Spoiled Rich Kids Are The Worst

June 30, 2023 | Nia Williams

Spoiled Rich Kids Are The Worst

Obnoxious, filthy rich kids who feel entitled to flaunt their affluent lifestyles can truly leave one gobsmacked.  Redditors share their shocking encounters with the super-rich who erroneously thought that money could solve any problem.

1. What A Creation

A girl in my school was "surprised" by her parents in the school's parking lot with a new BMW—a freaking BMW. Everyone who was out, basically watched this go down, and she started crying. At first, we thought that it was because she was so happy to receive this gift—but we were SO wrong. She ran back into the school.

Apparently, her parents were supposed to show up earlier, when there would be more students to witness the surprise. I felt bad for her dad because he looked totally embarrassed and sad about it. In his head, he was probably thinking, "I created this monster".

White BMW parked on the street.Mike Bird , Pexels

2. A Student To Remember…Or Forget

My first teaching job was at a private middle school in one of the wealthiest enclaves in the United States. I once taught a kid who told me he didn't finish his homework for the craziest reason. Apparently, his helicopter had stalled over the weekend, so he couldn't leave his family's island. He was telling the truth.

The same kid was also a huge pain in the behind who wanted to misbehave with the "cool" kids and then would lie through his teeth while crying when held accountable. His parents knew he was a jerk and cared enough to bring me a case of vino from their vineyard as a gift at every parent-teacher conference or before the holidays, but they didn't care enough to discipline their kid.

Teacher and student having on line classJulia M Cameron , Pexels

3. Talent Wins

I tried out for a soccer club and made the team. I was one of the players from a low-income family. A couple of parents whose kids didn't make the team offered thousands of dollars for their kids to replace us lower-income players. They offered to buy all the gear and hire professional trainers.

It didn't work—so they started their own team. They had wicked gear and coaches. But karma came for them in the end. We still beat them 7-0. They wanted to sue the league by saying the league cheated them. They went 1 win, 16 losses. It felt good that rich people couldn't buy talent or get their way.

Coach and team having a conversation on the field. Kampus Production , Pexels

4. Are You Kidding Me?

My college roommate's mom randomly gave him $1,400 "for the weekend". He squandered through the whole thing by Saturday, then asked his mom for more money. He actually screamed at her because "she promised $1,400 for the weekend" and he spent most of what she gave him on Friday, which wasn't a part of the weekend.

Man screaming on the phonenakaridore , Freepik

5. Burning Through Money

A dad bought his daughter a house in a VERY nice neighborhood so that she and her friends could live rent-free while they attended university. He spent probably close to $2 million remodeling the entire house. Two weeks after moving in, disaster struck. 

They left a candle burning while they went to the store to get snacks for a football game. When they returned, the whole house was on fire. A month later, it was good as new for them to move back in.

Two young girls in the room Pavel Danilyuk , Pexels

6. What An Eye-Opener

I was dating a girl in high school whose father was a very reputable lawyer in the area. Meanwhile, I grew up in a trailer park for most of my childhood. We had been together for about two years at the time. Her best friend, also well off, was going to spend the summer at her godfather's place—on a beach in Belize.

The girl I was dating, “Jane," was invited too. When Jane asked her parents if she could go to Belize, they said something along the lines of "You can go, but you have to save up and pay for your flight". Jane threw a TANTRUM! I had never witnessed this side of her before.

I mean she was screaming at her parents, balling her eyes out—the whole nine yards.  As soon as this tantrum started, I excused myself to her room (within earshot). She went on for a good five minutes, overdramatizing everything. When Jane felt she was done, she came into her room.

As soon as the door closed behind her, Jane had a huge smile on her face and said, "Just wait and see, they will buy my ticket". Of course, her parents bought her the plane ticket. Luckily, I was afforded this eye-opener and noped out of that relationship.

Woman screaming with her hands up Andrea Piacquadio , Pexels

7. You Little Termite

My visa in China was sponsored by a mega-rich government family. It was a teaching/homestay program. Their youngest child was four years old and a sweetheart—but the oldest, who was 10, was a little termite.

One time at breakfast, the older child decided he didn't want cereal and asked the chef to make him pancakes. There wasn't enough flour in the kitchen to make them, so he threw a tantrum and hurled spoons at the chef.

The poor chef spoke to the family driver and they picked up some flour and a bunch of other ingredients for pancakes—enough to feed a family for the next two weeks. He ended up making the most beautiful, buttery-looking pancakes I had ever seen—something out of a commercial, and all of this within fifteen minutes.

The kid took one mouthful and then decided he wanted toast instead.

