Instant Karma Is So Satisfying

March 21, 2022 | Violet Newbury

Instant Karma Is So Satisfying

If what goes around comes around, then it’s true that people create their own fates. Doing a good deed or doing someone dirty both have direct consequences. Sometimes these consequences take time to materialize, but sometimes, we get socked with a bout of instant karma. These are some stories of Redditors who didn’t have to wait long to experience the universe in action.

1. Caught In A Speed Bump

I was cruising in the left lane of the highway, gradually approaching a pair of cars in the right lane. Up ahead, the speed limit was set to drop, and another car zoomed up behind me at a high speed. Instead of speeding up to overtake the cars to my right, I slowed down and eased into the right lane, while the speedy car stuck close behind me.

Once I switched lanes, the car zoomed past me, honking wildly. The passenger was leaning halfway out of the window, shouting and making rude gestures as they whizzed by. But their celebration was short-lived. Turns out, the car I nestled behind was an undercover state trooper, who quickly chased them down and pulled them over. Ah, sweet justice.


2. Just Rewards

Before tying the knot, I once went to dinner with my wife and her dad. As we wrapped up our meal, my father-in-law offered to pick up the tab. My wife requested her leftovers to be packed up to take home. Her dad, being a bit of a hard head, started nagging her, saying, "Oh, you'll just leave them in the fridge, and they'll end up in the trash, yada yada."

I chimed in, saying, "Hey, it's not your fridge. Let her be.” He got heated and shouted, "Don’t tell me how to parent my daughter!" I shot back, telling him not to talk to her like that. He then tossed the bill my way, saying, "FINE! YOU PAY THEN," before storming out. We were all fuming, and my wife was like, “Why did you have to provoke him?"

I took care of the bill and was waiting for the receipt, but it was taking a while. The tension was thick, and her dad was outside, probably fuming some more. I asked the waiter, "Can I just get our bill and leave?" They said, "Oh no, sir, you need to wait for the manager.” That’s when things took a delightful turn.

Apparently, there was a contest going on where every bill came with a prize of some sort. Usually, it was a free drink or appetizer, but we’d just hit the jackpot — a trip for four to Florida was ours. Here’s the sweet part: the prize went to whoever paid the bill. Since her dad had left in a huff, I snagged the prize.


3. Target Practice

When I was six, my older brother and I were on a bus ride back from soccer practice. We were perched at the back, right beside the huge rear window. For some reason, I thought it'd be hilarious to flaunt my middle finger to the drivers behind us, all while making goofy faces at them.

I'd gear up for my antics every time the bus halted, then as soon as it sped off, I’d get to work. But soon, the reactions, or lack thereof, began to bore me since most people just brushed me off. Craving more excitement, I shifted my focus from the cars to the pedestrians. But this is when I made a huge mistake.

At one stop, after a few new folks boarded, I spotted my new target—a sturdy-looking man. As the bus doors sealed shut, I unleashed my fingers, adding a playful tongue-sticking-out for good measure. Unlike others, this guy didn't find my antics amusing at all. He dashed alongside the bus, keeping pace with it for a whole block until the bus reached the next stop.

Though the bus was relatively empty, those aboard watched in awe as this enraged giant chased us down and climbed aboard. I was terrified. I hid behind my brother, who had been totally clueless about my antics, and tears streamed down my cheeks. Surprisingly, the guy turned out to be really understanding. He sternly advised me against repeating my act, and to lighten the mood, he handed me a piece of bubblegum.


4. Big Rig Rumble

It was a rainy day. I was entering a freeway with my big rig, signaling and effortlessly changing lanes while keeping tabs on a car behind me that had been tailgating a bit. As soon as the driver reached the merge ramp, he accelerated trying to zoom past me, veering into the no-drive zone. However, my cab was already 60 feet ahead as I had started merging.

My rig was already occupying half of the lane he desired. When he realized overtaking me wasn’t an option, he freaked out. He swerved back into his lane so abruptly that I could feel the road shudder. He started honking wildly and flashing his lights. Meanwhile, I was just cruising along, cool as a cucumber. I kept an eye on the traffic through my driver-side mirror, and when I spotted a gap, I knew what was about to happen.

This driver suddenly darted into the left lane, sped up, and drew level with my cab, honking all the while. He swerved towards me and then cut in front of me. He snapped into position before me, slammed his brakes—and then chaos ensued. He lost complete control of his car. Suddenly, his car was sliding sideways at 45mph, while I had already slowed down, staying clear of him.

His car kept spinning until it faced me, then swung back forward and plunged straight into the ditch. It tore through the soil like a plow, with everyone on the freeway witnessing the scene. I stopped. The left lane stopped. We all watched as this guy slowly emerged from his car, which looked quite banged up. Other drivers stepped out to offer a hand, and some were dialing their phones. I just eased my rig back onto the freeway and continued on my way, feeling like I had just witnessed a dose of instant karma..


5. It Was Smoothie Sailing

I had a bout of insomnia. One morning, unable to sleep, I headed to the local convenience store around 6:30 AM. On my way out, I bumped into a homeless man I'd seen around town for years, who, as usual, was asking for some spare change. I didn’t mind helping him since he genuinely needed food and wouldn’t misuse the money.

So, I went back inside and grabbed a couple of burgers for him. Afterwards, I headed to the smoothie shop, which was opening at 7 am. I parked, and as I opened my car door, I spotted a crisp $20 bill lying on the white line of the parking spot. Later, when I stepped out of the smoothie shop and walked back to my car, I found yet ANOTHER $20 in the exact same spot. I checked my pocket, and sure enough, the first bill was still there.


6. Disheveled Do-Gooder

One day, when my baby boy just wouldn't nap, we strolled over to the nearby grocery store for a few essentials and to take a break. Honestly, I looked like a mess. That's just new parent life for you. I wore him in a carrier on my front. As I was about to pay, the lady behind me stepped up and offered, "Can I cover this for you? I've wanted to do something like this for a while."

