Horrifying Houseguest Experiences

October 26, 2023 | Violet Newbury

Horrifying Houseguest Experiences

What happens when houseguests get out of control, create disturbing problems, and overstay their welcome? Read on to find out.

1. I Wanted To Shake To Him

Our home played host to an old buddy of my husband's for a fortnight during the time we lived in Japan. Honestly, he was quite a handful—smug and sometimes outright infuriating. 

He presumed himself to be an expert on Japanese culture after just several days, when we'd been residing there for well over two years. He finally left on a Friday. The following day, my husband and I had different plans. When I got home in the early afternoon, I found the front door unexpectedly unlocked and the TV running. 

Hoping my husband had just returned early, I was in for a shock—it wasn't him, it was the friend. He assumed we were away for the weekend and decided to take liberties. He had the audacity to break in for an uninvited two-night extension to his stay. 

When caught, his response was outrageous, "You weren't supposed to be here!" Despite my objections, he stubbornly insisted he wouldn't budge until he heard it from my husband that he'd worn out his welcome.

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2. There Was Snow Chance Of Him Leaving

One evening we were hosting a friend for dinner. Seeing that snow was on the way, our guest asked if they could sleep over, to which my partner and I agreed given neither of us had to work the next day. Nonetheless, our guest did. 

The next morning, from as early as 7:30 am, the friend began panicking because we hadn't cleared the driveway of snow for them. They loudly voiced their concerns, exclaiming, "How am I supposed to reach my office in a timely manner?"

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3. He Wasn’t Using His Noodle

One time, I had a friend staying over at my house. Out of the blue, the piercing sound of the fire alarm pierced the air. Immediately, I dashed into the kitchen, and what I saw made my jaw DROP. 

My houseguest had unwittingly caused a kitchen fire by trying to cook spaghetti in a cake pan, of all things—WITHOUT water. I saw him hovering over the stove, futilely blowing on the flames in an attempt to put them out. Unfortunately, his efforts were only fueling the fire.

Without a moment's hesitation, I grabbed the burning cake pan, slid it into the sink, and promptly soaked it with water, successfully extinguishing the fire.

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4. Dialed Into Debt

I planned to be away for half of the summer, which is why I allowed a guy to live in my house for a month while attending summer school. He was a great temporary tenant, except for one issue: he had a habit of dialing those risqué 1-900 numbers after a few drinks. 

He even confessed he'd been making these calls and assured me that he'd cover the associated costs. However, neither of us imagined that the total charges would be nearly $1,000. The bill stretched to 100 pages in length. Each of the 1-900 numbers he contacted served as its own mini telco, churning out a solo bill for its services. 

The end result was essentially 50 separate bills, all collated and issued by my local telephone provider. Failure to settle these bills would result in my service being disconnected. Thankfully, I was successful in getting some of the bills eliminated or minimized. 

My temporary tenant managed to scrounge together $500 and additionally gave me a CD player, a PlayStation, and a television as compensation.

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5. Nowhere To Hide

When my husband and I started dating, we usually spent time at his place because it was quieter with fewer people around. 

Having grown up in a bustling environment with four sisters and a constant stream of their friends, I could appreciate the peace at his place. That is, until one day, his mother instructed me to keep the back door locked, the blinds shut, and not let the dogs out in the yard. That's when she explained the deranged reason why.

She told me about an unusual situation with their next-door neighbor. This neighbor was a single dad with two children—a tween and a younger child who was non-verbal. Although he worked from home, there were times he entrusted my future mother-in-law with his kids while he took care of some work, an arrangement she was not thrilled about.

His visits often turned too familiar as he would simply enter her home without knocking and linger to share stories about himself until it was dinner time. His younger kid grew fond of my mother-in-law, and together with their dad, started treating her house as another home.

The neighbor seemed to consider this invasion as a healthy bonding experience for his children, especially the younger one. My mother-in-law, on the other hand, was terrified of waking up to find the child silently standing over her. It was equally unsettling when they would return home to find the child inside, having accessed through the previously unlocked back door.

When my mother-in-law started keeping the door locked, the father and son would just wait on the porch, ready to send the child over at the slightest indication of someone being home. Since the child was non-verbal, it was difficult to explain to him the dangers and inappropriateness of barging into someone else's home.

As the child needed constant supervision, my future mother-in-law finally conversed with the neighbor about her inability to keep babysitting his child unofficially and randomly. Uncleverly, he proposed that my husband and I could take over the role, a suggestion we declined promptly.

While my mother-in-law did give in briefly to continue babysitting, the situation grew intolerable over time. Their existence turned into a constant vigil—staying indoors with lights off, blinds shut, all doors secured, and minimal movement—hoping to avoid being noticed. 

Still, the child kept coming back, persistently ringing their doorbell when they were inside. Having enough of the repeating cycle, she finally stood her ground after another unsolicited babysitting request and reiterated her refusal. Although the neighbor offered hollow apologies, the situation remained unchanged. 

