Real-Life Supernatural Encounters

September 18, 2021 | Sammy Tran

Real-Life Supernatural Encounters

There are some things that you just can't explain. Jumps in time, doppelgangers, and sounds that no earthly being can create—clearly, there is more to this world than what we understand. But is that a bad thing? That's up to you. Maybe these unsettling true stories from Redditors will help you decide.

1.  Peepshow

I lived in north Switzerland. We had a lot of old military bunkers dating back from WWII. When I was seven or eight years old, three friends and I went out to explore one of these bunkers, which was built on a hill inside a small forest. The main door was jammed, so we had to break it open. We found a big log nearby and used it as a battering ram.

After many tries, the door wouldn’t budge, but there was a peephole, so we took a look inside. There was a long, dark hallway with rooms on both the left and right sides. We couldn’t see the end of the hallway because it was far too long. We all took turns taking a look. Then, one of my friends said, “There is a small light at the end of the hallway.”

This light was not there when I took a look through the peephole, so I pushed him away and took a second look. What I saw gave me a shiver. It was not a small light, but rather, it looked like a flashlight pointing directly toward me. Behind it was a silhouette of a person. I walked a few steps back and said, “There is someone in there!”  At that moment, someone, or something, knocked on the door from the inside, and we all panicked. I ran straight home and locked the door.

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2. I Couldn’t Tucking Believe It

Years ago, I fell asleep on my mother's living room sofa. She was already in bed, but my brother was out somewhere. Some time in the middle of the night, I woke up to see someone standing over me and covering me with a blanket. It looked like a man wearing a bandana. I assumed it was my brother, but thought it was strange that he would be wearing that.

The next morning, I asked him about it, and he said he didn't even come into the living room when he came home, and it wasn't him who covered me up. My mother also denied doing it, and no one else was in the house that night. I didn't find it creepy until a while later when one of my aunts stayed at my mom's house. Incredibly, she reported the same thing had happened to her.

Apparently, a ghost in that house wanted to make sure people were tucked in when they fell asleep on the sofa.

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3. What The Hay Is Going On?

My mother-in-law was a very funny and cool woman. She and my wife were close, and sadly, she passed when our son was about four months old. A few years later, I was bathing my son when he started looking over my shoulder, not at random stuff, but at something. A moment passed, and then he asked me a question that sent a chill through me.

He asked why Grandma calls Mommy a funny name. I took a long pause. I asked him what he meant, thinking he was talking about MY mom. He asked, “Why does Grandma call Mommy,” and then referenced my mother-in-law’s nickname for my wife. I was taken aback. My wife and I never used the nickname. It was just what her mom had called her since she was a baby.

I asked him where he had heard that. He replied, "The farmer told me." I asked him who the farmer was, and he replied, "His friend." I told my wife this story later, and she was reduced to tears over the whole nickname thing. We both know there was no way for him to know this, and we marveled at it. The following weekend, my son was playing in his room.

My wife was at work, and I was home. I heard him start talking like he was having a conversation. Immediately the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I went into his room and asked him what he was doing, and he said playing. I asked with who, and he said "the farmer." At that point, I was already thinking about The Exorcist and “Captain Howdy.”

It was unsettling. I asked him where the farmer was. He said he left when I came in. I told my wife when she got home, and she was just as weirded out as I was. We had no idea what to do and figured if it happened again, we would do something. A few days later, in the middle of the night, we both overheard our son say, "Grandma says you and I can't be friends anymore."

My wife and I went to check on him. He was just sitting up in bed. I asked if he was OK, and he said, “Yeah. Grandma says I can't play with the farmer anymore.” He never once mentioned the farmer again—not ever.

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4. A Sibling’s Spooky Story

When my son was about six months old, I dreamed that I was at my grandparents' house with him. My grandfather held my son and cried while I talked to my grandmother. I told her that I wished she and my grandfather were still alive to see my son, and she said, "Don't worry, we see him." I didn't think anything else of it until about five years later.

I was talking to my sister and mentioned that I'd had a dream about our grandparents. She said, "Was Papa Joe holding your son while he rocked in his chair, and did Grandma tell you they were watching you?" I said yes, and asked how she knew. She said, "I had the same dream when my son was six months old." Still creeps me out to this day, but it also makes me happy.

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5. Obituary Came Out Too Soon

I had a phase in my mid-teens when I would read the obituaries in the local newspaper. I saw a name that was familiar as it was the same as a family friend. It had his full first, middle, and last names. I didn't say anything to my parents since I figured they already knew. I didn't realize something was very wrong. A few days later, my mom told me he passed and I said I knew since I saw his obit.

She said, "That’s impossible. It just happened last night in his sleep." I went back through the newspapers—my mom kept them for a week before throwing them out—but the obit wasn't there. When the real obit came out it had his first and last name but just his middle initial. This was almost 40 years ago and I still think about it.

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6. The Pen Is Mightier

A few years ago, I made a pen pal from another state through a website for that sort of thing. We talked a lot, with very extensive and specific letters, for about a year and some months. She told me about her childhood, her high school experiences, and what she was going through at the time. Her family, her house, her city; everything.

One day, she tells me that she was going on a vacation and couldn't send letters, so she sent me her Instagram handle in case of an emergency, or if I wanted to talk to her. Honestly, I had tried to find her before on social media, but her name and surname were too common. We were very close, and I didn't like talking to my pen pals on social media, but one day I wanted to tell her about an accomplishment I made.

So, I go to the username she sent me, but it didn't seem very active. She had no bio, no profile pic, and only one photo. I recognized her face, because we sent pictures of each other. I open the photo and see it was from 2016. It had so many comments. Weird, as she had almost no followers. I thought maybe this isn't her main account anymore.

But then I open the comments. All the comments were from family members and friends she had talked to me about. They were all giving their condolences and saying how much they missed her. I didn't know what to think, so I tried to look up what happened to her. Apparently, she’d been murdered in early 2017…the year we started writing to each other.

I was thinking it was a bad joke, so I kept on writing letters as if nothing happened. I asked her specifically about 2017 though, if it had been a good year or not. She told me a lot of things that happened that year, and that she went out with a creepy guy for a while. After that, I got too freaked out and I stopped writing to her.

She stopped writing to me too. But it still haunts me, and I still don't understand what the heck happened there.

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7. Scottish Tales

When I was in high school, a group of friends and I did an archeological dig of a Roman fort in South Shields, UK. I had never been out of the US, so we took the train up to Edinburgh for some sightseeing. We were really enjoying ourselves until the evening when we went out for drinks. As we were walking back to our hotel, a group of two women and one man approached us.

For whatever reason, I was overcome with anxiety. As they got closer, a small, dark feeling formed in my stomach. I saw that they were three of the most beautiful and arrogant-looking people I had ever seen. They had bright blue eyes, perfect hair, and perfectly fitted, all-black clothing. Everyone in my group noticed. They came up to us and inquired as to what we were doing.

We stood there awkwardly. Someone mentioned that we were heading to London the following day. One of the women looked at us and said that we must avoid the tube and buses and that it would be best to get out of the country ASAP. We were all extremely creeped out by that point but made it to our hotel. The following morning, we took an early flight back to London.

We took a cab to our hotel. That was the day of the London tube bombings. Six years later, I was visiting my girlfriend, who was getting her degree at the University of Edinburgh. We were at some pub, and I saw the woman and man who had talked to me half a decade before. Even though I looked completely different, she approached me and said that I was right to have taken her advice.

It was the single most spine-chilling event of my life, and I don't think I'll ever forget it.

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8. Gut Feeling

I was 17 at the time. Me and my dad had just finished our fishing trip and it was almost midnight, mid-autumn. When I was about to get in the car, he told me that he did not want me to sit in the front seat on the ride home. We argued about it for about five minutes. He did not give any good reason as to why he did not want me to.

I gave up and got in the back seat. It was pitch black outside, and we had been driving on the main road for about two minutes when we saw a car driving in our lane. Right as we were about to collide, my dad swerved into the other lane—and so did the car in front of us. That’s when I heard my dad say something that still haunts me.

He muttered, “I knew it” at the very last second, and then I blacked out. I woke up when the ambulance showed up at the scene, and the EMTs helped me out of the car. I was barely conscious and don’t remember much after that—but there’s one thing that’s still crystal clear. I saw my dad, sitting in the car waving at me with tears in his eyes.

Later, when I asked where my dad was, they told me that he had flown out of the car window and landed a few feet from the car. They had put him in an ambulance, but he didn't make it. They also told me that the man we crashed into lost his life—but that’s not all. He was driving with his 17-year-old daughter, and she only survived because she’d been sitting in the backseat like me.

I still can’t believe that this really happened. This was six years ago.

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9. A Mother Knows

My mom was epileptic and had a seizure in her sleep. It ended horrifically. She got wrapped up in her blankets and suffocated herself. The paramedics were able to get her breathing again and loaded her into an ambulance. I was tasked with calling family to tell them my mother was in the hospital. The first and most important phone call I had to make was to my grandmother, her mother.

Before I had a chance to grab the phone and call, the phone rang. It was my grandmother calling. This would have been about 5:30 in the morning but about 2:30 in the morning in her time zone. She wanted to tell us that she had seen my mother bathed in golden light and claimed they had talked. She told me that she was gone but headed to a better place now.

At that point, I didn't know my mother was going to pass from the injuries her brain had sustained that night. My father was at the hospital with her, and he didn't know she wasn’t going to make it, either. The doctors didn't even yet know she was brain dead, but somehow my grandmother knew and contacted me. It was incredibly spooky.

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10. Flipping Scary

I woke up to a weird feeling, and saw an opaque silhouette of a little boy standing on the other side of the apartment facing me. I turned on my light and it was gone, when I turned my light off I saw it again. I flipped the light back on and went over there to make sure there was nothing that could be causing a weird shadow.

There was nothing there that could have created that specific shape and it was standing in the pathway between my couch and wall so it couldn’t have been a shadow. I turned my light off again and it was there, flipped it back on and slept with the light on for the rest of the night. Couldn’t sleep without the light on for days.

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11. Shadowy Figure

I remember when I was around seven or eight, I had pretty bad sleep paralysis. One night, I went to bed and at some point, I began having what I thought was an episode...but on top of not being able to move or scream, I started hearing static. That's when I realized something was horribly wrong. Looking at the foot of my bed, there was the shadow of an adult figure just sitting there.

I know it's common to see and hear things when you have sleep paralysis because your mind is going into self-defense mode. But what freaks me out about that night is that I later fell asleep and dreamt that I was in that exact situation again...only, I was able to move and project my voice that time around. I really couldn't explain it; it was just so bizarre.

I completely lost it and started throwing everything around the room, kicking and screaming. The shadow got up, opened the door, and left. In the morning, I woke up and my room was a mess. The covers were on the floor and my bedroom door was open. There was something about that dream that always felt so real to me. 20+ years ago now and it's as fresh in my mind now as it was then.

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12. Open Up, It’s An Emergency!

15 years old, I was taking a shower at home. The rest of my family was out and it was around 9:30 at night. I heard someone knock on the bathroom door while I was showering, so I called out, "I'll be out in a sec!" thinking it's just my dad or one of my brothers getting home. There was silence for a few moments, and then knocking again.

Only this time it was pounding, like someone was banging on it with their fists, trying to break it down bare-handed. It was a little creepy, but my dad always loved to prank us so I didn't think too much of it. I decided to get a towel around me and see what his problem was anyway, but when I opened the door, no one was there.

The house was locked up, no open windows. There were no cars in the driveway. I checked every floor, every room. No one else was home. That was the first occurrence; the weird happenings continued in smaller ways until we moved out of that house, to the point that we imagined it to be some sort of Poltergeist and named it Edgar.

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13. Literal Nightmare Childbirth

Early into my now-wife’s and my relationship, I woke up in a cold sweat. I'd had a terrible dream about her in childbirth. The dream was very vivid and long. It was like I spent days in the hospital with her and everything was in a strange twilight. When it came time to deliver the baby things went very wrong and she and the baby ended up dying.

I woke up quite shaken, naturally, but brushed it off. I am a nurse and have had to deal with traumatic OB situations before, and I chalked it up to me dealing with that stress through a dream. Six years later and my wife is pregnant. I have forgotten the dream by now. Then one night while I'm on shift, I get a chilling phone call.

My wife is going to the emergency room for a bad blood pressure reading. I get off my shift and go to meet her there. As soon as I step into the room, I remember my dream. I’m also super shocked because It’s the same room as in the dream—but that’s not the spookiest part. It’s extra weird because the hospital we were at wasn't even built when I had the dream.

So when “showtime” comes around, my wife gets ready to begin pushing and it's exactly the same scenario as my dream. Things start going poorly, but the doctor thinks delivery is still possible. At this point, I finally freak out into full panic. I demand a C-section for my wife. I can tell the doctor wants to argue but I think my outburst made her step back and reassess the situation and she made the call for an emergency C-section.

