People Share Their Wildest Moments Of The 2010s

November 23, 2019 | Phillip Hamilton

People Share Their Wildest Moments Of The 2010s

The 2010s will be remembered as one of the strangest decades of all time, and I for one am glad to have experienced it. The end of a decade is a time to celebrate, look back on all the greatest memories and learning experiences we went through, and allow ourselves to grow from these in the next decade. These Redditors came together to do just that, and share the best moments they experienced this decade. Their stories are both heartwarming and relatable, and are sure to bring up a few great memories of your own.

1. The Writer’s Dream

This decade was the first time I paid off all my outgoing expenses for the month by writing fiction. It's what I wanted to do ever since I was a kid, and let me tell you, boys and girls, there's not a feeling in the world like it. It's been my full-time job for about six years now, and I'm grateful every day.

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2. I’m a Beekeeper Now

I quit my high paying job in order to get to a better mental state because the job was giving me depression. Did some soul searching, had my mom give up on me, half my family not talk to me as a result of me quitting my job, moved out alone, had two different girlfriends, became a beekeeper, and helped set up eight successful beehives.

Also, I'm taking care of a blind cat that I can't help but love.

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3. Functioning & Alive

I remember 2010 starting as the year I finally was able to be social, then in 2014 I left my home country, came here to Germany, and now have spent more than half of this decade here. And now at the turn of the next decade, I'm looking to go back. But the best moment? Gotta be getting out of hospital after trying to kill myself multiple times.

I remember after a phone call with my mum that I'd do everything to get myself together and manage my mental health, and now I'm working, and have some great opportunities ahead of me. I'm far from "over it,” and I never will be, but I can manage my mental health enough that I can consistently function and not want to die.

It took a heck of a lot of work but thanks to the people in my life who stood by me, I made it, and I really owe them a lot.

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4. Life Changing Penguins

I saw penguins closeup on vacation in Antarctica. Adding it was a cruise from Chile to Antarctica and Argentina. About $6,000–$20,000 depending on class of ship. The penguins were the highlight of the trip and being in Antarctica where the sun set for one hour at midnight.

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5. Phones Rise Up

The rise of the smartphone. Everyone has access to the internet and can voice their opinion towards the world at any moment with all the negative effects that it brings.

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6. Freedom Stings

The day I asked out my crush of the last eight years, with whom I had planned my whole life without even telling her. And she said NO.

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7. Independence Rules

I discovered the glory of living alone. I've been that way for a bit over five years, AND I LOVE IT. I can never go back to living with someone. Which works out well. My boyfriend and I are long distance, only a five-ish hour road trip. We've been together for six and a half years. He has his house, and I have my house. It's not for everyone, but we'd have it no other way.

So anyway, living alone is the best thing in the world. My house is always spotless. I love cleaning, it relaxes me, everything is exactly where I left it, I can dedicate a room to house my workout equipment, and no one judges me for my insane houseplant obsession. Whatever—my place looks like a jungle and it's dope.

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8. A Worldly Decade

Dang, so many. 2011 I started dating my wife, graduated high school, toured Europe with a national honors choir, and started college. 2012 I spent an awesome month traveling in southern Africa. 2015 I got engaged. 2016 I graduated college and got married. 2017 I fulfilled a long-time dream of moving to Colorado.

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9. Dancing With Sia

I was one of the 49 background dancers in Sia’s “The Greatest” music video. If you don’t already know, that song/music video was an obvious tribute to the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting. We had to shave our heads as symbolism toward the 49 victims in the music video. Amazing/life changing couple of days I spent on set. Made some friends.

Don’t listen to what the media says about certain celebrities. Sia is the nicest person I’ve ever met. Super sweet, genuine, accommodating, and really cares about what she does. Heck of a voice as well.

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10. A Drink to the Decade

I was in the psych ward twice this decade, spent many months self-harming every day. I’ve had so many happy moments in-between, though. I’d say my happiest moments were wild and drunken nights in college. Even though I’ve dropped out, I had so many happy times with perfect strangers. I met the love of my life, my future husband, my best friends, witnessed them get married, engaged, pregnant, sober.

It’s just been incredible to stay alive for all this.

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11. Getting Educated

About 10 years ago I was in ninth grade when I was supposed to be in 10th grade and about to drop out of high school. I now have a B.A. from a top 10 public university in the US despite dropping out of high school in 10th grade. In honesty, getting out of high school when I did was the best personal decision I made in my teenage years.