Feeling constantly observed, she only dared to venture outside when she couldn’t spot the neighbor’s car or lights on. Selling that house was an immense relief. However, the ordeal was far from over as the neighbor managed to locate her at her new place and approached her again for babysitting services. 

After blocking his calls, she still suffers from hermit-like tendencies fueled by past experiences. She was once found hiding in her room with a pan of bacon after being startled by a persistent doorbell ringer. As absurd as it may sound, I'm being completely serious.

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6. He Was A Grump To My Grams

When I was just a teenager at the age of 13, a friend of my cousin paid us a visit. My good-hearted grandmother offered to prepare him a sandwich. However, after some time, he rudely quipped, "What's taking so long for that sandwich, is it coming from South Dakota?" 

I was absolutely taken aback by how he could disrespect someone's grandmother, whom he had barely met.

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7. She Made Me Want To Flea

Over a weekend when I was out of town, I invited a friend and her dog to stay at my place. Upon my return, I found the kitchen in ruins and the back door carelessly left unlocked. However, that wasn't the worst part of the story.

Before letting her dog into my home, I had specifically asked my friend if her pet was on any kind of flea prevention treatment. She assured me it was. Yet, after being attacked by an army of fleas in my own living room, I cornered her for an explanation. 

That's when she confessed that the "flea prevention" she was using for her dog were simply yeast and garlic tablets. Apart from the apology I never got, she didn't even offer any assistance to help me tackle the flea problem or refund me for the damage. It should go without saying that she wasn't invited over again after that.

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8. Brother From Another Mother?

A while back, my brother’s closest friend moved in with us for what everyone thought was a temporary stint. He had plans to relocate to our state and my folks willingly took him in because he was ready to start college. They're staunch believers in the significance of a college degree. 

However, as fate would have it, he stayed with us, not for a fleeting few months, but for an unforeseen length of eight long years. Meanwhile, all of us, their own kids, had packed our bags and moved out somewhere along the line. Yet, my brother's best buddy, somewhat peculiarly, was still sharing our old address.

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9. She Just Didn’t Leave

An old buddy of mine was visiting the city. To make her stay easier, I told her she could crash at my place for about a week instead of booking a hotel. But one week rolled into two, then expanded into a whole month. When I finally asked her about her moving plans, her response absolutely floored me. 

She had assumed that she could continue to live with me for an indefinite period. Considering she had moved all her belongings into my house and had been living there for over a fortnight, I found myself having to officially kick her out.

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10. What A Scream!

A friend of my roommate came over to crash with us. In a matter of seven days, they had consumed my groceries plus used my pricey bathing items. That's not even the whole story. They also allowed their kid to yell and race endlessly in our hallway for hours. 

What's more, they gave me odd looks when they caught me hanging out in my own kitchen. You can't imagine my sense of relief when they eventually packed up and went on their way.

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11. He Chipped Away At My Patience

During our holiday break, my mom's pal came along with her kids. We all found ourselves gathered in the shared space of our accommodation, making idle conversation with a few unfamiliar faces. Out of the blue, my mom's friend's child got up, strolled over to the coffee table, and, without so much as a question, helped himself to a bag of chips that belonged to one of these strangers.

His mom made no attempt to intervene, simply observing him carry on. One of the flabbergasted strangers hesitated for a moment before saying, "Umm, sure. Help yourself to some".

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12. Two Week Takeover

One summer, when I was nine years old and my sister was still a newborn of two weeks, my father's best friend and his family came to live with us for a fortnight. Throughout their stay, the man's wife kept placing my baby sister on her stomach to sleep, despite no one watching her. 

My mom, worried about the possible risks, confronted her about it. She brushed it off by saying, "I did the same with all my kids and they're all right," and kept doing it. And so, the troubles began.

In addition to this, she was notoriously inflexible with meal planning, insisting on servings of sausages and mashed potatoes every evening. If my mom decided to cook something else, it would only incite her anger. She also attempted to set strict limits on who could move about in the kitchen. 

Even for a glass of water or a snack from our own pantry, I'd have to seek her permission. The visiting husband, too, started imposing his rules, deciding the nature and timing of our activities.

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13. They Caused A Full Metal Racket

While we were away, some friends were kind enough to house-sit for us. When we came back home, we found they had taken the initiative to rearrange almost all the furniture. Most of it required us to simply move things back to their original spots. However, they had also relocated an ancient, immense, metal teacher's desk into the basement. 

This bulky item was far too heavy to manage without using a piece of machinery that was too costly for me. Consequently, it remained in the basement and was eventually sold with the house. Moreover, they managed to break one of the recliners to the point where it could no longer recline, yet they refused to take responsibility.

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14. He Was A Doggone Nightmare

I once had a buddy who moved into my place. As he arrived, he casually mentioned, "Oh, by the way, I also have a dog. I hope you're cool with that," just as his furry companion made a dash for my sofa. He never made an effort to clean up after his pet in the backyard. 

