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Unnerving Last Words

When people are on their last legs, they seem to feel the need to unburden themselves of past misdeeds or thoughts they've held on to. From the benign confessions of love to the shocking secrets of double lives, these real-life stories are about the most unnerving last words ever to be overheard.

1. Deal With The Devil

I was caring for an elderly lady who had been in declining health and nearing the end of her life for about a week. She consistently requested that I read her the Bible, but the moment I started, she would cry out, saying he was there to take her and stood just behind me. 

It was especially eerie to hear this in the stillness of the night at 3 AM. Eventually, I gathered the courage to ask her to specify who she meant by "he". Honestly, I wasn't ready for her response. She said, "The Devil’s coming for me because I didn't stop my husband from harming our children".


2. Guardian Angel

Just recently, I had the privilege of looking after an elderly lady who suffered from several sudden strokes within a short span. Just one week prior, she was your typical energetic 80-year-old, spending her days horse riding and teaching at a nearby school on a part-time basis. By the time she came under my care, she could no longer speak, care for her own needs, or even feed herself.

Despite her condition, I sensed that she was mentally present, and so, I chatted with her whenever I was in her company. Our conversations revolved around her daughters who called in regularly, her husband—though I tactfully omitted the fact that he hadn't called—the days' weather, her horses, and her students who had sent her a card.

On my final working day of the week, one of her daughters managed to catch a flight and visit her. They sat together, hand-in-hand, not saying a word for several hours. As visiting time came to a close at the end of my shift, I entered the room just as her daughter was preparing to leave. 

It was then that the elderly lady spoke words that I knew were bound to be her last—and they were absolutely heart-wrenching. She told us, "I'll always be looking after you". She gestured towards her daughter and then at me before dozing off. When I returned to work two days later, I learned that she had peacefully passed during the night.

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3. It Was Par For The Course

My grandma was removed from life support and my dad and grandpa spent the night at the hospital with her. Around seven in the morning, dad stepped out to get breakfast. Then, something remarkable happened—grandma woke, looked at grandpa, and told him, "Get the new golf clubs. I love you," before she passed. 

Grandpa and dad had been discussing earlier about grandpa's ancient golf clubs. He'd been considering buying new ones for over 20 years. For the past week leading up to this, my grandma had been less than fully alert; she was barely conscious.

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4. Those Hollywood Nights

For about ten years, I had a job at a nursing home taking care of hospice patients, rehab residents, and others needing long-term care. In those years, I got to know one gentleman who had served in the Army Film Unit in Los Angeles during a period of conflict. 

One night, it seemed like he wouldn't survive till morning, and I kept him company, engaging in conversation. Throughout, he was incredibly clear-headed. He revealed to me that he had witnessed first-hand the "Zoot Suit Riots". Astonishingly, he even confessed to ending another man's life, although he never faced any consequences. 

Despite investigations, I never managed to validate any documented deaths occurring during the riot's five-day span in LA. The stories didn't stop there. He also regaled me with tales of a flirtatious encounter with Rosemary Clooney in a bar on Sunset Boulevard.

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5. She Didn’t Give A Hoot

My great-grandma lived a fascinating and lengthy life. She spent her youthful 20s in the era of the Great Depression. She had a mysterious adventurous side from those times, so much that we can't even recall our great-grandfather's name. We're only familiar with the man she married later. 

Throughout her life that spanned nearly a century, my great-grandma amassed an extensive owl collection. She had acquired literally thousands of owl-themed objects. From clocks, wall decorations, and kitchen towels, to lamps, stained-glass creations, salt shakers, and countless little trinkets that all portrayed owls. 

We were always puzzled about her interest in owls. She never spoke about it, but it was evident that she had a thing for them. As she reached the twilight of her life, around 98 or 99, with doctors estimating she had just a few days left, my grandparents visited her. They asked if there's anything she wished to say or ask before she departed. 

After a brief moment of thought, she stunned us with a shocking revelation: "I never understood the owls". It turned out, she didn't really have a particular affinity for owls. From the information we gathered, it seems like sometime during the 40s or 50s, she acquired a pair of owl-themed salt/pepper shakers. 

Then, someone gifted her the missing set. Those were the earliest owl items anyone could recall. The set was soon completed by some owl-matching kitchenware, such as a pot holder or a placemat. Before she knew it, her kitchen had an owl theme.

