Students Getting Expelled For Wild Reasons

November 7, 2023 | Sammy Tran

Students Getting Expelled For Wild Reasons

Schools are a place of learning, growth, and, well, let's face it, the occasional youthful indiscretion. From sneaky smuggling operations to legendary pranks gone hilariously wrong, the stories of these expelled students will leave you chuckling, shaking your head, and perhaps even secretly admiring their audacity.

1. The Great Escape

A youngster managed to sneak out of school on a Gordon Food Service delivery truck during playtime. Imagine the workers' surprise when they unloaded the truck—and discovered this small kid hiding in an Uncrustables sandwich box.

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2. A Prank That Hopped Out of Control

A kid let loose 500 chirping crickets in our school's dining hall, then hung back to observe the ensuing chaos. However, the school's security officer got the best revenge. He managed to catch quite a lot of them, cleverly depositing these crickets into the trickster's car through a cracked window. Ultimately, he got the last laugh.

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3. Waterlogged Whodunit

This tale might not technically qualify since nobody ever got busted... But this one's quite the spectacle. Let's talk about what we call "temporary classrooms". Not sure if these exist everywhere around the globe, but they're compact, standalone classes made from sturdy drywall.

Remember how we had those standard test phases when all marked tests were stored in one room? Come Monday, we're back in school—sat in assembly with the rest of the school. Our headmaster was livid. Normally a good-hearted gentleman, but at that moment, his face was fire-engine red, and he was shaking with fury.

Turns out, some cheeky student had snuck into school, pushing a fire hose through a slightly opened window and flooding the entire classroom. We later found out from a teacher that the tests were literally floating around. The classroom was heavily damaged by the water too. Since nobody confessed, they launched an investigation. 

All the class's electronic equipment got destroyed, and some of the teacher's files got wrecked, meaning she had to start all over. Despite an extensive search, the culprits were never found. We ended up having a portion of our assignment grades used for the subjects whose tests were fully destroyed.

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4. Axe-plosive

This is one of the most memorable tales I have: In a rural high school setting years ago, when we were seniors, a something caught my eye in my welding class. I was engrossed in my work when I overheard a conversation from a couple of my classmates by another welding station. 

These stations are structured like booths with three concrete walls, an open top, and a curtain trailing behind. They were discussing a peculiar plan to weld something directly onto the metal table in the station. Intrigued, I tried to catch a glimpse of their project. 

I glanced around the corner to find them engrossed in inspecting a pressurized spray bottle of Axe body spray. Realizing the potential danger—considering it is both pressurized and flammable—I couldn't help but intervene. I chimed in to warn them about the hazardous consequences of their plan, only to be brushed off. 

We had a strained relationship because of a longstanding football rivalry between our high schools, hence their disdain towards any advice coming from me. Ignoring their dismissal, I walked to the other side of the room where I had a clear view of the teacher and their booth. 

I occupied myself with some work, but kept a close eye on them. To my astonishment and horror, they proceeded with their reckless plan. I saw the booth curtain close, followed soon by a spark and a loud boom! A 10-foot tall flame erupted from the booth, and one of the boys sprang out of the booth, charred and startled. 

It was almost like a scene straight out of a slapstick comedy—his hair stuck up in all directions, soot smeared across his face, bearing an expression of utter shock. The teacher, now flushed from anger, lambasted him for a full five minutes before storming out of the room with both students in tow. 

Later, I came to know that they got expelled from our school over this mishap. To this day, the pungent scent of Axe body spray combined with the smell of charred hair has stayed with me. 

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5. Pizza Payback

We were required to wear ID badges at school, hung around our necks. I despised them, frequently leaving mine at home. The principal repeatedly warned me during lunch, every time he went to serve himself food. Eventually, his nagging wore me out, causing me to craft a mock ID card featuring a bold middle finger as the photo. 

The next day, having been warned yet again, I brazenly pulled out my fake ID and put it on in front of him. He escorted me to the office with the intention of calling my parents. But I had another trick up my sleeve. Instead of my home number, I furnished him with the contact of a local Dominos pizza. 

Upon getting the restaurant on the line, I teased him by saying he owed me a meal because he had disrupted my lunch. Ultimately, I was expelled. However, being at the tail end of my senior year and not slated to graduate, the urgency was lost on me.

In due course, I was granted permission to complete my high school education during summer at another school within our district. Although I was disallowed from attending any graduation ceremonies, I ended up with a diploma nonetheless. 

Upon entering college, I turned over a new leaf, buckled down, and managed to round off my academia with an honour roll and a solid GPA.

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6. The Middle School Witch Hunt

I was kicked out of my middle school because they thought I was practicing witchcraft. (I had a deep interest in astrology which led to some folks accusing me of keeping a "curse list". In reality, it was a list of kids who asked me to read their palms and conduct tarot card readings for them. My mom was frankly irritated. 

She felt it was ridiculous that I was getting expelled based on the accusations of three 12-year-olds, who claimed I was practicing witchcraft.

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7. Gospel Gathering

I think he was an exchange student from Russia, at least that's what I remember. But something bizarre happened—he hacked into the principal's email. He sent a message to the whole school, telling everyone to gather in the gym for what seemed like a pressing announcement. 