When my spouse was away at work, my friend would park himself next to me on the couch and want me rewind my show so he could watch from the start. Additionally, he griped about my use of the second bedroom as a personal office, comparing it unfavorably to a previous friend we'd hosted who'd paid rent and used the room. 

Needless to say, his stay was cut short.

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15. Sandwich Swiper

One Sunday evening, preparing for the week ahead, I made all my sandwiches and popped them in the fridge. One time, a buddy was hanging out at my place among a group of pals. He suddenly wandered into the kitchen for a moment. To my surprise, he returned holding one of my pre-packed sandwiches. 

It wasn't really about the meal itself; rather the fact that he'd helped himself to a sandwich I'd prepared ahead of time from my refrigerator without getting my approval.

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16. Late Night Losers

My partner's friend, along with a random buddy, decided to drop by after 11 PM on a weekday. They made a habit of returning home late, past 11 PM every night of their visit, fully aware that we had to get up for work the next day. They weren't the least bit considerate about the noise they made. 

It was as if they were ready to kick-start a party, trying to persuade us to join for drinks. Adding to our annoyance, they turned our living room into a mess, carelessly spilling liquids and not bothering to clean up, scattering glassware all around, using our special occasion dishes, and never tidying up after themselves. And this was only the beginning of their unpleasant stay at our place.

The other irritating aspect was that they never took the time to ask anything about me. They had the audacity to criticize my food joint suggestions. To add insult to injury, they blatantly rooted against my team while I was watching the game, without any provocation. 

They also made an uncalled-for remark about my brother's rehab stay, insinuating it was some sort of a "gay" arena. Honestly, spending time around them was nothing short of a challenge.

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17. He Was No Barrel Of Laughs

I was over at my folks' place and ended up inviting one of my high school buddies for a sleepover because he had a tiff with his family and got kicked out of his house. He didn't fancy crashing at the park that night. Somehow, he was too nervous to venture upstairs when my parents woke up, so he resorted to urinating in the trash can instead. 

It was utterly disgusting having to clear that mess out.

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18. Gone With The Wind

My nephew was staying with us for a while, as we were lending him a hand. Unexpectedly, he sold the car we allowed him to use, hopped on a flight, and departed the city without saying a word to us. 

We were clueless about his sudden disappearance until we got a Facebook message from an unknown person, claiming that my nephew instructed him to reach out to us for the car's title. He left his room in a terrible state, strewn with spent cigarette butts, discarded beverage cans, and used-up vapes.

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19. Goblin Go Home

A little while back, we had a unique visitor situation. A couple friends of ours, a neat lady and her peculiar boyfriend, stayed over for a week. The boyfriend, let's call him our "resident goblin," was a rather odd character—still baffles me how he got through his twenties. The first couple days were a breeze—he was charismatic and even treated us to drinks.

Nearing midweek, the nightmare began. He announced his plans to join the neighborhood gang. Just to put things in perspective, we lived in a family-focused part of town, which already had a string of dealers. We tried to dissuade him, fearing our house would be misunderstood as rival turf. Unfortunately, our advice fell on deaf ears. 

Thankfully, no serious mishaps occurred, but he ended up crashing at our next-door neighbor's place. We stayed cordial with the neighbor, yet weren't close enough to let things slide. We tried to get our goblin out of there, but he was socially clueless and didn't get the hint.

Out of the blue, he jumps up, yelling that he's bleeding from his shin after picking at a scab. The neighbor offered him some first-aid, but he shrugged it off saying he could manage. Eventually, we escorted him out, but not before he left behind a bloody mess. The next morning, my fiancée spotted him in our backyard with his pants down.

She chose not to confront him, given the bizarre nature of the act. When we broached the issue with his girlfriend, offering some alone time if they preferred, we were told he considered it impolite to get intimate in someone else's house, so he thought the yard was the right spot. A strange choice, especially since we lived in a kid-friendly neighborhood.

He also had this odd habit of clutching his belly, making rumbling noises, and whining about stomachaches whenever he was chilly. We couldn't figure out what being cold had to do with stomachaches. Once, he scarfed down a can of chili and a gallon of milk, resulting in a backyard puke fest.

His girlfriend explained he was just being "polite" by spewing outside and not in the toilet. He'd spend all day lounging in our living room, nonchalantly farting. He had a penchant for marathon showers, using up all our hot water, shampoo, and conditioner. The day they were scheduled to depart, I was completely fried.

I hopped in my car to grab a breath of sanity at the local pharmacy. To my surprise, our house guest popped over the fence, slid into my car, announcing he needed a few supplies for his trip and was tagging along. At the store, he made a huge scene, shouting across aisles to spark conversations.

All I wished for was the countdown to his departure. In line at the checkout, he budged in front, trying to haggle discounts even before the checkout started. He asked for an "out of towner's discount," even attempted applying for a credit card—right there in CVS.