Now, I wasn’t struggling financially, but she was so genuine. I only had a few items, so I gratefully accepted her gesture and we both left with smiles. As my boy dozed off, I hung around outside. That’s when I saw her struggling with her car. Turns out, I'm pretty handy with car troubles and had my multi-tool with me. I fixed her car in a jiffy. What a day!


7. It Was A Sign

Back in high school, I used to wrangle shopping carts at a grocery store. One stormy afternoon, as I was maneuvering around ten carts, a fancy black Escalade pulled up next to me. The driver hopped out and shouted at me, warning me not to even think about scratching his ride, or else. I wasn't posing any threat to his shiny new truck, but he kept on hollering. Then, the unexpected happened.

Right as he finished his rant, a sign from the neighboring pizzeria took a dive, right into the side of his truck. Despite being drenched from the rain, that little twist really brightened my gloomy day,.


8. An Up Lifting Experience

I used to work in this ten-story building, stationed on level five. One day, rushing back from lunch, I hit the elevator button and it swung open right away. Just as I was about to hop in, I spotted someone darting up the stairs, about 30 feet off. I usually hold the elevator—it's my little way of racking up good karma.

As the person neared, I noticed she was pretty easy on the eyes and around my age. She was rushing too, and asked if a certain company was housed in the building—she was cutting it close for an interview. At that point, it hit me: She wasn’t just pretty, she was a knockout. I hit the button for her floor. Noticing I hadn’t selected my floor, she asked if I worked at that company too.

I chuckled, “No, but you’re running late, so let’s get you there first. I’ll loop back down to five afterward.” She was really thankful. Reaching her floor, she was collecting herself when she realized she’d left her phone behind. She needed to make a call upon arrival, so she borrowed my phone. Gladly handing it over, she thanked me profusely, saying how helpful I'd been.

Taking a chance, I said, "No sweat! Fill me in on how it goes." She grinned, saying she’d definitely let me know. Tapping on my phone for a bit, she handed it back with a warm smile, then headed off. I soon found out she'd saved her name and number on my phone. For a guy who rarely catches a break with ladies, I was on cloud nine. And the best part? The number was real, and we later went out for a lovely date.


9. A Minor Annoyance Had A Major Payoff

One evening, my uncle's family and mine decided to grab dinner at this cozy restaurant. All seven of us were around the table, enjoying some red wine. This lively guy from the bar kept wandering over to chat, showering compliments on my six-month-old son among other things. As the night wore on, his visits became more frequent and a tad irksome, sparking a debate among us whether my uncle should ask him to give it a rest.

We nudged my uncle, saying, "Ah, let it slide. He's just enjoying himself and seems friendly enough." So when it was time to settle the bill, the waiter simply wished us a good night and thanked us for coming. Puzzled, my uncle and I inquired about our bill. The response left us stunned. The friendly bar patron had taken care of it!

Our waiter shared that this generous act was a regular thing for our new friend. The bill was a whopping $1,500. My uncle tracked the guy down to express our heartfelt gratitude with a big hug. He just smiled and said, "You have such a wonderful family. Just pass on the kindness when you can." From the waiter’s astonished expression, it was clear he'd left a hefty tip as well. That night, I learned a valuable lesson about the beauty of kindness—and that you never know, the stranger chatting you up might just be a millionaire with a heart of gold.


10. Hat’s Off

So, my girlfriend and I were hitting a late-night movie when I noticed this older couple strolling by. The guy was rocking a long coat, cane, nighttime sunglasses, and a bowler hat. It was pretty windy. Out of nowhere, his hat gets swept off his head and goes tumbling into the street. He seemed unfazed and just continued on. I decided to have a little fun, and to lend a hand, by chasing down the hat.

I managed to catch the hat and returned it to the guy, who thanked me with a, "Thanks, brother." I just said, "No problem, man. I enjoy a good chase." He reached out for a handshake, and I felt something slide into my hand. I thought it might be a business card or something. As my girlfriend and I headed back to our car, I checked out what he'd given me. I was floored—it was a crisp $100 bill. I turned to her and said, "Check this out." Easiest $100 I'd ever pocketed.


11. I Exceeded My Tipping Point

I used to work at a bar. One Thursday evening, as I was heading in, I noticed a guy by the road holding a sign saying he was stranded, homeless, and hungry. I called him over, handed him the only $5 bill I had, and told him to stay safe. Typically, my Thursday tips amounted to around $5, maybe $10 if luck was on my side.

But that particular day, things took an unusual turn. Three different patrons hit it big on the slot machines and each tossed me a $20 tip. To my astonishment, I walked out with about $75 in tips that night.


12. A Totally Car-mic Experience

At 16, I called my car home since nobody would rent an apartment to someone my age. My car was a clunker, requiring a push start wherever I went. One day, I rolled into Walmart to pick up some nicer clothes when I stumbled upon a purse in a cart nearby. Upon opening it, I was stunned.

The wallet inside held a thousand bucks, several credit cards, and an ID. The temptation to use the cash was real, and initially, I gave in, snagging the money and leaving the purse. However, while at the checkout, guilt washed over me. I couldn’t use the stolen money. So, I paid with my own and returned to my car, where the purse was still waiting. I returned the cash to its rightful place and decided to return the purse, using the address on the ID.

It wasn’t far, but it took me around an hour to locate the place. Once there, I found the lady, standing in her garage amidst a plush neighborhood, busy cancelling her credit cards over the phone. Approaching her, I could tell my rugged appearance made her uneasy.

