Mortifying Accidental Texts

October 30, 2023 | Violet Newbury

Mortifying Accidental Texts

Modern forms of communication are great. They’re fast, efficient, and painless—or are they? Sometimes, our fingers move faster than our brains, and we hit that “send” button before realizing who we just contacted. These people shared some mortifying moments when they sent and even received texts meant for someone else. Too late to “DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!”

1. What A Hoot!

My buddy Pete has this weird fear of owls. My friends and I were at a party and we thought it'd be funny to flood his phone with a bunch of eerie owl pictures. We were just hanging out, anxiously waiting for him to pick up his phone...but nothing. We sent more, thinking maybe he just hadn't noticed all the notifications. Still nothing.

Well, I saw him glance at his phone but he had no reaction. I just shrugged it off and turned in for the night. Then, the next morning, we were all baffled. We had a few puzzled texts waiting from Pete's number, saying stuff like, "Who are you,” "Quit it," and "Why the heck are you doing this?" 

Turns out, Pete had switched his number and some unfortunate soul had his inbox stuffed with haunting owl images at 3 am from five separate numbers. What a blunder. Apologies, the unknown receiver.

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2.  Jenny, Who Did I Turn To?

Back in my high school days, I was seeing a girl called Jenny. For three solid years, we were inseparable, but during the final month, it felt like we were falling apart. One day, following a major argument, I retreated to my home and dealt with the stress by getting significantly high. In my daze, I decided to send a message to Jenny, but instead, I sent it to a contact "Jennifer" in my phone—who happens to be my second cousin.

At first, I wrote a heartfelt plea about missing her and needing her, but in a rush, I deleted it all and replaced it with a rather suggestive message that, frankly, didn't seem to be aimed at anyone specifically. Jennifer, who is a bit older, sent back a perplexed message, "Was that meant for me?"

Still floating high and thoroughly puzzled, I sent her a risqué photo and a teasing caption. She responded along the lines of, “This may work, but we need to be sneaky about it at your place since my dad works from home. Your folks are away, correct?”

Somehow, in my high stupor, I brushed away the fact that Jenny's dad passed away when she was young. The misunderstanding grew with every message and, not really thinking it through, I ended up inviting her over. She told me she was heading my way with a bottle of wine. What's worse, by the time she called, I had sobered up and totally forgotten our text exchange.

When she mentioned the wine, I was thrown. Not wanting more drinks, I told her I didn't need to get wasted. She misunderstood and thought it meant I didn't need drinks to get intimate with her. Then she hinted at a surprise, which I assumed to be the Gears of War 3 Collector's Edition we had both been eagerly awaiting.

Feeling the geeky excitement, I told her just seeing the game would make me incredibly happy and that I'd been dying to play it. Finding my enthusiasm amusing, she told me she'd see me soon.

Once she arrived, I was so hyped for the game that I rushed her to present it. My eager insistence seemed to charm her, and she suggested we head upstairs. Yet, I insisted we stick to the living room because of the comfier couch and snacks I'd prepared.

She seemed puzzled by the mention of snacks, and I explained they were for our gaming session. I had even set a rule about clean hands to avoid any grease or salt on my gear. It was while she was in the bathroom that it hit me—Jenny hadn't responded to any of my texts. I pulled out my phone and—nothing. I panicked as I slowly pieced together the confusion. Jennifer finally emerged, dressed in just a thong.

She questioned if I liked her outfit, but all I could do was blurt out a gaming reference about Marcus and Carmine. Despite my obvious shock and confusion, we ended up sleeping together. It's still a mystery to me how we got so far off track that night.

All I can share now is that I'm still with Jennifer—we're engaged and not blood-related thankfully. My ex, Jenny, has had a rough go, and incidentally, I did finally play Gears 3, and it was every bit as amazing as I hoped.

While Jennifer does know about the text mix-up, she's completely unaware that I was absorbed in thoughts of gaming even during our intimate encounter—I really just wanted to play that game that night!

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3.  Right Message, Wrong Girl

I mistakenly sent a text that said, "Hey, can you please stop texting me? Let's both block each other's numbers. Honestly, I don't want us to have any more chats. I'm trying to say this kindly, alright? I'm interested in someone else and it's not fair to them with you always pestering me." 

This message was intended for my obsessive ex. Unfortunately, it ended up in my crush's inbox. She responded with, "Alright, I apologize," and proceeded to block my number, assuming that the message was meant for her.

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4. Booty Call

So, I'm a straight guy. One time, I messaged my buddy, who's also a straight guy, asking for some cheeky photos. It's a tad confusing, because his girlfriend and mine have names that begin with the same three letters. 