When he realized his total bill was more than anticipated, he asked if I could pick up his drink tab, claiming he thought he'd get some discounts. Reluctantly, I added his drink to my basket, not wanting to create trouble. But there was one last cherry on top.

Looking into my basket at the shampoo and conditioner I was replacing, he quipped “Man, you consume a lot of Suave for a bald guy".

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20. Tiny Torment

A nine-year-old girl, who happens to be my daughter's friend from our neighborhood, was a frequent visitor to our home. She'd pop in almost every other day, unannounced. This little girl had an opinion on EVERYTHING we did. We couldn't escape her scrutiny, as it felt like every decision my wife and I made was judged. 

Not to mention, she had a knack for unsolicited advice that was remarkably mature for her age. Her comments ranged from the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of our home, to our financial choices. What's more surprising, was her propensity to argue—she could give our kids a run for their money in talking back.

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21. He Was Odd, No Matter How You Sliced It

Once, a buddy of mine crashed at my pad for roughly a month due to an unfortunate internet dating scam. We shared some common friends, and he was waiting on a money transfer from his folks to buy a flight ticket back home. Being the good samaritan, I didn't want to leave him out in the cold, so I offered him my couch. 

Throughout his stay, nearly all of his food consumption—I'd say about 90%—depended solely on eating slices of American cheese from my fridge. In that single month, he munched his way through close to two dozen packs of cheese.

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22. He Had An Appetite For Destruction

I used to play in a band with several other guys. My roles were varied—I was in charge of playing the bass, managing the band, taking care of road trips, handling sound engineering, and financing the band's needs. 

Among the band members, my closest friend was the drummer, while another guy, who was also our lead singer and principal guitarist, was going through some personal issues. His marriage was in shambles and his wife had recently kicked him out. I opened my house to him as his refuge during his difficult times.

After noticing that his wife had vindictively ripped apart all his clothing, out of goodwill, I invested about $500 in a new set of clothes for him. He assured me he would repay me for them. Additionally, considering it was the holiday season, I gifted his kids their Christmas presents, for which he was indebted to me.

A few weeks later, something strange happened. I noticed that some small objects had started disappearing. Since we used to host parties occasionally, it remained unclear if this guy was responsible. As we moved into the month, I secured a gig for us. It was a massive music festival that offered us a considerably larger payment compared to our past gigs.

However, two days prior to the event, I returned home to find the guy had vanished. We were supposed to rehearse that evening but he never turned up. Upon reaching our practice venue, I was alarmed to find out that all our microphones and guitars had disappeared. He had pawned them and consumed the cash on a big bash. 

In a further tragic turn, he got into an altercation two days later, causing another man's neck to fracture. Following this incident, the authorities put him behind bars. Given that I had invested a fair amount in his clothing and his kids, I had run out of reserve funds. 

It quickly became clear that I wouldn't have the means to redeem my guitars from the pawnshop and that he wasn't going to be in any position to repay me due to his unfortunate circumstances. Ultimately, I lost not only the guitars and microphones but also the band itself.

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23. Too Close For Comfort

One time, I had a friend come to stay at my place while he was visiting the city. Back then, I was in a living arrangement with four others. In the morning, to my surprise, he woke up and began hunting through the cupboards, helping himself to my roommates' food. 

When I questioned him on why he thought it was okay to do that, pointing out that it wasn't even my food to give him, his justification was that he would desire any guests at his place to feel at home and freely eat what's in the cupboards.

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24. He Left A Trail Of Destruction

A friend of my roommate repeatedly tried to access my room, despite it being securely locked. This individual had a habit of consuming my food, damaging my kitchen tools, and even carelessly lighting a hookah which triggered a fire on the sofa. The smoke from this incident almost suffocated me due to my asthma. 

This same person was also responsible for breaking the washing machine, the bathroom sink, and the lanai door. Adding to the chaos, he then "misplaced" our apartment keys, leaving me unsure about our home's security. To add insult to injury, he started harassing me and even attempted to install cameras in my living space. 

Eventually, I managed to get the roommate evicted and the locks were promptly changed.

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25. Sauced Ceiling

My former brother-in-law casually settled himself down on my pristine, cream-colored couch, plate of BBQ ribs in hand. Without a second thought, he began to devour them. He wiped his messy hands on my sofa, dropped bits of meat all over it, and if you can even believe it, smeared BBQ sauce all the way up on my ceiling, right above where he was comfortably seated. 

To this day, I'm still not sure how he managed that miraculous feat.

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26. Snack Attack

One day, I was tasked with fetching my sister and her spouse from the airport. I escorted them to my place before whisking my little one, who's still in preschool, off to the doctor. I warmly encouraged them to feel comfortable and to treat my place like their own, reassuring them we'd return within a couple of hours.

To my astonishment, they managed to devour every single snack we had, which even included ten untouched boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. This amount was no small thing; it was a collection of treats that could've lasted us two whole months. 

