People Share The Moment That Instantly Changed Their Opinion Of Someone

April 29, 2019 | Sammy Tran

People Share The Moment That Instantly Changed Their Opinion Of Someone

People are funny creatures. We can know each other for years and even have very deep and intimate connections with one another—all while never realizing that there are things about the other that we never even dreamed of being true. While in some cases these surprises about our friends and acquaintances can be pretty trivial and inconsequential, other times they can be quite the opposite. Here are 42 examples of times when people’s opinions of someone they knew were irreversibly changed in an instant.

1. Giving It All She’s Got

I just found out that my mom is about to get her three-month chip from Alcoholics Anonymous. I had given up hope that she would ever want to quit drinking about 20 years ago. I have always just thought of her as an irresponsible drunk, but hearing about this and realizing that she really does want to change for the better really shifted my entire perspective on who she is.

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2. Swept Under the Rug-by

A few years ago, this guy we'll call Jon played rugby alongside myself and about a dozen and a half other teammates from my school. Jon was quite a nice guy on the outside and we were always pretty good friends. Everyone has secrets, it’s true—but they should not include sex offenses. We are not friends anymore.

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3. Third Time’s the Charm?

Despite being only a distant relative, I really took a liking to my second cousin. However, he then cheated on both his first and second wives. Hard to respect someone once you learn that.

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4. Under the Same Roof

There was this guy who I had absolutely considered my best friend for years. He had helped me get jobs, let me stay at his house when I relocated cities, and even helped me to find my own apartment a few months later. While I lived with him, I never saw anything to cause me to be suspicious. Four years after I moved out, I learned that he had been sent to prison for multiple counts of molestation. I never knew. I still feel terrible.

He is in prison for at least another five years and when he gets out, I won’t be taking any calls from him. He made his choice, now he has to live with it.

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5. Trough Luck

My best friend openly wondered why I began to date an overweight person in my 40s. I explained that she happened to be the only employee at the company dinner who had remembered the waiter's name. Before I could explain the waiter rule to him, he cut me off with "Every pig remembers the name of the farmer who keeps their trough full." And that was the end of that friendship!

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6. Unconditional Love Pays Off

My opinion of my mom totally changed when I told her that I wanted to withdraw from college. I thought that she would get upset, explode at me, and give me a huge lecture or something, as I’ve always thought of her as a pretty judgmental person. Instead, she was totally calm, cool with it, and supportive of my wishes. I was totally shaken up by this surprise, and I always saw her in a new light after that.

I ended up returning to college a couple of years later anyway, so everyone was happy in the end.

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7. Ain't That a Kick in the Head!

Some girl who I had a crush on when I was a kid kicked my dog one time while I was out walking it. My crush was gone in an instant.

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8. I’ve Got a Secret

I was friends with this one guy for quite a while. He and I met all the way back in fourth grade I believe, and we were friends up until just a few years ago. He had tried to get me and my then girlfriend, now wife, to break up. He even told her that I was secretly a pedophile, which I am not. As soon as I found out about this claim, I stopped talking to him forever.

I mean, that’s just really messed up.

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9. Old Habits Die Hard

I stopped respecting my friend the moment I realized that she hadn't matured or changed at all since I'd first met her, and that she'd just continue to make the same mistakes for the rest of her life. I find it hard to respect someone who doesn’t even make an effort to change for the better.

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10. A Real Work Of Art

A good friend of mine is a graphic designer and I’ve always been very supportive of his projects and commissions. I always express excitement and give him props for the designs he creates. I’m an artist, but I just like to paint and make music and do all sorts of little projects of my own. I’ve never done it for money, I’ve always just done it because there’s something inside of me that feels a passion and a need to express and create.

I’ve rarely sold anything, and a lot of things like my animations aren’t really things that I could sell even if I wanted to. I just enjoy the process of creating. Anyway, I finished a painting last week and someone was showing a lot of interest in buying it. I asked my friend what I should ask for it. Instead of being supportive, he started degrading and belittling me.

He laughed at the fact that someone wanted to buy it, and went on and on about how it’s a rip-off to ask $200 for a painting that will just hang on a wall. “I would NEVER pay over 100 for that,” he said. “At least with me, I can ask for those prices because they are for businesses that make money and need design work.” Instead of letting him hurt my feelings, I just felt bad for him.

