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WILD Secrets 😳

These folks took to the internet to confess the biggest secrets they've uncovered, or the darkest ones they've been keeping. From the side-splittingly funny to the deeply disturbing, these confessions are everything.

1. Don’t Ruin The Illusion

As I was setting up the email on my father-in-law's iPhone, an unexpected text popped up from a woman he works with. I decided to read the message—and my jaw DROPPED. I uncovered a history of texts that had been going on for almost a year. It turns out, they had been having secret meetings before and after work hours.

My mother-in-law heads out very early for her nursing duties, and so, this lady would drop by a bit later in the morning under the ruse of "driving him to work". My in-laws have been married for 34 years with a strong religious background. My wife and her siblings had such an idyllic childhood, and I fear that sharing this with anyone would shatter their family memories.

The ONLY reason I'm holding onto this secret is because I'm concerned about how my wife would handle the truth about her father's actions. I've contemplated confronting him privately, but I'm at a loss on how to even start that conversation.

Man looking at a smartphone with surprised face.Mikhail Nilov , Pexels

2. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

When I was just an 11-year-old, my chore was to handle the rubbish. While doing this, I noticed the matchbox next to our barbecue grill. As it was autumn, I decided to light a small bunch of dried leaves. I watched the fire dance for a few minutes and then extinguished it by stomping on it. Little did I know, this was a huge mistake.

I was only pushed the glowing embers toward our home. The next thing I realized, our house was engulfed in flames. The sight was truly horrifying. The fire brigade managed to douse the fire, and our home insurance took care of the damages. However, the authorities got suspicious about the cause of the fire. 

They believed an intruder might have jumped over the fence to set the leaves alight, intending to burn our house. This incident frightened my parents into thinking someone was targeting us, which prompted them to relocate. Sadly, they ended up losing their high-paying jobs and incurred a significant loss from the house sale. 

So, for the next seven long years, we lived under the shadow of fear and financial hardships. My parents are still oblivious that their decision to live in that manner resulted from my actions that autumn day.

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3. The Heart-Breaking Truth

My grandma often shared the tale of her dad, a gallant firefighter who had tragically passed of a heart attack at just 35. She spun the story with such detail, right down to the exact street corner where it happened. It always struck me as odd, because no one else in our family had battled heart disease, let alone succumbed to it at such a young age.

Later, as my grandma battled terminal cancer, she shared with me a heartfelt wish—she wanted to be laid to rest next to her father. Unfortunately, she didn't know where he was buried. Determined to fulfil her wish, I plunged myself into extensive research, only to stumble upon a heartbreaking revelation.

As it turned out, her father hadn't passed from a heart attack. He had actually abandoned my great-grandma, relocated to Los Angeles, remarried, and started a whole new family. He met his demise there, three decades after my grandma believed he had passed.

I chose never to share this painful truth with my grandma. She had last known her father as a loving parent, and then was left in an orphanage, so in essence, he did leave a scar on her life. Contemplation has led me to the thought of meeting his other family. 

But I somehow doubt they would appreciate discovering that their mom's marriage to him was technically invalid, as he never legally divorced my great-grandma.

Grandmother and niece seating beside each other, talking and smiling outside.Andrea Piacquadio , Pexels

4. Hot For Teacher

I earn a decent living penning adult fiction—but here's the thing: I frequently create a character in my narratives inspired by one of my university professors. Astonishingly, he stumbled upon one of my stories and noticed my writing style. I was floored when he passed it my way, providing helpful edits and advice. 

It was clear that he caught on that the character was modeled after him. He was aware that I was attracted to him. Eventually, we developed a close relationship. But remember, you didn't hear it from me!

Miserable JobsPexels


5. Mum’s The Word

A few years ago, before I became a mother to my own daughter, I kindly offered up my eggs to a dear friend. The outcome? A beautiful pair of twins. However, I've kept this decision a secret from my family. They won’t grasp the concept that these children are not mine, nor are they their grandkids or niece and nephew.

I feel if they discover the truth, it would cause an uproar. They might end up bothering my friend, demanding to interact with the kids. For these reasons, I'm holding off telling my loose-lipped brother until our parents are no longer with us.

Young woman is talking with a female doctor in hospital.MART PRODUCTION , Pexels

6. Serious Warning, Folks

One incident that stays embedded in my mind is when I unintentionally left my middle child (our second daughter) in the car on a warm day. My wife and our eldest daughter had gone ahead into the theater for our firstborn's dance recital. The car was parked roughly 100 feet away. 

Maybe because my wife and eldest daughter had already left, my brain unintentionally switched off "parent mode". The sudden recall and subsequent panic hit me like a wave ten minutes later while I was deep in conversation with someone. 

Without any explanation, I abruptly turned around and dashed towards the car. But somewhere deep inside me, I was calm, recognizing that it had only been 10 minutes, and she'd be okay. There she was, a bit sweaty but calmly exploring her surroundings with her eyes. Her face lit up in a smile as she spotted me. 

The memory of that incident is still vivid, often invading my sleep or lingering thoughts. The scary realization of what could've transpired and how effortlessly I overlooked her in the car is a thought that refuses to let go of me. I'm too apprehensive to share this daunting experience with my wife.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to double-check for your kids. No matter how sharp your memory is or how well you think you've got everything under control.

Small smiling kid in the car.John Alone , Pexels

7. Blood Is Not Thicker Than Money

About a year ago, I learned that when my father passed, his will declared me as the key beneficiary of his modest fortune. I was just 15 at that time. My parents had divorced and my mom decided to stash all his savings until I turned 18. However, there was a dark twist. I never saw a penny of that inheritance.

It turns out, my mom hid the money, telling the family that my dad left us almost nothing. With the money meant for my brother and me, she went ahead and bought our family home outright, treated herself to some fine jewelry, and went on a few vacations. I thought about getting legal help but chose to pretend unawareness instead.

If word got out about her actions, it would shatter our family once more. Today, I'm a struggling 23-year-old, trying to save up for a house, despite knowing there's roughly $450,000 that should be mine. My friend, who's married to a lawyer, studied my case and the evidence I provided.

He assured me that if I took this to court, it would be a no-brainer and it'd be resolved within months. I won't do that to my brother or my family. Though, I do have a plan. At 30, when I'm ready to start my own family, I'll confront her with the truth and ask her to discreetly work out a repayment plan for my rightful inheritance.

Presently, she believes she's pulled the wool over my eyes, even lying about mortgage payments. I don't resent her for it, rather, I pity her. It's sad to think about what must be going on inside someone who could do this to their own children. I hope, for her sake, the guilt doesn't keep her up at night.

Life-Ruining SecretsPexels

8. Time To Face The Music

In my freshman year of high school, we hosted a music competition. I believe it was an effort to keep students from dropping music as a subject when they had the opportunity to select their own courses. I participated in the composition category, planning to create my own song. 

I was really into techno music then and was learning to use music sequencing software in the tracker style. However, I kept putting off the work and couldn't conjure up anything significant. Eventually, I had to submit one of the sample tracks that came with the software. 

On the night of the contest, I found out that the only other competitors were a couple of special-needs students who repeated the same two chords throughout their piece. I was too frightened to withdraw and admit to my dishonesty.

Unsurprisingly, I won the category. However, the victory brought me more guilt than joy. To add salt to the wound, my music teacher played my entire song in class and passionately encouraged me to choose music as one of my exam subjects.

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9. This Guy Deserves A Medal For This

One secret I'll never share with my wife is that she accidentally ended a cat's life. She adores cats, so this fact would shatter her. One time, she picked me up from a buddy's place. As we were cruising through town, a cat darted out in front of us. We heard a chilling thud as it hit our car. 

My wife cried out in horror, and a glance in the rearview mirror showed the cat staggering away. She was traumatized, convinced she'd taken a life. I was quick to reassure her, claiming the cat had just been surprised and had probably scampered off to safety. 

My wife was heading out to meet friends, leaving me with the car. She requested that I go check if the cat was alright. I promised her I would. Scanning the driveways later from a distance, my heart sank. I saw the lifeless cat. Part of me wanted to rush home and assure her the cat was alright. But curiosity got the best of me.

I told the owner about the cat. Bashfully, I asked if I could verify if it was still alive. He seemed bemused but let me onto his property even though he was out of town. After this, I had no choice but to check for sure. As I came across her small body, I realized I was in a pickle. 

I could lie to my wife about what happened, but I hadn't considered the owner. If he found the body, he'd know I had left it there. So, I was faced with an uncomfortable question: Should I leave the cat or remove it. And if I chose the latter, how was I going to dispose of it? 

I bought some trash bags and gloves from a nearby store and reluctantly proceeded to transport the poor feline. Cheerful pedestrians passed by, having no idea about the sad cargo I carried. The idea of carrying the bagged cat into my car seemed unbearable.

Luckily, a Google search pointed me to a vet nearby. They agreed to handle pet disposal. I walked the weighty bag in. The receptionist, recognizing my voice, looked a bit spooked. She directed me to leave the bag by the back door and handed me a receipt for 50 quid.

As I returned to my car, I sat in silent introspection for about 30 minutes, processing what had just happened.

Finally, I sent my wife a text saying, “I couldn’t find the cat. She must be fine and ran off somewhere. See you at home xxx”. What had transpired would forever remain a secret between me and that lifeless cat.

Man seating in the car and texting on the phone.Tim Samuel , Pexels


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10. Note To Self: Always Have Two Bathrooms

The time she and I first spent the night together, I remember asking her to leave the next morning. She was taken aback and confronted me about it later. She's oblivious to the real reasons behind my strange behavior, and I decided to keep it from her.

You see, at that time, I only had one bathroom in my apartment. That fateful morning, while she was occupying the bathroom, nature called urgently. My body doesn't wait, and I wound up resorting to a tiny trash can on my private back patio.

Thankfully, the tall fence provided some privacy, but it didn't save the day. I found myself in a messy situation that required immediate cleanup, both outside and for myself. Ironically, as soon as she exited the bathroom clueless about the chaos I had been through, she was making plans for breakfast while I was busy hiding my soiled condition. 