It took 10 minutes for me to get taken back and as I'm in the OR I see my baby come out lifeless. They do everything they can and manage to resuscitate her. In the meantime, my wife is doing poorly and they are scrambling to control her bleeding. I follow the baby out knowing there's really nothing I can do. The baby gets life-flighted to another hospital.

Before we left I see my wife has stabilized and headed to the ICU. Both my wife and baby are critical but alive. Today they are both thriving and my baby is 16 months and just a tornado of energy. I don't know that they would be alive if not for that dream and it causing me to freak out and demand a change in plan.

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14. Child Of The Corn

I was biking down a country road I used to live on, I think I was eight or nine, and on my way home. I suddenly saw this small humanoid-looking being run across the road, from one crop field into a cornfield. The only details I could make out, and I still vividly remember, was that it was completely covered in yellow, from neck to feet, and I think it has green on its head.

I told my mom about it and all she could come up with was something about cabbage patch kids. I never saw that thing again, but I still think about it from time to time.

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15. Special Guest

As a kid, I remember lying in bed at night waiting to sleep. I must have been about six or seven years old at the time. My brother was in the other single bed fast asleep, and a babysitter was looking after us. The babysitter was our older cousin. As I was laying there, I distinctly remember feeling someone or something tickling my feet.

I know it wasn't my brother. But the bedroom door was fully locked and it never opened, so it couldn’t have been my older cousin messing around either. A decade later or so, I was talking to my mum. We were just generally chatting about weird things that had happened to us over the years. She mentioned that she once heard me as a five-year-old, chatting away in my bedroom and giggling.

As my brother was out with my dad at the time, she went in to see what I was doing. What she saw made her freeze in her tracks. She said I pointed to the chair in the corner and said I was "talking to the old lady with the glasses." There was no one sitting in the chair at all, according to her. She said the worst part was that there really was an old lady in the family that used to live in this house.

She passed in that very bedroom, and that was her chair that the family had left behind from when we recently moved in. I don't remember my alleged chatting with the old lady, but I 100% remember the tickling of feet. The chair was in the corner of the room at the base of my bed. Part of me wants it to just be my cousin messing around with me. But I just know he wasn't in the room.

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16. Expiration Date

A few months after my husband had passed, I was watching TV in my living room. It was in the middle of the day, and I kept hearing this sound, like someone was jiggling their change around. It was loud, as if it were in the room with me. I paused my TV, yet the sound persisted. So I started to look around my home and when I got to the kitchen, I saw my husband standing there.

He was looking around, as if taking stock of my apartment. Oh, and he was jiggling change in one hand, while flipping a quarter in between his fingers with the other hand—something he did a lot when he was alive. He turned his head and saw me frozen, staring at him. The expression on his face was one I will never forget.

His eyes got HUGE and he kind of tilted his head forward, with the expression like, "You can SEE me??!!" I don't know how long we stared at each other for, but I turned away when I started to hear my cat ripping up the carpet again in the other room. When I turned back to my ex, he was gone. It's worth noting that he had only been deceased for a couple of months.

Some Romanian women I worked with told me that the dead stick around for three months before crossing over. I don't know about all that, but I know without a shadow of a doubt, what I saw that day.

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17. Better A Baker Than A Butcher

When I was very young, less than four, I was afraid of going to the bathroom alone because I thought there was an old man in it with a baker's hat. I still remember his face. One night, I was forced by my mother to go alone and be brave and, I swear, there he was just standing there. I froze in fear and then I remember running back.

I ran into my mother who was just standing there with a weird look on her face. All she said was, "See, I told you it's nothing to be afraid of," in a shaky voice and she pulled me away from there. I think she saw him but couldn't process it herself.

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18. Second Chance

One night, I got a phone call from my next-door neighbor late in the evening, asking if I can help him move a mattress into one of his upstairs bedrooms. His mom is ill and has a big heavy sleep number bed. I, of course, ran over to help, because they're great neighbors. I get over there and his friend, who is also a priest, was there to help.

I helped them figure out how to separate the mattress from the bed so we could fit it upstairs. We get it all moved up and back in place when my neighbor asks if I can help them move an armoire upstairs too. I think nothing of it and we pull it out of his travel trailer and start bringing it up the front stairs of his house. This is where I died.

The front stairs are 11 steps. I was on the lower end of the armoire about six steps up when my neighbor and his friend lose a handle on the armoire and it comes crashing down on me, and I fall backward towards the pavement. At that moment, I wake up in my dining room to my phone ringing and my wife asking me if I'm going to answer the phone. This is where it really gets freaky.

It's my neighbor asking me if I can help move a bed upstairs for his mom. I go over there and meet his priest friend again, as this is supposed to be the first time I met him. I say I can help with the bed, but I cannot help with the armoire. My neighbor was like "How'd you know about the armoire?" I then proceeded to tell them about what had just happened.

I spent the next hour talking with the priest. He was blown away, and he had so many questions. My neighbor didn't believe it until I described the upstairs bedroom in perfect detail down to the metal mattress frame on the floor and the intricate headboard leaning against the wall. I had never been upstairs in their house before.

The priest asked me what I saw after it happened. I told him I never actually passed, and that before it happened I woke up at my dining room table.

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19. Keeping It Quiet

My grandmother and my brother would sit under the Christmas tree playing with the train decoration running around it. She passed a few weeks before Christmas when I was very young. After her funeral, every night, at different times after midnight when we had all gone upstairs to bed, the train would turn itself on and my mom would go down and turn it off.

After a week, my mom exasperatedly yelled down the stairs "Enough, (grandma's name), we miss you but we need sleep!" The train stopped and never turned itself back on again. After that Christmas, my mom refused to put a train under the tree. We gave it to our uncle who was a train enthusiast. He never had it turn on by itself after all these years.

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20. Night Court

My buddy and I were playing tennis one night at some courts by my house. The lights usually went out at 11 o’clock, but for whatever reason that night they went off at a weird time, like 10:43 or something like that. Whatever, that was weird, we collected our stuff and started walking to my car about 500 feet from the courts.

Just then, my buddy’s mom pulls up right as we’re getting to my car. She looks super upset and yells at us, “Where have you been? I’ve been calling your cell and when it answered there was just some guy laughing, it didn’t sound like you.” That’s when my buddy checked his pockets and everything and realized he didn’t have his phone on him.

He told his mom to call his cell again and we could see it light up in the middle of the court we were playing on. It was by the net, but still definitely in between the single lines, not at all where we kept the rest of our stuff. He goes and gets it and only has the one missed call from his mom, the one she just made. Not the ones she was making earlier.

He asked if she called the right number and her call log showed three calls to his phone all that night. We can’t explain why the cell was on the court or what happened with the calls or what happened with the lights. It was surreal.

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21. Two Roads Diverged In A Wood

This happened last night while I was on the phone with my girlfriend. I was telling her about my day and ended my sentence with, "It shouldn't be like that." Then, I heard static and my voice echoing an alternate version of that sentence: "It shouldn't be that way." The phone call went back to normal and my girlfriend couldn't remember which one she heard first. 

Did I glitch out to another parallel universe where I chose to end my sentence with the other words?

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22. Dreamscape

This is still creepy and unexplained. For a bit of context, my girlfriend had long hair when we dated, then we drifted away for a while before we got back together in a relationship. At that point, her hair was cut short. During the relationship, I had a dream about her; however, the "dream version" of her was of her past self as she still had her long hair. 

In the dream, she avoided me and acted really strange as if we weren't together, just like it had been when we drifted apart. I was weirded out, but not much since it was a dream, right? Wrong. I told her about the dream and turns out that she had dreamt the EXACT same thing as me, except for one crucial detail. Hers was two years BEFORE mine.

That was exactly during the time when she had long hair and we weren't in each other's lives. She told me she was weirded out because in the dream I acted like we were together. Our descriptions of both the place and the people in the dream matched perfectly. It was a house party with lots of people and some common friends. It also had lots of strange rooms with bizarre stuff like animals and random objects. Our descriptions of the layout of the rooms made it impossible for it to simply be a coincidence.

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23. Knock, Knock, Knock

​​I went with my brother to see an old family property my mother had inherited in a really rural area. We were just looking about, it hadn't been lived in for decades. There was a bit of wind—it was a rainy day—and both me and my brother were inspecting the house until we started hearing a weird rhythmic knock coming from around the building.

It was just a knock at regular intervals—much like a clock sounds but a lot louder. My brother and I stepped out to look around, but the noise started sounding like it was getting further away from us. Finally, the noise just disappeared. We left shortly afterward. A couple of days went by, and I stopped by my mother's place to ask her something.

I asked her if she has any pictures of the original owner of the house, which was her grandfather, so my great-grandfather. She pulled out a picture. When I saw it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The man had a wooden leg as a result of an injury. I told my mother all about it and it was like she was remembering him. She says that's exactly how it sounded when he walked on the porch.

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24. See That Guy?

In the place where my parents used to live, there was this old couch. My mom sometimes would walk by in the middle of the night and see a silhouette sitting there. She describes it as a man, sitting down, with a hat on, just sitting there. She saw it several times but thought nothing of it. She never told my dad, who one day said to her, "It's weird, but sometimes in the middle of the night I think I see a man sitting down on the couch doing nothing."

It turned out they both saw the same man sitting on this couch, and they realized this when they told each other after they'd both seen him.

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25. Polite Ghost

A very nice old man and his wife used to live a few streets over from us. Well, she got very sick and his son flew in to help watch and care for her. A few weeks later she moved to hospice and later died. That same night, her husband and son drove home and they were talking about what to do for the funeral and the husband asked: "Do you think she'd want (some person) to attend?"

At that moment, they both said they heard the deceased woman’s voice in the back seat say, "No thank you".

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26. A Bad Trip

Back in early July, my family was going on a road trip to Montana to visit our grandparents. Prior to the trip, I had a horrible, horrible feeling about going. I kept having flashes of car accidents in my head, and I was sure that we were going to get in one if we left. It was so strange, because I have a pretty severe anxiety disorder, but this didn’t feel like my anxiety at all.

I actually never have anxiety about road trips. I love them! Anyway, we left Saturday of that week. I had told my parents I had a bad feeling about driving up there, but they dismissed me as being anxious. I had honestly never felt so certain about something in my life. Getting into that car felt like signing my death sentence.

So, we get about six hours in, and at this point, I start to think I was being ridiculous, and a wave of calmness just washes over me. This is where stuff gets strange. My dad passes an underpass and everything just shifts. I feel like I saw everything in slow motion for a whole four or five minutes. My parents were joking beforehand, but their faces moved so slowly, and then the light in the car started to shift.

This was the scary part, because I thought I must have been going insane. For a few seconds, there was a huge illumination of light into our car, and I looked at my family, and could not tell who they were or what they meant to me. And then, it’s like everything just came back. The light shifted back, and I knew who everyone was.

Still, it felt like something imperceptible had completely changed. I closed my eyes and tried to make sense of the past few minutes. When I reached back to remember, I saw blood, our car, and another minivan in total shambles on the side of the highway right beyond the underpass, and mangled bodies—and that wasn’t all.

I remembered sensations I should not have known: what spattered brain matter looks like, the smell of something burning, the way I couldn’t breathe. None of it had ever happened, yet I remember that the car in front of us had switched lanes even though there was a truck in front of us, realized it at the last second, and hit us with a lateral impact.

I have no history of psychosis, and I have never been in any sort of car accident. This wasn’t PTSD, and I have never had anxiety over being in the car in any sort of way prior to this. And maybe I could have just brushed it off, but I still think about it when I’m driving in my own car. It’s made me a more cautious driver. I don’t know what happened, it was just a weird situation.

I remember having the distinct feeling in that moment that I had died in some sense. I am not a spiritually sensitive person by any means, I am a scientist at heart, but this truly was something I cannot explain.

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27. Give Me A Sign

My father passed in 2000 in my parent's house. Years later, I was over pretty late one night after my mother had gone to sleep. I swear I could feel my father's presence, as I was right in the spot where he’d had his heart attack. Anyway, I thought to myself, "This is stupid. People don't leave essences behind, I'm not feeling anything."

So, I say out loud, "If this is really you, Dad, knock a box of cereal off the shelf onto the floor." I wanted to pick something I didn't think could happen by accident. I went into the kitchen and stared at the shelf with the cereal on it for a few minutes and nothing happened. Since it was almost midnight, I decided to sleep in my old bedroom.

I woke up the next morning and went downstairs and a box of cereal was laying on the floor. I said to my mother, "Did you knock that cereal onto the floor?" She said no, it was like that when she woke up.

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28. Just Changing The Bulb

I was outside talking to my neighbor. Suddenly, it was like someone accidentally flicked the lights off and then back on. It was dark in the middle of the day as far as I could see for just a split second. I thought it was just my brain but then I saw my neighbor looked confused as well. Then her daughter said, "What just happened?"

We all were looking in opposite directions so it was just suddenly dark everywhere. We still talk about it sometimes. No idea what it was. I've spent hours on the internet trying to find answers with no success.