The situation continued to escalate from there and, in a blink of an eye, owl-themed items rushed into her life. They were a mystery to her for nearly 60 years and eventually, they came to dominate her personal possessions.

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6. She Had Enough Of The Stuff

My father had a weakness for small-town auctions. As time went by, he had gathered so many boxes of miscellaneous items, always going to the bidder who wasn't willing to pay a lot. His unique collection managed to fill our garage and a separate workshop in the backyard. 

He often reassured my mother that one day he'd clear it all out, either through a massive yard sale or his own auction. However, when my mom's cancer came back, reality struck—it was a battle she wouldn't be able to win this time.

Just a fortnight before she passed, I found myself sitting by her side in the hospital. We had exhausted all our conversation topics. As she tried to distract herself from the pain, she looked up at the ceiling and voiced out, “Well, at least I won't have to deal with your dad's stuff anymore". This brought on a fit of laughter from the both of us.

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7. It Was Lights Out For Grandma

Tom's grandmother was an authentic hippy, globe-trotting everywhere with her three young sons back in the 60s. Much like his grandmother, Tom too was a genuine hippy during his teenage years and adored his grandma immensely. They would chat about every aspect of life. 

When grandma arrived at the end of her life, she was laid up in a hospital bed surrounded by her sons and suddenly, her heart stopped, or so it seemed. However, she wasn't gone just yet. After a few seconds of silence, she abruptly drew in a breath, gasping, "Tell Tom I never saw a light," before exhaling her final breath.

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8. His Words Made Me Cry

Once upon a time, I worked as a scrub nurse, essentially playing a key role during operations by aiding the primary surgeon. One day, there was an older patient on our operating table for what was deemed a fairly risky procedure. 

While he had a decent chance of pulling through without a hitch, equally, there was a risk that things might not proceed as planned. He was fully aware of the odds. As the CRNA prepped the anesthesia, I stood by the patient, reviewing his health chart and the consent forms he'd signed.

Out of the blue, he asked me, “Could you tell my wife something for me? Apologize to her... for the times I may have been harsh. It wasn't often, but now... I wish I never had been". His confession brought a lump to my throat. I wanted dearly to assure him everything would work out fine, but, honestly, we didn't know what the outcome would be.

I managed to reply, “I promise to help in any way I can, but for now, why don't we shift our focus to brighter memories before you slip into sleep?” I invited him to share the story of his first date with his wife. After the anesthesia had whisked him off, I took a moment to compose myself, holding back tears before heading off to scrub in.

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9. Spending Spree

My buddy's grandfather was always a kind-hearted, yet serious guy. His habits included a lot of drinking and sleeping. As he neared the end, he pulled my friend in close. A grin spread across my friend's face as he shared his last piece of advice: "I'm leaving you a big chunk of change. Life's too short. Blow it all. Spend it all on partying and living on the edge".

A week later, the old man was gone. I can't say for sure whether my friend spent his inheritance as instructed, but I do know he used it.

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10. Dear John

My grandma battled dementia for many years before her passing. Her condition escalated to a point where she could not recognize her family members, and out of fear, she would lock herself in her house. 

Toward the end, her remaining memories were snippets of her sister's lovely piano playing and vague notion of her husband, her childhood love, being missing. He had, in fact, passed on earlier. Her daily routine revolved around anticipating his return home from an unknown location. 

Phrases like "My John will be home soon," or mistakenly identifying strangers as her beloved John became commonplace. Observing her decline was a sorrowful experience, especially as she became mostly unresponsive. On one of my final hospital visits, she clutched my hand and expressed her love for me. 

She confessed her readiness to join John wherever he was. Miraculously in that fleeting moment, she remembered me, her current state, and that her husband, my grandad, had already left this world. Soon after that, she peacefully slipped away.

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11. He Had A Tale To Tell

As my grandfather's health began to fade, he started making odd comments about a group of people we didn't know. He would tell us many war stories and frequently mention the word "Kitchens". His talk of "Kitchens" seemed like random rambling at that time. But after he passed, we found a handwritten book while cleaning his house. 

This book was a legacy from his grandfather. The book told tales of the Denver bootleggers, and specifically focused on a character who ran one of the most significant businesses during the Prohibition era. We discovered some old photographs in a box, among various pins and a Masonic sash. 

