Deranged Relationships

August 5, 2021 | Sammy Tran

Deranged Relationships

Nobody wants to be alone—but it has to be better than these psychotic relationships. We're going to lay off the dating apps for a while after reading these stories.

1. Pulling A Fast One

In my early teenage years, right around the time I was just 15, I found myself experiencing life far ahead of my peers. It was at that tender age I was thrust into a situation that many adults find overwhelming—fatherhood. 

The supposed mother-to-be was my girlfriend at the time, merely a year older than me. But we were in for a ride that neither of us was prepared for.

She was pregnant and we'd both mutually concluded that I was the father. I dove headfirst into what I believed was my duty, my responsibility. Like any studious teen, I attended the parent preparation courses, devoured every parenting book I could get my hands on, and labored hard on weekends as well as nights, scrimping and saving every penny my 15-year-old life could allow.

One day, the call I had been anxiously awaiting came in. My then-girlfriend was in labor and without wasting a second, I had someone rush me to the emergency room. Her labor lasted approximately six hours—mercifully a relatively short duration. 

However, not all went smoothly. The baby was born with complications, specifically with the umbilical cord wrapped perilously around its tiny neck. The doctor rushed to assure us everything was going to work out though I could see the nurses rapidly put measures in place for any potential emergencies. 

With every passing minute tinged with worry, I observed the newborn, who had a faint purplish hue, ushered away for immediate attention. The nurses, with the utmost professionalism, placed the tiniest available mask on the baby’s face—I presume to administer much-needed oxygen in that tense situation.

The infant was kept under close observation for the entire night as I stayed with the mother in the recuperation room. By the following evening, the baby was brought back to us, looking much healthier and already seeming well on the mend. With the main hurdle apparently behind us, the hospital room settled into a semblance of normalcy.

Late in the evening, while my girlfriend peacefully slept, the same nurse from the previous night entered and quietly called me out of the room. As we stepped into a dimly lit hallway, she confessed to bending the rules of her profession...and she shared something personal with me.

In my mind, an endless loop of the nurse’s words plays out even today. She gently but firmly informed me that the newborn was not my own. There was a high likelihood that the baby, who was of mixed race, couldn't be mine, owing to us both being white.

This shocking revelation triggered a tornado of emotions leaving me shell-shocked. Never one to shy away from the truth, I immediately woke up my girlfriend for some much-needed clarity on the matter. 

It turns out, she had known all along about the possibility but hadn't shared it because of familial issues—profoundly due to her father's bigotry and stern conventional views.

I left the hospital that day, allowing myself some time to digest this unexpected turn. A few weeks later, I was served legal documents mandating a child support payment. Fast forward another six weeks or so, a DNA test duly confirmed that there was 0% possibility of me being the baby’s biological father.

With retrospect as my guide, I look back filled with gratitude for that kind-hearted nurse. Despite putting her job on the line, she shielded me from a potential emotional and legal minefield. Wherever she is, I hope she's enjoying a life as wonderful as the one she saved me from.

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2. Ditched

After my ex-wife won custody of our three children and I was required to pay a significant portion of my pay cheque for child support, I had to relocate to the barracks. Without telling me before moving out of state—in violation of the divorce decree - she made certain that I'd lose touch with my children. 

But the strangest part is yet to come. A few years after the divorce, she decided she didn't want to be a mother anymore. In a surprising turn, she joined a carnival, leaving our girls to fend for themselves without warning them or me. She informed my eldest daughter of her departure a few days later, instructing her to call me. 

They hadn't reached out to me sooner because they had gotten used to their mother's occasional absences. Today, all of my children are adults with their own families. After they began living with me, they realized that their mother's negative portrayal of me was unfounded. 

There was a heartwarming twist—they happily agreed to be legally adopted by my beloved partner; someone I wouldn't have met if I hadn't been divorced. Only one of my children maintains a relationship with her biological mother.

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3. Who Didn’t Let The Dog Out?

Once upon a time, there was a woman, my mother's close friend, embroiled in the throes of a divorce. The decision had been made—she would remain in their marital house while her soon-to-be-ex-husband moved out. 

She graciously decided to stay away while he packed up his belongings, hoping to minimize confrontation. Little did she know her husband was nurturing a revenge plot...

The husband's tool for revenge was nothing other than their beloved family dog, a loyal Malamute with a soft heart and—under unfortunate circumstances—a rather upset stomach.

 Amidst his packing, the husband found it fit to feed the innocent pup a laxative before locking her inside the master bedroom. The upset in her tummy quickly turned into an uncontrollable mess all over their room.

The poor Malamute, a well-behaved sweetheart, was so traumatized by the 'accidents' that she frantically tried to dig a way out of the door. It was a pitiful sight that broke my heart into a million pieces. The silver lining is the wife managed to save the dog from further harm when she returned.

But there was a good turn of events—the husband's cruel act led him to face charges of animal maltreatment, evidence which greatly bolstered the wife's case in retaining custody of their children. A breach of trust turned into an indisputable proof of character—or the lack of, in this case. 

The husband's ill-devised joke boomeranged back at him in an unexpected way. It's quite amusing how just desserts find their way back to you, isn't it? So, remember, karma has its own unique way of leveling the field.

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4. The Past Is Present

Let me relate to you a story my brother once shared with me, about a former colleague of his, an immigrant from Eastern Europe. This man had moved to the USA years ago to begin his family life. 

His son, having grown up, met a wonderful girl and they decided to get hitched. However, life had its own plans and they found themselves expecting a baby before they could even think about a grand wedding ceremony.

Despite the detours, the air was buzzing with joy and excitement for the imminent arrival of the new family member. The expectant father was over the moon and they ended up having a rather intimate celebration before the baby's arrival. The grand moment finally arrived and a baby boy was born. 

But, there was a surprising twist—the newborn had a skin tone that was significantly darker compared to both the parents, causing an uproar from the new father. Sorrow and rage blinded him; he accused his wife of infidelity, disowned their newborn, and stormed out of the delivery room, leaving the perplexed mother to face the aftermath.

Following this tumultuous outburst, the man returned home. Still trapped in his bubble of rage and hurt, he proceeded to burden his family with his accusations against his wife. The family was stunned. It was hard for them to believe that their son's innocent young wife could betray him like that. Sadness loomed over the entire household.

Amidst this turmoil, someone decided to clear the air. It was the family matriarch, the grandmother who was usually quiet, sitting in a dimly lit corner. She revealed a long-hidden secret from her past. Back during some conflict, she had a summer romance with a French soldier—a Black French soldier. 

She found herself pregnant, and given the social norms of her time, she had to keep the baby. Shortly after, she met her future husband, and they lived as if the baby was his own.

Luckily for her, her baby turned out to be as pale as a snowflake. This made it easier for her to maintain her secret. Little did she know, the gene for darker skin was stowed away in her lineage. Her grandson had carried this dormant gene which decided to show itself in his son. The family was astounded but understood the turn of events.

Armed with an old photograph of the French soldier, the family went back to the hospital. Apologies were exchanged, the husband and wife made amends, and a family was reunited.

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5. Oops Baby

Once upon a time in our marriage, I maintained absolute faithfulness to my husband. After the birth of our second munchkin, he decided it was time for a vasectomy. This decision was made so we could enjoy our life together without the worry of adding any more little ones to our brood. 

Can you imagine my shock when, about a year later, I discovered that I was pregnant again? The surprise was short-lived, as I sadly miscarried subsequently. In the wake of this surprising and tragic event—a peculiarly puzzling pregnancy—I found myself nervously spiralling. 

I had been completely devoted to my husband; there was no possible way I could have slipped. However, I couldn't shake the fear that others may unfairly judge me and think otherwise. My thoughts drowned in the anticipation of being accused for a crime I never committed.

In the end, the truth was revealed. My dear husband, in his embarrassment, had chickened out of the traditional "cup" procedure at the doctor's office —the post-vasectomy sperm count test. It turns out, he still had some active swimmers, which explained the unwanted pregnancy and necessitated further "therapy."

That day undoubtedly goes down as the most jittery of my life. Picture this—an innocent woman fearing the gnawing judgment of society when she knows she's perfectly innocent—A chilling thought, indeed!

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6. Life’s Better

When my wife and I were still married, she began an affair and ended up pregnant with her lover's child. The unusual part—he was also a married man. She harbored fantasies that he would abandon his wife so they could unite in matrimony. After securing legal representation, she proceeded to initiate a divorce. Not to be left behind, I too enlisted a lawyer.

However, the twist in the story came from his side. He was groomed to inherit his father-in-law's business, thus securing a comfortable career for himself. The realization of this threatened comfort triggered a spiral of confession leading to reconciliation with his wife, effectively cutting my wife off.

In the wake of this abrupt rejection, my wife ludicrously declared me to be the father of her unborn child. An impossibility, given the fact that we had been physically separated for far longer than her pregnancy. However, she audaciously propagated this misinformation everywhere.

Initially, she had brought the divorce request to our lawyers, but given the current turn of events, I took matters into my own hands. I became the petitioner, and specifically, I disputed my alleged paternity. Moving out of our shared home, I began to encounter a vexing issue—she was stalking me. 

I was working in the research department at an army base, a civilian among military police officers—not the type of place anyone should try to forcefully enter. Unable to tolerate her allegations, they detained her, and she had the audacity to call me for help, which I refused.

After obtaining a restraining order against her, which was repeatedly violated, she made large demands for settlement—two cars, our home, all its contents, savings, my retirement account as well as seven years of alimony. I offered a compromise of equally splitting our assets and absolutely no monetary support.

When her child was born, she attempted to register my name as the father. However, having successfully disputed paternity, this attempt was foiled, driving her back to her lover, who was far from thrilled to be involved.

After the dust of the proceedings had settled, we split our assets evenly. Our house was sold and she received no alimony, and I remained uninvolved with her child. Even after the divorce, she tried to make contact under the pretense of chatting—a clear violation of the restraining order which I chose not to report.

About six months post-divorce, I accepted a job on the other side of the country. I opted not to share this with anyone except my family. As my former friends leaned towards believing in her false paternity claims, I felt no obligation to fill them in on my plans.

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7. Messed Up

This takes me back to a tough time during my childhood when my parents were in the middle of a divorce. My father was not an easy person to deal with, unkind and manipulative to say the least. 

On top of that, he was involved in illicit activities such as substance dealing, and unfortunately, physical and emotional abuse. It was quite a package! Even though my mother mustered the courage to leave him eventually, the court granted him visitation rights.

During this time, my younger sister and I, both of whom were under ten years old, were constantly pestered by his family. They tried to coax us into influencing our mom to reconnect with him. Navigating through all this at such a tender age was one heck of an ordeal, and it was hard to see our mom in such a predicament.

Eventually, our mom agreed to see him. A meeting was arranged for him to spend time with us and for our mom to pick us up from the designated meeting spot, which was a public transport station. Much to our dismay, upon meeting, they began to quarrel. He lost control and threw one of his infamous tantrums. Without warning, he lashed out and tried to assault our mother.

Little did he realize, his inexcusable actions unfolded directly in front of a vigilant officer from the Los Angeles Police Department. Immediately recognizing the urgency of the situation, he rushed to intervene.

The fear that took over my dad's face when he realized his wrongdoing was palpable. He immediately released my mother. It was on that day that I fully grasped the depth of my father's severe personality disorder. I decided then and there that I wanted no part of his destructive world or his fanatically religious family.

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8. Chosen Family

It's pretty likely that my future husband’s father isn't his biological parent. His mother, who was far from being a good person, made no effort to cover up her infidelity. Regardless, his father adored him the minute he was born...but his life would never be the same.

When his mother decided four years later that she didn’t want him anymore, she left him with his "dad" and departed without looking back. His dad later remarried and they tried to have kids, eventually discovering his sperm count was too low for him to naturally father kids—they ended up adopting many years later. 

When my fiancé was 13, his dad sat him down and explained everything. He offered to get a test if my fiancé wanted it, leaving it entirely up to him. Overwhelmed with emotion, my fiancé simply said he wanted him to be his dad—and that was that. They didn't pursue it any further.

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9. A Different Tuna

The course of our relationship had been a journey of roughly six to eight months; we'd even decided to cohabit for about two months of that time. One day, I got this spontaneous idea to prepare tuna salad, something I'd never done before. I was curious and inquired about his preferred way of making it. 

Following his instructions, I soon returned with two small bowls. Each held a uniquely prepared version of the tuna salad: one was created according to his tastes and instructions, and I customized the other to suit my taste buds.

To my surprise, his reaction was more intense than I had anticipated. He thoroughly lost his marbles over our divergent dietary preferences. His exact words ate at me: "If we can't come to a unanimous agreement regarding a simple thing like the method of having tuna, how can we expect this relationship to function properly?" 

His outburst left me shocked but I calmly retorted, "We don’t have to see eye to eye on everything. We are different individuals, after all. We should respect each other's individuality and enjoy the tuna salad just the way we each like it."

His vehement disagreement took me by surprise. That incident made me aware of his other dominant tendencies, his controlling nature, and unwillingness to make sacrifices or adjustments for our relationship to function smoothly. Unfortunately, it was a late realization. 

Our physical relationship didn't end that day, but the mental bond and emotional connection we had was irrevocably damaged. Adding fuel to the fire was his unfaithful behavior.

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10. Scam Alert

Yesterday, my companion and I were strolling through the hustle and bustle of the mall. We discovered a quaint little kiosk bearing the mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked cookies. So nostalgic, so enticing—I was inevitably lured in. 

The one single cookie I initially intended to buy suddenly multiplied, tantalized by an offer from the pleasant lady behind the counter. She promised that with the purchase of two cookies, a third would be complimentary, a delightful bonus that I couldn't resist.

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11. Watching You

In this story, there was a moment where I was genuinely petrified, fearing for my personal well-being. My visit turned sour with a heated argument ensuing between us, forcing me to sleep on the cold, unforgiving floor. 

My discomfort was somewhat eased by the thought that she had already gone to sleep. In need of escape, I covertly crept into the bathroom and began to text a friend, hoping they would orchestrate my rescue.

Then, out of the blue, a chill-inducing text from her popped up on my screen, "Where are you?" Compounding the panic, my phone betrayed my hiding place by emitting a sound. That noise shocked me into a state of petrified paralysis. When I finally gathered the courage to emerge, I cautiously opened the door.

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12. Dancing The Night Away

So I met this interesting young lady on Tinder and we decided to set up a coffee date. It was a cool atmosphere with both of us sharing common ground, especially when it came to our musical preferences. 

Amid our chit-chat, she let me on that one of our mutual favorite artists was scheduled to play at the neighborhood club the following Friday. I thought it'd be a great idea if we went together and even proposed dinner before the event.

So when Friday riffled in, we decided to enjoy a late sushi dinner followed by a tryst at the club for the much-anticipated show starting around 10.

The main act, the one we were looking forward to, was expected to headline the stage at midnight. Upon arrival at the club, we managed to get our orders in at the bar and promptly moved to the dance floor. Quick on her feet, my date downed her drink and declared she was off to get another. 

Shortly after, she returned, planted a quick kiss on my cheek and made a bee line for the dance floor. I'm not one to stifle anyone's freedom so I figured she just had a different way of enjoying the ambience. It wasn't a huge concern. But then, twenty minutes later, I cast my glance across the dance hall—and my heart sunk into my stomach. 

There she was, getting comfortable with some other guy. At that point, my mind had already virtually fast-forwarded to my car. But a part of me was curious to see her reaction when she noticed me.

No sooner had they started making out did the guy catch me checking them out. Without wasting time, she disappeared to get another drink while the guy came forward to confront me. After I quickly ran him through the scenario, he retorted, "Tough luck, man. She's with me now. Move along." I decided to take his advice and left.

So I ended up hanging out with a friend at his place, playing a game of Catan until 2am. Then, out of the blue, my phone rang. It was her, calling at 2.30am, puzzled as to why my car was no longer in the parking lot. I calmly told her that I had gone home and she would have to figure out her ride. 

I sarcastically suggested, "Maybe that guy you were with could give you a ride," to which she candidly replied, "which one." We had only shared a peck on the cheek and had zero make-out sessions. I was amused, quickly ended the call, and went back to winning more bricks in the game.

