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Astonished People Share Their Most Shocking Hotel Stories

Some hotel guests will take the saying “Make yourself at home” to an (un)natural extreme. It’s easy to forget the hotel room is a shared space, not just for future guests but also for the workers who actually have to clean it all up. On Reddit, workers and former guests have shared an endless list of horrors found between the bedsheets and in the nooks & crannies in temporary homes across the world. From nightmare bathrooms to the guests who left too much of themselves behind, here are wild stories of hotel horror.

1. Not Splitting Hairs About It

My grandfather found a clump of hair under his pillow at a hotel in Hong Kong like 50 years back. Super gross on its own, but to make matters worse, it was attached to a chunk of scalp. They got outta there real quick.

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2. Never Waste Food

Dirty cucumber in the sheets of a bed. By dirty, I mean used, and it was girthy.

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3. Bird Brain

My mother was a motel maid in southwest Kansas. Her awful story was that during pheasant season, hunters would clean the pheasants in the drawers of the dressers. I'm sure it was a not-so-pheasant surprise to find while cleaning a room.

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4. Baby’s Day Out

A baby. She just forgot her toddler, but she remembered all her baggage. She also forgot the diaper, and the kid had soiled itself. We called her up right away and she came back for him. I saw him again a few months later and learned that his grandparents got custody of him.

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5. Happy Birthday Not to You

It was a family retreat/kids birthday party. The adults were getting drunk while the kids were in the presidential suite raising hell. They had decided to have a fully-stocked ice cream bar and allowed the kids to do what they wanted with it. M&Ms crushed into the carpet, chocolate footprints on the walls, whipped cream everywhere.

Fruit punch spilled on the bed. In total, we had to charge them about $7,000 in damages, which they took to court, because they thought, "The cleanup would be included, that's why we did it at a hotel!" They also smashed glass all over our dog hiking trail, which I had to clean up.

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6.Twinkle-Twinkle Little Dust Bunny

A bachelorette party came through and after they left the next night, we had a new rule that charges a $400 glitter fee. By that I mean that after they left, you couldn't see the floor, it was covered in so much glitter. It's been a few years and you can probably still find glitter in the carpet throughout the hotel.

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7. DIY Housekeeping

A woman with mysophobia (fear of germs) stayed with us. She never let the cleaning ladies into the room as she preferred to clean it herself. One day she leaves to go out and removes the “do not disturb” sign. A maid calls down and says the room has a strong chemical odor, and that she found bags of pee and poop in the drawers.

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8. Where’s Iago, Jafar?

I once found bloody parrot feathers all over a room. They claimed it was a service animal—it wasn't—that had gotten too stressed and pulled all of its plumage out. The guest tried to blame the hotel for noise. We charged them for the cleanup.

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9. Say Cheese and Leave a Good Tip

Pizza. And not just like leftovers. An entire pizza. And not a single slice of it in the box. The first red flag we found was the slice of pizza smeared all over on the TV. Then we saw two slices side by side like they had worn them for slippers and dragged their feet across the floor. One slice in the dresser, one in the nightstand, one in the sheets, and one in the bathroom sink.

We cleaned the room as normal and put all the pizza in the box. The whole time I'm wondering why someone would do this, was the pizza not good? Was one slice enough and you had to buy the whole thing? I'm doing the final checks in the room and it still smells like pizza. I flick the lamp on and look for the final slice. I finally find it, shadowed in the lampshade.

This individual had smeared the last slice on the inside of the lamp shade. That was the final piece of the puzzle (or pizzazule). This person bought an entire pizza just to hide it in his hotel room.

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10. You’re Grounded, Loggins!

25 years ago, I worked at a snooty part of a snooty ski resort in Park City, Utah. Most of the regular guests were just typical old rich white dudes, but during Sundance season, the celebrities come out. There is a certain musician, entertaining us for decades now, who has a disgusting hobby. Or did in the early 90s at least. Next time you're cuttin’ footloose, or getting’ close to the Danger Zone, just know that Kenny Loggins gives his entire family coffee-ground enemas, which leaves a giant mess, and leaves it for the hotel staff to clean up. Twice in one stay.

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11. I Don’t Get the Point

A syringe under a mattress, AFTER I felt a prick on the end of my finger. I was tucking in a sheet under the bed, and there were actually two uncovered "insulin" needles under there. I got rushed to the hospital; hepatitis shots and a tetanus shot, two different HIV prevention medication for a month, monthly blood tests for about a year.

I'm fine, and it barely stuck me in truth, but I was already afraid of needles and disease I still feel traumatized. I was not going to post at all, but I've always wondered if there was anything else, I should have done. The doctors assured me that they were more precautious than necessary.

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12. Never Hurts to Be Prepared

A USB drive with two different versions of their obituary that they typed up for themselves.

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13. Next Time, Leave It to the Professionals

I worked at an upscale ski resort. One family let their toilet-training kid pee behind the toilet and under the sink throughout their whole visit, then put our white towels on top of it to "help clean up the mess." The whole place smelled like a freaking rhino enclosure. Ruined the towels.

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14. Unwanted Delivery

A newborn baby with his umbilical cord still attached in the toilet. We are a 5-star hotel that is very expensive, where almost all of our guests are billionaires or top celebrities and politicians.

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15. Swiper No Swiping!

I found a blood-soaked Dora the Explorer doll. There were no kids in the room as far as we know. It was just one dude in his mid-30s. There were two cans of Monster energy drink beside it and $180 dollars left in tips under the pillow. No idea what was going on. Yes, the cops were called. It was really weird, but they seemed pretty satisfied that nothing crazy went down.

I didn't really deal with the cops directly. I gave my statement about how we found the room, they sent me home and that was the only time I talked to them. Never heard anything about it after that.

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16. Exit, Pursued by a Bear

A bear. First, you gotta understand that a lot needs to happen for this to occur. Our lowest floor was still about a meter and a half from the ground, and each outside room had a balcony rail. However, a guest had decided to want to unload his motorcycle from his truck and leave the ramp down, so, I’m assuming, he could ride the bike up when he was done.

The guest that was staying in the room had room service, decided to leave the food uncovered and the balcony doors open, and later went to the hotel pool/spa to relax. Upon returning, they had gone to us at reception and said that there was a bear in the room. Puzzled, we quietly approached the room and slowly opened the door.

Lo and behold, there was a bear eating room service and making a mess of my afternoon. We had to call Parks Canada to deal with it. The guest was not charged a cleaning fee.

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17. Time of the Month? More Like Time to Renovate!

Well, I'm front desk, not housekeeping, but I get the stories. I've told this before, but I think that it deserves retelling many times over because this young lady once stuck her bloody used tampon/pad on the wall and the blood acted as a glue and cemented it to the wall. It had to be pried off. Suffice to say housekeeping was not pleased, and this disgusting young lady needs to learn some manners.

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18. Cleanliness is Next to Employer Negligence

One of my old coworkers had a second job as a housekeeper at a casino/hotel. She said they had issues with the hotel not being willing to put sharps boxes into the rooms. Occasionally people would leave used needles in the trash. Housekeepers taking care of garbage would often times get poked by needles poking out of the plastic bags.

The workers then wanted to get tested to make sure they didn't get any virus from being picked by a used needle. The hotel wouldn't even cover the costs of those tests. She'd vent about that and that is how I learned about the issue.

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19. Remember to Eat Your Vegetables

Freaking broccoli. Everywhere. In the bed, the tub, the toilet, drawers. It was ground into the carpet. No clue why. That's the weirdest one. The worst thing to find is when someone has died. Those are really bad days.