I handed over her purse, explaining I had to open it to find her address. She said nothing, and I left feeling a bit downcast, thinking she hadn't appreciated the gesture. I headed to my workplace, which also served as my parking spot for the night. The following day, after grabbing breakfast from McDonald’s, I noticed something odd. The same lady was leaving as I arrived. I brushed it off as a coincidence, but upon entering, I found car parts, a hundred bucks, and a thank-you note waiting for me. It baffled me how she knew what parts I needed or where I worked until it clicked.

A few days earlier, I had listed the needed car parts and a store’s contact on the back of a pay stub, which had fallen out near her place. She had picked it up after I left. Realizing her money was intact, she returned the favor by buying the parts and leaving them with some cash at my workplace.

This gesture was the kindest I'd ever experienced. With car parts worth around $300 and the extra cash, the kindness overwhelmed me. The warm glow I carried with me for weeks afterward was priceless, far surpassing the fleeting satisfaction I would have gotten from the stolen money..


13. This Was The Tops

Back when I was a pizza delivery person, one day I had to redeliver a pizza since there was a mix-up with the initial order. This led me to the sketchiest hotel within our delivery zone. The order was just a simple, single-topping medium pizza. As I arrived, a guy approached me, saying he needed some bucks for a tow truck, weaving a somewhat believable tale of woe. Usually, I'd shrug off such requests, but something about his story struck a chord.

I interrupted him, asking directly how much he needed. He mentioned seven dollars, and I handed it over without a second thought. He sprinted back to the nearby gas station, disappearing from sight. Shaking it off, I proceeded to fulfill my delivery duty. I dashed up the hotel stairs, reached the room, handed over the corrected pizza order, apologized for the earlier error, and headed back out. Just as I was leaving, the customer rushed out, mentioning they forgot to tip me.

A tip on a redelivery was rare, so I hurried back to the room. To my astonishment, the customer handed over a crisp fifty-dollar bill, wishing me a pleasant evening.


14. Karma Sealed This Deal

Once in my life, I had a job selling furniture. I was absolutely terrible at it. My income was solely based on commission, and let me tell you, I hardly made any money. It was a real struggle. After paying my rent and bills, there were days when I couldn't even afford to eat.

One day, I was at work trying to sell furniture, and things were not going well. In fact, I hadn't made a single sale, so my earnings for the day were a grand total of $0. Then, an elderly couple walked into the store, looking at TV stands.

Now, here's the thing – all the other salespeople avoided them like the plague. Why? Because we all knew that they would take up a lot of our time and probably end up buying something worth around $100. That meant our commission would be a measly $2, and forget about any add-ons like extended warranties; no one in their right mind would purchase one for a $100 item.

But I decided to take a chance. I figured I had nothing to lose by helping them, and maybe my luck would change. As it turned out, they bought two TV stands but couldn't assemble them themselves due to their age. There was a service I could have recommended for a fee, but I was desperate to make this sale, especially after spending nearly 45 minutes with them.

So, I made them an offer: "I'm done with work at 9:00 pm. If you come to pick me up, I'll come over and set up the stands for you, free of charge." Surprisingly, they accepted my offer, paid for their furniture, and left.

My colleagues couldn't help but laugh at my generosity, but I didn't care. At 9:00 pm sharp, the elderly couple picked me up. I loaded the TV stands into their car, and during the drive to their house, I learned that he used to be a retired judge, and she had always been a housewife.

When we arrived at their beautiful condo, I got to work assembling the furniture. The aroma of a home-cooked meal wafted through the air, and as hungry as I was (I hadn't eaten in about three days by that point), I tried to focus on the task at hand. I worked tirelessly for nearly three hours, moving the finished product into place and setting up their TVs. It was getting close to midnight, and I was politely trying to wrap things up.

However, the elderly lady wouldn't hear of it. She led me to the kitchen, sat me down, and presented a plate of freshly made roast beef. That meal meant more to me than any amount of money. I couldn't help but hold back tears as I savored the delicious home-cooked meal. By then, it was well past 12:30 am, and I thanked them profusely for their generosity.

But the kindness didn't end there. When I was about to leave, planning to take the bus home, the elderly gentleman insisted on giving me a ride. The lady even packed up the remaining roast beef and insisted I keep the Tupperware. They both came along for the ride, and throughout the journey, I couldn't stop expressing my gratitude.

As we reached my destination and I stepped out of the car, I thanked them once more. That's when the lady handed me an envelope. I didn't open it right away; I just thanked them again and happily went up to my apartment, knowing that I would finally sleep with a full stomach that night and have food for the next few days. I was overjoyed.

Once I opened the envelope, tears filled my eyes. Inside was a heartfelt thank-you card and $100. From that moment on, for the rest of my time selling furniture, I made it a point to assist the customers nobody else wanted to bother with. I shifted my focus from chasing big sales every day to helping those looking for smaller, often overlooked items, and that approach sustained me until I found a better-paying job.


15. The Universe Paid Us Back

I was at Walmart, and the lady in front of me was getting a bag of dry beans and some baby food. She didn't have enough money on her food stamps card. So, I offered, "Let me pay for that." I felt a bit peeved at the cashier because when I said that, the cashier said, "You don't have to do that. She'll have more money tomorrow. She can come back then to buy it."

I wasn't worried about if she could come back the next day. Clearly, she was buying food for her family, and they might need it that night. The very next day, my wife received a job offer that would boost her salary significantly, solving our own money troubles. While these two events might not be connected, it seemed too close for me not to consider that something else was at play..

Satisfying KarmaPexels

16. We Curried A Favor With Karma

One evening, my sister, my now-ex-partner, a friend, and I decided to grab some curry. Since it was late, we phoned the curry place to check if it was okay to visit. The owner answered and said it was no issue. When we arrived, the owner welcomed us and seated us. However, it quickly became clear that the guy serving us wasn't happy to be there.