Well, I never expected he would actually follow through with next move—he reacted by sending me a picture of his own backside. Believe me, I thought my own bottom was hairy—oh boy.

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5. Trying Times

So, my former girlfriend was attempting to revive our relationship. She sent me a text with the idea of us hanging out that weekend. Shortly after, another text popped up saying, "He hasn't returned my text. 

I even messaged him on Facebook". The cherry on top? A few minutes later, I received, "Oops, disregard that second text I forwarded you. How's life?" I opted to not respond to that one as well.

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6. Family Photo Sharing

Once upon a time, my girlfriend asked for a somewhat intimate photo of me. Now, I'd never taken a picture like that before, but I figured, why not give it a go? I snapped the photo and pinged it over to her. 

Come the next day, I was hanging out with my girlfriend when my dad dialed my number. I answered, and he blurted out, "Why on earth does your mom have a photo of your private parts on her phone!?"

This wasn't just any typical picture, mind you. There I was, lying on my back, fully aroused, and had positioned myself just right for the camera, including my face in the background. I was pretty proud of my craftmanship. 

But the kicker? They had just hooked up to iCloud that day and unbeknownst to me since I had recently used my dad's credit card for a music purchase, my phone was syncing to their iCloud. It was an uncomfortable while before I could meet my mom's gaze again.

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7. A Double A Mistake

I sent a text to my guy roommate to remind him to pick up new batteries for a fun "gadget" that I have. He responded with a text, mentioning how he had been curious about why the sounds of the jungle and animals had suddenly stopped the previous night. 

It was at that moment I discovered I had texted the wrong person—it wasn't my girlfriend. But, he did follow through with getting the batteries, which was quite helpful.

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8. Bridezilla Got The Message

One woman from our Church, who we all had a passing friendship with, was planning her wedding. She asked my wife along with our four mutual friends to be her bridesmaids. However, she was behaving as a complete bridezilla. As the wedding approached, all of us, including the bridesmaids, constantly expressed our frustrations about her.

My daughter was the flower girl in the wedding, and the bride was being unreasonable about something which unexpectedly cost me hundreds of dollars, leaving me upset. 

On her wedding day, the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids were heading to a salon in a limo for their hair and makeup. At this time, my wife and I were exchanging texts about how upset I was.

Simultaneously, I was texting the bride about my daughter's needs and plans. During this, I mistakenly sent a text that was meant for my wife to the bride herself—and unfortunately, I didn't hold back: "Wouldn't it be hilarious if none of her bridesmaids ever speak to her again after the wedding?" 

As expected, that caused a meltdown in the limo. She started crying and lashed out at all the bridesmaids, who, too, were good friends of mine. Soon, I received an awkward text from my wife, telling me that the bride was in a frenzy and was contemplating canceling the wedding. 

However, by the day's end, everyone managed to settle things down with her, and the wedding took place as scheduled. It was a dreadful day for everyone there, and post the wedding, none of the bridesmaids really interacted with her again.

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9. Operation Interception

I had some personal photos, the risque kind, stored somewhere obscure on my phone to keep them hidden. But I had a problem—these images didn't fit the entire screen. So, my solution? I would send them to myself via text message. The phone I was using was an old touchscreen model, designed to work with a grid and pressure sensing.

One time, while scrolling down to find my contact, "me", I accidentally selected my dad's contact in the process. I came up with a quick plan and claimed there was an intense text meant for a friend I was ashamed about, convincing my mom to drive me to his house. I got there and managed to delete the text before he woke up. What a relief!

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10. Caution, Mature Content

I may be 70 years old, and you might think that's old, but my husband and I never lost our sense of fun. One evening, he decided to wear my bra and panties, and he too was doing some funny dance moves. In the moment, I chose to capture it, a picture worth a thousand laughs later! 

However, I mistakenly ended up sending it to my daughter. Let's just say, she did not find it as humorous as we did. I was embarrassed beyond belief at that time, but now, we roll with laughter at the memory. And for our daughter, she has gotten a whole new perspective about her parents through that incident!

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11. Honesty Was The Best Policy

I recently had a date with a girl. To be honest, it didn't exactly set my world on fire and I found it pretty dull. On the other hand, I could sense she was enjoying herself. We said our goodbyes and I took off. 

Only a short while later, a buddy of mine shot me a text asking how the date went. Instead of a simple response, I shot off a whole paragraph about why the date was a dud and why she wasn't my cup of tea.

Then, straight out the blue, I get a text reply with "??." I was mortified to see that I'd mistakenly sent my reply to the very girl I'd just been on the date with! It was a nightmare indeed, but to my surprise, she said she valued my honesty.

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12. A Hot Item Report

We spent two weeks on a field training exercise, and I was assigned to the supply department. The lieutenant in charge was eagerly awaiting inventory reports, which were being sent over via text. 

