Heroic Facts About Florence Nightingale, The Lady With The Lamp

Florence Nightingale Facts: She's one of the Victorian Era's most remarkable women—but most people don't know about her many scandalous views.
February 28, 2024 Christine Tran
Tudor Dynasty Facts

Decadent Facts About The Tudors, History's Most Scandalous Dynasty

After the infamous Tudor king Henry VIII sent his wife Catherine Howard to her death, her last words at the chopping block were utterly heartbreaking.
August 21, 2023 Samantha Henman
Food Taboos

Food Taboos: Where Do They Come From?

Why not eat horse, or insects? Why can't Italians mix cheese and seafood? The world of food taboos is both fraught and fascinating.
June 30, 2021 Samantha Henman
why do we celebrate valentine's day editorial

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine's Day? From wild Roman parties to a get-rich-quick scheme, the path to Valentine's Day is so much stranger than you'd expect.
February 5, 2020 Jamie Hayes

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