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20. Rich Enough to Know His Limits

I worked at an 800-year-old castle hotel in the UK. This young guy checked in for the weekend, paying cash for everything. Hookers were coming in and out of the hotel asking for Room 46, and he kept ordering room service. He didn't leave the room for three days. One day, he phoned reception in distress, asking for help. I went up with my manager, opened the door and there he was, room trashed, the biggest bag of cocaine I have ever seen and condoms everywhere. He kept shouting "I can’t feel my legs!" We got him an ambulance.

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21. Leave Some Trace

I own a few hotels and when I’ve walked in to see things that needed to be repaired I’ve almost thrown up—I’ve also been an EMT for 15 years now. Once, there was a giant turd smeared into the letters "Sanchez," really crudely.  The beds had been urinated all over, both of them, and there was blood on the counter.

It was drops of blood, so someone was standing over it, bleeding. I’ve found at least 4-5 condoms, used, and with some baby juice still inside. One room has been off-limits for 3 years now.

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22. Safe Before Sorry

I was in housekeeping for a while in the winter and a co-worker of mine found poop in a condom tied to the microwave door. Definitely the most baffling thing I'd heard of anyone finding.

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23. Dirty Appointment

We used to have a regular who was a doctor and I’m sure he worked with children. He came one night and took a combination of alcohol and pills and killed himself. The bit that always sticks with me is he was wearing a diaper, so he wouldn’t make a mess. I didn’t find him, but the people who did were messed up for a while after it.

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24. Too Much Information

Alright. I used to work banquets in my hotel and we had a group of Shriners rent out our entire 150-room hotel. These guys were some of the horniest dudes. They had strippers and a "massage room." Cleaning up after these drunken jerks was a nightmare. In the "massage room," we found a list and notes from the masseuses.

Saying "(name) told me to choke him." and "I used a strap-on on (name)" and a list of all the guys they had sex with, and how many times over the weekend. Pretty funny and weird but mostly funny.

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25. Cake Wars

I found huge paint buckets with mouth-marks that looked like they used to hold a LOT of red liquid and one of those giant cakes that's supposed to hold a stripper. Someone had already emerged from the cake by the looks of it. Everything smelled like fruit punch.

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26. Bestseller in the Making

About 10 pages of a hand-written manifesto/memoir/strange doodles. It was written on the back and unused parts of various police forms. I'm not sure which guest left it, since it was under the bed. But there was some oddball stuff.

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27. Cups of Fun

The aftermath of the boob implant party, including boob cake, boob confetti, boob ice cube trays, etc. Maybe someone was in the process of gender transition and this was a milestone...but I really feel like someone was celebrating going up a few cup sizes.

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28. Here for the End

I once found a dead body in a room. Well, I wasn't the first one to find it, but I had to call the police. A housekeeper reported to me that a room wasn't answering after 11 AM (the official check-out time) so they went in, and they thought the person was dead, so they came to get me. I went in and checked, and sure enough, lying mostly on the bed, was a dead guy.

He had been shot in the head. Police found the gun they believed was used in the bushes about 20'-30' from the door. This was a motel, not a hotel, so the entrances were on the outside. I never found anything else out about it, but the motel was along a strip of lodgings notorious for hookers, drugs, etc.

Between the cops, paramedics (the housekeeper went into shock) and other official vehicles, the whole scene only lasted about an hour. That was the first dead body I'd seen working for a hotel, but not the last. On a lighter note, when working at a much nicer hotel downtown, we had to evict (due to noise complaints) a gentleman and his three lovers, who left the room littered with used condoms. They also left their bag of crack in the nightstand.

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29. Not Checking Out

I was the front office supervisor at a hotel. One dude taped all the vents in his room, put towels under the door crack, and put the Do Not Disturb in his door. Paid up for five days and asked for no housekeeping. Drank a big glass of Drano. Five days later, we opened the door into one man's personal hell becoming all of ours. I'll never forget the smell.

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30. Misreading the Golden Rule

I worked for a nice hotel in Austin. A visiting professor was peeing in water bottles and leaving them around the room. He was so rude and inappropriate to the staff that we had to ask him to leave. He smelt like death.

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31. Care for a Smoke?

Crackpipes...in the backs of toilets, behind mattresses, inside chairs...all over. You'd think my boss at the time would have banned the person responsible, but nope. I even had been told off for suggesting they stay elsewhere. Got out ASAP.

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32. Before I Wake…

I found a man who had died in his sleep. The maids would have found him first had his family not shown up saying he didn't make it home when he should have, and were wondering if he stopped at our hotel for the night. Walking into that room...

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33. Law & Disorder

I was balancing the books one day when the front was swarmed with police cars. They raided a room with no notice to us at the front desk. It turned out a pimp was cooking meth in one of the rooms with two sex workers and a dog. There was a short standoff before everyone was arrested. Their car was seemingly forgotten about in the parking lot, but it disappeared a week later. We were unable to charge for damages since all of their cards were stolen.

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34. Such a Thing as Enjoying Your Stay Too Much

I worked at a hotel a few years ago, front desk. I checked out a nice couple in the morning, they were very friendly, said they enjoyed their stay. Then housekeeping got to their room, the poor woman looked shell-shocked. I got to go through the room with a camera and my supervisor to document the state of the room, which included two large, black, double-headed sex toys, lots of Ziploc baggies with powdery residue, syringes (some used, some still with caps on them, including two in the toilet), and more travel-sized bottles of baby oil than I could count.

We also found what appeared to be feces and blood smeared all over the bedding and walls and a small digital camera. Police were called, descriptions of them taken, and all the information they had used to check in. I quit soon after, so I don't know if they ever found them or pressed charges.

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35. Home is Where the Heart Is

A homeless man came into some money somehow. We never quite figured out how, but either way, he stayed in the same room for about two months. Eventually, we convinced him that he needed to go elsewhere as we had a big conference, or something like that, that was going to fill the whole hotel. I was a bellman and the hotel had a courtesy shuttle for the guests.

I was instructed to give him a ride to the new hotel he would be staying at. I helped him get the remaining stuff from his room and the moment I entered, I knew the room would be out of service for a while. There was trash everywhere, the bathtub was used as a waste bin, there were dirty stained towels pouring out of the closet, and he had stripped the bed a put his sleeping bag on the mattress.

The worst part was the smell. Despite the fact that he had been staying there for at least two months by this point, I am 99% sure he never once used the shower. It was the strangest, most disgusting thing I had ever seen. The room was out for almost two weeks while it went through a deep clean, but it still had that smell for the rest of the year and a half that I worked there.

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36. Not on My Lunch Break

We got a call from an anonymous person asking for us to do a wellness check on a guest. I get a call from security a few minutes later, and the guy on the other end of the radio sounded pretty shook up, yelling " We need you up here ASAP" I get upstairs and the two security guards look pale. They refused to go into the room, only saying that they knew I would know how to handle the situation.

I'm a combat vet and ex-police officer. I get into the room and everything is tidy. Bags packed, beds made, etc. At that moment I see the balcony door open and what appears to be someone laying out on the balcony wearing all their clothes. Drunk? Passed out? Nope.  As I got to the balcony, I could now see the person’s lap, and a revolver in their hand on said lap.

I stop for a moment, and realize he's not moving, so I step out onto the balcony, and the gravity of the situation becomes clear. This guy blew his head off. One shot to the roof of his mouth. I'll spare you the details, but I didn't have to check much to call it. At least this was the middle of the night, one shot, no other guests were awakened, and I was able to get the police, coroners, and detectives in without anyone seeing.

I got all of them, including the body, out through the back with no one else knowing anything happened. I went back downstairs and finished my pizza.

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37. Under the Wear, Into Your Face

I worked as a housekeeper for about a month back in April 2010. This was fairly early in my shift and I was on my way to pull linens. Swipe in, shut the door behind me, and start to go about my routine. First order of business: do a once over of the bathroom. I should’ve known something was up because the light was off, and I couldn’t see clearly into the bathroom.

