Red Flag Wedding Stories

October 1, 2023 | Violet Newbury

Red Flag Wedding Stories

When two people decide to get married, everyone hopes for a “happily ever after” ending. Sometimes, though, the union is doomed from the start. 

1. Work Wife Vs. Real Wife

Throughout the entire wedding, the groom was inseparable from a female coworker. The bride had to physically pull him away for their first dance. They kept disappearing together, leaving the bride visibly distressed. But that wasn't even the most shocking part.

Before the wedding, despite objections from the bride, he had whisked this coworker away for a weekend abroad for his bachelor party. It was just the two of them. During his wedding speech, he singled out his coworker, mentioning that weekend as "the best time of his life".

They remain together for now, but it doesn’t seem like the fairy-tale ending the bride had been hoping for is in the cards.

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2. Nothing But Complaints

Just two days before her wedding, the bride confessed to me that she found her soon-to-be-husband irritating, didn’t like him much, and complained about their intimate life. At the rehearsal dinner, her discomfort was palpable and never-ending. Fast forward to the wedding day, she spent the entire morning in tears. 

The continuous sobbing prevented any makeup application, and she resisted getting dressed, delaying the wedding by around 35 minutes. Oh, but it gets so much worse. During the ceremony, she recited an extensive 45-minute set of “vows” she had written, covering nine pages. 

Oddly enough, these vows were addressed to friends, family, and his parents and sisters, but none were dedicated to her husband. When it came time to say “I do,” there was a tense pause before she finally mumbled an unsure affirmation, nearly a minute after the expected response.

I could share countless more details from what was, hands down, the most uncomfortable wedding I've attended. I’m betting the union won’t last more than 10 months. Sure enough, two and a half months in, she was openly sharing complaints about her husband, and they were attending couples therapy. 

By the five-month mark, constant arguments had replaced any public displays of affection on social media. It seems they’re right on schedule for that 10-month breakup I foresaw.

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3. Their Vows Didn’t Show Much Promise

The groom wasn’t a fan of the bride’s family, and his family didn’t think too highly of the bride either, leading to a pretty tense wedding. The awkwardness peaked when the bride, in her vows, said something like, “I vow to try to be good enough for your family”—cue the raised eyebrows all around.

Then came the groom’s speech, which mainly focused on how he had helped the bride improve and shaped her into who she is now. My eyebrows were about ready to jump off my forehead. It’s only been a few months, so time will tell, but the whole thing struck me as quite controlling.

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4. Teenage Wasteland Wedding

My cousin, a member of the Army, married a girl who was six months pregnant, still in high school, and had just celebrated her 18th birthday. Her grandfather, who officiated the wedding, made a lengthy speech about the sanctity of marriage. Interestingly, they decided to open all their gifts in front of everyone as if it were a birthday celebration.

There was no food, drinks, or dancing at this gathering. Not long after the gift-opening, the newlyweds made a dramatic exit from the Boy Scout lodge, showing off with their car while her young friends cheered. They spent the night at the same hotel as the guests but in different rooms. He partied with his pals, leaving her by herself. My sister openly speculated, "They won’t last a year".

Turns out, she was overly optimistic. Just three months after the baby was born, they separated, and my cousin insisted the child wasn’t his. The entire wedding seemed to be a huge warning sign.

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5. The Groom’s Behavior Had The Bride Shook

Following the ceremony, the bride, who had epilepsy, experienced a seizure. Her family promptly took her to a separate room to care for her until she regained her composure. Regrettably, the groom handled the situation in a harsh manner. 

Instead of assisting in the care of his wife, he prioritized drinking and reveling with his friends. Even when the bride started feeling better and rejoined the celebrations, he neglected to stay by her side or offer any comfort, leaving her in tears for a significant portion of the night. 

Eventually, their marriage dissolved due to his self-centeredness and excessive drinking, which took a toll over a span of a couple of years.

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6. My Big Fat Gay Wedding

The groom's best man, who had been his lifelong friend, was gay. In fact, all of the groomsmen except one were also gay. I had known the bride for many years before she met the groom, but we never dated or even thought about it. We were simply part of the same close-knit social circles. 

The bride and groom got to know each other while they were in college and had a casual relationship. Whenever they went back home, he would always bring her to family events. However, when they were at school, he would distance himself from her. A few years after their wedding, the groom's father passed away. 

Within a week of the funeral, he told her that their relationship wasn't working and moved in with his best man, who happened to be gay. Everyone pretended to be surprised, even though I knew from the moment I met him that he was gay. This was before I had even met or heard about the groom's best friend. 

I noticed that he didn't show any interest in the bride or any other women. It was clear that his attention was elsewhere, not where a guy who likes women usually looks. He took care of his appearance and was in great shape, but I saw several attempts by women to flirt with him fail. 

Her friends and I tried to warn her about him, taking turns to do so. It's just sad that he wasted so much time trying to please his father and that she lost precious years being a part of his deception.

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7. She’s Just Not That Into You

The groom was deeply in love with his fiancée, but he always felt like she wasn't as invested in the relationship. On their wedding day, he was incredibly nervous and ended up stuttering. The bride's reaction was cringeworthy. She got annoyed and looked angry. 

