These Pets Are Unbelievable

October 4, 2023 | Scott Mazza

These Pets Are Unbelievable

We love our furry and feathered friends for their personalities, whether they’re being sweet, misbehaving, or just being weird. These folks have shared the most unbelievable stories about their beloved pets.

1. The Warning

About 12 years ago, my cat became my unlikely hero.

I had just settled into bed when my cat burst into my bedroom, meowing frantically and darting around the room. It struck me as odd because he'd never been this worked up about food before.

Assuming he was hungry, I decided to follow him downstairs to refill his food bowl, hoping he'd calm down and let me get some rest. However, he didn't stop at his food bowl. Instead, he continued racing down to my home office, occasionally glancing back to ensure I was following him.

When I reached the office, I couldn't believe what I saw. The circuit breaker panel was sparking, and suddenly, it burst into flames. Thankfully, I was there to witness it, and I immediately turned off the main breaker, extinguishing the fire before it could spread. My quick action, prompted by my vigilant cat, saved the day.

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2. He Knew Something Was Wrong

We had a mixed breed dog named Moses, a blend of Black Lab and Weimaraner. He was a big fella, weighing about 100 pounds, but he had a gentle and well-behaved demeanor. We had our nightly routine; Moses would go outside before bedtime, and occasionally during the night, he'd come over and sit by my side of the bed.

His presence alone would usually wake me up, and I'd take him out before going back to sleep. We had a rule that he was allowed only one trip outside during bedtime. One typical night, we followed our usual routine. My 15-year-old son was in his room, engrossed in video games, and I had just let Moses out before settling into bed.

Around 1 am, Moses indicated that he needed to go out again, so we did just that. I climbed back into bed, knowing I had a good five hours before the alarm would go off. Then, around 3 am, I was startled awake by Moses sitting beside my bed and whimpering. 

I groggily mumbled, "Not now, boy, go back to bed, I'm sleeping". But he didn't budge. In fact, he began pawing at my arm insistently. Starting to feel annoyed, I told him to "GO AWAY," but he persisted, whimpering and tugging at my arm. As I gradually shook off my drowsiness, I heard an unusual sound, still trying to make sense of what was happening.

I can't quite put it into words, but it was a sort of low growling moan, and it was coming from my son's room. In an instant, I was fully awake, and with a surge of adrenaline only a mother fearing the worst can experience, I dashed to my son's room. There, I found him in the midst of a severe grand mal seizure.

If it weren't for Moses waking me up at that very moment, we might never have known about the seizure because it was summertime, and my son had been staying up late and sleeping in until noon most days. So, my incredible dog, Moses, astounded me by making sure I knew that my son was having a seizure in the adjacent room.

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3. A Dog’s Senses

One fine day, as I was seated in my studio upstairs, my German Shepherd sauntered in, halting at the entrance of my room and started barking at me. Next, he ambled over to the head of the stairs, all the while yelping and peering down the staircase. After lifting his gaze towards me, he kept on barking. 

He then trotted back and planted himself at my office entry, barking at me again. This routine went on for a few moments as I continued with my work. I eventually realised that he wanted me to accompany him downstairs. I stood up from my chair, turned to him and asked, "What's wrong?" The moment I asked the question, our house started to tremble. 

Objects on my walls and shelves started to vibrate. Even though I was confused about the situation, we both rushed down the stairs as I cried out, “Let’s escape!" Once we were safe outside, I could feel the earth shaking under my feet. But then, it stopped. 

It turned out we had just lived through an earthquake, a rare occurrence in our locality. Incredibly, my dog seemed to detect the impending quake and had ascended the stairs to alert me.

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4. One Way To Get Your Attention

I spent two decades working as a long-haul truck driver, and for the last seven of those years, I had my cat, Sooty, along with me in the truck. Sooty, a big mix of Russian Blue, was around a year old when he figured out how to get me to come back to the cab and keep him company.

One day, I was in the office of a truck repair shop, taking care of payments for some repairs on the truck when I heard a horn blaring loudly. A worker rushed in and told me, "Ma'am, there's a cat in your truck, and it seems like he's doing that intentionally". 

I hurried back to the truck, and as soon as I got there, Sooty stopped honking the horn, took my seat, and gave me a look that said, "Took you long enough to get here". From then on, I quickly learned to cover my steering wheel with a big box to prevent him from honking the horn and demanding my attention.

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5. Changing Minds And Hearts

One day, my boyfriend excitedly shared about a pit bull he spotted at someone's place. The poor pup was tied up and looked so underfed. My boyfriend explained that its owner had gotten it to intimidate folks but complained that the dog was "too dumb" for it.

Imagine my surprise when the very next day, my boyfriend walks in with the dog. I was livid. Why hadn't he consulted me? I demanded he find another place for the dog. The poor dog just sat near the entrance, avoiding eye contact but occasionally peeking up at me. My annoyance softened a tad.

Grabbing a cozy blanket, I laid it on the floor. Trying to get him to sit on it was a challenge; he just sat near the entrance, giving me shy glances. When I finally moved him closer, I noticed how much he stank. There was no way I'd have a stinky dog in my home. Filling a tub, I was apprehensive. Would he snap? 

To my surprise, he relished the bath. The pure joy in his eyes was undeniable. It hit me then; maybe this was his first bath, his first loving touch. My heart began to melt. Once clean and dried, he hesitantly followed me around. I was trying to comfort him when my boyfriend stormed in, making a ton of noise. 

Startled, the dog bolted and left a trail of urine behind. Seeing him so terrified, believing perhaps my boyfriend was here to reclaim him, broke my heart entirely. From that point, he wasn't just a dog; he was OUR dog. He experienced a love he probably never knew before, and I guarantee he cherished every moment. 

