Awful Moments That Made People Say "Man, I Hate Humanity"

November 26, 2019 | J. Hunter

Awful Moments That Made People Say "Man, I Hate Humanity"

If you’re looking for a reason to get mad today, then you are definitely in for a treat. Sometimes moments that seem like no big deal turn out to be the most inconsiderate actions ever, but even worse, the person doing them just doesn't care. Entitlement, selfishness, and just straight up animosity make people’s blood boil. Read on to get your own blood boiling – but don't say I didn’t warn you!

1. PSA: Use Headphones in Public Places

I don't understand why people watch videos or listen to music on full volume instead of using headphones. All you have to do is wear earbuds and then you won't bother the people around you. And you'll actually be able to hear what you're watching. Maybe it's because I'm really self-conscious, so it's hard to relate with confident jerks, but I find it hard to understand the reasoning behind it either.

Do people enjoy bothering others? Does it not even occur to them that they might be bothering others? It's baffling.

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2. I Just Cleaned That...

This isn't the worst part about retail, but it gets pretty close. I had JUST cleaned up a very messy allergy section. Not two minutes later, a woman and her small child come over and tore it up as I'm literally standing there watching. I hate it when people let their kids destroy the store. They have absolutely no respect for the idea that someone else will have to clean up their mess.

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3. Put Them in the Dog House

My dog ran away five days ago and I've been posting on every website trying to find him. I nearly cried when someone posted him as found yesterday. But my heart sank when I learned the awful truth. It turns out that someone else claimed him. It was an absolute nightmare. The person that found him blocked me and I had to get everyone I knew to beg him to let me talk to him. In the end, I had to get the police to help me finally get him back after 5 hours of headache.  People really suck, man.

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4. Stop Playing with Rocks

A few years ago, in Melbourne, somebody put big rocks and chunks of concrete in a McDonald’s paper bag and left it on the freeway. A lady hit it, thinking it was just a regular, empty paper bag and absolutely messed up her car. There was no reason to pull such a mean and potentially dangerous prank. Whoever did had to be an absolute scumbag.

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5.    Didn’t Like You Then, Definitely Don’t Like You Now

At a birthday party on Saturday night, a guy who I’ve never met before starts chatting with me. He seems pretty cool and fun, and spends the entire night with me as basically my shadow. He offers to walk me home (I declined) and then kisses me before I leave. Next morning, I have a friend request from him on Facebook. When I saw his profile photo, my blood ran cold. It clearly displays his wife, that poor woman. People really can be outrageous jerks.

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6.    Those Are Not Yours!

I hate garden pirates. I cared for an adorable little succulent for years, googling every abnormality that shows up and perfecting feeding and watering schedules, and then some jerk who will probably kill it in a week runs off with it. And they'll probably even be bored with it before then. If I catch someone in the act,  there will be a confrontation.

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7.    I Thought I Was Doing Well

I was an "assistant" project manager. It wasn't terribly technical; a lot of administrative type of work like writing up project plans, meeting notes, etc. All the managers thought I was helpful, really making their lives a bit easier and less overwhelming. About a year and a half after I started in that role, the different departments were combined under one supervisor, who fired all the "assistants" when he reorganized the company.

He basically told me that I wasn't meeting the expectations of the group. What? After I had been getting all the praise and commendations from all the other PMs? Was I being back-stabbed or something? Oh well, it didn't matter. I moved onto another company after my position was eliminated and made more money doing so.

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8.  Adults Who Take Kid’s Sports Too Seriously

I was a ref in a NO SCORE flag football league. No score, not at all, it’s just three fields lined up next to each other and six teams playing two games each every weekend. The number of parents that screamed at me for those six weeks for not knowing the score is countless. I could not understand how they could be so dumb.

First, you signed your kid up for this knowing it was no score. Second, I clearly have a whistle and a stopwatch not a scorecard and pencil. Finally, you are just standing there watching. Why can't you keep score in the NO SCORE flag football game? I am running back and forth as the only official in this game and you just ate 14 bonbons, Karen. Be quiet and go away.

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9. What More Do You Want?

