Paranormal Activity: People Share Chilling Unexplainable Experiences

April 1, 2021 | Scott Mazza

Paranormal Activity: People Share Chilling Unexplainable Experiences

It's easy to be an unbeliever—until it happens to us. A chilling experience that, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t explain. Whether or not these stories will make you believe, that we can’t say, but one thing is for sure: They’ll have us sleeping with the lights on tonight.

1. The Bloody-Faced Man

One afternoon in college, I came back from classes and decided to sit on the couch and have a snack. After that, I just passed out. I had a nightmare of some bloody-faced demon thing screaming in my ear at the top of its lungs. I then woke up and went about the rest of my day. My roommate comes back later that night, and goes into his room as I’m sitting in the main living area.

At some point, he lets out this random startled scream. Panicking, I run down the hall to see what’s going on. His words chilled me to the bone. He looks at me and goes, “I swear to god, someone with a bloody face just walked from your bedroom into the bathroom.” I never told him about my nightmare I had earlier in the day. After that, I didn’t sleep for two days straight.

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2. Not Feeling Secure at All

I used to work in a small office, which was about 60 people at maximum capacity. We had a security guard on duty 24/7. One night, I had to stay super duper late by myself because I had to leave early the next day and needed to finish my workload. All of my other co-workers are gone by around 10pm, cleaning crew comes in, and now it's just me and the security guard.

The place is dark, but I'm not at all frightened because I'm not scared of most things, the security guard is a really nice dude, and we're in a safe neighborhood. The security guards are required to make their rounds every couple of hours just to make sure things are fine. Sometimes they say something to us, most times they don't.

Tonight, nice guy security dude stops by my cubicle and asks, "Everything alright?" Big friendly grin on his face as per usual. "All good here, thanks!" I go back to work. 20 minutes later, he's back again. Big grin. "Everything alright?" "Yup! Nothing yet!" 20 minutes later…he's back. Big grin. At this point, I am getting a little creeped out.

There is no need for him to come by this frequently. In fact, it's disruptive. I also noticed that the way he interacts with me is always exactly the same, as if I were in a time loop. Same big grin, same intonation, same rhythm of speech. Not only that, I noticed that he whistles the same thing at around the same time, so if I turn off the music on my headphones, I can HEAR his whistling coming closer before he asks..."Everything alright?"

It's around midnight and I'm totally freaked out. I try to rationalize this with myself because I have to get this work done. I'm rushing through my work and I keep hearing that whistling behind me. Surely, he won't come back again..."Everything alright?"At this point, I'm fully terrified. I no longer trust this guy I used to feel so safe around.

I was a young woman in her mid-20s, and the security guard was a dude in his 50s. I couldn't finish everything, but I wrote an e-mail to my supervisor saying that the security guard was acting VERY strange and I didn't feel safe. I shut everything down and tried to rush to the exit. I don't run into the security guard…or so I think.

Just as I'm feeling free and clear, I hear "Bye now," behind me. He's standing there in the dark hallway, big grin. Just standing there and watching. I mumble something and sprint to my car. The next day, I rush to my supervisor to try to explain what happened the night before. In the light of day, it kind of felt like I might've overreacted or maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. Then I learned the dark truth.

Turns out, the dude just disappeared. He's missing. I'm pretty sure they still haven't found him to this day. The security guard company just kind of dismissed it as some flaky guy who quit for no reason and no one seemed to be pursuing it much. He must've been suffering some kind of mental health issue or SOMEthing, but up until that night, he was just a super nice, trustworthy, reliable security guard who everybody loved. It also felt like some kind of weird paranormal stuff because it really felt like something had "taken over" inside of him.

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3. Big Brother Isn’t Watching You

When I was an early teenager, I got involved with a Big Brothers program. My Big Brother was a guy named Chris who, like me, was a little odd, and so we got along really well and hung out a lot. When we had been paired for about a year, he told me that he was going on a trip to Baltimore. He also told me the date that he would be back on.

I waited for a few days after his return date before trying to call him, but when I did, the person on the other line said, "There's no Chris here." I looked in the phonebook to make sure I had dialed correctly, and I know for a fact that I did because I had the number circled and it matched the number I had dialed. But the man repeated, "We've been living here for a long time, and there's never been a Chris here."

Chris never returned from Baltimore, and neither I nor the Big Brothers program ever heard from him again.

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4. Sound The Alarm

I used to work the night shift in group homes for the mentally disabled or severely mentally ill. At one house I worked at, there was constant scratching coming from the walls. I figured it was just squirrels, but now I’m not too sure. We had set a lot of traps and never caught anything. But this isn’t what made me a believer.

What happened was one night I was watching TV in the living room after all the residents had fallen asleep. Around 3 am, the doorbell starts ringing like someone is frantically pushing it. I got up and went to the door, but when I got there and opened it nobody was there. Now, there are three things you need to know about this entry way.

First, the entry goes into the living room and I can see it from the couch. Second, the front door has a very large window on it that is two thirds of the door. Lastly, the walkway to the front doorknob is a 20-30 foot corridor that has brick wall on either side. So in order to ding dong ditch, you’d have to run back that entire length to be able to duck around a corner.

So basically, I didn’t understand how anyone could have rang the bell, but they did. I figured I was being pranked by one of our more mischievous residents, so I went and checked on them all. They were all fast asleep. Then as soon as I finished shutting the last resident’s door, the doorbell started frantically ringing again.

I rushed to the door again, only to find nobody there. This time I was determined to catch them, so I turned all the lights off except the TV and hid right beside the door so I’d be able to immediately open it when they came back. After 20 minutes, the doorbell started going insane again, I jumped out and quickly turned on the walkway lights and looked out the window—but nobody was there.

I then opened the door, thinking maybe they were hiding to the side of the door like I had. After seeing nobody there again, my stomach dropped and I got a feeling of dread. I slowly started closing the door, and as soon as the door was almost closed all the way the doorbell started going nuts again and stayed that way for at least 15 minutes before stopping again.

It was almost as if whatever it was took great pleasure in mocking and taunting me. I locked the door and ran my butt to the couch after turning on all the lights I could. Another disturbing thing about this is it seemed to read my mind. Whenever I got the urge to go outside and smoke, it would start with the doorbell again.

It’s like it didn’t want me to forget it’s there and a threat. Looking back, I’m pretty sure it was a poltergeist. That place was rife with bad energy, as most group homes are. A lot of suffering and raw emotions happen at those places. It also didn’t help that we had a resident there who had literally gone insane after watching his parents get murdered in front of him and a medium-low functioning schizophrenic with what I’ve confirmed as at least eight distinct “people” talking to him in his head.

Both of these residents are constantly having stuff knocked off their shelves and walls in the middle of the night and it’s super common for them to be yelling at people who aren’t there to shut up in the middle of the night. I used to think it was just mental illness but now I’m not too sure.

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5. Get Out Of My House

I came home late one night and immediately sensed that something was off. I looked around and was terrified to find a strange man on the couch in the dark. I figured it was probably one of my roommate’s friends—I was so wrong. Ignoring the man as best I could, I went to bed. I was awoken at 4am to a soft drumming on my door.

It got louder and louder until it sounded like someone was frantically clawing on the wood. I texted my roommate and said her friend was freaking me out, and all she texted back was “What friend?” I called 9-1-1, and by that time he was frantically pounding on the door, trying to break through. The guy ended up seeing the officers coming and ran out of there before they could catch him. We never saw him again, but we never felt safe in that apartment again, either.

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6. Circling The Drain

The house I grew up in was haunted. The way it was laid out, I could see from my bedroom down the hall and into the living room. My parents’ bedroom door was on the other side of the living room directly across from my door. Late at night, I would hear someone pacing circles in the living room, but I was the only one awake in the house and we didn’t have pets.

I never said anything because I didn’t want the family to think I was nuts. Eventually, I moved out and went to college. After I graduated, I was in a rough spot financially. My parents had bought a new house, the old one was still empty (they were considering getting renters) and they offered it to me to stay in for a while.

Even though it was a sweet deal, I said no I didn’t want to move in. My mom asked why, and I finally gave in and told her I thought there was a ghost. My mom FROZE and turned to look at me. Her face was like you hear her too. Turns out, she had also heard it for years and didn’t say anything for the exact same reason. So spooky.

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7. Speaking To Yourself

I showed up at work one night and my boss was shocked to see me—he said I’d just called in sick. Little did I know, that was just the start of a terrifying nightmare I still can’t explain. When I called home, I expected my wife to pick up, but instead, the voice on the other end...was my own.

I said in almost a scream, "Where is Ann?" He said, "Ann's in bed. Who is this?" I dropped the phone and told my boss I had to get home, and took off towards the door. I could hear him pick up the phone behind me and say "Hello?" and then start to scream. I peeled into the driveway and ran up to my front door, but I never could’ve prepared for what I saw.

My wife was sitting watching TV and was shocked at me being home. I asked her who was there and she said no one has been here. After a rather long talk with my wife, I went to call the prison to tell them what was going on, but the phone was dead. I went back to work and when I came in Dave was acting weird and asked me "How on earth are you doing this?"

He told me that when I left, he picked up the phone and the person on the other end sounded like me. He kinda freaked out and hung up the phone. A minute later as he could see my car leaving the parking lot, I had called back from home and asked what was going on. He said that I was a bit irate and said I was sick and did not feel like playing these games and was telling him to stop prank calling me and hung up.

After convincing him I had no idea what was going on we went back to work. Later, I find out that the phone line for my area had been knocked down the night before by the storm. This is absolutely the strangest thing that has ever happened to me.

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8. A Terrible Birthday Present

I am the first and only grandchild in my family, so my grandma was always very fond of me. She was always planning birthday parties for me, and every year she said she couldn't wait for me to turn 15 because it's a very celebrated birthday in my country. When I turned nine, I made a terrifying prediction to her. I ominously told her that she wouldn't make it till then, and that in fact, she would only be there for my tenth birthday.

I have no idea what made me say that. But the prediction came true. She passed exactly two weeks after I turned ten. My whole family still remembers this to this day.

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9. Hiding Behind A Costume

Many years ago, I was looking for a Halloween costume with my mom to wear to elementary school. This occasion was a big deal to me, because I was homeschooled before that. We spent a couple of hours going to several stores, and couldn't find anything that I liked. It was getting dark outside, so we were going to have to find something and go home soon.

There was an old Halloween costume store, one of those really weird places that somehow is open year round. We decided to go in and check it out, as a last ditch effort to find something. We got out of the car and walked through the front doors. We then get up the steps to go into this place and something comes over me that I still can’t explain.

I felt huge, unbearable pressure all over my whole body, like the physical feeling of being hated by something. Imagine that feeling, combined with a sense of something wanting to hurt me and wanting me to leave. My little third grade self turned to look at my mom, and in the same instant she turned to look at me. It was extremely freaky.

We didn't say a thing to each other. We just turned around and went back to the car, after only walking three steps into the store. I remember getting inside the car and asking my mom if she had felt the same thing that I did. She said that she had essentially had the same exact experience as me. We prayed together in the car and left.

As an adult, I can still remember how bad it was. And I am getting tensed up just writing about it. On the bright side, I did end up with a costume that year though. We went home and my mom stayed up late with me working to cobble together a cowboy costume from the things we had at home.

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10. Private, Keep Out

This is my mother’s story. I’ve no reason to doubt her and she’s never told another or been concerned with the supernatural. She does have a vaguely spiritual streak, but that’s all. Mostly, she’s pretty no-nonsense. When she retired, she got heavily into family history. At some point, she obtained the diary of my dad’s mother, who’d passed perhaps 20 years previously, who we all called Nan.

Nan had been a very stiff and proper English type, called everyone dear, used words like “terribly” and “perfectly dreadful” and was always relentlessly formal and seemed to be slightly offended at all times. She was also an intensely private person and never wanted anyone knowing her business. So one night my dad was away and my mother, home alone, sits down with the diary and starts going through it.

It starts raining, nothing unusual since they live on the coast. She gets up and closes a few windows. Goes back to the diary. The rain turns into a storm. It gets windy. She goes to the other room and shuts the windows there. Comes back to the diary. A few more minutes go by; she’s been looking at the diary for maybe 15 minutes at this point.

Suddenly, the intercom to her right bursts to life at full volume with just static coming from the speaker. They live in a three-storey house on the side of a hill that was originally built by an electrician, so there are a million lights, power points on every wall and every room has an intercom. After recovering from the fright, she turns off the intercom.

The one in the next room is still going full blast. She gets up and shuts that off, and can hear the rest of the house downstairs still going. Every intercom. She heads down to the middle level where the master unit is and turns the intercom off. She’s heading upstairs when she notices the creepiest part yet. All the pictures on the walls are all askew.

All at similar angles, not random. Meanwhile, the storm has increased. The floor she is on is lined the length of the house on one side with timber-framed windows. Even the tops of the windows are wet with rain, which rarely happens and takes a proper storm to do. As she’s stood there taking this all in, what she can only describe as “an intense gust of wind” rattles the windows from one end of the house to the other, as if a speeding train went past on the balcony outside.