He turned my initial reluctance around. He taught me not to be quick to judge, especially not by appearances.

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6. Lassie Eat Your Heart Out

Let me tell you about Freddie, our Aussie Shepherd. A couple of summers back, my daughter's family came to stay with us for a week. The little ones, our grandkids, were four and seven then. Our home was a cozy cottage tucked away in the woods, on a quiet lane with barely any cars.

One day, while I was whipping up some breakfast, my husband strolled through to the front, with Max, our younger grandson, trailing behind. The front door opened, then closed. Naturally, I thought they'd both stepped out. Soon after, I heard Freddie's bark, and it just kept going. It was odd for Freddie to bark like that, but I brushed it off. 

Then my husband walked back into the kitchen. That's when it dawned on me. To my shock, I realized Max had gone out by himself; my husband had only been in the restroom. Heart racing, I dashed to the door, fearing Max could be deep in the woods. But Freddie's barking guided me. 

There was Max, standing in the lane with Freddie right in front of him. Every time Max moved, Freddie would block him, barking all the while. Freddie was using his 'herding' instincts to keep Max safe, ensuring he didn't wander off. In that moment, my heart swelled with pride and gratitude for our clever Freddie. He just knew Max shouldn't be out there alone.

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7. Smart Pup

It was a rainy day. I let my dog stay in the backyard while I took a trip to the grocery store. When I returned home, I put some foods on the kitchen table then dashed to the backyard door to bring my pup inside. But I found her smothered in mud, not just a wee bit dirty, but truly soaked in filth. 

Before allowing her inside, I rhetorically explained to her that she had to be clean. I then unpacked the groceries, got into my worn-out clothes, fully ready to give her a wash before letting her inside. But to my heart's content, she was standing at the door, SPOTLESS. 

Once I dried her off, I allowed her inside, praising her good behavior and permitting her to sleep on my bed that night. The next day, I made a hilarious discovery. I noticed the kiddie pool filled with mud. Remarkably, it seems like she "caught on" and decided to bathe herself. She was always such an intelligent dog.

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8. Why Is It Raining On My Face

My ex-wife was really skilled at saving and caring for blind horses. In fact, she was among the best at it. On our farm, we had several of them. One day, a new horse arrived, costing us $500. It was a Belgian—a breed known for its size. But this one was all skin and bones with a huge head.

His name was Bull, and he came from an auction at an Amish farm. The alternative for him was pretty grim. So, when my ex asked if we could buy him, I just couldn't refuse. After arriving at our farm, the vet's prognosis wasn't good; she expected him to last maybe a week or two. But Bull? He was a survivor. 

We named him Wullvye, inspired by the main Viking character from the film The 13th Warrior. Though he was blind, he managed to climb the ranks and become the lead horse in our herd. And despite his status, he was a true gentle giant. My ex would even ride him around, even up the mountain. Then, an issue cropped up. 

Bull couldn’t sweat. Our vet suggested beer, an old trick from the racing world. Watching this huge horse stagger a bit after a drink was comically surreal. But he managed, always returning to his herd at night. Unfortunately, his health took another hit. We rushed him to the State Vet school, which cost us a hefty $2,000. 

There, Bull did the unimaginable: he swallowed a $20,000 scope. The school graciously didn't charge us, but the news wasn't great. His rough past had wreaked havoc on his health. Despite our efforts, his health declined. When it was time to say goodbye, it was heart-wrenching. 

We decided he should always remain with us, so I prepared a resting place with a backhoe. As he lay there, he called out to his fellow horses, and they replied. It was touching how the entire herd, blind or not, came to bid farewell. It rained heavily, but the horses didn't budge an inch. They didn't eat, which is quite uncharacteristic.

The next day, after laying Bull to rest, all the horses circled his resting place in a manner reminiscent of a human funeral. It was breathtaking. Then, they went off to eat, with Cowboy taking the lead. I still miss Wullvye. I like to think he's galloping pain-free in the skies, savoring the peace he truly deserves.

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9. The Rescue

While I was carrying groceries into my house, my dog Dakota took a sneaky exit. I noticed her near the creek a few doors away. After I completed my task of bringing in all the groceries, I picked up her leash. To my surprise, she was already heading back, carrying something in her mouth. 

She sauntered past me, went inside and settled down on her bed. I worried for a moment that she might have got hold of a rabbit and was planning on having it as a meal. But when I stepped inside, I saw it was a tiny black kitten that Dakota was grooming lovingly. 

Over the years, Dakota and her adopted kitten shared an inseparable bond, until the day we had to say goodbye to Dakota.

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10. A Cat And His Bell

I've got this cute cat. One day, my neighbor, who has a bunch of wild cats on her property, rang me up and was like, "You've got to check out this little kitten!" So I popped over and as we were chatting on her porch, she goes, "Look, here he comes!" Out of nowhere, this little gray furball zoomed around the house and came right to us. 

Before I knew it, he had scrambled up my jeans and settled into my hands. It broke my heart to leave him that day, but I promised myself I’d be back for him after grabbing all his essentials like a cozy bed, food, and a litter box. Now, this kitty wasn't just any kitty. 

He had this toy he was obsessed with: a soft red bell toy with a jingle inside, from a festive cat stocking. He'd strut around the house with it, jingling as he went. But then, I noticed something astonishing. The first time it happened, I thought I was imagining things. But nope, this little dude could actually fetch. 

