Christmas Is Ruined

December 8, 2022 | Scott Mazza

Christmas Is Ruined

For some people, it’s the happiest time of the year. For others, it’s beyond the worst. Christmas isn’t always a merry time, especially when you add in disgruntled family members, bizarre ideas of what a good gift means, and nasty dinner table conversation. Get ready for some Grinching.

1. Perfectionism At Its Worst

My husband and I planned to visit my parents, who live two hours away, for Christmas. We got a hotel to stay in overnight, and I discussed the date with my parents. We were going to arrive on the 22nd and come back on the 23rd.

Well, apparently they forgot. There's been a lot going on. My dad had surgery, family issues, my husband and I have traditionally visited after Christmas, etc. But any other family would just say, don't worry, come over anyway, we'll get it figured out. That’s not what happened.

I think my mom has an undiagnosed anxiety disorder. She likes to have everything planned out way in advance and doesn't do well with last-minute changes. She couldn't just dust the living room, defrost some chicken, and have us visit anyway. Nah.

They tell us not to come at all. They apologize, very sorry, agree to pay for the hotel reservation we can't cancel. But they're still telling me not to come. Oh well, mistakes happen, right? I've been simmering on it for a few days, and when I called them today to wish them merry Christmas, I realized I'm really hurt.

I feel rejected. They FORGOT about me. Then, given the choice to see me or not see me, they choose not. Maybe, given my mom's issues, they didn't have a choice. But I also don't have a choice. I can't push a button and change my feelings. I feel hurt.

I'm grateful for my husband and his family. I just wish my own family worked better.

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2 The Bearer Of Bad News

I pretty much ruined my parents’ Christmas when I arrived home. My dad saw some news article about a car accident and commented about how too many young people are hurting themselves in accidents.

My dad is a retired high school sports coach and I casually mentioned that one of his former athletes perished a month ago in an accident, assuming he already knew. He did not. The kid was also only 24.

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3. Mother Doesn’t Know Best

My mom started crying and causing drama on Christmas. Why? Because my sisters didn’t stay up until midnight on Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas early. Her retaliation was mind-blowing. She decided not to show up for breakfast and gift exchanges this morning and instead messaged us all morning saying no one loves her or cares about her. I love being guilt-tripped.

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4. If Only We Could Choose Our Family

I have given my father so many chances and forgiven him so many times. The last time something happened, I had to cut him off for my peace of mind. My twin sister is fully aware of this. He didn't want us growing up, so our grandparents adopted us.

He would come to see us occasionally and once or twice we stayed with him. When our grandparents passed prematurely he still didn't step in to comfort or help us, and because of that my twin and I were split up when we were 12.

When we got older he tried to connect, and I forgave his past decisions. Still, he would try to make me feel bad for being adopted by my grandparents and called our (mostly absent) mom all kinds of nasty things but thought that didn't apply to him.

He told me I was brainwashed because I didn't believe the conspiracies he did. He is crazy manipulative. Then came the last straw. He got upset with me and said passive-aggressively saying over text, “Well I wish you the best in life". He had done this several times before, and we talked about it.

He did it as a way of saying he was done with me again. After the third time he pulled that, I was done with him. How dare he have the audacity to threaten to abandon me again after the many chances I gave him.

I couldn't handle how much chaos having him in my life caused in my soul, so I told him "thanks, you too" this time and blocked him. Which brings me to this Christmas. I traveled two hours to see my sister.

I bought her favorite Chinese food for her and her husband, plus have presents ready for her and him. I get there. She walks out and is like SURPRISE guess who's here...Daddy. She knows that he and I don't get along, and she didn’t even give me a heads-up.

So I give her the food and presents and turn around and drive two hours back home. I cried most of the way back from being mad and sad. She only talks to him because she is in a situation where she needs money, and he will give it to her. He is just as rude and manipulative with her. She just won't officially cut him off.

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5. Pulling Double Duty

My sister-in-law exploded today when she saw we brought mac and cheese. Apparently, she stayed up all night also making mac and cheese so ours was a direct insult to her? When we called her out that her attitude was inappropriate, she got even madder that we would say that in front of her kids, so we left.

