With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

January 7, 2022 | Violet Newbury

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

An unknown author once said, “Better to have an enemy who slaps you in the face than a friend who stabs you in the back.” Everyone has been slighted by someone they thought was a friend, but sometimes the betrayal is so harsh there is no going back. Read on to hear some stories of how people got stabbed in the back and went from friends to enemies in one fell swoop.

1. My Best Friend's Girl

When I was in high school, I had a best friend. We hung out every day, watched movies, went to parties, and basically just kicked it all the time. During this time I also had a girlfriend. Unbeknownst to me, this best friend of mine was incredibly jealous of the girl I was dating. One day seemingly out of nowhere, she broke up with me.

When I asked her why, her answer floored me. She told me she heard a bunch of rumors that I was gay and secretly hooking up with a gay friend of mine, which I wasn't. She wouldn’t tell me who she heard this from. A couple of weeks later, I was dating someone new and I started getting calls from her begging me to get back together. She told me that my friend had been the one who had been telling her those things.

She told me that he was always there as a shoulder to cry on while she was going through “all of that,” but, of course, as soon as she dumped me, he turned into a complete creep. I called him out and he owned up to it, saying that he was in love and couldn’t help it. I forgave him, considering I had a new, much less idiotic girlfriend and he was my best friend. That turned out to be a huge mistake.

About a month later, ON MY BIRTHDAY, he took my new girlfriend aside and tried to hammer the SAME nonsense into her head while I was doing birthday donuts in my friend's car. She told me immediately and I squared off with him right then and there. He punked out and ended up driving off. We no longer speak.

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2. I Wrote Her Off After What She Did

I had a friend who knew I was an author. I used to do humor readings and stuff. She told me, "You HAVE to come to my party. You just HAVE to entertain my guests." She promised me a lift back home if I stayed late, so I agreed. I regret saying yes to this day. I had no car at the time, so I had to take two buses and a subway to get to her house. It was a two-and-a-half-hour trip and at the time cell phones weren’t a thing.

I ended up in an "artsy" suburban neighborhood with no street lights and lots and lots of trees. The street signs were black text on brown and almost impossible to read, and her directions were wrong. However, I used logic and finally found her house. I went to the front door and knocked. The door crept open. There was no one home.

I checked and rechecked the house number and street. I called out into the house and there was no answer. I stepped into the living room, and the place was a mess. There were candles still lit, and the radio was softly playing light rock, but no one was around. I got mad and left. I took a bus to the subway, but the last bus home didn’t show up.

I had to take a cab and had just enough to get a block away from my house. I couldn’t even tip the driver. Later, when I saw her, I asked her what happened. She said, "Oh. Well, the party got started and then someone said, ‘Let's all go have ice cream,’ so we all went out to Baskin Robbins, and then decided to see a movie. I forgot you were coming. Oh well."

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3. Three’s Company, Four’s A Crowd

My boyfriend and I let my "best friend" move into our one-bedroom apartment for a summer between school years. She took the bedroom and our "bedroom" was the living room. When she got mono, we were the ones who took care of her for about a month. She had refused her parents' request that she fly out immediately before it got bad, so they could look after her.

Well, it got bad. But that was just the tip of the iceberg with her. Then, while I was in another city visiting my parents she told me that her stepdad was going to come to visit for a while and that he was going to stay at our place. Reminder: She was a guest in our home. She didn't even ask before inviting him to come and stay for an undetermined amount of time as the fourth resident of a one-bedroom apartment.

I told her I was uncomfortable with this and that I wanted to talk about it. She called me a foul name and, because I had a weight problem, told me to "go eat myself to death." Afterward, she made up a slew of lies to tell our mutual friends about me so they'd stop talking to me. Luckily they saw through this.

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4. Taken For A Tattoo

I had an ex-girlfriend with whom I was still "friends." She called me in a panic when I was away at college, saying she was downtown and her car got towed. She had to get it out, otherwise, there was no way she could get to work that night, and would be fired. She told me that if she got fired, she would miss her tuition payments and would have to drop out of school.