These photos featured my grandfather, his father, our family members, and a peculiar old man dressed in what appeared to be a suit and hat typical of the 1940s, giving him the air of a vintage bandit. Later, we discovered that the old man in these pictures supposedly owned a house that my aunt used to visit as a young girl. 

An attempt to track down the property revealed no official street number for it. Instead, it was registered one block away. The house had a rather mysterious address, and the owner was a company operated by a man known to my aunt and mom as a relative. 

At this stage, we began to suspect that “Kitchens” might be a codename for someone my grandfather knew from the Masons. It's possible that this "Kitchens" character is the old man in the pictures and maybe even the protagonist of the handwritten book we found hidden in the closet.

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12. She Was A Wild Thing

One of the most testing times I experienced involved an elderly patient in her 80s with advanced dementia. This lady was also dealing with recovery from a serious septic bed sore. Fascinatingly, she frequently mistook me for her second husband, mainly because, as her daughter informed me, I resembled him closely. 

The patient would regularly bring up shared moments from "our" more colourful past—this often included practices like swinging and partner swapping, not to mention other wild escapades. Instead of continuously correcting her and causing confusion and distress, I learned to play along. 

She and I would frequently discuss "our" children, other relatives, and various other less spicy shared experiences from her time with her husband. It seemed to bring her comfort and joy to reminisce about these memories, which always left me with a glimpse of her happiness.

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13. Homesick

During my initial year of nursing, I was assigned to a palliative care unit. There, I met a young 28-year-old lady battling cancer. Originally from Canada, she had relocated to be closer to her boyfriend, only for him to abandon her a year later. We were taken by surprise by the rapid progression of her illness.

I was there, gently holding her hand as she took her last breaths, isolated without any friends or family by her side. She opened up to me in her final moments, sharing a heart-wrenching revelation. She confessed, with tears in her eyes, that she regretted leaving Canada. Her family, who were an ocean away, did not have the chance to reach her in time.

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14. Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

A lady who is more than a century old confided in me about the harsh treatment she got from her first husband. Back then, due to societal norms, she was trapped in the marriage. He'd fallen off a horse—which he'd also often mistreated—and had been kicked a few times. 

Although he was calling out for assistance, she chose not to respond and he passed. She'd kept this secret to herself all these years, but it burdened her with guilt for more than eight decades, with his cries for help still vivid in her mind.

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15. She Knew Something Was Up

When my great-grandmother was nearing the end of her life, she made a peculiar assumption about my mom. She was somehow certain that my mom was expecting a baby, and she was eager to know if the baby was a girl or a boy. My mom cleared up her confusion, assuring her that she wasn't pregnant. 

My great-grandmother asked my aunt the same question, then concluded, "Oh, I guess I made a mistake". But what really made us scratch our heads happened nine months later. That's when I was born.

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16. He Saw The End Clear As Day

One day, all of us, the entire family, spent time together at my grandparents' house. My granddad, who had Alzheimer's, suddenly made a poignant comment while we were engaged in a piano duet. He surprised us by saying, "I feel my end is near, yet it feels so heartwarming to be with each of you one last time". 

To lighten the mood, I assured him by saying don't you worry, I'll be back again next Sunday. The very next day, my grandfather suffered a brain hemorrhage and slipped into a coma. After four long, agonizing days, he finally parted from this world. It's my strong belief that on that very day when we were with him, he had a moment of clarity. 

He knew who he was, who we were, and somehow sensed that his time was near.

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17. It Was All Hard To Accept

One of my buddy's patients was nearing the end of his life. He confessed, "My only regret is not telling my son that I fully accept him". The real gut-wrencher came when she learned that the man's son was a transgender male. Tragically, the gentleman passed from terminal cancer at the age of 50, before he had the chance to share his acceptance with his son.


18. Her Confusion Eventually Led To The Truth

A few days prior to my grandma's departure, she seemed quite perplexed. She spoke about my mom having a child roughly a year after I was born who was consequently given up for adoption. She expressed how unfortunate and awful this situation was and felt it was my right to be aware. 

After my grandma's demise, I approached my mom expecting answers but she dismissed these claims, and I genuinely believed her. However, a couple of months later, I stumbled upon a quite a disheartening truth. My grandma was the one who had actually given up a child for adoption. 