Once she left, I promptly disposed of my clothes and the trash can in the dumpster and rushed for a much-needed shower. She still doesn't know that this was the reason why I've always insisted on having an apartment with two bathrooms. 

We've moved around four apartments together so far, and I made sure each one of them had that vital second bathroom. This experience was a lesson I couldn't risk repeating.

Photo of woman behind white wooden door looking to camera.Adrienn , Pexels


11. Small Slip, Big Consequences

I've never shared this with anyone, not even my therapist. It's my deepest regret. This incident took place over five years ago, but the fact that I was even capable of such a thing still haunts me. My girlfriend at the time had mentioned potentially breaking up with me after being together for five years. 

She brushed it off the next day, insisted it was just a bad mood, and told me to forget about our conversation while expressing her love for me. We made up, and during that intimacy, a terrible thought crossed my mind—"If she becomes pregnant, she won't leave". Immediately, I realized the horrific mistake I'd made.

To rectify this, I sneaked a morning-after pill into her coffee the next day. At the time, I didn't feel completely awful about it because she had firmly stated that she didn’t want a child until after law school. But life had a surprise in store. She got pregnant despite the pill. We were living a nightmare.

She decided to terminate the pregnancy. I was there with her every step of the way, providing financial and emotional support. A few years later, we broke up for reasons unrelated to the forced pregnancy. Every time I think back on my actions and their results, I feel terrible. 

I try to excuse myself by saying I was young and naive. However, considering my college degree and awareness that my actions were wrong, that excuse falls flat. I fully acknowledge that my actions were heinous and I have to carry that guilt every day. 

Even though she was emotionally, verbally, and occasionally physically terrible towards me, she did not deserve to experience such trauma. If I could rewind time and undo my actions, I would, without a second thought.

It’s Over For UsPexels

12. Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Here's a secret I've never shared with my husband—I asked the nurse to exclude his mom from my hospital room while I was in labor. My relationship with my mother-in-law isn't the best, and she showed up unannounced, packed for an overnight stay. 

She even declared that she'd be spending the night in my room with me, even though I had already been laboring for about 20 hours. The nurse noticed my discomfort when everyone had left the room for a moment. She offered to handle the situation for me, and I gratefully accepted. 

She fabricated a piece of hospital policy, insisting that after 10 pm, no visitors were allowed in the room so that I could relax without interruption. It worked marvelously. My mother-in-law ended up spending her night in the hospital lobby. I owe that brilliant nurse a debt of gratitude! She even kept the whole incident a secret from my husband.

Woman in black suit waiting on the hospital hallway.RDNE Stock project , Pexels

13. By The Seat Of Their Pants

Once, when I was working as a paramedic, we were en route to attend to a patient complaining of chest pains. Suddenly, I felt an urgent need to pass gas, and it seemed impossible to hold it back. And then, the most unfortunate thing happened—my flatulence stained my white trousers. 

Given that we were in the middle of a call, there wasn't much I could do about it. Throughout the entire incident, I was mindful of keeping my backside hidden from everyone, my coworkers, the patient, his wife and son, and even the hospital staff later. A makeshift solution was to tie my jacket around my waist, which certainly wasn't the height of fashion. 

Despite the awkwardness, this plan worked out fine. But gosh, it sure was a challenging and embarrassing situation.

Haunting Last WordsPexels

14. You Do You

I recently stepped away from my standard desk job to leap into the exciting world of exotic dancing—a decision that's had some unexpected benefits. The only person in the know about my new career path is my husband, but the perks rippled out to my entire family.

My new job has allowed me to spend more quality time with my loved ones. We're now financially secure, I'm the fittest I've been, and managing budgets or fretting over bills doesn't consume my thoughts anymore. Household necessities? No problem—they're added to our monthly or weekly lists, depending on urgency.

If my husband wants to pick up a new hobby, I'm able to give him the space he needs. If our little one falls ill, I can afford the needed medicine without a second thought. Our family no longer worries about money problems, and that, without a doubt, is life-changing.

Remembering my own childhood, I used to worry—about where our next meal would come from, whether our lights would stay on, if we'd have heating, even about basic things like having tampons. Being able to comfortably provide for my family now brings me immense happiness.

Life-Ruining SecretsShutterstock

15. None Of Your Business 

When I was just ten years old, a girl at my school always went around saying that her dad was off on some long business trip. But then I watched a news bit about him one night on a local channel. Turns out, he was behind bars for embezzling money and didn't get released until we were both 20.

My mom ensured I knew it was crucial to stay silent about this. She told me not to share it with anyone in our school or among our friends, as it could make life absolutely awful for that poor girl. Regardless, the truth surfaced when we were in middle school, and it was as terrible for her as we'd predicted. 

But I feel a bit relieved knowing that I helped postpone her agony a few years.

Young girl is seating in school bench looking at side.Pixabay , Pexels

16. Well, He Tried

There's a secret I'm keeping from my wife: I never actually paid for her engagement ring. I went to a bespoke jeweler to create her ring. It's gorgeous, my wife treasures it, and it's worth quite a bit—around $10k, if we're talking insurance and appraisal.

The jeweler was quite distracted at the time—with a host of family troubles—and was noticeably disorganized. I went to collect the ring ready to pay, checkbook in hand. When she handed over the ring, I asked who I should address the check to. “No need to worry about that right now; just send me a check later,” she said distractedly.

I found it odd but didn't question it. She then rushed off to attend another client. It wasn't until later I realized she hadn't told me the exact amount. For the following six months, I repeatedly reached out—texting and calling—to ask for the final price, only to receive replies like "Oh, I'm out right now, I'll check when I'm back".

Given that her shop was a significant drive from my home, popping over to sort this out in person wasn't really an option. After half a year trying to square this up, I stopped pursuing it and accepted that I had inadvertently gotten the ring for free. 

I've kept this secret from my wife, not wanting her to believe that I manipulated the situation or that the ring has any less significance because it wasn’t purchased.

Man looking for wedding ring in jewelry store.Daniel Jedzura , Shutterstock


17. Road Trip Gone Wrong

Back in my twenties, I spent a carefree summer touring the country in an RV. Each new town was an adventure, filled with delicious local cuisine and fascinating shops to explore. A dream life, wouldn't you say? It was a blissful summer, marred only by an unwise choice I made in one particular town.

For reasons unbeknownst to even me, I got the crazy idea to lift an expensive item from one of these shops. Predictably, I was caught, cuffed, and stuffed into the back of a patrol car. En route to the station, a pressing emergency diverted my arresting officer and he left me alone in the car while attending to it.

A cheeky curiosity made me test the door handle and to my surprise, it wasn't locked. Sensing an opportunity, I bolted from the car, jogging a few blocks back to my RV. Struggling with my cuffs, I managed to free one hand and hurriedly started my RV, hastily driving out of the town. 

Given the rush of the situation, they never got a chance to ask for my identification and fortunately, my personal belongings were all safely stashed in my RV. The stolen item was subsequently retrieved but, with no leads on my identity, I never heard anything about it again.

Life-Ruining SecretsPexels

18. No Regrets

Previously, I worked at a call center for our nation's tax agency mainly answering benefit-related queries. The government offers regular aid to residents earning below a certain amount, benefiting a large section of the people here.

A common query we received at the center was related to missing anticipated payments, typically a couple hundred dollars. One day, I received a call from a woman distressed about her missing payment. You can usually distinguish between genuine callers and those trying to con you over time. 

This woman, who was trying her best to mask her disappointment over the missing funds, really struck a chord with me. She intended to use the amount for her daughter's birthday gift the following day. Now, without any other financial means, she was at a loss. It turned out she lived only about a 10-minute drive from me.

Our database, containing extensive information on every taxpayer in the nation, is closely monitored. Access to this data is strictly on a need-to-know basis. A minor slip-up could lead to immediate dismissal, charges depending on the severity of the breach, and carrying any data outside the office is strictly forbidden.

Regardless of the risks, I felt compelled to help this woman out after learning about her predicament. She was a single mother, devastated that she couldn't buy a birthday gift for her young daughter. Despite my efforts, there wasn't anything I could do about her missing payment. 

Feeling the need to intervene based on our close proximity, I memorized her address. After work, I stopped by her residence. Upon answering the door, I shared a story that I had found a $100 bill on her lawn, handing it over to her. Overwhelmed with joy, she gratefully accepted the cash amidst happy tears, expressing her gratitude for the coincidental timing.

I concluded our interaction with a casual note about how mysterious the universe can be. Was it technically misuse of our nation's taxpayer database? Yes. But do I regret it? Absolutely not.

Happy woman holding a hundred dollar bill.Ljupco Smokovski , Shutterstock

19.  That Escalated Quickly

A good buddy of mine was prone to goofing off by cracking into vending machines to swipe drinks and loose change back in the mid-80s. On one such occasion, he targeted a vending machine at a Jewish school (I'll keep the location a secret) which unintentionally resulted in the machine sparking a fire. 

It was on a weekend so no one was there, but the flames spread and ended up destroying almost half of the school. This led to the school shutting down for over a year, likely incurring massive financial losses. The media covered this "hateful attack" extensively for weeks, causing us to panic. 

We feared that the truth would come out: that we were there and my buddy was to blame. But thank goodness for the lack of surveillance technology in the mid-80s! This incident made headlines on TV and in newspapers. Everyone just assumed it was the work of an anti-Semitic group targeting the school.

But in reality, it was just two clueless, poor kids wearing second-hand clothing and riding old bikes, trying to score a free soda.

Boy in green zip sweatshirt and cap reaches for won prize.MediaRec , Shutterstock

20. The Wet Bandit

During a school field trip, I accidentally caused a major flood in our hotel. The trouble began when I turned on all the taps in the men's bathroom and they didn't seem to work. Little did I know, the hotel had a 10-minute water shutoff during that time. I made the mistake of leaving the taps on, even when I noticed the water wasn't running. 

As luck would have it, a few taps were plugged, which I failed to see at the moment. The consequences were disastrous. The resulting flood caused severe water damage on two floors, including the girls' dorm. The repairs wouldn't come cheap. 

