People Share Their Embarrassing Identical Twin Horror Stories

August 1, 2019 | Rachel Ramlawi

People Share Their Embarrassing Identical Twin Horror Stories

Having a twin means that there’s someone else there to share your most embarrassing moments. Sometimes, that person is the sibling, who gets what you’re going through on a deep level. Sometimes the person that’s embarrassed is the twin’s partner, parent, or family member. Like everyone else, twins have to deal with these embarrassments themselves, but no longer!

A whole bunch of twins--along with their partners and family members--over at Reddit have shared their most embarrassing twin moments. Double up on some laughs and enjoy these hilarious twin stories.

1. Facebook Mistake

My husband has an identical twin. When my husband and I got engagement photos done, Facebook automatically tagged my husband's brother in a bunch of our photos, and I posted them without realizing.

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2. Seeing a Ghost

I went to the funeral of a friend’s father, I had no idea that the deceased had an identical twin. It felt really strange to see the guy in the coffin sitting in the front row of the church.

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3. Mirror Image

I was going down an escalator at a casino. I looked across, and saw my brother! I got excited, and yelled: “HEY BRO!” Then, I start waving for his attention! As it turns out, I was waving to myself in a mirror.

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4. Cheaters Never Prosper

I'm not a twin, but I dated one of two twin brothers in high school. The other twin also had a girlfriend at the school. One day, someone in my class pulls me aside to nervously tell me he thinks my boyfriend is cheating on me...he was fairly new at the school and didn't know yet that they were twins. It gave us all a good laugh when the story got around and the guy was pretty relieved to hear there was no cheating going on.

Identical Twin Stories FactsFlickr,Eddy Van 3000

5. Bad Suggestions

My twin brother died in a car wreck and my family suggested that I should date his girlfriend because...grief, I guess? REAL FREAKIN' AWKWARD, MOM.

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6. A Case of Mistaken Identity

I tried to date this girl from my class, and we were going out on dates and everything, but out of nowhere, she stopped talking to me one day. I found out it was because her friends saw me with another girl (my twin sister) at the movies. They thought I was playing her, but they didn’t know that I had a twin sister.

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7. Cutest Couple Award

My identical twin brother, my wife, and myself all went to school together, and got jobs at the same place after passing boards. Since there are some rules regarding family working together, I was not hired to the same unit as my wife. But my twin was. It was a lot of fun, taking lunches together, etc. But there was one social worker who just couldn't grasp that my brother and wife were not the married ones.

She'd compliment me on how cute they were together, comment on social media about how great a couple they were, even talk about how much my kids “take after their dad” (referring to him). It's all benign and we laugh about it, but she really laid it on thick.

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8. Do You Know Where Your Wife Is?

My wife and I found out that her identical twin was an exotic dancer when a bunch of my fraternity brothers went to the club and all started calling and texting me to ask if anything was wrong, and if I knew where my wife was.

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9. Just Takes Some Teamwork

My dad and uncle are twins. Two to three times a year they’ll show up to dinner or they’ll be at each other's houses wearing the exact same outfit, only different brands. At first, it was funny, but now we know it just happens. People mix them up all the time, multiple times a month they’re telling people they’re not the other.

Acquaintances and work associates have thought they’re having an affair. My dad was confronted once and had to explain to the guy (who was a couple of drinks in, apparently) that he’s not his brother.

Identical Twin Stories FactsPexels

10. Double the Star Power

My girlfriend told me about a production of Twelfth Night that was able to cast identical twins for the main role. At one point one of them walked off one side of the stage, and the other walked on from the opposite side in a different costume seconds later. Most of the audience just thought they were doing really fast quick changes.

In the version they used for the DVD, a guy in the audience near the camera very loudly said, “what the heck?!” when this happened.

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11. Looking Fine

My ex was once scrolling through Facebook and said, “You look really hot in this photo.” It wasn't me.

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12. Exposed

My friend went to see a play at a university with her identical twin. He sister said that there was a shortcut to the theater by cutting through some class building. My friend didn't think that made sense, but her sister seemed confident about it, so she followed along. Then suddenly her sister opens a classroom door and says, "Let's go in here."

My friend goes inside, and freaks out when she sees a bunch of paintings of what looks like herself, completely naked. It turns out her sister had posed nude for an art class, and thought that would be a fun surprise.