This room was on the side of the hotel that the sun hit hardest, and every other room was flooded with light so either I just needed glasses, I'm not paying attention, or both. So, I walk forward, keeping my eyes on the floor for some reason, swing my arm around to hit the light, start to walk forward onto the tile as I'm tilting my head back up.

I walk almost straight into a pair of men’s briefs, hanging from the ceiling at about face level. I scare easy and these surprise Fruit of the Looms were no exception. I yelped, about stumbled backward into a wall as my eyes adjusted to the nightmare I had just found myself in. I dust myself off, walk into the bathroom to find this guest had a laundry line running along the shower and the ceiling and the door and had been starting to wash clothes in the sink, grab the linens, and got the hell out. God as my witness, those briefs I almost faceplanted had skid marks.

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38. Some Things Should Stay on Basic Cable

This is a second-hand story; a buddy of mine is a hotel manager in a large downtown hotel. They had a sex worker come down to the front desk fully nude, screaming in hysterics to call 9-1-1. She had just woken up in one of their rooms strapped to the bed like it was Dexter's table. The whole room had been draped in plastic.

The John was in the shower when she came to. She managed to wriggle free and ran out of the room. By the time the cops arrived, the dude had left, but the room was still all Dexter-ed up. The security footage could see the guy leave the hotel, but he'd obscured his face on every camera angle. To my buddy's knowledge, the guy was never caught.

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39. Get A Room!

It’s late evening, and a woman comes angrily in to our lobby from the pool with three children and says, “You guys need to do something about what’s going on out there,” and gestures to the pool area. I look at her inquisitively and she just says, “Go look, you’ll see.” I walk outside and it’s pretty immediately clear the couple in the hot tub are “discreetly” having sex.

I approach just enough to get their attention and say, “Hi guys, I know everyone’s here to have a good time tonight, but we got a complaint about some hot and heavy activity in the hot tub.” They’re clearly intoxicated but apologize and say it will stop. A few minutes later, the phone rings. It’s the woman who complained before calling from her room which faces the pool.

She says: “They’re still at it. You need to do something. Children are staying in this hotel.” I go back outside and sure enough, now that the spectators are gone, they’re having sex out in the hot tub. I go back out, tell them to get out. They start giving me the story: it’s their anniversary, they’re very sorry, we won’t have any more problems with them, etc., etc.

I foolishly let them stay in the hot tub. 10 minutes later: phone rings. “Seriously!!?” Same lady. I look out the window, they’re both totally naked. “I’m sorry, ma’am, I’ve warned them, I’m calling the police.” Police arrive and head out to the pool. The officer handles it like a pro. He’s very nice, let’s them know that it’s inappropriate, but he doesn’t want to ruin what’s clearly a fun weekend for them both, but they need to go to their room and not come out for the rest of the night.

They are to stay in their room until tomorrow morning. No excuses. The couple thanks him for his understanding and promises they’ll behave and stay in their room. The officer and I wind up chatting and laughing about it all, and he asks if he can grab a cup of coffee in our lobby while he fills out his report. Of course, he can.

He’s sitting in the lobby, I’m back to work, and I hear him say, “Oh, you’ve got to be freaking kidding me!!” I’m shocked at the break in tranquility as I see him jump up and exit the lobby. He goes right to the hot tub, where the same couple is back in the hot tub making out. I can only assume they took the stairs at the end of the hall out to the parking lot and around to the pool. He arrested them both. They came back Monday afternoon—they’d been arrested on Friday night—to collect their property.

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40. Safe Keeping is Good for the Colon

Not a hotel worker but once stayed in a resort in the Dominican where someone had poop in the safe. Or I guess carried their poop to the safe? Not sure. Either way, I guess the staff hadn’t checked to see if anything was in there when cleaning after the last guests.

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41. The Creepiest Staycation

There was an older woman who checked in my second week of being there, she definitely should not have been independent. She lived in town and booked a room for a week. She said that she was getting her house renovated because it was infested with “fiberglass.” She was probably in her 70s. She would walk around with one of those surgical masks and wore yellow rubber gloves.

As the week went on, she started to wear bandages on her arms—we think she was scratching herself, I bet if we asked it would have been because of the fiberglass. She shouldn’t have been able to drive. but she kept going to and from her house to get more things, basically was moving in. Our hotel was on a main road, and she would just back up into it without looking.

It was a miracle she never got into an accident. But other than that, she would spend most of her time in the room, and occasionally would walk to the office and just spout crazy stories about fiberglass and how it was everywhere and all over her room. Once the week was up she extended her stay another five days because her house wasn’t ready yet.

She repeatedly declined maid service so we could never really get a glance of the condition of the room, yet she would keep complaining that her air-conditioning had “fiberglass all over it.” One of the days, she came to the door complaining that the room was infested with spiders and she showed a tissue that she said had “spiders in it,” but there was nothing.

Like really sad stuff. Unfortunately, since we didn’t really have any real way of helping her, my boss advised me to tell her that we are booked solid for the rest of the summer, etc., so she couldn’t extend her stay any longer. We waited out those last few days dealing with her complaining and occasionally catching glances at the room as the maids brought her towels and such.

From what we saw there were pillows everywhere, a big bag of like perfumes, pills, etc. sprawled out on the dresser (like sooo many random things), etc. She was seen a few times carrying large garbage bags into the room we weren’t sure what was in them. Just imagine a room that a mentally ill person had been staying in.

She also had a few weird interactions with guests that made them complain, so we really could not wait until she was gone. But this is the freakiest part, where we get to the answer to what we found after a guest’s stay: IT WAS SPOTLESS. On her last night, we think she climbed out the window (first floor) and put stuff in her car and left—stealing the key too, but that’s common enough, we just replace them.

We went back and looked on camera and she was not on camera leaving at all, and the night manager did not see her leave. If you leave the regular way, you have to be seen by the manager, the office is in the front and it's a small hotel. The only way she could have done it was through the window. Every worker at the hotel was so curious to see what the room was like after she was gone.

It was insane, clean, with nothing broken except the air conditioner air filter (the one she’d said had fiberglass all in it). Other than that not much else. We still had a third party clean the room, but it was freaking weird man. My boss said she drove by the address and it was a beautiful house that must have cost a couple million, minimum, and there was like a metal trailer in the driveway.

We think she started living in that after the hotel. Sad, and just so, so bizarre. I really hope she got some help or something. There really wasn’t much we or I specifically could do, so we had to just move on.

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42. Where Is the Tooth Fairy When You Need Her?

I don't work in a hotel, but I did visit the Best Western in Florida and it was hell. I found two human teeth in my sheets, they were still bloody. Then a dead mouse in the middle of the floor, guts exposed. I found the mouse first obviously and went straight to the front desk to tell them that there's a dead mouse on my floor and I'd like it removed by the staff.

I don't think a paying customer should have to do that stuff themselves. I know that sounds snotty, but I'm paying to stay here for vacation, not to finish cleaning up dead mice from my room that the staff somehow missed. Also, I don't have any gloves or anything with me, what if it's diseased? I have no desire to touch it. They said, "Okay, we'll be in there in about five to 20 minutes."

So I left my bags inside the room, away from the mouse, then left for the store. I got back an hour or so later, and the mouse was still there. I go straight to the front desk and the same woman at the counter says that she's sorry and the janitor will be there in a few minutes. She did indeed phone him, right in front of me, to go to my room number to clean it up.

I waited in my room for over an hour and the janitor still doesn't show up. I go back to the front desk and it's a new person there. This man is the manager and I explain what's going on. He apologizes politely then leaves to go get the janitor. I leave again, I forget what for, and come back hours later. The mouse is STILL FREAKING THERE!

