional challenges was ahead of me in the queue. Tragically, she dropped her salad all over the floor and was devastated. She began sobbing and apologizing, worried that she didn't have enough money for another one.

Luckily, a store worker and I stepped in to help her. Although the team member assured her she wouldn't be charged for the mishap, she couldn't stop crying. Meanwhile, I couldn't help but notice two middle-aged women dressed lavishly and perfectly coiffed, constantly giggling and snickering at every word the poor lady uttered. I found it reprehensible.

Shockingly, they began openly ridiculing the elderly lady, loud enough for anyone to hear. I couldn't take it anymore, I picked up my shopping basket, walked over to them and said softly, "Let's stop this." Instantly, their giggles turned into glares of anger. One woman shot back, "Who on earth are you?" With a steady voice I responded, "She's clearly distressed, and you're only embarrassing yourselves and her with your behavior."

They erupted in fury, spewing out, "Who do you think you are??" "Don't you dare lecture us!" My response, however, took them by surprise. I told them curtly, "It's clear you two are not happy with your life choices, but that doesn't justify your meanness. Jokes are fine, but mocking is way off limits. Act your age, please." They were stunned.

Seething with indignation, they declared they weren't going to pay for their groceries and just stormed out. As they departed, the store clerk laughed, and another shopper echoed, "That’s right!" Reflecting on that moment, I felt I might've gone a bit overboard with my words. Regardless, I was more taken aback by the sheer mean-spiritedness of those women.

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15. Back Of The Line!

I attended the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I'm quite the fanboy, but I also stand at 6'4" and tip the scales at 250 lbs. We had been queuing up for the show for a good hour or two. The line snaked around the corner and stretched down the block. As soon as the doors opened, the crowd behind us began to surge forward, turning into a chaotic throng.

People who had been waiting patiently were getting jumped by those who'd arrived just five minutes ago. Hushed whispers of "someone should say something about the line-cutters" began echoing in the line. In response, I got everyone's attention by shouting, "Hey everyone, no cutting! Get to the back of the line!" That's when I spotted an old pal in the mix.

I pointed him out by name and hollered, "Hey, yes, I'm talking to you, back of the line!" The would-be line-cutters seemed to all sigh at once, shrugged, and dutifully slid back to their appropriate spots in the line. I heard a few admiring whispers: "Did you see that tall guy? He told them to go back, and they listened." I must say, it was a good feeling.

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16. Surly At Summerfest

For four years, I worked as a teacher in an urban school in Milwaukee, and during the summers, I would teach at the Juvenile Detention Center. This was where kids were waiting for their trials, sentencing, or release dates to come around. I guess you could say I look quite unassuming, which I think helped me hold students accountable for their negative behavior, something I felt quite strongly about.

One day, at Summerfest, a major music festival held in Milwaukee, I crossed paths with three children, all of different ages: five, seven and 11. They were running wild, overturning trash bins, whistling loudly, and using inappropriate language. Parents? Nowhere in sight, and it was only 4 pm. At that point, I had enough. I approached them and said: "Unless you want to get into real trouble, you should stop this behavior.

"It's not reflecting well on you. Who are you here with?" The eldest among them replied in a way that really ticked me off. "Why should I answer to you? You white people always think you have the right to tell others what to do. I don't have to listen to you." Just then, my buddy, a detective in Milwaukee, arrived. After flashing his badge, he told her "She was being nice and giving you a chance. 

However, you DO have to listen to me." The look on her face was priceless. She collapsed to the ground, screaming, crying and hurling accusations of racism. Of course, at this point, my friend summoned the on-duty officers and security to handle the situation. Despite everything, what worried me more was the responsibility resting on this young, 11-year-old girl, for kids aged five and seven.

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17. I MadeThem Face The Music

Once, I found myself at a concert in Philadelphia. During an intermission, as everybody was hanging out outside the place, I found myself caught up in a conversation with buddies. However, I couldn't help but notice a group of wannabe tough kids behaving horrendously towards a homeless man. They were basically strong-arming him into doing things like posing for selfies, and their disrespectful chatter towards him turned my stomach.

The poor chap eventually retreated against a wall, drew up his knees, and began to sob as these youngsters continued to humiliate him. One of them pushed his cell phone camera into the man's face, promising he'd be a YouTube sensation. I had seen enough by then. I can't recall my exact words, but I let my frustration erupt at these youths for a good five minutes.

Basically, I told them it was despicable how they were treating this man who had so little, while they were acting like a bunch of bullies. I showed them the raw picture of their actions and highlighted their pitiful behavior. Despite the fact they outnumbered me and could have hurt me badly, I instinctively felt that they weren't going to be a threat. Surely enough, as my outburst winded down, they were all looking at their shoes, their faces flushed with regret.

Embarrassed by their actions, they silently accepted the scolding. And when I finished, the folks around us broke into applause. I then offered a hand to the old man, guided him to WaWa, and treated him to a meal. He was tearful and grateful, sharing that nobody had ever defended him before. Knowing I helped made me feel great.

