These Karens Are Unforgettable

May 7, 2023 | A.V. Land

These Karens Are Unforgettable

Karens can come in all shapes and sizes, so don’t worry—you don’t need an asymmetrical bob to enjoy these rage-inducing recounts of meltdowns, showdowns, and mind-blowingly bad behavior. Pull up a chair and comfort yourself with the warm blanket of knowing that karma never loses an address.

1. They Have A Cream For That

A lady asked if she could go ahead of me in the line to get her prescription. She said she was very sick. Unfortunately, I was also feeling really sick and could barely stand. The line was long and there were about 12 people waiting. 

I was just about to let her go ahead because she was older, but then she suddenly started yelling. She said I was heartless. I stayed calm and told her that she didn't give me a chance to respond. 

She then said I didn't have a soul! I just nodded and said, "You're right. You can go to the back of the line." She tried to cut in front of a few people behind me, but they all said no. I even heard one guy say, "Sorry, I don't have a soul either."

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2. Showdown At The Shallow End

Today, I had an encounter at the public pool that I'd like to share. I managed to find a spot in the shade for my chair, being considerate of not taking up too much space, so others could also enjoy the shade. 

However, I noticed that there were five towels spread out beside me, occupying almost all the shade. Surprisingly, no one seemed to be using them even after an hour of observation. 

While I was away from my chair, enjoying the sun with my son nearby, a woman approached me with a snarky tone and asked if the chair was mine. I confirmed that it was and offered to move it if she desired. 

I didn't catch her response clearly as I was listening to a podcast, but her unfriendly expression was hard to miss. I sensed that a confrontation might be brewing. Curious about the issue, I asked her if there was a problem. 

She then complained, "Your chair isn't six feet away from us. What's wrong with you? What if I have a sick child?" Pausing to collect my thoughts, I realized that this situation might escalate. 

Nevertheless, I remained calm and smiled at her, replying, "Well, perhaps it's best if you shouldn't be at the pool in the first place, Karen." 

As her anger settled in, I continued, "And maybe it's not fair for you to hog all the shade with five large towels when you're not even using the space." 

Before she could respond with a typical Karen-esque retort, I turned up the volume of my podcast and gestured rudely at her. In her fury, she screamed, "That's a terrible example to set in front of your son!" 

I shrugged nonchalantly and stated, "I'm simply teaching him how to stand up against bullies. Now, please bother someone else."

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3. The Customer Is Very, Very Wrong

During my time as a store manager at Starbucks, I had the opportunity to encounter numerous individuals named Karen. However, there was one particular Karen who proved to be quite challenging. She entered the store and ordered a Venti cappuccino. 

My assistant manager and an experienced barista were diligently preparing the beverages, effortlessly handling each order—until Karen's drink came along. Initially, she returned it once, which seemed reasonable. Then twice, which was still acceptable. 

However, when it happened a third time, I began to question the situation. At this point, Karen started insulting my assistant manager and the barista, labeling them as incompetent and untrained. 

I intervened and called her over to the other side of the counter, where the drinks were rapidly accumulating. Calmly, I explained that my employees possessed extensive expertise and were adhering to the Starbucks standard when making her drink. Karen proceeded to explain that she wanted shots in a cup, with the foam from all our milk pitchers poured on top to fill the cup.

 In the past, we used larger milk pitchers, continuously steaming milk as needed. However, our current method was steaming milk per drink. Karen insisted that "Tiffany knows how to make my drink." 

I informed her that Tiffany was no longer employed here and clarified, "If you desire two shots and a cup of foam, you must order it in that manner. A cappuccino consists of a combination of foam and liquid milk, which is why the baristas prepared it as they did. 

There is a standardized recipe for cappuccinos." Unfortunately, she was unwilling to accept this explanation and continued to berate us for her perceived "wrong" drink. After she finished expressing her grievances, I took a stand, refusing to tolerate mistreatment of my staff. 

I suggested that she find another coffee shop to fulfill her requirements since it was evident we were unable to serve her as she desired. This caught Karen off guard, leaving her stunned. However, I had no intentions of appeasing her in that moment. 

In a huff, she stormed out of the store. My decision to defend my staff garnered praise from both my colleagues and customers nearby, who were aware of the situation. I knew my staff was in the right and simply trying to accommodate her demands. 

Who could have predicted that satisfying her request would be an insurmountable task? Let's send our thoughts and prayers to the unfortunate workers at the next coffee shop she visits!

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4. First-World Problems

Many years ago, I worked as a forklift driver at a warehouse store similar to Sam's Club called Pace Warehouse. During one shift, the duty manager, Jamie, was instructing me on my next task when suddenly, a disgruntled customer approached him. 

This customer was extremely upset about the number of handicapped parking spaces in the store's parking lot. Loudly, the customer exclaimed, "You have way too many handicapped spaces in your parking lot! There are SIX spaces, and only one of them is occupied by a car."

Despite the customer's aggressive tone, Jamie, being a laid-back individual, simply stared at him in astonishment. The customer, however, wasn't done venting his frustrations. 

His next move was utterly irritating. He demanded that Jamie make changes to the parking lot, questioning the need for so many spaces for handicapped individuals. He even expressed doubt about their ability to carry items if they were indeed handicapped. 

In a calm and respectful manner, Jamie replied, "I'm sorry you feel that way, but the number of spaces is determined by the law." I was impressed by how Jamie handled this difficult customer with such grace. 

To enlighten the customer further, Jamie continued sharing his knowledge, saying, "The fire marshal measured the size of our sales floor and provided us with a maximum occupancy number. 

This number dictates the required number of parking spaces for the store, as mandated by the law." The customer, now slightly humbled, responded, "Thank you. I had no idea. I will write to my congressman right away." And with that, he turned and left in an agitated manner.

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5. Sorry, Not Sorry

During my time working at a hospital, there was a particular medical secretary who never seemed to like me. She always appeared grumpy and spoke down to others, so I made it a point to avoid her as much as possible. 

Unfortunately, things took a turn when she stumbled upon one of my letters to the newspaper's editor, and she reacted quite strongly. 

In that letter, I shared my suggestion about managing wage increases in accordance with people's economic situations, taking into account the state of the economy at the time. It was a plea for everyone to share the burdens together. 

However, this secretary, whom we'll call Karen, took great offense to it. She demanded that I be censored, fined, reprimanded—essentially facing all possible consequences. I even suspected that she attempted to get me fired from my position. 

But fortunately, no one else seemed to have an issue with my letter, and even her own union did not support her actions. In the end, I was advised to write an apology letter to Karen, despite the fact that no one else saw any harm in my words. 

So I took the advice and composed a letter, apologizing for expressing my freedom of speech and my opinion, which, unfortunately, had offended her. Karen stormed into my office, shouting that she would not accept my apology, and forcefully threw the letter at me. 