It was obvious that his words were coming from a place of unhappiness and insecurity. The need for him to compare himself to me and to make himself feel bigger than me was obviously coming from inside him and did not reflect on me. To be honest and not to boast, it’s one of my favorite paintings I’ve ever done and I’m very proud of my work.

Until this week, I’ve only ever given my art away to friends and to people who show me that they really enjoy what I’ve created. I like to give things away when I’m feeling good energy from someone. To make money off of it was something foreign to me, but it made me feel good. I realized at that moment that he is actually a pretty toxic person for me.

I started looking back on similar things that he’s done in the past, and on how he has responded that way too many things that I’ve done. The music I’ve shown him, he just kind of chuckles and dismisses it. I made five songs that I sent to my friends just to see what they thought. All of the other people listened and responded well.

I’m no Mozart, but it’s fun to do and also fun to share with those close to me. It really means a lot to me. He never once bothered to even listen to them. And he made sure to let me know that he never listened to them. It just showed me that he is not a supportive friend and that he is a very insecure person. Nothing against insecure people, we all have our insecurities, but when they manifest in negative ways towards others then it’s just toxic.

I mailed that painting out yesterday for $300. I’m very proud of myself and I’m really glad that the buyer is so happy with their purchase. I learned that my friend isn’t really a friend and all the support in our relationship has always been one-sided. I’m getting older fast and my social life is shrinking, so I now understand the importance of understanding who is actually bringing you up and who is only putting you down. It’s all love though, just going to keep a little distance for now. I hope he can find the inner happiness that he obviously is needing.

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11. Groupthink

I was part of a mom group on Facebook. It was a place I needed being a first-time mom. Five years go by and it became my safe place. One day, the only mom in the group that I didn’t like made a terrible comment. She said that she thought that killing her daughter’s pet fish was an appropriate punishment for getting an inappropriate haircut.

I commented that I thought that was emotional child abuse. Apparently, according to the other members of the group, child abuse is just parenting differently and I am a horrible person for judging. Looking back at it two years later, a lot of those women were narcissistic. Glad it happened so I didn’t waste any more of my time with them.

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12. Guilty By Association

There was a guy I knew in high school who always tried to pursue me romantically, but I never really gave him the time of day. We were friends, but I told him that was all I wanted to be. He had this infamous group of friends who were wild, gang-like and could be very annoying and childish. I always associated him with being just like his friends.

About eight years after high school, we stayed acquaintances and saw each other on an occasional night out here and there. We always had good conversations when we did see each other, and he was always a funny guy. Nevertheless, I still always saw him as another one of “those boys” like his friends. Then one day, out of the blue, he asked me to hang out—as friends, but just him and me.

We met at a local bar for some casual conversation. This was the first time that it had ever been a real conversation between just the two of us, and I suddenly started to see who he really was. He was so much fun to talk to and, after a few hours of talking, I realized that he wasn’t like his friends at all. He was sweet, genuine, fun, funny, and still truly had a romantic interest in me.

We went on an actual date a week later and we have been inseparable ever since. We have been dating for just shy of two years now, and have been living together for seven months. Giving him a chance and getting to know him was the best decision I ever made. He has turned out to be the most amazing man I know, and the best boyfriend I could have hoped for.

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13. Investigative Reporting

This is the story of my work friend. Our kids often played together and we were friends for at least three or four years. I considered her a BFF since she was one of the few people I had met and connected with after moving to a new area. She went to HR one day out of the blue and told them that she feared I was coming down with “single white female syndrome” (whatever that means).

She asked to have her desk moved away from mine without me knowing. After that, she becomes very rude to me over work stuff, to the point where I was confused as to why she was treating me this way. We ended up having a big blowout, and that was when I found out about her weird accusations against me. We did end up making up, at least on the surface, for the sake of not losing our jobs, but I could never trust her again after she essentially threw me under the bus at work for who even knows what reason.

For the record, the evidence that she provided in her insane report against me was that I used to be blonde but then I dyed my hair brunette, which was the color of her hair. Therefore, she concluded, I was trying to imitate and copy her. So yeah, people are crazy.

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14. Laughter Isn’t Always the Best Medicine

I was good friends with this girl who was pretty skinny. One day, we were just walking around talking and she said: "You know what's funny? I'm so skinny and I eat junk food all the time, and you' offense or anything, but you’re so big and you just eat healthy food!" I did not find it funny. We don’t have a very good relationship anymore.

