Spoiled Rotten Brats

March 7, 2023 | Samantha Henman

Spoiled Rotten Brats

No one wants to deal with a spoiled brat, but sometimes, we don't have a choice. These Redditors shared stories of their most jaw-dropping encounters with spoiled brats, be they kids or full-grown adults, and hoo boy, are they ever infuriating... 

1. A Real Chore

Abigail's boyfriend has a younger half-sister whose parents are authentic hippies. They reside on an eco-friendly farm about 40 minutes from the closest small town, a farm they constructed from scratch. 

Interestingly, since she was 10 years old, she developed a habit of picking up cash that didn't belong to her (she's now 16). This habit began when she would babysit for neighbors and help herself to the change lying around.

As time went by, she became more cunning and discovered the locations of hidden money, which she unashamedly took. When the neighbors found out, they informed her parents. While they were embarrassed, they merely scolded her and asked her to assure them it wouldn’t happen again. Unfortunately, that was the beginning of their problems. More instances like this continued to occur with a very similar reaction from the parents.

Her situation escalated when she stole from her deceased grandfather's wallet, whilst he lay dead in their home. Rather than face any significant consequences, she was lightly chastised. She never returned the money she stole because she always spent it before getting caught. Her punishment was always the same: to compensate by doing chores around the farm.

At the age of 16, her behavior escalated. She stole her mother's credit card and splurged $800 on makeup online. When her parents found out, they confiscated the makeup with the intention to return it. But, she had already switched the new makeup with old bottles. They allowed her to keep the makeup and even continue attending school camps and parties.

Recently, her parents started a bed and breakfast and made quite a large sum of money, but it mysteriously vanished. Soon after they discovered she had transferred all their money to her account from their internet banking. Before they could confront her, she had frivolously spent it all on food, friends, and more makeup. 

Once again, her punishment was merely doing chores. This greatly upsets me because I've always done chores earnestly and without any reward in my own house.

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2. I Saved His Life, And He Ruined Mine

My freshman year of college introduced me to the quirks and challenges of dorm life, and nothing could have prepared me for the rollercoaster that was having a pampered roommate from a wealthy family. Let's call him Chris.

 In the beginning, our differences were amusing at best—his designer wardrobe versus my thrift-store finds, his gourmet snacks versus my ramen noodles. However, halfway into the semester, a night unfolded that would change our dynamic forever.

It was a typical Friday night, and Chris had been out partying with his affluent circle of friends. I, on the other hand, was enjoying a low-key evening with a few buddies in our shared room, engrossed in a marathon of video games. Little did I know that the night would take a dramatic turn.

The door burst open, revealing a disheveled and clearly inebriated Chris. He stumbled into the room, his usually immaculate appearance now a disarray of tousled hair and wrinkled clothes. It was apparent that he had indulged in more than a few drinks. As he collapsed in front of us, the stench of alcohol wafted through the room, and I exchanged bewildered glances with my friends.

We paused our game, concern etched on our faces, as we assessed Chris's condition. He was barely coherent, slurring his words and struggling to maintain balance. It was evident that this was more than just a typical night of college revelry. Concern quickly escalated to alarm when Chris started retching violently, and my friends and I realized that he was vomiting blood.

Fear surged through me as I watched his condition deteriorate before my eyes. His face turned a sickly pale green, and panic set in. Without wasting another moment, we sprang into action. I carefully positioned him on his side on his bed, a move ingrained in my mind from countless lectures on alcohol safety during orientation week. We managed to direct his face towards a trash bin, hoping to mitigate any further complications.

As Chris continued to dry heave, my anxiety skyrocketed. This was way beyond the realm of typical college mishaps. I knew I needed help, and fast. Leaving my friends in charge, I dashed out of the room to find our Resident Advisor (RA). My heart pounded with each step, and I couldn't shake the worry that time was of the essence.

I found the RA on duty, explained the urgency of the situation, and together we rushed back to our room. By this time, Chris's condition had not improved, and his groans filled the air. The RA swiftly dialed 911, requesting an ambulance to transport Chris to the hospital. As we waited for help to arrive, the room buzzed with tension and worry.

When the paramedics finally arrived, they took one look at Chris and moved into action with professional efficiency. I stood by, a mix of relief and dread swirling within me. One of the paramedics, a seasoned individual with a reassuring demeanor, pulled me aside. He dropped a shocking truth on me—he explained that my quick response likely saved Chris's life. It was a heavy realization...a stark reminder of the fragility of life, even in the seemingly invincible realm of college.

As the paramedics wheeled Chris out of the room on a stretcher, I couldn't help but wonder about the consequences of that fateful night. Little did I know that the aftermath would be a storm that would disrupt the calm of my college life.

A few days later, Chris returned to our dorm room, his anger palpable. It turned out that his parents, alerted by the hospitalization, had been informed of his reckless night. Instead of gratitude for the intervention that potentially saved his life, he directed his fury towards me. The once-luxurious room we shared became a battleground for a clash of personalities and lifestyles.

His parents' discovery of his escapade had triggered an avalanche of consequences. I became the unwitting target of his frustration. In a fit of rage, Chris retaliated by damaging some of my belongings, an act that left me stunned and hurt. The room that was once a shared space of camaraderie and occasional tension had transformed into an arena of hostility.

Navigating the aftermath of that night became a daunting task. Chris, now resentful and feeling exposed, made my life extremely difficult. Every encounter was laden with tension, and our shared living space felt like a minefield of unresolved conflicts. It was a stark reminder that even acts of goodwill could have unintended repercussions, especially when egos and pride were at stake.

The tension between us escalated, reaching a point where I felt like I was tiptoeing around my own living space. His resentment manifested in passive-aggressive behaviors, from pointed comments to further acts of vandalism against my belongings. The once-vibrant room became a battleground of silent animosity.

Desperate for a resolution, I attempted to initiate a conversation with Chris, hoping to bridge the gap that had formed between us. However, the result was not at all what I had hoped it would be. It became clear that Chris was not ready to move past the incident, and our attempts at reconciliation only fueled the flames of his anger.

In the midst of this turmoil, I sought support from friends and the college counseling services. Talking through the situation with professionals provided me with valuable insights into coping mechanisms and conflict resolution strategies. They emphasized the importance of setting boundaries and finding ways to navigate the stormy seas of roommate discord.

Despite my efforts to maintain a semblance of peace, the tension persisted. The college environment, once a place of exploration and growth, became a battleground where I fought not only for my academic success but also for a sense of normalcy in my living space. After everything, it seemed all was lost...

But as time passed, the wounds began to heal, albeit slowly. Chris, perhaps worn down by the weight of his own resentment, gradually eased his hostile actions. It wasn't a sudden transformation, but a gradual thawing of the icy atmosphere that had engulfed our room.

By the end of the semester, a fragile truce settled between us. The scars of that tumultuous period lingered, a constant reminder of the unpredictability of college life. While the incident had reshaped our dynamic, it also became a catalyst for personal growth and resilience.

Looking back, I realized that adversity takes on many forms, not just in the external challenges we face but also in the interpersonal conflicts that shape our college experiences. The lessons learned from that turbulent period extended beyond the walls of our shared room, providing me with insights into empathy, conflict resolution, and the resilience needed to weather life's storms.

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3. Bending Is For Rubes

At Guitar Center, I watched as a wealthy 12-year-old and his father bought a whopping $6,000 worth of music gear. One item was down on the lowest shelf, but that didn't matter much...or so you'd think. This kid, behaving rather spoilt, snapped his fingers, pointed at the item, and insisted that a store worker "fetch this" for him. 

I wanted nothing more than to smack that kid...but I let it go, hoping that karma would get that kid eventually.

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4. Must Be Hard Being You

My roommate, Jake, has this quirky job where he reviews application essays for a business school. It's always interesting to hear the strange and hilarious stories that students come up with to impress the admissions committee. One day, he shared a particularly amusing tale with me that left us both scratching our heads.

So, there's this student who decided to write his "overcoming adversity" essay on the profound struggle of not owning a boat like his seemingly elite group of friends. Yes, you read that right—his great hardship was being boat-less in a sea of boat owners. Jake and I exchanged bemused glances, wondering how this was going to play out in an application essay.

According to the student, life was unbearable without a boat. He vividly described the heartbreaking scenes of him standing on the dock, watching his friends sail away into the sunset while he remained stranded on the shore. His choice of words was so dramatic that it was hard not to chuckle. I mean, really, not having a boat was his Everest?

As Jake read the essay, he couldn't contain his laughter. The absurdity of the situation struck him, and soon enough, we were both laughing together. It was like a scene from a sitcom—this guy turning a lack of boat ownership into a monumental struggle, an epic tale of adversity.

But wait, the story gets even better.

In an unexpected twist, the student shared how his parents, evidently moved by the tragic narrative of their boat-deprived offspring, decided to step in and save the day. The climax of the essay was the revelation that, lo and behold, his parents bought him a boat. Yes, you heard me right. The great adversity, the insurmountable hurdle that had haunted this young man, was finally conquered with the purchase of a boat.

Jake and I were in stitches by the time he finished recounting the story. It was just too absurd to fathom. We wondered what the admissions committee must have thought when they read this masterpiece of adversity over a lack of maritime transport.

I was at a loss—I couldn't help but imagine the committee members sitting around a table, scratching their heads in confusion, trying to comprehend how not having a boat qualified as overcoming adversity. Perhaps they were searching for hidden metaphors or deeper meanings, but I'm pretty sure they were just as baffled as we were. 

We started brainstorming alternative scenarios that could have been deemed more appropriate struggles for an adversity essay. Maybe he could have written about the challenges of being a vegetarian in a family of carnivores or the Herculean effort it took to choose the perfect Instagram filter.

Despite the hilarity of the situation, it made us reflect on the subjective nature of adversity. What might seem like an insurmountable obstacle to one person could be a mere inconvenience to another. Adversity is relative, and this student's boat-less saga was a testament to that.

As we continued to chat, our conversation drifted towards the broader theme of privilege. It was clear that the student's definition of adversity was shaped by his environment and social circle. In a world where not having a boat was the pinnacle of hardship, it raised questions about perspective and the need for a broader understanding of what real challenges entail.

We were both left dumbfounded. The boat essay, as we affectionately dubbed it, became a recurring topic of discussion between Jake and me. We found ourselves referencing it whenever life threw us a minor inconvenience. Forgot your umbrella on a rainy day? Well, at least you're not facing the adversity of boatlessness.

In the end, the boat-less student probably didn't get into the business school, but he certainly left a lasting impression on Jake and me. Whenever we face our own challenges, we can't help but chuckle and say, "Well, at least it's not as bad as not having a boat."

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5. Kid Comeuppance

My friend, Don, had two children close in age. When his son turned 16, he planned to hand down his carefully maintained seven-year-old Volkswagen Jetta. Don treated his cars with extreme care, and despite its age, the car was in tip-top condition. A car that any typical 16-year-old, including myself, would be ecstatic to own.

However, Don's plan hit a snag when his son outright rejected the car, demanding a brand new pickup truck instead. Keeping his emotions in check, Don simply offered to keep the Jetta for another year before giving it to his daughter when she turned 16. As for the truck, the son had two options—ask his mother or buy it himself.

By this time, Don and his children's mom had been divorced for several years. Unfortunately, due to bad financial decisions, she was barely getting by. Don, on the other hand, was happily remarried to a highly successful, wealthy businesswoman. As such, his son wrongly assumed that he'd get any car he asked for, courtesy of his father and stepmom; he couldn't have been more wrong...

A year later, the plot thickened. Don's daughter was joyfully driving the Jetta, and Don himself bought a brand-new Mazda. His son was not privy to either vehicle, leading him to buy a barely functioning car worth $800 for his daily commuting needs. Hopefully, this taught him a valuable lesson. I commend Don for his tough-love approach, instructing his son early on not to harbor entitlement.

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6. Sibling Rivalry

My sister is currently unemployed, living alone in our parents' vacation property. She drives their old car without contributing towards any bills and tends to misuse the cash they give her for food and emergency situations on social outings and nights at bars. She won't consider any job beyond a receptionist position paying no less than $17 per hour as she believes she's too superior for anything else. This is despite having a degree from a lesser-known private school that hasn't proved very beneficial.

She keeps trading boyfriends on a regular basis. To make things worse, she is habitually rude and critical of our parents and siblings, both to their faces and behind their backs. The most recent incident was when we tasked her with picking us up from the airport, which is just half an hour away from her place. We notified her a week in advance and sent regular reminders.

When we landed, she ignored our calls. Instead, she called our mother to complain, resulting in mom expressing her anger at us for 'ruining' my sister's night. Apparently, we had spoiled her plan of going out by expecting her to be our ride from the airport. The time was barely 7 pm.

She had the remainder of the night to go out if she wanted to. Instead, we had to resort to a lengthy three-hour train ride back home. After this, I decided not to speak with her again.

