Totally Insane Exes

March 24, 2022 | Violet Newbury

Totally Insane Exes

Cutting ties with someone, whether it be a friend or partner, is never easy. What makes it worse is when that person goes berserk. Whether their outlandish behavior is the reason for the breakup or the result of it, cutting the crazy loose is always a relief. Keep reading to hear unbelievable stories about truly crazy exes that make solitary life seem very appealing.

1. You’ve Got Mail

When my ex found out I was going to break up with her, she had her mail delivered to my house. Then she wouldn’t leave when I did break up with her. I called the authorities, and since she received mail at my home, they said it was officially her residence as well. Faced with the impossible, I came up with a plan. I had to call my landlord and have him evict me to get her to leave.

Once she left, he rescinded the eviction notice, and I moved back in.

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2. Three’s Company

Once my ex found out I had a new girlfriend, she tried to do a three-way with her friend and me in order to break us up. I declined. Then, she got the same friend to hook up with my buddy and convince him to invite my ex to a party at his house that I was going to. I went into the bathroom, and when I opened the door, my blood ran cold.

She was standing there. It freaked me out. I said, “Hi, excuse me, I’m about to leave this house.” She then pushed me as hard as she could back into the bathroom and came in and locked the door. At that point, I started yelling for help. My buddy and a few others came and unlocked the door, pulled her out, and I was able to get out of the bathroom.

I started walking upstairs to leave—but my nightmare wasn’t over yet. She flew out the door and ran to my truck. She stayed there while I was standing there in disbelief. At that point, we had been broken up for months. I walked back inside, and one of her friends approached me and told me if I told her that I never wanted to see or talk to my ex again, she would let me leave. I complied.

I told her that it was over, and I never wanted anything to do with my ex again. I waited for a few and peeked outside. I saw the coast was clear and started heading to my truck. I heard a scream and looked over, and my ex was running full speed at me, screaming. Out of nowhere, another lady full-on tackled my ex and told her to get out of there.

As I drove away, I got a call from the party saying she locked herself in the bathroom, threatening to off herself. I called her parents and kept driving. This all happened after she had: called me hundreds of times from a dozen numbers which I blocked and requested she doesn’t call, egged my new girlfriend's car, asked a very desperate friend of mine to prom hoping to get in our group, and followed me to and from work.

Two years later, I had a new phone number and was in college. I got a call and answered it—it was her. I have no idea how she found me. She asked if I went to the local university, to which I replied yes. I did not actually go there; I went to a state college. She enrolled in that university. I only heard from her one more time and hoped that was the end of it.

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3. Scream Queen

My girlfriend at the time was staying over. I had been at work late the night before, so I wanted to sleep in. She tried to wake me. It didn't work, so I fell back asleep. I was in a deep sleep. After an unknown amount of time, she apparently lost her patience. She put her mouth directly against my ear and screamed as loud as she could.

It was a high-pitched horror movie scream. The pain was immediate. Fifteen years later, if I’m in a loud place, my left ear still buzzes like I have a wasp in it. It sounds precisely like a blown-out speaker. And that was only one of the crazy things she did.

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4. Finally Dumped

I was having doubts about my boyfriend of two months and was discussing it over texts with a guy-friend of mine. My boyfriend went through my phone and accused me of sleeping with my friend. He went berserk. He made a massive production out of packing up his stuff and leaving. After leaving, he stood on my porch for a few moments, collecting his thoughts.

He had changed his mind and begged to be let back in. I refused, and he sobbed and scratched at my door for the next two hours. Days later, he demanded to have my microwave, which he had given me as a surprise gift when I was out of town. To avoid confrontation, I left it on my porch for him and watched him take it and toss it in my dumpster.

Against my better judgment, I sent him a message about what he did. I mean, not only was that immature, but it's hugely wasteful. If he was going to take it back, he could at least use it or give it away. In response, he drove back over, fished it out of the trash, and left it on my porch. After I disinfected it, I put it back in my kitchen.

Then I got ANOTHER message, this time demanding the microwave back on behalf of his "friend." Again, I left it on the porch. Later that day, I watched him throw it in the dumpster—again. This time, I went to Walmart and just bought a new microwave.

