November 4, 2021 | Carl Wyndham

Reliving "That One Disturbing Night" At Friends' Houses

You may think you know what to expect when you go over to a friend’s place—but even the closest friends can surprise you. From psychotic parents to nightmare sleepovers, these people saw more than they ever wanted to see.

1. Out For A Ride

When I was around 11, one of my friends threw a massive sleepover for our group which included about 12-15 of us guys. We were mainly sports-oriented, well-off kids who were likely to end up in fraternities in the future. The friend who was hosting the sleepover had recently become the stepson of a chiropractor. As everyone arrived, we explored their impressive house and started discussing our plans for the night.

Our friend kept reassuring us that we were free to enjoy the house because his mom and stepdad had gone out for the night on a bike ride. Turns out, he was horribly mistaken. Unexpectedly, his parents emerged fully dressed in jet-black leather, chains, the works. His stepdad's outfit wasn't completely zipped in the head area, and he even had a leash attached to his wife.

All of us got an eyeful of this scene. After advising us to behave ourselves during their absence, the stepdad guided his wife into the car and drove off. Once they were gone, we were silent for a bit, taken aback by what we had just witnessed. We then started debating about what we had just seen. The host, thinking there was nothing strange, simply told us it was related to their biking.

We might not have known much, but we were sure it wasn't related to biking. Anyhow, after about half an hour, we forgot about the incident and carried on with typical 11-year-old boy activities, like running around outside in the yard and the woods.

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2. Unsolved Mysteries: Sleepover Edition

When I was just a kid in grade school, my sister and I got asked to come to a birthday bash. For the most part, the evening was running smoothly until, out of nowhere, disaster struck. The birthday girl's mom made her way down to the basement, upset as could be, but she never said why. She got us all in a row on the stairs leading up from the basement and brought us one-by-one into the main part of the house.

I was somewhere in the middle of the line and nobody let on what was happening once it was their turn. Finally, when it was my turn, her mom led me into the bathroom and showed me a trash can with a piece of poop inside. She was nearly in tears, asking me all distressed, "Is this your poop!? Is this your poop!?" Without a doubt, it wasn't.

To this day, we still don’t know who the mystery person was, or at least, no one ever clued me in. We like to joke around saying that on their deathbed, someone will finally fess up, but since my sister and I lost touch with those girls, it looks like we may never find out.

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3. Is That A Feather Boa?

I had a friend who used to live alone during our high school years and his place quickly became our go-to party house. He'd always have a rotating roster of roommates to help cover the rent. One of these roomies was super sketchy. The guy was given to paranoia, barely communicated, except to give us ominous warnings. His most consistent one was that we had to stay out of his room, ALWAYS. This wasn't hard to do because he kept the place under lock and key.

Then, one day, he landed himself behind bars. He sent us a message via his family to keep clear of his room, saying they'd come pick up his stuff eventually. After several weeks, an odd smell started wafting from the locked room. The guy and his folks were the kind you don't want to mess with, so we didn't dare check it out.

However, after a while, my friend couldn't stand the stench anymore. He thought it was probably just a pile of garbage rotting away and figured he could dispose of it without disturbing anything else. Boy, was he ever wrong. When he finally opened up the room, what he found was a gigantic, decomposing boa constrictor. To top it off, there wasn't even a cage in sight.

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4. It’s A Feline Frenzy!

I attended high school two towns over from my hometown, quickly finding some fellow sports friends. Two of my new gal pals invited me over to another girl's place. Despite not knowing her too well, she seemed friendly and so I tagged along. After goofing around on the trampoline for a bit, one of my friends urged the host to take me to her "cat room.”

We climbed up to the spare room above the garage. I opened the door and found a shocking sight waiting for me. There were endless numbers of cats and kittens, all ages, all colors, all shapes and sizes. Even the most avid of cat enthusiasts would've been uncomfortable there. Every inch of the room - ceiling, walls, floor - was literally consumed by dirt and grime. Cats were crawling all over each other.

For the home owner, the state of the room seemed normal. She began to play with one of the kittens, then tried to pass it to me. I had no idea how to react. My newfound friends were rolling with laughter. I fumbled for a reasonable excuse to exit, but they retorted, "But you haven't met 'Sprinkles' yet".

The host started hunting for this special cat, and we were stuck in that horrifying room for what felt like eternity. The unruly laughter continued as I was overwhelmed by the distinct and unforgettable aroma. Oh, that smell.

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5. From Bad To Worse

Once I spent the night at my friend's place. As is predictable with most sleepovers, actual sleeping was the last thing on our minds - but this time, for a less-than-exciting reason. My friend had warned me about a slight roach problem, but didn't quite reveal the full extent of it. I naively assumed that at most we'd see a few of them scurry about once the lights were off, and that'd be it. I was in for a rude awakening.

From corner to corner, it was a full-scale roach invasion. I even had to shake a couple off the mat where I was supposed to sleep. Her dad filled me in on their unorthodox extermination strategy - oiling the insides of their old soda bottles and slipping in bits of food at the bottom to trap the pests. He then generously gave me a bit of cotton for my nose and ears to keep any adventurous critters out while I "slept".

Not wanting to sleep in a sea of roaches, I persuaded my friend to join me in staying up all night, watching movies, and waiting to watch the sunrise outside.

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6. A Man’s Garage Is His Castle

I once had a best friend who lived in a big house. His dad was a devoted garage enthusiast. Inside the garage, you'd find his shiny new fishing boat which he meticulously cleaned daily, his array of trophies, cherished keepsakes; basically, his life was in that garage. The floor was covered in attractive carpeting, and every single item in that place was kept in immaculate condition. Whenever I visited, it seemed like his dad spent all his spare time in that garage.

One day, my friend, his brother, and I had a spontaneous water battle, armed with a garden hose and super soakers. I don't recall precisely how or why it all started, but as you might assume, the warfront of our game shifted into the garage. The garden hose was left on, unbeknownst to us, from lunchtime until his dad returned home around 5 or 6 pm.

I can still vividly remember the bone-chilling shouts and cries that followed. My friend's mom clenched her eyes shut and wept, as my friend and his brother pleaded with her to intervene, all while their dad marched them into the now flooded garage. The distressed voices and angry shouting coming from the garage persisted for a full hour until my parents arrived to bring me home.

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7. Swim Date Scuffle

I was supposed to sleep over at a friend's house just a couple of houses away from my grandparents'. This friend lived with his grandparents, and his grandad worked as a property manager at a fancy apartment complex. He suggested that we could go for a swim there for the day. His grandad dropped us off at the main pool and told us he'd be back soon.

The main pool there was massive and pretty crowded, so we decided to look around and ended up finding a smaller, less populated pool on the property. We were enjoying ourselves in the pool, everything was going just fine until my friend started a splash fight. The splashing escalated until he began to scream at me and eventually tried to push me underwater. That's when I realized I had to do something. I broke free and punched him in the nose.

His nose began to bleed severely, he started swearing at me loudly. Hastily, I got out of the pool, grabbed my stuff and headed towards the front of the complex. Onlookers were trying to settle him down as he followed me, bloodied hands clenched in fists.

Once I got to the complex's entrance, I asked numerous people to borrow their phone to call home, but nobody bothered. They were too busy worrying about the still-raging and bloody boy behind me. Suddenly, his grandfather showed up and swiftly took him away. I was still trying to borrow a phone when his grandfather returned.

He questioned me about the incident and then told me he had to take his grandson home, and I couldn't join them. Eventually, someone let me use their phone. My parents didn't answer so I called my aunt, but she was still at work and couldn't pick me up for another two hours. The office staff wouldn't let me stay inside, so I was left waiting in the parking lot with no clue of what had just happened.

When my aunt finally arrived, we headed home. Upon reaching, I was scolded for being so far away. A few days later, my mom went to talk to my friend's grandfather. She returned and informed me that we couldn't hang out together anymore. She explained that he had a condition that needed medication for management and that he had missed his dose that day. The whole ordeal wasn't my fault. I never saw him again after that.

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8. Stepping up to the Plate

When I was around 14, I attended a big sleepover with my friends. The host's mom was a big health nut and put her foot down about not ordering any pizza until we had finished off a gigantic fruit platter she had made. Nobody really touched the platter, just casually snacking on a few pieces here and there.

Night was falling, the pizza joint would soon shut down, and despite this, her mom stuck to her fruit-first rule. It was clear that someone needed to take one for the team. I decided that someone had to be me. I began demolishing the fruit platter, cramming pieces into my mouth and swallowing them whole. Honestly, the platter was meant for eight people, but there I was, a teenager on a quest.

Eventually, we did get that pizza, but I got so sick that I spent most of the night hanging over the toilet. I was so stuffed that I didn't even get to enjoy the long-awaited pizza.

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9. The Big, Very Un-Comfy Couch

My best friend and I have been thick as thieves for nearly 12 years, and our families have grown incredibly close during that time. We often traveled together for sports events and such. I practically considered her parents as my own. Her dad, a great big guy with a tough exterior, could be intimidating at first glance, but deep down, he was as gentle as a teddy bear.

In the afternoons following school, we typically spent our time together as our parents were at work. On one remarkable day, we landed at her house. We anticipated an empty home. We were in for an unexpected shock. Her father was on the couch, weeping uncontrollably. It took him a moment to regain enough composure to convey what had transpired.

He shared that an attacker had stormed into his workplace, opening fire on numerous people. He lost three of his close friends that tragic day and he was absolutely devastated. My best friend, overcome by emotion, broke down in tears and sought solace in her father's arms. It was one of the most endearing yet simultaneously shocking and uncomfortable experiences I've ever witnessed.

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10. Keep Your Pants On

So, picture this: a classic sleepover - films, video games, munching on popcorn. At bedtime, I head to the bathroom to switch to my PJs and back into the room to my friend already snuggled into his bed, grinning wildly. I thought nothing of it, simply slipping into my sleeping bag, proposing another round of gaming. That's when he unveils his blanket, revealing his bare skin.

The kid streaked me. I was taken aback and blurted out something like, "Get dressed". But his response was, "Nuh-uh, my home, my rules". By now, I was feeling decidedly uncomfortable and had no interest in catching some Z's. He covered his shame with the blanket and agreed to dress up, which he did. Then we went back to our virtual action for a while before finally hitting the lights and trying to sleep.

Just a bit after we turned the lights off, I heard him fidgeting and then getting out of his bed. What followed was him announcing, "I'm nekkid again," then laughing and attempting to get on top of me. As he persisted, I yelled at him to knock it off and sleep. Then I heard him get up — foolishly, I thought he was going to leave me be. Unfortunately, I couldn't be any more wrong about what was about to happen.

Suddenly, I felt something splattering onto my sleeping bag near my feet. It didn't take a genius to figure out he was peeing on me. I announced my immediate departure. While struggling to free myself from the sleeping bag, he floored me with a body slam. But when he tried to do it again, a swift kick to the stomach from me sent him tumbling.