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7. Her Attitude Drove Him Mad

I was invited to my best friend's sister's birthday bash because our bond ran deep and I was accepted as part of the family. They gifted her a brand-new vehicle —a shocking gesture of love. But, her inexplicable meltdown in response trumped everything. She wept uncontrollably, grumbling about the car not being her preferred choice.

She adamantly told her parents she didn't want it. Staring at her hard in the face, her father uttered, "Alright, you unappreciative child." Immediately, he drove away in the new car. A couple of hours later, he returned home via public transportation.

When she questioned him about the missing car, he said that if she was so keen on having a car, she would have to spend her own money.

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8. Making Waves in Thailand

A person I know planned a post-Christmas trip to southern Thailand in 2004—a time that's unfortunately known for the catastrophic tsunami. She came a day later, extremely upset that her hotel was ruined and her travel provider couldn't find a suitable substitute. She was already obnoxious to begin with—but she took it further.

She sued the hotel and travel provider, but failed. I couldn't help but question her empathy during such a calamity. With more than 200,000 lives lost, her main concern was about not being able to enjoy her luxurious accommodation. The unsettling part? She shared this with me herself, seemingly searching for affirmation.

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9. Mo Money, Less Problems (For Me)

My cousin accumulated a $40K student loan debt, while deciding to chase U2 on their European tour for months. She later requested my hardworking grandfather, who grew up during the Great Depression and strived to be middle class, to clear her debt so she could purchase a home.

Interestingly, my grandfather was always ready to support us if he believed we weren't just exploiting him. He assisted me in procuring a car, helped other cousins with their home buying, replaced broken washing machines, and generally supported our family. However, she retaliated poorly after he denied her request.

In anger, she barred my grandparents from seeing their great-grandchild for years. A regrettable decision indeed.

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10. Valuable Lessons

I'm acquainted with a lady who's a multimillionaire, probably worth about $95 million. She's friends with my ex-wife so we often spend time together. One day, my child was playing a handheld, multiplayer video game with her sons. My child had the game, but her children did not. Once they finished playing, her son asked, "Can we get this game? It's so cool!" She replied, "Our budget's a bit tight right now, but you can add it to your holiday wish-list. Christmas is not too far away, okay?"

Following this exchange, the children went downstairs to continue playing. Surprised, I asked her, "Your budget's tight?" What she shared next intrigued me. According to her, her children were oblivious to their family wealth. It was a habit she had inherited from her own upbringing. She didn't know about her family's fortune until after her college graduation.

Initially, she was upset, feeling that her college years could've been more comfortable had she known. But reflecting upon it later, she realized her disdain for the privileged children who seemingly solved their problems with money. And she valued the life lessons she had learned.

She eventually apologized to her father and vowed to give her own children a similar upbringing. Thus, she lives a simple life —they reside in a modest home, her sons wear their shoes until worn out. They won't find out about their inheritance until they've earned their college degrees. 

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11. Everything Was Not Coming Up Roses

My ex-close college pal had a spat with her boyfriend. To make amends, he promised to send her flowers. Unexpectedly, a massive snowstorm struck on the delivery day, causing a delay. When the flowers finally arrived a day late, she declined them, arguing they were "aged". But that's not all.

She insisted on receiving a fresh bouquet. The embarrassed courier just watched as she berated her boyfriend on the phone, ranting about the "repulsive flowers" and her need for new ones. This tantrum made me see her differently.

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12. The Good Doctor

My dad was a doctor who specialized in surgery. He never turned away anyone in need and often did work without asking for payment. I helped out in his office during my teen years handling insurance paperwork. There was this one woman who came in, uninsured, with a breast lump. Luckily, my dad was able to cut out the lump, preventing the need for a more drastic surgery. Unfortunately, he was called to the ER on her follow-up appointment day.

She was upset and began complaining about him being inconsiderate to the office staff. Seeing him through the reception window upon his return, she made an absurd accusation—she accused him of wasting her time and vowed to find another doctor. She made quite a scene in the waiting room, loudly venting in front of other patients, nurses, and staff.

She threatened to, and eventually did, report him to the medical board. They had to investigate her claim that my dad was being short and impolite with her. After her tirade, she left and never came back. Despite all this, my dad covered all her surgery costs and continued his charitable work. To this day, his actions fill me with pride.

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13.  My Brother’s Keeper

My brother has always been challenging. Even though our mother, already in her 50s, was taking care of his six-year-old daughter—complete with a serious, expensive medical condition—he still found a way to ask our mother, "What have you ever done for me?" He discounted her commitment and effort in giving his daughter a loving, stable home.

His statement deeply upset me. My mom often went out of her way to fetch him from across town so he could help around the house. Still, he would ask for payment, and throw tantrums when she refused. Despite not having a driver's license, he yelled at her for hours for not lending him money to buy a car.

The loans he took were never paid back. Our grandmother had to pay for his dentures as his oral health was deteriorating, but he was still unhappy they didn't pay for implants. One time, a $5,000 check arrived at our dad's place—under my dad's name, which my brother also carried. My dad deposited and gave him the amount, only for the check to bounce. It not only fell on my dad to clear the fraud accusations by the bank but our grandparents had to cover the loss.

When approached about a repayment plan, my brother became aggressive. Sadly, he struggled to grasp why our dad's family distanced themselves from him. He unfairly accused me of never helping out while ignoring the countless times I've stepped in to babysit his daughter when our mom couldn't.

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14. It’s Fine

During my master's program, my best friend and I needed a coffee break from our crazy week. A classmate of ours, let's call her "Courtney," invited herself along. We were pleasant to Courtney but weren't really friends. She was attractive.

Courtney was the type to slack off and let others do the work especially since our studies involved a lot of group projects. From day two, it was apparent she wasn't interested in actual studying. Instead, she took advantage of any opportunity to discuss wealth or money.

Strange, right? The mention of luxury cosmetics, swanky bars, or prestigious family names seemed to energize her. Noticeably, we had little in common with Courtney, but she decided to join our coffee outing. Big mistake.

We reluctantly said yes and gave her the cafe's location. Cut to us sitting in the cafe, and Courtney enters an hour late. Without acknowledging or even looking at the waiter, she offhandedly hands him her partially opened, wet umbrella. We were horrified and immediately called her out. Her response? A nonchalant shrug and an "it's fine".

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15. Toilet Money

At 17, I worked at a garage selling fuel. The owner of the local chip shop had a son who'd flaunt his amazing white Lotus Esprit —the same model featured in the Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. He’d stop by, fill up $20 worth of gas, then casually shuffle through his stack of 50s and bitterly comment, "Oh, I have nothing smaller."

Following this, he'd disdainfully toss his sole $20 note onto the floor, as if it was disgusting to him. It was an utterly revolting show, which wasn't surprising since his father once spat at me when I suggested his work-shy son should get a job. However, a twist occurred. I ran into the son years later and karma had taken its toll —he had become an addict.

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16. “Stunning Privilege”

I must clarify, this guy wasn't a jerk, he was pretty decent. However, his incredible sense of entitlement both stunned and entertained me. He was a college student, coming from a well-off family, and had never worked before. This wasn’t entirely surprising considering his age and status as a student, although I had juggled a job alongside my studies.

One day, out of boredom, he decided to get a job just to see what it felt like. I can't recall where he ended up working, but it was a low-pressure part-time office job. A few weeks into his job, we hung out, and he started discussing work. He pulled out an envelope from his pocket and asked, "They gave me this today. What am I supposed to do with it?" It was his paycheck.

I was taken aback for a moment, and then I gave him a stern response: "Buddy, that's your paycheck. You need to deposit it in your bank". In a confused tone, he replied, "I have no idea how to do that. My dad just tops up my balance. I only withdraw money from ATMs or use my card". Not in the mood to guide him through this simple task, I suggested he take the check to a supermarket to cash it.

His next question almost knocked me off my chair. He asked, "What does it mean to cash it? Will they give me cash in exchange for this [gesturing towards his paycheck]?" Wow, to be that lucky.

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17. Dad The Wimp?

The company owner I work for has two sons, and everything they need or want is paid for. They have no concerns about expenses. Both sons are pretty spoiled, but one is particularly fond of flashy, high-ticket items. Whenever he's denied something, he throws a tantrum until he gets his way. This past Christmas, he wanted a $1,200 55" Samsung curved TV, disregarding his father's stated $1,000 limit.

In response to his son's tantrums, the father, being a bit of a pushover, would apologize and end up fulfilling his son's request. It's important to point out, his son is 21 years old.

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18. She Was Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Our client had borrowed a fancy car from us. My boss told me to contact her the next day and remind her to return the vehicle by the weekend. Although she complained that the gas tank was only half full, she agreed to bring it back. However, when the weekend came, the car was nowhere to be seen. I called her several times throughout the next couple of weeks, and finally, she called back, quite irate.

She exclaimed angrily over the phone, "There are workers scheduled to trim the trees at my place and your car is obstructing their work! Come and take your car away NOW!" I reminded her of her earlier promise to return the car but she casually dismissed it saying, "I decided to take a vacation,” as if that justified keeping our car for close to three weeks.

When I suggested she drive the car back to our premise, she flatly refused, insisting, "YOU NEED TO COME IMMEDIATELY AND GET YOUR CAR!!!" I told her the earliest I could be there was in a couple of hours, which made her even more livid. She yelled, "TIME IS MONEY AND YOUR CAR IS HINDERING THE TREE TRIMMERS' WORK!!!!" So, a couple of hours later, I arrived to retrieve the car only to discover she had run the battery flat.

She was not around when I got to her place and after she returned, she was none too pleased seeing the car still there. She demanded, "WHY HASN'T THIS CAR BEEN MOVED?!?!” I explained about the drained battery and that a tow truck was on its way but would take three hours to get there. She lost her temper, insisting that was too long and that I should contact every local towing company to speed it up.

She even insisted I use a separate phone so she could listen in, just to ensure I was making the calls. At this point, feeling helpless, I told her she should directly contact my boss.

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19. Beauty School Drop Out

I knew a girl, 20 and unemployed. Quitting school at 15, she yearned for a car. The Jeep she received didn't meet her expectations, so she upgraded to a new vehicle at 16. She had a gas card and $100 weekly allowance from her parents.

She discovered she could convert her gas card into cash at the bank and started doing so until it was noticed. Despite her sneaky tactic, her parents kept financially supporting her. After paying $20,000 tuition for cosmetology school, she quit. Her parents funded a nursing trade school next, but she chose to quit once more and opted out of college, still residing at home.

Instead of eating home-cooked meals, she frequently binged on fast food, leading to weight gain and a desperate need for a new wardrobe. She'd throw tantrums to get her way —her sweet-natured mother always trying to keep her happy.

But when she couldn't squeeze more than her allowance out, things turned nasty. I saw her assault her mother verbally and physically, once hurling a large soda at her mother over refusal of tattoo money. I'd never encountered such a pampered and lazy person before.

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20. My Sister-In-Law Had To Go

My sister-in-law, in her 50s and homeless, believed some jobs were beneath her, causing a drift between her and potential employment opportunities. Rather than finding her own place, she chose to store her belongings in her elderly parents' basement. 

After a fall-out with her parents, she moved in with my wife and me, leaving her possessions at her parents' home. One day she returned in a tearful state, frustrated that her father had moved her things around, including dirty clothes she'd left there for a year. She was being a brat—and she only got worse as time went on.

Despite this blatant disrespect for her aging parents' home, she never hesitated to borrow money from others with no intent to repay them. When her mother finally requested a written agreement regarding repayment, she threw a tantrum, accusing her mother of mistrust. Unsurprisingly, she still took the loan, but didn't repay it.

While living with us, our area experienced heavy snowfall. Normally, residents, including our helpful neighbor, would clear their vehicles and paths. This neighbor even used his snow blower to aid others. However, when it seemed like he might not reach her car, she began an infuriating rant from our window. Her behavior led us to calling in authorities to remove her from our home.

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21. Queen of the Cinemas

I work in a cinema, and we have a paid loyalty scheme that offers special perks like priority service at the box office and snack counter. It's like a fast-pass lane for customers. Some members get a kick out of this and start acting all high-and-mighty.

Most of them are fine, but this one lady, unforgettable. Once, while serving another customer, this woman in the priority lane started pounding on the glass, impatient with the wait.

Here I am, still working with the current clients, all while this rather misdirected lady is hammering the barrier next to me. Regularly, she'd say, "I paid for this, I don't deserve this treatment". Look, it's $15 yearly, cool your jets lady. It's unbelievable how some people behave.

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22. Snobette Snootyson

As part of high school's newspaper team, one enjoyable assignment was the "Cars in the Lot", wherein we featured an old and new car along with their owners' interviews. Believe me! Old car owners always had entertaining tales to share.