She told me I was her only hope, so I wired her $250 Western Union. I didn't hear from her for a few days after that, which was odd. I figured things were ok, that she was just busy or something. Two weeks later I came home for winter break and ran into her brother. I asked her how the "whole towing debacle" turned out. He looked at me quizzically, and I explained how I wired her $250. That's when I learned I'd been betrayed.

He said "Huh? She told me you sent her $250 for her tattoo."

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5. I Stripped My Life Of This Nonsense

My friend and I went to separate colleges after high school. He would call me up constantly asking to hang out, drive him somewhere, or generally give him money. Our colleges were 12 miles apart so I made the commute one weekend and proceeded to hang out with him. His plan for the weekend was, "Dude, you need to hit on girls then tell them to bang me.” He was dead serious.

Not only am I not a Casanova, but my friend was a rather unlikeable person at times. We went drinking at the frats. It went even worse than I'd feared. I was having a pretty decent night and managed to get some girls talking to him. Overall, it seemed like a better-than-average night. Well, my friend thought that I was making fun of him because I was laughing a lot with the girls. He decided to give me a double shot of 151 and I didn’t remember much past laying my head down on the couch.

I woke up at around 4 PM the next day, freezing, with no shirt, shoes, or hat—just my jeans. I was laying on a metal wireframe of a futon in some basement in November. I was shivering, confused, and still felt sick. I feared for my life. I stumbled out of the basement and talked to the homeowner to get some information. That's when everything fell into place. 

It turned out, I was five blocks away from the frat. My friend brought me to the house and purposely laid me down on the futon face up so if I puked, I would choke. The homeowner thought my friend was a bit "psycho" sounding and turned me over later. I thanked him and left. I tried to find my car and found out that my friend took my car and 20 other people to Denny’s using my credit card.

He then drove my car over 200 miles to hook up with a girl he met at the party. He went on and bought himself and this girl some iPods and spent my $76 in cash on clothes at the mall. He said to me, "You told me, take my car, it's yours now, and my credit card is yours. That means I own it."  I called the authorities and he ended up serving some time and repaying me. I let him know if I ever saw him again, he would be down a few teeth.

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6. Hurting For A Hug

I had a group of friends from junior high school through to the second year of high school. I had some serious self-esteem issues at the time and blamed myself for how poorly they treated me. I just continued to desperately try to be friends with them, even though they were terrible. Because of that, I witnessed some truly disturbing stuff. I saw one of the kids pick up a cat from someone's front lawn and drop-kick it.

Another time this same kid got back from having been in Florida for two weeks. He gave everyone a hug and then walked up to me like he was going to give me a hug as well, but then just punched me in the face as hard as possible. He never gave any reason for it, not even an excuse. He said he just “felt like it.” Of course, everyone else in the group hugged him and expressed that it was okay that he did that.

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7. Two-Faced Terror

My friend and I moved into an off-campus apartment during my junior year. Many people, including myself, would describe her as friendly and the nicest person they had ever met. Little did I know, she was a lying manipulative person underneath that facade. I started dating my girlfriend in November and we weren't telling anyone about our relationship until a few months later.

Before we got around to talking to my roommate, she asked us and we told her the truth. She became upset but seemed to be over it, and for the next week, things calmed down. Ten days later, there was an eviction notice for me taped to my front door. I was floored. I would have to leave college, as I had nowhere to live.

In ten days, my roommate had gone behind my back, lied to my landlord, turned every mutual friend against me because she didn’t approve of the fact I was in a relationship with another woman. I was crushed, and my girlfriend was inconsolable. She blamed herself for "ruining my life.” Not only that, but I had seen my roommate every single day, both at home and in class, and she talked and chatted with me like nothing was wrong.

Luckily, I did not get evicted, I talked to my landlord and my roommate ended up moving out. I slowly regained some, but not all, of my friends. Unfortunately, that wasn't the last of that woman. She tried to take our ping pong table, then when we caught her, she tried to lie to us. She also told her parents about my love life, so when they came to help her move, they told me I was disgusting and called my girlfriend names.

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8. He Was A Classified Jerk

A roommate of mine found a sublet for his room via Kijiji for the last month of our year lease. It was some random guy who was a few years older than me, but we hit it off. So, I invited him to move in with me and my girlfriend in our new lease, as he still hadn't made any arrangements to find another place, and our current lease was about to expire.