At this point, I am pissed off and it is dark outside. I just want to go to bed. I march up to the front desk and this time I'm fairly unreasonable. I'm yelling at the front desk woman (the third person I've spoken to about it so far) and explain that I've been waiting for hours for this dead/bloody mouse to be cleaned up from my room.

She apologizes and says that all of the cleaners have gone home for the night and she's not permitted to clean rooms. So I give up, go back to my room, grab a towel from the bathroom and lay it over the mouse. I then tiredly crawl into bed to discover a human tooth in the bed. It looked like a little kid's tooth and I sigh in agony.

I got out of bed and went back to the front desk and explained that now there are human teeth in my bed. She says she cannot do anything about it. I inquire about switching rooms and she says it cannot be done. I'm livid at this point and just want to go to bed. I'm so frustrated that I don't know what to do with myself.

I then settle for sleeping in the armchair in my bedroom for the night. I wake up with a stiff neck, nothing serious, and go straight to the front desk. I explain to the day manager what happened the previous day (different manager). He says that he'd heard nothing about this incident before. I yell so loud and I demand that he follow me to my room and let me show him the mouse and tooth.

He followed and he's all "Wow, wtf??" and goes to get the janitor/cleaners. I wait for two hours, they don't show up. I send another notice for the cleaners then leave to go do vaction stuff. I get back late that night and nothing has been cleaned, not even the towels in the bathroom that they normally do throughout the day. I go to the front desk and scream my butt off.

The front desk lady is the same as the first girl from day one and she's like "Holy crap, they didn't fix it yet??" She leaves to go get the cleaners. She manually forces them into the room and yells at them to clean it. The janitor is just like "Uhhh, I need to go get supplies for this. I need latex gloves,” and leaves.  He does not come back.

It's now 2 AM, I'm exhausted, the janitor went home, there's a new woman at the front desk; I am pissed off. I then use a Kleenex to grab the tooth out of the bed and set it on the nightstand. I get a decent sleep in the bed. I wake up to a SECOND tooth in the bed, this one is all bloody. I immediately check my mouth in the bathroom mirror, all my teeth are fine.

I grab a towel and pick up the dead mouse, then both teeth in a napkin. I walk them down to the front desk and slam them on the counter. I raise hell. I'm not sure if I'm overreacting or not, but I am beyond enraged. I'm surprised I didn't pick up a chair and throw it against a wall. I would never hit someone, especially not the defenseless/innocent women behind the counter, it's not their fault.

I even feel bad for yelling at them. I scream at the manager that I waited two days for the tooth and mouse to be cleaned up and the manager just shrugged. I demand a refund and since there's proof (the dead mouse in a towel and two teeth in a napkin) I am instantly granted this refund. I have never been this mad before. I felt the section of my brain that controls and distributes anger going overload.

Looking back, I feel bad for yelling so much, but at the same time, I feel it was also warranted. I cut my vacation by three days because of this event. I was too upset to even stay on vacation and just went home.

Ryan Gosling factsGetty Images

Sources:  Reddit, 2, 3, 4

Who doesn’t love a nice, relaxing vacation in some different and interesting place somewhere far, far away?

As most of us know, one thing that can easily make or break a vacation is the place where we choose to stay. Despite how great everything else about our destination may be, whatever hotel, motel, hostel, or other form of lodging we choose to make our temporary homes while away can either enhance our travel experience or completely ruin it.

Whether it's being in a bad location, hosting some unwanted neighbors, or just providing some overall sub-par service, getting stuck with bad accommodations can quickly turn your motto from “vacation vibes” to “there’s no place like home.”

Here are 36 anecdotes that vividly show what it’s like when a hotel ends up giving us less (or in some cases, more) than we bargained for!

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels FactsFičí - Sme

43. Can Anything Else Go Wrong?

In Thailand we went kayaking, the kayak got stuck on some rocks while we were making our way back to the shore. Me and bf at the time both stepped in sea urchins and had to limp to the clinic to get them removed. I had a TON of them in my feet. It hurt lol.

To add to that, right before we went kayaking I grabbed a quick bite and later got food poisoning from that meal. So while I stepped in sea urchin, the bad food I ate was festering up in my stomach and got me super sick. So I pretty much got double whammied all in one day. My time in Koh Phi Phi was Koh Poo-Poo :(

I started vomiting and going to the bathroom from food poisoning while we were back at the hotel. So I was limping with my healing foot back and forth to the toilet in the hotel room. I hope this qualifies as my worst ever experience in a hotel.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsvecernji

44. Front Desk? More Like the Front Lines...

My old roommate spent a night in Belize City before heading to the beaches. The guy at the front desk was murdered overnight.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsyoutube

45. Three Okays Are Apparently As Good As None

Two nights ago, drunk guests in the room next door in Kuala Lumpur were playing loud music and screaming until 4 am. I knocked on their door every 30 mins after midnight, they would open, I'd tell them I had a 5 am flight next morning so I really needed to sleep, they would say "ok ok ok" then close, keep quiet for literally 30 seconds and then continue. Total idiots!

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsmodern commitment

46. That’s a Pretty Hostile Attitude Towards Hostels

Quebec City.

Came home late at night to people having sex in my bed.

Hostel stories are kind of cheating though, even the best ones have loud snorers and girls face-timing their boyfriends back home at 3 am.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsmacx

47. I’d Take Quality Over Quantity Any Day

I stayed in a disgusting, pest-infested place and according to their website, the price for that room has since gone up to $34.50.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Facts

48. Ulterior Motives Much?

I had someone from a good hotel recommend me another place to stay, which turned out to be terrible. The only reason I can imagine for this is that recommendation = commission reward.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsvluchtelingenwerk

49. Luck of the Draw

I walked around for hours in Xi'an, China looking for a room until I thought I should check out the hotel connected to the train station. At that point, I couldn't care less if there were cockroaches running across the room. Luckily it was a decent room though.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsbrothers of the book

50. Dying and Diving, Vacation Style

I had to help save the life of a desk clerk who had been stabbed. I think he would've eventually called for an ambulance himself but he was in too much shock when I got there so I had to take matters into my own hands.

The more creepy thing is that the assailant must've just left. If I would've been there a literal minute or two earlier I would've encountered them and could've been hurt too.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsmagoosh

51. Never Forget That Some Sisters Are Evil Twins!

First time backpacking around Europe in the early 2000s in the summer. My sister and I, who were new college graduates at the time, go on a six-week tour. Midway we're in Berlin and the next stop is Munich. We're traveling on a budget and the hostel in Berlin helps us out in making reservations to their sister hostel in Munich with glowing reviews for four nights. The hostel in Berlin was one of the best we had experienced so we were game.

We show up at the Munich hostel and find out there rooms are above a beer garden laden with smoke. It wasn't the noise or atmosphere that bothered us, it was the cigarette smoke. I'm an asthma sufferer and the slightest sense of it induces my asthma.
We stayed one night in a four bed shared room.

The second day we find a nearby hotel and opt to book there. I ask the receptionist manager if we can opt out of the last two nights since it was high season and finding replacements in our head shouldn't be much of a problem. We were willing to forego a night's payment. This place was so old school they did not accept credit cards and did everything by handwritten ledgers.

The manager was in his late 50s, and shouted at the top of his lungs that we must pay for all four nights or he will call the police. After trying to discuss this with him in a civil manner, he shouts "You Americans think you do this in OUR HOUSE? This is our house, you obey our orders. This IS Germany!"