Once, it was Snobette Snootyson's turn. She owned a luxury Range Rover. When asked about her favorite car feature, she replied, "It rolls quite slowly when I forget to put it in park. Plus, my G-Eazy bumper sticker."

Her response to sharing a humorous car story was, "I remember making silly faces at my friend and mistakenly taking a left turn on a red light, totaling my car. So, my folks bought me the same model!" I subtly added in the article, "Since October, Snootyson has managed to maintain her car undamaged." The issue was published in January.

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23. Daddy’s Dime

At university, I met a girl whose father was a high-profile banker. His income allowed his wife to stay home, and supported their three children's pricey education. The girl didn't need a job during college —her father covered her living expenses and school supplies, and she could afford frequent flights home for long weekends.

One time, I borrowed $10 from her for a meal. I assured her I'd pay her back once I received my paycheck from my café job. She seemed fine with it initially, yet she later criticized me publicly, on her blog and to her friends, labelling me a thief for the $10 loan.

I repaid her and confronted her about her blog posts, which embarrassed her. The latest news is that she's living in a Manhattan apartment bought by her father, working part-time as a yoga studio receptionist. She's even started a new blog about her so-called "struggles".

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24.  An Unreal Deal

When my eldest was 15, she was all about the "glam" factor, especially if it involved hot pink, black, and lace. I managed to buy her a complete dream bedroom outfit for Christmas; it was the same one she'd been eyeing in stores with her pals. I thought I had done a good job at hiding it.

One day, she subtly mentioned how thrilled she was about Christmas, mostly because she hoped to get an awesome digital camera. Then she blurted out a statement that totally shook me. "Can you IMAGINE if parents gift bedroom sets for Christmas? That'd be the WORST Christmas EVER. I just want a digital camera, and I'm not fussy!" She held my gaze while saying all of this. I felt both heartbroken and incensed.

We already had limited means, a fact she knew all too well. She was our foster child at the time, dealing with considerable emotional trauma and attachment issues. Raising her was challenging but our love for her was unwavering. It was evident she had discovered her gifts. 

The next day, I promptly returned everything and purchased a simple digital camera on sale, costing around $20.

Ungrateful People factsPexels

25. I Had To Put In My Two Bits

Previously, while employed at Apple, a mother entered our affluent neighborhood store with her two children, intending to purchase a Christmas gift for their father. Unexpectedly, her seven-year-old daughter expressed her desire for a new iPod touch as her current one was dated, to replace her father's proposed laptop gift. The daughter was allowed to select one.

In response to this, her younger brother, aged five, felt injustice and insisted he too should receive a new iPod touch. He was subsequently permitted to pick one out. Following their purchases, the family further obtained some accessories causing the mother's expenses to reach a total of $1000. Astonishingly, this shopping spree didn't serve as their Christmas presents.

Unfortunately, the children didn't express gratitude to their mother for the generous gesture. I felt compelled to prompt them: "This would be a great time to say thank you to your mom."

Apple factsWikimedia Commons

26. The One-Upper

I've had a friend since childhood who embodied the spoiled rich kid stereotype. His father was wealthy and flaunted it, climbing from the upper middle class to the rich category. I was comfortable too, but he always had to one-up me. If I owned a two-year-old Honda 70, he'd buy a top-of-the-line 50 with all the extras.

I didn't mind much, as I kept pace on the track, but this pretentiousness permeated everything. When I bought an old Impala SS, paid its insurance and gassed it up from my job's earnings, he received a new SRT8 Grand Cherokee complete with a $10,000 sound system. A year later, he owned a fresh-off-the-assembly-line SRT8 Challenger, despite no job or decent grades.

I'm not bothered by personal possessions or acquisition methods, but his conceited bragging was too much. Full of himself, he truly believed he was superior due to his material assets. The most disconcerting part? While I juggled school and a full-time job, he cruised through life, banking on "inheriting the family business".

Ungrateful People factsShutterstock

27. You’re Ruining My Spray Tan

I remember a girl from college who was excessively pampered by her divorced parents. Her stepmom, unable to have kids, considered the girl she inherited from her husband as her own, spoiling her to the extreme. Things were as one might expect—covering all her financial needs, including her college fees. However, interestingly, the summer before junior year, she demanded a car.

Her dad refused, only to be met with a tantrum. The stepmom eventually succumbed and got her a Lexus. The girl came back from her regular tanning session, only to find a brand new Lexus waiting in the driveway of her summer house. End of the story, right? Not quite. Apparently, the Lexus wasn't the car she had in mind.

She promptly had a meltdown on her front lawn because it wasn't the model she wanted; she had envisioned a red one of a different model. Amidst trying to pacify her, her tears ruined her fresh tan. After her tantrum, her parents decided to return the car while she kept complaining about needing it for her adult activities.

We initially assumed the car was taken back due to her ungratefulness, but a week later, her dad called. He had seen a car on sale with her preferred model, but it was white. This led to another spray tan-ruining meltdown because she felt excluded from the car hunting process, as her parents were handling everything.

Next, her stepmom took her car shopping for an entire weekend. However, after her stepmom left, she complained about not being loved enough due to their inability to instantly know what she desired. Interesting fact, she was 19 and going out with a married doctor from a local hospital. Needless to say, I purposely kept my distance after that summer.

I Still Cringe factsShutterstock

28. Employee for a Day

I used to reside close to a wealthy neighborhood with convenient grocery stores just within its vicinity. One of my friends, staying with us for a few weeks, would sometimes shop there after work. During one visit at the self-checkout, a lady asked her to pack her groceries.

Politely, my friend clarified she wasn't an employee there. But the woman was insistent—and she would NOT give in. She declared my friend must work there based on her outfit. In context, my friend was interning at a local engineering firm and her dress code was formal, not at all reflecting the store's uniform.

The woman's outburst eventually drew an actual employee's attention who reiterated multiple times that my friend didn't work there. Finally turned over the edge, the woman spurted out, "Well, she should have just bagged my groceries anyway." That’s how my best friend almost ended up strangling someone.

Retail Workers Describe Their Craziest Encounters With CustomersShutterstock

29. Insta-Hilarious

I knew a girl in college whose father was an oil tycoon. Despite being the most unbearable person I've encountered, she tried to portray herself as an extreme green activist but paradoxically spent her father's oil earnings on frequent nationwide and worldwide private jet trips, complete with lavish wardrobes and extravagant meals.

It's perplexing to see someone squander wealth while persistently preaching about gratitude for Earth's resources on social media. Her Instagram captions are quite amusing, like this one: "As the bright sun bathes me, I'm overwhelmed with thanks for every body part, my life's faithful warriors. 

Thank you, life-giving water, may we protect you as you do us. Recently, I've dwelled in shadows, a stark contrast to my habitual rose-golden cloud ride. I've accepted the uncertainty, embraced every aspect—pain, grace, peace. I'm blissful".

Such posts continue ad nauseam. The latest news about her is that she managed to persuade our college to allow a "unique" graduation ceremony in Hawaii. Currently, her father funds her "gypset" lifestyle, which, as far as I understand, means jet-setting around the world on a crazy budget, doing as she pleases.

Spoiled rottenShutterstock

30. Driven To Distraction

My brother accidentally damaged a piece on my dad's beloved car just shy of earning his license. Rather than walk five minutes to our local shop for a soda on a sunny day, he decided to drive without permission. He returned the car to the garage, pretending like nothing had occurred.

To curb my brother's unauthorized car use, my parents gifted him a shiny new motorcycle.

Spoiled rottenPexels

31. He Hit A Sour Note

I was juggling several jobs while my ex intermittently worked as a grip. I invested heavily in music gear on his behalf; he was a skilled musician, which made it seem worthwhile. My daughter from a past relationship was always a topic, with him constantly highlighting how fortunate I was that he popped the question despite my past.

He was continuously losing his temper. The breaking point came when he berated me for a speeding ticket HE acquired, blaming me and my income —suggesting it was insufficient to efficiently handle the insurance increase that ensued. Things got worse on Christmas Eve -—he got upset about me spending on my family and not more on his, then he hit me.

In truth, I'd splurged more on his family as they were wealthier and had high expectations. Swiftly, I found a place for my daughter and I, covertly outfitting it over the following months. After breaking up and moving out, he had the audacity to demand alimony. My response was to invite him to file a lawsuit, but he never did.

Fights That Ended Friendships factsShutterstock

32. Her Attitude Kilt Our Friendship

My college senior year, a close friend and I went to a meeting about a summer study abroad trip in Scotland, an absolute dream for me. It was a long shot that I could afford it, as I had worked tirelessly to pay for everything in my life—my car, laptop, bills, and even college fees.

My friend, however, didn't share these responsibilities. In fact, her life was a TOTAL 180 from mine—Her parents paid for her college fees, a good car, rent, and bills, among other things. She once tried having a job but quit when it clashed with a minor choir musical performance.

She was also known for being tight-fisted with money. She was open to accepting others' generosity, including mine, but was never eager to return the favor. Her definition of "responsibility" was her parents depositing money in her bank account for her to pay her bills. 

Once, she had me over for dinner at her parents' home. After buying a loaf of French bread, she demanded reimbursement from them. She had decided to rely on her parents until she married a man who could provide for her.

I couldn't afford the Scotland trip and was heartbroken. However, this only motivated me to do better—I picked myself up and promised myself that I would make the trip someday.

My friend, on the other hand, convinced her parents to pay her $5K trip fee and was always excitedly talking about it. Despite my secret envy, I was genuinely happy for her because I was good company. Until, the final straw came when I heard her complaining to another trip attendee. 

She claimed it unfair that others going on the trip got to see London and France too, yet her parents were ONLY paying for her to go to Scotland—a complaint that ended our friendship…

Ungrateful People factsShutterstock

33. Problem Child

It was my buddy's 15th birthday celebration, but her younger sister, an insufferable eight-year-old, was the center of attention. We were invited to a dinner party by their grandparents, where they blatantly favored the younger sister over my friend. The grandparents gifted the sister a better present than they ever gave my friend, not even bothering to gift anything to the birthday girl.

Dictated by the little sister, the party was held at her favorite restaurant. She openly mocked my friend's size and kept her isolated at the end of the table to hoard everyone's attention. As soon as we returned home, the sister began her theatrics, performing acrobat stunts and hogging everyone's attention, clearly overshadowing my friend's special day.

My friend and I attempted to discuss her alternate birthday arrangements, but we were rudely interrupted by her engrossed grandparents. When confronted, I snapped back, uncaring about her sister's antics, shocking the household. The grandparents chastised me for my rudeness, leading to a sudden departure from the party.

In addition to this, her parents gifted her a basic TracFone for Christmas, expecting her to pay for additional minutes. The underlying reasoning stemmed from them forgetting to pick her up from choir practice on multiple occasions. Her sister, however, was spoilt with a trendy smartphone, without any justified reason or financial expectations, leading to my utter disdain for the pampered child.

Worst Birthdays EverShutterstock

34. Ubers Are for Losers

Growing up, I lived in a poor, troubled household. I later managed to attend Stanford, which was a whirlwind of crazy experiences —enough for a novel. Imagine, overhearing folks diss Tiffany's as trashy. One instance of craziness was when Kyle, a friend, gifted his visitor all his room's furniture, simply because the guest complimented it. Why, you ask? Apparently, "handing freebees" is what he thought the rich do. He didn't bother to replace the stuff after that.

That's not all. I've witnessed a girl from our circle splurge $5k on a single dress. She later abandoned it for the hotel staff because she didn't like how it fit. However, the ultimate tale is of the same girl crushing on a handsome stranger at a party, who seemingly attracted her instantly.

This guy was off the charts for her. They chatted, and it turned out he was not even from Stanford, but Berkeley. Hearing this, she got irate. She slapped him, multiple times, as if him attending a state school was a direct insult to her. What a wild ride it was at Stanford!

Zsa Zsa Gabor factsShutterstock

35. I Miss my Butler

I'm an employee at an upscale buffet in Vegas. You'll be seated, asked to wait, and then I'll come over to welcome you, talk you through our food choices, introduce the beverage options, take your order for drinks, and direct you to serve yourself while I fetch your beverages. Once while departing, I overheard an eight-year-old say, "Do I have to fetch my own food?" His mom confirmed.

The kid responded, "I told you we should have brought Michael along." At first, I was puzzled about who Michael was. Once the truth dawned, I nearly cracked up. The mother responded, "NO, I said we aren't taking our butler on holiday." I had been standing just a few steps away and heard this conversation with crystal clarity. The revelation was amazing—the young lad wasn’t kidding at all.

He genuinely desired for their family butler to accompany them so he wouldn’t need to go to the buffet line for his own meal. I have no intention of criticizing the youngster for his luxurious lifestyle, but that was one of the most extraordinary conversations I've overheard.