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5. His Prank Put Me In Prison

My ex-friend and I had gone to a party, and I drank more than I should have. He was the designated driver. He dropped me off “just over a block” from my house. When I got out of the back of the car, I didn’t recognize anything. I reached for my phone but realized that I didn’t have it. I walked the block looking for a street I knew but couldn’t find one. I then picked a direction to walk in to search for a major street.

Apparently, he had thought it would be funny to drop me off in the wrong neighborhood instead of at my house, and lifted my cell phone so that I couldn’t call for help. His plan was to let me wander around lost for about 10 minutes, then find me to actually take me home. He never found me. After a few hours of walking around lost, I had sobered up and was thirsty.

I had found a larger street, but it was around 2 AM at that point, and everything was deserted, so I couldn’t ask anyone for help. Eventually, I saw a cruiser patrolling and flagged them down for assistance. I couldn’t believe what they told me. They told me that I was over ten miles away from my house and in a very unsafe neighborhood. They didn’t believe my story.

After some discussion, they offered to give me a ride home but asked me to put my hands behind my back while they searched me. I complied, and they immediately cuffed me and told me that they were arresting me for public intoxication. I didn’t have any money at the time, so I didn’t want to call anyone to post bail for me.

I kept getting told that they would release me as soon as I was processed because I was already sober. There were no windows in the holding cell, no clock, and they never dimmed the light, so I and the others had no concept of time. I was fed twice and had access to water and a toilet. I managed to fall asleep a few times, but I kept waking up shivering.

When I was finally released, it was 9 AM, a whole day after being taken in. My roommate had reported me missing and had been informed that I was in custody. I was able to call my roommate from a payphone and get him to pick me up. A few weeks later, I found out that the charges were dropped, so thankfully, I didn’t have to pay a fine or take classes, but I stopped hanging out with my friend who pranked me after that.

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6. She Was MIA Upstairs

I was in the military at the time. My ex called the base and told them I was passing her secrets, which they took VERY seriously. I was pulled out of formation and cuffed, with no idea what was happening. It took two weeks before they believed me and released me back to my unit.

She then called my mom and told her I was dead, but the army wasn’t telling her.

She also called my landlord and told him the same so that they could release my apartment. It was a nightmare. By then, the landlord had actually started boxing up all my stuff to sell-off. We had only dated for maybe three months. I couldn’t believe it. She was seriously crazy!

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7. My Ex Tried To Catfish Me!

My ex attempted to catfish me by using a picture she manually snapped from a magazine as her profile picture. I could see the seam down the center of the photo. I knew it was her because she had a feeble grasp of grammar, and she would make specific mistakes that no one made. When we "met" on the site, before I realized it was her, I asked why she was single.

She stated that her ex died two years prior. Considering she pulled a gun on me in a prior instance…that may well have ended up being true.

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8. She Cleaned Me Out

I had an ex that, after we broke up, came to the house to get her stuff. I wasn't home, but she convinced the landlord, who knew us, to let her in. Big mistake. I had told the property management specifically NOT to let her in. Anyway, I came home, and my house was completely empty except for my dog and an empty fish tank. She took everything that wasn't nailed down.

She took the food from the fridge, cupboards, and pantry. She took the SHOWER CURTAINS, both irons, my furniture, TVs, game systems plus games, and even took the light bulbs out of the light fixtures—and not just the easy-to-access ones. I called the authorities and told them I had been robbed. When they got there, the landlord said he let her in even though her name was not on the lease. The officers told me it was a civil matter, and they couldn't do anything about it.

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9. Uke-idding Me?

We had been in a heated argument, and she went to another room. I assumed she was just getting some space and cooling off. A moment later, she came running out of the room, screaming and swinging a ukulele at me. We didn't break up then, but eventually did. That incident was the main reason. However, until we parted ways, I could never be calm if she was in another room.

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10. Tattoo You!

He got a tattoo of me on his back then dumped me two weeks later. Two months later, he wanted to get back together, and when I refused, he cut himself in my driveway. I drove him to the hospital and got his blood all over my car. He survived. However, if I had to do it over again, I would have called the EMTs and gotten ready for the date I had that night.

I realize I shouldn't have been alone with someone who was that unstable.