Around midnight, I shook his mom awake and told him what her son was doing. She found him bare and bawling on the floor and directed her ire towards me, telling me to get out. I immediately called my mom and sat waiting on their porch while my friend's mom flipped out at the sight of the pee-soaked sleeping bag and floor.

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11. Big House, Big Attitude

Back in 4th grade, a girl new to our school who was seen as a bit "odd" invited me to hang out for a sleepover at her upscale neighborhood. I was a friendly kid from an average family, so I decided to go. As she showed me around her big home, I saw that her bedroom was considerably bigger than her parents' room.

Curious, I asked why her room was so huge, and she said it was because she was an only child and her parents wanted her to have enough room for all her toys. It made sense. She was indeed the only child, and her room was practically a toy store...but, I should've known that something was off.

Later, we were hanging out at the kitchen while her mom was cooking dinner. I mentioned to her mom how great their house was and how amazing it was that she got such a big bedroom. Pretty cool, right? That's when she revealed the truth - their daughter had thrown a major fit and demanded the bigr room.

She added that after their daughter expressed her tough desire, they just couldn’t resist. That was a red flag for me! We then had dinner, well, that is her parents and I had dinner. My "new friend" ate like a dog on the floor. I was dumbfounded and asked a ton of questions - the answers shook me to my core.

As it turned out, she only ate canned beef stew at home because she insisted on eating from a dog bowl but her parents refused to give her dog food. All through dinner, her mom pleaded with her to, "please come to the table, at least eat some peas with your friend". All she did in reply was bark, she never did join us at the table.

After what was the most uncomfortable dinners I've ever had, she became bossy, taking over every activity we did like playing on her Mac where she wouldn't let me even touch the mouse, or watching her jump on the trampoline but refusing to let me have a go. Then we played with her hamsters, but on her terms.

She was specific about how I was to play with her and I got it wrong a couple of times because she shouted, "you're doing it wrong!" So there I was under strange circumstances, and I did the only thing that seemed right - I pretended to throw up in her big bedroom bathroom, said I was missing home, and called my mom at 2 in the morning to come get me.

My mom arrived in a jiffy and whisked me away to an all-night drive-thru where I recounted every single bizarre event from the night.

Weird stuff at friend'sPexels

12. Filthing In The Gaps

When I was just 15, a friend and I walked over to her mom's friend's place to pick something up. What we saw when we walked in was absolutely shocking. We discovered a little two-year-old toddler, smearing margarine all over themselves. The floor was a spectacular mess, festooned with roaches, animal droppings, dirty diapers, and all kinds of garbage. Peanut butter streaked the walls and the kitchen table. Witnessing such a scene was truly heartbreaking.

The kids there were unkempt and filthy, a direct result of living in that environment. The most peculiar sight, though, was watching the toddler mindlessly mashing margarine into their hair – and absolutely nobody seemed to care. I'd seen homes in bad condition before, but this was the first time I ever witnessed such a gross negligence towards a child.

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13. Opening Up

When I was just a six-year-old, my friend's house was the first setting of our mini adventure. In need of a restroom, instead of being directed to the guest bathroom, I found myself following my mate to his folks' bathroom. It was a mess—a jumble of boxes, magazines, an inflatable pool and more. It was tricky just to find the way around.

He made his way to a drawer built into a cabinet near the entrance. Then, with a point of his finger, he revealed our makeshift restroom.

I was instructed to pee in that drawer. I thought it might be a prank... until he went ahead and led by example right there and then. That was convincing enough, so I followed suit. Once done, he simply closed the drawer, and we continued our pretend play as ninja turtles. Whatever happened to that family in the end, I truly have no clue.

Weird stuff at friend'sShutterstock

14. Sharing Something Sweet

A few months after we settled into our new neighborhood, I visited a neighboring house. They had two kids- a son who was a year younger than me and a daughter approximately four years younger than him. One day, while we were playing around in the garage with a hockey puck, we decided to take a snack break. The son decided on a chocolate bar.

He was just finishing his last piece when his younger sister appeared in the garage. She saw the empty wrapper and wanted some chocolate too. Being playful, he showed the half-chewed bar still on his tongue and teased, "Want a piece?" When I head the answer, my jaw literally dropped: "Yes".

He proceeded to transfer the semi-chewed chocolate bar from his mouth to hers like a mother bird feeding her young. Now, anytime I see them at their parents' place, the image of them sharing that chewed-up chocolate bar reappears, and it's a little hard to shake.

Weird stuff at friend'sPexels

15. Bar Hopper

When we were 13, my friend and I typically hung out at his house, but for a change, he spent the night at mine. My folks took us both out to a bar - different times, right? However, my dad had a few too many drinks, and my friend and I ended up stuck there from 8 pm to 1 am. We felt really uncomfortable.

During a bathroom break, my mom grabbed us, and we quietly bolted for the van. My dad soon noticed and ran after us, banging on the van and shouting. We finally made it home and grabbed some dinner before my mom retreated to her room.

My friend and I decided to chill in the living room and started a movie - a room that was usually off-limits. An hour into the film, my dad came home and passed out on the couch. We quietly snuck off to my room. Soon enough, my friend's parents turned up to take us back to their place. That was the last time I had a friend come for a sleepover.

Worst sleepoverPexels

16. Heavy Handed Hijinks

I attended a sleepover at my mom's friend's daughter's place. I didn't know anyone there and felt quite shy, but I was game for tasty snacks and fun flicks. In the dead of night, one of the kids started having a major panic meltdown. She started yelling that everybody hated her and began flinging objects randomly.

When I got up, I was hit square on the nose by a heavy dinner plate she'd thrown like a frisbee. I tumbled back, bashed my head on a window frame, and fainted. I downplayed the severity of the incident to my parents because I didn't want to alarm them, so it took about a week before they got worried about my persisting nose pain and took me to see a doctor.

Fast forward a month later, my nose was still sore, so I finally confessed about how disastrous that sleepover was. My mom took me to another doctor who, in no time, referred me for an x-ray and a visit to the plastic surgeons. They discovered that my nose bridge had shattered into bits and had split vertically down the middle. The force had displaced some fragments into areas they didn't belong, and due to the late treatment, it had started to mend in that state.

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17. The House in the Woods

When I was eight, I had a sleepover at a friend's house who lived in the woods. They were living in a dilapidated house on the property, while their proper house was being built. Unfortunately, this house didn’t have an inside toilet, rather, a long drop out the back. Even worse was that there was a thunderstorm the night I was staying over.

The rule was that I had to use the toilet before bed, but after one look outside at the rain, thunder, and their horse standing between the door and the long drop, I decided to skip that step. I ended up wetting the bed that night and her dad wasn’t too pleased with me. I remember her brother coming home in the morning saying, “Ah you’re the one who wet the bed.” My friend also told all of our other friends at school.

Worst sleepoverPexels

18. Feeling The Stress Slither Away

When I was a kid, I lived next door to a man who was practically a zookeeper. He kept poisonous snakes in containers and cages around his house. Along with the serpents, there were also other creatures like squirrels. We'd get invited over occasionally so he could show off his latest wild catch. My dad seemed to enjoy it, so I didn't initially understand just how odd it was.

One day, when only my mom was home, my snake-loving neighbor rushed over in a complete panic. He had been bitten on the arm by a diamondback rattlesnake. Without a second thought, we all piled into the car, and my mom sped off to the hospital. I remember sitting in that waiting room like a scene out of a movie. My mom was noticeably unsettled when the doctor finally emerged.

Oddly though, the first words out of his mouth were that they couldn't do anything for our neighbor. My mom instantly fell apart, but then the doctor clarified his statement. Because our neighbor had been bitten so many times before, he'd built up a natural resistance to the snake venom. So, there was no need to intervene. Amazingly, he was going to be just fine.

Weird stuff at friend'sPexels

19. Mama-razzi

When I was sleeping over at a mate's house, her mom was snapping pics of us all evening. There was even a time when we were relaxing and watching a movie when my friend drifted off on the couch. Her mom took out this colossal, news-reporter-style camera and started filming her daughter asleep for a few awkward minutes.

I'm not the best at sleeping. So, that night when bedtime rolled around, I flopped down on the floor, just gazing at the wall in the dim light. I was lying on my side, facing away from the door, when I heard the door creak open. Then there were footsteps. Suddenly, an intense flash pierced the darkness, like a mini sunburst. I managed to rise in time to catch the door shutting.

I had it figured out - it was her mom, photographing us. The most bizarre bit for me was that it happened around three in the morning. That meant either my friend's mom had set an alarm or she intentionally stayed up till the wee hours, waiting for us to doze off so she could take more pics.

Weird stuff at friend'sShutterstock

20. Sleep, Sleep, No Touch

I remember a sleepover at a friend's place when I was about 10 years old. She was the single girl in her family, surrounded by her five brothers ranging in age from four to 15. Her room was totally ordinary. On the other hand, her brothers' room was absolutely bizarre.

They occupied a big room where three sets of bunk beds were spread out. Every bed was equipped with just the basics - a fitted sheet and a pillow. Nothing more.

There were no extra sheets, or blankets, or fluffy comforters. They didn't even don pajamas for bedtime. They simply climbed into bed decked in their day's outfit, shirts neatly tucked into belted trousers. The absence of doors was noticeable not only in their room but also the adjoining bathroom and closets. Their family's faith was rooted in fundamentalist Christian beliefs.

This model of living for the boys was not accidental; it was purposely cultivated to discourage them from engaging in self-touchinig.

Weird stuff at friend'sShutetrstock

21. Something Wrong

When I was 10, I was on a sleepover at a friend's house. We were up late into the night, immersed in our games and chit-chat. Suddenly, his dad rushed into our room, panic-stricken. He was certain he'd heard the sounds of a break-in upstairs, and insisted we evacuate the house right away. Once we were out, he also alerted the neighbor and suggested they evacuate too.

The neighbor looked visibly concerned and immediately reached for her phone. In our bid to stay safe, his dad drove us around and even got us some munchies. After a while, we noticed an ambulance pull up at the neighbor's house. It turns out there wasn't a break-in after all. His father, dealing with schizophrenia, was going through an episode. Naturally, we had no idea at the time and were genuinely taken in by his claim.

Weird stuff at friend'sUnsplash

22. Sip, Sip, Pass

I once had a friend who was part of a massive family - six siblings in all and each of their names started with an 'S'. The entire family was super nice, especially their father who was the epitome of the Fun-Loving BBQ Dad persona. He was that chill guy with drinks tucked in his hat, not irresponsibly but rather as an "80s cool party-dude".

Each year, he'd create a new, colossal Halloween display using custom built scarecrows filled with hay. He even managed to get about 20 folks to liven up his lawn, house, and rooftop, and they'd play local street football matches with them. On one such day, my friend and I hung around their driveway, figuring out our next move.

