April 9, 2024 | Violet Newbury

The Worst Friends Of ALL Time

Turns out, you can't just trust anyone. Even your friends can be your worst enemy in sheep's clothing. Betrayal is the name of the game when it comes to these terrible friends.

1. His Response Struck A Sour Note

A few years ago, my best friend wanted to go to a big German metal festival. I didn’t want to go because my dad had end-stage cancer. My dad passed a couple of days after my friend returned from the festival. I called him because I needed someone to talk to—but his response crushed me.

He bluntly stated that he had no interest in my father’s passing but wanted to tell me how great the festival was. The disappointment I felt was unimaginable. For years, I had been there for him whenever he got dumped, and the one time I needed a friend, he wasn't there for me. I told him to shut my door from the outside and lose my number.

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2. They Were Hands Down The Worst Friends

I had gotten into a car accident that left me needing a couple of years’ worth of physical therapy. To this day, I still cannot close my left hand in a fist without it hurting and shaking like mad. I was discharged from the hospital and, a week before had asked my friend Wendy if she’d be able to pick me up. She agreed. I called her, and she said, “Oh, sorry, there’s traffic. I’ll be there in 20 minutes”.

Twenty minutes turned into six hours. I was so upset and disappointed that I just called an Uber to get home. She sent a text two days later saying, “Sorry my car wouldn’t start”. I couldn’t understand why she lied.  A couple of weeks later, I saw her at a friend’s house for their birthday. It was a nightmare right from the start.

The ENTIRE time my other friend was complaining about how I shouldn’t be at the birthday party because I was taking everyone’s attention off the birthday girl. They got fed up that I needed help raising my hand for the toast.  Meanwhile, my other two friends sat there gossiping while looking at me and giggling.

My friend Wendy got up and pushed me out of her party, while the two gossipers did nothing and laughed at me. That day, I went home, blocked all their numbers, and stopped talking to them.

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3. Time To Usher In A New Friend

I had a "friend" ask me to be an usher the day before his wedding that he hadn't told me about or invited me to. I thought, OK, maybe he feels bad about not inviting me and wants to include me to make up for it and make amends. I was wrong. When I got there, his MOM asked me to stay at the front door and make sure everyone got seated appropriately.

I was not allowed to see him or anything. For some reason, I got everyone seated, then left.

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4. Burglarized By My Buddy

In my youth, I was involved with some less than legitimate things.  I decided to sell something to my best friend’s friend. My old friend gave this guy my social media info and phone number to contact me. He texted me, and I went to pick him up at the bus stop. There were two guys who proceeded to get into the back of my car. Not good.

Then, I was supposed to drive to the ATM so they could get their cash. As I was driving to the ATM, I felt cold hard steel pushed against my head, and the guy said, “You better pull over”. I immediately did so, and the dude told me to go down a side street instead. I pulled down this side street and parked in front of these apartments.

They proceeded to take all my stuff, pat me down, and rough me up. They took my money and my car keys. They wanted to take my car, but they couldn’t drive a stick. Then they hit me a few times in the face and left. I couldn’t believe my best friend had sent two of his friends to come and hold me up. It was really messed up.

I never got my car keys back and had to tow my car back to my house so that it wouldn’t be abandoned in the middle of a road in front of some apartments. I also had to walk about 3-5 miles home afterward while it was pouring rain since I couldn’t get the tow truck until the morning.

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5. It Was A Real Wake-Up Call

My friend got a boyfriend and would let him do the most messed-up thing,

She allowed him to listen to our phone calls without telling me, even if I was crying about personal stuff that I would only ever tell her. Then, they both started lying to me about my crush liking me back and forced both him and me into awkward situations. All the while, they knew he didn't like me, and he had told both of them that directly.

One night, I was crying on the phone because I was so confused about why my advances weren't working. They just kept explaining it away, blaming some reason or another and telling me to try again. The next day, they told me they were laughing throughout the whole call because I didn't get it. I was so upset.

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6. Game Over

My old “friend” came over every day during the summer for three summers. We played Playstation and Xbox. He came on camping trips with my family and ate almost every meal with me except for dinner when he came over. He asked to borrow my PS2, and I let him. A few weeks later, I asked for it back, and he said, “Just one more week”.