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11. Bad Timing

My husband and I were high school sweethearts. After four kids and 16 years of marriage, he cheated on me. However, he didn’t tell me for over a year. But when he did choose to tell me, it was the worst timing ever. He told me about his affair when I was in the middle of chemo for cancer. I was bald, sick, and had only one breast.

My mom had passed away ten days earlier, and it was my birthday. Never saw that one coming. We divorced.

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12. I Dodged That One

My ex-fiancée ended our eight-year relationship and called off our wedding five months before with a typed note that was less than 300 words long. She said she kept not being excited about getting married, so she decided she didn’t want to get married anymore. A week or two later, I found out she cheated on me with a mutual friend.

I called her, and she told me she “had to do it” and “please stop fixating on it.” I ended up confronting the guy and ruined her prospects with him. Nine months later, she married different guy 20 years her senior, pregnant with his child, on what would have been our anniversary. She recorded the ceremony, so I got to see it circulating. Her vows were all about how the new guy was better than me. I thought to myself, “I successfully dodged that one.”

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13. I Escaped Her Twisted Plot

My ex-best friend of forty years married young and moved away after high school. Her husband was a defense contractor, so they moved around a lot. We kept in touch by phone and met up about once a year for a mini-vacation. I was going through a nasty divorce, and she invited my 14-year-old daughter and me to come to live with her until the divorce was finalized.

I got to her home, which was over 1,800 miles away, and found out that everything she had told me for 32 years was a lie. Her job, her being married, her living situation—everything. She was a hoarder, and about 80% of the house was inaccessible. The parts that were accessible were filthy. She had multiple animals, and there was poop everywhere!

On top of that, she was in the process of being evicted, and she wanted me to give her $8K to lease a new home, in addition to cleaning up her hoard. Her two daughters, who were 21 and 19 at the time, were still living at home, and they began telling me the rest of the story. They told me how she had mountains of debt and planned to fleece me to get a new place to live.

What was worse was what they told me about what they had been through. She had mentally/emotionally/physically harmed both of them throughout their childhood. My “friend’s” common-law husband to confirmed it. I confronted my ex-friend about all of it and told her I was leaving and wasn’t going to give her a cent. She retaliated by calling the authorities on me and telling them I was selling drugs.

I almost got taken into custody until the officers realized I had no record, no large sums of money, and no illicit substances on me. The insanity didn’t end there. Then she called child protection services on me, saying I was harming my daughter. Because I wasn’t guilty, there was no proof, and both her daughters made statements that she was lying. My ex-friend then called my unstable ex-husband and told him where I was.

It took me two days to sort everything out and prepare to leave. In that time, she called CPS and reported me three more times, and tried to steal my car. She also began calling my elderly and terminally ill mother, telling her all sorts of things. I won’t even go into the vile things she texted to my child. I left and cut all contact.

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14. Burning Down The House

I used to run a small DIY punk venue. My ex, who was angry with me at the time, came to a huge Halloween show we put on, went into the bathroom, lit the trash can on fire, locked the door behind her, and left. I busted the door open and extinguished the fire before the building caught ablaze. I had approx. 250 kids in the venue that night. It was unbelievable.

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15. Cross-Country Crazy

We had been broken up for about ten months and hadn’t spoken in seven. For completely unrelated reasons after our breakup, I had moved across the country. She found out where I lived, flew out there, rented a car, and parked on my block, scouting out my house. In the car was a pair of binoculars, a book on birdwatching, so she could explain to any passersby why she was staring around a neighborhood with binoculars, and a cat carrier.

She didn’t have a cat, but I did. She was planning to break into my house and take my cat. She had even bought a return flight ticket back to the East Coast with the pet fee paid.

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16. Bad Blood Over Bedding

I broke up with a dude and moved in with a friend. She would ask me daily if I wanted to talk about my ex, as she was surprised I wasn’t sad. I was relieved—far from sad. I was paying more than half the bills, all of the groceries, and cooking for her. I decided to buy some new bedding and put away the bedding she’d lent me to make my room a bit more mine.

Days later, I started to feel sick. The next thing I knew, I was puking and going to the bathroom every 10 minutes. I could barely stand up and was severely dehydrated. After 10 hours of that, I had her drive me to the hospital. She dropped me off at the front door, I wobbled in, and she went home. My blood pressure was low, and I was admitted.