Later that evening, during dinner and the start of the music, the bride became frustrated because people weren't staying in their assigned seats. We had contributed an anonymous gift to their "wishing well" with a card, thinking everything was fine. However, a week later, we received an infuriating phone call. 

They claimed that our gift was missing. This situation escalated to the point where it caused the groom to lose multiple friendships. It turned out that the bride had been cheating on him throughout the entire relationship with someone who was also married. Two years later, he finally left her when a family friend informed him about the infidelity. 

Additionally, the bride threatened to take half of his business if he didn't pay her rent for the upcoming months.

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8. The Bride And Her Lover

The bride was expecting a baby, and it was uncertain if the groom was the dad. Remarkably, she also extended a wedding invitation to the man she was having an affair with, and became quite upset with me because he was showing interest in me. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

She had also been involved with her sister's soon-to-be husband just two months prior to her own wedding. During her bachelorette party, she indulged excessively. Following the birth of her child, the couple divorced, and the former husband gained custody. Unable to maintain a job and support herself, she returned to her parents' home. 

This situation was the most chaotic thing I've ever witnessed firsthand.

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9.  Friends Or Family?

So, for my wedding, we decided on a Renaissance fair theme, set outdoors by a big gazebo. The maid of honor had committed to buying a specific dress for my bride, but three days before the big day, she confessed she didn’t have the funds and was too ashamed to say. Consequently, we crafted a dress by hand in just a day, and honestly, it didn’t turn out too bad.

Now, the bride’s mom had one job: pick up the cake and drive an hour to the venue. She left her place 30 minutes before the ceremony, and when she arrived an hour late, the cake was a total mess. She’d placed it in the back seat, and it got battered with every twist and turn. But this was just the beginning of the drama. 

During the delay, two groomsmen almost came to blows because the maid of honor appeared in the dress she claimed she couldn’t buy. It was a blatant move to overshadow the bride. Then, during her toast, this maid of honor starts with, “Initially, I wasn’t a fan of [the groom], but he kind of grows on you like mold". 

As you can imagine, my family wasn’t thrilled. Since all this drama came from her side, I was advised to let it go for the time being. I thought we might see less of these “friends,” but it was the opposite. Two years later, when I landed a decent job an hour and a half from Austin, where we resided, my wife chose her friends over relocating. 

I sent her the divorce papers, and since she didn’t attend the hearing, that was the last I saw of her.

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10. Bride-Beater Busted

A while back, I went to a wedding and reception for a friend who lived nearby. During the reception, the bride started crying, but it was obvious that these were not tears of joy. She cried deeply and sincerely. About ten months later, she had a baby, but the following month her husband terribly mistreated her, causing her to pass out on the front lawn. 

Her ex, who was a big guy and also the father of her previous two children, came over to their house. He pulled the new husband out by his hair and taught him a lesson. The new husband quickly left town, and she filed for divorce shortly afterwards. We later found out that his first wife had also divorced him for the same reasons

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11. Dreaming Of Another

I was a groomsman at a wedding and towards the end of the night, the groom was missing. The bride, who was quite tipsy and someone I had only met a few times before, asked me to dance. During our conversation, she shockingly confided in me about something personal. 

She revealed that she often fantasized about me in a romantic way. This was the first time she had ever shown any interest in me. Unfortunately, their marriage didn't last long. They had three children in just five years, but they both ended up cheating on each other. Eventually, they got divorced after five years of marriage.

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12. He Just Needed A Hug

I went to a large, heavily religious wedding where the bride was 21 and the groom, 22. They weren’t truthful about their meeting place—it was Tinder. The evening prior, the groom and some wedding party folks were engaged in a game of truth or dare. 

In one turn, the groom confessed that his primary way of feeling loved was through physical touch, but his partner wasn’t fond of showing love in that manner. He expressed a longing for occasional cuddles, which she would deny. He was hopeful that this would improve post-marriage. 

This revelation had all the groomsmen exchanging worried glances and swiftly steering the conversation elsewhere.

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13. The Judge Tried To Warn Her

I used to be a county prosecutor and once attended a sentencing where a man was given around two years behind bars. As I was leaving the courtroom, his girlfriend approached the judge and requested if she could marry her boyfriend, who she was about to be separated from.

The judge informed her she would need a marriage license and that there was a two-day waiting period—it seemed like he was advising her against the marriage. But, she was prepared. To our surprise, she already had the marriage license with her. The judge then mentioned she would need two witnesses, but she was by herself. 

Unexpectedly, the guy’s lawyer grabbed my arm and eagerly offered both of us as the witnesses. And so, the wedding took place, with the groom dressed in an orange jumpsuit and restrained throughout the ceremony.

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14. The Counting Game

The couple had secretly tied the knot earlier because revealing their relationship would have resulted in the groom losing his job. They hosted a wedding ceremony a year later, just a month after the bride finished college. At the reception, we amused ourselves with a peculiar “counting game,” wondering, "With how many groomsmen has the bride been involved?" The answer was all eight. 

The reception was quite unique, featuring only country music and offering guests three different kinds of grits along with beers. A betting pool started, and I ended up winning. The marriage only endured six more months after the formal ceremony, which wasn’t very shocking, considering the bride left the reception with the band’s guitarist instead of her new husband.

