People Share The Bone-Chilling Moments They Can't Explain

November 27, 2020 | Scott Mazza

People Share The Bone-Chilling Moments They Can't Explain

Perhaps once or twice in our lives, we experience utterly chilling moments that we just can’t explain. For years, we wrack our brains for some rhyme or reason behind what we saw, felt, or heard. And yet, none comes—none ever comes. Fair warning: It’s best to read these strange, bizarre, and even paranormal events with the lights on.

1. Pick Up The Phone

One day, I was T-boned in an intersection. Not a very serious accident, and I was mostly just shaken up. But then the weirdest thing happened. I was out of state at college at the time, and minutes after the accident, my cell phone rang and it was my dad. He said all of a sudden, he was consumed with an overwhelming urge to call me, and was everything ok?

I told him I was in an accident. He has passed since, but he and I always had a very strong connection. I wish he would call me now.

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2. Mirror Image

I saw my doppelganger while driving in a parking lot. We passed each other going super-slow, and made eye contact. We both started laughing and then continued on. My wife was sitting in the passenger seat and saw him as well. It was super weird. We still talk about it 10 years later. I regret not stopping and finding the guy to take a photo together.

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3. Face Off

I saw a dude with no face driving a car. No features at all, it was just blank. I did more than just glance at him, I was staring. Just smooth skin and a men's haircut. I've never told anyone because it's so ridiculous sounding and I don't think people would believe me. Probably a rational explanation for it I suppose, but man, what the heck?

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4. Paying For It

I stopped at the gas station on my way to work one morning. I take out my debit card and take my car keys with me and leave everything in the car. Pay for my stuff and throw my debit card in the metal cup I have in my car. Literally half a second later, I look down and my card is gone. Pulled apart everything trying to look for it and couldn’t find it.

I go to work and go home to find it sitting on my desk. Double-checked my bank account to make sure it was the card I used, and it was. To this day I still have no idea what happened.

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5. A Glitch In The Matrix

This happened when I was in eighth grade. I attended a small private Christian school at the time. School started at 8:00, but my Dad had to work early so he usually would drop me off at about 7:15. I would then go to before-care, where an adult basically supervised everyone who was early. I remember it as an ordinary morning, I felt totally fine and did what I usually did in before-care.

I went to the back corner of the cafeteria, lay my head down on the table, and closed my eyes for a few minutes before my school day began. All of a sudden, everything changed. I started experiencing this sharp pain in my chest, the best I can describe it was it felt like my chest was having a cramp, like you get in your legs when working out or playing sports.

I didn't panic, but I got out of my chair and quickly walked out of the room and down the hallway towards the restroom. As I walked down the hallway, the pain got sharper and sharper and my vision started going dark. The last thing I remember was falling to my knees and realizing I wasn't going to make it to the bathroom.

By the time I was completely on the floor, I was unconscious. I have no idea how long I was out. The next thing I remember, I was waking up on the floor of the hallway, and I quickly realized two things that I to this day find strange about the situation. First, the last thought I had before I passed out was realizing I wasn't going to make it to the bathroom, yet when I woke up, I was actually a few steps past the door to the bathroom. But there was more.

Second, this was near the end of the before-care time period. School was about to start, and the hallway at this point was usually pretty busy, yet when I went to go to the bathroom, the hallway was empty and when I woke up, the hallway was still empty. I went into the bathroom to compose myself and make sure that whatever happened wouldn't start again.

After that, I went back to before-care and on with my day. I felt completely fine and to this day, that pain in my chest has never returned.

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6. Serendipity

I spent a night drinking with some friends sketching and sharing new ideas for an art project we were working on. We talked a lot about using a fire extinguisher filled with paint for a background effect on a huge canvas or a full room, but were wondering where we could get one for cheap and if it would work as we expected.

Around 5 am, I leave my friend’s apartment to take the first subway home and I kid you not, two streets further on my way and in the middle of the sidewalk, there is a fire extinguisher. I took it home. It was such a strange coincidence, since I never stumbled upon an empty fire extinguisher in the street at any other point in my life.

I was pretty sure I dreamt about it when I woke up later, but nope, it was still in the corner of my bedroom!

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7. Mystery Man

I was at work several years ago, and a co-worker had a massive seizure; he later told us he had never had one before. Everyone started freaking out, and a man came over and gently held the guy down because he was in danger of slamming into a desk. When the seizure passed, the man stood up and said, "Ambulance should be here soon, so my work is done" and left.

The weird thing? Nobody had ANY idea who that guy was. We were all so concerned about our cow-worker that we didn't really register that the guy was a stranger until the guy was taken to the hospital. We were in a building that required a key card to enter, and it was closed to the general public. There were only 12 of us in that office, and he wasn't one of us.

So who the heck WAS he?

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8. Life Of The Party

My mom was looking at an old photo album and talking about a party that she organized for her co-workers more than 25 years ago. She said that it was nice of me to have helped her there setting up the tables etc. There was just one huge problem. I have zero recollection of that party, nothing, so much so that I thought she was joking.

Then she showed me the pictures, and I’m there! It’s not like I was a kid. I was maybe 19 or 20. I wonder what else my brain erased.