Snobbiest Behavior factsShutterstock

36. Jimmy Two-Twos

My cousin, a mother to two boys aged seven and nine, constantly indulges them and turns a blind eye to their poor behavior. Whenever a birthday comes up, she instructs the invited family to get presents for both boys to prevent jealousy. Unfortunately, this backfired big time—the guests were incredibly upset by this.

Asking guests to bring a gift is questionable in itself, but requesting an additional gift for the non-birthday child is indeed irritating. Despite not being wealthy, they excessively spoil their children. Neither parent experienced a privileged upbringing, making it unclear why they're following this pattern.

Snobbiest Behavior factsShutterstock

37. Prom Princess

A few years ago, my mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer and underwent a complete hysterectomy. This put her out of work for some time, leaving my brother and I to cover most bills and groceries. At that time, my girlfriend couldn't grasp why I wasn't willing to spend a large amount on a tux and prom-related items.

She continuously questioned me about attending prom until one day, in frustration, I sarcastically apologized for my mom's cancer and subsequent surgery, and my role in covering the bills. She stopped asking after that, but tearfully confided in her friends at school, insinuating that I didn't want to attend prom with her.

Interestingly, she chose to leave out the information about my mom's cancer. I only learned about her half-truths recently when a co-worker, one of her ex-friends, enlightened me. 

Following this, we broke up as she was unfaithful, and she spread false rumors that I was abusive. In reality, I've never involved myself in any physical altercations and I'm even scared to hit anyone. Apparently, prom was more important to her than supporting my mom through her cancer ordeal.

Spoiled rottenUnsplash

38. She Was Creaming Mad

I remember this girl from my school who was super extreme. Her stepdad was insanely wealthy. He covered her ride, college, bills, and all those extravagant parties she loved throwing. She essentially had a mini apartment at home, complete with a private study, bathroom featuring a jacuzzi and power shower, and even her own gym. Yet, she was always griping about her stingy stepdad.

While we attended boarding school together, she had this routine of coming to my room each night for me to apply this peculiar acne cream on her back. She had a severe acne problem on her shoulders, and the cream smelled terribly, like spoiled cream cheese. One particular night, she entered my room after I had hit the sack and assumed I'd get up to rub the cream on her back.

She fully understood that I would have to get up to wash my hands after doing so. But since I was already tucked in, my roomie offered to assist instead. This set her off. She yelled at me relentlessly for an entire twenty minutes, calling me selfish. As her dramatic exit, she swiped all my books from the shelves, even damaging some keepsakes mixed in.

Spoiled rottenShutterstock

39. Spoiled To The Core

In my grad school days, my girlfriend and I were far from wealthy. Despite this, I often took her out and spent more than I should have. She had a knack for choosing the priciest items on the menu and opting for costly drinks, without ever suggesting we split the cost, even after dating significantly. We tried discussing finances and to my surprise, she was shocked when I suggested we cut back on the lavish expenses.

Ultimately, her spoiled and ungrateful nature led me to end the relationship. Post break-up, we had an argument where I voiced my concern about her never contributing financially. Her response left me stunned. She asserted that genuine generosity is all about giving unconditionally and not expecting anything in return.

Such irony! She deemed herself clever with her answer, but she was far from it.

Ungrateful People factsShutterstock

40. She Was Trippin’

During a choir trip to New York, I was rooming with three girls. My close friend (Girl #1), a casual friend (Girl #2), and an old acquaintance (Girl #3) who I hadn't really connected with for years. After a long, tiring day in the city, we returned to our hotel room to freshen up and rest.

We noticed Girl #3 seemed upset, but didn't initially think much of it. I tried initiating a conversation with her, though it felt awkward due to our long lapse in communication. She eventually confessed a truly dark secret—that she had been abused by her stepfather prior to the trip. Clinging to me, she cried her heart out.

She trembled as she expressed her fear of returning home. I did my best to comfort her, providing helpline numbers and local resources. While I was doing this, Girl #2 felt overlooked and began to draw attention to herself by crying about her terrible parents.

When asked about why she felt that way, she complained about her parents' controlling behaviour. When I asked her to be more precise, she said her parents were intolerable because they insisted she stop smoking at home, voiced their disappointment about her habit of bringing different men home every weekend and refused to fund her birth control. This made her believe that her parents detest her.

Girl #1 and I exchanged a look, and Girl #1 asked Girl #2 ask to leave the room. After that night, Girl #2 and I never remained friends.

Fights That Ended Friendships factsPexels

41. Never Good Enough

My girlfriend seemed to lack appreciation. Years ago in a prior relationship, she had a daughter and the biological dad had disappeared from their lives. We all moved in to a house she bought, which I contributed significantly towards the mortgage and virtually all other bills.

I was responsible for her daughter's school runs, causing me to be late for work —fortunately, my boss was understanding. Her daughter was rather spoiled and insisted on sleeping with her mother. I felt it was inappropriate for me to share a bed with a child not biologically mine, hence I slept on the couch.

Any attempt at requesting her to sleep in her own bed led to me being branded as a "bully". She complained that the sealing job I had done around the house was unsatisfactory, enraging her for the entire day. Even though the sealer was clear and mostly invisible, she was discontented.

I was an internet sales professional, not skilled in handy work, most of which I learnt through Google. Just a month into the new house, the air conditioner broke. She borrowed $2500 from her aunt, leaving me with the responsibility of repayment, despite not having the financial means or good credit history to secure a loan; thus I had to resort to a high-interest loan.

According to her cultural upbringing, not repaying loans was frowned upon and it was a man's duty to “handle it”. Throughout this ordeal, her gratitude was non-existent. She only expressed thanks when she felt spiteful, not realizing her fortunate circumstances.

Insane Exes factsPexels

42. Learning Is For Kids

Alright, here's a crazy story. A girl I knew had this dad who initially wanted to build her a car for her birthday. It turns into buying her a sports car, likely convinced by the girl's mother. But the most memorable story is about her pet situation. She had an old dog and two guinea pigs.

One day we're hanging at her house and she mentions wanting to rehome the guinea pigs. She admits not taking proper care for them; her dad plays the role of caretaker. I can understand this, it's surely better than neglect. However, her dad disagrees, insisting she shouldn't pawn her pets off on others.

His point about learning responsibility totally makes sense too. She snaps back, "I don't need to learn anything, I'm an adult!" Considering she is only 19 or 20 then, this comment feels irrational and I become skeptical about her reasoning.

The real reason for shedding the guinea pigs reveals itself as her wanting a new puppy, apparently condoned by her mom. Yet, the guinea pigs and old dog are still around. Fast forward a few weeks, I'm preparing for my wedding and she asks me to babysit the puppy, as her family goes on a weeklong cruise.

Really? They welcomed a young pup into their home that needs constant supervision, just weeks before a planned months-ahead cruise, leaving the pet-care to me amidst my wedding preparations? Plus, I've got a cat very eager to turn the puppy into a snack. No way. We ended parting terms since, only hoping all her pets are fine.

Snobbiest Behavior factsPublic Domain Pictures

43. Making Room

I've been holding onto this tale for some time. Picture this: I'm settled into an early seat on a super-packed Southwest flight, observing fellow passengers pile in. Gradually, the overhead compartments fill to maximum capacity.

Then, a young lady joins the fray, finds a spot in the row in front of me, and rather routinely, requests for others to move for her to sit. All totally standard. Except, her huge carry-on case is unsuitably large for under-seat storage. And by this stage, overhead bin space? It's all taken. Here's when things go sideways.

Ignoring social etiquette, she yoinks out an early-boarder's case from the overhead bin, drops it in the aisle, and tosses hers in the emptied space. As if that wasn't audacious enough, she sits, nonchalant, triggering an avalanche of stares from surrounding passengers, especially the bag owner and others obstructed by the impromptu aisle blockage.

As tempers start flaring, out of nowhere, an eagle-eyed flight attendant sweeps in. Following a short scolding, she starts a tricky game of overhead Tetris, managing to fit both the displaced and the lady's bag in, defusing a potential scene. The lady had left the plane before I could grab a word with her. It would've been interesting to hear her view on this!

Snobbiest Behavior factsShutterstock

44. True Hatred

My friend's ex-girlfriend exuded a profound sense of entitlement. She'd behaved poorly throughout their relationship, reacting with extreme tantrums whenever he tried to end things. On one heart-stopping occasion, when he attempted to break up with her, she tried to take her own life by jumping out of a car moving at over 70 mph. During the ensuing police response, she physically battled numerous officers. Despite this alarming behavior, things worsened.

Incredibly, she had the gall to continue pestering him. A month after the break-up, she made an unannounced visit to his home, traveling from two states away. When I inquired why she'd not forewarned him, she admitted a fear of rejection if he told her not to come. I was stunned by her audacity.

These days, she's still bombarding him with texts and social media messages. It strikes me as incredibly self-centered to persistently reach out after he's made it clear he wants no further contact. Her tendency to think only of herself and stir trouble among others had made her relationship toxic in the first place.

Her affluent upbringing meant she seldom heard the word "no", leading to a skewed perspective and an inflated sense of entitlement. I can honestly say I've never felt such animosity towards anyone as I do towards her.

Snobbiest Behavior factsShutterstock

45. Sharing Is Caring

During the Xbox 360 launch, I spent a winter chopping firewood on my uncle's land. With a trusty hand ax, I felled trees and hauled them to the front of the property. I then cut the logs and loaded them onto a trailer to be sold at a nearby gas station.

I used a payphone to call my parents for a pick-up after selling the firewood. I was only 13 then. After a few weeks, I had saved enough to buy an Xbox and Halo 3. Since I wasn't sharing MY Xbox enough, my grandma bought my brother one a week later.

Spoiled rottenPexels

46. Middle Sibling

I have been the middle child and apparently the only one who could manage money responsibly among us siblings. This often led my parents to cover more costs for my two sisters, as I had my own savings, not squandering it on unnecessary stuff regularly. The family often laughed about my knack for saving money; jokingly saying I still have the first dollar I made.

Growing up, dad used to say he'd cover half of our first car's cost, making us work and save for the other half. He funded half of my elder sister's car, which totaled $4,000; hence he paid $2,000. When it was my turn, it turned out he’d only give me $2,000 no matter the total cost. Thus, for my $5,500 car, he paid $2,000 and I paid the rest, $3,500. And that money came from a part-time job I had that paid $5 an hour, saving up took ages.

As for my younger sister, he stuck to the deal, paying more than $2,000, probably around $3,000. The incident did leave a sour taste. I deduced it was because my sisters were not able to muster their half, but they knew I could. But I guess the last laugh is on me, currently I am in a more financially secure position than them, handling money more proficiently, and driving a nicer car!

Spoiled rottenUnsplash

47. Do You Even Know Who My Friends Are?

My uncle seems to have a soft spot for materialistic women. Once, while I was working at his family-owned cigar bar, his future wife walked in. She suggested we employees go buy some lanterns and holiday lights to impress her affluent friends who were visiting.

I couldn't help but laugh at this, as we were swamped and short-staffed. This angered her, and she complained to my uncle. He rang me up, instructing me not to dispatch anyone for her decor demands, making it clear he didn't care. Well, take that, ma'am! Something about her parading her elitist connections irked me, and that impression sticks with me to this day.

Snobbiest Behavior factsShutterstock

48. (S)weeping

During my school days, it was our regime to tidy the classroom before commencing lessons. We had a shift routine ensuring each of us had a specific task. On one occasion, Josh had to sweep, and when we reminded him, he threw a tantrum, sobbed, and even threatened to inform his mom. 

We tried pacifying him, pointing out that it was a weekly task and our classroom wasn't overly large, but his reaction was even stronger—he sulked in a corner, weeping.

However, it wasn't the end, with the drama resurfacing the following week. Josh surprisingly arrived with his mother, setting the stage for an epic saga, which I find hard to forget even today. As we narrated the incident, she seemed indifferent to his duty responsibilities, strongly advocating that he shouldn't be doing menial tasks, further arguing how inconsequential it was for boys.

Josh, on his part, instigated the situation, misleading his mother that we were all bullying him. Consequently, the entire class was reprimanded...harshly. It ultimately led to a situation where another student would complete his chores while he sat back smugly, watching us work. 

Unbelievably, there was even a day when his mother swept the classroom floor herself, departing after chastising us all for our incompetence.

Snobbiest Behavior factsShutterstock

49. Swimming In Excuses

A while back, I worked in the foreclosure department of a major bank. There was this customer, a doctor, who I had been trying hard to connect with. Unfailingly, she'd become agitated every time we talked, telling me to stop contacting her about her pool. Evidently, she'd taken out a second mortgage to add an in-ground pool to her property. Regardless of my attempts to clarify her situation, she'd get dismissive.

In our last phone interaction, I, once again, informed her that due to her lack of payments for nearly a year, the foreclosure process was initiated. But, she couldn't fully comprehend the gravity of the situation and insisted we were simply bothering her about the pool, totally out of touch with reality.