I figured I could use the help with rent and extra expenses for the first month. It turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. One month turned into two, and I had to sit him down and tell him that we were going to transform his room next month and he had to find a place. He agreed. Then, a week before the month’s end, he started browsing for a new place. I liked the guy, but my girlfriend and I really wanted privacy after several months of him bumming around.

It was nearing the end of the month and I left for work thinking about the dreaded 'so did you get a place yet?' conversation that was coming up. Instead of coming home to my roommate, I came home to my cash drawer emptied—$2,000 in web design side project money I had received from a few different small projects in cash.

He went through all of my stuff, took the cash, grabbed the single item he owned of any value, his PS3, and took a bus to who knows where. He deleted me on Facebook, which was the only way he communicated with anyone, and I couldn’t find anyone with a related friend. I told the proper authorities and went to the call center where he worked, but nothing. No one had seen or heard from him. I had to move all his garbage out of his room and I never felt so angry and sad at the same time.

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9. Broken Bedfellows

Early one summer, my friend’s girlfriend and my girlfriend got into a minor fight. My friend got on the phone and called my girlfriend a nasty name. He apologized to me. Even so, we only hung out once the entire summer, and it was very awkward. Then he started to hate me. He abandoned me and told all my other friends that I shouldn't be allowed at their homes. I’m not sure why. I was polite to him even after he called my girlfriend a name. Not only that but my girlfriend and his girl were really good friends, but since that day, they no longer speak either.

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10. Gym Rats

I had a circle of friends at university and every once in a while we would do stuff together at someone's house. I lived in an apartment at the time and decided to invite them all to my place. I had a week to prepare—buy drinks and snacks, music, etc. When the day of the party came, we all met up on campus to chat. I was about to tell them the time and directions, when one of them said, "Oh, should we go to his party or the gym?" They responded that they were going to the gym and left. I couldn't forgive that.

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11. He Was A Bad Habit To Break

One of my best friends needed a roommate and my other friend begged me to move in with her. I was skeptical but had faith in him after he promised to never take advantage of her good nature. Six months later, he started bringing his buddies over and pushing dope out of the apartment. A few months later, my best friend said she suspected he was going into her room and snooping through her stuff.

Another two months later, the guy got taken in for attempting to break into a vehicle. As I offered to drive him to court, since he didn't have a car, he confessed to me that he would regularly break into cars at night, take stuff, then sell it on Craigslist. I made him promise to stop his bad habits before he went inside the courthouse. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks later, he was back to his old tricks, and I haven’t seen him since.

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12.  Holiday Havoc

I let a friend stay with me over the holidays. She took my mother’s medication, who was dying of cancer at the time. She also used my address as her place of residence when she got busted for shoplifting and was found in possession of drugs. This led to a SWAT team showing up at my house looking for her on the morning of my mother's funeral. I had to sit around and wait for officers to search my house and was late for mom's funeral service.

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13. I Had To Weed Through This Mess

I had a friend who I started doing weed in high school. We smoked together all the time until he got a conservative girlfriend, who, for some reason, thought pot was Satan's plant. So life went on and I had no problem with him not partaking. I continued and we still hung at parties, he just wouldn’t smoke. One day, he sent an anonymous three-page letter to my parents and my other friend's parents.

It said that I was a daily toker, which I wasn’t, I eat mushrooms on a regular basis, which I never have, and that I was essentially an addict. It completely ruined my relationship with my parents even to this day. We recognized his terrible handwriting on the envelope immediately and confronted him about it. He denied it for three months, and, when he finally fessed up to it and apologized, we were no longer on good terms.

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14. My Actions Put A Wrench In Our Friendship

My friend and I were at a car junkyard and busting things up with whatever we could find. My grip slipped on a wrench I was hitting stuff with and it totally nailed my friend in the face from 20 feet away. He ended up with a long scar between his eyes. We eventually grew apart years later, but I kind of felt like this was a big reason. He never struck me as a guy who holds grudges, but I put a wrench into his face, so who could blame him.