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29. Phantom School Bus

I don't know if I'd call it supernatural, but it was freaky and I still don't understand. I was in the kitchen cleaning up and waiting for my kid's bus. I saw it pull up, and saw my son get off. He didn't come in, but he'd started playing around and, I assumed, hiding under the window to jump out at me and say boo, so I thought that's what he was doing. But I walked out and he wasn't there.

I called his name and looked around the house thinking he was hiding from me, but I couldn't find him. I circled the house calling for him, and the parent panic set in. It probably only lasted 90 seconds but it felt a lot longer. Then his bus pulled up and he got off.

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30. Said The Spider To The Fly

I came home after a miserable day during my teen years once, and because I didn't have my keys, I knocked to have my sister come down. When she opened the door, her eyes were wide with panic. She asked, "Did you just get home?" I said, "Yeah, just now. Why?" She started jumping up and down like she was shaking off spiders.

She then told me that she'd been hearing my voice from my room telling her to come in. I said, "No, I haven't been home all day. Did you go in my room?" She said, "No, it was your voice... but I guess... quietly malicious? It just felt off." She then called her boyfriend to pick her up and stayed overnight with him and left me in this creepy situation by myself. I, thankfully, didn't hear anything else that night though.

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31. Someone To Watch Over Me

I woke up one in the middle of the night and saw a man standing next to the bed staring at my girlfriend. He was slightly translucent and I figured it was just another sleep paralysis episode. I’d had them before so I knew the drill. So I just rolled over and went back to sleep. But wait a minute—I suddenly remembered that being able to move isn't part of sleep paralysis.

So, immediately my heart began to race. I realized that I needed to roll over and check what I’d seen. The person was still standing there, and he was still staring at my girlfriend. Then he slowly turned his head and made eye contact with me. He stared at me for a while before turning around and walking to the wall, slowly fading away with each step.

The next morning my girlfriend woke up looking really bad and said she had the worst night's sleep because she kept having the feeling that someone was watching her. Glad we no longer live in that house.

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32. Sleeping Beauty

When I was around 15, my parents left me home alone for the weekend, and I thought, “This is awesome. I can chill, play games all weekend and eat what I want.” I went to sleep Friday night, and then woke up to my mum waking me up to what I thought was the next morning. So, I asked, “What happened? I thought you were going out the whole weekend?”

To this she replied, “What are you talking about? It's 4pm Sunday.” I have no idea what happened to those two days. I didn't leave the house. There was no food or washing up that had changed since they left. I hadn't looked at my phone, there were unread messages from Saturday morning. But I refuse to believe that I was asleep the whole time.

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33. Playing A Supporting Role In Someone Else’s Glitch

This technically happened last night, but I was just starting a graveyard shift and am only now getting it all down. I work at a gas station chain. We're just outside of a large chunk of suburbs—definitely not "middle of nowhere." We aren't exactly near any other businesses, but we are rarely completely empty for hours at a time.

It was just past midnight, and with everything going on right now, not a lot of things other than gas stations and bars are open at night anymore, so it was a slower evening. I was the only one in the store and a car pulled up to one of the two double-sided pumps out front. The car was a pretty standard white four-door.

I'm not great with car brands, but it was a little nicer, like upper-middle class and probably only a few years old. A woman gets out and starts walking towards our door like she's in a daze. Legit, this woman looked like she saw a ghost. She wanders up, sort of freezes at the door for a second with a thousand-yard stare, before opening it and coming in.

She didn't go looking for anything, didn't start shopping, just sort of stood inside for what felt like ages. Again, bars are still open so I think maybe she's had a rough night or something, so I give the usual "Welcome, let me know if you need any help finding anything." She finally notices me and immediately asks me a question that makes my blood run cold.

She looks at me and says: "You can see me right?" I reply, "Yeah." Like what else do you say? She breaks down crying in the middle of my store, so I'm already headed around the counter to see what's up. I have my cellphone out in case I need to call law enforcement or something for her. I get her to sit down on a nearby pallet of soda and I grab her a bottle of water.

After she catches her breath a little, she tells me "I thought I had died." Again, I'm thinking maybe she is on something, but she's a middle-aged woman who looks like a standard local suburban housewife. So, she asks if she can call her husband to pick her up and wait with me. She has her own phone and does so, not really telling him anything either, just where she is at and if he can come get her.

He says he'll call an Uber and be there as soon as possible. We're waiting, so far nobody else has showed up, so I'm keeping most of my attention on her, and eventually, she starts to tell her utterly unforgettable story. She says, "I was driving home from dinner with my coworkers and as I'm driving through this nearby intersection, a truck ran a red light and hit me."

Now, her car is still at the pump without a scratch on it. She goes on to say she remembers her car being pushed into a pole, going airborne, and then nothing. I tried to calm her down, letting her know that her car is out front and it looks fine, but she insisted that she completely blacked out, woke up in an ambulance for a split second, passed out again, and then woke up again in the driver seat of her car—at the intersection waiting for the light to change, perfectly fine.

This whole thing freaked her out so badly that she drove to the nearest place that was open just so she could get out of the car. Her husband eventually showed up to get her. He asked if I had any idea what happened, and even though she had sort of explained it to me, I just shrugged because no, I had no idea what was happening anymore.

She reluctantly got into the passenger seat of the car and he drove them back home. That was hours ago, after which I worked an entire shift at the station trying to wrap my head around what in heaven’s name I had just witnessed.

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34. Check Your Brother

I was out with my parents, and it was late coming back home. At around 2:30 am we were at a traffic signal, a homeless guy came and knocked on the window of the seat where my mother was sitting. As she rolled down the window to give him money, he said something to her: "Check what is happening at your brother's house."

He then proceeded to take the money and walked away. Probably thinking that he was a bit crazy in the head, we didn't bother about it and went home. The next morning mom gets a call from her brother's wife. He’d had a heart attack. At exactly 2:30am.

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35. That Funny Feeling

I was staying late at work with some colleagues. Our office was located around the 40-50th floor of the building. I suddenly had a really strong thought that if an earthquake were to hit now, the dash downstairs would be chaotic. I tried to brush it off but couldn't, the feeling was so strong. And it's not like I'm not used to working in high-rise buildings.

I'd been working at the place for around two years at that point, and had never felt that way before or since. I decided to leave and work from home, which was only 15 minutes away on foot. Just as I arrived at home, an earthquake struck. It was pretty intense, and thankfully everyone at the office was all right, just freaked out. But it was so strange that something just told me to leave just minutes before it happened.

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36. Carpet Diem

When I was a kid—maybe about 10 or 12. I was home alone while my mom was out doing errands. So, I was carrying a load of laundry upstairs. In our house, we have this weird carpet runner over our hardwood stairs that's only really attached at the top of the flight but otherwise not fitted or secured to each individual stair.

So naturally, I step on an air bubble of carpet with my vision obscured by the laundry and fall backward while bear hugging a bunch of blankets. I specifically remember thinking, "Well, I guess this is the end," while almost airborne with just my big toe left on the carpet. Suddenly, I felt it. There were two hands lifting me, one on either side of my shoulder blades.

The two hands gave me a firm shove that launched me back up on the step and diagonally against the stair rail. I assumed mom somehow silently came back early without announcing herself and turned around to thank her while still clinging to the railing, but no one was there. I scurried upstairs to put my things down while calling her name and walked the house afterward to check if any doors were unlocked or if her car was there.

I finally resorted to calling her cell where she told me she was hitting up a few more stores. It still feels like there's a presence on that stairwell—like someone's watching but in a protective way rather than sinisterly.

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37. Back To The Future

I live in a very small town. We have a small grocery store, hardware store, you know the drill. I was done getting groceries and hopped in my car to head home. As I pulled up to the end of the driveway of the store, blinker on to get onto the main road, I see a big, white, lifted Chevy pickup driving toward me that I need to wait for.

I watch it as drives closer to me, remarking to myself that it looks so similar to my husband's, just older and rusted around the edges. It even has the same black emblem and large iron cross bumper. As the truck goes past me, my jaw nearly fell open. Staring at me intently was a man almost identical to my husband...but with a longer, greying beard, and grey hair around the ears.

I quickly gathered myself together and pulled out behind the truck and up to the stop sign that followed. He was staring at me still in his side mirror. Glancing away and then staring at me again. He took off like a shot the first chance he got, and I tried to follow to see which direction he took, but a car was coming and I couldn't get out behind him in time.

The truck sped off toward my road, but I don't know if he turned in that direction or not. I know that it's a little crazy, but I couldn't help feeling the total connection I feel with my husband when I saw his reflection in that side mirror staring at me. It gives me goosebumps to think about it because it was like he knew that I was me, and I was the wrong age, and that he needed to get out of there before I could follow him.

I got home and my husband was there, working in his woodshop. I told him about it and he chuckled and asked if he looked hot when he was old. I mean...he did if it was really him!

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38. Dream Foretells Tragedy

I had a dream once about my high school best friend who had moved out of state and started a family. I hadn’t seen her or spoken to her in at least 10 years and had never met her child, except seeing pictures and posts on Facebook and commenting on them. In my dream I was walking down a street at night and out of nowhere her little girl appeared next to me.

I looked at the little girl and I asked her, “Where is your mama? Why are you by yourself?” I remember her taking me to some bushes near a random house on the street and finding my friend in bad shape—beaten up or something—on the ground and I remember running to the door of the random house screaming for help and to call for an ambulance.

This is all I can recall from the dream, but I think there may have been a little more. The next day, I woke up and thought to myself: man that was weird. Maybe I dreamt of her because we had just spoken a little in the comments of a Facebook post. I should send her a message. I go on about my day, go to work, get home later that day and sit on my couch and scroll through Facebook.

BAM. 1,000 posts—Rest In Peace, etc.—all of them tagged my friend and her daughter. I thought: What has happened? At that point there was no information as to what had happened, so I thought it must have been a car accident or something. Over the course of the next few weeks to months, more and more information came out and it was NOT an accident. It was murder: both my friend and her sweet baby.

This happened about five years ago. I still remember the main parts of the dream vividly. I still am a little horrified that I had this dream that night. When it was happening possibly. I haven’t been able to tell anyone else about it either because just thinking about it gives me chills.

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39. A Rectangle In A Round World

I was walking to my friend's house one summer, maybe when I was 10 or 11 years old. It was a sunny day. There were a couple clouds but otherwise, it was bright out—perfect visibility—when a perfectly rectangular shadow came up from the direction behind me on the ground, maybe 15' x 30' in size, traveling just faster than a car probably would be and went over top of me.

I was looking at the shape on the ground as it went over, and when I did look up to the sky, I didn’t see anything that could have possibly cast it. Even the clouds were just trailing little wisps. I looked back down, and it was going over some houses. And then it was gone forever—a Mystery Rectangle Shadow.

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40. Disappeared Between Cameras

I was working as night security for a small office at a sanitation plant. The building had a single entrance and you had to check in at the security station to get in or out. One night, a worker shows up and checks in saying he needs to take care of a few things and grab some stuff. So I check in his ID and flip a few lights for him, and then go back about my business.

Fast forward a few hours and my shift is about to end, I still haven't seen the guy come back. So, I go patrol the building to find him and literally can't find him anywhere. He's not in any of the areas I turned lights on for him, no other lights are on, and he's not in any other rooms. I stop by security to see if we just missed each other and he's trying to leave, but nobody is there.

I do a second patrol and still no signs. At this point, I went to check the cameras to see where he went, but he's not on a single camera except the one covering the entrance and security station. He turns down a hallway and never shows up on the next camera down said hall. At this point, I logged it as an incident, and got out right as the relief shift showed up.

Next day my boss calls me and says that the worker had been on vacation out of state for several days, and wouldn't be returning for several more. Nobody could offer any explanation as to what happened.

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41. By A Stairs' Breadth

One night, when I was about 16 years old, I'd finally decided to get off my computer and go to bed, around 2 am if memory serves me correctly. At that time my family and I lived in a decently-sized two-story house. The staircase to the second floor was pretty basic: head up a few steps, turn on a landing halfway up, traverse the remaining few steps, and at the top you're only a couple of footfalls from my bedroom door.

Someone please explain to me, then, how I got lost on this staircase. Sure, it was dark, but even then you'd have to be a special kind of stupid to not know how to walk up these stairs after you've already done it a thousand times before. Just keep one hand on the railing and you don't need to use your eyes. I swear that as soon as I reached the landing, I spent ten minutes just...continually walking upwards.

Realistically it only takes someone five to seven seconds to walk up these stairs, three if they're running or skipping steps. I realized I'd been walking for much longer than that and stopped. At that moment, my blood ran cold. I'd walked up those stairs in pitch-black darkness so many times before, but even with my hand on the railing I was getting nowhere, just endlessly walking upwards.