That continued a couple more weeks...until he decided to ruin everything. He told me he sold it for illicit substances. He never gave me anything back. So, I asked him why he would treat me—his friend—like that. His response floored me.

He said, “I don’t have friends, just acquaintances”. I stopped talking to him after that and just took the loss. The PS2 was at the end of its era anyway, so I said forget it. I realized he even used me for food. He'd pig out at my place, but when we went to his house, he’d seldomly share food, saying his mom would get mad at him.

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7. Stop The Music! You’re A Creep!

We were at a music festival. My friend came back from the restroom with a scared girl who looked to be no more than 15 years old. He told me that she had lost her friends and that she couldn’t get a cell signal. He wanted to take her back to our car camping spot and give her booze and dope to “get her to relax”.

I told him that he was disgusting, and after a brief conversation with her, I reunited her with her friends within five minutes.

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8. My D&D Group Did Me Dirty

I planned a Halloween party. It was the first party I had ever planned. I had prepared games, movies, and everything to make a Halloween get-together fun. Well, my worst fears came true. No one showed up. A few people canceled the day of, and everyone else simply didn’t show. My boyfriend at the time came by to see how things were going because I had confessed to him earlier that I was afraid no one was going to show up.

He had assured me that SOMEONE would. He was the only one, and he had to leave almost immediately because of his Esports practice. I cried alone for hours. It wasn’t a communication issue. I had planned the party for weeks, sent confirmation texts, etc. I was in a D&D group with all the people I had invited. When I showed up for the next session, they asked how my party went.

I told them the truth—no one showed up. None of them would look me in the eye. It still hurts to this day, but I try to focus on the fact that I have WAY better friends now and that I cannot expect everyone to respect me.

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9. It Was The Stroke That Broke The Camel’s Back

I had a postpartum stroke and my best friend of 18 years—who was in another country—got upset with me because I hadn’t asked her how she was doing for three days when she was suffering from the flu. Three days prior to when she complained, I was on my way to the hospital again, fearing another stroke or a heart issue.

I told her about it on the way while crying, fearing imminent doom, and hyperventilating. Luckily, it was a panic attack. As I was the one mostly initiating the conversation, I waited for her to grow concerned and text me first since our last conversation ended when I was going to the emergency room.

I waited for her to ask, "What happened? Was that another stroke? How're you doing"?  It was three weeks post-stroke; I could barely move my arm and spoke a few moshed words. Instead, her reaction broke my heart.

She was pouting and acting upset that I didn't ask her about her health and well-being for a few days. In retrospect, it wasn't a big deal. For 18 years, she ghosted me when she was doing well in her life, regardless of how I was doing. She acted obtuse and unperceptive towards me. I was always there for her when she needed me, but she never was.

My stroke made me less patient, so I sent her an 18-minute-long audio message that day. I told her how nasty she was to me for all that time. I never said to her, "I told you so", when she came to me crying over something her husband did. I had advised her against marrying him as I saw right through him. He was a cheat, a liar, a hypocrite, and an intimidator, which she eventually acknowledged.

I always supported her through her bad times, listened to her, and gave her good advice, but when I needed her, she always made it about herself. She was really upset when she first knew about my stroke, but I guess she was oblivious to the brain trauma and its slow recovery. I blocked her after sending that message. Good friends are hard to come by.

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10. Cheaters Never Win

My friend made out with a random stranger right next to me when we were on an airplane while she was in a serious relationship with one of my best friends from high school. Once we were back on land, I texted my friend and told him that she had cheated on him. She was genuinely shocked that I told him. She expected me just to be chill with her cheating on a friend.

I immediately friend-dumped the cheater. That incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The cheater was a real narcissist, and her behavior had been getting on my nerves for a while by that point.  Especially the way she'd been emotionally castigating my buddy in the months leading up to that. My friend was devastated at the time but eventually recovered.

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11. I Finally Had To Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

I suffered from severe depression and PTSD and had to quit school. I did a few years of therapy, studying in between to get a diploma. I nailed that and went to a different school after to further my education. I discovered that my “best friends” from high school were massive idiots and that it isn't normal for friends to constantly belittle you, exclude you, start fights about nothing, and gang up with the mean kids against you.