(Ever wonder why public facilities now use push taps instead of manual ones? This incident might explain why!) Only one classmate knew that I was the last one in that bathroom, but he kept my secret as the teacher questioned everyone. I stayed silent, too. 

There was no way I wanted my family to be hit with a hefty fine, and I certainly didn't want to be a laughing stock. It's been 15 years, and I haven't confessed to anyone about what really happened that day.

Photo of boy in the bathroom wearing medical mask.freepik , Freepik

21. Hate The Game, Not The Player, Right?

I've managed to craft an impression that I'm totally invested in the project I was assigned, spending full-time on it, when in reality, it only takes up half of my actual working hours. It was a challenge, but I succeeded in arranging things in a manner that allows me to do whatever I please, barring my office work. 

When I work from home, my time typically goes into playing video games. Whenever asked about my work progress, I pretend to be overwhelmed with tasks, schedules, and deadlines. A subsequent byproduct of this behavior is that I've become increasingly skillful at feigning, to the point where I can manipulate people into believing almost anything. 

This racket has been my life for the past two years. If my colleagues or supervisor were to realize that I'm remunerated for a full-time job while only putting in 20 hours a week, I'd face immediate termination. Besides, I live in a small town, getting discovered would totally wreck my credibility and hinder any future job prospects. 

And, while I'm confessing all this, it's pertinent to express that I don't harbor any guilt for my actions.

Dumb, And Sometimes Dumber, BossesShutterstock

22. The Sweet Smell Of Revenge

When I was about ten, my dog took a shortcut through an old lady's yard while we were walking home. This old lady lived at the end of our street, and she wasn't pleasant at all. She was outside, busy caring for her rather fancy-looking rosebushes, when she pulled a ruthless move.

Out of nowhere, she sprayed my dog with what I suspected was either insecticide or fertilizer. Now, my dog was a super-friendly golden retriever who didn't pose any threat to her or her roses. He didn't even approach her. I was stunned when she just sprayed him with whatever she was using on her flowers. 

In a panic, I quickly rushed my dog home and washed him off with the hose. He had a coughing fit, but seemed fine afterwards. I chose not to tell my parents about it because I was worried I'd be in trouble for allowing my dog to roam in her yard. However, I'm glad I didn't tell them, because I came up with a plan for payback.

After everyone had gone to bed, I snuck out through the downstairs half-bathroom window and quietly made my way to the mean old lady's yard. Once there, I took down every single rose bush I could get my hands on.

Stupid hurtPexels


23. Lucky Break

Around 34 years ago, I found myself in a tight spot for swiping computers from my workplace—totalling up to an astonishing $25,000. Consequently, I faced the charge of grand theft and ended up confessing my guilt. Interestingly, in their records, the authorities got my name and birthday all wrong. 

I was able to escape sharing my driver's license or social security number because I kept repeating, “I can't recall” throughout my three-month term. And till this day, a wave of anxiety washes over me every few years when I decide to exercise background checks on my actual name. 

Finally, after many heart-throbbing moments, I continue to find my name absent from those records.

Banned Books FactsShutterstock

24. The Truth Is Out There

When I was a teen, I struggled with an awful habit of compulsive lying. These "tales" dictated my entire life and successfully sabotaged most of my relationships before they even started. On top of that, my lying further damaged my mental health as I suppressed my emotions for many years. 

Fortunately, I've been getting therapy and medication lately—but I won't lie, my journey towards recovery has its dark moments.  A crucial part of my healing journey involved coming clean about the lies I've told to those I've deceived. Predictably, some no longer speak to me, which I fully get.

Being honest was a bittersweet experience—both liberating and painful. If you're wrestling with a similar problem, I urge you to reach out and communicate with someone. Admittedly, I sometimes still feel tempted to tell a lie, but now, after I give in to that urge, I immediately put my guilt out in the open and correct myself.

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25. Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

Two of my former roommates thought it would be a laugh to make a mess of my room while I was enjoying my holiday in Vegas. When I returned, I made a nasty discovery. I found pizza smeared on the walls, dirty sheets, wet toilet paper clinging to the ceiling, and an unfortunately full en-suite toilet that hadn't been flushed. 

To say the least, this was far from the welcome home I was hoping for. I'm typically a placid, peace-loving guy, so I just chuckled it off on the outside. But inwardly, I started preparing a response to this. My plan? Hit them where they least expected it. 

So, when they were out one night, I stealthily added a special "ingredient" to their orange juice. The next morning during breakfast, I took secret delight in watching them unsuspectingly enjoy their "enhanced" juice. To this day, my little act of revenge remains a secret.

Life-Ruining SecretsPexels

26. A Magical Moment Regardless

Here's the story I've never told to my sweetheart: I had caught on to your plan of proposing. An unattended email with a picture of a glittering ring sent to a friend was the giveaway; I had stumbled upon it on our computer. Of course, I played cool, exited the email and resumed my day as if nothing happened.

The grand proposal setting was none other than our adventurous trip to Hawaii. One specific day, you suggested I get all dolled up, so I slipped into a charming white summer dress. Your tranquil gaze on me is etched in my memory. Our ride routed to the beach, the one suggested by your friend. 

The moment we arrived, you realized it was crowded, not a secluded spot as you'd hoped. In the face of utter chaos, sheer disappointment washed over you. Sensing your unease, I gently suggested we should continue our drive. After all, I had some inkling of what you'd planned. 

We ended up having a cozy dinner at a quaint local spot, after which we discovered a hidden gem of a beach. Amidst the silent whispers of the sea, you popped the question and made it flawlessly special. However, I have decided to forever guard this secret, so as to preserve the enchantment of that day.

Man proposing to a woman on the beach.Marcus Silva , Pexels

27. Frosted Whats?

About 14 years ago, while the tech team adjusted my office computer, the IT guy needed to step out for a second. With an unsupervised PC and administrative rights at my fingertips, I couldn't resist a harmless prank. There was a frequently-used company template that more than 200 employees used over 100,000 times annually. 

Into this template, I subtly inserted the phrase "Frosted Butts" in a tiny font. To be honest, I still don't know why I did it—I just did. Around a year ago, I caught up with an old colleague who's still working there. Turns out, even though I've long since left the company, that template is still in active use, millions of times over the past 14 years. 

And every single one still bears my quirky little addition.

Man seating on the desk by his PC making a thumbs up.freepik ,Freepik

28. Secretly Clumsy

While rushing around with a laundry basket propped partially on my hip, I accidentally knocked our TV off its shelf. It went tumbling down, landing ridiculously upside down on a pair of shoes. Surprisingly, the shoes seemed to have softened its fall as the TV surprisingly still works just fine.

My husband has reminded me countless times to slow down and avoid knocking things over, since I tend to do that a lot. But I'll never admit to him that the TV took a five-foot tumble and that it was entirely my mistake. Similarly, I somehow managed to dislodge a leg from my mother-in-law's precious Queen Anne-style vanity/dressing table. 

However, it has seven other legs and I quickly fixed it back stealthily. No one will ever come to know about this.

Woman holding a laundry basket with her hands.Karolina Grabowska , Pexels

29. Catch Me If You Can

So, after doing a semester at a local college, I ended up bagging an unpaid summer internship at a place where even the most basic jobs require at least two university degrees. I landed this six-week gig thanks to a buddy of mine. I was over the moon, no idea what lay ahead.

Fast forward 30 years, and I'm still with the same company. I've climbed the ladder, handling more and more complex roles with greater responsibilities. Now, I'm the boss of people—all of them with a ton of degrees and loaded with expertise in complicated areas where any slip-ups can lead to serious personal, professional, and even company-wide repercussions.

I've been honored with numerous regional and national awards for my work, and I'm often roped in to mentor young employees who have more qualifications to their names than my own doctor. However, there's a secret none of them knows. I never finished high school. Not a soul has ever enquired about my educational background.

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30. Blame COVID

During the chaos of the pandemic, my husband and I were separated for two years. I was also waiting for my Green Card, which meant I wasn't allowed to visit him. He could only manage to visit me once in this long span of time. When he did, I couldn't help but notice a dating app on his phone, making me curious enough to look through it.

I saw messages betweem him and some woman; they seemed to indicate that they had met and become intimately involved. From the looks of it, it seemed to be a one-time thing as there wasn't much conversation after that. I've never brought it up with him, and I'm not sure I want to.

Now that I'm in the US, he's been nothing but attentive and caring. From what I can see, there are no dating apps on his devices anymore. However, if I revealed my knowledge to him or anyone else—friends or family, I think they'd insist that I leave him. If I chose not to, in their eyes, I'd be a fool. 

Now, we have a newborn son and I wouldn't want to upset our lives over a perhaps meaningless incident.

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31. Putting In The Work

I've kept it under wraps, but I've struggled with drinking in the past. My journey led me through detox, rehab, and a follow-up program. Then I transitioned to a halfway house before settling into my own apartment in a different state, which helped. 

At 31, this is quite a struggle to be honest. I yearn for honesty and transparency, but discussions often get awkward when I reveal my past. What's really difficult is the fear that people will judge me or avoid conversation if they knew. This fear just makes lying seem like the easier route. 

Plus, I've managed with deception for now, so why change what seems to work, right? Regardless, I realize how this deceit doesn't only apply a constant pressure on me but can also possibly backfire later. It feels like I'm caught between a rock and a hard place.

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32. Just What The Doctor Ordered

After enduring weeks of intense pain and bleeding, I discovered at the doctor's office that my ex had given me chlamydia. I had tested negative before we started dating, hadn't been with anyone else, so I was certain it was him. Moreover, I found out that several people he'd been with before me had also contracted the STD. 

Despite the evidence, he continued to blame me, saying cruel things, and ultimately our relationship ended. I felt the relationship was almost finished anyway, so it wasn't the breakup that upset me. It was more of the hurtful things he'd said towards the end. Moving on, I obtained antibiotics for us both. 

My best friend warned me about these pills, having taken them previously. She told me they'd give me a severe stomachache followed by extreme diarrhea. True to her word, the side effects were quite severe. I decided to start my course of antibiotics when I had some days off work, enabling me to stay home as I had constant trips to the bathroom. 