My skin crawled. If my brother hadn't turned on the upstairs hallway light, I'm not sure I would've made it to my bedroom. The guy blinked sleepily at me and asked me if I was okay, and all I could say was, "I legitimately have no idea." I told him the next day what had happened and he told me that the reason he'd come out of his room in the first place was that he'd heard footsteps on the stairs "for several minutes."

What in the world, man? What was that? I wasn't so tired that I just mindlessly walked up and down the stairs for a while. I was completely awake, and not once did it suddenly feel like I'd turned around to walk back downstairs at any time. I still get chills thinking about it.

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42. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

I live in a city and my brother lives in another city that is around 1,000 km away. He visits sometimes but not quite often. On an average of once every two years. One day around seven years ago, I was sleeping on the couch in the living room at my apartment. I woke up suddenly and my brother was sitting just beside me.

I was shocked and surprised and started greeting him and asking him about how he is doing and what a pleasant surprise it was. Next thing, I realized that this was a dream, as the doorbell was ringing which woke me. I went to open the door and guess what? It was my brother who came to surprise us! This literally had me speechless.

Don't have any explanation and I think sometimes you don't need to have one.

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43. A Tiny Visitor

This happened probably five years ago. I was asleep in my room when my eyes suddenly opened at about 2:30 am. I was wide awake. My senses were heightened and it felt like someone or something was in my room. In the darkness, I saw an outline of something underneath my desk. It was almost like a really tiny man, maybe a foot tall give or take.

At this point, I'm totally perplexed but not really scared until I see it start to move out from under my desk and across my room. The light switch is right next to my bed, so I decided that in one motion I was going to turn on the light switch and jump on this thing the second it got near my bed. This thing gets near my bed, but I messed up and fumbled with the light switch.

I also missed when I dove at it. But I kid you not, I watched this thing move through my bedroom wall. I just sat on my bed trying to figure out what had happened. Little did I know, this nightmare was just beginning. Now, my brother had the room right next to mine, right behind the wall this thing went through. About ten minutes later my brother knocks on my door and comes in.

The first words out of his mouth were, "Did you happen to see like a little tiny human in here a little bit ago?" I was pretty shocked, and I told him that I indeed had. He replied with, "Well, I just watched something dart across my room and it looked like it came from the wall and then it disappeared through the wall and to outside."

To say I was stunned would be an understatement, but I was also thrilled that I didn't have psychosis. But, a little while later, perhaps a year passes and I am driving in my car and I'm listening to some late-night radio host, and he had a guest on. The guest proceeds to describe something that happened to him and it was almost exactly what my brother and I experienced.

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44. Big Black Coffin

When I was little, the woman that came to clean my house—I'll call her Mary—was also my babysitter while my parents were working. Usually, after she finished cleaning she would bring me to her house until my mom would come and pick me up. There, during the year, I got to know her whole family, among these was her husband, who I'll call Dave.

So Dave was a pretty cool guy. He was just the average older guy you would find in any rural town. He liked to drink with his friends at the bar, go hunting and he had a lot of good and interesting stories to tell me when I was a kid. After all these years that we spent together, he basically considered me as a grandson.

So, after knowing Dave for a few years I had a dream one night. In the dream, Mary was coming to my house to clean as she did every other week, but this time there was a big difference. In my living room, there was a closed black coffin. When I asked her what was in there she looked at me and said in a sad tone: "Dave is inside there.”

Now if that wasn't strange enough, I remember waking up later that night and feeling a presence to the side of my bed, and I distinctly remember having said, while still being half asleep: "Come on Dave, let me get back to sleep." The next morning when I woke up, my parents told me that Mary had called saying that Dave had died that night.

To this day I still haven't told anyone about it, and I am still a bit freaked out from the whole story.

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45. Lost And Found

I was about 18 or 19, and at the time worked an hour away from home. It was a commute of two bus rides, a train ride, and then a 15-minute walk. As it was in a lawyer’s office, I used to take my sneakers to walk in rather than “work shoes.” One morning, I got up, took my watch off, had a shower—all as normal. I got out, and couldn’t find my watch for anything.

I was searching everywhere, pulling everything out of the bathroom cabinets, etc. Eventually, I gave it up as a bad job, and carried on with my day. I got to work, told my boss I’d lost my watch, and was paranoid the whole time I would be late. He looked up and said, “It’s in your right Adidas.” He followed me to my desk, and my watch was in my sneaker.

The sneaker I’d just taken off after two bus journeys, a train ride, and a 15-minute walk. I have no idea how it came to be in there or how my boss knew. He said he didn’t know why he said it, it came out his mouth before he could think about what he was saying!

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46. Two Daughters, One Message

Four years ago, my daughter was sleepwalking. She walked into my room while my wife and I were asleep. She nudged me and said: “Dad isn't breathing.” I was like: “Honey I'm fine, I'm right here and I'm ok.” She replied with, “He won't wake up. Why won't dad wake up?” I told her that I was awake and I was talking to her. She then turned around and went back to bed. It was 2:11.

The next morning I was at work just talking and getting ready for the day at 8ish and my boss came over and informed us that one of our coworkers had passed in the night. We're talking about this and we asked how and when. My boss then told us he passed from a heart attack at around 2 AM. At this point, I have to sit down and try to remember when my daughter had come into our room saying everything she did.

At the time my deceased co-worker was remodeling his new home and his wife was staying at her mom's house. His daughter was staying with him as her school was closer to the new home and he could drop her off before coming to work. His daughter was sleeping in the bed with him, due to it being a new house and being a little scary at the time.

So, it turned out that it was the little girl that found her father after his heart attack. I still think about that today, but my daughter has no recollection of ever coming into the room that night. My daughter and his daughter had become good friends from playing softball together. All I could think of was that my daughter was somehow channeling to me what her friend was saying about her own dad.

My daughter was five at the time and my daughter and her remain friends but she no longer plays softball as that was their thing. She seems to be doing better after counseling and being the one that found him that night. My wife and his wife have remained friends too and she still struggles with it. Their son, on the other hand, has had severe problems and refused counseling.

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47. Pressed The Reset Button Twice

I'd like to preface this by saying my husband is an electrical engineer and I'm a teacher. Also, we're not crazy people. So, back when my husband and I were dating, my husband was in a terrible car crash. His truck hit black ice and he slid into oncoming traffic. His truck was completely totaled. So was the other truck he hit.

The weird thing is, both he and the other guy were completely fine. Not a scratch on them. All my husband had was a bruise on his knee. The first responders were baffled, as were the towing company and insurance when they realized no one had lost their lives or been severely injured. Fast forward to a few days after the crash, my husband comes over to my apartment.

We're having a conversation about a university class we're both in and he casually asks when I got the flatscreen TV sitting on my dresser. At this point, I've very confused because I've had the little flat screen since I was 13 and I’d had it the entire year and a bit we'd been dating. I asked him what he's talking about, as I've always had that TV.

He told me to quit pulling his leg and asked me what I did with the old tube TV? I had no idea what he was talking about and told him so. He's convinced I had a tube TV. I proceed to get on Facebook and showed him a picture we had taken two weeks prior with the TV in the background. It's a flatscreen in the picture. His reaction was terrifying.

My husband goes white like he's seen a ghost and just stares into space for a minute. His eyes started to water. I asked him what's wrong and he said: "I swear to god, I'm not crazy. You've had a tube TV since we started dating. It was a tube TV when we took that picture." I brushed it off as his head being rattled from the accident and he didn't bring it up again.

However, anytime we hung out in my room, he'd always look at the TV just a little weird. Fast forward seven years, my husband and I have been married for a few years and decide that we're ready to be parents. I'm not on birth control and we decide whatever happens, happens. We're not actively trying, but not preventing it either.

So we're on vacation in Italy, wandering around Rome and I feel like garbage. I’d had my period the week before and it was the worst one I had had in my whole life. As we're walking around, I am suffering from back pain, chills, and horrific cramping. I go to the bathroom in a cafe and hurl my guts out, have diarrhea, and realize I'm menstruating, heavily.

Obviously I'm weirded out, since I had just had my period the week before. I clean myself up go back to my husband and tell him I think I need a doctor. I have a pretty high pain tolerance but this is insane. It's getting to the point where I'm having trouble walking and I'm starting to feel pain in my shoulders. I don't want to ruin our vacation, but I'm starting to really worry.

My husband is smarter than me, sees the state I'm in, and says I'm visibly paler than when I went into the bathroom, so he gets me help. 20 minutes later I'm on a stretcher and being taken to the hospital. An hour after that, I get the diagnosis, and it’s terrifying. I'm being prepped for emergency surgery as the doctor tells me I have a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

I have heavy internal bleeding and if he doesn't perform surgery I am not going to make it. Six hours later, I wake up very sore and tired. The doctor tells me I've very lucky, and if I had waited any longer to seek medical attention I'd be a goner. My husband stays with me in the hospital the first night, then gets a hotel for the rest of my stay.

A week later we're cleared to fly home and I go through a grueling month of healing from the surgery. Two months after our return, somehow my husband and I get on the topic of fires. He goes on about the dangers of kitchen fires and I say, "No need to worry, we're all set with the extinguisher in the closet." His reaction freaks me out agan.

He looks at me like I have three heads and asks me what I'm talking about. I remind him about the extinguisher in the front closet where we keep the coats. We've had it for three years. He insisted we buy one when we bought our house. My husband shakes his head and tells me he has no idea what I'm talking about and we don't have a fire extinguisher.

I remind him about my memories of fighting about if we really needed one, where to put it, buying it from Home Depot, and also installing it to the wall in the closet. He looks at me with confusion and tells me none of that happened. I get up, go to front closet to show it to him, all the while cursing him for being an jerk for forgetting our two-week fight about it and lo and behold: no extinguisher.

Not only is there no extinguisher, there are no holes in the wall where I know we installed it. No fresh paint, this wall has never been touched...I insist he's moved it and fixed the wall and ask why in heaven’s name he would play such a stupid prank. He continues to insist we've never had one, let alone talked about getting one.

This goes on for several minutes. I'm approaching hysterics, telling him to quit playing with me when finally he says: "Now you know how I feel about that TV." We didn't speak about it for a long time. Later, he brought up his theory that perhaps in another timeline or dimension, or whatever you want to call it, we both actually passed after our related near-misses.

He thinks we reset like a video game and the TV and extinguisher are glitches. I don't know if I agree with him, all I know is that I have never been so rattled in my whole life and every time I get something out of the closet I'm overwhelmed with this feeling of wrongness. I know it should be there but somehow it's just not. I can't explain it. He says he will go to his grave swearing I had a tube TV.

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48. Elevator To Heaven

My granddad passed when I was seven, but, per his own words, I was his absolute favorite—partially because I am the splitting image of his mother, even into adulthood. When I was 21, I was set to give birth to my first son. I was about to get into the elevator to L&D when a man came in saying that he was a volunteer and he'd help me and my husband find our way.

The elevator was very slow for some reason, but we spent the time talking about what a blessing children are and how they grow up so fast. Here's the thing: he looked and sounded exactly like my grandad—same stature, same blue-grey eyes, same faint Scottish-Canadian accent, same khakis, checked shirt, and sky blue cardigan.

Even spookier is that the nurses said they don't have any older male volunteers in that particular building. I don't really believe in ghosts, but I am absolutely certain granddad paid me a visit that night.


49. Sweet Dreams

When I was a kid, I had a dream about visiting a city made of chocolate where I was walking, I tasted all the chocolate houses, flowers, etc. Then, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling really sick, ran into the bathroom and the vomit was all chocolate. I swear I didn't eat any before I went to bed, we rarely kept sweets at home! It is still a mystery to me.

Unexplainable glitchPexels

50. Hitchhiker Saves Life

I was back in Bangladesh and visiting my family. I got a driver to take me in an SUV to get to my family’s home since it was far away. The trip was two hours on a highway through a forest. I was sitting in the passenger seat and there was an old man walking down the highway. He was hitchhiking and the driver decided to pick him up.

The old man insisted on sitting in my seat and I obliged as he was an older man. He was wearing ethnic attire which isn’t peculiar around that area. He didn’t speak at all, and we didn’t ask him anything either. He just said to drop him off at the market ahead which would be in the town my house was in. About an hour down the drive, we had a terrible accident.

Our car collided with a bus. We were all shaken up and it took us a while to notice that the old man wasn’t anywhere. The passenger seat where he was sitting was very mangled up. We all got out and we looked around but we couldn’t find the old man that insisted on taking my seat anywhere. Stories like these aren’t rare, but I’ve never believed them—until now.

We all know the man sat in my seat and we all saw him. But he was nowhere to be found. He just vanished. No blood. I would say that he saved my life.

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51. Time Is On Your Side

I moved away from my hometown a few years ago for school and I now live three hours away from my friend’s house. I usually drive down once a month or so to visit him, and it has pretty much always taken me three hours to drive down. On rare occasions, if traffic is really good, it may take a little less time. More in the range of two hours and 45 minutes.

Now, I've done this drive dozens of times, so I know the route very well. The distance between my house and my friend's house is 178 miles. A few months ago, my brother and I started driving down to our friend's house at exactly noon. As soon as I got into my car, I texted my mom and friends to let them know that we were coming down for the weekend.