We even left them all the food we brought. She’s always had anger issues, but this was just the last straw.

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6. Thanks, Grandma

My grandma fed my dog, who has serious digestion and other health problems, five Christmas cookies. He’s okay, but the consequences were horrifying. He not only pooped and vomited all over the house, but had to go to the vet for a nice hefty bill.

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7. The Black Sheep Of The Family

My family called me selfish for having a migraine and "ruining the festivities". Then I got socks, underwear, some pillows, and random chocolate my mom and sister "split the cost of because money was tight"…all while seeing my sister get Bluetooth headphones, a speaker, and another clip-on speaker my mom single-handedly bought her.

But most of all, a migraine. Those ruin any day.

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8. One Messed-Up Christmas

We ended up having one messed-up Christmas. We were going to my aunt’s for dinner and took multiple cars. I’m in the house with most of my family, other than my mom. She parks across the street and starts to cross the road to the house.

A guy comes flying down and nearly hits her. She gets angry, swears at him, and kicks at his car as he passes by. What happened next was terrifying. He stops in the middle of the street, chases her down, and shoves her to the ground.

She’s 75 and on blood thinners, so the small gash on the back of her head was gushing blood. My dad and wife saw this go down, so they go flying out of the house yelling at the guy. Dad is standing in front of this guy’s car yelling and trying to get his plates.

The guy gets back in the car and guns it. Dad goes rolling over the hood of the car and smashes onto the ground as the guy speeds off. He’s also in his 70s, but is somehow okay. Multiple paramedics and sheriffs come.

My mom had to get a couple of staples in her head, but all things considered, everyone is fine. But you know what, we did not let this ruin our Christmas. Mom made it home just in time for an amazing dinner.

I was on edge for a long time. I watched my dad get hit and fly in the air, but I couldn’t see the result because of parked cars. There was a split second where I thought I had watched my dad perish while I stood there with my two-year-old. Fortunately, he’s fine.

This was across from a very famous surf spot, so there are surf cams EVERYWHERE and the authorities already have video of the suspect’s car.

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9. Merry Christmas, Let’s Break Up

A lot of years ago, I traveled a long way with my fiancée and her two kids. One was calling me daddy at that point because she never knew her father, at all. We go to my grandparents and meet my parents and spend two nights.

My folks go home, and we drive to her parents’ place. Then everything changes for the worst. Out of the blue, her personality changes and when she isn't biting my head off, she is giving me the silent treatment. After two days of this, I corner her and ask what is up.

She tells me that she no longer loves me and wants to break up. Next day, we drive 12 hours without a word spoken between us, though I tried a few times to get her to talk. We get back to her place and I get ignored again. I go to a separate room and make reservations back to my parents’ because I have nowhere else to go.

I spent the rest of my vacation licking my wounds and hating the world.

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10. Your House, My Rules

My mom’s anger issues ruin everything. One day, we’re talking plans for next year’s Christmas at that year’s holidays. My mom doesn’t want my girlfriend and I to share a room. I am in my late 20s, so I asked why the ridiculous rule—my parents are not really religious, or at least they weren’t when I was growing up.

This ended with my mom screaming I am what is wrong with this world and that no one believes in God anymore. She then started to pack to leave early. Dad talked her into staying, but then she just gave us an enormous silent treatment over honestly nothing.

By the way, Christmas next year will take place at MY house. As in, my mom doesn’t want us sleeping in the same bed even when it’s under my own roof.

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11. Dine And Dash

My family has a horrible habit of eating and running back home. They do this for practically every holiday, and have been doing it for as long as I can remember. This year for Christmas, I begged them to not do it, as it makes me feel like a sous chef or something. They agreed.

Well, my husband and I spent all day cooking…just for them to show up, eat, and then leave within an hour. It hurts.

