Creeps Caught Red Handed

July 19, 2021 | Mae Stanley

Creeps Caught Red Handed

We all do weird stuff when we’re alone, but not everyone does things that are this incredibly creepy. From watching people sleep to..."interesting" bathroom antics, people have been caught doing some pretty ill-advised things. Lock the doors and turn on the lights, these stories would make anyone’s skin crawl.

1. Sometimes It’s Easier To Just Say Hi

When we were about 18 years old my friend Rich was telling me he was being followed by a strange dude with long hair, beard, and mustache. He said he would turn around and see the guy following him from a distance. At night Rich would look out his front window and see the guy standing in the middle of the road staring at his house.

Two weeks later we finished up our band practice in our lead guitarist's backyard and Rich left to put his amp in his car. A few moments later Rich came running back terrified. He said the bearded guy was out front and that he was coming through the gate to the backyard. I saw the creep come in and he asked for Rich a few times.

Rich asked who he was and he said "Doug." They had been schoolmates but Doug had moved away for a few years and grew his hair long. Rich asked him why he didn't say anything earlier and Doug said he was nervous about approaching Rich because he wasn't sure it was him. So he just stalked him for two weeks and Rich was terrified the entire time.

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2. Don’t Sniff Things You Find In The Freezer

My old roommate used to freeze his...seed? Like an entire water bottle full. I thought it was condensed milk or something...until I smelled it. He would hide it behind the ice maker part of the freezer, but I found it while cleaning it out one day. There was no way I was going to ask him about it, but I never thought of him the same way after that. What do you even do with that much frozen sperm?

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3. The Consequences Of Creeping

I caught a dirty old man doing something creepy on my way to work along a busy footpath in Sydney. He was up-skirting three office girls. I caught him doing it while a big group of people were all waiting to cross the street, there were about 20 people, I screamed out, "Hey, this dirty old man is taking pictures up your skirt!"

And the crowd just turned on him, I hurried away but I looked back and he was on the ground getting kicked and punched by at least five people, I saw the camera go flying. Mob justice was probably not the kind of footage he was hoping to get that day.

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4. Sharing A Private Moment

I was in Germany with my wife, we decided to take a break from sightseeing to just have a pastry and go to the bathroom. We go to this nice restaurant in the city square, my wife orders for us and I run to the bathroom. The stall doors to the bathrooms were clear glass, but when you closed the door and locked it the doors would frost over so you couldn’t see into the stall but you could see out.

Anyway, a guy hadn’t locked his stall door, just closed it. The dude literally just made bizarre faces at me while he pooped, making direct eye contact the entire time while I was at the urinal. He had no idea I could see him through the glass and it took my entire being to not laugh hysterically.

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5. Ooh, Shiny!

I was serving at a soup kitchen in high school and something shiny caught my eye out the window. I looked and saw a guy holding what looked like a knife and polishing it. It was creepy as heck—then it turned horrifying. About five seconds later he lunges out of the bush and stabs a guy minding his own business who was waiting in line for the kitchen to open.

No idea what happened to the victim but the whole thing played in slow motion, it was awful. Looking back it seems obvious what was about to happen, but I was like, 15 at the time?

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6. You Never Know When You’re Going To Be Called Into A Meeting

I was hiking with my boyfriend and we decided to go off-trail. We were about three hours into the woods in the middle of nowhere when suddenly there was a man in a suit standing about 30 feet away staring at us. We were like “what?” After a few seconds, he just turned around and walked away. We checked the map and there was nothing but woods for miles in the direction he went.

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7. The Woods Are Full Of Mysteries

Growing up there was a sketchy rope swing on a sketchy pond in my small town. We could walk there from my house and normally we would take the road. Once we bushwhacked from my backyard through the woods headed towards the pond (a good distance). We came across a clearing of trampled bushes/ferns.

A woman's dress was laid out, with socks and shoes in place and underwear off to the side. Where was the owner of the clothes? Who had piled them so nicely? The creepiest thing was how close all this was to my house.

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8. Some Things Are Meant To Be Private

When I was a kid living in Russia, I would walk to school every day with my brother. One day, I had to walk alone because my brother was sick. As I was walking, I saw this lady laying in the dirt. She was dressed like a nun and was screaming something at me. She then started digging the ground with her hands and kept looking at me and saying random things. I ran as fast as my child-sized legs could take me.