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9. Premonitions

I had a dream once, and within the next month, everything from that dream happened in real life. For example, in the dream my wife re-arranged our room, which is weird because she hates rearranging stuff. Still, the next week she arranged it exactly like in the dream. In the dream, I also got promoted, and then less than a week later, I did in real life.

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10. I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This

When I was seven or eight, I used to spend Friday nights at my grandma’s house. She spoiled the heck out of me, so I loved it. One night, though, I suddenly had a strange urge to call my mom. I dialed my phone number—I mean, I knew my own number, right? A woman answered, and I suddenly blurted out, “Mom come and get me.”

I have no idea why, to this day, that came out of my mouth. Like I said, I loved it there, and up until that moment had no thoughts of being picked up. Anyways, the person on the other end starts to sound panicky and says, “Where are you??!” Then it hits me that this isn’t my mom, so I just hang up and go back to watching television.

So weird, and while it seems so minor, it’s stuck with me for 30 years.

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11. Be Careful What You Wish For

I told work that I had to go out of town for a week for a family member's funeral. Completely fictitious. In reality, I just wanted time off to hang out at the luxury home my friend was house sitting, which had a hot tub, full bar, etc. I almost immediately regretted it. The day my "vacation" started, I got a call that this exact relative had passed and they were going out of town for the funeral and expected me to go with them.

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12. Lights Out

When I was in my teens, my dad relapsed into his addictions again. It was the last straw for my mom and I, and we took off in the car at night to go for a drive and get out of the house. We were both angrier than we’d ever been. As we drove down the street, each streetlight we passed popped and went dark, for at least three blocks.

At the time, it really felt like our anger was so destructive that it was affecting the world around us. My mom and I still talk about that night and wonder what was going on with those lights. My dad ended up passing at 55, alone in rehab, after lying down for a nap. He didn’t feel well, and nobody took him seriously because he was a junkie.

His heart gave out after years of his lifestyle. He was extremely flawed, but nobody deserves to pass alone and ignored. Take care of yourselves while you can.

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13. Sound And Colour

This happened at my grandma's house. I was lying awake on the couch in the middle of the night when this kaleidoscope of colors and lights appeared on the ceiling and began moving around the walls. I silently watched it until it disappeared, and then I went to sleep. I shared the living room with my sister, and my grandma slept in a chair to keep us company.

Since it was dark and I hadn't heard anything, I assumed I was the only one still awake to see it. The next morning, I found out the chilling truth. At the breakfast table, my grandma brought up the "light show" she had seen the night before, and she didn't seem to know what it was. She described what I'd seen perfectly.

After she left the table, my dad and aunt both seemed very concerned that she might be losing her mind. In my little kid brain, I thought if I told them I'd seen it too, they might think the same about me, so I kept quiet about it. If it hadn't been for the fact she'd seen it too, I would've chalked it up to a number of things. But I honestly don't know what to make of it.

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14. The Place That Time Forgot

When my grandfather was a boy in the 1950s, he was hunting out in what were then mostly the wilds of New Mexico. He shot a deer across a deep gulley, and the deer fell down onto a rock. Being unable to reach it, he walks back home to get his dad. They get back, get down to the deer, but are unable to clean it because of an oncoming blizzard.

30 odd years later, he went back to the spot with his son, my uncle. The same knife that he'd removed from his belt (and forgotten) laid in the place where he'd left it 30 years before, along with the hide and bones of the deer. I still have that knife; one side of its leather case is severely bleached and dried out. The same thing with the knife's leather grip.

The guy wasn't bluffing when he said no one had laid eyes on that spot in three decades.

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15. An Unseen Presence

This is going sound absolutely crazy and I've literally only told my sister, parents, and close friends about this. Just recently, I've considered writing this all down, as my wife feels it’s interesting. Back in 2000, my girlfriend and I were both 21 and our daughter was two months old. We moved into a council house in Essex, UK.

One night we were both asleep in bed, both of us unclothed as it was during a particularly hot summer. My girlfriend woke me up with a slap and said, "You're funny." I turned over because I was angry she'd woken me up and asked her what was going on. I took one look at her and felt faint. In her hand, she had a large adjustable wrench.

She went on to explain how the coldness of the wrench woke her up the instant it was placed on her bare chest. She thought it was me playing a prank and wouldn't believe me when I said it wasn't. I was so scared that someone else had broken into our house and put it there that I got up and checked all the windows and doors. I then didn't sleep for three nights straight.

The wrench was mine; it was kept in a toolbox in a walk-in cupboard downstairs. At the time, though, there was no access to the cupboard, as we were having a new kitchen fitted and it was blocked. But that was just the beginning of the nightmare. After that, there were many strange, creepy things that happened in that house.

I remember the bath filling up with water overnight to the point where the second I put the tip of my fingers in the water, the water poured over the edge. Also bangs, footsteps upstairs, etc. Still, the wrench was the one thing I struggled to explain. Nobody ever liked to stay at our house, but we only found this out after we moved.