Feeling a bit mischievous, I came up with a revenge plan. When I passed the antibiotics to my ex, I recommended he take them before work. I claimed they made me incredibly energetic, keeping me up all night. In reality, I sincerely hope he had a surprise visit to the bathroom at his workplace.

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33. WonderBread

I tweaked the university's website and swapped out the welcome image from a mixed cultural and religious group snapshot to a single loaf of white bread.

The school authorities were trying to paint a picture of a more ethnically diverse environment through a social media campaign, which struck me as not quite genuine. To me, it felt more like false advertising, considering that our student population was around 96% white and Christian.

The school brass was livid, especially when they realized they couldn't adjust the code due to my interference. The complete site had to be dismantled and updated. The whole school was in an uproar, searching for the sneaky culprits who had embarrassed us all. They never pointed fingers at me.

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34. Shut Up And Drive

I've never actually passed a driver's license test. I remember when I took my road test, I ended up failing. Later, I visited the DMV to renew my learner's permit. But when I walked out and looked at what they'd given me, I couldn't believe my eyes. I realized it wasn't my permit at all. They'd mistakenly given me a real license.

Excited, I rushed to the car to tell my Mom. She just told me to climb in the car and away we went. Believe it or not, this was 30 years ago.

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35. Knowledge Is Power

I have this potent spreadsheet that's a complete secret. It's got Social Security numbers and current pay rates for everyone here, including the boss. Someone from HR accidentally sent it to me.

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36. Write Or Wrong?

I discovered my love for writing as I aspired to be an author. Surprisingly enough, I've earned more from crafting customized adult romance stories within a span of a year than what top-tier engineers make.

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37. Thelma And Louise

Back when we were just 13, my friend and I did something pretty wild—we "borrowed" a car. We took it on a joyride, going about 300 miles before we decided to ditch it. After that, we hitchhiked all the way back and no one had a clue. It was quite the adventure, all taking place in the lively 70s.

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38. Joyriding

When I was 14 or 15 and attending high school, we lived in a small rural town in the UK. Just kids up to mischief, my friends and I often used to "borrow" this little Rover Metro late at night. Surprisingly, the car was always left unlocked with the keys inside.

Our adventures would typically begin after 11 pm. We'd drive around all night, the car's windows clouded with smoke as we explored our surroundings. Before dawn, we'd refill the fuel tank and return the car exactly where we found it.

However, our secret escapade couldn't remain hidden for long. When another friend discovered our little stolen joyrides, he began taking the car out as well. Unfortunately, he wasn't as careful, ended up damaging the clutch and gearbox, and eventually abandoned the car about ten miles away. 

I'm still disappointed about the fate of that fantastic little vehicle, and I feel sorry for the elderly owner who unsuspectingly lost such a treasure.

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39. Extreme Couponer

During college, I worked for a renowned crafting and fabric store. It was pretty cool. I've been described as an "old soul," so I bonded great with the senior ladies who shopped there. We enjoyed discussing their projects and they were always eager to share their experiences with someone genuinely interested.

Now, the store had a trend of marking their items at high prices only to "cut them down" to what seemed like a sale price but was really their true value. It was just a way to make customers feel good about spending huge sums. Even though the store always had a 'sale' going on and offered coupons through their app, several tricky conditions rendered those discounts quite useless.

I worked the cash register, and here's where the fun begins. Since all the coupons had identical barcodes and were reusable, whenever a sweet old lady would be shelling out over $100 for art and craft materials, I'd miraculously "find" a coupon and apply it to her purchase, granting her the promised "sale" price.

I extended this gesture to most other items too. The catch with the 40% off coupon is it wasn't valid on sale items...and ironically, the whole store was always on a 'sale'. Customers, ready to tap into these discounts would be stunned to find their coupon didn't work since the item was "on discount". 

I managed to override this by manually entering the product key to adjust the price. I estimate my stint in the store (summer and fall, around 4-5 months) saved customers a sizeable amount of money. Could it be considered unethical? Possibly. Risky in terms of losing my job? Definitely.

But the joy and gratitude in the customers' eyes were unforgettable plus it facilitated their creativity which I believed shouldn't be stifled. One more thing: the rule was to discard all those faux silk flowers that fell off their wire stems. They were in perfect condition, just unsellable I suppose. 

So instead of trashing them, I pocketed and repurposed them for scrapbooking or trendy hair pins. Waste not, want not!

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40. This Smells Fishy

I first met my best friend back in the 7th grade, during the 2006/2007 school year. As we lived in close-knit neighborhoods, we often spent our afternoons together, splitting our time evenly between our houses. A particularly memorable tradition started when his mom discovered that I loved salmon (or at least, I initially said so due to early nerves!).

Ever since, she's prepared a delicious salmon meal every time I visit, and in their family, the crispy salmon skin was a highly contested delicacy. Between the years of 2006 and 2017, I ate so much salmon and crispy skin that it could satisfy a lifetime's worth of cravings. The problem? 

Truth be told, I didn't like salmon at all, especially the crispy skin that left a distinctive fishy taste in my mouth. In fact, today, the smell alone when my husband cooks it causes discomfort. Still, I hide my distaste every time I am in my friend's house and his sweetheart of a mom offers me my "favorite" meal. 

I muster a smile and compliment her cooking, keeping my true feelings concealed. After all these years, it's too late to reveal my little white lie, isn't it? The story continues as I am now a teacher in the same town I grew up in. Just recently, in December 2022, I had dinner with them after school. 

My best friend's mom, having had challenging times taking care of her dementia-stricken elderly father and managing her four lively grandkids, still took time out of her busy schedule to make my "favorite" meal. It's a secret I’ll continue to uphold, for her kindness is invaluable.

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41. Close Enough

You might find it hard to believe, but my father-in-law isn't truly who he claims to be. The truth, it turns out, is that he's actually presenting himself as his brother. I know it sounds bizarre, but yes, he's his brother—at least on paper, he is.

His brother unfortunately passed fairly young, and his dad couldn't be bothered to go through the tedious process of obtaining another birth certificate. It was a different time back then, and they lived a long way from any government office for paperwork. They decided the simplest solution was to just use his brother's identification.

So in the eyes of the law, he's known by name A, but in our household, we affectionately refer to him as B.

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42. This Is Adorable

I'll always keep this one secret from my girlfriend. The moment when I knew I was in love with her was after a shower. I guess she hadn't heard me, because as I came out, she lay in bed on her side, eyes closed, and... had her finger in her nose.

I didn't want to make her feel awkward so I backed up and from afar asked her where my fresh clothes were as I walked back into the room, as if I had just arrived. She seemed a bit shocked but carried on laying down with her eyes shut.

I acted like I didn't see anything, but I couldn't help the grin creeping up on my face. It was such a simple, natural moment. I can't quite explain it, but this instance made me realize that I adored everything about her. Despite the silliness of this moment, it had a certain kind of charm to it that I hold dear.

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43. The Girlfriends Must Never Know

I once had a secret Instagram account where I recorded pouring hot sauce over my breakfast, accompanied by quirky sound effects. The fun twist? Instead of just splashing normal amounts like most food enthusiasts on Instagram, I'd over-saturate my sunny-side-up eggs with hot sauce, complete with exaggerated noises.

I’d amuse myself creating these hilarious spicy breakfast scenes, with all my reactions recorded in real. It was a private account and only close pals were granted access (not that I had a wider audience clamoring for it anyway). It turned out to be pretty popular with my friends; it would often leave a few doubled over with laughter.

However, with the start of my serious relationship with my current girlfriend, I decided to wrap things up. I stopped posting, dropped all followers, and haven't talked much about it since. Occasionally, when both my girlfriend and friends are present, my friends may hint at the account. 

In turn, I subtly warn them that I can also spill the beans about them being avid followers and thoroughly enjoying the antics. It has turned into a light-hearted contest between my mates and me, skirting on the edge of explosive revelations.

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44. What A Lesson To Learn

My girlfriend came home with the most adorable corgi puppy. One evening, she was out, and I was engrossed in a TV show while the puppy was active around the room. I had taken a melatonin capsule to help me sleep and didn't pay attention to where I placed the bottle.

As time flew by, I glanced back at the puppy and saw the chewed-up melatonin bottle. Understanding what had happened, I felt a wave of panic. The bottle was empty—not a single pill left. The corgi just lay there on his stomach, gazing up at me. I quickly searched online to check if melatonin was harmful to dogs. 

The consensus seemed to be it should be fine, provided the entire bottle wasn’t consumed. Unfortunately, in this case, it almost was. In a moment of poor judgement, I decided not to tell her, praying that nothing terrible would happen. If he appeared ill when she returned, I resolved to confess and take immediate action. 

If he was alright, I’d act as if nothing happened. The pup seemed unusually tired the entire night. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to see my girlfriend comforting him, his droopy eyes darting towards me every so often. My heart dropped, hoping he would be fine. 

When I asked what was wrong, she innocently responded, "He's just restless," oblivious to the events that unfolded. She still doesn't know what happened, and thankfully, our precious corgi is healthy and thriving. I realize that what I did was highly irresponsible and one of my biggest blunders.

I adore our dog and promised myself to never again be negligent or hesitant in ensuring his safety.

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45. Take The Money And Run?

I work as a nurse in trauma surgery and I've stumbled upon a savvy trick that has boosted my salary significantly. Believe it or not, I'm earning nearly as much as some of the doctors! Interestingly, I've managed this feat simply by being strategic with my hours, not by working more.

Actually, no one else at my workplace, not even my boss, is aware of what I'm doing. That's because my boss only monitors the hours I've worked, not my earnings. Only the payroll team could possibly know exactly how much I'm pocketing.

Let me break it down, even though it's a bit complex. Firstly, rest assured I'm not doing anything wrong. Even though our hospital has an enormous workforce of 3,000, I'm a casual call worker. This allows me to choose shifts that traveling nurses don't want, which in turn gives me an opportunity to charge them between $100 and $200 per shift.