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15. The American Dream

My friend, who is quite a bit older than me and whom I've known for almost 20 years, is an immigrant. I always really liked her, but didn't really think too much about her. I had never heard the story of how she ended up here in America until another friend recently told it to me via text. My respect for her went up immensely as soon as I heard it.

Basically, she just kind of got stuck in a country where she didn't speak the language and had to raise her kid on her own after her American boyfriend dumped her. She responded by teaching herself English and putting herself through school, too. You never really know the full story of even the people you see every day!

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16. Up Close and Personal

My opinion on a friend of mine changed when they told me that they frequently do drugs for fun. This issue really affects me because someone I love nearly killed themselves due to a substance abuse issue.

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17. Not My Idea of Fun

I could not look at my friend the same way again after he told me that he had a secret Reddit account where he would just go around spamming the comments sections on people’s posts with racial slurs, “for fun.”

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18. No Antidote

I worked with this woman for a long time and we had both always gotten along pretty well. She was in the training department and I always enjoyed her classes. We liked the same nerdy stuff. Our kids go to the same daycare and are in the same class. I finally added her on Facebook, and found out like a week later that she’s very passionately against vaccination. Cool, thanks for endangering my kid. Definitely can’t look at her the same way anymore…

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19. From an Extra to a Star

I had a friend who was the typical “frat bro hunk” type. You know the kind I mean: party hardy, slept with lots of women, athletic, huge male ego. Super nice guy, though. Like the kind of loyal friend who would give you the shirt off his own back if you were cold. One day, he says that he's found his true love and is going to get married. I am dubious.

Then he surprises us all by really going through with it and marrying her. Has a kid, too. A daughter. "Haha," I think. "God has a sense of humor." For years, I see this kid grow up from afar. Then, when she was about 5 or 6 years old, she started hanging out with our kid, who was around the same age. I always found her to be a little mousy and timid.

She was kind of a static background for a bit. Like a "minor recurring character" in a sitcom. One summer day, her parents asked us if we could watch her for two weeks while they took care of some family issues. Yeah, sure, bro. She's no trouble. I think she was around 7 years old or so by this time. A few days into her staying with us, she gets sick.

Some kind of stomach bug. Nothing big, but she is on the couch with a mild fever, and is clearly a little scared. Nevertheless, the dogs kept her warm and my partner and I stayed with her to keep her company in shifts. At one point, she gets up to throw up. She doesn't make it to the bathroom, and just throws up on the kitchen floor. You have kids, it happens.

So my spouse and I clean her up and make sure she's okay. Meanwhile, the kid is bawling. She keeps apologizing, and we're like, "It's okay, really! We know you didn’t mean to do it. The floor is washable vinyl. You have extra clothes. Vomiting is just your body trying to get rid of the virus." She gets even more hysterical. "What's wrong?" my partner finally asks.

"Why are you so nice to me??" "Uh... because you're sick and we like you. You know, decent human beings take care of one another." She just lost it. "I wish you were my parents..." My partner and I were stunned. Throughout the rest of her stay, she just did this verbal dump on us about her home life. It was awful. I mean, not surprising, really, but the change was suddenly this kid bawling in our living room went from a background character to "Holy cow, this is a real person. She really needs us."

From that day forward, we sort of adopted her. Her parents were grateful, sort of, in their own way. They aren't bad people, but they probably shouldn't have had a kid. She stayed with us a lot. We took her to the school stuff that her parents found boring. We planned her birthday parties, and even made sure that she got all her shots, doctor visits, and all the usual stuff that comes with childhood. Eventually, she grew up to be a fine young woman. She's living on her own now, and my partner and I miss her as much as we miss our own kid.

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20. Doing Her Best

I have a boss who is very good with numbers and making plans, but she is not good at all with interpersonal relationships. I once very publicly exposed her lack of people skills, and she called me up to a meeting which I thought for sure was to fire me. Instead, she just asked me: "I think you hit the nail on the head back there, I’m not really that good with my people skills. What do you think I can I do to improve them?" I was totally surprised to hear that, and my entire opinion of her changed in an instant. She’s now very clearly trying to warm up to everyone, and even still asking me for advice from time to time.

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21. Double Standard

I was out to dinner one time with a few of my guy friends, who were all in their 40s. They proceeded to go on a series of long rants about how women in their 30s and 40s have too much "baggage" and, therefore, everyone should be trying to get girlfriends in their teens and 20s. These are guys often with a divorce or even two behind them, with kids and/or multiple issues of their own. They've lived life. But they don't want the same from women. It was pretty hard to find respect for them again after hearing that.