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15. Robbed Of Their Friendship

I lived in a small suburb that wasn’t the best neighborhood. One day while I was out, my house got ransacked. I came home to find blood all over the carpet and furniture knocked all over. Officials determined the burglar cut himself on an antique piece of silverware that the thief took. About a week later, I was home alone when the dog started barking wildly.

I heard banging on the door and ran into my parents' room and crawled under the bed. My mom called the authorities and I sobbed my eyes out thinking there was a stranger in my house. When I found out who it was, I wanted to scream. Officers arrived and found my two best friends in the house knocking over furniture and spraying ketchup on the carpet. They heard about the break-in and decided to play a little practical joke. We pressed charges.

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16. Shunned At School

When I was in middle school, as I was about to sit down to lunch, my best friend looked at me and said very bluntly, "You can't sit here." It was totally out of the blue. It sounds silly, but at the time, that's one of the most terrifying things that could happen to a kid. Having to wander through a crowded cafeteria looking for an empty seat was a nightmare. I ended up being a shy kid until eleventh grade.

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17. Bail Out Blues

I made friends with a fellow business owner who was having some trouble with his business. I gave him 50% of my decently successful business and took over 50% of his failing business and put them under the same roof. For some reason, I let him be in charge of the finances, which included a bunch of credit cards and lines of credit in my name. Five months later, I found every single credit source maxed out and we had no cash. He took an excess of $40K from my business.

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18. I Needed To Skate Away From This Guy

When I was 11 years old, I was into skateboarding and rollerblading. I loaned my skateboard to a friend. As collateral, I would hang onto his skateboard until he returned mine. One day I heard something in my garage. I found him crawling out the window. He broke the window, climbed in, and took his skateboard back because he broke mine. But still, he managed to outdo himself.

About two weeks later, my mom passed, and he tried to be mean about it in front of other people in an attempt to be cool. I punched him in the face, broke his nose, and convinced my dad to file charges for the theft. Later his parents came over and begged us to drop the charges. They paid for the repairs and then some, so we did.

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19. Nothing To Cheer About

I had a group of six guy friends in high school. We were best friends since grade school. I was finally dating a cheerleader, who I was madly in love with. I had wanted to date her since freshman year, but she always dated cool, older guys. I finally won her over, and it was a hot, dramatic, passionate high school love. I was obsessed.

During senior week, I paid for her senior trip so we could spend a week together without supervision. It was a dream—then it turned into a nightmare. She dumped me on day one. She went to stay at the other house where my best friend was staying. I went over there sobbing begging him to not let anyone go near her. He promised he wouldn't. We got back together about three months later.

A week after that, she told me she was pregnant. I went over to my friend’s house to talk about the situation. We stayed up all night, and he convinced me it was her decision whether to keep it or not. So, I took her to get the abortion and paid for it. A while later, she dumped me for someone else. Then, she confessed the twisted truth, and I've never been the same. My friend was the father of the baby and not me.

When I confronted my friend, he admitted that they had slept together multiple times during senior week. When they found out she was pregnant, neither of them had any money for the procedure, so they decided to get me to pay for it.

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20. Gone For Good

My girlfriend and I had just got engaged. She suddenly became very secretive and was out a lot of the time. One day she got a text message and said she was going out. When I asked where she was going out of concern something was wrong, she had a massive blowout with me about privacy. So when she went out, I decided to go to my best friend's house.

I turned up at the door and his housemate let me in. I walked up to his room and saw something that will be burned into my brain forever. There he was, nailing my girlfriend. We broke up pretty soon after and I was willing to let it go. I knew I was never going to talk to either of them again so I thought, just forget it. Then my so-called best friend came to my house and said he was gonna kill me for making her leave town. Apparently, she had gone back to live with her parents.

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21. Caught On Tape

I was out drinking with all of my buddies as a going away party for myself before being deployed to the Middle East. One of my "buddies" was about to get in a fight with a couple of guys. I got between them and grabbed my friend with my back turned towards the dudes he was about to fight. All I remember is bits and pieces from the back of an ambulance but apparently, I took a cheap shot from one of the guys and went to the ground.