I work as a waitress and the other day I had this lady complain about the portion size for our mac and cheese. She asked me if I felt like the portion size was enough for an adult. I thought it was but I didn't tell her that. Instead, I offered to bring her a second side of it free of charge. She cut me off and said "No! If you think this is an acceptable portion size for an adult then I will eat it!"

She spent the entire rest of the meal visibly upset and giving me really curt one word answers every time I checked on her. When I asked her if everything was all right, she would say things like "I guess" or "sure." I offered her the extra side of mac and cheese again but she still didn't want it. I later dropped the check and she left cash on the table, looked at me smugly, and walked out.

When I picked up the cash, I saw what she'd done. This woman made sure to pay exact cash right down to the cent and then, just to make sure she was as rude as possible, wrote "nope" in the tip box on the receipt. She wanted to make sure I didn't even make so much as a cent from her. Woman I have absolutely no control over the portion sizes!! What?!

Speak to the Manager FactsShutterstock

10. Why Are You Still Talking?!

As I'm walking out the door to leave, the third shift guy’s like, "hey, I have a question question." I say, "Sure, what's up?" He then asks me a vague question, and then gets into small talk, like "How was your day? Do anything on the weekend? I did this, this, and this." And on and on we go.  Why he chooses to do this as I'm leaving and not during the 30 minutes our shifts overlap (I'd like to add that he will not speak to me beyond a hello during this time) is beyond me.

Last week he kept me there for 38 minutes. I left at 11:08 when my shift ended at 10:30.

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11. This Is an Ambulance, Not a Taxi Service

Student Paramedic in the UK here, for context you don't pay for healthcare in the UK including the ambulance service. This one thing always makes my blood boil. We often have patients who will ring us up and say over the phone things like, "I have chest pain." Chest pain is a high priority case and often gets dispatched as quickly as possible. But upon arrival they will tell us, "I never said I had chest pain," yet we ring and ask for a transcript of the conversation and there it is.

9/10 times we have to take them into hospital to check they're okay just in case there is any heart or lung issues, but people will lie to get things seen quicker through the emergency pathway. People will get us out for anything because they can't be bothered to: A) Drive themselves, B) Pay for a taxi, C) Get public transit or D) Wait to see their family doctor.

It makes me so annoyed that people see it as a taxi and not an emergency service.

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12. Pick. A. Lane.

It seems like more people are having trouble getting in the correct lane. Every single day I notice someone get in the left-turn lane with their turn signal on, then change their mind, and go straight. Or they slam their breaks and cut across another lane because they almost missed a right turn. Or they get in the right turn lane but decide they’d rather go straight and hold up everyone behind them. It’s like people are really having trouble paying attention to what they’re doing and want everybody else to watch out for them.

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13. Deliberate, Misguided Entitlement

People who say, "Oh it's their job to clean up after me" or "I'm making sure that they're still employed" as an excuse for not cleaning up after themselves in public. NO. You don't leave a soda spilled everywhere and then not even attempt to clean it up. You don't leave rolls and rolls of toilet paper all over the floor in the bathroom. You don't leave bags of popcorn and drinks and popcorn all over a theater floor and seats.

Take responsibility. Clean. Up. Your. Mess.

Hate People FactsPxHere

14. Inconsiderate Drivers

We had a huge snow storm the other day. After it was over, and the roads were plowed, it was still a mess outside and a lot of the roads were still icy. I was walking to the train station and I had to cross a road. But some guy wanted to take a left turn while I was on the cross walk. He pulled his car uncomfortably close while I penguin walked slowly as not to fall.

That jerk honked at me. My heart rate was through the roof for like an hour and I almost fell down. His car was like a foot from me and he honked!

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15. Here, I’ll Just Give You Two Quarters

I’ve worked customer service for a long while, so I was under the assumption that I'd developed a thick enough skin and nothing could ruin my day! Oh, I was so, so wrong. A lady screamed at me over an expired 50 cent coupon. I’ve been cussed out several times before and I’m used to being a sounding board for pent up frustration, but this one got to me for some reason. I just can’t fathom caring so little for your fellow man that you’re willing to publicly degrade them over less than a dollar.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her drive away. She owned a Lexus.