We tried to brush it off, but things got worse. He started slamming our plates down and acting obnoxious, so we had a private chat with the owner. Surprisingly, the owner turned out to be even ruder, and there wasn't much we could do. We left the restaurant, shrugged off the experience, and headed back home. But during the drive, I noticed the server following closely behind me in his car.

He must have seen me get into my car and decided to tail me. When we stopped at a red light, he pulled up beside me, swearing and making rude gestures. We tried to ignore him, but I have to admit he was getting on my nerves. When the light turned green, he sped off recklessly, attempting to force me off the road and swerving dangerously.

Unfortunately for him, he didn't notice the squad card that had pulled up behind me at the lights. The cruiser turned on its lights and sirens, pulling him over and booking him right then and there. We drove away, feeling a sense of satisfaction from the instant karma. I never saw him at the curry house again. I can only assume he got fired!


17. Stick In The Mud

When I was around eight, my family dropped by a friend's place on a farm, right after our Sunday church service. Since I was in my Sunday clothes, I tried keeping clean while one of the farm kids and I went to check out the cows. He noticed me avoiding the mud and found a dirty stick on the ground.

Soon, he was chasing me, threatening to smear mud all over my clothes. Eventually, he backed me up against some fencing, ready to toss the mucky stick at me. Just then, their enormous golden retriever dashed towards him from behind. At the last moment, he lifted the stick up high, and the dog, going for the stick, jumped and completely bowled him over. The farm kid ended up face-first in the mud, and I seized that chance to dash away.


18. Dog Day Afternoon

Once while cruising along the highway, I spotted this GIANT billboard about a missing dog. Around 20 miles further, the tiny dog from the billboard darted right in front of my car. Thank goodness, I managed to hit the brakes in time. I scooped it up and drove it back to its home. The owners were over the moon, and I felt thrilled for them. However, when I tried to hop back in my car, it conked out and refused to start.

The old car had finally given up, its engine had called it quits. As it turned out, their recently college-graduated daughter was planning to sell her car. To thank me for returning their furry friend, they handed over the car keys to me, free of charge.


19. Karma Shut Me Down

I once worked as tech support on a college campus where classrooms had motion sensors tied to the lights, which meant the lights would go off if no one was around. One day, a professor rushed into our office complaining about the lights not working in her classroom. I immediately figured out what had gone wrong. The light switch was on, but the motion sensor had turned the lights off.

When she flipped the switch earlier, she actually turned the lights off instead of on. I grabbed a soda en route to the classroom and hit the lights back on. Then, I popped over to the room where she had temporarily moved her class, informing her, "The lights are back on in the room." She inquired how I managed to do it, and I cheekily responded, "I just flipped the switch."

Her class burst into laughter. But karma caught up with me right away. Feeling a tad smug, I spun around and cracked open the soda I'd picked up from the vending machine, only to have it explode, showering my face and shirt with a fizzy Dr. Pepper spray.


20. It Was A Christmas Miracle

Once, when my brother and I were little, a tight budget during Christmas meant our family couldn’t afford gifts, food, or even decorations. Out of the blue, some far-off relatives sent us $50 each. We handed the cash over to our parents to nab a tree and a nice Christmas dinner, already okay with the idea of skipping presents.

We decided to soak up some snowy fun outdoors. As I was shaping the base of a snowman, I spotted something wedged in the snowball. Turned out, it was a $100 bill. We rushed over to our neighbor to check if she had misplaced it. When she confirmed it was hers, she praised us for our honesty and insisted we keep the money. Additionally, she gave us a Christmas card for our parents. Inside was another $100 bill, making sure we had some gifts to unwrap that year.


21. That’s The Ticket!

One day, I was lining up to board a bus when I noticed the guy ahead of me was frantically rummaging around, likely for his wallet. After a bit, I stepped up and handed him a pair of bus tickets. He was hesitant to accept help, but eventually took the tickets, thanking me abundantly.

He assured me I'd see the tickets again someday. Fast forward six months, I was about to step off the bus across town when someone tapped my shoulder. I spun around and the guy asked if I recognized him. Racking my brain, hoping he wasn't an old buddy I had forgotten, I drew a blank.

Seeing my blank expression, he reminded me about the bus tickets I had handed him, and now it was his turn to return the favor. He handed me two bus tickets and hopped off the bus. Those tickets now sit tucked away in a secret pocket of my wallet, ready for the next time I bump into someone in a bind.


22. My Car Ran On Kismet

I had just wrapped up my grocery shopping, loaded up the bags into my car, hopped in, and turned the key—zilch. My car decided to throw a fit and wouldn't start. I spent the next 20 minutes under the hood, eyeballing the battery connections, ensuring everything was snug. I had just swapped the battery last month, so that couldn't be the culprit.

I buzzed my girl to come fetch me, and she said she'd be around in about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, I noticed an elderly lady maneuvering a cart towards her car, loaded with quadruple the number of bags I had. It was obvious she was in for a tough time. I strolled over and offered a hand, which she happily accepted. After transferring her grocery haul into her car, I went back to give my stubborn car another shot. To my surprise, it roared to life. The first thought that zipped through my mind was, “This car must run on karma.”


23. This Good Deed Suited Me Well

I was waiting in line at Wendy's when the man in front of me realized he had forgotten his wallet. He rushed to his car and back, looking quite worried. He then called his wife to check for his wallet and bring it over to Wendy’s. While he was busy talking, I moved up and paid $8 for his food. We both looked like we were on our lunch breaks, so I felt a bit sad for him.

He told me I shouldn’t have paid for his meal, but I told him it was already done. I patted him on the back, smiled, and said, “Pay it forward.” A bit later, he came over to my table and said it was one of the nicest things anyone had ever done for him. He invited me to his tailor shop across the street after work, where he gifted me a really fancy $800 custom-made suit.


