Houseguest Horror Stories

June 1, 2022 | Violet Newbury

Houseguest Horror Stories

When inviting people over, one expects a certain level of decorum and respect. However, people can be downright terrible. They can have a sense of entitlement, act inappropriately, and overstay their welcome with just a few words. Here, Redditors share their stories of some of the rudest things people have said or done to them right in their own homes, which got many of them booted straight out the door.

1. Neighbor In Waiting

I was babysitting my neighbor's daughter. My neighbor was supposed to pick up the girl hours before and wasn’t answering any of my messages. I got the living room ready just in case she was going to stay the night. It was close to midnight, and he finally came to pick her up. The dad rang the bell, and when I answered the door, I couldn't believe my eyes.

He was totally trashed. He barged in, walked past me to go to the kitchen, and destroyed everything that was in his grasp. He went to the fridge and drank juice straight from the carton. He then walked back to the living room where his daughter was, spewing random stuff to her, puked mid-sentence all over my couch, and passed out after. I had to call child protection services.

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2. Liar Liar Pants On Fire

One day, my boyfriend and I were upstairs lying in bed watching TV and playing video games when I got a text from a friend, who we had stopped talking to a year prior because he would lie about really insane stuff. It said, “Hey, I just got mugged down the street, and they took all my stuff and beat me up really, really bad. Your house was the closest, so I came here to rest for a bit. I'm in your living room".

So my boyfriend went downstairs and said, "Hey man, I guess you can chill for a bit, but we're busy today, and we're about to leave soon too". My boyfriend was really frustrated because this guy did NOT look as though he had been beaten up and still had his bag with him.  My boyfriend decided to make a drink since we had to deal with this on our beloved day off.

My boyfriend came upstairs for a few minutes, and we decided to make it look like we were getting ready to leave so that we could shuffle this guy towards the door. I was in the bathroom brushing my hair, and I heard my boyfriend start RAGING, saying, “WHERE DID YOU PUT MY DRINK”?! The guy said he didn’t know what he was talking about and that he hadn’t moved the drink.

When my boyfriend told him there was a glass at his feet, the guy said, "Oh, I guess I had a glass," and finally handed over the bottle, which was now almost empty.  We showed him the door, and I started cleaning up the empty glasses he had left on my table. My living room rug was STICKY AND WET. After some inspection, I found that this guy didn't drink the whole bottle.

He just spilled it on my floor, didn't clean it up, and lied about it.

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3. Roll ‘Em Up

My cousin and her daughter were visiting and staying with me in my home. Her daughter pooped in a quilt, and for some reason, she did the wildest thing imaginable. My cousin rolled it up and shoved it in the closet in the guest room without telling me. It was rolled up pretty good, so I didn't smell it immediately. I only discovered it after they left.

My dog was standing in front of the closet and was barking nonstop.  I looked around and found it. My pooch was so offended by it that she didn't stop barking until it was completely cleaned up. So, I called my cousin and said, "I found the quilt from your bed rolled up with poop in the closet. What happened"? All she could say was, "Oh, my daughter had an accident. Sorry"!

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4. This Birthday Was A Bust

It was my 21st birthday party. I wasn’t having a big celebration, just some friends and family. My mom’s best friend brought her daughter over, who was a year younger than me. We weren’t great friends, but we grew up together, so we knew each other pretty well and got along okay. It turned out that her relationship had ended that day, and she wasn’t taking it well.

She got super sloshed and was crying most of the night. You could see her crying in the background of most of the pictures taken that night. She finally had enough, and she wanted to lay down, so we told her to go to the guest room. However, she went to my room instead. About an hour or so later, all the party could hear were huge bangs from inside the house.

No one was sure what was going on, so I went to check. She had barfed everywhere in my room and was crying. She had taken her shirt off, and there was puke piled on her lap. Her mom came up behind me and was at a loss for words. At that point, the girl looked up and started yelling at her mom, blaming her for the whole situation.

Her dad ended up helping her outside and hosed her down in the yard in full view of the guests. I couldn’t even be mad because the whole situation was just so sad. Her mom ended up cleaning her mess up while she was crying. It ended up being a pretty terrible night overall.


5. Time To Move

My dad was talking to the neighbor in the living room when they both watched his son knock chocolates all over an expensive carpet. The neighbor then let my 60-year-old father get on his hands and knees to fish out around 20 chocolates without helping him and continuing the conversation as though the incident hadn't happened. This was the same neighbor who let his son knock glass baubles off our Christmas tree and didn't apologize. 