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13. Let Me Show You Something

My sisters are twins. Their favorite story is when one of their boyfriends tries to show the wrong twin this weird freaking mole on his butt cheek. Both of my sisters are extremely squeamish. So the boyfriend thought it was just her being grossed out. Unfortunately, my dad walked in on him chasing the wrong twin around the kitchen with half of his butt hanging out. My dad just turned around and walked out.

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14. Big Mistake

There was a messed-up story about the twins in my country. Two baby girls were swapped at the hospital, and one twin came back home with another family, and their daughter stayed with her “twin sister.” Girls were completely different, but the family just thought they weren’t identical twins. They found out the truth when all three girls were in high school.

The real twins were constantly called different names, and strangers would approach them and say hi. They lived in a relatively small town, so finally, some common friends organized their meeting. Although they look identical, they are completely different people, e.g. one of them likes metal music and wears black clothes.

The story didn't end up well, although they sued the hospital, and both families are devastated by the whole story.

Identical Twin Stories FactsFlickr,Russell Harrison

15. Twins Do Everything Together

My dad’s friend is a twin. The friend lives in Chicago. His twin brother lives in Boston. On the same day, both twins fell off a ladder and broke the same leg.

Identical Twin Stories FactsFlickr,Amtec Photos

16. More Than Just Friends

My twin sister is dating a guy that friend-zoned me. I really liked this one guy. He was super nice, funny, smart, and he was pretty cute too. I confessed that I liked him, and got friend-zoned. It hurt, and he stopped talking to me after that, which totally sucked. A month or so later, my sister told me about the same guy, and how they both liked each other.

I was pretty sad about it, not going to lie, but they’ve been dating for almost three months now and they’re a cute couple. It does sting when she tells me how great they’re doing, and now he is always at our house, but she’s happy, so it’s okay. I’m not mad at my sister. I love her! I’m so happy she found someone that likes her for her true self and her uniqueness.

Sometimes things happen, and it can suck, but that’s just how life is y’all!

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17. Bad Proposal

My identical twin sister was dating the president of a fraternity on campus, and during one of the frat's "date night" events, she went with her boyfriend, and I was set up as a date for one of his brothers. Toward the end of the night, I got separated from my date, and my sister's extremely drunk boyfriend put his arm around me while my sister was in the bathroom.

Her boyfriend leaned in to kiss me—the venue was super dark so I think it was an honest mistake—so I backed up to set the record straight. Then, he asked if I was down for a threesome. With my own twin sister. I still feel bad for ditching my date but I had to get out of there ASAP.

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18. Mr. Clark the Friendly Ghost

I grew up in a small town where if you were walking down the road, and your neighbors were outside, you definitely smiled and waved. For many years, I would take walks as a kid, and smiled and waved all the time to a dear old gentleman, Mr. Clark. I was sad when I learned he passed away, he was well-liked in the community.

A couple of weeks after he passed, I went for a walk as I approached his house, I saw a familiar face. It was Mr. Clark. But Mr. Clark was dead. A chill went through me, I felt frozen but yet able to walk. I felt sheer terror. In that second, it was confirmed. GHOSTS ARE REAL. But no one would believe me, so I kept it to myself.

For a couple of weeks, I saw Mr. Clark in his yard a couple of times, and I hurried on by his house as fast as I could. That feeling of sheer terror always at the surface, Mr. Ghost Clark was a little off. He didn’t smile, he didn’t wave. I couldn’t take it anymore so I mentioned Mr. Clark to my best friend’s mom who lived three houses down from Mr. Clark.

It turned out, Mr. Clark had a twin. The happy twin passed, and the curmudgeon Clark was still alive and kicking. I will never forget the feeling of nearly losing my bowels the first time I saw Ghost Clark after he passed. I will also never forget the laughter my friend’s mom couldn’t hold back when I told her my "ghost" story.

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19. Mix and Match

I was with my twin brother at the supermarket this one time, and judging from this story I’m guessing that obviously, we look the same from the back, but not exactly the front because I’m a female. My brother’s girlfriend was shopping at the same store as us that day, and comes up behind me, and smacks my bottom saying, “Hey love.”

Jokingly, I turn around and say it back. The look on her face made me regret what I did...

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20. Then Who Was in The Play?