Utterly frustrated, I decided to be more direct. I reiterated the fact that we were foreclosing not on her pool, but her home. Then I gave her a phone number. Upon her query about the purpose of the number, I disclosed, "it's U-Haul, as you may need to relocate unless you bring your account up-to-date in the next 10 days." She promptly wired the overdue amount the following day.

I’m Outta Here FactsShutterstock

50. Why There’s Still Hope

My boyfriend's sister is on the brink of being absolutely spoiled. The instant things get slightly difficult for her, either at school or work, she has full-blown meltdowns to the point of screaming. Each time this happens, her mom comes to her rescue, conducting her research assignments and writing her essays for her.

I would bring this up with the school, but it would be far too conspicuous. Her mother is an educator and should exercise better judgment. During a family outing, she made her boyfriend drive eight hours round trip to pick her up just because she craved more personal space for her studies.

The rest of us were also adjusting to the confined accommodations. Nonetheless, her mother ended up doing her school assignments for her. They even proposed giving her the master bedroom, which would result in two of us having to sleep on the floor. I should note that she's 22, a college student, and also holds a sales job where she excels, which is why I believe there's potential for her to mature.

Spoiled rottenShutterstock

51. The Way The Cookie Crumbled

Back in sixth grade, I was a bit of a loner, so getting teamed up with the popular girl for a project was like winning a lottery. As we rode the school bus to her place, she wrapped me in superficial warmth. Soon as we entered, the sweet smell of cookies wafting from the kitchen was hard to resist. Her mom, with a motherly smile, greeted, "Hello there! I'm Kim's mother. Would you like some cookies?"

Before I could respond, Kim burst in, "UGH, MOM, SHUT UP! YOU'RE MAKING ME LOOK BAD! NOBODY WANTS YOUR COOKIES!" Her chameleon-like behavior left me startled. A while later, her younger brother returned home, mimicking her disrespect towards their mom. When I excused myself later to use the washroom, I encountered a heart-wrenching sight of her mom in tears.

The next project session at Kim's was a déjà vu. Her mom was crying once again because of Kim's harsh words. Unable to bear it anymore, I stuck up for her mom, imploring Kim to treat her with kindness. Surprisingly, her mom's tears were replaced with an expression of anger, and she asked me to leave.

Ungrateful People factsPxfuel

52. Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’

For years, my dad dreamed of taking my sister, her family, myself, and my fiancé on a two-week cruise. He booked four cabins: one for himself and mom, one for my partner and me, one for my sister and her spouse, and one for their kids. Out of these, two had queen beds and the rest twin beds. I was oblivious about this arrangement before the trip.

Apparently, my sister wasn't. During the planning stage, she claimed the second queen bed for herself, which my dad allowed. On boarding the ship, my fiancé and I were guided to our room that beautifully flaunted a queen bed. Unaware of the bed situation in other rooms, we settled in. The storm brewed when my sister found the 'error', but chose to complain to dad instead of me, insisting he rectify it by evicting the "unwed pair".

Rather than displacing us, dad approached the cruise staff, but failed to acquire another queen-bed room for my sister. Her reaction was uncalled for—she started giving the silent treatment to my dad, me, and my fiancé for the entire journey. I would've willingly given up the room if I knew it was crucial to her. Yet, observing her childish behavior, I didn't feel like obliging her in the future.

Her tantrums spoiled our costly, once-in-a-life-time vacation, as she manipulated my dad using her children and stopped talking to him for a year. I'd always perceived her as somewhat narcissistic with a propensity for sulking, but this incident cast her in a new, repulsive light, making me ashamed of our shared genetic pool.

Customer Service IIShutterstock

53. The Ungrateful Houseguest

During my final year in high school, my friend was forced out of her home by her mentally ill mother. I persuaded my mom to let her live with us, and she did, even after I departed for college. Regrettably, it turned out to be a giant blunder. Once I left, she began sponging off my mom, deeply perturbing me. She made a mess while hosting guests when my mom was away.

She ceased reimbursing my mom for the cellphone my mom had gotten for her. Worse, she constantly smoked and drank in her room, against my mom's rules, making the room smell awful. She craftily took my credit cards without my consent, then slyly returned them to my wallet. She spent on her gas from the cards—for the car I sold to her at a low price.

Besides, she used my cards to cover her hotel expenses during her visits to a man she met at a nightclub. She even invited this man and his friend to move to New York, secretly accommodating them in my mom's home for some months until they found their own place. Eventually, I had to evict her. My mom thanked me later.

Ungrateful People factsShutterstock

54. Soup, Cold

My uncle runs a diner. On one occasion, I saw an odd incident involving two elderly gentlemen who ordered meals, each with a bowl of soup. Soon after serving, one of them demanded to talk to the owner in an irate manner. My uncle, the owner, approached and inquired about the issue at hand. Apparently, the man was upset as he found his soup too hot.

In response, my uncle advised him, slightly irritated, to "simply blow on it." This advice incited the man to cause a ruckus right in the middle of the diner, even threatening a lawsuit, which, in my opinion, would hold no water in any court of law. I have to say, it's not every day you get to see an episode like this.

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55. The City Is my Bin

I once saw a guy unwrap a recent purchase right on the sidewalk, kids by his side. Without a glance, he tossed his trash straight into oncoming traffic. The irony? He was standing right next to a trash can.

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56. Side Chicks

During my days as a broke college student, my affluent cousin and his spouse offered me the chance to housesit while they were on vacation, providing a welcome escape from my untidy roommates.

Their place lies a couple of towns away, boasting a majestic dwelling accompanied by an expansive front yard, all fenced in by a stately, tall iron gate of around 11 feet in height, accessible solely through a remote-controlled double gate.

I enjoyed a peaceful first night there and commenced my day having a royal breakfast before heading to school. I arrived back around five, prepared a dinner worthy of a king, and started focusing on my Econ assignment. My cousin's home is equipped with an alert system notifying the presence of a car approaching the gate through a soft chime.

As I was engrossed with my work, the chiming sound filled the room. Initially, I was puzzled and instinctively glanced at my cellphone before recognizing the source of the discordant sound. From my comfortable sofa, I noticed some movement displayed on the security screen. 

As I approached the screen, the sight that met me was truly unforgettable. I could clearly see two women disembarking from a white car where one attempted to wriggle between the iron bars, and when it proved futile, the other one sought to hoist her to the gate top, much to my amusement.

The woman at the top tumbled down and their swearing was audible even from inside the house. I was on the brink of addressing them through the intercom, asking about their unusual behavior, but their antics left me giggling and decided to silently observe instead. 

They peered at the house with intense scrutiny for quite a while. Then, the slimmer one stripped down to her underwear attempting another futile wriggle through the bars, thwarted by her own curves, following it up with a tirade of expletives.

While the slimmer woman was getting dressed again, the bigger one fetched a tire lever from her trunk, attempting to dismantle the gate hinges. That's when I dialed 9-1-1. 

The officers took their own sweet time to appear, and by the time they were here, the women had already made their escape, leaving the officers with no license plate details. Thus, upon my cousin and his wife's return, I narrated the incident, and we watched the footage together. While my cousin was clueless about the women, his wife seemed bothered and annoyed.

I soon left after thanking them for my short-lived holiday, and that particular summer she filed for a divorce.

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57. Weekend Trips To Bali

I attended a pricey private school, affordable only due to my scholarships. It had a lenient admission policy but retained a stellar reputation, attracting rich children more interested in partying than studying.

In my freshman dorm existed a girl, rumored to descend from the Versace clan. Her frequent, lavish spending lent authenticity to such gossip. Each weekend brought a knock at our doors from her, inviting us to join her on her impending expedition.

By 'expedition,' I mean her globe-trotting adventure, not a quick run to the market. Whether it was Paris, Australia, or Bali, this girl traveled wherever she fancied. She did these short three-day trips without any boundary of public holidays or long weekends.

She was genuinely baffled, and often offended when someone refused her invitation, explaining they can't afford three days in Paris. She just couldn't grasp the concept that not everyone could afford luxury travels. Despite university freshman requirement to live on-campus, she claimed to "live in the dorms".

However, her dorm stay was merely a pretense. In reality, she lived in a solo apartment costing $4,000 monthly, cleaned daily by a housekeeper. She was far removed from reality, coupled with her stunning beauty. Most likely, she will never face a tough day or need to work.

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58. Someone Needed To Put The Brakes On My Sister

My mom recently bought a spanking new BMW X5 with the thought it would be her daily vehicle. Surprisingly, my sister, once she got her driver's license, despised the idea of going anywhere in our Toyota Sequoia. Her defiance escalated to shouting matches with our parents and dramatic extremes. She would only settle for the BMW, essentially usurping my mom's new car.

Quite oddly, my sister behaved as though it were her right to use the BMW, and she didn't treat it with respect. She also became a chauffeur to all her friends, apparently avoiding the experience of riding in their not-so-luxurious cars.

 There was a time she blatantly declined to take out the recyclables because we decided to donate the $10 charity from it. She argued that if she was doing the task, then the money should go to her.

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59. School Of Spoiled Brats

For most of my life, I've lived in a rather affluent town. I remember being in the school cafeteria one day, chatting with some schoolmates during our free time. Conversation turned to a fellow student who'd received a brand new Mercedes for his 16th birthday.

One girl remarked with a trace of envy, "I wish my parents got me a Mercedes. All I got was a Subaru" -—a Subaru that was fresh off the assembly line and absolutely packed with every possible amenity.

Interestingly, the student parking lot at my high school boasted more luxurious cars than the teachers' section. Considering that the average salary for teachers at our school ranged between $90K and $100K, and quite a few of them earned beyond that, it was an amusing contrast. 

What's more, nearly all of these student-owned vehicles were not only paid for by their parents but also fueled, serviced, and replaced whenever necessary at the parents' expense. I'd often witness tantrums among my fellow students when their parents hesitated or outright refused to foot the bill for gas or a new car if they'd managed to wreck the previous one.

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60. This Rocker Was A Punk

My bandmate was unbelievably self-centered and unappreciative, which was painful to see. Let's discuss his guitars first. I owned four guitars which I worked hard to afford in the five years I'd been playing. He had a collection of high-end guitars, some valued over $1,000, but still complained they weren't enough or good enough.

He also had two iPads. When his dad tried to take them away as a punishment, he physically fought with him, then bragged about it at school. That was bratty enough of him, but he didn't stop there. For a period, he was without a phone, and when his mother went to get one for him, he impatiently demanded on Facebook for her to hurry with it.

With countless expensive gadgets, he exhibited careless indifference. Moreover, his wealthy grandparents offered him a low-mileage, barely driven car for his 16th birthday—a car that was just collecting dust in their garage. But he rejected their offer, demanding a brand-new one from his parents instead.


61.  She Was Honking Crazy

My pal's ex-girlfriend was the most thankless person I've met. Born into affluence, she was used to getting her every whim fulfilled, attributing her demands to her alleged autism. From exotic pets to costly dresses—she got it all. A pink Ferrari, custom painted with her name, was just one of her 21st birthday presents. But that was merely the beginning.

She had dumped numerous boyfriends as soon as gift-giving expectations rose. The boys, often earning modest salaries, couldn't keep up with her requests for pricey apparels, jewelry, and gourmet food. My friend was oblivious to all of this until he realized the absurdity, so he walked away.

Her coping mechanism to the breakup was not ordinary; she regressed to a childlike behavior. Anger would manifest into ear-splitting noises resembling geese honking. Screw up her meal —a honking fit. Swap her Coke with Pepsi—another fit. Skip her desired pricy gift and donate to needy kids on Christmas, bam! —a severe honking tirade.

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62. Stuffed Justice

A few years back, I attended a state fair and witnessed an incident involving a young mother with her little boy, who seemed to be about five, clutching a tattered stuffed animal, clearly a cherished possession. Another mother-child duo arrived, preparing to join the first pair on a ride.

The little boy laid his toy on a bench to fetch something, and the second child swiftly claimed it. Both mothers saw this. The first mother tried to retrieve the toy for her son, only to be met with protests from the other mother, claiming, "Finders keepers," and accusing her son of carelessness.

I was appalled and the situation soon escalated. The first mother explained that the toy had always been her son's. The other mother dismissed her, proposing they could replace it. The sight of the other boy mishandling his beloved toy deeply upset the original owner, causing him to shed genuine, quiet tears.

Unable to tolerate this, I intervened while the unsympathetic mom was distracted. I gently advised her child to return the toy. Carefully, I lifted the toy, dusted it off, and returned it to the rightful owner.

The sight of the toy’s return sparked outrage from the entitled mom, as she accused me of hurting her child and threatened to press charges. I successfully distracted her, providing a window for the first mother to discreetly leave. Once they were safely out of sight, I excused myself from the increasingly intense conversation, leaving the irate mother mid-sentence. Thus, I became the unsung hero of stuffed animals.