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12. The Sound Of Silence

It’s Christmas. There's a really weird, low-pitched nose going on that I can hear in most of my house. It's not coming from anything we own, but we live in a terraced house, and that kind of noise from anywhere on the terrace travels through all of them.

It's like a fan running. I'm pretty sure it's an E-note. But there’s one big issue. The thing is, everyone else in my house claims they can't hear it. If I put my fingers in my ears, I can't, so I know I'm not imagining it. Do I own earplugs? No. Am I terrified this noise is going to be something permanent? Yes.

This noise started at 12pm on Christmas Day. I live in a 1950s brick and cinder block on minimal foundations on clay soil construction house. Internal walls are made of cinder block, downstairs floors are cement, upstairs are wood on heavy joists.

The UK doesn't tend to use HVAC in old, domestic, single-dwelling buildings. Air conditioning isn't a common thing here, especially not in December. Bathroom fans are common but again, I'd hear that outside and can't. And it wouldn't be constant.

We just open a window if there's steam or smells. Our boiler isn't on overnight, nor is the hot water circulation system that we use for heating. Plus, that's not on all the time. When it is, it's barely audible. We have double redundancy CO monitors and both are reading normal.

The last boiler service was eight months ago. The last gas intake check was at the same time. It's not electrical and it's not (I'm certain) within my own house. But because of how the row is built, a noise in the loft space or upper floor in any one of 5-8 buildings could be causing my upset.

It's not a fridge compressor. It's constant. But it's similar. Lower. Louder. It's not highways, the main roads you can hear here are nothing even remotely close to a US highway. We only notice them when they're silent.

All windows and external doors are fairly new. I do have tinnitus, but this noise is very, very low pitched, and sticking my fingers in my ears to only hear my tinnitus was actually a relief at 3 am. This app that detects sound has told me it's not in my head though, so that's a bonus. It's not a hallucination, it really exists. But what IS it?

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13. The Invisible Child

I came home from the military all excited to see my family. I was bitterly disappointed. It seemed like my family had forgotten about me. Not that I needed presents or really even wanted them, but the fact that nobody even thought about something as simple as a card kind of hurts when I’m sitting here for an hour watching them pass presents around to each other and I got one for each of them as well. Just feels bad.

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14. Christmas Fighting For Her Life

My partner, who is 28, entered a critical condition in the ICU on Christmas and is on a ventilator and dialysis in a medically induced coma. She has come down with two strains of malaria, which is very rare, and she fought it so effectively in the early stages that her symptoms only reflected the severity of the infection at a late stage.

There have been some positive signs. Her lungs are still strong, as she needs minimal respiratory support. Her heart appears to remain strong too. Early signs are that the treatments being administered are having their desired impact in bringing down the infection and inflammation. But she is very unwell. She is fighting for her life.

We're in the UK currently. Her family has flown in from the US to support her, which is wonderful. Our families love each other and we haven’t been together in a long time. We had just set ourselves up to live in Ghana, as I'd just landed a job with UNICEF there four months ago.

I don't think there's any chance we're going back. I'll probably have to quit the role unless they'll let me work remotely full-time. We've paid for a year of accommodation. Just bought a car that is still with a mechanic out there.

And darn, we freaking loved the set-up we had and the traveling we were gonna do around Ghana. But none of that matters. I just need her to make it. It is so painful not to be with her at this time. Christmas didn't really happen for us.

My mom cooked up a wonderful Christmas meal, my grandma came to join us, and we laughed without crying (at first). But no gifts were exchanged. I didn't even wrap mine, now that I think about it.

No Christmas songs played. It basically didn't happen despite the reunion. We're all still just worried sick and trying to stay strong for her.

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15. A Lonely Christmas

I work at the fire department. This year my shift works Christmas, and we were having a family dinner at the station. All the crew has their families over for a large meal. So it's my son's first official Christmas and I couldn't get the day off, but my wife was going to come to the dinner with him, which would make it a little better. And then it all went wrong.

My wife got all ready along with my son, then lost her car keys. She couldn't find them for about three hours. So my wife (who just lost her father) was alone with my one-year-old at home with no way to leave and with no one we knew in town.