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15. His Frat Boy Ways

I attended my wife's coworker's wedding and met a really nice person. Unfortunately, her fiancé did not make a great impression. He seemed overconfident and not in the best shape. He openly bragged to her about sleeping with many other women and claimed to have had different partners every night. 

Obviously, this was not the best strategy to win her over or make himself look desirable. However, the worst part was what happened at the wedding. He drank excessively and ended up passing out before the event was even over. As a result, she had to carry him to their hotel room while he was unconscious. 

This meant she didn't get to fully enjoy her own wedding or have a proper wedding night. It was a really unfortunate situation, and I couldn't help but feel sad for her.

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16.  Dancing Around The Real Issues

My wedding day had its fair share of warning signs. My ex-wife loved drama and was set on having a choreographed first dance. She wanted everyone in the wedding party to join in, but no one was keen. I had never danced before, not even in a club, but agreed to take lessons so that she could have her dream wedding.

Despite my lack of dancing skills, I managed to learn a bit of slow dancing. However, the dance school couldn’t create a choreography for us, leading her to quickly lose interest. When choosing our song, she picked “I Want You To” by Weezer, my favorite band, although it wasn’t a suitable song for slow dancing.

I suggested a different song, but she was adamant, promising not to change the plan mid-dance. Predictably, she started doing a lively dance 30 seconds in, leaving me standing there, upset and surprised, as she enthusiastically encouraged me to join in.

Additionally, we had a budget that she surpassed. When her parents contributed an extra $5K, instead of covering the excess, she opted to spend even more. Looking back, I realize this was a clear indication of her lack of respect for me. She was unfaithful and left me for another man within a year, even remarrying before our divorce was finalized.

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17.  No Arguing It Wouldn’t Last

I had the honor of being a groomsman at my friend's wedding. The other groomsmen were guys he met while serving in the Air Force, and they knew his fiancée much better than I did. The week leading up to the wedding was quite eventful, with her constantly calling him and immediately launching into yelling matches when he picked up; they couldn't seem to avoid arguing. 

Throughout that week, the other groomsmen made it clear to me that they didn't like her and found her to be quite a hassle. Finally, on the day of the wedding, one of the groomsmen approached me and jokingly said, "I can't wait to see you guys at his second wedding". I found it so hilarious that I couldn't stop laughing.

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18. Big Wedding Gone Bust

Walking down the aisle, the bride's smile seemed forced, which I initially attributed to nerves. It was later, during the wedding when I discovered that her parents had given her a choice: They would either fund a grand wedding or a modest one and contribute the rest towards a house down payment. Opting for a lavish celebration was her choice, which turned out to be a huge misjudgment.

Given the intense competition and soaring prices in our local housing market at the time, just before a market crash, her parents’ offer was a golden opportunity for a solid start to their marital life. However, she chose the allure of a grand celebration with herself in the spotlight. 

The marriage ended within two years, and surprisingly, she appeared rather unaffected by it.

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19.  Knocked Up And Fed Up

My best friend from high school found herself expecting a baby with her first boyfriend shortly after joining the Air Force. She came from an extremely strict and unconventional family. She had little knowledge about dating and birth control. I had just moved back to our hometown a few weeks before her return to tie the knot. She requested me to be a bridesmaid alongside her five sisters, and I accepted.

The groom brought his parents and a group of friends to complete the guest list. We spent a couple of fun days at her place, getting acquainted with each other. I was casually flirting with some of the guys, which irked one of her sisters, leading her to embarrass me by pointing out my lower back tattoo. 

I’m not one who enjoys being the focal point, so this was particularly uncomfortable. I was visibly embarrassed, but the wedding proceeded. The visibly pregnant bride was in tears throughout the ceremony. After exchanging vows, she took a moment to freshen up, leaving me to converse with the groom, our first real conversation. 

He complimented my tattoos and made an inappropriate suggestion involving his own tattoos in intimate locations. Caught off guard, I excused myself, saying I needed to change shoes. I felt terrible for my friend but didn’t voice my concerns, fearing I might be blamed, especially considering they were newlyweds expecting a child and living states away. I kept the guilt to myself. 

The marriage ended in less than three years when she was around 22, due to his infidelities. She chose celibacy, preferring to remain single to avoid introducing new partners to her child. While I didn’t quite grasp her reasoning, I respected her decision.

A decade has passed, and she remains single. It saddens me to think she hasn’t had the chance to experience a fulfilling relationship, and I can’t help but feel terrible for her.

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20. Keeping With Tradition Spelled Disaster

I hail from a sizable Indian family, with some members still adhering to traditional marital practices like child marriages, arranged marriages, and unions between uncles and nieces. Once, a female relative found her ideal partner, but her elder brother’s unmarried status meant she had to wait for him to tie the knot first.

Consequently, the parents coerced the brother into marrying a girl known for her emotional manipulation. He was well aware of her nature but proceeded, claiming he was willing to "sacrifice" for his sister’s happiness. Unsurprisingly, this union was doomed from the start.

The marriage ended in divorce within two years. The brother remarried for love, but this too didn’t last. Currently, he's on the verge of his third marriage, prompted by family pressure, as they deem it improper for a younger sister to be married while the elder brother remains single.