Why would these permanent-employed nurses pay me? Simple. These trauma shifts are extra lucrative for them as they earn twice as much, on top of bonuses and several differentials. And because I'm a casual call employee, I qualify for an extra 15% differential that other employees aren't privy to.

Throw in my master's degree (yes, even though my job duties align with a typical RN and not a nurse with advanced academia), and this alone gives me an extra boost. Then, this whole amount doubles when I work a trauma shift.

In 2022, I averaged roughly 25 work hours per week. In comparison, my peers, who are in identical roles and work a whopping 40 hours weekly, earn a mere quarter of what I do for four times the effort. If word gets out about my method, I fear full-time positions may no longer seem appealing. 

Worse, the administration may re-examine and adjust my payment scheme. So, my plan is to continue this under-the-radar strategy for as long as I can.

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46. Kids Are Cruel

I was a target of bullying in the past due to intense eczema on my face. The condition caused me to have no eyebrows and left my skin extremely flaky and red. This led to others labeling me as "Alligator Girl". Currently, I'm taking medication that has drastically improved my appearance—to the point where people can't even recognize me anymore. 

This major transformation, often referred to as a glow-up, has left me feeling a bit like an imposter. I've also noticed an experience of "pretty privilege". However, the unease of people discovering about my less-glamorous past haunts me.

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47. You Win Some, You Lose Some

In a month's time, I managed to grow $100 into $4000 on the stock market, only to lose almost all of it soon after. My family is not aware that I had been dabbling in trading, or that I ended up losing $4000. If they found out, they'd likely give me an earful, especially considering our financial situation, where every penny counts. 

I, however, have come to terms with the incident and now look at it as an amusing tale and a valuable lesson learned.

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48. Grand Theft Napkin

When I go to the cinema, I usually grab a bunch of napkins from the dispenser. I keep these in my car as "on the go napkins".

I'm half expecting them to catch on and come after me any day now.

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49. The Heart Wants What It Wants

In the midst of the COVID lockdown, I was so stir crazy, I actually ended up making a fan account on Twitter for none other than Selena Gomez. It was all decked out with a charming anime profile picture and all the works. All the folks I interacted with on there were under the impression that I was their sweetheart. 

What's hilarious is that in reality, I'm a big burly truck driver, who could pass for a lumberjack or an oil rig worker any day. You could say I've always placed a lot of importance on my macho image, so you can only imagine if this secret ever comes out...

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50. Putting In The (Self) Work

I'm not presently seeing a therapist. It's not that I don't consider therapy valuable or effective. In my 25 years, I've spent most of my time with various therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists examining my emotions and thoughts. But the issue lies with my parents; they only value self-knowledge when it emerges from a professional's office.

I've made more personal progress over the past two years, living 8,000 km (approximately 5,000 miles) away from them and self-reflecting, than I have with any healthcare professional they connected me with. Thus, I decided to trick them.

"My therapist advised me…" became my go-to phrase, despite not having a therapist, and that's when they started acknowledging my development. Ever since I started using this phrase, they've been full of compliments on my personal growth and improvement. 

It took pretending a therapist was feeding me insights, for them to finally grasp concepts I've been trying to convey for almost ten years. None of this is costing us a penny. However, they would probably lose their minds if they discovered my little charade.

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51. Snitches Get Stitches

In high school, I had a physics class with twin brothers who couldn't keep out of trouble. They were aggressive, rude, and showed no regard for others. Unfortunately, their problematic behavior followed them after leaving school, leading to several stints behind bars.

One of them even served a sentence for an attempted murder charge. They committed one act that hit close to home when they set fire to a spiritually significant grove near where I lived, burning its trees to the ground. I was sure they were responsible. 

One of them had snatched a roll of phosphorus tape from our school laboratory, which had captured their interest during a recent experiment. When the local authorities identified phosphorus as the fire's source, I put two and two together. I reported my suspicions to our headteacher. 

I shudder to think about the repercussions if they ever discovered that it was me who had outed them—even after a quarter of a century. Luckily, they’ll never find out. I spend most of my time residing in two different countries, so it's very unlikely they would ever find me. 

Plus, let's be honest—they're probably not clever enough to track me down. The authorities managed to link the twins to the incident and, eventually, they confessed. Their reasoning? They wanted to see how quickly everything would go up in flames.

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52. Give It 20% 

I basically work just one day per week in a typical five-day working week. However, when deadlines pile up, I put in some extra hours. I manage to look occupied and do just enough to keep my job. People around me think I'm always swamped and falling behind; but truthfully, I'm not.

I don't offer to take on additional work or to lend a hand when the team is short-staffed. And why should I? There's no salary increase, no promotion, no expression of gratitude, or any kind of acknowledgment. I've stopped pitching my ideas (even though they're pretty great). 

All the zest and enthusiasm I once had has been snuffed out by the egotistical, belittling, and out-of-touch boss I unfortunately work under.

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53. Saved By The Belly

I pulled a fast one while taking my high school finals in German. Let's say, if I'd spilled the beans to any important folks up until two years after acing it, they would've snatched back my diploma. In simpler terms, my uni would have shown me the door.

I had scribbled as many crucial points as I could muster up on my belly, using a sharpie beforehand. We were allowed a quick bathroom break, so I seized that chance to sneak a peek at the scribbled notes for answers I was stumped on.

I aced the exam in grand style.

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54. This One Is Interesting

One thing I'd never admit to my partner is my strange habit of making nonsensical sounds when I'm alone at home. Why? No idea, really. Since my childhood days, I've been uttering this bizarre make-believe language. Here's an example for you: "Sabio ni'ontas kartesh ki'tovan? Sargo ket'seeva, praish?"

Most of the time, the sound and feel of what comes out seems a little Russian-Arabic fusion-ish. It's all meaningless, though; about 90% of it is just on-the-fly gibberish. That being said, there are few words that have somehow connected themselves with certain objects or emotions over time. Kind of reminiscent of the videogame, The Sims.

Ever thought about how reality or our perception of it is just electrical signals firing away in our brains? What if we're just neural networks in someone's version of an Earth Simulator game? When I'm alone, my brain just goes on automatic mode and spurts out random gibberish. Wondering why that is; could it be that I'm not alone in this? 

Still, I can't bring myself to share this with people I know, despite the fact that this has been a part of me for as long as I can remember.

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55. Smelt It, Dealt It

Hey sweetheart, do you recall the time we were just engaged and paid a visit to your mother in the hospital? Remember when she accidentally passed gas, and the smell was so strong it made our eyes water? Let's confess, we still chuckle about that moment even after two decades. Well, turns out, that was actually me.

Elder woman laying in hospital bed had been visited from man and woman.Ground Picture , Shutterstock

56. Cheating Hearts

I experienced a passionate connection with an older, married man. It was rather amazing. We'd known each other for a few years and he was remarkably good-looking for his age. He was in his 50s while I was 32. He took great care of himself and was extraordinary in matters of intimacy. 

He would take me on trips abroad and always behaved in the manner of a perfect gentleman. I want to make it clear that I don't endorse getting involved with married individuals, and I wouldn't repeat this chapter of my life again. 

As much as I wasn't proud of my actions, this relationship did offer me a respite from the emotionally destructive pattern I had with my ex. His wife was an irksome woman with a tendency for emotional manipulation, earning her the metaphorical title 'Karen'. I've heard they're giving marriage counselling a shot now. Oh, did I mention he's involved in politics too?

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57. From Side Hustle To Main Gig

Recently, I lost my job because they discovered I post risqué material on a web-based subscription platform. I explained to my husband that I was dismissed for standing my ground against some people, a situation I'd been previously warned about. The income I earned from that job was spent on my children's Christmas gifts, and I intend to keep going to compensate for the lost income.

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58. Take To The Grave

In the 1990s, my dad discovered that my grandad was unfaithful to my grandma. The other woman spilled the beans about their secret relationship that had been going on since the 1950s. She even handed my dad photographs to prove it. 

Back in his youth, my granddad had a bit of a temper, so my dad chose to keep the affair hushed up to spare my grandma any heartache. Yet, he still used the secret as leverage.

He held onto those photos, using them as a sort of blackmail. If his dad ever lost his cool again, he'd show my grandma the evidence of the affair. Sadly, my dad didn't live long enough to reveal the truth. 

My grandparents are still together, but if this secret was ever exposed, it could cause a serious family upheaval, mostly because my granddad now has dementia and interestingly, he wouldn't even comprehend all that's taking place.

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59. That Escalated Quickly

The most massive secret I've held back from my partner involves a time I passed gas. The situation blew out of proportion hilariously. Imagine this, he was wandering around our entire home, even questioning the neighbors if they noticed any odd smell since he suspected a gas leak. All the while, I knew it was pointless but couldn't come clean about it.

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60. Ignorance Is Bliss

During the early stages of dating my girlfriend, I wanted to impress her and her kids so I made breakfast one morning. I found some pancake mix in her cupboard and cooked up a batch of pancakes for them. 

They were tucking into their food and complimenting how delicious the pancakes were when I went back to the kitchen to make my own batch...and that's when I saw it. The dry mix had maggots in it.

Now, they'd finished eating and seemed none the wiser about my kitchen mishap. So, I figured, best not to ruin their breakfast by telling them about it. I'm keeping that little secret to myself until the day I get to the pearly gates.

Man wearing grey shirt making a pancakes.cottonbro studio , Pexels

61. Secret Stalker

The secret I've kept from my guy is the real story of how we met... He believes we were introduced by a mutual friend, which isn't entirely false. However, there's much more to that story. One day, a friend of mine sent me a snapshot of his dating app profile, claiming, "I just found your future spouse".

After doing a touch of online snooping, I found out we had a mutual friend in common. I contacted this friend, and he became our impromptu cupid. Fast forward six years, and I still haven't confessed to my significant other that I essentially traced his steps before taking things forward.

Woman seating on the bed and looking at her laptop.Vlada Karpovich , Pexels

62. Secret Shopper

Around two decades ago, when I was just nine, I sneakily used my mom's credit card details to purchase some toys from a sketchy website. To my innocent eyes, that site looked perfectly genuine. But the next day, my mom was pretty shocked when she spotted an unexpected $500 transaction on her card.