Boy in white t-shirt eating on the table.cottonbro studio , Pexels

8. Someone Teach This Kid The Basics

A few years ago while in college, I worked at a summer camp. There were a few high school kids who worked there too. We were given weekends off and 90% of the staff would spend it doing their laundry at the laundromat.

I noticed this one high schooler who struggled with his laundry. I told him that I wouldn’t do it for him, but I would teach him how, as it is a valuable life skill. He got frustrated at the easiest instructions—and that's when he said something that made my jaw drop.

He said that his “man slave” did all the cleaning for him. I questioned what he meant by that and he said that’s what his butler preferred to be called. Turns out this kid’s dad was some sort of royalty in Ireland or Scotland (I forget). I saved the kid’s clothes from a full container of laundry detergent.

Man sitting on washing machine.Tima Miroshnichenko , Pexels

9. Have Some Patience

A girl I went to college with was from New York and extremely rich. Right after the iPhone 4 came out, she got one. A few weeks later, they released it in white and she got one of those too.

So when I saw her, I asked, “Oh, I thought you had the black one?" To which she replied, “Oh, yeah. I left it in a cab so I got this replacement”. Reasonable enough, although cabs in my area are rarely used because they are quite expensive. I later found out that she takes a cab all the time.

Apparently, she took one from the local mall back to our dorm because she couldn’t wait 10 minutes for the bus to arrive. Students can ride the bus for free. She spent at least $100 for that cab ride and she had to buy a new phone afterward.

Woman with phone at taxi.cottonbro studio , Pexels

10. To Be In Their Shoes

I have a friend who comes from a rich family. They told him that if he didn’t go to college over the summer, he would have to work. Now this kid didn’t NEED to work. His parents paid for EVERYTHING. But his parents insisted.

He moaned about it for a while and slowly cut down his work hours and lied about working. So one day when he was at work with me, I asked him why he even bothered taking up a job slot if he was going to be given money anyway. His answer made my blood BOIL.

He told me it was because he wanted to know what it was like to be poor. I will never look at him the same way again.

Man talking to woman in office.Polina Zimmerman , Pexels

11. Unbelievable Delivery

About four years ago, I was a camp counselor. There was this girl, maybe 8-10 years old, who, upon learning that they were going to the swimming pool, realized she had left her swimsuit and towel at home. She told us that her dad would be bringing it to her that day.

That afternoon, she saw a helicopter in the sky, pointed at it, and said, "Look, there's my dad!" We laughed, but then the helicopter landed in the nearby clearing in the forest. It was indeed her dad dropping off her swimsuit and towel.

Man standing beside helicopter.Igor Justo , Pexels

12. What A Waste

At the end of my college semester, I still had a ton of money left on my meal card, and it didn't roll over, so I had to spend it all. I was letting a couple of friends who had already spent all theirs to use my card for meals. I was hanging out with some people and a rich kid who drove an expensive car, asked to use my card.

I didn't want to walk all the way to the dining hall so I just gave it to him thinking he would buy a couple of things for himself. NOPE. He spent ALL the money that was left on it—I think around $300 or $400. He literally filled up his car with everything he bought. I made him unload it all out of his car and into my room.

It was mostly gross flavors of Powerade and protein bars.

Man holding box of Protein Bar in his hand.Mike Mozart , Flickr

13. Absurd Collection

A long time ago, I was dating a rich girl. I'm from Norway and we have a recycling system for plastic bottles where you’d get about 10 cents per bottle. Her family literally had a mountain of empty bottles and crates in their warehouse—yes, they had a warehouse.

I asked her dad what he was going to do with all those bottles. He said, “Oh, those are from our employees' staff parties from a couple of years back. I just haven't had the time to get rid of them".

I told him that I'd recycle them for a percentage. He told me to keep them all. So I did. I had to do multiple trips to several different stores, but it ended up totaling around $1300, which was insane money for me at the time. I bought a guitar with the money.

Empty plastic bottles Greta Hoffman , Pexels

14. Ultimate Greed

An old roommate in university was utterly spoiled by her rich dad. She owned half of Tiffany's catalog, was obsessed with her sorority, and had a horse. Oh, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to all that, her rich dad gifted her with a fully loaded Cadillac Escalade at the age of 17, which she brought to university with her.

There was a grocery store up the street from our house which I would walk to on a good day, otherwise, it was about a two-minute drive. One particular wintry day, my rich kid roommate was already going to the grocery store, and asked the rest of us if we wanted a ride. Of course, a couple of us said yes.

She then explained that she would be charging us $2 each way ($4 total) for the cost of gas. We were already committed to going, so we gave her the money. Now looking back, this was one of the greediest things anyone has ever done to me. We were broke students, for goodness sake!

