Robin Williams Facts

Larger-Than-Life Facts About Robin Williams, A Tormented Genius

When we lost Robin, we lost some brightness in the world, but we’ll never forget the joy he brought. Here are some of the best facts about Robin Williams.
April 26, 2022 Miles Brucker
Channing Tatum Facts

Little Known Facts about Channing Tatum

When Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced their divorce, they remained tight-lipped about the reasons behind it until they finally revealed the details.
January 28, 2019 Miles Brucker
Tom Hanks Facts

Little-Known Facts About Acting Legend Tom Hanks

Together for more than 30 years, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are a Hollywood golden couple—but few know the pair’s dark secret.
January 23, 2019 Miles Brucker
Marilyn Monroe Facts

Classic Facts About Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood's Iconic Bombshell

Marilyn Monroe Facts. Doomed marriages. Chilling scandals. Eerie conspiracies. Marilyn Monroe's short life was full of darkness.
November 15, 2018 Carl Wyndham
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Wild Facts About The Lion King

Disney's The Lion King delighted audiences around the globe, but most people don't...
March 10, 2017 Miles Brucker
Samuel L. Jackson Facts

Furious Facts About The Legendary Samuel L. Jackson

Do you pronounce his name right, or say "Samu- L. Jackson" like most people?
March 10, 2017 Carl Wyndham
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Super Facts About Captain America

The Avengers wouldn't have quite looked the same if this had unfolded without...
March 9, 2017 Miles Brucker
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Amazing Facts About The Spider-Man Movies

Fans were pumped for The Amazing Spider-Man 3, until a Sony executive ...
March 8, 2017 Miles Brucker

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