It was clear the email didn't come from the principal, yet there we were, waiting around in the gym, kind of spooked, thinking we were facing some grave situation. After keeping us waiting for maybe 15 minutes, he finally stood up. The reason for his dramatic summon? 

To encourage us all to urgently embrace Jesus in our lives before it's too late. That's the last memory I have of him. It's been like 7 or 8 years since then. I hope he's doing alright.

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8. My Brush With Expulsion

During my junior year, I got kicked out of high school. I'd struck an agreement with one of my teachers—as long as I maintained a passing grade on all my tests, I could spend every second day in the art room during his class. This arrangement worked out pretty well for an entire semester; I was averaging a B+ grade and really taking advantage of the additional art time.

However, the situation took a turn for the worse when the principal caught wind of it. He questioned my teacher about my whereabouts throughout the semester. This led to being written up for the equivalent of a 90-day absence in one fell swoop. Furthermore, it also exposed the fact that I had been ditching my other classes to focus on painting. 

This led to a formal meeting with the school board and the superintendent. Some of my teachers gave their support, describing me as an intelligent student who was simply not challenged by the traditional curriculum. Regardless, the decision was made to expel me. 

They did, however, allow me to resume junior and senior year through computer classes. This meant I had roughly 65% of my day left for painting. Despite everything, I managed to finish my high school education on schedule, secured admission into a prestigious art school and then, surprisingly, I chose to pursue a career in IT. 

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9. Locked Out And Laughing

One time, I was hanging out with my friend, and when the bell rang, we made an attempt to head inside. But weirdly, the door was bolted shut. We had to loiter around for about quarter of an hour for someone to come rescue us and unlock the door. Once we were inside, all six of us got summoned into the principal's office.

She commenced a monologue about punctuality and showing respect to our teachers by not turning up too late. You should've seen us, we were all trying to stifle our giggles. Why? Because we found it utterly absurd to get a lecture—it wasn't our fault the door was locked.

After a solid 5 minutes of her lecturing, it was becoming increasingly difficult for us to keep a straight face and our laughter was starting to leak out. The principal was quick to pick up on it. Barely two minutes later, we found ourselves back outside the school. On a happier note, I ended up having apple pie, so all's well that ends well.

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10. Fanfic Foray

Here's a tale for you. This happened on the final school day before summer break. There was a girl in my middle school class who took it upon herself to pen a fanfiction story. It was quite scandalous, as it involved one of our teachers and our temporary vice principal.

The school administration came to know about it because she used the school printer to produce copies. This stunt cost her her high school admission, as our school was up to 8th grade only. I wish I had managed to snag a copy before the teachers started to seize them. Although I couldn't read it, I heard from those who did that it was quite a page-turner.

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11. The Great Leap to Expulsion

On our school's second floor, we had a terrace with a birds-eye-view of the cafeteria. Every year, we held a week-long fundraising endeavor titled "Every Kid, Every Day". 

To be honest, I can't recall exactly what it was for, but the culmination of this week was a spectacle: blowing up an inflatable obstacle course throughout the cafeteria. It was our way of celebrating the successful money-raising week.

Right as the bell rang for the start of the first lunch period, I was taking a shortcut to reach my next class. However, I couldn't help but pause and gawk at a shocking sight. One kid vaulted over the handrail and plummeted a full-story onto the inflated obstacle course, with his backpack still clinging on.

Immediately after, he rolled off the bouncy castle and darted out the school's front door. A handful of school staff were hot on his trail. Later, the rumor spread that he was expelled, and that was the last we ever saw of him.

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12. The Tractor Troublemaker

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, my brother used to drive his tractor all the way to high school, a journey of 17 miles. Now that I look back, I realize it wasn't exactly the safest mode of transport. Tractors aren't as speedy as cars and coupled with the winding lanes and hidden bends, well, let's just say it wasn't ideal for him or for anyone else on the road.

He once used the tractor's bucket to haul a keg of ginger ale right into the school. He and his buddies were busy pouring out drinks when he was told to remove it. You may want to decide yourself whether that was a neat trick or not. Despite getting rid of it initially, he brought it back, which was what landed him in hot water the most. 

He did ask for permission beforehand, but when denied, he went ahead and did it anyway. As a consequence, he was expelled, but it didn't stick. After a few days, the school let him back in. It was less about him harming someone and more about his disregard for authority. 

I wasn't living at home as I was in boot camp at the time, and I learned about these shenanigans from a letter my mom sent. I recall advising him he should have opted for Dr Pepper in place of ginger ale.

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13. Tokens, Treachery, and Trust

My school housed a dormitory, and meals were part of the dorm fee. So, students were given meal tokens, which they used to "buy" food during school hours. Often, the students wound up with extra tokens they didn't need and sold them to non-dormitory students for less than their worth (for example, a token worth $10 would sell for $6).

One dormitory student was caught counterfeiting these tokens and was swiftly expelled. He got caught three days before the school year ended, and got expelled the day before. A considerable number of the dormitory students were scholarship recipients. 