They also asked my mom to pick up bottled water and vino for a party that she wasn't even invited to. But that wasn't all. This neighbor lived above us and didn't come around to look at the damage his broken boiler had done. The water drenched our very large bookcase and seeped to the floor below our kitchen. He and his wife were the same neighbors who asked us the first time we had met when we were moving out because they wanted to buy the entire house.

He tried to buy it five years later, but we rejected his bid and waited for a higher bidder, which came the next day.

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6. His Behavior Was Nothing To Sneeze At

I was living with a friend for a couple of years in a nice big apartment. A mutual friend of ours was splitting up with his wife, so we offered him a place to crash for two weeks, and if he needed or wanted to stay longer, he could rent the room. At the time all this was happening, I was working overseas, but my roommate told me that it was all good.

I reminded both my friend and my roommate that if his dog was there, to close my bedroom door because I was allergic. About six weeks later and a couple of days before I got home, my roommate said that he hadn’t received any rent payments from my friend and that he had had a couple of random people over that neither of us knew.

I called my friend, and he tried to convince me that my roommate said that it was okay to have friends over. While on the phone, I could hear his dog. I reminded him that it better not be in my room. He said that the pooch was going back to his ex that day, and it had never been anywhere near my room. When I got home, the place was a mess.

There was dog hair everywhere, a car was parked in my garage space, and two others were in the visitors’ spots. There were stains on the carpet from where the dog pooed, and the kitchen was a mess. I went to my room, and his dog had clearly used my bed to sleep on. He tried to tell me that I was mistaken and that it must be my roommate’s cat.  I asked him if he thought I was an idiot as cat hair is pretty distinct.

I threw all my sheets and pillows out as my allergies started up, and there was no way I could sleep with all that dog hair around. I went to the bathroom and had to clean the toilet before I was willing to use it. I started doing a bit of digging and found out that he owed a bunch of people money. I decided I wanted him gone. He begged for one more night, and I refused.

I finally got him out, and it took him another week to him to get the cars out of the visitors’ spots.

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7. Religious Freaks

We had some Orthodox priests turn up to a family Christmas Day celebration. They spent the whole time trying to order the younger women to wait on them hand and foot. When that didn’t work, they complained that the women were wearing inappropriate clothing. In New Zealand, Christmas is during the summer. There was a pool at the house, so the women wore swimsuits.

Even though they complained about their attire, they were ogling the girls the whole time and were implying that our girlfriends, nieces, cousins, sisters, and so forth were promiscuous. We were not exactly religious or in love with authority, so the situation didn’t go down very well. We either flat-out ignored them or teased them until they left. They acted very insulted when we didn’t give them proper respect, but respect is a two-way street.

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8. The Uninvited Lech

A few friends and I were having some drinks when a guy we knew showed up uninvited with a friend of his who was so sloshed that he immediately passed out on my couch. The guy continued to get plastered, complained about the music we were listening to, and kept trying to put his own terrible punk band on. Then, he cornered my wife.

He demanded that she change her shirt because he had beef with the band's singer that was on it. He went on to complain when it was 6 am, and we said we were going to bed. He woke up his trashed friend and said, "I guess we're getting booted out", and they finally left.

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9. Soap Fiend

My 10-year-old distant cousin unwrapped three new bars of soap and flushed them down the toilet on the third floor of my house. That night, we returned home from dinner to find water dripping from the first-floor ceiling. The third-floor bathroom had flooded, and the water leaked through the floor. It dripped from the ceiling of the second floor and leaked through to the ceiling of the first floor.

The kid had confessed everything with great glee, and his mother just thought it was the funniest thing. The whole mess cost thousands of dollars to repair.

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10. I Wanted To Dye

I had a really close friend who brought his now ex-girlfriend over to hang out with a few other friends and me. About thirty minutes in, she decided to do the most infuriating thing. She went into my super white bathroom and dyed her hair black. She ended up staining my white counters, bathtub/shower, floor, two decorative towels, the carpet outside the bathroom, and my toilet.

I was so irate, and I don’t think she understood that you do not do this stuff in someone else’s house without asking them. Literally, everyone who was over, including me, told her to just get showered and get out of the house. She had stained soooooo much stuff it still makes my blood boil thinking about it.