When confronted, they chuckled and confessed, "We just couldn't resist, especially since we don't typically have junk food in our own house".

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27. He Left My Grandpa Plumb Exhausted

My grandpa made a habit of visiting our home each day for several months to escape from his challenging wife. While here, he took it upon himself to renovate our less-than-appealing bathroom. He was managing just fine until the pipes needed attention. 

Opting for safety and convenience, he decided it would be best if a professional handled this part of the renovation. Fortunately, my mom knew a man from next door who was happy to help, free of charge. But oh boy, we were in for an unexpected ride.

Our first moment of alarm came when the guy turned up a whole six hours behind schedule. It was already late in the day, but grandpa was just relieved to not have to deal with his ex-wife, so he didn't complain. However, this man had a frenzied demeanor about him and didn't finish up until four in the morning. Poor grandpa was dog-tired. 

We strongly suspected that something wasn't quite right with this man, maybe he was under the influence of something. When he finally departed, mom took the opportunity to speculate that she thought this unusual plumbing guy might be my distant uncle.

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28. She Was A Retch

At the age of 19, I found myself relocating to a different state alongside my girlfriend. We hadn't been dating for too long. A couple of months into our cohabitation, my girlfriend suggested that her college friend come live with us. 

The very first evening she spent at our place, an incident occurred while we were watching TV—out of nowhere, she threw up all over her corner of the couch. It was a mess.

Compounding matters, she frequently indulged in partying and was often tipsy. During the few periods she was sober, she would break down into fits of crying and screaming each night. Perhaps this was due to her depleted serotonin levels.

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29. She Was On A Feeding Frenzy

There was a time when we hosted a colleague of my mom's from her workplace. This was during his separation period from his wife. Overall, he wasn't a great person to be around. But what really drove us nuts was catching him and his new girlfriend giving harmful things to our pet dog. 

I once found them casually throwing chicken bones from KFC at our furry friend, a thing which is known to be hazardous for dogs.

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30. Holiday Showdown

Once upon a time, during a chilly December month, I decided to invite a dear friend over for an early Christmas dinner. It had been a while since we'd last spent time together, so I really went the extra mile. I spent two days meticulously planning a meal, filled with all her favorite dishes.

Sadly, she arrived 45 minutes late and hadn't even bothered to give me a heads up. Normally, I’d shrug it off but when it comes to food, turning up late is just not on. We eventually ate and, despite the late start, managed to have a good time.

However, out of the blue she asked, "Hey, is it okay if I give my cousin a ring?" Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I nodded, assuming the call would be short. But to my dismay, 40 minutes later, she was still engaged in conversation. 

She even had the audacity to get up, slip on her boots, and settle herself near the exit, all while maintaining her chatty phone call. My patience dwindled and frustration took over. I began noisily cleaning up the kitchen, hoping the clatter would prompt her to end her call. But it didn't deter her. 

She finally bid her cousin goodbye, and without offering any apology, simply said, "I need to head off now". At that point, I was beyond caring. I just wanted her out of my sight. We haven’t crossed paths since then.

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31. An Extremely Awkward Situation

In the early stages of my relationship, my girlfriend shared with me that she had to vacate her apartment. She assured me that she had another place waiting for her, but it wouldn't be ready for move-in for a week. Naturally, I welcomed her to stay with me during that "week". 

However, that week unexpectedly extended into two months, and she was living with me, rent-free. It was then that I stumbled upon a shocking revelation. I accidentally found her with another man. Immediately, I told her she had to vacate my place. Seeking shelter, she pleaded with the main tenant, explaining her predicament. 

He, in turn, consulted with me and, not wanting to leave her homeless, I suggested she could rent the spare bedroom. Yet, three weeks passed and she had still not paid her share, leading the main tenant to demand the pending rent from me.

At this point, though, I made it clear that it wasn't my responsibility and even offered to help remove her belongings from my house. Not long after this, she found a new place and I didn't hear from her again. 

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32. Their Stay Left Us Stymied

My cousin, in her mid-twenties and her boyfriend, in a similar age group, found themselves in a bind—they were homeless. With rental costs being too steep for them, I along with my wife, offered our place for them to crash for about a week. However, what was supposed to be a week's stay, stretched into two long months.

They conveniently took over our basement and unfortunately, cleanliness was not their strong suit. It looked as if a whirlwind had gone through it. Their dogs were allowed free reign, resulting in them soiling the place frequently. 

Additionally, they consistently cranked up the air conditioning to the point where it felt like the arctic and kept her Tesla car charger plugged in non-stop throughout the entire day. Ultimately, I was slapped with an exorbitant power bill of $400 and a separate cleaning bill of $400 to restore my carpet from its sorry state. 

The entire episode was a total nightmare.

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33. Impromptu Partiers

So here's what happened: my roommate called over a couple of buddies, who then decided to bring along a few more pals—without giving either of us a heads-up. And to top it all off, one of those extra buddies invited another person, rounding off the total. 