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9. It’s Not Like Anyone Else Was Using Them

I was living at a halfway house and we had chicken for dinner one day. Later that night I went in the kitchen to get a midnight snack. There was a guy in there arranging the chicken bones from earlier into weird patterns on a table. I asked him what he was up to and he looked at me very seriously and said he was summoning a demon.

I had never seen a demon before so, obviously I had some questions and hung around to see the show. Long story short…no demon showed up. It was both creepy and disappointing.

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10. Always Trust Your Instincts

Reminds me of this time I went to a party where I was one of three girls—me and the two friends I went with (we thought there’d be more people there). We stayed for a bit, had some drinks, but I started getting weird vibes and wanted to leave. I should have listened to my gut. Suddenly my phone was nowhere to be found. I needed to call for a ride/didn’t want to leave without it.

I asked everyone there. No one had seen it, no one seemed to care or help me look. Eventually, I just took someone else’s phone to call one of my brother’s friends to come get me. I’m still looking when my brother’s friend arrives and comes into the house to find out what’s going on. As I’m about to just leave without it, I see one of the guys quickly go into the other room.

He didn’t know I was watching, but I followed and saw him go pull my phone out of some box in a random drawer that I’d never think to look in. They knew exactly where it was the whole time.

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11. Janitors Are Supposed To Keep Things Clean

When I was in middle school, I was on the girls’ basketball team. Before practice, some of us girls would take our cellphones and hide them around the gym so they wouldn’t get stolen while we were practicing. The middle school I went to had a really bad history with guns and drugs so they banned backpacks and any type of bags from campus.

We would literally just carry our binders around and lock our gym stuff in P.E lockers. So, after practice I went to grab my phone and saw that I was sent an illicit pic from my teammate (who I was texting right before practice). I asked her why she should text me that and she had no idea what I was talking about. Her phone was missing.

That’s when I noticed the janitor, who was taking out the garbage at the time, run out the side gym door. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. The next day, I got called into the office. They took my phone and later told me that the janitor was responsible for the photo. It was the first time I ever saw a male’s parts. I was 13.

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12. It’s Important To Stretch

When I was in high school, me and a couple friends took some acid and went to a nature preserve. We were sitting on a bench in a covered area that was kind of remote and this lady probably in her thirties jogs right up in front of us and starts stretching and each time she would arch her back and turn her head to look at us.

She even looked at us from between her legs, now she was about 5 feet directly in front of us very close, just bizarre. This went on for what seemed like forever and I couldn’t tell if I was just tripping but we all saw it, I have no idea what she was doing

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13. Saving It For Later

I manage a team at a thrift store. We had a creepy employee on my team who no longer works at the store. He was always doing weird things. We work in the area where we take customer donations and we bring in all the clothing that we get on these large cage-like carts. Well, one day after closing my area we were all bringing in carts.

Some of the clothing on the top of the one I was bringing in fell on the ground. I was in a rush so I figured I'd grab it in a minute or two after the other carts were put away. When I came in with another cart, I noticed the creepy employee with his own cart stop in front of the small pile of clothes I had dropped. He then proceeded to quickly pull something off the top of the pile sniff it.

He then stuffed it hurriedly in his pocket. It was gross, and technically against store policy because we can't take donated items we didn't buy from the store. But I didn't want to get him in trouble right away and was hoping he'd fix it. He didn't, so about 20 minutes later I confront him and ask him to turn out his pocket.

He pulled out what looked to be a woman's bra. I don't want to even think what he was planning on doing with that at home. I was an idiot and didn't file a report on it to give to the assistant manager, but he got fired later anyways for trying to ask every lady who donated stuff out on a date. What a weird guy.

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14. Trespassers Beware

A friend and I used to go urban exploring when we were in our teens—basically just exploring derelict buildings. My friend was really into it and would take plaques and paperwork home with him, and was even a part of this online forum all about urban exploration in our area. One day we were exploring an old manganese bronze factory.

As we were walking down this hallway, we heard some strange noises coming from one of the many rooms around us. Pretty shook and not wanting to engage with anyone, we climbed through a broken window to get outside. My friend went first, then I went second. My friend turned around to speak to me and screamed.

I spun around 180° a saw a skinny, pale man with short ginger hair standing 3ft away from me. He asked us for a smoke and we declined (because we didn't smoke). He replied, "Thanks anyway" and climbed back inside. We didn't find out until a couple weeks later, but that man's body was found the following day.