Out of nowhere, his dad hands me, a 12-year-old, a big, novelty plastic cup filled to the brim with soda and ice. I didn't ask for it nor want it, but I politely thanked him, took a sip and set it down. That's when things got WEIRD. My friend’s dad lightly shook his head and then “corrected” my action. He handed the cup to my friend who took a sip and passed it back to his dad.

Next, it was his turn to sip and pass the cup back to me. There we were, standing and sipping this giant, unexpected soda drink for about 10 minutes, one gulp at a time. The incident wasn't harmful or anything, but its peculiarity has stuck in my mind for more than 20 years.

Weird stuff at friend'sUnsplash


23. Whirling Dervish?

My friend and I used to have a bunch of sleepovers. One night, he did something really weird after we'd gone to bed. He flicked on a lamp, parked himself right in front of where I was bunked out, and started spinning around, making these odd noises. I was like, "Dude, what's up?" and he says he's possessed. I had to laugh, it was too bizarre.

But, he just kept going, for about an hour or so, ignoring me when I said I was beat and asked him to stop. He just kept excusing it with the whole "I'm possessed" line. In the end, I rolled over and attempted to drift off, despite the whole crazy performance.

Then, the next morning, he's all, "What are you talking about?" Swore it never happened. He'd never sleepwalked during our sleepovers before, and as far as I knew, this wasn't a regular thing for him. No matter how much prodding I did, he never admitted to doing it. I gotta say, the whole thing was kind of disjointed, and definitely a little weird.

Worst sleepoverShutterstock

24. Flesh Tunnel

When I was in grade school, I went to a sleepover at a friend's place for her birthday. We had an awesome night, giggling and sharing spooky stories before we went to sleep. The next morning, I woke up feeling really sick, had a fever, and was terribly nauseous. I headed home but I just felt worse. And then there was this big, swelling red patch right smack in the middle of my leg, between my ankle and knee. It was hot and puffed up.

So I ended up at the hospital. At first, the doctor thought a spider had bitten me, but it turned out to be a really severe staph infection. The prior night, we'd been playing around on the stairs, and I had slipped and scuffed up my leg. The infection was spreading at an alarming rate, literally eating away at my skin. There was a cavity stretching up to my knee cap that had to be filled with fresh bandages every day. It was such a close call - I nearly lost my leg.

Worst sleepoverPexels

25. The Unwanted Invite

Back when I was in the 4th grade, a friend of mine threw a sleepover for his birthday, pretty standard stuff. About a half hour after everyone had arrived, the doorbell rang. In came this 6th grader. His folks were pals with the birthday boy's parents. It came out that this older boy wasn't very popular, which was probably why he got the invite. It took us only a few moments to understand why he had such a slim friend-circle.

This guy was consistently snarky, physical, and always trying to outdo everyone. As the night went on, a wrestling match broke out among us. This is when the night took a dark turn. He gave one of the lads a really low blow. So, in return, another one of us aimed a quick fist straight to his chest. Down he went immediately. The guy didn't utter a word for the rest of the evening and spent most of the night sulking in the basement.

Worst sleepoverUnsplash

26. Playing With Fire

For his birthday, my friend invited a group of us for a sleepover. About 5-8 of us, all close to 10 years old, set up "camp" in a massive tent in his backyard. One of us came up with the quirky idea of seeing how fast a 2-liter bottle of gasoline would burn. However, we didn't want to risk setting his yard ablaze, so we sneaked off and strolled a few blocks down.

We set up not just one, but three gasoline-stuffed 2-liter bottles — all rigged up with rag "fuses". We lit them and sprinted away. Being young and naive, it didn't occur to us that there could be someone driving at that hour, but unfortunately, a stranded driver happened to pass by just as one bottle exploded. Thank goodness they were in the far lane and didn't seem to have any visible damage.

With that, we hustled back to my friend’s house and resumed our shenanigans. However, we were interrupted by the sound of sirens from a fire truck. Needless to say, we decided it would be best to keep this incident among the group and not share it with anyone else.

Anne Bonny factsPxHere

27. Who Invited That Guy?

When I was around 14, my friends and I decided to throw a backyard campout in our neighborhood. We didn't live in the ritziest part of town, but neither was it particularly sketchy - just a blue-collar area. Anyway, I can't recall exactly what unholy hour this occurred at, but I woke up to a bone-chilling sight. There was a man standing right among us as we snoozed helplessly in our sleeping bags.

He was quietly watching us. I was rooted to the spot with terror, but I was mentally gearing up to scream my head off while I spied on him through narrowed eyes. After a nerve-wracking eternity, he finally decided to quit lurking among us. He sauntered off, vaulted over a chain-link fence, and disappeared into the alley. I immediately roused the gang and we bolted inside to notify my friend's mom.

We ended up spending the rest of our slumber party indoors. Unsurprisingly, we never attempted another outdoor sleepover... ever.

Sleepover Stories FactsShutterstock

28. Ouija Boards Are For Amateurs

I was raised in an isolated area of the southern United States. One night, I attended a sleepover at my middle school girlfriend's house, and that's when I experienced the weirdest night of my entire life. My friend's mother revealed that she believed she could communicate with spirits via her daughter. To do so, she gave her daughter wine and proceeded to hypnotize her.

I can't put my finger on the exact length of time we spent in that room, but it felt like forever. My friend's mom kept urging the spirits to talk through her daughter. Slowly, her daughter started confessing all sorts of distressing things – actions she claimed were directed by these spirits. Fast forward 30 years, and that memory remains crystal clear in my mind.

I can still picture my friend's daughter slouched in her chair, mumbling disturbing admissions of harm inflicted and endured. Her mom also shared tales of physical manifestations - where these spirits supposedly drove her daughter to attack her and wreak havoc in their home. It felt surreal. It was so unlike my friend, who was usually such a quiet girl. What she was saying didn't align with who she was at all. It left a haunting impression on me.

Pretending To Be Asleep FactsShutterstock

29. Stone Cold Stunned

Back when I was in ninth grade, I had my first sleepover at a new friend's house. The night was quiet, everyone was asleep except for me with my insomniac tendencies. Out of nowhere, I heard the loudest sound of glass shattering. My friend didn't stir at all. I figured her old, partially sighted dog had accidentally knocked over an antique cabinet or something. So, I left our room to check on the dog and find out what went wrong.

From the top of the stairs, I peered down and spotted a man standing in the middle of the living room, surrounded by a sea of broken glass and a huge rock right in the middle of it all. On closer inspection, I realized that it was her dad down there. As soon as he saw me, he yelled for me to call 9-1-1, which her mom was already doing.

Her mom gathered all the girls and locked us in the master bedroom for safety. Once the boys in blue came and looked around, they revealed that the rock had been purposefully hurled through the front window. Even their cars parked outside had their windshields smashed in by big rocks. Later on, I found out the reason for this shocking scene.

Apparently, the weekend before, the older sister had thrown a huge party. When the crowd became unmanageable, she had to start turning people away, including a group of guys from our school. These guys were so upset about being told to leave, they came back the following weekend to vandalize the family's property.

After getting their car windshields repaired, the guys returned two weeks later and smashed them again. Eventually, the older sister figured out who was responsible. The family pressed charges, and all five guys got kicked out of our school. Faced with the embarrassment of it all, the sister transferred to a different school.

Needless to say, I never joined that friend for another sleepover...

Abraham Lincoln FactsPiqsels

30. Fall From Grace

We were at a sleepover in a friend's basement, and there were four of us present. I believe it was around fourth grade. Near midnight, the friend's father, who was hosting us, opened the door at the top of the basement stairs to offer us some snacks. However, just as he started speaking, he unexpectedly fell down the stairs and hit his head quite hard.

For what seemed like an eternity, he laid there motionless while we heard what sounded like frantic shouting from the top of the stairs. Since I was still a child, my first thought was that the friend's mother was panicking because her husband had taken a nasty spill. However, I later discovered the chilling reality. Another one of my friends filled me in — the host's mother, who had way too much to drink, had actually shoved the father down the stairs.

Creepy As An Adult factsShutterstock

31. An Earworm For The Eyes

One night during a big family sleepover, all my siblings and cousins were at our grandparents' house. It was past bedtime when my younger cousin stirred me and my sister awake. He was complaining about an unbearable itch on his bottom. Sleepily, we told him to go back to bed but he kept persisting, saying something was seriously wrong. To prove his point, he revealed his bare bottom from his pajama pants.

What we saw will genuinely haunt me forever. Tiny white worms were visibly swarming over his bottom and dropping everywhere around. Horrified by the sight, my sister and I immediately recoiled and rushed to get our mum, who in turn woke his mother up.

It's needless to mention that we all ended up being treated for pinworms after this incident. Turns out it's extremely infectious and being in close proximity, spending all day together playing and such, we were likely to catch it just as he did.

Ever since then, the vivid image of his worm-infested bottom has etched a permanent mark in my memory.

That Kid In School FactsShutterstock

32. It’s All Fun & Games Until…

Some friends and I were at a pal's house for his 8 to 10-year-old birthday party. We were immersed in a game of Monopoly which had already grown rather heated. There was a house rule stating, if you fail to notice an opponent landed on your property prior to the next roll, any rent due was lost.

I rolled my dice and ended up on a property owned by S. In a swift move, I handed my dice to G for his turn. G quickly completed his move before S realized what had transpired. S absolutely flipped out, accusing me of cheating him of his rent. He gathered up his play money and stormed away from the game board.

G started to taunt S, asking, "Are you off to buy some pretend toys with your play money?" This only riled S up more, escalating it into an all-out wrestling match. Next thing you know, we have five or six young kids all grappling and shouting over 'pretend money'. This was all happening around midnight, after hours of junk food consumption and movie bingeing.

We were in the basement and the parent's room was directly at the top of the stairs. Suddenly, the door at the top of the stairs flies open and in stands my friend's Dad. We see him holding his belt and he sternly says, "You better cut this out or so help me, I'll whip you all!" That immediately silenced the entire room. Seemed like a good time for us to quiet down and possibly get some sleep.

Everyone cozies up in their sleeping bags for the night. S brings his over to a corner, clutching his play money. G whispers one last dig, "You still planning on buying those pretend toys?" We all chuckle at his comment. To this day, S is still fuming over that incident from almost four decades ago.

Will Ferrell factsPixabay

33. Possessed

I remember my first sleepover at my friend's place during middle school. His mom turned on a religious TV channel to help him sleep, which he'd been used to for ages. I ended up crashing on the floor in a sleeping bag while he had the bed. I found the pastor on TV so fascinating that I couldn't drift off. But then, in the middle of the night, something terrifying happened.

Out of nowhere, he bolts upright, yelling, "I didn't do it! It was him, over there!" He keeps repeating this while his mom rushes in to calm him down and get him back to sleep. I'm frozen on the floor, totally startled, as she settles him and exits. He had a bunch of strange sleepwalking incidents, but that was my very first encounter with them.