While I've seen cats play with yarn or chase after balls, none ever brought things back. He left his red bell toy at my feet. Humoring him, I tossed it, thinking he’d just chase it. But to my surprise, he brought it right back. I was floored. I tried again, and he gleefully fetched it, bringing it back to me every single time.

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11. She’s An Adult

I had dropped off my Great Dane at the vet's office in the morning to get a cyst taken out from between her paw pads and planned to fetch her after my job. When I returned, the veterinary doctor said, "You normally converse with her like you would with another person, right?" Surprised, I said, "Yes, but how did you figure that out?" 

The vet shared, "When I was attempting to guide her into the operating room, she firmly planted all her paws and refused to budge. Despite my persuasive attempts and cutesy names in a playful tone, she didn't respond. Finally, I plainly told her, 'If you come in now, it'll all be finished quicker,' and lo and behold, she strolled right in".


12. Her Little Friend

A while back, I stayed in a skyscraper apartment in Chicago, all the way up on the 41st floor. Each floor had 10 apartments. Back then, I had two small Maltese dogs, Johnny and Edgar. Even though Edgar was small, he had a massive heart.

One freezing winter night, there was a knock. I opened the door to find my elderly neighbor from Hungary, eyes filled with tears, holding out a pot to me. Struggling through her accent and emotion, she explained, "This is for you. I cooked it, but I can't use it anymore".

She handed me a pot of boiled chicken and rice. As we chatted, I learned that her little Yorkie had recently passed, and she used to cook this meal for him every evening. As she was leaving, Edgar darted out and sat right in front of her door, paying no attention to my calls. 

She let him in, and by the time I got there, he'd made himself at home on her couch. She wondered, "Can he stay a bit?" I hesitated. I didn’t know her well, but seeing Edgar so at ease, I said he could stay, but with the condition that our doors remain open, and he could return whenever he felt like it. 

After a while, I heard a door shut, and there was Edgar, back in my kitchen. From then on, every evening at 7 pm, Edgar would scratch at her door, eager to spend time with her. She’d let him in, and he’d keep her company while she worked on her crafts and enjoyed her tunes. He'd come back to me in about an hour.

Then, one spring day, she visited with a gift—a lovely plant, for Edgar. She was moving back to Hungary to be with her family, she explained. But she'd always remember and miss her tiny furry friend.

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13. One Way To Stop An Argument

I was in the middle of drawing a bath and my faithful dog, Monte, was right by my side as usual. No matter what I was doing—whether it was writing papers with him sleeping at my feet or sharing my bed, head on the pillow like a human—he was always there, tagging along. 

In the middle of this, my sister walked into the bathroom and a big argument broke out between us. The details are hazy, but I recall faces flushing with anger and raised voices echoing around. Just as things heated up, there was a loud splash. We both whipped our heads around to see Monte, right there in the bathtub. 

Mind you, Monte was never fond of water. He was quite the drama king, weighing in at 80 pounds, and would not even dare to step on wet grass. Giving him a monthly bath was a major task that involved tons of coaxing and cheese bribery—so you can imagine our surprise when we saw him casually bathing. 

This sight was so unexpected that the tension in the room dissolved into fits of laughter. It was like time paused as we laughed our hearts out. Monte, seemingly satisfied with his peacemaking efforts, decided it was time to exit the water. We towel-dried him and he appeared to revel in the calm he had achieved amongst the formerly quarrelling siblings.

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14. Where’s Kitty?

I work as a vet in a quaint little town. Once, a farmer brought in Kaycee, a dog he found wandering around, after she was hit by a car. She had such a sweet nature, especially with kittens. She'd gently hold them in her mouth, but never hurt even the tiniest one.

Kaycee loved attention, so I often took her with me to the clinic. We had this fun game—"Spot the kitten!" Whenever there was a kitten around, she'd eagerly show it to me, wagging her tail. But grown cats? Meh, they didn’t excite her; she'd just ignore them.

At the clinic, we had a new black and white kitten named Cow Spots, or "Cowy" for short. One day, when I didn’t have Kaycee by my side, Cowy mysteriously vanished. I was clueless about where to start looking. In the evening, my husband brought Kaycee to the clinic. 

I started searching inside, asking her, "Spot the kitten, Kaycee! Where is she?" No sign of Cowy. So, we tried outside, heading towards an old house with a rickety shed nearby. As we approached the shed, Kaycee suddenly stopped and stared intently at the door, which was hanging a bit off its track. When I nudged it, out popped Cowy.

Turns out, Cowy had sneaked through a gap in our fence, and wandered into the shed, getting trapped when the door shut behind her. Without Kaycee's sharp senses, Cowy might have been lost for good. It was amazing how Kaycee knew exactly what I was asking of her.

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15. The Man Of The House

Jack's five and fully part of our tight-knit crew. We don't see him as just the pet dog; he's genuinely one of us. And he sure doesn't act like any ordinary dog. Whatever issues we face, no matter how minor, Jack's right there, eager to lend a paw. For starters, he's our go-to for any creepy crawlies. 

He caught on that we weren't fans of spiders or mice, so now he handles that department. Spot a spider? Jack's our guy. Misplaced keys, which is a common occurrence here, have him rising from his cozy spot with a slightly irritated grunt. But then he's on the hunt, and he always comes through for us.

And who's first to greet visitors or keep an eye on the yard? Yep, that's Jack. Even our old neighbors said, “He’s the main guy around here". Every night, he takes it upon himself to check on my little one. I can hear him softly stepping off my bed, visiting my daughter's room, and letting out a contented sigh before returning to snuggle up beside me.

He's even tried to get more tech-savvy for us. Sadly, being a dog means certain limitations—like accidentally wrecking a few keyboards and a computer mouse. He soon realized that some things just weren't in his wheelhouse.