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11. The Ultimate Hypocrite

A friend of a relative stayed with my parents for a week. The guy was Argentinian and in his late 50s. He was very old-fashioned, religious, etc. He even told my parents that it was wrong that I was living with my boyfriend without being married. One day, he asked my mom to use her PC "to check his email". He was in there for quite a while. It turns out he was watching inappropriate videos.

He had Googled stuff in Spanish. My mom found it all in her internet history. She called him out on it, and he tried to blame my then 16-year-old brother, who had his own PC, mainly spoke English, and was away on a camping trip. He wasn't welcomed back.

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12. Pet Peeve

We had a baby shower at my house. My aunt, who was our landlord, was also in attendance. At the time, there was a “no dogs allowed” policy. A guest brought their chihuahua and let it loose in the house. They never asked if it was alright to bring their dog. I thought my aunt was going to have a heart attack.  Not only that, but the dog was so scared by all the people that it couldn't be caught until after the party was over.

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13.  The Past Came Back To Haunt Me

I hadn't seen the girl in years when she showed up at my parents’ house unannounced. I was so happy to see her; we invited her in. We ate dinner and caught up on life. She stayed the night since it was late. The next day she confessed she had just been released from prison and had nowhere to go. We tried getting rid of her for weeks.

Then, one day we stopped into Walgreens for something, and she swiped a whole bunch of stuff. After that, my grandpa told her she was leaving no matter what. I dropped her off at the train station. She called me 20 minutes later, but I refused to answer. Luckily, I haven't heard from her since.

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14. This Ended In Disaster

I had a group of friends come over for our monthly D&D game. I mentioned that we couldn’t feed people this time as money was tight. I told them to bring their own food/snacks and drinks. Everyone was okay with it, and they all agreed. One of the players brought nothing and complained the whole time that no one was sharing. Then, they raided my kid’s snacks and my soda.

I was livid. It ruined the entire night and ended the game early. Everyone was mad at him, especially my toddler.

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15. Blood Bath

I was away for the weekend, and my roommate had some friends over for drinks. The problem was that when my roommate would drink, he would often black out, which he did before ensuring all his friends had left. In the morning, he discovered two of them had stayed the night—in my room—which was not cool, to begin with. Then, I discovered BLOOD on my duvet cover.

It was clearly from someone getting "busy" while on their period. It was not a “whoopsies started in the middle of the night” puddle. It was on the edge of the bed, on top, and smeared around. What made it worse was that we weren’t partying college kids. We were all in our mid-30s with real jobs and—what one might assume—a little bit of respect. They weren’t welcomed back.

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16.  Space Invader

A friend came to visit my fiancé—who she had not yet met at the time—and me. We both had to work, and she needed to finish up a paper, so I set her up with WiFi, snacks, and a comfy study spot. She was a smoker, so I told her if she needed to smoke, that was fine, but she needed to do it while leaning out of the bedroom window.

We came home to find her IN OUR BED, UNDER THE COVERS, with a smoke in hand. The icing on the cake was the fact that she stayed in bed for another ten minutes or so while my fiancé awkwardly stood around waiting to change. I finally told her she needed to get up so that he could change and relax. Later that night, we had plans with friends, and she declined to join.

When we came home, she was asleep, but I found a used facemask on top of my laptop, which was now on our bed. Had this just been my apartment, I don’t think I would have been so bothered. She and I had lived together back in the day, and we didn’t have many boundaries. But she had never met my fiancé and didn’t see anything wrong with being so invasive of his space.

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17. Hanging On By A Thread

We had a woman who married our brother-in-law after our sister passed, who was dreadful. On one visit, she flossed her teeth in the living room and then left it on the carpet.  Then, when we were going swimming, she changed in the room I was staying in and took the opportunity to look through my suitcase. She was either just being nosy, looking for my prescription pain medication, or both.

She swiped the eyedrops I had left out for my dad. We could never call her out on anything because if we did, she would refuse to let us see our deceased sister's children.

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18. Obsessed To The Point Of No Return

One evening when I was about 17 or 18 years old, I had drinks in my house before going out to the pub. I had a friend who was big into Eastenders, which was a serial soap in the UK.  He was so obsessed that he couldn’t miss a single show. So, just to entertain him, I stuck it on the TV, since it was only 25 minutes long. My mom came in to ask if any of us wanted food or anything. His response made my jaw DROP.

He told her to "shut up" because she was talking over his show. He was never allowed back in my house again after that.