I didn't know better, and I guess that if deep down I did know, I didn't want to lose them because if I did, I really would be all alone. When I quit school, these so-called friends never contacted me. I ran into one girl a few years later at a train station, and she was glad to see me. I agreed to hang out with her the following week.

We went shopping, and she was super nice to me. I thought she had grown up and changed, but I was so wrong. The moment we walked down the street, she constantly complained about her other friends or random women we encountered in the stores, saying nasty things about how they looked, acted, etc. I realized that she hadn't changed at all.

We ran into a buddy of mine working at a cafe, and I suggested we get some lunch. I knew him from my new school, and we were good friends. He came over to our table and introduced himself. We talked a little before he went back behind the counter. My ex-friend seemed to be interested in him and asked me if he had any socials.

He did, but I didn't feel like giving her that info myself, so I shrugged it off and changed the subject. I went home after a few hours and immediately deleted her number and blocked her on all my socials, as I never wanted to see her again. A few weeks later, hot cafe friend came up to me and asked what I knew about the ex-friend who he had introduced himself to at the cafe.

I asked what was wrong, and he told me that after we went shopping, she found him on Instagram and started messaging him. He replied because he thought she was friendly, and they started talking. The next thing you know, she casually started sneakily telling the weirdest, most embarrassing stories about me and what happened in high school.

I think she thought I was into hot cafe guy or was jealous. It was terrible to read all that stuff back that she sent him. Luckily, hot cafe friend was a genuinely nice dude, so he just told her to stick it where the sun won't shine. We became even better friends after that.  I still hate that girl, but in a way, it all worked out for me.

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12. This Friendship Went Down The Toilet

A classmate told me my “friend” was saying some weird stuff behind my back. I didn't believe it, and she told me to lock myself into the bathroom stall and listen. She managed to get her to talk about me—and what I heard wasn't nice at all.

She called me names and said she didn't like me at all—she was just pretending to. Sadly, I didn't cut ties with her immediately. I was friends with her for a good year after that, and she just got worse. I eventually dropped her.

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13. As The Friendship Turned

I had a friend who was a sociopath. He wasn’t that bad when we were teenagers, but as we got older, he would consistently turn people against his friends in some weird way. I think he thought it would make him the popular one. It reached the point where if I made a new friend, I could tell at which point he had gotten in their ear. They would suddenly act differently towards me, like they were wary of me.

Then, he went too far. He did it to my new girlfriend, but she put him on speaker phone and let me listen. He was saying all kinds of messed-up stuff, none of which was true. Not long after that, he ghosted EVERYONE and moved away. I think he realized he had lost credibility with everyone and had nobody left who trusted him. Either way, there was much less hassle and fewer issues after he left.

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14. Last Man Camping

I was just coming back from a month-long unpaid vacation and needed to get back to work. I had less than $100. My three friends made fun of me for not having the money to go on a camping trip for a week. We had gone on this same camping trip twice, and it never cost as much as they were claiming everyone had to pay this time around.

I didn’t have the $500 to go, and I let them know well in advance. The day before I was due to fly home, I got a text from my friend who was planning the camping trip telling me that it was in two days and told me how much it was going to cost. The things she said to me were things I would never say, even to someone I hated. They never let it go either.

I lost my three best friends due to a camping trip.

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15. Post Birthday Blowout

On my birthday, my mother confided that she had tried to throw a party for me, but everyone had declined. Three days later, a few of my friends went to the nail salon with my mom. Three months later, I was at karaoke, and some of these "friends" showed up. They gave me grief all night for not sitting or talking to them. When we walked out to our cars, I let loose.

I told them, "You’re not friends. You are people I know. I have bought birthday cakes and helped you all move at one time or another. I have chauffeured your [behinds] home. Two of you are with the person I hooked you up with. Not one of you even called me for my birthday".

I pointed at one particular person and said, "I have not heard from or seen you in three years, but you showed up to go to the salon with my mom. Forget all of y’all".

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16. Those Crazy Friends Got Cut Off

We were in high school. My mom was a psychologist and had a nice office near our school. One day, I invited my friends to her office to have a drink. I told them the place had to stay as clean and neat as it was so that we wouldn’t get caught. Did that happen? Heck no. It was pure chaos.

One of them puked in the corner and put the couch against the bathroom door while I was in there, breaking one leg of the couch and trapping me in. I'm not friends with these people anymore.