This baby girl had been born between the births of my mom and aunt.

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19. His Tormented Past Caught Up With Him

My loved one's granddad kept his WWII experience a secret. He enlisted under a false identity and age, that's why we couldn't find any related documents. But he would've been just 16 at that time. His service extended to the Pacific region, but when he returned, his lies were revealed. 

Since he had turned 18, he was summoned under his real identity and immediately detained. He was desperate to avoid being sent off to war again, so he turned to heavy drinking and self-injury. Most of his adulthood was marked by substances and being a poor partner and parent. However, he managed to change for the better later in life. 

Having grandchildren mellowed him. In his final moments, he flashbacked to his army days. He exclaimed, "Oh God, they're here. The Japanese, they're behind us, sir. Get him. Get him. Help! I need a medic!" He also repeated a list of names again and again. His mind was tortured and broken.

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20. His Confession Didn’t Change Anything

My dad confessed to me and mom that he had taken her cherished wedding jewels a few years back and sold them to pour money into stocks that he reckoned were a solid bet. Unfortunately, he blew all the cash. 

Our whole family had always pointed fingers at my eldest brother since he was known to have a serious gambling problem, and he had been caught pilfering things from us several times in the past. We kept this secret to ourselves. Even after all these years, everyone still believes it was my brother who did it.

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21. Beasts Of Burden

I used to have a job at a modest hospital located in a quaint town near Munich. Essentially, my work consisted of transporting patients, disposing of waste, and carrying out occasional repairs. I saw numerous patients pass through our doors. Among them, I remember some sharing their deepest regrets with me. Two of them remain etched in my memory.

The first person was a Polish woman who revealed her past as a nighttime entertainer during WWII. She confessed she had been with many prominent figures, but her secretive life wasn't the source of her lament. In fact, she didn't regret her past, but the heavy emotional pain came from not being able to talk about it. 

Another piercing regret was terminating more than five pregnancies during that period. The second recollection involves an elderly man who used to be a truck driver for a company in East Germany. Unfortunately, he shared with me a chilling confession. Once, he accidentally hit some children with his truck and, succumbing to fear, failed to stop to ensure they were okay.

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22. Family Rivalry

A hospice caregiver had an elderly lady in her care, who was mostly bed-bound and in her 90s. Most times, she didn't respond but there were fleeting moments when she showed signs of understanding her surroundings. 

People often wonder how much these unresponsive patients actually comprehend, so it's always encouraged that their family members spend time with them, in hopes that their presence brings some form of comfort. This elderly lady hailed from a state in the US renowned for its state university and the success of its university's football team. 

Her family lineage traced back to several generations of this very university's alumni. However, during her time in hospice care, her great-granddaughter was the first in history to choose a different path; she chose to go to the rival state university.

While her family found humor in her decision and often amusedly referred to her as the "outcast" or "traitor" or other playful titles, they were supportive of her choice nonetheless. One day, as they were all gathered around the elderly lady's bed, jovially poking fun at the great-granddaughter about her decision, something remarkable happened. 

Suddenly the elderly lady sat upright, turned to her great-granddaughter and with her final words, claimed, "Traitor,” before breaking into laughter.

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23. A Special Last Day

I once had the privilege of working with elderly folks at a day center. One particular gentleman, well into his 90s and adored by all, had decided to resort to euthanasia—a practice allowed in our country—and was scheduled for that very afternoon. His impending departure stirred deep emotions among the nurses and social workers. 

The concept of ongoing conversations with someone, fully aware that they're on their last day, can be quite unconventional. Yet, I found myself accompanying him on a stroll. As I maneuvered his wheelchair, we engaged in a profound discussion about life's twists and turns. 

Within that hour, his wisdom poured over me like a waterfall, teaching me invaluable lessons about life. He shared his long-held experiences from WWII, the impact it had on his life, and his journey towards healing. Surprisingly, he had kept these stories hidden, never revealing them to anyone—not even his wife.

The life lessons he shared that day were a priceless gift, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

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24. Nunsense

My much-loved great aunt was part of the sisterhood, a devout nun. During a pre-marriage meeting with my then-fiancée, she unexpectedly asked if we had already been intimate. I answered in the affirmative, somewhat bashfully, bracing myself for a reprimand due to our pre-marital activities. But her response left me flabbergasted. 