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18. I Was About To Cart Him Away

One afternoon, I was accompanying my grandparents on some errands. My grandpa rose from his motorized store wheelchair to use the ATM when a young man of about 19 came over and took a seat in it. I kindly told him three times, "Hey, we're using that," before getting a response. His response was dismissive, "Relax, I'll be up in a second." I began to explain that we needed it right away as a safeguard against my gramps losing his footing.

Despite my explanation, he didn't budge, leading me to look him in the eye insistently saying, "Stand up, please." His sassy reaction was, "Who do you think you're talking to?" I replied calmly but firmly, "I'm speaking to you. Stand up. Immediately." He repeated his previous question but didn't make a move to vacate the wheelchair. That's when I decided to show him I meant business, I briskly moved towards the cart, fully prepared to topple it over. Seeing my resolve, he hastily got up, grumbling threats under his breath about how I should watch out if our paths crossed again. My grandpa, at 91, watched the whole episode and I can't remember a moment when he looked prouder of me than he did then.

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19. Girl Interrupted

During my university years, I found myself attending a foreign movie screening for some bonus points in my Spanish class. The assignment required me to jot down observations during the movie for a summary I'd submit to my Spanish lecturer. The presentation was in one of our large lecture rooms and was organized by the school's foreign film club, so there was quite a crowd of students in attendance.

I got comfortable in my chair and began focusing on the movie. Roughly 10 minutes into the film, two girls barged into the hall, making an awful lot of noise, seemingly oblivious to the movie happening. They grabbed seats in my row but across the aisle. They continued to chatter—quite loudly—for the next 10 to 15 minutes, all while the film was showing.

From the various hushed "ahems" and murmurs of frustration around me, I could tell other people were getting annoyed. Several people glanced over at the girls, but no one really intervened, and the loud chatter persisted. Eventually, I reached my limit. Rising from my seat, I walked over to the girls. In the calmest tone I could manage, I said, "Pardon me for interrupting your chat, ladies. Could you please quiet down so the rest of us can watch the movie?"

Stunned, they glared at me and stomped out of the hall. The entire room erupted in applause, and the movie continued uninterrupted. I left with a heightened sense of accomplishment that day. Earning the 25 extra credit points was definitely worth it.

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20. Her Behavior Needed To Go

There was a time when I was employed at Walmart. During quieter periods, cashiers would be relocated to various sections in the store to tidy up and lend a helping hand to other employees. As it happened, one day I found myself assisting a colleague of mine in the children's department. As we worked, a lady and her two young children entered the department. The youngest was still a baby, and the older girl seemed about 4 or 5 years old.

While the mother busily browsed the shelves, her older daughter was attempting to convey a pretty urgent message—she needed the bathroom. However, the mother just casually brushed off her daughter's pleas with utter disregard. This continued until the girl, inevitably, blurted out loudly, "Mom! I! Have! To! GO"! The outburst woke the baby and soon there were tears and wailing.

At this point, the mother snapped at her daughter, calling her troublesome. This back and forth had not gone unnoticed by my friend and me; we shared disapproving glances, but found ourselves unable to intervene. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the mother harshly exclaimed, "Will you shut up!? I wish you had never been born"! I was utterly shocked hearing those words directed at a young child.

My colleague was visibly taken aback—and she refused to stay idle. She stopped what she was doing and confronted the mother. As the lady tried to brush off my friend’s concern, my colleague stepped in with a furious rebuttal. She called out the lady for neglecting her child's needs and berated her for uttering such harsh words to a child. She passionately stated that no child should ever hear they were unwanted from their parent.

The mother was left speechless and without defense, and my friend left her with a stern piece of advice about parenting responsibilities and a direction towards the restroom.

In my mind, my friend's response was spot-on and I couldn't help but feel proud of her. Eventually, the woman left without uttering a single word, but not before lodging a complaint with the store's management about my friend's intervention. After a short talk with the management, my friend emerged, defending her actions and stating she'd do the same if it happened again. Surprisingly, her boss commended her actions, gave her a gentle warning, and even ended with a "Good job".

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21. I Slammed Back

So, here's the story: I once watched a lady bang her car door into another car repeatedly because she thought "they parked too close." Right then and there, I stepped in. Funny enough, the woman causing the mess was actually parked across the line, while the car she was hitting was perfectly within its own space. I jotted down her license plate number, headed into the closest shop, tracked down the owner of the innocent car, and informed them about the situation.

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22. This Train Wreck Was Averted

During one afternoon, I was aboard a train heading for an appointment. As I sat alone in my seat, I noticed a strange situation unfolding. Two teenagers, who appeared to be around 18 years old, were bothering a younger boy who looked about 14. They were blatantly calling him "white trash". I opted to ignore it at first, since I had an appointment to keep.

However, as time passed, I noticed the two teens edging unnervingly closer to the 14-year-old, and then it escalated—they started hitting him and forcefully demanding his iPod and headphones. At that point, I couldn't contain myself. In a fit of anger, I jumped to my feet and shouted, "Leave him alone"! To my surprise, no one else seemed aware of the ordeal. I was met with puzzled looks from fellow passengers.