Though at the time I felt and heard a lot of judgement being cast toward me, it was like a hard reset and let me look at my future in a new light. I knew that my path forward included getting a GED and going to college, it was just going to be an unconventional path and I ended up making it happen.

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12. The Cute Barista

Got out of a long relationship, found myself, started going back to school. And JUST TODAY MY BARISTA ASKED ME OUT BRO IM SO HYPED BECAUSE I TOTALLY WAS CRUSHING ON HER. Oh also, I am cancer-free. But this girl is probably the highlight.

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13. A Decade of Doozies

Graduated high school, got out of that toxic relationship before marrying that psycho, moved out of my parents’ home, beat suicidal depression, graduated college with an engineering degree, met a girl and got engaged, got married, got the wife pregnant—kid won't be here till 2020—rented first apartment, bought first house, got first career job. It’s been a doozy of a decade.

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14. A New Leaf Turned

I just got my criminal records sealed after 12 long years of battles. I never thought I'd see the day. On the downside, I've gotten to see for 12 years the inner cogs of why and how state governments are fighting to keep prisons a revolving door industry. Don't let a dang soul tell you slavery isn't still alive and well in America.

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15. A Theatric Decade

Graduating high school in a couple of weeks so probably that. I’m in Australia so our school year starts in February and ends in early December except for seniors, who graduate in mid-October and have exams until mid- to late-November—mid-November for me. The other major thing I’ve done this decade was getting heavily involved in theater.

I’ve done acting, dancing, singing, and tech at various points throughout the last four years. It’s become a huge passion of mine and I know it will be something I will be involved in for the rest of my life. They are probably the two biggest things that have happened for me. Can’t wait to see where life will take me next!

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16. Tragedy to Opportunity

I almost died at 23 as a result of my drug abuse. I went in for a lip cyst removal and the anesthesia stressed my weakened heart to the point of failure, which was soon followed by total organ failure. They told my family to call my extended family to say their goodbyes as I lay dying in a coma, hooked up to ECMO/dialysis/a ton of blood transfusions. But then, it got worse. My leg was amputated when ECMO didn’t allow for proper perfusion to my limbs.

I’m 25 and three months sober now. My addiction was so consuming I was using in the hospital. Took me another year and some months to hit rock bottom—crazy that almost dying and becoming disabled wasn’t rock bottom enough for me. But I’m the happiest I’ve ever been sober. Now I’m a Paralympic hopeful training for the benching portion of the competition, so honestly a win-win.

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17. Creating Life

I created human life and then gave birth. It was a wild ride from the start. Will not be doing it again though. 36 hours of back labor and a giant head tearing me open, no thanks. Love this little dude more than anything in the universe, but I do not want to experience giving birth again.

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18. Outlook, Not Position

In 2009 I was 15 years old. Playing Call of Duty amongst other games with friends. No girlfriend. One sister. Thought about suicide once, dogs stopped me. Working on book. Now it’s 2019 and I’m 25 years old. Playing Call of Duty amongst other games with the same friends. No girlfriend. Two sisters and a brother. No suicide thoughts. Working on my book still.

Though I have had three girlfriends, got my bachelor’s degree, had two jobs, and lived on a ship for a few months—my overall position hasn’t changed. Just my outlook.

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19. Santa Exists, Period

I met the love of my life, my mom got married, I finally have a father figure, I lost my virginity, got my first job, and I have stable mental health again. I'm getting back into shape again. But there’s one weird thing. I met the actual Santa, like literally in the middle of the night on Christmas. I woke up needing to go to the bathroom and he was putting presents under the tree. He didn't see me though.

2020 is about to be a good new decade.

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20. Mastering School

I graduated. That's probably the thing I've been most proud of. I wasn't a great student at school, had to cope with bullying and then on top of that try to master “academia.” Eventually, I found the thing that I genuinely enjoyed, filmmaking, and went to a college where I got to study it and I finished with the highest grades that they had awarded. Tech degrees gets a lot of bad press because it's maybe not as intellectually challenging as A-levels but I worked my butt off every day and left with great grades and went to a good university.

I didn't get a great degree classification, but I got it and no one is taking that away from me. At university, some of my favorite and most vivid memories I have are of meeting my best friends for the first time. I lost contact with a lot of them, we don't talk as often as we'd like because we're both just trying to cope with growing up but the people I am still close to are people that I can't imagine my life without; I love them to pieces.

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21. Moving On, Growing Up, Getting Tatted

In the past decade, I grew up into the person I always wanted to be. At 13, I wanted to write books so bad. I was lonely and depressed with no friends. I felt stupid and useless all the time. I lived with my abusive mother and didn't know how I'd get away. My mother convinced me my dad was trying to hurt me and ruin my life.