She responded, "Well, it makes sense to test the product's quality before purchasing it". This was the wittiest remark I've ever heard, especially coming from a 90-year-old nun in her full religious attire.

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25. Coming To America

My grandma hailed from Spain. One day it dawned on me, "Why don't I know Spanish?" This question prompted me to ask my mom, who I'd also never heard speak a word of Spanish. She explained, "When my mom moved to America, she was all about 'We're in America now, let's communicate in English'".

We persistently asked her to teach us Spanish yet she repeatedly claimed she'd lost her fluency. We were quite skeptical about this but she stuck to her story. She was sharp as a needle until her 90s and enjoyed living alone. However, as time went on, we re-housed her to live with us, then into a senior care home to be with her friends.

When her health deteriorated and she ended up in a nursing home her cognitive ability started to fade. It was here where we overheard her conversing flawlessly in Spanish with the predominantly Hispanic staff members. The irony is it took her slipping into senility to forget her own assertion that she couldn't speak Spanish. 

This unintentionally disclosed to us that she always remembered her native language, she just didn't express it because, in her opinion, it wasn't the "American" thing to do.

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26. A Final Send-Off

The evening my step-dad passed, he sent me an email. Throughout, he'd endured a lot of suffering due to chemotherapy, cancer, various medications, and such. He didn't wish to carry on as he was slowly wasting away, while also depleting his funds. He made me promise not to confess the truth to our family. 

He shared, "Tonight, after your mom retires to bed, I'm planning to take all my sleeping pills. If I'm fortunate, she'll never discover the truth. It would shatter her". Afterwards, he left us.

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27. There Was Nothing More She Needed To Say

I sauntered into my mom's room, catching her staring at nothing in particular, her head canted to one side. Then, with a slow shift of her gaze and a soft smile directed at my direction, she voiced, "Well, there we have it, nothing more left to do". 

Her mental clarity was compromised at that time, and so, respecting her state, I just continued with our bonding. As soon as they delivered her supper, I kissed her a goodnight. Couple of hours later, her nurse phoned me up, informing me that my mom's condition had deteriorated quickly. 

I was there holding her hand as she peacefully drew her last breath, though she didn't utter another word.

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28. The Train Finally Left The Station

There was a moment when I was looking after a gentleman in the hospital dealing with cancer. He was struggling with partial paralysis from the waist down. I remember approaching him in his room once when he was particularly downhearted and emotional. So, I took a seat beside him and simply listened while he spoke. 

He voiced his exhaustion with life and his desire not to be confined in the hospital. He concluded our conversation by wishing for a passing train. Just ten minutes after my shift ended, he slipped away. His exact cause of death that very moment remains unclear even now. For all we can deduce, he wasn't able to reach the train, so in a sense, the train came to him.

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29. The Big Reveal

My aunt once told me a startling story about her aging mom. It was just moments before her mom tragically fell down the stairs. In these final moments, her mom made a confession that changed everything. She confessed that she was not my aunt's real mother.

To add to the shock, she revealed that my aunt's older sister was, in fact, her actual mother. It turns out, the sister got pregnant while she was still quite young. Trying to handle it in the best way possible, their mom decided to take on the role of my aunt's birth mom. This wasn't an unusual method used in those times.

All of this was unveiled in her final breath.

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30. Was She Guilty?

As my grandma was nearing the end of her life, she made a startling confession—she claimed to have taken someone's life. Considering her eccentricity, it's possible she wasn't hallucinating from any pain medicines. So we set out to verify her tale by digging into the histories of her ex-husbands, past partners, and any other possible matches. 

Thankfully, we didn't find any missing persons among them. Still, now and then, the thought crosses my mind.

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31. A 22-Caliber Mystery

I once nursed a WWII Veteran suffering from dementia. He'd constantly repeat the number "22," yet no one could figure out why. There didn't seem to be any relevant events or dates associated with it. Right before he passed, something remarkable happened. His mind suddenly cleared, and he shared a distressing detail with us: "Twenty-two men. I took the lives of 22 men over there".

He carried this profound sorrow for well over half a century.

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32. Special Delivery

Growing up, my mom was in charge of a nursing home. Between the ages of five and ten, my weekends were spent in the company of the residents. As a young child, the elderly folk often shared secrets with me, thinking I wouldn't fully grasp them. Two stories particularly stand out in my memory.