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19.  Inconsiderate Winer

My father-in-law had gifted me a bottle of 2008 Chateau Margaux for my daughter’s birth.  The bottle was valued at $800 and was to be opened on my daughter’s 20th birthday.  We had someone come over who thought it was okay to skip over the decent vintages that were on the counter and instead rummage through the closet. They found the bottle, removed the ribbons, ignored the card, opened it, and poured it out for everyone.

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20. Fleabag

My grandma brought my aunt's badly behaved, non-house trained dog with them on a visit. We had specifically told them that the dog could not come to the house. When they showed up with it, we found an old play crib and said it needed to stay in there for the duration. However, my grandma would pick it up and let it loose whenever she could.

About two weeks after they left, we made a chilling discovery. We realized that the dog had fleas. As a result, we had a massive infestation that infected all of our five dogs and four cats. All of us ended up with scars from the bites, and it took almost three years to eradicate the pests completely.

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21. I Cried Over Spilled Milk

I had given up my bedroom to my stepson and his girlfriend when they were visiting. I am a non-smoker, and my bedroom is literally the only room in the house that is smoke-free. I asked her to step outside to smoke, which was not a big inconvenience since there was a sliding door that went from the bedroom to the lanai.

I also asked her not to take food to the bedroom because ants were a real problem in Florida. I could smell it when she lit up, but I didn’t say anything to her. I figured she would walk outside to put it out. I went into my room to grab some shoes, and I noticed the little porcelain tray wasn’t on my nightstand.  So, I looked around for it.

It was shoved under the bed with her smoke butt in it, along with my cream-colored throw rug and a bath towel. It turned out she had taken chocolate milk to the bedroom, knocked it over onto the carpet, then grabbed a towel to try to clean it up. Instead of bringing it to the laundry room, she wadded everything up and hid it under the bed.

I went off on her, and she convinced my stepson to leave three days early. That’s the last time I gave my room to that inconsiderate, spoiled woman.

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22. Money Heist

When I was young, I had three friends over, all of them brothers. The oldest was my age, the middle was a couple of years younger, and they had brought their littlest brother with them, who was a pain. That day, my dad had let me hang onto a $100 bill because I thought it was cool and had never seen one. I showed it off to my friends and left it on my side table.

After my friends had left, and when they got near their house, the youngest brother said, "Hey guys, look what I took", and pulled out my $100 bill.  I hadn’t even realized it was missing. The two older brothers got so mad that they dragged him crying all the way back to my house. They handed me the $100 and forced him to apologize.

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23. Get Lost

I had a friend who got lost on the way to my kid's party and showed up at my house after we had returned home. She had both of her kids with her, and her phone had lost power. We were all exhausted, but I invited them in since they had been driving for a while. We made them plates of food and enjoyed her company. We also put on a movie so our kids could rest.

Her oldest was lovely, but her youngest, who was in between the ages my kids were, was awful. He was extremely physical and started punching and hitting my oldest, who put himself in the line of fire so his little brother wouldn't get hurt. Her oldest kept telling her younger brother to stop, and I had to get involved and separate the kids and calm my own child down.

She stayed for over four hours. I spent three and a half hours trying to get her kid to stop terrorizing mine. We haven't had them over again since.

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24.  Kicked To The Curb

I didn't have many rules for passengers when I was driving, but there are two I would never budge on—wear your seatbelt and don’t smoke in my car.  I had just bought a car.  It wasn’t new, but it was in immaculate condition. Within a week of getting it, a friend asked me for a lift to the train station. I knew he smoked, so as we walked to the car, I told him specifically to wait until we got to the station before he would light up.

I backed out of the parking spot, drove to the exit of the parking lot, and as I checked my left-hand side for oncoming cars, I heard the distinctive sound of a lighter sparking up. The dude couldn’t wait until we were even out of the parking lot.  I asked him what he thought he was doing, and he just looked at me and said, "Relax, it's not like it's a new car".

He ended up walking to the train station.

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25. Midterm Madness

When I was in university, one of my roommates asked if a high school friend of his from back home could come to visit and stay in our apartment for a night or two. I agreed. However, I was writing midterms and was stressed beyond belief. So, I firmly requested that they not party at our place so that I could get to sleep without any interruptions.

I came home from the library at 11 pm, and they were both trashed. My roommate was passed out in his bedroom, and there was rank-smelling puke all over the toilet seat. Not only that, but his friend had brought a girl home from the campus bar and was getting busy in my bed. I booted them both out of the apartment and ended up doing laundry at 11:30 pm because my sheets were sweaty and soaking wet.