They tended to perceive themselves as victims, often complaining that they were treated unjustly (for example, a few had faced penalties for breaking curfew and this sparked a lot of upset). The way they saw it, non-scholarship students didn't face the same consequences for identical infringements. 

Really though, they were just better at keeping their infractions under wraps. Many of these scholars were rebellious by nature and didn't bother to hide their rule-breaking, believing that they shouldn't be penalized for defying rules they considered unjust.

Anyway, a scholar got into severe trouble for something (the details escape me), and rumor has it that in revenge, another scholar tipped off a staff responsible for the dorm about the forged tokens. They thought this would lead to similar, or less, trouble for the offending student.

When the news of the tokens initially spread, everyone thought the culprit was simply caught red-handed. However, it wasn't until expulsion was on the table that a few scholars started showing signs of guilt and they were summoned to the principal's office.

The pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place, and it became clear that they had turned him in. The teachers were trying to make sense of the whole situation. Personally, I'm not defending the forgery, but I think it was unfair for someone to leak information they've held onto for a while, just to stir up trouble and rebel against authority.

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14. A Braille Machine's Three-Story Plunge

So, I shared my algebra class with a delightful blind student. I can't recall all the details perfectly, but the classroom had an old-fashioned Braille machine for her use. We also had a classmate who was notorious for his awful behavior.

One day, the blind girl stepped out momentarily. The daring classmate, thinking of his next reckless stunt, asked his friends how amusing it would be if he tossed the Braille machine out the window. They fervently agreed, convinced that not only would it be quite amusing, but also uproariously funny. 

Consequently, the guy picked up the poor girl's machine and hurled it through the window. Bear in mind, our classroom was situated three floors high. Saying the machine was a little damaged after plummeting from such heights would barely cover it. 

The following day, the school administration summoned everyone in the class to the dean's office to provide their statements about this appalling act. 

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15. Fishy Business

My school was built in a modern style and featured unique hangout and lunch areas scattered along the hallways. During our senior year, a group of pranksters broke into the school and transformed these pits into makeshift ponds, complete with water and live goldfish. However, their prank was not without consequences. 

Thanks to security camera footage, the culprits were quickly identified. The school administration didn't take the situation lightly. Not only were the participants expelled, but they also faced charges like breaking and entering, vandalism, and several more. Additionally, the school decided to sue them for the damages. 

Draining all the water from the pits turned out to be a long and costly process. All the pranksters were already 18, which means they were treated as adults. Quite a hefty price to pay for a high school prank, and one that probably haunted them throughout their twenties.

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16. Scientific Souvenirs

Our school embarked on an exciting journey to the local science museum, where two students stealthily pinched rocks from the Pompeii display, borrowed from the Italian authorities. They stayed undetected in that act, but their luck ran out when they attempted to swipe some items from the more closely watched gift shop.

The security guards demanded they empty their bags, revealing the pilfered rocks. Not only were they expelled, but our school received a permanent ban from an incredible, albeit lacking in security, science museum.

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17. Vanishing Act

This kid was an absolute handful. Sure, every grade has its tough kids, but this one really tested the limits of what the private school had dealt with before. He was a firecracker, but not in a way that was wild or frightening by general standards.

No one had ever simply taken off in the middle of the day before. There was no backup staff on call to tackle such a surprise. Picture an entire class just sitting there, being supervised by the janitor for hours, as their teacher frantically drove around the local area, hoping to find the missing student.

The kid was ultimately found at a nearby grocery store. His blatant disregard for rules and authority posed a challenge for the teachers, who were at a loss with how to handle the situation.

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18. The Day The Drinking Fountain Flew

I remember this incident from my 7th grade PE class. As the physical education period was drawing to a close, everyone began heading back to the locker rooms to switch back into their regular clothes.

Suddenly, this hulking high school student, who must've been at least 6'6" and weighed nearly 300 lbs, barreled into the locker room. He was so mad, his face was red hot. Where we went to school, everyone knew everyone, so we all recognized him instantly.

Given his reputation for having a bit of a temper, our instinct was to steer clear and let him blow off some steam. And we did just that. He proceeded to vent his wrath on one of the lockers—pounding his fist so hard against it multiple times that it caved in and jammed shut. But he didn't stop there. 

He stalked over to the water dispenser in the locker room. In a few strong jerks, he wrenches it clean off the wall, hoists it onto one shoulder nonchalantly and heads towards the emergency exit. His destination was the parking lot, and he dumped it into the bed of his truck and then he was off—he just drove away.

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19. Sketchy Situation

I left my classroom and started searching for my buddy who usually accompanies me after lectures. She blurted out that she had just smacked her temp instructor. I honestly doubted her, assuming she perhaps just made a disrespectful comment. But she insisted it was true.

The story goes, my mate was doodling during the lesson and the stand-in teacher ordered her to stop. When she complied, the temp seized her sketchpad, which provoked my friend to slap her. The stand-in eventually took a walk to the head of the lesson space and began to well up with tears. 

My buddy's only concern was being disciplined by being banned from the Winter festive dance. However, the repercussions were far worse—she was entirely expelled and forbidden from setting foot on school premises ever again.