As I got up, one of the other dudes kicked me in the jaw. After that, I was completely unconscious and they proceeded to stomp on me until a campus cop showed up and scared them off. I ended up with a fractured jaw, a separated shoulder, and a fairly severe concussion. A couple of days later my friend told me the details of what happened. Apparently, he sat there videotaping the whole thing, while I was getting beat up within an inch of my life.

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22. I Couldn’t Play This Game

A friend of mine was dating my best friend at the time. Then this guy decided to try and date my cousin while dating my best friend. He just turned all of our worlds upside down. I had my cousin crying on one line and my former best friend on the other. Both crying about this guy who was playing both of them. I ended up beating him up in front of all our friends and some of his family members.

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23. Fight Snub

A fellow I used to work with disliked me because I made a comment about his girlfriend. One night, my friends and I decided to go get some munchies from the store up the street. I brought a backpack to carry the stuff back. We were pretty high, so I figured it was going to be a large amount of food we were going to get. As we were walking to the store, I saw the guy who I used to work with.

He was obviously tipsy, with two of his significantly larger friends. He noticed me and proceeded to shout at me. I ignored him, walked into the store with my friends, and bought my food. I then left the store. The guy who was mad at me was nowhere in sight. A few minutes down the road, he and his two buddies rushed up from behind me and my friends, yelled, and took a swing at me.

I had some fighting skills, but I was loaded and the backpack threw me off balance, so I fell to the ground. He and his three friends start punching and kicking me with all their might. I ended up with two broken ribs, a missing tooth, and lacerations. My two friends stood on the side of the road watching as I got beat up. When I asked them about it, both of their answers were, "Hey they weren't fighting me, so I didn't want to get involved."

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24. Three-Way Calling Catastrophe

When I was somewhere between eight and ten, I was not popular by any means. I had a few people I considered close friends, but only because they put up with my existence. There was a sleepover that I was not invited to. They thought it would be funny if they got a three-way call going between them, a girl who I considered a friend and myself.

I would be silent on the one end and they didn’t tell me that the girl was in on the joke. So they set up the call and started asking her about me. She started saying that I was fat and weird, and she told them secrets that I had told her. I heard the whole thing and was in tears when my mom came in. She pried what had happened out of me, called and yelled at the girl's mom.

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25. Crashed And Burned

I let a friend, who was homeless and unemployed at the time, live at my house rent-free. I drove him to his interviews, etc. He finally got a job at a pizza place. A week before he started, he crashed my car. He relentlessly promised that he would pay to fix it ASAP. A month later, he moved out and never paid me a dime.

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26. She Got Treats While I Got Tricked

I used to hold a Halloween party and a Christmas party at our home every year. My friend started canoodling with my boyfriend after the Halloween party. They got busy on my couch after I went to bed, and I found out about it at my Christmas party. When confronted, she tried to spin it, saying he took advantage of her, but it was a lie. She even confessed that she had been jealous of me and my relationship.

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27. Designing For Dollars

My friend and I decided to go into business together doing web design. He handled sales, while I was the designer/developer. At the time, I was under the impression we were splitting the payment 50/50. One day he couldn't make a client meeting, so I had to meet with them myself. They brought out the budget sheet that he printed. I took one look at it, and my jaw dropped. He was charging the client $20,000.

I had never charged anyone more than $1,000. My friend was skimming about 90% of the funds.

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28. Flagging Friendship

One day, when I was in the 7th grade, a couple of buddies and I were playing Capture the Flag. It was all in great fun—until I was captured. My friend ripped off my coat, hat, and gloves in the freezing cold and pinned me down. He covered me in the snow until I said where the flag was. I started to cry because it hurt.

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29. His Friendship Left Me Scarred For Life

When I was about 7 years old, my friend had a lighter. He picked up a big bit of foam packing material that was lying around. He lit it, held it in his hand until the top bit was ablaze, then suddenly freaked out. The thing is, he did the worst thing possible. He threw it straight in my direction. The burning foam landed on my arm, burning side down, and stuck. Thirty years later, I still have a scar on my arm. I didn't want to hang out with him after that.

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30. Ghosted

I had a small circle of extremely close friends I had known for years. My boyfriend at the time, whom I had introduced to the circle and whom the group became very close with, broke up with me. After the breakup, none of my friends ever spoke to me again. They ignored my calls, texts, Facebook messages, everything. I left voicemails simply asking for an explanation, but never got one. I still have no idea why they did it.