I quickly texted her this and asked her to bring my phone charger. I passed out and woke up hours later in a room with an inoperable phone. The only number I could think of was my cousin’s, so I used a landline and called her. She brought me a phone charger. I turned on my phone and was greeted by the longest Facebook message ever from my friend. 

She was upset that I never talked about my ex and bought new bedding. She wrote that all I had to do was ask if it was okay to buy bedding, and it would have been, as I was paying the bills. Deep down, she was hurt that I didn’t want to talk about my ex. The next day I got a call from the authorities. They said my ex-boyfriend filed paperwork that I was threatening to take his dog earlier that day.

I hadn’t talked to him since I had left, and the last thing I said was that he could keep the dog. I told them they could talk to the doctor as I had been in the hospital for the last day with an uncharged phone. That’s when I made a disturbing realization. I was pretty sure my “friend” was stirring stuff up with my ex. I was discharged the next day and moved out while she was at work.

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17. Sublet Shocker

We let a friend rent out our apartment for two months while we were away on vacation. He didn't pay any of the rent, never cleaned anything, including his leftovers, so there were maggots and rotting food everywhere when we got home. There was spaghetti with tomato sauce on our white walls that had been left on for so long it was permanently stained.

However, the worst part was that when we were cleaning, we found that he had taken individually wrapped stock cubes, punctured them with a fork, and thrown a few under all of our furniture. So, as far as I could understand, it was all intentional and on purpose. I had no idea why since we had a fairly normal friendship before that.

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18. I Gave Him My Notice

My boyfriend and I had decided to move in together, so I gave my notice to my landlord. I lived in a college town, so my landlord called the next person on the waiting list, and they signed a lease that day. My now ex-boyfriend was living in a rented room and hadn’t yet given his landlord his notice. When I saw him that night, he said he would have to call his landlord in the morning because it was the last day he could give notice without having to pay rent for the coming month.

We needed his portion of the rent, along with mine, to afford the new apartment. We got into an argument that night, and I decided to go home to cool off. The next day he was unreachable. It didn’t bother me too much, as I had a full day. I called him the next day, and he sounded fine. Then he waited almost a week—and then told me something that made my heart stop. He offhandedly mentioned that he didn’t call the landlord, so he couldn’t move in with me.

He knew I didn’t have the money to move into the new apartment on my own. I asked him why he didn’t call and give his notice that day, and he said it was because I didn’t seem too worried about it when I argued with him that night. I broke up with him right then and there. The funniest part was that he was SHOCKED. Two weeks later, I was living on the other side of the state and ignoring his letters.

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19. Pillow Talk

I had fallen asleep at my ex’s apartment, on his pullout couch, while he went out with friends. I woke up at 1 AM and started to pack up my stuff to go home because I had work in the morning. Just as I was leaving, he came in and said, “Baby, you’re still here?” In a nice, sweet tone, I asked, “Where were you?” He then started yelling and calling me every name on the book.

I started crying, and he told me to shut up, but I couldn’t—I just kept crying. So, he pushed me onto the pullout, put one hand around my neck, and put a pillow on my face. I couldn’t breathe. A voice in my head told me to stay calm, so instead of struggling, I just lay there calmly. After about 30 seconds, he picked up the pillow, and I got out of there.

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20. We Were Singing Different Tunes

When I was in high school, I dated a guy who was a narcissist. We had a very tumultuous breakup. I moved away for college and came back a year later. We were friends. In the time I was gone, he had convinced himself that we were going to be getting back together. However, at that point, I’d had enough time away to realize how manipulative and cruel he was while we were together, so I was NOT about to go there.

He kept telling me he wouldn’t take no for an answer, and he’d convince me. I ignored him and did my own thing. I hooked up with a mutual friend that I had known way longer than my ex. It had nothing to do with him, but he took it personally. He found out and wrote a song about how much he hated me and wanted to get rid of me. It had my full name in it and everything.

He turned every single one of my friends against me, whether they thought I did anything wrong or not. He then stalked me for three years. He showed up at my mom's house, not realizing I didn’t live there anymore, stalked my current boyfriend, showed up at my jobs, and made multiple accounts to reach me on social media.