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63. Walking, Talking Wallet

Here's an amusing tale from when my older sister was just a preteen. She was around 12 or 13 years old, and she and my dad were shopping for new winter shoes. With just a glance, she set her sights on a pair of Converse boots. My dad advised her to explore more options, she might find something better.

Without missing a beat, she replied succinctly, "Don't forget, you're merely the bank." Today, when a family member accompanies another on a shopping spree, they humorously refer to it as "accompanying as the bank".

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64. Outta Control

There was a family I knew, with a seven-year-old who got kicked out of school for misbehavior. He was wildly throwing furniture around and wouldn't pay heed to anyone.

Rather than reacting with violence, the school's staff sent him home until he could learn to behave. His parents, however, were convinced the school was treating him unfairly, insisting their son was not the troublemaker they described. 

But here's the thing—you could see the irony of their defense when you met the family. The kid regularly disrupted their conversation, constantly yelling, and refusing to stay seated. He would hit his father and yank his mother's hair, thrusting his toys at them. 

And all the while, his parents maintained his innocence, blaming the teacher for his mannerisms. The father appeared resigned to this chaotic situation, his demeanor mirroring his defeat.

The mother, on the other hand, would offer a smile whenever her son cut her off. Witnessing their household was like watching a circus —filled with unrestrained antics and confusion. After that, I lost touch with them.

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65. Adventures In Babysitting

There once was a boy whose mother would indulge him in every way possible —making him individual meals, buying anything he wanted, and even clashing with his teachers if they mentioned his poor behavior. Then, a day came when I had to babysit him due to her family emergency.

He asked me to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I did as he asked, but he broke into tears, claiming it wasn't like his usual sandwich at home. He was only seven and I wasn't using any unique ingredients.

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66. Jealous Brothers, Or Spoiled Sister?

My first car was the old RAV4 that had been passed down in our family and previously driven by my brother. Despite it being a hand-me-down, I felt grateful to have a vehicle. Eventually, while in college, I bought it from my family for something nominal like around $1,500. It was quite a challenge for me to manage that. However, when my younger sister came of age, the rules seemed to change.

The very day she earned her learner's permit, my mother escorted her to the Mini-Cooper dealership so she could pick whichever model she fancied. Yeah, she bought it for her.

My sister drove the Mini for about a year. But white Jeeps appealed more to her than red Minis, so the Mini was sold off and replaced with a white Jeep. To this day, my brother and I feel a slight sting regarding that episode. In ways such as these, my sister has been granted liberties that we were never afforded.

Around the time I turned 20 (my birthday falls on January 8), I remember having to watch the rest of my family enjoying margaritas on Christmas, and my mother not permitting me even a sip.

Today, however, my 19-year-old sister freely drinks and snapchats at home with mom. It's rather hard for me to swallow.

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67. We Gave At The Office

The office manager at my job often engaged in questionable practices. Her mother had been diagnosed with cancer and she wanted to take her to an experimental treatment center in Mexico. She sent out an email asking everyone in the office to contribute money for their flights, not the treatment, which amounted to a sum of $1200.

Numerous colleagues contributed to her cause and a manager even gave her a full cheque of $1200. Since the company didn't have a travel program, employees used their own resources for work-related trips and accumulated miles. A sales rep procured the flights for her using his mileage points. Instead of giving back the collected money, she kept it, bragging about her plans to spend the surplus. No word of thanks was extended to her benefactors either.

Next, she lamented about her car troubles and lack of funds. She asked a co-worker if she could borrow some money as she wasn't sure she had enough gas to make it home. The co-worker loaned her a gas card. To her shock, her next bill showed three transactions totaling $250.

Following this, she boasted about purchasing a pure-bred puppy as a birthday gift for her husband. Furthermore, she constantly asked colleagues to join her for lunch. However, in every instance, she "forgot" her wallet, purse, or credit card. Then, when her mother was admitted to hospice care, she claimed no further need of the problematic vehicle.

The car wasn't in an ideal condition, for which she harshly confronted her ailing mother over the phone for an uncomfortable 30 minutes. The majority of the office was subjected to this upsetting confrontation. Making matters worse, her commitment to work was minimal -—her working hours never exceeded five per day, and she only showed up two to three times weekly due to constant personal issues.

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68. A Bad Habit To Break

My father strived tirelessly throughout his life to provide for me, my mom, and my sister. He managed to secure a well-paying job, which meant mom and sis didn't have to work. Tragically, however, his life saw an unexpected twist—he developed a severe addiction to pain medicine after a back surgery. This led to a car accident involving his work vehicle, forcing him into early retirement because of permanent disability.

Mom and my 31-year-old sister also had their issues. My sister still lived at home and had a daughter who was 11. Dad ended up having to raise and support his granddaughter, since my sister never worked. Both mom and sis seemed to live in a daze, simply waiting for dad's disability check to come in, and unfairly blamed him for their circumstances.

My sister's laziness bothered me deeply. There was a lot of entitlement. She demanded my mother take care of her every need, even banging on walls to get mom's attention. The fear of them knocking on my door after dad's eventual demise gives me shivers. Thankfully, my father's sound work ethic rubbed off on me, allowing me to establish independent living at a young age.

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69. Move Aside

I relocated to California with a pal who I believed was sensible. Her mother and stepdad were also making the move, allowing me to include my belongings with theirs. We secured a place and settled a move-in date. A week before the move, my friend was gifted a car by her mother. However, she threw a tantrum that same evening since her parent wouldn't assist us on day one of moving.

Her mom not only purchased a car but readily agreed to assist on a different day, along with financing the moving truck and taking on full responsibility of their rent and utilities. Actually, I was paying my share directly to my friend. Amid my friend's outburst, I found myself outside with her stepfather, apologizing for her behavior.

I didn't want them to assume we shared the same thought process regarding the situation. This led to him humorously suggesting that I should become his stepdaughter instead.

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70.  Family Unfriending

During a visit to my cousin's, I lent her a laptop. Despite not showing gratitude, she took it and went to her room. By the end of the trip, my nearly new iPod touch disappeared. I checked with her siblings but they denied seeing it. Although I remembered leaving it in my backpack during an outing with my friend, it was missing.

Then my cousin suggested it might have gotten lost at the bus stop, which was incorrect since my uncle picked me up there while I was listening to it. Fast forward a few weeks and to my surprise, I see my cousin on Facebook flaunting what was unmistakably my iPod touch. I was certain it was mine as the cord was still connected to the laptop I gave her, and their family didn't possess any iPhones or iPods with cameras.

In response, I left a comment on her photo, which was then ignored, deleted, and followed by her unfriending and blocking me.

Bizarre factsFlickr, Jamie McCall

71. She Was A Moaning Mooch

My so-called "best friend" was honestly the most frustrating person I knew. Despite not having a job and only attending university part-time, she was always asking her folks for money. And I mean daily.

Her entitlement was exasperating. If she didn't get the amount she wanted or if she didn't get it fast enough, she'd whine about it. Even how she spent the money was infuriating. Instead of sensibly using the money on affordable groceries or saving it, she blew it all on frivolities like takeout or alcohol. What's worse, her folks struggled to support her reckless spending.

She couldn't afford her education or her lifestyle yet had the audacity to continuously ask for more money. And she was far from appreciative. She constantly grumbled about her parents' reasonable suggestions for her to get job or manage her money better. She was honestly just a leech who drained the life out of everyone around.

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72. Car Problems

My friend's girlfriend got a new Jeep from her dad. Then she stole cash from her mom and got caught, so they confiscated the Jeep. Upset with her parents, her dad traded the Jeep for a cheaper SUV. But it likely won't change her —they're a wealthy family.

They have so much money, they contemplate whether to buy luxury items like a G6 or another boat. Her dad helps her manage her finances, including investing on her behalf monthly. She mostly relies on her job's tip money, while rest is saved by her dad.

His stock investments have been lucratively successful. Despite her wealth, she doesn't need to attend college. Yet, she still takes money from her parents and criticizes them. Her folks try to discipline her, but she just doesn't seem to heed their efforts.

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73. The Great Exchange

My spouse and I accommodate exchange students, right here in Canada. These are high school kids hailing from various corners of the globe. One time, we had this youngster from Southern Italy. This incident took place around the two-week mark.

Him: My bed linens are yet to be cleaned.

Me: Did you wash them?

Him: No.

Me: That might be why they're still dirty.

What he said next took me aback—"The housekeeper does that". Strangely enough, he did do laundry for his clothes, but struggled with the bed as he wasn't quite sure how to put it all back together. 

It was a given that he would eventually learn these chores, including how to do laundry correctly, make a bed, even whip up a few dishes, which he took home along with a handful of recipes. Though the boy was a tad difficult, his eagerness to learn the basic skills utterly compelled us to spend time teaching him.

Something Wasn’t Right factsPixabay

74. Stupidhead Is Not So Stupid

I once observed a clever disciplinary technique at my local grocery store. There were two moms and two kids--a young boy and girl. The boy persistently begged for candy, only to be denied repeatedly. His constant nagging was quite irritating, especially considering my worsening headache.

The boy, unable to get his way, resorted to a full-blown meltdown. He threw himself on the ground, crying, yelling, and even resorting to name-calling. His mother and the other lady exchanged whispers and smiles, while the boy was creating a ruckus. The mystery of their secret plan added to my headache.

Soon, the boy's mom grabbed a candy bar and placed it in her cart. This instantly ended the toddler's tantrum. At the cash register, she paid for their purchases, including the candy bar. 

But then instead of giving it to him, she turned and handed it to the little girl behind her. Facing her stunned son, she confidently stated, "Good behavior earns rewards, while tantrums and causing embarrassment earn you nothing."

Without another word, she strode off, leaving her speechless child standing there. The whole scenario was so unexpected and brilliantly executed, that a spontaneous round of applause erupted from the onlookers.

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75. Sometimes It’s Best to Keep Your Mouth Shut

The company, with a workforce of around 1,200, organized a grand Christmas soiree at a large conference hall. The CFO, while delivering the welcome address, asked—hoping for a raucous approval—if everyone was happy with their Christmas bonuses. Instead, he was met with a chorus of boos.

The reason was simple—out of 1,200 employees, more than a thousand were relegated to customer service. They had not received any bonuses; only those in "corporate" departments had. To rub salt into the wounds, the CFO, who should've been well aware that 80%+ of his company hadn't acquired bonuses, chose to gloat about it.

Later that evening, the CEO took the stage and declared that the office would remain shut on Friday (since Christmas was landing on a Thursday), implying a day off for all. Interestingly, he had just finished an inspiring sermon emphasizing that every single employee was valued and belonged to the company family, irrespective of their department.

The next day, though, revealed the real picture when an absolutely appalling memo arrived. Customer Service was expected to work on that Friday. Seemingly, the term "everyone" did not encompass all and the CEO seemed clueless about how his declaration wouldn't be applicable to some. 

As a consequence of this mistreatment, come January, a steep 60% employee attrition rate was recorded.

Employees Share Horrible Things factsNguonSongMoi

76. Ingrateful Sister

Even now, I provide a substantial monthly allowance to my sister as our folks struggled to keep their heads above water. They didn't have additional cash for her to spend at her art school. One night, I had to show up for an elegant charity dinner for my job. Since my sister had free time that night, I thought I would ask to borrow her new luxury sports car.

The car was really great, a gift from our parents. I was stuck with an old, battered vehicle. She claimed she had driven 50 miles that day and didn't want to stress the car. Upon hearing this, I stared at her, disbelieving. Seeing my surprise, our dad chimed in, "Your brother is financially supporting you, can't you lend him the car for a single evening?" Her response was sooo annoying.

"I never asked him for the money," she retorted, which made my dad upset, making her burst into tears.

Spoiled rottenUnsplash

77. His Words Took A Bite Out Of Me

Until I was 16, I was quite a splurge, often clashing with my mom. If denied anything, I turned to dad for my needs. One day, after a major argument with mom, I hung out at a friend's boyfriend's place, a home with awful folks, who owned a dog pack.

While spending time outside their house waiting for another friend, we started goofing off around the dogs —an affair that went horribly wrong. Suddenly, one dog bit me, sending me to the hospital and then back home to intense punishment. It was the toughest I'd ever faced.

Mom lost her cool, showering curses and objects, and I was grounded for half a year, devoid of TV, books, internet, video games, or extracurricular activities. Just school, then housework till bed. Dad, however, opted for a more mature reaction, expressing their worries and my blunder.

Finally, he expressed, "Though I'll always love you as my child, it's my duty to prepare you to be a competent individual, a task I've so far failed in. I'm sorry." Following that, I refrained from frivolous demands, appreciating them daily. This incident forced me to acknowledge my flaws and seek improvement.