He supposedly fell through the ceiling trying to strip copper from the wires along the roof. It was a deeply unsettling feeling, especially being around 13-14yrs old at the time.

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15. That’s Not What You Want To See

I was sleeping in bed with my wife (then girlfriend) at this apartment she had years ago. I popped up out of sleep in the middle of the night. I was completely out of it and there standing at the foot of our bed was the old lady landlord, staring at us. I thought I was dreaming but the lady apologized to me the next day.

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16. Thinking Out Loud

I’m a musician, and one day I was looking through a stack of tapes (yes, I’m an old musician) for a song I wrote. I was just popping them into the tape deck and listening to a few minutes before ejecting them. I put a tape in and pressed play only to hear our rhythm guitarist talking to himself on tape.

Evidently, he had been stalking some girl and was talking about driving past her house and how beautiful she was and how he wanted to be her boyfriend. It was intensely creepy. How did that tape ever wind up in my studio, in a cabinet with my tapes? I would think that if you’re going to make something creepy like that you would be more careful with where you leave it.

So when some other members of the band showed up for practice, I played it for them while we hung out and we all laughed and got creeped out. He wasn’t there at the time, but I left the tape sitting out for him to see. It was gone by the end of practice.

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17. Sir, This Is A Place Of Business

Worked at an ad agency years ago. We had a middle-aged IT guy who was nice enough but kept to himself. If you needed help you either sent an instant message or walked back to his office. Now the entire office of this place was an open bullpen. Think typical office set-up. But his office was in the back, around a corner and down a hallway.

He was isolated. One day I walk to ask for help. I round the corner of his office (WIDE OPEN DOOR BTW) and walk in on him leaning back watching FULL-SCREEN adult movies. The kicker was that he had all his monitors facing the open door! Like dude, if you’re going to even try this, arrange your private viewing room to not have your monitors facing your one weak point.

He made an embarrassed weird noise and I immediately turned heel and walked back to my desk. He got let go a few months later, I have a good idea as to why.

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18. Turn The Sound Off, At Least

I was at a popular beach by a lake with some girlfriends. While my friends were in the water I stayed with our things and sunbathed in a bikini. I noticed a guy who was with a group of men a couple of meters away from us pointing his phone at me. I first thought he was just checking his phone but then I heard his phone camera click.

He did it a couple of times. I ran over to my friends and we debated what to do. Eventually a friend and I worked up the courage to confront him. He pretended not to speak German but finally one of the guys from his group handed us his phone and we did find multiple photos of me, mostly zoomed in on my butt.

Of course, we deleted all the photos off of his phone before handing it back. We were all furious, but there was not much more we could do so we just left immediately.

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19. To Be Fair, It Was Her Room

I was hiding in my sister’s closet so I could jump out and scare her. I must have been 8 or 9, and she would have been around 7 or 8. So, I was in there waiting for the perfect moment to scare her. Peeking through the closet door crack. And all of a sudden she grabbed her piggy bank. It was shaped like a 3-foot-tall anthropomorphic tiger. I was not prepared for what happened next.

She brought it to her bed and started making out with it! I was so taken aback, confused, disgusted. I barged out of the closet, scared the life out of her, and ran out of the room. Moral of the story; don’t hide in the closet.

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20. Children Are The Best Wingmen

I was volunteering at a hot dog sale outside of a grocery store. It was Halloween so we decided to all dress up. I borrowed a doll costume from a friend that included a chunky yarn wig. Part way through the day I noticed an older man and two small children hanging around. I assumed the kids liked our costumes.

They stood out because the kids looked super creepy, vacant-eyed, like you could barely see their faces. They were both incredibly pale and their hair was long and dark. Almost like weird little aliens. Eventually, they left. Later in the event, the guy is back with his grown daughter. She comes straight to me and asks if I am married.

I said no and she said her father would like to have me. Excuse me? I am wearing bright, chunky yarn on my head, dressed like a children’s toy with what basically equated to clown makeup all over my face. I declined and walked away. I never got to find out exactly what "have" meant.

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21. What An Athlete!

When I was in college, I was staying the night at my boyfriend’s house. He had 2 roommates, and one of them had this weird girlfriend, but she was nice so we got along well enough. One night, I woke up randomly at 3 a.m. and decided to go smoke outside. The previous night the roommate broke up with the weird girl for the 100th time.