Meanwhile, I felt trapped at the fire station unable to do anything about it. I saw everyone arriving with their kids and families, and then there's me. Wishing I had my family with me too...

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16. Putting The “Ex” In X-Mas

My wife of seven years stole my vehicle at Christmas. But the reason why she did it is even more ridiculous. It was to go on holiday with another guy. I had no idea…until she texted me to break up with me, that is. She wasn’t even done. She later threw away my mother's wedding ring and then got pregnant. Really just a nice human overall.

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17. Me-Ow

My parents’ cat ruined Christmas, or rather we ruined hers. So my sister and I got my parents a television for Christmas. They wanted to know what the giant package under the tree was, and I had to think quick to put them off the scent.

I told them it was a cat tree that had to be assembled. It backfired on me big time. I swear the cat heard and understood me. I know it sounds crazy, but she then watched as my parents unwrapped their gift and let out a sad meow when she saw it was a television, not a cat tree.

She then angrily watched us set it up and was definitely in a mood the rest of the day.

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18. A Dog-Eat-Dog World

My sister's rescue dog went after my English Setter in my house. Not happy about it, but also, okay, they are dogs. Stuff happens. Only she refused to put him in the back room and insisted he was just playing.

While I was asserting the "my house my rules," he tries to attack my dog again. Pretty much ended the evening. My sister cried and left. I told her she didn’t have to leave, but her dog cannot roam free in the home anymore. Also, he’s not welcome back again.

She could not understand that I will not allow my dog to feel unsafe in his own home and that her dog could bite one of us given his aggressive behavior.

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19. Daddy Issues

Last year my parents were separated and getting divorced. Me and my little sister had to spend Christmas with my dad, his girlfriend, and her family. We were starving half the day since my dad told me and my little sister not to eat anything to fit Christmas dinner.

This, by the way, was the worst feeling ever since they were cooking food right in front of us. It was also super awkward spending it with my dad’s girlfriend’s family, who really I don’t know anything about since at the time they’d barely been dating for a year.

Basically, me and my little sister were alone for pretty much most of it, sitting on the couch, while my dad, his girlfriend, and her family were talking and having fun. The only thing we were fed before we ate dinner was crackers and jam. My dad, who is my family, barely hung out with us.

Literally the worst Christmas I had in my whole life.

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20. In-Law Trouble

We went to my in-laws’ house this morning after morning present opening with my family. I helped my mother-in-law cook the food, then when it was time to go down the hill to grandma's house, I was hit with a sudden feeling. Everyone was starting to gather there, and I just decided I just...didn't want to go.

I hate Christmas. I'm not religious. But that wasn’t all. It started to hit me that that morning at present opening, I sat there and watched my wife get roughly 700 dollars worth of gift cards, while I got absolutely nothing. It kinda just takes it out of you.

Sao, I went home. My wife was angry. I just don't care anymore.

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21. The Bar Was Low, But He Managed To Fail Anyway

I’m seven months pregnant and yet I planned the entire Christmas day. I stuffed every stocking, bought and wrapped every present, and cooked three holiday meals (Christmas breakfast, Christmas lunch, Christmas dinner).

My husband didn’t get me a single thing. Not even a candy or snack. His stocking was all his favorite treats from me. Not a card. My family opened gifts around me while I sat there, watching. I had honestly nothing. It was only later that he said, “You don’t have anything to unwrap?”

See, three months ago I bought myself a coffee cup for him to wrap, knowing he wouldn’t get me anything else on his own. I also bought the bag and tissue and asked him to put it under the tree….Well, he lost the cup.

After dinner when I asked, he said he didn’t know where he put it. And that’s that, I guess. Merry Christmas to me.

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22. Turning It Around

I went on a vacation with my parents. The last couple of years were hard on us. I lost my grandma, had three surgeries, and my health is at an all-time low. So I wanted a break from everything. We all did. It began as a nightmare. The hotel we reserved turned out to be a disaster.