At 23, I still battle with depression but every day I know I have a reason to live. I'm going to school to get my English degree, which I am almost done, and I have been published—small time, but still). I'm sitting on the couch with the man I love, he's making his Halloween costume next to me, and I'm safe. He helped me through my cat's death, and helped me go to doctors’ appointments on my own.

In my teens, I went to Europe with my dad and brother twice and discovered that my mom had been feeding me lies. My dad missed us when he moved out of our house. Our relationship has never been better. Three years ago I traveled to Chicago and met a friend online that I met when I was fifteen. It was my first time traveling alone.

I moved out with my best friend. He got me out of my abusive home. All my life I've been dreaming of getting tattooed. And now I'm tattooed all over. My back piece is a giant dragon like I've always dreamed. Next fall, I move in with the man I love. And I'm happy. Finally, I am happy.

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22. Running Into 2020

Running! In 2010 I had just entered my 30s and my metabolism was slowing down; read: I was starting to get fat. So I took up running. Since then I have run over 6,000 miles. This year I took it to the next level, ran my first marathon, and then three ultramarathons finishing with a 50-miler just last weekend. I’m now 41 and in the best shape of my life.

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23. Friend Families Rock

Probably no one is going to see this since it's so late, but I grew up in a very tough neighborhood. It was the poorest in the community as well. I got physically disabled at the age of 11 and the past decade has been incredibly difficult. I mean I forced myself to go to school even though my grandmother couldn't afford a wheelchair and going through puberty was the worst, especially being disabled in a community that's not educated about these things.

But I turned things around after I finished high school, I got a scholarship to study at a local university, got accepted to study astrophysics, and became the first person to graduate in my family and my community as a whole. I am currently doing my masters in cosmology and got a job as a research scientist at IBM. I’m still only 23.

So, it started as a tough decade but it picked up and has allowed me to experience the best moments in life. I lost my grandmother, but I gained a family of friends in the process. This is the stuff of dreams, I literally wouldn't have imagined myself living this life.

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24. Animals Don’t Scare Me

Probably overcoming my fear of wild animals. I used to jump at the sound of a coyote, now I photograph wild rattlesnakes in their natural habitats.

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25. I’m Potter Rick!

These are my most memorable moments of the past decade. There was the time I went to a cheesy haunted house and encountered a completely un-scary tall man in a mask shaped like corn with a vaguely creepy face, proceeding to declare him—as someone who grew up surrounded by corn—Cornman, my Lord and Savior, and make him a mythical character in my LARP.

I went to a Harry Potter convention as Rick Sanchez, wholly because I didn't have any actual Harry Potter cosplay but sure did have a lab coat. Proceeded to only get compliments and people asking where my portal gun was. I won a drinking game and managed to keep pace with people at least double my weight and height. I also started the process toward financial independence.

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26. Minecraft Convert

I managed to convince my older cousin to play Minecraft with me in 2016 and he would play it with me when I was over at his house. Then we made Microsoft accounts for PE and he's been hooked for a while, glad I could show him something he likes but never knew until he started. It's been three years but still, he has the same energy and I love it.

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27. A List of Moments

Seeing the great American eclipse. Going to the Galápagos Islands with my friends. Going to Iceland with my family. The whole MCU phase one going almost perfectly. Tintin movie being made. Memes becoming hilarious. Going hiking with my grandfather. A robot being landed on a comet and transmitting a four second video of a cosmic snowstorm.

Snowden leaks.  Watching our local waterski team do tricks. Shia LeBeouf. Stefan Karl (RIP). Actual good YouTube channels putting out quality content. Hanging out with my buddies. These are all the things I’ll remember from the past decade.

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28. Here’s to Another Great Start

For me, this decade started with my college years. Some would call me naive, but I was relentlessly optimistic about the future and so excited to be in school. I got to study topics like biological anthropology, archaeology, Arabic, the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome, physical geography, 20th-century political history in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, Native American history, the religions of India, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, classic world literature, forensics, the Age of Exploration, and even a bit of website design, which I admittedly struggled with.

Every school day, between classes, I'd go to the library and read as much as I could about any topic that interested me. I kept up on current events around the world, printed out topographic maps to study, and got involved in several campus organizations. Most of my professors told me that I was an exceptional student who was "going places."