Instead of fleeing into the night in search of a hotel room and real estate agent as I would have done, she walks calmly upstairs, shuts the diary, puts it in a cupboard, shuts the cupboard, says “Sorry, Nan” to the empty room, and goes to make a cup of tea. The storm calms down. She rights all the pictures. That’s that. But here’s the kicker.

Someone from her work lives in the same street. Like, 10 houses away. When my mom sees him the next day, she mentions the storm. “What storm?” comes the reply. She’s like, “What do you mean ‘what storm?’ I’m talking about the gale-force storm we had last night.” The guy looks at her funny and says he would’ve known if there was a storm since they had dinner on the balcony that night and there wasn’t a storm at any point.

Reading this back it sounds completely made up. I can only swear it isn’t. I lack the imagination to make up something like this. Shout out to Nan if she’s somehow reading this. I promise I won’t be reading your diary.

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11. Scarier Than The Movie

One evening back in the 1980s, my mom was getting ready to watch a scary movie while my dad was away on a training trip. It was one of the first nights she had ever spent on her own in her entire life, as she moved straight from her father's house to a sorority house and then straight to her husband's house. So she made sure to lock up and check on every window, door, nook, and cranny in the house before she put the movie on.

There was not a single way in or out of that house that hadn't been closed up. Yet, halfway through the movie, she heard a noise. It was coming from the kitchen. So she gingerly tiptoed around the corner, and found something shocking. There was a black and white cat sitting in the middle of the room staring at her. They didn't have any pets.

She decided to keep her. My mom named her Devil Kitty, and she was the first cat I ever had.

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12. The Phantom Intruder

When I was in college, I housesat for my parents. I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat, so I locked every door leading up to the bedroom when I went to bed at night. I had the weirdest dream that someone unlocked each door and turned on every light, and I felt cold and woke up to my dog barking. Sure enough, all of the lights in the house were on and every door was open and unlocked.

My dog wouldn’t stop barking in the hallway, but there was nothing there. I sat in the shower with my dog and phone the rest of night, scared out of my wits. To this day, I still have no explanation for that night's events.

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13. Treasure Island

This was around 2006 when I was 10 years old. It was after midnight. I was sleeping in one of my aunts' beds while my brother slept in another's, adjacent to mine. Across from us was our grandparents' bedroom and, downstairs, next to the laundry room, was my parents' bedroom. I woke up, groggy and confused and needing to pee very very badly, and suddenly I heard a voice. 

With eight people in the house, that wasn't uncommon. Someone had probably gotten up to go to the washroom and either started talking to someone else or they had answered the phone. Mind you, I was still half-asleep, so to me a phone call after midnight seemed totally reasonable. Well, it turns out that couldn't have been possible because I didn't recognize the voice.

That was what immediately woke me up. And I froze, clutching my blanket while sitting up in bed. It was a man. His voice wasn't deep, not like my dad or grandfather's, and he kept prattling on about some “treasure.” He was right outside the door, but he never turned the doorknob or made any attempt at entering any of the rooms.

He just kept passing by, as if pacing, all the while talking to himself about this treasure. I was terrified and looked over to my aunt, who was sound asleep. I still don't know how I managed to not wet the bed. Eventually, the voice went silent, and I somehow fell asleep. The next morning, everyone is doing their thing, getting ready for work or school, or busy in the kitchen, so I assumed it was all just a dream.

I really wish I'd kept my mouth shut. As I'm eating breakfast, I told my mom and grandmother about the voice, and laughed at how weird the brain is. They froze. Everyone froze. It turns out the voice was real. I hadn't mentioned his obsession with a “treasure,” but my grandfather did. As did my mother. And brother. Everyone agreed about the 'treasure' thing.

Apparently, he combed the entire house, but he never actually entered any of the rooms. Nothing was taken, all the doors were locked, and all the windows had screens, none of which were missing. Two weeks later, while I was helping my grandparents clean out the garage, my grandmother found several empty Coke cans behind the old sofa, which had been up against one of the walls for quite some time.

There were also empty bags of chips, candy wrappers, fruit cores, and peels. All of which were taken from the garage. The sofa was high enough for someone to lay underneath. So the guy had clearly been inside our house. Inside our garage. We've moved now, as have my aunts. But my grandparents still live there, and we're only about a three-minute drive from them.

We still don't know who he was, how he got in, and, most importantly: How long had he been inside our home?

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14. The Last To Know

This was a true experience. Many years ago, I was working in a shop and an old lady had purchased several bags of groceries. It was a little icy outside and I knew the lady lived fewer than 100 yards away from the shop, so I offered to take her groceries home for her. She was shocked that I would offer and ever so grateful.

On the way to her house, she kept saying thank you to me. I told her it was no problem and I was happy to help. She said she wished more people like me were helpful etc., etc. As we reached her door, she opened it and stepped away so I could enter. I told her that I was OK holding the bags and she should go in the house and get out of the cold.

She thanked me again and stepped in the doorway and took a few steps down the hall. I walked in behind her and put the shopping bags on the floor. I asked her if she wanted me to help her put things away, and she insisted I had done enough and thanked me again and again. I stepped outside and turned around to say bye to her.

As she was closing the door, she said, "Thank you young man, I will watch over your soul from heaven." A few days later, her body was found in her home, in the hallway, next to a few bags of slowly rotting groceries.

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15. Going Up, Going Out

I took care of a lady who had end-stage renal disease, and was minutes away from passing and unresponsive in bed. My charting station was right outside her doorway, and while I was waiting for her only daughter to arrive, I was completing some of my paperwork, in full view of the door to the patient’s room. That’s when a terrifying thing happened.

The daughter finally showed up, very upset, yelling that she wanted me to help get her mother out of the elevator. We both ran to the elevator…that was empty. The daughter and I went into the room as her mother took her last breath. The daughter swore up and down that she rode in the elevator with her mother from the lobby to the 12th floor.

When they arrived at the 12th floor, her mother told her to go get the nurse to help get her back to her room, and she would wait in the elevator because she was too weak to walk back to her room.

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16. Into The Dark

My wife and I went to Maine for a wedding. We flew into Boston and rented a car to drive up the coast to one of those small seaside towns you see in postcards with the lighthouse in the background. If you've ever made this drive before, you know that the city of Boston fades away, and crossing into Maine requires no signage because it's like leaping out of the city directly into miles and miles of never-ending forests and wilderness.

The bride's father had arranged for a series of rental cabins along a hill facing an ocean inlet just outside of town. Each cabin varied in size and was separated along the hill by anywhere from 30-60 yards, and each was partially hidden among more of those thick ominous trees. What struck me about the property was how isolated it felt and how difficult it was to get from the long dirt road drive down.

There was also approximately three or four flights worth of treacherous rocky steps just to get to the front door to our cabin. With no neighbors in sight and a rocky treacherous hike to get down there, it felt pretty isolated and unlikely anybody would come into our little campsite. We caught up with friends and slowly everyone made their way back to their respective cabin and bed for the evening.

I, however, had just spent the week working in California (hello PST in the EST) and decided I'd get some work done on my laptop before heading off to bed. I also took the opportunity to post up on a rocking chair on the porch. At this point, the porch was pitch black and the only light came from the moon on the water and the soft glow from my laptop.

About 25 minutes had passed and all was pretty normal—until I heard something moving through the brush and trees just down the small footpath to the next cabin. At first, I didn't think much of it; woods, nighttime, small critters, maybe my compatriot in the next cabin. Who cares? So I shook it off and glanced at my watch, noting the time being about 2 am.

Then I heard it again, only this time it was much louder and much closer. It felt like something massive was coming down the hill in the trees and it was knocking large branches down that then tumbled down the hill in a cascade of rocks and summer leaves. Instantly I was filled with an intense sense of dread. The kind of dread you may only feel a few times in your life where your body freezes in place, but your adrenaline explodes underneath, making your senses go wild and the tips of your fingers go numb.

Something told me to get out of there. Immediately, I closed my laptop and quietly went inside and locked our cabin door. It took a bit to fall asleep that night. The next day, we jumped on a ferry and went to an awesome island off the coast to go on a hike with the group and to take some photos together. We were sitting around the small island brewery and were discussing our weekend living arrangements when I commented about my experience with the creature in the woods the previous evening.

The bride's cousin across from me, who I had just met the day before, went white and his eyes were big as saucers. He asked me if this happened around 2 am. This shocked me. I confirmed the time. He was embarrassed to tell us his story because he'd just met us and at the time he was in a bit of shock and thought he'd imagined the entire thing.

He was laying alone in his small solo cabin down the way from us reading his kindle in the dark. At around 2 AM, he heard the same noises I heard only they were closer, much closer. The thing, whatever it was, approached his cabin and walked across the porch, loud enough that the boards creaked under its weight as it moved from one side to the next.

It was dark, so he never got a clear view of it through the window, but he confirmed with me that it was massive in scale, maybe 7 feet tall. He was in such shock he turned his kindle off and hid in his bed in the dark until the thing moved on. With no cell signal and no desire to make the attempt to get to the other cabins in the dark, he eventually fell asleep.

After telling us that story, he slept the next night on the couch in a cabin he shared with other members of the family. The solo cabin was left empty. The funny thing is, I made Bigfoot jokes on the way in and we even stopped near a museum to the creature. Never thought I'd actually have a close encounter with what could have actually been described as one.

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17. A Better Place

When I worked in the medical field, I had a dream one night about a patient of mine, a very kind elderly woman, whom I visited once or twice a week. In the dream, she came to me, dancing, and called out to me that she wasn't hurting anymore. I was so happy watching her dance after seeing her decline for years. I didn’t know how eerie it would get.

When I got to work the next morning, I told my co-workers about the dream, and later that morning we got the call from her daughter that she had passed the night before. I cannot explain that, but I am glad I had told my co-workers about it before the call and not after, otherwise they'd never have believed me. Such a bizarre experience, but so wonderful to feel she was at peace.

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18. Bridge Of Souls

When I was a kid, my favorite uncle was the youngest in the family. He was my hero. He had just finished high school and I was like 10 or 11. We would go and visit on spring break and over the course of the summer, and I always looked forward to seeing the guy. We’d listen to records and tapes, and he introduced me to tons of bands.

As I entered my teenage years, my life started and my friends became the center of my universe. Meanwhile, those spring break and summer visits eventually stopped happening. Eventually, I graduated high school, and around the same time my uncle started a family. A few years out of high school, my mom called me up and let me know my uncle had passed.

I hadn’t seen him in a few years, and when I asked what happened the only reply I could get was “he was sick.” It wasn’t until years later I found out the whole truth. He had taken his own life. He didn’t leave a note or anything, but the general consensus was he learned he didn’t have long to live and took the easy way out. But here’s where things get interesting for me.

Shortly after the funeral, I start having dreams. I’m a pretty lucid dreamer, not in the sense that I can decide what I want to happen in a dream, but I can recall my dreams in vivid detail. Maybe there’s another word for that? I don’t know. Anyways, I started having dreams about my uncle. Sometimes we were just sitting in his room from when I was a kid.

But another dream was much darker. I had this recurring nightmare where I would find him sitting at a rope bridge. He would stare at this bridge and get up and try to walk across it, but there were snakes that would strike at him when he tried to cross. A snake would snip at him and he’d go back to where he was sitting and just look at me, then look at the bridge.

So I’d walk on to this bridge and look across, and every few feet is a very angry snake. All the way across. I grabbed my uncle’s hand and took him out on the bridge. And he would be apprehensive because of the snakes. So I stood in front of him and kinda of hopped up and down on the bridge. The momentum or whatever you call it from me bouncing on this rickety old bridge made the snakes angry, but if you bounced enough on it, the snakes would eventually teeter over the side.

It was a very strange “eureka!” kind of dream. So my uncle would step out on to the bridge walk a few feet. Bounce the bridge so the snakes would fall off. The dream would always end with my uncle making it across the bridge and me getting this feeling of reluctance to follow him across. Then I would wake up, with this overwhelming feeling of sadness.

These dreams happened for almost 20 years. Always the same. Me and my uncle talking, or me helping him solve a puzzle of some sort. The snake and rope bridge was the most common. I never told a soul in my family about what my uncle and I were up to, since I always thought it would be upsetting. Like he wasn’t at rest. Like he was in purgatory or something. Maybe he was? I eventually just came to accept that my uncle was haunting me. And for the most part, I didn’t mind.

Then my grandmother passed a few years ago. Nothing tragic; she caught pneumonia and never really recovered from it. One night she went to sleep and never woke up. We celebrated her life. Hugged and healed the way families do. Since my grandmother’s funeral, though, I haven’t had a single dream about my uncle. Not one.

I think that was the confirmation I needed that there’s something out there for us after we go. Or maybe my grandmother passing was the catharsis I needed to let my uncle go. I look back on it now, and I like to think that my uncle was just lost. He was lost in life, and that carried on in the afterlife. I also think my grandmother, on her way to the sweet hereafter, found her baby boy, picked him up, dusted him off, and brought him home.

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19. Never Walk Alone

I was camping at a friend's family property with a group of friends. They had a huge, dingy shop full of old tools and old furniture that was super creepy. Dirt floor, clown paintings in the loft (not even kidding), stuff like that. We stayed up late drinking by the fire and I was the last one awake. I went to go pee on the side of the shop and stood about five feet away, looking inside through the window.