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13. Too Close For Comfort

Here's a story about a young woman who found herself in quite the predicament. Prior to her delivery, she learned she was pregnant with her beau's best buddy's child—yes, you read that right. This revelation came a mere week before the baby made his appearance. 

Once he did, it was evident who his father truly was, the resemblance was uncanny. I happened to be the one to impart this distressing news to our clueless friend, the supposed father. His reaction? Crushed would be an understatement. His parents, too, were heartbroken, consumed with rage.

It's worth noting that the support from the presumed dad and his parents was unwavering throughout the pregnancy. They went to great lengths to ensure the expecting mother was well-equipped, even splurging on a lavish $500 car seat and stroller set-up. However, when the truth was revealed, the girl refused to return any of their generous gifts.

Fast forward to the birth of the baby, the girl and the friend decided to commit to a relationship. Today, a decade later, they're still going strong. But here's where the story takes a particularly harsh turn. The ex-boyfriend and his best friend, they happened to be neighbors. Seeing their everyday bliss was inescapable.

And so, she moved into the friend’s home immediately after her discharge from the hospital, directly next door to her ex-beau and his family. The child they once believed to be part of their family was now living just a stone's throw away, being raised by someone they'd never envisioned. 

Just imagine that—it's hard to come to terms with such a cruel twist. Oh, what a life!

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14. It’s What’s Inside That Counts

In a more conversational and picturesque language, here's how the narrative goes. So, picture this. One day, I went to have a vasectomy. You know, the surgical procedure for male sterilization or permanent contraception. 

While the procedure was underway, I struck up a fun conversation with my doctor. He started sharing this incredibly unusual story about another patient he had treated recently—a compelling and somewhat baffasling narrative.

So, this other patient was a family guy, already a father to three lovely children. He walked into the clinic one day to get a vasectomy because, after much deliberation, he and his wife had concluded that their family was now complete. 

But when the doctor began the operation, he received quite the surprise. As he prepared to perform the standard "snip-snip" procedure as he'd always done, he realized there was nothing to cut.

It turns out, this man was born with a condition that rendered him biologically infertile. His body naturally lacked the usual components necessary for procreation—a fact he had been oblivious to all his life! The poor doctor was then saddled with the task of relaying this unexpected information to his patient.

Imagine being in that patient's shoes! Finding out in such an abrupt and unexpected way about this hidden aspect of your physicality, after having lived through and emotionally invested in the experience of being a father to three children. It must have been nothing short of a staggering revelation.

What an odd twist of events, right? And it makes you think about the unexpected surprises life often throws at you when you least expect them. It's all in the timing, isn't it?

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15. Double Trouble

Before I stepped into the role of a nurse, I was employed in a lab. An incident that's etched deep in memory involves a pair of twins that were born prematurely and admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 

The mother was recovering from a cesarean section in the operating room while I was present near Baby B, performing a blood draw. Soon enough, the mother was brought over to the isolette holding Baby A.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she saw her baby and she emitted a small sigh of relief, exclaiming, "Oh my, you're not Black! I've been so stressed over the past seven months, wondering about this."

Newborn babies, especially preterm ones, tend to have a rosy, almost reddish skin tone. So if a baby is partly Black, it doesn’t necessarily reflect in their skin color immediately after birth. But there was no denying the undeniable truth my medical training revealed. Both babies were clearly going to be Black. 

Not only the facial structure and unique hair texture but also the strong Mongolian spot, common among African American babies, that was visible on Baby B.

Over the upcoming weeks, there was a significant development, as conveyed by my coworker in the NICU. The twins' status had been updated to a "no-info mode," signaling a security concern. We couldn’t disclose any details about them or even refer to them by their names. 

She narrated how the mother's husband, who was Caucasian, had discovered the twins as half-Black, leading to an argument and accusations of infidelity. A final twist to the tale was the arrival of the biological father; a dark-skinned man, unaware of the fact that the mother was even married. 

Amid this dramatic turn of events, my heart went out to those innocent newborns.

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16. Too Young To Love

During my tenure in labor and delivery, I had an experience that will remain etched in my memory forever. One day, we received a very young expectant mother in our care, who was merely 12 years old. Her parents were with her, visibly tense and carrying with them an overbearing aura, seeming rather unsympathetic.

They made repeated insinuations that their daughter was too young to be a parent, suggesting that she should've sought termination of the pregnancy. The mother maintained a quiet composure, and yet one could see the silent tears rolling down her cheeks—a profound manifestation of her inner turmoil.

Amid her painful labor, I received a call from an apparent child, claiming to be her boyfriend. The girl's father was adamantly against any visitation from the boy at the hospital. Things quickly got tense.

Following my professional duties, I informed him that medical confidentiality precluded me from divulging any details, but assured him that he could connect with her afterward.

I relayed his call to her, after which she showed me his picture. He was a young boy, the quintessential gawky teenager with straight red hair and freckles, utterly contrasting with the later visitor—her Phys. Ed. teacher. 

The teacher was a complete antithesis of her boyfriend, tall and muscular, with an enchanting smile and rich, chocolate-toned skin. It was unusual for teachers to take such interest, but then the whole scenario was far from usual.

The process of labor rolled on, with the young girl's father accompanying her to the delivery room. An unusual choice, but I anticipated an amplification of emotions. With every push, her sobs became louder, punctuated by her repeated apologies to her father.

Then came the shocking part—in the end, her labor bore fruit in the form of a beautiful, chocolate-skinned baby boy. The sudden revelation caused the father to sway, almost passing out. I quickly ushered him into a chair, continuing with the usual celebratory announcement—"It's a boy!"—carefully avoiding any unnecessary commentary. 

After handing over the baby to a nursery nurse, I turned to the young mother to witness her continued apologies to her parents. Her mother, with an aghast expression, started a fervent prayer, asking for divine forgiveness.

Eventually, I advised the father to vent his emotions at home, arranging for a counselling session before bidding him farewell. In a subsequent conversation with the girl, she made agitating revelations about her 'special' relationship with her gym teacher, after which I found myself in the position of having to explain the dynamics of intimacy to her.

Given my legal duty to report child mistreatment, I made a formal report promptly. Two weeks later, a series of unfortunate decisions led to her baby's adoption. As I reminisce this 1989 event, my heart goes out to that innocent soul, hoping she found a peaceful escape from her challenging circumstances.

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17. Crisis Averted

My wife and I share similar physical features being brown-skinned and dark-haired, both of us being half-Mexican. Our mothers, however, couldn't be more different, they are both full-blooded Caucasians with light-colored hair—one blonde, one a beautiful white-blonde, and possessing striking green and blue eyes respectively. 

Given our diverse ethnicity, we always understood that our baby's appearance would be a surprise, a kind of genetic lottery. However, it seems our delivery nurse was taken aback and oblivious of this particular fact.

During the childbirth process, she became visibly uncertain and called for more hands on deck. A more experienced, perhaps of higher rank, colleague was called to aid her.

This senior nurse, after an understanding nod, approached me. Her serious demeanor made me assume that there could be something amiss with the baby. She fumbled with a few questions before getting straight to the crux. With mounting apprehension, she asked me if I had been blonde during childhood. 

I replied that yes, both myself and the grandparents of the baby sported light-colored hair when they were young. Instantaneously, her face lit up in comprehension and obvious relief. Guiding me, she showed our beautiful light-haired baby, his head visible, in the process of being born.

Interestingly, as our child grew up, he took after my facial features but with a much fairer complexion, possibly an endearing blend of all his grandparents. This unique heritage often stirs up queries, to which my witty wife would tease, "Yeah, we're not quite certain either if he's really mine." 

Observing the people's perplexed reactions as they initially nod and then frown in confusion always makes for an amusing sight.

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18. Done And Dusted

Back in my college days, I had a close friend who found himself in a rather unexpected situation. His fiancée was with child, and they were largely seen as the epitome of the ideal couple. 

They were both on the right path, carving out successful careers and seemingly living a picture-perfect, storybook romance, with all the bells, whistles, butterflies and rainbows.

As time moved on, they entered an exciting new chapter —the moment of childbirth. Inside the bustling delivery room, a baby was born. The baby, however, had deeply dark skin, which was striking given the fact that the couple were both fair-skinned. 

He, a pale redhead and her, with blonde hair and blue eyes, straight out of a Texas ranch romance novel. In response, he checked to ensure everyone's well-being, patiently awaited the arrival of her parents, and then, without uttering a word, exited the scene.

With an icy resolve, he packed his belongings while she was still in the hospital and severed all ties with her. I had never witnessed such decisive detachment. They had shared a beautiful partnership spanning nine years, and yet, he departed abruptly, frigidly, leaving no room for discussion or reconciliation. 

His absence was felt heavily; she reached out to him several times through his workplace, but success was on his side. He began to climb the corporate ladder and subsequently accepted a position in a different city.

Once, during a casual conversation, he expressed a semblance of relief rooted in an unusual source. He found comfort in knowing her family had already invested a considerable amount of $10,000 for a wedding that never materialized. It was a bittersweet consolation, but it was his nonetheless.

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19. Slow News Day

Once upon a time, I was working closely with a colleague whose wife was expecting their first child. As is standard tradition at most workplaces, we threw him a wonderful surprise baby shower. 

Everyone in our company got together to celebrate the upcoming arrival, generously contributing gifts, money, and blessings for the soon-to-be-parents. It was truly a joyful and exciting time for all of us in anticipation of the bundle of joy. I remember the day the baby was due to arrive; she was driven to the hospital in a rush, her water having broken.

Yet, upon their arrival at the hospital, things took a vastly unexpected turn. His wife had shocking news that she heartlessly revealed in the most unimaginable manner possible. She confessed to him that he was not the biological father of the baby she was about to deliver. 

Moreover, to add more complexity to the situation, she divulged that the baby would be of a different race. She callously instructed him to drop her off at the hospital and then carry on without her.

My colleague was thrown into unimaginable turmoil. He took several days off from work to gather his thoughts and his life. Within this time, he sought out a new apartment, moving all his belongings from his shared home, before filing for divorce. 

Upon calling our workplace to inform someone of his current circumstances, the news traveled rapidly, spreading like wildfire through our work community. All the joyous congratulatory cards and well wishes were solemnly collected and discarded. The workplace became an environment filled with solemn empathy for him. 

However, through a sheer stroke of unexplainable fortune or misfortune, I was the last one to hear the devastating news. Upon his return to work, I unknowingly strolled into the office that he shared with six other colleagues. 

I enthusiastically greeted him, assuming his newly endowed fatherhood must certainly have been a joyous journey so far. I asked him about his sleep patterns, requested to see pictures of the newborn, and happily referred to him as 'Daddio.' His reaction, however, was far from cheerful. 

His face wore a pained expression as he gazed at me, heavy silence filling up the room at the same time. A co-worker sprang to his feet, gently catching hold of my arm to lead me out of the office, his fingers over his lips signaling the urgent need for quiet.

Taken aback, I inquired about what could be wrong. My mind raced with possible explanations—had the baby not survived? To say I was taken aback when I heard the full story would be an understatement. The news left me shell-shocked for days.

Even after three decades, I still reminisce about the events, carrying with me a great sense of regret and sympathy for my colleague, a sentiment that time has so far been unable to erase.

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20. Calm And Uncollected 

Once upon a time, my daily grind was stationed in the newborn nursery of a local hospital. Our responsibility was to receive the infants straight from childbirth. After we welcomed them into the world, we would lovingly clean the babies, leaving them so fresh and so clean. 

We'd also make sure to capture their tiny footprints, an adorable keepsake for the parents. We'd conduct essential health checks to ensure their vitals were in order. It was all in a day's work.

Normally, the proud daddy would stride in following the birth, cradling the newborn in his arms, their faces often exhibiting a mix of awe and joy. However, one particular day will always stand out vividly in my memory. A father walked into the nursery, holding his infant. 

His features were unmistakably Caucasian, as were his wife's. But the baby he held in his arms was clearly of a different race. The atmosphere around him was dense with silent confusion and pain.

While standing next to his baby, who was getting cleaned up, he wore a stoic expression. His eyes, fixated on his baby, held a depth of sadness and disbelief. In a barely audible whisper, he said, "I don't believe this child is mine." The devastation in his voice was palpable. His world seemed to have crumbled in that moment.

Keeping his best interest in mind, we counselled him to refrain from signing the birth certificate until he was completely certain. It was a tough situation, and we wanted to ensure he had all the facts before making any hasty decisions. His unsure glance lingered on us as we sent the baby back out to his wife in the maternity ward.

I confess, I have no knowledge of what transpired thereafter. I only hope that things worked out for the best. But as he left the nursery that day, my heart ached for him. The memory of that sorrowful father lingers, reminding me of the very human emotions that my profession exposes me to.

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21. Dinosaurs? What Dinosaurs?

A little while back, I aligned with this lovely lass through Tinder. We immediately hit it off, struck by this titillating sense of camaraderie, we indulged in great, meaningful text conversations spanning several months. 

Being considerate of her busy schedule, I never insisted on arranging a face-to-face meeting. The virtual companionship we had going was satisfying—just sharing texts made me quite happy.

During one such amazing chat exchange, I made a light-hearted joke, not knowing it would open doors to an awe-inspiring discussion. This conversation took a fascinating detour to the topic of the age of our dear planet Earth—she was convinced it was no older than 6,000 years.

That's not all; she also held the rather radical stance that our giant extinct friends—the dinosaurs—never roamed the Earth. By her account, she had taken the time to study all the existing scientific evidence related to these subjects and rejected them as fabrications. 

Instead, she emphatically claimed that every letter of the Bible was the absolute truth. Found within this book, according to her, was the complete and utterly accurate account of Earth's history.

I must confess, the conversational turn was a bit too much for me to digest. Yeah, I quickly bowed out of that one—No thank you. I didn't feel like sticking around to discover any more of her unconventional ideas. Her eccentric theories were a raft adrift too far off my intellectual comfort zone. 

I didn't want to ride that wave of potentially nonsensical ideas.

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22. Switched At Birth

Once upon a time, about four decades ago, an amusing and somewhat alarming event transpired with my husband's family. Back then, it was standard for the newborns to be taken away immediately following birth in order to be appropriately cleaned and checked over.

In their eager anticipation, my husband's parents were waiting patiently for their little one to be brought back to them. But when the nurses presented the babe to his dad, a look of shock crossed his face. With an odd mix of bewilderment and firmness, he declared, "No, this is not my son!"

The nurse tried to reassure him, putting on a gentle smile, and said, "Oh, definitely he's your son. Guess what, sometimes babies’ appearances change dramatically once they're all clean." But the father wouldn't be swayed so easily, adamantly declaring "No! I'm certain... That's not my son!"

Just when things were starting to get tense, a dramatic outcry echoed down the corridor. It was another new father, his voice quivering with unrestrained disbelief, "WHAT ON EARTH, THIS BABY IS WHITE! YOU'VE DECEIVED ME?!" 

The nurses on duty shared panicked glances, their calm demeanor completely shattered by the accusation. Suddenly, the enormity of the situation dawned on them.

With an apologetic mumble of “Give me a moment to sort this out,” our nurse scooped up our baby and rushed off. Lo and behold, an unfortunate baby mix-up had happened! Oh, the comedy and horror wrapped up in that moment! They had accidentally swapped the newborns. 

As they returned with the correct infant, everyone chuckled and breathed a sigh of relief. Looking back at it now, it makes for an excellent family tale; a nugget of humor and high-drama in our family's history. But phew! Just imagine if they hadn't noticed it right away! Wouldn't that be something?

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23. Tie Her Down

She arrived home in a fit of rage, tossing things around and storming into our room. She hurled her phone at me, accusing me of not loving her, and with frustration running high, she even punched me multiple times. The authorities had to intervene.

Following this episode, I initiated divorce proceedings, but things spiraled out from there. Child Protective Services (CPS) decided it would be safer for our kids to stay at her parents' place due to the domestic violence charges against her. 

Despite the challenges, she stubbornly remained in the house, intentionally preventing me from seeing our kids. Fearing false accusations if she hurt herself, I chose to always bring company when I had to visit the house. Eventually, she grew tired of this arrangement and decided to empty the house while I was at work one day. 

She packed up everything except our kids' belongings, effectively gutting the house of everything from curtains to ceiling fans, and even most furniture pieces. Despite the shock, I took a small consolation in her departure, deciding to change the door locks. 