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22. A Not-So-Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

My cousin’s neighbor was once at an event with some girls from a Danish charity for kids with social challenges and eating disorders. He went up to one of the girls and made a really mean joke about her weight. I haven't talked to him since.

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23. On the Record

My mom's got control issues. I didn't really realize something was off until I got to college and started seeing a therapist. So I decided, with the help of therapy, to set and enforce reasonable boundaries in our relationship. It didn't go well. One time, my sister and I came to my parents' house from college to visit.

We were going to leave Saturday evening, but she wanted my adult sister to stay until Sunday evening to help clean her room...which was already clean. Nevertheless, my parents predicted they'd be moving some time that year, so that was their justification for forcing us to stay longer. Mom wanted her to pack everything right there and then.

I told her that we were going to leave anyway, and that we were both adults now and could do that. She blew up on me. I didn't buckle, so she left, and then came storming back in trying to physically harm me. I'm much stronger and faster, and she couldn't even land a punch. I was able to remain stationary and deflect every attempt to the side.

When she realized that she couldn't hurt me, she called the police. "Please come quick, my son is attacking my daughter and me, and I'm so afraid and I don't know what he'll do," etc. Well, knowing that my mom was always the way she was, I had expected trouble from the initial blow up. She didn't know, however, that I’d had my camera rolling in my pocket the entire time.

The story that she fed to the police was obviously a lie, as the audio recording demonstrated. I told her as much while she was still on the line with the dispatch. The look of shock on her face was priceless. She began screaming to dispatch then about how something must be wrong with me because I was so calm. So yeah. I always knew I couldn't really trust my mom, but I never expected her to deliberately lie in a way that could have totally destroyed a significant portion of my life or put me in jail. That definitely changed the way I looked at her irreparably.

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24. Love Thy Daughter

My mother was very conservative and devoutly religious. On the Fourth of July one year, some friends and I took a bunch of mushrooms. My friends tripped out and called their girlfriends to pick them up. I called my dad since he was the more relaxed parent when it came to that. He told me that he couldn’t help me and that I was going to have to wait it out.

So I called my mom. She picked me up, clearly furious and asking how drunk I was. I hit her with “Penny, Andy, and me just ate a bunch of mushrooms.” Her whole mood literally changed in an instant when I uttered that sentence. She suddenly seemed happy. She asked if my friends were really with me or if I was just tripping. I asked if she would buy me cigarettes since I left all my stuff in the car.

She made me go into the gas station with her and I started to freak out. I yelled, “YOU CAN’T KEEP ME HERE!” and stormed out. As soon as I got a whiff of fresh air, I felt fine. My mom was in tears laughing so hard. She let me smoke in her car too. She said that everyone should experience that at least once. I literally could not believe that my mom was totally cool about this.

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25. Fair Weather Friend

My opinion of my formerly “close” friend changed when I stopped smoking weed and she suddenly stopped hanging out with me. So much for that friendship!

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26. A Minor Problem

I had this teacher in high school. He was funny, intelligent, and down to earth. He liked to tell us stories about growing up on a farm out in the sticks. I was a pretty good student and he always went out of his way to encourage me, even above and beyond the call of duty. He wrote me some recommendations that got me some great opportunities.

I wanted to call him up earlier this year to ask him for some advice on becoming a teacher. The first thing I saw when I Googled his name was a news headline. The police had recently busted him for doing indecent stuff online with minors. I was floored. I still get chills thinking that it could have happened to me.

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27. From the Life of the Party to Uninvited

My opinion of my best friend changed when I realized that every single time I saw him, he was always drunk. He was always a social guy with lots of friends, but slowly those relationships started to fade. People started saying "Don't invite John Doe to (insert event here) because he just gets too wasted." In our circle, we even started referring to getting hammered as "John Doe drunk," as in: "How drunk was he?" "He was John Doe drunk." That was when I stopped thinking of him as someone who just likes to party, and started thinking of him as someone with a very serious problem.

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28. Band of Brothers

I recently found out that my little brother is a sexual predator. I don't know how to feel anymore about the fact that he’s my brother.

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29. Secret Admirer

I’ve always hated my boss, because he has always been a complete jerk to me. He talks to me extremely rudely and treats me like I’m stupid. Then, last week, I found out that he often says really nice things about me behind my back to my coworkers and upper management. I really appreciated learning that, and I view his actions in a completely new light now!