There was a fluorescent light on and I noticed what looked like a piece of paper or dollar bill kind of floating around. I thought it was a moth at first, but it was moving in a very flowing figure 8 pattern that was very rhythmic. It reminded me of dangling a carrot. I watched it for maybe 20 seconds, which felt like forever.

Then it quickly floated back to the corner of the shop where it was dark. There was also a wood chair near the corner that added to the creepiness. I sat back down by the fire. No one else was awake, so I played on my phone for a while. I noticed my friend Mark pop out of his tent to pee, then go back in to go to sleep. I decided sleep sounded good, so I went to my tent and feel asleep.

The next morning, we were having breakfast, and Mark said something that made my blood run cold.  “I saw you guys sitting by the fire super late, how late did you stay up?" I told him I was probably 2 or 3 am. Then he said," Who was up with you?" I told him I was the last man standing. He said," I got up and saw you on your phone and two people over your shoulder watching you play."

He said one person looked bigger so he thought it was one of our friends, who was a bigger dude. He said the other person was taller and skinny, but none of us are noticeably tall, or skinny. It freaked me OUT!! We still camp at that property once a year, but I don't go in the shop, and I go to sleep whenever my wife decides she's tired.

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20. Angels On Earth

Back in 2001, there was a show called The Amazing Race, and my wife and I were watching the first-ever episode while my son played on the floor. As the episode ended, I thought to myself that my mom would have loved this. My mom had passed about a year earlier. As soon as I had that thought, a cold chill ran up through my body, starting at my feet and up through my head.

At the exact same time, my wife said, "This is something you and your mom would have done, and probably won." We both laughed, partly because we both had similar thoughts and partly because it was a bittersweet reminder that she was gone. Right then my son, who was about a year and a half, started waving at the ceiling saying “bye” and “bye-bye.”

He often talked to the ceiling and would stop playing and sit and look up at it, so we started asking who was there and what were they saying, just kind of playing along with his game. He wasn't saying real words yet, but we wanted to encourage talking so we'd listen and ask questions that he'd "answer." This time when he started saying “bye-bye,” we asked who was there and where were they going.

Just kind of normal play-along stuff. He was saying something that the closest I can spell of what it sounded like was “annel” or “anyul.” So we said, "Ok, tell anyul to be safe." A few months later, I had out an old photo album and was laying on the floor looking through it. My son came "walking" over saying “hi hi” and laughing. I said hi back…but he wasn’t talking to me.

He started chatting with a picture in the album and was waving and "talking" to it. The picture was my mom’s official graduation picture from nursing school. He had first met my mom when he was six months old and only a couple of times between then and when she passed, but he was carrying on a conversation with the picture.

I asked him, "Do you know who that is? Who is that?" He put his finger right in the middle of the picture and said "Anyul... ANYUL!" and started laughing and talking to her again. He knew what angels that what he was saying? I don’t know.

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21. Girls Allowed

One Sunday morning I was in my kitchen having a cup of tea with my wife. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw what I thought was my three-year-old daughter walk out of the front room and into the entrance hall. I went to see what she was doing, and when I got there, there was no one there. I walked back into the kitchen and said to my wife something along the lines of “I'm bloody seeing things, I could have sworn I saw Amelia walking to the front door, but when I got there she was nowhere to be seen.”

My wife was all like, “You're joking. The same thing happened to me and my mom just the other day.” She explained how the same thing happened to them in the exact same spot, with the mysterious girl taking the exact same route. In fact, they were so convinced they had seen our daughter that they crept into the entrance hall after her, to make her jump, but there was no one there. It didn't end there, though.

A few months later, we saw a post on a local Facebook page saying, “I had a lovely childhood growing up in (our address), and I’d be really keen to speak to whoever lives there now, particularly to see if they have ever experienced any paranormal goings-on.” I direct messaged the poster and asked if she had ever seen anything untoward, without giving any indication of what we had experienced.

Lo and behold, her and her sister used to see a little blonde Victorian girl in a white nightie standing outside their bedroom doors or walking through the house. She related how initially they would think it was the other sister and would go to investigate and find no one there. I am a very cynical person by nature and did not previously believe in the paranormal, but I have no explanation for the above.

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22. Child’s Play

This is my brother's story, but it's a good one. He was working as a night porter at an old hotel from the 18th century in the Northern English countryside. One night, a woman came down to reception as white as a sheet with her suitcase, saying she could not sleep and did not want to stay there. My brother enquired as to why, but he wished he never heard the answer.

She said she could hear children laughing all night and a child had entered her room with a candle and was standing at the foot of the bed and wouldn't leave. My brother mentioned it to his manager the following morning, and he was told that this is a regular occurrence—before the hotel was a hotel, it used to be a school over 100 years ago.

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23. The Fire Inside

Several years ago, I had a recurring dream about being burned alive in a hotel. It was so realistic that I could feel the pain and hear screams. Each dream would be more and more detailed. In the last dream, I could make out the exact details of the building. When we went on vacation once, we stopped in a small city and looked for a hotel.

Well, we stopped at the exact hotel in my dream. I just froze and repeatedly asked if we could go to a different hotel. After pestering my parents about it, we went somewhere else. But that’s not even the most terrifying part. It burned down the night we were supposed to stay there, and 14 people perished in the blaze. Did my head in.

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24. A Real Mouthful

I’m a dental hygienist. The creepiest, most confusing thing I've seen is as follows: We had a new patient come in for a cleaning. He was around 3 or 4 years old, and the mom said he had never been to the dentist before. Not uncommon for what I see on a daily basis, so at first I didn't think anything of it. I did his cleaning, and then went to take his routine X-rays.

This is where it got weird. After looking at the X-rays, I could see that the child had already had a large amount of dental work done. He had around six fillings. When I sat back down at my chair, I asked the parents again if he had ever been to the dentist. They were both adamant that he hadn't, and also said there was no way a relative could have taken him without them knowing.

What the heck? How did this happen? Who took him? Where were the parents? Had they possibly been away for a long time and not known someone else took him to the dentist and had work performed? What if this wasn't really their child, and actually some kid they kidnapped? His insurance had no record of him having previous dental work.

I think about it often, but know that ultimately, I'll never get an answer.

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25. Luck Of The Irish

I was sick a few years ago—very, very sick. It was a few weeks before my amputation and I was battling a severe bone infection. I was hopped on all kinds of antibiotics and pain medication. I'm a huge Yankee fan, so my best friend got us tickets for the game at Yankee stadium. She pushed me around the stadium in a wheelchair with a ton of blankets on me (it was freezing) just to put a smile on my face.

My friend leaves our seats to go get some hotdogs and stuff. This is where it gets weird. As soon as she leaves, an older Irish gentleman sits by me. He offers me some of his spiked hot chocolate, but I said no thanks and explained that I was on a lot of medication. We begin talking, and I told to him what was going on with my life.

He asked if I was scared to have my leg amputated, and I told him that I was. I was really frightened of the unknown. He gave me some pretty valuable life advice and comforted me. He assured me that it would be fine, and he told me that, "If you have to be an amputee, try to be the best darn amputee that there is in the world!"

My friend comes back with food…and asks who I was talking to. There's no one next to me. I guess I must've hallucinated this, but I don’t know. It felt more like some kind of angel or being that came to me to let me know it would be okay. I guess my guardian angel is an Irishman with spiked hot chocolate! Not sure if this makes it more creepy or not, but the Yankees were playing the Angels in that series.

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26. A Stopped Clock

My grandfather got into the hospital on a Friday night. Nothing too unusual. He wasn't doing well, but he had been there before. The next day, I go to work. I'm somewhat worried but again, he'd been there before. I go on with my day, there are customers, a friend stops by and we talk, and I fill the rest of the time with homework.

My grandfather is in the back of my mind, but I have other stuff going on too, you know? Right around 4 o'clock, I was chatting with a co-worker. Then I glanced at the clock and my stomach dropped. I randomly got filled with dread and profound sadness. I continue chatting but the feeling persists. I check out at 5:00, the feeling of gloom persisting, and of course my brain goes to my grandfather.

I just knew. I get home and my mother tells me my grandfather passed. I ask around what time. 4 o'clock.

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27. Come And Play

I worked in a nursing home. One time, I had a resident refuse to get on the elevator with me because she was, “scared of the little boy.” I shrugged it off until I had a resident come out of his room and ask me for "candy for the little boy." I decided to ask my mom who was the charge nurse and an employee of 13 years.

She told me that residents would periodically report seeing a little boy who was always wanting to play. He appeared to all kinds of residents from those of sound mental status to those with severe dementia. They all reported seeing the exact same thing. When they moved to a new facility, the little boy came with them.

The little boy was particularly fond of those with limited sight. The residents described him as having dark black hair and that he lived in a "tent,” where a tree had fallen on him. Then once, I was feeding a resident who had recently suffered a stroke. She couldn’t use her right hand and required complete assistance.

As I was feeding her, I felt a cold hand on my arm. Right then, the resident said, "is that your boyfriend? He looks a little young for you!" I nearly peed myself. That resident who saw him had passed by the morning.

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28. A Premonition

My mom was in a fatal accident on March 24, 2019. In the weeks leading up to it, I dreamed that my teeth were falling out. Also, I had this very persistent feeling that something bad was going to happen. It wasn't fear, just a conscious awareness that my life would change in a bad way, and that I should prepare myself mentally.

This thought kept coming up where I realized that for 26 years, nothing traumatic had ever happened to me, and that this easy-going life would end. So I started meditating to find emotional stability, and then on Sunday, March 24 I got the call from my sister that my mom was in critical condition, and later that day she passed in the hospital.

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29. Car Trouble

I was driving home from work on the back roads and was driving behind a car that was the same make, model, and year of my car, just a different color. Further down the road, we both get into the turn lane to turn left onto a long, straight road with open fields on either side. The car in front of me turns onto this road and I wait for a car to pass, and then turn as well.

It took less than five seconds. However, when I turn onto the road, my blood ran cold. The car that had been driving in front of me was nowhere to be seen. This road has no turn offs and it’s long and straight, so you can see pretty far ahead of you. The car had just vanished, and I still think about it today. I have a dashcam now, but I wish I had had one back then because I question what actually happened that day.

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30. Exit Stage Left

This isn't my story directly, more my mother's story. When she was seven or eight months pregnant with me, she would accompany my biological father to the local stage theater where he acted in various productions for rehearsals. One job she had taken on her own, even months or years before she became pregnant, was to sit in various places in the house and take notes, making sure the sets and actors looked good from every seat in the house.

One particular night as rehearsal was starting to wrap up, my mom, being muy enciente with me, got up from her seat. As her belly now hid her feet, it was difficult to see where she was walking; even more so since the lights in the house hadn't come up yet. Heading down a flight of stairs, she took a misstep and almost fell over. Then she suddenly felt somebody take a strong, firm grip on her upper arm and pull her back.

She felt that same grip then pull her forward but very gently, and it never released until she got to the landing near the exit. She turned to thank the person who helped her down, but there was nobody there.

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31. Reach Out And Touch Me

I woke up and saw a shadow standing above me, reaching out to me. My mom told me it was an angel, but I didn’t think so. It was not a good feeling, it was very negative, and it was like it was forced to be there. I very much didn't like the experience, but who would? My house is notorious for housing spirits and shenanigans, so this wasn't a shock to anyone, but at the same time, it was one of the creepier experiences we've had.

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32. The Man In Black

People turn crazy and creepy as heck when they get really sick. There's even a term called ICU psychosis…and trust me, it's real. Anyway, the creepiest that takes the cake for me is this: I had a patient who was admitted for an overdose. She also had a very long history of mental health problems. She was thrashing around in bed, very combative, kicking people's butts for days, totally incoherent.

Well, the night I had her, she started making decent sense, but still not oriented at all. She was extremely paranoid and kept talking about the man in black in the corner. I'd hear her talking to him and screaming, all night long. So I'd go in there and try to calm her down, but you could see the fear in her eyes and in the strain of her voice.

With certain patients, you try to redirect their "reality," but what I did didn't help. She said, "That man in black! Don't you see him!" And pointed to the corner. I said, "There's nobody here.” I stepped in the corner she was pointing to and waved my hands around. While I'm waving my hands around in the air, she had the most horrifically terrified look on her face.

It actually scared the heck out of me. I said, "See, there's nobody here." Her reply gave me goosebumps. She said in a matter-of-factly, you stupid-dumb-witch way: "That's what you think." I promptly got the heck out of there.

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33. Black And White

I recall a lady on the ward who was terminally ill and had all the staff on edge. She was constantly talking about a lady in white who kept visiting her. She would wake up to find this lady in her room, but she was very comforted by her presence. At the same time, we had another lady in the ward who, although unwell, was not at the terminal stage…or so we thought.

One night, I was writing my reports when I heard this “healthy” lady shouting. She was extremely upset when I reached her and asked why "the other nurse" kept waking her up in the early hours. I inquired further as to who she meant. She described a nurse in a black uniform who had woken her the past few mornings and would just stand and stare at her, not speaking.

I tried to reassure her as much as possible and suggested she was having strange dreams, but she insisted she knew this nurse was real and why was she so unfriendly. The next night, I came on duty again to discover this lady had suddenly deteriorated and passed. I often wondered about these two different experiences—a lady in white and one in black. I hope the white lady comes for me when it’s my time.