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16. Good Dog

Right after tying the knot, my wife and I knew we wanted our soon-to-be-born son to grow up with a dog, just like I did as a kid. My wife found this eight-month-old pup, looking like a blend of a German Shepherd and a Retriever. While her fur gave away the Shepherd side, her face hinted at the Retriever. 

We named her Samantha, or Sammy for short. A few years zoom by, and now we're parents to three boys. The youngest is three, while the older two are five and seven. One day, they were all playing in our spacious backyard, which has this important rule: never open the back gate since it leads to a potentially dangerous drainage ditch.

Though usually dry, the ditch's base was lined with jagged concrete. One day, needing to fetch something from my shed, I left the boys out, reminding the eldest to be watchful. On a whim, I asked Sammy to keep an eye on my youngest, ensuring he stays safe. She seemed to understand, wagging her tail, then heading over to the boys.

Emerging from the shed, I heard my little one's distressed sounds. Rushing to see, I witnessed an incredible scene: the youngest trying to open the forbidden gate, with Sammy diligently nudging and licking him away from it. Even when he tried pushing her aside, she didn't budge, prioritizing his safety.

Once he gave up and dashed off, tearfully frustrated, Sammy gave me a look that said, "I've got it under control!" Sammy's done many astonishing things, but her biggest gift was simply being part of our family.

Having a pet, I believe, truly brings out the best in people.

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17. I’m Satisfied

We took in a German Shepherd called Rex from a rescue center nearby. He was an incredibly gentle pup with a soothing demeanor. However, when it came to the postman, it was an entirely different story. Rex had a serious disliking for him, always acting as if we needed saving from this routine visitor. 

Whenever the postman arrived at our doorstep, Rex would release a torrent of loud barks until the post had been dropped off and the postman had safely left. But one peculiar day, Rex gave no response when the postman came and left; which was completely out of the blue and a total shock to me. 

In a relaxed tone, I asked Rex, "Buddy, what happened? The postman came, left, and there was not a single bark from you". He quietly observed me as I spoke. When I finished talking, he slowly strolled over to the shut front door. After taking a brief pause to look at it, he let out a soft, "Woof". It was as if he was saying "All good?" 

I would not have believed what had happened had I not seen it myself.

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18. The Hooligan

Our cat Hooligan, who has kept his original name since we took him in, was a feisty little thing when we first got him at six months old. The rescue center suggested an experienced cat household, with some mature cats who could train him out of his rough play habits—luckily, this approach has been quite successful. 

A couple of years later, we brought home two kittens, to whom Hooligan developed an immediate affection. He took on more of a protective role, acting like a mix of a big brother and an uncle. However, there was a particular morning when Hooligan came strolling downstairs without his tiny followers. 

After a while, when they didn't show up, I had to exclaim, "Hooligan! Where are the kittens?" The look on his face was priceless, shocked and guilty—it was as if he suddenly remembered leaving a baby on a bus. And, without wasting a moment, he sprinted upstairs. Soon enough, he reappeared with both kittens trailing behind him.

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19. Cuddly Cat

When I first found out I was expecting, I was constantly tired and needed frequent breaks. My darling rescue street cat, Cazo de Fuerza, always a loving pet, began doing something new. Whenever I laid down for a nap on my side, Cazo would curl up over my hip, resting his tummy against mine, and start purring softly, sounding happy and content. 

I've heard that our furry companions, like cats and dogs, can be tuned into early signs of pregnancy as changes in hormones cause a different scent from the mother. Perhaps Cazo was also able to pick up on my changing energy levels. 

Whatever the case may be, from then on, he never left my side and would constantly purr towards my growing belly whenever I rested. Towards the end of my pregnancy, when I had grown quite large, he had to stretch himself considerably to reach across me—but he managed to do that regardless.

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20. The Electric Window

I own three pooches: a Labradoodle, a Regular Poodle, and a unique blend of Great Dane, Poodle, and Lab. I remember one time when I was behind the wheel, my Labradoodle cleverly maneuvered the car's electric window. Initially, I thought it was unintentional but after she did it again and even stopped my hand from reaching the switch, I knew it wasn't a fluke. 

Now, whenever she's riding with me, I ensure the windows are locked in place.

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21. Timeout

We once had this mastiff named Zed. Cute, but not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Despite his hefty 50 kilograms, he was just a big, goofy sweetheart. One of his "no-nos" was snacking on the cat's food, but, boy, if we turned our backs, he'd stealthily gobble it up. Zed seemed to think rules only applied when we were around to see him break them.

His usual chill spot was a cozy basket in the corner covered with a blanket. But if he got into mischief, we'd send him to the deck for a timeout—which he acted like was the worst thing ever. Whenever he got the timeout treatment, he'd whine nonstop until we let him back inside. 

Once back, he'd sulk in his corner for a bit, pretending he'd turned over a new leaf. So, one day, after leaving him to nap in his basket, my partner and I walked in to find him shamelessly chowing down on the cat's meal. 

He gave us a quick glance, hurriedly finished off the food, and then darted to the deck, setting himself up for his self-imposed timeout. He started his usual sad whining right next to the door. Honestly, it was just too funny.

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22. The Medical Alert Dog

I struggle with long-lasting, recurring headaches. A given day can bring up to 12 episodes, which can last anywhere from 10 minutes to three hours. The level of pain I experience often depends on how quickly I can manage it, with oxygen therapy being my first line of treatment. 

My faithful friend, Amber, is an English Springer Spaniel. Known for their exceptional sense of smell, this breed is particularly impressive. Quite unexpectedly, Amber started choosing to sleep in my bed when she was four years old. 