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16. Please Leash Your Angry Chihuahuas

I was walking my dog around the neighborhood the other day and four off-leash chihuahuas came running up to her barking. This isn't even the first time that's happened with these little yappy animals. The owners are always in the house, nowhere in sight. My dog is not friendly with other dogs and will bite when they run up on her like that.

I really hate these people who think it's okay to let their dogs run around off-leash. The dogs clearly don't know boundaries and one of them is going to get hurt if they keep it up.

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17. The Earth Is Dying, People

I work at a university. This was just the first week back to school and I already want to cry. I've seen so much litter everywhere. Earlier this week, I watched a girl drop a stack of napkins on the ground, look at them on the ground, look around to see if anyone was watching, kicked them under a car, and then walk away. It's not like it was windy or anything. They were right by her feet.

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18. A Bump in the Night

I was sitting in my car with my door open, in the driveway of my suburban home, trying to gather up my purse, phone, Subway bag, drink, and keys. It was dark as the Devil's boots outside, and the interior light was burnt out, so I couldn't see but for the light coming off my phone screen. Here I am minding my business, when I feel something jump into my lap from the darkness outside.

I scream like a banshee, while throwing the thing into the night. I hear a yelp as I'm grabbing my stuff, and instantly feel bad, because it sounds like I just launched a small dog across the front lawn. I run into my house (did I mention that I was heavily pregnant?) and turn on my phone flashlight while grabbing some deli meat, and lure what turns out to be a terrified, 5 lb. chihuahua, who at first did not trust me one bit.

It was 11 p.m., and I wasn't about to go knocking on doors at that hour, so he stayed the night with me, and I found his owners the next day. They lived across the street and down a few houses and I had to explain to them across a language barrier that they cannot just let their dog run around at all hours. At first, they laughed off the story, but after I started listing all of the ways I, or someone else, could hurt their dog, they took me seriously. I didn't see the dog running around after that.

Basically, I yeeted a free-roaming chihuahua that ambushed me in the night.

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19. Unappreciative Students

The most recent thing that happened that made me hate people was the college scandal. It really bothered me. I had to pay for my own college, had loans, and I worked my butt off going to school and working full time. These people are just buying their kids in and some of the kids have the nerve to make comments about how much they hate being there.

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20. Ridiculous Requirements

I hate job applications that make you jump through ridiculous hoops for the most basic job. I've been applying for random jobs in minimum-wage areas to get some money behind me while I study and it's ridiculous what they ask for. So far, I've come across:

  • Upload a 5-10 minute video describing why you'd be perfect for this job. Wear job interview clothing in the video.
  • Fill in this personality test.
  • Complete a 5-page test so we can gauge your spelling, grammar and intelligence level.
  • Write a short essay on why you want to work for our company. Minimum 700 words.

I'm not applying to NASA. I'm applying for an 8-20 hour a week Christmas casual job at your clothing store! I have 4 years' experience in retail and customer service and three references to prove it. That's all you need to know about whether I'd be good for the job!

Hate People FactsPxfuel

21. Just Put Your Cart Back!

The other day, I watched an able-bodied woman kick her cart up onto the curb in front of her parking spot in the most casual way ever. It’s clearly what she always does with her carts. She obviously never actually returns them to the right place and instead shoves it wherever and waits for a cart boy to clean up her mess. It's. Just. So. Rude. This was as I was returning my own cart with my 5-month-old. Grr.

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22. I Don’t Even Know You??

I was walking by myself to a restaurant to pick up some sushi and I happened to be wearing a shirt of the college I went to.

I walked by some guy and his girlfriend and the guy goes, “hey man.”

I respond with, "hey, what's up?"

He then yells, "F*** (name of college I went to)!!"

It wasn't a huge deal, but it just annoyed me that he felt the need to talk smack to a random dude walking by. I'm not even a diehard fan of my college or anything; I was just wearing the shirt.

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23. You Can’t Just Stop...

This happened to me at the airport a few weeks ago. Guy gets to the top of the escalator with his huge piece of luggage, stops instantly, and pulls out his phone to look at something. Meanwhile, myself and about six other people with their own luggage are right behind him. Of course, he still had the audacity to get upset when I push past him and let him know he needs to move. I don't get it.