But thankfully, the matter was considered closed since an apology letter was already on record. It was clear that Karen was carrying a lot of tension. A few years later, after retiring, she sadly suffered a heart attack and passed away alone.

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6. Worse Than Stepping On A Lego

Let me tell you about this encounter I had with a customer at my first job. I was working as a cashier in a theme park that revolved around colorful building bricks. On that particular day, my duty was to assist at a shop that offered "driver's licenses" for kids. 

Now, these licenses were not meant to be of high quality. We used a simple HP digital camera to capture the photos, which were then uploaded onto our computer screens. There was a screen available for guests to see what we were doing with the photos. 

They could provide input on cropping the picture and choosing the color scheme before we printed it on a plastic card, all for a fee of $5. My task was to line up the kids for the photos, usually up to five at a time, hence the need for cropping. 

Anyone who has attempted to photograph young children, especially those under eight years old, knows how difficult it can be to make them stay still for a picture. On top of that, this was a theme park, so the kids were brimming with energy. 

Now, here's where the story takes a turn. This particular lady, whom I'll refer to as Karen, seemed to think that it was supposed to be a professional photo shoot or something. She loudly berated me for taking what she deemed the "worst photos she has ever seen in her life." 

To appease her, I reluctantly took a few more pictures of only her kids. After about ten minutes of attempts, I managed to capture one decent shot of them. Then, to add to my frustration, I had to ring Karen up at the cash register, where she continued to grumble about the situation.

 While I was in the midst of this transaction, someone approached me to ask how the process worked. Before I could even respond, Karen intervened and made my blood boil with her words. 

She criticized me, saying, "This man takes terrible pictures of your kids, cuts and pastes them onto a colored background, and prints them out on a card for you." It's amazing how I managed to remain calm throughout it all.

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7. Wow. Just Wow.

Around eight years ago, I found myself in need of a new job after being laid off from a high-paying position. This job I took on was meant to be temporary, a kind of stopgap until something better came my way. 

I worked as a waiter, but as anyone in the service industry knows, not all server jobs are the same. In the right place, my earnings over four nights could exceed a grand. As the new guy, my responsibility was to open up the restaurant. 

This involved setting up tables, restocking the bar and waiter's station, counting the register, and confirming reservations for the day. Still unfamiliar with the layout, I arrived half an hour early to prepare for our 11:30 opening. 

Before anyone else from the staff arrived, I heard a loud knocking on the locked front door. When I got there, I found two elderly women eager to be seated. Politely, I informed them that we open at 11:30, but they were not willing to wait. 

They insisted on being seated immediately because they had a Groupon that was near its expiration date. They argued that our website stated a 10:30 opening time. 

Explaining that we couldn't accommodate customers during the setup phase, I assured them that we would take care of them when we officially opened. However, they demanded to speak to a manager. 

When I informed them that I was the only one present, one of them rudely questioned if I was a manager, and the other harshly remarked, "He looks too stupid to be a manager." It was an unpleasant comment, but unfortunately, it was about to get worse. 

Ignoring my explanation, the ladies decided to take matters into their own hands and seated themselves in the outdoor patio area. I thought it was fine since they were out of my way, but little did I know that they were not done causing trouble. 

They started calling the restaurant repeatedly. Each time the phone rang, I would rush over to answer, only to be met with their profanity-laced insults before they abruptly hung up. After enduring this for the third or fourth time, I finally gave up and let the phone continue to ring.

 Meanwhile, one of the ladies got up and began pounding on the door, while her companion persistently let the phone ring. 

Even if I had allowed them inside, our cooks had yet to arrive to start their own preparations. In the midst of this chaos, my fellow waiter, who was scheduled to join me, arrived and asked what was going on. 

I explained the situation, and he went outside to explain the same things I had said. Of course, they responded with the same angry yelling, demands, and insults. How dare we deny them service? They were determined to get us fired. 

Just as the clock struck 11:30, the entire staff was ready and prepared to serve. The two old ladies barged in, shoving their Groupon in my coworker's face. Taking a deep breath, he dramatically replied, "Ma'am, our restaurant does not accept Groupons. 

If you had bothered to read the name and address on the Groupon and compared it to the information on our front door, which you've been pounding on for the past hour, you would have realized that you are at the wrong restaurant." 

They slinked away, but the story does not end there. They took to Yelp and left a fabricated review, as lengthy as this post, describing an awful dining experience. 

They claimed that our establishment was infested with rats, filthy beyond imagination, and that we should all be fired and shut down.

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8. Karen-splaining At Its Finest

I had an interesting encounter with a woman named Karen recently. It happened when I was waiting in line at the checkout counter, specifically the Express 15 items and under line. The cashier called me over since there was nobody else waiting. 

As I began placing my items on the conveyor belt, Karen approached me and started berating me for being in the 15 items line when clearly I had 16 items. She proceeded to angrily lecture me about what the sign indicated. 

Rather than accepting her criticism, I decided to respond in my own way. I politely divided my items into separate groups, apologizing and explaining that it would now take longer to ring up each order separately. 

I clarified that I was shopping for multiple families in my neighborhood due to the impact of COVID-19. Karen let out an exasperated sigh, and the lady behind her advised her to calm down and gain some perspective.

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9. Of Course The World Revolves Around Her

Every month, on the initial Thursday, my friends and I gather at a nearby bar for a trivia contest. This previous Thursday happened to fall on Passover, causing one of our teammates to be unable to attend. 

Surprisingly, his wife, who wasn't even part of our team, made an audacious request: she called the bar and asked if the trivia event could be postponed for a week! It never occurred to her that this would inconvenience the numerous other teams participating.

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10. Florida Woman Strikes Again

As an enthusiastic surf fisherman, I found myself on the beach after the designated bathing hours had ended. Suddenly, a petite 75-year-old woman caught my attention as she approached me with determination. 

Finally close enough, she shouted, "Isn't there a designated fishing area in this town?" It's important to note that the three of us, her husband, myself, and her, were the only individuals present on the beach. 

I informed her that there was no specific fishing beach in town. At this point, she launched into a tirade about kids swimming and the potential danger of fishhooks in the sand. Once she calmed down, I asked if she resided in our locality. 

Much to my surprise, she said she was visiting from Florida, staying with her family. With this knowledge, I felt compelled to stand my ground. 

I reminded her that I was a local resident, paying substantial local taxes, and suggested she voice her concerns to the appropriate authorities in Florida instead. 

During those times, I spent approximately 200 days per year fishing on the beach, and this woman happened to be the only individual who ever bothered me. 

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that her skin resembled well-done leather, indicating she spent a significant amount of time in the sun. Perhaps her beach in Florida is private.