It was driving me insane, and half of it didn’t make any sense. I would have nightmares about him being in my house all the time. It was terrible. The worst part was that his mom was a lawyer. When I reached out to her to tell her about the stuff he was doing, her reaction was brutal. She told me it wasn’t her problem, but she hoped that we could work it out because she missed me and thought we were great together.

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21. Roller Coaster Wretch

My ex called me one week after breaking up with me, asking what I was doing for the night. I had plans to go out to a Friday night MTG tournament with a friend. She proceeded to call me every 10 minutes. She said she was going to off herself and banged her head against the wall until she knocked herself out. I had to quit the tournament.

My friend had to drive me home so I could talk to her on the phone all night. I saw her the next day because she said she wanted to be sure we should have broken up. She broke up with me again because she didn't feel anything anymore. I was an emotional wreck, and she made it a rollercoaster of a relationship. She then ghosted me even though she said she wanted to be friends. I never got closure. It messed me up for a few years.

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22. My Couch Saved Me

I had been dating this girl for a year. I had an apartment, and she had a house. I had taken her home to meet the family, and we even attended a wedding together. After that, we decided we should move in together. So, I left my apartment, which I loved, and moved in with her. Things weren't working out. She wanted to fight all the time, and I found out the secret extra room she had was for hoarding.

I told her, "This isn't working, so I’m going to leave, and I'm breaking up with you. I’ll be gone by the end of today." I then made plans to move in with a platonic girlfriend to get out of there and buy me some time to apartment hunt properly, because I was working 14-hour days. Suddenly, my phone started acting funny. I took it in to get a new chip and found out she had been snooping on my phone.

While I was at the phone store, she called the girl I was going to move in with and threatened her, saying all kinds of crazy stuff. My friend then told me I couldn't move in with her because she didn't want my crazy ex around. My ex also called her friends and family and told them some stories. They rushed over and hid in the house, packed my stuff, and prepared to ambush me.

I parked outside and wouldn't go in. I called my friend and asked for moving help. My friend showed up, we opened the garage, and started grabbing my couch. Well, we were in for a surprise. Just then, the authorities showed up. They had been called on a "domestic violence" complaint. If my buddy and I weren't both holding each end of the same couch and looking confused, we would have been taken in.

Then, she and her family sprung out of the house and started making several allegations and veiled threats, and I just said, "I'm leaving." She ran over to me, started fake crying, and said, "We can work this out." I was like, "No thanks." I thanked the officers for being there to protect me from whatever those people were planning. I was lucky.

If she had gotten away with it, I would have gone to prison, lost my job, and my stuff—all over trying to break up like an adult.

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23. I Was Nice, She Was Not

In my 20s, I lived with a woman, and things hadn't been going well. It was time to break up. The place was leased by me, and she had no intention of staying there permanently. So, as a way of being nice, I told her I would stay at a friend's house for the rest of the month while she found a new place. That gave her about three weeks.

I went on an impromptu road trip with my buddy about two weeks into it, and when I got back, she let me know she had moved out while I was away, so about a week prior. When I got back to my apartment, I was stunned by what I saw. Everything I owned was piled up in the center of the living room. The apartment looked ready to rent to new tenants, except for the massive pile of furniture, collectibles, clothing, medicine, and food from the fridge and pantry.

And, since it was June, there were maggots on all the food. It took a week to sort through. I found my childhood teddy bear, ripped at his neck, with its head just dangling there, and its 25-year-old stuffing, bleeding out. I kept imagining her dragging heavy stuff around, carrying on with this for days. A year later, I ran into her at a show. She acted like she was happy to see me "after all this time" and as if nothing messed up had happened.

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24. Cruel To The End

I had a crazy ex who smashed a salt lamp across my shin, shoved me down the stairs, kicked me full force in the jaw—causing it to pop ever since, cheated, lied, and used me for a few grand under false pretenses, and left me stuck with nowhere to go out in the freezing rain for eight hours.

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25. Friends Without Benefit

I had a friend who was a loner. I befriended her thinking I would be doing a good deed. She was chill, and we had a lot in common. Then she hit on me in a weird way over text. As respectfully as possible, I said I didn’t have feelings like that for her. She then threatened to tell people I forced myself on her if I didn’t give her "a chance."