Hate People FactsPixnio

24. Patients’ Families Suck Sometimes

After working as a critical care nurse for years now, you’d think it would be the countless IV drug abusers or alcoholics that would make me hate people. But it’s not my patients. It’s their families. I understand that people are nervous for their loved ones and they don’t want to lose their parent. But I see the same terrible situation happen over and over. When it’s time, people can’t just let go.

A 95-year-old nana comes in and has trouble breathing. We ask her if she would want to be intubated if necessary and she says no. She doesn’t want that or CPR. But there isn’t a form and her daughter is her healthcare proxy. Too bad the family doesn’t respect that she doesn’t want it. So, we tube her. But her blood pressure can’t handle the sedation, so we need to start pressors.

Then she develops pneumonia, so we’ve got to pump her with antibiotics. But oops, too bad, she’s already gone septic. We start some more pressors, who care if she loses a few fingers and toes in the process, we’ve got a BP right!? We get some bedside dialysis going too, might as well. Until ultimately, we tell the family it’s getting to be futile and we should really just make her comfortable for her own sake.

But no. They don’t agree. Who cares about your years of schooling and experience? So, nana codes. I do chest compressions and break all of her ribs in the process. We shock her and slam her with drugs and fluids for a half hour until eventually there’s literally nothing more to do. But this happens so often and every single time I just think of the agony we put this person through in their last moments on earth all because a family couldn’t respect their loved one’s wishes.

Please, when it’s time, just let me pump them with morphine and Ativan and let them go in peace and comfort.

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25.    People Who Don’t Listen

I can't stand people who can't take "no" for an answer and will push you to agree/accept what they say. People who can't accept criticism when they mess up and affect other people's lives. People who can't have a discussion where they are being told a fact and they disprove it because "back in the day..." or authority arguments should always win. It teaches you some hardcore patience when you have to deal with people like these on the daily.

Cringeworthy Dates factsPxHere

26. Rowdy Patrons Who Don’t Tip

At the restaurant I work at another server and I are put on a party of 30 on a busy Friday night. They're screaming across the table the whole time. Half of them wanted to change their orders after we rang them in. A couple started dancing on top of the tables and when told to get down told everyone to go away. When security came, they started screaming more about how they were spending so much money here.

Security actually lets them stay and later a fight broke out and punches were thrown. But that's not even the worst part. Their bill was $873.65 and the best kicker is that my restaurant doesn't do automatic gratuities on large parties so they left a total of $900.00. Keep in mind that I have to tip out bussers, bartenders, and on busy nights food runners. I actually lost money taking care of these horrible people because our security and my management suck.

Hate People FactsShutterstock

27. He’s Just a Baby!

When my toddler waves or says hi to people, they give him dirty looks. I kind of understand because I don't like kids either (I mean, except for my own), but they don't understand the sad reason behind his actions. He's been in speech therapy and never talked so he's excited to communicate with people. All he can say is hi. I don’t know why people can't just smile back. It happens like 80% of the time.

Hate People FactsShutterstock

28. Do Not Do This to a Pregnant Woman

I’m heavily pregnant. I finished work last week and decided on my lunch break to take a walk and enjoy the sunshine. It was pretty busy in the mall and as I was walking one way, a youngish group (early 20s) were walking toward me. I moved slightly out of the way so everyone could easily pass each other, but one of the guys deliberately did the opposite. He moved into my space, locked his shoulder into place and bumped into me with enough force that I stumbled pretty badly. Then he kept walking. One of the girls in the group turned around and looked me up and down. It was horrible. I nearly cried.

Hate People FactsPeakpx

29. Ugh, Tailgaters

Tailgating drives me crazy. I’ve been tailgated as THE ONLY VEHICLE ON A FOUR LANE ROAD (two lanes one direction, two the other). I’m driving in the right line and these awful people tailgate me the whole road EVEN THOUGH THERE IS NO ONE ELSE ON THE ROAD! Just pass me. If people don't, I have a little trick up my sleeve. Usually in a case like that I just slowly slow down, no break checks just not pressing the gas. I feel like they asked for it.