 Generally, I am known for being friendly and polite, often offering my fishing rods to passing children who, on occasion, even manage to catch a fish or two.

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11. Classic Karen

During my time at an ice cream shop, we encountered a customer at the drive-thru who ordered a "Fruity Pebble shake," despite us not having that particular item on our menu. 

It turns out, the customer had misunderstood a sign that advertised a new shake flavor (coffee) along with a Fruity Pebble ice cream sandwich. Unfortunately, our stock of Fruity Pebbles was strictly reserved for the sandwiches and we couldn't make a shake with them.

 When we informed the customer about this, she tried to argue by pointing to the sign. We thought we had successfully explained the situation, but to our surprise, she strategically included a request for a Fruity Pebble shake at the end of her order, attempting to catch us off guard. 

Thinking we had resolved the issue, we were taken aback when she reached the payment window and insisted on ordering a Fruity Pebble shake once again. Our employee calmly explained that we were unable to fulfill her request, prompting her to ask for a manager. 

As it was a small business, we explained that the manager was absent, but she persisted in arguing until our supervisor provided her with the owner's contact information. 

Ultimately, nothing significant came out of the situation aside from the realization that we needed to add some separation lines on the sign to clarify the items available.

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12. What’s In A Name?

I have a younger sister named Karen, and she's really something else. Unfortunately, we haven't had any communication for over a year due to her behavior, which aligns with the stereotypical "Karen" traits.

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13. Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

During my time in college, I had a short experience dating someone who showed Karen-like tendencies. She exhibited behaviors that were quite unpleasant. 

Instead of lifting me up, she constantly belittled me by comparing me to her past partners and an unrealistic standard of perfection. It wasn't just me she did this to either -- she would compare her sorority sisters, professors, and even her own parents with those of her friends. 

Dealing with such toxicity was incredibly draining, and I'm grateful that I made the decision to move forward with my life.

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14. Blazing Karen

This incident occurred during my twenties while I was working in the registration office of a day camp. One day, a woman abruptly entered the office, expressing her concern that her children did not receive any badges in the first-day package that the camp had sent out. 

According to the package information, the kids were supposed to wear these badges on their first day at camp. At the time, I was still quite young and had only been working there for an hour, with my boss temporarily stepping out of the office. 

I had never seen the packages or badges, so I was unsure how to assist the woman. I informed her that my boss would return shortly and she agreed to wait. In the meantime, I called my boss for guidance. 

My boss informed me that the camp office had run out of badges and suggested that the woman create them herself. After hanging up the phone, I relayed the suggestion to the woman. 

Unfortunately, it turned out to be the wrong advice, and she made sure to express her dissatisfaction. "The manual explicitly mentions the need for badges," she pouted. "I am not going to make them." 

I explained that I couldn't make them either as I lacked the necessary materials. She responded dismissively, saying, "That's not my problem." Thankfully, just as the situation seemed to escalate, my boss finally returned. 

The woman continued to make a scene about the missing badges for her children before storming off in frustration. My boss and I exchanged a puzzled glance before returning to work. In the end, it appeared that her kids didn't actually require any badges after all.

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15. Apparently Change Is Not Good

Back in 2008, when I worked as a service clerk at Walgreens, I had a challenging encounter one late night before closing. I had just finished ringing up a customer's items when I realized that I didn't have enough cash to provide her with the necessary change. 

In an attempt to make up for the shortage, I gathered a handful of quarters. However, the woman became upset and insisted that she didn't want a chunk of change as her change. She demanded that I give her bills instead, even though I explained that I didn't have the correct amount in my register. 

To make matters worse, she rudely ordered me to call the manager for assistance, causing a line of frustrated customers to form behind her. Since mine was the only open register due to the late hour, I couldn't ask another employee to help or exchange bills. 

Not wanting to further inconvenience the other customers, I paged the only assistant manager on duty and informed him of the situation, asking for the necessary cash to be brought to the register. 

Those five minutes before the manager emerged from his office felt like an eternity, and I could sense the impatience and irritation growing among the waiting customers. Finally, when the manager handed Karen the bills she had demanded, 

I felt a wave of relief wash over me. Apologizing to the other customers, I reassured them that their inconvenience was not necessary and expressed my frustration with encounters like these that made me dislike working in retail.

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16. Karens These Days

Once, after school, a few friends and I decided to go to the gas station to grab some drinks. As we entered, we noticed a middle-aged white lady who seemed fixated on us. Although I couldn't say for certain, it appeared that our diverse ethnic backgrounds may have been a factor. 

Three of us identified as Hispanic, while the other person was of mixed heritage. This lady's unwavering gaze made us feel uncomfortable. After purchasing our items and leaving the shop, the lady approached us and accused us of stealing from the store. 

She insisted we return inside and compensate before involving the authorities. Perplexed by her unfounded accusations, we politely expressed our innocence. However, she persisted, lecturing us about kids our age and assuming she knew our intentions. 

Growing weary of her rant, we decided to walk away, despite her continued protests, warning us of dire consequences. I haven't encountered her since, but it seems likely that she filed a complaint, considering the gas station's new policy of allowing only two school children inside at a time. 

It remains confusing why many adults tend to view teenagers as potential wrongdoers.

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17. Someone Needs Her Coffee

I used to be employed at a call center specializing in Nespresso coffee. On a particular Monday, I received a call from a woman seeking to place an order for more coffee pods. Regrettably, she had to endure a 45-minute wait on hold before finally getting through to me.

Upon apologizing for the extensive wait time and clarifying our call queuing system, she became extremely furious. In a heated manner, she exclaimed, "HOW DARE YOU ARGUE WITH ME? I AM AN ESSENTIAL HOSPITAL WORKER. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE!"

Despite offering another apology, she insisted, "LET ME SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER!" I placed her on hold and informed my manager about the situation, only to find out that she had disconnected before I had the chance to notify her.

If only she had known that ordering online would have been a much simpler option.

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18. A Dose Of Her Own Medicine

Last year, I relocated to the Pacific Northwest and temporarily stayed at my mom's house while searching for the perfect place to live. Bringing along my German Shepherd, I was eager to take him out to the local dog parks and explore. 

Fortunately, I discovered a nearby dog park and was thrilled to check it out and let my dog burn off some energy. As we were enjoying our time at the dog park, my dog suddenly squatted to relieve himself. 

Typically, I don't carry poop bags with me since dog parks typically provide them for free. So, I headed over to grab a bag when a lady across the park started yelling at me. She insisted that I pick up my dog's waste or she would report me. I was perplexed because my dog hadn't even finished doing his business yet. Walking towards the bags to comply, 

I noticed that the lady stood there, hands on hips, tapping her foot, and giving me a disapproving look. Frustrated by her attitude, I decided, out of spite, that I wouldn't pick it up immediately. I figured I'd let her complain and then pick it up later. 