Her bank's team expressed a desire to inspect my computer, but she vouched for me, insisting that as a kid, I did not understand anything about credit cards or e-commerce. Interestingly, she had just returned from a trip to Perú a few days prior to this incident. So, she's still under the impression that her credit card information was stolen there.

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63. Secret Snacker

Growing up, I had some serious food sensitivities. Until I turned 13, my diet was incredibly limited—I could only eat chicken, potatoes, rice, beans, and bread. Spices were a no-go, and anything other than those five staples was strictly off-limits. This meant that whenever there was an event or a party, I'd have to bring my own food. The menu? Chips. Only chips.

But I eventually started to sneak tastes of what everyone else was enjoying. I even went so far as to swipe forbidden foods from the grocery store to sample at home. I kept this up for a number of years, until finally, my doctor gave me the all-clear: no more food allergies. 

Let's just say it's a good thing I never got caught, or things could've gone really south, really fast.

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64. Prom Crashers

During my final year of high school, I attended prom with a bunch of buddies. I had only purchased an individual ticket, not a pair's ticket. One of my pals knew this guy who wished to join our prom but couldn't since his school was different. To help him out, I let him accompany me and acted as though he was my date. 

Luckily, no one inspected my ticket closely enough to notice it was only meant for one person.

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65. He Didn’t Start The Fire

One day in fourth grade, a memory I'll never forget. We had a child with special needs in our class; his sudden outbursts were challenging for everyone. One science experiment required us to bring matches from home, a task that sparked a mischievous idea. 

I couldn't resist the lure of chaos, and lit a match right there in the classroom—yes, it caused quite a commotion. When fingers began pointing, I did something I still regret: I blamed the student with autism. Given his history, nobody doubted my claim for a second. He was temporarily suspended, while I escaped unpunished.

I sailed through the rest of the year undetected, and with a school change the following year, my secret was safe. But is it a victory? Far from it. Because what I did was exploit a classmate's disability to avoid trouble—a ruthless act that haunts me to this day.

Back then, I thought I was smart for getting away with it, but growing up has since provided me with a sobering perspective. I now comprehend the full severity of my actions. There was a risk of that innocent child being expelled for something he didn't do. Thanks to my selfishness, his life could’ve been forever changed.

Hands igniting match on a black background.freepik , Freepik

66. Road Ragers

I once found myself in a situation on the road that led to an accident, and I left the scene.

I was stopped at a red light, set to make a left turn when a motorcyclist pulled up next to the car ahead of me and they started chatting through the car window. Even after the signal turned green, they continued their conversation. Being in a rush to get to my college class, I honked because I didn't want to miss the green light due to their chat.

After the honk, the car moved along but the motorcyclist began to shout at me and spit on my car. I responded with a honk and a rude gesture, then turned left immediately after him. He began driving recklessly, yelling at me, braking abruptly and trying to make things difficult for me. I made up my mind to not let him get away with this behaviour. 

So, once there was enough space, I manoeuvred my car to do the same thing as him. While doing so, he seemed to have lost control and crashed into the curb. Though I didn't physically touch him, my actions led to his misfortune. Shocked, I just sped away. 

As I sped off, I noticed a fire truck stop to assist him, which made me feel really guilty. From that incident, I've learnt that it's never worth it to get involved in road rage, regardless of the situation.

Person riding a motorcycle and waiting on the traffic light.Emir Anık , Pexels

67. Finders Keepers

A few days ago, a customer used a gift card to make a purchase. Some problems arose with the CVV code at the register and it froze briefly. Before I managed to sort it out, the customer had left with their groceries.

At that moment, I couldn't help but speculate if I might have been tricked with a (supposedly) depleted gift card. I shrugged it off, put the card back in the register, and continued with my day.

However, curiosity nudged me at the end of my shift; I took the card home just to check. Surprisingly, I discovered a hefty $550 balance on the card!

Considering my current situation—a struggling student juggling two jobs—I decided to use this unexpected 'bonus' to cover my food and other essentials for the remaining month. I understand it might raise ethical questions, but my urgent needs pushed me towards this decision.

Young woman making shopping online.Nataliya Vaitkevich , Pexels

68. Sleep Struggles

Got a sneaky truth I haven't told my lady yet? I actually sleep sounder when I'm solo than when we're snuggled up, even if she adores our bedtime togetherness. Although the words haven't slipped from my lips, I reckon she's got a hunch. Her recent hints about spending more nights at my digs may be a tell-tale sign—we're currently living apart, you know.

Our typical routine? Grab a couple of single mattresses and squish them together on the floor, topped with separate cosy coverings. You see, I'm a human furnace hardly ever catching a chill, while she's on constant marshmallow mode. She finds herself shivering even when I'm sweating buckets. 

Striking a balance on the room temperature thus becomes a chess game. Particularly as my beloved's sleep gets on a rough ride when I switch on the breeze box...fan, I mean. Regardless of the circumstances, it's a sweeter slumber when it's just me, myself and I. But telling her the truth? It would feel like kicking a puppy. 

Man and woman sleeping in the bedroom.Kampus Production , Pexels

69. Oh, Snap!

I've got a secret from my partner; I accidentally caused a chip in our fantastic granite quartz countertop (his selection, mind you) and managed to patch it up with some white putty. It's a secret I plan on taking to the grave.

Woman drinking coffee in the kitchen.Anna Alexes , Pexels

70. Card Sharks

In 2006, right here in Canada, Alberta experienced a significant surge in oil drilling activity. There were many young men, including those of my age group, who ventured out to Alberta to earn $10k/mo or more through hard manual labour.

A bunch of my friends decided to try their luck out there, but I chose to stay put as I was making ends meet playing poker professionally. However, one of my friends had an unfortunate accident while working and had to take a break. He invited me over to spend some time and explore the thriving poker scene in Alberta. 

Everywhere we looked, it was buzzing with poker games, fueled by young guys with a lot of spare cash. We spent that entire winter mastering the art of tricking the poker games. 

We had a repertoire of around 12 tricks to deceive the other players, many of them revolving around the concept of strategically placing the cards at the bottom of the deck and cleverly dealing them (mechanics grip). Our tricks were enhanced by effective communication between us, and we got really good at it, earning up to a couple thousand dollars each night.

Although it sounds thrilling, we never got caught, and it wasn't a glamourous life. Our accommodation predominantly consisted of living in a van and occasional nights in hotels. Our meals weren't fancy either, on most days we survived on food from gas stations.

Person wearing blue shirt and jeans is shuffling cards on a white table (close up photo).PrathSnap , Pexels

71. Who’s The Boss Now?

One day when I arrived at work, I found one of my female colleagues had accidentally left her Facebook page up on my computer. As it was my workspace and my machine, I could not resist scrolling through her messages. Some intimate and shocking conversations revealed that she had been involved with our boss for several months.

It's worth mentioning that despite our parallel hierarchal position, my boss and I hardly see eye-to-eye and have been on bad terms for years. And yes, he's a married man. One particular chat showed him scoffing about how his secret lover barely missed an encounter with his wife, leaving just "five minutes before my wife came home". 

This incident only affirmed my previously low opinion of him as a total piece of work. I stumbled upon this information about three years ago. Since then, we've had plenty of confrontations, and it's been in the back of my mind that I hold a piece of information that could potentially jeopardize his life. 

But, I've always chosen to take the moral high ground and kept it to myself. He remains ignorant about the incriminating conversation still saved on my computer.

Young man is working in office on his desktop computer.Jonathan Borba , Pexels

72. Facebook Family

I discovered that the man who raised me is not my biological dad. My biological father, who I sadly never got the chance to meet, passed a few years ago. It seems my mom loved him and conceived me during a brief separation from my dad in the early '80s. Following my birth, my mom left my biological father and reunited with the man I know as dad.

What's the crazy part? No one has a clue that I discovered this secret. Through Facebook, I stumbled upon the profiles of my biological father's other children and relatives. I haven't reached out to them or even sent a friend request. Whenever I'm feeling low, I visit their profiles to see how they're doing. 

It turns out I have two younger half-siblings I've never met—and who likely have no idea I exist. I'm terrified to disclose to my parents that I'm aware of this secret. I'm afraid it may rekindle old wounds that have healed over time, or significantly damage our relationship.

Young woman is working on her laptop at office.Andrea Piacquadio , Pexels

73. You Can’t Pray A Lie

During my eleventh grade, I was assigned a six-page essay on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I thought, "Oh, great". Luckily, over spring break, I discovered my sister had the exact same assignment a couple of years prior. I requested if I could share her paper, which she had scored a stellar 91% on. 

She agreed, under the condition that if there was any trouble, she would not be involved. To make it sound like mine, I tweaked about 30 words to align with my literary style. I also updated the formatting to the current MLA style, which had seen a few modifications since my sister's time. 

To be cautious, I copied everything into a fresh document, considering there might be a check on metadata. To my delight, I scored a whopping 99% on the paper and nailed the class. To this very day, my sister keeps reminding me that I owe her a favor.

Life-Ruining SecretsShutterstock

74. Unexpected Consequences

A year ago, I was terrified of people discovering my secret—I'm bi. For 36 years, I was a straight man, married with two kids, suppressing a part of my identity. It wasn't healthy. In March, I revealed this truth to my wife of 16 years, but the revelation didn't go well. My already shaky marriage collapsed completely, and although I lost my wife, the others in my life stayed.

My daughters, my parents, and everyone else who truly mattered to me, embraced this change, accepting me for who I am. Now, I have a new partner who loves and accepts me wholeheartedly. Thankfully, I managed to hold onto my house and get to jointly raise our wonderful daughters. I've never felt happier in my life. 

I realize this isn't a solution for everyone, but sometimes honesty can be a healthier choice.

Life-Ruining SecretsPexels

75. Savage

I usually hung out pretty well with my workmates, but not with this one particular lady. Saying I despised her would be a huge understatement. Once, she absentmindedly left her wedding ring on her desk at the office. What I did next was pretty awful.

I discovered it and traded it for gold at a pawn shop. Sadly, all I got for it was a measly $60.