Woman holding a bill in her hands.Yan Krukau , Pexels

15. Spoiled Beyond Words

A girl I went to high school with got a Mercedes for her 16th birthday. She moaned and complained endlessly about the fact that she didn't get a Lexus, because her name was Lexi and she thought it would be "sooooo cool" for Lexi to drive a Lexus with a custom license plate saying "Lexi".

Her parents did cave and bought her a Lexus for her 17th birthday.

Young woman seating in the carPayPal reward , Pexels

16. Shopping Revelation

When I was in the fifth grade, I hung out with a kid who had pretty wealthy parents. One time, we went shopping together and I offered to pay. I didn’t realize her parents gave her more than $20 allowance. I thought that’s what all parents gave. She said that it was fine and that she could pay for both of us.

She then proceeded to pull out a $100 bill from her purse. Apparently, that was her weekly allowance. She looked up at the cashier and said, “Sorry, I don’t have anything smaller than $100”. She handed it to him and we finished the transaction.

After we walked out of the store, I asked if I could give her my payment for the clothes. I couldn't believe the insult that spewed out of her mouth. She said, “Nah, it’s okay. I don’t like touching poor people's money”. I freaking noped out of that “friendship” pretty fast.

Surprised girl with sweater pointing at side.nakaridore , Freepik

17. Not How I Remember It

I was volunteering at a robotics competition for middle school-aged kids. Outside of the arena where the matches were happening, there was a cafeteria for everyone to eat and socialize with their own and other teams.

I went outside to get a breath of fresh air and overheard a loud whack, followed by a “TAG, you’re it!" I assumed this was a good ole regular game of tag and I continued walking in that direction. As I got closer, these “tags” got louder and more physical, almost as if they were using paddles or something.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that these kids weren’t playing your regular game of tag. They were using brand new iPads (I know because the iPad had just been released), to play tag and everyone had their own.

When I asked one kid what they were doing, he looked at me and said,” We’re playing iPad Tag, wanna join?" As if they do this often. Rather than respond, I just walked away, confused, and with more questions than I had answers.

Kid holding a tabletfreepik, Freepik

18. Clueless Boss

I once knew a girl whose dad gave her money from a trust fund to start a company. But she squandered it in the dumbest way possible. She lost it all when she went on vacation for six months and forgot she was supposed to pay her employees all that time.

She assumed they would not get paid for six months and still be there when she got back. I quizzed her on this for a few minutes and it was clear that she had no idea what a job was.

Girl in yellow shirt and jeans enjoying the view.Oleksandr Pidvalnyi , Pexels

19. The Nerve Of Some People

My old roommate’s parents were lawyers. One time, she spilled water on my laptop and it broke. It wasn’t super fancy, but it was an expensive laptop that my parents helped me buy for school. Anyways, when it wouldn’t turn on she said, “Oh that sucks. But your parents can just get you a new one”.

Well, they couldn’t. I had no laptop for a whole semester in college which was terribly inconvenient since the computer lab wasn’t open 24/7. Anyways, I ended up getting a $1,000 scholarship to buy a computer. That Christmas break, her boyfriend stepped on her MacBook Pro and the screen cracked.

Instead of fixing the screen, her parents just bought her a brand new MacBook Pro, the bigger one—and a new car.

Girl crying over her laptop.Anna Shvets , Pexels

20. Entitled Little Brat

In my senior year, I went to one of the poorer schools in my state. Although I enrolled in a ‘Robotics’ course, I accidentally ended up in a freshman ‘Intro To Engineering’ course instead. I decided to stick with it since it was a fun class.

There was a kid who sat next to me in class who came from a really wealthy family. He was chauffeured to school daily and always had someone bring him ridiculous meals for lunch. Though “Nick” was a bit pompous, he was nice enough and pretty smart.

About halfway through the year, “Nick” got his driver’s license. He was pretty hyped about it but the very next day, he was livid. I asked him what the matter was and he very casually explained it was because his parents had bought him an older model sports car.

He wanted the newest BMW at the time, but they got him last year's model. I just shrugged and thought nothing of it. The next day, he didn’t show up to class. When he returned the following day, he came back to school with a brand new car—the model he wanted.

He told me that he complained endlessly to his parents so they just bought him the one he wanted. They "let him keep the older one as a casual ride". I didn't even try to explain to him how crazy it was that his parents were just buying him cars like that.

A man sitting in front of a BMW car with headlight on.Pavel Polyakov , Pexels

21. Do It Yourself

A girl in college kept putting her clothes on the floor and then would knock on the resident advisor’s (RA) door and tell her that her clothes were piling up. Our RA was a foreign exchange student but such a sweetheart. Just to be nice, she actually washed the clothes for almost two months.