The window to his room faced the courtyard, the area I would be in. So, I go outside and it’s dark but I heard branches cracking. I turn on the light on my phone and see the odd girlfriend sitting by her ex-boyfriend’s window. In the middle of the night. I called out her name and asked what in the world was she doing.

Mind you this is a gated courtyard. She would have had to scale the 6ft wooden fence just to even get in. She didn’t answer, just stood up and scaled the fence like a creepy human spider.

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22. Bread Is Just That Good

I am at the grocery store standing in front of the French bread. I notice this strange guy standing there, staring at the food. About 40 years old, jean shorts, a little overweight, handlebar moustache, tight shirt, flip-flops. I pick up one loaf of bread and he turns to me with a strange smile. I couldn’t deal with the creepiness so I walked away with my bread.

Once I’m safe and have calmed down a bit, I change my mind on my selection and go back to the bread aisle and that dude is still standing in the same spot...just staring. So, I put the bread back and he immediately grabs it, the one I just put down, and storms to the cash register. Pays and leaves. That is the only thing he bought.

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23. A Strong Argument For Locks

My friend and I decided it would be fun to sleep outside in my friend's parent's camper. In the middle of the night, I woke up to the silhouette of some guy standing in the doorway. He stands there for about a minute and then walks out. I was still half asleep and wondering if that really happened when I fell back to sleep.

The next morning my friend tells me about a "dream" she had about someone coming into the camper. Of course, freaking out ensued. Apparently, someone (a hobo perhaps, she lives right next to the tracks) had been sleeping there without anyone knowing.

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24. It’s A Dangerous Hobby

In the late 90s, I went to a yard sale about 6 blocks from my house. I found this silver cigarette case that I thought would make me look stylish and uber-sophisticated at the bar. I bought it for $2 from a guy that was at least 85 years old. I took it home and immediately dropped it on the sidewalk and dented one corner, but it was still good-looking so I used it for a while.

After a couple bar trips, it became a pain to carry around, as it only held 8 smokes, so I tossed it in a nightstand drawer and forgot about it. A few months later I saw another yard sale at the same place and stopped to look since I found good stuff last time. I found a case just like the one I bought and picked it up.

It not only had the same dented corner but I opened it up and there was a cigarette that was my brand inside. For some reason, I felt the need to buy it again for $2 from the same old geezer. When I got home the case was not in my nightstand. I will never forget the smile that old weirdo gave me when I bought it the second time.

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25. That’s An Interesting Technique

Lecturing teacher here. We have a piano in a large lecture hall, it was donated a long, long time ago. People come and go and play it when there isn't a lecture going on in there. Anyway, as I'm walking about to teach my class, I hear someone hitting the keys rather off note. Curious, I open the door slightly and peer in.

I kid you not, there was a guy, pants down, hitting the keys with his junk. I literally cannot word it any other way. I was so shocked I shut the door but it closed rather loudly and I heard a yelp from inside. I still have not been able to explain this to anyone but now when I actually hear someone playing something nice, I can't help but think back to that event.

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26. We All Need Hobbies

When I was in 7th grade, some boys in my Texas history class found a little animal figurine, except it had a cotton ball wig and red paint on it that I think was supposed to look like blood. They were messing around with it for a bit, but then the teacher came in and said, "Hey, stop messing with my stuff" and took it.

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27. Good Boys

Once in high school, I was in charge of cleaning the men’s locker room and there were also 3 freshmen kids working with me and I had to make sure they did their job. Anyways, they seemed very weird and awkward but they all knew each other so they wouldn't stop talking the whole time. At one point I got fed up with it. Since the locker room was already pretty clean and there was nothing to do, I just went to the female's locker room.

I was there for a while and then I decided it was time to go check on the boys. When I opened the door, my jaw dropped. I saw two of them on their knees with their tongues out and breathing heavily as if they were dogs, and the other kid was in front of them with a twinkie in his hand and holding it above their heads.

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28. Morning Meditation

Arrived early one morning for class and the door was locked, lights off, so I just waited until my lecturer arrived. Suddenly, the classroom door unlocks from the inside. It’s the lecturer, wearing nothing but his underpants. I’m speechless, but without missing a beat he says, “Sometimes I just love standing in the dark looking over the city.” Then he turns on the light, pulls on his clothes, and quietly sits at his desk.