As we arrived at the next station, I decided to confront the two troublemakers. They responded by insulting me and making meaningless gang gestures. Unexpectedly, a fierce woman behind me began berating them in their own language. 

This inspired other passengers to participate, collectively scolding the teens for their despicable behavior. My attempt to seize them and call for assistance was in vain—they bolted. But the 14-year-old showed his gratitude to me and the rest of the train. After ensuring he was safe, I continued to my appointment with the satisfaction of having made a positive impact that day.

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23. Stand Up And Deliver

I was standing in a 7-Eleven queue, ready to check out, when a posh lady butted in. Upset, she barked at the cashier that her java was lukewarm. The cashier, apologetic, offered to whip up a fresh, hot pot right there. Quick to dismiss him, she retorted, "I don't have time for that"! He courteously suggested a refund, to which she snarled, "I don't want a refund! I'm swamped, and I need a steaming coffee INSTANTLY!"

I sincerely sympathized with the cashier, his accent revealing that he's probably new to our country, and clearly taken aback by her crassness. I was moved to intervene. Asserting myself, I said, "Hey, easy there, lady! The guy apologized. He proposed making fresh coffee or giving you your money back. I mean, what more do you want him to do? The only way he could meet your demand now is if he pulls out a time machine to have your coffee ready even before you walk through the door.

"Do you see a time-traveling sorcerer standing here!? Cool it, hop back into your swanky SUV, and try to behave like a grown-up"! She froze, trembling. Whether from fright or fury, I can't say but after a moment that felt like forever, she dashed out and sped off. The other patrons in line applauded me. The cashier was equally stunned by my declaration but managed to say, "Good to see people standing up for the underdogs here".

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24. To Catch A Thief

While I was hanging out at Starbucks, a man snatched a lady's handbag. I took off after him and we grappled for the bag. After I retrieved it, he attempted to start an altercation. I loudly told him to act his age, especially since he seemed much older than me. Upon reentering Starbucks, the bustling coffee shop fell into a hush. All eyes were on me.

I handed the handbag back to the lady, placing it on the table near her, and verified if she was okay. She confirmed she was fine, so I strolled back to join my friend in the queue. Then I nonchalantly ordered, "I'd like a caramel mocha frappuccino, please". Suddenly, the cafe broke into applause. The baristas were so impressed, our orders were on the house. That was undoubtedly my most suave moment.

Pure awesomeness!

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25. Her Entitlement Got Knocked Out Of The Park

In my time as a nanny, I often took the infant in my care to the park, allowing them to make friends and engage in play. Often, there was a mother there with her youngest who our baby would play with. One day as we were playing, I glanced up and realized I was alone with the two babies and her older child, who was preschool-aged. I called out for her and searched for a solid quarter of an hour before I felt compelled to call the police.

Even twenty minutes on, she was yet to be seen when law enforcement arrived, accompanied by a social worker. After providing my account of the events, they left with the seemingly abandoned children. As I was heading home, a block from the park, the mother dashed towards me and demanded to know where her children were. I told her what had transpired, and it sparked a heated debate. I was astounded by her reaction.

She was furiously mad that I hadn't waited in the park with her kids while she popped into a store, simply because I was a nanny. To her, that implied I should be able to handle extra kids. I then confronted her, trying to remain composed in front of the baby, criticizing her parenting and emphasizing how she had put her children at risk. Further, I voiced my thoughts regarding her inconsiderate and foolish expectations.

Later on, some sort of court hearing took place where she alleged I had been watching her kids. However, when prompted by the judge, she was unable to supply either my name or contact information, effectively vindicating me. As to what transpired between her and her children subsequently, I was left unaware.

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26. Keep It Together, People!

My spouse and I were stuck in Vegas, awaiting our overbooked flight home. It was about 3 in the afternoon, and we found ourselves at a nearby bar, sipping cool drinks to pass the time. Out of the blue, we heard a loud squabble taking place over at the check-in counter. In the middle of it all were a man and woman, both in their mid-50s, furiously arguing because they weren't seated together.

They had arranged their seats via Expedia, but due to the full flight, the airline had shuffled their seats. Even when offered seats on the next available flight, they just wouldn't let it go. The spat lasted for a good solid five minutes. At the receiving end of their fury was a young 18-year-old counter attendant, who was almost on the brink of tears.

That's when my other half calmly walked up to the counter, completely sidestepped the furious duo, and offered a solution to the flustered attendant. "They can take our seats," she said. "We promise to wait for the next flight, as long as they promise to quit their ruckus and not bother you anymore." The pair stopped their tirade, clearly taken aback by the offer, and shot us an icy look.

Having sorted out the scene, we swapped our tickets and secured our seats on the following flight. As it happened, even this flight was packed to the brim. Because we had given up our spots willingly, the airline rewarded us with vouchers for two free return flights to anywhere they flew. We ended up using them for a memorable trip to Hawaii later in the year, with our rescheduled flight just 30 minutes away.