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21. Lack Of Devotion

A couple of summers back, I attended a lovely wedding set in a serene, wooded neighborhood. It was a tranquil backyard celebration for a couple who had been together blissfully for eight years and were on the brink of purchasing a home. However, something seemed amiss—the groom was shedding tears of joy, but the bride wasn’t. 

Throughout the reception, she was either dancing alone or engrossed in conversation with relatives, seemingly indifferent to her husband. Given the hustle and bustle of the day, no one read too much into it. Fast forward two years, she embarked on an affair with a man she barely knew, sought a divorce, and promptly moved in with her new partner. 

Left heartbroken, the husband struggled to move forward, despite receiving numerous sympathetic offers. In contrast, his ex-wife appeared unbothered, filling her social media with endearing posts and photos showcasing her newfound love. In hindsight, the wedding day subtly unveiled the disparity in their commitment to each other.

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22. Princess Bride

A wealthy man tied the knot with a young woman who seemed captivated by the glamor of weddings. The extravagance of the ceremony was crazy. Upon entry, attendants were stationed at each door, performing a synchronized act of opening them—a task two people were actually hired for the entire day. 

The entrance was adorned with floral displays that easily looked like they cost $10,000. Beyond this, another set of doors was manned by two more attendants. The celebration was lavish, featuring string quartets and sparing no expense. However, a moment at the reception gave me pause.

I overheard the bride mentioning to her friends that her new husband better continue working hard to "maintain her" lifestyle. I’ve witnessed this sort of princess mindset in the past; it rarely leads to a happy ending. A successful relationship requires balance and equality between partners.

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23. A Tainted Tribute

We were there as friends of the bride and encountered the groom’s parents for the first time just before the wedding kicked off. Rather than sharing kind words about our friend, who was soon to become their daughter-in-law, they used the whole conversation to sing praises of their son. This struck both my wife and me as strange. 

Sadly, the marriage ended in less than a month. This short-lived union did result in a son, who, to this day, has never met his father. The father, apart from insisting on a paternity test, has never once visited the state his son resides in. 

If he were to do so, he’d be legally obliged to provide child support, something he has evaded despite his family’s affluence—the very family that had no shortage of compliments for him.

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24. The Best Man Got Things Off With A Bang

I used to be a wedding videographer. Around a decade ago, I found myself filming a pretty high-profile wedding. All was well until we reached the reception. When it was time for the best man to give his speech, he started with, “Well, I suppose this is as good a time as any to let the groom know I’ve been seeing the bride for years". 

The room quickly divided into “his” and “hers," and the groom made a swift exit, never to return. The bride’s parents, feeling guilty about the whole ordeal, requested that I send them the video. I was compensated, so it didn’t make a difference to me, but that was certainly the most glaring warning sign I’ve ever witnessed.

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25. She Was A Gold Digger

My cousin, not exactly the kindest person, hastily married a guy not long after they met. He was a highly intelligent and successful accountant at an aerospace company, while she didn't have much going on. 

Though love shouldn’t be about status, we all had an inkling of her true intentions, especially since her mother had a notorious reputation for being a major gold digger. We genuinely felt sorry for the guy, foreseeing the distress, time, and considerable financial loss he was bound to experience. 

During the ceremony, he suddenly started exhibiting odd behavior, tossing his head from side to side as if experiencing an internal struggle. It seemed like his jaw was tensing up, as he kept opening his mouth wide and sticking his tongue out. It was as if he was battling a sudden discomfort in his mouth and struggling to speak. 

When it came to saying “I do,” he shook his head vigorously and opened his jaw extremely wide. A few months into the marriage, she was involved with at least one other person, leveling shocking accusations against her husband, claiming emotional distress, but we knew the real story.

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26. Happiness Is Key

I had my wedding at a lovely destination. The evening before our big day, another couple was tying the knot, and we saw them as they walked through the restaurant we were dining in to reach their party venue. The expressions on their faces spoke volumes. They appeared utterly unhappy. 

There was no hand-holding, no signs of excitement, just blank faces—it reminded me of the conclusion of The Graduate. Initially, I cut them some slack, considering that organizing a wedding can be pretty draining and stressful.

However, on the following night, during our own celebration, our smiles never faded. As we moved through the same restaurant to reach our party area, isolated from the crowd, we were both bubbling with joy, anticipation, and a bit of nervousness, but above all, we were content.

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27. The Bride Wanted A Frisky Frolic

My buddy tied the knot with the mother of his child a few years after their little one was born. The reception was lively, and the bride was surprisingly good at playing matchmaker, leading the bridesmaid and me to sneak off for our separate celebration. Later, we rejoined the main event, and spirits were high all around. 

Before long, I found the bride beside me at the bar, making remarks and getting a bit too touchy. Feeling the situation becoming uncomfortable, I tried to distance myself. I signaled to my friend—the groom—to fill him in and suggested he might want to take her home. 

She openly admitted her intentions, which led to an argument between them. Fast forward a few years, they remained a couple, but signs of her loyalty were questionable, and he turned a blind eye. I genuinely hope for the best for him.

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28. Time For A Change

Once my cousin found his future wife, she slowly started reshaping him, altering his once vibrant and charming personality to fit her desires. His friends, hobbies, and even his frequent interactions with family faded away. The last time I encountered him was at our grandfather’s funeral, about a year after they married.