The dormitory officers told the RA to stop washing her clothes and scolded the girl to do her own laundry. The girl was absolutely insulted that she had to do laundry to the point she ended up re-wearing clothes or throwing them out and just buying new ones.

Woman holding a basket of clothes on her shoulder.freepik, Freepik

22. Cringy Boastfulness

I used to have a friend who would constantly say that she loved it when her dad gave her money. Also, if she asked for a certain amount of money, her parents would always give her an extra $50. This girl then bought an apartment and boasted about it on Facebook.

She was very proud of herself that at 23, she was able to afford a home on her own at such a young age. It still makes me want to faceplant into a pile of jagged rocks.

Young black woman wearing purple top making a podcast.George Milton , Pexels

23. Reckless Idiot

In my early 20s, I worked at a gas station where spoiled teens liked to hang out to show off their new cars. Anyway, one jerk who just turned 16 had his parents buy him a brand-new sports car (don't ask me what it was, it just looked really expensive). It ended badly.

By the next weekend, he totaled that car, trying to show it off by doing donuts at the intersection of the gas station. He ended up slamming right into a pole. He was fine but the car was demolished.  Within two weeks of the incident, this idiot already had another BRAND NEW car!

He would brag about how his parents were so stupid and that he was already looking to 'upgrade' when the next model comes out. This tool had no regard for the money his parents shelled out and no regard for the possible lives he put in jeopardy with his reckless driving. I wanted to throttle him.

Smiling African-American man getting out of sports car Erik Mclean , Pexels

24. That’s A Tall Order

My friend is a commercial pilot and works for a large company that has a "flight department" consisting of several jets and turboprop airplanes. The owner's kids, and a group of their friends, were granted permission to take one of the jets from the central part of the US to the Bahamas.

Upon arriving in the Bahamas, they were meeting other friends before getting on a very large and luxurious yacht for a week. When they realized that the yacht only provided fine dining food—not the junk food they preferred, they ordered the pilots to fly back to the US.

Once there, they were told to pick up multiple sides of BBQ ribs, burgers, hot dogs, soda, ale, and piles of other junk food before flying back to the Bahamas. The pilots were also ordered to do all that within a time frame that would still allow them to leave for the yacht on time.

It costs roughly $5,000 an hour to operate the jet they were using. It never even struck the owners as something extreme.

Pilot and passengers having a conversation inside a private plane.RDNE Stock project , Pexels

25. Suck It Up, Buttercup

This happened a couple of weeks ago at the Infiniti dealership. I was sitting in a waiting room with a very well-dressed young lady waiting for our loaner cars. She eventually got up and left the room to get her loaner but came back crying.

She said that she drives a fully loaded qx80 and they gave her a qx60 with nothing in it. I said, “Sorry that happened to you,” and asked how long she was going to have the loaner for. She said, “A couple of hours”. I wanted to tell her to suck it up but instead, I sat there quietly thinking how life must be easy for her to cry over a loaner car.

Woman in white shirt talking with a man in car dealership.Antoni Shkraba , Pexels

26. Simply Mortifying

When I was about seven or eight I was spending the night at my cousins’ house. They were much better off than we were. But then I got invited to stay at a neighbor’s house who was even better off than my cousins. This kid had an amazing place.

We played Lego for hours. But then, while playing, he realized that he needed a simple little 1x1 piece. Instead of searching the box for one, he found a 1x1 piece with a little loop attached to it. He then took some wire cutters and snipped the loop off to get his 1x1 piece. I was mortified. Thirty years later, I still am.

Destroying a “special piece” always struck me as the most “I don’t give a freak” rich kid thing I’ve ever seen.

Little cute preschooler boy playinHead over Heels, Shutterstock

27. Nice Tip

My friend’s dad owns all the Little Caesars in town. Getting free pizza whenever we wanted was nice. Fast forward to our prom dinner at Red Lobster. I didn’t have a date but decided to tag along with the group who were going. I was planning to just eat and then head home to play WoW.

We were quite a large group. Some of us ended up sharing entrees because the portions were so big. My rich teen friend ordered a chicken burger with mozzarella sticks. When dinner is finished, everything was being cleared off the table. But this kid didn’t end up taking one bite out of his burger.

When the waitress asked if he wanted it packed, he simply told her to throw it out. I ended up getting his burger and the waitress ended up getting a 300% tip since his dad gave him a fifty and he had no concept of money.