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30. More Than Meets the Eye

I went to a super-intense educational summer camp for a language in high school. I met smart kids from all over the state. We were put into three different levels according to how much experience we each had with the language. I was basic, no big deal. The classes were taught separately, but we all still hung out together during break time and field trips.

One girl, who I’ll call Alicia, was in the advanced class, and everyone knew her. When she raised her hand, people groaned. She always had something to say, and always had to correct someone—even if it was a teacher. She also had this way of talking that just annoyed you. She would start talking a lot, then she’d stop, and then if you started talking she’d get annoyed.

Alicia seemed like a total know-it-all narcissist who needed to control every conversation. One day, on one of our field trips, she decides to sit down next to me on the bus. I’m dreading the bus ride, but I put on a smile to try and be nice. Then she starts talking, and I think, “Okay, she’s annoying, but she’s got some interesting ideas.”

Then Alicia outright tells me that she has OCD and Asperger's. Suddenly, her behavior starts to make sense to me. She tells me that she has trouble collecting her thoughts, which is why she pauses so much when she talks. She gets annoyed easily because people are too impatient for her, and too quick to interrupt her thinking.

She says that she has to correct other people’s mistakes, otherwise she’ll feel on edge. She doesn’t understand why people seem to be upset when she does correct them—would you want to go around being wrong, especially when you’re learning another language? I talked to Alicia a few times after that, and I realized that I didn’t mind being patient with her because I genuinely started to enjoy spending time with her.

I was patient, always waiting super long to offer my thoughts in a conversation in case she was still thinking. I found that I could also put my ego aside and let her correct me sometimes, especially if she couldn’t help it. Whether or not she was always right isn’t something I remember, but I trusted her since she was in the advanced class and I was still a teeny tiny beginner. It really taught me that there’s always a person behind the know-it-all, and it’s worth hearing them out—especially if you think that there’s a chance they could change your opinion.

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31. Coach’s Corner

When I played rugby in undergrad on the school women's team, I was still only 17 years old. There was this one coach who I always really respected and admired. Then, at the social event post-game one time, that coach started relentlessly hitting on me. I told him I was underage. His response? "Good. That's right where I like them." Admiration instantly gone.

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32. Kicking Him While He’s Down

"What does he have to be depressed about? He doesn't have a job, and he doesn't do anything!" This quote was said by my aunt to my mom, while I was in a mental hospital. She relayed it to me later, but I kind of wish that she hadn't. It really made me question my relationship with my aunt from that point on.

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33. Prospects

I discovered that my former best friend was what’s known as a “jersey chaser.” She openly started befriending college seniors because they were soon-to-be “FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICKS.” Her goal was to snag one of them and then live off of him for the rest of her life. I ended our friendship shortly after I found out.

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34. Brothers in Grief

The person that my opinion changed about in an instant more than anybody else was my former bully. I absolutely hated this guy for as long as I could remember, but we had a mutual friend. The bullying disappeared over the years, but there was still bad blood. Then, in our senior year, our mutual friend died of a head injury at his home one weekend. The following Monday, me and my bully made eye contact and approached each other. We chatted for what felt like hours. Just two guys grieving and trying to stay normal. I gained a lot of respect for that man that day.

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35. Think of the Children!

I had known this guy since elementary school back in the 80s and he was always a pretty cool guy. When other people were jerks to me growing up, he wasn’t. But then, one time during a political conversation about some children who were in danger, he just blurted out “I don’t care about those stupid kids!” I could never view him the same way again after hearing him say that.

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36. Living on Easy Street

I've had a best friend since high school, and people have always treated us somewhat differently. She's frankly a knockout—tall, unusually model-like face, aloof in a way that a lot of men find endearing. We were out together in New York City for a few weeks and I realized that her life was way, way different from mine.

Everywhere we went, she was mysteriously given free stuff, or given help just for asking. When I got nothing, people just went way out of their way to help her. I suddenly realized why her life was on easy mode, why literal strangers sometimes offered her jobs, or why her jobs were crazily easy. She knew our lives were different too, but because she's never been non-beautiful, she doesn't really understand. Even though she didn’t do anything wrong per se, I have found it hard to relate to her on the same level ever since that trip.