Suddenly, he looked at his phone with a startled expression and quickly fired off a reply. He then passed the phone over to me to show me what had caused his reaction. My jaw dropped at the message.

One of the sergeants, meant to be sending in an inventory report, had instead texted, "You enjoy imagining me watching you as you 'get intimate' with others, right?" The lieutenant's swift response was, "You can't even put a 'sir' on the end of that?" 

I couldn't help but laugh until that very sergeant appeared to apologize and deliver his proper inventory report. Apparently, he'd been intending to send some rather spicy texts to his wife instead of the report. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

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13. Double Check Da Text

Back when my girlfriend and I didn't share a living space, she accidentally sent a revealing photograph intended for me to her father's inbox. She pieced together her mistake immediately upon hearing her dad's phone ping in the floor below. It's an understandable mix-up, given that my name also begins with "Da" and is three letters long. 

She dashed downstairs as fast as she could to erase the message. I found the incident incredibly funny, truly a narrow escape! Even now, each time we exchange flirty texts, I rib her with a reminder to double-check her recipient: make sure it's not being sent to her dad!

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14. Outed By Accident

I accidentally sent a text to my professor saying, "Dude, you're gay." It turns out, he is actually gay. The text was supposed to go to a friend of mine, who was excited after seeing Matthew Perry in real life. 

I had assumed my professor didn't care or simply disregarded the text when he didn't respond. I acted oblivious about the whole thing in class the next day, hoping the incident was forgotten.

However, at the end of that class, my professor asked me how I knew about his orientation. I explained the misunderstanding and how I had intended the message for my friend, not him. It was undoubtedly an uncomfortable situation. Following this, he didn't speak to me anymore, yet surprisingly, gave me a better grade than I expected.

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15. The Wrong Pick-Up Line

One time, my former high school drama teacher had my copy of a play we nicknamed "AIDS"—it's actual title being "Wizard of AIDS". I swung by the school to grab it. 

He left it on his desk for me since he had a substitute teacher for the day. In a mixup, I ended up messaging, "Got "AIDS"! Cheers!" to the guy I was casually seeing instead of to my drama teacher.

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16. A Dark Knight Brought A Brighter Day

When I was around 15 or 16, I had to leave home due to conflicts with my stepmom who was really hard to deal with. At that time I was sleeping on friends' couches, but I knew that couldn't last forever. 

Then there was a week where I found myself living in a park, feeling utterly clueless about my next steps. Just a month before this all unraveled, I had gotten a schoolmate's phone number with intentions of inviting him to watch The Dark Knight with me.

Luckily, I still had his number. During the time I was staying in the park, feeling quite terrified, I tried reaching out to a friend whose mom worked in real estate. I texted her asking, "Hey, do you think your mom could help me find a place to live?" 

Strangely, she didn’t respond. However, the following day, I was met with an unexpected surprise—the schoolmate from earlier showed up after my work shift, offering me a ride home.

He mentioned he needed to make a quick stop at his house and asked if I wanted to meet his parents. Nervously, I agreed, stepping into his home where his parents introduced themselves and asked me to have a seat for a chat. While I was pretty scared, I sat down. To my surprise, they offered me their home for as long as I needed.

It turned out that the text asking for housing help accidentally went to their son, instead of my friend. To my disbelief, these complete strangers invited me into their home based on this mix-up. A week later, I moved in and today, I am proud to refer to them as my family.

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17. From Roast To Toast

When I was in college, my housemates and I had a ritual where we'd playfully tease any member who was about to leave. This particular time, one of my friends decided to switch things up a bit. Normally, the friend being teased would receive good news mid-roast.

But, he decided he'd surprise the lady of the hour with some not-so-great news instead. He wanted me to send her a text during the roast that read, "You are HIV positive". More than happy to join in on the fun, I agreed.

Finally, the awaited moment came during the roast. Slyly, not wanting anyone to notice, I hit send on my trusty Nokia 2100. I expected a reaction almost instantly, but there was only silence. The friend doing the teasing asked if she had her phone with her, she didn't. 

And that's when it hit me, "That's why she didn't react to the text!" But there was more, it turned out she also got a new phone number. Much to my surprise, I got a text reply a few hours later, all it said was, "WHO IS THIS?"

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18. The Robocall Said It All

I made a blunder by sending a "text to landline" to my girlfriend's parents, instead of my girlfriend. Their number was listed under "home" in her contact information. My message, "I could go for some boobs right now", was mistakenly sent to them. 

Her mother picked up, and she heard my text via a robotic voice reading it out loud. She was clearly puzzled, but thankfully, they never figured it was me who sent that text.