Follow That Car FactsPxHere

30. Older, Rude People

I've really noticed this with my parents and in-laws. In the last couple of years, as they've all moved into their 70's, they've become crankier and more abrupt with service people. It's so embarrassing to be with them at a restaurant when they are barking orders instead of asking nicely. I end up being the one to apologize for them or temper their requests with smiles and a please or thank you. I don't get it, because they didn't raise me or my husband that way. My parents would have FREAKED if I didn't say please or thank you to a waitress or cashier.

Hate People FactsShutterstock

31. Selfish, But for the Smallest Things

I don't know how some people have the “screw you, as long as I get mine” mentality to the degree where they do it with petty stuff. The people who want to fight you when they cut in line at the grocery store; the people that cross the street without caring about traffic; the people who buy hyped products just to resell; the people who rush to the front of the line at a catered lunch and then take extra portions to take home for later.

There are enough people screwing most of us on a SUPER large scale - now I have to deal with you taking all the Halloween candy out of the “take one” bucket just because you feel like you are more important than everyone? Shake my head.

I’m Outta Here FactsShutterstock

32. People Who Complain About Amber Alerts??

A couple of weeks back, there was a nationwide Amber alert (a notice about a missing child) that was sent out at around 11 PM. Of course, you would expect people to be sympathetic and keep a look out if they're able to - if not, they would simply ignore it and go back to sleep. But NO, these entitled people took it upon themselves to call 9-1-1 to complain about how the amber alert was too loud and woke them up. I've never been so ashamed in my life. I can't believe that Canadians would do something like this. The whole situation still has me extremely livid.

Weird Flex Kids FactsGetty Images

33. Uh, Can’t You Just Wait 15 Seconds?

On my drive to drop my toddler off at daycare this morning, I stopped at a red light in the right-hand turning lane. It is a busy intersection of two highways and each road has multiple turning and going straight lanes. The light goes through several cycles for the various different lanes. Suffice to say during rush hour it is a busy and complicated intersection.

There is no 'no right on red' sign and I am first in line and technically I can go if there is no traffic. But like I said, it is not a simple matter to determine what lanes are currently allowed to go and when I am in the clear to turn. With a baby in the car, I always err on the side of caution and just wait out the light. That was not cool apparently because the guy behind me starts laying on his horn - like honk honk hoooooonk honk hoooooonk.

I can see him in my rear view and he is like gesturing madly for me to go and flipping me off. Within ~15 seconds, the light turned green for us and we went. Dude, I am not risking pulling out into this madness with a baby in the car so you can save 15 seconds on your commute, you need to chill out.

Student Driving Test Nightmares FactsLibreShot

34. Unwilling to Die on the Commute

I carpool so I get to see other drivers more easily and usually about half of them are on their phones. I even saw a guy checking out chicks on Instagram in a busy downtown-ish area, swerving all over the place. It’s especially hard coming from Washington where there are strict cell phone laws to Missouri where there are no real cell phone laws and rarely any enforcement out on the roads, especially during winter.

We say almost daily, “it’s not a commute unless you fear for your life at least once!”

Hate People FactsPixabay

35. “Clean up the Homeless”

I was at a police commission meeting not too long ago and a lady from the Pacific Palisades was talking about she and her little neighborhood watch formed a task force with the LAPD. I was like, okay industrious old ladies—until I heard her absolutely disgusting words. She and her friends were on a mission to “clean up the homeless” and keep them off their beach.

Those entitled poop heads used police resources to basically harass homeless people and take the few belongings they had. I’m from an area similar to the Pacific Palisade, and I can’t stand the culture in these wealthy communities. We grew up on the nice side of the tracks and we’re conditioned to not care about what happens on the other side as long as it stays on the other side. These awful people have this spoiled rotten mentality that, “what’s mine is mine and I’m entitled to take yours as well.”

Hate People FactsWikimedia Commons

36. Tales of a Cart Pusher

I’m a cart pusher for Walmart. Here’s a small list of things that make me say, “I really hate people.”

  1. People who park right next to a cart corral and yet they leave their cart right in the middle of a parking space or decide to just leave their cart on a curb
  2. People who leave disgusting things in carts. i.e. used diapers, bottles of pee, used underwear, bras, socks etc.
  3. When I’m pushing a line of carts down the lot going to the bay and someone walks up and adds another one to the end without asking. Most of the time that happens when I’m already at my limit for that line. (If we’re not using the machine to push carts, we can only take 10) and most of the time they don’t even fully push the cart in which makes the line impossible to turn.

and so many more.