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17. Bro No Mo’

Back in the days of MSN Messenger,  I had this "friend" who was a  friendly, outgoing guy.  We used to hang out together once or twice a month, spinning records, watching anime, and playing video games. He tried to take steps towards a music career, and our chats usually involved him sending over samples and tracks. Most of the time, it was just utter trash, but being a good friend, I was positive and gave him some tips.

His music career took off, and he was able to DJ at some small events. He gained some traction and gathered an entourage. After that, I didn't hear from him much until he suddenly messaged me one day asking if I could help him with a number of things like doing some graphics and spreadsheeting. When I said I was busy, he threw the, "But we bros, bro".

I screenshotted the chat, highlighted the date of our last conversation, and told him, "Bros don't let bros messages unread for six weeks, and then don't say hi and barge in with questions and demands". I saw him once or twice after that. I greeted him but avoided conversation. I heard later that he had done this with others, and it was his way of making “friends".

He would look for people with certain skills, use them, benefit from them and “move up”.

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18. Baily Made Me Bail

I went to a barbecue at a friend's old house to celebrate his moving out.  The whole gang came, including two friends we met from playing Call of Duty and who lived relatively close by. I hadn't met these two people before, but as soon as I had the chance to interact with them, I was given the cold shoulder and sarcasm. I didn't like it but went on with the event, not wanting to make anything awkward.

Later on, when it started getting dark, we lit up a campfire and proposed to take a group photo.

When we were sorting out the logistics of the picture, one of the two new dudes—Baily—who was the more unkind of the two—said to me, "Alright, you can take it cause you're not really part of the group". This guy had just met everyone who I had been VERY close to for about two years. But that wasn't the worst part.

The fact that nobody defended me or questioned what he said was when I realized that my friends weren’t worth it. One of my other friends got really sick and went inside to sleep. When we went to check on him, Baily decided to record him and laugh at him in pain. I IMMEDIATELY became angry and asked why on earth he would do that.

Everyone just said I was being too sensitive and that it was just a joke. I was livid. I ended up leaving early with the one who was sick, and since then, he would trash-talk me behind my back to all my old friends. No one defended me or told him to cut it out. I left that friend group not long after that night and felt much better about myself.

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19. Inner Circle Idiot

My friend was terrible to anyone who was not in his friend circle; however, he was a really good friend to ME. So, I kept being friends with him. The dude came and got me when my car broke down and let me sleep at his place on weekends if I was too trashed to go home. He would have done anything for me, and I would have done the same for him.

However, when he started putting down people we knew and put down the people they were dating, I knew my friend was an awful person.

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20. No One Needs That Kind Of Help

A friend of mine was picking on a member of our group for random stuff like her hair, her clothes, etc. That's when I snapped. I told them to shut up and that they sounded like a band of hyenas. They told me, "If she doesn't know how bad she is, her life will be hard; we are HELPING her". Needless to say, we didn't keep in touch afterward.

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21. Homeless Bound

When I finished college, I had a friend stay with me. He was two months behind on the rent. He had officially moved in two months before and was couch surfing prior to that. I needed internet service to apply for jobs. We had free cable from the previous tenant, and I had warned him we might lose it. I had gotten the internet in his name, so he was very aware of everything.

I paid and had it installed, and they removed the unauthorized cable when they added the internet. My “friend” flipped out, cursing and screaming that we didn’t have free cable anymore. He told me to fix it and threw a tantrum while living in my place without paying rent or utilities. I became furious at that point and told him he needed to pay rent, or I would lose the apartment.

He refused; I lost the apartment, and we both had to leave. While I was leaving, I packed up my stuff and made an inventory list because stuff had gone missing before. After moving, I noticed several things gone, and they happened to be things he really liked and from boxes that mysteriously had the tape open up “from the cold”.

I stopped talking to him, and he couldn’t understand why. All of our mutual friends have also since left him. Thirteen years later, I ran into him, and he was confused as to why I didn’t want to catch up.

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22. Money Changes Everything

My childhood best friend turned on me when his father suddenly made a small fortune, and he became a spoiled little brat. He talked trash about me behind my back to our common friends and started to torment me. That lasted from 6th to 8th grade until his dad pulled him from our school and placed him in an expensive private school. I never saw him again after that.