Even in such a somber event, it was evident that he had transformed into someone unrecognizable. He seemed particularly unhappy on his wedding day as well. The marriage ended in divorce a year or so afterward. Evidently, she found him dull and not the man she once fell for, leading her to be unfaithful. 

Since the funeral, I haven’t had any contact with him, but word is, he’s managing alright.

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29.  The Groom Became Texas Toast

My closest buddy was on the path to matrimony, and I encountered his future wife about half a year before the big day. 

She had this attitude typical of southern Texas, expecting to be treated like royalty, and in return, she’d barely put up with you. I, on the other hand, was the loud and bold city dweller who’d speak his mind just to gauge reactions. Gradually, she began to restrict his meetings with me, even when I’d travel two hours just for a day’s visit.

When the wedding day finally arrived, I found myself walking down the aisle of the party bus, asking everyone their predictions on the marriage’s longevity. Surprisingly, no one, not even her bridesmaids, gave it more than three years. 

The bride took offense when I loosened my tie at the extravagant $30,000 reception. I just met her glare and shook my head. Fast forward to a year and a half later, some grim realities about her came to light. 

Turned out, she was involved with the marriage counselor her father had insisted they see, all to maintain appearances since he couldn’t let his clients learn his daughter was contemplating divorce.

In the aftermath, I stood by my friend, aiding him in packing up his life into a truck and accompanying him across states for a fresh beginning. Eventually, I had the honor of being the best man at his subsequent wedding, and this time, they seem like a match made in heaven.

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30. The Odds Were Stacked Against Them

Over Labor Day weekend, I found myself at a poker table in Las Vegas. It was late Saturday night. 

Seated beside me was a young woman, around her mid-20s, with a natural, countryside charm, enjoying a decent game of poker. Next to her was a guy of a similar age, fit but with a bit of a rugged demeanor, playing a fair poker game but growing increasingly loud with every drink.

By 11 PM, they revealed they’d been married for just 3-4 hours. She wasn’t having much luck with the hands but was holding steady financially. He, however, had lost around $300-$400, and it was becoming apparent that some players were targeting him. As midnight approached, his volume increased, earning him a warning for his language at the table.

Everyone around was eyeing his stack, anticipating a windfall as his behavior became more erratic. By 1 AM, he was already $1,000 down. They planned to play through the night since their flight was in 10 hours, and they didn’t have a hotel room booked. At 2 AM, she was ahead by $100 and remained steady. 

Her demeanor shifted from lively to notably reserved. Her husband, however, was erratic and losing roughly $200 an hour. When I left the table at 3 AM, I found myself pondering why such a composed and attractive young woman chose to marry a man who was visibly struggling to keep it together. 

It seemed inevitable that he would cause some trouble that night that she’d be left to handle. Reflecting on it, it’s hard not to imagine this becoming a recurring theme in their lives.

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31. The Bride Had A Dark Side

I'm familiar with a man who experienced a whirlwind relationship. He encountered, tied the knot with, and separated from a woman, all within a span of less than two years. 

There was a ten-year age gap between them. Eventually, he uncovered her involvement with shady transactions on the dark web. She hailed from a wealthy family, who were consistently providing financial assistance and intervening in numerous aspects of their married life, from securing car insurance to acquiring household necessities.

This affluent family orchestrated their wedding on the family estate. During the ceremony, the father of the bride indicated a vacant plot of land, mentioning it was earmarked for his daughter's future residence, with no acknowledgment of the groom. However, this wasn’t the climax of the story. 

The wife was engaged in an extramarital affair with a man residing in a different region of the state. Upon discovering proof of this liaison, she alleged that she had been harmed by the other man. She maintained this assertion so vehemently that her family remained oblivious to the truth until the concluding sessions of their divorce proceedings. 

That was when the man’s attorney unveiled a plethora of evidence sourced from her phone, exposing her illicit activities. Subsequently, she was left without any financial backing or assets.

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32. Double-Dealing Dog

I was serving as the best man at a wedding when something unexpected happened. On the very morning of the wedding, the groom mysteriously disappeared for several hours. This caused a lot of worry and confusion among everyone involved. 

At the reception, my wife happened to overhear the bride crying in the bathroom. She was expressing regret about marrying the groom and seemed troubled. Naturally, my wife inquired about what was going on. To our surprise, it turned out that the groom had met with another girlfriend that none of us had any clue about. 

He intended to end their relationship before marrying his bride. It was a complete shock to all of us. As it turned out, the groom had been leading a double life. Eventually, the truth came out and they ended up splitting up within a couple of years. Unfortunately, they had a child together before everything came crashing down.

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33. Early Intervention

I took my girlfriend to a friend’s wedding, and somehow, we landed on the topic of having children. She shared that she wasn’t planning on having any for another decade at least. We were only half a year into our relationship, but it felt quite serious. 

I knew I wanted children with her and reassured her that I’d stand by her side, no matter what choice she made regarding pregnancy. That’s when she revealed a heartbreaking secret. After a few more hours and several drinks, she confessed that she had an abortion while we were together.

I was left wondering whether the child was mine, and this raised some concerns for me.