One involved an elderly lady, who was nearly 96 and approaching her final days. She mustered up one last burst of strength, mistaking it for recovery. On one occasion, a Black delivery guy dropped some flowers off. 

After he left, with tears streaming down her face, she expressed her regret to me, sadly uttering, "I can't believe I'm passing away without ever being with a man of color". The second story was from a time when I was reading bible passages to a resident. 

Suddenly, this person blurted out apologies, saying, "I'm extremely sorry. I didn't mean to throw that baby in the well".

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33. He Wasn’t Worth The Money

My great-grandfather was not known for his kindness. He set out on his own when he was only eight years old and managed to survive all by himself. He would often lay his hands on his children, and I reckon his wife might have suffered the same treatment. 

One day, she packed her bags and left him and the children behind. It was the 30s after all, and women didn’t have many rights. I guess he didn't let her take the kids with her. When my difficult great-grandfather was on his deathbed, he revealed to his sons that he had hidden a substantial amount of money on their old property. 

He made an offer; if they came to visit him, he would disclose the exact location. But none of them showed up.


34. The Final Piece To The Puzzle

My mom was adopted. My grandparents were always open about this and loved her as their own. Growing up, she was curious about her and her brother's biological parents, but getting this kind of information was not easy back in those days. Each child had very limited details about their biological parents when they came to the orphanage, or the information was intentionally kept hidden.

Over time, my mom managed to compile enough info such as potential family relations, property records from the library, and the likes. It was like piecing together a puzzle of her past. Eventually, she was able to obtain the names of her biological mother and her brother's mother.

She discovered that she originally came from a big family with many siblings. Sadly, my uncle learned that his mother had passed shortly after he was put up for adoption. When my mom finally discovered all of this, she had married, had my older sister, and was expecting me. 

One way or another, she got a phone number that belonged to her biological mother's house. When she called, a young boy picked up. After my mom asked for her biological mother, the woman came on the line. It was a tough chat. The woman was not open to meeting with my mom. 

She barely asked my mom any questions, but my mom let her know that she was free to hang up whenever she wished. My mom briefly shared her life's story before the conversation ended. From then on, the woman occasionally sent letters, but made it clear that their contact must remain unknown to the rest of her family. 

It was a secret the woman carried until she was on her deathbed. As her health deteriorated, one of her daughters once asked her, "Will you tell us where you went when you disappeared that time?" 

Finally, the woman confessed that she had stayed at a home for unwed mothers years ago, where she gave birth to my mom, the child of her affair with the milkman.

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35. A Haunting Confession

My loving mom once confessed to me that she was hurt by her elder cousin when she was just a little girl. She even gave me his name. I didn't inquire further, and she passed just a few hours after sharing this secret. It's a secret I've kept closely guarded, never sharing it with anyone, even my dad, who has also since passed. 

I really don't know if he even had a clue about this. The thought that my mom might have endured this pain all alone throughout her life is deeply saddening and frankly, it haunts me.


36. He Finally Gave Up The Goods

I was employed in a government law enforcement agency where we dealt with serious crimes. Some of these cases involved gangs—not necessarily the Mafia, but definitely bad organizations. One of our recurrent suspects was a middle-ranking member believed to be involved in thefts from cargo shipments. He was a familiar face, as we'd taken him in multiple times before.

He often mocked us, but his life took a turn when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Our case against him was still incomplete when health issues started to dominate his life. We paid him a visit at his home just before he was moved to a hospice. It was understood that he was guilty of more than what we could prove—we both knew that. Yet, for reasons unknown, he threw me a lifeline.

He proposed, "If I provide you some information, would you hold off on using it for a few weeks?" At first, I hesitated, but he ensured me that there was no immediate rush. So, I consented. He confessed, "I realize you're investigating me, but I'm not your guy". 

He confessed that he'd intended to commit a wrongdoing, but revealed the real culprit and where to find evidence against five or six others. When I inquired about his sudden truthfulness, he explained, the other guy "never behaved properly with people". I didn't question him further. 

Three weeks later, after his demise, I disclosed the information he'd shared. Fortunately, I never had to reveal him as the source because the evidence he led us to was substantial enough on its own.