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23. Winner Takes All

I had prepared my graduation project with a group of friends. In the last week before the deadlines, they abandoned me and put their names with a group of girls. Little did they know I had a surprise up my sleeve. I had another plan for the assignment, and it won the prize for best project. The best thing was that I didn’t need to share it with those guys.

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24. No Longer Clowning Around

I was expected to be the "clown friend" in a friend group. I should always be joking and happy, even in serious times, and playing dumb. It was not how I wanted to be known, but it seemed like it was the only way for me to make friends. The pressure of this, plus other things I was dealing with, became too much for me to handle.

As a result, I started talking about how I was feeling and how I was beginning to have an identity crisis. When I stopped playing dumb and being obnoxious and started to show how horrible my mental health was, I became "too boring" to hang out with. I had a few who stuck around, and eventually, those few and I became more open to each other about mental health.

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25. My Only Friend Was No Friend At All

This one girl used to be one of the closest people in my life. About a year after we became friends, we started dating. Around a month before she broke up with me, her behavior started changing towards me. She began losing her temper, judging me for everything I did, got annoyed because I found it hard to explain my emotions, etc.

We remained friends for about five months after that, but things only worsened. She was the only "friend" I had who I could hang around in school. Eventually, this new girl came along, and I was forgotten. When she would speak to me, it would be the same consistent judging and losing her temper, but worse.

Eventually, we had a conversation where I confronted her about it, and she told me to stop hanging out with her if it bothered me that much. My stupid self said we could just try to make things work. About a week later, she said it again, and that's when I finally put my foot down and stopped hanging out with her.

Although I may not get out of the house as much anymore, I'm so much happier and so relieved.

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26. Ultimately, It Was Him Or Me

My friend’s friend—who was always around—kept saying prejudiced stuff to me, calling me names and whatnot because I was bi. I asked the rest of the group why they never said or did anything about it, and they told me they didn’t care. They later talked to me to explain and pretended it was all a misunderstanding. They told me that they broke contact with the other guy and asked me to come back.

I said I needed some time, but we could discuss it later. When that time came, they started being friends with the other guy again. It turned out everything they had told me was just a lie to manipulate me again. I’m not the type of guy to say “it’s him or me”, but I can’t hang out with people that can excuse this guy’s behavior, especially if they turn out to be manipulative as well.

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27. Girl Interrupted

The first time I was hanging out with new people, a bunch of us were in a circle chatting. I'm soft-spoken, and whenever I got talked over, I always accepted it and was very used to it. Someone in this group actually stopped them, referred to me, and said, "Hold on, what were you saying"?

The other person ended up apologizing. It was mind-blowing being heard and seen like that. It put a lot into perspective.

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28. Sayonara Losers

I came back after traveling around the world for six months. The second night back, I organized a hang-out with my friends. I had brought them presents and souvenirs and wanted to get trashed on a massive bottle of saké I had brought from Japan and have a proper catch-up. Well, my best-laid plans fell through hard.

Instead, they wanted to meet at 2 AM to light up in the park and instantly go home. I decided I wouldn't message any of them until they messaged me after that. I never heard a peep from them after that.

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29. This Boundary Basher Got Bashed

I had a friend who didn’t respect my boundaries and would make jokes about those boundaries. He would also embarrass his partner in front of their friends. It would really get on my nerves.  He would mention her medical stuff in front of a mutual friend and me. She would be visibly uncomfortable, and he'd continue to run his mouth off.

The mutual friend and I would change the subject because we felt awful for the girl but said guy would always try to steer it back. I lost all respect for him after that, more so after he had fed his own ego by saying what a wonderful and accepting person he was as he could see past this particular thing she had going on.

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30. Off To A New Start

The summer before junior high school, all my elementary school friends ghosted me. When I ran up to them—all excited to see them on the first day of junior high—they literally turned their backs on me without saying anything. I realized that I’m a better person for not having been the punching bag for the "popular girls", but it really hurt at the time.

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31. It Was Over, Period

When my best friend got busy with the guy I was in love with while I was on work placement for two weeks, it was the beginning of the end. All my friends thought I should get over it and not rock the boat. So I did. I had my first major depressive episode.