To my surprise, she broke in the following day while I was at work, removing the locks and leaving our doors vulnerable. Her trail of chaos didn't stop there. She proceeded to remove the window locks, sever the power cord to the garage-door opener, and even made off with my mom's blender that I had borrowed. 

To top it all off, she burst the air mattress I was using to sleep on and switched the house's main breaker off. When confronted at court, she provided the ridiculous excuse that someone else must have done all this. Hands down, she's the most unpredictable woman I've ever encountered.

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24. Unwanted Sugarbaby

A while back, my ex-boyfriend decided to covertly skim through my wallet while I was fast asleep. He stealthily copied down all my credit card details, which I was completely unaware of at the time. Simultaneously, he took things a step further by misusing a check from my checkbook. 

To add insult to injury, he fabricated multiple duplicate checks by utilizing some online software. Following these underhanded steps, he joyfully embarked on a reckless shopping spree that lasted for three consecutive days. This all took place in a different city; his apparent remoteness made it even harder for me to notice the incoming storm.

It unfortunately took me a while to realize what was unfolding right under my nose.

The financial devastation that ensued was massive. Checks were bouncing left and right, credit limits were crossed with careless abandon and panic started to set in. The financial catastrophe had mined a deep hole that begged immediate action.

I had to undergo weeks of stressful recovery steps that involved putting in claims and negotiating relentlessly with banks and credit card companies. It was a tedious process to recover the misappropriated funds and establish new accounts in place of the compromised ones. The whole experience was an epic financial debacle, nothing short of total carnage.

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25. They Love Me, They Love Me Not

This story begins when I was still in the early stages of dating a guy, just under six months in. Out of the blue, a relative who inhabited another province in the majestic country of Canada tragically passed away. The intent was for my caring mother and loving aunts to undertake the subsequent arrangements alone. 

But I couldn't shake off the feeling that it would prove too taxing for them, laden with heavy burdens both emotionally and physically, especially given the considerable amount of physical work required to sort through my late uncle's personal effects.

Having maintained a passion for weight training, I was accustomed to managing heavy weights. I felt an innate obligation to support my family in this regard, sparing them from added pressure in such an emotional situation. Thus, I made the decision to step in and take control of the situation. 

I found myself packing up my beloved uncle's cherished possessions, organizing and sorting through his memories. With his truck fully loaded, I embarked on the long journey back home, an arduous 8-hour drive reminiscent of a road trip back into life after a significant loss. 

But the job didn't end there. I also took on the administrative duties, dealing with an array of paperwork, a skill honed from years of administrative experience. Being a part-time Ordained Minister, it was fitting, albeit deeply emotional, that I was entrusted with conducting the eulogy for the memorial service and cremation. 

I found no difficulty in fulfilling this duty, as it felt like an honor to be of service to my family during such trying times. However, amidst these tough circumstances, my boyfriend's inability to grasp the situation became an added stressor. Strangely, he kept incessantly calling me, imploring that I was being unfaithful to him. 

Matters escalated when he messaged my brother through social media, declaring a misinterpreted 'emergency.' This so-called 'emergency' turned out to be the fear that my uncle's passing had somehow dissolved my affection for him. It was a groundless and selfish assumption, an implication that couldn't be further from the truth. 

I chose to severe my connection with him as soon as I returned to the city, but this didn't deter him from pursuing me. 

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26. Kidnapper

In the thick of a pleasant weekend visit, my former spouse whisked away our children, packing their lives into boxes, before relocating to a quaint, small town just across the state boundary. It became our hide-and-seek game that dragged on for two grueling years before I could finally bring them home. 

Her missteps and poor judgments finally caught up with her in this unfamiliar town, leading her to retreat, defeated, to her parents' home. Understandably, her parents were disenchanted by their daughter's actions and, throughout everything, they provided me unwavering support. 

When the time came, they made a call that held my former spouse accountable and allowed me to reclaim my children. They informed me of her whereabouts, and forthwith, I took the drive that ended the elongated chase.

Fast forward over two decades, and the children have since matured rather well. I've found love again in my second marriage and my new wife has been nothing short of an angel to the kids—she's been their beacon in life's murky waters. 

It took herculean effort and endless patience to mend the damage caused, but the children have mostly healed, all but one lingering scar. 

My son has developed this inherent wariness around women in authority—a ripple effect of his mother's actions, while my daughter, afraid of falling into her mother's cycle, wrestles with the idea of having children of her own. Her fear stems from the belief that she might end up echoing her mother's failings, a notion that keeps her up at night.

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27. Looking For the Pre-Ball Cinderella

So there's this guy I've been seeing for a few weeks, but we were taking things slow. He's a single dad with two adorable little kids, but I hadn't had a chance to meet them as he wanted to keep his dating life separate for the time being. 

He was embroiled in this intense custody battle with their maternal mother; a situation that saw the kids end up with her after the split. However, he was convinced that she didn’t really desire their custody, an assumption he based on her living situation—with her parents, where she seemed to not care for the kids much.

So, one cool night, while I'm spending some time at his place, the conversation takes an unexpected turn. He starts painting this picture of our potential future life together. Here's what he outlined:

If we were to venture on a serious path, our lives would merge in some pretty significant ways. I’d move into his cozy apartment where I'd find myself deep in the throes of caring for his adorable kids and maintaining the household, all while he was away at work. 

He spoke as if our relationship had been spinning towards this perfect axis of a homemaker and a breadwinner and he would come home, tired from work, expecting dinner on the table.

He sat there, looking at me with a calm in his eyes, and asked me to mull over this proposition for a few days. In an even tone, he proposed an alternative of keeping our relationship purely on a physical level until he found someone who could take up this ‘full-time mom and housekeeper’ role in his life. 

Quite brazenly, he told me he'd cut all ties the moment this hypothetical woman walked into his life. Why was he putting forth these absurd conditions? Because, in his mind, his little ones needed a motherly figure and a tapering stability in their lives. 

The funny thing is I hadn't even met these kids yet! After some thought, I let him know that these conditions were not something I was comfortable with and I'm quite relieved to have done so.

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28. Looking For You

It's quite probable that my fiancé's dad isn't his biological father. His mother, who wasn't a good person at all, wasn't careful about hiding her unfaithfulness. Nonetheless, his dad cherished him since the day he was born. Four years later, when his mother decided to leave him, she handed him to his 'dad' and left. 

Things only continued to get worse. Later on, his dad married again and tried to have kids, but discovered he had low sperm count and couldn't naturally father any children, although they adopted some years after. When my fiancé was 13, his dad explained the situation to him and offered to do a paternity test if he wished. 

Tears welled up in my fiancé's eyes and he told his dad that he wanted him to be his father, nothing more. And that's where they left it.

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29. Warnings Galore

It can be easy to miss the signs if you're not looking for them, and at the time, I was incredibly naive. The clues were there, scattered like breadcrumbs, but I was blithely unaware.

I'd find handwritten notes tucked under the wiper on the windshield of my car, no matter whether I was at work, a friend's house, or just doing some mundane shopping at the local store. Initially, it warmed my heart, thinking they were sweet gestures. 

But later, I realized they carried an undercurrent of control, a way for my significant other to keep me under their constant watch, even if I hadn't told them where I was going.

A particularly chilling instance was when they casually slipped into a conversation the cost of hiring a hitman, noting that it was cheaper than what most people would expect. Initially, it rattled me, but then I wrote it off as some dark humor, just another part of their peculiar character perhaps.

They had an unnerving habit of playing mind games too. They would confide something in me and then later retract it, saying it was merely a lie or a test. Often, it was like I was supposed to intuitively understand this rather than anticipate honesty. 

The expectation was that I always picked up their calls, no matter what or when. Their temper would flare up if I ever suggested ending a call first, their anger sharp and unexpected.

Something that used to worry me and instigate a lot of internal conflict was their constant criticism of my friends and family. It seemed like nobody in my social circle escaped their disapproval. According to them, everyone I knew was manipulative or downright rude. 

It wasn't until our relationship ended that the sinister truth dawned on me—their relentless complaints were a calculated move to try and isolate me from my loved ones.

I've unpacked and repacked these experiences so many times, and even though hindsight introduced me to the ugly reality, it also taught me invaluable lessons about recognizing the red flags in a relationship.

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30. Balancing It Out

A series of insignificant events joined together, ultimately culminating in an eye-opening moment for me. His birthday comes exactly one month ahead of mine. I had meticulously mapped out an entire day for him, from choosing the perfect hotel to planning a trip to the local zoo. 

Luckily, I'd snatched up a Groupon discount coupon which made visiting this zoo an affordable treat. The rest of the day comprised of a delightful cake-cutting ceremony followed by a scrumptious dinner. Quite a nice plan, don't you think?

Just a couple of days later, we began plotting out how my birthday celebration would unfold. During the course of this planning spree, he unearthed the fact that I'd only paid for the discounted zoo tickets and not the original, higher price. This revelation, unfortunately, triggered an unexpected reaction. 

He retrieved his phone, launching the calculator app, and began punching in numbers, trying to figure out to the last penny how much was actually spent on his birthday party.

After his mini financial analysis, he turned to me, look in his eyes super serious, and announced, "Since you spent 'x' amount on my birthday, I am spending an identical amount on yours. Don't anticipate a penny more."

His petty calculations and conduct left an extremely sour taste in my mouth. It wasn't about his unwillingness to spend lavishly for my birthday. What shocked me was the blatant audacity he had to calculate my spending on his birthday in front of me. I considered this as the epitome of stinginess. It just wasn't necessary.

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31. Sweet As Lemons

Well, everything was going fine until I found out she'd been probing that girl for details about my high school life—my old flings, the car I used to drive, you name it. Fast forward to date number three. 

Normally, I'd hold off on treating a date to a fancy dinner this early on, but I was in the mood for a good steak so we ended up at an upscale steakhouse. This turned out to be the most cringe-worthy public outing of my life, and mind you, I have a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old at home. 

She sent back three martinis, each time launching a barrage of rude remarks about their subpar quality. Then, she created a scene over her steak, insisting she'd asked for medium-rare, not medium. Both the waiter and I were sure she said medium. She even found the time to critique other women's outfits loud enough for everyone to hear.

 Despite my best efforts to leave before dessert, she insisted on ordering something they didn't even serve—she wanted chocolate cheesecake when they only had plain cheesecake. This led to another outburst directed towards the staff. As we were leaving, she made a scene complaining to someone for all the other patrons to hear.

 Overwhelmed with embarrassment, I pretended to have left my credit card on the table and rushed back inside. Inside, I tipped the waiter an extra twenty bucks and apologized for the commotion, promising him that I was ending things with her the second we reached her place. He chuckled, wishing he could witness the break-up. 

I didn't allot her much say in the conversation. She called me a loser and stormed away. I haven’t seen or heard from her since then.

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32. Solemates

You wouldn't believe this but, I saw a grown man who let his mom put on his socks for him. Yes, you heard it right, socks! He was comfortable, perfectly fit, and in his prime and he simply sat there. He greeted me with this massive grin plastered across his face, looking as pleased as punch.

Meanwhile, enter the 50-something-year-old mother who was surprisingly enthusiastic about the whole thing. Something was off. She was down on her knees before him, almost like he was some sort of deity descended from the skies. She started to delicately roll his socks onto his feet, one after the other, with such warmth and tenderness.

The sight was unforgettable. It's as if the normal rules of grown-up behavior had been turned on their heads. Do you think I stayed? Not on your life. I can confidently say that I'm probably still mentally in the process of putting some distance between myself and that unconventional image that day.

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33. Free And Clear

One of my acquaintances conceived a child during her high school years. She firmly maintained that the child she was carrying came from an intense relationship she was having with our town's physician's son. 

When she made this announcement, the doctor, moved by the thought of becoming a grandfather, agreed to be the one bringing his supposed grandchild into the world, free of charge. The hospital room buzzed with different kinds of anticipation for everyone involved.

When the much-awaited moment finally arrived and the baby girl made her entrance into the world, it was unmistakable that she was mixed-race, bearing a distinct African-American heritage. 

Considering the racial heritage of both the doctor's son and the high school girl, both of them being white, everyone in the room knew there was no way the boy could be the father. There were few words spoken at that moment, yet so many thoughts filled the room.

However, though the truth about the child's paternity was now clear as day, the doctor kept his word. Instead of reneging on his earlier promise, he continued performing his medical duties, delivering the child without charging a dime. There may be mixed thoughts on this, but who can accurately tell? 

Maybe it was a professional pledge to take care of any patient in need, a relief that his tender-aged 14-years-old son was not prematurely thrown into the deep end of parenthood, or maybe even a mix of both? But one thing is for sure, he carried out his duty, kept his word, and probably breathed a sigh of relief at the turn of events.

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34. Protect The Kids

The day of my first date since parting ways with my husband began as any other day. I had arranged for our reliable nanny to watch our three adorable sons while I tried to step back into the dating scene. 

In preparation for my evening out, I took extra care to ensure everything was in place at home—I left a warm, homemade meal ready for dinner and made sure each of our boys was clean and comfy in their pajamas.

I had just settled into my seat at the movie theater when I received a text from the babysitter. She was apologetic about not being able to do the dishes after dinner. My reply was light and understanding, "No worries about the dishes, we can tackle those later. You still have a couple of hours anyway, the movie hasn’t even begun yet."

However, unbeknownst to me, my evening was taking a dramatic turn as my ex-husband had unexpectedly showed up at home. Using deceit, he convinced our babysitter that it was his night to have the kids and that I had given my approval. When I discovered this, I was beyond furious. 

While my ex had shown signs of instability, I never imagined he would resort to such actions. Unable to fully fathom the situation, I left the theater and dialed his number. His disturbing response to my call was, “If you are going to date strangers and thus put our children in danger, I will take them from you.” 

Shocked, I reacted the way I thought best and involved the law officials who promptly put together a report. The entire case was taken to court, and as a result, he was charged with contempt for breaching our parenting agreement.

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35. Like A Drama Series

After my divorce, my ex-wife moved on pretty quickly, starting a relationship with a man who happened to be a part of a white supremacy group. The surprising part was, he actually approached me for permission to date her, considering we were still married but separated, which took me aback. 

I appreciated his transparency. We ended up having a light-hearted conversation about her flaws, and I gave him my full blessing saying, "She's your problem now."

Fast forward around four years, out of blue, my ex gave me a call. Surprisingly, she was able to reach me despite my multiple number changes. She was sobbing uncontrollably, confessing her mistakes and yearning for my return. This was completely unexpected. 

At the time, I was in my own bliss, living a dream-like life with my then-girlfriend who treated me like royalty, a life I could only fantasize about during my marriage with my ex.

Her desperate voice brought back a flood of memories, but all I could respond with was an empathetic, "I'm sorry, I can't". Jumping ahead two years, my then-girlfriend and I had split amicably. 

Around that same time, my ex's new partner reached out to me on Facebook, a platform that I use predominantly for staying in touch with friends and family. He was seeking my attention, wanting to share his current plight.

The story was quite shocking. Apparently, they had had two children together. Once they were old enough to walk, she kidnapped them and disappeared to another state. She reached out to me after moving and asked for help, presumably financial and otherwise, due to her poor decision-making and a potentially dangerous gang on her tail.

Having learned from past experiences, I declined her request politely and wished her well. I really don't know what has happened since because her Facebook account is no longer active. It's a bewildering sensation, knowing that I dodged such a dramatic bullet, and it feels like being left in suspense at the end of an abruptly cancelled TV show.

 The curiosity lingers, but I've been wise enough to stay clear from any involvement. Endings aren't always straightforward. I don't know who to support, given the lack of clarity about the ensuing events and my profound sympathies lies with the kids, hoping they're safe and well taken care of. 

Yet, given the tumultuous nature of their parents, it seems like a highly optimistic hope. If nothing else, this experience reaffirmed my belief that it's perfectly acceptable to eyewitness a situation and assertively say, "This is neither my fault nor my problem," and distance oneself from it.

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36. All That For Flattery

The separation happened without much dispute, yet my former partner found an online companion and invited her to live with him just a month later. She seemed to despise me due to the pain she believed I'd caused him. Oddly enough, she still had feelings for him. 