Family and friends would say they never liked it there and would avoid spending too long at the house. Roll on to 2006, I'm no longer with my daughter’s mom and I'm out with work friends for a drink. The girl behind the bar is giving me glances every now and then and I'm feeling good as I think I may have a chance with her. It got so weird, so quickly.

She asks me what school I went to and where I work, as she recognizes me from somewhere. I tell her and she says you must just have a recognizable face as I've seen you before somewhere. I tell her where I was from before my split from my ex and moved to another area, and she says she lives there now. So we both agree it’s very possible that we've crossed paths before.

She tells me the road she lives on. So I say "Oh well, that explains it. I lived on the same road." She then tells me the house number, "302"...the very same house I lived at. What she said next will stay with me forever. "I've been living there five months and I hate it, me and my boyfriend think it's haunted. I've even woken up during the night with an empty pint glass on my chest."

I told her about the wrench and she burst out crying. We exchanged numbers so we could chat at a later date. A week later, I spoke to her and her boyfriend and they said they had moved back to his parents’ house. I never heard from them again. I'm 100% a skeptic and don't believe in ghosts or the supernatural, but this has really tested my limits.

Even to this day, my ex thinks it was me who put the wrench there. It wasn’t.

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16. Midnight Visitor

When I was very young, we were visiting my grandmother in another city. We slept in the same bed, in the basement. I woke up and saw a person, too dark to be recognizable, enter the room, and come to our bed. They looked at us for a while and then left. The next morning, nobody had any idea at all what I was talking about.

I guess it could have been sleep paralysis, but I didn’t wake up in a panic. I just watched it happen, frightened.

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17. The Ring

I have this ring that my mom had given to me. It used to be my late grandmother's. It was too big for me to wear on my finger, so I put it on a chain and wore it like a necklace. I remember being in class and playing with it while doing my schoolwork, and it was still around my neck the whole time. At the end of the day, when school had let out and everyone was heading home, I realized I didn't have it around my neck anymore.

I panicked and ran back to class and tried retracing my steps, but never found it. I was really upset that I had lost this ring. When I got home and entered my bedroom, I saw the ring and chain placed neatly on the center of my pillow. It looked as if someone had placed it there.

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18. Don’t Be A Stranger

My friends and I used to hang out at this coffee shop almost every single night for years. There were six of us. One summer, this guy "Isaac" started showing up every night. He was around our age and was from out of state, staying with his grandparents for the summer. He became part of our group, playing board games with us and talking until like 2 am.

He would walk to the coffee shop and I'd give him a ride back to his grandparents' house at the end of the night. At the end of the summer, he went back home and we never heard from him again, as this was pre-social media. Maybe about five years later, after our group had mostly grown apart and we were reuniting while everyone was in town for a holiday, we were sitting at our coffee shop reminiscing.

I brought up Isaac, saying, "I wonder what happened to him." Their responses made my blood run cold. Nobody knew who I was talking about. I even have a photo of him, which I eventually found and emailed everyone, but nobody recognized him. Not a single person. It's now been over a decade, and still, nobody remembers Isaac but me.

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19. A Strange Kismet

I was living abroad when my grandfather passed. On the day he passed, I was feeling tired and weird the whole day without knowing why, so I went back to my place and took a nap. Later, I woke up from the nap with a severe stomach cramp that left me out of breath. It felt like I was going to keel over that exact instant.

That lasted about a minute or two. I felt strange and went on to call my mom, only to discover that my grandpa was gone at the exact timing of my stomachache. In eastern culture, my grandfather and I also are of the exact same zodiac animal, even down to the element, so my family believes we shared a connection of a sort. Sadly, I only knew this once he left.

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20. Highway Of Pain

There were two of the exact same moments. So, I used to hang out with my friends at a local shopping mall pretty often that is a bit far from the city. The only road that connects to the mall is a highway with lots of cars going fast and no sidewalk. Once, when we were in this mall, we had the idea to go to another mall that was closer to the city.

Conveniently, the highway that connects to mall 1 leads directly to mall 2. There was a small problem, though: We didn't have a car and we were pretty short on cash. So we decided to go to mall 2 on foot, through this highway. The distance from the two malls was just shy of 4 miles, so we thought we'd be fine. We were so, so wrong.

We went on our journey to mall 2, walking on the shoulder of the highway on the opposite way, so we'd see the oncoming cars. I also had a flashlight that I used to shine a blinking light into the direction of the drivers, so they'd see us. I was being very careful not to blind anyone, though. I know that it was still very dangerous.

It was nighttime and the wind was blowing pretty hard, and it was very cold, but we were laughing and chatting about all sorts of things, so we were fine. In the middle of the highway between those two malls, there is a huge valley that is well known for being a place where people go to throw bodies away. There were several corpses found in that valley.

We were pretty scared to go through this section of the highway, but we went there anyway. We were a group of four people and we all had knives, so we thought that we'd be fine. We made our way to mall 2 successfully, and then we proceeded to sit somewhere to talk. We sat down and talked about how cool it was to go from mall 1 to mall 2 on foot and that it was a fun experience. But then something strange hit us.

Talking a bit more, we noticed that none of us remembered going through the infamous segment of the highway. We didn't remember anything, and we couldn't even be sure if we went there or not. Still, the only way that we could be at mall 2 was by going through that segment. We then concluded that we must have been distracted and didn't notice that we went there. But scarily enough, that wasn’t the end of the story.