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20. From Good Grades To Gross Behavior

I recall a friend of mine who initially didn't progress to high school in Germany with the rest of us. He started at a lower ranked institution but because of his impressive academic performance, he ultimately joined us in our high school. That said, he'd become somewhat different since our days attending elementary school together.

I distinctly remember one incident when he disconnected the power supply of a clock in his room. The tricky part was, all clocks in that structure were linked, demanding a comprehensive repair. The straw that broke the camel's back, though, was when he urinated in a fellow student's bottle, who had assumed it was apple juice. 

This outrageous act was beyond the school's tolerance level and resulted in his expulsion.

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21. Network Nemesis

It was the final year of high school. This kid was your classic computer nerd, complete with the pocket protector. Brilliant, usually kept to himself, but friendly albeit in a socially awkward way. Amazingly, he was able to hack into the section of the school's data storage system where teachers backed up their files. 

He managed to copy tonnes of files, quizzes, tests, answer keys, you name it. A lot of it was from his History teacher, but there was chatter that he'd gotten data from almost all the teachers. He turned this into a business, selling these answer keys and tests to other students. 

Eventually, his enterprise was exposed and the school administrators got wind of it. They didn’t wait to get the authorities involved. One day, while he was at school, they showed up at his place with a search warrant and seized his computers. They nabbed him when he walked in the door after school. 

Needless to say, the teachers were livid. Each test that had been compromised had to be completely redone. It was a nightmare, particularly for his history teacher who had to spend countless hours recreating his lesson plans for the entire year.

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22. The Day The Class Clown Went Too Far

Ever since I was in 3rd grade, I've harbored a story. There was this kid in our math class who really had a hard time managing his temper. He would not pay attention or complete his work and, without fail, would lose his cool at the teacher any time they attempted to address his behavior. 

Now this kid was quite the character, always cracking jokes or interrupting—he was kind of our class clown actually, and he seemed happy with that label, particularly because it gave him all the attention he craved.

One extremely challenging day when this kid was being particularly difficult, our teacher threatened to bring in the school principal to handle things if he didn't start behaving. True to her word, when he continued his shenanigans, she resorted to calling the principal down.

When the principal walked in, to everyone's surprise, the kid actually got up to make a run for it, something he had mentioned doing earlier when angry with the teacher. Our teacher, in another sensible move, decided to take us all out of that chaotic situation—there was literally no way this kid was willingly leaving. 

So, we ended up wandering the school halls for a bit, admiring fellow students' artwork displayed there. Finally, we thought it was safe to go back to class. But, when we returned, the principal and the defiant kid were still at it—their noisy argument could be heard from outside the room. 

Without missing a beat, the teacher let us continue our impromptu hallway art tour. Eventually, the second time we returned, the coast was clear. However, the classroom, now without its former inhabitants, looked like it had just hosted a mini tornado. 

Multiple desks were overturned and cubbies were left wide open, personal stuff of students littering the ground. As for what came of that difficult kid, I'm not quite sure. But, he did not rejoin our class after that day.

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23. Rambunctious RR

Back in 5th grade, I can recall sitting next to a boy, let's name him RR, who was evidently struggling with severe ADHD. At the time, though, he was merely viewed as a regular troublemaker. His inability to stay still and continuous disruptive outbursts during class sessions often landed him in hot water. 

He is the one student I remember receiving punishments from the principal, generally on a monthly basis. RR seemed to find joy whenever his classmates got into trouble. The last image I have of him is from an incident where a fellow student was discovered to be cheating on an exam. 

RR quickly stood up on his chair—and pulled an unforgettable stunt. He aimed his finger at the culprit, and shouted loudly, "Moaded!" which in kids' jargon, meant "Busted". There's a chance he created that term, but it somehow became common in our language.

I often ponder about the aftermath of that incident. In particular, the girl who the entire class laughed at and reduced to tears. I imagine her parents must have reached out to the school principal, demanding his removal from their daughter's class following the spectacle. 

Sure enough, RR disappeared from our class about a week later. To this day, I've always wondered how RR's story unfolded. 

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24. Expelled From School, Elevated In Tech

This guy I knew got kicked out for breaking into the school's grade system... using his home computer. He was just a freshman, only two weeks into his high school journey. The school's head used his case each year to demonstrate the importance of "behaving and respecting your classmates". Now, he's employed by Apple. 

Hearing this news made the principal wild with anger.

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25. A Reckless Gesture Leads To A Wild Chase

This incident unfolded right before my eyes. There's this pathway from a peripheral structure that leads to the main school establishment, travelling past this large window that's part of the principal's office. I was ambling towards the primary building with a few of my pals, with a junior student not far ahead of us.

Both the boy and the rest of us misjudged the principal's presence in his office, possibly because of the glare on the window that obstructed a clear view. Consequently, the boy, a couple of grades below me, took the opportunity to flippantly display both his middle fingers at the window, hoping to show off.