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29. Unsafe Neighborhood

When I was a kid, I was home alone with my older sister. Living on either side of us, there were two girls that I was friends with. They rang our doorbell and begged to come in because two guys in a car were staring at them. We let them in and the car peeled out. We could have prevented a double kidnapping that day. That was probably around 1990.

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30. Ron’s Not Here

Our neighbor goes out of town for a couple months. He asks us to keep an eye on his property for him. We lived in a rural area with a good view of his entire property from ours. One day a dude in a jeep rolls up to his place. We watch him step into the property and start walking around going through things.

We drive over there, all four of us. When we get there, he walks up. We ask him who he is and what he's doing here. He makes up some nonsense and is asking if a guy by the name of Ron or something is home. Not the name of the guy who lives there. We tell him no and ask him what he’s doing there once again.

He said he wanted to buy a truck off of him that's sitting on the property and he's a friend of his. We asked him his name and he said, "uhh… it's Jeff," like he had to think about his own name. Meanwhile, he's got four pretty big dudes all standing around him asking him stuff. He's getting nervous. Eventually, he gets in his car and leaves.

We call the neighbor and tell him what happened and we call the authorities who didn't bother to even come by. The truck he was rummaging through was missing a couple of small parts. Two weeks go by, and one morning we wake up to find his truck, his trailer, two jet skis, and his sports car stolen. We called it in and made a report, but they weren't caught.

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31. No Means No

I caught a guy trying to unlace a friend’s blouse at a bar. He’d been hitting on her all night but she kept rejecting him. At that point, she was pretty wasted. I asked him what he was doing and he went back to whatever he was doing beforehand like nothing had happened.

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32. Patio Peeper

I was staying at a hotel and I was coming from the parking lot and saw a guy creeping around the ground-floor rooms that had sliding doors onto small concrete patios. He was going from one door to another and peeking inside. I stopped, poised to call the emergency line, when the guy realized he was being watched.

He apologized for being creepy and showed me that he had a parking pass but the security office had neglected to write his room number on the pass and he had become separated from his family. They'd checked in the night before very late and had left the hotel early to go out to the islands.

He said that he'd dropped them off to run to the store and he now couldn't remember what room they were in but that they were on the ground floor of the building he was creeping around. He said he was taking a shot in the dark that maybe he'd see someone he knew through a gap in the curtains. I didn't believe him for even a minute.

I asked him why he didn't just call someone on their cellphone and have them help, he said he'd called about six times and texted, showed me as such. Finally, a door down the building opened and a little girl came out and called for him as "dad" and I realized he was actually telling the truth.

I urged him in the future not to go peeping and just take a hike to the front desk because you never know when someone has a weapon and it would be a shame to have someone get hurt over something so simple and silly.

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33. Anything Could Be On The Test

A guy in my program at university took normal notes in class, but one day I looked at his notes and saw he also had notes about the girls in the class. I watched him add a few, they weren't overly mean or anything, but they were incredibly creepy. It was stuff like, "hot blonde answered a question, Catherine is chewing gum again.", etc.

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34. Some People Are Just Born Creepy

A pair of 40-year-old or so absolutely identical twins. Very tall—over six feet. Brown hair down to the sidewalk. Identically dressed right out of 1975. Bell bottoms, button-downs. Bandannas on their heads. Walking together in perfect unison in a fast, totally unnatural swinging gait, next to the road in a very boring suburban town. It was like witnessing a glitch in the matrix.

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35. Maybe He Was Just Looking For Something

On nice days when I missed the bus home from high school, I would walk home. Like the dumb, first person to die in a horror movie, I would take a shortcut through the woods. It saved me a mile of walking to go this way. One day, I was walking along the path and suddenly a man who was crouching behind a bush jumps out.

He stands up and sheepishly looks at the ground in front of him while I pass. I made sure to keep him in peripheral vision until he was out of sight. I can't think of any reason he would be crouched behind a bush in the woods.

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36. Kids Do The Creepiest Things

I was babysitting a few kids, a 12-year-old, 7-year-old, and a one-year-old. They were all well-behaved kids, although the 7-year-old refused to say a word, the entire night didn't say anything. Hours pass and it was late and everyone was asleep upstairs. I was downstairs watching TV after cleaning up.

All of a sudden I look up and I see the 7-year-old girl looking down at me on the stairs with her long black hair in her face. I thought I was seeing the girl from the ring and I nearly screamed. Once I realized I wasn't in a horror movie, I asked her if she couldn't sleep. Still didn't answer and just stayed there.