My boyfriend, wanting to avoid a scene, went to fetch a bag. However, the lady had the audacity to remark, "That's what I thought! I knew you weren't going to pick it up," as she watched him trek across the field, retrieve a bag, and return to the spot. 

This annoyed me, and in the heat of the moment, I contemplated throwing the bag at her, but my boyfriend pleaded with me not to. Instead, I opted to confront the lady. 

To embarrass her, I yelled at the top of my lungs, "I was going to pick it up, you ignorant person! Mind your own business next time!" 

In the end, she walked away, leaving me with a frustrating encounter reminiscent of a typical Karen, yet it was incredibly satisfying to give her a piece of my mind.

Karma's a Witch FactsPxfuel

19. The Nightmare Next Door

A few years back, I was living in Maharashtra, India with my friends in a row house. There were five of us, all working in IT with different shift timings. Everything was going smoothly until we moved into this particular neighborhood. 

Our neighbor turned out to be the priciest and fussiest person we had ever encountered. This lady would often yell at us for trivial things, but the scariest incident was when she and her husband came banging on our door at 3:00 in the morning, complaining that our bathroom usage in the night disturbed her sleep. 

Mind you, she lived in a completely separate house, but she believed that the sound of our bathroom door closing would trouble her sleep. Despite the fact that my roommates couldn't hear anything from their rooms, this 'Karen' claimed she could hear us from a different house!

But her next demand left us speechless. She insisted that we stop using the bathroom at night. Yes, you read that correctly. I want to mention that those of us who returned home late at night after our evening shifts took extra care to be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb the girls who had morning shifts. 

According to this 'Desi Karen,' it was our parents' fault for not teaching us how to close bathroom doors properly. She even went to the extent of finding our landlady and complaining about us multiple times. 

Fortunately, our landlady took the time to check with the other neighbors to confirm if we were causing any problems. Once she realized that Karen's complaints were baseless, she firmly told her to stop bothering her with such childish complaints.

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20. Harangued In Whole Foods

I was at Whole Foods having a conversation in Spanish with an elderly lady who was unsure about the English word for ginger. Suddenly, Karen arrived in a motorized scooter (despite previously seeing her walking without any difficulties in the parking lot)—and things got heated quick.

She shot us a disdainful gaze and remarked, "This is America. Why aren't you speaking English?" My retort was quite smooth. "Alright Karen, you're perfectly capable of walking. Why not give it a try?"

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21. Kar-Inception

A few weeks ago, I was in the company of a woman who shared an incident involving a person commonly referred to as a Karen. Perceiving my confusion, she clarified, "You know, a Karen." 

I shrugged, prompting her to recount a frustrating encounter with an unpleasant and self-centered woman. After listening to her lengthy and tiresome tirade, I advised against generalizing all women under that label. 

Anticipating her response, I braced myself. Suddenly, she recoiled and regarded me as if I were an outdated tool. Mentally preparing myself, I declared, "I have a Karen too. She's my daughter, and she doesn't fit that description at all." 

The thought of my beloved daughter being subjected to such an unjust stereotype pained me deeply. Not my beautiful daughter. Not my Karen.

The Most Incredible ParentsFreepik, 8photo

22. Keepin’ It Classy

During the pandemic, we attended an outdoor event at a vineyard. Numerous signs were prominently displayed, requesting visitors to wear masks in public areas, such as while getting food and drinks, as well as when using the restrooms. 

People were abiding by social distancing guidelines on the lawn. Unfortunately, an incident occurred while we were waiting in a long line for the portable restroom. In this line, there was a maskless couple in front of another couple who were wearing masks. 

It is important to note their positions because it becomes relevant later on. The masked woman politely asked the couple in front of her to wear masks. However, this polite request triggered a heated reaction from a woman referred to as "Karen". 

She began shouting, adamantly refusing to wear a mask and claiming she didn't need one. As Karen continued her outburst, the line grew longer and longer. 

A humorous observation was made by a woman behind me, who pointed out that the men were wisely staying out of the argument. However, this observation didn't hold true for long. 

After the unmasked couple finished using the portable restroom, the masked woman confidently entered. Seconds later, the door flew open... 

Shouting at the unmasked couple, the masked woman exclaimed, "You've peed all over the walls and floor! How disgusting!" The unmasked duo simply ran away, laughing at the situation. 

Meanwhile, the masked woman took it upon herself to clean up the entire urine-soaked area. When she emerged, she announced that she had done her best to clean up the mess.

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23. Plot Twist

I used to upset my neighbor whenever I parked in front of her house. Our block has about 10 houses, yet you rarely see more than half a dozen cars parked on the street, even though there's enough space for around 50 cars. 

It wasn't intentional on my part, I simply didn't want to make a U-turn and didn't think much of it. One day, Karen approached me with an aggressive tone, questioning why I always parked in front of her house instead of mine. 

It's worth noting that she doesn't even own a car. Her hostility caught me off guard, and I didn't handle it well. We exchanged words for a while, with me reminding her that it's public parking and she can park in front of my house if she wants (accompanied by a playful grin). 

That really set her off. I suppose she didn't expect that response, as she became enraged and started accusing me of conspiring against her and spouting other nonsense. Honestly, if she had asked nicely for any reason, I probably would have complied. 

She stormed into her house and must have called the authorities because they showed up 10 minutes later while I was cleaning my car. The officer explained that there were reports of suspicious activity in front of Karen's house, but he was pretty laid-back about the situation.

After a brief conversation, he laughed it off and went about his duties. Strangely enough, about two years later, Karen unexpectedly visited me on Christmas and presented a small gift, along with an apology. After that, I stopped parking both my cars in front of her house.

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24. An Unprovoked Attack

I had a "Karen moment" with my aunt, even though she's not white, her attitude definitely fits the description. I decided to visit her house in the suburbs to drop off groceries and a couple of yoga mats. 

Everything was going fine until my aunt noticed a couple of teenagers outside her house and immediately went into a rant. These teenagers were simply resting on their bikes in front of her house—and my aunt was NOT having any of it.

My aunt angrily demanded that they leave and shouted, "Get off my property—RIGHT NOW!" The teens stood there in silence, clearly surprised by her reaction. Trying to diffuse the situation, I jokingly told the teens to move along if they didn't want to face my aunt's wrath. 

They laughed and quickly went on their way. I attempted to reason with my aunt, explaining that the teens weren't doing anything wrong, but she brushed me off and told me to be quiet. She had no interest in being educated, and I didn't want to escalate the situation. 

It was quite amusing, but it did make me see my aunt in a different light.