A year later, the same friend threw a fit because I kissed a guy that she liked while still being in a relationship with the original guy. He dropped off a bag of my clothes she had borrowed, INCLUDING a box of tampons I had given her. You know the friendship is over when you get back your feminine hygiene products!

Bad FriendsPexels

32. The Battle Lines Were Drawn

Some people have told me this wasn't a big deal, but it was to me. My friend went after the woman I had a thing for and was already pursuing. She knew I had a thing for this woman because I told her how much I liked her; she knew how strongly I felt. What made it worse was that she was being supportive to my face and gave me the courage to finally go for what I wanted.

Then, she tried to get with this woman behind my back. When I found out, she said, "It's whoever gets there first". I always felt like that was just something you don't do to friends, whether it's behind their back or if they're being obvious about it. It's a line you're not supposed to cross. I felt betrayed and disrespected. I did end up dating the woman, and we were together for two years, but I cut ties with my friend.

Bad FriendsPexels

33. The Phony Four

We used to be a group of four best friends until the day one of my friends wanted to bring along another girl to hang out with us. I didn't like her very much because she was known to have this habit of breaking up couples and was a total two-faced snake who spent her time talking trash behind people's back, then playing nice.

I can't stand hypocrisy, but for the sake of my friendships, I tried to make an effort. I lasted only 15 minutes with her, then left the group, saying we'd see each other at school. The next morning, my friends were there with the girl and some other people from our class. I went to say hello and kiss everyone, even the girl.

I then spotted my friends and her exchanging glances, and they started to laugh. I didn’t need to be a genius to get their drift.  After I left, they told the girl that I didn't like her and that my saying hello despite that made me the two-faced one. The friendships ended, and a new group of four hypocrites was unlocked.

Bad FriendsPexels

34. Rich Kid On The Block

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had a group of friends who only wanted to be with me because I was the "rich" kid on the block. They took advantage of that. I paid for their arcade games and for food.  We also played often at my house since I had a video game console and they didn’t. And, when I wanted to play at their house, they would refuse every single time.

Bad FriendsWikimedia Commons

35. I Got A One-Way Ticket Out Of There

We went on a trip to America, and a day before coming home, my friend mentioned that he could only afford a one-way trip and asked if we could help him pay for his return flight. This was back in the day when flights were only about £400 ($480). He is the same guy who would organize a meal knowing he can’t afford it. The only reason he would get away with such nonsense is that he was funny.

Bad FriendsPexels

36. I Ditched Those Guys

In my last year of high school, I realized what twerps my friendship group was at the time. Back in high school, I had this group of people I had known for more than five years, and we were all as thick as thieves for most of school. During my last year, I suddenly stopped hanging out with this group of people. It felt very sudden, and I was upset about it, but I was mature enough not to make a massive pity party about the situation.

However, I internalized it and inwardly thought it was because I was terrible to some extent. I moved on like everyone does in that sort of situation and was ultimately glad it happened because it was an important lesson for me at the time in retrospect. Over the period where I didn’t chill with these people, I changed as a person.

I had abandoned a lot of bad traits I used to have for better ones. I realized they were jerks after I ended up randomly bumping into the group and chilled with them for an evening after an invite. I was about a year and a half removed from this group of people. I was shocked that nobody spoke, and all the group did was light up and complain about mutuals.

There was no conversation other than literally trashing all over random people. It wasn’t even like high school roasting culture; it was just plain mean. I had a moment where I realized I had changed, and I didn’t like these people anymore. I saw what idiots they and I were at the time.

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37. Sick Of Their Nonsense

I helped a friend move their stuff when they called me last minute after they had this sudden realization while standing on the street and it looked like it was about to storm, and they were too cheap to call an Uber. I had also signed up for a gym membership because they were too scared to go to the gym alone. At least that ignited my fire for sports, so that was cool.

However, she became very mean when I was getting into shape. Then, when I got sick with a 40-degree celsius fever before a long-planned and paid event, she and another friend ganged up on me. They said I was just pretending to be sick and told me I should have known sooner than the day before that I was ill. It was the right thing to let go of both of them.

Bad FriendsPxhere

38. They Sold Me Out

A few years ago, I sold my friends my PC, monitor, and desk for $800. They only gave me $400, and when I asked about the remainder, as they hadn’t paid for it entirely, they basically said they would never give me the rest. I would only ever get invited to big parties where all of their friends—none of which I knew—would attend. I would end up in the corner by myself every single time.