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19. Hanging My Head In Shame

I accidentally texted my boss, "Wanna hang?" thinking I was messaging my pal who shares the same name. I didn't see it as a major issue until the following day. At work, she approached me in tears. It turns out, her close friend had tragically taken his life the evening prior to my text. I felt deeply regretful.

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20. Never Living It Down

Back in my high school days, I served as the marching band's head during my final year. We had this ongoing gag, where I'd text my buddy with, "Still with us?" Now, that's okay dabbling in humor—except for the slip-up I made. 

I ended up sending this to a classmate who had been hospital-bound for a week and, later that day, slipped into a coma. His condition was critical for several weeks, but he's okay now. He managed to find the humor in it, though his folks weren't exactly my biggest fans.

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21. A Hard Pill For A Son To Swallow

In the hospital, there are specific beverages designed for those struggling with swallowing. I snapped a pic of a box labeled "Thick & Easy" water and decided to send it to my wife, jokingly saying, "That's how you prefer me, right?"

 But instead, the image and text ended up being sent to my eldest son. He was quite shocked by this; I decided to laugh at the situation, instead of blushing with embarrassment.

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22. It Was A Done Deal

In my freshman year of college, I found myself heading to my supplier's place for the first time without any company. He was just a cool fellow trying to earn a bit of cash for food shopping. I never felt threatened by him. Yet, as it was quite late, I ended up chatting to my roommate via text to calm my nerves.

While waiting, I chatted amicably with the supplier's housemates until everything was complete. As soon as I left, I messaged my roommate: "Mission accomplished, and no dramas!" Just as I was about to pocket my phone, I received a message from my supplier: "Huh? We're all chill here, haha". 

Despite my flustered message, I found my supplier and his friends to be genuinely decent folks moving forward.

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23. A Hot Topic

So, I was busy chatting up this boy and our text messages had begun to heat up. All this happened during the exam week, which is why my mom texted me asking, "Studying??" I was a bit distracted and mistakenly sent her a text intended for the guy, "Why are you so hot, James?" 

When I caught onto my blunder, I couldn't help but scream out loud. And her response was, "Oh dear...Studying Hot James?"—that embarrassing moment effectively killed the mood.

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24. Sorry, Auntie

While I was engrossed in the game of GTA, I noticed one of my buddies wasn't around. Deciding to get him in on the fun, I sent him a message about a rocking party happening at my in-game apartment, complete with drinks, girls, and much more. Urging him to join as quickly as possible, I didn't realize I had just made a spine-chilling error—I actually ended up texting my aunt. 

She got worried and suggested that rehab seemed suitable for my lifestyle. To add to it all, the very next day happened to be my birthday. Both my best mate and aunt wished me a heartfelt 'Happy Birthday'. However, I ended up responding with a somewhat harsh nickname, mistakenly assuming it was my friend on the other side. 

Since then, not a single birthday or Christmas gift has come my way from her.

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25. Trying To Get The Girl

So, I was chatting on Facebook and attempted to flirt with this girl I knew. My phone only showed her first name and the display picture wasn't clear. 

Turns out, I'd sent my messages to my brother's girlfriend who had the same first name. Her response was quite verbose, discussing how she'd always had a crush on me and imagined us together. I showed these messages to my brother, and he gifted me a PS3 the next day.

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26.  South Park Prevailed

I dashed off a bunch of messages to my best buddy, filled in all the juicy details about the "attractive guy" from work that stirred butterflies in my stomach. I discussed my eagerness to enjoy drinks with him later that day. In rapid-fire sequence, I dished out all the main happenings.

The chat went somewhat like this. "You know that handsome co-worker I've been talking about? We shared a few drinks after clocking out. We had this great discussion.

"We realized we are both fans of South Park and agreed to watch it together in the future. Most likely we'll chill at his place, and that's when I plan to... well, you know". I was so thrilled sharing these details with my pal that I didn't notice that I HADN'T sent any of these messages to her. Instead, I had unwittingly sent them ALL to the "attractive guy".

I WAS HORRIFIED. I genuinely thought I might faint due to the intense mortification. Feeling like my blood was boiling and breaking a sweat, I immediately dialled my best buddy. 

Her advice was simple: come clean, lay out the facts, and hopefully, it'll smoothen the awkwardness. Given that both Mr. Handsome and I had iMessage, I noticed right away he'd started to reply.

He initially was baffled, thinking someone else had gotten ahold of my phone. I assured him it wasn't the case; I owned up to the mix-up and apologized, explaining "that's just the way my friends and I chat". 

Surprisingly, he found it amusing and asked when our South Park marathon would be. I was tremendously relieved, and a year-plus later, we're still indulging in South Park together.