The next day, I was watching the news and saw that a body had been found at that place the night before, at approximately the same time that we were there. I was shocked because we'd have seen all the cars and helicopters there. That's when the craziest thing happened. The TV helicopter footage showed a group of four people, with a blinking flashlight, very near the spot where the body was found.

We had been there, even though we didn't remember. I shared the news story with my friends and we were all pretty stunned. We all went to a neurologist to see if we were okay, which we were. Fast forward six months, to last week. I was at mall 1 with the same friends as before and we decided to go to mall 2, on foot, the same way as before.

Result? Everything went fine, but we still can't remember going through that segment of the highway. No body was found there this time. We decided not to go there anymore.

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21. Sympathy Symptoms

I had a few weeks of pregnancy symptoms—I’d been pregnant before and it was exactly the same. So I took some tests and did them daily until eventually, I got weird faint lines on them. One night, I felt so sick with nausea that I had to stay awake next to my open window all night. I knew at this point I was certainly pregnant and I was about to get a positive test soon.

So I tried that morning and it still came up very faint. At this point, I was fed up. I asked my twin if was she unwell lately or anything, and she was like “Yeah, I was up feeling ill all last night, why?” I said I’d been feeling sick a lot lately, and she said "Me too" and sent me a pregnancy scan, telling me it’s early so not to tell anyone…I had my period a couple of days after.

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22. Gone In 60 Seconds

I was staying at my grandparents’ for the weekend. They were eating dinner in dining the room and I’m in the living room. It was an open concept house, so we could all see each other. Suddenly, the power went out. It came back on in what seemed like a second, but now my grandmother is asleep in her bedroom and my grandfather was out in the garage.

It has messed with me my whole life.

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23. Intruder Alert

My husband works with clients doing trauma and healing type work, often via Skype or Zoom. Years ago, he had a client session, so went into the living room where he usually did his calls. I went into our bedroom and shut the door and was going to spend the hour working on my laptop. About 20 minutes in, I suddenly got this weird skin-crawling feeling

I looked up from my laptop—and saw a bone-chilling sight. There was a man who was kind of hologram fuzzy, like there but not there. He walked into my room with what looked like a gunshot wound to his head. I told my husband about it, and the story somehow got worse. As it turns out, the woman he was just working with had lost her husband five months prior.

He was in the military and had returned from combat with severe PTSD. He eventually took his own life. Yes, by a gunshot wound to the head.

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24. Just A Thought

It was last year in the fall. I was sitting in my house with another friend, and I randomly started thinking about the host of our Latvian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire for no reason. I haven't heard anything or even thought about him last 5 or 6 years. I totally forgot that he exists, to be honest. I asked my friend if he remembered him.

He said it sounded familiar, but no. The next day, I read in the paper that this guy died on the street from a heart attack the same day I thought about him and mentioned him. These kinds of premonition things happen to me pretty often, and I can never explain them.

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25. Show Me The Money

Seven or eight years ago, I got an email that was something along the lines of, "Hi, this is 'person I don’t know', I'm trying to transfer $3,162.45 into your account but need updated banking info. Please send your new account number so I can send you the money." Obvious scam. But I got this email late at night and I'd been drinking. So I came up with an ingenious plan.

I thought, what can they take with just an account number? Nothing, right? I was broke, and I only had like $200 in the account anyway. I’m going to just give it and see what happens. I check my account the next day, and there’s the $3200. I got the money. I spent the money. Nothing ever happened. I haven’t heard anything else from them since.

The money was real. I got it, I spent it, my bank never said anything, and I still have no idea where it came from, and they never emailed me again or asked for anything else. My real-life Nigerian prince.

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26. Child’s Play

When I was nine years old, I was told to clean my room, and then we would go to the local video store to rent a video game for the weekend. I clean my room, my mom approves of the cleaning job, we go to the store and I get my game. The whole trip lasts 20 minutes, tops. We get back, and all my toys are spread out across the floor in neatly organized lines, very deliberate looking.

No one else was in the house. Nothing missing. Just this strange toy issue. My guess is it was a friend of mine either messing with me or looking for something of theirs, but no one ever confessed.

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27. Monsters, Inc

When I was a child, I had a dream where a monster opened my closet door and chased me all the way to my parents’ room. My parents said it was just a dream, but I never sleepwalk. Moreover, I saw it chase me to their room and the closet door was open. So I either had a sleepwalking night terror, or monsters are real.

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28. Doing God’s Work

I worked for a company that had maybe 250 employees. Two of them, whom I didn’t know very well, were in a car accident because the guy fell asleep driving and his fiancé, the passenger, perished.  He wasn’t able to work anymore and never came back. I eventually left the company and moved to the other end of the state.

After a couple of years, I started thinking about this guy. Like intensely, like I had a memo in my brain I kept snoozing, but it would pop up again. I kept thinking, “I have to tell this guy he needs to do the Lord’s work.” Oddly specific, right? Now, I’m not super religious. I’m more of a spiritual agnostic. But I could not shake this feeling that I was obligated somehow to tell this guy what his future should hold.