Suddenly, we noticed a stir within the office. As it turned out, the principal was present and had witnessed the entire spectacle. The boy looked like he'd seen a ghost; he darted off, racing down the trail and through the door into the main building. Trailing him was the principal who despite being around 60 years old, bellowed "Return here, young man!"

The last thing I witnessed was the principal in hot pursuit down the main building corridor. However, I never encountered that boy post the incident.

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26. An Explosive Exit

There was a boy, Jack who had gotten into a lot of trouble due to his wealthy background and lack of discipline. This often meant he saw his teachers as an inconvenient nuisance that he would have to bear until he reached the age of 16 to leave school. 

Our German teacher and guidance counselor, Mrs M, was a very kind woman who had a knack for bringing calm to chaos. One particular afternoon during our sports period, we all got asked to sit on the field. This happened smack dab in the middle of our cricket and volleyball matches that were taking place in a large pitch. 

The game scores were disregarded entirely. Apparently, Jack had walked out of a meeting with Mrs M that was happening earlier. So here he was, storming the pitch in a rage with Mrs M trailing behind him, trying unsuccessfully to get him to stop and come back.

Ignoring her pleas, he went straight to the volleyball nets and angrily hurled one of the poles to the ground. Thankfully, the one guy in the expected landing spot had the presence of mind to step out of the way, seeing Jack charging towards the net. 

After a brazen lap around the pitch filled with angry outbursts directed at Mrs M, Jack tried to grapple with the largest guy in our grade to steal his cricket bat. Ultimately, it took the combined efforts of Mrs M and three members of the cricket team to haul him off. After this debacle, we never saw Jack again.

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27. Dialing Up Trouble

So, there was this kid named Jasper who joined our school back in September. He simply didn't show any interest in doing schoolwork or making an effort to participate. Even when lectures were ongoing, Jasper would unapologetically answer his phone, interrupting the teacher and disturbing the entire class. We weren't even allowed to bring phones to school in the first place.

Every academic year, we were tasked with a public speaking project. But Jasper couldn't care less. Without any preparation, he'd boldly walked to the front with just a paper plate in hand, improvising a much too brief 45-second talk on paper plates. The expected speech duration was a full five minutes.

His defiance and disrespect reached a peak during a science class. The hum of our teacher's voice was rudely interrupted by his ringing phone. The teacher, understandably frustrated, asked him to step out of the class. But Jasper simply wouldn't budge, unabashedly continuing his conversation. 

After some yell-filled interruptions, he finally left the class. The teacher, out of patience, followed him to have a serious talk. The argument outside was intense. The teacher, raising his voice, clearly expressed how Jasper's behaviour was downright disrespectful. 

But, Jasper, unconcerned, took a call right in the middle of the admonishment, then strutted away like nothing had happened...

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28. High-Flyin’ Egg-sploits 

A young boy and his mate pulled off a wild prank by bombarding their school with eggs from an airplane. It was absolutely bonkers.

The boy's friend had a father who owned an aircraft, perhaps a Cessna, with a private runway right in the center of a large field. One particular night, they decided to sneak into the nearby egg farm, getting their hands on a bunch of eggs. Then, under the cover of darkness, they took off in the plane. It seems they succeeded in raining down eggs all over the school.

However, at dawn, a layer of fog swept in, and they weren't able to locate the runway to land the plane. This led to them circling low around the town, which resulted in quite a commotion. The sight induced so much panic that they even had to evacuate one of the hotels.

Ultimately, their daring antics led to their expulsion from school, but I believe it took a considerable amount of time to piece together what had actually transpired.

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29. Fishing for Trouble

At my high school, there was a small nature center equipped with a quaint pond, home to a bunch of fish. On one particular day, a student—let's call him kid 1—made the questionable decision to plunge into the pond. His intention? To catch as many fish as he could, gut them, and then hurl them at unsuspecting students and staff. 

I learned about this strange incident from one of my friends who was present during the chaos. My friend had hoped to cover the shocking story in the school newspaper, but unfortunately, they weren't granted permission to do so.

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30. Wallet Whirlwind

My bus driver inadvertently left her small wallet packed with $170 cash in the seat allocated to me on the bus. She later confessed that she was tallying her checkbook while sitting on that very seat a bit earlier before starting her driving duties. 

As a first-grade student, I instinctively picked up the wallet and tucked it into my backpack, thinking my dad would know how to handle the situation. Later, the bus driver, realizing her mistake, came to my school, accusingly pointing at me and asserting that I had filched it from her purse. 

What was supposed to be a regular school day turned into an intense interrogation session in the principal's office involving the principal, my bus driver, a few other teachers, and the school counselors. They flaunted the cash in front of me, bellowed questions like "Do you realize how much this is? You could buy a bicycle with this!!" 

Honestly, as a first-grader, I did not understand the value of that money, nor did I really comprehend the concept of money itself. At one point, they considered expelling me from the school, but luckily, my dad arrived, having left his work midway, and defended me, arguing about the absurdity of their accusations. 

They finally decided to bar me from taking the bus for the rest of my elementary school years. As a result, I had to switch schools.