Entitled PassengersShutterstock

27. The Sounds Of Silence

My wife and I decided to catch a flick. Next to us, a bunch of rambunctious teenagers decided to make their commentary part of the show. Initially, I chose to keep my cool, hoping they'd eventually keep it down. Well, it didn't take long before I realized that wasn't going to happen. So, I lightly tapped the arm of the teenager nearest to me.

In a steady voice, I asked her, "Could you please ask your friends to lower their voices? Thanks". She agreed, responding, "Sure thing, sir". And just like that, it was lights, camera, silence for the rest of the movie.

Comebacks FactsShutterstock

28. A Day At The Zoo

My spouse and I were having a lovely stroll at the Omaha Zoo. As we made our way into the primates section, we became engrossed with the various monkeys and apes, particularly a baby primate navigating a climbing rope inside a small enclosure. All of a sudden, a young girl sidled up to the glass for a closer look, when a woman abruptly confronted her and her mother.

She said loudly, "Ma'am, your daughter has no manners. She displaced my son, stood directly in his line of sight, and interfered with his pleasure of observing the animals. It is your responsibility to manage your children's behavior." The accused woman was too shocked to respond. To make matters worse, I faced the complainer and declared, "Actually, the one with poor manners is you.

“I was right there and saw everything, the girl simply moved a bit closer to the glass. The place is bustling, everyone is eager for a good view. Your son wasn't shoved aside nor was his view obscured. Rather, you are the one illustrating bad conduct. It's important for you to understand how to act appropriately in public, because this unnecessary outburst isn't acceptable." Without waiting for her reaction, my wife and I casually moved away from the scene.

Every now and then, we would look at each other and remark, "It's hard to forget that impolite lady we encountered at the Omaha Zoo!"

Life failuresUnsplash

29. Pumped Up

Our home was in southeast DC, not the most secure part of town. One day, my wife and our neighbor were on the front porch when an argument broke out at the gas station across the road. Two gentlemen tried to use the same pump simultaneously. A misunderstanding between a man in his 70s and another in his late 20s, the latter clearly frequented the gym.

The argument soon escalated with both men yelling at each other. To everyone's surprise, the burly younger man physically pushed the senior onto his car's hood. Our neighbor, a reserved lady who works with the deaf community, was tall but slender, around 5'10" and 130 lbs. Yet, she charged across the road upon seeing the incident, confronting the bulging gym-goer.

She asked him forcefully, "Why would you do that? You're clearly far stronger than him!

"Do you think it's fair to be throwing your weight around like this?! I've got two young boys at home, is this how they should behave when they grow up? What is wrong with you?" Feeling remorseful, he apologized to her, admitting that his mother won't approve of his behavior. He confessed he'd had a rough day and lost his temper.

However, our neighbor told him she was not the one who deserved the apology.

Embarrassed, he said sorry to the elderly man. He then drove away, likely too ashamed to fill his gas tank while spectators were still around.

Toxic familyPexels

30. Quite The Ride

A bunch of us buddies, around four or five, decided to hit up the state fair. One pal in particular was super keen to try one of those high-thrill rides, but everybody else chickened out. The ride didn't allow solo riders, so I agreed to accompany him. He was new in town and had heard quite the buzz about this ride, and was eager to experience it.

The downside? We were faced with a tedious wait of around 40 to 50 minutes. As we were idling in the seemingly never-ending line, a group of rowdy teens decided to stir up some trouble — they tactically slipped past everyone, nipped ahead in the queue, and blended in with their mates. I sensed a wave of whispers and visible irritation among the disgruntled crowd behind us. Standing at a sturdy 6'4" with a fair bit of muscle, I'm not the type to exploit my size to dominate, or to intimidate folks.

Addressing these cheeky queue-jumpers, I politely requested, "Hey, how about you shift back to the rear of the line? We've all been patiently queued up here for quite a while now". One of them had the audacity to shoot back a cheeky response, "Deal with it". Reinforcing my request, I said more firmly, "Let's be fair, head to the back of the line now. You can't just stroll around here as if you own the place".

He reacted by stepping out of the line, getting up close and personal, attempting to intimidate me into submission. He was visibly peeved as he retorted, "Push your luck again, and you’ll be out for the count". I stood my ground, repeating my request for him to get in line. When he swung a punch at me, it was a major goof-up on his part. I easily caught his fist, gripped him by his shirt and floored him effortlessly.

Caught off guard, I instinctively tossed my shirt aside, in pure self-defense standoff style, and warned him, "Behave yourself, march to the back of the line and stop this arrogant foolery before you regret it". Spotting that their mate was in over his head, the rest of the lads signalled their defeated friend to rejoin them, realizing I wasn't going to be a pushover. Maybe it was my glasses that gave them the wrong impression I couldn't hold my own. Finally, they scuttled away, leaving the line, and I gotta admit, it felt pretty awesome.

Teacher secretsFlickr

31.  Those Mean Girls Got Shut Down

I've spent a lot of time working with the special needs students at my school and, in fact, I've interacted with people with disabilities for most of my life. When I was around 13, I walked into a class one day to see a classmate who has Down syndrome on the floor, surrounded by a group of girls who were mocking him. I rushed over and kneeled beside him immediately.