Let me reiterate—we were not close at work. I barely knew him, maybe said hi twice a week. So one day I’m back in my old hood and I went to my old work, which was in retail. I’m shopping with a friend who had gone around the corner to get something. Out of nowhere, the guy I used to work with comes walking by. I’m sure my mouth fell open.

I wasn’t sure how to greet him since the last time we’d spoke he was engaged. So I just said hi and then I was like, “So this may sound weird, but for like the last six months I’ve been feeling like I’m supposed to tell you that you’re supposed to work for God. Sorry if that’s too strange!” The second I said it, he went incredibly pale.

His eyes bugged out and he was like, “What?” He turned to the person he was with and said, “Did you hear what she just said??” Inside I was like, this is getting awkward. He legit started crying and he was like, “Thank you! Thank you so much! Can I hug you?” So after a moment, he told me after he left the company, he’d studied and got a well-paying job that he enjoyed, but kept feeling like he was missing something.

Recently, for the first time since the accident, he’d gone back to church. He’d been offered a big promotion that would have moved him across the country, but he thought he really wanted to go to seminary school and become a pastor. Apparently, he’d asked God to guide him. I was like, “, that’s all I’ve got. Good luck, hope things work out!” and went to find my friend.

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29. Visitor Pass

Not sure who believes in any type of guiding force or, for lack of a better term, "guardian angel," but I feel like I encountered something. I had to be about nine years old and my school bus stop was right across the street from my house. The street itself had a bit of a hill to it, and where my house was is where the street started to level off.

So, I cross to the other side from my driveway, which put the bus stop maybe 20 yards away. As I'm walking toward it, a man dressed in all white with suit/vest/fedora circa 1930s starts to crest the hill, walking toward me. As we start to pass one another, he tips his hat, says good morning to me using my name, and tells me not to worry, she will be ok, and keeps walking.

I just kind of freeze for a moment because "stranger danger."  A moment or two later, I turn around to look at him but, as you probably have guessed, he was just gone. Nowhere.  When I got home from school, I learned that my Nana had passed. I assume that was what this...whatever...was conveying; that I shouldn't worry because she is ok where she is.

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30. The Outer Limits

When I was 11, I was hanging out at my friend’s grandma’s place for a party. We were on her dirt road playing around on bikes at like midnight because the party was still raging on. I go off a few yards into the darkness, away from the only street light for about 500ft. Out in the bushes beside the road, this ball of light that’s the size of my fist comes out of the bushes and then sinks back behind something.

At first, I think it’s one of the other kids with some weird flashlight but after calling out, there was nothing. The way that light moved was weird to me, too. It was very fluid and loopy if that makes sense, sort of the same motion a conductor does to move their pointer for music, if anyone has seen that before. I can’t really find any scientific explanation.

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31. Fancy Seeing You Here

I once met this really weird dude from Montreal, and I was trying to tell my one friend all about it. We went to Montreal and I was like, “Maybe I’ll hit up my buddy ha ha ha” but obviously, I didn’t. Well, we stepped out of our Uber at the restaurant we were going to…and there he was. Montreal is a city of two million people. This was over two years ago and the odds still keep me up at night.

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32. Hello, Old Friend

When I worked in hospice, I took care of a sweet man who saw his wife before he passed. Except she had been gone for five years. He was wheelchair-bound, but the night he passed, he was up and walking. He kept insisting his wife was coming to get him. When the nurse and I got him settled into his room for the umpteenth time, he looked at the empty doorway and whispered four words that still haunt me.

He said: "Oh, girls, she's here.” Then he went unresponsive and passed about an hour later.

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33. Home Evil Home

I used to sleep over at my grandparents’ a lot when I was a teen, and even though I grew up in their home I was always afraid to sleep in their living room because I always felt a scary presence. One night I was falling asleep on their couch with my back to the room when I heard a dragging noise from right behind me that lasted several seconds.

I was alone, and it scared the absolute bejeesus out of me. It took a few minutes for me to be able to turn around, I was so scared. When I finally did, I saw that the heavy redwood coffee table had been dragged like a foot across the floor. I could see the tracks in the carpet. If it weren't for those tracks, I would have dismissed it as sleep paralysis.

The last time I went to that house was right before my grandma passed. She was in the hospital and I took her electric wheelchair back to her house. I didn't see anything, but from the moment I entered the driveway, everything felt wrong. When I did go into the house, I had a crushing, overwhelming sense that if I didn't leave now, that presence was going to hurt me, and badly.

I literally ran out the front door and didn't look back. I inherited the house and was glad to sell it. I don’t know why, but I swear it didn't like me.

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34. The Wrath Of God

When I was a kid, I woke up to three women standing outside my window. I lived in the country, so I don't know how or why they were there. They were nuns. Two in red, one in white, with others behind them. I had never seen nuns before in my life. I jumped out of bed and started screaming at the old women in my window.

My mom ran in, but she didn't see them. I didn't sleep there that night, and I moved to the living room instead. The next day, there were signs of trampling through the bushes and flattened grass under my window. It's been about 25 years, and I still remember the eerie faces looking at me with anger and scrutiny. I don't know who they were.