The drive itself was nothing noteworthy. Traffic was lighter than normal, but as I said nothing else happened that was out of the ordinary. I tend to go a little over the speed limit of 70 miles per hour, but never faster than 100 miles per hour. Going anywhere near that speed is way too dangerous for public roads with other people around.

Once we arrived at my friend's house, they were confused as to why we were so early. When I checked my phone, I made a disturbing discovery. It was only 1:30. We made it to their house in an hour and a half. We drove 178 miles in 1.5 hours. That equates to an average speed of 118 miles per hour throughout the entire trip. Granted, I drive a sports car.

My car’s speed is limited to 124 miles per hour for top speed, and there is no way I could keep it pinned at that speed for the entire way there. Between fear of getting a ticket and the engine definitely not allowing it, this just wasn’t a possibility. To say we were surprised would be a major understatement. I never use my phone while I'm driving and I rarely look at the clock in my car, since my attention is always on the road and on other drivers.

There is no logical explanation that we could come up with for what happened. I knew for a fact that I never went above 100 miles per hour the whole drive, and I knew exactly what time we had left, since we have text messages showing the exact time we said goodbye. And our friends have confirmed that we did indeed show up at 1:30.

The only illogical explanation I can think of is that we experienced some sort of time dilation, but I say illogical since that theory is only applicable to particles traveling near the speed of light. Not a car going less than 100 miles per hour. I guess I will never know how or why I experienced this apparent glitch in the matrix.

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52. Double The Trouble 

A couple of days ago, my friend and I happened to be driving through the same town. I was getting gas over the state line because it was 30 cents cheaper and he was coming back from the mall. We got to work later that night and he started telling people that I was speeding down the road and that he couldn't keep up with me. 

I told him I saw him pass by me when I was pulling out of the gas station and that I didn't know how I could have possibly gotten ahead of him. He said he swore he saw me pulling out of the Dollar General ahead of him. Either my friend saw the same model and color of my car, a Versa, from out-of-state with a driver who looked like me, screwing around with an iPod, or there was a glitch in the matrix. 

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53. Pop Catches Pop

When my daughter was about 10, she joined a softball league and I taught her how to throw, hit, etc. I took her to a local Class AAA minor league game. I had never been to this stadium before —about 16,000 seats—and had ordered tickets online. The seats I got were down the 3rd baseline about as far away from home plate as you can get and still be in the stadium.

As the game progresses, she sees foul balls going into the stands and after a while asks if you can keep one if you catch it. I told her yes, and she said, “Catch me one, daddy. “I spent a few minutes explaining to her why that was very unlikely to happen where we were. As I’m finishing breaking her heart, I hear a bat crack.

I look up, and see a long, towering fly ball and knew immediately from my years playing baseball that this one was coming to me. All I had to do was stand up, raise my glove hand to my right ear—I’m a lefty—and that ball smacked perfectly in the webbing. The crowd cheered. Many years later, I still have the memory of my daughter’s face as I gave it to her.

When I think about all the factors that had to come together for that to happen—a lefty batter, the right pitch and swing, the badly selected seating, that I even found and brought my old glove—it affirmed my belief that there is a higher power who sometimes grants small miracles.

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54. Baby’s Day Out

So, this happened about seven or eight years ago. My husband and I were laying in the bed one night, watching television. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a child in the doorway of our bedroom. Thinking it was our only child at the time, I tapped my hubby and said “Hey, shhhh, don’t look, but I think Connor is going to try to scare us!”

He turns and looks, and this child walked into our room. I can’t explain it, because it was one of those moments that seemed...somehow different. We watched in silence, soon realizing that this child was NOT our son. He toddles in, head slightly tilted back, curls bouncing and diaper squishing as he goes to the end of our bed.

We see his head go down, like he was crouching, and when we got up to look, he was gone. I looked at my husband and said, “Did we just see a ghost?!” Then, almost as an afterthought, I said, “Well, we know if we have another baby, and he has curls, that he was here before he was born.” We both laugh, because we were not trying for another baby at the time.

Fascinated, we go to check on our son, and he was fast asleep. We forget the whole thing, and a few months later, we find out that I’m pregnant. Fast forward to when our new baby, Liam, is two. He toddles in the room, head titled slightly back and curls bouncing, and it hit me like a bucket of ice water. This is the baby that came to visit us!

I mean, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind—but the story doesn’t stop there. Now, on top of that, whenever Liam is staying the night elsewhere, like with my parents, he comes to visit me in my sleep. For example, one time he came and just smiled at me while I was taking a nap. He was in a little red shirt, and his hair was cut short, even though he left with it long.

The next day, I go to pick the kiddos up from mom, and lo and behold—his hair is freshly shorn and he is wearing a little red shirt. I asked my mom, “Did he wear this yesterday?” And she replies “Oh, yeah he did, but he insisted on wearing it today, so here he is.” So, I look at him and say, “Did you go see momma yesterday in momma’s dreams?” He just looked at me, all big blue eyes and serious, and nodded his head.

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55. Into The Rainbow

I drive down the same road every day to get into town and on the horizon are the Chiltern Hills. I grew up on and around them so I know them well and the surrounding area. One day there was a rainbow as I drove down that road, and I went through it. Rather than seeing the familiar greens and chalk of the hills I was used to, I swear I saw a vast Industrial complex.

It was huge with multiple dark buildings and chimneys belching out smoke. It lasted as long as the rainbow was there and could only be seen through it. There are no buildings like that for many miles around or ever have been as far as I'm aware.

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56. Heavy Breather

I was about 15 and trying to sleep but found that I was having an asthma attack. Late in the night, I started hearing a rhythmic breathing from the floor next to the bed. It wasn't scary, more comforting. And it wasn't me, because my breathing sounded way more messed up than that. It helped me calm down and get to sleep.

Even though I was still sick, I was able to get my hands on an inhaler in the morning. At the time I thought it was a friendly ghost. I later rationalized that maybe I was hearing a family member through the heating ducts. What I realized years later, when I had a dog, was that it had sounded exactly like a big dog sleeping next to the bed.

So now I'm 50/50 on whether a ghost dog came to visit me, or my own dog time-traveled back about ten years before she was born to comfort me.

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57. The Metamorphosis

Me and my girlfriend have been living together in an apartment for two and a half years. Everything has been normal until recently, when things took a bizarre turn. For instance, for the last three weeks or so, my girlfriend has been putting sugar in her morning coffee, while throughout our entire relationship she's always been very much against it.

It may seem like a small detail, but she's always been complaining about how I don't know what real coffee is since I put quite a lot of sugar. On the first day that I saw her drinking coffee with sugar, I asked her why would she do that, and she looked at me weirded out and said something like "What are you talking about? I've always been putting sugar in my coffee."

I felt a bit confused for a moment, but then we started talking about some other things, so I didn't think any more about it. Until, that is, the morning after, when she did the exactly same thing, and had once again the same reaction. Fast forward a few days and another odd thing happened. We were doing the deed and she suddenly suggested a position that we had already tried once, but it had gone wrong and it hurt her a lot, so we had simply decided not to try it anymore.

Naturally, I was very surprised with her suggestion, and reminded her about the time when it went wrong, and she just completely dismissed it, saying that I probably mixed her up with some ex-girlfriend or that I was just tripping. Today, the weirdest thing happened, which is the reason I'm writing this. In the afternoon, I was working at home.

I'm employed as a PhD student at the computer science department of a university. My girlfriend asked me what's up with a guy who I've never heard of before. I asked her who is she referring to and she said "Well, it's that colleague of yours who you always talk about, the one from the company where you are employed at."

I froze. I asked her to repeat herself, and she said the exact same thing all over again. Then I told her that I don't work at any company nor have I ever worked at any company, since I started a PhD straight after my Master degree. At this point, she also completely froze and we were just staring at each other completely confused and shocked for a few moments.

She then asked me what the heck is going on and I reminded her about the coffee thing and about the position and that I don't know what is going on either. At this point, she started crying too, and asked what is wrong with us. Neither she, nor me nor anyone in both families have ever had any mental problems in the past. We don't know what to do about this.

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58. All In The Family

Back when we were living in South Africa we had moved into an apartment which we had bought. The moving in was actually quite eventful because a mother and her son were renting the place before and, although they had been notified, they decided to stay past the date that was given to them. Long story short, we moved in and started settling.

After putting us to bed, my mother decided to stay up and watch TV. As she was watching whatever show was on at the time, she glanced at our only plant in the house, which is a 1.5 m tall plant, and saw a man roughly the same height as the plant standing under one of its leaves. She was terrified and she got up and flicked the lights on. He wasn’t there.

Calling it a night, she goes to bed. The next day—or maybe two days later, I'm not sure on that detail—at breakfast, my brother, who was around 16 at the time, picked up a piece of bread, turned around to the plant, and said "Hey Michael! Want some?" laughing. My mother asks him who Michael is and he says Michael's "the guy standing under the plant at night."

Mind you my mother didn't say anything to anyone about 'Michael,' to not freak us out. My brother's best friend was also over that morning—we had basically unofficially adopted him—and my mother asks him if he sees Michael too, and he says yes. She then asks him to describe Michael and he gives a perfect description down to the whites of his eyes.

Michael apparently was a black young man around 1.4/1.5 m in height wearing plain black trousers, a white button down shirt, and a green vest. His skin tone was quite dark with a faint sheen to it. His eyes were also dark in color and the whites were tinted a bit yellow. He had a permanent smiling expression on his face that didn't reach his eyes.

Michael always stayed put where he was, never moving but following you with his eyes. One morning my mom woke up to my dad coming home. He’d bought this indoor circulating water thing and he moved the plant exactly opposite where it was and put that water thing there instead. My mother didn't say anything and that night Michael also moved with the plant.

Of course, after hearing this, I asked the next logical question that any sane person would ask. Why didn't she just throw away the plant? She said it never occurred to her. So yeah, that is the story of Michael, the benign smiling spirit that was a part of our family for some time.

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59. Cryin’ Over You

When I was 22, I visited my grandma in her retirement home at Christmas. She was well, nothing out of the ordinary. A few days later I traveled to my then-boyfriend across the country. Two days after New Year's I woke up at 2 am crying. And I just couldn't stop. I wasn't really sad or overly emotional, but the tears just kept streaming down my face.

Nothing like that ever happened and I was kind of confused, as was my boyfriend. I fell back asleep a few hours later. Three days later I was informed that my grandma had passed that night at about 2 am. Due to the divorce of my parents, communication was difficult and we were only informed after the funeral. I don't believe in anything supernatural, but it's hard to wrap my head around, especially since nothing like this ever happened again.


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60. A Juicy Bit

I was going through the airport metal detector when I found an orange juice in my bag. I had to drink it because it wouldn’t pass through the security being over the liquid limits allowed to enter a plane. Having finished it, I passed through the security. One hour later, as I was waiting to enter the plane. I found the same orange juice in my bag as though it had never been touched.

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61. Green Means Stop

I have many stories, but here's the first that popped into my head. I was driving home from work after picking up my baby late at night. Not many cars around out on the country roads. The one stoplight out there was red for me so I stopped. It turned green, but that’s when I heard it. I had a sudden voice or thought or whatever in my head saying don't go yet!

Nothing is coming. I'm still sitting at the green light. Right as I let off the brake, a semi comes flying through his red light. I was shook.

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62. Singing Along

My college roommate worked at the radio station and brought home albums right when they were released so that he could decide if he wanted to play anything from them and just for general enjoyment. One album he brought home was Sarah McLachlan’s Fumbling Toward Ecstasy. We listened together, enjoying it well enough, and when the fifth track, “Mary,” came on, I sang along, as I knew it by heart.

My roommate looked at me like I was crazy. I said, “Oh. I don’t know where it comes from, but I’ve known this song my whole life.” The song was written for that album, just like all the other tracks. It wasn’t a cover and had never been released before. It isn’t particularly important to me, it’s just that I remembered it the same way that I could remember the Carole King and Sheena Easton songs my parents played in the seventies.

It was just something I had always known. I’m a skeptic and this is clearly impossible. I have spent real time trying to find some reference to this track having been written well before the rest of the album and maybe covered or performed elsewhere, but I’ve found no such evidence. It is really unimportant but just so inexplicable.

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63. Feeling It In The Bones

I had graduated high school and moved back to where I grew up as a young child. I moved in with my grandma. I had been visiting a chiropractor where I had lived previously due to injuries. Since coming here, I had been telling my grandma that I needed to find a chiropractor in that area as my back was giving me issues.

Too much powerlifting without proper instruction and wrestling had done a number on it. Then, the first weekend that I was there, we went to the grocery store to get some food. In one aisle a lady started talking to me like we already knew each other. I wondered for a little bit if it wasn't somebody from the church that I had attended as a child. Then she said something that made my stomach drop.