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78. The Early Riser Razed The Fridge

A pal of mine needed some extra cash, so he rented out his small flat for a month. The tenant, also a long-time friend, moved in and treated it like his own place, which we were all cool with initially. Despite setting an early alarm for school, he often ditched class and ended up waking our other friend instead.

On top of that, he had quite an appetite. One night, he claimed he was just grabbing a midnight snack. But when my friend woke up early the next morning —thanks to the persistent alarm —he discovered his fridge had been thoroughly raided. This supposed snack looked more like an all-out feast.

The cherry on top? This guy didn't offer to cover any costs even while taking advantage of my friend's belongings.

Bad Guests FactsShutterstock

79. Selfish Sis

My sister was staying with us, always asking my mom, who was recovering from back and eye surgeries, for cash. However, my mom was jobless during her recovery period and literally had no extra money to spare regardless of my sister's thoughtless demands.

Despite the strain my sister put on our family finances, my mom would give in since she couldn't easily walk away from her tantrums. What frustrated me the most was that my sister barely made an effort to search for a summer job and yet insisted on having a week-long vacation, funded by my mom.

Dumbest peoplePexels

80. She Wasn’t The Cat’s Meow

My girlfriend's family didn't have much money, quietly struggling with finances. Her sister had a stubborn entitled attitude that often got her into trouble. Right after getting her driver's license, she thoughtlessly borrowed her best friend's car while he was asleep and ended up in an accident, smashing into a couple of parked cars all because she was distractingly texting. 

An argument with her dad ensued, tears were shed, but in the end, they forgave her. Subsequently, she demanded from her parents $4,000 to buy her personal car. She had a deep, dark secret though—she had been using illicit substances, a secret her father was oblivious to until then. 

She often drove his car to work and sneakily used the vehicle as her personal space to consume substances  When her father discovered this, there was another heated confrontation. Overwhelmed, she tearfully threatened to harm herself after being grounded, which led to her parents letting her off the hook. 

Their way of making amends was by getting her a kitten as a present.

Adults Hissy Fits factsShutterstock

81. Double Standard

My younger sister managed to convince our folks to cover her entire college expenses, a privilege I didn't get. She dropped out somewhere in her first two years. 

During her fourth year, our parents found out she was creating fake school documents and squandering the money on herself. Eventually, they began to limit her funds, though they still provided for her basic needs. They didn’t demand any refund.

Yet she rebelled, refusing to acknowledge our parents until they restored her previous lifestyle. It hit them hard when she moved out-of-state with her boyfriend. As a safety measure, they continue to pay for her smartphone for the likelihood of an "emergency". 

She would sometimes ring them up for financial help or to confirm the arrival of holiday gifts. They oblige in order to maintain communication.

Exes Disturbing Behavior factsPiqsels

82. Momma’s Boy

My present roommate is an only child who chose to live with girls. He assumed we'd take on a maternal role, was bewildered when we asked him to maintain cleanliness and do his laundry. He declined to purchase toilet paper, expecting me to cover him for a year—yet that's not the worst. He got into a physical disagreement when I suggested he buy his own.

He gathered everyone and voiced a need for more attention from us. After expressing sadness to his mom, she immediately flew across the country to our flat. There's a lot more in this saga.

Spoiled rottenShutterstock

83. Sweet Revenge

For two years, my girlfriend and I lived together, with me covering all the rent. I even handled the cost of frequent car repairs. Moreover, I dealt with her family, including her hard-drinking brother nearly burning my house down, her father suffering from a stroke who unexpectedly lived with us for months, her perpetually jobless sibling, and her array of exasperating friends.

Her friends, who embodied the reckless "YOLO" mentality, consistently disrespected my home. After tolerating all this, I discovered she was unfaithful with not one, but two men. 

The day she returned home to find all of my belongings —which composed the entirety of our home —gone and a note suggesting she move on, was undeniably satisfying.

Crazy ex boyfriendsShutterstock

84. Reversal Of Fortune

I knew a man who was considering legal action against his parents because they spent their retirement traveling luxury style worldwide. His reasoning was absurd—he feared this spending spree would deplete his future inheritance. 

Now in his 50s and his folks in their 80s, he'd planned his own retirement banking on a seven-figure fortune from his then-to-be-late parents.

His envisioned leisurely life depended entirely on accessing THEIR funds. He became extremely upset when he discovered they'd decided to take out a reverse mortgage on their home, leaving him with lesser inheritance.

Baby Boomers factsShutterstock

85. Feeling: Insulted

My friend went above and beyond to help her sister land a job at a factory, which offered an hourly wage of $19 from the get-go. The sister, an uneducated woman with no skills but three children to take care of, was lifted from the struggles of minimum wage jobs. 

This seemed like her golden opportunity in life. She used to be known for selling petty $5 items on Facebook. You'd assume she would be overjoyed, right? Wrong.

She quit only two hours in, and then immediately justified her actions on Facebook. She suggested the job was beneath her "extensive education", despite unsuccessfully trying for an associate's degree for five years. She branded the job as an offense to her intellect —absurd! I know many families who are prospering at this same workplace.

She barely has any savings, yet she finds the job demeaning. This attitude irked me. It was incredibly belittling especially when I have numerous hardworking, blue-collar friends who surpass her in wisdom and success.

Snobbiest Behavior factsShutterstock

86. Spoiled Teen

When I was just 15, I dated this affluent girl I encountered at a city center café. Her folks were truly wealthy, boasting a private cinema, a wine cellar, and their own housekeeper. For her 16th birthday, she received a shiny, new Lexus.

 It took her four attempts to finally pass her driving test. However, within a week she wrecked her new car, but her parents simply replaced it for her.

They even arranged for her to fly all the way from California to London just for school clothes shopping.

Spoiled rottenPexels

87. He Couldn’t Get A Handle On It

A man in my dad's office had grown so large, he couldn't drive himself to work anymore. One of his colleagues kindly offered to carpool daily. One evening, upon leaving the office and climbing into his friend's vehicle, he gripped the overhead handle for support. 

Due to his hefty size, he accidentally ripped off both the handle and a portion of the car's top, landing him flat on the parking lot. Feeling wronged, he tried to sue the company, arguing his accident occurred on office premises, hence they should cover his medical bills. 

However, since he had logged out of work, his claim was denied. Not giving up, he redirected his lawsuit towards his carpooling colleague, alleging his car was hazardous and had jeopardized his safety. I was beyond livid when I heard the story.

Frivolous Lawsuits FactsShutterstock

88. Furniture Freak Out

Once, I knew a girl who was gifted a brand new dresser. Her folks traveled more than 621 miles to present this gift, believing it will fit perfectly in her renovated Stockholm apartment. 

But then she threw a tantrum, and it was the stupidest thing ever—it was over one tiny non-white detail on the dresser. Unfortunately, they had to return it and buy a basically similar but all-white, pricier version.

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89. Beam Me Up

As a child, I was around wealth, thanks to my dad and all of my aunts and uncles, but it was never flaunted or used to spoil us. My introduction to conspicuous spending came one Christmas in my 20s, when I drove up in my hard-earned Mitsubishi to a driveway full of brand new Beamers and Porsche SUVs of my relatives.

While indulging in a smoke break outside, my chat with my 16-year-old cousin left me stunned. There he was, complaining about his new Beamer, contemplating how to coerce his parents into upgrading it. That was quite the shocker for me. Needless to say, my smoke break ended prematurely and I spent the remainder of the day deliberately dodging him.

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90. My Sister Got Called Out

I recently upgraded to a new iPhone and thought my younger sister, who's 12, would appreciate my old one as her first phone. To my surprise, and in front of our dad, she flippantly discarded it into the trash saying "Eww." Both surprised and upset, our dad reprimanded her for her lack of appreciation.

In response, he confiscated her computer and replaced it with an outdated Motorola Razr, restricting the contact list to just him, mom, and me. I understand the sense of sibling unity, but watching her face the consequences was somewhat satisfying.

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91. The All-Seeing Pie

A few years back, I worked at Pizza Hut, delivering pies. One regular customer was a wealthy family with three kids living in a large house. They were generally great customers, placing extensive orders and giving generous tips. However, one day, I noticed an anomaly with their order—it was twice as big, and the name on the order wasn't the experienced father's.

Arriving at their house, I noticed a party was in full swing and the parents' car was missing. The oldest daughter, around 15, answered the door. Although I had no issues with her enjoying herself, she rubbed me the wrong way by being condescending, mocking my attire, and not tipping me for a $100+ order.

I kept quiet at the moment, but saw my chance for revenge two weeks later when they placed a regular order. I delivered it, and the father answered the door. Unable to resist, I inquired about their recent party, which obviously took him by surprise. 

After a moment, he tipped me $50 and casually remarked that they must have really enjoyed the party. After he closed the door, I heard him call his daughter down in an authoritative tone. Sure, it may have been petty on my part, but it goes to show that one should treat their delivery driver respectfully and also remember to tip.

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92. Money Can’t Buy You Class

I was a teaching assistant (TA) for several courses at my prestigious university, where most students are exceptional. Occasionally, a few slip through the admissions process. My most challenging experience was with a freshman in a lower level math course.

She came from an affluent background and probably attended an expensive private school that might've handled her application. She'd be dressed in designer outfits, spending lectures chatting with friends and online shopping.

After she missed submitting the first four assignments, I emailed her, indicating that homework formed a significant part of her grade and I'd accept late submissions. I received no response, and this hurt her deeply—she failed her first midterm miserably.

At this point, it was advisable for her to retake the course next semester. I emailed her this advice. She replied, stating she planned to make up the grades in the next midterm. She continued failing through the semester until something unexpected happened.

On the last day of my discussion section, she attended with her parents. After the session, she introduced her parents and handed me a pile of assignments for the semester. Her parents watched proudly.

I politely informed her of the university's late submission policy and that she wouldn’t earn any credit. Her parents visibly upset, caught me off-guard—they totally insulted me. I showed them her poor attendance record, zero homework score, and underwhelming midterm grades. 

With her parents seething and her starting to cry, I quickly excused myself to rush off to class. As I left, I could hear the student being lectured in a way that drew attention from passing students and teachers. She ended up missing the final exam.

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93. Hotel Havoc

I once manned the front desk at a boutique hotel. A man who clearly thought quite highly of himself strutted in with a shockingly low-priced online reservation. He objected to everything, including the need to provide his card details and the directions to the lifts, stating, "I'm not stupid."

He was unpleasantly arrogant. Within 10 minutes of checking him in, he demanded a king bed with a view, even though he had only booked a standard queen online. Wanting to keep the peace, I accommodated his request, as we had spare king rooms. Not long after, he returned to complain about the room's size.

"I'll give you one more chance to satisfy me," he warned, requesting the general manager. After extensive wrangling, we eventually provided him with our top suite and free parking due to the alleged "trouble" we'd caused him. Notably, he received all of this for a mere $40 a night! Yet, the surprise didn't end here.

As he left for dinner, he casually informed us that he wouldn't even be using the room much as he was visiting friends. Irked by his behavior, I decided to disrupt his plans.

I made sure to reset his room keys whenever he left the hotel, which happened multiple times a day. It amused me to see his frustration when he had to make the tiresome trip to the front desk to get his keys reset, especially after a long night out. Needless to say, he left disgruntled, and it's safe to say he probably won't be returning.

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94. It Didn’t Add up

During my internship, I encountered a classmate who always believed he was more intelligent than everybody else. Though he was smart, the difference wasn't substantial. However, he was always matched with less capable students, leading him to display an air of conceit. We eventually discovered the root of his arrogance during a specific parent-teacher meeting.

In his parent's eyes, their son was the most intelligent student in school. They geared his mindset towards this, leading to his inflated ego. During this conference, they lashed out at the teacher, accusing her of "trying to belittle him" and calling her "inefficient". The meeting concluded with the teacher exiting tearfully, but poetic justice wasn't far behind.

A week later, a school event was held where parents observed their children participate in mathematical games with fellow students. Interestingly, the arrogant student was paired with the genuine brainiac of the class for these games. He was utterly beaten in the math challenges, leaving his parents dismayed. They hastily left the event before it ended, even pulling their son out of school for the rest of the day.

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95. Feeding Time

Once, as an IT professional in Maryland, I had some intriguing experiences serving the wealthiest of clients, including a notable doctor in Montgomery County, a place known for its affluence. The doctor owned multiple offices around DC, employing a significant number of staff, including other doctors. His immense wealth was evident through his array of high-end cars parked in his massive garage, his art collection, and his wine cellar. Truly, he had all the status symbols.

My duties in his medical practice included managing servers and occasionally visiting his home as I was the lead admin. During one such visit, I had a rather peculiar encounter. As I was going about my work upstairs near the bedrooms, I stumbled upon a scene that stuck with me.