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35. Call In The Cavalry

When I was five, my family owned a huge ranch in the middle of nowhere. Around 7 pm, we were out on the property while my mom was back at the house. Suddenly, we heard the loudest noise I’ve ever heard in my life. I looked up in the sky and saw a huge silver-colored ball falling from the sky. I started grabbing at my dad’s shirt and pointing up.

I tried to yell, but it was SO loud he couldn’t hear me. He threw me in the truck and we raced back to the house. As we drove up, we saw my mom on the porch, shaking. We knew she had witnessed the same thing. We went inside and my parents immediately got on the phone and called the sheriff’s office.

They also called family, friends, and anyone they could think of for help. While they were on the phone with my grandpa about half an hour later, we heard another LOUD noise. Like a thousand explosions going off at the same time. We got back in the truck and started driving to the front of the ranch, still on the phone. That’s when things got truly weird.

As we got closer, we heard what sounded like large machinery at the gate. Sure enough, at the entrance of our property, we were met with two 18-wheelers and at least five black, unmarked SUVs. A man stepped out and demanded access to the property. So my parents opened the gate, they all drove in, the man got back out and told us to leave.

At this point, my mom was still talking to granddad, who heard all this happening. He very sternly told mom that we should do as they said. So we had to drive around doing nothing, questioning and panicking for over an hour. When we finally got back to our front gate, we saw all the vehicles leaving, but the 18-wheelers now had black tarps covering whatever was underneath.

That was it. We went back in the house in complete silence. We hugged each other, and went to bed. Never found a crash site, nothing left behind, no one ever contacted us, nothing.

Strangest momentsPexels

36. Shadow Of A Doubt

When I was in high school, my family lived in a house that sat about 300 feet from the road. Every morning, I had a long walk down the driveway to meet the bus, and since we lived in the country, the bus came pretty early. One morning while I was walking, something that looked like a spotlight crossed the yard in front of me.

Sort of the opposite of a shadow. It wasn't completely dark outside, so I could see there wasn't anything flying above me, and other than the normal sounds of being outdoors, it was silent. I had forgotten about it until now. So weird.

Strangest momentsPexels

37. Believe It Or Not

I was in a car with my grandparents on our way back home from a road trip. I was casually watching random cars go by on the opposite side of the highway and whatnot, and then suddenly in my peripherals, I saw something that caught my attention...It was an RV/mobile home and it was literally ROLLING over and over sideways.

It must have rolled two or three times and then it came to a stop, upright, on its four wheels. I kind of gasped and tried to describe what I saw to my grandfather, but he didn't really pay much attention to me. I remember my grandmother looking back through the back window and saying, "It looks fine." I guess they didn't believe me. They didn't even slow down. I have no idea how it happened, what happened to the people, or anything. I think about it every few months.

Strangest momentsPexels

38. When One Door Closes

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve never believed in ghosts. To help you understand the situation fully, you should know that I lived in a condo with a front door inside of a building. It was essentially an empty hall, so everything echoed in that area. About a month after my dad passed, I dealt with my first ever “paranormal” experience.

I’m sitting in my living room, the only one awake, when I hear the front door SLAM open. I got up to check what happened and saw that the deadbolt was still in the locked position and the door was wide open. No one had come in or left. It was Every time I think back to it, I can’t explain it. No wind in our empty hall of doors, no people in sight, there was nothing.

Strangest momentsPexels

39. Dizzy Spell

I once knocked on my brother's door, and got the feeling you get after a darn good stretch when you leave the universe for a second, but multiplied by like 50. When I got my vision back, the bookshelf that was behind me was destroyed (I think I fell into it) and then my brother opened the door. So it took place within like a few seconds, so I don't think I fainted, but it was just really confusing.

Strangest momentsPexels

40. Water Under The Bridge

This was maybe four years ago. I’d been drinking with my best friend at his place and was on the late bus home. I must have nodded off somewhere along the way, because the next thing I know, the bus driver is berating me for sleeping on the bus—I’d been sitting in a dark corner so he hadn’t seen me, and had taken the bus back to the depot for the night.

This was some two miles outside the city and even further away from home, and at 3 am I was getting ready for a long walk. My fiancée was in a different time zone, so I called her to keep me company as it was only evening for her. As I’m slowly making my way towards the city, using the skyline for orientation, things are starting to look familiar.

It’s not a part of town I visit often, but I know my way around. There’s a train station with a railway bridge overhead. It’s going towards 4 am now, so there aren’t any trains running. I pass underneath it and keep walking, thinking I should be home in an hour or so. Then I find myself approaching the railway bridge again.

I’m thinking, okay, I’m still a little tipsy, I must have gotten turned around somehow and taken a few wrong turns, but it’s still weird I wound up in the same spot, coming from the same direction. I keep walking. But some time later, I end up walking towards the darn bridge again. At this point I’m a little shaken, and tell my fiancée I must be out of it as I keep getting lost and ending up in the same spot.

She says she couldn’t tell from my voice, and to use my maps app from here on out. Which I do. I swear I have no idea how, because I put in my home address and was stubbornly following that little arrow, but 20 minutes later I look up and see the railway bridge again. At this point, I’m just trying to keep myself together.