Young bearded man wearing casual clothes eating classic fast food burger.ViDI Studio , Shutterstock

28. Crushing Words

When I was young, I got bullied a lot by this one kid named Miguel. His family was a lot better off and spoiled him by buying him the latest shoes, clothes, video games, etc. He was always showing them off and especially liked to rub them in my face.

Despite both of my parents both working two jobs and trying to provide a decent life for me growing up, money was always tight. Most of my clothes were either from the thrift store or were hand-me-downs from my older cousins.

One day, my parents decided to treat me by taking me to the Nike outlet to get a pair of brand-new sneakers. This was the first pair of shoes I had in a long time that wasn’t worn first by someone else. They were all mine.

I remember being super excited to wear them to school. As I walked into the classroom, I had the biggest smile that day. Miguel took one look at my shoes—and ripped me apart.

He said, "Nice new, old shoes. I had a pair of those last year when they were cool". With just a few words, he completely crushed my jubilation and brought me down instantly.

Sad kid wearing green sweater looking a side.Mikhail Nilov, Pexels

29. Still Blows My Mind

My friend’s family was low-key but super rich. He was a very humble guy. His parents bought him and his sister a house in our nearby college town and paid for all their expenses (food, clothes, outings). They lived together so I would see her often.

I was 21 and had been on my own since 17, so I was living off a very low income. His sister could never understand why I would hold back on buying drinks or food sometimes, and would openly ask me why I only owned three or four shirts.

One time, she showed up at the house with five hundred dollars worth of groceries. It didn't look like what $500 in food and drinks should look like. I remember going to Aldi and getting a full cart for $50. She had maybe a cart and a half worth of items.

She bought the most expensive brand items from Whole Foods, and didn't know why everyone was so shocked at the amount.

Young woman holding full bag of groceries.Antoni Shkraba ,Pexels

30. You Said It

In order to graduate from my high school, all seniors had to give a 30-minute speech in their English classes. They had to share some aspect of their lives that shaped them, and how it connects to the assigned readings that year, along with playing a video, a song, or including some pictures.

Mind you, the district my school was in was massive. It was in one of the only suburban areas in my state. This meant that there would be kids on food stamps and welfare sitting next to kids whose parents were both doctors. This socioeconomic divide naturally caused tension between kids throughout the years.

So, part of this project was meant to show that no matter what, we can all experience the ups and downs of life. It really was eye-opening and brought a sense of camaraderie before graduation. Anyway, the year I graduated, there were a lot of good speeches in my English class.

Kids talked about finding out they were adopted, the loss of a parent, mental health issues—you name it. Then this one kid in my class who was a known jerk—his parents were both lawyers and super-rich—waltzed up and gave the most cringeworthy speech.

He said, "Well, I wrote this at like 10 last night, so..." and then continued on to say, "But, I've never had anything bad happen to me. It just doesn't happen. The closest thing was when I went to a party and made some...questionable decisions, and drove my car off the road. But I was fine! Yeah, my parents were kinda mad, but it all worked out in my favor because they bought me a Benz".

Then he played a clip from DBZ and sat back down.

Side view of student wearing white shirt making a speech at class.BearFotos , Shutterstock

31. Dad To The Rescue

I had a classmate who was the richest kid at school. He used to constantly brag about how rich he was and how his dad gave him anything he wanted because he can afford the world.

On his 18th birthday, he got a brand new Range Rover. Even though he didn't have his driver's license yet, he would drive that car everywhere. I once asked him what he would do if he got caught by the authorities. He said, “Oh, my dad will pay them. I don't have to worry about it". Well, the inevitable happened.

A few weeks later, he crashed that Range Rover driving while intoxicated and completely destroyed the entrance of a local bakery. What did his dad do? Bought him another brand new Range Rover a few days later and paid the authorities to not arrest him for inebriation. At least he also paid for the damage he caused to the bakery.

Man is seating in a white Range Rover Mohamed Boumaaz , Pexels

32. The Whole Nine Yards

My husband is number two in a company with 900 employees. The owner’s family have been grooming the boss’s nine-year-old daughter to be a golfer—so much so that she no longer goes to school. Instead, she travels to worldwide competitions with a nanny and a tutor.

Anyways, for some reason, my husband is the only one entrusted to book her travel. Though this task isn’t anywhere remotely close to his actual job, the boss signs off on all the checks. On more than one occasion, she has called my husband at the last minute to change her flight (also for her mom, nanny, and tutor) because she was craving a particular restaurant that was at a different airport than where she was scheduled to fly into.

Another time, she called him to switch hotels because she didn’t like the decor IN THE LOBBY. Her dad doesn’t blink at the expense.