At first, I was comforted having her by my side during those heartbreaking moments when I was crying and writhing in pain. However, I initially thought it was her nudging my head and waking me up that triggered my headaches. But, I soon came to a surprising realization. 

It dawned on me that Amber's gentle prodding was actually a warning of an impending headache. It's amazing how she detects them a minute or two before I do. Importantly, her early alerts give me precious time to start my oxygen therapy. This quick response often lets me stop an attack in just about 10 minutes. 

Now at ten years old, Amber still snuggles up to me, resting close to my stomach. While she doesn't alert me to every single headache anymore, she still makes sure to wake me for the exceptionally painful ones.

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23. The Proud Pony

My family has always been into horses. We had this Morab horse named Buddy that my sister and I first learned to ride on. He was something special, truly. By the time Buddy joined our family, he was already up in years, and he lived out his golden days with us. But as he aged, he wasn’t fit for riding anymore. 

So, I got a new companion: a gentle mare named Misty. How Misty came into my life is a tale for another time. One day, about a year into riding Misty, I was practicing without a bridle in our arena, trying to strengthen our bond. Buddy was just across the fence, grazing with the other horses.

Here's a funny thing about Buddy: if it was anywhere close to dinner time and he noticed someone outside, he'd start pacing back and forth. We joked that he couldn't keep any extra weight on because he'd just walk it all off. But on this day, while Misty and I were practicing, Buddy approached the fence. 

Usually, he'd get restless and noisy, but not this time. Instead, he just stood there, watching us. Now, I'm usually skeptical about animals displaying human-like emotions, but Buddy’s gaze felt different—it was as if he was proud of us. I was genuinely taken aback. I'd never seen an animal convey so much emotion. 

For thirty minutes, Buddy just stood there, eyes on us, a sight that’s remained etched in my mind ever since.

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24. Silly Kitty

As much as I cherish my cat Nebula, she's a bit of a ditz. She's so silly, at times, she probably could do with a safety cap. She wouldn't even realize she has food in her bowl (even as she's sniffing it) unless she actually sees me fill it up. There was this one time she was snuggling between my pillows while I was tidying up the bed. 

She was so cute, I decided to grab a snapshot. Of course, I ended up with a camera roll of fifty. Halfway through the photo session, Nebula encounters her most bone-chilling fear, conjured entirely by herself. 

As she laid there, she arches her back, shoots her tail straight high like those generic Halloween kitty graphics, and squinted her eyes just to gasp at a petrifying, bumpy pink monster that just touched her nose. The next moment, she was darting away, yowling like there's no tomorrow. She got startled by her own tongue.

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25. She Understood

I've got to chat about how my dog Eliza used to walk. She was a bundle of energy, almost too much at times. Despite my best efforts to tire her out, even trying to rollerblade alongside her (bad idea, by the way), she was always raring to go.

So, I thought, why not try jogging? Everything was going fine until about a mile in when, out of nowhere, my right foot got snagged on the lace of my left shoe. Everything went into slow motion. I knew I was about to hit the ground and, not wanting to trip over the leash, I let it go and tumbled onto the grassy side of the path. 

Boy, that knocked the wind out of me. As I tried to gather my thoughts, my immediate worry was, "Where's Eliza?" About 20 yards away, there she was, giving me her classic goofy Lab grin. Despite my pain, I waved her over, fearing she might dash into the road. 

However, with Eliza's love for closeness (I often joked she'd jump into my skin if she could), I braced myself for her enthusiastic greeting. But instead, she approached cautiously, sensing something wasn't right. Standing right by me, she simply gazed down with a mix of concern and confusion. 

I used her sturdy frame to pull myself up, expecting her to pull and tug as she usually did. But no, she took gentle steps, frequently glancing up at me to make sure I was okay. When I felt good enough to jog again, she initially held back, ensuring I was alright. 

Once she sensed I was getting back to normal, Eliza was back to her peppy self, excitedly trotting along.

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26. Holding It In

Hoss is a Border Collie. Initially bred and trained for cattle herding, he was sold to a farmer. But he couldn't adjust to that job and ended up being sent back, got retrained, sold again and yet again returned. The poor dog was on the verge of being euthanized when a kind-hearted woman decided to keep him as a pet. 

She cared for Hoss for four wonderful years. Unfortunately, her health deteriorated, and she had to relocate to California to stay with her family, leaving Hoss behind. That's when we became Hoss's new family. Soon after, my dad passed. Facing a family funeral with nobody to take care of Hoss posed a problem. 

We did our best—filled his food bowl, stocked up his water container, and apologetically left him on his own from one dawn until the next dusk. But with last-minute extensions, we had to stay away an entire extra night. Coming home on that third evening, we braced ourselves for some unpleasant surprises. 

We thought Hoss must have surely had accidents in the house. But to our complete astonishment, he didn't! Miraculously, this good boy had held everything in for THREE WHOLE DAYS! Upon our arrival, Hoss greeted us at the door, then darted off into the woods, much to our relief. 

I don't know how he managed it, but I'm so thankful he didn't add to the stress of that ordeal by leaving a mess in the house.

Unbelievable PetsUnsplash

27. Protecting The Neighbor’s Puppy

I used to have a small Yorkshire Terrier, named Freddie. He's not with us anymore, but a few years back, when he was already getting up there in age, say around 15, something interesting happened. We were on our way back from our usual night walk when suddenly he stopped. 

He seemed to be hearing something and pivoted, heading back the way we came, glancing over at me. This strange action was a first, so I tagged along. Freddie skillfully navigated us back up around the bend on our street. One of our neighbors was hanging out on his porch. 