I used to do musicals. Like singing, and dancing musicals. My brother came to a performance, and was at the greeting line afterward. He goes up to the lead actress in the show and says,"Great job, congrats, what a show," to which she responds, "Oh, I wasn't in the show actually, it was my twin sister. But you were fantastic," To which my twin brother says, "I wasn't in the show either."

And that's when the actual lead actress and I walk up wondering why they both look so damn confused. I've been laughing about it for years

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21. What’s Up With the Cold Shoulder?

On my last day as manager of a restaurant, a new girl was hired. I continued to drink there, and she and I got to know each other a little. We mostly just drank and smoked together, and I'd give her a ride here and there, we texted sometimes, and so on. This went on for a year. Then, I started seeing her fairly frequently at a new place. She’d always hug me, and seemed genuinely happy to see me.

It was nice. I could feel real affection in her hugs. One day I saw her, and everything seemed like usual--but I didn’t feel anything when we hugged. I was confused but, I figured maybe it was my imagination since I hadn’t done anything wrong. To be honest, it really bothered me, I thought about it all week. Then the next week I saw her with her identical twin.

I was surprised, and very relieved. Turns out it happens all the time and her sister plays along as if she knows any stranger who greets her, because it’s faster than explaining.

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22. Promise Not to Tell

I got pranked by my girlfriend, an identical twin, a few months ago. There is no point where a guy is more vulnerable than immediately after a, shall we say, satisfying and intimate moment. Everything is just drained. Knowing this, my girlfriend awaited this moment one morning. Immediately after I finished, she looked up at me, took a deep sigh, and said, "Don't tell [her name]" while mimicking her sister's mannerisms.

I freaked right out, pulled away from her, and flipped out of the bed in what I can only describe as an emotional clustercrunch. It was only as I came to my senses that I noticed my girlfriend giggling helplessly. It was then that I knew that I am dating the evil twin.

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23. What a Trick!

My mom is an identical twin. She and her sister were always dressed alike, and they hated it.  So, one year for Halloween my grandpa took my mom costume shopping, and my grandma took my aunt. When they got home they were so excited to show each other their costumes, but when they came out of their room they were wearing the same thing.

Identical Twin Stories

24. Think Alike

Years ago I dated a twin out of a set who often didn't get along. They went to the same college, started out in very different majors, both ended up in electrical engineering. By graduation, they were dead set on leading separate lives, so they didn't tell each other where they were interviewing. First day at his new job several states away the twin I dated was shown to the cube where his desk was. Six feet away sat his brother.

Identical Twin Stories FactsFlickr,Jorge Andrés Paparoni Bruzual

25. Stand In

My grandma and her sister were twins. Her sister was going to be a nun, so couldn't be involved in any affairs. Some guy asked the sister out, so she sent my grandma in her place, who was tasked with ending the date poorly.

Identical Twin Stories FactsFlickr,Cindy Richardson

26. If You Can’t Stand the Heat

My mum and aunt are identical twins. As they’ve gotten older, I think they are more distinguishable, but from behind most people think they look exactly the same. My aunt and uncle were around for dinner, and my aunt was in the kitchen preparing some food when my stepdad came in, hugged my aunt from behind, and kissed her neck.

All my aunt said was, “Wrong sister.” Everyone thought it was hilarious, but my stepdad was very apologetic and embarrassed for a long time lmao. He says that the reason he thought it was my mum, was that my mum and aunt had the same haircut at the time and my aunt had put on my mum’s jumper. Take what you will from that.

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27. Check Yourself

My dad was dating a woman for a while that was a twin, and the first time we went to her house for a family gathering on Mother’s Day, the twin was standing by the door. When we walked up, my dad hugged her and said, "Hey, babe," and was about to kiss her. She put a stop to it fast, and was like "WOAH. WRONG PERSON."

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28. Caller ID

I dated a twin on and off for a while. In middle school, I would get a call from my boyfriend. We'd chat for a bit and then he'd have to go so his brother could have his phone time (these were the days before cell phones). Then we'd hang up, and I'd get another phone call a minute later. From my boyfriend. Turns out, the first call was from his twin brother.

My boyfriend would get so angry at his brother. He tried that a few more times. Then I learned to tell their voices apart.