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27. The Sound Of Blunder

After a heavy night of drinking in town, the celebrations continued till dawn. I'd crashed at a friend's place in Jersey, but I had to return home, a 1.5-hour drive away, upstate, by early afternoon. Since my parents were delayed, I was responsible for walking our dogs. 

Given my not-so-great condition, there was no way I was going to meet that deadline. Around then, I was communicating more with a woman named Kacie than with Casey.

In my confusion, I accidentally sent a text message meant for Kacie to Casey. I got frustrated when Casey couldn't make sense of my messages. I called her, thinking it was Kacie. I knew that she had a late shift at work but I also knew that I needed a huge favor. 

She was understandably perplexed and wondered who I thought I was speaking to. I responded, "Kacie. We hung out together the other night".

Rather awkwardly, she responded with, "Uh, you've got the right name, but the wrong girl". That's when I ended the call. Safe to say, things didn't go well with Casey. Finally, when I contacted the actual Kacie, things turned out much smoother than expected.

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28.  Stinkin’ Glitch!

I had a slight issue with my phone. There was a bug where the names and messages wouldn't match up with the people I was actually texting. At the time, I was chatting with a girl I was dating and my best friend, who's also a guy.

My buddy wanted us to meet up while the girl was asking for a risqué picture of me after she'd sent a revealing photo of herself. I obliged and sent the photo. Then, my phone refreshed—and my face turned white. "Dude, why'd you send me a pic of your goods? I showed my mom! Lol!" was the response from my friend. I was reminded of it for ages after.


29. Child, What Did You Say?

After having a few drinks one evening, I found myself engaging in a playful text exchange with a girl, let's call her J. J and I were in a casual relationship at the time. She was quite the free spirit, a few years my junior, and enjoyed a bit of spice in her life. 

We typically didn't get many chances to meet up, so we'd often chat over text. Feeling a bit bold from the drinks, I flippantly sent her a daring message, expressing my desire for her in a fiery way.

With a press of the 'send' button, my message was off. A minute later, confusion struck as the reply was a baffled "Excuse me?". I quickly realized my blunder. As I was toggling between conversations on my phone, I accidentally sent the saucy text to the wrong person—the SECOND conversation, not the first. 

Unfortunately, that second conversation was with an older woman in her mid-40s, a friend I knew through entirely platonic circumstances. At that moment, I felt my soul crumble.

Remarkably, she took my explanation that I had texted the wrong person in stride and, much to my relief, never mentioned the incident again. The next time we met, a couple of weeks later, she was as cheerful and sociable as ever. 

Thus, either she truly accepted my mishap or decided to tuck it away. The whole thing could have ended disastrously but instead became a sobering life lesson.

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30. Broken Beyond Repair

The person I was dating discovered that he'd be the sole caretaker of his children because their mom accidentally set their house on fire trying to get insurance money for narcotics. Panicked, I decided to share the whole tale with my best friend. 

And in my haste to bolt before things took a turn for the worse, I accidentally messaged him the entire story instead. I knew I'd unintentionally hurt him while he was already vulnerable, and I felt terrible about it. 

I anticipated feeling guilty forever, until he handed back my Motorhead CD, which had a pee-stained jacket. I suppose I had that one coming.

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31. A Newbie Mistake

While I was texting with my girlfriend one day, I decided to playfully say, "Wow, you're my tiny love queen, my little darling, I adore you, sugar pie." To my dismay, I ended up sending it to my new boss by mistake. To add to the shock, this new boss happened to be the head of a notorious club and we hadn't even met face-to-face yet.

I was so horrified, I couldn't bring myself to say it was just a joke. Instead, I just replied with, "Oops, that was meant for my girlfriend," and silently wished for an unexpected meteor strike to end my embarrassment.

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32. Dishing It Out

I found myself pretty steamed up at my roommate who had a history of never doing the dishes. When he set out to cook dinner, the annoyance bubbled up again, knowing cleaning would be off the table for him. 

Now, he's never been the Gordon Ramsey type, but what he did next left me speechless. The recipe required just a few spoons of oil, but he dumped a full can of Pam over his bag of frozen veggies.

I couldn't hold myself back and shot a text to my other roommate, saying, "This might be the grossest thing I've ever seen. And he'll probably leave the mess too". As fate would have it, at that exact moment, my message buzzed on the first roommate’s phone, right there in the kitchen. Talk about an awkward moment!

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33. Deep In The Love Hole

I accidentally texted "Love you" to my girlfriend when it was actually intended for my mom. My girlfriend and I had been dating for some time, but we hadn't said "I love you" to each other yet.

To my surprise, she replied with an "I love you too," and that's when I realized I slipped up. I didn't know how to backtrack, so I just played along until the relationship eventually ended.

