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Millie Bobby Brown Facts

Powerful Facts About Millie Bobby Brown, The Star Of Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown Facts. Millie Bobby Brown's work in Stranger Things has catapulted the young actress onto the A List--but fame comes with its own issues.
September 29, 2023 Christine Tran
Stranger Things Editorial

Stranger Things Went Full Star Wars

Stranger Things Season 4 is an amazing homage to the Empire Strikes Back, and show the Duffer Brothers do nostalgia better than anyone else.
July 27, 2022 Jamie Hayes
Netflix Originals Facts

43 Binge-Worthy Facts About Netflix Original Shows

When Jessica Jones became a Netflix Original, Marvel shifted the notorious hero set to play Jones’s best friend to another important role in the MCU.
October 9, 2019 Christine Tran
winona ryder facts

Quirky Facts About Winona Ryder, The Nymph Of The 90s

Winona Ryder Facts. Audiences have seen Ryder fight aliens and battle Dracula--but few people know about the actress' equally formidable real-life demons.
August 14, 2019 Kyle Climans
Stranger Things Season 3 Facts

Strange Facts About Stranger Things Season 3

Stranger Things Season 3 Facts: If you call Murray Bauman's phone number from the show, you'll get a long, rambling message recorded by actor Brett Gelman.
July 29, 2019 Emily Southey

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