The SImpsons

Dark Facts About Kelsey Grammer

He's delighted audiences for decades, but Kelsey Grammer has dealt with more pain and tragedy than most people will see in their lifetime.
October 24, 2023 Dylan Fleury
Simpsons Facts

Perfectly Cromulent Facts About The Simpsons

The Simpsons is one of the most iconic shows in TV history, and it has amassed its fair share of crazy stories in its 30 year (and counting) run.
October 12, 2023 Miles Brucker
Treehouse of Horror Editorial

The Frogurt Is Also Cursed: The Best Treehouse Of Horror Episodes

From "The Shinning" to "The Raven," we break down The Simpsons' best-ever Treehouse of Horror episodes just in time for Halloween.
October 21, 2020 Samantha Henman
Eight Best Episodes Of The Simpsons

So It’s Come To This: The Eight Best Episodes Of The Simpsons

Let's get ambitious and embiggen ourselves into this thorough investigation of the eight best episodes of The Simpsons. Shall we?
October 8, 2020 Jamie Hayes

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