I saved the entire conversation. That was the only thing that saved me when I ghosted her, and she went through with her threat.

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26. He Couldn’t Process Our Breakup

I had an ex who changed the configuration of my laptop from Windows to Linux while we were together because he said Linux was better. I was in the middle of my college semester and had zero coding or programming experience. He also added administration settings on my laptop, so I had to enter a password to change the operating system back to Windows or to download anything.

I didn't notice I needed an administration password until after we had broken up, and I tried to return my laptop back to its regular state. He never gave me the password.

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27. This Relationship Was Out The Window

I had an argument with my ex. She wouldn't listen to anything I was saying, so I went to a different room to cool off. I suddenly heard her opening the window. We were on the fourth floor, and it was -10°C outside. I wondered why she was opening the window, so I proceeded to the room and didn't find her in there. I almost had a heart attack. I ran towards the window, thinking she might have jumped. She then showed up from under the bed, saying, "I just wanted to see if you still love me."

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28. She Didn’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance

Three years ago, I had to move my dad in with me and my then-wife because his heart was failing. He had congestive heart failure and stage 4 cancer. I was his caretaker until the end. At my father’s memorial, my now ex-wife was severely disrespectful. She sat away from the group and sarcastically clapped while my sister gave her speech.

I gave my speech and took my ex to the side yard away from people. I asked her why she did that and why she would be so disrespectful at my father's memorial. I told her to leave. She leaned forward and put her thumbnail in my throat. She then told me that my father’s ghost came to her and put his hands on her shoulders.

She then claimed his ghost told her that he was sorry he didn’t raise me better, that I wasn’t good enough for her, and she should marry a real man. Of course, I didn’t believe what she was saying. I didn’t divorce her soon enough. She was extremely narcissistic and twisted my whole father’s passing into her being so hurt by all the difficulties.

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29. Living In Horror

My ex was in the middle of coming after me, and I was able to run to my bathroom and lock the door. He actually banged a hole in the bathroom door with his fists, stuck his face through it, and said, “ Here’s Johnny,” like from The Shining. It was a very mentally and sometimes physically destructive relationship, and I'm glad I made it away from him safely.

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30. Our Relationship Was Left In Pieces

My ex cut up the teddy bear my mom got me when I was a newborn into 100 pieces. She regretted it and offered to have it repaired, which I declined. However, she then had it repaired anyway against my will. Then, when I finally kicked her out, she cut it up again and sent the remains to me in a box with a note that said she was pregnant—she wasn't.

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31. Mistaken Identity

My ex’s antics backfired on her. The week we broke up, I had a truck. However, she didn’t know that I got a new car, so she completely destroyed my neighbor's truck that looked similar to my previous vehicle. She smashed it, painted on it…and pooped on it. Of course, the authorities were called, and she was put in prison.

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32. She Was A Nut Job

I dated this girl for two months. After the third or fourth week, she started accusing me of talking to "my other women," and kept questioning everything I did. I had no idea why she even had an idea like that when I spend 60% of my time at work and 40% at home playing games or watching Netflix. I was not social at all, nor did I text or chat with anyone.

However, she thought I was doing some shady stuff. Usually, I would just turn it into a joke, but as weeks went by, she started getting more aggressive by biting and scratching me. The day I broke up with her was the day she kneed me in the nuts. At first, we were talking about something, she hugged me really hard, and then, she tried to bite my shoulder, but I pushed her away. I thought we were joking around.

She went up to me, making me think we were going to hug and kneed me. I pushed her so hard that she lost her balance and landed on her behind. She started laughing, saying, "I never hit anyone in the balls before." I immediately looked at her intensely and said, "Get away from me!!" She saw how angry I was that she got up and walked away.

Then she tried to pick up a conversation with me through text the following day. I ignored her. She even wished me a happy birthday months later, trying to be nice to me. I still ignored her.

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33. A Mile In No Shoes

My ex showed up at my house, banging on my bedroom window at 4 AM, completely intoxicated. She then promptly passed out, right outside of my window, in 20-degree weather, wearing only an oversized shirt and panties. She wasn’t even wearing shoes. Her car was also nowhere in sight because, apparently, she had cartwheeled it into a tree, jumped out of it, and ran a mile barefoot to my window.