Man and small girl playing golfMikhail Nilov , Pexels

33. Jaw-Dropping Tradition

My wife had a classmate who was filthy rich. Every Christmas, this girl and her siblings would come downstairs to the usual tree and presents and stockings, but in the stockings were first-class tickets to a two-week tropical vacation somewhere—Tahiti, Bermuda, Hawaii, etc, every year without fail.

My wife is still friends with this girl and now she and her siblings have continued the tradition with their own families. Every year, the 15 of them would snag first-class tickets and do two weeks somewhere in the tropics. This has been going on for nearly 40 years.

Two woman feeling happy and holding a plane ticketsStacey Green , Shutterstock

34. Disillusioned Traveler

My neighbor's kid just flew back from a vacation in Asia. She was complaining that she was only given 10 minutes to shower on the plane. Apparently, that wasn't enough time to wash her hair.

I explained to her that there was an entire other place in the back of the plane where they didn't get showers, beds, or even food. In fact, they couldn't even move for 14 hours. She agreed that this other place sounded terrible.

Two young girls talking in the park.RDNE Stock project , Pexels

35. Scu-bah!

I was from a lower-class background and got into a top university in the UK where I joined the scuba club. I'm now an instructor who paid for all my training and kit myself but dang, you could see my kit has been well-used. It’s still safe and functional, just faded, and frayed around the edges.

One of the senior members, who was probably in his mid-twenties, pointed out how beaten my kit looked and asked why I didn't replace it. I was genuinely confused. It worked, it was safe and completely still good to keep using in my books.

He kept pointing out how it looked and I point-blank told him that I didn't have £500 to drop on something just because what I had didn't look pretty anymore. He then asked why I didn't just ask my parents to buy me a new one.

“Well," I said, “Because I’m now in my twenties. I’ve been working for almost seven years. I can’t ask my single parent on disability benefits to buy me new toys”.

The guy was completely baffled.

Scuba divers wearing equipment learning how to dive in a swimming pool.Merla , Shutterstock

36. Thanks, But No Thanks

A friend I met at university flew from Auckland to London for a week to go shopping. Apparently, clothes were cheaper in London, so to him, it made sense. His parents were from Singapore and they had no idea just how much cheaper cars were in New Zealand. So when he said he needed $70k for a Toyota Corolla, they gave him the money and he bought a used BMW M3.

When he went home for the summer, he asked me if I could mind the car for him—given his dad had pretty much cut him off at that point. He said that I would need to pay the insurance on it and I could treat it like my own car. But as a 19-year-old sharing a flat and barely getting by, there was no way I could cover the cost of insurance, let alone petrol.

Man wearing light blue shirt making NO suggestion on a white backgroundcookie_studio , Freepik

37. Totally Unreasonable

A guy I knew in college chimed in on a conversation between my group of friends about how working multiple nights a week was taxing. He told us he was frustrated with his parents because they were only willing to help him out financially to a certain point.

They were paying for his education, rent, car, and food but he couldn't believe how unreasonable they were being because they wouldn't also pay for his reading week vacation.

Students talking outside at hallway at school and smiling .Yan Krukau , Pexels

38. Just A Peek

A very wealthy foreign exchange student at my university—he dressed in designer clothing from head to toe, saw me studying before our final exam. He asked if he could cheat off of my test during the exam. I very politely said no, but he kept insisting that I let him cheat. A

After multiple attempts to persuade me otherwise, he finally offered me $1,000 cash if he could just sit next to me during the exam. He told me to look the other way when he peeked. It was a considerable amount of cash, especially for a broke student.

I admit that I did stop for a second to consider it. But I still said, “Nah, this is my last college exam and I don’t care if you pass this class”. At the exam, he sat directly in front of me, so I considered the matter resolved. A part of me did feel bad for him because I knew he didn’t show up to class all term.

Anyway, I was feeling pretty confident during the exam and finished pretty quickly. As I was giving my paper a final once over, this dude turns around and puts his hand out, and says, “Give me your paper, hurry!" It was time for some revenge. I spoke loudly, so the whole class could hear, and said, “NO, TURN AROUND!"

The professor heard and walked over to the back of the class where I sat. He asked me what was going on. I told him, “Yeah, this kid has been trying to cheat off my paper since before the test even started. I’m done by the way”. I handed him my exam and he said, “Thanks”.

He then grabbed the other student’s paper, tore it in half, and told him that it was time to leave. By the way, this was a Film 110 class. The final was worth 70% of your grade. It’s one of the EASIEST classes if you just watched the movies in class. This kid deserved to fail.

Teacher caught his student cheating during an exam RDNE Stock project , Pexels

39. Parading Through Town

When I was in school, I lived in a large apartment complex with a large concentration of foreign students. It was a college town, so housing consisted of either beat-up houses or one of the few big complexes. These rich students all lived in this area.