It’s past 4 am now, several hours since I had my last drink, and I’m feeling sober and freaked out. I decide to take a different route than I’d been trying before, defying my app and going down some streets I’ve definitely never seen before. At this point, it’s getting late for my fiancée too, and I tell her to get ready for bed and that I’ll figure it out somehow.

For some reason, pretending to her that I’m not worried about being stuck in some weird loop helps. Finally, I start seeing familiar landmarks again. Only this time, I’m in a spot several miles outside of town, surrounded by nothing but fields and the occasional outlet store. I have no clue how I ended up here, as it’s miles out from what I could have realistically walked in an hour, but I’m just happy to have made it.

It’s now after 5 am, and the first busses are running, and I’m finally able to get home. When I think and talk about that night, I still say “Haha, remember how I was walking home and got so lost it took me more than three hours?” Even so, I still get an uneasy feeling any time I’m near that railway bridge to this day.

Strangest momentsPexels

41. Midnight Visitor

This is sort of ongoing, as I still sleepwalk and sleep talk. My roommate says that for the past couple of months, I've been mentioning “a man” who I guess I see while I'm sleeping. He said one night, I was pointing to the open closet and saying that he was there...Apparently, I've been mentioning him quite frequently.

It makes me sort of uneasy, since I have no memory of what I do or say when I sleepwalk. Also, I've been having some really bizarre dreams the last few nights.

Strangest momentsPexels

42. Music To My Ears

When my dad was 12 or so, he was walking through his family's hayfield with a friend. He had a small metal harmonica that the friend was playing with. Predictably, the friend drops it and dad assumes it's gone forever. 38 years later, my dad and I are walking through the same field. Guess what I spot laying in the grass.

The harmonica still played nicely and looked basically new, aside from the metal outside being squished in from a tractor tire.

Strangest momentsPexels

43. Rockabye

I was a little kid recording in the under-stairs closet. The light switch was all the way in the back of the closet. When I flipped it, I turned around and saw a shadow on the wall of someone sitting in a rocking chair. I stood stark still, and they began rocking. They slowly rocked faster, and eventually, the chair began swinging like a pendulum as it rocked.

They swung into one of the dark corners of the closet where their shadow should’ve disappeared, but I could still see it I ran the heck out of there and showed my parents the recording. They tried to play it off, but I think they were concerned by it, too. And then it got creepier. A few weeks later, the recording was gone, but all the other videos were still there.

Strangest momentsPexels

44. Something Bad Is Happening

This past summer, I scheduled with my husband that I would take our two dogs on a very long walk down the beach once I got home from work, then he could pick me up on his way home from work. About a half-hour into the walk, just before he would have finished work, I was hit with a wave of extreme fear, anxiety, and nervousness.

The thought “Something bad is happening” kept repeating over and over again in my head just out of nowhere. I stopped and examined my surroundings for wildlife, other people, anything that could be telling me over and over again “Something bad is happening.” No animals around, not even seagulls or other birds, which are usually always at the beach.

No cars in the road next to the beach. No people anywhere on the beach despite it being a really nice day and people regularly working or exercising or playing on the beach. No boats out despite people regularly working on boats just off shore. It even felt like the ocean waves were silent. I pulled out my phone to see if there was just SOMETHING going on because I felt super paranoid that something bad was happening all of a sudden.

No texts, no news alerts, nothing. So we continued on down the road. The dogs and I made it to 6 pm, about three miles into the walk. We had about a mile until I would be in an area of houses that was where my husband was supposed to pick us up. On the north side of the road, I spotted a herd of wildlife about a mile away up this other road and decided not to proceed forward anymore, as they are not friendly to dogs and seemed to be moving our direction.

So we turned back towards the water. I sat on a log to take a break and give the dogs some water, hoping I’d spot my husband’s car on the road. We started off again and stopped at a washout a few minutes later so the dogs could walk and play in it. I then got a call from my husband that something had happened at work and he’d be on his way as soon as possible so for me to just rest with the dogs wherever I’m at.

I said not to worry, and that I’d start heading back because the wildlife was nearby, and he could just pick us up wherever he sees us. By 7 pm, the dogs were exhausted so we were moving slow but only had a mile left so we were enjoying our time. We all needed the exercise and sunshine. My husband’s co-worker then called me with chilling news.

He tells me that there was a death near my husband’s place of work at about 5:30 pm, and he was a first responder to the scene. It was the first time he had ever performed CPR on someone, and the individual had been dead for some time at the point my husband found him. The dogs and I made it home about a half-hour later and a few minutes after that my husband came home.

My husband was messed up for weeks afterward and still is dealing with some trauma and grief from it. 5:30 pm is when I got that overwhelming feeling of fear and felt like the whole world around me was completely silent and my brain repeated “something bad is happening.” The feeling of the silence and the emptiness of the sea and beach and roads around me felt like I didn’t exist all of a sudden or that I wasn’t in this world anymore.

I don’t know how else to explain it and I can’t explain the whole thing other than coincidence.