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34. The Sound Of Silence

I had just started a new job, and the building I worked in was really old. I had to stay a bit later than I normally would to get something done, and by the time I was packing up to leave, my floor was pretty empty. I needed to use the restroom before I left, so I walked over there, and as I approached the door I saw someone else open the door and go in.

I remember vividly that they were wearing a pink shirt and khakis, because that's what I was wearing, too. I was also mildly annoyed, because I don't like being in the bathroom when someone else is in there. After deciding I still definitely needed to pee before the commute home, I entered the bathroom. When I got in, I turned pale.

It was completely empty. I don't know how to describe the energy in the room, but it was very tense. Completely silent. I remember being able to hear my heartbeat. After standing completely frozen for what felt like 10 minutes (it was probably like 15 seconds), I turned right around and left. I had nightmares about that bathroom for weeks. It seems so simple, but it really shook me.

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35. The Woman In The Water

Once I was on holiday in Bangladesh with my family, and we were in a tuk-tuk at night time. We were staying in a village, so there was only one way to get there, a one-way road as it happened. It had no lights, so if it was night, the only light you could rely on were the headlights of the tuk-tuk, which aren’t very good. So we were just driving on this dark path.

It was a gravelly muddy path, and the whole chunk of land was a massive pool of water where they grow rice. The path was the only elevated piece of land there was for miles. Suddenly, I start feeling weird. It was like this unsettling feeling that someone was there. It was really strong and disturbing, but I was able to ignore it…at first.

Then we—me, my dad, my brother, and the driver—see this woman. She was wearing a red sari and was staring out at the water. But when we looked down, her feet are twisted backwards, facing towards us. Meanwhile, her whole body is facing away from us. She's holding a water pot and just watering the ground, no plants, just the ground. Then we rode away.

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36. The Subconscious Mind

I'm a nurse. I work with geriatric patients, and there was this incident about three years ago. Before I explain, let me say that I DON'T believe in ghosts. Anyway, this one time I was working the night shift and I was super sleepy, so I decided to skip lunch because I wasn't hungry and go to my car and sleep for 30 minutes instead.

I got inside my car, covered myself with my sweater, set the timer on my phone, and immediately knocked myself out. Then I'm dreaming, but in my dream I'm still awake, just sitting there. Someone taps on my car window and I see that it’s one of my patients, we'll call her Dee. Surprised, I asked Dee what the heck she’s doing outside.

She tells me she is looking for her daughter. I tell her to go back inside and that we will call her daughter in the morning. My patient becomes angry and starts banging on my car window. I kind of freak out and try to reach for the door handle to get out and calm her down, but I quickly realize I can't move. Let me add that I frequently experience sleep paralysis, so even though I am asleep, I realize what is happening.

I fight it and try squirming my body in an attempt to wake myself up. I finally manage to wake up and my heart is racing and my forehead is a bit sweaty. I sit there for about a minute, realize it was all a dream, and roll the window down to cool myself off. If I knew what was coming, I would have screamed my lungs out.

My break is over and I clock back in and see that my supervisor and two other nurses are huddled in front of a room. I am still by the station clocking in when they see me and call me over. I walk over thinking maybe something was wrong with the ventilator or the patient fell, but my supervisor tells me Dee passed while I was on my lunch break.

It took a couple of seconds for the message to register, and I freaked out internally. I got goose bumps, but didn't mention anything to my supervisor about the dream.

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37. Nice And Quiet

I was at a friend’s house when his mom decided it was time for me to head home as it was getting dark. She told my friend to walk me towards the stairs, which was a shortcut that leads to the main street. As we said our goodbye and I headed down the stairs towards the main street, things got a little weird. I noticed that there was a lot less traffic than usual.

I was walking and listening to music when my phone ran out of battery randomly, even though I had it charged fully when I left. I didn't pay any attention to it and kept walking, thinking that it would be nice to walk alone and in the quiet. I live near a supermarket, which is always packed, and I thought surely there would be people there.

Nope. It was empty too. Completely empty; not anyone in sight. By now I was panicking on the inside. As I turned the corner before heading on to my street, I saw a white light on the ground. It got closer to me but I kept walking, thinking it's my imagination. I stopped as the light reached my feet, then looked up at the sky and was blinded by nothing but white with a screeching white noise kind of sound.

I closed my eyes and ran with my head down, afraid to open my eyes for direction but eventually doing so. I turned another corner and ended up at the front of my apartment complex. I ran up the stairs and entered the front door. Inside, my sisters were watching TV, with the time displaying 8:05 pm. Minutes later, my mother decides to go to the supermarket.

I accompany her and notice cars and people were outside. When we get to the supermarket, it was packed, completely full with long lines at the checkout. I told my family and friends about this story and they all write it off, believing it's impossible as we live in New York and it's usually alive at night. I don’t know what happened to me then. It was like I was stuck in some kind of wormhole.

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38. Stairway To Heaven?

I was sitting in my lounge room alone one night watching TV. Suddenly, I heard clear as day someone coming up the stairs barefoot. I thought it was just a family member coming up the stairs, but I then had the “Oh God” realization that I was home alone. For some reason, I just sat there looking at the door, waiting for whatever was coming up the stairs to walk through the door.

I heard the staircase creaking and everything, and heard the bare feet get to the top of the stairs, step onto the tiles, and take the three-four steps it would take to be in sight of the doorway to the lounge room I was sitting in. But nothing came through the door. I sat there for about five seconds, waiting. Said to myself, out loud, “screw dealing with that right now,” and kept watching TV.

I’ve heard other things like glass moving and footsteps and all that, but the second-most notable thing I can’t explain was me and my mom hearing something talk to our dog downstairs in a like mumbled male voice we couldn’t understand. If I heard that on my own, I’d have just thought it was my brain playing tricks, but my mom also heard it.

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39. Spirited Away

I rented a room in a New England farmhouse during grad school. The first night I was there, at about two in the morning, I had a very, very clear feeling I was being checked out by some sort of house spirits, but they approved. I went back to sleep. The first time my girlfriend came over, she sat up in bed. I asked what's up, and it was almost word for word, something was checking her out but there was no threat.

A few weeks later, my brother came over. The next morning, unprompted as he came downstairs, he said he felt like something was checking him out at night but it was OK. A new housemate, later, said the same thing his first morning. None of them knew each other, it was completely bizarre and I’ve never been able to explain it.

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40. The Disappearing Student

I once worked as a live-in staff member in a college dormitory. During the summer, we housed the few summer school students who remained on campus (nearly 30 of them). It may be significant to point out that these students tended towards the highly academically-motivated, and were oftentimes high-stress students, if quiet.

One warm day in late June, my office received a call from a concerned sibling saying that she and her family were unable to reach her brother, who lived by himself in a room on the summer school floor. This wasn't unusual as our office frequently dealt with students avoiding their kith and kin due to frayed nerves or general social awkwardness.

Our normal protocol to check on a student is to try to reach them by our emergency contact information. Failing that, we go check their room to verify they're living in the building and perhaps available then and there, then have them call their family to verify we followed up on the original request. Also, we are to only enter a room with another staff member present to ensure personal safety of staff and students.

I failed to reach this student on his room and mobile phone, and was working short-staffed, so since I was on my own I decided to pop up to his room and check on him. This was an enormous mistake. I arrived on his floor around 2:00 in the afternoon and the floor seemed deserted, as I had expected. I found his room number and immediately noticed the sound of a movie playing on a TV or computer from behind the door.

I knocked three times and announced that I was a staff member checking on his health and safety. No answer. I didn't think this was that remarkable, since college students are notorious for leaving electronics running while not in the room. I checked the floor showers and bathrooms and found them deserted too. I returned to his door and knocked three more times, waiting about 20 seconds between each knock.

No answer. This is when my instincts started to buzz. I worked in residence halls a number of years as a professional, and something about all the pieces of this puzzle weren't adding up; family concerned about his health and safety, electronics running (someone must have started them recently, within the time frame of a movie run-time), summer school students and their idiosyncratic behavior.

Something wasn't right. I was by myself, so I probably let myself get more worked up than if I was with someone else. A deserted dorm floor, even at 2:00 in the afternoon, oftentimes evokes Kubrickian memories of the Overlook Hotel…I decided that for some sense of closure or sanity, I needed the immediate resolution of keying into this student's room, even though I was by myself and not technically supposed to do so.

I knocked on the door one more time for good measure and again announced myself as the hall director. I keyed into the room and my spider sense went off even stronger. The room appeared relatively vacant; the student appeared to be living out of a suitcase, which is unusual for someone staying no fewer than eight weeks for a summer school session.

The bedding was tussled like someone had been sleeping in it and all the lights in the room were on. And as I had suspected, there was an open laptop on a desk running on battery power and playing The Matrix. But no student. I began to start rationalizing to keep from feeling unsettled; surely this student and I had crossed paths on my way to his room (I'd never met him before so I wouldn't recognize him otherwise) and perhaps he was just down in the lobby picking up delivery food for a late lunch.

Sure, that's it. Then I turned to leave, planning on trying to reach the student later in the afternoon or that night. As I turned to leave, I noticed another odd piece of evidence. The accordion closet doors, which are removed in most rooms due to disuse, particularly single rooms like his, were still in this room. And they were closed.

Odd. I couldn't remember the last time I actually saw someone use those cranky, dysfunctional doors. Then my intuition spiked higher than ever. I realized I was alone in a room with a potentially suicidal student who may, in fact, have completed just that. And I am about to be "that guy" who discovers the body and then has a storm of paperwork and undesirable tasks, not the least of which would be calling the family back to break the news.

I felt like I was talking to myself when my voice cracked as I spoke to the closed doors and announced my name and title and that I would be opening those accordion doors in three seconds. I fumbled with the latch on the doors, and finally managed to get them disengaged. As I slid the doors apart, I was unprepared. I don't know what I really expected, a hanging? A wound?

I'll tell you what I didn't expect: a 7-foot dark-skinned Indian man staring at me embarrassingly as though I had found his secret hangout. We stared at each other for a good 15 seconds without blinking, breathing or speaking. I finally realized what was going on and my natural emotion was disbelief. All I could think to say was, "Um . . . are you in here hiding from me?"

He looked at me and said, "Yeah." My heart was still racing, I turned to leave and before I shut his door, I turned back to him and said, "Call your sister, she's worried about you, and, frankly, I am too."

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41. Things That Go Bump In The Night

One night, I stayed at a pub until 11 pm then I began journeying home. On the way back, a man’s shoulder struck mine. I wished him a "good night" but he did not answer. Cursing him under my breath, I continued on. I began humming a song. A little further and I was struck again. "Can you not mind where you are going"? I asked, real angry.

I got no answer. It happened again in the dark, and this time I did not speak. A cold sweat broke on me. I knew something was wrong so I began my journey again. A little further on, I was bumped again. I began a sprint onwards to my residence. Eventually, I reached home and I hammered on the door. My neighbor opened the door, I saw his jaw drop and his eyes stare.

I looked behind for the first time and there stood a man fully dressed—with, I swear, no head. We rushed into the cottage and barred the door.

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42. The Scent Of A Woman

In 2012, my grandmother suffered a major stroke resulting in at-home palliative care. Friends and family were able to come by freely and spend time with her. I was very close to my grandma and was lucky to be able to share much of this time with her. For anyone that has ever been through hospice with a loved one, you will understand how hard this type of thing can be.

One night, I was sitting at home in my office catching up on some work, when all of a sudden the room filled with the scent of perfume. I'm not talking about a faint smell, I'm saying it was very distinctive and strong throughout the entire room. I stopped everything I was doing and said out loud, to myself, "Something is wrong with Gram."

I had not spoken to my family that day but felt an urgent need to send a text message to my uncle, who was staying with her. I asked, "You guys okay?" This was at 11:20 PM. I got a response right away saying, "You might want to come and say goodbye. Not okay." I quickly rushed over. Upon arrival, the living room where my family was congregated was very silent and filled with blank faces.

Without saying anything, I walked straight to my grandmother, kissed her on the forehead, and told her I loved her. She was still warm...but no longer breathing. I told my uncle that I was there because grandma had brought me there. I asked when she passed, and he replied saying just five minutes before I sent my text. This puts the perfume in my office at nearly the exact same moment.

Now, I'm going to say that I was born into an Irish Catholic family, but I am in no way a religious person. I would have been the first person to discount this type of story if you told it to me. But, I must say, this experience had me thinking that there really is something more out there. I felt it. It was just that one night, but I felt it.

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43. The Room At The End Of The Hall

I used to do regular volunteer work at a religious shrine, and since I had to travel halfway across the country to get there, I was provided with accommodation. Said accommodation dated back centuries, and every time I stayed in it something would happen that could not be explained in any logical way, but this story is my favorite.

I had traveled all day, arriving at the shrine just as they were about to stop serving the evening meal. I grabbed some food and a shower before falling into bed, since I was exhausted. I woke up around three in the morning to a woman's voice saying in a broad Yorkshire accent, right next to my ear, "Are y'all right, luv?" I replied that I was fine, the way you do when you're still half asleep and not really focusing.