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31. When Life Gave Me Lemons, School Gave Me The Boot

I wasn't exactly expelled, but after finishing my junior year in high school, I was pretty much told to find a different educational institution. The main reason behind such harsh instructions was due to my extremely poor grades, which were mainly a result of my consistent failure to submit homework throughout the year.

But considering my particular situation at the time, I believe I had a fair justification for my academic performance and was disappointed at the school's lack of support. Both my mom and dad were jobless, making me the only earning member in our family of three. 

Consequently, I was forced to juggle a full-time job with my high school education, a situation the school administration was completely aware of, yet chose to ignore. So, when asked to shift to another school, I opted for an online program. But, I hardly devoted any time or effort there and after four idle months, decided to drop out as soon as I turned 18. 

However, I immediately got my GED and carried on with the normal course of life. Looking back, it's hard not to feel bitter about the whole episode, especially because I had a lot of respect for that school. It was genuinely a great place, only let down badly by its upper management.

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32. Penned Protest

I was shown the door from a female-only Catholic school at the start of my 11th grade. There wasn't any dramatic incident behind this. Instead, it was the culmination of behaviors I had exhibited over the past two years. These behaviors included clashing with certain individuals, being excessively vocal, and an overwhelming number of complaints about me from other girls.

As my junior year commenced, they informed me that I had to pack up and depart by October, marking the close of the school's first quarter. All my companions went so far as to pen impassioned letters to the head of the school, pleading on my behalf. But the school administration viewed this as disruptive. 

On the day they received a sudden flood of these protest letters, they requested my mother to come and collect me because they saw no place for me anymore at their institution.

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33. Leap Of Ledge-ends

So there we were, in the middle of class on our school's fifth floor. Suddenly this student stands up, walks to the window, swings it open, and jumps off... The class froze in fear, and our teacher simply stared in disbelief at the shocking sight. The truth was, he had jumped onto a ledge below the window as a twisted practical joke.

The following week, the school expelled him, and we spent that week with the school counselor, discussing why stunts like these aren't humorous.

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34. The One That Never Got Away

In my high school, we had this student who was a "super super senior". Basically, "super" is added for each year a student spends in high school beyond the regular four years. So, this guy was in his 6th year of high school when I first met him as a freshman. I was in my junior year during the incident I'm recounting now.

On a regular lunch day, he showed up with a shuriken, like a ninja star. He was proudly showing it off, explaining to us that he was learning to throw it. He decided to demonstrate, hurling the shuriken towards a wall. However, it simply ricocheted back, landing on a different lunch table. Thankfully, no one got hurt. 

However, the sudden intrusion didn't sit well with the students at that table, and they raised a hue and cry loud enough to attract the attention of our school security guards (yes, we did have those).

Fast forward to the following week—I heard that the shuriken enthusiast had been expelled. To my surprise, he returned during my senior year, this time as a super super super senior. Surprisingly, he was missing in action during the graduation ceremony.

Bizarre Detention StoriesShutterstock

35. Alarming Antics

When I was in my second year of high school, I remember a fellow student said to me, "I actually want to be expelled from school. To do that, I'll set off the fire alarm". Honestly, I assumed he was just bluffing—but I was so wrong. By the next period, the fire alarms started blaring. 

As per the school's fire drill protocol, everyone had to vacate the building. After that ordeal, we were all allowed back in. Just about half an hour later, the sound of blasting alarms engulfed the building once more. We again followed the drill. And mind you, this occurred all before 10:00 AM.

The alarm antics stirred up conversations among the students. Many people began speculating that if the alarm sounded a third time in one day, the school would have to dismiss us. Not much later, about 40 minutes, the alarm did go off a third time. However, it was quickly silenced after barely five seconds. 

The same thing happened again, just 10 minutes later. After all these fire drill fiascos, I never saw or heard about that particular student again.

Teacher in blue shirt is talking with student in school hallway.RDNE Stock project, Pexels

36. Electrifying Exploits

During my final year in high school, a fellow student, Martin, thought it'd be interesting to rejig an electrical socket near the locker area used by 9th graders. Surprisingly, the school's security personnel also got involved in the act. The ensuing commotion had several students rushed to the hospital. 

Martin got kicked out of school and the security staff who was a part of this, was sacked pretty quickly...

Heartbreaking HospitalShutterstock

37. Unconventional Exit Strategy

Our school building was designed in the shape of a large horseshoe. Eric barged in using the sizeable double doors at one entrance, roaring his ATV through the hallways, making as much noise with the engine as possible. It didn't become evident to him till the very end of his wild ride that only one entrance had dual doors.

Upon recognizing his trap, he saw that the opposite end had a single door, too narrow for the ATV to fit. Eric took a sudden turn and rammed his ATV through the glass doors that led to the school administration office, then tried—unsuccessfully—to escape on foot.

All this happened just a week before his expected graduation.

Person riding ATVSergei Domashenko, Shutterstock

38. High School Hacker Hysteria

A student was expelled and four others were suspended for infiltrating the school's private network. They posted a code on a public drive—a shared space where anyone can upload data that the school also backs up—which enabled anyone to view confidential school documents. 