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37. The Right Track To A Tragic End

A man, who was 56 years old, was near his end. Frazzled and shouting, he told us about how he started his journey early, attending preschool to set a foundation. The purpose was to score the best grade school, which would springboard his admission into a top-notch high school. 

All this was so he could secure a spot in an Ivy League university and eventually land a high-paying job. This was supposed to be his year; the year he built a secure future for his family by providing for their education, and settling the mortgage. This emotional outpouring went on for around four hours until his passing. 

It was a truly heartbreaking event.

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38. He Just Wanted To Go

Back when my uncle was just 13, he faced a serious health issue—a brain tumor. His condition was grave, and he was fighting bravely to stay alive. My grandmother was always by his side in the hospital, such that he had to ask her to take a break, go home, eat something and freshen up. 

By then, he was unable to move—it was a truly distressing situation. No sooner had my grandmother reached home than the phone rang, bearing the news of his passing. My mom shared that the nursing staff suggested that he might have been clinging on for life because his mother was around.

They thought he didn't want to let go while his mom was present, as it could have been extremely difficult for her to witness. The nursing staff remarked that this behavior is quite common among their patients.

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39. I Didn’t Do It!

My uncle was famously known for his heavy drinking and wild antics, and while he sometimes seemed a bit unhinged, no one was really certain. One morning after a family gathering, we discovered a mattress that smelled of urine. Everyone assumed it was him, even though he passionately pleaded his innocence.

On his deathbed, his final insistence was, "I wasn't the one who wet the bed!" Incredibly, it seemed this old, insignificant incident nagged at him more than any of his past major misdeeds.

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40. A Regretful Choice

One night, I checked on a patient who seemed totally okay. But the next night, a big change had occurred. They had suffered a serious stroke in the late morning. The family chose not to go ahead with surgery, based on their age and other factors. 

The wife shared with me they had a rich, fulfilling life together, having been married for 40-50 years. She spent the entire night at his side. Their children and grandchildren were also present. I reminded them that even unconscious, he could probably hear them. 

So, I advised them to keep talking, to let him hear whatever they wanted to say before time ran out. Around 4 in the morning, I could sense he was nearing the end, and his wife wanted confirmation. I answered her truthfully, and she fell apart, tightly holding his hand. 

She wept uncontrollably, lamenting that she wasn't ready to let him go. She shared that they still had so many shared plans to fulfill. She wished she hadn't decided against treatment, so they could have more moments together. Fifteen minutes later, the patient passed.

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41. Making Amends

I remember talking with a gentleman in his 90s who expressed his remorse over having participated in a biased group when he was younger. He was deeply regretful about his past behavior, especially towards people of color and even some white Catholics. 

Throughout his life, he had numerous CNAs and patient care techs, many of them from minority backgrounds, with whom he was always friendly and affectionate. His past actions haunted him deeply. He confided in me, but asked me not to share his story with anyone else on the team. 

As his health began to decline, he mustered enough strength to ask one of the Black RNs I worked with for her forgiveness. She wasn't sure what he was seeking forgiveness for, but she gave it and supported him in making peace with his faith. He found his peace and passed peacefully a few days after.

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42. He Thought Of His Wife To The Very End

My great-grandfather was in his mid-nineties when he passed. He'd always been in good health but had developed a harmless tumor that was too risky to remove due to his age. Sadly, it became infected and he was gone within a week. Before his passing, I went to see him in the hospital. 

We used to visit him frequently, but after a family disagreement with my grandma, we ceased the get-togethers. Regardless, I kept bumping into my great-granddad at our local shop, which was where we enjoyed many a good chat. During that hospital visit, he reassured me not to worry about him. 

Almost everyone he knew had already passed on and he felt ready to join them. In the week he detected he was getting sick, he knew something wasn't right, and made provisions for my great-grandma to move into a nursing home. He had been her caregiver while she battled Alzheimer's, and he wouldn't let go until he was confident she was well-looked after. 

They had shared over 70 years of marriage.

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43. That Was It

Just two days prior to my dad's passing due to heart complications, my older brother and sister found themselves by his bedside, engaging him in conversation. He was alert and able to communicate back. They recounted his benevolence and compassion towards his own parents. 

Tears welled up in his eyes, and he replied, "I find happiness in knowing I was a good son. I deeply love all my children, for they have shown me nothing but kindness and goodness". He then proceeded to call out each child's name individually.