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34. Meet The Parents

Two weeks after I dumped my girlfriend, she did something so twisted, I’ll never forget it. She showed up at my parents' house to introduce them to her new boyfriend since they were her "second family." We had dated for six months in high school, and she had met them twice before this. She also lived over two hours away. My mom said the guy was confused and seemed like she told him she was introducing him to her family.

So, she had taken the guy that she had just started dating on a two-hour trip to introduce him to people she barely knew without warning any of them that she was showing up. The next day, she complained to my sister that I hadn't called her about what she had done. It was the first crazy girl I dated but sadly, not the last.

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35. Up In Smoke

A friend of mine broke up with a girl in a house that some friends and I used to rent in college. She proceeded to lock herself in his room, barred the door, and started screaming that she was going to hurt herself. Then, she started trying to set the room on fire but could only get a smolder going. By the time the authorities got there, the hallways had filled with smoke.

Officers broke into the room, and she threw a burning textbook at one of them before they tackled her.

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36. Camp Out

My ex would follow me from my house, my job, etc., and I didn't even realize it for a long time. When I finally felt ready to get back out there, I went out with a guy to a concert. I didn't advertise this anywhere, nor mention it to anyone aside from my family, who hated him and wouldn’t have told him. He showed up at that concert and made a scene.

The next night he showed up at my bedroom window, begging me to let him in so we could talk. When I threatened to call the authorities, he punched my window in and then ran. After filing a report, the officers looked around to ensure the coast was clear before taking off. The following day, I was leaving for work and saw something dangling from my rain gutter.

Upon closer inspection, my blood ran cold. I saw that it was my ex's set of headphones. It had appeared they got caught on the gutter when he jumped down from the roof at some point. I got a ladder to retrieve them and found what was basically an abandoned campground on my roof, directly above my bedroom. I had no idea how long he was sleeping there, but it still gives me chills.

After finding that, I filed a restraining order, which he broke multiple times before leaving the state.

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37. Her Lies Didn’t Change The Inevitable

While we were on the verge of breaking up, she called my mom and went to lunch with her without me knowing, and lied to her about being pregnant and me being the father. They agreed to keep it a secret. We broke up a couple of weeks later and she told my mom that she had lost the baby because I pushed her down the stairs, which I had not.

Later on, her lies came out in the open—people are wild.

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38. I Was Missing Something, But It Wasn’t Her

I had met someone from campus. We bonded over having chronic pain and similar childhoods. We started hanging out more frequently and found myself missing her literally 24/7, but we were just friends. She began to tell people we were dating and would get really upset with me if I corrected her. It turned out I wasn’t missing her…but was experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the codeine she was giving me every time we hung out.

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39. The Imposter Ex

I had an ex-girlfriend who changed her Discord stuff to mine and harassed the creepiest guy at our college while pretending to be me. She even agreed to a “sleepover” at one point and then ghosted him at that. I had to deal with the guy threatening me until I found out what she did. I finally got the situation de-escalated. I apologized to him that he’d been harassed, explained that it wasn’t actually me but my insane ex-girlfriend, and offered to help him report his harassment. He declined, but the situation was handled.

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41. Shear Madness

My ex cut a chunk of my hair out from underneath the first few layers. I noticed it when I was putting my extensions in, and there was a giant patch of short hair. At first, I thought it snapped from damage, but it was just in the one spot and was like a scissor had cut it. She also punched me in my sleep because she said I said another girl's name in my sleep. But it didn’t stop there.

Next, she told me my tattoo artist forced himself on her, so he and I got in a fight. She tried to gaslight me, saying she never said that. Eventually, she pressed charges claiming I was harming her when I never touched her. It got thrown out in court because she and her friend couldn’t keep their stories straight. That girl was just insane. We broke up over ten years ago, and she still asks my friends how I’m doing.

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42. The Proof Was In The Text

While I was on a date with my now-wife, my ex filed a report claiming that I was stalking her. Once I got home from my date, officers were there, and we had a chat. I had texts from my ex claiming that she was going to slash my tires, call the authorities, file fake stalking charges, break into my apartment, and vandalize and possibly hurt me if I was there.