24.  The Universe Took Them For A Ride

When I was around 20, I found myself waiting at a bus stop. The road nearby was under some construction, with orange barriers lined down its center. Each barrier was metallic with a blinking yellow light on top. While waiting, I noticed a Porsche convertible zooming down the road, with three guys, seemingly my age, inside.

As they neared, I caught them eyeing me while chatting amongst themselves. The car started slowing down, and I had a gut feeling that something bad was about to happen. True to my hunch, as they drove by, they swung their heads my way and shouted something obnoxious. But karma didn’t delay its visit.

As the driver turned to yell, he mistakenly jerked his car to the left, smashing into several metal barriers and wrecking the driver's side of what looked like his dad’s fancy car. Oh, his dad's very, very fancy car. Needless to say, the guy gunned it away from there. The rest of my day was unexpectedly upbeat after that!


25. A Good Start To The New Year

After a pretty boring New Year's Eve gathering, my friend and I were heading home. When we reached the point where we needed to go different ways, we said goodbye and I continued my short walk home. Just a minute later, as I turned onto a quiet street, two young guys dressed in black quickly came around the corner right behind me.

They slowed down a bit but kept following me, so I crossed the street and picked up the pace. I looked back shortly after, and it seemed like I had gotten away a bit, so I thought I was okay. But then, after walking a bit more, I heard a strange noise. I turned around and managed to dodge a fist that was coming right at me.

The first guy was ready to fight, yelling something I couldn't understand, while his buddy was sneaking up on me from the other side, trying to trap me. I decided to dash. I ran straight between them, and they chased me, with one shouting to the other, "You better catch him!" We reached a busier road.

Two cars were coming from opposite directions, and I got the chance to run between them, leaving the guys stuck on the other side. I kept running fast for another few minutes until I was close to home. I checked to make sure they weren't still following me, and I didn’t see them. While catching my breath, I looked down and saw two £20 notes just lying on the ground. It was amazing.


26. Jim Wasn’t So Dandy

When I was 18, some friends and I went to spend a long weekend at a buddy’s place in the Adirondacks. We stayed at his grandparents' house on a hill for meals and showers, and hung out at a lakeside cabin for some fun. There were eight of us, but Tom and Jim were the ones who stood out.

Tom was kinda new among us, a bit awkward but a really nice guy. On the other hand, Jim was impatient, got angry easily and was a bit selfish. He was only there because he's been friends with my buddy since they were little. Jim often picked on Tom, trying to show he was the big guy among us, which was silly.

One Saturday, after lunch, someone thought of playing beer pong in the cabin and we all agreed. Excited, Jim raced down to the cabin, shouting, “I GOT FIRST GAME! I GOT FIRST GAME!” while the rest of us walked down leisurely. Reaching the cabin, he jumped onto the bumper of Tom’s small green Ford.

Suddenly, we heard a really scary crunch. His foot went right through the car’s windshield. Trying to move forward, he yanked his leg out, landing on the car's roof, screaming because it hurt a lot. The sight of his leg hair stuck in the broken glass and the cut on Jim’s leg was like instant payback for being mean to Tom. It's a sight I won't forget.


27.  Karmic Cupid

Back when I was in university, I went out with this girl for around a month, but things were pretty rocky. She was really pretty but, well, not that smart. So I was unsure about things. One day, after she had been out with friends, she came over and suggested we catch a movie. I agreed, and off we went. On our walk to the theatre, we got into yet another massive argument. I had enough and decided to break up with her right then. I felt bad about it right away.

She was really upset, and we argued some more until she finally stormed off, crying. Right after, I rang up my best buddy and asked if he was up for some drinks to cheer me up from the rough day. After hanging up, I noticed the date on my phone—it was Valentine's day. Oops! I had totally missed that. Feeling pretty silly, I sighed and headed towards my friend's place. Then, out of nowhere, a bus came along and bumped into me. It wasn't a big deal, but oh, did it hurt!


28. I Got The Stamp Of Approval

Back in my college days, I would help out at places where they gave food to people who didn't have much. Over time, I got to know some of the people who came there. One day, my girlfriend and I were at a downtown spot enjoying some frozen yogurt when a lady I recognized from the shelter walked in. She was a quiet person, so I just gave her a friendly hello and asked how she was doing.

She seemed glad to see me, and we chatted a bit. When we were done chatting, I offered to buy her some frozen yogurt. I knew she could pay for it, but I thought it might help her save some money for another day. She said no thanks in a nice way. When I went to pay for our treats, I asked the person at the counter if I could also pay for the lady’s yogurt secretly.

The way you pay is based on how much the yogurt weighs, so I told the cashier to just count double the amount of my girlfriend's yogurt, thinking that would cover the cost for the lady’s treat. The cashier smiled big at me. After I paid for everything, she asked if I had a special discount card. I didn't have one, so she took a new card, stamped it all the way, and handed it to me. Now, I had some free frozen yogurt waiting for me for next time. She thanked me for being kind and wished me a nice day.


29. My Fate Was Fixed

I was cruising through my area when I spotted a guy sprinting in his pajamas holding a gas can. So, I pulled over and asked if he needed a lift to wherever his car had run out of fuel. He hopped into my car and shared that his kid had to get to school, his wife needed to get to work, and sadly, someone had drained all the gas from their car overnight.

He also mentioned that my right tail light wasn't working and that he owned a car repair shop. Later on, I drove my car to his shop, and he fixed the tail light along with some other small issues without charging me anything..


30. If You Wish It, It Will Come

My girlfriend told me she was feeling really sick and asked me to come over. I was a broke college kid and had just enough cash to get to her place, but not enough for the bus ride to my big test the next day. But she said she needed me, so I headed over, thinking I could ask her parents to lend me some money. The next morning, I was already at the bus stop when I realized I had no money.

I had no time to go back. I just stood there for a bit, thinking. Then, a bill big enough to cover my bus rides for the month fluttered against my leg. There was nobody else around as far as I could see. Even though I didn’t believe in God, I had to look up to the sky that day—just to check.