The next minute, I was sitting up in bed with all the lights on, asking myself what the heck just happened. I managed to get back to sleep eventually, and then the following morning I ran into a member of staff who had known me for many years. He asked how my journey had been, and I said that it had been fine but that something really weird had happened during the night.

He asked what room I'd been put in, and when I told him his response shook me to the core. He said, "Oh, what did she say to you?" Come to find out that this was always the last room they would put anyone in because so many people had complained of hearing things in there—and when that wing of the building was being renovated, the builders used this room to store their equipment and always found things moved around.

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44. An Uninvited Guest

I work in a nursing home doing activities and housekeeping. I answered a call light of a little old lady, and she asked me to remove a "large, Black woman" from her bed. Except no one was in the bed. Still, I asked the "lady" to get up so she could go to bed. Didn't think anything of until I talked to a nurse. Apparently, she had answered a call light the next room over.

The gentleman in that room had asked the nurse to have the "large Black, lady" to stop pointing at him and leave his room. He is bedridden and only gets up for meals. These two patients don't talk to each other. So there is someone there. It's made me watch things a little closer.

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45. Nighty Night

Years ago in college, we were sharing ghost stories when a friend told a story that terrified me. So the full story is that when his family—the parents and their two boys—moved into their new house, everything was basically hunky-dory except for my friend’s little brother, who was having trouble sleeping and insisted that his room was haunted.

The parents figured it was just a symptom of the move and that he'd get over it, but as time went on the youngest boy got more paranoid and anxious about the room and not less. Eventually, bedtime became such a hassle with this kid that the father relented and said that this time, he'd sleep in the kids’ room to prove it wasn't haunted while the boy would sleep in his parents’ bed with his mother.

So the morning after the swap comes and everyone's milling about getting breakfast when the dad comes downstairs, and people of course want to know how he slept. His reply was chilling. To everyone's surprise, he says to the youngest, "Yeah, you're not sleeping in that room anymore." Everyone was slack-jawed and demanded an explanation.

Apparently, as my friend recounted, when his dad slept in the room he reportedly had to sleep facing the wall, because anytime he slept facing out towards the room, he couldn't escape this really awful feeling that someone (or something) was knelt by his bedside, staring him in the face, and that, as you can imagine, did not lend itself well to a restful sleep.

Once the youngest was out of that room and settled into another, the drama over bedtime stopped.

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46. Feeling Blue

When my middle child was about three years old, we lived in an old house with a lot of poorly built renovations done on it. There was an under house storage area/workshop area accessible from one of the bedrooms. This workshop had a hatch door to the dirt under the house. Anyway, my daughter used to complain about the blue lady that lives under the house. We moved and I never heard about it again.

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47. A Long, Long Time Ago

My brother is about two years older than me. Me, my parents, and our eldest brother distinctly remember him telling a lot of stories when he was little about his "past life." One in particular that I remember was about his grandpa and his dog who lived in a house that caught on fire. Neither survived. When he was little, he would tell creepy stories like this all the time.

At one point, unprovoked, months later, I remember him pointing out a burnt down shack and saying that it was his grandpa's house. We later came to find out that an elderly man and his dog had indeed lived there and passed in a fire. But it wasn't anyone we knew or were related to. My brother was less than 10 years old when this happened, and it was way before our internet days.

We also never read the newspaper or watched the news. Too caught up in sports and cartoons. If you ask him about any of this now, he says he doesn't remember.

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48. Open Door Policy

I used to work at a 24hr Subway. Well, one day I was doing the dishes, and my co-worker was cleaning the toaster oven and bread oven. Out of nowhere, around 3:30 am, I heard our door chime go off. Out of habit I say, "Welcome to Subway" as I turn around. But nobody's there. My co-worker's gone too. I thought "Okay, maybe he hopped the counter and went outside."

Heading back to the sink to finish the dishes, I hear the door chime again. Nobody. Checked the bathrooms. Nobody. "What...the...heck." I ignore the dishes, and stand at the front counter, eyeing the doors. A couple minutes later, my co-worker comes through the back door where we get our deliveries. "Where'd you go?" I asked him, turning towards the back door area.

"To take out the trash," he replies. Okay, I think, I'm just imagining things. But nope, just then, the door chimes again. We both turn around to see nobody there, but this time the door was wide open. But here's the freakiest part: Our doors are weighted so they'll close on their own if you let go of them. Door stayed open for a couple minutes as we stared...Then suddenly slammed.

Not a windy night, and our doors wouldn't even stay open like that on the windiest of days. Have no idea what caused this, or why it happened on that particular night, but after I got a different job, I was told it never happened again. Told my boss about the incident and we all looked at the cameras. Nobody could explain it.

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49. Missing In Action

We lived in a house a few years back, and random things would just go missing, then they'd turn up somewhere else. We never really thought hard on it because they were never expensive or important things, so because of this none of us ever mentioned it to each other. Fast forward and my mother loses an earring one day.

Not a huge deal, but it's a nice dangly pair she wears frequently. Maybe a month later, I come home and find it perfectly laid out in the middle of the ground at the end of a high traffic hallway. I take a photo and show mom when she gets back, give her back her earring, and we discuss the oddity. I mention that lately I've been misplacing random inconsequential stuff like staplers, and she looks at me sharply.

She goes that's weird...Me too. Our housemate gets home and we mention it, and he goes “Oh man so weird, my razor vanished for a while and I found it back on my sink one day.” So basically, we're all convinced there was a friendly ghost attached to that house that just misplaced things to let us know they were present.

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50. Look, Up In The Sky!

One time, my brother, his friend, and I all saw some lights up in the sky that darted around like UFOs. We went to get my mom and she was totally nonchalant about it. "Yep, those are UFOs," she said, and went back into the house. Her response was so subdued that we figured she was humoring us and that they weren't actually UFOs.

Years later, I asked her about it. That’s when she told me that she had to force herself to act calmly that day because of how terrified she was.

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51. This One Will Leave You Breathless

My mum told me that she was once calling my dad, and was alone in the house. Suddenly, she gets a bizarre chill down her spine. My dad immediately says, in as calm a tone as possible, "Darling, start recording." Nothing else. So she starts taking a video and, although there's clearly no one in the room and you can hear both my dad and my mum, there is definitely some loud breathing audible.

You can clearly tell on the recording that neither person was making the sound, yet it was clearly being picked up. And it was LOUD. Not at all tiny. So I don’t think it was coming from the phone or a TV or anything like that. And it continued in the same rhythm while my dad was speaking. When I got home from school that day, I found a magazine on my bed.

It was the August 1952 edition of Autocar magazine. So I take it to my mum. Here's the weird part. It was my grandfather's. He had been deceased for more than 12 years at this point, and my grandmother kept it as it was the last magazine he had bought before he went on his tour of duty, and the only one he hadn't thrown away before his passing.

No one had seen it in almost five years. I just asked my mum for confirmation, and she did confirm that this event really happened. And now I am even more creeped out than I was five minutes ago.

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52. The Truth Is Out There

I work in a personal care home. We used to have a resident who would constantly yell out “hello,” and it drove us a bit bonkers. After he passed, a lady moved into his old room. One night I was working a double, evening to nights, and she pulled her call bell. I went in and she asked me to make him stop. "Make who stop what?” I asked. Her response chilled me to the bone.

"The old man standing beside the bed, he won't stop yelling hello."

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53. A Gold Mine

When I was like 14, I was with a friend riding mountain bikes way out in the woods. We decided to turn back and go home for the day. We must have been two miles from any houses. Walking up the hill we just rode down from, this old guy with miner clothes from the 1800s was carrying a bucket in front of us. He was walking up the hill with his back towards us.

He was only there for a few seconds and then he disappeared. We were both silent when I said, "I thought I saw something." My friend goes, "Yeah me too" and he perfectly described the guy I had seen. We got out of there very quickly. This was in northern Arizona where they used to mine gold, and there was even this old miner’s cabin about a mile from us.

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54. A Small, Dark Feeling

I had a close friend and roommate who came down to breakfast one morning very disturbed about a dream in which his parents were disappearing and saying goodbye to him. He was very upset by the dream, which was not in his nature. I had never seen him bothered by anything before. He was always a very happy and charismatic guy.

Later, we got a phone call with the awful news that his parents, who lived on the other side of the world, had in fact both passed that night in a car accident.

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55. Get out, Right Now

My family moved into a new house when I was 11 years old. The previous owners were a family, and the mom passed of cancer. They sold the house shortly after she passed. Growing up, my sister and I always had an uneasy feeling about that house. Strange things would happen, but everything had a plausible explanation...except for one time when I was 16.

In the middle of the night, I was having trouble sleeping. While I was lying there in my bed, the door to my room opened on its own. I could hear footsteps come into my room. I couldn't see anyone, but I felt like someone else was in my room. Ever have someone come up behind you while you're on the computer? It was like that.

I could hear the footsteps get closer to my bed. Then, right next to me appeared compression on my bed, like an invisible person was sitting there. I could even feel the weight shift. I reached out to touch the compression, and all of a sudden a bunch of blue static electricity shot out from the spot I touched. I screamed and ran out of my room, waking up the entire house.

I couldn't explain what I saw that night. I was almost questioning my own sanity, and that's why I don't tell this story often. For the record, I was 100% sober at the time. Also, because I could move, I don't think it was sleep paralysis. The strange thing is that years later, my sister ran into the daughter of the previous family. She told my sister that her mom had actually passed in the house, not at the hospital.

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56. The Basement Dweller

I heard what I thought was my brother singing. We had a piano in our basement as teenagers, and early in the morning or late at night, he spent quite a bit of time on it playing music. I should note, we lived in an old house, and sound traveled relatively well, so even when he was being “quiet,” you could hear him all the way up on the top floor.

One morning, around 8 AM, I woke up and went about getting ready for the day. My brother was singing in the basement, being loud and obnoxious. His voice is very distinct. I remember walking out of the bathroom, leaning over the top of the stairwell, and shouting down for him to shut up. He kept going, so I shouted louder.

But then I remembered my brother wasn't home that day. He'd left earlier that morning with my parents. The singing stopped. I went downstairs to find the basement dark. I was alone in the house.

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57. Pause For Effect

When I was younger, my mother managed the apartment where we lived. Right before Halloween, she told a scary story about a tragic accident involving the two little boys and their mom above us in the vacant apartment. She said if you listened closely, you could still hear their footsteps running up and down the hallway.

At that very moment, we heard the sound of running upstairs. The look on my mother’s face was pure terror. She called the neighborhood patrol man and one of the on-duty maintenance guys to go and check the apartment. They found a homeless mother living there who had slipped through an open window with her two children.

My mom never told ghost stories again.

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58. A Darkened Room

My friend tells the scariest story about how creepy his first verification of death was. He was on a night shift a few weeks into his first job as a qualified doctor and got a call from a ward to say a lady had passed, and they asked if he could come verify and do the paperwork. It's a busy shift with lots of sick people to see first, so he takes several hours to get there.

He goes up and they tell him she's in room 8. The door to room 8 is slightly ajar and the room is dark. Now, she was in a side room, but most patients there were in shared bays of six beds, so you get into the habit of not turning lights on. In his nervous haste to make sure it didn't look like he was nervous, he slipped into the room armed only with his little pen flashlight.

The window was slightly open and (he swears) the blind rattled against the sill as he crept towards the bed, the tiny circle of light from his flashlight picking out the rumpled white hospital blanket, only a very slim rise showing where she lay, as she was a tiny old lady, just skin and bone. Finally, the light plays over her face. He has to bite back a little scream.

For whatever reason, her pose is one of a horrified and horrifying snarl, lips drawn back to bare (likely false) teeth, the whites of her eyes showing in a fixed blind stare, and both hands up close to her face curled into claws, slightly over-long nails shining grimly in the meagre light. Now, to verify a passing, the doctor has to listen for heart and breath sounds for two minutes while feeling for a pulse, check for pupil reactions, and check for no response to pain.

He flicked the flashlight dutifully across her glaring eyes, forcing himself to shuffle close enough to touch—first to check for response to pain and then to settle shaking fingers on her throat, so close to those furiously grinning teeth, to feel for a pulse. To get his stethoscope under the collar of her gown under the blankets, he has to lean in even closer, almost nose-to-nose with her now, and is unable to draw his gaze away from hers.

And he has to stand like that for two minutes. The seconds crawling away as he stares into that screaming face. He says there's no way he would have heard heart or breath sounds even if she had been alive. All he could hear was his own racing heart in his ears and, on a loop in his head, "Please don't let her move, please don't move, oh dear god don't move..."

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59. Midnight Visitor

My family and I went on a holiday to Indonesia in 2019, and I shared a hotel room with my sister. The first morning, she mentioned that in the night she’d seen someone walk across our room and stare out the window. She’d even heard the floorboards creak as they moved. She gets sleep paralysis pretty regularly, so we shrugged it off. God, looking back, I wish I had listened to her. 

Two days later, I woke up in the middle of the night to see someone sitting at the end of my bed, their hands cupping their face as they cried. I thought it was my sister and sat up. “You okay?” I asked—and froze as I realized I could see my sister tucked up in her bed out of the corner of my eye. The figure, which was like a living silhouette, was clearly female with her long hair tied back in a ponytail.