I stopped speaking to that roommate after that.

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26. Sense Of Entitlement

A friend of mine was spending the night because she was in the middle of an uncomfortable and contentious divorce. She didn’t want to go home to her husband’s house and didn’t have any family in the country, so she was couch surfing. However, instead of being grateful, she acted like an entitled restaurant patron in my home.

My selection of tea wasn’t big enough, and the grape jelly I had wasn’t as nice as an assortment of jams. She ate the pancakes, despite them not being her favorite, and was really surprised I didn’t have a waffle iron. Then she raided our pantry for snacks to take with her before she left. It turns out she wasn’t couch surfing. She was wearing out her welcome very quickly at every friend’s house she went to with her attitude.

She was just all take and no give.

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27. Rug Rat

My boyfriend invited a couple of dudes over while I was at work because we lived in a one-bedroom apartment, and I didn’t always enjoy sitting there watching the game. It was considerate. When I got home, he was asleep, and they were gone. I noticed my new bathroom mat was discolored and assumed it was from shoes and didn't take a closer look.

I made him look at it with me when he got up because I was a bit mad since it was brand new. Upon further observation, we came to a disturbing conclusion: Before leaving, his friend wiped poo all over my new bathroom mat. The stains were brown finger streaks that had been wiped across the whole thing! There was toilet paper readily available.

We threw it out right away and didn’t allow them back to the apartment after that.

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28. She Was No Bed Of Roses

Our wealthy friend was staying at our house for a couple of weeks, and he brought his girlfriend. His girlfriend—who was half his age and who grew up in poverty—was now experiencing the affluent lifestyle. We were their hosts, and she treated us like garbage, but when she was around her boyfriend, she would be all sweet and lovely.

One day, she started sneezing and came to the conclusion that the flowers in our garden must have been causing it. She took it upon herself to go outside and cut all the flowers. I caught her midway through that act and asked her what she was doing. She replied, "The flowers, they make me sneeze, so I cut them for you". I couldn’t believe it.

She was our guest, and she vandalized our garden, leaving it a mess. She didn’t even pick up the cuttings. She just let them fall on the garden bed next to the plant which they sprouted from. It was so rude.

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29. Birthday Bungler

When I was six, I was celebrating my birthday with some friends. A kid who was eight tried to open my presents. Even worse? The whole time his mom was laughing like it was some kind of joke. When I looked at the mom, she told him not to do that, but he kept on, wanting to see what was inside. Then, he told his mom to get the knife because he was ready to cut HIS cake.

My mom was in the kitchen, and none of the other parents did anything about it. They just sat there watching. I was so mad; he totally ruined my birthday.

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30. This Relationship Went Out The Window

When I was living with my ex, one of his friends from his past asked to stay over for a day or two. They drank a lot. I woke up in the middle of the night with the "friend" standing in OUR bedroom peeing against the bedroom window. When I woke up my ex, he didn't think it was that big of a deal. That was the day I packed my stuff and left.

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31. It Was A Kick In The Pants

My buddy came down for a week. Much to my wife’s dismay, I offered to let him stay at our house so that he wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel. I told my wife that it would be no big deal, but I was wrong. While at dinner on the second night, he spilled his drink all over my carpet and his only pair of pants. So, I lent him a pair of pants to wear while his were in the washing machine.

That night he got so plastered that he peed all over himself and my couch. To top it off, after he left in shame, I found the soaked pants that I let him wear stuffed under the couch.

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32. Something Was Fishy

My mom’s cousin was visiting with a friend. The cousin and friend were in their early 20s—old enough to be decent house guests. My mom had ordered take-out for the adults and put fish fingers and chips in the oven for us kids. Before the food turned up, the guests decided they were hungry and ate our fish fingers without telling anyone.

My mom opened the oven to find a tray of chips and an empty tray where the fish fingers should have been. Who eats a child's dinner when theirs is less than ten minutes away?

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33. He Wouldn’t Get The Hint

I had been on a few dates with this guy. One night after we went out, he dropped me off at my apartment, and we were talking. The conversation was getting long, and I was tired, so I told him I was going to go to sleep, and it was time for him to go. He insisted on walking me upstairs to my bedroom, which I thought was a little weird. Not only that, but my room was extremely messy at the time, and I was embarrassed.

