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Distressing Family Secrets

Devastating Family Secrets

You can't choose your family—and some are wilder and SO much worse than others. Buckle up, because these family secrets are devastating.
April 23, 2024 Rebecca Wong
Distressing Family Secrets

The Most Distressing Family Secrets

You can depend on your family for anything—at least, in theory. What happens when a family member decides to keep a secret close to their chest for years?
October 25, 2023 Rebecca Wong
Empress Matilda Facts

Imperial Facts About Empress Matilda, The Warrior Princess

After a vicious and brutal betrayal, the medieval Empress Matilda waged war against her own father—but she didn’t stop there.
March 22, 2022 Rebecca Wong
Nightmare Exes Experience

Nightmare Exes

When these unfortunate people had to end bad relationships, their exes made sure that they left with an unforgettable bang.
February 25, 2022 Rebecca Wong
Robert Curthose Facts

Treacherous Facts About Robert Curthose, The Rebel King

The life of Robert Curthose played out like one long, brutal episode of Game of Thrones—right up to the utterly disturbing finale.
February 23, 2022 Rebecca Wong
Elagabalus Facts

Fatal Facts About Elagabalus, The Taboo Emperor Of Rome

The infamous Elagabalus presented himself as a pure and benevolent god—but behind closed doors, his dirty secrets tell a VERY different story.
January 25, 2022 Rebecca Wong
Lord Alfred Douglas Facts

Passionate Facts About Lord Alfred Douglas, The Problematic Poet

The whirlwind romance of Lord Alfred Douglas and Oscar Wilde seemed like a fever dream at first—but it was more like a horror story.
January 21, 2022 Rebecca Wong

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