She told me never to go to the chiropractor. When I asked her about it, she told me that their adjustments can go wrong and there was a young man that she knew who died after having a spinal adjustment. This freaked me out a little bit because I had a spinal adjustment that actually allowed me to continue to play.

But this lady continued to tell me about how people had lost their lives after chiropractic adjustments. There was no lead-up to this conversation other than her saying that I looked athletic and might consider it. The second that the conversation ended my grandma walked back up to me and asked what I was doing. I told her I had just been talking to the lady right there.

I also mentioned how funny it was that she walked up to me talking about chiropractors after I had just told her an hour ago that I needed to find one. My grandma asked what lady I was talking about because she never saw me talking to one as I was perusing the items on that aisle. I turned to point her out but she wasn't there. I don't know if the conversation with my grandmother had lasted longer than I had thought or there was another explanation.

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64. Elvis Hadn’t Left The Building

When I was in middle school my grandparents were in charge of the local theater group and were doing this musical show where people dressed up as old country stars and sang some songs. My grandma was the director and my grandpa was in charge of technical stuff like lights and sound. Well this particular showing was on Elvis Presley’s birthday and they had a little bit at the end where they sang happy birthday in all their costumes.

Well the show ends and they’re all doing the curtain call and I’m sitting in the back with my grandpa while he’s controlling the lights and sound when all the sudden “Happy Birthday” by the Beatles starts playing over the speakers. My grandpa looks confused and starts messing around with the sound machines and pressing buttons and dials.

My grandma runs back yelling at him as that wasn’t the song he was supposed to play. He then looks up and goes “That’s not me,” and my grandma says, “What do you mean it’s not you, switch it to the right song” and he looks so confused. My grandpa then says: “We don’t even have this song on CD for this play. This isn’t coming from our music.”

My grandma just turns around and leaves. The whole song plays and ends when the curtain closes. No one in the crowd really noticed and it seemed normal but still freaks me out. No clue where the music was coming from and we inspected the CD that all the music for the play was on and sure enough that song was not on it.

I still think the ghost of Elvis was there that night.

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65. Getting Warm

I stayed in a luxurious resort on a small island with three of my friends when we were in high school. My friend's dad was the manager. This was a tiny island. You could walk around in less than a day and there were only a few suites. Very exclusive and it was far from the nearest town. At night, it would get really dark and peaceful.

The staff there always talked about how they have had strange or ghostly encounters throughout the years. Full disclosure, this island was used as a camp/hiding place for soldiers back in the day. It still has the lighthouse that they used and that's over hundreds of years old. Anyway, our room had two king-sized beds. In the middle of the night, while everyone else was asleep, I woke up suddenly and felt extremely hot.

I was sweating like crazy even though the A/C was on full blast and it was blowing straight at me. I felt something weird, like a presence, next to my side of the bed. I've never felt so scared in my entire life. I was shaking and sweating profusely. But what was really crazy was that only one side of my body was hot, the one by the edge of the bed. The other was cold.

I hid under the blanket and closed my eyes as hard as I could because I was afraid that if I opened them, I would see something. I felt the energy of that presence get closer to me, like we were face to face. I kept inching towards my friend who was sleeping next to me. After a while, it suddenly disappeared and I wasn't hot anymore. The next morning, I didn't mention it to anyone until they talked about how it was so cold in the bedroom that they were freezing the whole night.

Then I told them what I had felt that night. My friend who slept beside me got really quiet. She told me not to freak out but she woke up last night too, and she saw a girl standing next to my side of the bed and just staring right at me. I've never not believed in ghosts, but I also don't necessarily believe in them. But I just can't explain that night. It was the first time I had experienced a feeling I just couldn't explain or shake off. It still bothers me to this day.

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66. Night, Pops

Here's a story from when I was four or five years old. My grandmother was looking through old family photos and asking me who the people were. We got to a picture of my grandfather, and even though I’d never met him, she asked me who he was. Just as a joke I guess. My answer chilled her to the bone. I said, "Pop poppy Jim!”

She asked me how I knew that, I told her, "Oh, he comes and tucks me in and tells me he loves me sometimes after you go to bed."

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67. The Invisible Man

This happened in 2009, when I was 16 years old. It was the first weekend of summer, and nobody was home when I woke up at around 11 am. I grabbed a snack and went down to the basement to watch TV. I had plans to hang out with a friend at 3 pm that day. Like I said before, I started watching TV at around 11, knowing I had four hours before I was supposed to head over to my friend’s house.

I had only been watching TV for about 30 minutes when my mom came down the stairs asking me where I'd been all day. I said what are you talking about, I've been awake for less than an hour? I look at my watch and see that it's well past 5 in the afternoon. I run upstairs and check my phone to see that I have several missed calls from my friend and my mom.

My mom's side of the story is what makes me nauseous when I think about this, even to this day. She was with my little brother at his baseball game from 1-3 that day. She and my brother WERE home when I "supposedly" woke up and went down to the basement, but neither of them have any memory of even seeing me that morning.

When my mom got home at around 3, she checked the entire house for me, including the basement where I had been sitting on the couch watching TV. It's been 10 years and I still have no idea what happened on that day. It is by far the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me, and although I talk about it with my family like it's a funny little thing that happened, it genuinely chills me to my bones thinking about it.

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68. The Cats Came Back

We had a kitten-producing cat when I was about six or seven years old. We knew it had kittens since it was pregnant for a while and then wasn't. We had no idea where the kittens were, which was an issue. I was curious about it and looked right at the cat, thinking to myself, "Where are your kittens?" but without saying anything, if that makes sense.

My imagination immediately went to the location. Our cat could jump into it from pillars on the side of the porch through some damaged boards right above our porch. I just knew they were around. I dashed over there, mounted the stone pillar, and peered through the gap in the boards. The kittens were right in front of me. I've never experienced another event like it in my entire life.

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69. Ahead Of His Time

I had a dream that I was back in high school, at the beginning of first year. Everything was exactly the same, except I had the memories of my life after high school. In the dream I told all of my class that I was from the future but no one would believe me. Only one friend who was very, very smart said that time travel is theoretically possible. This is where it gets weird.

The next day, when I told my friends about it, their jaws dropped. They said that back in junior year, I was acting weird one day, asking time travel questions. They told me I said I come from the future. They also said that I was somehow out of it, that I was there—but at the same time, I kinda wasn’t. I saw the shock in their eyes when I told them what I dreamed.

They even recounted some of the details in the dream that I didn’t tell them. The weirdest thing is that I barely remember that day. I remember some of the stuff that also happened in the dream, but that day is kinda foggy to me. Maybe my friends are joking with me, but I have known them for 15 years and I know a genuine reaction when I see one.

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70. Closet Case

A couple of years ago my father's immediate family had a reunion in Minnesota. We stayed at a little cabin on a lake. Of course, sitting around the campfire my uncle was telling us all of his ghost stories which put me just a bit on edge. Later when I went back to my room to go to sleep, I flipped off the light switch, and immediately both closet doors popped fully open.

I literally lost my mind.

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71. Snowy Sighting

A friend and I were up at his mountain house. It was snowing and we were setting up some ramps at the bottom of a hill to do some snowboarding the next day. I accidentally dropped my keys while we were out there and did not notice until it got dark. We went back out to the trail to see if we could spot them and when we got out of the woods to a clearing, we saw a silhouette of a child on a hill across from us.

The kid was standing under a tree laughing. It was late, snowing, and cold so we were sketched out by it and kind of hustled back to the house. The next day we went back out, and there was a single gravestone on the top of the hill under the tree for a 12-year-old child. I am not someone who believes in ghosts but I have no explanation for what we saw. I am actually getting chills remembering it now.

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72. Snap Out Of It

In early December 2015, my now ex-boyfriend’s mother passed in her home following surgery and other health problems related to her heart. She was born with a rare condition. Unfortunately, she went into cardiac arrest and we were unable to save her, so the event in and of itself was extremely traumatic and unexpected.

A couple of nights later, we decided to go see some friends who wanted to offer their condolences to my ex. Everyone loved his mom. We were all sitting in our friends’ living room watching TV and, to be honest, they were really trying to distract us from everything. One friend, Amy, was just being her goofy self, and I was taking Snapchat videos.

I distinctly remember taking a video of Amy. I saved the video, but when I looked at my screen to watch it, it wasn’t Amy. It was a grainy video with a background that appeared to be outside, and 100% not in a living room, but on the screen was my ex’s mom. She said the words, “I’m okay baby. I’m okay” and multiple other friends saw it on my phone before it disappeared.

She looked young and vibrant and had a huge smile on her face. Someone had tossed my phone to another friend across the couch to see, and the video then disappeared. When we watched the original video back immediately after, my ex’s mom was gone. It was Amy in the video again just like I had seen while recording it in the first place.

My ex and his mom had a very close relationship, best friends really, so when we saw her on my screen letting him know she was was astounding. I saw it first and everyone noticed I was visibly upset. I cannot imagine what went through my ex’s mind and heart when he saw that, but to this day, it’s something we talk about and something he shares with new friends.

It’s something we simply cannot explain other than her coming through in a glitch to let us know she was okay.

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73. Deja Who?

I had a dream at age nine where I was walking through an alleyway with another boy—who I didn't know at the time—having a conversation about school grades or something. Two years later I met this boy, and it turned out he's a friend of my brother who's a year older than me, but it still didn't hit me yet that he was the one I was walking with in my dream.

Another three years pass, we are now in high school, and all three of us are walking through the usual alleyway that we passed through to get home. Then a conversation about school grades pops up and I get hit with the biggest realization and feeling of deja vu ever. I was reliving the dream that occurred five years prior.

My memory of that dream became very vivid at that moment. They thought I was a wizard predicting what they were gonna say a second before they spoke. This happened eight months ago, it was great.

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74. Wet And Wild

One time, I walked back from class to my dorm room and sat on my futon while talking to my roommate. She was pretty tired, and while in the middle of talking and ruffling through her backpack, she got quiet and pulled out her agenda book. It was soaked through with water. Everything else in her backpack was perfectly dry, and we both searched it for any other traces of wetness. 

She hadn't taken her agenda book out of her backpack in a week, nor had she put any water bottles in her backpack that could have gotten it wet. It also hadn't rained for a week and a half either, so we were both mystified as to where this water came from. I just assumed she was too tired to remember properly. A minute later, I stood up from the futon and was met with an odd surprise.

The area where one of my legs was was pressed up against was also completely soaked through with water. No other part of me was wet. There was no liquid near me at all. Although a portion of my pants was soaked, none of the surrounding areas were wet. The area of the futon where my pants were pressed against was perfectly dry, too. 

My roommate and I were never able to come up with explanations.

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75. Fast Food Ninja

I work at a fast food restaurant, and I was washing dishes. All of a sudden, one of my coworkers walks behind me, and I get a weird feeling of deja vu. He reached up above me to grab a few trays off of the drying rack, and at that moment, without even looking up, I instinctively put my hands out, and caught a stack of trays that were falling.

My coworker thought I was some kind of ninja, but it was only after this happened that I remembered a dream I'd had in which the same event had occurred.

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76. A Short Shelf Life

This occurred when I was about 13 or so. My family was moving into a new home, and we were having trouble with a bookshelf that was a little too big, tall, and wide for the doorway. We eventually had to take it apart and bring it in piece by piece. The shelf went into my sister's room, and she helped put it together. Here is where it gets creepy.

She used the shelf for her books and stuffed animal collection. I left her as she was putting things onto the higher shelves, using a kitchen chair to reach that high. As soon as I stepped through the door, there was a huge, loud crash. I'm thinking the bookshelf fell on her, or she lost her balance and fell, so I check.

She is standing with her back against the wall, and she looks terrified. I peek further in...and there is no shelf. It was completely gone. Her things were heaped on the floor in that spot. The chair somehow teleported back into the kitchen. My sister and I are the only ones that heard the crash. And worst of all? Not one person in our family remembers ever having that bookshelf.

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77. Smile On Down

My cousin had struggled with depression his whole life, and a few years ago things came to a head. He was 100% convinced the only cure to his depression was to take his own life. We were close, so it hit pretty hard. After the funeral, my aunt told us that she had seen a helium-filled smiley face balloon kind of float in front of her, then stop.

She said the balloon just kinda sat there for a minute. Then it flew up and away, out of sight, on its own. When she told us this we kind of just brushed it off as a coincidence, but she kept telling us that it was happening to her over the next couple of weeks. We thought she was just recognizing patterns or something like that.

But then I was at a music festival a few months later and the exact same type of balloon, same color, and everything, floated through my campsite, and did the same thing where it stopped on its own, "stared" at me, then kind of bobbed and flew up and away. I'm not really a believer in ghosts and the like, but I'm convinced in some shape or form that was my cousin telling us that he was finally happy.

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78. McMore Than You Bargained For

If I told you what I saw last night you would not believe me. Like, I can't even wrap my head around it. It was the scariest thing I've ever experienced. I can't even talk about it without sounding crazy. So here it goes. I went to do laundry around 2 am with my oldest son. After we put the laundry in, we went to a McDonald's drive-thru to get something to drink.