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29. What Did You Pick

My twin and I went shopping for eyeglasses. We were in a store that had multiple massive rooms filled with different brands of eyeglasses, so we spent roughly three hours picking our ideal frames, independently of each other. We sit down to pay and the teller says, "Oh, that's so awesome you chose the same pair," and sure enough, it was an identical model, one in white, one in silver.

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30. Two for the Price of One

My grandpa has a twin brother, and they look nearly identical even now that they're in their late 70s. My mom told me that when I was a toddler we were at a family reunion. Apparently, my grandpa was holding me and talking to my parents, and then his twin brother walked up to us, and my reaction was to say, stunned and wide-eyed, "two Grandpas!!"

I must have been really happy to have not one, but two amazing Grandpas to interact with.

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31. Mr. Grabby Hands

One of my good friends in college, we'll call her Ellie, has a twin sister. Sister had a boyfriend, while Ellie was blissfully single. We were all over at Sister's place, making dinner together, and having some beers. Ellie went to grab something out of the fridge, so her back was to the room. Sister's boyfriend walked by, gave her a casual but firm butt grab, and went on his way to the counter to, I don’t know, chop something.

Ellie gasped and turned around. The room stopped. We all just stared, and waited for boyfriend to notice he'd grabbed the wrong twin. You could see the exact moment he realized Sister, his girlfriend, was not, in fact, at the refrigerator. She was on the other side of the room. He slowly looked back down at the cutting board; he couldn't even process the shame.

He apologized profusely. Ellie was horrified for a second, but after she realized it was an honest mistake, she thought it was funny. He literally could not make eye contact with her for a week.

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32. You Big Faker

Me and my twin brother (identical) went to Disneyland California. At the time he had severe Plantar fasciitis and Sesamoiditis, so he was in a wheelchair. A fun fact about being in a wheelchair in Disneyland is that you get to skip lines with your group, so we went on Pirates of the Caribbean first, due to it having the largest line.

After we got off, I went to find a washroom. At that moment, the operator must have taken a break because they saw me walking around. They assumed that I was faking my issue because they thought I was my brother. I had to take them to him to show that I was serious!

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33. Gold Star for Effort

My girlfriend is an identical twin. They’re a pair of twins who will wear the same clothes and stuff, just to mess with you. The only thing that you could use to differentiate between them is a few small scars on my girlfriend’s wrist that her twin doesn’t have. So anyway, I was over at their house, watching TV, and snuggling with my girlfriend when she gets up to go to the bathroom.

I thought nothing of it, but she was gone for quite a while, she comes back 15 minutes later, and sits down again, and I ask her a question about the show we were watching. She looks panicked, and confused for a second before letting out a very shaky, “Uhh, I don’t know.” I thought that was weird, as we were watching her favorite show, and she knew just about everything,

I take a glance at her wrist, and I notice that she doesn’t have any scars. I immediately realize what has happened. I’ve been subjected to this MANY times. I say, “Nice joke Tara, where’s Jess?” That’s when my girlfriend jumps out from behind the wall laughing her butt off, and I notice that her sister Tara is cackling next to me as well.

Jess says through her laughter, “it took you less time than it usually does to realize, good job!”

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34. Twin Dating Trouble

I am a twin (fraternal). I have dated an identical twin twice before. This first time his twin developed a sixth sense for "incoming romantic attention" and would hunch his shoulder before or whenever I walked up behind him. The other guy claimed he couldn't possibly date just one woman, because he had just found out his twin was gay, and he needed to "make up" for it.

Yeah...we didn't date after that. Both times our parents thought it was "SOOO PERFECT."

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35. That’s My Sister

It was always the most embarrassing when people would often mistake us for a couple, because we’re fraternal twins, and don’t even look like siblings. The one that stands out the most is when we were volunteering at a nursing home, and an old man gave me a quarter while gesturing to my brother and said, “What a cute couple! Go and get yourselves some soda pops...Or maybe just one!”

After letting him laugh, and feel clever for a little bit, we told him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dying man want to die so badly. He let us keep the quarter, though.

Identical Twin Stories FactsFlickr,Stuart Richards

36. Call and Apologize

Alrighty so, I am an identical twin (female). One day my twin, her husband, and I went over to our mom's house. Our older sister was there visiting with our two nieces and nephew. This was the day my brother-in-law finally mixed us up. A little extra back story: my brother-in-law had just finished working a 32-hour shift.