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25. The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Pizza

My brother and I were patiently waiting at Domino’s for the pickup of our delicious pizza. Despite the busy atmosphere and having been standing in the designated social distancing spot for about five minutes, we were excitedly anticipating our order. 

To ensure safety, the social distancing spot was marked by a taped line a few feet away from the counter. However, our patience was tested as Karen suddenly walked in and cut in front of us. Politely assuming it was a mistake, I kindly expressed, "Excuse me, we were actually waiting." 

Instead of acknowledging her error, Karen dismissively replied, "Yeah, but mine's ready though," as if that somehow justified her behavior. 

The most frustrating part was witnessing the staff immediately serving her, even though we had been trying to capture their attention while our beloved food was gradually losing its warmth.

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26. Hard To Love This Neighbour

A few years after moving into our house, I made the decision to clean up a wooded slope behind the property, which had been used as a dumping ground by previous owners for generations. 

It turned out to be quite a task as I had to haul a vast amount of unpleasant junk up from the slope. While waiting for the dumpster to arrive and take it away, I piled all the items in the front yard. 

To my dismay, a particular neighbor, who had earned a reputation for being a meddlesome individual, decided to complain about the junk pile to the township. Even though the township never revealed the identity of the complainant, I had no doubt it was him based on his known tendencies. 

Luckily, I was able to resolve the situation by explaining the circumstances to the township, and the garbage was removed a few weeks later when the dumpster arrived. However, this neighbor had more to his character than just being a Karen. 

This particular neighbor, commonly referred to as the neighborhood Karen, was notorious for sticking his nose in other people's business. Despite his wife being a kind and beautiful woman, she tolerated his behavior, though I couldn't help but wonder how she managed to do so. 

Nevertheless, everyone has their limits, and it wasn't long before I noticed him spending time with a woman who bore an uncanny resemblance to his former wife. Rumor had it that she was an internet bride from the Eastern Bloc.

People Expose Their Awful NeighborsShutterstock.

27. Keeping Vegas Safe

My closest friend and his recently married wife, Kathy, decided to travel to Las Vegas for their wedding celebration. We arranged to meet up at the Imperial Palace. While we were there, Kathy needed to use the restroom, but unfortunately, there was a long line. 

As the queue gradually moved forward, Kathy would wave at my friend and me whenever the restroom door opened. Something unexpected happened when we reached closer to the front. One of the ladies in the line with Kathy caught us off guard with her remark. 

She suggested, "Perhaps we should call security about those peculiar-looking gentlemen..." Kathy chuckled and clarified, "Actually, one of those gentlemen is my husband, and the other is his best friend."

Vegas factsWikimedia Commons

28. One Crummy Customer

During my teenage years, I worked in a bakery at a supermarket. We had these plain buns known as "kids' buns" that were specifically meant for children accompanying their parents during shopping. One day, while I was on my shift, we ran out of these kids' buns and had a long line of parents waiting to get them for their children. 

I handed the last bun to the next person in line and began offering pastries instead, as we had anticipated running out. However, even the pastries quickly ran out, leaving us with nothing else to offer. 

Unfortunately, one woman insisted that I give her daughter a pastry, just like I did for the other children, not realizing that we had no more pastries left. This news triggered an intense reaction from the mother, who entered a state of anger and frustration. 

She threw a tantrum that was not only embarrassing for her but also for her daughter, who started imitating her behavior. The mother screamed at the top of her lungs, drawing attention from other customers. And it continued to spiral downward from there.

To add to the chaos, she managed to find my boss and brought her over to the bakery. In her enraged state, this woman, now as red as a tomato, complained to my boss about the unfortunate lack of pastries. 

Recognizing the unreasonable nature of the situation, my boss promptly escorted the woman and her child out of the store. She then came to speak with me about the stressful incident. 

While I was a bit shaken, I couldn't help but be slightly entertained by the woman's inability to accept the circumstances. It's crucial for people to remember that we're all human beings and, for the most part, deserving of respectful treatment. 

It's astonishing how many rude and entitled individuals I've encountered during my time in customer service. Nevertheless, it has toughened me up and highlights the need to instill the values of patience and kindness in children.

These Parents Way OverreactedShutterstock

29. Nitpickers R Us

I have a latex allergy, so I had to wear fabric masks during the COVID pandemic. Once, I encountered someone who expressed concern about the safety of fabric masks. 

When I explained my allergy, they became upset and labeled me as being like a "Karen" for not using a "real" mask. Nonetheless, I believe that wearing any type of mask is better than none. Furthermore, I make sure to wash my fabric mask regularly after each use.

When Karens AttackShutterstock

30. A Lick And A Promise

As an employee at a casino, we had to implement several rules during the pandemic to ensure the safety of both our staff and guests. It was mandatory for everyone to wear masks, except when eating or drinking, and we also enforced limited capacity at all games. 

Social distancing was practiced whenever possible and cards were changed more frequently. Despite the challenging circumstances, we worked diligently to create a safe environment. 

Thankfully, most of the guests were cooperative, and even those who initially opposed the rules eventually complied after we explained the importance or informed them of the consequences for non-compliance. 

However, there was one incident that stood out amongst the rest, involving a middle-aged man at the craps table. This individual took out a roll of currency, pulled his mask down, and started licking his fingers as he counted the bills. 

It was quite unsettling! I approached him and politely explained that due to the pandemic, such actions were not permitted. I requested him to disinfect his hands. Unfortunately, he failed to understand why his behavior was problematic and grew increasingly upset with me. 

He questioned, "How am I supposed to count my money without licking my hands?" In response, I suggested that he could hand the money to the dealer, who would then count it for him as part of their regular duties. 

Eventually, he decided to move to another table nearby. I could tell by the expressions of the dealer and other players that they were just as astonished as I was. It truly amazes me how inconsiderate and unaware some people can be.

The Most Bone-Chilling Encounters EverPexels

31. Pet Store Problem

My beloved little Bunny, my adorable fur ball of love, was extremely sick and on the verge of losing his battle. Hoping to provide some comfort, I made a trip to the pet store in search of any food he would eat. 

Upon returning to my car, I noticed that the SUV parked next to me had briefly left and then returned. To my surprise, a young woman resembling the stereotypical "Karen," complete with the iconic hairstyle, stepped out of the vehicle and accused me of damaging her car with my door. 

Despite not remembering any such incident, my denial only seemed to further provoke her. Dealing with this situation was the last thing I needed, especially when my dear companion was in such a fragile state. 

Consequently, I decided to confront her honestly. I informed her that she could choose to file a report with her insurance company, resulting in a potential increase in her rates, or she could accept my sincere apology for something I didn't even recall doing. 

With that, I got into my car and drove away, leaving her to tend to her bruised ego.