I told him a bunch of times, but he really didn't seem to get the message that I was just going to stay in the living room until he left. So I told him that I had gotten really tired and I was just going to fall asleep on the couch, thinking that maybe that would get him to leave. It didn’t.  It prompted him to go upstairs into my bedroom, take the comforter off my bed, and bring it downstairs to the couch for me. I never went out with him again.

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34. Christmas Calamity

My mom invited this woman who was a little bit crazy for Christmas Eve because she felt bad for her. She and my dad got into a civilized debate until she put her hands around my dad's neck. My dad grabbed her wrists really hard, and she screamed. She was accusing my dad of hurting her, so my dad said, “Merry Christmas”, like a savage, and left downstairs.

My brother had to awkwardly drive her home.

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35. She Was A Cookie Monster

When I was beginning junior high, my sister went off to France for a study abroad program. As part of the program, we also became the host family to an exchange student from Japan. She was really nice, and I had no problem with her except for one thing—she ate all the cookies. Our family likes cookies as much as the next, but my grandma would come over every Wednesday and bake a fresh batch for the kids when they got home from school.

The problem was, if there were any cookies uneaten by the end of the day, the exchange student would eat them ALL in the middle of the night while Skyping her friends back in Japan. Without fail, in the middle of the night, I would always hear her loud footsteps as she stomped down the stairway that shared a wall with the room I was sleeping in.

Then, the unmistakable sound of the cookie jar opening and the harrowing sound of the bottom of the jar being scraped as she delved for the last one. It got to be such a problem that we started asking grandma to keep some cookies hidden so that we could eat them the next day. She was great in every other regard, but the empty cookie jar on Thursday mornings was the pits.

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36. Happy Trails

My grandfather's cousin was staying with us for a week. He had a bladder problem but would refuse to wear adult diapers. What followed was him leaving a trail of pee—and sometimes poo—whenever he walked around the house. It was terrible. It didn't take too long for my mother to do something about it. It didn't matter that he was family.

Nobody tracks their business on my mother's floor.

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37. Self-Imposed Nightmare

We had a family friend who invited HIMSELF over because he was visiting the area. Everything was cool and nice until he took over my PS3. He was screaming at the TV and hogged it the entire time. I figured, “Okay, whatever, he was leaving soon”.  Then, he went into my room to wake me up the next morning and jumped on my bed.

He proceeded to rip the canopy from my bed which ruined my ceiling. It got worse. He went out and said he was visiting a friend that lived nearby. He came back five hours later, at around midnight, and brought this trashy woman back to our house and told my parents that they were crashing at the house and would leave in the morning. Thankfully, my parents said NO and booted his behind out.

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38. That Sinking Feeling

We had a party at our house. Guests ended up using the bathroom in our bedroom because there were lines for the guest toilet. We had one of those sinks without legs that was only attached to the wall. One of the guests sat on that thing and broke it. I was shocked beyond belief how someone could sit on something that looks, feels, and very obviously shows that it is not made to carry weight and that is not supported. We then put legs on it.

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39. He Was Plumb Rude

There was a leak in the apartment my fiancé and I were about to move into. We hadn’t spent a single night in it yet. We called a plumber to come and fix the leak. He walked into the bathroom, locked the door, took a dump, and came back out to tell me the flush was working properly. But it didn't end there. He then took a swig from one of the drink bottles that I was unpacking.

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40. They Got Off On The Wrong Foot

We had some friends and their children—who were four and eight—come over.  My husband had previously told them that there were to be no feet on our furniture.  This angered the parents, and they told their children that they could put their feet, with their shoes, on our furniture. Their justification was that we let our dog get on the furniture.

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41. What Are The Odds?

I had a collection of $1 casino chips, one from every casino I had been to. A housemate invited some people over. One of the guys saw them sitting there and started playing with them. I figured he liked to fidget, so it was no big deal. However, he ended up taking a bunch of mismatched casino chips and even tried buying a drink at a bar with them. Luckily, one of the other guys he went out with got them back to me.

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42. She Was The Pits

My brother and his now ex-girlfriend were over at my uncle’s house. They were sitting around watching a movie. My brother had his girlfriend lying down on his lap. Then the unthinkable happened. While she was lying there, my brother proceeded to pluck his girlfriend’s armpit hair and put it on the couch. It was truly unbelievable.