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34. Fill Me Up Boss

One day, as I was wrapping up at work, I noticed my best buddy, Patrick, was also about to clock out. I figured it'd be a good idea to shoot him a text to check if he was up for grabbing dinner. Now, Patrick and I have this habit of communicating with odd, even eerie, phrases instead of plain English. 

So, I sent him a message saying, "You're done at 7, right? Come fill me." In an unexpected twist, my boss, coincidentally also named Patrick, who was due to finish his shift at 7 too, is the one who got my text. His straightforward response was, "No."

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35. Siri Sunk Me

I was lounging on the other side of the room, away from my phone, when I discovered Siri could send messages if I called out, "Hey, Siri". Enthusiastically, I bellowed, "Hey Siri, text my wife that I love her". 

Siri's response came promptly, "Your message to your wife has been sent. It reads, ‘I love her'". As you can guess, this unexpected blunder stirred up quite a scene that night.

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36. Board Meeting Blast

Back when video messaging was a fresh novelty, I found myself traveling frequently for my job. Staying in hotels drove me nuts! So, to pass the time, I began creating strange, spur-of-the-moment videos to send to my brother.

One particularly fateful evening, after indulging in some questionable curry, I retreated to the privacy of my room. A fierce battle between the curry and my stomach inevitably followed. 

I grabbed my phone, aimed the camera downwards from my perch on the porcelain throne, and let out a primal scream followed by a distinctly loud, untamed gut-wrenching sound. I promptly hit 'send' to my brother. This is when things went very wrong.

He did not get it right away. It awaited him until he was in the midst of a dull managerial meeting. With his attention span waning, he would habitually check his phone at these meetings. In those simpler times, whenever a message was opened, the contents would automatically play aloud. 

So, to the surprise of everyone in the boardroom, there echoed the unmistakable symphony of my confrontation with the vindictive curry, bringing a playground of porcelain to life.

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37. Just Jacking Around

So, two of my housemates decided to rent their rooms for the summer via Craig's List, leaving me with two strangers as roommates. One day at work, I was chatting with the housemate who stayed on and my colleague, Jack, who wasn't a cohabitant but we worked together. 

I questioned the housemate if he had replenished the trash bag stock, to which he said he hadn't. Thus, I volunteered to get them. Before I left the house to run the errand, I got a message from Jack saying that he'd grab the trash bags. 

Assuming he's just being cheeky, I teased him back saying, "Sure, you can bring them to my room but only if you're wearing nothing." So off I went and bought the trash bags without any issue. However, I got no response from Jack.

Morning came, and it dawned on me that the "Jack" I'd messaged was actually my new roommate, not the workmate. His name just happened to match my colleague's. I found it to be the most hilarious mix-up I'd unintentionally created.

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38. Ride And Die

Back when I was living at home, and my girlfriend was still staying with her folks, there were times she'd text me using her step-dad's phone if hers wasn't available. 

In a move I realize now was ill-considered, I had saved these numbers as "GF 1" and "GF 2" on my device. One day, lost in our usual romance, I ended up texting, "I wish you were riding me right now" to what I believed was her line.

After waiting for a response for a few minutes and not getting one, I sent the message again. Whether I understood my error before or after is blurry, but I soon got a reply from her step-dad, who texted back, "I'm not going to ride you". 

Worth mentioning, her folks are pretty devout. Needless to say, I was pretty sheepish about the whole thing, but thankfully it faded away soon enough.

Amy Schumer factsPixabay

39. The Crew Call That Ended It All

There was a time when I was totally smitten with my girlfriend. One night, we decided to hang out with her friends, and let's just say, we all overindulged. We even crashed her parents' place, drank some more, tinkered on the piano, and hit the dance floor. It was an exceptional night filled with fun and awesome people.

Post a heated romantic moment later that night, one of my pals shot me a text. He was miffed about me always hanging with my girlfriend instead of our old gang. 

Under the influence, I shot back a lengthy text explaining how the relationship wouldn't last due to our many differences. I don't particularly recall sending that message—it was probably just to get him off my back. After all, I was head over heels for her.

By morning, I reached for my phone and froze. The message I'd thought I'd sent to my friend was, in fact, sent to my girlfriend. Panic enveloped me. Believing the only solution was to erase the message from her phone, I stealthily left the bed, found her phone and began my sneaky operation. 

Unfortunately, she woke up, questioning why I was snooping through her stuff. Handing over the phone and the regretful message, she scrutinized it. After a gut-wrenching silence, she reassured me she understood my late-night blunder. Yet, things were never the same. 

We ended our relationship four months later. She mentioned that incident as the beginning of our downfall, and frankly, I agree. I've been missing her every day for the past ten years.