I learned that he'd had a mishap and the girls were teasing him for that. He was in tears and trembling. I comforted him, managed to get him back on his feet, and asked another student to take him to the special needs classroom. Then, I confronted these girls that I didn't know well, stared each of them in the face, and let loose a volley of words.

By the time I was done, they were all blushing with embarrassment and looking down, embarrassed. One girl even burst into tears. I didn't have many friends in middle school, but once I moved onto high school, things turned around for me. I remember every single one of those girls. When they tried to interact with me later, the look I would give them served as a constant reminder of how cruel they had been. I still get upset when I think about it.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

32. Bus-ted!

I would often ride the city bus in Ann Arbor, MI, and spot an elderly couple alighting at the hospital’s cancer center. One day, the woman stood up from her seat a bit too early, losing her balance as the bus hadn't stopped yet. She fell over onto a middle-aged man who was around 55.

His response was pure distaste as he shoved her off, causing her to fall to the floor. Thankfully, a few kind-hearted young men stepped in to help her up. Despite their help, she was clearly rattled and unsteady. She stumbled and fell on the man again. His reaction was big and extravagant. He screamed, "What are you doing, you idiotic woman!" She looked disoriented and sluggish at this point, while her husband clearly was unaware of the escalating situation.

The man, even more furious, rose from his seat, towering over the elderly woman in a threatening stance. He yelled, "My back's bad, you could've hurt me! Get out of here!" But get this—the guy was about 6'1'' and 200 lbs in contrast to the frail woman in her late 80s, barely weighing 100 lbs. I was flabbergasted at what was unraveling. The driver confusedly stopped the bus, and I took it upon myself to intervene by ordering the man to disembark.

I made it clear I wouldn't hesitate to call the cops, as his behavior was unfit for public transportation. Seeing him move towards me was daunting—I was a 21-year-old girl, not exactly physically intimidating—but I firmly met his gaze and told him to back off. At last, the driver caught up with the situation and kicked the man out. I never spotted him on the bus again, and—and here's the kicker—a really cute guy handed me his contact info when I exited the bus. Win!

Pick-Up FailsShutterstock Bus

33. Revenge Of The Nerds

I once travelled on a train from Stratford-upon-Avon to Birmingham, surrounded by a bunch of college students. I found myself sandwiched between two distinct groups: the so-called "cool crowd" and a bunch of self-professed "geeks". Signs of their rivalry were evident, especially since my buddy and I could overhear their snide comments and even wound up on the receiving end of a misdirected snack intended for another passenger. But that was just the beginning.

A large-sized girl eventually got up to use the restroom. I had been silently tolerating the unfriendly atmosphere until the "pretty" girl among the popular kids drew the last straw when she crossed her legs to block the large girl's path. Initially, the blocked girl shrugged it off with humor, but the other one just teased her more before finally letting her through.

Unfortunately, cruelty didn't stop there. As the girl headed to the restroom, the popular kids mocked her with Pig sounds. When the girl returned, the cruel act was repeated. At this point, I decided to intervene. I turned to face the instigator and said sarcastically, "You're so cool". Suddenly embarrassed, she lowered her legs, allowing the other girl to pass. I then addressed the entire group loud and clear, "What a 'cool' thing, to mock and belittle others.

“Apparently, you feel better about yourself when you pick on someone else. It only proves how little regard you have for them". I paused, turned to the now embarrassingly surprised girl and added, "Actually, it shows that you are more concerned with them than they are with you. Grow up. Learn to be kind". She remained silent for the rest of the journey.

Blake Lively FactsShutterstock

34. Supermarket Hog

Anytime I witness someone littering or behaving horribly rude, I don't hold back from calling them out. So, there was this day at the grocery store when I spotted a lady with only a few things on the conveyor belt, fully occupied with her phone call. Suddenly, a sweet elderly woman approached to place her items on the belt and the phone-occupied lady snapped at her, "What are you doing? This is my spot. I'm just waiting for my husband to bring the rest of our groceries".

That alone was enough to tick me off. But then, her husband casually showed up with a shopping cart chock full of items. I was left speechless. This lady had been squatting on the conveyor belt space while directing her husband's shopping over the phone! Despite being in another queue, I felt compelled to tell her and her husband to join the back of the growing line they'd unintentionally created. They weren't thrilled about that, to say the least.

Upon calling the manager and hearing my side of the story, even he agreed that their behavior was downright awful and selfish. Score one for justice—he redirected them to the back of the line and even took care of the elderly lady's grocery bill as a way of saying sorry for her unpleasant experience.

Lost crushesUnsplash

35. Do I Have To Paint A Picture? Your Kid’s Rude!

While having a peaceful lunch at a restaurant with my mom, a child from the neighboring table began pelting crayons at her. Completely engrossed in her phone conversation, the child's mother was indifferent to the commotion caused by her child. Even despite my disapproving looks, she remained unbothered.