You would see BMWs, an Aston Martin, NSXs, etc, just parked in the assigned lot next to beat-up Hondas and Pontiacs. The roads were all brick and beat to bits, so I couldn’t imagine having those cars anywhere near this town. These cars were also filled to the brim with Hello Kitty plushies and the like because these guys let their girlfriends decorate the interiors.

There were three NSXs in this complex and it became big news when one of them got totaled. Everyone saw it paraded through campus on the tow bed because that was the only route to the shop. The kid had a new one later that week—again filled with Hello Kitty plushies. I just can’t imagine that lifestyle.

Red Honda NSX 3.0 Type S parked on the parking.Tokumeigakarinoaoshima, Wikimedia Commons

40. Dumb Is Dumb

When I went to Corona del Mar high school, some parents paid around $50,000 a piece to have a tutor bug the school computers and change students' grades. They all lawyered up big time when the scandal came out. The parents whined that their children were innocent and "just had a bad tutor".

All the kids got off free and all made it into their top three schools.

Students seating in the class smiling and making jokes . Ivan Samkov , Pexels

41. Finders Keepers

I live in a well-off suburb of Chicago. I’m upper middle class but most of my high school peers are 1% trust fund babies. Anyways, one day in class, I found an engraved bracelet under my seat. It had this girl's initials on it and looked really expensive. I knew the girl and waited for her before the next class period to return it to her.

When I gave it to her, she laughed and told me her douchebag ex-boyfriend bought it for her and that I should just keep it. I thought what use do I have for this garbage? So I brought it to the local jeweler. Boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise.

I found out that it was a $10,000 Cartier bracelet. My parents were worried that I was doing some unlawful dealings or something when I pawned it for about $8,000 in cold hard cash and brought it home.

Man's hand holding a golden bracelet on a grey background.freepik , Freepik

42. Have Some Respect

I used to work as an after-school babysitter for a LOADED doctor couple with two kids. My job was mainly to pick up the younger kid from school and hang out with him until his parents got home. He was a good kid, but coddled and immature. He was in 5th or 6th grade at this point.

Oftentimes, he would not be at his classroom when I came to get him. The school campus was huge with different buildings, courtyards, playgrounds—the works. If he wasn't in his classroom, I would have to comb the whole campus. On top of that, he was rarely in the same place twice.

He had a cell phone but usually ignored its existence except for playing games on it in the car. The school was in the city and I had to park on the street. A couple of times, I wound up with parking tickets because, despite having stuffed the meter with enough quarters, the search for this kid usually took much longer than anticipated.

After a while, I mentioned this to him and calmly asked that he respect my time and stay in a set location so that I wouldn’t end up with a $25 ticket again. He looked at me with a good-natured shrug and said, "Well, that's not much. You can afford that".

I thought to myself—Sonny, your parents pay me $140 a week and I’m in college. I know you live in a $1.4 million house and your dad buys you an expensive new toy every Sunday, but with the money they're forking over for your education, someone ought to have taught you the value of a dollar by now.

But honestly, he was a nice kid. They moved away and I hope he's doing well.

Mother and son having a conversationKindel Media , Pexels

43. It’s Just Not Fair

I ended up at one of those fancy private universities. Coming from a small Ohio town, it resulted in a lot of “culture shock”. One of the most memorable moments I had was when I was eating breakfast at one of the campus restaurants. It was super early and I just wanted to grab a quick bite before opening the store I worked at.

I noticed a girl sitting at a table with her friend who was sobbing uncontrollably. She was basically incomprehensible and I immediately thought she must have lost a family member. My heart broke for her—until, through rolling tears, she managed to croak out, “It’s just not f..f..faiiiir!! I asked for a Mercedes and he got me a ..a...BMWwwwww”. She then broke into guttural sobs.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping my paycheck can cover an overdue oil change on my 1998 Plymouth Neon.

Crying woman in red long sleeve shirtAndrea Piacquadio , Pexels

44. Enough Already

I had a friend whose family was ridiculously rich. She was so blind to just how lucky she was. She once left her limited edition Pikachu 2DS on a plane and was able to replace it and all the games on it right away. Her biggest complaint was that she'd have to make up all that lost gameplay. She just kept whining about it.

She was living on her own in an apartment her parents paid for despite being thousands of miles away. Every night, she would order dinner from gourmet places. She took great care to detail for me exactly what she was having every night, complete with 'mmmmms’ and 'yummy’ so I'd understand just how good the food was.