40. A Late Night Mystery

When I was employed as an EMT, our team phone, which was typically used for address updates for our assignments, received an unexpected text at 3 am. Out of nowhere, we received a very peculiar message. It read: "Sarah's putting out, so you should too". The message had been sent to our work number and another unknown number.

Initially, we thought it might have been a wrong number text—not a huge deal. But then, nearly 10 minutes after the first message, we received another text, asking "Aw, who has the [company name] phone tonight?"

Oddly enough, our company phone had a collection of contacts that included many folks who had already left the company. The sender and the other correspondent were unfamiliar numbers. Unless somebody admits to it, we may never uncover the truth behind this interesting incident.

41. No Redemption Possible

When Red Dead Redemption was released, I found myself engrossed in its world while recovering from surgery at home. I made it all the way to the climactic end, at which point tragedy ensued. Overcome by the experience, I texted my friend, "They shot him. The brutes coldly pulled the trigger. They had sworn not to!! It's unbelievable". I continued my gaming session afterwards.

Suddenly, there was a knock at my door. Getting up, I discovered my best friend's girlfriend on my doorstep, looking quite alarmed. She started peppering me with questions about his whereabouts, who murdered him, and why. That's when I glanced at my phone and saw that I'd accidentally sent the text to her, not him. I quickly reassured her and clarified the situation.

From her, I learned that he'd told her he was at my place and wouldn't be back until late. In a bid to verify his whereabouts, I gave him a call. He assured me he was with her. When she confronted him over the phone, he claimed to be hanging out with me. 

She then informed him that she was actually standing next to me, leading him to admit that he was actually out with another woman. Afterward, he joked that he'd have preferred facing off federal agents instead.

Internet factsPixabay

42.  Mass Destruction

I goofed up big time with my then-boyfriend, discussing our personal life openly on my work email. Boy, was I specific! He shared an intriguing link with me, which I unknowingly forwarded to coworkers, my boss, friends and —yep— my mom, along with our entire private conversation.

My best friend shot me a message asking if I was aware I'd just broadcasted my private life to all and sundry. That day, the thought of quitting my job crossed my mind more than once. I opened up to my boss about my blunder. The news reached the owners, and one of them was ready to hand me a pink slip.

But my boss stood up for me. Here I am 11 years later, still working in the same place! Sure, it's a bit embarrassing when it's brought up, but it's my go-to tale when someone shares about their colossal errors and urges to escape reality.

Getting Hit With The “Ick”Pexels

43. A Frosty Reception

One day, I was chit-chatting with this girl I'm fond of. We stumbled upon the funny fact that we sometimes like having ice cream for breakfast. 

Fast forward to the next day, I plopped onto my Macbook and was excited to continue our sweet conversation. My eager fingers typed out, "No gaytime this morning," a reference to the ice cream brand I had stashed in my freezer, and I quickly hit send.

My anticipation turned into horror when I realized the message had gone to a respected elder from my church instead, who had texted me the night before. His bewildered response of "???" flooded my mind with embarrassment. 

He held me in high regard as a fellow Christian and was of a generation that probably didn’t recognize Gaytime as an ice cream brand. My panic response was, "Sorry, that was meant for a friend!!!".

But that only made things worse. Now, he might think I was hinting at gay relations with a mysterious morning friend. So, I hurriedly explained the entire situation, even going so far as to send him a photo of the incriminating ice cream in my freezer. Yet, his silence remained. 

Perhaps his phone was too outdated to accept photos, or maybe he had now formed a bizarre image of me leading a scandalous, early-morning lifestyle, and the worst part, possibly hitting on him. Every time I see him now at church, my only refuge lies in some miracle from the heavens above.

Man is texting on the phone inside a car.Hassan OUAJBIR , Pexels

44. Granny's Surprise

I was in charge of taking my girlfriend's children to their grandparents' house because she was at work. While I was on the phone with her, I mentioned the remaining snow outside and then blurted, "Yikes, I really need to use the bathroom!" She jokingly responded "Snap a photo!" Always one for a laugh, I decided to indeed capture a picture of my ordeal and send it to her.

So there I was, attempting to capture my stubborn toilet face and the unappealing result. Just as I hit send, I let in a huge gasp. I noticed a text notification from my girlfriend pop up on my screen. It was odd as these notifications usually appear when you're messaging someone else. A sudden wave of dread washed over me: "Who on earth did I just text?"

It hit me then that my grandma had texted during our phone call earlier which I'd completely forgotten about. Panicking, I started randomly swiping, hoping to somehow stop the embarrassing evidence of my toilet adventure from reaching my grandma. Unfortunately, it was too late and the cringe-worthy damage had been done.