However, the offender wasn't a real expert in hacking, and they were able to track him down. This story was relayed to me by a slightly oddball teacher. While he seemed honest, I'm not completely convinced about the truth of his account. The exact details of what the students did are kept under wraps. 

Given the school's history of being technologically inept, (they didn't even know how to replace a RAM stick when a student removed it), it's hard to believe they could trace the hacker on their own. So, it's quite likely they hired a professional to do that job, adding another layer of interest to the situation.

Surprised beautiful brunette girl with hands on head and open mouth is sitting in front of computer.user18526052 , Freepik

39. Biting The Hand That Holds The Phone

Towards the end of his third year in school, a student who was considered peculiar and completely lacked self-restraint, bit a teacher on her forearm. He justified it by saying, "her hand was obstructing my path," when she attempted to confiscate his phone during a class session. 

Although he didn't pierce her skin or cause any extreme injury, he was immediately taken away by the school security officer and expelled on the spot. 

Worst Things Teachers Have Ever SaidShutterstock

40. She Doesn’t Even Go Here

Two girls (they were a couple of years senior to me) were kicked out nearly at the end of their last academic year for crafting something akin to the "Burn Book" from Mean Girls. They ended up finding another location to take their exams. 

What they did was such a reckless move, and the reason their secret unravelled was due to their carelessness; they simply left the book casually in a classroom.

Angry, irritated teenage girlfriends arguing in coffee shopBojan Milinkov, Shutterstock

41. Hacking To Healing

During our second high school year, a highly intelligent student was expelled. He entered our AP World History class one day only to find our treasured teacher in tears. She was distraught, wondering how she could ever trust her students again.

Apparently, this academically gifted student had accessed her laptop and pilfered the exam folder, which unfortunately also contained a file with her social security number.

School authorities seized the student's laptop and an investigation unveiled that he had hacked into more than 20 teachers’ laptops, stealing their exam folders. Consequently, he was expelled from school and moved to a different state. Surprisingly, none of us heard from him for a long time.

However, years later, I discovered that this former classmate was now a student at the same medical school I was attending, but a grade below me. Somehow, his records did not disclose that he had been expelled during his high school years.

Leg injured boy visiting young doctor.Elnur, Shutterstock

42. Dirt Bike Debacle

On the second day of my first year in high school, a senior student decided to stage his senior "joke" way ahead of time, couldn't even wait for the graduation day. He daringly rode his off-road motorcycle right into the school building, proudly doing a wheelie up the staircase, and wreaking havoc on the carpet as he raced down the hallway. 

The athletic director took it upon himself to tackle him, managing, in the process, to acquire a nasty burn from the hot exhaust pipe. Subsequently, his reckless stunt resulted in his expulsion from the school. Furthermore, several of his earlier accepted college applications were rescinded.

biker rides motorcycleJohnny Bravoo, Shutterstock

43. Flying Lessons

A math teacher was quite literally tossed out a window. The rather smallish instructor was hunched over, wrestling with a stubborn window that was hinged at the bottom and wouldn't shut.

A student crept up unnoticed behind him, wrapped his arms around the teacher's knees, and basically upended him out the window. Thankfully, it was a window on the ground floor and he only had a short four-foot fall.

Regardless, the student was expelled from the school.

Sad boy in t-shirt sitting on a school busSkyward Kick Productions, Shutterstock

44. Salivating Surprise

During his middle school years, there was an incident when an 8th grader boldly entered the dean's office. At one point in their conversation, he asked the dean, "Hey, what would be your reaction if I spat in your face?" The dean promptly responded, "I'd have no choice but to expel you from the school".

The student simply said, "Oh, alright then," and, surprisingly, he proceeded to do just that. This put an immediate end to the situation as the student was quickly restrained and expelled from the school.

Young woman with son at principal's officeAfrica Studio, Shutterstock

45. Parking Privilege

Just to give you a quick background, my high school had three parking lots. The one with gravel was designated for 9th graders (those who could drive) and 10th graders. The somewhat decent gravel lot was for 11th graders, while the seniors got a nice paved one. 

There wasn't really any strict enforcement on where you could park, so everyone tried to grab a slot in the prime lot that was closest to the school building. One day, I came to know that a group of some notorious kids had planned to run riot in the parking lots. 

They aimed to damage all the cars that weren't parked in the seniors' lot. If you were a senior, all you needed to do was to put a pink sticky note on your dashboard. I went ahead and did it, even though I was just a freshman. The outcome? They all ended up being expelled just short of their graduation.

Dumbest Things They’ve Ever Done factsFlickr, Tom Leonard

46. When Push Came To Shove

When I was in the second grade, I had the responsibility of being the line leader. On that particular day, the school was grappling with some electrical problems that were affecting the lights. As I led the line to the end of the corridor, I stopped, but my classmates continued pushing forwards. 

Consequently, I got shoved right into the fire alarm, shoulder first (who knew you could trigger those just by pushing OR pulling?). And so, the school had to be evacuated. Fire trucks turned up, sirens blaring. 

For a moment, I thought I had dodged a bullet when a teacher announced that there was a planned fire drill scheduled for that day anyway. But unfortunately, my luck ran out when my first-grade teacher pointed the finger at me. 