Sleepover Stories FactsShutterstock

34. Nine Lives Weren’t Enough

Once upon a time, I had a sleepover birthday party with about eight friends. We were all nestled in the living room, chit-chatting like most youngsters do. As we began to drift off to sleep, around 3 AM, the most dreadful sound you can think of echoed from the center of our group. Waking up, we discovered my cat, Helen, convulsing on the floor, seemingly in her final moments.

As she twisted her body into disturbing shapes, she started to sprinkle pee everywhere. Right away, a chorus of terrified screams filled the room. My parents, startled by all the commotion, rushed downstairs, but it was a little too late. They scooped Helen up and took her out of sight. They assured us they'd get her to a vet first thing in the morning. They told us comforting words to soothe our anxieties.

Truth be told, Helen was beyond veterinary help. She needed a final resting place. So indeed, my beloved cat passed right in the middle of my birthday sleepover.

Katharine Hepburn FactsShutterstock

35. Let Them Eat Cake

When I was 19, I stepped in to babysit for a family friend's kids, a seven-year-old lad and a five-year-old lass, when their regular sitter unexpectedly quit. The initial day was a bit bumpy, but I brought cookies and some games to help the kids warm up to me. Day two, however, was a babysitting horror story.

Their home was a catastrophe: clutter strewn around, muck grime on pretty much every surface, and a stale stench stretching into each room. The little girl asked for a snack, so I went to fetch something from their fridge. The sight of it was grimy brown, clearly ignored for years. I gave up on the fridge and sought out the cupboard.

Although it was in a rough condition, I managed to find some crackers. As I returned to the living room to give her the snack, I found her holding a bizarre, baked item in her tiny hands. It was beige, densely textured, gleaming, and covered in a sudsy, fluffy mess. My horror escalated—I thought it resembled an extraterrestrial's cuisine—and asked her what it was.

She gestured to a fancy glass cake stand buried under piles of documents and junk on the dining table. A quick glance revealed a cake that was way past its prime. It had degraded semi-liquid, masked by white and green fungus, and was bathing in a thin layer of a mystery liquid that was likely a side effect of its decay.

I told her to spit it out instantly, but in retaliation, she shoved the entire thing in her mouth. She immediately sprinted to her room and removed a wooden board which was covering the spot of a removed AC unit. She jumped out of the first-floor window and dashed down the backyard alley. After an alley chase, I managed to grab her jacket hood and she stumbled down.

Upon finally returning home, I found that the boy had wandered off halfway down the street, amusing himself by tossing fireworks at a postal truck. Needless to say, I did not return for day three.

Strangest friend's houseUnsplash

36. It’s Like A Doll House But Creepier

I remember this girl I went to high school with, who had the most eccentric family. They used to decorate their home like they were preparing the place for a photoshoot in a decor magazine. The dining room, for example, would be adorned with a fake Thanksgiving dinner featuring plastic food set on fine dishes, and mock wine in faux glasses. And that's just talking about the first floor.

Heading into her bedroom, you'll notice her bed made up with the top corner pulled back, replicating a "just-got-out-of-bed" look. You'll also spot a tray sporting a fake bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice. Sprinkled across the floor were coloring books and crayons, giving the notion that a child inhabited the room. Each room was more than just impeccably clean, every single one bore an unusual theme that was fictitiously representational of life.

Interestingly, her parents' bedroom too, was characterized by a plethora of oversized animal statues from Africa, coupled with imitation rose petals scattered leading to the bed.

Strangest friend's houseShutterstock

37. A Gruesome Memento

Back in my second or third grade, I shifted to a new city. On my first day, I bumped into a kid who invited me over for a sleepover at his place that weekend. For starters, everything was really fun. We spent the night playing games on the GameCube, and stayed awake till the wee hours of the morning, the latest I ever had stayed awake back then. Ahead of catching some shut-eye, he suggested we crash in the basement to avoid waking his folks.

Honestly, I was quite stoked about sleeping in the basement. Little did I realize, it was more like stepping foot into a house of horrors. As we pulled down our sleeping bags downstairs, I could sense something was amiss. The further we went down, a dreadful stench engulfed me, the likes of which I had never encountered before. The source of the odor was a bed sitting in the corner of the room.

The bed was littered with what appeared to be dried blood and stains of a pus-like hue. As it turns out, his mom had given birth at home the previous week, and had left the sheets untouched as a keepsake. After that chilling experience, I've sworn never to return.

Strangest friend's houseShutterstock

38. I Think I’ve Seen A Ghost

I used to play for a little league baseball team, and as luck would have it, I was friends with the coach's son. One day, they invited me over to their house for a get-together: you know, a playdate. As soon as I stepped inside the house, I noticed this huge framed white garment with an unusual symbol on it. At that time, being an oblivious kid, I didn't think too much about it. I saw my coach looking at me looking at it, and he told me, "My Grandad used to wear that. It has been passed down in our family for generations".

Honestly, I couldn't make heads or tails of it at that moment. In fact, if anything, I found it pretty interesting how they held on to old family keepsakes like this one. But as I grew older, I stumbled upon a stark realization about what the white outfit really was. It was a KKK robe. The most unsettling part? I’m not white.

Strangest friend's houseFlickr

39. The Bubble-Wrapped House

The oddest (and I mean seriously unnerving) thing I noticed at my friend's house was the level they went to "protect" their furniture. Every item, lampshades included, was all covered with a specially-cut plastic sheet. There was even a plastic bowl under each furniture leg, and it was strategically placed to spread the weight and stop the carpet from getting dented.

The most bizarre bit was seeing plastic tracks spread across the floor. It was like they had put "plastic rugs" on top of the true carpeting. You weren't actually allowed to step directly on the real carpets. You were required instead to walk over these plastic sheets that zigzagged across the space, linking all rooms together.

It gave me the impression that I was somehow in a house straight out of the Dexter series.

Strangest friend's housePexels

40. Father, Dearest

My friend's dad was by far the most peculiar part of his house. When I was younger, I'd often stick around for dinner. However, my friend's dad never dined with us. The mom would fix up a dish, walk it down the corridor, and slip it partway under the basement door. A few seconds after, the plate would vanish to the other side. Strangely enough, nobody in that household found this unusual.

There was also this other weird family ritual. Every weeknight, precisely at 7:00 PM, everyone would make way and vacate the living room. It was time for my friend's dad to emerge and watch Star Trek. When the episode finished, he'd retreat back into his basement, giving the signal for the rest of the family to reclaim the living room. I found it eerie. He was like some sort of basement creature.

Strangest friend's housePexels

41. Is Your Toilet Running? Then You Should Flush It

I remember this story from when I was about 12 or 13 years old. It was my first time visiting my best friend's house. After we had lunch, I needed to use the bathroom. So, I went in and did my business. When I was done, I tried flushing the toilet and...nothing happened. I tried again, but still no luck. At that point, I started to panic – I thought I'd broken my friend’s toilet.

Increased anxiety was creeping in. I didn't even have any money to repair the toilet or purchase a new one. To make matters worse, I was standing there, sweating, with my...ahem... “package” just bobbing in the toilet. I racked my brain for a solution but after a desperately nerve-wracking 15 minutes, I drew a blank. I finally made up my mind to admit the awkward situation I was in.

Stepping out of the restroom, I explained in a timid voice to my friend's mom that I might have wrecked their toilet. Instead of getting mad, she started laughing, walked into the restroom, and smoothly turned the water supply to the toilet back on. After waiting a minute or two, she flushed it and everything disappeared down the drain. It then turned into a laughing spree for everyone present (my best friend, his mother, and his sister), because I didn't know it was standard practice to turn the water on and off when using the restroom.

Now, every time I'm in an unfamiliar bathroom, I perform a precautionary flush just to make sure everything works as it should.

Strangest friend's houseShutterstock

42. What Are My Charges?

My friend's dad was utterly convinced that I was friends with his daughter just for financial gain. They weren't millionaires by any means, perhaps slightly more well-off than my family, but he had no real grasp of our finances. One day, when her pet had chewed through a cable and she needed a replacement, he barged into her room while we were hanging out.

Weird parentsUnsplash

43. Bad Moves

I returned from our local yearly fair with a childhood friend and his cousin, heading to my friend's place. I felt unwell after the fair, and I was lying in the back of my friend's cousin's car, struggling hard not to vomit. This was worsened by the fact that we reside in the hilly regions, making the drive pretty tough.

In my desperate bid to ease my stomach ache, I didn’t even bother switching on the lights when we arrived at his house—only to be taken aback by a disturbing surprise. I clumsily collapsed onto a bed in the dark...right on top of his sleeping father. It appears my friend's dad, waiting for our return, had dozed off on his own bed. My sudden crash-landing certainly woke him up, let's say that.

Once he switched on the lights, there he was, in his underwear. He recognized us and chuckled about the awkward situation, but no doubt, it was among the most uncomfortable events I have ever encountered. I was just relieved that I managed not to vomit on him.

Weird parentsPickpik

44. Helping Out

When I was about 10, I had a sleepover at my best friend Juan's place. We often stayed up super late playing, sleeping in until nearly noon, which was awesome because I didn't usually get to do that at home. One morning at around 8 AM, Juan's dad woke me up, asking me to get ready as he needed my assistance.

Juan's dad was known to drink a lot, so his breath always carried the strong smell of his flask, whether it was from the night before or a morning kick-off drink. Already slightly tipsy, he shared that he wanted my help to pick a surprise toy for Juan, and we were heading to Walmart. We hopped in the car and started the short 10-minute drive.

The car ride was mildly uncomfortable, as he started asking about my school life and if I had a girlfriend. Arriving at Walmart, we went straight to the toy section. He asked me to pick a toy that Juan would really like. As I browsed the toys, I spotted Darth Vader's Tie Fighter. Big Star Wars fans, I knew that Juan would totally love it.

We had even seen the rerun of Empire Strikes Back in theaters together, so I was confident in my decision. He purchased the toy, leading to another slightly awkward journey home. On reaching back, he thanked me for my help and requested me to keep the adventure a secret. After slipping back into my pajamas, I tried to catch some more sleep.

But barely 10 minutes later, his dad entered the room surprising Juan with the toy and gave me a knowing wink. It clicked why he'd involved me. A few nights prior, he'd been tipsy and had hit Juan, and this was his way of making amends. As far as I remember, that's the only instance of such an incident, but we lost touch after eighth grade. The whole experience was indeed a bit odd.

Weird parentsFlickr

45. Wearing It Wrong

My best friend had a crush on this girl - they'd been on a few dates, and we had all become pretty chummy. So, we went over to her folks' house and hung out in the kitchen. The girl needed to grab something, so she left me hanging by the entrance while my friend stayed on the flip side of the room, by the hall door.

In the meantime, my friend caught sight of a basket heaped with freshly laundered clothes brought in from outside. A pair of frilly red and black underwear was sitting right on top. An idea popped into his head - he thought it would be hilarious to lift up the panties, mime a sniff, and then perch them on top of his head. He was smirking at me, utterly cackling, his back towards the open hallway door. What happened next, well, you can probably imagine...