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34. An Exercise In How Not To Act

Interestingly, it wasn’t the bride and groom who showed warning signs, but the best man and maid of honor, a married couple themselves. The best man's toast revolved around the challenges of matrimony, mentioning, "A year into marriage, and it feels like a century". 

The maid of honor followed with her speech, simply stating, "Same here". It created an awkward atmosphere and dampened the mood in the room. To lift the spirits, the bride’s brother delivered an impromptu toast about the essence of partnership, navigating life with a companion, and the family’s joy in welcoming the groom. 

In a twist of fate, the best man and maid of honor divorced within a year, while the newlyweds celebrated over three decades of marriage. I occasionally ponder whether those speeches served as a valuable lesson on how not to behave in a relationship.

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35. All About The Groom, But What About The Bride?

I once served as the maid of honor at a seemingly fairy-tale wedding. The couple, together for nearly a decade, hosted an extravagant and picturesque ceremony. Although the bride preferred something more intimate, the groom’s extensive family led to a grand celebration. However, my concerns grew as I observed the day’s proceedings from the front row.

The imbalance between the groom’s and bride’s representation was glaring. With three best men, ushers, and more, the groom’s side dominated. His sister and a best man played significant roles in the ceremony, and dinner was filled with lengthy toasts celebrating him. The spotlight seemed firmly fixed on him. 

The photographer, a friend of his, focused on capturing “funny” moments with the guys. The bride seemed overlooked throughout the day. As the evening progressed, the groom, excessively drank and neglected her, even spilling a drink on her gown and prioritizing dances with his buddies. 

The celebration felt more like his birthday bash than a union of two. I witnessed a side of him that evoked sympathy for my friend—she seemed like an accessory to his grand plans. The shocking truth unfolded post-wedding. Just three months in, he started belittling her emotionally. 

Shortly after, he confessed to a longstanding affair and left. Had I not witnessed his behavior at the wedding, his true nature would have blindsided me. Four years on, my friend struggles with trust and relationships but has learned the importance of equality in partnerships.

Upon his departure, she vowed he’d never see or hear from her again, severing ties with mutual acquaintances, and leaving him to ponder his bad decisions.

Ruined Wedding factsShutterstock

36. A New Do And A Ring Too

In college, I had this extremely introverted roommate. The guy never mingled, never dated, so imagine our shock when out of the blue, he announced he had a girlfriend—a girl we had never seen him with, let alone speak to.

One day, nearing the semester end, he bumped into me and inquired about my noon plans. Upon learning I’d be around, he shared his intention to propose, showcasing a sizable diamond ring. A bit odd, but alright. It was finals season, and our apartment was chaos incarnate, with dirty dishes towering in the sink. His unique proposal plan? 

Have her cut his hair! She arrived before either of us, resulting in an awkward wait with another roommate. Given just a few minutes, we hastily attempted tidying up. Meeting her for the first time, we quickly realized she was equally introverted. Finally, my roommate arrives, makes introductions, and gets the haircut underway. 

To avoid hair on his shirt, he fashioned a makeshift gown from a trash bag, constraining his arms inside. Post-haircut, his segway to the proposal was, “If only I had something shiny to see my haircut”. Despite her offering a mirror, he stubbornly repeated the phrase, struggling to fish the ring out amidst the trash bag constraints. 

There he was, hair-covered, arms restricted, awkwardly presenting the ring, and uttering a prolonged, “Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?" She was cornered against the messy sink. No actual proposal question was asked, yet she accepted, donned the ring, and watched him leave for a shower, all without a kiss. 

The rest of us were left dumbfounded, witnessing this unconventional spectacle. Fast forward, they remained engaged as the semester concluded. He ventured across the country for an internship, leaving her behind. A surprising twist occurred when he was detained at the airport for carrying a faux grenade in his luggage. 

On his return, I encountered him and inquired about his fiancée, only to hear, “I don’t know; I haven't talked to her since I left for the internship”. Astonishingly, against all odds, they’re still together eight years on. 

Wedding DramaPexels

37.  It Was A Losing Battle

Back in college, I was pals with a couple for a few years. They tied the knot in secret to snag the perks of off-campus living. Come senior year, they decided to host a "first-time" wedding for all their oblivious family and friends. 

By the time the big day rolled around, it was evident they’d been at each other’s throats—their compatibility was definitely questionable, and their young minds were prone to impulsive choices. Turns out, the first exchange they had in forty-eight hours was their “I do’s”. Even as a 21-year-old, I could see that marriage wasn’t built to last. 

Fast forward a bit, and I somehow ended up sharing a living space with them for a year—talk about a colossal mistake. The constant bickering, hurling of objects, storming out mid-argument, and the web of lies spun—it was utter chaos. Unsurprisingly, a divorce was on the horizon within a few years, and eventually, they both found new partners to say “I do” to.

Red Flag Wedding MomentsShutterstock

38. Their Relationship Was Loaded With Problems

I was dating the best friend of the groom at this wedding. Well, let me tell you, the groom was inseparable from his buddies all night long. And the bride? Oh boy, she spent the whole time locked in the bathroom, getting high or something. I actually hung out with the groom more than the bride did.  

The day before the wedding, she went and totaled his brand new Jeep because she got plastered. And right after the big day, she went ahead and quit her job, thinking the groom would just take care of her now. They got hitched in November, but by January, they were already living separate lives. Well, the groom actually spilled the beans to my then-boyfriend. 