Leonard Nimoy FactsShutterstock

32. Taking The High Road In Style

While shopping at an upscale grocery store, my wife and I unfortunately experienced the familiar feeling of being closely observed due to our race. Throughout our trip, two older women with fair complexions kept a watchful eye on us as we moved around the store. 

Interestingly, my wife had coincidentally joined me at the store and she happened to drive a Buick Encore, only 30 days old and still adorned with paper tags. 

Impressed by her car, I decided to purchase one for myself, resulting in our nearly identical vehicles parked side by side in the parking lot. 

These women continued to stand there, clearly observing us. Then the gears started turning in my head. Being the playful person that I am, I decided to have some fun. Using the remote start feature, I started my wife's car and then my own. 

Calmly, we walked over to our cars, placed our belongings inside, and drove away. Even though these women were still lingering in the same spot, I chose to display politeness and waved to them. Sometimes, the most satisfying response to profiling is silence.

Spoiled rottenPexels

33. He’s The One They Call Dr. Feel-Bad

A doctor, who I'll refer to as "Karen", responded to a question I had posted online. I want to clarify that I was not seeking specific medical advice or a diagnosis related to my personal medical history. 

Rather, I had a question about the cardiac MRI I had undergone earlier that day. Unfortunately, I was unaware that the scan would take such a long time (an hour and a half) and that the arthritis in my shoulders would cause significant pain. 

The pain became unbearable, preventing me from remaining still, and ultimately leading me to terminate the test after 75 minutes. The question I asked on Quora was as follows: "Today, I had to end my cardiac MRI 15 minutes early due to severe pain in my shoulder, neck, and lower back. 

The procedure was supposed to last 1.5 hours. The technician mentioned that there was enough information for a basic image. Will the results still be accurate?" One of the respondents responded insultingly, accusing me of wasting their time and dismissing my concerns as trivial. 

They expressed annoyance at my decision to ask the question if I couldn't complete the test, and their tone was extremely condescending. In response, I defended myself firmly, noting that if they were bothered by a simple question, they didn't need to reply to me. 

I also questioned why someone would be on the website if they were unwilling to be polite. This whole experience was deeply hurtful and left a bitter impression on me, particularly since it was my first time posting a question. 

I ended up blocking the individual, and unfortunately, I no longer remember their name (otherwise, I would have provided their rude answer). I'm glad to be rid of them!

Real-Life Plot TwistsShutterstock

34. Sweet Revenge

Earlier this week, my friend V and I had planned to go kayaking. When she arrived at my building, I let her in and instructed her to sign in and wait in the lobby while I finished up. 

In a matter of seconds, V was confronted by a woman named Karen, who accused her of loitering and demanded that she leave. V explained that she would be leaving soon, but Karen insisted, saying, "You need to leave right now!" 

Undeterred, V continued reading her magazine. Karen, claiming to be the manager, threatened to call the authorities if V didn't comply. Unfazed, V continued reading without giving in. When I finally arrived, Karen was already on the phone with the police. 

However, the situation took an unexpected turn. V filled me in on what had happened, and rather than intervening immediately, she suggested that we wait and witness how things played out. 

It turned out that Karen not only had to confess to the authorities that she was not the building manager, but she also didn't even live there. Oh, and did I mention that V is a sergeant in our local law enforcement agency?

Brigitte Bardot factsPxfuel

35. Small World

This incident took place when my fiancée and I went to the grocery store. My fiancée has a disability and requires the use of a cane. Whenever we're in stores, she often utilizes their electric scooters. 

Additionally, we possess a disabled parking permit that hangs from our car's rearview mirror. After parking in one of the designated disabled parking spots, I got out of the car to assist my fiancée. 

Suddenly, I heard someone shout, "Hey, you!" When I turned around, I noticed it was a person named Karen. She confronted me, questioning why we had parked in a disabled spot, asserting that we were not disabled. 

In a polite manner, I responded, "No, I am not disabled, but my fiancée is." At that moment, my fiancée had gotten out of the car and retrieved her cane from the back seat. However, Karen continued to insist that my fiancée was faking her disability. 

I was taken aback by Karen's audacity, but she persisted. Accusing my fiancée of using the cane as a ruse to secure a better parking spot, Karen threatened to call the authorities. And indeed, she did. Deciding to wait for their arrival, my fiancée returned to the car. 

When the authorities arrived, I was surprised to discover that the officer was someone I had trained during my time in the Army when I served in a Massachusetts National Guard unit. "Hi, Sarge! It's been a while since your retirement ceremony. 

What brings you here regarding the alleged wrongful parking in a disabled spot?" Karen promptly initiated her claims about my fiancée faking her disability. The officer inspected the disabled parking placard hanging from our rearview mirror and asked if he could borrow it briefly. He then approached Karen. 

Unveiling his irritation, the officer remarked, "Ma'am, this is the fifth time this month you've called us with a false complaint. This couple has every right to park here, as evident from this placard. We warned you after the last time you made baseless accusations. 

You're coming with me to the station, where we will be charging you for repeatedly making false claims." Karen's jaw dropped in disbelief. The officer firmly instructed her to get into the squad car, to which she vehemently protested, threatening him with repercussions due to her husband's status. 

Returning the placard to me, the officer departed with Karen still yelling from the back seat. Meanwhile, my fiancée and I proceeded inside the store to finally carry out our grocery shopping.

Weird relationshipsShutterstock

36. Vaped Crusader

I was at a restaurant, and after finishing my meal, I stepped outside to vape while waiting for the check. While vaping, I noticed a family parking in the nearby lot. To my surprise, the mother was smoking a cigarette inside the car, with the windows up and her two kids present. 

As they approached the restaurant's entrance, Karen gave me a disapproving glare. In response, I reciprocated the look and observed as she directed her family away from me. 

She sarcastically remarked, "Great idea to vape near the door, subjecting everyone to those harmful chemicals." I couldn't help but retort, "Well, lady, at least I have the decency to indulge my habit outside, unlike someone who smokes in a car with children present." 

But I didn't stop there. I went on to question, "What kind of mother exposes her children to such poison? And then has the audacity to confront me about it?" 

Turning my attention to her husband, I added, "Are you just going to let her endanger your kids and behave like this? What kind of man are you?" The ensuing silence allowed me to savor the moment.

This Is The Craziest Thing That Ever Happened To MeShutterstock

37. Communication Breakdown

From the age of 17, Maggie has been working full-time hours at the retail store where we are employed. During this time, she also managed to finish high school and pursue a career in physical therapy. 

Maggie is incredibly respectful and treats everyone with equality, having been taught to respect her elders. Despite her youthful naiveté, Maggie is incredibly sharp and wise beyond her years. 

She is well-liked by everyone, possessing a kind heart and an absence of any mean-spiritedness. Even amidst workplace gossip, I have never heard a negative comment about her. 