Reaching my patience limit, I approached her, only to be met with a dismissive "wait a moment" gesture.

That was the last straw. I collected the crayons scattered on the floor, the table, and those in the child's reach, and dumped them in her lap before sitting back down. Judging by her stunned silence, she was taken aback by my actions. Subsequently, she left the restaurant.

On a positive note, the restaurant manager comped our meal. As it turns out, this woman had a reputation for letting her child act unruly.

Life-Changing Encounters FactsShutterstock

36. I Had This One In The Bag

So there I was, outside my house tending to the weeds crowding the sidewalk. Beside me sat a sizeable paper bag, almost full with the day's work. I was nearly done with the entire yard. Out of nowhere, this fellow strolls by, unwraps a pack of cigarettes, and thoughtlessly tosses the plastic wrapper right in front of my home. 

I was absolutely livid. Couldn't contain myself, so I said to him, "Look, I may be weeding here, but that doesn't make me your personal cleaner. I'm just trying to spruce up my house, you know?"

Surprisingly, he came back, stooped to pick up his discarded wrapper and placed it in my lawn bag.

HOA HorrorsShutterstock

37. Dis-concert-ing Behavior

So, there I was at this Atmosphere gig with my girlfriend and bestie, having an absolute blast. I sort of overdid it on the alcohol at all the different bars we hit and ended up getting pretty blitzed. I was cracking jokes, making pals, and just generally living it up. Everything was just right. Then something caught my eye, I looked away for a second and when I looked back, this moron was pushing my girlfriend around.

It started off pretty minor. This guy thought he'd force his way to the front-row spot, even though the concert had already kicked off and we'd nabbed our spots fair and square. My girlfriend wasn't having it, so she stood her ground and shoved him back. This seemed to tick him off and he started pushing her really aggressively.

The next bit is seared into my memory. I raised my fist above the crowd and brought it crashing down on his face. He was left utterly gobsmacked. And as though choreographed— a couple of moments later — a bunch of hands reached out to grab him and he was hauled away. Everyone in the crowd, including security, saw what went down.

They made sure he was out of there quick smart. Even the people he turned up with ended up siding with me, dishing out congratulatory handshakes. Of course, his girlfriend then chucked a drink at me from the side-lines yelling, "YOU BROKE MY BOYFRIEND'S NOSE"! Gotta say, it was the most memorable concert of my life.

Noped out of relationshipPexels

38. I Tried To Put Her In Line

It was a typical Friday evening around 6 pm, and I was standing in line at a local grocery store. The queues were unusually long. I noticed an annoyed 'soccer mom' character ahead of me in line, becoming noticeably irritated by the wait. Upon reaching the cashier, she decided to unload all her frustration about the slow service on the young girl ringing up her groceries.

The cashier, fairly new to her job, remained silent in response, which is when I decided to intervene. I calmly said to the woman, "Ma'am, you need to relax. It's not just you experiencing long wait times. Berating this young lady isn't going to help speed up this process." She was taken aback, unaccustomed to confrontation or pushback, by the looks of it.

She didn't have much to say afterward, and grumpily finished her transaction, shooting me annoyed glances as she exited the store. I just straightened up, wearing a nonchalant expression. The cashier expressed her gratitude, explaining that she could never have defended herself. When I saw her again a week later, she told me the irate customer had returned, complained about her to the manager, and she was chided for not reprimanding me for my intervention!

Lacked Any Self-Awareness factsShutterstock

39. Told Off In A Tiny Space

During a family vacation, my parents and I were set to enjoy a memorable dinner at an upscale restaurant. Interestingly, this place was nestled on the ground floor of a quaintly sized home. Given its petite nature, patrons were expected to maintain a low volume, promoting a peaceful atmosphere. Barely settling in, we were bombarded by a boisterous man occupying the adjacent table.

His conversation wasn't just loud, it was laden with inappropriate and biased remarks. It was clear he'd overindulged in libations. His tablemates appeared too intimidated to confront him. The dinner that was meant to be enjoyable was now a struggle for my family and me, particularly disheartening for my father who had so eagerly planned this outing.

When it comes to protecting my family, my fuse is short. That's exactly what transpired next. I admittedly broke the conversational hush. In a firm, clear voice, I asked him to lower his volume. His shock was palpable; perhaps he wasn't accustomed to an 18-year-old young woman asking him, albeit politely, to hold his tongue in a crowded dining area.

Karens vs employeesShutterstock

40. Oh, That Holiday Spirit

I was heading back for the festive season when a rather tipsy, loud passenger seated behind me was causing a bit of a commotion. It seemed he was getting on everyone's nerves, yet nobody took the plunge to speak up. Despite flight attendants stopping serving him and trying to quietly subdue him, he continued his antics. He sat next to a pair of teenagers—a brother and sister.

The man started to wildly move his arms about and grapple at the open air. When he hit the back of my seat, I looked back to see the girl attempting to shrink into her chair, trying to steer clear of his wild arms. She softly appealed to me, "Please, could you say something?" I, all of 5'4", decided to stand tall. I added a bit of depth to my voice and said, "HEY! You need to pipe down."