When I saw the girl's mother standing right behind him, silently observing his little prank, I was too stunned to speak. My friend noticed my horrified expression, swiveled around, and there she was. He stammered out an awkward "Sorry," his face turning the same shade as the underwear he was hurriedly yanking off his head. Her response? Apparently, the panties belonged to her, not her daughter. Ouch.

Weird parentsNeedpix

46. Listen to Mother

My ex-boyfriend's mom had a really strong habit of subtly ensuring I'd stick around whenever I came over. The guy was 25 and still living at home, and his mom was clearly hoping I would make things more permanent with him. She'd go the extra mile to shower me with affection — to the point of being assertive. She seemed to always have a reason why I should stick around longer and even boldly told me it was impolite to leave early.

She'd pull out another board game, or find another movie, or offer another treat, just to keep me there longer. She'd even gift me peculiar tokens, such as little trinkets and ceramic figurines. Now, he wasn't a bad guy, but his mother had coddled him to the point where he couldn't do much on his own. And he was counting on me to fill in those gaps.

At the time, I barely 19 and had yet to embark on my college journey, and I was working part-time at Dunkin Donuts. Just like him, I was still living at home. His mother seemed to have this plan to fully pamper him and then pass him off to some girl who would continue the cycle forever. She was totally bonkers. Needless to say, we didn't stay together long.

Weird parentsPexels

47. Wasn’t Me

From my mid-teens to late teens, I pretty much lived at my friend's place. They were a serious Pentecostal family and his dad was in charge of the church's funds. I remember this one time I popped in and both parents started shouting at me, asking "Did you steal from us!" Apparently, someone had swiped $2,000 from the church's treasury.

They pointed fingers at me. Then his mom just broke down. She was sobbing uncontrollably on the sofa, her face in her hands. They all then started praying for the money to come back. They even prayed for me to do what's right. I was like, "What on earth is going on?" Little did they know, their son had a secret.

He had been eyeing this $2,000 Nikon F3 camera for some time, but his folks wouldn't get it for him. What really shocked me was that he went ahead and bought the camera, yet they never thought he was the one who took the money. And he never found the courage to apologize to me for putting me through all that.

Weird parentsPexels

48. Gross Feelings

So, one of my friend's moms had quite the reputation for being unpleasant. There was this one instance when I was headed to some kind of pet exhibit with my friend and her folks. Midway, I started feeling carsick, so they had to pause the journey for a bit so I could catch my breath. All the while, her mom was glaring at me from the front seat, clearly irritated that I had the audacity to fall ill.

A bit later, a separate friend was over at their place. They mentioned my name and immediately her mom chipped in saying, "Oh, her? Yuck, isn't she just a dull little thing?" This comment was made by an adult woman to a pair of 15-year-old girls. All that because of that one time I had motion sickness in their car. I steered clear of my friend's house from then on.

Weird parentsUnsplash

49. Can’t Be Here

Once, I used to hang out with this boy after school. I'd head to his house, and his mom would look after me until my mom was done with work. One day, we arrived at his house, only to find a note on the door instructing us to go to my house. The weird part was this loud music blaring from inside his house. So, puzzled, we headed to my house and waited. I could hardly believe what was truly happening behind that closed door...

Not long after, my mom and stepdad arrived home. My mom sensed something was off, so she hurried over to the boy's house. There, she discovered the tragic truth: his mom had attempted to take her own life. Thankfully, she seemed to get the help she needed and improved later. But the experience left such an indelible mark, I'll never forget it.

Weird parentsPexels

50. Didn’t Make the Cut

Once upon a time, I had a childhood best friend who lived just a few houses away. When we were around the age of 10 or 11, she hosted a birthday sleepover party. Along with me, six other girls were invited. We enjoyed playing games, doing our hair, catching some films, and singing karaoke. As the night was winding down, she broke the news to me, right in front of everyone, that I couldn't stay the night as she was only allowed to host six friends.

Up until that moment, she hadn't mentioned this detail. It was quite a shock, but, taking it on the chin, I collected my sleeping bag and all my gear, ready to head home. I wasn't even fully aware of the extent of the situation until, on my way out, I bumped into another girl rocking up late to the party, armed with her sleepover gear. I made the journey home alone in the dark, keeping the incident to myself. Alone at home, I played Monopoly, pretending all my friends were with me. My friend never offered an apology and, from my end, I never brought it up.

Worst sleepoverShutterstock

51. Tiger Mom Torment

It all kicked off one Friday afternoon in middle school. My parents couldn't give me a ride, so a friend's mom - a classic Tiger Mom, who I'd never met before - offered to pick me up. First, we had to swing by to pick up her younger daughter from school, during which time she mentioned she needed to chat with the principal. She instructed me not to talk, move or even breathe too loudly.

She said I'd better keep quiet, or else I'd be sent straight home. She snapped at me once more in the car, apparently I'd missed the memo about staying silent all the way. My friend and the other girl had already reached home by the time our painfully silent car ride finally concluded. Upon a basic greeting, I was met with the Tiger Mom's icy stare, and only caught a glimpse of her for the rest of the night.

My friend was constantly checking over her shoulder, trying to sustain our teenage banter in hushed tones. It felt like we were tiptoeing around. The tension took away from the fun, so it was a relief when it came time for us to call it a night, and retreat up to the room. I thought we'd finally be free to chat and unwind, but I was wrong.

My friend received a couple of terse text messages from her mom, requesting we dial down the noise. How she even managed to hear us, I have no idea. She was on the other side of their spacious house and downstairs. For a teenage sleepover, we were ridiculously restrained. The next morning, my parents were instructed to collect me as soon as they could. I was so wound up from the Tiger Mom's reign, I was pleased to skip breakfast and hightail it out of there.

Worst sleepoverPexels

52. Locked up for the Night

One night, I was sleeping over at a friend's place. His father had a drinking problem and, as the night wore on, he became more and more agitated. The loud sounds of cursing and things being thrown around upstairs made it clear his anger was escalating. After a time, he came downstairs and began berating my friend for some perceived mistake. Soon after, he roughly shoved my friend across the room, clearly causing him pain.

Suddenly, his dad stormed over to me and forcefully pulled me toward the hall closet. He tossed me inside and told me to stay silent, saying this was a lesson for spending time with his son. It was several hours before the sounds of his rage finally eased off. Although I attempted to get out, it seemed he had locked the door from the outside. I didn't dare make a racket, fearful he might decide to target me next. As I sat in that dark space, I found myself sobbing uncontrollably for what felt like forever.

Finally, the door swung open to reveal my friend, urging me to make a quick exit. Thankfully, my home was only a short distance away.

Worst sleepoverUnsplash

53. The Haunted Tea Set

My friend's mom had a thing for those peculiar ghost hunting and Bigfoot shows. During dinner, she made me watch an episode where folks were trying to interact with spirits. Being just 11 and not having seen anything of the sort before, I took her word that this was legit. I also believed her, when she claimed, "My grandmother's spirit haunts the silver tea set on the table. I've seen her ghostly figure tidying it up in the night".

Their house had that queer, old-fashioned vibe to it too, which made it feel even more eerie. I was so scared that I had trouble falling asleep. Just when I drifted off to sleep, I was jolted awake by the sound of silverware tinkling beyond the door. The chilling memory of being entirely petrified has stuck with me. Drenched in a cold sweat, I was convinced that her grandmother's ghost was about to dance into the room. I can't recall ever being so relieved to head home the next morning.

Worst sleepoverUnsplash

54. Don’t Flush!

One night when I was sleeping over, after a late-ish night of playing video games, I tucked into bed no problem. It took me a while to fall asleep, and after about an hour and all the kids had fallen asleep, I realized I had to go to the bathroom. I didn’t want to disturb anyone's sleep and get scolded with the flushing of the toilet, so I tried to fall asleep to no avail.

I considered going to the toilet and just not flushing, and hope no one knows it was me. I heard footsteps over by the bathroom, so I waited. This went on all night long. I scared myself into holding in an enormous poop for the entire night until morning around 6 am. Going to the bathroom after the insomnia it had induced was both divine and harrowing.

Worst sleepoverPexels

55. Too Much to Handle

When I celebrated my ninth birthday, I had a sleepover party that was a big deal for me. I was super thrilled and had many plans all set for the big day. I invited about seven other girls over, and we had sweet treats, an exciting treasure hunt, and all sorts of fun, just like you would expect at a young age.

An old friend of my dad's was staying with us that night and gifted me a big box of scrumptious chocolates for my birthday. We tasted a few and then moved on to outdoor games, leaving the chocolate box unattended in our dining room. My two sizeable dogs couldn't resist the temptation and gulped down the entire box while we were away.

When we discovered this, my dad and his mate had already left to get some drinks, which left my mom single-handedly managing eight little girls, a toddler, and two incredibly sick dogs. It was impossible for her to drive all of us along with the dogs to the emergency vet. So, I had to lend a hand and help her make the dogs vomit using hydrogen peroxide.

From then on, the night was accompanied by the disturbing noises of our dogs being sick in the backyard. This made quite a few girls uncomfortable, and they decided to phone their parents and head home.

Worst sleepoverShutterstock

56. Enlisted into the War at Home

We were both early teenagers and had met once before at a community gathering. We chose to meet again, but this time at her home. In the brief time I was there, I witnessed her lash out physically at her mom and even damage a door. I knew she had some family issues, but I didn't expect to be thrown into the center of it all so quickly.

Angriest ever factsShutterstock

57. No Filter

We were just kids, only 12. I got an invitation to Laura's birthday party - honestly, she wasn't very nice, but I was new around here. My parents thought the party would help me make friends. As soon as I get there, Laura starts mocking my clothes, setting the tone for the rest of the unfavorable night. Her friends were from different groups, so everyone was in their little bubbles, and no one bothered to chat.

After we'd eaten, Laura had a total freakout because she didn't like what her parents got her for her birthday. Even though she was surrounded by presents, she was still unhappy. Coming from a lower-middle-class family, I was dumbfounded at how spoiled Laura was behaving. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore - and what I said next has gone down in history.

I told her: "I've never seen anyone act so disrespectful towards their family. You're being extremely spoiled. You should feel ashamed, behaving like this in front of all your friends. Have some gratitude and say thank you". Laura burst into tears and stewed in her room for the night with a group of girls.

Banding together, me and the rest of the girls took refuge in the guest bedroom. The next morning, we were the first ones out after breakfast - after all, who calls their parents to pick them up early when there are pancakes to devour?

Sleepover Stories FactsShutterstock

58. Olly Olly Oxen Free

We were in the middle of a game of hide and seek and I decided to hide in a bathroom cabinet. The door had shutter-like slats which gave me the perfect view out, but no one could see me inside. Just then, my friend's mum enters the room and uses the toilet. And boy, SHE SPENDS A GOOD CHUNK OF TIME IN THERE. All the while, I can hear my friends getting anxious, calling out my name and scrambling all over the house.