I just kind of slowly lay back down, took out my phone, and started watching YouTube videos. I know that sounds stupid, but I figured there wasn’t much else I could do! Every now and then I’d look up and see the figure still there, and then go back to watching my videos. This lasted about half an hour until I looked up and the woman was just gone.

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60. The Long Goodbye

I was about eight years old when this happened. I was lying in bed with lights on when I felt someone sitting on the edge of my bed and petting me. I thought it was one of my parents, but when I opened my eyes a middle-aged man I had never seen before was there. He was kind of "shining" (?) in a yellow color and he smiled at me.

I was a shy girl who was afraid of pretty much everything, but for some reason I felt safe and comfortable with him and I fell asleep again. About one or two years, later my mom was talking about her dad who passed when she was a teenager. She showed me the only picture of him, and yep it was the yellow figure I saw. I didn't said anything for years thinking no one would believe me.

But then at a family gathering, several relatives were talking about their paranormal encounters with my grandfather. So either me and my whole family are just nuts, or grandpa just couldn't let go before saying goodbye to all of us.

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61.  Rain Woman

When I was little, me and my babysitter were outside and it started to rain. My babysitter said "watch this" and walked out into the road when there were no cars coming. I still can’t believe what I saw her do. She lifted her arms to form a T shape, and it started to rain heavier. She then put them down and the rain slowed down. She put them back up, and it poured again. I’m sure there's a valid explanation, but for now, I'm still baffled.

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62. It Lives In The Attic

In the house I grew up in, it always felt like you were being watched. I’d see shadows out of the corner of my eye and dark mists that would dissolve when you looked straight at them. My older sister was always scared of the attic especially. She would barricade the door to it whenever we were left home alone, just in case.

I went in the attic quite often to get various things. It’s where we kept large toy containers, old clothes and stuffed animals, and I just liked seeing what I could find. It always felt like I was being watched, though. One time I went up there, and as I reached the top of the stairs, I saw a large, translucent alien-shaped white head looking at me from behind a box.

I froze, terrified, and locked eyes with it for a few seconds before it slowly lowered itself down to hide. I turned right back around and left, telling myself I had imagined it, but I was too scared to go in the attic for years after that. I didn’t tell anyone for years. My parents eventually sold the house and we moved, and I’ve never felt the same way anywhere else I’ve lived.

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63. The Music From Next Door

I lived in an old house in Athens, Ohio, which is reported to be one of the most haunted American cities. During the first year I lived in my apartment, I frequently noticed this strange music that seemed to be coming from inside the house. It's hard to describe, but it sounded like a keyboard or an organ. It sounded faint and was played in the minor key.

Always sounded the same. Regardless, I just chalked it up to my downstairs neighbors, and it never bothered me enough to investigate. It was definitely coming from inside our building, though. The following year, my original neighbors moved out, and my new neighbor, Sarah, moved in. We became friends. One night, she was hanging out in my apartment and the music started up.

She asked me pointedly where the music was coming from, and I said I didn't know—she didn't have music playing in her apartment? She said no and we both looked at each other uneasily. Sarah asked me if I ever saw or heard weird things, and I said that other than the music, I hadn't. The way she asked implied that she had, but she didn't want to talk about it.

A few months later, her boyfriend moved in, and she later confided in me that she saw and heard things: Specifically random tendrils of what looked like smoke swirling inside their bedroom. Doors slamming or opening without explanation. Her boyfriend hated going to the basement so much that he'd sing the whole time he was down there to do laundry.

Thing is, I hated the basement too because it hadn't been changed much since the house had been built and there was a creepy room that looked like where you'd keep nefarious things. I always felt like I was being watched when I was down there. One day, I graduated and was getting ready to move. I went out of town for a few days, so my parents were watching my cat at their place a few hours away.

The night I got back to Athens, I decided to start packing some of my books. I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night to a giant crash. I was tired and disoriented, so I assumed the noise came from Sarah's place. The next morning, I went to my living room to find that a giant antique mirror hanging over my fireplace had crashed and shattered into hundreds of pieces.

The nails supporting the mirror were intact, still in the wall. After that, I was finally prepared to admit that the place was haunted. I know Sarah saw and heard way more than she ever admitted, but she didn't like talking about it because she still lived there. She moved recently, so maybe I'll get more out of her now. I never really believed in ghosts, but too many unexplainable things happened.

I did do some cursory research into who owned the house. I learned a woman was the original owner. Back then, the house was for a single-family. She sounded like a quiet woman—a widow who died at an old age. In her obituary, I learned she loved to play music and had founded the Athens music appreciation group. I wonder if I kept hearing her favorite song to play . . . .

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64. Nightmare On Elm Street

My boyfriend and I woke up in separate parts of the house in hysterics, naked and covered in sweat, just totally drenched in it. When we both finally calmed down and talked, we made a disturbing discovery. We both realized that we had the same dream of being surrounded by a group of black and white people with no mouths.

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65. A Waking Nightmare

I once had a test coming up on a Saturday that was a really darn important English test. My parents had paid a lot of money for my classes, and the test itself wasn’t cheap either. So I was under huge pressure. Well, I didn’t study the whole week, even though I felt really guilty. I took the test. It went okay. Not too good and not too bad. A few weeks later, I get the results. I failed.

I had a breakdown and couldn't tell my parents how recklessly I had failed. I was legitimate going crazy and then...I woke up. It was Monday. I still had five days to Saturday. I took the test and passed it. The dream was so real. I knew what I had done on each day during the dream. I had even imagined facts that I had studied and could recall them in my dream. It was so real, it made me feel uneasy. Thinking about it today still gives me the creeps.

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66. Leave It As It Was

There's an abandoned house next door. The previous owner moved 25 years ago and never sold it. I got a flashlight and gloves, pushed the window open, and got inside to the basement. There was a grand piano there that still played but was very much out of tune, old WW2 stuff, and what looked to be a signed Elvis poster.

There was other really cool stuff that no one should ever had left. There's basically a whole story in that basement including a broken wedding picture frame and instruments everywhere. The main floor had an unmade bed, molded food in the fridge and on the stovetop, half-empty bottles turned solid, and lights still on.

Then I started walking upstairs and heard crying from one of the side rooms. That's when I freaked out and haven't been there since.

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67. The Thing That Went Bump in the Night

One day, I came home from a date at about 11 pm. The house was dark, but I didn’t switch on the lights because I knew my way around. I went straight to the bathroom, and on my way back down the passage I bumped into my dog, who is about as big as my mid thigh. I told my boy I love him and that he should be sleeping, but good boy for checking on his mom.

I opened my bedroom door, which was three-quarters of the way closed, and switched on the light at the same time as I opened it. What I saw made my blood run cold. There’s my dog on my bed, lifting his head when the light came on, to look at me. I would've heard him or felt him move past me if he'd gone by me and entered the room before. But no. I was totally what bumped into me?

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68. If These Walls Could Talk

When my dad was younger, he used to see a woman in a white nightdress holding a candelabra walking along the hallway at his old house. No one ever believed him, but he thought it was his grandmother. Fast forward 20+ years, and he's talking to someone he works with. This girl says she used to see a woman in a white nightdress holding a candelabra in her old house. My dad asks where she used to live…and it was his old house.

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69. Three’s Company

My best friend, his boyfriend, and a third roommate of theirs were all living in a new apartment together. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was so new that they were the only tenants to have ever lived in that unit at that point. The third roommate was a pretty quiet guy. He kept to himself and often stayed in his room, with the door closed at all times.

He was also sort of a slob. Anyway, one day, the couple comes home and sees that their roommate's door is open, which never happens. They go and peer in, and see a perfectly folded uniform for a nearby banquet hall laying on his bed. It was from the sort of place that could be rented to host events, wedding receptions, and the like.

The thing is that their roommate didn't work there. He never did. None of them ever did, and they didn't know anyone that did either. Yet here is this uniform sitting on his bed. They questioned him about it, and he seemed as baffled as they did. Fast forward a month or two, and one day my friend comes home to find the house completely empty.

He goes to the bathroom and, right there on the bathroom floor, he spots a lacy women's garter belt, the type worn on a wedding day. This is again strange, because of the three men in the apartment, two were gay and the other had no female contact. Once again, none of the housemates could explain where it had come from.

While the appearances of both items are unexplained, I think the strangest part is that there is actually a link between both clothing items. One from a banquet hall that hosts wedding receptions, and then a garter belt is worn on a wedding day. I'm a pretty skeptical person, so when they told me all of this, I tried to come up with every logical solution I could imagine.

But they had really good responses that shut all of them down, as they too had tried to come up with an explanation and couldn't. We still have no idea what happened.

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70. Book Worms

I worked at the public library. I once scanned a guy's library card, then went to hand it back to him. He saw me start to hand it to him. Our hands were about a foot apart. Then, suddenly, the card was gone. It never made it into his hand. We were both totally confused. I looked under the computer desk, even in weird cracks, but we never found it.

I still think about it.

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71. An Unexpected Guest

I'm a paranormal investigator, so I live for the creepy and paranormal. I seek it out. Throughout my time as an investigator, I've experienced a lot of creepy things, but the strangest happened at the Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas. My team had arranged toys on the floor in Sallie's room because it's said that "Sallie" will move them if you do that.

We'd just finished a dinner break in the kitchen downstairs and went upstairs to check on our equipment in Sallie's room. But when we got to the top of the stairs, the door to Sallie's room was closed, even though none of us had closed it. Someone knocked on the door and asked, "Is anyone in there?" The response made me jump out of my skin.

We heard a distinctly male voice say, "No. Just leave." I need to point out, we were all downstairs together. No one had gone upstairs to close the door, absolutely not. But, any investigator will also tell you in old houses doors sometimes close. However, no men were upstairs. We had two men in our group, both were downstairs.

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72. The Banshee’s Cry

One time, I was camping with friends from high school. We had decided to sleep around the fire, not inside of the tents, since it would be nice to sleep under the stars. I fell asleep in the chair after a while, but I woke up to very loud screaming from the forest surrounding the campground. It sounded exactly like a friend of mine, Jeff, who had been sleeping right by me.

Well, I didn't see him in his chair anymore. I woke up the person next to me and asked where Jeff went. They told me he was just across the way, sleeping elsewhere on a bench. I then went “Okay” and fell asleep. The next morning, I was asking people about the screaming. It turns out that nobody else heard it but me. To this day, I know I heard screams. I just don't know who was yelling.

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73. The Man In The Big Blue House

When I was a kid, my family lived in a blue house that was oddly shaped. One year, the house got completely gutted and nearly destroyed by a flood. They had to knock down a wall between the living room and the kitchen. So after the flood, you could see all the way down the hall to my parents’ bedroom door. This house was and still is very strange, for lack of a better term.

I was a terrible sleeper as a kid and would routinely wake up and just go into the living room and watch cartoons on low volume if I couldn’t go back to sleep. One morning, I’m out in the living room sitting across the chair with my feet up on a window sill. Don’t ask me why, I was just a stupid eight- or nine-year-old at the time.

From where the chair was, I could see just over the kitchen counter down that hallway to my parents’ room. A movement caught my eye. I looked up and saw the shadowy outline of a man walking towards me, kind of near to my parents’ door. Thinking it was my dad, I said something like, “Hey Dad, sorry if the TV was too loud.”

My dad is a notoriously light sleeper and would wake up from anything, so I assumed that this was the explanation for what I was seeing. Except there was no response. Within seconds, the weight of my foot breaks the window I was leaning it on, and my foot ends up going through the glass. Again, I’m not sure if this is related or if I was just a dumb kid. Likely the latter, honestly. But either way, I screamed as loud as I could.

My parents quickly woke up to figure out what was going on at 4:30 in the morning. At this point, I’m preoccupied, but I realized much later that I definitely saw the outline of a man. But there was no way it was my dad because: A) He came bounding out of their bedroom after my scream, and B) I realized that the shoulders of that outline were much higher than what my dad’s would have been.

Fast forward to a few years ago. We’ve moved far away from the blue house, and my mom and I are hanging out and catching up. For some reason, the blue house comes up and I tell mom that the place still gave me creeps and that weird stuff happened there when I was a kid. My mom’s response? “Oh, you must have seen the shadow man too!”

Supernatural childhoodShutterstock

74. The Long And Winding Stairs

My grandmother was a real estate agent in Rhode Island. I was staying with her one summer and she had to take me along to see a potential listing. It was a very strange house because it was circular. All the rooms went along the outside and connected to each other, and there was a center part with a little garden that was open to the sky.

She went up to the second story, and I stayed downstairs because I wanted to walk around the loop one time. The problem started when I had walked a full loop but didn’t see the staircase that I had started from. I thought I must be confused, so I kept going to the next room. And I still couldn’t find them. At this point, I started to panic.

So I began running around the house as fast as possible, checking every room for stairs. And there weren’t any. Finally, I sat down by the front door and started crying. A little while later, my grandmother ran into the entryway room looking just as panicked as I had been. She started asking where I was hiding and why I was hiding and why I had not answered her calling out to me.

I never heard her calling out to me at all. Actually, the house seemed so still and quiet while I was sitting there that I was sure she had forgotten and left me there. We went home and didn’t talk about it really. Then, like 15 years later, I brought it up to my mom and asked if she knew anything or whether this was all just a crazy childhood nightmare that I’m remembering?