Rooms were dingy, damp, dirty. There was no food at the restaurant. The washroom was not cleaned. To add to it, there was construction work going on on the same floor where we were put up and there was a lot of noise throughout the day.

We searched for other hotels nearby but all of them were booked because of the Christmas season. Thankfully, we decided not to stay there and booked another hotel in a nearby city. It's a bit on the expensive side but it's worth the extra cash.

We booked a suite, and we can view the hills from the private balcony at a distance. The food is good. We went out for a little sightseeing at a nearby lake. Attended Christmas mass in the morning at a Church near the hotel. Overall, the trip that was ruined by the hotel now looks promising.

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23. Family Secret

My Christmas was almost ruined because I heard through the grapevine that my mother was planning to tell me about having a child with her new boyfriend. This is a horrible idea.

The reason why I don't like the idea at all is because a month ago, I got a call from my younger sister at like 12 am screaming and crying. She couldn't even say a single word, she was in shock. Turned out, mom’s boyfriend had gotten into an intense argument with my mother, and then when my brother tried to intervene, he ended up in a full-blown fight with him.

Long story short, my brother called the authorities before I arrived there, and they took him away just when I pulled into the driveway. He's behind bars now. Now, I knew that my mom had started writing letters to him and that they plan on getting back together.

I did NOT know about the pregnancy. She hasn't told me, but she has told our cousin, who told me.

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24. The Hero Dad We Need, Not The One We Want

Christmas made me realize that one of my kids is a spoiled brat. He complained about every single gift he got—as he opened them, no less. I gave him a few chances to control his outbursts. Nope, he couldn’t do it. But I had the perfect plan. I made him pack all his gifts up and we drove them to the Toys for Tots drop-off near our house.

I also made him carry the bag inside. Call me mean, but when someone takes the time and thought to think of you, only for you to complain about, then you don’t deserve a single thing. Other kids literally have nothing. Not even parents. Or clean clothes. Or a warm house. And you’re complaining that your Transformer isn’t the “right one”.

I’d much rather kids who appreciate things get them. I hope he learned a lesson today.

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25. Don’t Stay Together For The Kid

On Christmas, my husband found the money I was hiding to leave him. This was after throwing a tantrum because I couldn't wipe our son’s face straight away and I told him not to make Christmas day horrible like he does every day.

When he found the money, he caused an argument about it, telling me I was taking his son away. You know, the child he sees for around an hour a day—we both work from home, but he sleeps all day and ignores our son when he’s actually up.

He then threw the watch I had got him at the wall and called it a piece of cheap trash. It wasn't cheap. He broke the back off it, so I put it back on and am taking it to a pawn shop later to get some of the money I spent back.

He does nothing at all except pay most of the rent. I pay for everything else including clothes for our kid, his toys, etc. I'm the one who cooks and cleans, I'm the one who is up at 5 am every morning with our son, and I'm the one who does absolutely everything.

Yet he thinks he can act like that on Christmas day? Screw him. I won’t be around much longer.

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26. Bad Boy

My dog had diarrhea in my girlfriend's parents’ house at 6 am on Christmas morning. My girlfriend and I worked to clean it up silently to avoid waking her parents. We failed miserably. They woke up, and the dog went in four more different places while we were cleaning up the first spot.

Later, my dog knocked over the Christmas tree. It's been a little rough.

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27. Playing Favorites

This Christmas, my kids told me my presents were bad. They didn’t stop there. They also said they were embarrassed of me and couldn’t wait to go to their dad’s house. I’m having surgery on Tuesday and won’t see them for three weeks. I know they’re just kids, but it broke my heart.

I got them everything that was on their carefully curated Amazon wish lists. However, their dad tipped them off ahead of time that their paternal grandmother had gotten them an Oculus Rift and AirPods.

They're usually really good kids and my ex and I co-parent wonderfully along with my husband, so I don't think it was malicious on his part to tell them about the fancy presents, but ill-advised for sure. It just really kicked me in the gut.