Suddenly, there's a knock on the bathroom door. "Mom, we can't seem to locate Susan at all. I'm starting to think she might've left!" As soon as she wraps up her business, she scurries out, calling my name at the top of her lungs while scanning every corner for me. Meanwhile, I'm stuck inside the cupboard, knowing that if I reveal myself, seven girls and my friend's whole family would see my hiding place and what I've been privy to.

Thus, I decide to stay put, even when she resorts to contacting my mum. I hear her inquire if I've shown up back home and the rising panic in her voice as she informs my mum I've gone missing. Laced with a cocktail of guilt and regret, I timidly sneak out of the cupboard to explain myself to my increasingly worried mum about why I'd be holed up in a bathroom cabinet for over an hour. I was absolutely shaken. My mum was appalled and livid. To top it all off, she ended up as my math teacher for almost half a decade following this incident.

Wildest Things Found Inside Houses factsPixabay

59. My House, My Rules, My Face. Everywhere.

So, my wife's workstation friend asked us over for a dinner party. I never really clicked with him, and you'll see why. The guy's a successful doctor apparently the best in his field. I knew he had a big head, but visiting his house, or should I say, temple, took things to another level.

Right when we stepped in, we saw a full-size portrait of him, a gift from a patient. That's not too bizarre, just a bit self-absorbed. After all, he saved someone's life, and they thanked him with a painting. No harm, right? Well, his house was pretty much a one-man art museum.

His wife took our coats and ushered us to the huge living room where the party was in full gear. As I scoured the room, awed by his grand house, I noticed hundreds of photos adorning the walls and shelves. And guess what? All were of him. No wife, no four kids, no parents or siblings.

It looked like even group photos had been trimmed to show only him. I usually can't mask my true feelings well, but I spent the next hour putting up a show, pretending this wasn't utterly odd. After loosening up with some drinks, I excused myself to the restroom.

Nature was calling and I don't make a fuss about using someone else's bathroom. I strode into the guest restroom, shut the door, prepared to get comfortable and grabbed a book from the neat pile next to the toilet. The first one was - get this - written by our host. Unfazed, I chose another and bingo, same author.

I skimmed through the stack, and shockingly, they were all his creations. I found it humorous yet a touch revolting. Finally, I looked up and spotted a photo frame on a table opposite the toilet. And yup, there he was again, watching while I tried to maintain some decorum in the loo.

Strangest friend's houseShutterstock

60. Indiana Jones’ Nightmare Bathroom

Let's jump back to 1996 when I was just a 13-year-old kid, hanging out in town with my friends. I suddenly needed to bathroom, and my good friend W said I could use his at his place. His house was, let's just say, colossal. Most of us lived in terraced houses or semi-detached homes with two to three bedrooms, but W's place was an expansive, detached home tucked away in a quiet avenue. And the interior? Simply stunning.

I found my way to the bathroom, shut the door behind me, and took a seat. Mid-pee, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. There it was—a bathtub teeming with slithering snakes! Let's just say, it's lucky I was already over the toilet. I won't lie, I dashed out of there so fast I didn't even stop to wipe, nearly tripping down the stairs in my haste to escape. Safe to say, I never set foot in that house again.

Bizarre True Stories factsShutterstock

61. Caring Friend

In freshman year of high school, one of my friend's mom rang up my mom. When my mom relayed their invite, she used the term "playdate," which seemed slightly awkward to me at the time. Regardless, she asked if I intended to visit my friend that approaching weekend. Despite finding it peculiar, I accepted since the guy was amicable, albeit on the quiet side.

So, come Saturday, I pedaled to his place. His mom, who answered the door, looked taken aback seeing me arrive solo. Up in his room, I inquired about his plans. He unveiled a treasure trove of well-used stuffed animals and action figures, inviting me to join in. A little out of the ordinary, indeed. Weren't we too mature for toy play?

Yet, I wasn't one to pass up on a trip down memory lane, so I asked him about his game rules. His response was, "We make them combat!" There I was, caught up in imaginary battles on a 14-year-old's bed, making "pow" sound effects while clashing toys together for a good three hours. Throughout, I tried nudging him towards other activities.

However, his repeated answer was, “Hold on, let's just have THESE guys battle it out!" Needless to say, I never returned for another play session. I let my folks know it felt more like a babysitting job than a friendly hangout. Thankfully at school, he acted normally, so we decided to limit our interactions to that space.

Weird stuff at friendsPexels

62. On Top Of It

My friend's mom, a single parent working tirelessly at multiple jobs, didn't have her shirt on when she gave us our task list, as we hung out by the coffee table working on school stuff. My pal didn't seem bothered at all. But when she spotted a new visitor sitting on the carpet, focusing intently on a distant wall to avoid awkwardness, her complexion went white.

She quickly slipped out of the room, tossed on her bra and work shirt, and fetched a box of cookies from a hidden stash. She was utterly speechless, probably out of fear that I'd spill the beans to my folks. But honestly, we were just excited about the cookies.

weird stuff at friend'sShutterstock

63. Are Those Bones Or Are You Happy To See Me?

Back when I had my first high school girlfriend, she asked me to come over for dinner and to introduce me to her parents. While chatting with her dad in his office, I couldn't help but notice several antiquated, cylindrical pieces displayed on his shelves. A closer look revealed that they were actually mummified phalluses. And there were plenty of them.

Thankfully, there was a valid reason behind this—her dad wasn't snipping away at her past suitors. Instead, he was a urologist and dabbled in archaeology on the side. Still, it was a pretty odd and unnerving sight.

Strangest friend's housePexels

64. I Like Your Stash

My friend could be a touch untidy, yet his parents took the messiness crown as they were pretty extreme collectors. His room would be brimming with a jam-packed jumbo trash bin, but his parents truly outdid him. Their collection took over a whole "section" of their abode. They'd insist it was out of bounds, which, as you'd predict, only sparked our curiosity further.

Given the chance, my friend loved showing off this “restricted” area to all and sundry. The rest of the house, although cluttered, couldn't hold a candle to this section. Past the door, you'd encounter stacks of boxes, heaps of old newspapers, and an assortment of stuff all over the place. Traveling down the corridor to their room, you would find a well-trodden path flanked by a good few inches of dust.

But what really took the cake was their bed. It was very noticeably tilted. They were big folks and it seemed one side got more workout than the other. Luckily, the ever-present boxes and dust piles did a great job dampening any potential noise.

Strangest moments

65. If It’s Yellow…

I discovered some dog mess on my friend's rug near his sleeping area. When I brought it to his attention, he chose to ignore it for the time being and deal with it later. At the same sleepover, I needed to use the bathroom, only to find a non-flushed toilet. It only had urine in it, but it had been left there for so long that a thin layer of film had formed on the surface of the water. When I urinated into the water, the film got broken.

Strangest friend's houseUnsplash

66. Two-Ply, One-Ply, No-Ply

I've got two friends who used to live together. They got into this ridiculous argument over who was buying more toilet paper. Their spat totally flew under my radar until I dropped by their place one day. It wasn't so much what I saw that shocked me, but what was missing. The argument had turned so nasty that they both boycotted buying toilet paper completely. They were driven to outrageous alternatives.

Eventually, they only ventured to the bathroom when showering was in their agenda. Sometimes, it's not the presence of things, but their absence that drops your jaw the most.

Strangest friend's houseUnsplash

67. The Franken-Puppy

One of my friends from middle school had parents who were in the habit of adopting dogs but didn't care for them properly. My friend adored these pets, yet they'd often escape due to negligence. During one visit, he shared the harrowing incident - his current dog had been struck by a vehicle resulting in dire injuries.

I had presumed the poor animal perished in the accident, but upon reaching his house a shocking truth unfolded. He led me to their backyard, with a meal for his pet. The parents had disposed of the dog into a shallow pit whilst it was still conscious. The sight was heartbreaking - the animal writhed in agony, as maggots consumed the injured lower half.

In our next conversation, my friend relayed that his father had euthanized the dog. Considering the circumstances, it felt like a merciful act.

Strangest friend's housePexels

68. Shocking Revelations

When I was 13, I went to hang out at a close neighbor's mobile home (we both lived in the same community). While I was there, my friend's elder sister got into a heated argument with their mother, voices raised and words sharp. Her sister cried out that no one believed her and then shared a shocking truth. She confessed that their uncle, who was deaf (and her dad's brother who also lived with them), had been assaulting her at night.

To this day, that still ranks as the most difficult situation I've ever found myself in. I desperately wanted to leave right away, but I was in the middle of a task - coloring in his older brother's tattoo - and it wasn't possible to leave abruptly.

Strangest friend's housePexels

69. Little Terrors

When I was around 15, I visited my friend's place - we'll call him Doug. From there, we joined another friend of his at his home, let's name him Tyler. In Tyler's house, there was a hallway ending in a door secured by a deadlock from outside. Tyler asked if we were up for a "fun" surprise. I agreed, but soon wished I hadn't.

Tyler unlocked the door, revealing a small, elderly woman, possibly in her late 80s, in a dark, messy room. The room was cluttered with dirty dishes and half-eaten bologna sandwiches. Surprised, she looked at us, asking, "Who are you? What do you want?" Ignoring her, Tyler picked up a sandwich and tossed it at her.

The poor, elderly woman ended up covered in mustard and sandwich pieces. Tyler followed this by throwing a drink at her. It was truly deplorable. The woman stood up, shouting, "What on earth are you doing?" and swearing at him. Tyler rushed out, securing the deadlock behind him. She banged on the door, creating a distressing scene. It was far from "fun".

After a minute or so, Tyler unlocked the door and went in. The woman was visibly baffled and calmly asked why she was wet and what was on her. "It's alright, Grandma," Tyler replied, "just sit down and eat your food". Both Tyler and Doug found it hysterically funny and laughed about it for the rest of the day.

Disgusted by what I had seen, I left and never returned to either of their homes. The memory still sickens me.

Strangest friend's houseUnsplash

70. The Weirdest Family Values

I once had a boyfriend whose family was...well, peculiar. Spending time at their house was like entering a surreal alternate universe. They had such unconventional ways that at times, I half expected them to reveal themselves as extraterrestrials. For instance, cooking on a stove was a complete mystery to them. They preferred to microwave meals or dine out. All the cabinets and drawers in the house would be left wide open, with no explanation whatsoever.

His mom seemed to enjoy strolling around the house completely unclothed practically all the time and took excessive numbers of baths every day. Despite owning a top-of-the-line TV set with satellite connection, his parents often chose to head to McDonald's to watch their favorite shows. Plus, the family was quite the story-tellers, often boasting about dramatic feats such as rescuing two men from an airplane crash or how the mom managed to outrun a pack of wolves in suburban Arizona.

Let me tell you, their peculiarity didn't stop there, but those are the most bizarre aspects I could recall.