Over the summer I worked a night job, saved lots of money, and used it to visit some fascinating places like Albania and Cameroon. During this time, I also made friends with a wonderful group of musicians, artists and performers who lived in my hometown. We hung out almost every night, went on countless adventures, and explored many record stores.

I graduated in 2014 with a perfect social life, an excellent GPA and several academic awards. I was also enjoying a paid internship at a gorgeous nature preserve where I led tours and studied the local landscape in depth. But then it all turned into a nightmare. Since then, I have lost one job after another, lived in my car, been through horrible mental turmoil and financial hardship, my best friend killed himself, and the others all moved away or developed drug addictions.

Hopefully this next decade starts out as happy as the last one—and never takes that wrong turn.

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29. Loving Living Alone

In the past decade, I moved to another city. I lived in a very conservative household, I didn't have many friends, and I couldn't do lots of stuff others did. Don't get me wrong, I don't take drugs, I don't party that much etc. but just as an example, going on vacation on my own was unthinkable when I was living with my parents.

Now I've seen big parts of Europe through traveling, I'm pretty good at university, have a really cool job, a renowned scholarship, and maybe even a relationship soon. Most importantly, I have friends now. Best. Decision. Ever.

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30. Shiny New Eyes

It sounds weird to say, but getting Lasik surgery on both my eyes. It was a game changer. One of the single best decisions of my life. My only regret is that I didn't do this a few years prior. I have 20/15 vision and don't have to dick around with dirty lenses or mess around with contacts to have it.

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31. Song of the Decade

The one thing I’ll remember most from the past decade? “Runaway” by Kanye West. This song holds an important message for me, reminds me to keep my ego in check, to love myself and others around me. That's it's okay to feel sad, and it's ok to feel amazing and lavish in life.

Brilliant tune, brilliant album, and a brilliant nine minutes that's going to be remembered for years and generations to come.

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32. Quitters Win

I quit drinking, quit smoking, and quit the music business. Rediscovered my love of bicycles and went back to school. Now I'm about a year away from a bachelor's degree in accounting, preparing for a huge bike race in about a week, and watching my friends from my performing days absolutely crush it. One of them is in Vulfpeck, and a guy I played with occasionally just won best new artist AND best guitar player at the IBMA awards.

Life isn't perfect, but it became immeasurably better this decade.

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33. Growing Up 2010 (A Novel)

I grew up with this decade. I started my freshman year of high school in August 2011, part of dubstep culture, “erryday I’m shuffling,” etc. I switched schools in 2012, things got much bleaker, not much happened. I found a passion in 2013, it was a great year. Got a Snapchat, got Reddit, got my first girlfriend, got in touch with the world.

Best moments: got in a boat crash, went on an AP German trip to Munich and Innsbruck for two weeks, went on a cruise and did some stuff with a British Indian in her 20s. 2014, junior to senior year of high school, was the best year of my life. I published two novels, joined a new sport, got popular (a very new experience), smoked weed for the first time, drank for the first time, got in my first fight, found new music, ran my school’s news service, made great friends, earned a lot of money.

The year ended poorly though. I first got depression, and then there was a suicide attempt. Best moments: won a medal, published my second novel, paid $20 for a gram of weed, laxed around with my pals in the springtime air, fought a person on two feet of fiberglass in the middle of a lake, had a snowball fight in August, spent a week in New York, graffitied a bridge, got into college, and streaked on New Years’ Eve.

In 2015 I graduated high school, started a business, traveled a lot, got closure with high school, started college, contracted mono almost immediately, got bad grades my first semester, and kicked off a downwards spiral. Best moments: saw LeBron in real life, ran naked around Lake Erie, graduated high school, partied in Ibiza, got to meet Wiz Khalifa, and participated in a riot.

2016 worst year of my life. A lot of crummy stuff happening around the world, identity crisis, lost all my friends, my cat died, mental health was at a low point. Memes were dank though. Best moments: epic 500-person snowball fight, spent a night mixing random alcohols with my friends, slept in a cemetery, was in the middle of a city during a championship win.

In 2017 I rediscovered my identity and passions, it was the second-best year of my life. Traveled again, memes getting danker, made lots of new friends, gained prestige through leadership positions in clubs and stuff, wrote another book, got my first internship, did unbelievable things I didn’t think I was capable of, went from introvert to extrovert in one wild summer.

Best moments: ran for office at my school, was billeted in an awesome house during a sports competition; saw Turandot; watched four different Fourth of July fireworks shows at once, climbed 200 stories of a skyscraper in a day and then drank whiskey at the top during sunset; ran a half marathon; got laser eye surgery; spent a week on the coast in Italy; stayed up all night with my friend walking in the rain; went to the Lincoln Memorial at 2 AM; best party of my life; competed in a biathlon; turned 21.