In her mind, she figured that if she could wrestle custody of my son away from me, her problems would miraculously disappear. So, she took it upon herself to disrupt my professional life at work, by making wild and unfounded accusations concerning my relationship with students. But that's not even the wort part.

Her call was characterized by nonsensical rambling, and she refused to disclose her identity or any form of contact. Fortunately, my work administrator managed to capture her number via the caller ID, and my ex-partner verified that indeed the number traced back to her residence in Oregon. 

In response to her actions, I had to secure a brief protective order against her, forcing my ex to ask her to move out of their shared place. However, she then crossed an unthinkable line: she vindictively slashed my car tires on Mother's Day. 

Surprisingly, my ex continued the relationship with her despite being fully aware of her actions. When I brought this up during my therapy sessions, my therapist suggested that he perhaps found her reckless behavior somewhat alluring.

I was baffled, to say the least—the whole saga was straight out of a geeky romance novel set in the deep south!

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37. Unhappy Birthday

As someone who serves in the capacity of a labor and delivery nurse, I've seen and experienced an interesting observation that tends to cause quite a few exciting moments in the delivery room. It is a little-known biological fact that black babies are typically lighter in complexion at birth. 

This information might seem inconsequential but it can lead to some pretty intense situations when it's not widely recognized or understood. Let me paint a picture for you: Immediately after the birth of their child, the father looks at the baby, and there's a second of surprise and confusion in his eyes. 

He expected the baby to have a darker skin tone and the fact that the newborn has lighter skin leaves him baffled. This leads him to leap to a false conclusion and wrongfully accuse the mother of infidelity, simply because the baby's skin tone isn't as dark as what he initially expected.

Imagine the drama this creates in my delivery room. Keeping things calm and peaceful is quite a challenge when this situation arises. It can make an already emotionally charged moment even tenser, which is never ideal.

But it's not just about that single moment of drama. This kind of accusation—coming directly after the mother has just gone through the intense process of giving birth, no less—can be indicative of a larger issue at hand. 

If the father is quick to cast blame and doubt on the mother in such a critical and bonding moment, I can't help but question the overall health and balance of their relationship. So, while my encounters with these situations create a scene in the delivery room, they also bring me to question the dynamics of these couples' relationships. 

It just goes to show, the birth of a child can reveal more than just the joy of new life, it can expose truths about relationships too.

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38. Order Up

I'm employed in the field of anesthesia. A fellow worker shared a unique story that stands out in my memory. The tale involved a woman who came for delivery, with a distinctive tattoo that read "Steve's Lunchbox". 

Now, you may be wondering where this tattoo was placed... It was situated right above the area we discreetly refer to as the, uh, "arrival gate" of the newborn. In the flurry of the moment, perhaps not completely processing the implications, the OB-GYN looked at the majestic view of this freshly minted mom's tattoo after delivering her baby.

Turning to the dad, he said jovially: "Congratulations, Steve." This would’ve been a perfectly normal thing to say if the father would've been Steve. But guess what? The man was quite stunned and promptly clarified that his name was not Steve at all.

I think we can easily imagine the momentary embarrassment that swept over the doctor's face. In such a peculiar and unexpected turn of events, he was left momentarily taken aback, a touch sheepish, having unintentionally made an assumption based on an admittedly unconventional source of information.

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39. That’s That, Brittany

In my days of working at the army hospital on the grounds of Fort Lewis, an intriguing incident occurred. A lady walked in, her face etched with signs of discomfort from abdominal pain. After a series of standard tests, we discovered that she was in the early stages of pregnancy, 10 weeks to be exact. 

This might have been a joyous occasion under different circumstances; however, her husband’s reaction told a whole other story. At her side, the husband's hearty laughter rang through the room, punctuated by his sudden exit after grabbing his coat. We couldn't help but stand there, lost in confusion. 

The whole scenario seemed out of place and slightly bizarre until he chose to share the puzzle's missing piece. He told us that he'd been a world apart from her until three weeks ago—on deployment in Afghanistan. The timeline thus negated any chance of him being the biological father of the baby she was carrying.

With a philosophical shrug and twinkle in his eye, he looked back at his wife with a sense of resigned acceptance and simply said, "Well, that’s that, Brittany." She stood there, blankly staring into the unknown, processing the enormity of what had just transpired. In contrast, her husband was impressively calm. 

There was no scene, no histrionics, and no finger-pointing. He gracefully accepted the reality unfolding in front of him. Despite circumstances that would have typically unleashed chaos, I was quite taken by his composed yet subtly classy exit. 

His ability to maintain dignity in the face of betrayal was a lesson for us all about retaining sophistication even when one’s world seems to be crumbling.

Brittany remained silent, still as a statue, her eyes lost in a galaxy far away as the reality of the situation sunk into the depths of her consciousness. Amidst her silence, there was a profound yet heartbreaking understanding.

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40. The Sound Of Music

While I was in college, I found myself in a relationship with this girl who shared my interest in music. Going to concerts was our thing, especially when it came to smaller bands in the emo genre. 

As it turned out, it was destined that our paths would cross even more. By coincidence, my sister was dating the frontman of one of these bands, creating a bigger connection to the music scene we both loved.

On an exciting occasion, there came a time when I decided to take her, along with my sister and a few friends, to Dallas. We were heading to a concert held at a unique location known as Trees. Trees wasn't your run-of-the-mill concert venue; it had a special cellar-like vibe that gave it an undeniably appealing charm.

The performance was incredible, electric in a way that only small, dedicated bands could deliver. Once the evening show came to an end, our group found ourselves mingling with some members of the band in a cool bar area reminiscent of a cellar. 

There we were, immersed in laughter and engaging conversation, reveling in the successful concert. However, a sudden comment from my girlfriend stopped the cheery chatter cold. "This seems like a really good place to screech," she stated out of nowhere, leaving us all dumbfounded. 

Our confusion was echoed by one of the band members, who, unfortunately, turned my girlfriend's comment into a challenge. "Screech?" he asked, an unwitting instigator.

Caught by surprise, we all found ourselves spectators to a performance we hadn't asked for. My girlfriend let out a screech, a sound so high-pitched and unpleasant that it seemed to echo throughout the venue. The startled faces of everyone in the venue instantly turned towards us, their expressions mirroring our own bewilderment.

My sister glanced from my girlfriend to me—and her face asking the question none of us could comprehend—why on earth would she do that? The band members were rendered speechless, staring at her for an awkwardly long moment before managing an uncertain, "OooooooK."

From that exact moment, I knew my relationship had run its course. It was an incredible revelation, feeling such certainty within myself. When we finally returned to town, I wasted no time in sharing my decision.

As I stepped out of the car, I turned to her and said, "Well, it's been fun, but this relationship just isn't going to work for me." With nothing left for me to say, those became my final words to her. And that's the story of how I knew it was time to end a relationship and how it concluded. That, as it's often said, was that.

Noped out of relationshipPexels

41. The Proof Is In The Pudding

On the day I entered this world, an Indian doctor with a keen eye scrutinized me, turning to my incredibly Caucasian parents, he proclaimed, "Well, she certainly looks like an ethnic baby!" Fast forward a few years, and this sentence has morphed into a funny anecdote that we often revisit. 

At the time, however, I can't imagine much humor was found in the situation. My mother, a brunette beauty affectionately called a raven due to her long, shiny, pitch-black hair, had to dissolve any shadows of doubt that might have drifted into the mind of my father. 

Now, my father, he is your classic blonde—thick golden locks that made him hard to miss in a crowd. I could only speculate at the interesting conversation that proceeded after the doctor's comments. To confirm that indeed, the baby with the mop of dark, luscious hair was the fruit of their union must have been somewhat challenging.

Throughout my younger days, I often found myself pondering—did my dad harbor any uncertainties about my origins during those initial months of my existence? This was especially so before my hair underwent a noticeable transformation and slowly started to resemble the blonde shade that was characteristic of him.

The next anecdote featuring our beloved story host, PretentiousPiehole, dips into the realm of novel users of the English language. If we consider how nicknames can sometimes seem utterly random yet undeniably appropriate, this one's a real gem. 

Yet, beneath those seemingly frivolous surfaces, they often conceal deeper meanings or stories. Dive right into the curiously eccentric world of PretentiousPiehole and see for yourself.

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42. Caught Red-Handed

Let me help you understand how my reality often submerges me knee-deep into the most complex cases of human health from an insider's perspective as a nurse in a Level 4 neonatal ICU. Our department doesn't just serve our state; we are a beacon of hope for all the critically ill newborns from surrounding states as well. 

This profession provides me first-hand observation of the myriad of health issues affecting our smallest patients. A poignant incident I still vividly recount is marked by the heart-wrenching case of a baby who was sick beyond belief. 

Unveiling the mystery behind the baby's ill state, we discovered that the baby was battling systemic sepsis, a life-threatening infection, which unbelievably was due to herpes. In typical scenarios, most babies are safeguarded against this by measures taken to treat any viral presence in their moms during pregnancy.

However, this particular chapter of our intricate work unfolded differently, as the mother remained oblivious to the fact that she was a herpes carrier. This begged the chilling question: where did the virus come from if not her? Then came the moment of truth, the slap of reality that left everyone in the room dumbfounded and woebegone.

The heartbreak arrived with the revelation that the baby's father had acquired the virus due to an extramarital affair. The underbelly of this distressing situation? The mother discovered her baby's life hanging by a thread on one hand, and her husband's infidelity on the other. So yes, the shocking truth provides an entangled web of pain. 

The baby's deteriorating health was a direct consequence of the father's unfaithful actions. This is how the father's betrayal, manifested as a medical crisis, shook up their world in the most devastating way possible.

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43. Getting My Priorities Straight

For many torturous years, I was entrapped in a destructive relationship with my ex-partner. The emotional roller coaster had drained me, yet every time I longed to break free, his threats of ending his life hindered my decision. However, a health crisis propelled me to finally summon the courage to escape from this toxic environment. 

As fate would have it, I was diagnosed with multiple benign liver tumors. The medical practitioner's stern advice was to immediately and indefinitely withdraw from hormonal birth control, given the nature of my medical condition.

Taking the initiative, I delved into extensive research seeking more information about my condition and treatment. It strengthened my resolve further when I learned that discontinuing hormonal birth control could significantly prevent any further risks to my health. 

I revealed this development to my then-spouse, explaining the doctor's advice and the cruciality of it. His nonchalant response staggered me, "Well that's going to be a problem." 

Incredulous, I asked him what he meant and proceeded to assure him that I would consult a gynecologist promptly, and meanwhile, we could use condoms for protection. Naturally, I assumed that this temporary adjustment would be the least of our concerns. 

But to my disbelief, my husband refuted my suggestion, emphasizing that condoms were out of the question since we were wedded, and delaying intimacy until my gynecological consultation was also off the table. But the worst was yet to come. 

He coldly proposed that I could deceitfully continue using hormonal contraceptives without notifying the doctor. "He'll never know," he blurted. The suggestion left me in a state of shock. 

My husband urged me to game the system, to alternate between using and not using birth control, enabling me to be off it during subsequent consults, ensuring the doctor remained oblivious. This distressing conversation left me shocked and horrified. I stared at him aghast, reiterating that my life was at stake. 

It wasn't about dodging a physician's wrath, rather a matter of life and death. He responded with little more than a shrug, asserting his refusal to compromise on the use of condoms, and curtly telling me to "figure it out." 

And figure it out, I did. I gathered my strength, put an end to that draining relationship, and bravely stepped into a new decade of my life without him. Looking back, I am filled with gratification for that decision as it led me to a haven of happiness I never experienced earlier.

Noped out of relationshipPexels

44. Up And Outta Here

My closest companion had been in a relationship with a lovely young woman, and they discovered that they were expecting a baby. The situation led them to consider the future, and they made the decision that they would solidify their bond through marriage once the baby arrived. 

On the day of her labor, an assembly of around ten people, friends and family members of both sides, had gathered in anticipation in the waiting room of the hospital.

While the atmosphere was filled with nervous excitement and a touch of worry, we all had faith in the safe arrival of their little one. It was her parents, their friends, and our shared acquaintances who sat, conversing softly while watching the ticking clock, awaiting the grand news. 

No moment was as heart-stopping, though, as what happened next—seeing my friend emerge from the delivery room with a smirk on his face after what felt like an eternity. He simply said, "Let's go." That was all. His words rang out loud and clear, carrying a subtle tone that was hard to decipher. We were horrified, assuming the worst had happened. 

Concerned whispers buzzed amongst her friends, and someone finally gathered the nerve to ask him about the conditions of the baby. His response? SHOCKING: "The baby's fine, but Black."

As he motioned for us to follow him, we obliged, wrestling with our shock and confusion as we exited the sterile, brightly lit confines of the hospital. He led us to the parking garage, where he requested that we accompany him back to his apartment. 

As soon as I hopped into my car, my phone buzzed with a new message from him, requesting if he could stay with me for an indeterminable time.

Without a second thought, we swiftly assisted him with moving his belongings from his apartment into the guest room of my place. The whole process took us a little over an hour, but the speed and efficiency made it seem much less.

Meanwhile, her parents were aslut, immersed in an emotional whirlwind. They had no idea who to direct their anger towards, their eyes wide with shock, disbelief, and confusion. The sight of their reactions when he delivered the news of the baby's unexpected paternity was, honestly, more than a little unforgettable.

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45. Look At What I Have!

The first time we were together for an overnight visit, this young lady proceeded to do something rather peculiar in the morning. Determined to document her experience, she started snapping away—clicking pictures of every corner of my house, my bedroom, the living room, and even the master bathroom. 

Without missing a beat, she posted these private snapshots of my living space on her social media. I was taken aback and couldn't help but question her, "What are you doing?"

Unfazed, she answered nonchalantly, "I just want to share your wonderful place with everyone." I was unsettled, to say the least, so I suggested we wrap things up. "I think it's best if I take you home now," I proposed, also expressing my disapproval of the impromptu photoshoot.

I told her outright, I wasn't okay with her sharing pictures of my private space online without my consent. However, her reaction to this was unexpectedly brazen. Soon enough, she resorted to her social media platform again, this time airing out her grievances about my so-called pettiness. 

She lamented on how I was too 'small-minded' to appreciate her showcasing my home to her online friends. The audacity of her actions left me flabbergasted. Yet, the cherry on top of it all was her proposition for a second date! She actually had the gall to reach out to me again after badmouthing me publicly. 

I was genuinely aghast that she could possibly think I'd entertain the idea of a round two with, "Sure, go ahead; post pictures of my house, speak ill of me in public spaces, and then invite yourself over again."

Her presumption was way off the mark. It was a stern pass from my side at the possibility of any future rendezvous. That was an unmistakable ‘NOPE’ to her audacity.

Noped out of relationshipUnsplash

46. Lost In Translation

It's not uncommon for African American babies to be born with light skin that gets darker over time. One time, I had a father express concern about his newborn's light skin tone, but his mother reminded him that he looked the same when he was born. And recently, I found myself in a similar yet distinct situation. 

A woman arrived at the hospital in labor, accompanied by her boyfriend, sister, and friend. Despite seeming disinterested, the boyfriend's behavior was not unheard of. The baby was safely delivered and while the dad stepped out to grab some things, my conversation with the sister took an interesting turn. 

Now, everyone involved in this situation were Hispanic and spoke solely Spanish. Luckily, my Spanish skills were up to par. When the dad left, the sister approached me with a question. Despite my best attempts, I didn't understand her and suggested bringing in a translator. However, she didn't want to make it official. 

So, she asked her question via Google Translate; "How can we get a paternity test in the hospital?" I needed to explain that our hospital didn't administer paternity tests, but that they could obtain one from CVS. 

They had doubts about the child's parentage due to differences in appearance from their other child, and wanted to verify before notifying the dad. I apologized and directed them on how to get a DNA test from CVS. It wasn't my first query about paternity tests, I just didn't know how to explain it in Spanish. 

While some hospitals used to offer paternity tests, many have ceased due to a lack of medical necessity. And, since they're often not covered by Medicaid or insurance, hospitals usually bear the cost. We can't know someone's full story, so it's important to withhold judgment. 

We often face instances where biological fathers abandon their responsibilities, and it's not fair to label all women as deceitful. Life is complex and filled with shades of gray, so we should always strive to treat people with respect and kindness.