However, on this particular day, I noticed Maggie was visibly upset, on the edge of tears, which troubled me greatly as she is not someone who easily succumbs to despair. Maggie confided in me that a customer had insulted her, calling her a "dirty little pig." 

It was even more disheartening knowing that both Maggie and the customer belonged to the same minority. Maggie always goes above and beyond to satisfy all customers, but unfortunately, she has no control over the pricing of goods, which led to the offensive remark. 

I found this unacceptable and decided to confront the customer as she waited in line to pay. Though I was aware that security cameras were recording the incident, I also knew that our employers would support me. 

I passionately berated the customer for a solid minute, ensuring she understood that she was banned from the store—although I had no actual authority to make such a decision. I made it clear, for all to hear, that we do not tolerate abusive language from either the staff or anyone else. 

As I vented my frustrations, the customer stared at me with an unnervingly bored expression. By this point, I had advised Maggie to contact the office and involve the store owners.

It was during this heated exchange that my anger momentarily subsided as I glanced at a teenage boy standing beside the rude customer, his head hanging in shame. The sight of him quickly diminished my bravado. 

I couldn't help but imagine that he could easily be my own child. He had been unwittingly dragged into this situation, burdened by his mother's actions. The owners engaged in a conversation with the son, as his mother claimed not to understand English. 

It appeared that this was not the first time such a pattern had occurred with her. I could only imagine the weight of shame he must be carrying. 

While I felt a sense of satisfaction for standing up for my co-worker, I also experienced deep remorse for involving this innocent boy, even though he was merely acting as an interpreter.

Employees And Customers Share Their Wildest Shutterstock

38. No Good Deed…

A woman, whom I'll refer to as Karen, attempted to have me fired after I saved her life. Allow me to provide some context: Karen and her daughter were waiting on the sidewalk near a store entrance, hoping for traffic to calm down so they could safely cross the street. 

However, Karen hastily decided to cross at that very moment, completely engrossed in her phone. Thankfully, her daughter quickly grabbed her shoulder, and I honked my van's horn to alert her of the impending danger. 

But Karen, being Karen, refused to acknowledge the warning. I had no choice but to halt my van with her standing directly in front of me. 

She proceeded to unleash her typical Karen behavior, berating me for driving too fast and not paying attention, despite the fact that I had successfully stopped the van to prevent hitting her. 

Remaining polite, I was relieved that there were several witnesses present who could support my side of the story, in case Karen decided to make a scene out of it. So I carried on and parked my van a bit further down the road in the strip mall. 

I spent approximately 20 minutes inside a store, only to return and discover Karen frantically jotting down my information, presumably preparing to complain to my employer. Unfortunately, by this time, my witnesses had dispersed, and Karen wasted no time in calling my workplace. 

I do wish I had her contact details, as I would have loved to inform her that her complaint fell on deaf ears, as my supervisor correctly recognized her as a Karen. 

Furthermore, all our work vehicles are equipped with GPS, making it easy for my boss to verify that I was not "flying down the street."

Unreal Zingers factsPixabay

39. You Need To Calm Down

During my time at the bank, I had an encounter with a difficult customer. This individual, who I'll refer to as a "male Karen," approached the counter to make a withdrawal from his account. I provided him with a slip to fill out while he placed his bank card and ID on the counter. 

\Meanwhile, I took his ID and card to access his account profile. While the customer was still in the process of filling out the slip, I finished with his ID and bank card and placed them back on the counter for him to easily retrieve when he was done. 

This was a common practice to prevent items from being left behind. After completing the transaction, I wished him well, only to notice that he appeared upset and still standing there. Confused by his reaction, I inquired if there was anything else he needed assistance with. 

In response, he demanded that I pick up his cards and directly place them into his hand, claiming it was rude of me not to do so. I calmly explained that since he was still filling out the slip, I had placed them on the counter for him to put away once he was done. 

However, this explanation did not satisfy him, and he insisted that I comply with his request. Experiencing a growing irritation, I pointed out that he hadn't initially placed the cards in my hand either, making his demand hypocritical.

Unfortunately, this seemed to strike a nerve with him, as he became irate and requested to speak with a manager about my perceived rudeness and disrespect. Respecting his request, I gladly called the manager and let them handle the situation. 

I never saw him again, and honestly, I hope I never do.

Best Friends For NeverShutterstock

40. Someone Is Not Amused

Here's a revised version: I had an interesting experience on the city bus recently. As we were headed into town, a weary young woman boarded the bus with her twins in a double stroller. A few stops later, another woman got on and immediately began yelling at the young mother.

 She claimed that the seats were for disabled people and demanded that the mother move so she could sit down. The overwhelmed mother explained that she couldn't relocate due to the stroller, but the rude woman refused to listen. 

Thankfully, the bus driver intervened, turning around in his seat to address the situation. He informed the woman, whom he called Karen, that there were plenty of disabled seats on the other side of the bus and that these spots were also designated for strollers. 

Despite the logical explanation, Karen wasn't satisfied. She insisted that the mother must relocate with her stroller, calling the situation ridiculous. Eventually, she begrudgingly took her seat so that the bus could continue its journey. 

However, when we arrived in town, Karen began yelling at the bus driver again, claiming that he had missed her stop. 

To my surprise, the bus driver remained calm and simply told her to go ahead and complain to his manager. Karen declared her importance, exclaiming that she was "the queen" and deserved better treatment. 

Amusingly, she quickly backtracked, saying that she was actually related to the queen and threatening to report the incident to the bus headquarters. 

As she stepped off the bus and headed towards the headquarters, my husband and I nicknamed her "the queen," an inside joke we still use whenever we encounter her.

Bogus Punishments FactsShutterstock

41. How Dare You?!

As I headed towards a store, I noticed a young mother with two small children approaching the door. She held each child by the hand, so I decided to hold the door open for her. However, to my surprise, she reacted negatively and started berating me for my attempt to assist her. 

She unleashed a stream of swear words, insisting that she did not need any help and could take care of herself. In response, I calmly said, "I was just trying to lend a hand, but I understand. However, it might be wise to avoid using such language in front of the children." 

I then continued on my way without dwelling on the incident. The encounter caught me off guard and has made me reconsider helping others in the future.

Deaf regain heraingPexels

42. Maybe It Was A Rhetorical Question?

Karen was extremely upset when she believed my partner had parked his car too close to hers. I was seated in the car while my partner was inside a shop, and Karen approached the car with an angry expression. 

In her fury, she leaned down and shouted through the driver's window, "Can you park any closer?" Apparently, Karen failed to realize that I was not the driver (despite being in the passenger's seat), and she received a sharp response from me. 