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31. He Took My Cash And Our Friendship

I gave my friend who was totally broke a job. He was my best friend since I was in 4th grade. I wanted him to be the best man at my wedding. He took $2,500 from me and acted like it was no big deal. He told me, "It's not fair you get all this money when I'm broke." Then he started avoiding me like the plague.

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32. He Needed Some Manners Ingrained In Him

I had a roommate in college who saw everything that everybody else owned as communal. For example, once I bought a giant bag of rice for $50. I worked a low-paying job and bought it in bulk to try and save money in the long run, thinking it would last me for the year. I soon discovered that not only was he helping himself to it every single day, but he was actually offering free rice to other people he knew. When I confronted him about it, he angrily said, "Dude, look how much of it you have! Don't be so greedy."

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33. They Split Up And I Got Stood Up

Two of my husband’s friends decided to move in together. Things started going south several months into their lease. The one kept up his smoking habits, allowed strangers into the apartment, and didn’t tell the other one that he had lost his job and couldn’t pay the rent.  After a year, they split apart. My husband decided we would look past these little differences and still have them be groomsmen at our wedding since we had been friends since high school.

The one guy was a go, but we tried over and over to get in contact with the other one after he moved. He would NEVER return our phone calls or messages. He eventually called and sounded extremely excited about being in the wedding party. He even gave us his current address to send an invitation, so he would have all the details. He never showed up or contacted us again, and even defriended us on Facebook.

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34. She Cleaned House…Of Me!

My 3-month-old daughter and I were renting a room in my best friend's house. We had been friends since high school. I thought it would be great, however, it turned out that she and her housemates were all slobs. That place looked like a horror movie. There were maggots and cat poo in the corner and flies everywhere. So, I started spending more and more time in my bedroom where at least it was clean and safe.

This doesn't help much because these people liked to have parties all the time, right on the other side of my wall. The only reason I stayed there as long as I did was that it was such a cheap place and nobody else would rent to me with a child. After a few weeks of spending 80% of my time in my bedroom, I got an email from my friend.

She was evicting me because she said, "You don't socialize enough with the rest of us." I paid my rent on time, I never argued or caused problems, and I picked up after everybody else all day long, and she wanted us out! That situation hurt my feelings more than anything else ever has.

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35. House Sitting Heathens

I was paying my friends to take care of our house. We agreed that they would take care of my plants, garden, and keep the house in the exact condition that I left it in, which was spotlessly clean. I came home to find all of my houseplants dead, many of which were expensive orchids.
Half of my garden was also dried up and gone.

There were pots and pans piled up in the sink, some with burnt-up stuff that was caked on so bad, I had to throw them out. The house was also a filth pit. I even found a dried-up condom on the floor in the bathroom. After all that, they had the nerve to demand I pay them. I told them that if giving them payment guaranteed I would never see them again, I would give them the money. I haven't talked to them since.

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36. Totally Phoney Friends

I was at my friend’s house hanging out when a few of us left to go get some food. I left my phone there and when I returned I couldn’t find it. I went back again the next day, and still nothing.  The next night, one of my friends confessed that they first put my phone in a guitar to hide it. Then when they tried to get it out, they broke it. It was then thrown in a toilet, stomped on in the street, and thrown into a storm drain. Needless to say, the next day, I beat them up and made them pay me for a replacement.

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37.  Fleeced By Our Friend

A friend of mine was living with us for a couple of months while he looked for a place of his own. We were asking for roughly $100 a month to cover any extra utilities and food. Apparently, he did not have it, and then my wedding ring went missing. At first, I had thought I had left it on some furniture or knocked it on the floor. I looked everywhere, and this guy helped.

He even helped me empty the vacuum cleaner bag and dig through a bagful of dust, hair, and crumbs. When it was nowhere to be found, my husband asked if I thought maybe this guy had taken it.  My immediate reaction was “absolutely not,” and my friend said, “Yeah, there's no way I would do that to you.” That's how tight we were with him, we even felt bad thinking that.