2018 was a meh year. Didn’t really do the things I wanted to do. Studied abroad in Eastern Europe but it was mediocre because I didn’t like Poland too much. Had an okay internship at a nice-enough company. My passions stagnated and didn’t have much social luck. Entered senior year of college and continued benefiting from prestige but not as much.

Best moments: Eagles Super Bowl win, spent a surreal week in South Carolina (best week of my life), drank a fifth of Remy Martin with a buddy, dropped acid, saw an opera in Prague; defrauded the Italian train system; bought molly (but then resold it) from some random dude in Barcelona; raced crabs; tried coke for the first time; fried bacon in the rain; listened to “The Planets” and smoked with my roommate on a balcony for two hours; got a free fifth of Jägermeister; wrestled my buddy; ultra-marathoned (would NOT recommend it); broke into my high school on New Year’s Eve and spent it alone in there.

2019 has been a mixed bag and it’s impossible to judge yet. Went bonkers with senioritis in spring and partied way too much, just barely missed honors graduation, big regret. Wrapped up college clubs unsatisfactorily. Got my first real job at an actual company and made a lot of money but didn’t care for corporate environment and quit. Now I’m starting a different career entirely next month and I’m super anxious.

Best moments: a drug piñata at a party; fifth and a friend; launching water balloons a thousand feet in South Carolina; breaking an athletic barrier I’ve always wanted to beat; my fraternity formal; winning the shirt off another man’s back at a competition; blacking out for the first time; moon landing anniversary celebrations; playing street hockey with my friends; seeing my favorite movie on the big screen during a re-release.

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33. Visiting Parties

I left school, had my prom. Have some great memories from then. I also went through college and university, met my best friend, and met my boyfriend. I moved out of my parents’ house. I went abroad for the first time, which was amazing. I've watched my little sister grow up so much. She's 10, so she's not done yet, but she learned to walk, talk and read, she has her own opinions on music, fashion, and movies/TV. She has hobbies and I think it's amazing.

My favorite thing to come from this decade is around four or five years ago we started doing parties—me, my boyfriend, my parents, my little sister, my older sister, her two kids, her fiancé, her best friend and her sister, and a bunch of their work friends. We have them for Easter, Halloween and Christmas because we're all so busy we never all get together.

We all dress up in themed outfits, we all contribute to food and drinks, and take turns hosting. We have a quiz and play a variety of very loud, competitive party games, adults get drunk and we take loads of pictures and get a photo album a few weeks later. We literally leave some people with "See you at Christmas!" because we know we won't see them till the next one.

It's massively improved our relationships though, and we do make much more of an effort to see each other regularly now.

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34. Haircut of the Decade

Got a really good haircut.

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35. Onion Ring God

Getting married. Adopting a dog. Buying a house. But the best thing? That time I got two onion rings in my French fries.

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36. Great Relationship(s)

Getting into more than one relationship. Not at the same time, but having more than just my first relationship. I take every relationship and look it over when it ends and try to learn something from it. I have a lot of little tidbits that I use to help make the next one better. It's helped me grow as a person. I'm in a relationship now and it's fantastic.

I have become such a different person just by analyzing why the last one failed and trying to be a good person.

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37. Coolest. Midlife Crisis. Ever.

Overall, best decade of my life. This past year has been absolutely bonkers in the procreation department, but I did get two beautiful babies out of it and my oldest is about to turn four on Halloween. My relationship with my husband has never been stronger and my husband’s version of a midlife crisis—going from zero tattoos to full sleeves—is sexy as heck.

When my husband and I met, we worked together at an awful job and we got ourselves through it by telling ourselves that the best revenge is living well, and boy is revenge sweet.

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38. A Decade of Love

I had my youngest child, a wonderful girl who is now eight years old. Left my abuser, got his parental rights terminated. Seems like we dodged a bullet there, he's been in and out of trouble since then. Moved in with my mom and brother. Learned to love myself again. Met my now husband, who took in my mess and my two kids.

Found a place of our own, started paying all of our debts. Got married last May—my god, do I love this man. Finally found a job I love. So I'm looking forward to 2020, and many more adventures.

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39. Thanks for Your Service

Coming home from a year long deployment in Afghanistan in one piece. Marrying the love of my life. Having a beautiful daughter. Buying a house and starting a promising career in a field I enjoy. Heck of a ride the past 10 years.