Strangest friend's houseShutterstock

71. Kids, Bath Time!

I stayed over at my friend's place back when we were in sixth grade. Just to give you some background, we were about eleven or twelve years old then. He lived solely with his mom—his dad was out of the picture and he didn't have any siblings. Given it was just the two of them, they shared a tight bond but, as far as I could tell, it might have been a bit too close for comfort.

Things were going well until his mom beckoned him for a bath. With her. Literally, in the same tub. What's more, they didn't even close the door, acting like it was completely normal.

Strangest friend's houseShutterstock

72. House Slitherin

So I've got this friend, David, right? He brought me over to his place one time. What I didn't expect was that his family kind of had a hoarding issue. It was insane - you couldn't see the carpet, and I was stepping in cereal-filled bowls. And get this, at one point, I saw a snake just weaving its way through the clutter. That was a no-go for me.

I quickly came up with a quick story about feeling unwell just so I could bounce. I'm telling you, it was like a bad dream.

Strangest friend's houseShutterstock

73. The Lion’s Club

My folks were part of a bowling team and often took me along with them. I became friends with a girl who hung out at the bowling alley since her house was right next to it on a big plot of land. One time, she invited me to her place while my parents were busy bowling. When I asked my parents' permission, they said ok. Little did I know, this would turn into the most unbelievable tale of my life.

We strolled over to her house and to my utter shock, there was a baby lion (you know, like Simba, a huge wild cat) chained to a coffee table in their living room. She asked me if I'd like to pet the lion - I mean, who wouldn't? So I petted the lion, we passed the time, and then I headed back to the bowling alley as if nothing extraordinary had happened. I really wish I'd taken a snapshot of it.

Later when I spilled the beans to my parents, they were all "Yeah, sure" in that humoring tone that clearly meant they didn't buy my story. But the last laugh was on them. Many years later, I was flicking through the newspaper and spotted that the girl and her family had been slapped with charges for illegally keeping wild cats. I seized the opportunity to show my parents the news and enjoyed the ultimate "I told you so" moment of my life.

Strangest friend's houseUnsplash

74. What a Pleasure

In the fourth grade, my closest friend lived very near our school, so frequent visits to her home after classes were common. Her mother had a substance addiction, and her step-father drank constantly. During sleepovers at her house, we would often overhear them arguing vociferously.

One day, my friend shared with me about discovering a big, orange device in her mom's room- which she revealed to me was a "personal massager".

After a few weeks, upon arriving at her house post-school, we were taken aback to see bright orange fragments strewn all over the house. As it turned out, their pet Boxer had also come across her mom's personal massager, leading to the unfortunate shredding spectacle.

Weird parentsPexels

75. Shifting The Blame

The incident didn't occur during the sleepover night, but rather the next morning. I was at a friend's place when I was about 8 or 9. I had visited the restroom for a quick pee and had left without any issues. Nothing out of the ordinary. My friend then enters the bathroom after me and exits. Around ten minutes following that, I heard a chilling scream.

His mom dashed out of the lavatory, scolding me ferociously. At first, I'm clueless about what she's fussing about until she guides me to the restroom where a big pool of urine covers the floor. She commanded me to clean up her son's mess because he lied to her that I was the culprit. It goes without saying, I barely interacted with my so-called friend after that experience. Breakfast that day was extremely uncomfortable.

Adults Suck FactsShutterstock

76. Fanfic

My friend "Ellen" and I were the final ones awake at our mutual pal's slumber party. The hostess, our friend "Kelly", suggested we head to her room to continue our conversation without waking the others in the living room. As we settled in the bedroom, Ellen picked up a notebook and started skimming through it. Quickly, she realized it was a first-person account penned by Kelly but told as if she were me.

She described things like the way I'd wash my "jet black hair" while showering, and so on. We promptly tucked the notebook away and decided not to mention it to Kelly. It seriously spooked us out.

Life-Shattering Secrets factsShutterstock

77. Beyond OCD

I visited a friend's place for the first time and mistakenly wandered into the "special living room". He completely panicked! I found it quite strange when he rushed to grab the vacuum just to erase the footprints I'd left on the thick living room carpet. My footprints were visible, but it wasn't as if I had tracked dirt in or anything.

At first, I found it a bit amusing, but his intense fear of his mom's reaction got to me. It was seriously unsettling. I also learned that they had to sit while showering to avoid any water splashes. It's pretty heartbreaking to think individuals with such intense anxieties have children to begin with.

Holiday Presents FactsPixabay

78. All Noise And No Sleep Makes Dad Something-Something

When I turned 12 in the seventh grade, I hosted a birthday sleepover with about six of my girlfriends at my house. Being a fan of scary movies, I decided we would watch The Shining that night, since after all, it was my party. We didn't start the movie until about midnight, all tucked into our sleeping bags in the living room.

However, once that scene with the bloody elevator doors hit the screen, we all reacted true to form for a group of 12-year-olds - we started screaming. That's when my dad, who hails from Poland and has a strong accent when speaking English, stormed out from my parents’ bedroom in just his briefs. His words clearly etched in my memory - "If you girls don’t quiet down, I'll drive you home and tell your parents about all this screaming!"

The pure embarrassment was enough to shut me up, my friends fell deathly quiet from shock, and even today, my best friend often recalls it as the funniest thing she’s ever witnessed.

Sleepover Stories FactsShutterstock

79. A Comedy Of Errors

We tried to pull off the classic "hand in a bowl of warm water" prank to cause our snoozing friend David to wet his pants. Eddie, another friend of ours, got the wrong end of the stick and his interpretation of the task was to pee into the bowl. As soon as he came back with the filled bowl, we dipped David's hand in and waited in anticipation.

Soon enough, David began to slowly move, withdrawing his hand before dreamily licking it.

Suddenly, Eddie starts freaking out but we had no idea why. When he manages to finally explain, laughter takes over us, making us roll around on the floor. All this commotion wakes David up. He finds us sprawled on the floor, laughing our heads off, and Eddie standing over him, with a horrified frozen look on his face. And David, still sleepy, keeps licking his wet hand, which added to the hilarity.

For the remainder of that night, David kept rinsing his mouth repeatedly with mouthwash. Quite a funny evening, I must say.

Weird Kid factsShutterstock

80. Domestic Disturbance

I was hanging out at my friend's house when his father arrived unexpectedly. His parents were in the process of splitting up, but official divorce proceedings hadn't started yet. It seemed his mother had a new romantic partner and his dad had somehow found out. I can still recall the sonic memory of his dad banging on the front door and hollering, while his mom and her boyfriend shouted back.

After a while, some officers arrived and took his dad away due to his disruptive behaviour or something along those lines. We were tucked away in the basement, taking in every bit of the commotion; then his mom came down behaving as though everything was normal. She casually asked if we wanted a bite to eat. All I could think about was wanting to go home.

Sleepover Stories FactsShutterstock

81. Involuntary Voyeurism

We'd pitched a tent in my pal's backyard. His yard had a back gate that opened onto a catwalk, which meandered between nearby houses before ending at a school field. It was late, we were just enjoying our snacks and having a laugh inside the tent when we heard murmurs echoing along the pathway. The fence was lined with shrubs, leaving only the gate region visible, so we were out of view.

Subtly, we pulled ourselves out of the tent and ducked into the shrubs, planning to give the unaware pedestrians a playful scare. But as they neared, it became evident that they were adults, and the man seemed quite heated. So we opted for silence, intending to let them pass before diving back into our tent. Sadly, that's not what happened. As they reached a spot just beyond the house, it became clear the man was coercing the woman into an intimate situation, right there out in the open.

We were forced to hush up and wait it out for an uncomfortable 10 minutes before they moved on. Fearing our presence could push the guy to do something scary, we remained petrified and completely silent.

Sleepover Stories FactsShutterstock

82. Questionable Methods

During a sleepover, my friend's mom pointed fingers at me for swiping $50. When I made an attempt to head home, she blocked my path and was adamant about driving me home herself. I took off out the door the moment she went to grab her keys. As things unfolded, I discovered the grim reality. Apparently, she just didn't want me to stay over, so she thought that blaming me for stealing was her best bet to get me to scram. Hey, I was just a kid!

Kindness Backfired factsPixabay

83. Snitches Get Stitches

The sleepover revealed my friend as a major snitch. We were messing around with GI Joes and I picked up Dr. Mindbender, declaring "I'm not a fan of this guy, he's silly". My friend dashed from the room and ratted me out to his mom because I said a toy was "silly". She barged into the room, lecturing me about their house rules against negative language. I admitted my mistake, apologized, and we moved on.

During dinner, I accidentally dropped a green bean on the floor and their dog gobbled it up. My friend informed on me again, claiming I was feeding the dog. His mom scolded me once more about their stand on "not feeding the dog human food". I got frustrated after this second telling-off and asked to call my grandma to take me home.

Needless to say, I never hung out or played with that tattletale again, all because of him and his mom.

Adults Suck FactsShutterstock

84. There’s A First Time For Everything

I was once having a sleepover at my friend's place, and there were like 10 of us all hanging out in the living room. It was only me and another girl who were still awake, wasting time by watching some random movie on TV—I think it was Speed. That's when the weirdest thing transpired. A girl sitting there suddenly straightened up, and her face was lit up by the glow of the TV.

It was strange, her eyes were unfocused, and she seemed totally zoned out, not responding to anything we said. She abruptly got up and naturally, we followed her. It was pretty clear to us by then that she was sleepwalking. She wandered into the kitchen and pulled open one of the cupboards. And then things took an even wilder turn. She yanked down her PJs and started peeing right there! We were all shell-shocked, not knowing how to react.

Being clueless teens, nobody wanted to deal with it, so we kinda just closed the door on the whole situation. The following day, we struggled to convince her about what had happened. It turns out, she had never sleepwalked before.

Sleepover Stories FactsShutterstock

85. They’re Heeeeeere

When I was 12, I had planned a sleepover at my friend's house. Before bedtime, we all decided to catch a movie. The choice? Poltergeist. Now, I'm not a huge fan of horror movies, and this one was chalked up as the spookiest I'd seen so far. And the clown? Man, that clown was terrifying.

Later, when we got back to his place and it was time to sleep, they placed my sleeping bag on the floor, sandwiched between his bed and his younger brother’s bed. These two beds transformed into ominous, shadowy voids in the dark.

I lay awake for hours, my mind racing with the fear of being pulled under the beds. Needless to say, it took a while before I thought about joining another sleepover.

Creepy Things Witnessed factsShutterstock

86. They Say Do What You Love—This Is Different

Apologies in advance for the visual you're about to get. Picture a typical high school sleepover: heaps of junk food and enough stolen beers to fuel some daring decisions. That's when friend #1 had a brilliant idea to do some late-night skinny dipping in the community pool. We've always been a bit wild, so it came as a shock when friend #2 shot the idea down hard.