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47. Irish Twins

My teacher used to be a nurse in maternity, and she once mentioned observing a man rushing between two delivery rooms. Turns out, both the women he got pregnant were in labor and gave birth on the same day. 

Oddly enough, the one he was wedded to was upset because the woman he had an affair with got pregnant after her, but delivered her baby just 10 minutes earlier. Maternity apparently has the most intriguing incidents in hospitals. 

My partner is on the path to becoming a nurse, and he'll be delving into maternity and neonatal units this year. I'm eager to get a scoop of all these gripping tales.

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48. Almost Got Away With It

Back in the day, my grandma worked as a nurse. She had a memorable experience once while aiding in a birth. The alleged dad made an offhand remark about the newborn—He said it was looking "pretty healthy for a premature baby." 

Abruptly, my straight-talking grandma responded with the harsh truth and said, "That baby isn't premature." I guess it's pretty clear where I got my lack of social awareness from now.

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49. Hungry For More

I began dating this girl who had a peculiar habit that caught me by surprise, which she repeated not just on our first date but on several dates to follow. At first, I thought she was overestimating how much we could eat.

We met up at a restaurant-bar for our first date, and she enthusiastically recommended we try some appetizers. I was all for it because this particular place made delicious starters, even if they were rather large. 

To my surprise, she ordered four different appetizers. I was a fan of the appetizers, so I accepted her recommendation without hesitation. When the bartender asked if we were interested in ordering main courses as well, she promptly volunteered for a steak dinner before I could respond. 

Although I was a little taken aback, I chose to order fish and chips to keep her company and avoid making her look greedy. I soon realized the appetizers were quite filling and we had barely made a dent in them before our main courses arrived.

When our server placed our main courses on the table, she was still enjoying a blooming onion and claimed she was no longer hungry. I admitted my stomach was packed full too. Without hesitation, she asked the bartender for takeaway boxes, which turned out to be five styrofoam boxes neatly stacked next to us in two bags.

We had settled into about an hour's worth of pleasant conversation when she abruptly stated that her mother was expecting her home by 10 pm to collect her five-year-old son. Keeping her mother's expectations in mind, I had prepared myself to foot the bill for the appetizers, main course, and drinks. 

When the bartender brought the tab, I was slightly taken aback by its hefty sum, which teetered around $150 before tip. I glanced at her to see if she would contribute to the bill, but her attention was fixated on her phone.

To avoid any awkwardness, I reached for the tab and generously tipped around $40. The bartender collected the payment along with a warm smile of gratitude. After ending her call, she quickly collected the takeaway bags and rushed to say goodbye, promising to call the next day so we could plan another date. 

Although her behavior baffled me, I still agreed to another date at a beachside Tiki bar the following week, where she followed a similar routine.

Eventually, she invited me over to her apartment for a casual evening of Netflix and a relaxed dinner at home. On the night of the meet-up, she called to ask if I could stop by a store to pick up a bottle of red wine and a pack of microwave popcorn for her son, Mikey.

When I arrived at her apartment, which was surprisingly clean, I noticed her refrigerator was practically empty except for a few juice boxes. After we settled down to watch a movie that she had picked out for her son, she proposed the idea of ordering Chinese food from a fairly pricey place. 

Although I had presumed she would handle the bills for the evening since she had invited me, I was once again left to cover the costs. The quantity of food that arrived was enough to satiate around five adults. She arranged a small plate of food for her son and we tried to eat as much as we could. 

After eating hardly anything, she put the remaining food into the fridge "for tomorrow." It was around 9pm when she excused herself to put her son to bed.

We settled down on her balcony where I enjoyed a light buzz and the evening breeze. Then, she revealed a surprising fact about her getting financial help from her father for the rent and that he was prone to drop by any time. I found this rather strange considering she portrayed herself as an independent woman in her late twenties.

Shortly after, her son wandered outside again. I patiently waited on the balcony while she put him to bed once more. After about half an hour, I decided to grab my last drink from the fridge, passing by her son's room on the way. It appeared that she had fallen asleep on her son's bed, and I decided not to disturb her.

The following morning, she woke me up, surprised to see me, and offered a somewhat embarrassed apology for having dozed off unexpectedly. We settled down on the balcony with a cup of coffee each while her son watched cartoons in the living room.

The morning surprised me with another strange incident. She discovered a pea-sized piece of our evening indulgence on the carpet and accused me of it. I was pretty offended and held my ground, ultimately leading her to admit that maybe she had misjudged the situation.

But the real kicker came when she proposed out of the blue that we spend the day at the park with her son, Mikey. With no apology for her accusation or acknowledgment of my generous spending on our dates, she showed a strange level of entitlement. 

That was the moment it struck me that I was dealing with an incredibly selfish and manipulative individual. With a polite smile, I wished her a good day and prepared to leave.

As I was walking away, she called after me asking me to call her later, a notion I found highly unlikely. She followed it up with a text, vaguely hinting at a misunderstanding and hoping to meet again but failed to extend a sincere apology.

On several previous dates, I had noticed that she was familiar with the staff of the restaurants we visited, which led me to believe that using dates to get free meals had possibly become her regular strategy, her modus operandi.

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50. You Can’t Pick And Choose

He took the tests home, but was then struck with a terrible thought. He was ready for the results to confirm that the kids were his, and he was ready if they weren't. But he had absolutely no plan for if one was his and the other wasn't. So, he tossed out the tests. 

After their divorce, she continues to have brief relationships, while he has happily remarried to a wonderful person.

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51. Stepping Up To The Plate

I finally got the juvenile court to release my case to the district court, where we fought for actual custody. During our district court battle, she took my son for a visit, and I got a call from the authorities in a city an hour away that she had been detained in a domestic dispute with her boyfriend at a hotel. 

They searched her and found all sorts of paraphernalia. That was the last time she had him unsupervised. We went about two years of her barely calling, seeing him once a month for 10 to 20 minutes, until she finally got detained on "attempt to distribute." 

She spent three years behind bars and has been out about eight months now. She appears to be clean, and just gave me an extra $100 for child support yesterday. So we're giving her a shot, but she will remain on supervised visits for a long time. 

The whole fiasco has been such a blur; it’s hard to remember exactly what, when, or where it happened, especially after years of really not having to deal with her. At the time, it was horrific. She punched me a couple of times, lied under oath, sent me threats, inappropriate photos of her with other men, the list goes on and on.

I've really tried to put a lot of it behind me, and forget about as much of it as I can so she can at least be somewhat a part of my kid’s life because that's what HE wants. I just watch her like a hawk now.

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52. Daddy Issues

Let me share with you an intriguing tale about a relative of mine, and the unusual circumstance in which she found herself. This cousin hails from an extended branch of our family tree. She had been adopted as a baby and, as she grew, it was obvious there were certain developmental challenges she had to cope with. 

Her intelligence quotient is lower than average, but it hasn't hindered her life to any significant extent. She has managed to carve out a comfortable existence living independently, without requiring much external support.

Over the course of time, she fell in love with a man of Latino heritage, who was blessed with striking features—deep, dark eyes, rich brown skin and thick, jet black hair. They became husband and wife, and not too long after, my cousin gave birth to their first child, a boy. 

This little boy was a carbon copy of his father, carrying the same tantalizingly dark features, with no room for doubt about their relationship. However, life decided to throw a curveball at the couple. Her husband, let's use the alias "Javier" for this story, was a bit like my cousin. 

He too had challenges when it came to intellectual tasks and reasoning. Circumstances led him to be called up by the military, where he was dispatched to an overseas location for a span of six months.

Upon Javier's return, he found my cousin to be four months along in her pregnancy. A situation that doesn’t quite align with the timeline of his departure, but Javier seemed not to notice.

Even more remarkably, when their second child arrived in the world showcasing a stark contrast to the couple—fair skin, blonde hair, and captivating blue eyes—Javier continued to believe he was the biological father. If you aren't already surprised, the plot thickens yet again two years later. 

Another baby was born, mirroring the exceptional looks of the second child. By now, rumors buzzed around, painting a clear picture—my cousin had an affair with another man. And it wasn’t just “another man,” but her old flame from high school.

Despite the obvious signs and family whispers, Javier maintains his belief in his role as the biological father to the two blonde, blue-eyed miracles. While it might seem heartbreaking from an outsider's perspective, we've accepted the situation for what it is. 

Javier has embraced the kids as his own flesh and blood, which, in the end, should be all that matters.

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53. Punishing You

My ex-wife and I were together for six years, a chapter of my life marked by both happiness and darkness. Initially, I believed that her mental health struggles were confined to depression and anxiety, conditions that occasionally cast a shadow over our lives. 

However, as the years passed, the situation became more alarming. The defining moment came when she threatened to end my life while I slept—a scenario no one should ever have to consider.

We had tried to bridge our differences, exhausting every route to refine our understanding of each other and improve our bond. We met with several therapists, both as a pair and individually, but she didn't want to entertain the idea of trying medication. Our relationship reached a deadlock, and I had no choice but to think of my own safety.

A feeling of unresolved issues gnawed at me, so I picked up the phone with the intent to find some closure. But, as I tried to speak, she blurted that leaving her wasn't an option for me. As if this declaration wasn't surprising enough, she casually mentioned her ongoing affairs with two other men as punishment. 

The shock of it left me with nothing to say.

At that juncture, I decided to cut off communication. There was no point in keeping the conversation going when she continued to torment me, even when we were apart. I moved ahead with the divorce, separating myself from a situation that had been tarnishing my peace for so long.

I truly hope she's in a better place now, dealing with her issues effectively. But at the same time, I cannot express the relief that swept over me once I was away from the constant threat she posed. My life is finally free of fear!

Noped out of relationshipPexels

54.  That Girl Crazy

My ex used to closely monitor my Reddit account and bombard me with irate messages if she wasn't pleased with my posts, particularly if they revolved around her infidelity which, by the way, she was entirely responsible for. 

I can still recall the painfully memorable day I found out about her disloyalty, right after I had been visiting my critically ill grandmother. It was undoubtedly the worst day I've ever had. And the situation didn't stop right there.

Even now, she frequently sends me blameful messages accusing me of ruining her chances of securing a job that demands a security clearance. She believes, I'm the culprit and not her previous rejection for a security clearance due to her unstable mental health.

Crazy exesPexels

55. On A Clock

My long-lost sibling decided to pay me a surprise visit. After a long and lovely day hanging out with my beloved girlfriend, I was excited to reconnect with my brother who I hadn't seen in what felt like forever. 

As the evening crawled closer, my excitement was building up. I was getting ready for a deep dive into nostalgia through our favorite fantasy series, Lord of the Rings. Our mutual affection for the masterpiece made our bond even stronger.

As we sat down with a bowl of snacks, eagerly waiting to hit the play button and lose ourselves in Middle-earth, my phone rang. I picked it up and was greeted by my girlfriend's voice. She seemed to be in the mood for a long chat, one that expected me to put everything else aside.

I gently reminded her that my brother was with me. I hadn't seen him in ages and needed to spend some quality time with him. She immediately objected, proclaiming that every single second of my time was hers alone. A sense of preempting sadness filled me as I realized that this was an ultimatum—her or others in my life.

I stood my ground, expressing my need for balance in my relationships. As the phone call ended, I realized that this was probably our final conversation. My excitement dulled a bit but I had to shake it off for my brother's sake. 

We had a fantasy world waiting for us with a promise of comfort and camaraderie. Looking back, I couldn't help but wish things turned out differently.

Noped out of relationshipPexels

56. Sister Act

Imagine this: a young man suddenly stumbled upon a thought and shared it aloud. He said, "Not to imply you're not beautiful already, but you'd be even more attractive if you resembled my younger sister more." 

Shocked and amused, I quickly replied, "You're suggesting I should look like a 15-year-old minor, be 6 feet tall, blonde, and wear a size 2?" His statement echoed in the room in front of his friends, and a deafening silence filled the atmosphere. It was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.

Enter the hero of our story—his best friend. With a look of surprise and irritation, he rolled up his sleeve, landed a punch on our 'philosopher's' arm, and called him out for his thoughtless comment. Having had enough of this bizarre situation, I decided it was best to remove myself from it altogether and promptly walked out of the room.

Later, my phone buzzed. It was his sister, ringing to apologize on her brother's behalf. She was embarrassed for his uncalled-for behavior and mentioned how it not only incensed her but their entire family was livid about it. 

But the worst part in all of this? Despite causing so much turmoil, the poor guy genuinely had no idea he did something incorrect.

Noped out of relationshipUnsplash

57. Gloves Off

Her father found himself in a hot mess recently after a fistfight with a teenager on a date. I was quite alarmed when I heard about this and naturally, I had a bunch of questions. She tried to justify her father's actions, saying that the kid was asking for it because he didn't know his place. This statement confused me, and I asked her for more clarity.

In unfolding the situation, it became grossly apparent that her father, a fully grown adult, had attacked an autistic teenager who also happened to have a mental disability. Rather than opting for the responsible high road of diffusing the scenario and walking away, he resorted to violence. That was utterly shocking!

I stood my ground and told her that I'm not comfortable dating anyone who tolerates domestic violence. She immediately seemed regretful but then she surprisingly defended her father’s aggression towards the child a short while later. She was caught in a web of justifying the unjustifiable.

My advice? Don't ever date anyone who can look the other way when an adult deals with a situation by harming a mentally disabled child. This kind of behavior should never be tolerated, let alone defended. It is not, and it will never be, acceptable. 

This belief stands, irrespective of circumstances or personal relationships that might blur the lines of right and wrong.

Noped out of relationshipUnsplash

58. Almost Got Away With It…

Once upon a time, I was spearheaded into an unexpected narrative of drama and heartbreak. A tale involving my best friend who, having been out of town due to an urgent matter, inadvertently placed me in a questionable position. 

You see, his wife went into labor during his absence and being the good friend that I am, I obligingly accompanied her to the ER. We share a strong bond, our friendship built over years of shared high school memories.

Our tight-knit camaraderie was put to the test in the delivery room. The baby was born with undeniable Asian features that left an uneasy silence in the air—her infidelity was as clear as day. In that silent room, it seemed like even the doctor echoed my disjointed thoughts.

I found myself exiting the delivery room hastily, completely awestruck by the unfolding reality. The crisis had affected me just as severely as it would affect him. All too suddenly, her desolate cries started reverberating around the walls as the gravity of her actions caught up to her. 

The healthcare staff, swift at picking up on the situation, filled the room with disjointed murmurs and sympathetic glances. Doing the hardest thing I'd ever had to do, I gave my friend a call, delivering the shocking news. 

His heartbreak became a legitimate emergency and his job graciously provided him a flight back home, marking the beginning of an emotionally challenging period for him.

Upon his return, he wasted no time in filing for a divorce. However, the subsequent family court proceedings revealed a bitter truth; none of their three children were biologically his. That revelation shattered not only his life but also those of the innocent children who knew him only as their beloved father.

Despite lacking a biological bond with the children, the courts initially attempted to have my friend pay child support. The reasoning being that the children had grown accustomed to him being their father. The apparent bias in family courts towards male parents became distressingly clear.

My friend was left to wage a costly battle just to claim his principled stance, which hit his finances hard. Thankfully, after an arduous fight, he emerged victoriously. However, the emotional toll of the battle had by then left deep-seated scars.

Today, my friend battles trust issues with women, choosing to isolate himself rather than risk another sharp sting of betrayal. It's a situation that's hard for me to argue against considering the profound emotional upheavals he's encountered. 

It appears he'll forever be burdened by his past; a tragic story that sadly unfolds across many households, more often than not.

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59. Down To The Wire

My brother's pal was in the military. He had a brief but beautiful wedding with a woman he'd been seeing for a few months. She's a white American and he's a white Hispanic. Surprisingly, their baby was black. Until the results of the paternity test emerged, she firmly insisted the baby was his. 

She even accused him of being a poor father for not recognizing "his" child. Once the results came in, it became clear she had not been truthful. She had planned to stay with him for his military salary.

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60. Stay-At-Home Scandal

A colleague's aunt recently experienced a life-changing revelation—her father wasn't her biological dad. Being a passionate genealogist, she was deeply interested in her family history and had diligently worked to trace her family tree back multiple generations.

A couple of months back, she even took one of those popular ancestry DNA tests to further validate her lineage and add more data to her genealogical map.