Best Moments of the Decade Facts

40. See You Later, Childhood

Just in general, April/May this year was the apex of my entire life so far. Seriously. The 18-19 school year was amazing for me. I read a ton of cool books, wrote a lot of my book, had friends, and theater was great. And my perspective on a lot of things changed. Most of all, the imagination. This school year is so bland compared to that, except for one class.

Yeah, I’ll remember this year. Also, isn’t it weird how much younger we were in 2010? I mean, it doesn’t seem that long, but I was only five years old then. Crazy. Elementary school was amazing too. I went to a small place by my neighborhood, and most of the kids there were super nice. I was super sad to leave fifth grade, because I had done so much cool stuff and my teachers were amazing.

I’m nearing high school, and it’s scary. And then I’ll be an adult. Can’t freaking stand that. Overall, my childhood has been amazing, and I’ll be sad to leave it. I’ve had my share of ups and downs, and at this point I’m kinda at a low, but there are some good things. Like I said, April this year was my absolute apex. Sometimes I wish I could go back and experience things again. Just everything.

Go back to the best memories. Until we invent something that can delve into the mind, however, that won’t be possible. I’ve lived in Colorado for so long. It’s my home. I’m not ready to leave it. No thanks, high school. I’d rather stay a child forever. There will be some cool things; driver’s license, dating and love, cool classes, more writing, but I’d ultimately rather just stay where I am.

Of course I’d still want the cool stuff that coming, and I want to have someone to love over anything else on that list, and yet, here we are. Again, wish we could stay. I wish I could live in my imagination. In a perfect world. And here I am, typing this on my phone at 9:30 PM after my homework is done, wishing to go back. Back and back and back.

But since that can’t happen, instead I wish this: That I will continue to read and learn. That I will make new friends and keep the old ones. That I will still do cool theater, choir, and other extracurriculars. That I will continue to write. That my imagination will never cease, and I’ll always feel comfortable believing. That I will find someone to love and to love me, someone to be with.

And that I will make my mark on this world. Whatever happens, I will never be completely forgotten.

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41. Ice Cold Memories

It snowed one night while I was at my best friend’s house. We turned it into a sleepover, and since I lived literally across the street from her, I went and grabbed my things. Amongst these things was a bathing suit. That’s right folks, me and her family were going to go swimming while it was snowing. To be fair, we stayed in the hot tub they had, and we just sat down and talked quietly.

It was her, her older and younger brother, younger sister, then her parents. Of course I was present. Well here’s the thing. We entered the backyard/pool through the basement door, which was stupid and had a problem of locking itself if the door is closed. Her parents had jammed it open so it wouldn’t lock us all out, but what they had not foreseen was that her parents and younger siblings would go indoors first, while us teenagers would stay outdoors.

We threw snowballs, we ran ice down her brother’s back, dipped our foot in the actual pool. We goofed off! Eventually, maybe 15 or so minutes later, we climb out and, after jokingly pelting her brother with soft snowballs, we approached the door. My friend grabbed a towel for herself and I, since there was only two leftover.

Her brother approached the door, cussed under his breath, and rattled the doorknob. The door was closed. The door was locked. Once the realization settled in that we had been locked outside and nobody was in the basement, we made the decision to trek barefoot across the snow—and it was still snowing, mind you—to the gate.

It was frozen shut, with ice over the thingy that you lift. Her brother worked on it for a bit before we climbed up the slippery stairs to the backyard porch and banged on the living room windows. Nobody answered. At this point, me and friend are shouting as loud as we can out of panic. It’s freezing, our feet and hands are sore, and we can’t get inside.

Right when we made the decision to trek all the way over to the OTHER side of the house, in the hope that the gate over there wouldn’t be frozen solid, her mother finally opened the door. We all scurried inside relieved, rushing to the fireplace. Honestly, looking back on the story it was really funny! Nobody got sick thankfully, and I later found out that we were shouting so loud my mother was awoken...from across the street...inside the house...oops.

We also got hot chocolate from her mother, who was profoundly sorry!

Shakira factsShutterstock

42. A Cult-Free 2020

I escaped the cult I grew up in. That was also responsible for some of the worst moments of this decade, since my immediate family cut contact with me because they're still in the cult. But the day I left was the first time I ever felt truly free and happy. Sometimes I'm still in disbelief and occasionally a little overwhelmed by how free I am, even though it's been seven years.

I gave myself the chance to actually live my life and I wouldn't give it up for anything.

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