Hate People FactsFlickr

37. I Don’t Even Know You: Jogging

Somebody glared at me when I was doing a run today. She was driving in a car. I was on the sidewalk on the other side of the street. I was not in the middle of the street or crossing it and like I said she was on the opposite side of the road. There was no reason for her to glare at me. I wasn't making myself noticeable. I was wearing my most covering non winter exercise clothes. I wasn't showing anything. I have mild self-esteem issues and she just made me feel insecure more than anything. I was in a bad mood for the rest of the run. I'm still salty.

Hate People FactsNeedpix

38. I Know You’re on Vacation, But...

I'm a housekeeper in a historic B&B that attracts a specific clientele with a lot of money. They’re the messiest people I've met. They’ll leave rubbish everywhere, leave personal "artifacts" in sheets, beds, or on the floor, or will straight up just treat their hotel rooms like a zoo. Don't get me wrong, they're on their holiday, they deserve to have fun, but the complete disregard for the people who have to clean up after them will always make me say, "man, I really hate people."

Hate People FactsShutterstock

39. The Rules Apply to You Too

Me, my brother, and some of my step-family were at an amusement park earlier today waiting in line for a ride called "The Aviator." It randomly shut down, so they had to call maintenance. All fair. And of course, some people naturally wanted to leave.

This random lady standing outside of the line decided to go all in on her diva moment. She straight up moved an entire part of the gate so her kid didn't have to walk the rest of the way (about a quarter of the total line max). A staff member told her, "No, no, no, what are you doing?" This woman, not understanding the importance of managing foot traffic, or being too entitled to care, looked flabbergasted that someone even suggested that what she did was wrong.

Hate People FactsPixabay

40. Can’t You Just Think for Yourself?

When I was young, I had a lot of patience with stupid people because I thought they just hadn’t been taught properly. But in the last 20 years, that tolerance has gradually lowered to a point where I simply cannot stand them. I really hate people who are too lazy to think for themselves. I don’t need them to agree with me, I just need them to have reasons that they’ve thought through. Apparently, that's too much to ask.

These are the same people who distrust anyone who does value education; who value the word of experts. Like flat earthers always trying to re-prove the shape of the world and dismissing the results when it proves roundness. If they used “unique” methods to try and prove their point, I’d at least respect their drive to question authority and learn for themselves. That’s admirable. But no, instead they use the tools of science to disprove the scientists, which means that it’s not science they distrust, as many claim. They simply think they're smarter than the scientists/experts.

Hate People FactsShutterstock

41. I Did This Because You Asked

I had a guy commission me to make a $100 digital artwork. I spent like two days straight on it. They talked to me the whole time through and when it came time to do the exchange, they just ghosted. I never heard back. This has happened a few times but always with things under $30. This one just really pissed me off. I can't even use the piece for advertising because I'm guessing that's what they're waiting for-waiting for me to post it so they can just get it for free.

But nothing compared to my weirdest customer ever. This one guy ordered a big commission that was really weird. In our messages he would go back from being really nice to being a MASSIVE jerk and really insulting my communication and art skills out of nowhere. I had this feeling like he was just getting off on me being in a position where I had to keep my cool and be nice no matter what because I needed his business. By the time I was finally done with every single little minute revision he requested, he sent me money but didn't ask for the unwatermarked image. I tried to message him many times about it and he just never replied. It was like he didn't even want it the whole time, he just wanted to mess with me and then give me money. But hey, at least he actually paid.

Hate People FactsPxHere

42. Oh No You Don’t

I'm surrounded by three very, very nosy neighbors. Any strangers in the cul de sac and three sets of blinds get split by suspicious figures. I could have the Hope Diamond delivered by Amazon to my doorstep and I wouldn't worry about it. Somehow someone managed to steal a package from someone’s porch in our neighborhood. No idea who did it, but I feel like it had to be someone local...

Hate People FactsPexels

Sources:  Reddit,

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