He then threatens that if we don't pay the remaining nights he will come to our rooms with some other men and tussle. My sister and I return to our room, tell a fellow American backpacker what happened and that things might get elevated in the room. We wait for an hour, no one comes—we book it out of there and since they only accepted cash—they had no formal trace of who we were, etc. One of the oddest situations to be in.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Facts

52. C’mon Lady, Have a Sense of Humor!

I travel a lot, both for my work and for fun.

My absolute worst hotel stories involve bed bugs—ironically at the Sheraton Philadelphia and the Hilton Anatole in Dallas.
I also found two cockroaches in my bathroom at the Sheraton in Philadelphia. When confronted, the lady at the front desk offered me 2,000 points. I asked her if it was a 1,000 points per cockroach. She wasn't too impressed.

I am usually happy to pay more and stay in a nicer hotel or go camping. So, I have been fortunate enough to avoid some of the crappier hotel nightmare stories.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsworld of buzz

53. And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

Roughly 2004. Iceland hostel in the north (between Akureyri and Dalvik). Kids on a school trip next to us managed to kick through the adjoining wall while doing vodka-infused somersaults on the bunk beds. We got a free packed lunch. Otherwise been lucky.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels FactsSunshine Coast Daily

54. Gotcha!

Wife and I were wandering around Montezuma, Costa Rica trying to decide on a place to stay. We asked other tourists elsewhere for suggestions, and one place kept popping up. I forget the name of it now (I'd remember if I looked it up), but it was a hippie hostel right on the beach.

We get there and ask to see a room before booking. The host brings us back to the lousiest concrete seven by eight slab of a room, with a stained twin mattress on the floor and a bucket of water for washing. Quotes us $30.

Nah, no thank you.

We walked one block inland away from the beach and found a really nice quaint hotel for $35, with a new king bed, AC, cable TV, and a great courtyard. I don't know what those other people were thinking to recommend that first place. Must have been a running joke.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factspinterest

55. The One Two Punch of Bad Service

Took an hour to check-in to a hotel in Louisville on a work trip, literally the only time in my life it's taken longer than ten minutes. Then the next day, sewage came back up the sink drain and overflowed the sink and was pouring onto the bathroom floor.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels FactsKnoxville Plumbing

56. Second to One

Was in Haiti, took the bus from Port-au-Prince to Cap Haitien, and got in MUCH later than we'd anticipated, at about 10:30pm. It was raining torrentially, and since Haiti was in the middle of a gas shortage all of the streetlights were out and it was pitch black.

Our Google Maps was telling us that the bus stop was a few kilometers out from town and far from the hotel we'd planned on staying at, so we decided to just stay at the hotel attached to the bus stop, then figure things out in the morning.

Came in to find one sleepy guy running the place, who showed us to a dark, dingy room, that didn't appear to have been cleaned, and had the sheets just bunched in a corner. He quickly tried to tidy up, and threw the corner sheets onto the bed.
Then he charged us $80 USD and wouldn't budge.

Slept horribly. Got up in the morning and made our way to the hotel that we'd PLANNED on staying at, which was $60 for a beautiful room overlooking the city, free super fast Wi-Fi, included breakfast, bright restaurant, and even had an infinity pool.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factstext shorthand

57. As Long As You Were Happy With It, Who Am I to Complain?

A decade ago on Koh Lanta, I was sharing a bungalow with some friends and drew the short straw so I was on the floor. There were a lot of stinging ants on the floor. Still, the place was awesome.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsmayachik

58. What’s Bugging You Guys?

This story took place a few years ago in Mandalay. The hotel room was dirty and had lots of mosquitos but my wife and I figured whatever, it’s just a few nights.

So the first morning we are lying on the bed trying to figure out where to go for the day when we look down and spot a giant bug sitting between our heads. We noped out and managed to snag a deal on a luxury hotel doing a soft open.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Facts

59. You Were in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time, My Friend

Check into a motel in Dothan, Alabama on our way to vacation. Cheap place but solid and quiet. Around 1 am I hear some commotion outside but it quickly passes. Ten minutes later I hear some cars pull up and doors open and close. Then the sound of the room next to ours being raided.

Turns out the guy next to us was wanted on some federal warrants. The feds were out there for a while. I couldn't leave as our car was blocked in. The kids went back to sleep but I couldn't. Spent most of the night sitting outside watching. They comped the room though.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsbusiness insider

60. To Each Their Own I Guess...

There was the night in DC where, at 11 pm, the folks next to us, all nine of them, check into a two-bed unit and begin having a curry cook-off, or so it smelled like. Hotel was full, I ended up moving to another place. The hotel took care of it, when the guy was checking me out he said that the folks next to us had been moved around from other rooms due to their noise.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsedenikseres

61. The Key to a Good Hotel Experience is Not Letting Anything Like This Happen...

I was staying at a guesthouse in Qui Nhon, Vietnam. Decent place, family run, clean and well kept, about $10 USD a night. Everyone was nice, but very little English spoken.

I'd walked down to the beach that evening, met a fellow backpacker at a bar, and we had drinks until about 11:30 PM. I walked back to the guesthouse to see the main gate surrounding the yard locked up tight. The house was surrounded by a nine or ten-foot tall iron fence, and I couldn't get in. All the lights were off, and there was no buzzer.

I pace back and forth for about ten minutes trying to figure out what to do. I finally find a ledge that I could use as a boost and manage to pull myself up and over the fence. I walk up to the front door and knock.

The very nice early 20s guy sleeping on a cot by the front door (if you've been to Vietnam you know this is normal) cautiously opened the door. He recognized me and let me in and started chattering in Vietnamese.

Finally, he said—"how you?" and I motioned that I went over the fence. His eyes bugged out! A guest at his place had had to jump over the fence 'cause he'd locked up for the night.

Then he said ... "but.... keys?" This was the kind of place where you were supposed to leave the key to your room at the desk. They know who is in and who is out by which keys are left in the "checked in but not in" pile on the desk. I didn't know that I was supposed to do that (no one stopped me on my way out) so I had my key with me. Since there weren't any keys in that pile, he assumed everyone was in for the night, and locked up.

I apologized to him because it was my fault for not leaving the key. I didn't want him all wound up that I would report him in the morning for locking me out.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsyoutube

62. Sounds Like You Got Snaked By This Hotel

Snake in my room when I stayed in Thailand.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsdumielauxepices

63. A Consistent Routine is an Important Part of Life

We were in Florence and the hotel was fine, but every night around 2 am some guy would walk up and down the street yelling "castratro." On the third night of this, some guy in another room leaned out a window and yelled that if the guy didn't shut up he'd come down and castrate him personally. Blessed silence for the rest of our stay.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels FactsFocus Forward Counseling

64. Those Who Do Not Learn From History Are Doomed to Repeat It

I was spending the night in a cheap Comfort Inn hotel in Raleigh, North Carolina and a group of people were hanging out in the hallways right outside my door literally all night shouting and laughing. I was furious. Before I went out there and told them to shut up, I heard someone else pop their head out and ask them to be quiet.

One of the guys responded, "get back in your room and shut up before I shoot yo butt." And they continued to carry on like this all night. I've extensively traveled around the US, and that was probably the one night where I actually felt uncomfortable. So, whether you agree with this decision or not, I went home and bought a gun for all future domestic travels.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels FactsGaslamp Media

65. A Scenic Nightmare

I was trapped in a hotel room with NO WINDOWS.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsyoutube

66. My Comfort Food Was Nowhere to Be Found in My Moment of Need

I had an incident in Yangon, Myanmar in June 2017 where at night I could hear strange footsteps in the hallways. I was so scared. I couldn't even go to the 7-Eleven to get an ice cream to relax because Myanmar does not have any 7-Elevens. They don't even have ice cream late at night for sale. There was pretty much nothing I could do to calm myself down.