He responded somewhat surprised, "Huh? I just want to get home and nobody's serving me a drink." To which I retorted, "YOU want to get home? Well, that makes all of us and all we've gotten from you all night is your blabbering. Keep your chatter at bay, your hands to yourself, and keep quiet!" Thankfully, my words had the desired effect.

For the remainder of the journey, he didn't utter another word and the peace was blissful. A handful of fellow passengers expressed their gratitude as we disembarked. I felt proud of myself and considered it a remarkable moment in my life. It was unlike anything I'd ever done before.

Entitled flight passengersShutterstock

41. Big Time Loser In A Small Town

I found myself in a pub in an unfamiliar small town. There was this rowdy fellow behaving unseemly towards a nice girl, making her visibly uneasy. Things like that really bother me; no lady should have to put up with such nonsense, and it gives all guys a bad rap too. I'm usually a laid-back, peace-loving guy, but at 6'6" and fairly muscular, I reckon I can be seen as rather imposing. I felt compelled to intervene.

I positioned myself directly in his line of view and let him know he was behaving disgracefully. I warned him, should he persist, it could lead to complications. We locked eyes for a terse moment before he slunk out of the pub. Many patrons expressed their gratitude, and the barkeep even treated me to a complimentary beverage.


42. They Got Served A Cup Of Courtesy

A while back, I found myself in a Panera Bread during the bustling holiday season. It was conveniently located near several shopping centers, hence the place was swarming with people. An elderly couple up ahead in the line ordered coffee.

Due to the overwhelming rush, the girl behind the counter was out of clean mugs and handed them a to-go cup, apologetically explaining the situation. Despite her courteous approach, the lady from the couple blew up, complaining vehemently about the sub-par service and demanding a regular cup.

Meanwhile, as another employee came over to take my order, I sensed an opportunity to be a little cheeky. I ordered my beverage and made sure to declare loudly enough for everyone to hear, "And getting a to-go cup is perfectly alright for me. Unlike some, I comprehend that the taste of the beverage won't change because of the cup"!

This resulted in a disgruntled reaction from the elderly lady, accusing me of being uncivilized. As I awaited my drink, the manager emerged and rewarded me with a complimentary loaf of their special holiday bread as a token of gratitude for my patience. The elderly couple, however, departed in still simmering anger.

Thanksgiving dramaUnsplash

43. He Was In Line For Some Embarrassment

Once upon a time, I called a pretentious, "my house is worth a million bucks so I must be superior" suburb my home. It was deemed the least affluent amongst neighboring areas, sparking a sense of inferiority in its residents who seemed hell-bent on compensating for their 'lack'. Personally, thwarting any poor behavior tossed my way soon became my favorite pastime.

One lunch hour, I found myself in the midst of a massive queue at a local coffee shop. To expednote the process, they were accepting orders and processing credit card transactions via a mobile gadget.

There was this bloke who'd just paid and was now awaiting his coffee. He muttered, "Fancy that, they can grab your money quick as a flash, but when it comes to service speed, it's utter nonsense." As the barista handed me my coffee, they apologized for the delay. Seizing the opportunity, I retorted, "Well, unless someone here is utterly blind or has a cognitive impairment, they should have expected a wait, judging by the existing queue".

The barista couldn't hold back her laughter and tried her best to suppress it, her face turning a deep crimson. The man, on the other hand, shot me an icy stare but I casually shrugged him off, asking, "What are you going to do about it?" As a token of appreciation, the server offered me a free drink for my next visit.

Brutal Comebacks factsShutterstock

44. Priority Seating Is Just That

I was commuting to work via a busy train one day. A cluster of college students was standing in the middle of the train, quite close to an elderly lady juggling multiple bags. At a specific stop, a seat in the section designated for seniors became vacant. One of the rather loud college girls took the seat and carried on chatting with her friends. I wasn't going to let that slide.

I addressed her directly, saying, "No, stand up." She shot me a stunned stare, as if she couldn't believe my audacity, and said nothing. I suggested that she should offer her spot to the senior lady, but she didn't budge. In response, I called her out loudly for her selfish behavior, suggesting she should feel embarrassed. Upon hearing this, she rose from her seat, allowing the elderly woman to sit. The woman responded with a grateful smile towards me.

Public transitShutterstock

45. I Couldn’t Look The Other Way

So, I found myself in a queue at a gas station with about four others. There was this young guy at the counter sporting those trendy gauged earrings. He was doing pretty fantastic at his job and maintaining an excellent attitude. An elderly woman behind me turned to her companion and quite loudly remarked, "This boy is such an eyesore. How unfortunate it is to endure such sights."

Well, it turns out I had those same gauged ears but with no plugs, and I also had a conspicuously large nose piercing. Oddly enough, the piercing was in my pocket. This outspoken older lady kept vocalizing her distaste, ensuring that the youth at the counter could hear her and consequentially causing him embarrassment. By then, I knew precisely what I should do.