He spoke up, “There's a tiny runaway pup outside, he won't come near me”. Turning my attention to where he pointed, I saw another neighbor's brand new puppy, an adorable little four-pound Yorkshire terrier, bounding haphazardly and joyfully around. 

With the light fading, the small puppy was difficult to spot and could easily end up in the path of an oncoming car. Freddie and I headed across the road and the tiny pup instantly came to meet him. So together, we strolled over to the puppy's home and rang the bell. The moment the neighbor pulled the door open, the puppy darted inside. 

After ensuring the pup was safe, Freddie calmly walked back, heading home. Job well done.

Amber Heard factsPxHere

28. The Tiny Defender

My cat and dog? Not the best of pals. They coexist in the house, sharing stuff like the water bowl but never getting too chummy. However, it seems they can band together when faced with a common challenge.

A couple of weeks ago, my sister went to see her kids and left her two dogs with me. My cat, who can barely stand my dog at the best of times, was spooked. He took refuge in my bedroom and didn't come out for the entire week. Yep, I even moved his food, water, and litter box into my room because he was that adamant. Now, the thing with my bedroom door is, it's a bit wonky.

A few days into this pet-sitting gig, I was chilling on my bed with both my pets. My cat was out from his usual spot under the bed. All was well until Roxy, my sister's massive German Shepherd, decided to snoop in. Whenever my cat's truly scared, he just freezes, won't budge.

Then, out of nowhere, my dog, who usually doesn't care much for the cat, took charge. Keep in mind, she's a tiny Chihuahua, all of four pounds. But size differences? She didn't care. She bravely positioned herself between a curious Roxy and my petrified cat. 

Despite the size mismatch, she furiously barked, snapping at Roxy's nose, even backing up until she was basically guarding my immobilized cat. After a tense half-minute standoff, Roxy decided she'd had enough and headed back to the couch. 

My tiny dog, seemingly proud of her heroic act, looked over at the cat, gave a little victorious whimper, and settled back down. My cat, finally snapping out of his fear trance, scanned the room with a shocked expression, then, without acknowledging his pint-sized protector, slinked back under the bed. 

Creepiest Things Heard On Baby Monitors factsShutterstock

29. Knows The Difference

My wife had this beefy Dalmatian named Sebastian, weighing in at a hefty 92 pounds. One day, a salesman showed up at our door selling something my wife actually wanted. So, he stepped in, and Sebastian, being his friendly self, cozied up to him like he was part of our clan.

But a few weeks later, the same guy came back, this time with a product my wife wasn't keen on. The guy was being a bit aggressive, trying to step into the house. My wife noticed he suddenly went still. When she followed his line of sight, there was Sebastian, drooling with his teeth bared and letting out a rumbling growl. 

She mentioned it felt more in her gut than it was audible. We'd never seen Sebastian act like that before. Clearly, he could tell friend from foe.

Unbelievable PetsUnsplash

30. The Couch

Emma was a mix between a Rottweiler and a Bull Mastiff. And man, did she love our couch... but not in the way you'd think. Once my wife started working again, Emma started feeling a bit lonely. So, to deal with her separation blues, she chose our couch as her emotional support.

I'd often get home to find the couch mysteriously relocated. This wasn't a tiny dog; she was strong. But moving a couch? That's something else. The couch originally sat in a lowered living area. So, she had to muscle it up three steps just to get it to the main floor. By the time she was done with her 'chew therapy,' our couch was reduced to just its wooden skeleton. 

Safe to say, we eventually had to part ways with it.

Witness in publicUnsplash

31. Sharing Milk Bones

My buddy and I were chilling in a hotel room with our pups. I had some Milk Bones and was about to share when my friend pointed out her dog had allergies to something in those treats. She told me to still give one to my dog, though. Seeing the other dog retreat to her crate, looking a bit bummed, my dog did the sweetest thing. 

She strolled over and gently placed her treat just inside the crate for her furry friend.

Unbelievable PetsShutterstock

32. The Loo Cat

Our rescue cat, Neo, who's three, has an interesting habit. Instead of using a litter box indoors, he's all about using the actual toilet. He'll jump up, face the door, and handle his business. So, every night, we double-check that we've left the toilet seat up for him.

Unbelievable PetsShutterstock

33. Simone Says

We used to stay in a rural area and had a duck we called Simon. Once she laid an egg, we figured we should call her Simone. She was really committed to that egg, sitting on it for days, taking short breaks to grab a bite or drink.

So, one day, I was chilling on the back porch with a buddy, watching Simone and her egg a little distance away. I mentioned to my friend, "It's sad, Simone doesn't realize that egg won't turn into a duckling".

Almost as if she heard me, she picked up the egg, marched over, and dropped it right in front of us. The egg cracked open, releasing this awful smell. Then she strutted away, quacking as if she was telling us off.

And the funniest thing? She never laid an egg again after that.

The Craziest Thing That Ever Happened To MePexels

34. Jealousy

My dog decided she wanted her brother's plush new bed. When I first adopted my two pit bulls, Niki and Ringo, they always cuddled up on my bed with me. That changed when my girlfriend moved in because, well, four's a crowd on a bed. They had some older beds, but they didn’t really use them at night. 

Figuring they’d need something comfier for nighttime, I went shopping. I found the fluffiest, largest bed, but there was a catch: the store only had one in stock. Ringo was the lucky one to get it first, and he was thrilled. Next evening, I noticed Ringo’s new bed was missing. 