The drive-thru was packed with about five or six cars ahead of us. I noticed none of the cars were moving forward, and it had been like five minutes already. So, I decided to go around the car in front of me to the next drive-thru lane—this McDonald's has two lanes. As I'm pulling around the car in front of me, I look into their car, only to be greeted by a truly horrifying sight.

I kid you not, both the driver and the passenger looked like corpses. Their heads were tilted all the way back, eyes shut, and they were not moving. I freaked out and tried to pull out of the drive-thru entirely, going around the other cars just to get out of there—but things didn’t end there. In the next car I passed, all the passengers looked the same! Heads tilted back, eyes shut.

I panicked, thinking maybe they were all shot, so I hit the gas and got the heck out of there. I couldn't fathom what happened and I could barely speak. I was hyperventilating, so my son called 9-1-1 and told them what happened. They sent an officer to check. A few minutes later, the officer called us back said everything was fine at McDonald's.

Mind you, my son saw it too. We both saw the car in front of us where the people looked dead. This was terrifying. It literally looked like one of those rapture movies, or end of the world type stuff. Needless to say, I can't wrap my head around what we saw or why. I'm still scared. I know I'm not crazy, because my son saw it too—but it feels crazy to even say it.

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79. Tangled Up

One of the earliest clear memories I have is being at the fire station with my dad—he was a volunteer firefighter at the time—and one of his friends helping me spray my dad with a small fire hose. I've always had a distinct recollection of this friend of Dad's standing behind me, holding the hose, and me while I opened the nozzle.

When I was in my 20s, my dad was telling me that story, but according to him and my mother, there was nobody there with me. He said a couple of the guys were joking around asking if I wanted to spray dad with the hose. Later in the day, I wandered off and was messing with the hose before anyone noticed. My dad describes it as being a miracle that the hose didn't start flailing around and kill me.

I used to think of this as a guardian angel encounter but, I distinctly remember the guy who was helping me with that hose egging me on to spray dad. That seems like pretty un-angelic behavior.

Supernatural Experiences FactsPxfuel

80. Only The Shadow Knows

Back in 2010, my family and I lived in a home out in the woods. There were always weird things happening in that home. One day I was coming up the stairs from my basement and as I rounded the corner I saw a shadowy figure running up the stairs from the main floor to the top floor. I only saw it from the corner of my eye and the figure was gone in an instant.

Fast forward a couple of years, I have moved on to college and my parents decided they were going to sell the home to downsize. They had just finished repainting most of the walls and I asked my cousin if she could take a picture so I could see how the new walls looked. She took the picture in the back of our living room which just so happened to have the staircase to the right.

To my horror, in the picture, there was that same shadow I’d seen years prior. She was the only one in the home when the picture was taken and it looks like the shadow is looking right at you.

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81. Rewinding Up

I was driving from Northern California to Southern California through the middle of the night about a decade ago. I was tired, and the scenery along the freeway through the central valley isn't very interesting. I remember passing an old silo, looking at my car clock and it was 3:17 in the morning. I drove some more, passed a powerline, and it was 3:21.

I blinked, shuffled in my seat, and passed that same old silo, and it was back to 3:17. I was in disbelief. I just stared at my clock for a few moments. I drove a little bit more, passed the same powerline, and it was again 3:21. I don't know why or how, but I went backward by about four minutes. I have never experienced anything similar or since.

Unexplainable glitchPexels

82. The Missing Link

The only witnesses to this that I know of were my husband and me. It's a strange thing I can't explain. I am really into trees, and we live in a neighborhood with a lot of nice, mature oaks, elms, maples, etc. There is a house around the corner that had two absolutely huge magnolias, which are uncommon in my area. I used to love to pass them on my walks because they smelled great. 

My husband and I always get angry when neighbors cut down healthy trees for no reason, so one day when we noticed that both magnolias had been chopped down, we were upset. I could see both stumps surrounded by the chopped-up wood and a wealth of smaller branches. I went on a rant about it and even grabbed a small branch with a bud from the ground near the stump to take home.

Without the two trees, this house had NO privacy from the next house over anymore. You could easily see the entire yard next door from where we stood, which was not possible when that tree was there. Fast forward to the springtime, and I was out walking around again. As I rounded the corner, I saw a shocking sight—there was the magnolia tree that I loved; the one that was closer to the road, safe and sound. 

Now, I know people will say I only saw one cut down, but I distinctly remember my conversation and saying, "Why did they have to cut them both down?" I could see them removing the one close to the house, but the one nearer to the road was perfectly fine as it was. My husband also remembered our conversation but he was quick to assume that we somehow were mistaken.

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83. Missed It By A Hair

When my mother was a child, she had a bad habit of reading while walking to school. One day she was jerked to a stop by someone—she assumed it was her brother—pulling her ponytail hard enough to pull her back a couple of steps. She turned around to yell at whoever pulled her hair and no one was there, or for blocks behind her.

She turned back to step across the street and, just as she was about to walk, a car came out of nowhere. If she hadn’t turned to yell at the nonexistent hair puller, she would have been hit and probably lost her life.

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84. Missing In Action

Just a few days ago, I woke up in the morning and opened my door, only to find my mother there with a shocked and worried expression, and tears in her eyes. She asked me where the heck I had been and I said that I’d been sleeping right here in my bed. She didn't believe me, and said she’d checked and I hadn’t been there.

So apparently, my family woke up in the morning and I didn't come for breakfast. My dad went into my room and just saw the blanket and pillow—I do sleep with my blanket on my face. Then, my mom came to wake me up. When she took the blanket off, no one was there . Then she panicked and told my dad. They searched the entire house and tried calling me, nothing worked.

Then they asked the neighbors if they had seen me leaving, but the neighbors couldn't help. My mom was very afraid at that point, and they called law enforcement. My dad had gone to the station to file the report in person, and that was around the time that I woke up. We called my dad and told him I was back. He wanted an explanation, and I couldn't give him one.

I said I had just been sleeping, then I woke up, and this whole thing has happened. While I do sleep with the blanket covering my whole body and head, my mom insisted that she took the blanket off the bed and I hadn’t been there. We are all very shaken up still.

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85. Time Warp

A long time ago when I was in seventh grade, the teacher was talking to us and I, for some reason, started to think about what happens when we die. I was thinking about things like: Where do our memories go? Is there life afterward and if so what is it like? Then all of a sudden, after a lot of thinking, everything went completely black. Then, after what felt like just one second, I "woke up."

In reality I was actually "gone" for the last 10 minutes of class and I did not pass out. My classmates assured me that I was sitting up with my eyes still open and sitting normally and just listening to the teacher. Every time I remember it, it makes me wonder what really happened and makes me feel a bit uncomfortable at the same time.

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86. Back To The Future

I think the creepiest experience I’ve had so far is the one where I had a phone call from the future. In 2007, I got a phone call from an elementary school, and a teacher asked for my name. She said she was calling about a young boy named Alex (they gave his last name, too) who was feeling sick. They said they contacted me because I wasm= his emergency contact. 

I told them I had never heard of the school or the boy, and I wasn't sure how they got my information. The lady then confirmed my first and last name, but I insisted that I wasn't the emergency contact for this child. I had never heard of his last name either. She said goodbye and hung up. I later told a friend about it and we looked the number up on reverse number sites.

We found no results. We even called the number and we got the "This number is not in use" message from the operator. Nine years later, the number is still not in use. I don't remember the name of the teacher or the school, but I do remember the name of the child. I still don't know anyone with that last name. I'm convinced it’s a glitch. I can see someone getting my number wrong, I've had the wrong number thing happen, but for someone to nail my first and last name is what struck me as odd.

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87. Not His Final Destination

Many years ago, my parents had separated and my father was planning on taking a trip across the country to California. He was pretty excited about it. I talked to him the day before he left, wished him well, and told him I'd talk to him after he got to California. On the day of his trip, he called me and told me he decided at the last minute not to go.

He refused to really get into why. Just said he changed his mind. Seemed really odd for something that he had been planning for a couple of months—until I made a chilling realization later that night. I was sitting at my girlfriend's house and we're watching the news, and they reported that US Air Flight 1493—the flight my dad was supposed to be on—collided with another aircraft while landing in Los Angeles.

About 25% of the people on the flight were lost. It’s hard to know how my Dad would have made out, because it really depended on where you were sitting—front vs. back of the plane. It was several months before he finally made a disturbing confession. He told me that night before he was supposed to leave, he had an extremely vivid dream that he was in a fiery plane crash. So vivid that it scared him out of flying that day.

My dad is a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran who saw combat. I can only imagine how vivid the dream must have been to scare him out of getting on that plane that morning.

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88. A Pressing Concern

You know how on cold days inside your car you can breathe on the window and draw on the glass? Well, I got in my car, and as I looked at the windshield, I saw a few small baby handprints. I thought that it was strange that someone would let a baby play on my car’s windshield. I had an urge to touch the baby prints and as I touched it, I wiped away the handprints. The handprints were made from inside of my locked car.

Unexplainable glitchUnsplash

89. Half Human, Half What?

I grew up in a very rural area where there were mostly crop farms everywhere. About a mile from my parent’s house, there was this old abandoned farmhouse that all the area kids said was haunted. They would sneak into the house after dark, all the typical stupid kid stuff, but I believe there are things in this world better left alone and never went.

Years passed, and the house fell into disrepair and was eventually torn down, leaving only an old weathered barn. Well, I make a little side money selling photos of abandoned places, so I wanted to take a picture of the barn. I parked on the road and was walking up the drive, I made it about ten feet before I just could not walk any further.

My feet wouldn’t move forward, my adrenaline spiked and I burst into tears. So I turned back and ran to my car. I didn’t feel safe until I got past a nearby creek you have to cross to get there. I let it go, but my nightmare wasn’t over yet. A few months later, I had to drive by it, this time after having Christmas dinner with my parents.

As we drove by, I saw a creature standing in the drive. It reminded me of that disturbing Faun from Pan’s Labyrinth, just super tall with a wide head and horns or antlers, but the eyes were more on the side of the head. Again, adrenaline kicked in and I burst into tears, but I was trying to keep it together because I didn’t want to freak out my kids.

My husband asked if I was okay, I just said, “You saw that, right” He said yes. I asked if it was human. He replied, no. I refuse to drive that road ever again.

Supernatural Experiences FactsPiqsels

90. Best Laid Plans

Since I was a child, I’d had a nightmare about this haunted house and, specifically, the balcony and upstairs. The upstairs floor plan was such that there was a hallway running horizontally, with each door to the left facing the balcony. I would be extremely unnerved in my dream, walking down this hallway, the hair on my neck standing up, just feeling the presence of evil.

In 2019, my wife and I went to an architect to design a house for us to build in the Acadian/Creole style. The upstairs floor plan was exactly like the one in my nightmare. We scrapped the plans. And it’s a good thing—we all know how 2020 turned out. I feel like someone was warning me not to build that house ever since I was a child.

Unexplainable glitchPexels

91. A Face In The Door

When I was growing up, my grandparents lived down the street from us and their house was always the gathering place. People came for a cup of coffee every day. On this day, an ambulance went roaring past their house. My dad had suffered some brain injuries a few years prior to this event, but had fully recovered and even gotten sober.

When she saw the ambulance, my grandmother had joked and said something along the lines of “I hope that’s not going to my son’s house.” My uncle was also in the kitchen at the time, probably drinking coffee. My uncle said, “Nah, your son is at the door.” He had seen my Dad looking through the window next to the door.

Earlier that day, I’d come home from work to find my Dad dead on the sofa. He was cold to the touch, but I still called emergency services and tried to resuscitate him in case there was ANY chance that I was wrong. This was the ambulance that had passed my grandparent’s house. Clearly, it was not my dad that my uncle had seen…or was it?

Worst Misdiagnoses FactsUnsplash

92. Wild Goose Chase

When I was attending college, a friend and I were walking back to our dorm rooms late one night. I attended a school with a primarily white population of students. As we were getting within about a half-mile of our dorm building, we were laughing about some joke when we suddenly noticed a man in torn clothing, running at us full speed.

We both slowed our pace to a crawl as he kept coming at us, unaware of what was going to happen. The man got closer and closer, and when he passed under a street light, we noticed a few things that were odd. He was A) sprinting away from something, and B) holding a rather large bowl of fruit in his hands. He sprinted right past us without even regarding our existence.

When we looked back to where he had come from, we were greeted by a truly bizarre sight. There was what appeared to be a bear cub sprinting in our direction. Both my friend and I began taking steps away slowly, and just as we were about to start following the man in the same panicked manner, the animal took a B-line for a curb toward what appeared to be a sewer drain.

The closer it got to the drain, the smaller this animal appeared until it was the size of a small mouse, and it went straight into the drain and completely out of sight. Then it got even weirder. The closer we got to the drain, the more it seemed to fade from our view. When we moved over a bit and were standing right next to the curb, it quickly became clear that there was actually no drain there whatsoever.