Life-Ruining SecretsPexels

76. Swipe Right?

Recently, I decided to give Tinder a go. Strangely enough, among the first ten profiles, I spotted the wife of a buddy of mine.

Bearded man is looking up surprised.Mikhail Nilov , Pexels

77. Forbidden Love

A close friend's wife has confessed that she's fallen for me. They're a couple with three children, and she's even expressed readiness to leave her family for me. This revelation could flip the lives of no less than four people entirely. And what makes it even more intriguing is that I'm a woman, and on top of that, 15 years her junior. 

Young woman is feeling stressed.Mizuno K , Pexels

78. Not The Sharpest…

I'm a high school teacher. One of my students, a decent C grader but a bit naive came up to me after class. He told me, "Mr Deradius, I was fishing this morning and forgot about this in my pocket. I wanted to do the right thing". I was taken aback as he handed me a pocket cutter.

Our school district has a no-tolerance policy for such things. The consequences for the boy were not clear. It depended if this was his first offense or not. But, it definitely wouldn't be something pleasant.

My biggest worry was this experience might teach him that being honest could land him into trouble and he might become cynical. I had to find a way to handle this. I explained to him about the policy and what could have happened if it were someone else and not me he reported to. 

I quietly slipped the cutter into my pocket (at the back of my mind concerned about the consequences if I got discovered), planning to hand it back to him at day's end. I made it clear to him that he should go home immediately and never bring the cutter to school again. We agreed to never discuss it again.

Most of the time, I'm one to play it by the book. I drive under the speed limit and hardly ever break the rules. Even this small act gave me a sense of guilt. But in this situation, it was against my conscience to penalize this kid for doing the right thing.

A teacher is talking to his student in school hallway.RDNE Stock project , Pexels

79. Pro Snorkeling Tip

Here's a little story that even my closest buddies don't know about. Once, while snorkeling in the Pacific waters near Hawaii, nature called and, let's just say, I made a deposit in the ocean. Suddenly, there were colorful fish all around us like it was a party. The reason behind the surprise gathering? 

My unexpected oceanic contribution! It was quite a sight, almost enchanting. But I refrained from sharing the real cause with my friends.

Man diving in the ocean.Rennon Kiefer , Pexels

80. Secretly Dumb

I'd never let my partner know I didn't do well in school. I had to complete a foundational education program before I could step foot in a university, and then, oddly enough, it took me eight whopping years to finish a degree that typically only takes three. 

Man with backpack holding a papers.Armin Rimoldi , Pexels

81. I Got You, Bro

My identical twin brother and I are both juniors in college. He's a charismatic, sociable fraternity member, who is always the center of attention and a favorite among the girls. 

I, contrastingly, enjoy the peace of quieter activities; I find great joy in spending quality time with a small circle of friends, indulging in park picnics, and attending low-key gatherings at my girlfriend's place, nothing as large as my brother's parties.

One evening, my brother overindulged in drinking and began acting recklessly. He triggered some disputes, and even flung a television through the window of his fraternity house, which is quite a memory... But that wasn't all.

He was also filmed kissing a guy. I should state clearly that we both fully support anyone's choice of partner and see absolutely no difference between gay and straight ndividuals. Our parents instilled these values in us, and he shares the same mindset. 

However, his popular social status could significantly crumble under the prejudice held by his "popular" friends against gay individuals. Considering these circumstances, I acted in the only way I thought a loving brother should—I took the blame, claiming that it was me, not him. 

My close friends and girlfriend knew the truth and, honestly, they weren't bothered. My brother was stunned at my intervention. His reaction was priceless; it made the jokes and ridicule I faced seem insignificant. Being twins, we share a bond from birth and beyond.

Twin brothers wearing black hoodies and glasses are standing next to each other.cottonbro studio , Pexels

82. Like Father, Like Son?

During my final year of high school, I began seeing a boy who was a year junior to me. Before our breakup, he revealed a big secret—our parents had an affair.

At first, I didn't buy his story, but everything changed when I decided to face my mother. She confessed to it and pleaded for me to keep it from my father.

Now, it's been 14 years since that revelation and my father is still in the dark about it. Admittedly, I took advantage of the situation and used it as leverage whenever I could.

Woman in a striped shirt crying on the pillow and looking at side.Karolina Grabowska , Pexels

83. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I have definite knowledge that my mom was unfaithful to my dad, and I know who she was with. But I also understand that life isn't always straightforward. It doesn't follow the simple rules of right and wrong. I was much younger then, and couldn't possibly grasp the whole picture of their relationship. 

As a kid, I was pretty upset about it, but with age, I've realized that life is all about making choices, sometimes not the best ones. This doesn't necessarily make anyone evil—I'm not justifying the act—it just makes them human.

My folks have been divorced for a while due to assorted reasons, but here's a surprising fact—my dad is still hopelessly in love with my mom. The truth would be devastating for him and my younger sibling. I'd prefer if my dad remembered the happy moments he shared with my mom rather than ruin it all because "I need to vent".

Young man wearing gray crew neck shirt is seating on the floor and thinking.Mike Greer , Pexels

84. Bed Of Lies

My friend's spouse believes he's the only person she's ever been with. Truth is, she was unfaithful to him just a few months into their relationship. Now they're hitched, he's blissfully unaware—which really eats me up because he's such an amazing guy.

A black couple is sitting on a couch and holding hands.Ron Lach , Pexels

85. Which Witch Is Which

My mother-in-law is a devout Christian with a strict anti-LGBTQ+ stance. She takes pride in being related to a judge from the Salem witch trials. I'm married to her wonderful son, but his parents are unaware that I identify as bi, lean towards agnosticism and practice witchcraft. 

My husband is aware of all this and backs me up completely, but she's oblivious. Occasionally, I tag along for Bible study with her, as it's a good source of community chatter and connections.

Witch huntsPexels

86. All In The Family

During last year's holiday season, I found out something surprising—my elder sister and I are actually half-siblings. My sister's biological dad had a relationship with my mom, which ultimately led to my mom getting pregnant. However, their relationship didn't last. 

The man, who is no longer with us, is my sister's biological dad. I opted not to dig deeper into his identity or his passing, as it could bring up painful memories for my mom. Back in the 80s, my mom, as a single parent, brought up my sister in our grandmother's home. Things changed in the 90s when she met my dad—they really hit it off. 

Soon after they got married, found a new home, and then I was born. My mom always advised me not to refer to my sister as my "half-sister" and to simply act as if our biological differences don't matter. Whenever someone inquires about the 10-year age difference between my sister and me, I just say it’s a complicated story.

Entitled peopleShutterstock

87. Adult-ish

Every day, I feel like I'm just playing pretend at being an adult. Despite working a full-time job at a multinational company, owning my property and a vehicle, and hearing people classifying me as responsible and organized, I genuinely don't see myself as an adult. People are usually in the dark about the reality.

Sure, I deal with bills and responsibilities and all those things that fully-functional adults do, but it truly feels as if I'm just acting the part. Want to hear something genuine? About ninety percent of the time, I feel clueless and directionless. My most frequent friend? Google. 

I'm exceptionally awkward in social situations. To me, it seems as though I'm just a kid in disguise, trying to fit in a world full of genuine adults.

Issa Rae FactsShutterstock

88. Would-Be Whistleblower

Back in my high school days, I used to work at a chain hotel located in the suburbs of a Midwestern city. Just down the road from us was a government-owned plant that was in the process of being privatized. Executives from the buying company often stayed in our hotel during this period.

One evening, a man dressed in a suit approached me with a request to fax some documents (yep, it was the late 90s when we still used fax machines). When I asked if he wanted to wait for the fax confirmation, he declined, thanked me, and walked away.

I returned to the office to load the documents onto the fax machine. As I started to scan through the pages, I was dumbfounded. The documents contained critiques on various wrongdoings, extreme carelessness, and hidden environmental catastrophes at the manufacturing plant. 

They detailed shocking procedures like recklessly dumping chemicals into the main local water source and poorly managed chemical storage ponds which frequently broke their barriers. The list just went on and on.

In hindsight, I could have thrown a wrench into a lot of people's plans by copying those documents and delivering them to a local newspaper. But at the moment, I was too afraid. I simply disposed of the paperwork and continued with my work day.

Young businessman is receiving fax in office.Dragon Images , Shutterstock

89. Meet The Parents

I've found myself in an uncomfortable situation because of my own poor choices. I was the 'other man' in an affair. To worsen the situation, I got her pregnant, and she had the baby in December. Her husband is still in the dark about everything. Now, I am burdened with guilt over my actions and must carry the weight of my wrongdoings.

Besides, I've also gained an odd reputation among some of my former classmates' mothers; I've been a casual fling for about six of them since graduating from high school.

Man lying on gray couch ,thinking and looking sad.cottonbro studio , Pexels

90. Still In The Closet

I've had relationships with three professional NFL players who're currently active, and two who've retired. Just to clarify, I'm a man. The way I met the first one was quite surprising—through a reply to an ad I posted on Craigslist. This individual further introduced me to the rest.

Interestingly, out of these five men, three either have wives or are soon to be wedded. Making this knowledge public could potentially cause a lot of harm, jeopardizing personal lives and perhaps even professional careers.

Frustrated young man touching his head and keeping eyes closed.Photoroyalty , Shutterstock

91. An Expensive Hobby

One thing I haven't fully disclosed to my wife is the exact amount I've poured into setting up our saltwater fish tank. She thought I had lost my marbles when she found out I’d spent a grand on the tank lighting alone. Little does she know, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Father with his son standing by the fish tank.FamVeld , Shutterstock

92. Truth Hertz

I'm employed at a company, let's call it a car rental for argument's sake, where the owners have been bending the rules for quite some time. According to regulations, we're supposed to lease cars out only to people who need them long-term, like on a monthly basis. 

It's a much cheaper offer than daily rentals at around $15 a month versus $13 a day, which also means our income is limited. However, the owners have been flouting this rule for ages. They've been leasing cars for $13 a day, sometimes even more, particularly when there are big events in town, and there's a greater demand for rental cars.