Strangest momentsPexels

45. The Lady In The Window

About three weeks ago, I was in the middle of being dumped by my now ex-girlfriend, while in my car in front of her house. We both stopped talking for a second and noticed a lady walking her dog towards us. We notice the lady is walking irregularly, like...not stumbling type walking, but rather with seemingly uneven strides and with frequent but subtle pauses in her motion.

It was almost as if she were getting used to the Earth’s gravity. She passes my car in this fashion and we both watch as she begins to round the edge of the cul de sac when she stops in the center of it. She then bends over and places a hand on the ground. After a moment, she returns to walking in that weird glitchy way.

She is now heading in our direction again and this time on the same side of the street. My ex hands me her pepper spray that she keeps on her as the woman approaches the rear of my car, and I say, “get down and hide” so we can hopefully avoid any confrontation. However, my ex refuses to do so and simply keeps watching the lady as she meanders past my car.

I wait about a minute, my ex says my name, and I raise my head to the window only, to be greeted with what I can honestly say was the most horrific expression I have ever seen. It was worn by that woman just on the other side of the glass. It was a mix of many emotions in her eyes, including anger, fear, confusion, and weirdest of all, disapproval.

Though she wasn’t looking directly at me, she was looking at my ex. She was scared too, I was unnerved, and the lady just...she just stared for a solid minute before continuing her stagger down the road with her dog who seemed none the wiser. I’m glad the dog was happy, and I’m glad that the situation wasn’t any worse.

Strangest momentsPexels

46. Frights On A Plane

My family took a trip from Australia to the US in 1997; I was quite young at the time. On the flight home, we had to sit separately, so I sat with my dad while my mom and brother sat elsewhere. Midflight, I had to use the bathroom. Dad was sleeping, so I climbed over him and made my way to the middle where the toilets were.

There was a line, so I joined and waited. While I waited, this impeccably dressed woman wearing a red suit was there. She had lipstick and dark hair. She wasn’t an attendant; we flew Qantas and back then they wore navy, I believe. She started to run my ponytail through her fingers and was kind of petting me like a mother would.

She commented how pretty I was. I was a shy kid, so I just stood there politely. When it was my turn to use the bathroom, she kind of rushed behind me and tried to get in the stall with me quite forcefully. I quickly shut and locked the door where I stayed for a while. Then I returned to my seat, really rattled. I tried waking my dad up to tell him but he was trying to sleep.

I don’t know why, but I have never forgotten that incident. The details are burned into my memory and it’s really hard to describe the feelings I felt during those moments. I have no clue what her intentions were and will never know.

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47. The Green Dress

I had a vivid dream of my grandmother in a green dress. Super vivid. She was standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking back at me. The next day, we got the call that she had passed. I was very sad, but we knew it was coming. I said to my family that I had had a dream about her in a green dress. She was beautiful in it. My aunt went white as a sheet.

There were no pictures, but apparently, my grandmother got married in a green dress like the one I described. I had never seen nor heard of it. I was 16 at the time, and we were very close before she passed. I’m 48 now. I am a skeptic but sometimes I wonder about this incident.

Strangest momentsPexels

48. The Kindness Of Strangers

A woman came into the shop where I used to work. I greeted her with a smile and offered my help if needed. For a good 10 minutes, she kept walking around and looking at me like she knew me. I didn't mind and just did my thing. A few minutes later, by coincidence, I ended up cashing her out. She stared at me the whole time like she was looking through my soul.

Then she said out of nowhere, "Don't ever change who you are." I was so confused when it happened and I still kind of am.

Strangest momentsPexels

49. Ronald McSecrets

This one time when I was little, my dad woke me up at like 2 am said "Get ready, we're going to McDonald's.” I was so confused and kept asking why, but he wouldn't answer anything besides, "because" or "to have fun.” The rest of my family—my two brothers, my sister, and my mom—didn't come with us and they were still asleep when we left.

The play place was closed, and we just kind of sat there for an hour or so eating, then went back home. To this day, I still have NO idea why he frantically needed me out of the house, and he swears he doesn't remember that happening, but the whole thing was SO weird that I kept the toy that I got from the Happy Meal to remember it by, and I still have it to this day…

It's my only proof of this weird freaking night that my dad (almost scarily) hurried me to McDonald’s at 2 am. I have two guesses why. First, my sister pooped the bed and they were worried I'd make fun of her. Or maybe they somehow noticed something like rats in my room? Were they worried I wouldn't be able to sleep if I knew that there were rats and they needed an hour or so to get them out???

Either way, a very strange night that my dad refuses to tell me the truth about, which only makes me think it's something much worse. Like. I'm 23 now. If he said "Yeah, your sister pooped the bed and we didn't want you to know," I'd have been like cool, nice, good thinking. But he REFUSES to believe that it happened at all. WHAT HAPPENED.

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50. Calling All Angels

After I totaled my car, a man with burn scars all over his face and hands came up to my window. He asked if I was ok and then came and sat in the passenger seat. He said, “I need you to know that everything happens for a reason.” I said, “I know.” The next thing I know, I’m talking to the other driver and the authorities, and the guy is just gone. No one else saw him.

Strangest momentsUnsplash

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