However, the test results left her utterly confused. The results pertaining to her father's side simply did not tie up with her previous findings. What was even more shocking was the absence of any familiar paternal names from the list of DNA matches.

The situation prompted her to approach her dad in a casual manner. She subtly brought up a few of the unmatched names hoping he might shed some light on the unexpected results. 

One of the surnames brought a spark of recognition to her father's eyes—it was the surname of the handyman at the apartment building where he and his wife, her mother, had lived at the early stage of their marriage. 

His recollections of the man weren't the fondest, describing him as an incompetent repairman who was a bit too friendly towards his then-newlywed wife.

Unfortunately, her mother had passed a few years prior, and there was no way to confirm the story from her perspective. Faced with this reality, she made a decision to not confide the results of the ancestry test, or how she recognized those unfamiliar names, with her father.

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61. Outplayed

I ended my marriage with my ex-husband by expressing my desire for a divorce. Unsettlingly, he didn't take the news lightly. Instead, he responded by packing up all our belongings on the very next day while I was at work and moved them all into a storage unit that he rented, using a U-Haul truck. 

Even when I got a court order demanding he return my property, he stubbornly stood his ground and withheld my belongings from me. The moment was distressing as I had to exit my marriage life with just the clothes I was wearing at the time. 

Fast-forwarding to several years later, he still had an air of superiority like he was untouchable because he hadn't faced any consequences for his previous actions. Our son became another pawn in his game of control. 

Without warning, he announced he was moving across the country and taking our son with him, allowing me a mere day's notice. He issued a bold claim, telling me that there was nothing I could do about his decision. Naturally, I responded to his audacious act by seeking legal help. 

I hired a lawyer and we soon found ourselves going toe to toe in court. After a long, tumultuous year characterized by stressful court battles, a game of hide and seek with my ex-husband, and heart-wrenching days without seeing my son, my ex finally lost his joint custody rights over our child.

Those years were filled with anguish as he made me endure hardship and suffering. However, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel now. I am at last free from his grip and disruption. The peace I long yearned for is within grasp, free from his manipulation and constant turmoil.

Crazy exesPexels

62. Sporting Spirit

To be honest, my high school love story was an interesting one. There was this guy I dated way back then. He attracted me because he was different. For starters, unlike the other guys I'd dated, he did not break up with me after just a week, which felt relatively promising.

Three months into our relationship, I finally paid him a visit at his place. It really was an uphill task to persuade my mother that I'd be okay, but eventually she gave in. Together, we decided to engage in a fun round of Super Smash Brothers, a video game I was familiarly proficient at.

You see, having been raised with two older brothers had its perks. I'd spent countless hours battling them in Super Smash Bros, and evidently honed my skills over time. I quite confidently told him I was pretty acquainted with the game—it was practically part and parcel of my childhood.

However, something unexpected happened that day. I was victorious in the game—a single win, mind you—and this guy completely lost it. His reaction was mindboggling; something I had never anticipated would come from him. He suddenly transformed into this toddler-like character, one filled with overwhelming rage. 

He bellowed loudly, forcefully threw his controller on the floor and was soon spewing harsh words directed at me and the game. His reaction was so fierce, it was as if he'd never faced defeat in his life.

In that shocking moment, I hurriedly packed my stuff and left his house as quickly as I could. That dramatic event certainly marked the end of our relationship—I made a choice never to reconsider that path again. 

Thus, my fascinating high school love tale came to an abrupt conclusion, but it taught me a life-altering lesson about the personality of my then love interest.

Noped out of relationshipUnsplash

63. Survival Of The Fittest

This one time, there was quite a literal fire in my kitchen. It all started when she popped her travel coffee cup into my microwave, not realizing it was not meant to stand the heat of microwaving. The cup was clearly, to anyone with a keen eye, made of non-microwavable materials—a combination of brittle plastic and uncaring stainless steel. 

Almost instantly, my kitchen started to feel like some experiment from Frankenstein's laboratory as dancing lightning formations in the microwave were followed by the ominous darkness of smoke. This smoke wasn't just contained; no, it was making a daring escape, wrapping the kitchen in doom.

Now, here's where things get a bit stickier. The reaction I was expecting was utter shock and maybe an apology, but what I got was the complete opposite. She, quite inexplicably, got annoyed at me, probably because of my expressions of consternation. 

This made me take a long hard look at the whole situation. It was a sort of an epiphany, if you will.I mean, she was undeniably attractive, a truly kind human being, and in her usual moments a beacon of goodwill. 

But even with all her charm and radiant personality, she unfortunately seemed to be missing some vital elements of intelligence, the likes that make day-to-day survival a little less hazardous. Most troublesome, her seemingly absent common sense became startlingly apparent.

This was hardly an isolated incident. The breadcrumbs of lackluster judgement were there all along, of course. But this one, this fire and smoke filled frenzy was the grand finale. It was the conclusive act in a series of unfortunate episodes, it forced me to reassess. 

To accept the glaring reality that despite her many endearing qualities, the lack of basic understanding could no longer be overlooked. Thus, it ended up being the factor that ultimately sealed the deal for me.

Noped out of relationshipUnsplash

64. Going Great Lengths For Girls

In the midst of our divorce proceedings, my former spouse would vent to me about the complications that had arisen in his relationship with my cousin, the same woman he had an affair with and subsequently left me for. 

What complicated their twisted love story even more was that he not only chose to live with her but also with her common-law husband. To top it all, he would often lament about her numerous other romantic interests.

This is the same cousin of mine who, in the past, had a trail of men who fathered her children. Their genealogical tree is complicated as some of her children have the intricate relation of being half-brothers and cousins at the same time. 

Even though her fidelity has always been a point of question, my ex insisted that he has been in love with her since their childhood and expected her to reciprocate his love in the same measure. It was a situation predestined for chaos.

Watching their catastrophe unfold, my favorite episode was when he got so worked up about her making a visit to her husband that he nearly ran her off the road with his work van. This relationship was not just detrimental to him emotionally but also professionally. 

He was so engrossed in her that it took a significant toll on his career and he ended up losing a job within a year. Moving on to more of his unlucky adventures in love, there was an instance when he decided to bring our children along on a first date. 

As one can imagine, the date didn't take it well. His date turned into a quasi-nightmare when he expected the woman to invite him and the kids over to her place for the night.

His love life took an even more tumultuous turn—he ended up threatening one of his partners with a gun while driving a company vehicle. This irrational act landed him in trouble—he was fired from his job, received a restraining order, and lost his right to bear arms.

His subsequent relationships were equally disastrous. He had one partner who demanded that he move into a homeless shelter with her as proof of his love. To appease her, he concocted a story of being ousted by his parents and spent a month living rough on the shelter's patio awaiting intake.

Presently, he's on a desperate search for a new partner to cohabitate with, since his current girlfriend is in the process of throwing him out to move to Virginia with her new boyfriend. Ironically, he blames me for his challenging relationship with his eldest children who have both chosen to sever ties with him. 

According to him, my sophistication and refusal to engage in drama, which he apparently thrived on, contributed to my failure as a wife.

Crazy exesPexels

65. Oh, Baby

There was this one memorable time when I was working on a newborn blood typing case. This was a situation where the mother carried the O+ blood type, while the newborn was an AB+. Now, generally speaking, this circumstance is quite unusual. 

My heart started to race, and I felt beads of sweat forming on my forehead. I began to dread the potential of a significant error like a mix-up of newborns at the hospital. The stressful thoughts were rushing through my head at full speed. 

"We've delivered the wrong baby to the wrong mother," I thought, "We could be in serious legal trouble here. They might have to conduct genetic tests on all the babies in the nursery unit! What if they call me into court as the clueless hospital worker who unearthed this critical problem?" 

The severity of the situation was undoubtedly overwhelming.

To ensure there wasn't an error on my end, I repeated the blood typing procedure three separate times. Each attempt only led to matching results with the seemingly impossible typing for the mother-baby pair. At this point, it became clear that I had to involve the relevant nursing staff. 

We needed to cross-check whether they had possibly drawn blood from an incorrect baby or if there was a hospital mix-up of babies because the given result suggested that this particular woman couldn't authentically be the said baby's biological mother.

To everyone's relief, however, it was disclosed that the baby was conceived via a donated egg. All the panic and worry turned out to be unnecessary because a redraw of blood samples confirmed the first result aligning it correctly with the circumstances of conception. All the babies were rightfully with their mothers. 

However, experiencing the sheer dread and temporary cardiac chaos was quite the ordeal, believe me!

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66. Not Me…This Time

To start off, my father wasn't the picture of commitment. This one woman, with whom he'd shared a bed, insisted that he was the father of her child. An eyebrow-raising claim considering the fact that the baby was biracial, while both my dad and the woman could easily blend amongst snowflakes. 

The feud between them grew so intense that it snaked its way onto The Trisha Show—a little like the Jeremy Kyle Show, only it came before. As the DNA test results were unveiled, surprise reigned supreme: my dad wasn't the baby's father. There was one moment during the show that stayed etched in my mind. 

Trisha turned to my dad and asked, "Do you have any other kids?" with his only response being a smug look. The number of women he'd left with a baby bump still remains a mystery to this day. It's entirely possible that I went to school with my half-siblings, blissfully unaware that we shared a father.

As for the woman and her baby, their fate remains unknown to me. Despite our tangled past, I sincerely wish the child grew up in good health and happiness. And for the woman, I hope she found solace and peace within herself.

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67. Cutting You Off

When looking back, I began to see that he seemed intent on isolating me from those who cared about me, my support network. At first, his actions were subtle, raising little concern. My two best friends didn't sit well with him, and he often complained, "Must we always hang out with them? Can't we spend time with your other friends?" 

I shrugged these baseless complaints off, rationalizing that he didn't have to like everyone I liked. Before long, I noticed a worrying pattern; he only seemed to get along with people I wasn't really that close to. 

His behavior started to change dramatically when my closest friends were around. He became impolite and crass, yet when around others, he was sweet as pie. For instance, one evening I let him know that I was planning on spending time alone with my best friend. 

He erupted in rage, slinging insults at her, calling her all sorts of derogatory names, and telling me she wasn't worth my time. Shocked, I called him out, telling him his behavior was horrid.

His next move was an ultimatum that was the final straw: he demanded that I end my friendship with her or he'd break up with me. My response was simply that breaking up sounded ideal. That very evening, he slinked off to my mother's house, putting on an Oscar-worthy performance, playing the victim. 

He painted me as a callous person who dumped him without cause, aiming to gain her sympathy, and hopefully, her support in convincing me to take him back.

But I stood firm. I made it clear to him that I didn't need someone trying to dictate how I should live my life, especially him.

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68. Pandora’s Box

One of my buddies was tangled up in a tumultuous love affair, an emotional roller-coaster with his girlfriend where they often flip-flopped between being together and being apart. In the midst of this chaotic love story, she discovered she was pregnant. 

Even though she wholeheartedly assured him the child was his, he was set on getting a paternity test, just for the sake of certainty. Agreeing on a truce for the baby's sake, he moved into her mother's place where they were preparing for their new bundle of joy.

Our story took an intriguing turn when the baby arrived—a cherub-like bundle of joy that succeeded in charming everyone around. The paternity test, once looked upon with trepidation, soon became insignificant. 

Enamored by the little one and more than happy to play the doting daddy, my friend and his family were so immersed in their joy that the test was almost forgotten.

Then, quite unexpectedly, he happened to bring up the subject of the test with the girlfriend's mother. Seemingly caught off-guard, she confessed, "Oh dear, didn't she let you know? The results came back ages ago and confirmed you are the father!" What fantastic news? It seemed like a joyful end to a dramatic episode.

Months later, while they were relocating, he stumbled upon the paternity test report neatly tucked away in a dusty corner of a box. This serendipitous discovery led to a shocking revelation—he wasn't the biological father of the child. 

Despite being heartbroken by this cruel twist of fate, he did attempt to continue being present in the baby's life, but his ex refused to let him. A somewhat melancholic ending to a chaotic love saga that had unfolded.

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69. A Real Man

As a nurse, I've witnessed countless deliveries, but one stands out that I'd like to tell you about. One day, an interracial couple came into the hospital, filled with excitement, as they expected their second child—a baby girl. The soon-to-be dad was a man of African descent, and the mom was Caucasian. 

The man's joy was palpable, as he eagerly looked forward to welcoming this second child with his partner. Everything appeared perfectly normal, up until the point when the mom started the delivery process, pushing to bring this little life into the world.

When the baby girl was finally born, something was unexpected. Newborns of mixed race usually show a hint of their African heritage in their skin tone, even if it's not as pronounced at birth. 

But this little girl had very fair skin, accompanied by striking dark hair and piercing blue eyes. It was clear that she wasn't biologically linked to the man who had been overjoyed at her impending arrival.

Fearing the father's potential reaction, we felt it prudent to escort him outside. And there he sat, off in a corner, his face buried in his hands, trying to comprehend the situation. 

It was heartbreaking, a sight that stirred deep sorrow within all of us witnessing it. It stands out as one of the most emotion-filled moments I've experienced in my career after the grief of a stillbirth.

What happened later was even more unexpected. The mother wanted nothing to do with the baby. She also adamantly refused any connection with the baby girl's biological father. The guilt might have overwhelmed her. 

She then made the decision to leave the care of both this infant girl and their two-year-old boy in the hands of the man who, despite the recent shock, didn't even flinch at becoming a sole parent. His kindness and commitment was truly remarkable.

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70. Clearing The Air

My spouse and I had embarked on a visit to see our closest friends who had just brought a new life into the world. We had the honor and responsibility of being the godparents to the precious newborn. Amid this momentous occasion, we found ourselves engrossed in a jovial conversation, exchanging laughs and cheers with loved ones.

Standing in the sterile white hallway of the hospital, under the cold bright light, we were joined by both sets of glowing grandparents, adding to our little assembly.

From what we were aware of, the hospital protocol allowed five visitors clustered together, but it seemed fate was a little bit lenient that day. For some reason, the security guard had allowed all six of us to huddle around, creating a mini celebration at our ward's doorstep. 

We didn't realize this minute oversight until much later when we were made aware. Out of nowhere, a rather stern-faced nurse, with a demeanor far removed from the typical caregiving angel image we tend to associate with, approached us. 

Her eyebrows knitted in an obvious display of disapproval, she scrutinized our crowd and quickly took a mental headcount. Voice filled with authoritative, rather rude, sternness she announced that our party was one head too many and someone had to make an exit immediately.

Then, her gaze fell on my husband, sizing him up—from shoulders to shoes, back to face—and she asked, rather unexpectedly, "Oh, are you the father?" Pausing for a moment and with a charming yet cheeky smile on his face, my husband had the most fabulously witty rejoinder. 

He quipped, “That’s the great mystery we're all here trying to solve.” You could almost hear the gears in her mind grind to a halt as a look of absolute horror washed over her face. Quickly, she receded, backing away from our little group, perhaps to her a slightly less convoluted situation to adjudicate.

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71. Back To Square One

I'm going to share with you a captivating legal narrative I came across that made it to the highest level of the state's judiciary. It features a Black man and a white woman who were once intertwined in matrimony, but eventually, their life paths diverged, leading them to relocate to different states.

After they'd gone their separate ways, the man received an unexpected phone call, not just from a friend, but also from a relative of his former partner. They delivered the startling news that his ex was expecting a child and the birth was imminent. 

The devoted man who still considered himself her husband despite their separation, promptly undertook a cross-country journey, determined to be present at the birth of the child he believed to be his own.

When the baby arrived, the plot thickened. The newborn was fair-skinned with a striking combination of blue eyes and red hair, thus raising doubts about his paternity. 

The mother offered a surprising explanation suggesting the baby's father was not her ex-husband but another man, an explanation that triggered justifiable confusion for the Black man.

Understandably upset, he chose to extricate himself from the situation and distanced himself from his ex and the newborn. With time, a ruling declared that the mother was incapable of fulfilling her parental responsibilities, and as a result, she lost her parental rights. 

The state, looking for the baby's best interests, initiated a search to find the biological father to inform him of the situation before pursuing adoption proceedings.

Technically, as the woman's husband during the time of the baby's birth, the man was classified as the presumed father according to the law. To seek clarity, the state conducted DNA testing, and the outcome surprised everyone. 