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37. A Matter of Trust

My mother is a very protective woman—as in, if she couldn’t pick me up from work driving one day for any reason, she would rather walk us home in the dark than let one of my fellow coworkers drop me off at home. I started seeing this dude and, on the first date, she made my sibling supervise—typical mom. However, before the next date,

I told her that I was going and she didn’t ask any prying questions except one: “Is he a good guy?” I said yes. She said “Okay!” and trusted me, just like that. She would cover for me from my even more overprotective dad if I came home late. She even offered to buy the guy some food one time when he was coming over. It really made me appreciate how much my mom really trusted me. I guess I had always just misunderstood her behavior and what was motivating it.

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38. Showing Them Who’s Boss

I had a boss who was a notorious jerk. Like, a get-in-your-face and chew you out kind of jerk. He was loud and obnoxious and, honestly, even a little frightening. Nothing was ever good enough for him. He would nag you about every last detail. He was the senior partner for my particular practice group and, by far, the most intimidating person I had ever come across.

I dreaded coming to work to have to deal with his non-stop hostility. After I had worked for him for about a year, a firm-wide party was being held. One of the female associates in my group was sexually harassed by another partner from a different practice group. She went to HR and nothing happened. My boss (the jerk) then found out about it and discretely pressed her for some more details.

He wasn't having that crap at all. He went on a rampage on her behalf, ending with the lecherous partner quietly leaving the firm. She told me that at one point he said, "Nobody messes with my people." I started thinking about him differently after that and then noticed something else. My practice group (that he chose) was about half made up of people of color and women, while every other practice group was 90% white males.

My practice group got regular promotions and a real career track, while other practice groups worked like slaves to make the partner look good but never got anything for themselves out of it. When someone on our team screwed up, he would ream them out mercilessly when it was internal, but in front of the client, he would always claim any mistakes as his own.

When someone on our team did well, he never gave them any praise directly—but he always made damn sure that they got the credit for it. Turns out, he was an unbelievably surly dude, but still a stand-up guy and one of the best bosses I've ever had, all things considered.

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39. Maids of Dishonor

This actually happened pretty recently. I am getting married in less than three months and I was supposed to have a get together with my bridesmaids, four life long friends and my older sister. My sister is a very unreliable, mildly selfish, drama-filled person. My friends are all reliable, amazing people who have been there for me my entire life.

The get together (which was basically replacing my bridal shower since I wasn’t going to have a shower) ended up only consisting of my sister showing up on time and excited, and just one of my friends who showed up right at the end of the event. The other’s excuses: “I don’t feel good” (her Snapchat showed her out drinking just a few hours later).

“I decided not to come into town.” “I woke up late and decided to hang out with my other friends.” I’m hard on myself, so I feel a little petty—but, come on, this is my wedding. I haven’t spoken to the other three since then because I can’t even bring myself to say anything to them other than how utterly disappointed I still am.

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40. Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

My opinion of my good friend of nearly 15 years changed instantly the moment he told me that he was cheating on his wife. He explained that he absolutely "loves his wife to bits" but that she's "boring" now that she only has time for her full-time job, being a mom to their three kids, and honestly doing a lot to keep his life running. He was totally shocked when I said that it was inexcusable and that he needed to stop immediately. He thought it was just fun and harmless, even knowing full well that his wife would be utterly devastated if she ever found out.

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41. A Change of Heart

My ex-husband, after 12 years of being genuinely good friends with one another and helping with the parenting of our three kids together, randomly filed a motion against me—claiming neglect and abuse, and demanding that my children removed from my home immediately. Needless to say, everything that I thought I knew about him after 20 years was completely wrong. He got laughed out of the courthouse.

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42. Your Opinion of Him Just Got Auto-Corrected

I had a friend throughout my entire childhood. We were in Boy Scouts together, along with church, school, and everything else. When I was 13 years old, we moved all but next door from him, and it was awesome. However, when we were both turning 16, one of his family members died—leaving him about $4,000, specifically for his first vehicle.

To anyone else, that would have been a true gift. To him, though, it wasn’t good enough. I vividly remember watching him telling his dad (in front of me, who drove a used old Buick Regal) that he'd never be caught DEAD in a piece of junk like the Dodge Neon that his dad had all but bought for him. He demanded that the money be put towards a down payment on something much nicer.

So, the first day of senior year rolls around, and he makes sure to buy the parking spot next to mine, driving a maybe 3-year-old Acura TL. If that's not the kicker, as of today he's driving a brand new car that his dad still makes the payments on. He's currently 27.

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