So, he was very tired and "slap happy" at this point. Also, without planning it my twin and I were both wearing red T-shirts and jeans. So, my twin and I are chatting with our mom, and my twin is holding our youngest niece. My brother-in-law steps out to use the restroom. Well, in that time our niece decided she wanted me to hold her, so I take her from my twin.

My brother-in-law comes back from the bathroom and puts his hands on my waist. I lean to the side and ask, "What are you doing?" He says, "Nothing, you ok?" And I respond, "Yeah, I'm fine." With a very puzzled look on my face. He then proceeds to kiss my cheek and smack my butt! Mind you, my twin is standing four feet away from us. She looks at him and goes, "Babe?" He walks over next to her and says, "Yeah?"

All of a sudden a look of horror spreads across his face, he smacks his hands to the sides of his cheeks (like the cover of Home Alone) and screams, "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" He runs outside while my twin and I fall to the floor laughing. He comes back eventually and starts rambling saying he needs to call my husband and apologize for kissing me and smacking my butt. While he is frantically calling my husband, we are still rolling on the floor trying to catch our breath.

Moral of the story, double-check which twin you are approaching, or else you will make a very funny mistake.

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37. On The Wedding Day

My cousin married a twin and accidentally groped the wrong tush at their wedding reception in front of both families. No alcohol involved, but there were some tempers and some tears.

Identical Twin Stories FactsPixabay

38. Put That in Private

When my twin and I were younger we shared a laptop between us for school work, and such. One day, I put the computer down to do something and when I came back the slide show screen saver was on. This is how I found out that my twin was into gay porn. The idiot saved all of his porn to the photos library of our computer, and the slide show screen saver displayed it to our entire family in all of its glory.

It was an awkward dinner that night.

Identical Twin Stories FactsFlickr,Rafiq Sarlie

39. Brother Beware

I was dating a twin and one time, we were being intimate in his room while his brother was asleep on the couch. He had one of those bathrooms with two doors, one going into the bedroom, and one going out to the living room. After we finished I went to the bathroom, you know, as ladies do. I was still completely naked.

His twin brother came into the bathroom from the living room. I didn’t realize it was his twin at first, and I grabbed him. He didn’t stop me at all. In fact, he pulled me more toward the living room door to go out of the bathroom with him. That’s when I realized it wasn’t my dude. I told him to stop, and pulled away and went back into the bedroom.

I told the guy I was dating the next day that his twin brother followed me into the bathroom, and tried to get me to go with him, while still completely naked, out to the living room. He acted shocked and was bothered that his brother did this, but I still can’t help but think this might be something that they do, like take turns with girls. I don’t date him anymore.

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40. Take a Hike!

A long time ago, my grandmother Joan was dating someone and he wanted to take her hiking. But when the time came, she really just didn’t feel like it. So, her sister Jean took her place for the afternoon and went hiking. Their younger sister Kathy started taunting the boyfriend when he got home with Jean—she kept singing “I know something you don’t know.” I think she eventually gave it away.

Tipping Point in Relationship factsPixabay

41. Who’s Your Mommy

After my grandmother, Joan, got married and had a few kids and her sister Jean had become a nun, they tried an experiment on my uncle, who was a toddler at the time. They switched clothes so that Joan was wearing a nun habit, and Jean was in regular mom clothes, then they both went into my uncle’s room after he woke up from his nap.

He stared at them for a few seconds and then reached out for Joan, his mother, in the habit. He somehow just knew.

Sailors Unexplainable Things FactsMax Pixel


42. Out of Hand

I was friends with this girl who had an identical twin sister. They were impossible to tell apart. They always dressed the same, had the same haircut, or style, everything was the same. The only difference is that one was the sweetest girl you could ever meet, and the other was basically Satan. So one day at school I thought that Satan wasn't there that day because I didn't see both walk in that morning, so I go up to the "sweet" one to ask how her day was going.

Next thing I know, I get slapped in the face as hard as she could. I was like, "what the heck did I do??" Then she started laughing her maniacal laugh when she is pleased by hurting someone, that's when I realized that it was Satan the whole time. Later that day, I told the sweet one what happened, and she just starts laughing like I was joking, then she tells me that she is really sweet, she's just mean to guys she likes.

Needless to say, that was the last time I ever got those two mixed up.

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