About a week went by and my friend said he found a place and his mom gave him the money for the deposit. A few days later he went to move in, and the landlord at the building was not the person he gave the money to. Furthermore, someone else was living in 'his' apartment, so he was out about $1,000, and had no place to live. He was stunned and visibly upset that he got ripped off. He ended up moving back to his parents. This is where things started to get...strange.

His mom called us a day or so later in what turned out to be a very odd call. She asked us what we thought about him getting ripped off and asked if we thought if he ever really paid the money to anyone. We were confused. That same evening we had some neighbors over and filled them in on the mysterious phone call. They were confused as well.

We decided to sit down and play cards. My husband picked up the record cabinet to move it and was surprised by how light it was. When we opened it up, we found that more than half of the records and video games were gone. At that point, my husband called his friend and left an angry message demanding he return our stuff.

The next day, his mother called us back to let us know that my friend had been hospitalized. His parents had heard the message and woke him up to confront him. He locked himself in his room, and tried to take his life. Apparently, he had pawned our stuff so that he could give us the $100 we needed. He returned as much stuff as he could and we never saw him again.

Backstabbing friendShutterstock

38. Sheer Madness

I went rock climbing with some friends. We were climbing up a sheer cliff face. The eldest one was very reckless and climbed way up ahead of us. I was clinging to the cliff face when all of a sudden I heard this guy laughing and then, “Kunk, KUNK, KUNK.” Suddenly, an enormous boulder the size of a sheep came tumbling down the cliff straight at me.

He had rolled it off the cliff face, over my head. I hugged the cliff and it whizzed right over my head, knocking my cap off. I was so shaken I couldn't move, another friend of mine climbed down and helped me get off the mountain because my nerves were fried. All I could think about was Piggy's fate in Lord of the Flies.

Backstabbing friendPexels

39. Karma Took Care Of This Clown

My mother had lost her life to cancer, leaving me an orphan. My high school class gathered money to put in my bank account to help. My friend was in charge of the collection and the class bank. He was going to put the funds in my account, but instead, went and bought heavy metal CDs with them. He got what was coming to him, at least. That same day, with the CDs in hand, he got hit by a passing motorcycle and ended up in the hospital.

Backstabbing friendPexels

40. Something Doesn’t Add Up

My friend broke into my room while I was at work and took my ADD medicine. He absolutely refused to acknowledge that he took it from me, even when confronted face to face. I found out that he frequently unlocked my door with a credit card to take whatever he wanted, including money and my medicine. Needless to say, we're not friends anymore.

Backstabbing friendShutterstock

41. She Got Salty When I Got Peppered

It was my freshman year in the college dorms. I was really good friends with a girl at the time, so when she pointed pepper spray at me, I thought she was joking around. Then I heard that awful spray sound and got a blinding experience. After that, I was like "HOLY COW!" That's when she got mad at me because she thought I overreacted.

Backstabbing friendShutterstock

42. He Socked It To Me

One day when I was in college, I was taking a nap. My roommate decided to pleasure himself while I was sleeping. He thought it was a good idea to do so into one of my socks. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it until it was too late. As a result, I now have a very strict policy about socks—once they're off, they do not go back on until they've been in the laundry.

Backstabbing friendShutterstock

43. This Friendship Went Down Under

I had asked someone who I had considered a good friend to be the best man at my wedding. This is someone who was my neighbor for 18 years. Less than six months prior to my wedding, he messaged me, through Facebook of all places, that he wasn’t going to be able to be there. Instead, he was going on a trip to Australia with some girl. It was a pretty crushing moment, as I trusted him deeply and just got tossed aside. There was no going back to being friends after that.

Backstabbing friendShutterstock

44. I Couldn’t Bounce Back From This One

My "best friend" had lost all his money gambling in Reno. He came up to my hotel room to borrow my last $250. He ended up winning a total of about $30,000. A few days after we got back home, I asked him for the $250 he owed me. He kept putting me off until finally, he paid me. He gave me a check for $500 and THE CHECK BOUNCED!

Backstabbing friendShutterstock

45. Betrayed By My Bestie

When I was 10, my best friend asked my opinion on this other girl in our class. I said something along the lines of her being mean and me not really liking her. Later in the day, my best friend, the girl, and a few other girls come up to me. My best friend had told this girl what I said and she got upset. I felt completely betrayed.