Once the youngster had processed my stuff, I spun around and uttered, "I apologize for overhearing, but I couldn't agree more with you. It's just shocking to think that some individuals actually insert such oddities into their eyebrows, lips, and even their noses."

At that, her smile spread wide. That's when I brandished my sharp-looking nose ring and said, "I wonder if it's painful?" Then I comfortably started inserting it, but feigned agonizing sounds as though I was experiencing a fresh piercing. The muscular man standing behind her watched wide-eyed. After I had fit the piercing perfectly, I sighed with relief and told her, "It's not so bad really."

“To be honest, I admire that this young man has managed to acquire employment in such challenging economic times. Personally, what I find truly offensive is not his earrings, but your blatant lack of consideration for others and that overpoweringly fragrant perfume of yours. It's as if a flower vomited. Anyway, I hope you have a super day!" Her expression when I said that was unforgettable. The chap at the register was smiling broadly for the first time since I walked in. The larger man gave me a hearty thumbs-up as I stepped out.


46. It Was A Targeted Move

I remember being at Target once. There was a deserted shopping trolley smack in the middle of a parking slot. I was by myself, so I hopped out of my car and pushed the trolley over to the cart station right in front of the parking space I intended to take. Suddenly, a thoughtless woman we'll call Karen drove right around my car and swooped up the parking slot I had just cleared of the trolley.

I approached her window and kindly informed her that I had been the one to clear the parking space for her. She began stuttering and denying she had seen me. So I made sure to drop thumbtacks behind the wheels of her car before making my exit, leaving her to discover them later.

Hate People FactsFlickr

47. Paying The Price

Working in an upscale shop, we often dealt with customers who acted quite entitled. One Christmas, a particularly impolite customer came in, treating me and my co-worker with zero respect. I had explained to him that there was a queue, and just like the rest, he would have to wait his turn. 

However, when he reached the counter, he insulted my manager over an error. He was oblivious to the consequences coming his way. Another customer, who was half the size of the rude man, touched his shoulder and loudly asked him, "Could you stop complaining and let these folks do their job? You're honestly annoying everyone." 

The disrespectful man threatened the smaller one who stood his ground, saying, "If you were as harsh as you pretend to be, you wouldn't need to act so obnoxious. Just be quiet." Suddenly, I found a 50 percent discount voucher for my new favorite customer.

Petty ragesUnsplash

48. That’s What Big Brothers Are For

When I was in fifth grade, something shocking happened with my third-grade brother. A furious mother unexpectedly grabbed his neck. Why? Because he'd nudged her kid at the water fountain, tired of the kid cutting in line. The mom's reaction was to hoist my brother up and hurl him against the lockers—a good three to four feet away. I was beside myself with disbelief.

I began to let loose—haranguing her with every cutthroat name I knew whilst tailing her out the school doors. My word choices exceeded the norm of your average fifth-grader. See, my dad was a Marine and let's say, I'd picked up some of his choice phrases over the years. Determined to defend my brother, I tailed this woman and her kid to the entrance, where the bus would usually arrive.

Suddenly, she wheeled around like she was on a war path—her intent fixed on me. There wasn't a teacher in sight, they were all inside figuring out what just happened. It was just me standing up to this livid woman, who looked set on causing me physical harm. She swooped down on me, hoisting me up by the shoulders and shaking me with all her might. I responded with panicked screams.

Out of nowhere, I heard the harsh sound of car brakes, followed by the sight of my mom tackling the woman to the ground like a pro-footballer. My mom gave that woman a taste of her own medicine, leaving her with some serious reminders under her nails and bruised knuckles from landing some really hard punches. That night, as a reward for standing up for my brother, I got ice cream. However, as punishment for using inappropriate language, I was sent to bed earlier than usual.

People Share Crazy Stories Of Their Horrible TeachersShuttterstock

49. Patience Wasn’t My Strongest Suit

I attended the screening of the Wolverine film in an expansive cinema. Right around the middle of the seating area, there was a walkway stretching from one end to the other. Unthinkably, a dad was letting his toddler dart up and down this aisle, shrieking the whole time. I endured this for half an hour.

Finally, my patience ran out. I approached the dad and expressed, "Are you aware that everyone in the theater can hear your child's noise and it's spoiling the viewing experience? Could you kindly ask him to quiet down?" The dad was visibly taken aback, as if this consideration hadn't occurred to him before. He promptly exited the theatre with his toddler. As I resumed my seat, multiple folks nearby voiced their gratitude.

Bad parentsShutterstock

50. No Can Do

Once upon a time, I stumbled upon two boys, roughly 12 years old, poised to toss a Coke can at an elderly lady across the street. Swiftly, I stepped in, warning them with a stern "Try it and let's see what comes next". Instantly, they froze, trying their best to back pedal out of their mischief. Afterwards, a wave of regret flooded over me, making me wonder if I'd crossed the line. Had I been too harsh on those young boys? But, my inner voice reassured me that it was probably the only way I could have gotten my message across.

The elderly woman, meanwhile, remained blissfully unaware of the whole affair.

Deathbed Confessions factsPexelsSources:  Reddit,

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