I searched all over thinking maybe he'd moved it. No luck. Then, back in the bedroom, I spotted Niki sneakily trying to shove the new bed under mine. She had dragged it away, wanting it all for herself. After chuckling at her antics, I made sure to get Niki her own fluffy bed that very night. No more bed-stealing incidents after that.

Unbelievable PetsShutterstock

35. Stop Bothering Us

A while back, we had this hefty Black Lab named Babe, weighing close to 90 pounds. There was this persistent JW who wouldn't take a hint. Despite my refusals, he kept ringing and knocking. It was becoming quite the nuisance. One Sunday, he showed up again. 

Babe, probably picking up on my irritation, bolted to the door. She crashed through the screen, barking fiercely and showing her teeth. The guy was so startled he fell over. Babe then stood atop him, keeping him down with her paws, while giving him a mix of licks and growls.

I walked over and warned him not to return, hinting that next time, Babe might not be so friendly. Sure enough, we didn't get any more visits from JWs after that.

Unbelievable PetsUnsplash

36. Pajama Parties

Bruno had a thing for hosting overnight get-togethers. Every night, he'd round up his pals, and by morning, we'd discover half a dozen to a dozen dogs just chilling in our backyard. It was always so peaceful; no noise or quarrels, just a group of dogs probably enjoying a midnight feast at our place.

It remained a mystery where these furry guests came from, but once we opened the gate in the morning, they'd leave, only to show up again later. We eventually had to invest in making our fence taller to keep Bruno's nightly gatherings in check.

Shocking NDAs FactsUnsplash

37. The Morning Kiss

Sweetpea, my cat, had this quirky way of waking me up. Instead of a typical lick, she'd plop down on my chest and plant her super soft, tickly mouth right on mine, just holding it there. I'm pretty sure it was her creative method to prompt me to get up and serve breakfast for her and her sis.

Unbelievable PetsUnsplash

38. A Team Effort

A few years back, I kept a bunch of ferrets: three chunky boys and a petite girl weighing less than a pound. One afternoon, I strolled into the kitchen and noticed them huddled near the cupboard, probably hinting at snack time. As I reached for their snack pouch, I caught my tiny girl peeking out of the cutlery drawer.

Considering her size, she couldn’t have accessed the cupboard without assistance. Glancing at the boys, they all eagerly awaited their snack. But when I lifted their tiny sibling out of that drawer, they suddenly acted all innocent, pretending they didn't know her.

Setting her down, the others curiously checked her out. But shortly after, I heard a scratchy noise near the cupboard. Stealthily approaching, I spotted one of the boys nudging the cupboard open just enough for his sister to slip in. 

In a flash, she scaled the inner side of the drawers and, reaching the top, she peeked out, scouted the area, made her way to the treat stash... and gave it a little nudge till it tumbled down.

Weird House factsShutterstock

39. Separation Anxiety

Once, I had this Belgian Shepherd, Marley. We got her from a rescue, and she really didn't like being alone. One day, when she was around seven, I'd just left our place and was only two blocks away on a busy street. Suddenly, something to my left caught my attention.

It was Marley. She was racing in the lane opposite to mine, tongue hanging out, running alongside my car with this joyful sparkle in her eyes. Just as I was about to stop and get her... BAM! A GMC van zoomed past from the other direction, and I heard a loud THUD! Marley vanished from my view.

Heart racing, I quickly parked and dashed to the spot where she'd been hit. No Marley. But then, I heard a familiar panting behind me. I spun around and, would you believe it, there she was, tail wagging, thrilled I'd pulled over. I checked her all over, full of worry... but she was perfectly fine.

Navy SEALS FactsPxHere

40. Sweet Stealer

I tutor students at my place and have a tradition of keeping candies in a bowl on a cart for them to grab after their lessons.

One afternoon, as I was peering out my kitchen window, I spotted my dog munching on what seemed like one of those candies. She probably snagged a candy that someone had accidentally dropped. I knew confronting her outside would be pointless; she'd either have swallowed it or scampered off by then. Ugh, I was so upset.

Shortly after, she pranced back inside through her pet door, looking super proud. I spotted the candy wrapper still outside on the lawn. In frustration, I exclaimed, "You little mischief-maker, that was my candy! Go get that wrapper right now!" Without missing a beat, she darted outside, grabbed the wrapper, and proudly presented it to me.

I was in complete shock.

Revenge On An ExShutterstock

41. The Singer

I once took in a big dog named Max who had been roaming around my area. One chill day, when he was about half a year old, we were lounging on the sofa. I decided to ring up my sister-in-law to greet her on her birthday. Figuring she'd be at her job, I sang Happy Birthday straight to her voicemail.

Out of nowhere, Max, with a surprised expression, started belting out a howl to match my tune. It caught me so off guard, I dropped the phone. As soon as I stopped singing, he stopped howling. Picking the phone back up, I continued my birthday song and he joined in once again. 

Curious, I tried various other songs—Christmas tunes, New Year's jingles, you name it. Nothing. No reaction. But the moment I dialed up friends and began the birthday serenade, Max chimed in perfectly on cue. AND he was surprisingly on key.

Blood-Curdling Paranormal TalesFlickr, Found Animals Foundation

42. The Weather Cat

A few weeks back, I was at my son's place, gearing up to help him lay down concrete for a storage shed. The previous evening, he'd picked up 30 bags of concrete mix, all set for our project the next day. Enter DJ, the ever-inquisitive cat. She hopped into the truck bed, curiously poking and sniffing at the bags. 

While watching her, we debated whether we should cover the concrete with a tarp. "We should be good; no rain's coming," we agreed. However, at the crack of dawn, DJ's loud meowing woke me up. I peeked through the window blinds, and there she was, making a fuss on the windowsill. 