Truly horrifying.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsthe blaze

67. Working Right Through Your Vacation

One of the hotel staff had somehow gotten seriously injured and wounded when I had arrived. He was bleeding heavily from his face, it was a very deep wound. I call 911 and then since I'm a nurse I ask where their first aid kit is. He tells me, I go to open it and ...... it's completely empty.

Grabbed some towels from a cart behind the front desk and had him put pressure on it until the ambulance came.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsamazon

68. You Interrupted Their Important Business!

A couple of years ago in Cali, Colombia there were these two Italian drunkards that made sure no one in the guesthouse could sleep by smashing watermelons with machetes in the kitchen. I went up to them at around 2 am to try to make them understand we were like 20 other people in the other rooms that would love to spend the night in peace and they just disregarded me and kept on.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsamazon

69. Knowing How to Manage Your Peers

As anyone who has had to spend any amount of time staying with other people in hostels knows, there is a special place in hell for snorers. One trick for handling them is to clap really hard, which brings them out of "rhythm" and they're quiet for a couple minutes.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsdream sleep lk

70. Giving Them an Ultimatum

Hahaha. I was staying in a pensión in San Sebastián, Spain a couple of years ago and had people having loud sex in the room next door. I opened the window and called out, "Invite me or shut up!" They quieted down after that.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels FactsKeep Calm-o-Matic

71. I Guess Some Things Come With the Territory

My family is from the Philippines and after having visited twice, I feel that asking the question of whether the hotel rooms will be shared by insects and/or bedbugs is always completely warranted.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsamazon

72. The Ants Go Marching Hundreds By Hundreds (Hoorah?)

I was cleaning my mouth in the sink and suddenly hundreds of ants came out of the tap. That's the worst story I have.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels FactsVery Cozy Home

73. Always the Reception You Want to See

When I entered the hotel, there were already cops all over the place, although I don't remember the specifics of what happened. Either someone went out for the evening, returned, and a guy was found dead, or it happened overnight.

Kind of weird since I don't think the city I was in is that unsafe.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factserr

74. Filling a Psychological Need for Feeling Safety

Having been staying in one of the murder capitals of the country, I chose to bring a gun because I did not feel safe in my hotel room with a group of people right outside of my door (literally could see them through the peephole) shouting and laughing all night long, who already made one death threat against another hotel guest.

It was not that I was planning to directly confront them holding a gun, or that I would have confronted them at all, but I just did not feel safe without knowing that I had one there just in case.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels FactsI Love Children

75. The Uninvited Guest That Just Keeps Coming Back

I was in India, a little south of Delhi. I was sitting in bed looking out the window kind of in a jet-lagged haze. Suddenly a dark blob jumped out in front of the window and rammed into my window. I about had a heart attack! It was a monkey, and every morning it would do the same thing. Basically jump at the window and bang on it to get a rise... what a jerk!

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factscurious monkey 247

76. Taking One For the Team

I was staying at a hostel in Cambodia, in a big room with 30 beds or so.

In the middle of the night, a girl came back from partying on a ton of drugs. She flopped into a top bunk bed that wasn't hers, and then proceeded to vomit and poop in her pants. It dripped down through the bed and the rest of us in the room woke up to the poor guy in the bottom bunk just screaming in horror.

We were all up for the next hour (at about 3 AM) trying to air the place out before we could go back to sleep.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factstommy spero

77. They Must Have Been Pretty Shocked to Hear That

Two people loudly having sex for hours in the room next door. So hard, my bed was literally moving with every thrust he gave her, which is what woke me up. After an hour, I finally called the room, when the guy finally answered, I told him to “move the pillow so I could see the girls face”... they stopped instantly.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels FactsCasper Blog

78. Wild Goose Chases Are Worse On No Sleep

Flying into Venice, Italy, I had been awake for almost 24 hours and was exhausted. Next, I was stuck in the sun on a crowded boat for about an hour on the way to Lido. Pinned against the stern without shade, that was enough time for me to get sunburned.

Sweaty and sunburned, I get off the boat and get on a bus for a ten-minute ride to my hotel. I show up at the address and the hotel is no longer in business. It is just an empty shell of a building with a sign and a phone number that I couldn't call. I did not receive any notices in my messages.

I go and get back on the next bus to go back to where it picked me up in the first place, so I paid to go nowhere, essentially. Frustrated, hauling my luggage around the bumpy streets, and in broken Italian, I ask local business owners what happened and where can I go. I was sent to a "sister" hotel of the same chain. Thank goodness they honored my other reservation and gave me a very nice room. Friggin finally.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factspexels

79. Not This Type of Thing Again!

In Montreal ten years ago, came back to our hotel by UQAM by myself around midnight to find the front desk clerk stabbed and on the ground.

Worst Experiences When Staying in Hotels Factsyoungisthan


We’ve all had the luxury of staying in a hotel. Granted, sometimes it’s less a luxury and more a nightmare, which is exactly what these Redditors experienced during their hotel stays. You name it and someone online has probably found it in their hotel room. Discoveries run the gamut from bodily fluids, to other fluids, to insects, oh boy! The things you can find in a strange hotel room. You’ll be glad to have missed stays at these places and if you think by not booking the cheapest place around you’ll avoid the unexpected, think again. The strange and disturbing doesn’t discriminate based off caste.

So next time you have to book a hotel do yourself a favor and read those reviews very thoroughly. If you’re lucky you just might avoid a situation that could scar you for life. In the meantime, please allow these stories to create a deep paranoia within you so that you distrust every bed except your own. Here are the strangest things people have found in their hotel rooms.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room factsNavilogue

80. That’s What We Call a Bad Surprise

I went to a Motel 6 a few weeks ago. The room looked surprisingly nice. Nice bed, nice TV, clean bathroom and refrigerator. Generally pretty nice.

I woke up in the morning covered in ants. Head to toe. Hundreds. Bleargh.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Myrmecology

81. Murder Must Have Taken Place

BLOOD... so much blood.

I worked at the hotel. The pillow was soaked solid. The mattress was covered. Because I worked in the scuzziest hotel in town, we shampooed the carpet and flipped the mattress and rented it out that night.

That means someone was sleeping on a mattress still damp with tons of blood. Yuck.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Getty Images

82. Tooth Fairy Must Have Left Something Behind

A tooth. A huge tooth just sitting on the windowsill. Had the longest root I had ever seen.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Raeuchermischungen-blog

83. What an Unexpected Location

A couple years ago I stayed in a suite, and my girlfriend (now wife) found a large pair of worn/stained black lace panties. In a kitchen drawer.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts WoodSpring Suites

84. Hidden Treasures

I used to travel around installing the satellite/N64 systems in hotels, and I'd always check the ceiling tiles for things. Regulars often request the same rooms every time, and leave stashes. I've found a lot of porn, the occasional bag of weed, and one time, a stained photograph of some girl with eighties hair, wearing jorts and a fanny-pack.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Vecteezy

85. Oh Boy…

Four bullet holes and one freshly painted wall.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts diy.stackexchange

86. Not the Fungus You Would Expect to Find in a Hotel

In a so-so (but not super terrible) hotel in southern California, I noticed a wet, dark area in the corner of the hotel room near where the back of the bed meets the wall. There was a swampy, musty smell coming from the corner, like some kind of fungus was growing. In the corner was a small cluster of live mushrooms growing. Not like little newborn mushrooms, but big, white mushrooms and their mushroom babies too. A big happy mushroom family. Freaking mushrooms growing in the hotel room.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Business Insider India

87. Sweet, Free Beer

I found a five-pack of beer behind the chair in my hotel room once.

Just thought I'd break up the shower of sadness with something upbeat and positive, here.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Behance

88. Now That Is Truly a Strange and Disturbing Find

A bag with a bloody tattoo gun and some white power literature in it hidden in the back of the TV stand duct taped behind the telephone books.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Everystockphoto

89. Well This Felt Inevitable

A cat under the bed.