Contrary to expectations, the DNA test conclusively established him as the biological father, essentially dealing him a double blow. To add insult to injury, the state ended up revoking his parental rights, accusing him of abandonment. This surprising turn of events resulted in a somber conclusion to the man's journey. 

This story serves as a remindful tale about the unexpected complexities that life and the legal system can present.

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72. Buzzer Beater

In the heartland of our country, deeply rural and conservative, a doctor I'm acquainted with was undergoing his OB-GYN rotation. This was his inaugural voyage into the world of aiding in childbirth, and he was understandably nervous. 

He laughingly confessed to me, "I was green as grass and so new to it all, I had no clue about assisting in childbirth. But the chief doctor, the attending, just pushed me out and said, "Dive in there, you're here to learn.'"

As he was preparing himself for the procedure, the mother-to-be in a sudden wave of intense privacy, demanded her husband exit the chamber. She was quite adamant about it. Given her absolute urgency about her spouse's departure, the doctor advised the husband that he must comply. 

Moreover, from a medical perspective, it was necessary to maintain a calm environment for the patient. The presence of her husband in the room was seemingly causing her quite a bit of tension. Thus, the husband mercifully obliged and made his hasty exit.

In his absence, the birth proceeded smoothly and fairly commonplace. As soon as the little one was safely delivered, the first words that fell from the woman's lips were: "What color is the baby?" In response, the doctor gently assured her that what mattered most was the child was in good health."

Incredulously, she then asserted, "You have to break the news to my husband somehow." To this, the doctor replied gently, yet firmly, "I sincerely apologize, but my responsibility as your doctor was to ensure a safe birth. That task has been completed successfully." 

Without missing a beat, he swiftly cleared the room, just as the husband was returning. The doctor revealed to me later that the woman seemed dedicated to her deception, attempting to carry on her charade right up until the last possible second.

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73. All Mine

In the early part of my twenties, life presented me with numerous challenges, which led me to yearn deeply for any sort of affection. This period of vulnerability was the sole reason behind my decision to engage with a girl for a short duration before pulling the plug.

On our second rendezvous, she surprised me by insisting that I delete all other female contacts from my phone —even my sister, much to my shock. Not long after, she visited my home and was quick to poke fun at me for my love of literature. Spotting a jam-packed bookshelf, she immediately started ridiculing me for being such an avid reader.

As our conversation continued, without missing a beat, she proudly professed her affinity for a particular substance. Moreover, she was quite persistently encouraging me to try the substance as well, apparently smitten by its effects.

I ultimately managed to extricate myself from that toxic environment. However, by the time I escaped, she had already moved on towards two of my friends whom she had begun ma. It is not surprising that they have since ceased to be part of my circle of friends.

Despite that, life later blessed me with increased joy. I got married and have been living a blissful married life for five years now. I often pause to reflect on how enormously fortunate I am.

Noped out of relationshipPexels

74. Curtailed Celebrations

The first time she visited was the evening prior to New Year's Eve. We had crafted early plans for some libations and festivities on the upcoming New Year's Eve. My day had been intensely laborious as I had clocked in a grueling 12-hour shift. 

My job as a carpet fitter involves much physical work, so naturally, I was run down from the exhaustive day. However, once she arrived, she loosened up with a few cocktails, and slowly her demeanor shifted from pleasant to very confrontational. 

Why, you may ask? Our visions of the evening greatly opposed one another—I yearned for a peaceful night of relaxation, meanwhile, she was all for heading out for further indulgence in alcoholic beverages.

Fast forward to three days later, our relationship sadly felt the burn and inevitably ended. The situation was reminiscent of my childhood as my father was also an imposing drinker. I could identify the signs and knew where the road would lead... 

If it is known that alcohol instigates aggressiveness in you, it's best to lay off the booze, seriously.

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75. Toyed With

Let's take a trip down memory lane to a few years back. During this time, my friend was without a car, and I became his unofficial taxi driver, taking him to work whenever I could. He had an unusual gig, working the graveyard shift at a popular toy retailer, Toys R Us, where his main responsibility was stocking shelves with glee-inspiring toys for kids.

One night, I came to pick him up and found him in a state that was appalling. His words were slurred and his balance, off. He could barely stand upright. It was clear that he was heavily intoxicated. I couldn't help but blurt out that in that condition, it would be impossible for him to work effectively.

At that, he lost his cool and, agitated, started to fling various things at me right there in the parking lot. Instead of retaliating, I took the calmer approach—I dumped his stuff onto the cold concrete and left him to deal with his mess.

Let's fast forward through five years of time. Today, he has gone through a total transformation. He has successfully beaten alcohol, turning a new leaf, and leading a sober life. Further, he's also on the path to marital bliss, as he's scheduled to tie the knot this year! So, here's to him and his life changes. Good on him!

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76. A Dog’s Life

My brother's buddy served in the military and swiftly tied the knot with a woman he'd been seeing for just a little while. She's a Caucasian American and he's a Caucasian of Hispanic heritage, yet their newborn was Black. 

She strongly insisted that the baby was his even before the paternity results came in, accusing him of being an irresponsible dad for not owning up to "his" child. When the DNA test results were finally out, they proved her statements false. It seemed she planned to stick around primarily for his military earnings.

Crazy exesPexels

77. They Were Fake

My colleague recently finalized her divorce following an extensive two-year struggle to salvage her marriage. Married life wasn't easy for her; she was not only grappling with the trials of a difficult marriage but also raising a child with special needs.

To make matters worse, her former spouse refused to acknowledge the situation, failing to help or provide child support. After the divorce, she found herself emotionally and financially drained. Desperate to make ends meet, she made the heart-wrenching decision to part ways with her precious trinkets.

Among these treasures was her engagement ring, her gleaming diamond wedding band, and a collection of jewelry pieces her ex-husband had gifted her throughout their years together. 

These items held particular sentimental value; they represented happier times in her life, times she had hoped to reclaim during their two-year effort to reconcile. But just when she believed she was taking steps towards a fresh start, a shocking revelation surfaced...

Shockingly, all the precious stones in her jewelry were counterfeit! Her trusted jeweler was the bearer of this distressing news, informing her that the gems had been surreptitiously replaced with fakes. While she and her husband were burning the midnight oil trying to mend their relationship, his perfidy knew no bounds. 

He concluded an elaborate scheme to switch all her real gems with fraudulent ones, which came as a nasty surprise to her. The revelation threw her off completely, casting an even darker shadow on her already strained memories of her marriage.

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78. Telling On Yourself

Many moons ago, my dear mom was an employee in a bustling medical lab. She was a diligent worker, surrounded by microscopes, test tubes, and pipettes from morning till night. 

During one seemingly ordinary day at this hub of scientific discovery, a woman who was also employed within the same majestic building decided to spend some time in the lab. 

As they chatted amicably amid the whirring machines and the tangible hum of cutting-edge research, the lady casually shared an interesting, personal snippet of information.

She revealed that her blood type was X, while her husband's was Y, and their child possessed blood type Z. Out of respect for privacy, I can't recall or specify the actual blood types. Regardless, this little tidbit of familial trivia triggered quite the surprise.

An inexperienced yet eager lab tech, who had been listening, couldn't help but exclaim in disbelief, "That's impossible." His impulsive outburst hung in the air like a cell waiting to be examined under the microscope, making an otherwise cordial interaction turn a tad tense.

The doctor who was present at the scene offered no verbal response. However, his eyes told a different story; they shot the reckless lab tech a glance that could be best compared to daggers slicing through the anodyne office air.

 Those eyes carried a wordless rebuke, a silent chastisement for letting professional etiquette slip in favor of personal curiosity. The female visitor, whether out of unawareness or sublime indifference, seemed to take no offense. 

She disregarded the unseemly spectacle and exited the colosseum of biology sans drama, leaving my mom to reflect.

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79. Off The Wagon

There was this girl that I'd been crushing on for some time, but unfortunately, our peculiar work schedules did not allow for us time to interact. Then one day, a mutual colleague decided to play matchmaker, and I was over the moon. Our initial rendezvous was incredible; we hit it off instantly. 

We found ourselves absorbed in each other's company, endlessly chatting and cherishing those precious moments that mark the dawn of a new relationship.

Her visits to my place began to increase unexpectedly. In the beginning, she'd stay a couple of nights, and then a week, eventually stretching to two. However, what initially seemed charming eventually descended into ominous territory. The day would end, and I'd find her in my home, often in a state of inebriation. 

To make it worse, she had been on the verge of losing her job previously over a similar issue—where she'd failed to be truthful about her sobriety. Her capacity to handle alcohol was questionable. After consuming a few drinks, she'd erupt about her family or criticize me for not giving ample gravity to our two-month-old relationship. 

The ultimate tipping point was this year's Valentine's Day. She drank to the extent where she was unable to even steady herself. My refusal to engage with her, given her drunken state, resulted in an intense outburst.

The ordeal followed a couple of excruciating hours of her wildly threatening to drive home drunk or sit outside till the bitter cold consumed her. She spent the rest of the night, wailing until she was hoarse, taking refuge in my bed, and shifting between bouts of hysterical laughter and tears. 

Two days later, once her sobriety started to dawn, I ended things with her. Our relationship barely lasted three months, marking it as the quickest relationship I’ve ever been in.

Noped out of relationshipUnsplash

80. Holier Than Thou

My cousin recently took a 23andMe test along with her dad, only to find out they’re not biologically connected in any way. The shock was greater because their mom, my aunt, happens to be overly fanatical and judgmental. 

She's quick to yell at the little ones in our family over minor misbehaviors, and she once flung a small Bible at a woman in a supermarket for swearing on the phone. Additionally, she likes to send me lengthy unsolicited letters about how she thinks my life should align with "God's plan". 

What's baffling is her husband, arguably the most relaxed and fun-loving person I've ever known. None of this was fair to either him or my cousin.

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81. Russian Roulette

This tale is steeped in the rich history of my great-grandmother. She spent her early days growing up in an economically challenged neighborhood on the outskirts of a bustling city, neighboring an army base during the tumultuous times of both World War I and II. 

As a means of survival in her harsh environment, she opted for financially beneficial relationships with numerous gentlemen. It's pretty well accepted in our family lore that she had a knack for her profession, ensuring her popularity among the local gentlemen. 

Her only requirement? Ensuring she was adequately compensated, regardless of the suitor's appearance or ethnicity. Her first spouse discovered she was the much-discussed "local favorite" after the birth of their first child, who was visibly of mixed parentage. 

This revelation culminated in the end of their marriage, but it wasn't long before she found the comfort of another man ready and willing to accept her past...initially, at least. This time, she bore three children, one Caucasian and two of mixed race. 

This pattern continued, with only two out of a total of 11 known living children being completely Caucasian. Several other men came and went from her life in the forms of husbands, boyfriends, and even fiancés. The number reached as high as five husbands, all of whom eventually took leave from her life. 

Word of her frequent visits and unconventional lifestyle had even infiltrated the local hospital, so much so that it became a reoccurring joke among the staff. They would playfully wager on her next visit and speculate on the potential ethnic blend of her future offspring.

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82. What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You

Once upon a time, my sister, while still in high school, fell pregnant. It was during this time that she crossed paths with the individual who would later become her husband, while she was already five months into her pregnancy. Just to paint a picture, my sister is of white ethnicity and her beau is of black ethnicity. 

The biological father of the baby, however, shared the same ethnicity as my sister, but was absent in this lively picture. Due to whatever reasons, he was no longer involved in their lives.

On the day of the baby's arrival, I found myself surrounded by our entire family in a crowded and buzzing hospital room. We were all there, filled with excitement and anticipation, including my soon-to-be brother-in-law. We were all eager to meet the newest bunch of joy, my niece, while my sister was recuperating from her tiring C-section.

The plot thickens—It was during this wholesome visit that the humorous incident unfolded. My brother-in-law, a picture of happiness and excitement, carefully lifted his step-daughter in his arms. Noticing this, a nurse made an observation, stating with a bit of surprise, "She should darken up in a few days." 

This comment was based on the color disparity between my brother-in-law who is black and my niece, who by birth was fairly light-skinned. A wave of laughter swept across the room as we all were privy to the joke. The nurse clearly hit a funny note unknowingly, since she wasn’t aware that my brother-in-law wasn’t the biological father of the baby.

 It left me wondering if this misunderstanding left her feeling guilty, or if she jumped to conclusions about an adulterous situation. Fast forward a few years, my sister and now official brother-in-law have been blessed with two more delightful daughters. 

The most heartwarming part of the story is that my brother-in-law, showing immense love and commitment, went ahead and legally adopted my eldest niece, three years after her birth. Everyone involved in the story has grown closer over these years cementing a bond of love and care. 

There’s no doubt that my nieces are growing up in a loving, caring, and humorous family.

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83. Family Resemblance

I never really had the chance to see it unfold, as I was not old enough at that time. Back in the day, let's say the late 1950s, or possibly the 1960s, a very interesting story happened within my family. 

My Uncle had fallen in love with a woman, a woman who, at the time, was already married. However, their connection was so strong, so undeniable, that she ended her marriage. That's when she became my uncle's wife.

This woman was a mother of two children, at least that was what was painted and accepted for many years. This was the story that everyone chose to adhere to. The 'official' story, if you will, was that both kids were from her first marriage. 

But, over the years, this facade began to crack. It became absolutely crystal clear that the younger of the two children was, in fact, the biological daughter of my uncle.

What a twist in the tale, isn't it? This young girl was not similar in appearance to the man she had initially known as her father or her older half-sibling. But she was the spitting image of my uncle, shocking family and friends alike due to the striking similarities shared. The pretend story could no longer hold up against reality. 

As time moved on, the make-believe was gently set aside, the truth emerging, yet, in a tacit understanding among everyone, it ceased to become a topic of discussion from thereon.

Isn't it a unique family story of love, deception, and eventual acceptance? Hands down, it's all real-life drama and I must say, quite an interesting family saga to recall.

You Are Not The FatherShutterstock

84. Cut And Run

As far as heritage goes, my father hails from Greece with strikingly pale skin and my mother is a medley of white Western European. You wouldn't have been able to guess that when I was born though; I was blessed with a dark complexion and a head full of luscious, black hair. 

My father wasn't concerned or puzzled, but his mother blew a gasket. Incredulous and irate, she hurled a slew of disparaging words at my mother and grandma, and before long, she had completely severed ties with us. 

My father, following not too far behind, abandoned us unceremoniously when I was just three weeks old, leaving us in the constellation of shock and disbelief without any justification. But more shock was still in store for us...

In the ensuing months however, my skin gradually adopted lighter tones, my black hair was replaced with lighter shades, and substantial proof later confirmed that he was indeed my biological father. Despite the revelation, we never saw any reason to reconnect with his side of the family. 

The first year of my life was a whirlwind drama—rehab sessions, street violence, a scandalous affair culminating in a divorce, an elusive mistress, and a kaleidoscope of other chaotic events. The opportunity to foster a relationship with my father presented itself during my high school years. 

We initiated the process, but it quickly took a strange turn. He insisted that I call him 'dad,' demanded consistent visitation, and exhibited a troubling pattern of showing up uninvited at my friends' and boyfriends' residences, often leading to a spectacle. 

His pressure to participate in family portraits with his new partner and the five siblings I shared no common mothers with dwindled my patience. On a related note, my father had an additional child before he met my mom, which he similarly abandoned. I regret trying to mend the relationship with this man. 

There’s nothing regrettable about my decision to distance myself from his chaotic world- call it self-preservation. An interesting coincidence, it turns out he was an employee of my in-laws’ at the time I first met my husband.

Upon discovering his identity and past, my in-laws promptly severed his employment to ensure I wouldn’t have to uncomfortably encounter him on the job. Honestly, his dismissal was a well-deserved consequence, it was simply a matter of time.

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85. Parental Supervision

Our third date had landed us at his house. His furry friend, a bundle of energy, desperately wanted to play fetch. Conveniently enough, a ball was close at hand. The first time I threw it, everything was peachy. The dog fetched it with uncontained excitement, and all seemed well. 

However, during the second throw, the ball accidentally ricocheted off the wall, putting a slight ding in the immaculate paint job. His face quickly darkened, and he raised his voice, threatening that I would be the one to repaint the wall if it happened once more. 