When they came to talk to me about stalking, I showed them these messages, and that was the end of the conversation. I told them I just wanted to be left alone. They told me they would come back if there were any more questions or concerns. To this day, I have never heard anything about that incident, so I assume the authorities then went and had a conversation with my ex.

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43. She Was Out Of Line

I was living with my now ex-girlfriend. I was having an asthmatic episode, and she dropped me off at the ER, then went home and broke my phone. I got released in the middle of the night, and she wouldn’t answer her phone to pick me up. I had to get a taxi home, and then she wouldn’t answer the door. I had no house key and couldn’t get inside my own house. I had to mail the taxi driver a check. I was totally humiliated.

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44. Vacation Vulture

A group of friends and I traveled to a resort city to catch up and relax for a long weekend. The weekend was fine. I covered the hotel and told everyone not to order room service because it would get charged to my card. Everyone left on time, except one guy who was hungover and begged me to let him sleep in. I wanted to beat traffic, so I told him that he would have to be gone by noon or hotel security would boot him out. I thought that was that—I was so wrong.

Two weeks later, I got a bill for around $3,200 for room service at the hotel. After everyone left, that guy started ordering all the booze he could drink and kept charging it to the room, pretending that he was me. Eventually, the staff asked him for ID and booted him out when they realized he wasn’t me, and all his credit cards got declined.

Since they still had to get paid, they pretended that his earlier purchases were valid and charged me.

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45. He Couldn’t Let It Go

When I was 21, a guy I broke up with started leaving notes and little gifts at the back door to my parents' house. I threw them out, except for a mug with a ceramic cow at the bottom. I named it "ex-boyfriend" and would play "drown the ex-boyfriend." A few weeks later, I realized I had left a few things at his house and needed them back.

I arranged to go get them, and while I was there making awkward small talk, he blurted out, "I was going to lock the door behind you and force myself on you so you'd take me back."

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46. He Was Missing A Few Screws

When I was in college, my boyfriend and I broke up. He initiated the breakup, and I subsequently broke off contact because I felt that it was healthier for both of us. Suddenly, he wanted to get intimate with me, and I didn't want to. So, I refused politely once and then never answered another attempt at communication with him again. Well, he didn’t like that.

We had been broken up for a year when he reported me missing to campus security and the authorities because I stopped answering his constant calls and texts. When officers and campus security found me, they helped me get a restraining order against him.

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47. Stamp Of Disapproval

My ex changed the timestamps of photos with her to make it look like I was seeing her after we had broken up. She edited hundreds, and I do mean hundreds, of messages to make it look like I was cheating on my new girlfriend. Furthermore, she accused one of my closest friends of harming her on a night that she had spent with me. Two and a half years into my new relationship, my girlfriend still didn’t fully trust me because of my ex’s nonsense.

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48. My Ex Was On A Power Trip

My ex came to my apartment while my now-husband was there. He rang the doorbell and admitted that he'd been watching us through the glass in the front door. He then proceeded to threaten to take out my husband after the confrontation. He also tried to get hired at our place of work. He got so far as the interview before I found out and called human resources to let them know he would be a threat to us. Somehow, that’s not the weirdest part.

A couple of weeks later, my mail went missing, and it turned out he had taken it and…paid my electric bill.

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49. He Went Berserk

My ex-boyfriend just absolutely lost it when I had enough and ended things. He took my dog when he went back to work, told my parents I was suicidal, so he had to know where I was, and when I tried staying at either of my parents' places, my vehicle would get vandalized. He threatened to take me to the authorities because he had someone do something to his house and claimed it HAD to be me.

Meanwhile, I was at the bar on the night in question. He blackmailed me for my dog, threatening that he would have one of his friends off her, or that he was going to release her in traffic, and if she got hit, it would be my fault. But it got even more insane. My work had to create a plan where the building would go on lockdown should he show up as he was threatening them too. The final straw was when my brother left his phone out, and my ex was calling it non-stop.

I picked up and lost it. I found a place to rent and told nobody where it was, not even family.

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50. Hall Monitor

My ex planted a dog camera facing my bed before leaving. It took me a week to realize she had put it there. She also rented the apartment directly beside mine and would monitor who was coming in and out of my place. She would then text my friends to see if we were “doing anything.” They could see her perched on her window, watching who was approaching while they were walking up to my apartment.

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