We proceeded to walk back in silence to the dorms. We still have no clue what happened that night, but I remember several other things during my time at that school that were also unexplainable.

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93. Synchronized Dreaming

I can’t fully explain it—and I’ll never forget it. My siblings and I all had the same dream on the same night a year ago. It was exactly one year after my mom had passed and we all had a dream about her. In the dream, she was in the same place and was speaking to us. She reassured us that she was okay and she was with her mom and my dead siblings and that her dad is in the bad place.

The next day we all realized we had the same dream. We even all independently drew a picture of the place we saw her and wrote down the name of the place it resembled. Most of my siblings took that as an actual message from my mom, but my youngest sister and I like to believe that we have all developed some freaky hive mind low-level telepathy.

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94. Never The Right Time

While I was living in Denver, I had a friend fly into town to visit. The Denver National Airport was about 30 minutes away and her flight was scheduled to get in around 11:15 pm. At exactly 10:30 pm, I got a text message from her. She said: "I just landed. Are you here?" Assuming her flight arrived early, we immediately started rushing to the airport while I kept trying to call her, only to have her phone go to voicemail.

I thought maybe her phone had kicked the bucket or something, so I continued to refresh the flight information page on our way there. It just kept saying the plane was still in transit. We ended up getting to the airport before 11:15. With no word from my friend or new information about the flight, we circled the airport and waited...then I got a text that sent a shiver down my spine.

At 11:15 pm or so, I got the exact same text message she had sent me at 10:30 pm. I called her and I asked if she texted me while she was on the plane. She said there was no way she could have since she had her phone turned off the entire time. When I finally met up with her, I asked to compare our text conversations on our phones. 

I had two of the same texts from her, one at 10:30 pm and one at 11:15 pm, while her conversation only read 11:15 pm. She confirmed that she hadn't typed it out prior either. Her phone was completely off. This glitch in the matrix made me waste 15 minutes circling an airport.

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95. A Helping Pinkie Finger

My two-year-old toddler went to a two-hour class three times a week at the local church. This was in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. I should mention that this church was on the main road through town, which often had logging trucks carrying tons of wood driving on it. I went to pick up my son one day, and I could see he had been crying.

He had puffy, red eyes, and he confirmed as much when he said, “Mommy, I cried!” His teacher looked equally distraught. She said, “I need you to stay after class.” A few of the other kids were still there, waiting for their moms. I sat there with my son, and my heart was pounding. Had he bitten another child or something?

That wasn’t like him, but with kids you never know. All the students finally left, and his teacher turned to me and said, “As you know, we had an outing today.” I had signed a release form for the outing, which was for them to leave the school and walk next door to look at the fountain. She continued, “We used the buddy system walking over and back, but once I got to the classroom and counted the kids, I realized one was missing.”

By now, the teacher was almost crying herself. As I said, this church was on a main road. My child had somehow gotten separated from the others, and was alone, unsupervised, for five to ten minutes just yards from a busy main road with fully loaded lumber diesel trucks whizzing by. The teacher continued, “I ran as fast as I could to go look for him. He was standing at the main door, pounding at it to get in and screaming. I’m so sorry.”

Apparently, he had somehow found his way back to the main building, standing outside until someone found him. At this point, my son piped up. “The pink lady helped me!” I gathered my son up and took him home, telling his teacher that it was okay, these things happened, thank God it turned out fine, etc. I felt bad that she was so upset, but I was rattled to the core.

It was terrifying just imagining my toddler running loose next to a busy street, and he was clearly traumatized by it. On the way home, I asked him, “Who is the pink lady?” At that time, if he didn’t know someone’s name, he’d identify them by what color they were wearing, so the pink lady must have been wearing pink clothing.

I wanted to know who this was, because if she “helped” him, as he said, then this person found a lost toddler, led my son up to the outside of a building, and just left him there without trying to find an adult or even opening the door to let him inside. What adult would do that? My son knew the names of all the people at the school, so this was a stranger to him.

When my husband got home, I told him the whole story, with my son again babbling about a “pink lady.” My husband got a very strange look on his face and said, “You know, my grandmother was buried in her favorite pink dress.”

Unexplainable glitchPexels

96. Getting Dumped

At the restaurant where I worked, we had a garbage corral behind the building. One night, one of the staff came running back and said “I heard something in the corral. It sounded like an animal!” So, being the manager on shift at the time, I made the decision that I would go out and investigate with a big guy on staff.

When we opened the corral door, we couldn’t see anything. So, we shone the flashlight around. Still nothing. But suddenly, we heard a weird echoed grunt, which I then realized was coming from inside the cardboard dumpster. I immediately thought it must be a bear or some other large animal, so we called for help inside.

Officers came with a ladder to take a look. When the officer was done, he asked if any cameras were out there. We said yes, and he asked to see the footage and said that we were going to want to see it too. Two people with no clothes ran into frame. The man falls off the fence and lands face-first on the corral’s side.

He then falls into the dumpster which was right against the wall. The woman climbs the wall somehow, and she tries reaching down to help him climb out but then ends up falling inside too. The officer told us that when he shone his flashlight down there, he saw them huddling together for warmth and sobbing hysterically.

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97. Playing Hooky

In high school, I remember going to English and the teacher did roll call. She called my name and I raised my hand and said, "I'm here," then she stopped. The eeriest thing happened next. The teacher looked around and said, "So he's not here then?" My friend and I laughed because I was obviously here. I thought she might be messing with me.

That night, though, my mom got a call telling her I wasn't at classes today. I was actually marked absent. I go back to school the next day and tell my friend, "Mrs. English Teacher actually counted me absent" and he just said, "Why wouldn't she?" Though to myself "Ha ha, you're not funny" but I just let it slide because I thought again I was being messed with.

Then one of my other friends sits down and asks, "You feeling better today? Or were you just playing hooky?" I was so confused. Then I go to my first hour and that teacher hands me the work I supposedly missed from that day. I looked in my bag and had the same stuff, the guide and assignments, already there. To. This. Day. I don't know if I missed that day of school or not

Glitch in the matrixPexels

98. Wave From The Grave?

When I was a child visiting my grandma's house (my mother’s mom), I'd wave next door to her neighbor Ken, who always sat in the bay window looking out at the sea. My grandma and Ken both lived right on the coast of the North Sea in Hartlepool (UK). We'd never really talk, but we always shared a little wave each day before I went to get into the car.

One time I'm leaving my gran’s house, I'm in front of my mom who's stopped at the door to talk to my gran. So I head down the steps and towards the gate. I turn back and see Ken in the window. He had a big smile, as usual, waving at me. I give him a wave back. He stands up, gives me the thumbs-up, and wanders towards the back of the room.

My mom comes walking down the steps and asks, "Who are you waving at?" I replied, "Ken". To this day, I can remember my mom's face. She just went white but didn't say anything to me. A few weeks later, she plucked up the courage to tell me that Ken had passed a few days before we visited my gran’s. I don't believe in ghosts, but I know I saw him.

I can still picture his striped grey sweater with light stripes across it. Him waving and getting up out of his chair. There was no one else in the house. He lived by himself. Brains are weird.

Strange can't explainUnsplash

99. Friend Bear

I saw my baby babbling on the video monitor, using sign language to say "fun” but then "don't like." I was alarmed—but I never could’ve prepared for what I found when I entered her room to check on her. I asked her who she was talking to, but all she kept telling me was “friend” and “bear.” Finally, I got fed up and demanded to know who “Friend Bear” was—and her response gave me chills. Even though she couldn’t speak well, she managed to say, very clearly with the most serious expression, “No name, no name, shh.”

Well now I am well and truly freaked out so I tell her to ask "No Name Friend Bear" to go home because it is too late to play and I did what any good loving mother would do. I gave her a pacifier, went back to my room, turned off the monitor entirely and hid under the covers in my room where my good and loving husband would protect me from nameless invisible bears.

Creepiest Things Heard On Baby Monitors factsPixabay

100. The Others

My mom and older sister describe how I used to randomly start crying and asking where my mom was, even when she was right in front of me. When my mother would try to comfort me by saying she was right there, I would shout for my other mom. I would then describe this person, who apparently always held a bloody hammer. They said it scared them out of their wits, but one day when I was two years old, they tried to ask me about it and I couldn't remember anything.

Creepy experiencesPxfuel

101. I Can See It in Your Eyes

My boyfriend’s younger brother and I were taking a bike ride down the street to the shops late one afternoon. As we get onto the main road, we notice a dude across the street heading in the opposite direction. He is walking with a limp, his head is bowed, and he’s got a plastic bag in his hand. We're only a few meters away from him when he crosses the street onto our side.

As the bro rides past him, this stranger lifts his head up and smiles in his direction as they pass each other. I'm a little while behind, so I don't pay too much attention to this—that is, until the bro stops, turns around, and gives me a funny look, just as this guy is passing him by. I still don't think too much of it at this point, assuming that he had just stopped to let me catch up.

As soon as I myself passed the stranger and made eye contact with him, I realized that this was not the case. When the stranger looked over and nodded at me, I saw nothing in his eyes. When I say nothing, I mean like black pits where his eyes should have been, or just an eyeball that looked entirely black. I don’t know how else to describe it.

When I finally catch up to the bro, we stop around the corner and he says to me "Did you see that???" "You mean his eyes?!" I asked. "Yeah, it looked like they weren't even there!" he replied. We then kind of sat there for a while processing what we had both just seen. Had the bro not related the same feeling and experience to me as I had felt when the stranger looked at me, I doubt I would have ever thought anything of it.

I probably would have just assumed it was the light angles playing tricks on me or some such thing. It was a sunny afternoon, so glare certainly could have played a part. He could've been wearing contacts, I don't know. But none of those explanations feel like they fit. We got home later on and told everybody what had happened, but no one believed us. They still don't to this day.

Strangest Things That No One Believes They’ve Really Experienced FactsShutterstock

102. The Doppelganger

It happened in early 2000, when I was working at a juvenile detention center in a small town in Oklahoma as a corrections officer. I was working nights at the time and went to work at 9 PM. This one night when I arrived for work my supervisor looked confused and asked me what I was doing there. I said, "I work tonight." And he said, "But they said you called in a few hours ago saying that you were sick."

I was a bit confused and said, "It must have been someone else and they got the message wrong." After everyone else showed up for work that night it was a bit weirder, but we carried on as usual and assigned everyone their places for the night; I went to work in the control room where I usually work. The control room is the center of the place, and it has direct control over the cameras, doors, phones, pretty much everything.

After I relieved the guard on duty and settled in for the night, I looked at the message that said I called in. It said that I had called at 6:50 and said that I had gotten sick while out cleaning up after the storm. There had been a storm the night before and it was a bit bad, but not anything that I had to go out to clean up. It was truly weird—and it was about to get weirder.

The supervisor came into the control about that time. He was also a friend of mine outside work and we started talking about it, and how odd it was. I decided to call my wife at home and tell her about it while he was still sitting there. I picked up the phone and dialed. After two rings a man picked up the phone and with a raspy voice said, "Hello?"

I didn't know what to say for a few seconds. I looked at the phone to make sure I dialed the right number, and I had. After a few seconds, the person said, "Hello?" again in the same raspy voice. I said, "Hello. Who is this?" They replied, "This is Taylor, who is this?" My head started spinning. My name is Taylor. In almost a scream I said: "Where’s Ann?"

He said, "Ann's in bed. Who is this?" I dropped the phone and told my supervisor to ring me out, I had to get home, and I took off towards the door. I could hear Dave pick up the phone behind me and say, "Hello?" followed soon after by "What the heck!" rather loudly. I ran to my car and drove home faster than I should have, my mind racing the entire time.

I busted through the door and my wife was sitting watching TV and was shocked at me being home. I asked her who was there and she said no one has been over. After a rather long talk with my wife, I went to call the center to tell them what was going on, but the phone was dead. I went back to work and when I came in, Dave was acting weird and asked me, "How are you doing this?"

He told me that when I left, he picked up the phone and the person on the other end sounded like me. He kind of freaked out and hung up the phone. A minute later, as he could see my car leaving the parking lot, the phone rang. What he heard made his blood run cold. He said that I had called back from home and asked what the heck was going on.

He said that I was a bit irate and said I was sick and did not feel like playing these games and was telling him to stop prank calling me and hung up. After convincing him I had no idea what was going on, we went back to work. Later, I find out that the phone line for my area had been knocked down the night before by the storm.

This is absolutely the strangest thing that has ever happened to me.

Glitch in the matrixUnsplash

103. Toxic Thoughts

My dad left for work, got a weird feeling, and drove back home. When he walked in, he entered a nightmare. Everyone in the house was unconscious. He had to drag or carry them all outside one by one and call the ambulance. It turns out that my mom and her entire family had severe carbon monoxide inhalation. Because he trusted his gut, they all survived.

Doctors Knew Lying FactsShutterstock

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