The doctor, a robust man in his 50s who did not require any personal care, was laid in bed, being hand-fed a full meal by an assistant. Interestingly, it wasn't something like grapes being fed, but a regular meal comprising steak, soup, salad and so forth. It struck me as quite odd —an adult being spoon-fed like a child. It was an image that betrayed an air of dictatorial superiority, demanding king-like treatment.

To me, this was a shocking display of opulence.

Secret Lives of the RichWikimedia.Commons

96. Missing Fairy Godparent

My colleague had an interesting experience as a bouncer at a high-end club frequented by rich youngsters. He was often exposed to their ostentatious displays of wealth, which included buying the priciest champagne just to dump it, giving away Rolex watches like party favors, and tipping staff with thousands of dollars. These kids seemed to live in a world disconnected from reality.

A notably alarming event once occurred when he was at the door. A drunk youngster tried to enter the club and when denied, chose to take a swipe at him. Obviously, this wasn't the best decision.

The kid realized his mistake immediately, finding himself face down on the ground, hands cuffed behind his back. But even then, he wasn't concerned. He kept repeating, "It's all right, call my dad, he'll sort this out," incapable of comprehending his arrest for attempted assault.

His unawareness persisted. Even as the police arrived and put him in their car, he failed to understand that his actions had real consequences, and his father wouldn't just appear to magically fix everything.

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97. One Per Person

I once took a Megabus from DC to NY and witnessed a situation involving a family with several young kids. They were searching for the remaining open seat. They spotted one next to a young woman, but when they asked if they could take it, the woman replied, "Sorry, I was hoping to keep this seat vacant so I could sleep". Confused, the family responded, "That's not how it works" and went to fetch the bus driver for assistance.

The woman repeated her wishes to the bus driver, who also corrected her saying, "That's not how things are done". The situation was resolved when one of the children was allowed to seat next to her. I wonder how she thought she could manipulate the situation. No inappropriate language was used but the incident made for an interesting bus ride.

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98. How The Other Half Gives

Working the night shift at Subway could be a real test of patience, especially when faced with challenging customers. One particularly tough night, a young customer walked in, signaling the start of an encounter that would become a memorable story in the annals of my fast-food career.

This customer, seemingly on a mission to make my shift more difficult, strolled up to the counter with an air of nonchalance. He had his sights set on a foot-long sandwich, and I was prepared to guide him through the usual process of crafting his chosen masterpiece. Little did I know, this encounter would deviate from the usual script in the most unexpected way.

As I began taking his order, it became apparent that communication wasn't going to be smooth sailing. He spoke so softly that his words barely reached my ears, sighing constantly as if the act of ordering a sandwich was an unbearable burden. 

He would walk off midway through the process, leaving me standing there, bewildered, as if I were chasing him down the condiment aisle. To make matters even more perplexing, his response to most questions was a lackluster, "I dunno."

Dealing with difficult customers was part of the job, but this one seemed to take it to a whole new level. As the assembly of his foot-long masterpiece progressed, he continued to test the limits of my patience. It was a symphony of sighs, awkward pauses, and muttered uncertainties. 

All in all, he was giving me a hard time, and I couldn't help but wonder what had put him in such a gloomy disposition. The true challenge, however, presented itself when it was time to settle the bill. With a smug and irritating smile, he admitted that he didn't have the full amount. 

He was short by a measly 40 cents. It was a move that seemed more like a deliberate attempt to aggravate than an honest mistake. In that moment, I faced a decision—to either let it slide or stand up for the principle of fair transactions.

Without allowing his annoying grin to rattle me, I took a deep breath and calmly said, "That's not a problem, champ. Let me punch this in as a 6-inch sandwich instead." His grin widened, undoubtedly thinking that he had successfully manipulated the situation to his advantage. 

Little did he know that I had a plan up my sleeve, one that would turn the tables in the most satisfying way. Before finalizing the charge, I employed a combination of assertiveness and quick thinking. Swiftly grabbing the sandwich, I sliced it in half with precision. 

As I handed one part back to him along with his change, I calmly consigned the other half to the bin, meeting his eyes with a firm gaze. It was a subtle yet effective move, a way to assert that fairness went both ways.

The look on his face shifted from triumph to confusion in an instant. The realization that his attempt to shortchange me had backfired hit him like a ton of bricks. It was a small victory, a moment where the balance of power swung back to where it rightfully belonged—in the realm of fairness and honest transactions.

As he left the store, presumably with a half-filled stomach and a lesson in integrity, I couldn't help but reflect on the absurdity of the situation. What had driven him to such lengths over a few cents? 

Was it a misguided attempt at asserting control, or was he simply having a rough day? The mysteries of human behavior lingered in the air, adding a layer of complexity to an otherwise routine night at Subway.

Word of the encounter spread among my co-workers, turning it into a legendary tale of wit and resilience. The story became a source of camaraderie among the staff, a shared experience that highlighted the importance of standing firm in the face of adversity, even if it came in the form of an oddly disgruntled sandwich customer.

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99. Check, Please!

Working as a waiter in the charming summer haven of Muskoka, Ontario, offered a unique blend of tranquility and excitement. Nestled in the heart of Canada, Muskoka was not only known for its picturesque landscapes but also as a high-end summer cottage region that attracted celebrities seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.

Among the stars who graced the local establishments with their presence were the likes of Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Martin Short, and Dan Akroyd. Celebrities and their entourages became a regular sight, adding an air of glamour to the quaint charm of Muskoka.

One particular incident stands out vividly in my memory, an encounter that brought a local "celebrity" into the spotlight—though not for the reasons he might have preferred.

This local character fancied himself a celebrity, parading around with an air of self-importance. Despite his claims to fame, he had a notorious reputation for never leaving tips, much to the dismay of the service staff. On this fateful day, he arrived at the restaurant with a group of friends, ready to indulge in the high-end offerings of Muskoka's culinary scene.

As the evening unfolded, the group enjoyed an extravagant feast, racking up an impressive $600 bill. However, what followed was a routine that had become all too familiar to me—the nonchalant scrunched-up Visa bills flicked in my direction. This time, though, something within me snapped. 

Perhaps it was the cumulative frustration of dealing with his lack of generosity over the months, or maybe it was the desire to stand up for fair treatment. Without a second thought, I decided to deviate from the usual script.

Instead of accepting the crumpled bills, I swiftly kicked them into the adjacent lake, breaking the monotonous routine. The action was met with a mix of surprise and indignation from the local pseudo-celebrity and his companions.

His smug remark about me not knowing the tip met with a retort that had been simmering within me for far too long—a simple declaration that he never tipped anyways. The awkward silence that enveloped the table was, in that moment, incredibly satisfying. 

It was a small act of defiance against the prevailing injustice of being stiffed on tips by someone who relished in his self-proclaimed celebrity status.

As the group finished their meal and made their way out, the tension lingered in the air. Determined to address the situation, I decided to take a stand against this blatant disregard for common courtesy. Knowing I had no proof of the bill being settled, I took a bold step and reported the incident to the local authorities, alleging an act of "dining and dashing."

The police, surprisingly prompt in their response, tracked down the local celebrity and his friends. The subsequent investigation revealed that they indeed hadn't paid the bill. Forced to face the consequences of their actions, they were made to return to the restaurant and settle the outstanding amount.

The restitution served as a small victory, not just for me but for the entire service staff who had endured the brunt of this individual's disregard for the hard work that goes into providing exceptional service. 

From that day forward, the local celebrity never misbehaved with me again. The incident seemed to serve as a reality check, forcing him to recognize the importance of treating service staff with the respect they deserved.

In the aftermath, the atmosphere in the restaurant subtly shifted. There was a newfound camaraderie among the staff, a shared sense of triumph over a situation that had once seemed insurmountable. The incident also sparked a conversation within the local community about the treatment of service workers and the importance of fair compensation for their efforts.

As time passed, Muskoka continued to welcome a rotating cast of celebrities, each leaving their mark on the quaint region. However, the tale of the local pseudo-celebrity served as a cautionary reminder that genuine kindness and respect were qualities far more enduring than any fleeting claim to fame. 

The incident became a local legend, a story shared among the service staff as a reminder that sometimes, standing up for what is right can lead to unexpected and gratifying outcomes.

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100. The Bridezilla

My close pal fell deep into the Instagram vortex, and it began to reshape her reality. It was quirky yet bearable at first, with every moment requiring a capture. But then she got engaged, and her influencer persona exploded.

I found myself in her bridal party, longing for gratitude but being met with outrageous demands instead. Costly trips, high-end parties, everything influenced by her 'Instagram following.' Heartbreakingly, she belittled her best friend for planning a humble bridal shower rather than an extravagant, insta-worthy event, and it didn't stop there...

What was once an in-state wedding soon turned into an expensive destination event, followed by an out-of-town bachelorette. Unable to afford such luxuries, I was mortified when I was berated and dubbed as an imposter ruining her experience.

Her incessant tantrums eventually shattered the bridal party, alienating myself and her maid of honor from attending the wedding. All for the sake of a few Instagram posts, and yet, it becomes weirder.

In a surprising twist, she tried to gain sympathy points with a fabricated public 'apology' on her blog, playing the victim card. A hard lesson learned —it's easy to lose oneself in the illusions of social media.

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101. Like Mother, Like Daughter

It was a cold winter day in Montreal, and the anticipation of my ex-girlfriend's birthday hung in the air. Remembering her casual comment about wanting to see a Montreal Canadiens game, I decided to surprise her with tickets. I spent a considerable amount to secure good seats, excited about the joy I thought the gift would bring her.

As her birthday approached, I could hardly contain my excitement. On the special day, I presented the tickets with a wide smile on my face, expecting a grateful reaction. However, to my surprise, her expression shifted from curiosity to disappointment as she unwrapped the gift.

 A sarcastic remark escaped her lips, revealing her disapproval. I was taken aback, struggling to understand why she wasn't thrilled about the tickets she had mentioned before.

Confused and eager to salvage the situation, I asked her what was wrong. She scoffed at the hockey game tickets, revealing that what she really wanted was something shiny—a piece of jewelry, not an experience. I felt a mix of frustration and disbelief, wondering how I had misinterpreted her initial desire for a game night.

Despite my best efforts to explain my good intentions and the fact that she had mentioned the game herself, she remained unimpressed. It became clear that she had expected a materialistic token of affection rather than an enjoyable experience. 

She dismissed the game as if it were a mere inconvenience, even going as far as referring to attending the game as her "birthday punishment." Determined to make amends, I suggested various ways to enhance the experience, from booking a fancy dinner before the game to exploring the vibrant city of Montreal together. 

However, she remained adamant about not attending the game and insisted on spending her birthday with her girlfriends instead. To add insult to injury, she requested that I sell the tickets, dismissing the entire idea of a hockey game as something beneath her.

Enraged and hurt by her reaction, I found it difficult to comprehend how a thoughtful and, in my opinion, exciting gift could be so callously rejected. The next day, I found myself making a decision that would change the course of our relationship. Frustrated with the materialistic expectations and lack of appreciation, I decided it was time to end things between us.

Breaking up is never easy, and the aftermath was filled with emotional turmoil. Her mother, perhaps sensing the gravity of the situation, attempted to mediate and salvage the relationship. She suggested that I should buy the shiny gift my ex desired, hoping it would mend the growing rift. 

However, I stood my ground, refusing to succumb to materialistic expectations and pointing out the evident trait that had been passed down from mother to daughter.

The decision to reject the suggestion didn't come without its challenges, as her mother expressed disappointment and frustration with my refusal to conform to their expectations. Despite the tension, I knew deep down that I had made the right choice for my own values and well-being.

In the aftermath of the breakup, I found solace in spending time with friends and focusing on personal growth. It was during this period of self-discovery that I unexpectedly crossed paths with the woman who would become my wife. She shared my passion for hockey, and when I presented her with tickets to a Pittsburgh Penguins game, her eyes lit up with genuine excitement.

The stark contrast in reactions between my ex-girlfriend and my now-wife highlighted the importance of shared interests and appreciating thoughtful gestures. Instead of dismissing the gift, my wife embraced the opportunity to experience something new together. It was a turning point in my understanding of relationships and the significance of mutual appreciation and respect.

Attending the Penguins game together became a cherished memory, marking the beginning of a relationship built on shared values and genuine connection. It was a stark contrast to the superficial expectations of my past relationship, and I couldn't help but feel grateful for the unexpected twist of fate that led me to someone who appreciated the sentiment behind a simple gesture.

As the years passed, my wife and I continued to build a life together, grounded in the understanding that true happiness lies in the experiences shared and the genuine connections formed. 

Looking back, I couldn't help but reflect on how a seemingly insignificant event, like a birthday gift gone wrong, had paved the way for a more fulfilling and authentic love story. Life, it seemed, had a way of steering us toward the right path, even when we least expected it.

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