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37. Family Is A Gift

One of my cousins is super weird and gives off super creepy vibes. She has these dead eyes and she looks right through you. Everyone in the family finds her creepy. One of the first times I remember her properly freaking me out was when she came around with her family for my grandma's birthday lunch at my house.

The whole family was there. I don't remember what she did but someone upset her by asking her to stop. About half an hour later someone found her on the stairs with a pen and paper having written some family member’s names on a bit of paper. She then wrote die next to each of their names.

When asked what it was, she said it was a list of people she wanted to die. She was 6 or 7 at the time. Genuinely freaks me out to this day to be around her.

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38. He Caught Himself With This One

There was a girl in my class in junior year who was really good looking who was also my acquaintance. Many guys had a crush on her. One day a socially awkward guy who I didn’t know just sat beside me and struck up a conversation, asking about how I know that girl, how did you meet her and so on.

Then after some time he pulls out a crumbled paper and her name is written on it, then he goes on to tell me, it contains her discarded chewing gum that missed the garbage can and he picked up. I just told him that he was being incredibly creepy and left. Warned that girl about him afterward.

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39. That’s Not How You Use That

When I was in middle school, I walked into the bathroom as someone was taking a #2 into the urinal and someone else was recording them. I guess the creepy aspect was the fact that the person using the urinal turned towards me and slowly smiled.

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40. Seems Like An All-Around Bad Idea

When I was around 14/15, I was in a situation with my mom where she invited her "friends" to live with us. One guy was homeless (before he moved in) and had his gf move in too. Over time, one more moved in, then another. They even gave me a prison tattoo (they made the machine with a motor from a CD player and guitar wire), used natural inks and onion paper.

I thought it was cool back then. At one point, I came home from high school and officers were swarmed in front of my house, my mom handcuffed to one of the patio posts, screaming at the officers. They removed the "friend" she was sleeping with as he'd knocked over a 7-11. And that's not even the creepy part.

The creepy part was when that guy was living with us, I remember being awakened by the covers on my bed sliding up my legs. I stayed very still. It stopped. I must've fallen back asleep because I didn't think about it until the next day, and I questioned whether or not it had been a dream. But I did tell my mom, and she confronted him. He said he wanted to see the tattoo he'd put on me.

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41. That’s Not What They Teach At Sandwich School

In high school, my buddy's girlfriend worked at a sandwich shop. This place had no camera at all. So, we would go there right before closing and be able to eat whatever subs we wanted. One night, another co-worker’s friend was there while we are making subs. We look over and see this guy putting his own special meat into a toasted bun.

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42. Cutting Down On Food Waste

Back when I was at university, I was living in halls. I shared my dorm with 5 other people and the guy in the opposite room from me was giving off weird vibes. Once I fell asleep with a movie on in my room and left my door open. Around 2 a.m., I wake up and find him standing in the corner of my room watching me sleep.

I ask him what he's doing and he replies, "Making sure you're OK." I asked how long he'd been there and he told me he'd been there for about an hour watching. That wasn't the weirdest part. We ordered Dominos once and I was eating my garlic bread, I left it on the table whilst I went to grab something, there were 3 pieces in there.

One slice was half-eaten because I'd started it, and the other two were untouched. When I came back, he'd started eating the one I'd already started. Instead of the others. I told him that if he wanted a slice, he could have had one of the others that weren't touched. But he said he really wanted to taste the one I'd bitten.

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43. It Would Be Better If He Were Shoplifting

I was at a store once and thought I had just seen this teenage boy shoplift something as I was walking past an aisle. I thought he had shoved something down his pants. When I looked back, he was actually feverishly rubbing pantyhose on his crotch. The package was hanging out of the front of his belt line as he rubbed himself like a crazy horn ball.

As I looked on in horror, he finished what he was doing and threw the pantyhose on the shelf and ran away.

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44. Grandparents Live Rich Lives

In the UK, my mum and dad had just rented a house. I live with my mum, dad, brother, and grandad. We have been going to school as usual, one day I had to go home early (due to covid-19). As I was about to unlock the front door, I hear someone running up and down the stairs on the top floor (we have three floors btw).

I unlocked the door quietly, went into the living room, and closed the door. I set up a camera in my room a few months ago and only I have access to it. I went on my phone and checked my camera. Luckily my bedroom door is open—what I saw scared the heck out of me. On the camera I see my grandad walking up and down the stairs over and over again, he was smiling and it really scared me.