At the time, I was living in a college dorm, in a town that was basically a food desert. No place delivered unless you wanted Papa John's. For eating out, we had the option of the campus dining hall, Moe’s, and a few other places of similar quality.

Up until then, I had been pretty content with those options (besides missing home-cooked meals, of course) until her luxurious lifestyle started to make me envious. She just couldn't help but flaunt her wealth all the time. I talked to her once about it and at least she was kind enough to stop telling me every dinner.

But for everything else, she still reeked of how rich she was.

Two girls seating on school bench and talking .RDNE Stock project , Pexels

45. Glorified Presents

The mom of a kid I grew up with was the CEO of a local bank. His dad was a seedy personal injury lawyer. On his 13th birthday, his parents bought him a brand-new pickup truck. He was the talk of seventh grade for a few weeks.

Three years later, when he was about to turn 16, he demanded that his parents buy him a new car. They, of course, obliged. He got expelled from his school less than a year later and was sent to an alternative boarding school for kids with behavior problems in Montana. I’ve since lost contact with him.

Man making a selfie with white pick-up truck.senivpetro , Freepik

46. What A Jerk

During grades 8 and 9, I attended a boarding school and lived across the hall from the kid of a major CEO. This kid was a little jerk, to say the least.

On multiple occasions, he would walk into my room while I was doing homework or whatever. He’d start going through my clothing and ridiculing my taste in belts. “What in the world? This belt is a piece of garbage. Why don’t you get Gucci?" I would tell him that I liked that belt and I don’t need Gucci to look nice.

Angry young African kid arguing with other kid and pointing.Stockbakery , Shutterstock

47. Total Ignorance

I once knew a super-rich kid in college. He was as rich as a Saudi prince who went to a US school with lots of international students. One night, he came into the student lounge complaining that he was hungry. All he wanted was mac n cheese. I told him that I had a box if he wanted it. He looked at me like I had three heads, then asked, “What am I supposed to do? Cook it?"

I rolled my eyes because this wasn’t my first interaction with him. I gave him the box and showed him where the communal pots and spoons were. I said good luck and went to bed. He was a nice guy, just completely clueless and ignorant of anything outside his sphere.

Surprised man wearing light green shirt and pointing.cookie_studio , Freepik

48. Ship Him Outta Here

I walked into the local US post office in a wealthy community north of Chicago and saw a kid around 20 years old berating the clerk. The kid was super preppy-looking, wearing leather loafers with no socks. He was making a huge scene because the clerk wouldn’t wrap his shipment for him.

He kept arguing with the postal worker about how they are paid to help him and that "his" taxes pay their salaries. Meanwhile, the queue had grown to beyond 10 customers now. After the clerk finished directing him on how to properly seal the parcel, the clerk weighed the box, rang it up, and gave him his total.

When the kid produced a credit card, the clerk asked to see it. She asked if the card belonged to his mother and whether she was present. Well, she wasn’t. The clerk explained to him that he cannot use someone else's credit card without written authorization. The kid's reaction was deranged.

He started screaming and slobber came out of his mouth. The clerk pushed his parcel aside and said, "Next customer". The kid grabbed his stuff and on his way out, started knocking over all the mail packaging displays on the counter.

Angry crazy modern kid in glasses with beard yelling and crumpling paper.ESB Professional , Shutterstock

49. Wearing Privilege

My family and I were living out of suitcases for two months while looking for a house. We had just moved states in the summer before high school started. The second week of freshman year, I walked into a class and sat down.


I looked up at a girl across the table who looked absolutely disgusted. I asked her what was wrong. When she pointed at my shirt, I immediately looked for something I may have spilled.

"Didn't you wear that last week?" she asked, horrified.

I was confused but simply said, "Yeah, it's my shirt..."

She replied, "I never wear the same thing twice".

Turns out, she wasn't the only one at that school like that, but they were the minority by far.

Skeptical blond woman rejecting somethingcookie_studio , Freepik

50. Cold, Harsh Reality

I had a roommate who asked me to write his English essay. I told him what I jokingly told all of my other friends, that my rate was $100 per word. His response shook me to the core. He said, "Okay, so a little over $2,000. Done".

I still turned him down. Partially because I don't help people cheat, but it was so good to see him not be able to use his money instead of having to do things the right way. The thing is, after I told him that I wouldn't do it, he said, "You don't understand! If I don't get good grades, my father will stop paying for my classes and I might have to get a job!"

As someone who was currently working a job to help pay my way through college, I was not sympathetic. The same guy also had made comments about how he wouldn't let his kids play with poor people. One of my least favorite people that I've ever encountered.

Students studying on the tablecottonbro studio , Pexels


Sources: Reddit,

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