Despite the fact that she was too far away to have witnessed what happened, she was convinced I was the culprit. Unfortunately, her assertion wasn't dismissed lightly by the school officials. Before I knew it, I was in in-school suspension. And soon after that, to my shock, they decided to expel me.

red and black fire alarmSrattha Nualsate, Pexels

47. Perilous Presentation

A student copied the work of a classmate without their knowledge. When challenged, they went to extreme lengths to defend themselves. They conjured up a fictitious online presentation that tried to show that their sources were legitimate (although they weren't at all).

The person further tried to defend their tactics by incorporating slides into the presentation with identical points to the original student's assignment, claiming both of them had independently found and copied from the same online presentation.

The real victim in this situation was the other student, who earnestly completed their assignment only to be accused of breaching the Honor Code. The Associate Dean leading the case didn't seem open to the idea of his innocence and robustly maintained that persistent denial wouldn't help him evade the charges.

Fortunately, the accused student dug a little deeper, reaching out to the authors of the academic paper supposedly linked to the "fake" online presentation. The authors disassociated themselves from the presentation and also confirmed that the slides in question didn't relate to their work. 

Furthermore, the student presented evidence showing the presentation's timestamp, indicating it was created merely a few days before the assignment was submitted. This evidence, coupled with a logical analysis based on the actual coursework, attested to the accused student's innocence and his case was dismissed. 

The copycat student eventually confessed to their dishonest actions the following day.

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48. When Senior Pranks Go Moo-sively Wrong

I attended school in an unnamed town that was packed to the brim. You wouldn't believe how crowded it was. Strange as it may seem, next to our school was a meat farm. This fact still stands true today. Come my junior year, the seniors decided to orchestrate their traditional senior prank.

There was this one student, however, who wasn't a fan of the prank the seniors had planned. So, he gathered some supporters and made a run for the farm. At the time, we believed it was just an ordinary farm; the realization that it was a meat farm came as an utter shock to the students involved.

On that early morning, the sight I was met with was strange, to say the least. Pigs and cows were being hauled into our school. THIRTY FARM ANIMALS WERE SET FREE IN THE SCHOOL! Consequently, the school day ended prematurely. 

Those senior students who were involved in the escapade ended up snitching on the mastermind behind it all. And just like that, he was expelled...

England factsShutterstock

49. Twin Trouble

There was a pair of identical twins at my high school who were restricted from continuing their education there. They pulled off an audacious stunt earlier in the year by cunningly acquiring the janitor's master key, forging a duplicate, and returning the original key unnoticed.

Fast forward to a month before the grand graduation event, the twins picked the eve of the Senior Prank Day to perform their mischief. They surreptitiously entered the school in the night-time, specifically accessing the rooms of all the teachers they disliked, which was quite a few. 

They instigated chaos by opening all the windows and scattering bird seed throughout the rooms. They even added a comedic hint to their prank by releasing a lubricated baby pig within the school premises. 

As the school day started, staff and school leaders were rendered speechless as they greeted the sight of a large flock of pigeons fluttering around and a young pig scampering through the hallways. I usually happened to arrive at school right when it opened, so I had the privilege of experiencing part of this anarchy firsthand. 

It was side-splittingly entertaining to see our usually stern Dean of Students hopelessly chasing after a pig while airborne pigeons added to the disorder. The twins were asked to leave the school the very same day and had to redo their final year at a different school. 

The exact conditions leading to their capture are a mystery, but the rumor is that they were summoned to the office and frisked, leading to the discovery of the replicated master key from one of their pockets. Despite the calamity they caused, these twins were previously the epitome of ideal students. 

Academically brilliant, heavily involved in charity work, and eager volunteers at all school functions, they were essentially never on the wrong side of the rules before this significant incident. One can't help but feel curious about their current ventures.

twin boys in denim jacketsalexaSH, Shutterstock

50. Artist Ambush

Back in 2005, during my sophomore year of high school, an interesting incident took place. During lunch, one of my teachers decided to look through my bag and binder. Upon doing so, she discovered an art book I had kept. This art book was full of sketches inspired by Dante's Inferno and Naruto. 

At that time, being a 15-year-old goth who was also deeply into anime, these were my sources of inspiration. The problem arose when she made assumptions about me based on my drawings. 

Without discussing it with me, she concluded that, because my drawings displayed characters in battle scenes, I had problematic tendencies and could possibly pose a threat to both myself and those around me. Quite a jump in reasoning, if you ask me.

Fast forwarding a few months, I found myself in a serious situation. In a room filled with enforcement officers and my concerned parents, I had to break down and explain the concepts of manga and The Divine Comedy. I had to clarify that I wasn't a menace but merely an enthusiast, a fan artist who enjoyed writing my own narratives within these realms. 

Despite my explanations, my fate was sealed. The teacher had been around for a decade and was influential enough to get me expelled. I haven't picked up a pencil to draw since. Whenever I try to give higher education another shot, for university or something else, the bitter memory resurfaces. 

I get engulfed in anger and struggle with focusing on the task at hand.

The Weirdest Kid In SchoolPexels

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