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28. The Last Straw

I wrapped all the gifts for my husband and son, which took hours because the boy gets so many wrestling figures. I had no help wrapping because my husband says he sucks at it. I cleaned the kitchen yesterday, too.

Did dishes twice, cooked Christmas Eve dinner and did all the cleanup. I asked my husband to vacuum because I did all the other cleaning. That means I got attitude for the rest of the night (and he did a bad job vacuuming).

Today, Christmas Day, I made the traditional big breakfast. Did the "big dishes" as the food finished so it wouldn't be overwhelming then asked him to do dishes. "Let me enjoy my presents for a while”. Fine, okay.

We leave hours later for dinner and left a full sink of dishes. I come home, still relatively early, and they are still there. His reply boiled my blood. Now he won't do the dishes "because I work tomorrow and I just want to relax”. Well, you have been off the entire last week and did nothing.

Tomorrow we are having a come-to-Jesus talk.

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29. When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

My partner’s mother had to run errands Christmas Eve and didn't feel like making dinner. As a result, she wanted to know if we wanted to get a pizza with her from the takeaway instead of making dinner for ourselves too. We said yes, all was good. Until…it wasn’t.

Roll on Christmas Day: My partner’s mom seems OK but my partner himself has been on and off the toilet all day. We were making jokes about it and I thought I was alright, but halfway through Christmas Day it was like my stomach had a storm and I had to bolt for the bathroom too.

We didn't let it ruin Christmas, but darn was it not nice. There was no casual way to walk to the bathroom either, it was full-on bolting for it.

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30. Hospitals Are Never Fun

My dad went into the hospital nearly a month ago, and we had mostly accepted that he wouldn't be home for Christmas. They finally discharged him to in-patient rehab on Thursday night. I visited him Friday morning and spoke with the care coordinator. Decent place, more comfortable and closer to home than the hospital.

We visited him again this morning, Christmas Day. We couldn't really bring a lot of Christmas to him, but we tried. We went back home and less than two hours later, a nurse called to tell us dad "had a 'difficulty breathing episode'" and the in-house doctor was recommending that he go back to the hospital.

I’ve been calling the ER every hour or so since they moved him back. On the fifth try, someone finally picked up but told me to call back an hour later while they verified they were allowed to speak to me.

I haven't gotten anyone to pick up the phone since. I’m going to head over to the ER tomorrow, wave around my Power of Attorney, and find out what happened to dad. Merry Crapmas!

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31. The Missing Grandpa

My grandpa is an old and vaguely arrogant man. He’s also a 63-year-old who has Parkinson’s, cataracts in both eyes, and bad legs. Anyway, this man couldn’t understand why we were worried when he just up and left the movie theater we were all at for Christmas.

He then had the audacity to act like we were in the wrong when we came home upset with him. Like no joke, he left the movie halfway through, smoked a cig outside, and then just walked all the home without telling anyone. It doesn’t end there.

He refuses to carry a phone with him because he considers it to be a leash, so we had no way to get a hold of him to figure out where the heck he was. I mean for crying out loud, we even had the movie theater staff helping us look for him and were about two minutes away from calling the sheriff's department and reporting him missing when he called from home and told us he was at the house.

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32. Plain Bad Luck

My flight home from work was scheduled for Christmas Eve during the day. The infamous mechanical difficulties caused a series of delays until nighttime, when the flight crew had maxed out their hours, so the flight was canceled.

I "slept" at the airport for the flight the next day. I have a medical condition that makes standing for long very painful, and I wound up standing in line for over an hour to get reticketed. I flew home Christmas day, exhausted and in lots of pain.

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33. Oh, Brother

At Christmas, my mother and brother started yelling at each other over who gets the last glass of red. My mom literally orchestrated the entire cooking process all day. Meanwhile, my brother played games. Everyone else told him to shut up. So then this 35-year-old man-child temper tantrum ensues.

Multiple people, myself included, were about to get involved. However, my mother is always the bigger person, and she gives in, saying she didn’t want this to ruin our Christmas. I feel her pain for all she has to deal with.