That same day, a phone call came through from his only remaining sibling, who wished for his return home. To which my dad responded, "I won't be coming home. This is my final destination".

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44.  Friends And Enemies

Here's a story about a guy who spent his final days in hospice care. Most of the time, patients in hospice can ask for whatever they please, as long as it's not against the law. But this man had a big love for drinking, and it was a problem. When he drank, he'd become aggressive, which led to a ban for him.

In his level-headed moments, he'd share about a major argument he had with a buddy—and the lasting regrets he still had. It all started over a land dispute and some borrowed gear. They had let this fight grow so big that they hadn't spoken to each other for two whole decades.

Looking back, he wasn't even sure why the dispute had escalated so much, and he regretted it. He expressed how much he missed his best friend and how he wished they didn't waste so many years in silence.

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45. Stop The Music

My grandad made it into his ninth decade. Grandma tells me that the last thing he said, when he was crystal clear, the day before we lost him was, "Get my pants clean!" It wasn't exactly deep-thinking stuff but we all remember it, thanks to a famous song playing on the radio during that time. 

Now when I hear that line, it's as if Toni Braxton herself is singing it in my mind.

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46. Unfinished Business

At the nursing home where I used to work, there was this elderly gentleman who rarely spoke, unless his daughter was around. She brought up a question about her stepmother, who had tragically passed a couple of years before I took my job there. In fact, it was her departure that led to him joining us at our care home.

After one of his daughter's visits, as I was assisting him to get ready for bed, he opened up to me. What he revealed was absolutely shocking. His final revelation, expressed just before he passed, was indeed a chilling one: "I wish I had succeeded in the attempt to drown her and set the house on fire".

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47. The Rule Of Three

This elderly woman gave me some advice, though it was a bit unorthodox. She was a 90-year-old Italian grandma, adorned in dark skirts, rosary beads, and crosses. Despite her deep Catholic faith, she had a mischievous side, evident in her final wisdom. 

She shared, "For ultimate happiness in life, you should have three men. One who showers you with wealth, one who fills your heart with love, and one who brings a whole lot of excitement!" No doubt, it was something I won't ever forget.

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48. She Had Enough

My grandma led a pretty challenging life, constantly facing physical and emotional mistreatment from my grandfather. When her Alzheimer's symptoms began to appear, my grandfather was even more brutal, resorting to actions like kneeing and pinching her. Because of this, we made the decision to care for her during her final months.

Just a few days before her passing, my grandfather tried to upset and provoke her once again by visiting and pinching her cheeks. However, this time was different. In one rare moment of mental clarity, she stood up to him. 

She brushed away his hand and raised her voice, "Enough! I'm fed up with you and your behavior. Leave, now. I never want to see your face again, never!" My grandma was always such a sweet, joyful woman, and seeing her finally defend herself is something that always brings a smile to my face.

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49. Six Degrees Of Separation

My great-uncle surprised everyone on his deathbed by confessing a secret life. Unbeknownst to his kids and grandkids, he had fathered two sons outside his marriage. Even my great-aunt—who sadly passed before him—had no clue about this, or she would have caused a major hullabaloo!

The surprising part? Both these secret sons had passed five and seven years before him, aged 65 and 69 respectively. Despite being unknown to the family, it turned out one of these sons had actually been a teacher at a school where his granddaughters—my great-uncle’s great-granddaughters—had studied.

Keeping the family spirit alive, his own children decided to initiate contact with the children of their secret half-brothers. Through these meetings, they unravelled more absorbing facts about my great-uncle. And the plot thickened even more. It bizarrely emerged that I had unknowingly dated one of the granddaughters from this secret lineage. 

How's that for a small world!

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50. His Last Words Were The Key To My Devastation

My husband experienced a heart incident which needed emergency medical attention. Just as the ambulance was pulling up, I asked him for his phone passcode. I echoed a series of numbers which he confirmed. Then, he glanced at me and uttered, "I am so sorry". 

He survived the operation but sadly suffered multiple strokes during surgery and was removed from life support seven days later. Upon unlocking his phone, I instantly broke into tears. I discovered he had been having an affair. 

His phone password surprisingly worked for his laptop as well, and that's where I found voice recordings of him talking to his girlfriend, along with screen captures of their conversations. This revelation was extraordinarily heartbreaking for me.

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