He honestly thought that getting married would magically fix everything.

Wild Weddings Shutterstock

39. Hitched On Hypocrisy

The bride and groom both had wild nights out right before their big day. They showed up at the church with major hangovers, each ticked off at the other for feeling the same way they did. Fast forward to the reception, and they barely spoke to each other 'cause they were still peeved. Things got real heated around midnight. 

They were going at it, upset about the other being hungover, even though they both were. Honestly, I was pretty taken aback. There's a difference between being a bit hypocritical and completely missing the self-awareness train. They were totally in the latter camp. But here's where it gets wilder: just three months in, they both stepped out on each other. 

Apparently, they each blame the other for their marriage falling apart because of the cheating. In a twisted sort of way, they're kinda perfect for each other. 

Red Flag Wedding MomentsPexels

40. A Photo Finish

I went to this wedding where the couple had, like, four pro photographers and two video crews zipping around, recording every moment. The bride was more into the camera crew than her own guests. She only seemed to notice her hubby when the cameras were on her. And her wedding invites? They looked like a tabloid mag and were a whopping six pages, both sides.

She had all these shots where she's making goo-goo eyes at her ring or acting all "shocked," with the groom kinda just... there in the background. And get this, her dog made more appearances in the pics than the guy she was marrying. Now, word is they're in therapy, but things aren't looking too hopeful. 

I've heard she's been pulling some real self-centered moves since the big day, and it's only been a few years. 

Wedding DramaShutterstock

41. The Signs Were All There

I was the groom at this church wedding, and it was one of those full-on Roman Catholic ceremonies with the whole mass and vows combo. Weirdly, the priest chose to talk about divorce during his speech. Anyway, when it was time for the vows, my soon-to-be wife looked super freaked out, definitely not how you'd picture a bride to look in that moment.

I was totally in it, though, ready to promise forever in front of everyone I loved. But I couldn’t ignore how off she seemed. When it got to the part where they ask if anyone objects, my face and nervous looks around must’ve screamed, "Someone, please object!"

Looking back, it was like a huge red flag waving right in front of me. But what was I supposed to do then? I ended up in a pretty one-sided, loveless marriage for over two decades and lost a ton. The kicker? While we were apart, she somehow divorced me without me even knowing and then got hitched again. 

Wedding Objections factsMax Pixel

42. Rather A Roomie Than A Groomie

So, my buddy's gay and his best friend was tying the knot. We always teased them about being like an episode of Will & Grace since they lived together and had that kind of bond. I wasn’t super close with her, but a few of us got invites to her big day. At the reception, we were chilling with my friend when things got...interesting.

The bride came over to our table, a bit buzzed, and started tearing up. She blurted out that she wished my friend was straight so she could’ve married him. While he played it cool, the rest of us were straight-up shocked. Fast forward: 18 months later, the bride and her guy split. Now she's back living with my buddy like old times. 

Red Flag Wedding MomentsShutterstock

43. The Bride Gave Off Some Bad Vibes

At my brother's wedding, just before the reception kicked off, I figured speeches would be up next. To be honest, my fam wasn’t really vibing with his new wife, and though I was iffy about her too, I thought I'd keep an open mind. I was chatting with the maid of honor (bride's younger sister) when I realized she didn't have a speech ready.

She started panicking, so I tried to help her brainstorm something short and heartfelt. She seemed like she could handle it. But then the bride chimed in, “Nope, no speeches. We’re skipping that". She was super adamant, and my brother just went with it.

I was like, “Seriously? Why did I spend ages perfecting mine then?” I kept my frustration in check, but the whole thing gave me weird vibes. I started thinking their marriage might be a bit rocky—and I was right.

She bailed on him just a month later. 

Red Flag Wedding MomentsUnsplash

44. Drama Was A Bonus

A while back, I was dating this girl, Kay. She moved across the country to be with me and had a tough time finding pals. One evening, I introduced her to a buddy's girlfriend, and boom—instant BFFs. It was a bit of an eyebrow-raiser for me because this new friend wasn’t the kindest soul. But hey, at least we had mutual friends now, right?

Fast forward: my friend and his not-so-nice girlfriend were gearing up for their wedding. One night, Kay's on her phone non-stop. Turns out, she's chatting with the bride-to-be, who's spilling some wild beans. She's having a "last hurrah" with an ex before locking it down in matrimony.

Now, my best bud was the best man, so I filled him in, hoping he'd break the news gently to our friend. Shockingly, the wedding went on without a hitch. Over their five-year rollercoaster marriage, both have played the field. I swear, some couples thrive on the drama. 

Despite all the ups and downs, they seem weirdly content when they aren’t going at each other's throats. 

Wedding DramaPexels

45. The Icing On The Cake

So, you know how at weddings there's that cute tradition where the couple feeds each other cake? Sometimes there's a playful smear of icing on the nose or a gentle cake-face-smash. All in good fun, usually. Well, at this wedding, when the groom (my cousin, by the way) playfully dotted some icing on the bride's nose, she completely lost it.

She started sobbing and called him out for ruining their big day right in front of everyone. It was super awkward. My cousin's a total sweetheart and a bit of a goof, so he was obviously shocked. He tried to calm her down, and her bridesmaids jumped in to help. But that wasn’t the only weird thing. 