They had weekly hangouts and often went to shows, camping, and trips with other friends to which I would never be invited. I also struggled with mental health issues. Whenever I would message them telling them I was struggling and felt like taking my life, they would respond by saying, “I feel like everyone feels like that sometimes. You kinda just gotta work through it”.

They would then proceed to talk about themselves and how broke they were. We had been friends for nearly ten years, but it really felt as if we were no longer friends.

Bad FriendsPexels

39. Their Friendship Was Just A Delusion

My two friends and I had been friends since high school and were always together. I was 28 when I was splitting up with my then-boyfriend and was miserable. One friend texted my boyfriend, telling him she didn’t agree with my decision when they had never texted before. She texted with him for about three months.

I found out because I’m very intuitive and sensed she was doing something sneaky. I asked my other friend about it, and she said, “I don’t know anything about it”, which was a lie. I was furious, but I tried to live with it for a while. Then, I said something she didn’t like, and she showed me her true colors. 

She told me I was delusional and stupid. After that episode, I left her and the other friend as well. I realized I was treated poorly for a long time, and I deserved better. My life is so much happier without those girls!

Bad FriendsPexels

40.  Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

I had spent countless hours helping my friends get their lives together, consoling them in difficult times, lending money and covering bills, moving them to new apartments, driving them to and from train stations and airports, and generally being a good guy for the FIFTEEN years of my life. I moved states, got a fantastic new job, got a dog, got engaged, and had a grandparent pass.

I didn’t hear a peep from a single one of them for over two months. Then, one day, out of the blue, I received a text asking me to buy some concert tickets since one of them couldn't make the show. Nice outreach.

Bad FriendsWikimedia Commons

41. Funeral Factor

My friend group didn't send me any messages when my mom passed. We had drifted apart somewhat by that point, but I had known them for many years. Then, they went together to another friend's wedding, who was also in the same friend group. Apparently, the loss and funeral of a parent weren’t worthy of making an effort even to reach out. I deleted and blocked them all on Facebook a month later.

Bad FriendsPxhere

42. Curses!

We were friends for a long time. Although he was a troublemaker when he was younger, my friend later became a decent person. However, after his mom passed, his character changed into a cursing maniac. His hate and screaming made everyone except for me, distance themselves from him.

A few years after his mom's passing, even though I constantly supported him and sent him comforting messages, he just couldn't let go of the excessive cursing. I highly despise cursing and disrespectfulness. I realized that every time he needed me, I was there and was his best friend. However, every time I needed someone, I was on my own.

He wouldn't even properly listen to me, and if he did, he wouldn't comment. Then, he crossed the line and became insulting to me for no reason.  I drew the line there. I can deal with deficiencies, but if he doesn't even have the decency to respect the things I value, then he's no friend of mine.

Bad FriendsPexels

43. Broken Over Spring Break

When I was in college, I was broke. I had already paid for spring break. One of my best friends offered to float me $200. I told him no, and that I would figure it out. He pressed the issue for a few days. Finally, I said, “Dude, I can’t pay you back for six weeks when my tuition check comes in”. He said, “No problem. Take it. I want you to have a great time”.

So I did. The day I got back, and literally every day after that, he hit me up for the money. I reminded him about the six weeks, and he wasn’t having it. Six weeks to the day, I told him to come and get his money. He acted awkward for being such a pain in the neck. I told him, “Take it and go”. I haven’t spoken to him since.

Bad FriendsPexels

44. No Longer On Good Terms

I helped a friend out a lot with her child when she and her boyfriend would fight constantly. She would stay at my house for days at a time. After a few days, she would always go back to him. Then, she eventually moved away from him with my help again. Three days later, she moved right back in and became pregnant with another baby by him.

I knew she was just using me because as soon as she was back on good terms with him, she stopped talking to me as if I didn't exist. I haven't spoken to her since then.

Bad FriendsPexels

45. Corrupted Companion

One of my supposed best friends and I started a club revolving around a controversial substance. Five years in, I decided to move on and open up rec shops. I opened up my shops, and everything was going well. About a year later, my friend asked me to come by the club to chat. I obliged. BIG MISTAKE.