They make a sizable profit out of this. I can only imagine the amount of tax they dodge by understating their earnings. The company has had a few run-ins with investigations, but the owners always manage to pull out dodgy paperwork that supposedly prove we only lease cars out long-term.

If I expose the digital records revealing the contrary, they could lose a whole lot. They'd owe a heap of money to a certain city and would likely be forced to wind up the business. I've played around with the idea of either reporting them to the authorities or even blackmailing them. Why? Their wage offer for me is low, to say the least.

However, I probably won't risk it. I can't shake off the fear that they'd hire some shady characters to get back at me or harm my loved ones.

A woman is talking with a man wearing black suit in car dealership.Antoni Shkraba , Pexels

93. Everyone’s Guilty

In my eighth grade, as the school year drew to a close, we were given one mammoth task—crafting a collection of papers complete with organized bibliographies and storing them all in a single binder. 

This legendary assignment had been a source of trepidation for us since sixth grade—ghost stories of previous years' experiences adding to our anxiety. Although we had the entire year to work on it, as typical eighth graders, we pushed it off till the very last minute.

This procrastination led to uninterrupted sleepless nights for many, as late-night oil burning became commonplace. Some enterprising high schoolers, having tackled this beast in their time, started selling their vetted papers and bibliographies. It was a grueling rite of passage, even for middle school kids.

One day, I turned up at school to find the locker beside mine—owned by a pretty girl who'd often flirt with me—unexpectedly vacant. Upon inquiring, I found out she'd been expelled. The cause? Plagiarism. Our private school was stringent about academic dishonesty and one of her papers had been marked as a direct lift from Wikipedia. 

Her sudden departure was a shock, especially because her father held an influential position in local governance. The sadest part was that we were all guilty of the same misstep. Every single one of us had plagiarized, only we were careful enough to disguise our copying by rephrasing contents from Wikipedia. 

She'd been following the same routine, but overlooked one paper. And now, she wasn't among us.

Young student is taking notes while using laptop.Liza Summer , Pexels

94. Gave Away The Glory

A girl I went to high school with was immensely ambitious, taking all her advanced placement courses early and getting way ahead of the rest of us. In senior year, the yearbook committee took her photo, labeling her as the valedictorian.

My journey was a bit slower, I took my AP classes later. Consequently, near the end of the year, I discovered that I was the actual valedictorian. They invited me to have my photo taken to replace hers in the yearbook and replace her as the speaker at the graduation ceremonies. 

This would've been exciting news, but there was a difficulty. This girl had been my friend for 13 years, since kindergarten. Keeping a low profile, she was so quiet and Introverted that no one even knew she held the valedictorian title.

I simply couldn't bear to steal her thunder. I stood my ground, reluctantly declining to have my photo taken and deliver the speech. She deserved her moment in the limelight, a highlight in her quiet life. So, they relabeled her photograph to "top senior" instead. She went on to deliver an exceptional speech at graduation. 

I was content knowing I was academically at the top, yet even more satisfied watching her confidently bask in her long-deserved recognition for just one special day in her life.

Young woman in a graduation gown is giving a speech.Amos Getanda , Pexels

95. An Unbreakable Bond

Back in 2013, during my very first semester of college, I had to drag myself to an 8:30 am anthropology class. You see, mornings and I have never been the best of friends. It seemed like the girl I sat next to wasn't thrilled about early mornings either. From the get-go, we both looked like total zombies and naturally gravitated towards each other. 

We developed a kind of bond that didn't need words, like "Who else will get how desperate we are for sleep, let's just stick together". And we stayed true to that pact. We’d often grab food after class and became good pals. However, our extreme religious beliefs led us to believe that any romantic interest was sinful. 

So despite our proximity, we were always somewhat stiff around each other. When we were given an assignment where we had to conduct interviews, it felt normal to partner up. We completed my part earlier in the semester, but hers needed a bit more work. We had to drive a couple of hours to a mountain city to interview her grandfather. 

I was car-less at that time, so we took her vehicle. Don’t forget the three months of bottled up romantic tension making the drive quite uneasy. Once we wrapped up the interview, we had dinner at a cute little pub. It was nearly dusk, and we both felt the urge to explore the forest a bit before journeying back. Just to soak up the ambiance, ya know? 

So we parked and ventured into the woods. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Coming from a desert city, we're used to only a sparse selection of greenery and it was a blissful change. No city noise, no car pollution, just us, trees, and silence. She nudged against me while navigating around some roots, I reciprocated the gesture a few times too. 

Finally, we chose to ignore our religious apprehensions and decided to just enjoy the moment. I wasn’t entirely inexperienced, but she was older and it was her first time. It felt like an eternal moment that we would always share. After, on our guilt-ridden walk back to her car, it was awkward. 

The ride back felt uncomfortable too, but for entirely different reasons. The silence allowed me ample time to ponder. I wanted to lay my feelings out to her, but when the time came, I choked up and didn’t. Being a naive 18-year-old who's not great with expressing emotions didn't help. It was Friday, and I told myself I’d tell her on Monday...It would become one of my deepest regrets.

When Monday rolled around, I was eager and anxious and even spruced up a bit. She didn't show up. When she didn't come to class the entire week, I became worried. After she missed the second week, I asked our professor. He had just been informed that the Sunday after our forest rendezvous, she had passed in a car accident. 

It took a while for the reality to sink in. I ended up finding her family. Turns out, she was pretty depressed, but had been in a better place in the days leading up to the accident. Until a driver hit her from behind, smashing her car into a tree. The knowledge of losing her hit hard. For days I was a mess and my academic performance took the brunt of it. 

I didn't tell anyone about my pain because who would get it? Since then, I've attempted a few relationships but always felt guilt, as I was still in love with her. I also stopped believing in God and His plan because I couldn't reconcile why she had to die senselessly. Fast forward to today, I’ve found someone else who's helping me heal from my loss. 

We’ve been upfront about our pasts and are in a pretty good space. Not to forget, I seem to be dealing with my existential crisis better too. Now, I'm in a much healthier place overall.

It’s Over For UsPexels

96. Sometimes They Start Young

I unknowingly walked out of the store with a bag of shredded cheese. During my pregnancy, around seven or eight months in, I had my two-year-old in tow. He was seated in the cart and I handed him the cheese bag to keep him entertained. Little did I know that he'd end up sitting on it. 

As I was strapping him into his car seat and loading our groceries, I discovered the "unpaid for" cheese. For a moment, I thought about going back inside to pay. But then I shrugged it off, fully accepting my accidental lapse into a life of thievery. Plus, I was just too exhausted to head back into the store. 

Sixteen years on, it's not something that keeps me up at night. Now it all makes sense why my mom never took us—all seven of us—to the store with her. It was her only moment of peace.

Scrariest experienceShutterstock

97. A Sight To Remember

Back when I was a teenager, I was jolted awake during the night due to a ruckus happening around our home. I left my room and was met with a pretty wild sight. There was my dad, wearing nothing but his Red Wings jersey, dashing across our home with his semi-automatic, headed for the front door.

My mother quickly hustled me out of the path and secured us in my sister's room. As it turns out, an intruder tried to force open my window but didn't notice that my parents' window was right next to mine. My dad was immediately alert, grabbed his piece, and pursued the guy through the street.

Here was my dad, totally bare except for that jersey, sprinting through the streets with at 3 am. He was shouting, "I'm going to get you!!" By then, virtually every neighbor had reported the ruckus. Soon enough, the authorities arrived—a helicopter included— the whole kit and caboodle. 

They relayed a fact to us that sent chills down my spine. It turned out that the intruder was a wanted man. He had loitered outside my window long enough to smoke half a pack of smokes. The only thing that deterred him from entering was the storm windows we had.

This is what he was attempting to pry open when my dad awoke. The authorities did finally locate him, huddled in a neighboring shed. At that point, my dad was in his 30s, standing at 6'2''. He worked in construction and bore a shaved head and a goatee which made him a very intimidating figure whenever he needed to be.

I was somewhat relieved we didn't have security surveillance back then because the thought of a furious, bare man, sprinting down the street in his work boots had already set the local gossip mill off for MONTHS. All of this took place during the mid-90s.

The Most Bone-Chilling Encounters EverPexels

98. Indebted On My Big Day

On my 18th birthday, I received a credit card. I was instructed not to use it yet as it was "not active". However, as I landed my first corporate job at 22, the company checked my credit report. They found an astonishing $350K line opened in my name. I was stunned and bewildered.

The company showed me the credit report, and when I saw the bank's name, it jogged my memory. My dad had accounts with them, but I didn't connect anything then. After getting home, I phoned the bank to know more about the credit line report. That's when I stumbled upon a shocking revelation. 

On my 18th birthday, my father tricked me into co-signing a mortgage, not a credit card agreement. My birthday gift had turned into a grave debt burden. I felt a storm of anger and betrayal. The truth revealed, I decided to confront my father in front of my older sister and mom, who were having dinner at his place.

For the first time, I found the courage to oppose my dad. I denounced his deceit in front of everyone and threatened to move the matter to court. Furthermore, I contacted the bank to inform them of the real situation. Thankfully, everything was sorted out within a week.

The Worst Birthday Gift EVERPexels

99. Kids Text The Darndest Things

When my little girl, who's only six, was playing around with her mom's phone, trying to send me a flutter of emojis, she unwittingly copied and pasted my wife's recent text to her secret beau. 

It read: "With the holiday coming up, work will be less demanding tomorrow. I can probably escape around 1:00. Fancy doing something besides romantic stuff? Maybe some outdoor fun?" And just like that, our marriage ended.

Marriages gone wrongPexels

100. Daddy Issues

This insight struck me the minute it emerged. It happened during a case where a mom, my client, was seeking a restraining order against her brother for injuring her child. Throughout this time, she had always been fairly evasive about the identity of her child's father. However, during a public court proceeding, she made a startling admission that her brother was the child's father.

Lawyers one detailShutterstock


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Tragic Facts About Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s First Wife

Catherine of Aragon is now infamous as King Henry VIII’s rejected queen—but very few people know her even darker history.
June 7, 2018 Christine Tran

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