Although I wish I could say we engaged in a heated argument, all she managed was to call me an "arse wipe" before storming off in a rage.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Freepik, nakaridore

43. That Escalated Quickly

Recently, I had the opportunity to observe an incident involving a difficult individual at the supermarket. This person, commonly referred to as a "Karen," became extremely agitated over a rather silly issue—simply because the cashier politely requested her to maintain a safe distance from me. 

Furthermore, it's worth noting that she was not wearing a mask while I was. It's important to acknowledge that the cashier was merely following her employer's instructions. 

While the Karen made quite a fuss about the whole situation, I must admit that her actions did provide a source of amusement for me.

These Nurses Dared To Correct The DoctorPexels

44. Conversation Ender

In class one day, while I was quietly working, the notorious mean girl of the school decided to start a confrontation with me. It had been a long time coming since she had been annoying me for quite a while. 

To make matters worse, she and her friends even resorted to throwing pencils at me. After some back-and-forth exchange of words, the conversation took an interesting turn: “You're so much more annoying than me!" 

Mean Girl exclaimed with her voice irritatingly piercing through the air. I calmly responded, "Well, at least I strive to be a decent human being." Her face turned bright red as she started to retreat. 

Then she made a last attempt to save face. She shouted, "Well, at least my chest is bigger than yours!" Realizing this comment was simply a desperate admission of defeat, I simply gave her a knowing look and returned to my own life.

Betrayed By My BestieShutterstock

45. These Are The Karens In Your Neighborhood

During my childhood, I lived next to Old Mrs. Berg, in a house located by the most popular skateboard street in our neighborhood. Unfortunately, she caused quite a bit of trouble. 

She was an incredibly nosy woman who would go as far as hosing us down while we were skateboarding. In addition, if the neighbors didn't bring in their trash cans in a timely manner, she would leave unpleasant notes on their doors. 

Moreover, she would not hesitate to contact animal control if she spotted a dog off the leash.

But Wait, It Gets WorsePexels

46. Beware Of Owner

During my time as a door-to-door salesperson, I had an unexpected encounter with a customer that caught me off guard. 

On this particular occasion, a woman named Karen not only chased me across her front yard but also startled me by angrily throwing rocks at my work van.


47. Netflix And Go Berserk

At the age of seven, I was sitting in the park, enjoying Netflix on my iPad. The park was conveniently located in front of my house, where my parents could keep an eye on me from inside. Suddenly, a woman named Karen approached me. 

She informed me that loitering was not allowed and asked about the ownership of the iPad I was using. I politely responded, "It's mine, miss," and began to gather my things to head home. 

Although my parents had cautioned me about encountering prejudiced individuals, I couldn't help but feel confused as to why sitting peacefully on the grass in a public park would be considered loitering. However, I didn't voice my confusion to her. 

Instead, she demanded, "Come back here! You must have stolen that from someone, didn't you?" Grabbing my arm, her touch was cold and unsettling. "Miss, please release your grip," I pleaded, but she persisted. 

Even at such a young age, I already understood that arguing with older individuals, particularly those of a different race, often led to unfavorable outcomes. Determined to protect my belongings, she insisted, "Give me the iPad," attempting to snatch it away. 

Fearful, I clutched the device tightly against my chest. Suddenly, my dad appeared, rushing out of the house to my rescue. He sternly addressed the woman, saying, "Ma'am, you are touching my child. If you do not let go, I will contact the authorities." 

Reluctantly, Karen finally released her grip, huffing in annoyance. As she walked away, she muttered under her breath, "You probably stole that iPad for her anyway."

When Karens AttackFreepik, freepik

48. The Bad Old Days

During my time at a major department store chain, specifically in the gift wrapping department, the Christmas season was incredibly busy. This particular incident took place on my final day of temporary work before returning to college after the Christmas break. 

As I spotted a woman approaching me with a massive stuffed animal, I could sense trouble brewing. She politely asked if we were able to wrap the stuffed animal, which happened to be almost as large as I am. 

I explained that we unfortunately didn't have gift boxes of that size, but I offered two alternatives: either assembling two corrugated cardboard boxes or carefully tying a big, attractive bow around the stuffed animal's neck. 

Regrettably, these suggestions didn't satisfy the customer—and her reaction was extreme. Without warning, she leaped over our counter, frantically searching through our selection of gift boxes to find evidence that we were deceiving her. 

Completely focused on her mission, she disregarded my presence entirely. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, I made the decision to call security, resulting in some backlash for taking that action. 

However, faced with a customer who was behaving irrationally, I felt compelled to act. It was a time when the belief that the customer was always right prevailed, regardless of the reality of the situation.

Ruined ChristmasShutterstock

49. Special Agent Karen On The Case

During a trip to H-E-B, the famous Texas-based Supermarket chain, an amusing incident occurred involving my wife, son, and me. Upon our arrival, I took my son out of his car seat and placed it on the truck bed. 

Meanwhile, my wife was dealing with seasonal allergies, constantly wiping her nose and eyes with a tissue, which sometimes made it sound like she was crying. While making funny faces at my son in an attempt to make him laugh, a random woman, who I'll refer to as Karen, suddenly appeared out of nowhere. 

Karen approached my wife and asked if she knew that a man was bothering her baby. Not stopping there, Karen added, "Is he making you cry? Do you need me to call someone, honey?" I found the situation so amusing that I chose not to respond. 

My wife was taken aback for a moment but quickly responded, "Lady, this is my husband and the father of this little boy." Karen was completely puzzled and had no idea how to get out of the awkward situation she had created for herself. 

She muttered some sort of apology to my wife and hurriedly left the scene. Ahh, Karens, what would we do without them?

Trust Your Gut!Shutterstock

50. People Of Walmart: Karen Edition

While shopping in the grocery section of Walmart, I encountered a situation where a woman with two young children had positioned her cart in a way that blocked my access to the shelves. She seemed to be shopping by traversing the aisle and adding items to her cart. 

Respectfully, I stood near her cart and patiently waited for her to move it. However, it appeared that she either didn't notice me or simply didn't care. At one point, when she returned to her cart, I politely informed her, "Excuse me, I just need to reach something behind your cart."

 Unfortunately, she disregarded my request and turned her back, resuming her walk to the other end of the aisle. After waiting for around five minutes, hoping she would wrap up her shopping, I decided to move her cart about a foot to gain access to the item I needed.

 Regrettably, this turned out to be a poor decision. To my surprise, she abruptly turned toward me and exclaimed, "You touched my cart!" It's important to note that this incident took place before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In response, she sprinted back towards me, screaming at the top of her lungs that I had no right to touch her cart. Trying to diffuse the situation, I explained that I had only moved it momentarily to retrieve my item and urged her to calm down. 

Ironically, she responded by shouting, "No, you calm down! You're causing a major scene." Oh, the memorable experiences one can have at Walmart.

Walmart factsThe Nation

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