31. Karma Got Her Rocks Off

My wife took our kids, six and three, to see my parents. While playing outside, our six-year-old started picking up stones and throwing them. Obviously, my wife told her to stop. But my mom said it was fine and even told her to throw them at the geese. She was proven wrong very soon.

Even though she was upset that my mom went against her decision, my wife kept quiet to avoid any arguments. Just a few minutes later, our daughter, out of nowhere, hurled a stone at my dad, hitting him on the side of his head. Finally, both my mom and dad got to see why my wife had told our kid not to throw stones in the first place..


32. It Was Blind Luck

I had plans to meet a friend in the city. I could have walked there but felt a bit lazy, so I decided to wait for a bus. I was chilling and listening to tunes when some older ladies came up to me. They asked if I could keep company with another lady who couldn't see until the bus arrived. I agreed and said hi to the lady, chatting a bit while we waited for the bus.

The bus took forever to come. I called my friend to say I couldn't make it since I was with this lady and couldn't just leave her. An hour later, the bus finally rolled in. She was meeting a pal at the mall, right outside a McDonald's. So, I walked with her to McDonald's to make sure she found her friend okay. Everything went smoothly, and she thanked me for my help.

I told her it was no big deal and that I enjoyed our chat. After that, I was feeling peckish and thought about grabbing something for dinner. So, I popped into the grocery store and picked up some budget-friendly lasagna. At the self-checkout, as I was packing up my lasagna, I noticed someone had forgotten a tray of sushi. I'm a big sushi fan but it was usually out of my price range.

Nobody was searching for it, so I snagged it and stashed it in my bag. I found a nice spot by the river and savored a fantastic sushi feast.


33. I Was Finally In The Clear

It was super early and I was driving back from a New Year's Eve bash. It was pitch black outside. The path was slippery with ice and filled with thick fog. The roads were all twisty and narrow, plus there were chances of deer hopping across, so I was driving really carefully with my fog lights and hazard lights on. As I was about halfway home, someone zoomed out from a side road and started riding really close behind me.

They were blinking their bright lights, honking their horn, likely wanting me to go faster or move aside. But with the tricky road and bad visibility, I didn't do either. I thought, when the road gets broader in a bit, I'd move over to let them pass. Or, they could try to overtake me from the left if they wanted to. But I made a terrible miscalculation.

For a stressful four miles, instead of overtaking, this rude driver stayed right behind me, swaying side to side, yelling out the window. The fog was dancing around, my car was skidding on sneaky ice patches, and I kept thinking a deer might leap out any second. Just as the road opened up into two lanes, and before I could move aside, the driver had had enough.

They zoomed around me, almost hitting my car, with the passengers leaning out the windows yelling and tossing bottles and cans at me. When the last can clanked on my car's hood, I pulled over, wishing I had magic powers to wreck their car. Luckily, karma had my back! A cop, who had been hiding in the shadows, zoomed out and chased them down.

By the time I slowly drove past them, the cop had all four of them lying flat on the ground with their hands clasped behind their backs..


34. Only Fools Rush In

I was driving in the middle lane of a highway that had three lanes. The lane on my left was closing up, making everyone move into the middle lane. As I approached the point where the left lane was ending, a woman in a big SUV tried to speed up to slide in front of me. Though there was a lot of empty space behind me, she seemed in a hurry to get ahead.

I glanced to my right and noticed another car coming up. I didn’t want to be rude and cut him off, so I eased off the gas a bit to see if this woman was really set on squeezing in front of me. Turns out, she was. She darted in front of me, giving a quick wave as if that made it ok. Meanwhile, I was keeping an eye on the car to my right through my mirror.

As I expected, the woman found the car in front of her too slow for her taste, and she darted into the right lane just as the car I had been watching went by me. I hit my brakes hard since I could see what was about to happen. The car on my right zoomed by me just as the lady swerved into its lane. She ended up smashing into that car, her SUV getting shoved sideways. I couldn’t help but smile and wave as I drove past.


35. I Was Awash With Good Mojo

I was at Bed Bath & Beyond, ready to pay for my stuff, when I saw a pregnant lady with about 10 full bags having a hard time opening the door. I put my things aside, told the person behind me to go ahead, and hurried to help her with the door. Then, I helped her carry her bags to her car.

After we put all her bags in the trunk, she thanked me and handed me an envelope, saying she wanted to thank me for my help. When I got home from shopping, I opened the envelope. What was inside was amazing. There were two tickets to a sold-out concert I really wanted to go to!


36. Surfs Up

When I was around six, my cousin and I were playing in the shallow part of the sea. Suddenly, a big wave came and swept her off her feet, sending her tumbling towards the beach. I turned around and started laughing and pointing, making sure others saw what happened. Just as she popped her messy head out of the water, I shouted, "Hahahaha! You got hit b—," but before I could finish, a much bigger wave smacked into me and knocked me over. I totally had that coming.


37. My Deed Scored A Major Goal

I used to work at a snack bar. One morning, a man came by asking for empty cups. His wife was a kindergarten teacher, and they were here for a picnic but forgot to bring cups for drinks. Although it wasn’t usual, I sold him 60 cups at a special price of 10 cents each. He was thankful, handed me $8, and dashed off.

Later in the day, during my break, the chef hurried into our break room saying a famous quarterback had just walked into the snack bar. I was a big fan, so I rushed to help prepare his order. As I handed over his food, a man beside him pointed at me saying, "Hey, this is the guy who helped us with the cups!”

It turned out the quarterback's daughter was in the kindergarten class. When he paid and got his change, he gave me $20 as a thank you for the help earlier.


38. In The Zone

I was driving along a road with two lanes, approaching a school zone, so I slowed down from 45 to 25 just like I was supposed to. The car behind me didn't slow down at all and started following really closely, flashing lights and honking angrily, and then zoomed past me.