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43. This Was A First

It was the first Christmas in our own place. My father-in-law came for Christmas dinner, and it was also our first Christmas ever with him. I cooked a meal for him and SIX of his guests all by myself. He brought nothing. He parked his behind at the head of the table and chain-smoked until his meal was ready. As he was leaving, he tried to convince my husband to leave me to do the clean-up and come to the bar with him.

When that didn’t work, he said, “Okay, see ya”, and threw his empty pack of smokes on our living room floor.

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44. My Visitor Was Complete Trash

A friend of mine had come over.  They drank themselves into oblivion and threw up in an empty trash can that didn’t have a bag in it.  Then, they went ahead and put a new trash bag over it to make it look like it never happened. I didn't find it until a few days later, when I finally figured out where that funky smell was coming from.

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45. A Helping Hand Gone Bad

My fiancé had a kind soul. Too kind. His coworker had fallen on hard times, so he ended up moving in with us, which was a mistake. He smoked in my and my fiancé's car. The week this guy moved in, my grandpa had just died from lung cancer, so I was extra sensitive to it. Smoking was something I wasn’t okay with, and he did it anyway. Then, he brought his girlfriend over.

They went at it every night, which wouldn’t have been a problem except that they were loud at 2 am when my fiancé and our toddler were trying to sleep. My toddler didn’t need to hear any of that, and I told him that several times. The final straw was when he started doing smack in my bathroom. We had enough and booted him out.

I can’t even imagine how bad that could’ve gotten. I don’t talk to him anymore, and my fiancé doesn’t get to help people in that way anymore.

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46. Total Dealbreaker

I had a friend stay with me for a month. I lived in a popular vacation area, and our agreement was that her trip would be a reward for quitting smoking. She brought over random men at all hours of the night and would be very loud when she got busy with them. Not only that, but two weeks into her stay, I found out that she had never quit and was lighting up in my guest room and bathrooms whenever I was away at work.

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47. She Was Out Of Her Noodle

I had an awkward friendship with a girl from middle school.  My mom was forcing me to make some friends and invited her for dinner. We had spaghetti, and without hesitation, she began eating it with her hands. My mom and I just gave each other a bug-eyed look from across the table as she just took massive chomps out of the glob of pasta in her hands.

I had never seen—and probably will never again see—something so strange done by a person in my life. I went to her house after, but I never got a chance to ask her what was up with the handheld spaghetti because what I saw there completely freaked me out. Every inch of their house was covered in taxidermy. I was also told not to go in the backyard because her dad had a boar strung up that he was in the process of skinning.

After that, I ended the friendship pretty quickly with no hassle from my mom.

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48. We Got Burned

We had someone staying with us who insisted on making us dinner. The first time, he burned the steaks. Then, he insisted on making hamburgers. I told him I didn't like onions, yet he made the hamburgers with chunks of onions. I tried to eat one, but chunks of raw onions were not something I wanted to eat. He made beans in a crockpot but didn't refrigerate them overnight. He just left them out in the crockpot.

Then, he plugged the crockpot in the next morning and let them cook all day the second day. He claimed that if there were any bacteria in there, cooking killed it all. This went on for a week. My spouse and I ate the beans the first night and refused any leftovers. We had record heat for days on end, so we ran the air conditioning.

He would not entirely shut the door to the outside, leaving a small crack, which let the cool air out and the smokey air in. Every time I passed by, I would shut the door until it latched. What was even worse was that we had indoor-only cats, and they would occasionally escape because he could not understand that the door needed to be shut.

The conglomeration of a lot of little things made him a nightmare.

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49. Psycho Visitor Qu’est Que C’est?

I had a houseguest—who was invited by a roommate—have a psychotic breakdown. He literally came into all our rooms, rummaged through our drawers, and left anything that was remotely racy on top of the dresser or nightstand as if to announce that he went through it all. He found ways to expose himself and walked in on my roommates getting it on.

We booted him out within 48 hours, but it should have been sooner. We even changed the locks. We actually all knew this guy, had hosted him before, and he was great. But although we booted him out the door, he found a way to come back and haunt us. We were cleaning house a few months later and found a bag of his pubes.

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50. All In The Family

We welcomed my uncle, his wife, and their kid into our home when they were visiting from abroad. The wife brought about a dozen of her own relatives with them, including a handful of young children, without telling us. A literal nightmare. We scrambled to set up beds, make meals, and prepare the bathrooms to accommodate them all.

Then, we found out later that she was charging her relatives to stay at our house.

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