Backstabbing friendShutterstock

46. Blood Is Thicker Than Friendship

When I was younger, I had a friend who I was very close with. His older brothers, who never liked me, decided to burglarize my home. He knew about it and did not tell me anything. He pretended to not know anything but I confronted him and he denied it. I didn’t speak to him again, until two years later when I saw him at the park and he finally admitted it.

Backstabbing friendUnsplash

47. He Burned That Bridge

When I was eight, my best friend, who lived down the block from me, played a lot in a treehouse that I helped build. It was a castle-type thing with a top room that could only be entered from the room below via a ladder and had windows looking out. One day he got a hairspray bottle from his mom and took some matches.

He was lighting leaves on fire and spraying them for the little fireballs it made. I didn't want to be doing that, so I went up to the top room and read comics. After a while, I heard his back door close and looked out a window to see him going inside. I didn't think much of it at first. Then I made a chilling realization. Smoke was drifting up from under the boards and it got hot.

I went to look down the ladder and saw the hay in the room ablaze and had no way to get down and out the normal way. I ended up squeezing through and jumping out the window. I went and got his mom. He claimed he went in for a drink and didn't know the treehouse was catching fire. He cried to the firemen and his mom and got them to believe that I brought the matches and started the fire.

I had to go to fire safety classes as a result.

Backstabbing friendPexels

48. The DJ Was Done

Someone I knew was working as a DJ at a small hole-in-the-wall bar. My friends and I went to hang out and listen to him spin some tunes. He had some more of his friends there too. He had all his DJ equipment there and the bar even provided security to make sure none of his stuff got taken. He went to the bathroom while we were outside.

Two of his other friends come out carrying some of his stuff and are like, "Yeah, he's not feeling good. We're helping him carry his stuff out." They loaded it up into their vehicle, which took about ten minutes, and they drove away. Meanwhile, the DJ hadn’t come out of the bathroom, which was weird. Soon after, the dark truth came out. He'd been unconscious.

His friends spiked his drink so he would pass out and take all his stuff. Not only that, they took his house keys, too, and looted his house. They went so far as to gather all of his CDs, DVDs, and everything electronic worth more than $10. He didn't really own anything other than that kind of thing. He was taken to the hospital. His car meanwhile, was still in the parking lot—but not for long.

His friends came back and took his car! They drove it to the hospital and told him that they would off him if he reported it to the authorities.

Backstabbing friendPexels

49. Their Practical Joke Almost Killed Me

When I was 10 years old, I was at a sleepover with four friends. They knew that I had a serious allergy to latex. During the night they decided to play a prank on me by taking a latex balloon, popping it, and laying it on my face. Two hours later I woke up with difficulty breathing and just feeling terrible. When I noticed the latex on me, I freaked out, waking the entire house up.

My friends came into my room, saw me, and laughed. Instead of helping me when I could barely breathe, they then got a mirror and showed me my face. They thought it was a big joke. It was more like a horror movie. My face had swollen beyond recognition and large blisters covered it. It took five minutes for the parents to come in. They freaked out and took me to the hospital with the other kids, all the way they were laughing at me.

During the car ride, my mouth got so swollen that I couldn't speak. One of the friends took out his video camera. He turned it on and started filming me and laughed. At that point, I had enough, so I socked him in the jaw, knocking him out. About five minutes later, we got to the hospital where I was rushed into surgery.

Backstabbing friendShutterstock

50. Frantic Fallout

When I was a teenager, I met this girl and we became close instantly. We were friends for maybe a year, until one day she called me in tears saying she didn’t know where she was or what was going on. She said she had been approached by a man who was threatening her somehow, shoved a cloth over her mouth and she passed out. When she woke up she was somewhere she didn't recognize.

She told me she managed to escape, and she was completely frantic phoning me about it. I was about fourteen at the time, and I had no idea what on earth to do, aside from calling law enforcement. After keeping this up for a while and refusing to let me hang up to call the proper authorities, I heard laughing in the background, and, "Oh, she fell for it?" At that point I hung up, burst into tears, and decided at that very moment that we were no longer friends.

Backstabbing friendShutterstock

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