He was against it right from the get-go, but after some persistent nagging - you know how teenagers can be - we finally convinced him. So, over the fence we went, stripped down to nothing, and took the leap. Sadly, the moon decided to shine brightly that night, providing ample light for the scene that was about to unfold. What happened next was so nauseating it's forever seared into my memory.

The moment our feet hit the water, we looked on in absolute horror as friend #2 - his name well-earned in that moment - unleashed wave after wave of projectile diarrhea just moments after diving in. Yes, it was as awful as you're imagining. To top it off, in our rush, we forgot towels. This blunder led to a quiet, uncomfortable, soaking wet walk back to friend #1's place.

The following day, friend #2 acted as if his two drinks caused a blackout, claiming he couldn't remember the prior evening's events. In spite of it all, we are still tight today and, humorously enough, he is now my go-to gastroenterologist.

Believe In Ghosts FactsFlickr

87. Mess Around And Find Out

My father continually told my siblings and me about standing our ground but never initiating a fight. I shared with him how I was being tormented by some kids at school. He jokingly suggested to handle them through a headbutt, which he gave me instructions on. Remember, I was only twelve then.

Shortly after, I attended a sleepover where the same girl who was mean to me was also present.

We stayed up quite late and I'd grown tired of this girl and her annoying group of friends. After we all fell asleep, I overheard them plotting to smear peanut butter all over my face and eyes come morning. That’s when it dawned on me, "This is my moment".

As Marissa approached, chuckling in anticipation, I saw the shadow of her head looming over me.

That's when I quickly sat upright from my lying position, and with all my might, thrust my head into hers. Lo and behold, I broke her nose! Though, it was pretty painful for me too. Hiding my own pain, I challenged her: "Try messing with me again. I dare you". Unsurprisingly, she never bothered me again. Back home, my father roared in laughter so much I feared he might faint, while my mom, well, she didn't find it as amusing.

Sleepover Stories FactsShutterstock

88. Lesson Learned

Believe me, I was just as surprised as you might be when I first read about this. Consider it a cautionary tale. Here's how it went down. A few close friends had a sleepover at one friend's place. They were watching Point Break and thought it'd be fun to snack on some cookie dough. The host, in an absentminded manner, proceeded to munch away the entire king-sized pack of cookie dough, not noticing that the others had decided against it.

Subsequently, everyone retired for the night, and the host headed to his room. Suddenly, a chilling scream pierced the silence in the wee hours of the night. The friends rushed to find the source of the scream and found it was their host - in a dire state in his own bathroom, bare as a babe. The poor guy was feeling extremely ill, beyond anyone's understanding. Turns out, the cookie dough had expanded like a balloon in his stomach causing severe discomfort. So much so, they had to call an ambulance.

Shouldn’t Have Done That FactsFlickr, Marco Verch

89. Too Close To Home

When I was an 11-year-old kid, I attended a sleepover party. One of the girls there appeared to be specially-abled, unable to speak and needing a hand with eating. The birthday girl had shared that this girl was her cousin who was here because her parents insisted on it. Like any compassionate person, I stepped up to help her out, and this carried on for several hours.

Suddenly, she began having a seizure. This situation rattled me quite a bit since, a fact unknown to them, my father had passed following a severe seizure. I became terrified. But then, I discovered the shocking truth. She'd been faking her condition all along. Everyone else in the room was in on this joke and they burst into fits of laughter. They thought tricking me would be "amusing".

I insisted on calling my mom so I could leave early. That night literally still lives in my head rent free to this day.

Parenting Mistakes factsWikimedia Commons

90. Dodged A Bullet

I fell asleep in a downstairs room shared with six other blokes. When I awoke, I found myself to be the only one in the house.

Tarrare FactsShutterstock

91. Not A Normal Thing To Share

Back when I was younger, my friend's mom had a quirky habit of leaving the bathroom door open when using the toilet. Whether it was a quick visit or a longer one, the door was always ajar as if inviting a casual chat. It was just part of their family routine. One particular time, I was spending the night at their home and the next morning, after I finished up my usual routine of brushing my teeth and washing my face, an odd conversation ensued.

Noticing me exiting the bathroom, the parents asked me somewhat unexpectedly, "Did you wash your backside?" Considering this isn't a typical question to ask a house guest, I was pretty taken aback. They continued, "We have a washcloth there specifically for you to wash your backside". And that's when I discovered the family's unusual practice. They had a dedicated washcloth, all them used it to clean their behinds, and frankly, they expected me to do the same.

Weird House factsWikimedia Commons

92. Parents Can Have Sleepovers Too

When I was around 8 or 9, I attended a massive sleepover for a friend's birthday. All of his pals were there, and even his parents had invited their own friends over. As the evening simmered down, we all traipsed into my pal’s room and bonded over Super Smash Bros. Before we knew it, it was 2 AM. Most of the lads had already drifted off, except for a few of us.

I was on the brink of bursting. I needed to use the bathroom, but my fear of messing up in someone else's bathroom held me back. At last, I couldn't hold it in any longer and asked my mate where the restroom was. It's still unclear if I misinterpreted him or if my memory failed me once I left the room, but somehow, I found myself at his parent's door.

I barged in—I will never forget the sight that met my eyes. There I was, looking at his mother in bed with a guy from the party, while his dad was sitting with this guy's wife in the corner. My entry was so abrupt, they didn't even get a chance to hide any evidence. I froze, standing there as a 9-year-old boy, watching his friend's parents swapping partners with another couple.

The memory of their expressions still haunts me. I realized their swinging activities because I saw everyone's faces clearly. They all stared back at me, attempting to digest what just took place. After an awkward silence that seemed like forever, his father finally shouted at me to leave and I hastily shut the door, standing outside in a stunned silence.

Eventually, I stumbled back into my friend’s room, my earlier urgency to use the bathroom forgotten. I lay there for the rest of the night, wide-eyed until my mom arrived to pick me up at 7 AM. I kept the ordeal to myself and swore off ever spending the night or even stepping inside his house again, out of fear of encountering his parents and having that dreaded conversation.

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93. Yesterday’s Disgusting Discovery Is Tomorrow’s Hot Food Trend

When I was a kid, I once stayed overnight at a friend's house. The morning after, his mom prepared breakfast, serving us each a bowl of cereal. There was something unusually sweet about the milk that our youthful palates found strange. Something didn't quite feel right - a feeling that became even stronger when I witnessed something that grossed me out so much, I still remember it vividly to this day.

Just after my friend finished his breakfast, his mom came over. She tilted the bowl and poured the remaining milk back into a milk carton. Then she did the same with her own bowl. I could feel my face heat up in humiliation and nausea, and in a mix of shock and confusion, I asked, "What's happening? What are you guys doing?"

He looked at me and replied with complete seriousness, "That's our cereal milk". I then discovered that this entire family - this oddly twisted family - had a habit of pouring all their leftover milk from each cereal bowl into a separate milk container; a container meant expressly for cereal. I had unwittingly consumed cereal milk - repurposed milk that all family members had already used. Truly, it was 'Cereal Milk'. Used. Cereal. Milk.

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94. A Family Photo Album To Remember

One time while visiting my high school friend's home, his parents were debating about installing a home security system. They were put off by the high cost though. I offered to do the wiring for them, which made them super happy. The entrance to the attic was in the master bedroom closet, a path I had to take. Surprisingly, the closet hid some unexpected secrets.

When I climbed into the attic, I stumbled upon numerous photos of my friend's mom with a man who wasn't her husband. I mean, there were lots of these photos—she seemed very close with this guy. My friend's dad was permanently disabled, significantly affecting one side of his body. Perhaps, that's why she believed the attic was a safe spot to conceal her secret.

I decided not to share what I had found with my friend or his family.

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95. Fearsome Father Figure

When I was around ten or eleven, I used to spend time at my closest friend's house. One day, his dad got incredibly upset - so much that he seemed furious. He took hold of my friend's arm and pulled him across the living room. He was so harsh that, tragically, he broke my friend's arm. To cover up, the family said it happened during a skating mishap in public. But deep down, I knew the upsetting secret. It was truly distressing and unsettling.

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96. He’s Not Bothering Anyone

During the 90s, a dog owned by a family friend passed. A few days later, I dropped by their place to play some basketball. Before we started, I noticed their dog Spot lounged in its typical spot, a tiny bed by the TV in the lounge. Confused, I remarked, "Didn't Spot pass away recently?" to which the owner confirmed that he had. It was then that the whole situation dawned on me - filling me with a combination of realization and horror.

Apparently, the plan was to leave Spot in his spot until they could bury him over the weekend when the sister returned from college. So in the interim, they decided to let the departed dog lie. Spot was a frail, ancient chihuahua that looked a small, desiccated mummy. However, the concept of leaving a pet's remains in plain sight still seemed bizarre. Who does that, right?

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97. Sudden Loss

I remember my very first sleepover with my best pal back in the first grade. We had an amazing night, full of fun and laughter. But when I woke up the next morning, I noticed that the atmosphere was strangely tense. Everyone in his house seemed aloof and they immediately phoned my mom to come fetch me. I was totally puzzled. But later, I came to know the tragic news — his dad had had an aneurysm that night and, sadly, he didn't make it.

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98.  Your Secret Is Safe With Me

When I was a teenager, I spent the night at my best friend's place and bunked in their spare room. Around 2 am, I was stirred awake by the sounds of her older brother coming home, seemingly a little loose from a party. He saw me in the room and said a drowsy 'Hi' while leaning on the doorway. Then, he shuffled off to his room but left the hallway light on, making it hard for me to fall back asleep.

After tossing and turning for a good 10 to 15 minutes, I decided to switch off the light myself. As I was heading back to my room, I fleetingly looked into his room as I walked by. What I saw left me in shock. There he was, sitting at his computer with his back to me, bare from the waist down, apparently touching himself while watching what seemed to be VERY unusual videos.

I must've gasped or something because he turned sharply and saw me standing there. I quickly high-tailed it back to my bed, trying to erase the image I'd just witnessed from my memory. A few minutes later, I heard him cautiously approaching my room. Inwardly groaning, I thought, "Oh no, what now.” He stood at my door, looking embarrassed and uneasy. He apologized for the awkward scene I had witnessed and asked me not to tell his sister, my friend.

I promised him I wouldn't talk about it and advised him to go get some sleep. To this day, his family puzzles over why he's single and why he always acts odd around me – they even suspect he might have a secret crush on me!

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99. Third Wheel to the Rescue

Following the prom, we headed to a friend's place to chill. The gang included him, his girlfriend (who was my best pal back then), and yours truly. I bunked down on the sofa while the pair had their own little adventure. At the crack of dawn, around 6 am, they rushed downstairs to enlist my aid. Catching sight of their predicament was enough to either split my sides laughing or lose my breakfast. It seemed they got so tipsy they had willfully, jokingly or both, peed on each other and the bed. Their attempt at cleaning up involved bug spray, of all things. Talk about a jaw-dropping disaster!

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