She had made sure my cousin's family sat way in the back, while her whole clan snagged the best seats. Oh, and she even tried to boot my family from our spots because she "forgot" to save seats for some of her pals. But that cake moment? That was the tell-tale sign for me that things weren’t all sunshine and roses. 

Not surprisingly, their marriage went south in less than two years. 

Red Flag Wedding MomentsUnsplash

46. Taking Bets

I used to cater for weddings. Once, there was this couple who booked this stunning old English Tudor place. They went all out on the catering for like 200 people. We were all set and waiting for them and their guests to show up at 1 PM. But, you know, 4 PM rolls around and still no word. No calls, no guests, nada.

We were all kinda gossiping, wondering if someone got cold feet or what. We were nearly packing up when guests began trickling in. Finally saw the couple for a hot second before they darted off to the gardens, yelling at each other. Big yikes. And oh boy, the guests weren’t any better. 

They were making bets on how long the couple would last, who’d cheat first, and stuff like that. The couple resurfaced, now mad at us, like, "Why isn't anyone eating?" Dude, we were waiting for you! Thankfully, things settled down after that. 

The toasts began, and the groom's pals were legit hilarious. But as I'm topping up drinks, I still hear guests making snide remarks about the couple.They bickered some more during the night. I mean, the setting was beautiful, but the vibes? Not so much. Kind of a pretty day with a messy crowd.

Wedding disastersShutterstock

47. The Butterfly Effect

My husband and I once catered for this intimate wedding. The couple had their first date at our place and wanted us for their special day, which was kinda sweet. It was this cute DIY wedding by the beach, and even our kids pitched in to help. They had this plan where every guest chair had a box underneath it, meant to be opened during a specific moment in the ceremony.

When the guests opened the boxes, a bunch of beautiful butterflies would fly out, kinda symbolizing the couple's love taking flight. But, oh boy, did that go sideways. Turns out, the butterflies didn't make it in the boxes. And just when everyone lifted the lids, this big gust of wind came by. So instead of a magical release, all the poor butterflies got blown away into the distance. It was... unexpected, to say the least.

Red Flag Wedding MomentsShutterstock

48. It Was His Way Or The Highway

My ex really took over our entire wedding planning. I mean, I didn't even get a say in the music. He'd always shut down my ideas, making me feel pretty insignificant. And when things didn't go as he planne, he'd be mad. Like when the DJ messed up our entrance song, he couldn't even crack a smile when I was walking down the aisle.

Looking back, I should've seen these signs that our relationship wasn't healthy. But I was young and inexperienced and, unfortunately, stuck around way longer than I should have. We were together for over 10 years, and that dynamic never changed. We couldn't have proper conversations; it was always his way or nothing. And if things didn't go his way, suddenly, I was the bad guy.

It wasn't just the big stuff either. Even something as simple as suggesting a paint color for our living room was a battle. If it came from me, it was a bad idea. But if he thought of it, suddenly, it was perfect. He always expected me to just agree with him and cater to his every whim. And the constant criticism was exhausting. 

I've learned my lesson and won't let that happen to me again.

Wedding DramaShutterstock

49. For Goodness’ Sake Forsake Already!

Once, I had the opportunity to film a wedding in Louisiana. As the hours ticked away before the ceremony, the bride and her bridesmaids were enjoying a few drinks. Unfortunately, the wedding was delayed due to rain, as it was supposed to take place outdoors near a charming barn. As the final hour approached, tensions started to rise. 

The bride became increasingly frustrated with her mom, who seemed to have something negative to say about every little detail or guest. It didn't help that the bride had been drinking. Luckily, they managed to avoid a full-blown argument, but there was a significant cause for concern. 

During the vows, when it came time to say "and forsaking all others," the groom-to-be struggled. It was evident that he was struggling to say those words, as he became emotional and seemed to shut down altogether. I zoomed in on him with the camera, hoping to capture any clue as to what might be happening in his mind. 

Meanwhile, the bride was laughing and smiling at him. It made me wonder if she was either too tipsy to care or if she was part of some kind of arrangement with him, finding the situation amusing. The minister kindly suggested an alternative line, suggesting, "How about, and only loving the bride?" 

The groom managed to regain some composure, nodded in agreement, and stumbled through the rest of the vows. Interestingly, this wedding took place just three years ago, and the bride has already moved on to a new man.

Wedding Objections factsShutterstock

50. Getting Even

The night before the wedding, the groom celebrated a bit too freely at his bachelor party. He ended up crossing some boundaries with a dancer, both with a touch and a kiss. Feeling guilty, he confessed to the bride on their wedding day, yet she went ahead with the wedding. 

The day after, I was chilling with the newlyweds and the groom's buddies, and it was just the bride and me representing the ladies. The bride, perhaps feeling the effects of some drinks, clung to me as though we'd been best friends forever. She kept heading to the restroom, always wanting me to join her. 

Every trip became a venting session about her husband's behavior the previous night. She was more upset about the kiss than anything else but was angry about the whole situation. She even hinted at getting back at him by being unfaithful. Definitely not the best foundation for their new marriage.

Wedding Guests Refused To Hold Their Peace factsShutterstock

Sources: Reddit,

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