She told me she remembered it clearly, because my grandmother had called her and was absolutely spooked because she couldn’t explain what had happened and she thought she had lost me or that I had been taken by someone while she was distracted. She had apparently been looking for me for a while. I still don’t understand what happened really, because the house wasn’t even large or confusing to navigate.

I still get chills when I think about it.

Supernatural childhoodShutterstock

75. An Eary Story

About five years ago, my parents were sitting out on the back porch on a summer night. Out of the corner of her eye, my mom saw a person-sized white translucent figure float by a tree. She asked my dad if he saw it too, and he said yes. He is a tough guy, but he was really freaked out and so was she. So they both went inside.

The next morning, my mom was walking by the tree where they had seen the figure, and she noticed a very old-looking earring sitting on top of the dirt. She doesn’t wear earrings and it wasn’t the kind of earring I would ever wear. It looked like it belonged to an old lady and it was just dropped there somehow. My mom brought it inside and put it in her jewelry box.

The next day, it was sitting in the middle of the basement floor. From then on, I started hearing footsteps and whispering in my room at least once a week until I moved out.

Supernatural childhoodUnsplash

76. A Parting Gift

When I was three years old, my grandmother passed. She lived in our house with us and we were very close. She had told my mom many times that she would do her best to make her passing easy on me, since I was so young. The night that her life came to an end, my mom was lying in bed with her and heard her take her last breath.

My mom laid there and cried for about 30 minutes before coming into my room to check on me. It was about 5:00 in the morning, and there was no reason for me to be awake. But I was sitting up in my crib and playing when my mom came into the room. She asked me why I was awake, and I said: "Grandma Flo just came in to give me a kiss goodbye!"

Supernatural childhoodPexels

77. I Dreamed A Dream

I woke up one night when I was 12 years old, because I dreamed that my older brother got into a car accident. I got out of bed and wandered downstairs to the kitchen to get something to drink. My mother was sitting there and asking me why I was awake. I told her: "I had a bad dream and needed something to drink."

I got a glass of water when the bell suddenly ringed at our door. My mother went to look and see who was there in the middle of the night. Two officers were standing there. They asked if they could come inside for a moment. I couldn't hear what they were talking about because I was still in the kitchen and they were in the hallway.

After the two officers left, my mother came back to the kitchen completely pale and told me that I should go to bed now. I asked her what was wrong, when she informed me that my brother had been in a car accident and that she needed to wake up my dad and go to the hospital right now. When I pointed out that this was the bad dream I had before waking up, she only looked at me for a couple of seconds. That’s when she told me something I’ll never forget.

I prepared myself for a comment like "Don't be silly and go to bed now," but instead she said "Me too." So basically, we both had the same exact dream of my brother having a car accident. And we both woke up minutes before the officers came over to tell us that it really happened. Thankfully, my brother survived with just some minor injuries.

We saw the photos of the accident in the newspaper the next day. It looked 100% like it did in my dream. Even down to the smallest details. The way he lost control over the car, the spot where it flipped the first time, and the tree it came to a stop at. Even today, my mother and I still talk about this weird experience. Nobody else ever believes us when we tell the story.

Memorable strangersPickPik

78. In The Dog House

I was having a sleepover at home with a friend from school. We were watching a film, and suddenly the weirdest thought comes to me: Her dog has just passed. Obviously, I can't just blurt that out. So I ask in the middle of the film, hey, by the way, how is your dog? She was quite surprised, since I had never met her dog and she doesn’t talk much about it, she just mentioned she had one.

She answered that he is ageing, but well. We moved on but I couldn’t shake that odd feeling. Anyway, she goes home the next day and calls me after a while. She asked, “Why did you ask about my dog yesterday? How did you know? He passed last night, around the same time you asked about him." I was both shocked and unsurprised at the same time.

I don’t have an explanation, it seems like a weird coincidence since her dog was not something usually on my mind. It never happened to me again.

Creepy can't explainShutterstock

79. Just The Two Of Us

I pulled into a fast food drive-thru in Odessa, Texas; it was my first time there. When it was my turn at the speaker, I placed my order—it’s been a long drive, so I’m treating myself and being a little picky, asking nicely, and building a customized meal. The cashier listens, then she says the strangest thing. “Again? You ate all that already?”

Me: “Um...huh?” Cashier: “Oh, I’m sorry. Someone who sounds just like you was just through here, and placed the exact same order.” Me: “Hey, cool! Weird, but cool.” I get to the window and the girl looks at me with this exasperated expression, opens the window, and says, “It is you!” Me: “?” The cashier calls her manager over and points at me, shows him the order, and says nothing.

Manager: “Welcome back. Was there a problem with your order?” Me: “No...I haven’t gotten it yet.” Manager (clearly confused): “I made your order myself.” The cashier points at the time on receipt. The manager blinks, and says, “That’s the same order,” to her, looks at me, back at her, and says “and that’s him.” Cashier: “I said the same thing.”

Both of them looked genuinely upset and confused. But it got so much worse. At first, as the manager was handing me my food, he laughed and visibly relaxed. “The other guy had long hair,” he explained, pointing to my cap. “Like, halfway down his back. You just have a twin, I guess...with the same kind of car.” His face when I took off my hat and showed him my long hair...

They might have been messing with me for fun; shifts get long and people are creative. But if it was a game, they deserved careers in theater, because they looked terrified.

Creepy can't explainShutterstock

80. Guardian Angel

My great-grandmother had a favorite rocking chair. The night she passed, my mom and I had already been to visit my grandparents and my great-grandmother a couple of days before. We all knew her time was coming soon, so we wanted to make it memorable. She even met her first great-granddaughter when my cousin brought her daughter to see them.

The night after my cousin left with her daughter, I had a dream that I was talking to my great-grandmother and she had been sharing some wisdom and saying goodbye. My mom woke me up in the middle of that dream, at 4:30 in the morning, to let me know that she had passed peacefully in her sleep and we needed to say goodbye.

Of course, in the grogginess that comes with being woken up from a sound sleep at 4:30 in the morning, I had said “but I just said goodbye...” and freaked my mom out. Fast forward a couple days past her cremation, we noticed her perfume scent randomly in the halls, the kitchen, and occasionally hovering around her chair. Now, any time I go to see my grandparents, I’m always greeted shortly after entering their home by the smell of her perfume. It’s paranormal, but the heart-warming kind. Miss you, grandma.

Paranormal Mysteries FactsWikimedia Commons, Levi Clancy

81. Hallway Of Horrors

I was living with my now mother-in-law in a house she had just purchased a few months before. We had all had various weird "feelings" or experiences in the house, but two really, really stick out. Collectively, there were three dogs living in the house at the time. One evening, we are all sitting with our backs to the hallway (this is significant) watching a movie.

All of a sudden, my German Shepherd and my terrier both perk up their ears and start staring down the hallway behind where we are sitting. I mean, full attention. I notice and turn around. The light in the hall was off and it was dark, so of course don't see anything. Five minutes later, they're still staring and now growling intensely.

This time my wife and I turn around, and our jaws drop to the floor. We both watch as the light switch on the wall gets flipped to “on.” Dogs went CRAZY and so did we! Then, a few weeks later: Same scenario, light is off and we are watching a movie. My German Shepherd loved to play fetch and we always had a million balls around to entertain her.

This time, she's staring down the hallway and wagging her darn tail. This time, we all notice again and start to watch. I swear to God, a ball, a single orange tennis ball, came rolling down the hallway towards her. We all went white. There were a few others, but man I hated that hallway. It never felt like a bad energy, but my feeble little brain was still scared nonetheless.

One more story...My mom-in-law was having these dreams a few weeks after moving in about the house catching on fire and burning to the ground with us all inside. Horrible. About three weeks after these dreams, we woke up one morning and distinctly smelled smoke coming from the house somewhere. Panicked, we all started searching and eventually came to the garage.

On a rafter, we noticed smoke coming out from around a fluorescent light fixture. At that moment I God, it's attached DIRECTLY to this old dried-out beam! The light was left on all night and it was clearly burning the rafter ever so slightly. Lights are not supposed to be secured on to a rafter like that. So we like to think our ghost hosts were looking out for all of us. After that, her dreams stopped.

Paranormal Mysteries FactsPxHere

82. The Not-So-Silent Treatment

At my parents’ house, I used to hear my mom calling out to me when she didn't. And she confirmed she'd hear me call out to her when I didn't. That was a common occurrence. Also, whenever I'd be alone for a little while, if my mom was late from work or at the grocery store, I'd usually be in the main living room playing video games.

I would often hear loud banging sounds from upstairs, as if a heavy piece of furniture tipped over. I'd go check and nothing was out of place. Both my mother and grandmother have confirmed similar experiences when they were alone in the house. There was also the time I was downstairs on my laptop and everyone else was in bed.

It was after midnight and I didn't realize just how dark everything had gotten without the lights on. I'm zoned out when I begin to hear it. What sounds like a murmuring coming from behind me. Like the low rumble you'd hear at a gathering when people are talking and you can't make out the conversation. The hairs on my neck immediately stood up and my body locked up from fear.

Tears ran down my face from the physical reaction my body was having. I refused to acknowledge it and kept staring at my laptop screen in silence. It took forever for my body to go back to normal. Some time later, I told my mother what happened and it freaked her out because she said she's heard the murmuring as well. I've always hated that house.

Supernatural childhoodUnsplash

83. The Voice Inside Your Head

I heard this story about a family friend. This woman, we’ll call her Ann, was reportedly sitting at home, reading, when she heard a voice in her head. The voice told her: “Please don't be afraid. I know it must be shocking for you to hear me speaking to you like this, but this is the easiest way I could think of. My friend and I used to work at the Children's Hospital, Great Ormond Street, and we would like to help you. We need you to go there.”

Ann’s response to this voice was about what you would expect. Frightened at what was happening, she tried to ignore the message, but the voice reassured her by providing her with additional information about the hospital she would need to attend. Convinced by this point that she had gone mad, she consulted her family doctor who referred her to a psychiatrist.

After an examination, which showed no medical explanation for what Ann had heard, he diagnosed her with a functional hallucinatory psychosis. Along with supportive counselling, she was also treated with medicine and the voices disappeared after a couple of weeks. But the voices returned several weeks later, even though she was still taking the medication.

This time, the voices were even more specific in directing Ann to the diagnostic imaging wing of a nearby hospital. The voices then informed her that she had a tumor in her brain and that she needed a scan for proper diagnosis. They even told her the approximate location of the tumor, in her brain stem. Though the doctor had found no evidence supporting the presence of a tumor, Ann was distressed enough by this time that he ordered the scan done.

This actually took some negotiating, since the test is an expensive procedure and the lack of any apparent medical justification, aside from a hallucination, made the request hard to fathom. After considerable debate, the scanning was done. The results made their jaws drop. Sure enough, the scan showed evidence of tumor in her brain stem.

The neurosurgeon gave Ann and her husband the option of immediate surgery as opposed to waiting for actual symptoms to appear. After weighing the pros and cons, Ann decided on immediate surgery (the voices were in full agreement). The operation was carried out with no surgical complications. According to Ann, she heard from the voices one last time after regaining consciousness. They said, “We are pleased to have helped you. Goodbye.”

Creepy experiencesNeedpix

84. Monsters Under the Bed

My old house was definitely haunted. My normally quiet dog would growl in empty dark rooms, and I'd see shadows quickly move across the hallway. The worst moment, though, was when I was about 9. I couldn’t fall asleep. I was randomly looking around my room when I saw some sort of creature crouched in the corner, with a dark body but a bright red face.

Now, being a wimpy little kid, I immediately wrapped myself up in my bed covers and forced myself to sleep. I never saw the thing again, but it still creeps me out to this day.

Creepy experiencesUnsplash

85. A Ghostly Imprint

When I was four years old, my grandfather died by suicide. Not long after when I would come home on the bus, I would see him standing by the pond by my house just watching me. So I would go home and tell my mom what I saw. What I learned much, much later is that he had shot himself next to that very pond. I know it was him.

Creepy experiencesUnsplash

86. A Message From Beyond the Grave

My mom had cancer when I got married. After the wedding, she was pretty persistent that my wife and I send thank you notes to everybody in attendance. We finally got them out and she was very thankful. Unfortunately, she passed due to surgical complications six months later. After the funeral, my dad and I were sending thank you notes to everybody who brought flowers.

When I signed the last one, sealed it, and tossed it on the table, I said to my dad, "It's done. That was the last one." Just then, the phone in the kitchen made a ding noise, like it was about to start ringing. I said to my dad that the phone was about to ring, but then nothing happened. He picked it up after some back and forth, and when he did the line was dead. I'm convinced that it was my mom thanking us for sending those thank you notes out.

Creepy experiencesPikist

87. The Haunting of Lover’s Lane

When I was 19 or so, I was dating this guy. Since we both lived with our parents, we would drive out to abandoned lots to make out. One time, we pulled into an old abandoned shopping plaza. A couple minutes in, I get a very uneasy feeling. I kept thinking about a man whose hair was on fire. I don't know how I knew this, but I just sensed that he wanted us to leave.

My boyfriend noticed I looked scared. Then he says, without any prompting from me, "I have this weird feeling like someone is watching us and... And...He's on fire." We booked it out of there so fast. Drove by again a few days later during the day...There were distinct burn marks on the building that we hadn't even noticed before.