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34. Oopsie Daisie

My mom slipped on a patch of ice on her way into my house for breakfast and gifts this morning. She insisted she was fine, but after a few hours she could barely walk.

Her foot is broken and may require surgery. But that’s not all: Tomorrow is my birthday, so it looks like we'll be spending my birthday tomorrow in their hotel room.

My Christmas wasn't ruined, but I feel awful that hers and my dad's basically were. It is my 30th birthday coming up, and it was already giving me feelings even without all this extra stuff. I'm just glad I was there to fall with her and protect her head from hitting the concrete.

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35. Not The Most Magical Day

I’ve been planning a surprise Disney trip since March of this year for my kids. I built it up and got them luggage, and I was so excited to tell them. Their response? “I’m gonna go color”. Then my wife got me incredibly lazy gifts that had no thought put into them.

I’m typically the kind of person who prefers nothing and frankly it would have been better to have received nothing than what I did get. The lack of thought hurt. But I’m the jerk.

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36. I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

My dog Woody who I had for 15 years passed a couple of months ago, and this was my first Christmas without him. I just missed him a lot today. Christmas was his favorite, as he loved to be dressed up in silly Christmas outfits and was a champ at unwrapping presents.

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37. A Snap Decision

I had to leave Christmas dinner at my parents' early because my aunt and uncle brought their horrible and yappy dogs, one of which growled and snapped at my three-year-old. They are a known risk.

I asked weeks ago if the dogs would be there and was assured they wouldn't be. Turns out, my mother didn't bother to check and my aunt and uncle assumed it would be fine. If I'd known, I would have just stayed at home and done our own thing.

The only reason I went is that my dad is terminally ill and we don't know which Christmas will be his last.

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38. Sister Acting Up

My older sister is 25. Now, she’s expecting her first child so she’s already hormonal and moody. But that’s not the big problem. She’s also extremely bossy naturally, always telling me what to do (mostly what not to do) even when our mother is present and doesn’t have a problem with my actions.

I’ve been patient with her all day since it’s Christmas and it’s the first day I’ve been off since we’ve been home for the holidays. An hour ago, I was playing around with her dog and she kept telling me how not to play with him even though I’ve known him for four years and he’s had absolutely no problem with how we were playing.

Eventually, I stormed out and called her insufferable. Her reaction stunned me. Now she’s decided to head home (an hour away) tomorrow instead of a couple of days from now, and my mother is afraid she won’t see the new baby much and is insinuating that it’s my fault.

I’m absolutely sick of having to tiptoe around her. I had to before the pregnancy as well and I’m over it. if my sister wants to be immature and hold a child over anyone’s head to get her way, she can suck it.

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39. This Is Not A Game

I had to go over to my in-laws’ house for Christmas. This wouldn't have been too bad, except that my toddler wanted to play in the Christmas tree so badly that he could barely stand it. I spent the majority of the time trying to keep my kid from tearing all the decorations down. And then it got more annoying.

See, my son's great-grandmother was there, and she doesn't have a clue how to interact with children. He was gifted some new toy trucks. While he was playing with them, she kept pretending that she was going to take his toys away from him, making him cry. Yeah, GREAT IDEA.

He was ALREADY upset about not being allowed to play in the tree, and when he finally finds an acceptable source of entertainment, he has to worry about some lady taking his toys. At one point she even actually took his truck out of his hands, causing him to cry. I was so irritated.

Then, she didn't understand why he didn't want anything to do with her. I was like, "Well, now he is afraid that you are going to take his toys”.

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40. A Family Affair

My dad gave his girlfriend so many expensive gifts. Like a Moncler coat another diamond ring and so, so much more. Meanwhile, he obviously put no effort into shopping for my sister and I. Just kind of hurts to see he cares more about spoiling his young model girlfriend than his two daughters.

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41. One Moment Can Ruin Everything

Some jerk reversed into my downstairs living room at 10 am on Christmas morning. He then drove into my neighbor’s kitchen. Eventually the authorities detained him, and the fire brigade came and inspected my house to see if it was still structurally sound.