No need to mince words here, he came across as pretty domineering in that moment.

Noped out of relationshipPexels

86. Business As Usual

She became absurdly heated and upset during a game of Monopoly. It's not a game I enjoy, but I played along because it's something she enjoyed, even though I was unfamiliar with the rules. 

She would lash out at me whenever I made a perceived mistake, or when my moves didn't align with her expectations to the extent that I questioned, "Is this supposed to be entertaining?" Her reply was, "Absolutely, it's an excellent game." 

So, I countered, "No, I was referring to our relationship." We've only been together for about a month, so it was a simple choice to part ways.

Noped out of relationshipUnsplash

87. What Is This Cleaning That You Speak Of?

We spent a couple of months together. The first time I visited his home, I noticed it resembled a teen's pad. His belongings weren't great - he had makeshift dishes, worn-out couches obviously discarded by others, and an endless supply of Mountain Dew. 

Despite being financially stable, which was evident, I was puzzled to see why he'd opt for such low standard items. I stepped into his shower, and it was clear it hadn't been scrubbed for the entire three years he'd been living there. The sight left me utterly repulsed and I had to leave immediately.

Noped out of relationshipUnsplash

88. In The Pink

Once during my time in residency, performing epidurals, I had an encounter with a couple hailing from a rural region. They were Caucasian, and there was something about their demeanor and speech that hinted they may not have had much formal education. 

Now, the woman was particularly anxious, questioning when she would be allowed to go home, even though she hadn't given birth yet. Meanwhile, her husband appeared nonchalant, as though he had been through this process countless times.

Typically, I don't stay in the room during labor. However, in this case, I happened to be nearby when she gave birth, and was required to administer extra epidural due to a sudden tear after delivery. Upon entering the room, I noticed the woman squeezing her eyes shut, seemingly resistant to looking at her newborn. Something was wrong.

Turning my attention to the baby, it was evident that the child was of African descent. This fact did not escape the husband's notice, and his formerly aloof attitude was replaced with a sudden alertness. In surprise, he kept repeating the question, "When is that baby gonna pink up?" His voice growing louder with each ask.

To maintain control over the situation, the doctor tried to reroute everyone's focus, explaining the urgency of the moment. It was suggested that the baby should be taken to the resuscitation unit in the NICU, and the father should excuse himself from the room while they tended to the tear.

A social worker was then summoned to the scene. Unfortunately, my expertise was soon requested elsewhere, so I never got to learn about the aftermath of that situation. Although, from what I witnessed, I doubt the following events were pleasant.

You Are Not The FatherShutterstock

89. Third Time’s The Charm

To put it simply, my job involves marketing for a property company, and part of my role is to collect residents' testimonials. I once interacted with a couple, presumably in their 40s. They expressed that since their children had moved out, they chose to live in a smaller place. 

When the official part of the discussion was over, the couple continued chatting. They said something to the effect of, "We were excited to embark on this stage of our lives, but unexpectedly, we had a third child. Contrary to popular belief, vasectomies aren't a 100% assurance, I guess, as I ended up impregnating my wife again!" 

The woman's eyes widened, and her face was full of terror as she looked at us. It was hard to keep from being shocked and confused by this. Whether they were joking or the husband had unwittingly been bringing up someone else's child for almost two decades still remains a mystery to me.

You Are Not The FatherShutterstock

90. His Own Mother Wouldn’t Love Him

I greeted the world with a bit of a hiccup, a medical snafu that whisked me away right after my birth. The only glimmer my poor mother got of me was an all-too-brief flash, a mere pass-by before the doctors intervened. That sudden interruption of the precious mother-infant bonding time set the stage for quite a surprising reunion later on.

You see, my dad has a lineage that gifts us rich, golden, tanning traits. I, of course, embraced these traits, even as an infant. So, when the time was ripe for my victorious return to my mother's arms, I was a sun-kissed, honeyed hue of brown. This was very different from the fleeting image imprinted in my mother's memory.

Arriving with an unexpected tan, my own mother found herself in a sea of bewilderment. She didn't recognize me! The powerful cocktail of birth, combined with my newfound tan, had her spiraling into disbelief. With her gaze fixed on me, she voiced her alarm to everyone within earshot: "This cannot be my baby; this baby is Black!" 

It just goes to show, the trials of labor and birth can really spin one's perception sideways.

You Are Not The FatherShutterstock

91. Hidden Depths

A Black couple recently welcomed a beautiful new baby into the world. As they reveled in the joy of new parenthood, an unusual series of events took place that turned an ordinary day into a memorable one. 

The couple's friend, who had a noticeably zealous personality as well as a newborn child of his own, whom he happened to be cradling, stopped by for a visit. This baby had a lighter skin tone compared to their rich, melanin-infused complexion.

Just as it often happens in life, coincidence and chance intertwined to orchestrate the next scene. The baby’s maternal grandmother sauntered into the room right when the father, exhibiting his paternal instincts, was holding the friend's baby. 

The grandmother, taken aback by the sight, braced herself before delivering an unexpected revelation.

You Are Not The FatherShutterstock

92. Blood Is Thicker Than Water

My future mother-in-law works as a nurse on a labor and delivery ward. Her duties include taking care of expecting mothers and attending to their every need during their hospital stay. On one particular occasion, she had one patient whose mom and dad accompanied her—the mother-to-be was expecting their grandchild.

Inside the hospital wing, they have a large whiteboard which displays non-identifiable patient information in a bid to safeguard patients' privacy and adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

The board displays basic medical insights like blood type, the duration of stay in the ward, and the progression of the pregnancy, all labeled under patient numbers rather than names.

One day, this pregnant woman happened to be the sole patient occupying the delivery wing. During a leisure stroll back from the hospital cafeteria, her father stumbled upon the data-packed whiteboard containing his daughter’s medical details, recognisable by her unique patient number.

He paused to examine the blood type listed for his daughter—B+. Perplexed, he reached out to one of the nurses and cross-checked if the blood type mentioned for his daughter—the solitary patient in the wing at that point—was indeed right. The nurse glanced at the board and affirmatively nodded.

Here's where it gets interesting. Being well-aware of his and his wife's blood types, he realized the biological impossibility of having a B+ offspring from their O+ (father) and A- (mother) blood types.

 Processing this shocking revelation, he invited his wife over and subtly gestured towards the whiteboard, changing the atmosphere in the room dramatically. Indescribable shock washed over the mother's face as she realized the implication of what was in front of her.

You Are Not The FatherShutterstock

93. Never A Dull Moment

My other half makes a living as a Registered Nurse and even sits in an important position as a Hospital Supervisor. In hospital slang, there's this phrase that reverberates sporadically over the hospital's loudspeaker system—"Code Yellow". 

This is the universal cry for help, representing a need for hospital security staff or more formidable male nurses. It's not a common occurrence, but it does happen occasionally.

Let me tell you a little more about it. When you hear this distinctly coded alert, "Code Yellow to Labor and Delivery", drama is imminent. You might wonder why. What's going behind those closed doors? It's not about emergency as your initial thought might tell you, but certainly an important call that needs quick and accurate response.

Here's the intriguing part—it often involves some intense situation needing immediate attention for perhaps an unruly patient or a tense situation that needs a calm head and brawny back up. This is the kind of stuff that becomes a part of hospital lore, the stuff that makes a normal day at the hospital a little less mundane and a tad more thrilling.

I can assure you that when "Code Yellow to Labor and Delivery" hits the airwaves, everyone at the hospital takes note. You most certainly don't want an emergency on your hands, but these little spikes in adrenaline, this coded call to action, helps remind the team that no two days are ever the same in the world of healthcare, and that's part of what makes it such an exciting and rewarding field.

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94. It Doesn’t Add Up

Allow me to share a fascinating story about my aunt, who works as a nurse in the maternity ward. One day, a delighted couple checked into the ward, eagerly anticipating the birth of their child. Their skin was beautifully dark, an undeniable calling card of their strong Black heritage.

Shortly after, the lady gave birth to an adorable little bundle of joy, but something was different – the baby’s skin was incredibly pale, void of any pigmentation whatsoever. It was as if a blank canvas had materialized. As they laid the baby on the mother, confusion quickly escalated into panic. 

The mother, startled by the baby's complexion, began to insist that the baby wasn't her own, believing that her child had been swapped. It's worth noting that the aftermath of childbirth can often cause temporary disorientation and confusion, but this was a situation of a different kind.

Her eyes were filled with tears, her body shaking in confusion and shock. The father, witnessing this spectacle, wore a look of bewilderment, evidently grappling with the fact that despite the speculations of infidelity, the extremely pale baby was biologically improbable. 

The healthcare providers present—the doctors and nurses—desperately tried to placate her, assuring her that the skin color difference was only temporary, and the baby's skin would gradually gain pigment.

As the dust began to settle, the piece that provided an explanation for this puzzle came from an unexpected source—the baby's grandmother. A phone call to the grandmother revealed a genetic possibility they had overlooked. 

She made an educated guess, suggesting that their baby might have inherited the genetic trait of albinism from a distant relative, a second cousin, who himself was albino. Ultimately, her intuitive guess proved to be correct. The baby was indeed albino, a rare genetic condition resulting in lighter skin color.

You Are Not The FatherShutterstock

95. Caught Red-Handed

A while back, I had a boyfriend that allowed me to use his iPad, the intent being merely to watch a film on Netflix. Little did I know, it was going to turn into a much different kind of show. In an interesting twist of technological fate, his messenger application was synchronized across both his tablet and his mobile device. 

Text notifications casually popped up on the screen as I carried on with my movie, oblivious to the fact that I was inadvertently privy to his private conversations.

As I endeavored to ignore the distraction, I found myself unwittingly viewing a scandalous exchange. It unfolded in real time, akin to a gripping live-performance of deceit — an underhanded plot masterminded by my then-boyfriend and his best friend's spouse. 

What was the nature of this clandestine correspondence, you might ask? It came to light that they were planning to be together over the forthcoming holiday weekend. My boyfriend gave her a solemn pledge that he'd ensure my absence that weekend, effectively clearing the way for their forbidden rendezvous.

The most appalling part was their sheer audacity along with the contempt they showed for me. Their chosen venue for this surreptitious affair? None other than our shared bed.

Notifications facts

96. Bringing Down the House

My job is in advertising for a real estate company where I gather stories from our residents. I recently chatted with a middle-aged couple who informed us that with their children finally moved out, they had made the choice to move into a smaller home. 

After we were done with the official part of the conversation, the couple continued to chat. The husband joked, or at least I think he was joking, saying, "Sure, we were excited to start this next phase of life, but then, surprise, we had a third child. No matter what they say, vasectomies aren't foolproof; I still managed to get her pregnant!" 

His wife looked at us with wide eyes, and a rather frantic look on her face. I tried to keep my composure but my smile morphed into a baffled look. I couldn't help but be taken aback by the revelation. 

Until now, I'm not sure whether they were playing a prank on us or if the husband had unknowingly brought up another man's child for the past 18 years.

Reactions to Rejection FactsFlickr

97. Family Friends With Benefits

For around five to six years, a certain breakfast spot had been my go-to during weekends. One weekday, following a doctor's appointment, I had some extra time and figured I'd grab a hearty breakfast from this familiar place. Upon entering, I scanned the room for an empty seat and, to my surprise, I spotted my dad.

He sat snug in a corner with a woman I didn't recognize. Catching sight of me, he looked surprised, but he stood up to greet me with a hug and a peck on the cheek. He introduced her as a colleague from work, an unusual claim since his work as an AC repairman was mostly field-based and his office had no female staff. 

Despite the odd introduction, I played along and greeted her before finding a spot for myself. This encounter remains a standout awkward moment in my memory. Worth noting is that my parents split before I was born and at the time of this encounter, he was married to another woman. 

A few days later, I popped by for breakfast and the waitresses, who were good pals of mine, revealed that my dad had been meeting that lady at the restaurant weekly. I chose to keep quiet about the situation and acted as if it never transpired. That took place roughly 14 years ago. 

Ever since that day, according to the waitresses, he never set foot in the restaurant again. I, on the other hand, continue to frequent the place. As I now remember this occurrence, it's almost a year since my dad passed away. Despite the weirdness of it all, I'm grateful for this chance to reminisce about him.

Awkward Situation factsPexels

98. Missed Encounters

During the wedding of a college buddy of my husband's, we found out a shocking secret. My husband’s old friend, the blushing bride, had carried a teenaged crush on him that had blossomed into an enduring love over the past ten years. This surprising revelation came to us courtesy of the ladies sharing our table at the reception. 

As introductions were made and we waited for the newlyweds’ grand entrance, their expressions shifted between horror and concern upon learning who we were. The bride managed to compose herself in the aftermath of the emotional episode. But to our surprise, she followed closely as we decided to exit the party discreetly. 

As a parting shot, she let her gaze drop down to my chest and said bitingly, "Well, now I see what I've been missing all this time!" Her husband looked as shocked as we felt, while my husband, distressed and mortified, lamented his obliviousness to her feelings. 

He expressed his regret for even attending the wedding, woefully unaware of her intense infatuation for him. The entire episode was unnerving and decidedly strange. After that woman cast her remark, it was crystal clear to us that this was not your average wedding story. 

It was a rather strange and unsettling story, and the innocence of streamstroller, my husband, lent a unique flavor to it.

Ruined Wedding factsShutterstock

99. The Worst Kind Of Deja Vu

Just over a year ago, I had managed to extricate myself from a not-so-ideal romantic entanglement. I'm the type of person who is fueled by ambition, and my profession is my driving force. The relationship was far from what I had envisioned, hence, breaking it off wasn't too heart-wrenching a decision for me. 

However, several of my acquaintances, who were not quite in the know of my real self, hypothesized that I was plunging into depression, given that my social activities had taken a clear dip.

Essentially, I was neck-deep in a mammoth grant proposal that I was working upon. Gathering momentum for such a task is undeniably demanding and certainly saps one's time and energy. On the other hand, my brief liaison was somewhat casual, to describe it precisely. 

We had been seeing each other for nearly a month "unofficially", so its conclusion wasn't really a devastating event. The woman was a peculiar character, making it a real task for me to acquaint her with my wider circle of friends, when things abruptly ended.

My pals hatched an elaborate plan that involved me being deceived into going on a blind date, under the pretext of them coming to meet me. And that's just how it unfurled. I was at the decided venue—a local sushi place—when they called me to reveal their trick. 

My initial reaction was sheer anger, but then I thought, 'why not?' I mean, what's the worst that can happen from having dinner with a yet-to-be-met individual?

You can imagine my astonishment when I saw the woman I had just disentangled myself from, seemingly relaxed, and ready for a meal—right across the table.

Hate People FactsShutterstock

100. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

The courtroom drama unfolding on Lauren Lake's Paternity Court is truly dynamic and captivating. One particular case that stuck with me involved a woman determined to prove that the man present was the father of her child. It was intriguing to witness her utilize most of the assigned 25 minutes per episode in elaborating her so-called "evidence".

Her methodology went beyond normal standards as she provided photographic evidence comparing facial similarities between the alleged father and child. Furthermore, she thought it necessary to introduce a character reference to vouch for her honesty, to imply she would never be unfaithful. 

Her approach also involved attempting to villainize the other party, voicing her disappointment at this man's refusal to recognize his supposed offspring. While she struggled and strived to fight her case, the man remained stoically silent, choosing not to counter-argue. 

He calmly allowed her to present her case with minimal interruption. I remember the tension as the show’s host, Lauren Lake, eventually turned to him, offering him an opportunity to defend himself or voice his perspective in return.

His response was unexpected; he only gestured towards an unassuming manila envelope lying on the desk. The woman, confused, took the folder to Judge Lake. The revelation inside that folder completely overturned the direction of the case and changed everything. 

Judge Lake spent time perusing the evidence before dismissing the case in favor of the man, rendering the woman's previous earnest arguments null. The big twist? The alleged father had been on deployment in Afghanistan throughout the year preceding the birth. It was a head-turning revelation that rendered the lawsuit baseless. 

Imagine the shock both in the studio and among viewers when they found out that he had returned home after a four-year term, only to be greeted by a two-year-old child, falsely identified as his offspring.

You Are Not The FatherShutterstockSources: Reddit, Quora

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