The conversation was the usual catching-up stuff. He asked if he could drive me home since he was heading into the city anyway, and I said sure. Despite being a friend, I was very wary of people knowing where I lived. I didn't think to deny the ride because he was supposed to be a best friend. About two weeks later, I was getting in the door around 11:30 at night when I heard a knock on my side door.

Thinking it was my girlfriend, I went to unlock it.  Just as it unlocked, the door came crashing into my face, knocking me down. The next thing I knew, my girlfriend, her mother, and I were all zip-tied on the living room floor, and four dudes with masks were tossing the house up.

They eventually found my safe, and I was forced to give up the combination. They took the contents and left me unconscious. I woke up to officers and paramedics at my house. I only found out who it was through mutual friends who told me, “[So and so] just took someone for over 300K”. Despite how long you know someone, greed ultimately corrupts.

Bad FriendsPexels

46. Attention-Seeking Shrew

I had this friend who was the attention-seeking kind. She would post and tag her live-in boyfriend with captions like, "When will you propose? When will we get married”? Stuff like that. When I learned the gender of my baby, I only shared it to our friends’ group chat, which she was a part of, along with a picture of the ultrasound.

I shared it there since I didn't want to tell most people yet. The next day, another friend who wasn't part of that group congratulated me and told me that this friend had shared my ultrasound picture on HER Facebook story. I was shocked at first but then messaged her privately, asking her why she posted it since she didn't ask for my permission.

It wasn’t her baby, and people were congratulating her, thinking it was. Some of my private details were there as well. She responded with self-pity; I don't think she clearly read what I said. She proceeded to say sorry and tagged my name in our friends' group chat with no context whatsoever and then deactivated her account.

Our other friends were also stumped, wondering what had happened. I explained, and they actually defended her, saying she was just probably excited for me. I get that, but she could have asked me first. In the end, I became the bad guy for wanting to be private.

woman with cell phonePxhere

47. Backstabbing Bestie

I told my friend I was completely in love with this girl. I also said to him that I had been battling depression for two years and thought about taking my life. That's when he betrayed me in the worst way possible.

Not even two weeks after I told him all that, he started hooking up with the girl I was in love with. He would brag and talk about her in front of me as if he had no idea how I felt.

Bad FriendsPexels

48. His Swing Was A Big Miss

I moved in with my best friend from college. While we were roommates, he went overboard on some prescription medication, kept leaving his muddy sewer-covered pants inside the front door, and then discovered he could easily hook up on Tinder. He started inviting girl after girl over to our apartment and would leave them there alone while he went to work the next morning.

I finally had enough when he started inviting MY girlfriend to join him and his Tinder dates for some group fun. I came home one day and found my bedroom door locked from the inside, where she was hiding from him. What was even worse was when there were a couple of street thugs outside having an upset in the parking lot.

He got the bright idea to try and nail them with his airsoft gun. I managed to get it away from him before he could get off a shot and end up with both of us brutally ended. I booted him out hard after that.

Bad FriendsPexels

49. The Third Degree Did Him In

I had gone through a horrible divorce 20 months prior. I went to dinner at my friend’s house. I had just met someone and was excited to tell my friends that I’d had a few dates and that it was going well. I was stoked that this could turn into something. My friend’s husband seemed angry. He began questioning me, saying, “What was wrong with this new guy? Why was he single"?

Then he went on to say things like, “It’s obviously not going very well. He’s probably lying about something. He probably has a wife stashed away, and you’re just the side chick”, etc. None of it was said in a way to protect me.  It was more of an “I prefer you single and lonely” way. I ended up eventually marrying the guy I told them about.

Bad FriendsPexels

50. It Was A Guy Thing

I had a friend who wanted all the guys to be into her, even my own flings. I wasn’t the type of person to get upset if someone hooked up with my casual lovers. She got busy with one of my guys, told me she wouldn’t do it with him again, but then did. Then, I started dating a common friend, and she went totally nuclear.

She came to me crying. She kept saying, "Nononononono". I was like, "OMG what's wrong??" Her response chilled me to the bone. She told me she was in love with him whereas two weeks earlier she was crying to me that another friend she was in love with didn't want to date her.

Bad FriendsPexels

Sources: Reddit

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