Before I left the house to deal with some chores, I amiably directed them to the munchies in the fridge and showed them where the chips and salsa were. I was out for barely half an hour but when I returned, I was shocked.

A fancy bottle of liquor I had just picked up was almost empty—it was clear they had helped themselves to it generously. As if that wasn't enough, it turned out that quite a few of them weren't even of drinking age and they had had so much they couldn't manage to get back home. 

Moreover, they had parked in my roommate's wife's allotted space, and she needed it because she was working that night. The next morning, they finally skulked out close to noon, leaving our place looking like a hurricane had swept through it, a total mess really.

Sadly, it didn't occur to any of them to lend a hand with the tidying up, or at least make it right by reimbursing us for guzzling down all that precious liquor at their unplanned shindig. We never invited them over again. And the one time one of them had the audacity to just swing by with yet another unasked-for guest, he was promptly shown the door.

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34. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

I had the night shift at work. My sibling was visiting and had nowhere else to crash, so even though I was not that enthusiastic, I let him bunk at my place because it was freezing outside. While I was gone, he invited a friend over, and they disposed countless empty one-shot bottles on my living room floor. 

Furthermore, he ransacked my closet and found two candles I'd stashed away as presents. Both candles were lit and left burning unsupervised. On top of that, he opened every window on one side of my ground-floor flat while simultaneously cranking up the heater. I had left him a guest towel, and another extra one in case he needed it. 

Since the bathroom floor tends to get slippery, I told him to use those to mop up any water spills. But he used MY towels instead. Rather than using one of the tissue boxes I keep in each room, he unwrapped a brand new roll of toilet paper for the same purpose.

Upon returning home, I was greeted by an open front door, burning candles, a full-blast heater, open windows, and ashes scattered across my strictly non-smoker apartment. If my landlord had seen the condition of my apartment, I could easily have been thrown out.

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35. She Was A Wrong Number

In my early days of living alone, the apartment just below mine was occupied by the elder sister of a close friend. She and her boyfriend were constantly at war, and their arguments could be easily heard through the floorboards. One eventful day, after a rather heated squabble, the boyfriend lost his cool and shattered their landline phone. 

In a desperate need to make a call, she rushed up to my place and requested to use my phone. I, of course, agreed and invited her to feel at ease. However, what she did next still left me astounded. Taking advantage of a moment when I wasn't looking, she unplugged my phone and lugged it down to her apartment. 

She held onto it for a good one and a half days. I could hear her chatter as I stood outside her closed door. But no matter how much I knocked, she just wouldn't open up.

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36. All Washed Up

Once upon a time, my roommate's boyfriend became our long-term houseguest. He overstayed his welcome by sticking around for half a year. He had a notorious habit of gobbling up all the cheese in our fridge and was also responsible for using our stash of dishwasher tablets. His excuse? 

He believed the dishwasher hadn't done its job properly, so it needed another round. As he was my roommate's significant other, she always defended him. She subverted all our efforts to give him a hint about his freeloading ways, preventing us from kicking him out.

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37. He Just Couldn’t Take A Hint

My sister was hanging out with her best buddy at our place. As the night began to stretch out, she offered him the opportunity to sleep over and head out early the next day. But this was more of a friendly gesture, not an invitation she expected him to accept. Oddly enough, he stayed on for three days despite my sister's gentle nudges for him to head home.

He seemed totally oblivious to any subtle signals that he had outstayed his welcome.

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38. He Was Running Me On Empty

One time, I had a buddy who found himself without a roof over his head after he missed his rent payment and was evicted. I was unaware of this when I suggested he crash at my place for a few days to get his act together. But, he started taking advantage of my kindness—leaving the air conditioning unit and all my lights on while I was away at work. 

To top that off, he guzzled down nearly $500 worth of my liquor collection. Additionally, he was highly neglectful of his personal hygiene, letting his hair mess the house up and shirking his laundry responsibilities by leaving his dirty clothes for me to wash instead. But the worst was still to come.

The breaking point happened when he helped himself to my food, despite me explicitly telling him to not touch it. I was fed up by then. I took my house key back from him, locked him out and asked him to fork out about $250 to cover his share for the two weeks he had been camping out at my place. 

Miraculously, he managed to come up with the cash to pay me back, which led me to hand over his belongings to him. This was far from the end, though. He then moved on to exploit the generosity of some of our other friends for a while, staying at their places in the subsequent weeks. 

This cycle binge continued until one of our pals mercifully bought him a ticket back to his hometown.

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39. He Was Nothing But A Heartache

My cousin decided to live with my grandparents and initially, everything was smooth. About a month into living with them, he began neglecting his chores, like doing laundry and tidying up his room. His daily routine typically involved working part-time and gaming late into the wee hours of the night. Then, things spiralled downward. 

He left his job for another, only to get fired from there too. He picked up a new gig as a food delivery driver afterwards. Conversely, he wasn't contributing towards any household expenses, despite having a job. Additionally, he'd regularly be out all day and night, leaving my grandparents constantly concerned about his whereabouts. 