Creepy experiencesPikrepo

88. No Laughing Matter

My dad bought this old run-down house as a fixer-upper. I was about 8 or 9 at the time, so I couldn’t do too much to help him, but I remember helping him clean out the attic. It was full of tons of old newspapers and toys; the people must have been hoarders. Just tons of toy dolls and cars and all that. That creeped me out on its own, but I only found out the real story much later.

This is the really scary part, the part my dad waited until we were grown up to tell us. One person came by to look at the house when it was near finished and for sale. She said she really wanted it because it was full of spirits. My dad thought she was wacky but whatever, if that's what she liked, good for her I guess.

Some time later, my dad and mom are laying in bed at the house when they hear a woman laughing somewhere in the corridors. They both rolled over and just looked into each other’s eyes as they listened. They stayed that way until it stopped, then never talked about it for a long time. They both get chills when they tell that story now.

Creepy experiencesPxfuel

89. My Time Has Come

I'm a nurse who works in an intensive care unit. I took care of a patient who had a history of esophageal cancer. A while back, he had surgery, got better, and eventually went home. Months later, he got pneumonia and came back to the hospital in respiratory distress. He had to be put on a mechanical ventilator while he was with us.

He was stable; no blood pressure issues, heart rhythm looked great, breathing wasn't terrible, responsive and following commands. All of a sudden, his blood pressure suddenly drops and he lost his pulse. We called a code blue and began CPR. We brought him back after an hour and continued to run tests to figure out why he crashed.

None of the results of the labs or imaging were remarkable. 15 minutes after we had brought him back, his blood pressure drops again and he lost his pulse. We continued coding him for another hour until it was clear he couldn't be brought back. The doctor pronounced him dead, and his wife came in after the fact. Then she made a confession that drained the blood from my face.

She said she couldn't stop thinking about the conversation her and her husband had just before he had come in. Wife: "Honey, don't forget you've got an appointment with the home health nurse this Saturday." Husband: "Well, I won't be here this Saturday." Wife: "What do you mean you won't be here this Saturday? Where are you going?"

Husband: "I don't know...I just won't be here." This conversation happened Wednesday. He was admitted to the hospital Thursday and he passed Friday at 11:30pm.

Creepy doctors

90. The Voices In My Head

A 13-year-old boy came in for a routine check-up and vaccines. At first, he was already acting like an angsty teenager, giving only one-word answers and pouting while his mother was in the room. At this age, I ask parents to step out of the room to ask personal questions. He answered no to everything, but after I asked, “Is there anything you want to ask me before I have mom come back in?” his tone completely changed.

He started to tear up and shudder and talk about seeing bloody shadows in his periphery, and that he has been hearing voices for four years. He always thought it was literally his subconscious and everyone could physically hear their own voices. He only started to worry recently when his best friend passed in a car wreck, and now the voices were yelling at him he's stupid, it's his fault.

Then he said they were telling him to hurt me. They’ve been telling him to hurt others for weeks. I could not believe what I was hearing. I had a psych team see him immediately, and he was brought to a psych ward. The mother was shocked and had no idea. I saw him two months later, and he was a completely different kid. Sarcastic, but funny and interactive and happy. It was like night and day.

Doctors creepyPexels

91. The Conversation

When I was a kid, I lived with just my mom. Every few nights after she went to bed and turned off all of the TVs, I’d hear a man and woman casually having a quiet conversation in our kitchen area. I always had to concentrate really hard to make sure I was actually hearing something, because it was so faint I couldn’t make out the words.

This continued for years, and I thought my mom wouldn’t believe me if I told her. After we moved out, I finally told her—she said she’d always experienced the same thing.

Tales from retailPexels

92. The Room That Wasn’t There

When I was a young adult, I went to Job Corps. During the first week of being there, we had a hall meeting, and we all had different things to add or question at the meeting. When it was my turn, I asked about all of the talking that the room next to mine did, since I thought we all had lights out at the same time. I also mentioned the stomping from the hall above.

I wasn't trying to get anyone in trouble, I was still just trying to figure the place out. Well, I never saw a group of different aged girls from different backgrounds from all over the place all stop smiling. The blood drained out of each of them. Apparently, my room didn't have another next to it. The room next to it currently was the storage room.

Same with the stomping from the hall above; there was no hall above, that was the roof.

Tales from retailPexels

93. Door Man

In 2015, I was working on some assignments at home. It was about 9:00 in the morning. I was sitting at the desk in the living room, doing my work on the computer. I could see directly into my housemate’s room from the desk, but since he was asleep the door was shut. The door was slightly raised off the ground, so you could see if there was anyone standing behind it. That’s when the most disturbing thing I’ve ever experienced happened.

Suddenly, the door starts shaking and rattling as if someone is trying to demolish it. There's no one behind it. I'm just looking at it with my mouth agape and then, a few terrifying minutes later, my roommate opens the door and asks me: "Dude, what the heck are you doing?" So I go: "It wasn't me, I'm sitting over here!" We are both completely flummoxed to this day. What the heck could have caused that?

Unsolved mysteriesUnsplash

94. The Cold Hard Truth

The biggest mystery I have is the time I woke up on top of my refrigerator. I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but it was some time in my early teens. And it’s exactly what I said. I woke up on top of my refrigerator. I had been sleeping up there curled up like a cat, and to this day I have no idea how I got up there.

There was nobody home at the time who would, or could, have put me up there while I was sleeping, and there’s no way I could have climbed up there unassisted. There were no chairs or stools or anything around the fridge that I could have used to climb up, and I obviously couldn’t have used one and then put it back while I was still up there.

I also had no prior history of sleepwalking whatsoever. And, to my knowledge, I’ve never sleepwalked again since. To this day, I have absolutely no freaking idea what happened, and it still bugs me every time I think about it. If anybody has any theories as to how this could have been possible, I would love to hear them!

Unsolved mysteriesUnsplash

95. The Vanishing

I dropped my mug onto the floor accidentally one day. It should have been no big deal, but it turned into my weirdest "glitch in the matrix" moment. I heard no noise when it hit the floor, and when I went to pick it up, it was gone. I honestly went to bed and pondered what happened and slept feeling incredibly uncomfortable. I never did find the mug; it remained missing even days later. Still bothers me to this day.

Paranormal Mysteries FactsUnsplash

96. Father Knows Best

March 2015. My father had just passed a month ago. I wasn’t sleeping well and I would stay up later and later every night. When he was alive, my father always used to scold me if I stayed up so late because it would ruin my sleep schedule and affect my work, y'know, just standard parenting stuff. So I'm thinking about this one night when I couldn't sleep. It’s about 2:30 am, and I’m watching YouTube on my PS4 to distract myself.

Then, the power in the house flickers. I didn't realize it at the time, but that was the start of the strangest night of my life. I check the window, there's no rain or wind or anything. I figured somebody hit a pole somewhere. Couple minutes later, power goes out for a second, then comes right back on. Nothing was affected, which is weird because when power goes out, the electronics usually reset. So I check the window again, but still see nothing happening outside.

A couple minutes later, power goes out for almost a whole minute. From the couch, I can see the streetlight outside is still lit, as well as the other houses on the street. Power comes back on and EVERYTHING is still as it was. Video continues where it left off, clocks haven’t reset, nothing. It’s now 2:37 am. I audibly said “ok” and went to bed.

Next morning, I wake up for work. The clock on the oven says 11 am. My phone says 7:23. It was around 11 when my father left the house the day he passed. Fast forward to January of this year, the third anniversary of my father’s passing, I can’t sleep. I’m upstairs at my NEW home, watching Netflix. Power flickers and goes out.

I immediately said “ok I’m going to bed.” Power comes back on. Next morning, getting ready for work, oven clock says 11:41am. Dad doesn’t like when I stay up too late.

Paranormal Mysteries FactsUnsplash

97. The Disembodied Voice

A lady’s voice was coming from my closet and asking for help. My closet door was cracked and she said, “Help me. I see you through the cracks.” Every synonym for the word scared was coursing through my body. I went and checked to see if there was a woman in need of help, but nothing was in there but my clothes and shoes.

Paranormal Mysteries FactsUnsplash

98. The Red Right Hand

I was sleeping in my basement, which is pretty much my bedroom, and I woke up at some random time in the night for no reason. I rolled over and saw a black figure, probably around 5’ 10” and typical male physique, standing at the side of my bed. It was standing between the bed and the stairs, so there was no way to get out.

I just rolled over and straight up started praying. I rolled back over…and it was gone. The next morning, I was in the shower (also in the basement) and the curtain was pushed to the side, not like all the way, but it noticeably moved. Then when I got out of the shower, my cello’s D string was plucked three times then rung out. But the creepiest thing was yet to come.

I went upstairs, where I saw my little brother. He had this vivid red handprint that reached all the way across his neck and cheek. It was too big to be his own hand. But the man I had seen hovering near my bed? It was the right size to be his...

Paranormal Mysteries FactsPickPik

99. Drive My Car

Not necessarily creepy, but when I was around 11 years old or so, my mom and I were going about 40 miles outside of town for a typical orthodontist appointment. The trip typically took about 35 minutes, give or take a few for traffic. However, this one time, I kinda zoned out while being driven and, upon arriving, I remarked "Wow, that was fast!"

We were earlier for my appointment than usual, despite leaving at a consistent time to every previous appointment. Upon looking at our vehicle's clock, and confirming with a watch my mom had on, it had mysteriously taken us only 10 minutes to drive the usual 35-minute distance. We both have no recollection of anything happening during those ten minutes, and it never happened again.

But it left us with a very weird feeling. We still wonder what we drove through to this day.

Supernatural childhoodUnsplash

100. I’m Sorry, What?

I'm a former paramedic. One day, my team responded to a report of a man down on the side of the railroad tracks near an old embankment. When we arrive, we saw that the man had no signs of life. When we tried to revive him, he flat lined on the EKG, with fixed and dilated pupils. He had no visible signs of trauma and the body wasn't cold yet so he hasn't been gone too long. We search the area and find a makeshift tent/campsite where the guy apparently was living and find no medications or anything out the ordinary.

We are not too far from an area that everyone believes is haunted and is a site for satanic worship. Even though all of us on the scene knew about the rumors none of us had actually seen it or had proof. It's dark and we were all waiting around for the funeral home to show up and bring the body to the morgue for an autopsy. Then the freaky stuff started.

A few of us heard what sounded like people whispering but it wasn't from any specific direction. Then the whispering stopped and the people on scene that hadn't heard the whispering started hearing what they all described as children laughing wickedly, but it was all over, not from any specific direction. Those of us that had heard the whispering never heard the new noise. This went on for about 10-15 minutes while we're standing next to the corpse. Officers on the scene told their dispatcher to tell the funeral home to step it up and get out there ASAP.

The next afternoon, we went to the morgue to speak with the coroner and find out the cause of death. The coroner's first question was utterly disturbing. He calmly asked us was why did we clean the body? Me and my partner looked at him kinda strange and asked what he was talking about. He said it must have been a very bloody scene, so we told him there was no blood anywhere around the scene.

He turned pale and said that just added to the confusion, because the body had absolutely no blood in it whatsoever. And there were no marks anywhere on him where blood could have been drained out. He also said he had a weird experience while doing the autopsy but refused to tell us what happened. To this day we have still never learned the actual cause of death, or been able to explain the whispering and evil laughing.

Paranormal Experiences factsPinterest

101. The Others

My mom and older sister describe how I used to randomly start crying and asking where my mom was, even when she was right in front of me. When my mother would try to comfort me by saying she was right there, I would shout for my other mom. I would then describe this person, who apparently always held a bloody hammer. They said it scared them out of their wits, but one day when I was two years old, they tried to ask me about it and I couldn't remember anything.

Creepy experiencesPxfuel

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My mom never told me how her best friend died. Years later, I was using her phone when I made an utterly chilling discovery.

Dark Family Secrets

Dark Family Secrets Exposed

Nothing stays hidden forever—and these dark family secrets are proof that when the truth comes out, it can range from devastating to utterly chilling.
April 8, 2020 Samantha Henman

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Madame de Pompadour was the alluring chief mistress of King Louis XV, but few people know her dark history—or the chilling secret shared by her and Louis.

Madame de Pompadour Facts

Entrancing Facts About Madame de Pompadour, France's Most Powerful Mistress

Madame de Pompadour was the alluring chief mistress of King Louis XV, but few people know her dark history—or the chilling secret shared by her and Louis.
December 7, 2018 Kyle Climans

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I tried to get my ex-wife served with divorce papers. I knew that she was going to take it badly, but I had no idea about the insane lengths she would go to just to get revenge and mess with my life.

These People Got Genius Revenges

When someone really pushes our buttons, we'd like to think that we'd hold our head high and turn the other cheek, but revenge is so, so sweet.
April 22, 2020 Scott Mazza

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Catherine of Aragon is now infamous as King Henry VIII’s rejected queen—but few people know her even darker history.

Catherine of Aragon Facts

Tragic Facts About Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s First Wife

Catherine of Aragon is now infamous as King Henry VIII’s rejected queen—but very few people know her even darker history.
June 7, 2018 Christine Tran

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