Cheaters ExposedShutterstock

45. Dream On

You know how it is. I woke up from a kind of spooky dream one night, still a bit rattled. In my half-awake state, I decided to fire off a reassuring text to my girlfriend. Something like "Hey there, just had a nightmare. 

Wish you were with me". I'd just reset my phone, and thanks to good old Google, I had all my contacts back. Except I picked her landline number.

Here's where it gets tricky. Her folks have the answering machine in their bedroom. So, ring ring, it's 2 AM, and her parents get a robotic message about my rough dream. 10 minutes later, I get a call from her dad. 

He was just making sure I was okay after my bad dream and kindly requested that I not text their landline in the middle of the night again. Yikes! I definitely learned my lesson that time.

How I Realized They Were CheatingShutterstock

46.  A Cringeworthy Confrontation

After only going out with this gal once, she started acting odd in her texts. She asked if I could swing by after classes because we "needed to talk". I was taken aback as we'd just had one outing together. I was wondering, had she somehow found out about my other date that week? Was she planning to confront me? 

She messaged me her address. Nervously, I forwarded it to my buddy, joking, "Here's her place if I go missing. She's behaving really weird". Once I arrived, she ushered me in. We made small talk, but she wasn't getting to the point. Gaining some reprieve, I slipped off to the washroom. 

By then, my pal was dying of curiosity about my predicament. I texted him an update, "I'm at her place. All's okay, she didn't confront me, just acting a little distant. It's odd". Upon returning to her room, ready for round two of our awkward conversation, I noticed she was looking at her phone. Then she suddenly asked, "Er... why did you just text me that?" I felt my face go red.

Man on the street texting on the cell phone.Andrea Piacquadio , Pexels

47. Lost In The Friend Zone

I once knew this girl named Mattie. She was breathtakingly beautiful—probably one of the most attractive girls I'd ever seen. Back then, I was in the 11th grade and she was in the 10th. 

We were always chatting, sometimes we'd even hang out, just the two of us. No, we hadn't kissed yet, but I assumed we had mutual feelings for each other. After all, whenever we were in a group, she'd stick to me like glue.

Yeah, we had no romantic experiences yet; neither of us had ever been in a serious relationship, so I thought it was okay to take things slowly. Then I got wind of her going on a date with a buddy of mine. 

She seemed to like him more than just a friend. It turned out, I was just her friend. My heart was shattered, so I decided to skip school. My best mate texted inquiring about my absence.

I admitted I was playing hooky. He wanted to know why. I poured my heart out in a text about Mattie dating someone else and my broken heart. But, I messed up—I sent the message to Mattie. Immediately after hitting send, the horror sunk in. I yanked the phone's battery out and flung it across the room. Once I braved reassembling the phone, there was a text waiting.

It was Mattie, asking, "Is this about me?" I bit the bullet and told her, "Yes, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to send it to you." All she said was, "Oh,” and just like that, our friendship ended. The next time we crossed paths was two years later. We tried to converse, but things were irrevocably changed. It was pretty heart-wrenching.

Cringey MemoriesPexels

48.  The Truth Lied In The Message

On our first evening outing, I was posted up at a bar with a girl. She left to fetch us some drinks. As she returned, I was wrapping up my text message, "Buddy, she absolutely has the hots for me," and I pressed SEND. She approached me and inquired, "Hey, why did you text me?" I hastily grabbed at the iPhone—I had just messed up.

"Uh-oh, my bad! Umm, how do I remove this?" I relayed to her the mishap that had occurred. She chuckled, and I promptly deleted the message. Subsequently, we headed to a hotel to wind down.

These Geniuses Beat The SystemPexels

49. Don’t Call Me Baby

One time, I mistakenly rang my boss instead of my wife. Lucky for me, all I said was, "Hey babe, I'm going to pop by the store, need me to pick up anything?" My boss shot back, "I wouldn't mind some cookies, but let's ditch the 'babe'—it's not really work-appropriate." Thankfully, she had a pretty great sense of humor.

handsome bodyguard standing and listening message from security earpieceLightField Studios, Shutterstock

50. A Little Caution Took A Bad Turn

I was purchasing from a new supplier that I hadn't interacted with previously. In a lapse of judgment, I began flirting with the guy's girlfriend. One thing led to another and one night, while he was away, I spent the night with his girl at their place.

The morning after, while still in bed, I sent my roommate an update of my situation. "This feels bad. I'm currently in his home, sitting with his girl while he heads out to get the stuff." 

Then, my heart skipped a beat. Unexpectedly, the next notification on my phone was a message from my mom, questioning, "What??? Can you explain???" That was a tricky text to clarify.

Man seating on the sofa and texting on his phone.EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA , Pexels

.Sources: Reddit

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