The driver ignored the oncoming traffic and just sped away. But just past the school zone, a police car that was hiding there turned on its lights and chased her down. She had to hit the brakes and stop. As I drove past them, I had my window down and was laughing so loud they both could hear me. She gave me an angry look, and I jokingly blew a kiss to the officer who tipped his hat at me as a funny way to say thanks for following the rules.


39. Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

I used to work on a fishing boat where people could come and fish for the day. I did a lot of different jobs on the boat like cutting bait, cleaning fish, and fixing stuff on the boat. We made most of our money from tips, so we'd try to talk and be friendly with the customers to get better tips at the end of the day.

One morning, a local preacher came on board. He told us he wanted to catch a lot of fish for a special fish fry event at his church. So we told the other customers, and many of them said they'd give their extra fish to the preacher. That day, we caught a lot of croaker fish and the preacher went home with hundreds of pounds of fish for his event.

When it was time for tips, the preacher gave us $20. We told him to instead put it in the church's collection plate on Sunday. He was really touched and told us that we'd be rewarded for our kindness. Later that day, a dad and his son rented the whole boat for a fishing trip. It was a super fun and easy trip, and at the end, they gave us a huge tip - $200 each!


40. Taco Belles

Right after finishing infantry training, my buddy and I decided to spend our first weekend out on the town. We were all decked out with dog tags, marine corps shirts, the whole deal. So, there we were, chilling on the beach one sunny Saturday when a really attractive lady with her two friends came over. We were pretty green, so we actually thought they just wanted to hang out with us. It took use way too long to figure out what was really up.

My friend and I started chatting with the lady, trying to see which one of us she was into, so the other could help out, if needed. She suggested a walk down the beach and soon we stumbled upon a cool little taco stand. She said we should grab some tacos. But when it was time to pay, surprise! None of them had any cash. So, my buddy and I thought about continuing our walk.

But they insisted, hinting we should hit an ATM to buy them tacos. When we said that wasn't happening, they were like, "Oh, we thought you guys were gonna buy us tacos." My friend, catching on to the game, said, "Heck no, we thought you were going to buy us some tacos." They looked pretty annoyed and quickly said goodbye.

As we started to leave, the taco stand owner rushed over to us and said, "Thank you guys so much for not buying tacos for them—have some free ones on me." She handed us three yummy homemade tacos each. We happily munched on them as we walked past the girls who were now trying to find someone else to buy them tacos. Seeing their faces as we strolled by was totally worth it.


41. A Coke And A Smile

So, back in college, I worked at a pizza place. We had a machine that could pour different drinks, and we also sold some drinks in cans. One hectic day, a lady dressed in a smart suit dashed in. She wanted a canned soda, but didn’t like what we had. She wasn’t thrilled when I told her we only had Coca-Cola from the machine.

She stormed out and headed to a hot dog stand across the street to buy her drink. They had it, but it was pricier than she liked. So, she zipped back to our pizza place, complaining, “The Coke over there is too pricey, so I guess I have to take your machine soda.” She wanted six of them.

But this was just the beginning. She got more ruffled when I asked her to choose between a big or a small cup, and even more irritated when I said we didn’t have trays to carry the cups. I offered to fetch her a box instead, but she wasn’t happy. As if the day wasn’t odd enough, we had a glitch with some of our cups - about one in every ten had a tiny hole in it.

I didn’t know about the cup issue since my shift had just started when she came in. And guess what? She got one of those holey cups, and soda went splashing all over her suit! I was sure she thought we did it on purpose. I said sorry, handed her a clean cloth and a new cup. But oh, when she left, my boss and I just couldn’t help but crack up!


42. How The Wind Blows

So, on a super windy day, my dad and I were at a grocery store parking lot. When we were leaving the store, we saw a shopping cart rolling on its own because of the wind, almost like it was going for a casual stroll. It rolled right by this lady who just stared at it, even though it was moving slow enough for her to stop it.

My dad looked at me and was like, "Why didn’t she just grab it?" We kept watching the cart, and it started going faster. Suddenly, a big gust of wind hit and the cart zoomed across the parking lot, going straight for a van. Even with the wind howling, we heard it bang into the van and saw a big dent on the driver’s door, even from 75 feet away.

Then we saw that same lady who let the cart pass by earlier was walking towards the van. With every step she took, my dad and I were getting more and more excited. When she was about 15 feet away from the van, she threw her hands up in the air. We couldn’t help it, we just burst out laughing and kept laughing all the way home.


43. On The Brink Of Embarrassment

So one day, this company that carries money in big armored trucks came to my work to drop off some cash. One of the guards was super rude, like the rudest dude ever. He barged in saying, "I need your manager now," and "When are you going to take care of me?" So my manager did the money hand-off thing and the guy left. But then, a few minutes later, he came back in asking to use our phone. It turned out his buddy had stepped out of the truck and locked the keys inside. We all couldn't help but laugh a lot. It felt like he kind of deserved it.


44. Karma Stepped In

There was this kid at school who I never really liked. One day, after a tough day at school, I was going down the stairs when this kid decided to follow me and started annoying me by saying, "I hate you." Just a few seconds later, this silly kid tripped and tumbled down the whole staircase, landing right in the middle of a group of girls. His face turned so red. I didn’t even know it could get that red.


45. The Universe Made Its Point

One day, a coworker who was a bit higher up than me was teasing me and making jokes at my expense. She was calling me an idiot and saying I was overpaid. Then, when she tried to sit down, she somehow got her right hand stuck under her in a weird way, and ended up breaking her pointer finger. Even though she was crying a bit from the pain, she looked at me and said, "Guess I deserved that," and managed to laugh a little.