My first thought? "Oh man, I needed some more shut-eye, and here's this cat waking me up". But then, I heard the faint sounds of raindrops. I quickly shouted for my son. He raced outside, throwing a tarp over the concrete bags. I shifted his car to make room for his truck under the shelter. 

Just as we secured everything, the skies poured down a heavy rain, dropping two inches within an hour. Thanks to DJ's timely alert, we saved the $250 worth of concrete from getting ruined.

Strange And Puzzling EncountersShutterstock

43. The Persistent Pooper

In our garden, there's this one plant that my dog just can't resist doing her business on. Only that one. So, I grabbed a few pieces of firewood and made a quick barrier around the plant. For a few days, it seemed to do the trick. But then, she found a little space between the plant and the hedge, managed to wiggle through, and voila—she was right back to her favorite spot. Talk about determination.

Nightmare neighborsShutterstock

44. The Drama Queen

Once, I had to leave town for a weekend and arranged for someone to look after my bunny. Just as I was on my way back, I got a frantic call saying something was wrong with my rabbit. She seemed sluggish and even turned away her favorite treats, which could indicate GI Stasis—a serious issue.

Rushing home, I observed her for a bit and noticed those symptoms too. I hurriedly took her to the emergency vet. The bill? $300. The diagnosis? She was just throwing a fit because I wasn't around. What a diva.

These Animals Changed LivesPexels

45. That’ll Show You

Once, my pet bird was quite upset about going to bed. She soared up to the drapes, chirped at a high volume until she caught my attention, and then proceeded to relieve herself on the cloth while making direct eye contact with me. She had been well-trained for bathroom manners, so her actions were undoubtedly intentional.

Disturbing kidPexels

46. The Disrespectful Dog

One of my pups actually used his sibling as a boost to get onto the sofa. He casually walked over the other, who was just lounging near the sofa, aiming for a comfortable spot up there. Talk about a major disregard for personal space.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

47. Breakups Are Hard

Our family dog had a special bond with our youngest, our daughter. Even though we have three kids, she was particularly protective of her. One day, when she was around 16, a boy she was dating came by. He greeted Jessie, our dog, and headed to my daughter's room.

After a little while, he left her room, said his goodbyes, and as he walked by Jessie, she made a sudden move towards his heel. She didn’t actually bite him, and he didn't even notice as I quickly held her back. Once he was out the door, I told my daughter, "Jessie almost bit Blake!" She replied, "Well, he just dumped me!"

What the heck party momentsShutterstock

48. But Can He Fit Four

A while ago at the dog park, we neared a pond. I spotted this large dog in the water that appeared to have some severe facial injury. Felt really bad for it. But hey, it seemed to be enjoying itself with a couple of other dogs. Drawing closer and trying not to stare too obviously, the truth suddenly dawned on me.

The dog released three tennis balls from his mouth. And just like that, he looked like a perfectly regular Boxer again.

Legal Drama FactsFlickr, Matt Deavenport

49. Maybe She Just Wanted Another Bath

For Christmas, I got the cutest little fuzzy friend—a ferret named Harli Quinn. Owning a ferret was new to me, so understanding her quirks was a bit of a learning curve. I dove into tons of ferret resources but apparently missed the memo about them being natural diggers.

Fast forward to Harli's first bath time. I had everything ready: perfect water temperature, the best ferret shampoo, and even a set of rubber ducks for some fun. Harli, right by my feet, seemed intrigued by the sink setup. When I placed her in, her reaction wasn't what I'd seen in those cute online videos. 

No playful splashing or duck chasing. She just stood there, ready to get it over with. After soaping her up, and right before rinsing her, she decided to poop in the sink. Alas, round two of shampooing! But it gets worse. 

As I was about to dry her off, I realized the towel was on the other end of the kitchen. Leaving her in the sink, I sprinted for the towel. But when I returned, Harli was gone. Panicking, I thought, "What if she fell and got hurt?" But then, I heard a commotion from my chili pepper plant pot on the counter. 

Dirt was flying everywhere. In the mere seconds I'd been away, Harli had burrowed to the base of the plant, getting herself all dirty again. So much for bath time.

Unbelievable PetsShutterstock

50. Oh, Mandy

I adopted a five-month-old Border Collie mix from a local shelter. Instead of bringing her out to me, they took me to her after I'd finished the paperwork. As I prepared to get her, she was trembling and scared in the back of her cage. That's when they filled me in on her heartbreaking past.

She'd been mistreated by her former owner—physically mistreated and yelled at. The poor thing was terrified. But I didn't have second thoughts; I was committed. I gently picked her up, took her to my car, and just sat with her for a bit, petting her and speaking gently.

After a long drive home to help her calm down, I introduced her to my other dog and gave her some space. Initially, every time I approached, she'd hide. But when I called her name, she'd slowly come out.

Fast forward two months, we moved to my dad's tree farm. Mandy, as I called her, still had her initial hesitations, especially when my dad would come around. But as the days passed, something shifted. From being the one needing protection, Mandy started becoming my guardian.

Whenever someone unfamiliar approached, she'd calmly stand close to them. Once they knocked on the door, she'd latch onto their ankle. Not in a hurtful way, but a clear warning. People would often ask me to get her to let go, but I always wanted to know their intent first. I'd simply reassure her with a calm "They're alright, Mandy," and she'd release.

This behavior remained consistent, no matter who the visitor was—be it friends, utility workers, or even a detective.

Animals’ Biggest Power Moves FactsPixabay

Sources: 1, Reddit

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