A dead cat.

It looked partially mummified.

Along with its kittens.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts ReEvolve Clothing

90. This is the House That Ants Built

We stopped at a hotel out in the country once and after getting into the room I went to take a leak. No big deal, but I did kind of notice the bathtub was black which I thought was a little unusual. So I mentioned it to my friend, "Check out the black bathtub."

He stuck his head in the bathroom and said, "the bathtub isn't black, but the million ants in it are." Got a full refund and drove to the next town!

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts 6legs2many

91. I’m Not Usually an Advocate For Arson...But I Think You Know Where I’m Going With This

Miami Int. Airport has a few great selections nearby. I was really strapped for cash and only needed to stay one night, so I thought I would pick the cheapest one. Hell, they even had a shuttle to and from for overnighters like me, so how bad could it be?

I opened the door and the acrid stench of piss slapped me in the face. Not like, "Oh hey, I think someone took a piss in here and didn't clean it up." It was more like "Hide ya wife, hide ya kids."

I sat down to console myself and turned on the TV to drown out my fears; 85 percent Spanish channels. Okay not a problem, let me just adjust my seat, maybe I'll learn something. Nope. Feces mixed with lube scraped underneath the seat. I walked into the bathroom to wash off my hands. Soap? Who needs it! So I manage to get out the manual keys left-handed from my right pocket, open the door just looking in horror. I washed it off at the McDonald's across the street. I bought all three of my meals there and never spoke of that night again.

I go there every night in my dreams, that place where I lost a part of me, a part that I can never, ever get back.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Odyssey

92. I’m Just Surprised It Smelled Like Strawberries

I found a Harry Potter wand that smelled like strawberries behind the bed. Wasn't quite sure what to do.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Business Insider

93. Better Call Sherlock In On This One To Find the Culprit

Not the hotel room, but the lobby.

I was staying at a (fairly nice, actually) hotel in Berlin that had a communal computer in a corner in the lobby. I came back from the bars one night around 2 am, went to check my email before bed, and noticed that the keyboard had some new red dots on it. Then I looked down.

There was a gigantic pool of blood next to the chair where I was sitting, and a trail of blood leading away from the computer towards the stairs. The stairs had a red carpet, so once whoever it was got to the steps, it disappeared. I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts AgileLeanLife

94. Oh, That’s a Fun Thing to Learn

I found droplets of blood all over the ceiling in a hotel bathroom in Washington DC. I thought someone was murdered in the room until learning this often happens with IV drug use. Not that this was any better in my book.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room factsDerpibooru

95. Unwanted Moisture

I was exhausted and flopped down into bed. Little did I know that the mattress was saturated with baby oil. Probably from lovemaking. I was covered. I had to throw my pajamas away.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Blush

96. I Wouldn’t Have Double-Checked It Was Blood Either

I checked into a hotel in NYC (first trip to a big city) and there was a cup of blood with fingernails in it. This was before camera phones so I don't have any proof but it was definitely disgusting.

Full disclosure I don't know 100 percent that it was blood but it sure as hell seemed that way.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts doloykurit

97. Is That You The Rock From Scorpion King?

I think it was 2007 when I went to Rome with my GF at the time. We got settled into the flat we rented and when it was time for bed, we crawled under the sheets only to discover a dead scorpion under the pillow.

So glad it was dead.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Directors blog

98. Oooh Secret Tunnels

An ex co-worker got his first job cleaning rooms in a migrant worker hotel. He discovered that the mirrors were moveable and two way. The crawl space between the rooms had lots of footprints and were littered with a startling amount of cigarette butts and whiskey bottles.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Jooinn

99. Where’s Child Services?

In the fifth grade, I won a trip to the Wisconsin Dells with others from elementary schools around the city. It was a weekend trip and was supposed to be fun. We stayed in the crappiest motel I have ever seen, the window in the bathroom was broken and a raccoon crawled inside. I was stuck in this motel with three other fifth graders I had never met and we looked under the mattresses of the beds to find old porn mags with used condoms and sex toys. Worst motel I've ever stayed in.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Lakeroadmedia

100. Knife Wins

I am torn between the skid marked sheets in a motel room in Alberta, or a giant steak knife I found sticking out of a wall in Costa Rica.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Hello Subscription

101. That’s Just Not Cool

I work at a hotel, the worst I have ever found was a guy three days after he killed himself.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Jenn

102. Forever Checking My Bed Frames

A friend of mine used to work the front desk of a place and told me this: Once, a room had a smell complaint. They scrubbed it. Still smelled. Lifted the mattress off the frame and found a dead hooker.

The truck-driver who rented to room a few days prior was easy enough for the cops to find.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room factsToo Many Adapters

103. Good Call, Good Call

I was at a really crappy hotel in eastern Baltimore. I mean, really crappy. Stains and missing wallpaper, the whole nine yards. It was so crappy I didn't really feel safe, so I started to move the wardrobe over towards the door. There were a dozen and a half or so discarded needles underneath the wardrobe.

I didn't stay there that night.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room factsYoutube

104. You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough to Deal With That

Some bad ones, worst one by far:

This woman comes back absolutely sloshed from a night of drinking. She proceeds to drop her room card, ID, bank card and credit card down the shaft of our elevator. Once I manage to stop the elevator and go down the shaft to retrieve her things, she goes up to her room to pass out.

The next day in the afternoon, we get a call asking for housekeeping, we tell the lady that housekeeping is gone for the day but we can certainly help her with whatever she needs. She answers "never mind I will do it myself." Her room is up on the fourth floor, which is relevant for what happens next. Our porter is doing her usual rounds and when she reaches the fourth floor, as soon as she gets off the elevator there is a terrible stench across the hall.

She walks through and eventually finds the source of the problem. This lady, the same from the night before, had managed to crap all over her bedsheets and instead of doing something normal like trying to clean it or at least notify the desk, she decided the best way to solve the problem was to leave the sheets just outside her room.

Somehow she had the balls to try and fight the costs we charged her for dry cleaning. Also, turns out she was in town because she was on trial for physically assaulting an officer, as such the charges were being covered by the freaking government.

She was white trash at its best, one other night (before the crap incident), she failed to answer her wake-up call so according to protocol, the porter had to go up and get her up (make sure she isn't dead is why it's done). When he keyed in, since she wasn't answering the knocks, he found her passed out on her bed, completely naked, no sheets.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room factsEmo Images

105. Sounds Like a Pretty Cool Hat

I was staying in this HORRIBLE hotel in Miami for a couple days because it was cheap on Priceline. From the outside, the place was classy and old school Miami all the way. The first turn off was that they didn't have any parking and they couldn't suggest where to park for some reason. We ended up parking a couple of miles away.

We get in the room and it looks like a prison cell. The windows are tinted white and have bars on both sides because it's obviously not safe to be in this hotel and they need to protect people on the outside from its occupants. There's a crappy, dirty, scratchy comforter on a metal frame bed and a TV from the early '90s up in the corner of the room with not much space to walk around.

The bathroom had a permanently wet floor with a drain in the middle for quick clean up which didn't matter much because this place had never been cleaned. There was blood splattered on the wall in the bathroom along with boogers smashed into the grout and pubic hairs stuck around all willy nilly. You had to use the shower super quick or there was no hot water.

All of these things, I can handle. I was just there to keep my stuff and sleep. All night I could hear everyone in this hotel. The walls and doors were so thin yet there were multiple padlocks on all the doors. The icing on the frightening cake was when I woke up in the morning and turned my pillow over for a little fluff. I opened my eyes and there was a HUGE pool of blood on and under my pillow as if someone had been killed in the bed. It's as if the housekeeping turned it over and thought "There! All clean!" It scared the crap out of me.