46. That’s Nacho Order

I was at Taco Bell and ordered a nachos bell grande, just like the man right behind me in line. We both waited for our food, and when they called out my number, he snatched my food. He told me, "You ordered the same thing as me, but I'm in a hurry, so you can just take mine when it's ready."

He didn’t seem to care about my plans at all. He was all dressed up in a suit and tie, while I was in my construction clothes. As he made a move towards the door, he slipped and his drink and my nachos went flying onto his shirt and jacket. Just then, they called out his number. I grabbed his nachos, thanked him, and headed out the door..


47. Karma Decked Him Good

So my friend and I were hanging out on a big wooden patio at this beach-side bar, having a drink. There was a couple sitting next to us, pretty close by. We were just chilling and enjoying the view when my friend said a friendly "Good evening" to the guy sitting next to us.

The guy snapped back, saying, "Mind your own business and keep your eyes to yourself." My friend and I were stunned, like "Did that really just happen?" My friend tried to cool things down saying, "Relax, buddy, sorry to bother you." We shrugged it off and went back to our drinks, enjoying the sunset.

Just a couple of minutes later, the guy pulled out a shiny diamond ring to propose to his lady. She was thrilled, and he looked pretty pleased with himself. But when she handed the ring back to him, he fumbled and dropped it. The ring rolled on the deck and then slipped through a gap between the boards. It was gone.

We felt kinda bad for the lady. The guy's face turned from white to red, and he looked super mad, almost scary. He glanced at us, and this time we were looking right at him, but we just smiled.

He called over a waiter, explaining his big oopsie quietly. He wanted the deck boards pulled up to find the ring. But the waiter was super chill, telling him, "Look, man, you can come back tomorrow to talk to the manager, or just pay your bill and leave now." The guy just sat back down, and his lady looked really upset.

As my friend and I sat there, sipping our drinks and watching the sunset, we joked about how sometimes, karma works in mysterious, yet quick ways..


48. He Wanted To Be Starting Something

I was heading to a place with my friends for a snack after work on a rainy day when I saw a mean guy deliberately bump into a geeky-looking guy who was with his girlfriend. The mean guy stopped and blamed the geeky guy for pushing him, then started yelling at him. What happened next was just perfect payback. It was one of those moments where everything felt so right and fair, it seemed like a scene from a movie.

The mean guy tried to punch the geeky guy, but he slipped because the ground was wet from the rain. He totally missed and landed in a messy heap on the ground. The geeky guy looked confused, and his girlfriend was trying to pull him away, but he stood there bravely. The mean guy got even madder after his funny fall.

He got up and tried to punch again, but the geeky guy dodged it. He slipped again and fell to his knees. The geeky guy, who seemed to be really good at avoiding punches, took this chance to end this silly fight. So, he punched the mean guy right in the face with a nice jab that made a cool “thwack” sound.

The mean guy finally fell down, lying on the ground in the rain, while the geeky guy held his girl's hand and they walked off happily together. I continued on to the place with my friends and had a snack, cheering for the geeky guy. It was just an awesome sight to see.


49. He Got His Kicks On Route 66

I remember going on a road trip through Ohio while it was snowing a lot. I was used to driving in snow, but this was crazy! I could barely see where I was going. There were no other cars on the road. My car isn't the best, so I was driving slowly in the right lane. I wasn't in a rush and I didn't want to get into an accident.

All of a sudden, a big truck zoomed by me in the left lane, throwing a bunch of snow onto my car and covering my windshield. I couldn't see anything for a few seconds until my wipers cleared the snow. When I could see again, my stomach dropped. The truck driver had slowed down and was driving next to me.

Then, he slowed down more, made his engine roar loudly, and zoomed by me again, covering my car in snow once more. It seemed like he was having fun scaring me, and I couldn't do anything about it. There were no exits to escape and I didn’t want to drive faster because the weather was so bad. After doing this to me three or four more times, he finally zoomed away. For the next half hour, I was on the phone with my friends, telling them about this mean truck driver.

While talking, I saw something. The highway had a sharp turn, and there was a truck flipped upside down in the snow off to the side. It was that mean truck driver's truck!


50. She Got A Doggone Sweet Surprise

I used to clean a local gymnastics place on the weekends. Sometimes they rented it out for birthday parties, and one of the coaches was always there to help. One weekend, I saw a car arrive about an hour before the party was supposed to start. I was finishing up cleaning the lobby, but the lights were off because they were being replaced.

This lady came in and went upstairs. But after just ten seconds, she came POUNDING down the stairs, got right up in my face, and started yelling, "WHY is there no power?! I NEED to set up for this party. HOW can I do that when I can't see anything?!" I was a bit surprised and explained that, according to the owner's rules, she couldn't be in the building until the coach arrived.

She turned purple with anger and shouted, "How dare you tell me what I can and cannot do! The owner said I could be here whenever I wanted. I won't take orders from some dumb kid like you!" So, I said, "Okay, but the power won't be back on for another 45 minutes. You might as well wait in your car until the coach gets here."

She stormed off, tried to slam the door, and started calling the owner. When the coach finally showed up, I told her what had happened and how the lady treated me. I also left a note for the owner and called her to let her know. Then, I left the gym and went home for the night.

The next day, when I went to get paid, the owner talked to me. She said I handled the situation correctly. But then, I heard the whole story. Turns out, that lady had been really mean to the coach too. And she didn't even pay for the party, plus she stayed an entire hour longer than she was supposed to.

But the best part was this: When all the parents were inside, her dog somehow got into the cake that was in her car and ate about half of it. Her reaction was pretty crazy. She said, "Oh, we can still use it. We'll just cut around the parts the dog ate."

But 40 minutes later, she came rushing back into the gym, grabbed a bunch of paper towels, and ran back to her car. In that short time, her dog had pooped and thrown up EVERYWHERE in her car—on the seats, floors, armrests, and even the dashboard. That car was a HUGE mess of poop and puke..


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