Because of that, we had to evacuate for a time. Now we will have to get insurance involved and find builders, but everything is closed for now so big headache.

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42. Uh-Oh

Nothing has gone wrong YET with my Christmas. But my husband did say something along the lines of “I hope you don’t get me a coat for Christmas” and it’s exactly what I got him soooooo….

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43. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

This Christmas, my mom brought up the diary I kept as a teenager years ago. Its contents were heartbreaking and should never have been discussed. I was in a really bad place at the time, and had all kinds of plans for ending it. Even worse, she brought it up in front of everyone.

I have spent the last two hours in my room crying and feeling all sorts of emotions. I’m 25 now but darn, I feel all the feelings I left at that time and I don’t know how to feel.

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44. A No Good, Terrible, Very Bad Day

My parents are both gone now. I am only 41, but I lost my last parent a few years ago. My boyfriend doesn’t celebrate Christmas, or really care about it. His grandma—more like mom as she raised him—died a couple years back as well. We are now in a new place with no friends or family.

I don’t have kids (twice widowed, it’s complicated). He never had kids either. My only real living relative is my sister. She lives two states away. The present she bought me (the only present I was getting) got pilfered by porch pirates.

I ordered Chinese food. My order was canceled five minutes before arrival.

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45. Going It Alone

It was the first Christmas I’ve been separated. I was able to spend a few hours with my kids and my parents, siblings, etc. But when the kids became bored and were tearing up asking to go home, I broke down. I got them back with their mom, safe and sound, and cried for the next hour and a half.

I was honestly surprised at how much heartache I felt today.

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46. The Chosen One

I was dared to break a gingerbread house with my head, and no one thought I would do it. I slammed my head full throttle into the corner of it, and it was so stale that it left a gash in my forehead. My mother was yelling that I needed stitches, though I never got them because I was too scared.

Meanwhile, my dad was videotaping, and my grandma screamed. Now I’m walking around like an uncool Harry Potter.

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47. Dump The Whole Woman

My girlfriend shamed me for taking a half day off work on Christmas Eve to see my family. I woke up to her making snide comments about how it “must be nice” to sleep in a bit, then she told me to “run home to mommy”. This was all unprovoked while I was lying in bed. Needless to say, it’s put a damper on the whole holidays.

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48. Meet The Monsters-In-Law

My in-laws. You hear tales of people with terrible in-laws, but I have been living it for 18 years now. This year above all others, they were at their absolute worst behavior. Aside from complaining about every single restaurant, store, park, or place where we took them, they also ruined my daughter’s 17th birthday.

They felt that they would take her around to places they wanted to go, all while telling my daughter that her hair looks like garbage because she's dyed it too many times, and that she is too skinny and in need of a hearty meal.

My daughter tried to show them places, things, and eateries that were special to her, and the in-laws told her how awful all of those things were, that the service was bad, the food terrible, the location awful, and that they would never go back to those places.

My daughter told me that they would complain about me and my wife as well, saying how they saw us both as failures and that they were hoping that they could “rescue” my daughter by paying for her to go to a college of their choosing.

It was the worst possible week, ruined the entire holiday, and the only good present that they gave was that they left and went home on the 26th.

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49. Spoiled Brat Much?

On Christmas, my daughter told me she "grew up poor". We gave her a car for her 16th birthday, paid for countless summer sports, and paid at least half of her college. We also paid for her wedding. Really bums me out to know I have raised this kind of adult.

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50. I Am What I Am

My wife just started to breastfeed our baby. It’s Christmas, and my mom and my wife’s mom are talking about the whole situation of having a baby. Then my mom makes a jaw-dropping statement. She said when she had kids, she had my father “work” on her chest to keep the milk flowing and not be clogged. I KNOW.

I was so embarrassed I didn’t know where to hide. My mom just has no filter, no brakes. I always tell her that she should consider that some people don’t want to hear some personal details but she’s like “I won’t change, if people don’t accept me for who I am, I don’t care”. It’s good advice…to a point.

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