The elevator had a cool little operator guy with a safari hat on, though.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room factsgreenfleet.info

106. That’ll Get Your Attention

HUMAN TEETH. My mother and I were staying at a hotel while driving from Northern to Southern California. We pulled out the bed from the couch and noticed the sheets were coming off on the bottom left corner of the bed. We decided to lift it up a bit to tuck the sheet back in and my fingers brushed up against something that felt like a loose bolt. I looked under and saw a tooth.

Lifted it up some more and found three more. Flipped my top. Called front desk. Got moved to another equally crappy room.

Double checked to make sure there were no teeth under that bed too.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room factsLonely Planet

107. I Believe Someone Misplaced This

So my family and I go down to Tampa, Fl. for Thanksgiving at my uncle's house. We get to the hotel which is moderately nice, no weird smells or anything like that. My mom for some reason lifts up the bed mattress and finds (I kid you not) a two-foot dildo with a suction cup on the bottom. We gave it to the front desk.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room factsFashionBeans

108. That’s a lot of Cigarette Butts

Went to Ohio a while back with my mom and sister. We checked into a Knights Inn I believe it was, and we started to unpack. My mom went to the bathroom, discovered a half full beer can, with about 15 cigarette butts in it. My sister found a roach in her bed. I think they gave us our money back. But we ended up staying somewhere else. My mom was afraid we would have to sleep in hazmat suits if we stayed.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room factsSeitz Brothers

109. There’s Something Gross Going on at the Columbus Knights Inn

I was staying in a Knights Inn in Columbus, Ohio. It was a really shady area, but the hotel was like 30 bucks a night, so I was like whatever...

Lock on the door didn’t work, but it was 3 am and I was tired so I propped a chair on the door and said screw it. The room seemed clean, and in good order... I checked under the mattress for bed bugs (Or at least the blood splatter from them, I read that somewhere on the internet). All seemed to be good.

Crawled in under the covers, and felt something with me. It was fabric, obviously, but still felt...eh. Crusty? (Foreboding, I know) So I throw off the blanket and the covers, and...a pair of women’s underwear, COMPLETELY covered in feces. Full grown panties, pretty big...

Needless to say, I was NOT happy. My bare legs had touched that. (And it had been a shitty eight hour drive) So I move the chair from the door, and go storming up to the office.

Indian guy behind the counter can tell I’m mad, and he seems a little scared. I tell him the story, and he looks at me like I'm crazy and says I’m lying. I get REALLY mad, and tell him to come look for him damn self. He refuses to come out from behind the glass counter (Probably thinks I'm about to murder him).

This is when I should probably take a deep breath, and calm down. Instead, I go back to the room. Pick the underwear up with a towel, bring it back, and just jam them into the credit card slot.

The Indian guy was NOT happy.

I ended up getting ten percent off for four days. and a new room. That’s it.

Never, going, back.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts WordReference

110. Eight Legged Freaks!

During a family vacation to the States, we stayed at this one hotel in Washington DC. At first, everything seemed like your standard hotel room. We unpacked and got comfortable, my parents went down to play some slots at the casino while my brother, sister and I ordered and watched Gladiator. During the middle of the movie we notice something crawling on the wall and see a fairly big spider on the wall, no biggie we kill it and continue back with the movie.

15 minutes later, my brother tries to get some water and sees another spider crawling on the table. We trap the spider with a glass cup but at this point we are freaked out. So we start checking the room more carefully and discover what seemed to be hundreds of spiders behind the curtain all around the window. At this point, I start getting goosebumps and that itchy feeling all over. We waited until our parents came back and called security, we were promptly moved to a better room for free.

Now that I think about this story... this may be the initial cause of my arachnophobia...

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts trustterminix

111. I’m Usually Happy When I Find Cookies

A cookie. It wasn't in my bed, but it was in the bed my friend was sleeping in. He complained for the remainder of the trip. We did get a free night out of it.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Time

112. Ewwwww

I work at a nice hotel and the worst thing I heard about was when our housekeepers found human feces in the garbage can in the room. It made the whole room reek and we were unable to sell the room for a couple of days so we charged the lady’s credit card on file for "additional cleaning."

Best part is a couple weeks later when she was checking her expense report I guess she called us irate that we had overcharged her, I very calmly and politely informed her of the human feces and how we had charged for the additional cleaning. Awkward silence followed by an "Oh. Okay. Thank you!"

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Cintas

113. People Are Trash

I work at a hotel. It is disgusting.

We had an old couple staying for a while who seemed not quite all there. The woman would just wander around with no shoes on asking where her room was. Every day their sheets were almost entirely yellow and stinking.

One perfectly normal guy checked out one day, leaving his room covered in blood splashes and broken vodka bottles. The toilet was covered in blood and the seat was broken off to a sharp point. We spent a while looking for the other bit of the toilet seat and found it hidden under the bed.

A guy I checked in was with a woman he seemed to have only just met didn't have the money to pay for his room, so she had to pay for it (didn't look very impressed). In the middle of the night, he tried to complain and insist on his money back, brought the night receptionist into his room and he'd smeared what the receptionist thought was coffee granules all over his sheets (we know it wasn't there before). Some of it was almost certainly crap.

You just get crazy people in hotels. All the time for no reason.

A receptionist at another hotel told me about a time a guy had complained about the breakfast at the hotel because the Chinese man who was serving the breakfast was rude to him, there was not enough equipment on the trolley and the food was undercooked. At this particular hotel, there were no Chinese (or Asian for that matter) men working the breakfast, they didn't have a trolley and the guy in question did not actually eat breakfast in the hotel.

And just the other day, a women came down in the early hours to complain that her OWN dog was barking and keeping her awake.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Memes Chistosos

114. Next Time I’m Double Checking Everything For Cameras

When I was staying at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas last year we discovered that the alarm clock in the room had a hidden camera in it. Me being the furious fellow that I am, ran to the front desk with clock in hand and demanded an explanation.

Apparently, the clock was not the hotel's standard and someone took the hotel's clock and replaced it with their own for their own voyeuristic escapades. I was still pretty pissed, but the week free stay voucher I got made me feel better.

I'm convinced it was someone who worked at the hotel, but I don't care enough to make a huge stink about it.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts

115. Fear Would Definitely Be a Factor in This Case

I majored in hotel management in college and the most infamous story of one of the crappier hotels in town is this:

During the winter this place would shut off the water to some of their rooms to save money and keep the pipes from freezing. When warmer weather came around a lovely couple were in town for a big event they were looking forward to. The city was packed because of the event so they had no choice but to stay at this place. So the hotel turned the water back on and when the wife went to take a shower she was greeted by a nice surprise. The pipes had become infested with roaches and came out from every open drain, Fear Factor style.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Devcon Security

116. Imagine the Conversation With That Receptionist

I was in a fairly upscale hotel in Istanbul. I was a kid, so I explored around the room. I crawled below the vanity, and pulled out an orange strap-on, dildo attached. I ran out of the room with it in my hands screaming MOMMY IT'S A STUFFED ANIMAL BACKPACK! Because it was actually fuzzy.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room facts Meme Creator

117. What an Image

Used to work offshore on an oil rig. Had to come in to a seedy motel on the west end of New Orleans for a hurricane. Me and a buddy were sharing a double room because everything for 50 miles was booked up.

At around 2 am some guy kicks in our door yelling "Woman, where's my money at?" He flips on the lights to find two very large roughnecks looking at him with murderous intent.

Greasy Orleanian pimp bows out while apologizing profusely and shutting the door.

Strangest Find in a Hotel Room factsBig Fros, Blessed Souls


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