Then he stood in front of my bedroom door and continued to smile, he was just standing there. I was so scared I ran out of the house through the backdoor with my bike. I quickly called my mum and dad about what I saw and they quickly come home. I showed them the footage, I found out a few days later that he has been taking drugs.

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45. Another Reason Not To Take Up Jogging

I was running through the woods one time. I took a breather then started walking. There was another guy walking behind me, but he was speed walking and getting closer to me. It gave me the creeps, so I started speed walking as well, but the guy sped up too. Finally, I broke out running, as did the other guy.

I turned a corner, he did as well. I turned another corner to see if he was following. He turned again. At that point, I booked it to the exit and ran out of the woods and then straight out of the park. As I was running out of the entrance of the park, I heard a car screech from behind me and come racing by. I was out of sight by then, but lo and behold, same guy.

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46. The Worst Way To Make Friends

In the gym changing rooms a while back there was an old guy carefully drying his scrotum with a communal hairdryer in front of the mirrors. He also tried to engage people in conversation as they walked in. Strangely, nobody was very talkative that day.

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47. Every Move You Make

I was staying at my now ex-girlfriend’s place and woke up in the middle of the night to grab a glass of water to find her ex-boyfriend watching us sleep from the doorway. When he made eye contact with me, he ran and I followed. When I made it out the complex door he was getting in his car and quickly drove out of there.

After this happened, she ended up moving into my place with me—but the nightmare was only beginning. From there we had even more run-ins with this guy. I would leave for work and he’d be parked out front of my apartment just to pull off when I’d come out. We’d be taking our dog for a walk and he would just so happen to be walking the same trail.

He’d even call the authorities on us while parked out front because we were smoking weed. Dude was a total nut job. Unfortunately, it turned out that so was my then-girlfriend.

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48. Maybe That’s Why The Seat Was Empty

When I was in school, aged 14/15, I used to get the bus back home at the end of the school day. There was always this creepy old guy who would sit in the same seat, on the same bus as me, every day. I never really thought much of him apart from that he would often stare at me. One day, there was an empty seat (a rarity as it was a busy bus more often than not).

It was on the aisle next to his. He began a conversation with me over the empty seats about my school work and started asking me when my birthday was; year included. I found this pretty weird so I just lied and got off the bus a little sooner than my stop. A few days later, I rushed past him when I got on the bus to sit at the back so I could escape his stares and not be noticed.

He hadn't noticed me so I felt a bit more at ease. When getting off the bus, I looked over at his notepad—and my blood ran cold. He was drawing a picture of me. The fake birthday date I gave him was also noted on the page. I stopped getting that bus from then on.

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49. Nothing Good Happens After Sunset

Worked in a 24-hour service station which was locked after 10pm or so. We served customers through a hatch thereafter. Halfway through the night, a man appeared from nowhere, with no top or shoes on. He was covered in blood. He leaned against the glass and asked for a packet of cigarettes.

I got his order and asked him if he was okay or needed help? He said he needed no help because it wasn’t his blood, and wandered off into the night. Spooked me right out. Never seen him again.

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50. TSA Agents Aren’t Good Babysitters

I went through airport security with my mom, my two oldest kids, and my son who was a baby. After we got through taking the shoes off and such, I immediately set up the stroller and put my son in while we put our shoes on and gather our belongings. I'm sitting at the very end gathering my belongings.

The place was covered with security, so I felt safe facing away from my son to get my shoes and jacket on. In that split second, he was gone. I hustled around looking for him and couldn't find him or the stroller. Security looked at me like I was mad and somehow my child disappeared while they were all milling around.

There was no sign of him in the airport, I saw a store and ran in there. Mind you my mom is rushing around with the older two and we are completely help from TSA because they just seemed to not care. Then I see a weird older lady with blonde hair pushing him around, at first, I thought she may have been senile.

However, she ends up pushing him to an older man and younger women and walking along fine... the three of them with my baby! I ran up to them and grabbed the stroller and asked them what they were doing. They pretended not to know English. I reported them and nothing was done. I'm still shaking just remembering it.

What I find extremely off was the fact the people she's with pretended not to notice she's pushing a child around that wasn’t with them before. If she happened to be senile anyone would say, "Where on Earth did you grab that baby from?" and try to find the parent...Nope they all stole my baby and nonchalantly walked away with him.

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