The truth came out a few weeks later, as he confessed to my grandfather that he was spending his work hours idling in a parking lot near their condo, conveniently close enough to hook up to the WIFI from their place. My grandparents were left distressed, witnessing him dig himself into a quagmire. 

On top of that, he'd often reach out to my brother and I, asking if we could loan him a few hundred dollars, with promises to pay us back that we knew he couldn't keep. Thus, we steered clear of lending him money. After a few months, he connected with a girl online and it seemed like he was turning over a new leaf. He decided to move in with her.

He requested to take their guest room furniture to fill up their shared apartment. After getting what he wanted, he disappeared for some time and perhaps in a surprising move, he later showed up at my doorstep, revealing he had been living two and a half hours away. However, that arrangement didn’t last too long. 

Soon, he was back at my grandparents' place, right where he started. The most disheartening aspect was his disrespectful treatment towards my grandparents. He ended up selling the furniture they had offered him, never compensated them for their troubles, and failed to even express gratitude or remorse for the unnecessary stress he caused. 

Every time my cousin comes up in conversations, my grandfather can’t help but express his sorrow over the heartache caused by him.

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40. Tinder Trouble

My housemate approached me a month beforehand, asking if this girl he'd met online on Tinder, who was moving from a different city, could crash at our place for a few days. I said sure, why not? Then the week she was supposed to come, he asked if she could stay for a week. I hesitated, but finally agreed. Little did I know, I was signing up for a disaster-loaded experience.

On the arrival day, my housemate rings me during my work hours to ask if she could bring her dog along, adding that she was already on her way. I was adamant and said no, but he managed to guilt-trip me into agreeing by saying she'd be without a home otherwise. 

So, she ended up staying with us for a few days and that's when things started getting really scary. I began to notice that she was grossly neglecting her dog. The poor creature was seriously underweight, there was blood in its feces, and she would lock the dog in its crate for almost 20 hours a day. 

One day I returned from work to a disturbing sight—the dog had defecated and urinated on itself, clearly starving. The responsibility to look after this abused animal fell on me. One night, I lost my cool. I told my roommate that I couldn't care less about the girl's housing situation. She had to leave, or I would break my lease agreement. 

My roommate took it upon himself to hand her $100 and asked her to find a motel instead.

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41. She Was A Relative Nightmare

When I was a little over eight, we had a visit from one of my aunts. She was given my room to sleep in during her short visit. Just two days into her visit, she decided to "spruce up" my room for me. But, in reality, she transformed my room into her own space. 

Together, we went shopping for items to remodel my room, but she summarily dismissed my choices. Not wanting to make a fuss about it, I thought to myself—I can always revert the arrangement once she left.

A few days later, I returned home from school to find that my entire collection of stuffed animals had disappeared. To put things into perspective, I owned close to a hundred of them. When she nonchalantly told me that she had got rid of them, it broke me. 

In a fit of anger and overwhelming sadness, I yelled at her to leave my home. Eventually, my father asked his sister to find a hotel to stay for the remainder of her trip. That was the last time I saw her.

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42. This Situation Stunk

During my time renting a flat, I had a roommate who allowed his girlfriend to essentially move in with us for two months. Her daily routine included a two-hour soak in the bathtub, after which she wouldn't flush the toilet under the guise of "conserving water". 

In addition, she would make meals without bothering to clean up afterwards, and her cooking skills left much to be desired. To top it off, she had an adamant refusal to use hygiene products. After they ended their relationship, she had the gall to inquire about moving in with us permanently because she’d been evicted by her parents.

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43. He Dung Ditched Us

Once, a friend of mine visited and had to use the restroom. Unfortunately, he somehow managed to block the toilet. He freaked out. The mess he made was everywhere—literally! It was on the floor, the sink, the walls—absolutely everywhere. There seemed to be more waste out of the toilet than left in it. 

After exiting the restroom, he announced that he had to depart hastily. My mom tasked my dad with the clean-up job. She did not want to address that messy scenario.

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44. Rise And Shine

My aunt, who's my mom's sister, had this habit of dropping by super early in the day. She wasn't exactly known for her quietness. In fact, you'd find her in the basement, having loud conversations with my grandma. Even to say she was talking would be an understatement—she was more or less hollering all the time. 

So, if you found yourself trying to catch some Z's at 8 AM on a lazy Saturday, especially after pulling a night shift, her arrival would make sure you were up and about before you knew it.

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45. The Moonshine Did Him In

I once had a friend who claimed he was an Appalachian native and could handle his drinking habit just fine. Interestingly, I had another buddy from the same region who gifted me a jar of peach moonshine. Though I didn't sip it myself, I handed it over to the first pal in its original mason jar. 

Much to my surprise, not only did he puke the whole way from the porch, bizarrely bypassing the toilet in the hallway, but he also toppled every object that lay in his trajectory. Consequently, he passed out, leaving me the unfortunate job of tidying up the mess.

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46. I Couldn’t Sink My Teeth Into This One

My family member and his second spouse were residing at my home for about a month. She fell ill with the flu and needed to stay in bed most of the time. Nonetheless, she made an effort to join us all for supper every evening. Throughout these meals, she had an unusual habit of flossing her teeth right at the table—a nightly routine. 

It wasn't just the dispersing of her mouth residue that was bothersome, but also her ritual of blowing her nose in the living room and stacking her used tissues on my luxurious, leather sofa.

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47. Their Stay Went Viral

A bunch of our close pals stayed over at our place during a holiday while we were out of town. When we came back, we found our home sparkling clean, even cleaner than we'd left it. A couple of nights later, however, our tyke suddenly woke up and incessantly started throwing up. 

We rushed her to the emergency room where she finally began to stabilize after about five hours—just in time for us to welcome the New Year under harsh hospital lighting. Then, things took a weird turn. A few days later, I began experiencing symptoms such as severe pain, fever, and chills that made me think I'd gotten a kidney stone. 

Heading to the emergency room, I underwent tons of tests and received numerous IV fluid bags. They couldn't diagnose me just then and that's when my wife gave me a call, saying she felt unwell too. I had a hunch that it was all related somehow.

We spent a week in recovery and then finally resumed our daily lives. It was about a month later, when we were sharing this strange illness saga with a friend, that we realized what had actually occurred. Our friend remarked, "Didn't that happen at the same time our other friends were visiting your place? We didn't manage to meet them as they were down with the Norovirus that week".

This indeed clarified the frequent sheet changes and few damp patches we'd discovered on our bedroom's carpet. We would've appreciated a heads-up about the situation prior to us returning home.

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48. Gettin’ Busy Bodies

My partner and I recently experienced something extraordinary. One day, she invited a friend to stay over the weekend. To our surprise, her friend arrived with her boyfriend. Initially, it seemed like they were just joining us for a fun weekend, but they ended up extending their stay to two weeks.

In the first couple of days, they happened to have unusually long showers, with each one lasting close to an hour. It wasn't hard for us to guess what was happening during these "showers"—the ongoing sound of the water was clearly a cover-up for their intimate moments.

After it happened a few more times, we decided to confront them. Their behavior was resulting in an unusually high water bill due to the lengthy, simultaneous showers. We expressed our concerns and negotiated they can continue their behavior, but only if they could contribute to the extra water fees.

However, this didn't seem to have the impact we were hoping for—instead, they would just take any opportunity when we weren't around. Once while we prepared dinner for them, I happened to notice some strange movement in the living room through a small kitchen window. I couldn't believe it.

They were canoodling out in the open. My fiancée and I decided to just wait in the kitchen until they finished. Yet, even after coming out, they had the audacity to complain about the food being cold. During their last few days with us, things just escalated. 

We returned home one day after I picked up my fiancée from work, only to find them completely undressed and carrying on with their deeds on our couch, as if they were completely oblivious to our return. At this point, we had really had enough and had to ask them to leave.

The whole incident was so outrageous that my fiancée decided to end her friendship with them. Surely, hospitality should be greeted with respect.

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49. It Looked Like Something Out Of CSI

I ended up becoming the caretaker for my niece when her landlord forcibly evicted her. I offered her accommodation for a month, but the state she left the guest room in was truly horrific and unforgettable. It was so dirty that it seemed as if some catastrophic event had taken place there. 

I resorted to hiring professional cleaning services to handle the mess. The carpet was completely ruined as she irresponsibly discarded her rubbish straight onto it. Her dirty clothes and used menstrual products were scattered everywhere.

Furthermore, she left behind bowls of food that had decayed to the point of creating their own miniature ecosystems. To capture the gravity of the situation, I photographed the entire mess. So, when family members criticized me for asking her to leave, I simply shared these images with them to make my point clear.

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50. Sunday Dinner Disaster

My father had a cousin diagnosed with schizophrenia. This cousin would often join us for dinner on Fridays, Saturdays, and occasionally Sundays. On this particular occasion, my father cooked a delicious Kansas City style barbecue meal with ribs and baked beans. However, my cousin's digestive system couldn't handle the rich food—but the real issue came afterwards.

He excused himself to use the restroom and ended up becoming extremely ill, making a mess everywhere and not informing anyone. He casually rejoined my parents to continue watching the football game in my dad's personal den, leaving behind the disaster in the bathroom.

My sister went in after him, saw the scene, and told me about it. I was completely taken aback. We decided to head towards the den to inform my mom because my sister needed to use the restroom, and cleaning up that catastrophe wasn't on our list.

At first, my mom found it hard to believe us. Only when we finally persuaded her to venture into the house and see the aftermath for herself did she realize the gravity of the situation. She shrieked and called my dad, who then inherited the unfortunate duty of cleaning up the mess.

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